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Found 18 results

  1. A speech was made for the people of, Ravenswood Reinmar, and Celia'nor in the middle of there kingdoms. CC: Year 175 of the Second Age Cedric Johnson stands firm, his resolve unwavering. From Ravenswood to Celia'nor and Reinmar, he carries a message of truth and unity. In Ravenswood, Cedric speaks with purpose, delivering his plea for understanding. With a letter in hand, he seeks dialogue and truth. “Ah, greetings! I am Cedric Johnson, and I carry with me this trusty book and quill wherever my travels in Aveos take me. You see, I've been chronicling the events and tales of this land in what I call my 'Cedric Journal Logs.' During the “Veletz v. Coalition” war. Lies and distortions clouded the truth of that conflict, leaving me questioning why history was being twisted before my very eyes. ‘Enough,’ I said to myself. I must act to ensure that this never happens again. And thus, ‘Cedric Journal Logs’ was born—a testament to the commitment to preserving the untarnished truth of Aveos. I've journeyed far and wide, from Hoktmat to Ravensmire, from The Iron horde to the Queendom of Vikila, and so many more kingdoms and towns, seeking out firsthand accounts and perspectives of everything. Recently, I've penned letters to the leaders of Celia'nor ,Ravenswood and Reinmar, inviting them to share their side of the story. Why did war come to Aveos? What drove these decisions? I seek not just answers but clarity, a beacon of truth amid the shadows of history.” Cedric continues his journey to both, arriving in Celia'nor and Reinmar, where his voice echoes the same call for truth. His mission is clear: to uncover Aveos's untold stories and unite its people through shared history, sharing the same speech.
  2. "When I close my eyes, I can't see." Parir Aquilan Glanaeri, 171 S.A. 10th of Snow’s Maiden, 173 S.A. From the Office of Ashwýn Sythaèrin With the recent attacks on the Celia’norian populace by the children of Iblees, the Celia’diraar Officer Corps feels compelled to issue additional orders to the diraar to prevent further Incursions from Demonspawn. Recent reports from the Celia’norian Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) confirm the existence of three Vampires that frequent the Starlands. They are as follows; - Lilith Born as a valah but since then has mutated her ears to represent that of Mali. She is of pale skin and amber eyes. Intelligence warns that her eyes were originally brown and she has undergone significant alchemical mutation to modify her body. She has short black hair. Additionally, Intelligence reports that burn marks cover much of her body. Renae Origin unknown. She is believed to be either Valah or Mali, possibly even an impure half-breed. She was last seen with dyed dark and light green hair while wearing a dark-colored dress. Intelligence reports that she is short, roughly the height of a dwarf. It is believed that she was recently turned by Lilith. Curing her may be possible. Elanil Notably a tall woman of mali’ker descent. She is noted to have white hair and red eyes. She was last seen wearing a snow-white dress and heading off towards Ravenwood. - Diraar are advised to approach all of these subjects with caution. While their exact abilities are not known, they are all considered to be mildly dangerous. Use of Aurum and Salt Tests is encouraged to confirm the vampiric origin of these cravens. If any are found to react poorly to these tests, diraar are authorized to issue a summary execution. If subjects resist taking a test, diraar are authorized to use force to subdue the suspect. Anyone found in cooperation with any of these subjects will be subject to Aurum and Salt tests at the discretion of the Celia’diraar. Anyone found sheltering or protecting these subjects will be subject to punishment by the state, including but not limited to fines, imprisonment, or in extreme cases, execution. If members of the Celia’diraar find themselves lacking in the proper materials to issue an aurum and salt test, they may report to their nearest Parir or Company Commander to retrieve a standard-issued aurum knife and a sack of salt. Instructions for how to safely administer an Aurum and Salt test can be found below. To safely administer an Aurum and Salt Test, diraar will require both an aurum blade and salt. Aurum knives will be provided by Celia’diraar command but diraar will be allowed to use their own weapons if they carry the same effects. Before beginning a test, diraar’s are required to be accompanied by another diraar. If a test negatively impacts a suspect or a suspect shows signs of resisting a test, force will become necessary. When approaching a suspect, diraar’s are encouraged first to disarm their subject before testing. Once a suspect is disarmed, testing may begin. Typically, testers make slits on the arms or palms of a subject with an aurum weapon. The wound needs to be deep enough to draw blood. When done, salt is poured into the wound. Naturally, this is painful to anyone being tested, dark spawn or not, so be sympathetic to your subject. If their blood starts bubbling or boiling or you see any other signs of the unnatural, it is confirmed that the subject is of a dark origin. Diraar’s are recommended to quickly subdue their target and execute them in a secluded area. ✵ AY’PUERAN; The Honorable, Ashwýn Sythaèrin, Parir of the Celia’diraar, Commander of Kym’eria Company, Member of the Sythaerin Talonnii The Honorable, Mathi, Parir of Celia’diraar, Commander of the White Lotus Company
  3. 18th of the Grand Harvest, 170 S.A. From the Office of Ashwýn Sythaèrin ✵ “ilMaehr'sae Ilkun'ehya” Under the Teluan Doctrine of 170 S.A., established by Parir Aquilan Glanaeri, it has been decided that a series of military divisions shall be established under the Celia’diraar. Each division, henceforth referred to by its proper name, Teluan, shall be governed by an incumbent Parir. The goal of these teluan’s is to further integrate Fiyem into the greater Celia’norian society and provide additional training to ensure military excellence across the Principality. Parir Ashwýn Sythaèrin has been selected to lead Teluan Niet (Company Two). In collaboration with her newly assigned company men, the Kym’eria Company has been formed. The Kym’era company is composed of mali from all different walks of life but they all share one thing in common; ambition, and their company reflects such. Combined with Diraar Fali’dra Glanaeri, the Kym’eria has been selected as the teluan sigil. Its mythical power and three heads reflect the drive held by each member of the Second Company. To compliment the legendary animal, Diraar Glanaeri has selected the company colors to be red and orange. TRIAL OF RIGHTS The Trial of Rights is the foundation that builds the traditions of the Kym’eria Company. Any diraar can be assigned to the Kym’eria Company but diraar’s must complete the Trial of Rights to become an oathed member of the teluan. The Trial of Igne consists of three principal challenges. The first challenge is the Challenge of the Smith. Competing diraars must forge their own personal weapon. It must differ from the Celia’diraar standard issues Long or Shortsword. Diraars are encouraged to decorate their weapon in the colors and markings of their Talonnii. Additionally, diraar’s are required to place the sigil of the Kym’eria Company on the pommel, hilt, or shaft of their weapon. Once finished, diraar’s are to present their weapon to the company commander for inspection. The second challenge is the Challenge of the Land. Company members must shed their diraar armor and venture out beyond the borders of the Principality to visit at least three other nations. There, company members are encouraged to learn the traditions of the nation. While in that nation, company members are