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Found 19 results

  1. To the faithful A new preceptor has spoketh A letter would be sent round Urguan stamped by a black wax piece with a ram's head that read. “Ruk Khrum Dwedmar, Tha Grelu Khron'edheklin Hath E quesasan yoth othok! Rumol hath seen da brathmordakin tidach by E kirkden? Tha Zal lare Mer taught, ruk Khrum eron othok ath kirkden othok Zal lare othok Dwedmar dutieth. Tha'm lare speakuroz eron da haz kirkden varak othok. Kolun othok ath E Dwed eron highrumm beliefs, othok shall tidach da brathmordakin ruk Khrum Dwed. Kolun Vos grond da onaligion tidach da brathmordakin ekran! da haz kirkden var anakrun othok morrud ukavoasan. Tha Var Tidach Dungrim, Tha Var Tidach Khorrokunn, Tha Var Tidach Anaraan, Tha Var Tidach Kavir! Var othok Tidach?!” (To all dwarves, I, Grelu Khron'edhekal has a question for you! Who has seen the brathmordakin preached by A priest? I have not been taught at all! If you are a priest you have not done your duties. I'm not speaking of the Highpreceptor mind you. If you are a Dwarf of higher beliefs, You shall preach the brathmordakin to all Dwarfs. If any discover the faith, preach the brathmordakin! The Highpreceptor will trial you on devotion. I will preach Dungrim, I will preach Justice, I will preach Duty, I will preach Death! Will you preach?!) Signed by: Grelu Irgard, Grand Marshal of Urguan, Preceptor of Dungrim, Clan father of Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik
  2. The Proverb of the Twins of Wealth By Khazaefron, Seer of Hefrumm Foreword and Seer anylisis of the Proverb of Greed This tale is Inspired by the The Proverb of Greed Written by Bazian Grandaxe [The Proverb of Greed ]. As old as this text is it has many issues that would make someone reading it get the wrong idea of our faith. The most glaring issue is the placement of Armakak as a morally superior Brathmordakin than Grimdugan, which is falso. All Brathmordakin hold to their own sets of codes and ethics, sets which fall under Yemekar’s wider ethical norms. Placing the ethics of one Brathmordakin over the other is wrong. Another issue with the original proverb is the use of the chosen of Grimdugan as a thief that would steal from another dwarf, without the story addressing the issue in a dwarf stealing from another dwarf. Instead, the story condems stealing all together which the dwarven faith does not see as a sin in itself. Another issue is giving the theme of the mines to Armakak instead of Grimdugan. Beyond the present theological stance where Grimdugan is the patron of miners not Armakak, it makes no sense that the brathmordakin of the sun and trade is connected to the collection of minerals. The brathmordakin of shadows, and secret wealth is much better set to be the patron of miners as he is. Another issue is that the story places the worshiper of Grimdugan as someone consumed by greed to the point he dies. The story takes one of the dwarven virtues that pushes our society forward and turns it into something negative. The Proverb of the Twins of Wealth One crisp mountian morning, the two dwarven gods Grimdugan, the Lord of Avarice, and Armakak, the Merchant Father, looked down upon Yemekar's world and saw two young beardlings. Grimdugan turns to his brother and says, "Look at these two brothers run about, they are but a double-edged axe, one is no different than the other. Nothing could be said about these two that is different than the other." Armakak looks down on the world in agreement, he could not refute his brother's claim. Being the rivals that these two brothers are, Grimdugan proposes a challange. "Look brother. Let us wager them so that we may see whom is the master of the mint, true lord of wealth. I will teach the lad Kili as you teach the lad Bili. The lad that has the most coin after three days is the victor." Unable to resist a challenge from his brother, Armakak accepts saying. "Aye brother, you will see that the art of the trade and merchants is the way to earn true wealth." So, on the First day, the two great gods taught the beardlings and prepared them for the next day. Armakak gave Bili a caravan which he used to fill his stall with materials from around the realms. Grimdugan gave Kili an obsidian dagger and a pickaxe. He used the pickaxe to mine deep into the core to find Grimdugan’s treasures and the dagger to both defend himself from thieves and to take from those that he deemed worthy of stealing from. At the beginning Bili was still in debt not having paid what his caravan cost him while Kili had already a chest full of wealth Grimdugan laughed. "Look brother, my pupil has much more coin than yours, surely you should give up now." Armakak just smiled and said, "Just wait brother and see." [!] Depiction of Kili raiding a trade caravan. On the Second day, Bili went back to the mines and saw Kili and other miners working lining up to go into the mines. Bili started to buy the ores from the miners taking their ores to foreign places where he could charge triple the price for the dwarven ores. Once he had enough money he found a mine and sealed it. Instead of selling the ores he decided he would be selling the access to the mine. On the third day, Kili went to mine but he saw that Bili was charging miners to use the mine. Enraged Kili took the obsidian dagger and threatened Bili “How dare you take the gifts of Grimdugan hostage to sell to your fellow kin? Give me the money you gained from such sinful behaviour” Said Kili pointing his blade at Bili. Bili would push the blade aside with his trade documents “You call my actions despicable? What type of dwed tries to steal from another dwed?” Kili would stab Bili’s table with his blade “You are the one stealing from the dwed through your actions!” [!] Depiction of Kili (left) and Bili (right). As the conversation was getting heated two entities started appearing, one from the shadows of the caves and another from the bright rays of the sun. They both seemed to be laughing at the two brothers “Do not fight lads, you sound like beardlings!” said the voices in unison. It was Grimdugan and Armakak. “It seems that our game has reached its conclusion brother, we would not want these two to become embittered towards each other.” Said Grimdugan. “You are very correct, this game went far enough. Let us see then who is the victor.” Said Armakak. The two dwed stopped their bickering, looking in awe at the Brathmordakin and handing them over all their gains. After counting and recounting they saw that both had reached the same amount of wealth. “Well…that does not answer us at all!” Complained Grimdugan. “Mmmm…” Armakak pondered “perhaps we could toss a coin for it?” Grimdugan laughed “A coin toss? That would answer who is the true Brathmordakin of luck, not who is the true lord of wealth!” “True. But are you not curious to find out anyway?” Answered Armakak Grimdugan looked at the two dwed that were about to gut each other over the competition between him and his brother, hed let out a sigh “Fine…” hed say. “Lets toss that coin.” Armakak would take a golden coin from Bili and a Silver coin from Kili fusing them both into one. Grimdugan called tails and Armakak called heads. They would proceed to toss the coin into the sky and around the sun until it returned and landed on the ground. The coin had landed on heads. Armakak smirked "You see now brother? Diligence and strong will leads to wealth.” Grimdugan shook his head “What the **** are you talking about!” he said. “Nevermind brother! But it is clear, that I, I am the luckiest of the Brathmordakin.” said Armakak as he polished the coin and handed it to Bili “Keep this to remember that fact.” [!] Depiction of Bili and the Coin of Armakak
