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Found 6 results

  1. The Order of the Aureate Isthmus Protectors of the Isthmus Our direction is our power, our strength and our freedom. For the Realm is split in two, between blood Red, and Blue. Though closely aligned, they remain separate, and distant in all but drive. With the Isthmus, with the Aureate Sword and Shield, it is the duty of us all to bridge the connection between the now distant, by purging and wiping free its cause. “When we stand in the beating heart of our Empire; one must not fret to revel among the blood.” Motive History Created by the eldest brothers of the de Aryn house, the Order of the Aureate Isthmus was created in an effort to bridge the gap and fulfill the duties the other Orders within the Realm were neglecting. Attaching onto the Brotherhood of Croziers and forming under the Savoy Banner, the Order of Aureate Isthmus draws inspiration from the decades past Band of Esheveurd and Order of St. Amyas. The name Aureate Isthmus was chosen by the first Grand Patriarch, Thomas de Aryn, based on the definition of the Isthmus word. Isthmus, by definition, is a small section of land which connects two larger land masses. Due to this, the term was coined and it’s definition slightly altered. Taking on the meaning of a bridge between the split in the Realm, the Protectorate of the Isthmus are responsible for the protection of those of Blue Blood, while the Inquisition is charged with the duty to the Blood of Red, and furthering the cause of the Realm. Taking the elite and specialised progression of the Esheveurd and directive and cause of the Order of St. Amyas, the Order of the Aureate Isthmus is a structured and competent amalgamation of the organisations before it. Controlled and directed by the House de Aryn, the Order was created to fill the void and protect the Noblemen and women of Savoy, whilst furthering Humanity's goals and desires for a better world for it’s people. The Order of Aureate Isthmus co-operates and acts as a subdivision of the Brotherhood of Golden Croziers, taking on the responsibilities and duties the Brotherhood is unable to accomplish. Selected and directed as a heavily specialised unit in Savoy, the Isthmus are handpicked and trained under intense conditions, undergoing and expected to conquer extreme mental and physical hurdles. The members of the Order are expected to be among the most capable and competent in the lands, and must be devout to the Canonist Faith. The Order was decided to split into two various sections; the Protectorate and the Inquisition. Mission Protectorate The Protectors of the Isthmus are those who follow the primary branch of the Order, positioned and charged with serving those of Blue Blood in the Savoy region. The Mission of the Protectorate is to push forward and against all opposition to secure and guarantee the safety of those they are sworn to protect. They are stationed in the vicinity and are often charged with creating positive relations with the person they are sworn to protect. Each following the path of the Protectorate are assigned to a particular person and must be ready to dive into the depths of darkness to do their duty to their assigned. Inquisition The Inquisitors of the Isthmus are those who follow and represent the alternative branch of the Order, positioned and charged with following the direction of the Inquisition and following the creeds set by the Canonist religion. Supporting Blood of Red, the Inquisition serves to put forth the human race and set it on a course of betterment, to correct the deformities of the other races and ensure all of existence know the truth of the Human cause. It is also the mission and duty of the Inquisitors to convert the masses to the Canonist Faith. Each following the path of the Inquisition are to follow the Grand Inquisitor in all matters, regardless of any personal dispute or moral compass. The only individual whose word overrules the Grand Inquisitor to the Inquisitors is the Grand Patriarch. Ranks [Higher Echelon] Grand Patriarch The Grand Patriarch, often an elder member of the House de Aryn, is the absolute Archon of the Aureate Isthmus, who demands complete and total loyalty and respect from his soldiers. The Patriarch routinely serves a lifelong tenure in the position, and are responsible for the direction of the Order, overseeing all aspects the Order involves itself in, including the day to day running of each Orderman. The Grand Patriarch has total control over every position and facet the Isthmus goes to fill, and the position is the highest one in the Order. The authority and will of the Patriarch are absolute. The position is currently held by Thomas de Aryn, the first Grand Patriarch of the Protectors of the Aureate Isthmus. Grand Inquisitor The Grand Inquisitor, typically a man chosen from the list of the Inquisitors