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Found 1 result

  1. Iron Bull Slaver Guild < All descendant races are welcome to join > It is clear to us descendants that we are all one species and we are composed of different races ;Orcs, elves, humans, dwarves, we are able to breed with each other and our mental capacities are (for the most part) similar. We were placed here by higher powers to rule this world and take responsibility for it. As we were placed here to Master this world other resources were placed here to help us with this goal; Trees to help us build, animals to feed us, but also lesser races. These lesser races have been created to serve the descendants. They have been given minimal intelligence just enough for them not to be animals, but not enough for them to stand as equals to descendants. Descendants: Orcs (Not Slave Material) Dwarves (Not Slave Material) Elves (Not Slave Material) Humans (Not Slave Material) Halflings (Not Slave Material but inferior) Lesser Races: Kharajyr Hou-Zi Cervitaur Ents (Hard to find and to enslave) Satyr Mori'Quessir (Supposedly extinct) Bohra (Supposedly extinct) Troll Minotaur (Hard to find) Treatment: Descendants; A descendant cannot be enslaved, enslavement of a descendant is only acceptable if said descendant has committed a crime, is in debt, or is a war prisoner. If the descendant is a war prisoner and was sentenced to servitude he/she is to be freed after the war. Slave Races; Slave places have been placed in this world to serve the descendants. Because of this it is acceptable to punish a member of a Slave race as a Descendant sees fit. It is only acceptable to kill a member of a Slave Race if said slave has committed a crime or is a threat to the well being of its master. Ranks: Ranks are determined based on the amount of heads you have collected from a lesser beings, or how many slaves you have captured. Red mane(s) ( Leader(S) ): Gandogar Elite Hunter: Hunter: Application: Name: Race: Age: (OOC) MC name: (OOC) Skype:
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