  3. Year 167 of the Second Age 11/02/2024 ISSUED BY: THE OBSIDIAN THRONE ᚨᚾ ᚨᛊᚲᛖᚾᛊᛟᚾ ᛟᚠ ᚠᚨᛁᚦ ᚨᚾ ᚨᛊᚲᛖᚾᛊᛟᚾ ᛟᚠ ᚠᚨᛁᚦ YOTH BRATHMORDAKIN NA YOTH URGUAN ᛁᛟᚦ ᛒᚱᚨᚦᛗᛟᚱᛞᚨᚲᛁᚾ ᚾᚨ ᛁᛟᚦ ᚢᚱᚷᚢᚨᚾ The Throne Room of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan was filled to the brim with the most Theologically adept minds of Urguan The Dwarves of Urguan gathered in full within the packed room of Kings. The sounds of extensive debate, argument and negotiation could be heard from outside the palace. The call to faith had been answered as the several Cults and Sects of the Brathmordakin gathered as one. The disintegration of the title of High Prophet held by the previous High Prophet Alaric Grimgold, and the decentralization of the clergy as per the command of Grand King Sigrun ‘UndeadSlayer’ Stonehammer and his council, had resulted in the necessity of this meeting of the Dwarves of Urguan. The voices of the King and the most fanatical and pious of Dwedmar mingled in discussion of the future of Da kirkja Dverga and how it should function within the Grand Kingdom of Urguan to prosper and succeed in its most holy mission. The discussion turned to the recently inactive Prophets of Grimdugan and Belka, and the reliance of active Prophets for the clergy to function as an entity. From this Call to Faith, the following have been raised to electors of Da Kirkja Verga: Grand King Sigrun Stonehammer ‘The Living Hero of Dungrimm’, High Reckoner Jorvin Starbreaker ‘The Living Hero of Dungrimm’, Thazzaer Grandaxe ‘The Priest of Yemekar’, Thromdrick Irongut ‘The Priest of Ogradhad’ Alaric Grimgold ‘Prophet of Dungrimm’ The Green Priest ‘Acting Priest of Anbella’ The final topic was the position of High Prophet and the necessity of a head of Clergy. After a brief electoral vote by the clergy electors. An unanimous discussion was reached upon who will take over the essential mantle of ambassador of the Dwarven faith: Thazzaer Grandaxe ‘The Prophet of Yemekar’ shall ascend to the role and title of ‘High Prophet.’ NARVAK OZ URGUAN NARVAK OZ BRATHMORDAKIN Signed, Sigrun ‘Undeadslayer’ Stonehammer Grand King of Urguan, Clan Father of The Stonehammers, Priest of Dungrimm, Hero of Dungrimm, Three-Time Grand Champion of Urguan
  4. Year 166 of the Second Age 03/02/2024 ISSUED BY: THE OBSIDIAN THRONE ᚨ ᚲᚨᛚ ᛏᛟ ᚠᚨᛁᛏᚺ ᚨ ᚲᚨᛚ ᛏᛟ ᚠᚨᛁᛏᚺ YOTH BRATHMORDAKIN NA YOTH URGUAN ᛁᛟᚦ ᛒᚱᚨᚦᛗᛟᚱᛞᚨᚲᛁᚾ ᚾᚨ ᛁᛟᚦ ᚢᚱᚷᚢᚨᚾ CALLING ALL DWEDMAR OF PIOUS AMBITIONS To all Dwedmar with interest within the clergy Da Kirkja Dverga and by extension the Dwarven faith itself is currently in a sorry state. Due to the lack of initiative and commitment present in the modern clergy, the Grand King Sigrun ‘Undeadslayer’ Stonehammer recently removed the office of High Prophet, rendering it null and avoid, thus decentralizing the clergy and leaving authority within the small sects and cults that reside within the Grand Kingdom of Urguan All Dwedmar who possess an interest in the holy body and the Brathmordakin are therefore asked to gather as one in a formal meeting within the capital of Urguan to discuss the future of the clergy itself and what can be done to combat the decline in membership and faith within Urguan, and restore this holy institution to its former glory as the bastion of Dwarven faith. Through this meeting and the results that follow, may Urguan march ahead into an era of piety and reverence brought on by renewed vigor and faith. NARVAK OZ URGUAN NARVAK OZ BRATHMORDAKIN Signed, Sigrun ‘Undeadslayer’ Stonehammer Grand King of Urguan, Clan Father of The Stonehammers, Priest of Dungrimm, Hero of Dungrimm, Three-Time Grand Champion of Urguan
  5. YEAR 164 OF THE SECOND AGE. 22-1-2024 ISSUED BY: THE KING’S COUNCIL ᛒᚨᛞ ᛞᚹᚨᚱᚡᛖᚾ ᚠᚨᛁᛏᚺ ᚱᛖᚠᛟᚱᛗ YOTH BRATHMORDAKIN NA YOTH URGUAN ᛁᛟᚦ ᛒᚱᚨᚦᛗᛟᚱᛞᚨᚲᛁᚾ ᚾᚨ ᛁᛟᚦ ᚢᚱᚷᚢᚨᚾ With regards to the status of da Kirkja Dverga, the sects of the dwarven faith, the High Prophet of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, and other associated concerns. The dwarven faith is as old as our beards, having been given in prophecy to our progenitor himself; Urguan Silverbeard. Yemekar the Godsmith, the Brathmordakin and their paragons predate almost every other faith of descendants. Yet despite this prestigious pedigree, it has never had the high administrative force associated with organized religion (as found in the Church of the Cross and the Keepers of the Flame). Most recently in Urguani culture, we have had a growth of faith with the restoration of the Fourth Grand Kingdom. This growth was not however led by a single unifying force, but rather by elders from across the board fostering their own traditions across multiple different sects. In most recent years especially it has reached its zenith; and we witness nearly one in five clans claiming to have their own cult separate from the average dogma. There have been far more religious leaders of Urguan who have existed as part of cults and sects than there have been any dedicated to a unifying dogma. They have had participation in either the Hefrumm Seers, the Mountain Seers, the Rhun Oathed, the Cult of the Mask, or the Cult of Kjellos. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I wonder if I might start a new religious cult by accident. Therefore the office of the High Prophet shall be declared null and void, and da Kirkja Dverga shall become a council of all religious leaders of the dwarves to be presided over by the office of the Obsidian Throne. NARVAK OZ URGUAN NARVAK OZ BRATHMORDAKIN Signed, Sigrun ‘Undeadslayer’ Stonehammer Grand King of Urguan, Clan Father of The Stonehammers, Priest of Dungrimm, Hero of Dungrimm, Three-Time Grand Champion of Urguan. Jorvin, son of Kazrin, son of Gardath, son of Osram, son of Koryk, son of Kazraden son of Skalf, son of Gotrek, son of Urguan, Lord of Gotrek’s Folk, Clan-Father of Elder Clan Starbreaker, Holder of the Book of Grudges, High Reckoner of Urguan, Priest of Dungrimm, Grand King Emeritus, Founding Councillor of the Fourth Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Conqueror of the Voidspawn Photania, Conqueror of the Korvassa, Slayer of the Traitor-Aengul, Gazardiel, Hero of the Brathmordakin Lurdoic Irongut, Grand Ambassador, Guild Lord of the Mining Order of Eternal Prosperity Balor Ireheart Military Advisor Grelu Irgard, Grand Marshal of Urguan, Clanfather of Clan Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik. Bostone Grimgold Grand Steward
  6. Holy Covenant of the Faith of the Brathmordakin Preamble The Faith of the Brathmordakin is all the denominations, or faiths that fall under it. They all share the same basis of faith: the Brathmordakin, key concepts, as well as their essential beliefs, with the differences between these denominations being expressed in additional concepts that do not contradict the above, choice of paragon to venerate, institutions they consider to be legitimate in the leading of their particular ceremonies and variations in rituals and prayers dedicated to the Brathmordakin. This Holy Covenant of the Faith of the Brathmordakin establishes three norms for peaceful and productive coexistence with all the denominations of the Faith. These are what the essential beliefs of the Faith are, and which all denominations of the Faith must follow, the requirements of being a denomination, and failure to uphold those norms. To go along with this The Forum of Faith shall be incorporated as part of da Kirkja Dverga in order to provide a more stable platform for all the denominations under the Faith of the Brathmordakin. These reforms are listed below, under the three norms. Essential Beliefs of the Faith All denominations that claim to be a part of the Faith as a denomination must follow these essential beliefs. -I- As per the teachings of Urguan Silverbeard, Yemekar created all beings in existence. -II- As per the teachings of Urguan Silverbeard, the Brathmordakin are Anbella, Dungrimm, Belka, Ogradhad, Armakak, Grimdugan. Yemekar is also considered part of the pantheon and has a Brathmordakin form, he reigns as the Head of the pantheon. -III- As per the teachings of Urguan Silverbeard, Khorvad is the fallen Brathmordakin. -IV- As per the teachings of Fili Grandaxe, Khorvad, and Iblees are two distinct entities, and both cause imbalance. -V- As per the teachings of Urguan Silverbeard, all dwedohim reach Kaz’A’Dentrumm to be judged by Dungrimm to see if they can enter the hall of the dead. -VI- As per the teachings of the first