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Found 8 results

  1. A SILVER ALLIANCE [11th of the Amber Cold, Year 105 of the Second Age] Preamble The parties of The Principality of Celia’nor and The Serene State of Lurin, henceforth referred to as the signatories, hereby agree to an alliance, the duration of which will last ten years. Additionally, the signatories will adhere to each of the following articles stated within this agreement. Terms of Alliance I. The Signatories will adhere to an alliance in full between their realms, and will not incite conflict between them. The signatories agree that they are willing to aid each other militarily in times of distress. II. The Serene State of Lurin and the Principality of Celia’nor recognize each other’s Realms as independent lands ruled by their respective monarchs, and will make no attempt to subvert those authorities governing them. A.) The signatories recognize the respective claims of governance, namely that Celia’nor has the right to govern all high elves and that Lurin has the right to govern all of their people. III. The Signatories agree to engage in trade with each other, whether it be through monetary exchange or bartering. IV. The Signatories agree to participate in exchanges of assistance when it comes to mages and the voidal arts when requested. They assist in each other’s rituals when requested and collaboration of their mages. Along with the voidal arts, it’s a trading of knowledge as a whole and extends to a trading of books. IV-I. The Signatories shall use their combined knowledge to work together to remove dark creatures that threaten the world. V.The Signatories will allow free passage for civilians and refugees through their respective territories, under the law of both nations. AY’PUERAN; Valyris Ibarellan, Princess of Celia’nor, Queen of Gladewynn, Princess of the Alders, Princess of Alderyn, High Empyrean Princess, Sole-Proprieter of Gladewynn, Protector of the High Elves, High Magus of the Arcanic Court, etc. THE SILVER LUBBA, Mika Anarion
  2. The Bloody Fox’s Log Volume 2 104 of the Second Age It has been long overdue that I publish another log. The people of Almaris are due an explanation for all the travesty in the world today and I seek to bring about an element of that explanation. I am no great individual with no gods who have blessed me and no taint to possess me. But Sonnos has taught me how to be cunning and Morea has taught me to be brave. I have been at the venture of fighting what lurks in the dark for nearly my entire adult life. Never have I seen a place so filled with taint and corruption as the Principality of Celia’nor. I returned to Celia’nor after many years of exile to find a place that seemed to be following in the ways that we had set about when we founded the city. A place of peace and unity for those ostracized by The Silver State and the societies of Almaris that cast them out. As I settled there I found myself increasingly noticing the peculiarities with strange visitors in late hours to the castle and the use of violence against those undeserving. I explored the city and found obelisks beneath many homes, rooms filled with blood and gore from Aspects know what beasts. I found people of ill intent consorting with the nobility in every place I looked. I found myself no longer content in the waiting of the Princess to see the error of her ways for inaction leaves her no better than an instrument of violence, the same as a blade on the hip of cruelty. In a social at Starpool I could no longer stand aside and allow the evil that had festered to continue its walking in the sunlight. I felt the need to shove it back into the shadows it had come from. I crossed the ballroom floor and attempted to embed my dagger into the neck of a nephilim that sought to speak his foul tongue among the crowd. Then the Princess herself intervened, she threw her arm in the way of my blade and my thanium dagger laid a cut upon her arm. Simply examine her to know the truth of my words. Her inaction towards the corruption festering in her city now turned into a horrid defense of it. Her actions are inexcusable. Then at this moment a BSK Soldier and an Olog who had been pursuing this nephilim sprung forth to aid me. Brave individuals both, for we were surrounded by those who only sought to protect the beast’s ability to spew his corruption upon the world. Both were mercilessly cut down by a horde of