within the Order upon the death or retirement of its predecessor. The Grand Inquisitor is considered the highest position within the Order that is at least partially obtainable. The rank is given to those totally and utterly loyal to the Isthmus cause, it’s direction and it’s stature. The Grand Inquisitor is often one of the most skilled combatants within the entire Order, and is capable of demanding complete and total respect from its members. While the Grand Inquisitor typically holds no power over the Sentinels, it is commonplace for all ranks to listen to him regardless. Answering only to the Grand Patriarch, the Grand Inquisitor leads the religious directive of the Order. The position is currently filled by Gaspard de Aryn, the first Grand Inquisitors of the Protectors of the Aureate Isthmus. [Lower Echelon] Sentinel The position of Sentinel is stationed equal to that of the Inquisitor, though its duties are almost the opposite. Given to the most dutiful and well-trained within the Isthmus, the Sentinels are charged to directly watch over and protect the Noblemen and women of Savoy. They are also charged with watching over all lower ranks, and are responsible with the acquisition and training of all new Unoathed and Initiated. Answering only to the Grand Patriarch and Grand Inquisitor, the Sentinels honour and ability are considered the most elite within the Order, and must undergo a separate Standing examination to be cleared for duty. Inquisitor A promotion given only to the most loyal and able Man-At-Arms within the Isthmus. The Inquisitors are officers and commanders throughout the Order, deemed worthy and able to fulfill the role of leadership. Choosing the xenophobic portion of the Order the Inquisitors serve directly under to the Grand Inquisitor and Grand Patriarch, primarily servicing the more religious purpose as opposed to the other. They assist in leading the progress against the Isthmus’ enemies, and are only obligated to watch over the Noblemen and women of Savoy when in direct company. Being considered the most elite within the Order, the Inquisitors must undergo a separate Standing examination to be cleared for duty. [Assigned] Sentry The rank of Sentry is given to those who have proved their metal and their worth to the Order, proving their total and utter devotion to its desires and purpose. The Sentry have been assigned a direction within the Order and assigned to follow the Protectorate, to follow and give their loyalty to its cause. The Sentry are dressed in the finest and most well smithed plate the Order has to offer. Listed above the Initiates, those listed as Sentry rank are fully trained in intense physical combat. Trained on horseback and on the ground, the Sentry Rank is given to those who have proven themselves to the Isthmus cause. Stationed as guards and watchmen of the higher nobility, the Sentries are known and held to the highest of standards. Man-At-Arms The rank of Man-At-Arms is assigned and given to those who have proved their devotion to the Inquisition within the Order. They are positioned within the Inquisition and chosen to show their worth to the rest of the Realm, proving their ability and devotion to the Order and it’s mission. They are assigned to follow under the Grand Inquisitor and put their very essence into following the direction they are given. Clad in the finest smithed armour the Order can provide, and much alike the Sentries, are listed above the Initiates. Having specialised and intense training in mental and physical combat, both on the ground and on horseback, the Man-At-Arms is a well distinguished rank within the Order. [Enlisted] Initiate Those with the Initiate rank are considered the lowest among the listed Order. After their initiation, they undergo intense specialised training in both the physical and mental state. Unlike those who are Unoathed, the Initiated have already undergone basic training. They have been evaluated for their worth and ability in regards to their servitude and honour. The Initiated are recognised as true warriors of the Isthmus, worthy and ready to serve under the Grand Patriarch and under the banner of the Order. The Initiate are often stationed as the Guards to the Noblemen and women of Savoy, being posted in key positions to ensure the safety of the blue-blooded, though must be ready to follow the Inquisitors when ordered. The Initiated are yet to choose a path to follow within the Order. Unoathed The Unoathed are the bottom rung of the Order, considered the weakest and most inept among the ranks. These members are not listed as bannermen under the Order, and as such are not given the liberty that those Initiate and above are given. The Unoathed are vigorously trained in basic combat and religiously taught and examined in their devotion to the Canonist Faith, and to the Orders ways and methods. These are fresh