High Prophet Khazrad Strongbrow and Urguan Silverbeard, when a dwarf enters Kaz’A’Dentrumm they enter the Auction of the Dead, where they are bided upon by the Brathmordakin. -VII- As per the teachings of Urguan Silverbeard, the dwarves are the holiest of the mortal creations of Yemekar -VIII- The beard is a holy manifestation of Yemekar’s favor to the dwarves, as per the teachings of Urguan Silverbeard. -IX- Killing a being with a dwedohim is kinslaying and a betrayal of the dwarven covenant with Yemekar. -X- The dwarves are charged with the upkeeping of Yemekar’s Balance as explained by the teachings of High Prophet Morgrim Grandaxe. This comes to be as the holy duty of dwarves to stand for balance in creation, and to fight uncontrolled imperialism in the mortal world, among other Khorvadic influences. -XI- The dwarven faiths are collectively known as the Faith of the Brathmordakin, formally established as far back as Archbishop Alric Blackaxe. -XII- No individual dwarf can claim to know the full knowledge of Yemekar’s blueprint of creation as only Yemekar himself is privy to such knowledge. Thus claiming to have this knowledge is claiming to be Yemekar, and therefore is inherently heretical. -XIII- Dividing the dwarven race due to differences of practice or perspective, when those differences do not disturb the key elements of the faith, is detrimental to the ability of the dwarven race to keep Yemekar’s Balance. Recognition The following articles must be followed in order to be officially recognized as a denomination of the Faith of the Brathmordakin. -I- Do not break from the essential beliefs of the Covenant of the Faith. -II- Do not cause division within the Faith of the Brathmordakin. Disrespecting, slandering, assaulting, harassing, and so on, members of other denominations on the basis of their beliefs. Disrespecting, breaking, and so on, of holy relics of sacred objects of other denominations. Claiming more legitimacy or authority over matters of Faith, and/or denigrating the legitimacy of other denominations. -III- Always work towards dwarven cooperation. Shattering the Faith. Causing division within the Faith of the Brathmordakin, failing to promote dwarven cooperation or failing to uphold the essential beliefs of this Covenant. -I- Breaking the essential beliefs of the Covenant will cause a trial to take place to judge the individual or sect in question to determine whether their teachings that contradict the covenant are derived from ignorance or Khorvadic influence. -II- Individuals or groups that break the covenant out of ignorance will have their members join other denominations under the Faith of the Brathmordakin. -III- Individuals or groups that continue to teach that which breaks the Covenant will be considered to be under Khorvadic influence and thus be branded as heretics. -V- Individuals or members of groups that belong to schools of thought deemed heretical are granted the choice to leave their cult. -VI- Those members that willingly do not leave their cults will be persecuted as heretics and servants of Khorvad. -VII- The trial verdict must involve all denominations, and must be unanimous. Holy Council of the Faith To effectively ensure cooperation between the faiths, a council of representatives of said faiths will be formed. This council is not to act in a perpetual capicity, and need only be called upon when needed to make decisions that pertain to the entire Faith of the Brathmordakin. Members of the Faith can continue to act in an independent manner in accordance with the Norms listed above. -I- The members of the Forum of Faith and other denominations are to form the Council of Faith. The Forum of Faith is to be reformed/transitioned into this system. Da Kirkja Dverga shall host of the Council of Faith, and act as the liaison between the Faith and secular affairs. This position does not grant it any special privileges within the council. -II- The leader of each denomination, or the elected representatives of the denominations, will be granted one seat in the Council of Faith. -III- Should a denomination no longer be considered as part of the Faith of the Brathmordakin, their seat is to be removed from the Council of Faith. -IV- Should a denomination no longer be considered as part of the Faith of the Brathmordakin, their seat is to be removed from the Council of Faith. -V- Amendments to this covenant require ¾, rounded up, the majority from its members. -VII- A new representative of the Faith, for the purposes of hosting meetings and interacting with the secular body of the dwarven people, may be elected by unanimity from the members of this council. -VII- Only the Council of Faith can declare individuals or groups as Heretics. -VIII- Through this holy covenant Da Kirkja Dverga devolves its authority given to it by the Articles of Urguan to the Holy Council of Faith as the ultimate embodiment of the united Faith. Signatures Council of Da Seers Eron hefruth Agnarumm Vikti Eron Azwyrtrumm Agnarumm Vikti Eron Kathaikaz Agnarumm Vikti Eron Khronammoruk Kultas Grimnarri Eron Korodaurok Da Kirkja Dverga
  7. Prismatic Shrine of the Brathmordakin ᛈᚱᛁᛊᛗᚨᛏᛁᚲ ᛊᚺᚱᛁᚾᛖ ᛟᚠ ᚦᛖ ᛒᚱᚨᚦᛗᛟᚱᛞᚨᚲᛁᚾ [!] The following is personal character information. The Creation Urguan had fallen. The strong walls of Kal’Drakaan protected it well from the outside, though the insidious Mori had bore under the kingdom, launching an attack from within, through the Temple of the Worldmaker. Soon after, the Kingdom rumbled with flames, as the dwarven legionnaires set off explosions to crumble the cavernous city. The soldiers at the front gates cleaved a path through the front to escape like a bloody dervish. By the grace of the Brathmordakin, no dwarf was injured and the capital was caved in so that the Mori would be unable to use it for their purposes. The people were scattered, each making their own way to the camp at Savoy. The kingdom and its land were destroyed. Though one thing can never be destroyed, and that is dwarven faith. Though with the temple destroyed, and the Mori slowly encroaching across the dwarven lands, a new place of respite was needed. Garedyn The Green took to work upon the barren basement that the dwarves chose to occupy in Savoy. Within the unlit ruins, he sat in contemplation as he gazed at the rubble. He closed his eyes and entered the Emerald Sanctum, his dream realm. Within it, he moulded stone as effortlessly as clay, and conjured anorum ore from thin air. From his body he pulled out embers of the Claigh and enveloped the ores instantly in it, refining it in a brilliant flash. With a single strike of his hammer upon it, he shattered the refined ironglass into countless tiles, which he combined to form a glassy mosaic of the Brathmordakin. He repeated this for each one of them and shifted the cavern around into a shrine, with the rainbow colours of the stained ironglass art illuminating the cave with dancing prismatic lights. When he awoke, he left the Emerald Sanctum. He took a pickaxe into his right hand, and a smithing hammer to his left. He entered the shadow of the ruins and sought to make his dream manifest. [!] The following is public information The Shrine In the dwarven camp of Savoy, a new shrine in dedication to the Brathmordakin has been constructed for all dwarves to visit. Though the Temple of the Worldmaker has fallen, our faith stands strong. No matter what, the Brathmordakin will protect us, and we will keep Yemekar’s Balance. To this end, I am proud to announce the Prismatic Shrine of the Brathmordakin is now open. May in these challenging times, dwarven unity in our faiths shield us from Khorvad’s chaos. Narvak Oz Brathmordakin