Nephilim and Celia’norian mali despite their attempts to ease the crowd that had been so recklessly whipped up by Abdiel and Zodd. I just managed to escape as the Valah and Olog held them off for me to beseech the people of Almaris. I beg of the kind hearted and fair people of Celia’nor and of all of Almaris, do not allow taint to stain your cities. Fight against it in all of its forms. Signed, [!] A public letter would be sent to all corners of Almaris. Below the letter would be a list attached: Abdiel - A Cursed Being of Red Skin Zodd - A follower of Azdromoth with a forge in Celia’nor Coalskinned Azdrazi with Scales and Horns, Red Eyes - A Nephilim of Azdromoth who frequents Celia’nor
  3. [!] A missive is sent to Krugmar, Celia'nor, Elvenesse, Vortice, across Nor'asath and in addition to members of Clan R'ikarth. A mark of death has been placed upon an estimated six-foot elf in dark robes adorned with golden face tattoos. His weapon of choice is a katana. Guessed to be a vampire based on a previously claimed sighting in Nor’asath years pass. Where he attempted to feed on a child. Guessed to be a blood mage by the Ker who encountered him at the scene of the crime. Morgana R’ikarth is slain. Mutilated a horrific display. Only her head was displayed and serves as the body identifying mark. To her family and friends. We will cremate the body, and place the ashes in an urn within our temple. Members of Clan R’ikarth will be allowed to take this Urn if they so decide. To the settlements around us, we offer a reward for his death. To the Mali’ker across the lands. Keep an eye out for this Azulite. This slayer of kin. If spotted by the Maehr Clergy or citizens of Nor’asath. He will be slain. To the Uruk of Krugmar, I, Qudlia Jusmia, personally will be debted if you capture this Azulite. If you do not bring him to Nor'asath. I ask only that you sacrifice this bastard to Luara, so he may serve some use in his putrid life.
  4. The Great Pumpkin Carving of Paradine 18th of The Sun’s Smile , 99 S. A. [!] From the deepest and darkest woods of the west, comes flyers originated and written from those who live within. This very letter found its way cast out of the state to different parts of the realm, making it a widely spread letter for all to see. Artistry is something that seems ever-present. In every aspect of life. From the skies above, to the caverns beneath our feet, the mind of an artist seems to slip into the world around us. And thus, the Vaulurir of Paradine is proud to present our very own pumpkin carving event. Using locally sourced pumpkins from our very own farms- step up and see if you have what it takes to become The Pumpkin Paladin of Paradine! I T I N E R A R Y Pumpkin Carving The main event - what everyone has been waiting for! A battle of the minds- of the hands- of the artists! Face off against fellow fighters and battle for the title of The Pumpkin Paladin of Paradine! The victor of this event not only gets a medal, bragging rights, but also a grand prize of 200 minas! Baker’s Battle After the main event we’ll line up our challengers in a bake-off! Each competitor will create a pumpkin-themed bakery item made from the innards of the pumpkins from the contest before. Whoever wins this battle will not only get a drink named after themselves, but also have their dish put on the menu of the new, up and coming tavern within Paradine! [WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26TH, 6PM EST] PENNED AND SIGNED; Jakob Castington, Councillor of Snow Written by: Evarir Veralya Wynasul SPECIAL INVITATIONS ARE SENT TO THE FOLLOWING: ARISTOCRACY OF CELIANOR Evarir Veralya Wynasul, and their Talonii @Amuletic Evarir Aurelius Haelimah, and their Talonii Virar Thalon Nullivari, and their Talonii @_Sug Virar Serigne Py’lrie, and their Talonii @Allien Virar Theoden Akaln’riv, and their Talonii @fredrickteufel Laurir August Athri'onn and their Talonii @twistedfries Laurir Glynfir Aevaris and their Talonii @Crymson Laurir Raziel Amethil and their Talonii @laeonathan Laurir Ranni Ranaleth and their Talonii @coffeekreme COURTIERS OF CELIANOR Saphielle Heithyra, Silver Seneschal of Fi’andria @silllkee Esmeralda Acal'elor, Lady of the Interior @Axelu Irelia Py'lrie, Lady of the Arts @XoxoMinnieXoxo Zodd, Master of the Forge @AdmiralLB Alucard Anarion, Court Archivist @xNeviah Eve Athri'onn, Court Astronomer @petaltothemetal Ro’ya Nullivari, Court Painter @Amyy Valindra, Court Mage @moribundity FOREIGN DELEGATIONS Netseth Loa’chil, Prince of Nor’asath and his citizens @ColonelKuehl1 Acanthus Vuln’muriel, Prince of Amaethea and his citizens @AgentofDeath13 Sarya Tundrak, Princess of Fenn and her citizens @JJosey Lenora Jusmia, of Vortice and her citizens @Bethinwonderland Karl III, King of Haenseti-Ruska and his citizens @GMRO Frederick I, Prince of Sedan and his citizens @HogoBojo Mika Anarion, The Silver Lubba of Lurin and it’s citizens @mika1278 Paul Salvian, Archduke of Petra and it’s citizens @bickando