required to seek out the favor of a citizen of that respective nation. Commonly favor is accrued by completing a quest or helping a citizen in a task. Three tokens of favor must be collected and presented to the company commander before diraar’s are allowed to progress. The third and last challenge in the Challenge of Might. After completing the two former challenges, company members must present themselves to the company commander and challenge them to a duel. Company members must successfully defeat the company commander to succeed in this challenge. Once all three challenges are completed, company members may take the teluan oath. Members are required to kneel before the Company Captain and recite the following Oath. “Let the children of the stars rejoice, for upon this day, I, [Name], of the Kym’eria Company, Teluan Niut of the Celia’diraar, Pledge my mind, body, and soul, to the stalwart defense Of the Principality of Celia’nor. Let me not falter in my duties for my path is clear, I am a child of the stars, I am the blade that guards eternity, I am the fire that fuels the strength of Celia’nor, Proud to Serve; Forever Standing” WAR PAINT The Celia’diraar already has several stored traditions but the Kym’eria Company seeks to build onto that. One of the most notable Celia’diraar traditions is their war paint. During wartime, diraar displays the colors of their Talonnii on their helmet. In addition to doing this, diraars that are a part of the Kym’eria Company are invited to decorate the sides of their helmet with horns, reflecting that of the Kym’eria itself. Members who have not yet completed their Trial of Rights may decorate their helmet with elk, deer, cow, and sheep horns while members who have completed their Trial of Rights are allowed to decorate their helmet with horns from more exotic creatures. BRANDING After reciting the Kym’eria Oath, oathed members undergo a Branding ceremony. On the right forearm of a diraar, just below their wrists, the silhouette of a Kym’eria is branded with a ‘two’ imprinted into its hide. This represents a member's allegiance to the Kym’eria Company and the Celia’diraar. For every battle (warclaim), a member partakes in, a single line is added under the initial branding. Each line represents the trials and tribulations, diraars have gone under to be standing where they are. “Proud to Serve; Forever Standing” ✵ AY’PUERAN; The Honorable Mordu’lar, Sylvir Cerusil, Evarir of the Cerusil Talonnii, Councilor in the Principality of Celia’nor, The Honorable Parir, Ashwýn Sythaèrin, Parir of the Celia’diraar, Commander of Kym’eria Company, Member of the Sythaerin Talonnii
  4. Year 167 of the Second Era 07/02/2024 ISSUED BY: THE OBSIDIAN THRONE ᛏᚺᛖ ᚷᚱᚨᚾᛞ ᚷᚱᚨᛈᛖ ᚨᛚᛚᛁᚨᚾᚲᛖ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚷᚱᚨᚾᛞ ᚷᚱᚨᛈᛖ ᚨᛚᛚᛁᚨᚾᚲᛖ YOTH BRATHMORDAKIN NA YOTH URGUAN ᛁᛟᚦ ᛒᚱᚨᚦᛗᛟᚱᛞᚨᚲᛁᚾ ᚾᚨ ᛁᛟᚦ ᚢᚱᚷᚢᚨᚾ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMLcd-zobJ0 Preamble The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Principality of Celia’nor, hereinafter known as the Signatories, to establish stronger bonds and friendship amongst themselves, hereby issue the following Article I: Sovereignty The Signatories hereby acknowledge each other's claims and sovereignty to the lands they respectively hold within their jurisdiction. The Signatories agree to respect and acknowledge each other's laws, culture, as well as religion when inside each other's jurisdiction in their respective lands. They both recognize that citizens and occupants are subject to the laws in effect during visitation. The Signatories hereby agree that free passage of civilians between each other nations is to be granted. Article II: Defense The Signatories agree that no military action will be taken against any of their listed counterparts by any of their forces; this includes vassals and all endorsed factions under their jurisdiction. The Signatories will enforce a partnership between their domains and will not incite conflict among themselves or their allied forces. The Signatories pledge that they are willing to aid each other militarily if they are threatened. Should the nature of a conflict - in this case whether it is defensive or offensive - come into question or be unclear according to the assent’s agreed definition, both Signatories pledge to hold a summit in order to deliberate on a decision. They pledge to adhere to the consensus. Article III: Trade The Signatories shall be given privileged exchange of resources, goods, and economic commodities amongst their nations. The Signatories shall promise one another a tax-free stall to sell their wares. The Signatories pledge to take part in cultural exchanges between the nations’ citizens in order to broaden understanding in both domains. Texts, scrolls, knowledge, and scholars may be traded in such exchanges. The Signatories agree that Grand King Sigrun ‘Undeadslayer’ Stonehammer shall be granted free beverages of choice upon any visit to the Principality of Celia’nor. And the Principality of Celia’nor shall give The Grand Kingdom of Urguan two-hundred mina. Article IV: Darkspawn The Signatories agree to share their knowledge of any and all Darkspawn they may confront. They promise to lend any and all available resources to assist them in their fight against Darkspawn. They pledge to work together in the pursuit of this mutual goal. Article V: Duration This pact shall be in effect for twelve Saint’s Weeks. After the duration expires, the Signatories may reconvene to renew or renegotiate a new treaty. Both parties agree that if the pact is violated, then both parties shall host an immediate meeting together to attempt to resolve the issue. Signed, Sigrun ‘Undeadslayer’ Stonehammer Grand King of Urguan, Clan Father of The Stonehammers, Priest of Dungrimm, Hero of Dungrimm, Three-Time Grand Champion of Urguan. His Royal Majesty, The Prince of Fi'andria, Evarir of the North, Reclaimer of The Silver Pheonix, Prince of Celia'nor, Illthrak Ibarellan of the Principality of Celia’nor
  5. Published; On the Eleventh of The Amber’s Cold "ilMaehr'sae Ilkun'ehya” ✵ [!] This first missive is a public announcement to the staff of the Celia'norian Medicinal Clinic and the Celia’norian public. With the chilled winds, and growing turmoils that life brings forth, change is yearning to come for the better. Within the esteemed Celia'norian medicinal clinic, that for years have graced this very realm, by the distinguished Lady Irelia Py’lrie. With the declining health of her, it bears news that in the coming days Lady Irelia Py’lrie will step down from her position of Head Clinician. Ascending this position, Secondary Physician, Renna Py’lrie will now hold her newly appointed position of Head Clinician. For decades, have the Py’lrie woman of such prestigious Talonnii dedicated their lives to leading the clinic of their people and for the realm. Now once more will the torch be handed to the following generation of Py’lrie, pleading the solemn responsibility of safeguarding the health and well-being of Celia'nor's cherished populace, along with tending to the mundane maladies of everyday life to confronting the harrowing specter of dire injuries, Her service shall be revered and held in the highest esteem within the Principality of Celia’nor. 𝚃𝚊𝚔𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚁𝚎𝚒𝚐𝚗𝚜 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝙿𝚛𝚒𝚍𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝙶𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚎 ✵ _______ AY’PUERAN; Her Ladydship, Irelia Py’lrie, Laurir Kaliri of the Esteemed Royal Council;Matriarch of the prestigious Evarir Talonnii, The Py’lrie, of the Principality of Celia’nor Lady Renna Py’lrie, Head Clinician of the Celia'norian medicinal clinic of the Principality of Celia’nor