  8. The Triadic Oaths of Zealotry [!] The following is personal character information, that would not be known to anyone. Do not metagame The Manifestations The Call of Anbella Wandering lost through the woods without purpose, Garedyn carried the heavy armour of his clan upon his back. Its constant weight was a reminder of his duty to his clan, but there was a fear of taking it on; A fear of failure of what would fully donning the armour would mean. With great anxiety in his heart, he circled the same path of the woods for many years, almost like a husk. On a faithful night, when passing by a boggy swamp in darkness with no hearth to light or home to return to, a dancing flame appeared in the corner of Garedyn’s vision. A dancing green wisp of flame lept above the swamp, beckoning the dwarf to follow it. The young dwarf stared at the murky bog, fearful of crossing it. But within his Breid, the Ayagh resonated. He felt the pull towards the Will’o’wisp. The forest dwarf stepped into the water and he felt it shift from a thick swamp into light water. He regained his courage and followed the wisp across the bog, carrying the armour upon his back, eventually making it to the other end. As he did, more emerald wisps appeared, dancing and leading him further into the woods. He followed them, trusting they meant no harm. As he continued his journey, he arrived at a moss-covered menhir, and upon it were engraved two interlocked rings, the symbol of Anbella. As if with instinct, he brought his hand forth and placed it upon it. All the wisps disappeared, save one, which took on the form of a seed. It floated towards him and entered his Breid, planting itself into the Ayagh. He rested for the night beside the shrine. Anbella had provided him with a temporary hearth. In the morning inside the Ayagh the seed had sprouted, and it was reaching forth to a direction, like a plant reaching for light. He finally put on his armour and went where his heart pulled him to. He found himself in the deeproads of Urguan. His Ayagh had led him to a shrine of Anbella hidden under the city. It was covered in moss and lichen, and when he prayed at it, he felt a blossom in his Breid. Anbella had guided him home. The Heat of Yemekar In the kingdom of dwarves, his skills in metallurgy grew day by day as he learned from experienced masters and experimented on his own. With his smithing improving by leaps and bounds, and with the constant flow of commissions, Garedyn’s life was set to be one of a renowned local smith. But at one point, something became stuck. He could no longer easily shift the temperature of the forge. His hands grew sluggish when trying to smith something new. The flames and sparks danced at the strikes of his hammer, but their dance was always the same. The Claigh had grown still. Garedyn looked for ways to resolve this, to undo this stagnation, until he met a particular dwedlon who offered him to teach how to smith the fabled Starsteel. He naturally agreed to this and met her at her forge. Garedyn was worried that his Claigh would remain stagnant, but such worries melted away when the dwedlon began smiting. He observed her as she brought the forge to life, its heat radiated into his Breid. The fire within her eyes looked exactly the same as the fire of the forge, and it lit up his Claigh. After he learned to smith Yemekar’s divine metal, he quickly returned home to smith. Garedyn recalled the feeling of heat he felt upon witnessing the smithing, and his Claigh was set ablaze with understanding, and the sparks caused by his strike danced more vividly and vibrantly. Yemekar had guided his Claigh. The Pact of Dungrimm Many years serving the kingdom had toughened Garedyn’s Breid, the Claigh and Arymagh did not diminish over all the effort and sweat he poured. Though he felt a tugging from a part of the soul, he had seldom explored. The part of Dungrimm, the Arymagh swirled in him, causing anxiety. The kingdom had entered a period of turmoil. From internal strife to attacks by the Mori, Garedyn could not shy away from his duty, as much as the Arymagh disturbed him. In the fight against spreaders of chaos, in the skirmishes against the Mori, the Arymagh brought him relief, though not completely. Garedyn realised that with all the struggle that plagued the kingdom and the people he vowed to protect, his Arymagh needed to be stronger to uphold Yemekar’s balance. He had studied the texts upon Dungrimm of yore, the same books he had trodden many times in search of previous answers, but no answers were given. He travelled to foreign lands in search of aspects of Dungrimm. Within these lands, he met a wise woman, who gave him substance to imbibe. He, knowing the ways of Hefrumm Seers, took the substance to enter a vision, as he had done before with his siblings of Gloin upon the Trail of the Brathmordakin. When he awoke, the surrounding lands were of pale, astral ash, the sky dark like night and the grey guide stood behind him. By speaking words of an ancient tongue, he shifted the surrounding environment to present him with a guiding path. The ash spread apart, revealing a way leading to a ruined tomb covered in moss and bronze decorations, and with stout dwarven statues guarding the front. As they descended into the tomb, they entered a catacomb. The shelves and coffins were all empty, but a sole dwarf in brilliant armour lay in the centre upon a slab, with a spear wound right in the middle of their chest. The dwarf whispered to Garedyn, “Burn me…” and then he obliged, summoning a flame and turning the dwarf to ash, which caused the tomb to open. Garedyn left the tomb, now standing upon a wall of pure onyx. He saw the very dwarf he burnt now standing in front ahead, with a giant figure shrouded in black robes and an iron mask looming over the warrior. The giant allowed the warrior entry through a set of gates, and it then turned its attention to Garedyn. “Are you Dungrimm?” Garedyn asked it in the dwarven language, and the Arymagh in his Breid throbbed painfully. The looming figure’s hand extended, presenting a book which flipped open. Ashes rose from the soil and danced upon the book, forming figures of dwarven paragons. “I am Dungrimm.” It responded in the dwarven tongue. Garedyn steeled his Arymagh and spoke. “I’ve come to serve the Brathmordakin. I offer what I always have my entire life, my faith and will for the sake of Yemekar’s Balance.” Dungrimm lifted his hand, raising Garedyn into the air and placing him within his grasp. “Balance above all else.” A blue flame formed under Garedyn, enveloping him completely, though he was not burnt. “Build me a great shrine, venerate your ancestors. Praise the Brathmordakin.” Dungrimm spoke simply and flung Garedyn into the pitch-black sky. When Garedyn awoke, he was back in his realm. He summoned the mana from within his soul. The Claigh had given him an aura of embers; the Ayagh had turned them emerald and now the Arymagh manifested blue sparks in his aura as well. With the Call of Anbella, the Heat of Yemekar and the Pact of Dungrimm, the triad of his Breid was fulfilled, and he returned to Urguan with a renewed zeal. [!] The following is public information The Triadic Oaths To Anbella, to Yemekar and to Dungrimm, I swear these oaths upon my Essence to uphold the combined teachings of your domains. To uphold the integrity of my dwedohim and to protect Yemekar’s Balance. For the welcome guests who partake in my hearth: By Anbella, I swear to give you my hospitality, By Yemekar, I swear to grant you the warmth of my forge, By Dungrimm, I swear to defend you. For the enemies who seek to snuff the light of my hearth: By Anbella, I swear to burn you with the fire of the hearth, By Yemekar, I swear to smite you with my crafts, By Dungrimm, I swear to deliver justice to you. For the fallen keepers of Balance: By Anbella I swear to grant you your rites on your home soil, By Yemekar, I swear to craft you a worthy site of passing, By Dungrimm, I swear to ensure your soul reaches Kaz’A’Dentrumm. For the disruptors of Balance: By Anbella, I swear to salt your fields By Yemekar, I swear to shatter your foul creations By Dungrimm, I swear to deliver you to Vuur’Duur To Anbella, I swear to give alms and succor to those who need it, To Yemekar, I swear to never let the tools I make to fall into the hands of the adversaries of His Balance, To Dungrimm, I swear to never let the tools for against the adversaries of Yemekar’s Balance to rust, and give to my ancestors their rightful respect.