blood within the Order, and their every move is monitored to ensure their direction is recognised and proper. Loyalty and Obedience is paramount. [Honorary Positions] Crozier While technically not one with the Order of Isthmus, those enlisted within the Brotherhood of Golden Croziers, are considered Brothers in the same right. Sharing the same goal and desire, the Croziers are seen as honorary members of the Isthmus. While the position names and duties are different, they are considered equal with the Crozier Brotherhood. Footmen within the Croziers, are considered equal to Initiates within the Isthmus. Men-at-Arms are equal to Sentry/Man-At-Arms and Decurions are equal to the Inquisitor and Sentinel ranks. Ensign Entrusted with supporting and carrying the Banner of the Isthmus into the heat of battle, those granted the high honour of the Ensign position are held with high regard and respect throughout the entire Order. The Banner of the war provides morale to all troops who follow under it, given its continued height throughout the duration of the battle implies continued strength. Clerical Chaplain The Order of the Aureate Isthmus closely operate with the Clerical healers and chaplains of the Realm, and as such are given an honorary position with the Order. The Clerics are considered well versed in various instances of knowledge, and are charged with the duty of tending to and healing the wounded within the Order. Dual holding the position of Cleric and Chaplain, those holding this position are also responsible for holding Mass and assisting in the Initiation of the Unoathed. Applying for the Isthmus Recruitment To join the Order of Isthmus, one must do one of the following things. Send a letter through carrier pigeon to Grand Patriarch, and apply to partake in the Isthmus. Assignment: It is possible for a member of the Croziers to be assigned to the Isthmus if the Grandmaster deems it so. Referral: Become friends and prove your abilities to any member within the Brotherhood or Order. Ask them to refer you to a Sentinel. They will then assess you before putting you through to the Senior Echelon. Be chosen: The Isthmus are a very select group, and just because you apply doesn’t mean you’ll be accepted. It is possible, if you prove your abilities to a Lower or Senior Echelon, you’ll be recruited. Please note, the ability to use Skype is essential to holding position in the Isthmus. Initiation Assessment Mental Working with the Order, in either the Protectorate or the Inquisition, requires each and every member to be mentally assessed and understood for their emotional, religious and mental state. This assessment is not a test per-se, more so a continued observation during their Unoathed term. The members of Lower and Senior Echelon observe the new recruits and watch over them during their training. Their devotion to the Canonist Faith and the Order is observed and watched over, and should their devotion be lacking, they are denied from the Order proper. Physical Being the most specialised of troops comes at a price, and that price includes total and utter dedication to the art of combat. They are assessed and taught how to manipulate their opponent's mind, and how to use a range of weapons. If the Unoathed is lacking in any form of training, they undergo intense training under those of the Lower Echelon. Their skill is assessed and their position within the Order is determined. They are assessed and trained in the following areas: Hand-to-Hand combat, One-Handed combat, Ranged combat and combat on Horseback. The Standing The Test The true test of loyalty. During The Standing, the Unoathed is tested on their physical and mental devotion to the Order. They are tested on their faith to the Canonist Cause and are asked to stand before a Cathedral for one saints day, with one loaf of bread and two bottles of water. They may not move from this position, and must continuously chant Canonist Prayers, and must pray for any who walk by. They must stay awake for as long as possible, and may only be allowed 3 hours of sleep every two days. This is a very difficult test, and you do not need to make it through the entire month. The test is to go as long as you possibly can, and your devotion to passing the test is the true qualifier. The Oath After taking the Oath and undergoing the initiation of the Brotherhood, the Unoathed must undergo the Oathing Ceremony. This is not one to be taken lightly, and in fact the topic of discussion is forbidden from being spoken of outside of the Ceremony itself. The process includes the Unoathed being led from the barracks in the middle of the evening into a small chapel-esque room, with Canonist Symbolism and the mark of the Isthmus scattered around the candlelit room. Standing at the altar one would find the Grand Patriarch, the Grand Inquisitor and one of the High Chaplains within the