  6. “A venator's resolve is fueled by the charisma of their Chief, rather than a textbook” -A Venator’s Proverb Published; upon the 14 of Snow’s Maiden ✵ [!] This first missive is a public announcement to the Archprelate and the Celia’norian public. ⚔ A message to the Archprelate, As much of time has granted opportunities to be risen again, it has come to the attention of The High Venator to part ways with the Talyiinist Symposium, and work alongside the Royarch and Ibarellans to be one of a prestigious Knight Order. Our Hearts will bear the teaching of Talyniism true, your words and wisdom ever welcomed to guide our Knight Order. Though our service to the people of Celia’nor must come first. To the Mordu’Lar, Upon the decision to part from the Talyiinist Symposium, as we remain to hold true to our wisdom received from the opportunities received from such as a Knight Order being eternally grateful for the opportunity in mind, with best interest at heart for the people of Celia’nor, and for the Venators we seek camaraderie with you, the Mordu’Lar and your arms, the Divadri of Celia’nor. A message to His Royal Majesty, Itthrak Ibarellan, As the High Venator, holding the best interests in mind for the Venator Knight Order, I extend a viable request to work alongside yourself, The Prince of Fi'andria, and your kin, the Ibarellans, serving to be a prestigious exclusive Royal Knight Order. Allotting select individuals who have proven great worth to be enlisted upon this Royal Knight Order. “They’re watching you” _______ ✵ AY’PUERAN; Her Grace Hunter; The High Venator, enforcer and chief of the Venators, Kolvar L. Valwynn-Soulheart
  7. The Symposium of Talyniism The Faith of Talyniism, is a new age elven religion founded within the heartlands of Celia’nor, developed by the nationalization of Celian history and culture. The sect of faith has no ties to former elvish beliefs, and outright abjures most spiritual concepts developed in the elven world, its identity fiercely rooted in elvish spiritual pursuit. The leader of the faith, the Archprelate of Talyniism, is considered the steward and spiritual guide of Elvendom, maintaining the vision of Elvendom’s greater journey towards enlightened insight. Talyniism, is a gnostic philosophy that recognizes the existence of various higher beings at play in the world, but declares a significant amount to be neither benevolent or malevolent, rather classifying most as meddlers towards higher knowledge. Talyniism supports the ideal of a unconscious collective, in which the supposed ‘Cosmic Presence’, once made of the collective ideas and minds of all living beings, was shattered in conflict with the various meddlers beyond, creating life as it is known, including Malin, Horen, Urguan, and Krug. This belief largely abjures the influence of the outer gods including Daemonic, Aengulic, Druidic, and Spiritual, viewing all as meddler outer gods from beyond reality. This belief however, shows support for the Canonist Faith. The basis of the faith is supported by the Compendium, a collection of five holy texts that support the ideal that there are many forces in constant opposition with one another, and the sole purpose of elvendom is to achieve a critical mass of knowledge to ascend past the influences of outer gods. It believes that due to the naturalized longevity of elven kind, both life and death are an unnatural state, in which the spiritual veil must be pierced in order to overcome the influence of deceivers. It naturally believes that those of the faith are considered to be ‘philosophers’, ones who are able to climb the ladder between the realm of forms, and bring back knowledge into ours, and once a critical mass of knowledge is obtained, known as ‘insight’, those of both Elvendom and Talyniism will be able to shift beyond the form and be raptured from the mortal world. There is no concept of the afterlife for Talyniists, much rather viewing death as an unnatural purgatory which may only be emptied once elvendom can achieve a critical consciousness of insight. It believes that the agents of Aenguls, Daemons, Spirits, and Druidic aspects are in conflict to prevent the ascension of Elvendom through the promise of power and deceit, long since being the reason towards elvendom’s identity fracture and incapability to unify, while equally producing some of the more destructive agents of chaos in order to distract and defeat greater understanding, to keep elvendom ignorant and divided. It believes equally that learning to both prevent outworldly influences, and understand them, a level of comprehensive insight and manipulation must be used in return, shielding the mind from the effects of outer gods, while learning to use their own against one another, thusly schools of voidal magic and latent power sources are deeply ingrained with Talyniism. The Compendium The Tuvatir, or ‘Compendium’ is a collection of five ‘holy’ books of high elven origin, namely ‘Edification’, ‘Ascendancy’, ‘Sacrosanct’, ‘Daemonium’, and ‘Misereres’. All five books together form the Compendium, which is used for a number of philosophical and liturgical purposes by Taliiyn scholars and clerics. Oftentimes, many of the full texts are considered a very difficult reading from introductory readers, especially due to its near complete writing being in Elven, leaving the books often being proselytized by clerics and philosophers. Many often refer to the text as a grimoire due to its heavy influence from various divination sources of magic and science As a text largely inspired by the Elvish identity in relation to the divine, it's often much more nuanced than most like its kind, wherein a complete and in depth understanding of its inner machinations and beliefs come to well experienced readers of the Compendium. Across the various texts, it often attributes a collective representation of the elvish people, and the notion of a gathered ‘collective unconscious’ divine amongst various outer god foes. Largely centered around the collective known as ‘The Cosmic Presence’, it is believed that a singular deity amongst countless daemonic ‘Great Ones’ was once the amalgamation of all living life, shattered by an unknown demiurge into the individual pieces of life. Among the core tenets of the Tuvatir, is the belief of ‘Divination by Cultivation’, or the theory that by extending one's perception and insight of the horrors beyond, that such collective knowledge unlocks a mental enlightenment and ascendancy. The more who become aware of this concept, the greater the strength of the collective unconscious, moving towards a collective uplift from the throws of incomprehensible daemons beyond the veil. Book One, ‘Edification’, is the first book of the Tuvatir, and often an introductory passage for those newly introduced towards Taliiynism. Edification is where many unique and core principles or terminology of the Tuvatir is explained. The read can be a daunting one for those unversed in elvish or elvish culture, but often compliments the long lived nature of the more scholarly societies of elves. Edification is one of ‘the big three’, also known as the old texts that comprises the first three books. It is often compared to the Pillar of Structure of Taliame’tanya, for various representations of the still and unconscious mind and its own strength. Book Two, ‘Ascendancy’, shares some of the fewest words amongst all five books, as the vast majority of the entire book is depictions of various, ‘perfect’ geometrical patterns and runes that are believed to bring good or negative fortune. These patterns are viewed as ‘holy’ due to their common recurrence in natural patterns, or perfect shape. While the chapter offers some insight to its depth, the chapter is often vague towards newcomers, due to the chapter's nature to be cognitively stimulating through detailed fractals and shapes. It’s often considered the