  9. [!] Depiction of a dwarven pilgrim The Path of Pilgrimage 14 years ago, the Clergy declared the beginning of the Shrine Project, a project that aimed to construct shrines across Urguani lands for the Brathmordakin and to facilitate pilgrimages. The construction project was delayed many times due to various turbulences in the kingdom affecting the availability of builders, but the clergy is happy to announce that the Shrine Project is finally complete. One Shrine for Each Brathmordakin has been constructed in all the reaches of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, open to all faithful pilgrims to travel between and venerate the Brathmordakin, and perform religious rites within them. A pilgrimage will be held on The Grand Harvest, 127 S.A to all the shrines and venerate the Brathmordakin. (OOC: May 6th 3pm EST) [!] Paintings of the Shrines are attached below Shrine of Yemekar’s Balance Location: 1482 8 758 Statues of the Sons of Urguan are present in the main chamber. They represent the collective dwaven people today, since they all descended from them and thus as they represent all of us and our duties to uphold Yemekar’s Balance. The interior chamber features Urguan and Yudora, the first dwarves and a statue of Yemekar infont of a white anvil. Rites: Ancestral Veneration – all dwarves are welcome to come pay homage to their ancestors, whether to a particular patriarch or to Urguan and Yudora. With this, one is reminded of the continuous duty of the dwarven people to uphold Yemekar’s Blanace all the way from our progenitors. Smithing - The best way to honour Yemekar is to partake in the act of creation. Smith in front of Yemekar, so your crafts may receive guidance. Shrine of Dungrimm’s Respite Location: 1631 77 1692 Located next to the Legion training camp, this burial mound serves as a reminder for the dwarves of not only Dungrimm’s honour but the duty of all dwarves to respect our deceased ancestors and live with dignity and according to the word of the Brathmordakin so we may rejoin them in Kaz’A’Dentrumm. Rites: Weapon Offering – Next to the giant blade of Dungrimm, one may leave their weapon as an offering to him, so that it may be taken out and given to our ancestors in Kaz’A’Dentrumm. Safe Passage - Deep in the catacombs, when the moon shines above the skylight, prayer can be offered to Dungrimm for the safe passage of our deceased into Kaz’A’Dentrumm. Shrine of Armakak’s Bonfire Location: 588 76 1094 A tower with a beacon of fire shines on the side of the road. The Shrine of Armakak’s Bonfire is located on a popular trade route leading to Linnormr. Its fire beckons all travellers to come close and enjoy the warmth and engage in trade. Rites: Sunlit Trade - When the sun is high, bring out your wares and engage in joyous trading. With Armakak watching high above, trade with grace and reciprocity. Bonfire Offering - One may take some coins, jewellery or anything of value and set them ablaze in the bonfire atop the building, so that those precious objects may make their way to Armakak’s brilliant and burning realm of gold. Shrine of Anbella’s Embrace Location: 286 104 382 Anbella’s Embrace is hidden deep within the woods, a large grove underground in the woodland soil. The walls are covered in vines, moss and ancient engravings from the descendants of Gloin Treebeard. The skull of a gigantic beast lays petrified in front of Anbella’s Rings. Rites: Alms - Offer food, aid and medicine to those sick and weary travellers who come to this shrine. Nurture them as Anbella’s Grace nurtures us. Hunting Party - The local woods are filled with game, a hunt can be hosted to honour the gift of food Anbella has given to us, and then a feast is to be hosted with the catch. Though nothing must be wasted, nor the animals can be overhunted. Shrine of Ogradhad’s Wisdom Location: -109 83 -7 A burned-down hut was discovered on the outskirts of Urguan, when explored it was revealed to have been a library. Its librarian was a dwarf who tried to keep the secrets of our kind away from bandits, and in the process, their life was lost. Upon this land, a new shrine to Ogradhad was constructed in his honour. Rites: Book Donation - Ogradhad is the eternal preserver of knowledge, thus whatever knowledge possessed by the dwarven people must be shared between us so that it may be preserved just as Ogradhad guards our collective knowledge. Candle Sorcery - Candles are an essential tool for all scholars to be able to study deep into the night. Divination through the movement of said candles is a popular ritual popularised by the Prophet of Ogradhad, Tuzic Mossborn, who discovered the burned-down library in the first place. Shrine of Grimdugan’s Darkness Location: 84 82 132 With the Mori rising from the darkness, it is now more imperative than ever to properly honour Grimduguan, a Brathmordakin who has been greatly ignored in the history of dwarven worship. A gigantic obsidian dagger glows in the centre of the shrine, may it strike our enemies true. Rites: Darkness Meditation - Step into one of the unlit chambers of the shrine, and completely isolate yourself from outside noises. Allow your mind to enter Grimdugan’s shadow, so that when you open your eyes hidden caves may reveal themselves. After which one may leave an offering of treasure for Grimdugan to add to his hoard. Black water Bathing - Upon excavation, the miners discovered a pool of pure black water. It tastes and has the same properties as normal water, and yet it is pitch black, a clear symbol of Grimdugan’s darkness. Allow it to envelop you, so that the enemies who hide in it, will not be able to see you in their midst. Shrine of Belka’s Tide Location: Boat (ooc: warp) at 1206 68 2021, then 2724 63 2346 With the expulsion of the vile pirates from the Dark Islands, the Urguani navy slowly established bases upon it to prevent their return. A shrine to Belka stands proud and defiant against the island’s constant storms, keeping away dark corsairs and deep monsters away from our ships. Rites: Lightning Calling - Leave offerings of beautiful objects, drinks and seafood to Belka and chant prayer for her to summon divine lightning upon the enemies of Yemekar’s Balance. Tidal Reverly - When the waves are high, and the storms are strong, drink a strong ale and walk along the shore. Show the strength of revelry in you, to enjoy the life the Brathmordakin have given us, even in the most dire of situations. Narvak oz Brathmordakin
  10. [OOC: This information is not publically known] Dy Breid Trinaid The Essence Trinity The Trinity The Trinity represents the interconnected and infinite connection between all things. It is a holy symbol for the Mossborn clan and by proxy anything that comes in three, or is itself a trinity is also important to them. Their trials reflect this, having to smelt 3 ores, smith 3 objects and slay 3 enemies. The Mossborn clan follow the Trinity of Essence, or in their language, Dy Breid Trinaid. It is similar to the Tribunal of Life, worshipped by the Hefrummo, whoever the Brathmordakin that compose the Trinity are Yemekar, Anbella and Ogradhad, which preside over Essence. The Breid All the Brathmordakin represents a part of a dwarf’s Breid. Breid translates to Essence in Common and Dwedohim in Old Dwarven. This essence is composed of many parts, each governs the identity and the self of the dwarf. Such parts are not static, however, and change alongside the dwarf depending on how their self changes, willingly or unwillingly. The Trinity of Essence refers to the Brathmordakin that are believed by the clan to have the most powerful influence over a dwarf’s Breid. The Brathmordakin of the Trinity govern the following: Yemekar - The Craft Soul - Claigh Yemekar forged the physical form of the dwarf as well as their dwedohim. The Craft Soul is a dwarf’s creativity, talent, ingenuity and passion for craftsmanship. Those who are great craftsmen are said to have strong Claigh, and they may even imbue their crafts with a fragment of their Claigh. Anbella - The Green Soul - Ayagh The Green Soul is the part that connects the dwarf to other living beings and grants them a connection to it. It is naturally stronger in forest dwarves, having been blessed by Anbella. The Ayagh is one’s compassion, their connection to the natural world. People with powerful Ayagh are said to be able to fight like a beast in battle. Ogradhad - The Mind Soul - Smagth Ogradhad governs over the Mind Soul, or the Smagth. The part of one’s essence is responsible for Consciousness, Dreams, Personality and so on. A person with a powerful Smagth is capable of manifesting themselves in their dreams, and maybe even influence the dreams of others. It is a very intimate and important part of the Breid The Brathmordakin Souls The three souls parts mentioned are the ones which the Mossborn consider to influential to a dwarf’s Essence, and which most correspond to the clan's ideals. Though all the Brathmordakin influence the Essence of a dwarf and are of equal significance. Dungrimm - The Honour Soul - Arymagh The Arymagh is a dwarf’s courage and righteousness. It normally lays dormant amongst the rest of the Souls, only manifesting in times when honour and bravery are meant to be displayed. If the Arymagh is weak, the dwarf will crumble under pressure. Belka - The Red Soul - Ruagh Belka, being the Brathmordakin of Passion, naturally has domain over the Ruagh, or a dwarf’s emotion. A strong Ruagh does not mean necessarily strong emotions, but it means emotional intelligence and stability. Armakak - The Luck Soul - Aiught The Luck Soul, or Aiught, is very different in its properties when compared to the others. It can act almost as its own entity, being able to split off and enter the Breid of others. Thus through action and veneration of Armakak, one can grow their own fortunes by cultivating their Aiught. Grimdugan - The Quiet Soul - Donaght The Quiet Soul, as governed by Grimdugan, is the most mysterious out of all the soul parts. It is said that those who possess strong Donagth are able to see more clearly in the darkness, as they can send out their Donagth to help them see the realm of Grimdugan. History and Tradition While the Trinity of Essence is the most prevalent triad worshipped within the clan. Historically, some figures within the Mossborn worshipped a different Brathmordakin than the Trinity of Essence, whoever they still worshipped them in a triad. E.g Donachan The Cloudy who for his patrons had Belka Anbella and Ogradhad. This tradition continues, members of the clan may choose a trinity of Brathmordakin as their patrons, but one must always be from the Trinity of Essence. In Relation to other Clan Beliefs Brathmordakin The presence of the many souls, as represented by the Dy Breid Trinaid, connects with the idea that each Brathmordakin had a role in the forging of the Dwedohim. The clan believes that Yemekar was the First Brathmordakin, and thusly it would imply that in order for the other Brathmordakin to have helped forge the soul they would have had to exist prior, or have been made before the Breid. The Mossborn believe that the Brathmordakin were forged from Yemekar and are aspects of him, in the same way, that the soul parts are fragments of the Breid. This still means each Brathmordakin is an entity deserving of veneration. Names Throughout history, chief’s of the Mossborn clan adopt a new name after prayer to their preferred Brathmordakin, names such as Barlow The Dirty, Donochan The Cloudy and most famously Garedyn The Green. Leaders of the clan are uniquely tasked with seeking a name to represent their Breid as a matter of showing honesty and duty to Brathmordakin. In general, names hold powerful meaning and symbolism as a manifestation of one’s Breid, thus they take great care in naming children and artefacts.