order. The Unoathed would be spoken to, and asked to swear an oath and covenant before God. A long metal rod would be taken from the nearby furnace, the tip adorned with the sigil of the Isthmus, and as the Oath was being spoken, the heated metal would be pressed against the Unoathed’s upper left pectoral muscle. The Sigil of the Isthmus would be burned and branded into their skin as the Oath was taken as a mark of loyalty to the Order, symbolising your service to the Canonist Faith and the direction and cause the Order will take you. This act is an act of giving your body and your essence to the Faith and the Order, showing true that you would give your life and serve for the cause of Humanity and place your flesh on the line in service to the Orders direction. The Oath is as follows: ‘ I ________, do solemnly pledge, with unburdened and unbound words, in the presence of God, and brethren, my unwavering loyalty to the cause of Isthmus. To the tenants and creed of our most righteous purge. I pledge my flesh to Humanity, but to those who bar its path: I pledge my sword as punishment. I shall not fall prey to the perfidy, of those bearing barbed ears. Nor shall I succumb to the greed of those who hide under stone. Those who wear the warped schismed bodies of past human glory shall be relieved of their burdens in this world, by my hand. In the name of our almighty Lord, I pledge this true, and just. Pour Dieu, la piété et l'ordre. Amen’
  2. The Brothers of the Riverborn “As the rivers tear through the earth, we shall shake mountains. We are Riverborn” “The Brothers of the Riverborn are a military order dedicated to upholding the law of the Orenian Empire. The Order are dedicated vassals of His Exhalted Grace, Duke Augustus d’Amaury of Lorraine Within the barony, of Riverhold they station their men under the wing of House Mallister. The Order upholds strict views of military excellence, continuously looking forward to progress in their goals of breeding the pinnacle of the Orenian warrior. The Order was created by Josiah Mallister, the current Grandmaster, and Baron Doran Mallister of Riverhold in thought of a grand levy for the Mallister land of Riverhold. The Order welcomes all men, peasant and knight alike, to uphold Orenian law in the name of House Mallister.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWruBwPNBOs The Testaments: Thou shall always serve faithfully and execute the will of thy superior Thou shall not jeopardize the stability of the Brotherhood Thou shall judge all fairly in accordance with the laws of the Orenian Empire Thou shall not steal from any men under the reign of the Empire Thou shall treat thy weapon as an extension of self and treat thy armor as thy skin Thou shall always uphold the law of the Orenian Empire Thou shall not act against the Order or an order brother Ranks of the Brotherhood: -The Command- Grandmaster - Heads of the Brotherhood Marshall - Second in command of the brotherhood Captain - Commands a Squadron Lieutenant - Second in command of a squadron -The Enlisted- Sergeant - Bannerman, usually leading a line Footman - Initiated member Initiate - Newly inlisted Titles of the Brotherhood Grand Seneschal - Responsible for researching into the past history of the applicants of the order through interviews Grand Almoner - Is the main recruiter and promoter of the Order. This position can be held by anyone who is rising through the ranks within the Order, swearing to be on his best behavior on and off duty. Grand Secretary - Responsible for writing down the orders history along with expenditures and managing the wages of the troops. Application Ooc; Age(optional); Skype(optional); Do you have teamspeak?; Timezone?; RP; *A man approaches you in an inn in Felsen* "So lad ya wish tae join our order aye? Sign 'ere and report to Riverhold." Name; Age; Profession;
  3. The Azghari Warband “When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come.” I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hell followed with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth.” A band of brothers and sisters equal beneath the Eternal blue sky, this band of nomadic peoples are renowned for their passion and fervour - the most proficient horse riders to ever grace Vailor’s many meadows and pastures. Formed by Darius and Cyrus, sons of the great Sasan, the pair of warriors were without parallel; renowned for their hundred-strong harems. Although there exists no ranking for the warband, the strongest leaders are chosen by the entire warband to guide them - holding no position except that as a trusted figure. In this way any man can make his fortune and become great, provided he be worthy. They made their foes flee in horror because their swarthy aspect was fearful, with an intriguing distinguishment in their eyes is seen through the colours of brown, green and blue. Their hardihood