  5. Published 12th of The Deep Cold, 98 SA Sil’Malin; A Place for Opportunity and Growth “The time has come for Sil’Malin to open the gates of their beloved Keep and host an open house for all who wish to attend. This open house is to encourage possible recruitment for those interested in joining such an elite branch of the military. There, prospects will get the chance to meet those of the Order, such as the GrandMaster, and ChapterMaster; the leaders of Sil’Malin." I T I N E R A R Y FESTIVITIES Before the true event begins, various food items and drinks will be served at the open bar within the Sil’Malin keep. RECRUITMENT OPEN HOUSE Going into the main event-. All those who wish to learn more about the Order will be granted the opportunity to meet and discuss the members of Sil’Malin, recruitments will be open for those who wish to join. SPARRING TOURNAMENT To conclude this event, GrandMaster Kolvar Valwynn, and ChapterMaster Ellisar Aevaris will be setting up a sparring tournament. Those who participate will be challenged by their strength, with only permitting one victor in the end. The victor will be awarded 300 minas! (Tournament is a first come first serve event) Purpose of Sil’Malin The purpose of the Order of Sil’Malin is first and foremost to offer protection to the people of Mali’nor, in the effort to preserve their unity and security. The Sil’Malin also is implanted to help all mali, wherever they may be, through services of hospitality and cooperation of other nations. The duties within the Order may include various tasks, such as, but not all; defending the borders of Mali’nor, patrolling and clearing roads of bandits, and offering aid to physicians and combat medics when demand is high. The knights of the Order must be virtuous and steadfast in their duties. Their motives must be honorable and true. Sil’Malin knight in full heavy plate Meet the GrandMaster Kolvar Lyln Valwynn, Kolvar Lyln Valwynn began her military career over a century ago, when returning back to Haelun’or after a long personal deployment. Upon returning she was re-enlisted to the Sillumiran where she served a great deal of her time, swearing an oath to protect others at any given cost. After the many changes that took place regarding the government of the republic, causing it to eventually fall, Kolvar was determined to remain enlisted despite all the challenges that soon arose. As time went on, she had gained more experience through various services that were asked of her, and was granted the opportunity to climb the ranks of the Sillumiran, being promoted to First Sergeant. Being a devoted soldier and combat medic, she was assigned to lead and teach her knowledge of medicine from the frontline perspective to aspiring guards like herself. Unfortunately due constant changes with the Haelun’orian government and changes regarding the Sillumiran, Kolvar resigned, right before the fall of Haelun’or completely. Now Kolvar is proudly serving as a Diraar in the Celiadiraar and as the GrandMaster of the Order of Sil’Malin. Sil Kolvar Valwynn Post-Battle Meet the ChapterMaster Ellisar Aevaris, Ellisar’s military career started over a century ago when he returned to Haelun’or. Under the republican government of the day, he served for quite some time as second in command of the Sillumiran before being elected Okarir’tir. As the government of the republic fell, he resigned his position and evacuated his family to safety. Finding retirement to be a bore, Ellisar enlisted in the Haense Royal Army, eventually being promoted to Lieutenant. As the mali residing in Haense all left one by one, and finding it difficult to be away from their own kind, the Aevaris talonnii relocated once more and Ellisar joined the Ivae’fenn as a guardian. After the dissolution of the Principality of Fenn forced a move to Celia’nor, Ellisar now serves as a Parir in the Celiadiraar and as Chaptermaster of the Celia’nor chapter of the Order of Sil’Malin. Sil Ellisar Post-Patrol [[OOC: Sunday October 23rd @ 6pm EST]] PENNED AND SIGNED; KOLVAR L. VALWYNN ELLISAR AEVARIS