  11. [!] A depiction of the Obsidian Dagger of Grimdugan at the unfinished shrine. Appeal to Grimdugan Ursus Grandaxe, our friend, was snatched away from us by the vile forces of the Mori. Snatched into the dark depths with their wretched spiders. With no other options, three dwarves, Garedyn, Alaric and Orsola rode immediately into the night in despair. They rode for the hidden shrine of Grimdugan, being built in low mountains at the edge of the kingdom to beseech the Lord of Darkness. With the unlit sanctum of Grimdugan, a giant obsidian dagger lay embedded into the mountain wall, glowing dimly. Beside it was a pool of water, pitch black found by excavators. The water bared the exact same properties as normal water, but it possessed Grimdugan’s shadow. The dwarves, one by one, disrobed and allowed themselves to be enveloped by Grimdugan’s darkness, allowing it to seep into them. They then knelt in front of the Obsidian Dagger and prayed. "Oh Lord of Darkness Grimdugan, your loyal followers beseech ye! Obscured in your darkness, kneeling in your built shrine, we pray for the safety of our kin Ursus. Swallowed by the vile who use the darkness for their own ends, we beseech you to deliver him safely, shrouded in your protective Umber.” - Garedyn The Green “Lord of Shadow. Ah shall walk through yer darkness, with no fear in my heart of the shadow o’de beasts o’Khorvad. Ah shall take comfort in your blade ahn your torch, fo’ ah knae dey mean ye are at mah side. Ye have prepared a spot fo’ me before mah enemies. Ah shall met them without fear, fo’ ye have blessed me with holy oil. Where ah go, so too shall de light and shadows follow in mah steps. Ah shall serve as yer instrument, yer will. Mah light in de darkness shall be de killin’ light o’yer father, Dungrimm. Lord o’Stars, granted me yer light. Fly with me through the darkness, the fire shall cast a shadow upon me. We will fly beyond the starts, beyond de restless shadow. If i must go into the sea of starts fall, ah shall fall loike a burnin’ star” - Alaric Grimgold. “Lord Grimdugan… Someone realleh important teh meh ‘as been taken inta de abyss by teh cruel being we call mori. All ah ask es ‘at yew ‘elp ‘im return safeleh. En exchange, ah swear teh server under yew fer as long as ah live. Ah’ll become yer enemies werst nightmare. Anythin teh make sure ‘e returns safeleh. Blessed beh yew and yer eternal reign over all things shadowh.” - Orsola Frostbeard After their prayers, they went into the hoard room. The shrine being unfinished yet, meant it was empty. It was a grim honour to be the first to fill Grimdugan’s great hoard. Each dwarf offered a piece of great jewellery. After the group split, to offer prayer on their own. To all dwarves who read this missive, pray to Grimdugan for the safety of Ursus and for the preservation of his Dwedohim. Narvak oz Grimdugan Narvak oz Ursus Kazak oz Mori
  12. Khaz’a’dentrumm ᚲᚺᚨᛉᚨᛞᛖᚾᛏᚱᚢᛗᛗ [Music] “I lay dying on that rock from mid-eve until nightfall, surrounded by the mixed bodies of friend and foe alike. For the better part of the day the sea storms blew salty wind upon my broken body, but as the full moon rose, the clouds parted for the Masked Lord’s alabaster hall to rise above the black sea. If I was to die that day, there would be no other place I would rather die than in the gaze of Dungrimm’s pale moonlight. As my blood spilled onto the cold, wet pebbles of that rocky beach, tangled within the limbs and corpses of slain Dwed, I saw a sight I shall never forget-- for eight shining Dwedlonarri descended upon golden goats from the light of the moon itself. Without wings and without effort, they flew upon the dark firmament to the battlefield. From the body of Dwarf to the body of Dwarf they walked and lifted them whole into their hands, though before my eyes their body remained in pieces on the ground before me. To Agilmar, and Droctbold, and Gangulf did they walk and lifted them up onto the back of their goat, taking the bodies of the Ironborn too with them indiscriminately. And yet, as one passed to me, I saw only blinding moonlight when I gazed upon her face. I remember nothing after this, as I awoke being dragged from under the body of Gangulf, finally found by another crew from da Kirkja Gorix. I knew it was not my time, but that the warriors who died that day would find themselves before the Lord of Death that night.” -The words of Viligast Grimgold, sole survivor of the raid of Tal’Karaave, Age of Blood Artists representation of the Daughters of Dungrimm descending from the moon. There is a place where a soul goes when death finds it-- Khaz’a’dentrumm, the Halls of the Slain. Located high above the mortal realm upon the ivory disk known as the moon. It is here that Dungrimm, Lord of Death and War, holds his court. In these sacred halls the fate of souls are decided, and those who find themselves lacking are cast into Vuur’dor, the Void. There are many interpretations of the guide of the soul to these hallowed halls. Some believe that Dungrimm or Belka serve as the psychopomp of a soul, while others grant it to a lesser divine being, such as the Daughters of Dungrimm or Kjellos. Whatever interpretation of the guide of the soul is correct is of little consequence, as it is what happens within the halls of Dungrimm that bears the most importance. Upon entrance to these halls, one will find themselves surrounded by their friends and family, leading back to their first ancestors. After this greeting, the soul will be called before the throne of Dungrimm and the other Brathmordakin will be summoned to high seats in the hall. The entire life and deeds of the spirit will be judged by Dungrimm, highest of judges, and it will be determined if they have lived their life in accordance with Yemekar's Rhun. Artists representation of Dungrimm before the gates of Khaz'a'dentrumm. If one is found to be worthy, they will be bid upon by the Brathmordakin assembled in what is called the Auction of the Dead. It is the realm of who bids the highest for the soul where the final afterlife of the individual shall be. Brathmordakin are more likely to bid upon the soul of one who lived in accordance with their domain and teachings. Once the auction has been completed, the soul will go to live and serve in the hall of the Brathmordakin of their patronage. If one is found to be lacking, or if as some say their soul is not bid upon by a Brathmordakin, they shall be cast through the gates of Vuur’dor, into the bowels of the Void, where some believe Khorvad lies. What happens once the soul has been cast into the depths of the void is a mystery to us upon the mortal realm. Some believe it is destroyed entirely, others that it is churned and reborn to try again, and some yet still believe they are left to Khorvad’s desires and wishes. All souls will one day find themselves within the halls of judgment, rich or poor, warrior or coward, young or old. In truth, the fate of the souls of foreigners is not known, with some claiming that non-Dwarven souls find themselves in lesser realms upon death. Others still believe that they too will find themselves in Dungrimm’s halls, yet without the teachings of the gods most find themselves cast out into Vuur’dor. Only in death will we know for certain. The date of one’s death is known only to the Brathmordakin, which is why it is important for one to live each day in accordance with Yemekar's Rhun.