Pillar of Dynamic, due to the active work it takes to stimulate the conscious and cognitive mind, while providing wards of safety. Book Three, ‘Sacrosanct’, is often the most proselytized due to its popular and dense nature for revealing many of the divinations of Taliiynism. Unlike other beliefs, The Cosmic Presence is considered neither monotheistic, nor benevolent; rather indifferent and incomprehensible. Amongst the various voidal horrors that lay beyond the veil, it was believed the presence was a similar waking Great One, who’s descent and exploitation was the birth of life, and that various great demiurges and outer gods contend to feast upon its sleeping remains as various unnatural powers such as Voidal Horrors. In this book, it is often described the position of elves towards custodianship, and education of this knowledge due to their longer lives, and ability to ascend closer towards greater knowledge. It views these outer gods and daemons as no different than the one that bore life, and that truly recognition of these things from beyond is the only way to prevent their meddling and attempts to keep the collective uninformed and divided. Book Four, ‘Daemonium’, is the first of The New Texts, and dedicated to the record and collection of Identified Great Ones. Due to its changing nature, these texts are largely a taboo that is not often shared beyond clerics or in sanctuaries due to its constantly evolving nature of adding Daemons, or striking old misconceptions from the records. The texts are often filled with eldritch, malformed depictions of incomprehensible daemons alongside in depth details and records of such meddlers. While it is often safeguarded towards sanctuaries, the depictions of such Daemons are often told as frightening stories of those that lay in between the stars. Book Five, ‘Misereres’, is the most recent of The New Texts, and similarly to Daemonium, it is considered to be fluid, and changing with the ethnic history of Taliiynists. Largely centered in the Celic heartlands, it often shares hymns and psalms of ethnic history in relation towards various meddlers and ethnic struggles. One of the more famous passages, ‘Exodus Wounds’, tells about the siege of Fi’andria and the exodus from the peninsula of Almaris. It even shares stories of antiquity of the broad elven identity such as the September Prince. Symbolic Concepts and Customs Given the book of Ascendancy is thoroughly filled with various runes of deific design, three various symbols are the most common way to identify the followers of Talyniism and traditions that often surround them. The Taliame’tanya, is often the symbol of the legitimists, or the order of Reason, which is depicted as a multi-circles rune with long flowing roots intertwining the intertwined twelves sacred runes that bind it together, the order of Reason often being those under the stance of active pursuit of expanding the faith. The Ker’caele however is often depicted as a 8 pointed star, often the symbol of the Relativists, or the order of Logic, which often take the mindset that passive expansion is the only true expansion. Both however recognize the symbolic depiction of the Cosmic Presence, often being viewed as not alike living beings, and either depicted as the physical manifestation of the night sky; a shattered relic dotted with the broken pieces dotting its surface, or as an amalgam beyond mortal rules, like that of the Taliame’tanya. The standard blessing of Talyiinism is ‘Aher’lye taelye’, often followed or joined with the gesture of cresting one's hand before the face, typically centered around the forehead as a reflection of passing knowledge. Meditation is typically done in private, but can often be done en masse at congregations. Kneeling with outstretched arms is often the most common form of meditation, with some simplified forms of clasping hands before the head being accepted as well. Often one will do meditation or blessings reflected by a page or depiction of sacred geometry, in which one is expected to reflect mentally upon the deeper meaning of each symbol during meditation. Congregation typically occurs in designated holy sites, structures often blessed or laced with ‘resistant’ materials such as Aurum or salts during construction. Great architectural design is put into these buildings, often seeing an architectural link between elven and high-human designs, constructing megastructures often similar to larger cathedrals and chapels with distinct elvish designs rooted into their construction, a compliment to canonist designs but distinctly unique with more elvish tried designs and techniques. Specifically cultivated trees from the original great tree of Fi’Andria are distinctly revered and often planted in holy sites and places of Talyiinist influence, and it is considered an omen if caught flame. However, the far rarer Ivory Tree was specifically cultivated by Talyiinists from Fi’Andria’s great tree, and while only under ten exist, they are typically planted specifically within major holy sites. Holy Orders Abbesses of the Cloth) The abbesses are a female-only order of reverends who dedicate themselves to both the ordained ministration of proselytizing the faith towards other elves, and devoted service to the royal family of Celia’nor. A secretive order, a convent is extremely difficult for outsiders to interject and gaze upon, as the abbesses are both extremely private with their affairs, and sworn to secrecy by the head abbey and sovereign of Celia’nor. While in public many can be seen as warm and kind, they are considered by many as highly dedicated to the orders of their Sovereign, and many undergo either vows of extensive silence, extensive training in subterfuge, or guardianship as personal private guards to the Ibarellan family. Some have given them the nickname as the Silent Sisters as the eyes and ears for the Sovereign of Celia’nor. Most are capable of self-defense and defense of their liege, and often sport light-weight lamellar amongst their robes, and often start their training in the staff. The order is made entirely by armed maidens, following behind the order of the head abbey, or Archprelate in the case there is no head abbess. Night’s Venators) The venators, colloquially known as the hunters, are a suborder of the Talyiinist Symposium, dedicated wholly to the study, hunt, and elimination of aberrations, often being referred to as monster hunters. Specifically trained in their respective fields, Venators are skilled professionals when it comes to the combat of Abberants that threaten the realms, specifically trained to combat the likes of Necros, Witches, Undeads, Corcitura, Ghouls, and other magical or daemonic creatures, some specializing in mundane creatures such as trolls and ogres. The venator order is layered between a cohesive and self-sufficient system of trackers, scholars, duelists, and stewards who manage to keep the order well stocked, but handle the business of selling services out towards foreign nations in need of assistance, where a venator may be sent to help manage the tracking, capture, or elimination of threats for a price. The order is headed by the First Hunter, or elected in chief, and if none is selected it is under the direct command of the Archprelate. Magic, while highly monitored by the order, is encouraged by some members to take up formal support and counter-magi roles. The order is often predisposed towards investigation and hostility of non-standard magic and their users, especially forms deemed hostile by the state or Talyiinist faith. Most however make use of mundane counters to opponents, including Salts, Aurum, and Fire, in which the latest technology is employed by Venators. The Venators are evolved from the former order of Sil'malin, and often compose a selection of armors between the tracker and hunter sub-classes.