is evident in their wild appearance, and they are beings who are cruel to their children on the very day they are born. For they cut the cheeks of the males with a sword, so that before they receive the nourishment of milk they must learn to endure wounds. Hence they grow old beardless and their young men are without comeliness, because a face furrowed by the sword spoils by its scars the natural beauty of a beard. They are short in stature, quick in bodily movement, alert horsemen, broad shouldered, ready in the use of bow and arrow, and have firm-set necks which are ever erect in pride. Though they live in the form of men, they have the cruelty of wild beasts. A travelling band, these nomads are oft on the move and rarely stay in the same place- their swords are sold to the highest bidder. Many kingdoms have competed to hire them, brutal warriors who are known for both their skill in the field and their fortitude when faced with great sieges. Their ranks know no difference between man or woman, any creature except the accursed Kha can serve amidst their ranks provided they can ride. The Azghari do not settle and farm, they are hunters and gatherers - fast moving horsemen that stay for only short times in a single place. Every member is expected to sustain themselves by their own tools, hunting game and slaying prey to feed them. Slavery is accepted by the Azghari, and a man is judged on how many slaves he has taken. For those who are taken in bondage, freedom can only be earned by hard coin or valour shown in the Warband’s service - freeing them to fight as any other rider. For the wealth that is gathered in battle, every man receives an equal portion - the Warband knows no boundaries to brotherhood. The faith of the Azghari is revolved around the deity of ‘Od Tengri’, the unknowable one who knows everything. He is the judge of good and bad, Tengri can bless a person richly, but can also utterly destroy those whom he deems unfit. His actions cannot be predicted. His ways, difficult to know. There exist many other spirits or 'aenguls' besides Tengri. These spirits are diverse. They can be good or bad or of mixed temperament. They can be gods residing in the upper heavenly world, wandering evil spirits from the underworld, spirits of the land, water, stars and planets or spirits of the ancestors. They can be in charge of certain tribes or of certain nations. Under Tengri these spirits all have some limited influence, but it is nearly impossible for normal people to contact them. Only the High Priest of Od Tengri can contact them. Unless Od Tengri contacts them himself. There is no 'one true religion'. Humanity has not reached full enlightenment. Nonetheless Tengri will not leave the guilty unpunished and the virtuous unrewarded. Those upright in spirit and righteous in thought are acceptable to Tengri, even if they followed different religions. Tengri has given different paths for man. Anyone interested in service would do well to inquire with Cyrus (LemonDropzz) or respond here: OOC: Username: Skype: IC: Name: Race: Age:
  4. THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE GOLDEN CROZIER Brothers of the Crozier For we are the sword of Lucien; the shield of Lucien; the raised spears that catch the rising sun. We are the storm of swords, the song of steel: the song that sweeps across the strongholds of devout and faith-less, believer and heathen, paragon and sinner. The axe that splinters shield, the hammer that cracks skull, the blade that causes many a mother to weep her bitter tears. We are those that hold his crozier, and we will hold the instrument that supports his legacy. PURPOSE To those men of the Lord, devout and fearful of his wrath, there exists only one purpose - devotion in a service befitting of Him. The Brotherhood of the Golden Crozier, made up of men who have pledged their lives to the service of that order, exist to help purge humanity, all the races, of the shared degeneracy that recent ages have induced into it through vile, corrupt, degenerate means. A purifying force, so named due to its the symbol of the Saint Lucien and his belief in conservative, traditional family values so designed to restore order to the realm of Man. Soldiers, armigers, warriors; healers, medics, physicians; merchants, tradesmen, artisans; a dozen paths of life amalgamated into a single group worthy of such a legacy and the reconstruction of a great brotherhood. Those who preserve ancient and holy relics in the Brotherhood’s custody and those who travel out in search of more. Men who hunt monsters and cleanse such dangers from the roads of the entire continent, whether they be beasts in unnatural form, or brigands who prey on the innocent and poor. What is a realm without law and order; justice and arbitration? Defenders of the meek, poor and innocent. Guardians of the just and faithful. Located within the