  13. Narvok oz ok Arkon Thrummaz [!] A messenger bird arrives to dwed across Urguan, relaying the news! [!] A blessing, and a joyous discovery! The expedition for knowledge in Ogradhad's name has been completed, and with it were recovered some preserved ancient texts, written by old dwed of continents long passed. And along with such precious texts, some relating to the nature of the Rhun, came also the discovery of a story to this old place. One of a brave and devout dwed... who stood to defend what he believed in. An encounter with giant spiders complicated the investigation but was dealt with accordingly... The ancient texts were discovered within the ruins of a small library... likely a safekeeping for the follower of the Warden of Knowledge that watched over it. Most incredibly however, a hole in the roof had rendered most of the texts destroyed... except for four books, those that sat nearest to the shrine of Ogradhad contained within... These texts will be put on display within The Grand Library in Kal'Darakaan, for all to view. Rare is it that the Brathmordakin reach down and show their influence upon the realm of the descendants. To honor such a blessing, Da Kirkja Verga will renovate this old place, and it shall be reformed into a grand temple in worship to Ogradhad, so that all may show their veneration to him in the hallowed place. Tuzic Mossborn, Prophet of Ogradhad
  14. Bulwarks for our Bretheren [source] My dear brothers and sisters of the faith, the siege of the Khorvadic monstrosity Cloudbreaker shall soon take place in Balian, and many of us have pledged to fight against this abomination in the name of the Brathmordakin and for the sake of all descendent kind. To ensure that the presence of Yemekar remains strong in the face of an agent of Khorvard, as High Propet and Prophet of Yemekar I shall be smithing protective pendants for all those embarking on this honourable fight. Join me in the holy act of creation as I smith for our people. Be a part of creation to combat the destruction of Khorvad. (OOC: Today, Tuesday 17th at 3PM EST) Narvok oz Brathmordkin
  15. Covenant of Da Kirkja Dverga Title One: Clergy leadership Art I. Da Kirkja Dverga is not an institution dedicated to power. Rather it is one of learning and teaching. For this reason, a single dwarf may not hold executive and authoritative power over the entire clergy; it must be held by a council. i. The council will be led by one of its members. A prophet will be voted on to serve as the representative of the council, when the council's opinion is asked by another institution. ii. The chosen representative can be given the name of high preceptor/prophet/priest. It is up to the council's discretion to decide their own titles depending on the naming convention of the times. iii. Clergy documents and declarations are to be signed as a council. The high preceptor cannot make public declarations without the council. iv. The council is to be composed of preceptors/prophets/heralds (whatever naming convention is used at the time). These council members are to be proposed to the council from the pool of priests or other religious organizations, by a clan leader or member(s) of the council. Then the decision to accept the individual would be up to the council with a 2/3 (rounded up) majority needed to enter the council. v. To remove a member of the council, there would need to be a formal petition by a council member to call for a vote on the matter. For the vote to pass, it would need a 2/3 (rounded up) majority. The member would then be demoted to priest, unless expulsion is required. vi. To expel someone from the clergy the council needs unanimity and at least 4 council members present. vii. The council is to be composed of one prophet per Brathmordakin. Title Two: Duties of Prophets Art.III Prophets are experts on the Brathmordakin, more specifically on their patron. This means that apart from teaching priests about their Brathmordakin they are also expected to be learning and searching beliefs and cultures from all dwarf groups in relation to their Brathmordakin. Art.IV All prophets (including the high prophet) are equal in the council. Art.V All prophets have the ability to sponsor a dwarf to become a priest if they believe they possess the knowledge required. Art.VI The prophets can only remove a priest from the clergy through a vote with an outcome over 2/3 (rounded up) of the council. Reinstating a priest that was removed goes through the same process. Art.VII. Prophets have the right to create organizations and groups if they so desire. However, the responsibility of maintenance is on the shoulders of said prophet. Art VIII. Prophets are to inform priests on matters that the latter does not have a clear answer to. Prophets should only do the duties of priests when there are no priests to fulfill the duties. i. In relation to priests, prophets serve as mentors. Guiding them on how to teach people, hold events, and sermons. Art IX. The high prophet is a ceremonial rank that serves to represent the will of the council outside of itself. The high prophet is just a prophet. i. The high prophet does not have to be a prophet of Yemekar. The prophet(s) of Yemekar fulfill the same duties as any other prophet in relation to their Brathmordakin. Title Three: Duties of Priests Article X. Priests are the teachers of the general dwarven population. They teach the basics of the Brathmordakin to those that are willing to learn. Article XI. Priests have the ability to head ceremonies with the blessings of the council of Prophets. i. By being a priest, one has a de facto ability to do ceremonies. Article XII. A priest can be demoted to acolyte if they show an inability to learn and be aware of different perspectives of the Brathmordakin. Title Four: Relationship with other Religious Orders Article XIII. The clergy recognizes all dwarven denominations that accept the existence of the Brathmordakin and worships them, as well as, keeping the core pillars of the dwarven faith in their denomination. Article XIV. The clergy recognizes the existence of cosmic entities that are not the Brathmordakin. The glorification of these beings is acceptable and tolerated as long as it is done through the lenses of the Brathmordakin and their worship. i. Any glorification of a non-Brathmordakin that does not include the direct or indirect glorification of a/the Brathmordakin as well is considered heretical. Article XV. Any form of Khorvad worship is heretical. Title Five: Amending the Covenant Article XVI. This covenant may only be amended if there is unanimity and minimum four prophets are present. i. Articles as enumerated in this document can only be removed if the entire council agrees upon it. ii. Future articles or amendments need only the condition set in Article XVI Title Six: Decision making of the Council of Prophets Article XVII. As is tradition since times immemorial all members of the council can propose decisions to the Council of Prophets. i. Decisions pass through a simple majority, with at least half of the Prophets of the council being present. ii. The High Prophet needs to be present for a decision to be passed or have another prophet appointed as temporary substitute (by the High Prophet). iii. These council decisions cannot amend the Covenant, only the process layed out in title five can do so. -This Covenant was formed, agreed upon, stamped and signed by the Council of Prophets of Da Kirkja Dverga- High Prophet Garedyn the Green, Prophet of Yemekar Prophet Asketil Blackroot, Prophet of Belka Prophet Dhaen Grandaxe, Prophet of Anbella Prophet Tuzic Mossborn, Prophet of Ogradhad Prophet Alaric Grimgold, Prophet of Dungrimm
  16. There on the night of the great full moon, Ulfar steps into the underdeep of the Kal’Darakaan. Why is he here, what leads him down this path? Days before, a dream came to the Starbreaker, a vision of a cave that is wet and moist, dripping with ooze and slime which glow with the shrooms and plant life within. This leads Ulfar to this point, walking down a stone path that leads deeper and deeper into the depths until finally, the light of his lamp meets the glow of a glittering cave of Anbella. A shrine built within hours after his arrival, Ulfar completes the beginning of the rite which showed itself to him in his slumber. There, Ulfar sets up the seven candles before the shrine, each wax carrying a symbol of the brathmordakin gods, and then coats each wick with sacred oils while muttering the prayers to each of the gods. To end the preparation and begin the rite, Ulfar takes his lantern and lights each candle before blowing out the lantern and setting it aside. “Yemekar, it is Oi, Ulfar.” the dwarf mutters before the shrine, the slime dripping throughout the cave as he speaks. “Oi come tu yeh within dese caves ov deh Goddess of the hearth, to pray, teh ask yeh for ah favor.” Ulfar then brings up a dagger that glows gently in response to the natural light within the cave, pressing it against the midpoint of his braided beard. “Oi have lost so much, an’ yet Oi remain, so Oi ask yeh, Forge fathur, fur ah Son.” He starts to move the dagger along the beard until finally, the beard is cut from the rest. Ulfar sets the severed beard down into the slime of the cave. “Ah son that es nae born intu deh duty ov deh Balance, but instead ah khazad ov deh heart.” There, Ulfar pulls up a bottle of Dr. Beard and uncorks it. “Ah son that will bring great things tu deh world, things Oi am incapable of.” Then goes silent for a moment as tears gather at the base of his stone eyes, dripping down his face and falling into the slimy beard blob, then tilts the bottle over and pours the Dr.Beard over the slime and tear infused beard until it is empty. The crying dwarf continues on with his prayer until going silent, and the caves seem to go silent with him as if in thought. Hours pass, maybe a day, until the lit candles reach the end of their wicks before finally, a gust of air travels through the slimy caves which blow the candles out. Ulfar sits there, silent, then it happens. Maybe it is the shrooms and fumes in the cave, but Ulfar hears a whisper from a voice, maybe multiple voices, which utter the name, Tharkun. Then from the slimy beard blob that lies before Ulfar, an infant dwarf gurgles, opening his silver eyes to look up at Ulfar. …… …… …… “Tharkun… Ulfarsson..” Ulfar mutters in response as he holds the little dwarf in his arms.