  8. Published; 5th of The Grand Harvest, year 159 of the Second Age “ilMaehr'sae Ilkun'ehya” “Eternal we Stand, Eshtael keeps Balance” In a long awaited renewal of alliances, The Principality of Celia’nor and The Most Serene State of Lurin, reaffirm our loyalty to each other with a alliance having mutually agreed on the following articles: Article I. Sovereignty The Principality of Celia’nor and the Most Serene State of Lurin hereby mutually agree to recognise the autonomy and sovereign prerogatives of each others realm. Article II. Prisoner Extradition The Principality of Celia’nor and the Most Serene State of Lurin hereby mutually agree to a reciprocal extradition, whereby a citizen of either nation, provided the cause for their arrest is justified, may be apprehended and transferred to the courts where the alleged crime took place. If the citizen allegedly committed a crime in both of the parties lands, then they will stand trial in front of a jury of both nations Article III. Military Alliance The Principality of Celia’nor and the Most Serene State of Lurin hereby mutually agree to a defensive military alliance, in which any attack or hostility from a third party against one of the parties will be viewed as a hostility or attack on both. The Principality of Celia’nor and the Most Serene State of Lurin hereby mutually agree to at different points have joint military training, where the soldiers of one of the parties may participate. The Principality of Celia’nor and the Most Serene State of Lurin hereby mutually agree to give notice of important and large military operations. Article IV. Trade The Principality of Celia’nor shall grant the Most Serene State of Lurin access to their steeds and a barn for horses, in return the Most Serene State of Lurin shall grant the Principality of Celia’nor access to some of their mines. The Principality of Celia’nor and the Most Serene State of Lurin shall hereby grant each other a tax free stall in the other's capital. Article V. Duration. The Principality of Celia’nor and the Most Serene State of Lurin mutually agree for this treaty and its articles to remain extant for 20 years. Once these years have gone, if the parties show desire then the duration of this treaty and its articles may be extended. ✵ _______ AY’PUERAN; His Royal Majesty, The Prince of Fi'andria, Crown Prince of Celia'nor, Itthrak Ibarellan of the Principality of Celia’nor His Lordship, Laurir Ronan Acaln’sae, Laurier Lye of the Esteemed Royal Council of the Principality of Celia’nor Her Highness, Trade Princess Lumia Anarion-Snowell of the Serene State of Lurin, Protector Of the Whispering Isles
  9. Usamea found herself in a typical evening within the graceful city of Vallagne. The elven lady moved amidst the flowing currents of the people, tending to her own affairs and obligations. Among the bustling crowd, a human figure emerged—a simple, weather-worn man who had the look of one in need. His plea was humble and earnest, an appeal for any assistance she could offer. He was not fussy—food, coin, or any form of aid would do. Usamea, moved by his plea, adhered to the principle that guided her kin: to offer aid to the needy was to uplift all. She rummaged through her belongings, her hands finding packets of food since she lacked any coins at the moment. Offering the sustenance to the man, she watched as his face lit up with relief and gratitude. His thanks were followed by an offer of repayment, a promise made out of earnest goodwill. But Usamea, guided by the wisdom of her people, knew that acts of kindness were not a transaction. She gently declined, instead encouraging him to extend his own hand to others in need when the opportunity arose. As it happened, this humble beggar was far more than he seemed. The prophet, touched by the generosity of the silver-haired lady, felt compelled to repay her in his own way. And so, he gifted her a vision that would prove far more valuable than any coin or feast. It was a glimpse into what lay ahead and what happened before, a prophecy woven into the fabric of the future, filled with cryptic symbols and dire warnings. Engulfed in the tendrils of a vision, Usamea fell into a chasm of darkness, a yawning abyss that stretched beyond sight. A sea of black swelled beneath her, its ebon waves lapping her form as she surrendered to the relentless current. Then, a beacon erupted from the abyss, pulling her up into a cascade of colors and realities that twisted her senses. When the vertigo subsided, she found herself standing in a grand throne room, a masterpiece sculpted from gold and embraced by nature's green fingers. The echoes of a name rang in the air - "Larihei!" Usamea blinked, disoriented, as a male mali'ame stormed in, calling out to her, or rather, Larihei. In that instant, she understood. She was but a passenger, viewing this world through Larihei's eyes. “Ito Aeloran” the elf's voice bounced off the golden walls, laden with urgency. The room seemed to breathe, its grandeur morphing into a scene of blood-soaked chaos. A battle unfurled before her, the battlefield a macabre dance between infernal horrors and brave elven warriors. Each elf felled was answered by a crumbling undead, their ashes blowing away in the wind. Yet, the horrors seemed endless. Then the heavens split open, and a figure descended - a form so vile that even the air seemed to recoil. Recognition twisted in her gut. This was Iblees, the Betrayer. The air vibrated with his stolen tongues, each word a dagger thrust into her mind. His betrayal culminated in a single act; he cast a bolt of dark miasma that struck her and the warrior beside her. She could almost feel her veins turn to ice as the curse of Iblees took hold. In a moment, the scene changed. Time spun its wheel, revealing the growth of the elven kin - mali’aheral, mali’ame, mali’ker. She saw their cities rise, a testament to their perseverance and ambition, and watched them evolve, always from a vantage point above. The final scene was a departure from the rest. Usamea found herself in a cavern lit by an eerie glow. Three figures in robes stood before a tear in reality, the room pulsing with voidal magic. From the tear, ghostly mists seeped into the air, their spectral whispers coiling around her like serpents. An instinctual dread settled in her heart: something about this was profoundly wrong. As the vision released its grip, Usamea was left with more than just a sense of dread. She bore the weight of a prophecy, a call to action. Her path was now clear.