hinterlands of Savoy faithful and loyal men from all corners of the world gather in pledged service, their aims clear and definite; restoration to better times. The Brotherhood is not one simply of men, though, nor only Man. Open and accepted are elves, provided they be devout, and any others who desire to serve under such a blessed banner. APPLYING TO THE BROTHERHOOD In order to join the Brotherhood of the Golden Crozier, located within the lands of Savoy at Drusco, ((x170, z-2020)), one must either visit those lands, a cart is present outside Felsen, or submit an application to the Grandmaster via bird. These shall be registered as swiftly as possible, providing that the applicant is a male of fighting age. APPLICATION: OOC: Skype name: Username: IC: Name: Reasons for applying: Do you agree to PK if RP is done appropriately and well?: RANKS Discipline shall make or break these men, the cruel crack of leather on flesh; whip on skin, shall forge a force worthy of that furnace which is war. Discipline shall temper any band of soldiers for blessed battle. Every single man who serves in the Brotherhood is expected to obey the commands of a superior without fault or question - obedience shall be met with reward, and disobedience with punishment. (SENIOR COMMAND) GRANDMASTER The Grandmaster holds complete and total control of the Brotherhood; all those who serve within it are subservient to his command and that of God. His word is final and it is expected that all soldiers shall follow him, whether it be into peace or battle. The current Grandmaster is Denis de Bar, the first of that name. TRIBUNE The most senior of officers beneath the Grandmaster in the Brotherhood, elevated from the most competent of prefects, the Tribunes are experienced battle commanders who have shown their skill in combat, administration and leadership - equipped and empowered with the ability to command large chunks of men and serve as a competent aide to the Grandmaster. (LOW COMMAND) PREFECT Prefects are officers entrusted with the command of smaller units; oft in reconnaissance missions. Either experienced soldiers or red-blooded nobles, they have proved their worth to hold such a position and dispense their judgement on those that follow their words. DECURION Decurions are those officers entrusted with the whip, with disciplining rowdy soldiers and ensuring that even in the thick of a conflict the battle-line is held, and it is held well. Respected rather than feared, they hand out deserved punishments, and more often ensure that no punishment is required at all. (ENLISTED) All of the Enlisted are to be referred to with ‘Brother’ for formality. MAN-AT-ARMS Man-At-Arms are the backbone of the Brotherhood, soldiers who have proved their grit and demonstrated their mettle through years of service to the group; dedicated and experienced men who can be relied upon to maintain a respectable example for those unblooded who join the Brotherhood. FOOTMAN Brothers are those unblooded who have passed through their training and trials, going on to serve as full armigers of the group, respected as equals by all and as the men who make up by far the largest number of soldiers. UNBLOODED The unblooded are green-soldiers who are fresh to the Brotherhood; men who have not yet engaged in any fight or been through training. Always treated as newcomers, they are expected to look to officers for an example of competent behaviour while meshing with the current soldiers. (HONOUR RANKS) ENSIGN To be named as the Ensign, the man who is entrusted with the responsibility of holding the banner above the seething masses as a guiding light, is a great honour. If the Ensign were to fall in battle, the whole Brotherhood would feel his loss dearly; during the constant ebb and tide of battle he must lift his burden high above the men’s shoulders so that it can become a focal point for rallying. CHAPLAIN The chaplains are men schooled in holy teaching and thought, their hearts lit aflame by passion for His service. Men who recite litanies and chants, whether it be in the mess hall or the field of battle, their passion is able to beat the spirits of all their comrades into a similar fury. CHAMPION The Champion of the Golden Crozier, the hardiest warrior in the Brotherhood, is a title awarded to those who demonstrate the greatest competency within the entire group at martial work. Whether earned through conflict at war or on the tourney field, the title is constantly up for contest - an honour levied only upon the greatest of brothers.