  6. THE SUCCESSOR OF STARS Published; 10th of Malin’s Welcome, 95 SA The Principality of Celianor depicted amongst the glow of an early morning sunrise, signifying the dawn of a new era. The only thing which is able to dictate what the future has is the allowance for the passage of time. Several moons ago, Illarion had fallen ill to an allergy to the nature around Celia’nor. It has plagued him for months relentlessly and now, it is something that is unable to be ignored. The incurable sickness has plagued the Prince of Celia’nor dreadfully so to the point where it has left him physically marred and weak. It has left the Principality of Celia’nor without a ruler that is able to focus upon the matters of state and leadership. The land of stars and embers is in need of a royarch whom is able to continue to hold the flame that ignites the passion that is in the heart of each and every one of the people of Celia’nor. And so, the mantle must be passed and a crown must be worn by one who has been there to guide Celia’nor since its foundations, the one which chose our Principalities namesake. With the announcement of this letter, I hereby relinquish my title of Prince of Celia’nor for it to be given to Valyris Ibarellan. May she rule with the Celian Synallin’ehya in her heart and before the tests of time show herself as capable as her predecessors. She has in her the blazing starflame that all rulers of the past and present have carried, no doubt one respected not only by the court, but also by her equals. We will continue to strive towards the coming age with ambition. Ivarielle I and Illarion I have firmed our foundations and they will only firm further. C E L I A N S Y N A L L I N’ E H Y A AY’PUERAN; Illarion Ibarellan, Prince of Celia’nor and the Silver Princedom, Laurir Heial
  7. YEAR SA 93/ 1893 ISSUE I Homemade Chocolate Cookies Baking cookies is a classic staple in all of baking. Almost everyone knows what they are but not how to make them which is a shame. In this article I will show you how to make a batch of cookies easily. Step 1: gather the following ingredients, 2 1/4 cups of flour, 1 small spoon of salt, 12 1/2 large spoons worth of butter, 2/3 cups of sugar, 2 large eggs, 1 small spoon of vanilla, and a bag of whatever you want in the cookies I suggest walnuts or chocolate chips. Step 2: setting up. Have your furnace preheated for about 8 minutes plus the time it takes you to whip up the dough for the cookies. Step 3: the dough. Whisk your butter and flour in a large bowl, next add your sugar and eggs then whisk it with good effort for about 4 minutes. Then add your vanilla and whatever else you want to add but in this case, we will say chocolate chips. Step 4: baking. Now you have your dough, take a handful of them and play them on a baking track in a circular shape with half an inch of space between each cookie. Place your cookie filled tray in the furnace on the bottom row and leave it for about 12 to 15 minutes. Halfway through, shift it to the top row and it will become golden (the longer you leave them the crunchier the cookies). Finally take them out and let them cool. Penned by Local baker Flour A Query for the people… Who has better cookies… The Mysterious cookie lady.. We apologize for the hastily painted picture. Sadly, we could not get a painting of the woman as she moved so quickly… versus Local Velika baker and musin Flour Mystical magical La devin Libellule has graced us with her horoscopes for the year. Though we do not know of these strange names she clearly states that it will follow up with other zodiacs of Alamaris. Canard Corbeau Crow drake:Sun's Smile::Air sign : Monday Your week will be filled with new and old lovers returning. Deep emotional bonds will be met and formed, and people from your past will start to show face. Be wise enough, for your solid emotional pull might push you one step too far. oiseau de feu glaciaire Glacial Phoenix:The Amber Cold: Water sign: Tuesday Your week will be Filled with wonderment and a new corridor. The beginning of faith's calling isn’t an easy place to reach for, but it will get you in touch with the knowledge of life itself and the essence of connections we make through the pure acts of aptitude. A shared mission will be in place for your wings