  10. THE LEGACY OF THE BLOODY FOX Published 24th of the Amber Cold, 123 SA With growing concerns riddling Almaris, House Daesmon and the Principality of Celia’nor have decided to band together. From the Mori’Quessir attacks on neighboring nations, and the Voidal Tear plaguing the capital of Fi’andria, these two entities seek to set aside past tensions to confront these arising issues. Thus, under the guidance of the principles held dear by the deceased Bloody Fox, we solidify these agreements. The outline of the accord is as follows; Princess Valyris Ibarallen accepts full responsibility for the death of Vallein Vuln'miruel Prince Kosher Daesmon accepts full responsibility for the war-mongering done under the era of Malinor House Daesmon's land will be considered a neutral ground where the blood of Celianorians cannot be spilled. [See next term for clarification] House Daesmon and the Principality of Celianor respect each other's territory and the laws enacted upon each of them, giving full immunity only to Kosher and Elliphas Daesmon and Valyris Ibarallen. Any laws broken by either party will be judged by a council to determine punishment. Unless given conclusive evidence, neither side will engage in hostile action unless a diplomatic route between the leadership of both parties comes to parlay. In addition, the two parties agree to aid each other in the hunting of dark spawn that plague the lands of Almaris. House Daesmon and the Principality of Celianor will not raise arms against one another, though they are not bound to help each other. Requests for aid may be raised, but are not obligated to be filled. If any of these terms are broken by either side, the pact is considered null and void. AY’PUERAN; Kosher Daesmon, Third Prince of Amaethea, Patriarch of House Daesmon, Hand of Justice Valyris Ibarellan, Princess of Celia’nor, Queen of Gladewynn, Princess of the Alders, Princess of Alderyn, High Empyrean Princess, Sole-Proprieter of Gladewynn, Protector of the High Elves, High Magus of the Arcanic Court, etc.
  11. Introducing the talented new smith of Celianor! Looking for a fresh and unique take on your weapons or armor? Our new smith may not have years of experience, but they more than make up for it with their natural talent and dedication to their craft. They're eager to make a name for themselves in Celianor and are excited to work with customers to create one-of-a-kind pieces that will leave a lasting impression. Don't let their lack of experience fool you - this smith has the skill and creativity to bring your vision to life. And the best part? Commission prices are just 30 mina, so you can get top-quality craftsmanship at an affordable price. Come visit our smith in Celianor today and see for yourself the impressive work they're capable of. Don't miss out on the opportunity to work with a rising star in the world of blacksmithing! DISC: dreameater145#8167
  12. Calavénon Talonnii Talonnii History The Calavénon's have continuously proven to be a rather versatile talonnii. Always have they been willing to reform and evolve to adapt to a particular environment, but never have they lost sight of who they are whilst doing such. They take pride in the fact that no matter what obstacle or string of challenges may cross their path, no matter who or what may stand in their way, they will always manage to find a way to overcome it. Today, they continue to walk the lands of Almaris hand-in-hand, closely knit, and never to be divided. The Talonnii had its start within Elvenesse - or, what is known today as the Crown of Amaethea. Their bloodline is derived from the very Illitian elves that inhabited the lands, and after moving on from the luscious soils of the mali'ame, the Calavénon's sought to live within the Kingdom of Oren, where they were quick to become Nobility, and later on, came to lead Selestia. Despite their humble beginnings within Elvenesse, it is safe to say that Selestia is truly where the talonnii began to cement themselves. Then came the Monarch Vivian, the past monarch of Vortice, who evicted the lands granted by Gail Cordius. The County of Selestia, after Jakob Castington and his people were wrongfully evicted and accused of not paying taxes to the Monarch, decided to rebrand as the city of Ando-Alur. Jakob Castington, alongside five Dark elves came to discuss the founding of a new state after what became of their old County, where born from the disunity present within their brand of elves at the present time. The meeting was long, many plans discussed and thrown out before they settled on a state freely accepting all, including Magicians - a stark contrast to all previous Dark Elven establishments. They decided on a location within the High Elven borders to settle, creating a city boasting a warm and friendly environment. The first Ando Alur city was led as a Princedom, by Prince Vulnir Syllar, and Prince Jakob Castington, with a council beneath them. Though small at first, the city began to slowly gain traction with its values - inevitably leading to the further gathering of allies and new residents. However, not all was easy; creatures of the depths soon rose from the waters that surrounded the city. The solution to this seemingly never-ending swarm of monsters was one used before, so long ago in previous realms, it was almost forgotten as a possibility; the use of a Voidal Tear. With Mages from across the continent gathered, enough energy was collected to punch a hole into the magical realm, causing a never-ending flow of magical energy. This was utilized by those gathered in order to enchant the city itself, tearing it from the earth and into the sky - safe from the monsters below. But of course, all good things must come to an end. After circumstances that were once lost to time, much like the history of the ancient elves, the family has at long last chosen to reclaim their lost history. They are doing so by adopting their true family name, ‘Calavénon,’ to honour those who came in times before them. Physical Traits and Appearances The Calavénon are in the juncture between housing leaner mali and bulker mali. There is naught the pressure to pick one path when it comes to militaristic and arcane matters - for was it not Ando-Alur who accepted both with open arms? More often than not a child of the Calavénon lineage will be born with varying shades of crimson and auburn for hair, the few that do not have paler ashy blond(e) locks. In terms of eye colour the Calavénon are often seen sporting lovely shades of blue or green - rarely is there a Calavénon with gold or purple pigment within their iris’, but