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Found 2 results

  1. [!] The pious and faithful within the city of Sin and Vermin as they cleanse it from the corruption of Iblees & the void __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Blessings be upon those who read this and we pray GOD guides you through life. The war against Vermin and Sin has been a roaring success and has exceeded the expectations of all of us within the Friedrichian Band. We did not expect such swift action and widespread support within Canondom when we first called to action. It makes us glad to see Canondom has not fallen like Lurin. A few days within us penning and announcing our PIOUS & RIGHTEOUS quest, the HOLY MOTHER CHURCH and Canondom rallied a force before marching into the city of Lurin. Clergy and faithful. There they handed several terms to the lord of the GODLESS city which they promptly accepted. The forces of Canondom were allowed to cleanse the city from Sin & Vermin through whatever means necessary. All that was needed is a permit from the HOLY MOTHER CHURCH to do such. Only a few hours passed before some of the culprits behind the attacks on clergymen within the city were caught and dealt with. A great victory for sure. Yet our work is not done. The corruption of Lurin runs deeper than expected. They have forbidden clergymen from preaching THE HOLY LIGHT OF GOD within their lands except within churches. The WORD OF GOD shall not be restricted to certain areas. They insult and mock our faith and faithful openly. This cannot be tolerated. They intervene in the testing of lurinites and draw blades against clergymen still. I shall remind you that these are the doings of the average citizen and guards within the city of sin and vermin. When we, the merry knights of the Friedrichian band alongside faithful from aaun and veletz, tested spooks with a permit granted to us by the HOLY MOTHER CHURCH, we were met with intervention from Lurinite lackeys and drawn blades. They had no intention of letting us conduct our testing in peace. They tried sowing seeds of distrust among us by questioning our purity. An attempt to lead us into bickering and targeting ourselves. Their sly words fell on deaf ears FOR GOD PROTECTS AND UNITES THE FAITHFUL. When all failed they drew a blade on our most beloved Bishop Callahan, demanding his blood be drawn. Seems like it wasn't just darkspawn and xionists who thirst for clergy blood within those walls. Our conclusion is this: Lurin has fallen beyond redemption. The only way to save the few remaining and dwindling faithful in the city is by crusade. To cleanse the land of the sinful and vermin scourge by fire and blade. Destruction to the current Lurinite regime and establish a PIOUS state from its ashes. Thus, we the faithful of Canondom, plead to you, Pontiff Sixtus V, save them from the GODLESS pit that drains purity from the faithful. Call a crusade. Crush the agents of Iblees and the symbol of sin & vermin that Lurin represents. ✠ AVE HOREN, AVE OWYN, AVE GODFREY ✠
  2. The Prayer Thoughts Of An Aaunian Written and printed by Eleanore Wilhelmine von Wexler 2oth of Snow’s Maiden, 1895 The Dame of Artois by Heloise Therese; 1824 What would God think when seeing two lords like this? A Baron and a King fighting and accusing each other of unholy actions against the church and his very will? I implore my King and the Baron of Acre to stop these accusations. If there are any true actions which are unholy and suspicious; seek out the assistance of the church. As only the authority is the church and god himself; they may deem things unholy or something which is demonic and villainous. Being the enforcer, judge, and executioner. I implore both the King of Aaun and the Baron of Acre to simply focus upon their conflicts, which moves upon my next subject. I beg that both lords and lords under my liege the King recognize the innocents which shall be pulled onto this conflict. I ask that both sides pray to God for forgiveness. Even I shall do this; even when I will be pulled to fight fellow men of God for my King; I still fear the wrath of god for murdering a fellow man upon the bases to fight for land. Never was this a conflict of faith but a political one. I do not pray for the death of the Baron or anyone within Acre even when they are my enemies. As in the end we are all creations of God. Even when we express our passion for our faith; human greed still runs through our veins. The need to get power; to have fame and wealth is a known fact about our kind. Humanity passionate for our love of god and our own; forever corrupted by this eternal sin. So hear my prayer through these words. I pray for the souls of myself and fellow Aaunians fighting the Acreans. I pray for the souls of the Acreans fighting my fellow Aaunian men and women. As we shall all be murders in the end. Ending lives for the will of our lieges. My heart burns for Aaun, but more for the well being of my fellow humans. My heart weeps for the thought of ending another life so I may please my king and follow his will. I know this shall be the same thought of every person who is dragged to fight for their lieges. Even when blood shall be spilt upon the soil of the old regime; I hope for a day when both of our peoples shall be able to move on from this conflict and become unified through our faith. Even when the hound shall meet the dragon; both shall bleed and weep. For the passion of their hopes and dreams in this world. I pray for us all. GOD BLESS, Lady von Wexler Eleanore Wilhelmine von Wexler
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