to uphold a new alliance. Cristal fauve Wyrssa:The Deep Cold:Earth sign:Wednesday This week the wrongdoings have come to pass, and finally, those who have wronged the crystal will crack. Remember to draw your sword from inner strength and courage, for you will need it in the battle ahead. Take responsibility for your actions and face your wrongdoings, or you may be on the other side of your own blade. Vulpecula Fox: Northern constellation:Snow's MaidenThunder sign:Thursday This week everything will feel warm and sunny. Your business will flourish under your guidance, as well as appear as an inspiration to others. Keep up the outstanding work, and take on the last bits of freedom. baleine céleste Sky whale:Malin's Welcome: Air sign Friday This week Romance is on the horizon, but a past lover is there waiting to intercept your passion. Betrayal of the worst kind, a dark influence swirls in the clouds. There is no room for lethal poisons of the mind, and all you need now is some trust that your heart has the best possible plan for you and that the feeling of home will away be there. Home is where your heart is; maybe it’s best to migrate back. Aello Harpy:The First Seed:Fire sign :Saturday Aellos, the harpies, what decisions have you made that brought you so far from your nest? You are being governed by fear, scared of the outcomes before you. True bravery comes from following all those fragile choices that others disapprove of, and one needs to learn this, or you might hit the wall of dismay. récolte d'autruche Bokolo: The Grand Harvest:Earth sign:Sunday The great bird for how you have run so far from yourself. Maybe you have grayed out instead of your true colors. Your mind and heart are at war, tricking one to believe the others and pulling you further apart. Stop putting your tasks aside. Less talking, more action, you will be granted Beware of the Tax mafia! The tax mafia has recently begun to cause a stir in the minister of finances departments as non-taxpayers get terrified into giving their minas to the stewards who wake up and find the people who are just about to lose their house... have paid? The bizarre phenomenon has occurred in such a strange way that it baffles all the stewards. The only word of wisdom we can give in these trying times is to pay your taxes on time. Missing dog! This painting was made next to the wooden memory swing. We hope that this dog can find it, owner, we are unsure who left him here… but we hope Percy finds his way back home. The Crowning of the Stars. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/215855-a-crowning-within-the-stars/ Elysium stood with a few vassals in the back to watch the crowning and the many gifts. Such a celebration so many people in one place, many talked of how they haven't seen such the east reinstatement of old humans. Larissa, one brave daughter of the De Astrea family stood before Illarion holding an ax of crescent and spoke of protecting their people as well giving their aid to protect this new nation and its people.
  8. Festival of the People Welcome to all adunians and friends of! Join us in celebration of a new home of the Adunic people. Wherein we will celebrate the past, present, and future with all who might be our honored guests. There will be various events from traditional adunic games to drinking and general revelry. The event will take place on Wednesday the fourteenth at 7 PM EST. Greetings and Welcome! Invited are as follows. All kin of Harren and Sorrei All friends of the Adunians All of Celia'nor Come and enjoy the warmth and welcome of the Adunian folks and see our culture in the form of our games and festivities! The Schedule to be expected is as such: Mace Catching This tradition arose from Elendil catching a mace mid-duel, and since then, the Adunian people have had variations of the game in which they chuck a mace at one another, and whoever catches it wins. Archery Due to the Adunic people being a traditional archer-focused society, they honor such ties and bonds by shooting targets from afar. Drinking and Feasting Following the competitions will be a moment of prayer to the ancestors followed by eating and drinking in their honor; the food will be the result of a hunt by the Adunian people and will feature a great selection of foods. To drink is to be merry and such; as much drink as can be drank shall be kept in supply and reach.
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