it is not a phenomenon that is unheard of. Traditions A Candle's Flame - The ancient ceremony of intertwining fates is a festivity the Calavénon take rather seriously, but despite this, the day is bound to be full of entertaining games and delectable treats. Whilst the ceremony is in motion, the to-be-weds are expected to bring with them a candle - one adorning the signature hues of that individual's talonii. It is these candles that they will be setting alight. Once the vows have been shared should the flame of either one of the candles blow out for any reason, it would signify the union unsuccessful and bound to fail in the near future. It is considered shameful and is looked down upon by the Calavénon's should the wedding persist after such a phenomenon. At Twilight - The death of a Calavénon is truly a sorrowful occasion. The aching feeling of losing a loved one, losing blood is a circumstance never to be wished upon anyone who walks these lands. To honour those who they lost, the talonnii will cremate the lost loved one in a ritual. The ritual is held outdoors at twilight, and notably, beneath a clear sky. In order for the ritual to be complete, the ashes are scattered, to be either taken away into the wind, or upon lanterns up into the sky. Whichever one is chosen is based on what the deceased was said to have preferred. It is believed that the light of the sun and the moon together will guide the spirits of their loved ones to a better place. The Night of Spirits - A celebration to commemorate their loved ones - living or dead. It is a festivity open for all where attendees will be asked to dress in their finest garments and adorn a mask. To bring the festivities to a close, any who wish to participate will write a note and place it within lanterns that will be provided by the talonnii - these lanterns will then be sent into the sky with hopes that The Grand Spirit will guide the lanterns into The Spirit Realm for the deceased to receive. Boozy Bazaar - The Calavénon talonnii is known for their exquisite wines and other fruity beverages. As such, every so often, the talonnii has made it tradition to host various festivities to celebrate their success in this industry - this festivity in particular being their 'Boozy Bazaar' where people will come together to enjoy their drinks. A fan-favourite game within this event is 'Quip or Drink', where participants will be asked a question that they must answer or be forced to drink. Family Tree https://www.familyecho.com/?p=START&c=138r4dlxhfi&f=604347530538248458
  13. FROM THE DIARY OF THE LAURIR FAREWELL As Issued from the An'asul estate DATE UNKNOWN "An epoch to lay the foundations of permanent progress. Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! You are the chosen one, child. Blessed by Larihei’s realisation of the nature of the State and our inherited Nature, I will guide you into the future. A completed century will only be the start." - Malaurir Dimaethor Elervathar It has been days since I last wrote in this diary, and I can barely bring myself to do so now. The weight of my loss is overwhelming, and I am consumed by a feeling of emptiness and despair. I have lost everything, my home, my family, my friends and my purpose. I am alone in this world, and I cannot see a reason to go on. I spend my days wandering through the ashes of my former home, reliving the memories of the past. I remember the laughter and love that filled our home, the warmth of my family's embrace. But now, all that remains is a cold emptiness. The enemy was too strong, and I was too weak. I cannot help but feel that my people looked up to me and I failed them. The thought of rebuilding and moving on seems impossible. I have lost everything that ever mattered to me and I cannot imagine a future without them. I am plagued by thoughts of ending it all, but I cannot bring myself to act on them. I am torn between the desire to end my suffering and the guilt of leaving those behind who have suffered the same fate. I have nothing left, and the pain is too great to bear. I have been struggling to find a reason to keep going and to find a spark of hope in this dark and gloomy world. I am tired, tired of this endless cycle of grief and despair. I am tired of feeling this immense weight on my shoulders. I find myself thinking about the past, the good times, the happy moments that I shared with my loved ones. But then reality hits me, and I am reminded that they are gone and they're not coming back. I am haunted by the memories of the last time I saw them, the screams and the tears, the blood and the smoke. I am struggling to find a sense of purpose in this world without them. I am struggling to find a reason to wake up every day and to face the reality of my loss. I am struggling to find a way to move forward, to find a way to heal. But as the days pass, I realized that I needed to find a way to honor the teachings of Larihei and to continue the legacy of my Talonnii. I may have lost everything, but I will not let my memory go forgotten. I will not let my death be in vain. I will find a way to rebuild, to move forward and to make sure that their legacy lives on. My chosen successor shall be my dear nephew, Edgars An’asul. For he shall lead the talonnii into prosperity as Laurir once I am gone. Farewell my dear followers of Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya, I shall join one with Larihei. AY'LARIHEI MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA Signed, Usamea An’asul
  14. Year 110 of the Second Age, ᛋᛁᚷᚱᚢᚾ ᚱᛁᛉᛉ ᛗᚨᚾ RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR OWN EYES ᚺᛖ ᛞᛁᛞ ᛁᛏ ᚨᚷᚨᛁᚾ In the year 110 of the Second Age Sigrun Ireheart, Clan Father of the Irehearts made his bold move. As he cleverly asked Valyris for a drinking contest before they went to a festival together. As the foolish Celia’norian citizens got drunk the masterful Ireheart made his move, kidnapping the princess of Celia’nor right in front of their very eyes. With my blade to her neck, a futile attempt to stop me by a mage of the air evocationist kind, whilst courageous did not end up saving her. My reasoning for this is that I am low on cash, and I had spent it all on buying myself and Valyris drinks. I am a gracious host and her stay with me has been nothing but smiles. The terms to her freedom are simple. Send an unarmed messenger to hand me over a sum of two hundred mina and a bottle of Celia’norian wine. You shall throw the pouch of mina and bottle of wine to me at the Ireheart clan hall. [!] An artistic rendition of Sigrun Ireheart and Valyris having a nice time at a bar was added.