  17. [!] In the cave of the seers new runes have been carved on the walls. It is of a new vision the order has had. It tells of the events of the vision and the possible meaning given to it by the seers that were there at the time. The event is documented for future seers to be able to do their own analysis and be able to look back at the information gathered from the vision. All the runes are written in the Seers’ dialect, only known by those that are in the order. ᚄᚐᚑᚂᚄᚐᚑᚂ [!] Seers gathering in their cave. Three seers stand in meditation at the events that have impacted Hefrumm as of late. They stand in contemplation of one of their fallen epiphyte brothers as one of them brews a potion using the art passed to them by the seers that came before. Calling to Anbella they ask her to allow them to raise their consciousness to be able to see the possible truths hidden in the world, to allow them to try to see her signs. They each start to get into their own trance to prepare for the consumption of the beverage. The one that mixed the brew hands it to his fellow seer on the right and then to the seer on the left, once this was done the brewer seer drank as well. ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔᚏᚐ ᚂᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚍᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔᚏᚐ ᚂᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍ ᚍᚍᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ The first seer to drink would feel a surge of coldness come into his body “Ets a bit chilleh” hed say. One of the seers sitting next to him would acknowledge what he felt and would start to see snow coming down from the cave as if they were in an open area “Et es…” hed answer as he witnessed the snowfall. By now the third seer would had started to chant in ancient dwarven, the tongue spoken by the early Treebeards, as he stared into the nothingness. As the ancient words were spoken one of the seers would witness the runes written on their walls starting to levitate around them. The first seer would see a snow person mocking the dwarves who the seer would try to push away. ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔᚏᚐ ᚂᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚍᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚏᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔᚏᚐ ᚂᚓ ᚐ ᚂᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚍᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚍᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔᚏᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍ As the third seer continued to chant the second seer would see the husk of their dead comrade light on fire “do ye lads see tha flames?” hed ask. “Oi do.” Said the first seer as the snow being in front of him light on fire. The third seer would say in the ancient tongue “a burning fire takes this one.” The first seer would suddenly see five more snow being “now they be five…”. Looking around the second seer would frown as the dead body would seemingly come to life “A’ sense Khorvad’s presence.” hed say to his fellow seers. The third seer would continue to speak in ancient dwarven saying “The frost is reaching for another.” The first seer would look at the snow creatures and would see their eyes made of ice “a’ thenk a’ see et too…” ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔᚏᚐ ᚂᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚍᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚐᚈᚈᚍᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚍᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚓ ᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐ The third seer would continue to gaze into the void as he continued to speak in ancient “The darkness consumes the land with each passing year”. Frowning the second seer would switch his gaze to the third seer “We saw a pile ef dead wolves sum stone days ago…” as the second seer said these words he would look around him as blood overflowed from the ground beneath. The first seer would start to see himself sink into deep snow. The third seer would look in dread as he would say “the ground is leaking, the dead want to reach the darkness.” ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔᚏᚐ ᚂᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚍᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈ As the blood flowed the second seer would see the burning body of their dead comrade come to life as it would start screeching and coming towards him in flames. Hed grab the burning undead as it screamed “Do ye lads ‘ear tha screams?” hed ask his fellow seers. “A’ onleh ‘ear tha snow storm!” said the first seer as he continued to be dragged into the snow by an unknown force. “Whot does et say?” asked the second seer. “The souls of the damned are calling out to Dungrimm but he does not heed the calls…for something dark has already reached them.” the third seer would answer in ancient dwarven. In reaction to the words of the third seer the second seer would take the body of the burning undead and tossed it into the depths of a nearby puddle. “The soul is corrupt, the darkness has taken its price he did not even stand a chance nor was there any resistance.” the third seer would continue to say. The first seer would be able to escape the snow and come out into a green woodland. As the second seer would look at the undead he would see it fall into the depths of the water still burning and screaming towards them until it eventually vanished into the darkness of the depths. ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔᚏᚐ ᚂᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚍᚈᚐᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓᚏᚐᚈᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚈᚐ ᚋᚈᚐ ᚋᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔᚏᚐ ᚂᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚍᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓᚏᚐᚈᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚓ ᚔ ᚍ “Whot do ye see?” said the second seer to the third. The third seer would answer in ancient “the darkness will fester like a disease on an open wound if not dealt with, all our souls will be corrupt before reaching the great hall. ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔᚏᚐ ᚂᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚍᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚍᚈᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈ After the visions the seers meditated and discussed the meaning of their visions. “Tha shades are takin ovah de land, crawling evah closa tu reach our souls, ets a bit blurreh tho” said the third seer. The first seer would then look at his comrades and say “eyes made o’ ice burst frem snow beings that were built upside down, then a’ started to sink en tha snow”. “A’ saw tha bodies e our fellow dwed burning coming towards es.” said the second seer “Anbella’s and Yemekar’s balance es being shaken, once crowned avatar ef ambition and the spawn of tha wendigo are shaking tha balance, tha land es noticing.” ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔᚏᚐ ᚂᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚍᚈᚐ ᚋᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐᚓᚐᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚍᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈ ᚍᚓᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚍᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈ ᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚍᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚍᚍᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈ ᚍᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚈᚈᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ  ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚈᚐ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚍᚈᚐ ᚋᚓ ᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈ ᚍᚂᚓᚐᚈᚈᚐ ᚋᚔ ᚍᚏᚐ ᚂᚓᚐᚈ ᚍ ᚌᚏᚐᚌᚏᚐ [!] Depiction of Anbella granting the seers’ visions.
  18. Congratulations to Bakir Ireheart as he persevered and claimed all other participants belts along with the Champion Belt! He shall wear them proudly as practiced by the ancient traditions and the blessings of the paragon, Kjell. Let us take a moment to recall the memories of the competition: Thank you to everyone who were able to make time or attempted to participate.
  19. Festival of Armakak 9th of the Grand Harvest, year 60 of the SA Armakak, the God of Trade. An artist’s depiction of an ancient Dwarven hold. With the war becoming more non-existant and irrelevant every day, High Prophet Norli Starbreaker of the Da Kirkja Dverga has authorised initiate Gildroc Goldhand to hold a day of festivities, succeeding a pilgrimage to Armakak that shall be held a month before. A day of festivities, that shall honour the god of trade and ensure his presence is felt in the minds of the dwarves. A day of unity, of solidarity to remember at heart the Dwarves are a folk fond of seeking riches. A ceremony to honour Armakak shall be conducted before the start of the Festival, and after that is complete an open-market will be hosted within the Temple of the Worldmaker in Kal’Darakaan. Any dwarf, be they a Goldhand or not; may participate in the event. To secure a stall within the temple of the Worldmaker, please seek out Gildroc Goldhand or send him a letter before the day in question. Signed Initiate Gildroc Goldhand
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