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b11-37Me_a4 The Apostolic Brotherhood of the Holy Cross of the Outremer and St. Everard “¡DIOS QUIERE!” (GOD WILLS IT!) http://i.imgur.com/g0f0bLp.png?1 The cross of The Outremer and St.Everard, the light of God, and the blood of the martyrs. Foundation “With blade and cross, we shall rebuild this Church.” -Don Miguel Cortes, to High Pontiff Everard II. With the decline of the Inquisition because of its lack of mission, reforms were necessary. The Church lacked the prowess it once had with the Lotharingians and many Knights of the Black Sepulchre. A new order was needed, one of passionate and GOD-fearing men. As the HIgh Pontiff passed onto death, so did his Inquisition. In the its place rose the Apostolic Brotherhood of the Holy Cross of the Outremer and St. Everard. Apostolic Creed “Your mission shall bear the burden of guarding His Church, enforcing His laws, and studying His will.” -Prince-Archbishop Fernando of Cordobe, addressing the remaining, former Inquisitors. GOD’s will is unknown to me, but I will devote my life to It. I will protect His Church and His clergy, His missionaries to this land. His word is law, so it is said in scripture, and I shall be His enforcer. I will serve the Pontiff, His Vicar in this land. If He wills it, I will meet him in the Skies. GOD wills it. Ranks “Loyalty to your fellow men, is loyalty to GOD.” -Archbishop Adrian of Kaedrin, teaching a young Fernando of Cordobe. Apostolic GrandMaster Leader of the brotherhood, and a Knight Of the Church. He is the highest level of authority in the brotherhood, and answers only to the High Pontiff. He leads the most pious men of the Brotherhood into battles, and takes care of their their equipment needs. The Grandmaster carries a Five-Fold Cross inscribed with the words “Primo Deus.” Apostolic Knights These are knights of the church, anointed by his holiness. The Apostolic Knights form a council with the Grandmaster to decide on daily affairs of the order. They wear the best the brotherhood has to offer Ferrum armor with enchants and master crafted Ferrum swords. Apostle -At-Arms The majority of the Brotherhood, these soldiers of GOD fight to their last breath in His name. Their father, GOD, their life, His Will. They have been trained and elevated by the General and are given a set of iron plate, a longsword, and a crossbow. Disciple The men of the realm who have found a calling to serve GOD. Their tasks are basic, but not unimportant. They will complete their training and eventually rise to the rank of Apóstol-At-Arms. Specialist RanksApostolic Crusader ⛨✞ The Apostolic Crusader is an honorary title within the ranks of the Brotherhood. To become an Apostolic crusader is to uphold the honor of the Brotherhood, carry the standard, and to be in the forefront in every battle of the crusade. This title is awarded through a tournament held by the Brotherhood to see which one of them is the most worthy of the honor. He bears a ruby cross inscribed with the words “DEUS VULT”. Apostolic Inquisitor ✙ A apostle charged with inquisitorial duties. He will head investigations into suspected heretics, cults, and the sort. His field is that of proof, tasked with discovering proof to be used in trials against heretics and traitors to the Church. He can take temporary control of the Brotherhood of the Holy Cross in the case of an Inquisitorial arrest or investigation. He bears a golden cross inscribed with the words “DEUM VERUM.” Apostolic Steward ✝ He who is charged with the managing of the Brotherhood’s finances and with the distribution of armor and materials. His duty is that of the coin and he often is well-versed in raising money whether it be with business or simply charity. He bears an emerald cross inscribed with the words “DEUS LUCA”. Disciple of the Pontiff ✟ One man who has been selected from the ranks of the Brotherhood. He has proven himself in both the field of battle and theology. He personally attends to the Pontiff’s needs, acting as a bodyguard and a personal steward. He bears a shield with a wooden cross, sturdy like his sense of duty. It is inscribed with the words “DEUS TUERI”. Application Name: Age: Gender: Are you of the Faith? Previous Militaristic experiences: ((OOC Information)) Mc Name: Skype:
  6. Men with a tunics with the image of a Dire Wolf on it run through the towns and cities of every race placing posters and some stopping and saying some words. “The North has begun taking the borders of Oren and Adunia we must unite against this foe if you are willing man that wants to gain honor in protecting your home from the North please take a one of these papers! The Northern Watch is one of the only things in the way of the Northern Beasts we must fight! Join the ranks today and fight for a better Anthos!" ((I tried to fix any copying that I did from the Night's Watch but since no Forum Moderator I contacted answered I could not get a opinion on what needed to be fix so I fixed the ranks and I redid the Oath a lot if there is any still remaining copied material could someone please send me a PM with what is copied so that I can fix it before it gets locked.))
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