  15. A SILVER ALLIANCE [11th of the Amber Cold, Year 105 of the Second Age] Preamble The parties of The Principality of Celia’nor and The Serene State of Lurin, henceforth referred to as the signatories, hereby agree to an alliance, the duration of which will last ten years. Additionally, the signatories will adhere to each of the following articles stated within this agreement. Terms of Alliance I. The Signatories will adhere to an alliance in full between their realms, and will not incite conflict between them. The signatories agree that they are willing to aid each other militarily in times of distress. II. The Serene State of Lurin and the Principality of Celia’nor recognize each other’s Realms as independent lands ruled by their respective monarchs, and will make no attempt to subvert those authorities governing them. A.) The signatories recognize the respective claims of governance, namely that Celia’nor has the right to govern all high elves and that Lurin has the right to govern all of their people. III. The Signatories agree to engage in trade with each other, whether it be through monetary exchange or bartering. IV. The Signatories agree to participate in exchanges of assistance when it comes to mages and the voidal arts when requested. They assist in each other’s rituals when requested and collaboration of their mages. Along with the voidal arts, it’s a trading of knowledge as a whole and extends to a trading of books. IV-I. The Signatories shall use their combined knowledge to work together to remove dark creatures that threaten the world. V.The Signatories will allow free passage for civilians and refugees through their respective territories, under the law of both nations. AY’PUERAN; Valyris Ibarellan, Princess of Celia’nor, Queen of Gladewynn, Princess of the Alders, Princess of Alderyn, High Empyrean Princess, Sole-Proprieter of Gladewynn, Protector of the High Elves, High Magus of the Arcanic Court, etc. THE SILVER LUBBA, Mika Anarion
  16. The Bloody Fox’s Log Volume 2 104 of the Second Age It has been long overdue that I publish another log. The people of Almaris are due an explanation for all the travesty in the world today and I seek to bring about an element of that explanation. I am no great individual with no gods who have blessed me and no taint to possess me. But Sonnos has taught me how to be cunning and Morea has taught me to be brave. I have been at the venture of fighting what lurks in the dark for nearly my entire adult life. Never have I seen a place so filled with taint and corruption as the Principality of Celia’nor. I returned to Celia’nor after many years of exile to find a place that seemed to be following in the ways that we had set about when we founded the city. A place of peace and unity for those ostracized by The Silver State and the societies of Almaris that cast them out. As I settled there I found myself increasingly noticing the peculiarities with strange visitors in late hours to the castle and the use of violence against those undeserving. I explored the city and found obelisks beneath many homes, rooms filled with blood and gore from Aspects know what beasts. I found people of ill intent consorting with the nobility in every place I looked. I found myself no longer content in the waiting of the Princess to see the error of her ways for inaction leaves her no better than an instrument of violence, the same as a blade on the hip of cruelty. In a social at Starpool I could no longer stand aside and allow the evil that had festered to continue its walking in the sunlight. I felt the need to shove it back into the shadows it had come from. I crossed the ballroom floor and attempted to embed my dagger into the neck of a nephilim that sought to speak his foul tongue among the crowd. Then the Princess herself intervened, she threw her arm in the way of my blade and my thanium dagger laid a cut upon her arm. Simply examine her to know the truth of my words. Her inaction towards the corruption festering in her city now turned into a horrid defense of it. Her actions are inexcusable. Then at this moment a BSK Soldier and an Olog who had been pursuing this nephilim sprung forth to aid me. Brave individuals both, for we were surrounded by those who only sought to protect the beast’s ability to spew his corruption upon the world. Both were mercilessly cut down by a horde of Nephilim and Celia’norian mali despite their attempts to ease the crowd that had been so recklessly whipped up by Abdiel and Zodd. I just managed to escape as the Valah and Olog held them off for me to beseech the people of Almaris. I beg of the kind hearted and fair people of Celia’nor and of all of Almaris, do not allow taint to stain your cities. Fight against it in all of its forms. Signed, [!] A public letter would be sent to all corners of Almaris. Below the letter would be a list attached: Abdiel - A Cursed Being of Red Skin Zodd - A follower of Azdromoth with a forge in Celia’nor Coalskinned Azdrazi with Scales and Horns, Red Eyes - A Nephilim of Azdromoth who frequents Celia’nor
  17. [!] A missive is sent to Krugmar, Celia'nor, Elvenesse, Vortice, across Nor'asath and in addition to members of Clan R'ikarth. A mark of death has been placed upon an estimated six-foot elf in dark robes adorned with golden face tattoos. His weapon of choice is a katana. Guessed to be a vampire based on a previously claimed sighting in Nor’asath years pass. Where he attempted to feed on a child. Guessed to be a blood mage by the Ker who encountered him at the scene of the crime. Morgana R’ikarth is slain. Mutilated a horrific display. Only her head was displayed and serves as the body identifying mark. To her family and friends. We will cremate the body, and place the ashes in an urn within our temple. Members of Clan R’ikarth will be allowed to take this Urn if they so decide. To the settlements around us, we offer a reward for his death. To the Mali’ker across the lands. Keep an eye out for this Azulite. This slayer of kin. If spotted by the Maehr Clergy or citizens of Nor’asath. He will be slain. To the Uruk of Krugmar, I, Qudlia Jusmia, personally will be debted if you capture this Azulite. If you do not bring him to Nor'asath. I ask only that you sacrifice this bastard to Luara, so he may serve some use in his putrid life.
  18. YEAR SA 93/ 1893 ISSUE I Homemade Chocolate Cookies Baking cookies is a classic staple in all of baking. Almost everyone knows what they are but not how to make them which is a shame. In this article I will show you how to make a batch of cookies easily. Step 1: gather the following ingredients, 2 1/4 cups of flour, 1 small spoon of salt, 12 1/2 large spoons worth of butter, 2/3 cups of sugar, 2 large eggs, 1 small spoon of vanilla, and a bag of whatever you want in the cookies I suggest walnuts or chocolate chips. Step 2: setting up. Have your furnace preheated for about 8 minutes plus the time it takes you to whip up the dough for the cookies. Step 3: the dough. Whisk your butter and flour in a large bowl, next add your sugar and eggs then whisk it with good effort for about 4 minutes. Then add your vanilla and whatever else you want to add but in this case, we will say chocolate chips. Step 4: baking. Now you have your dough, take a handful of them and play them on a baking track in a circular shape with half an inch of space between each cookie. Place your cookie filled tray in the furnace on the bottom row and leave it for about 12 to 15 minutes. Halfway through, shift it to the top row and it will become golden (the longer you leave them the crunchier the cookies). Finally take them out and let them cool. Penned by Local baker Flour A Query for the people… Who has better cookies… The Mysterious cookie lady.. We apologize for the hastily painted picture. Sadly, we could not get a painting of the woman as she moved so quickly… versus Local Velika baker and musin Flour Mystical magical La devin Libellule has graced us with her horoscopes for the year. Though we do not know of these strange names she clearly states that it will follow up with other zodiacs of Alamaris. Canard Corbeau Crow drake:Sun's Smile::Air sign : Monday Your week will be filled with new and old lovers returning. Deep emotional bonds will be met and formed, and people from your past will start to show face. Be wise enough, for your solid emotional pull might push you one step too far. oiseau de feu glaciaire Glacial Phoenix:The Amber Cold: Water sign: Tuesday Your week will be Filled with wonderment and a new corridor. The beginning of faith's calling isn’t an easy place to reach for, but it will get you in touch with the knowledge of life itself and the essence of connections we make through the pure acts of aptitude. A shared mission will be in place for your wings to uphold a new alliance. Cristal fauve Wyrssa:The Deep Cold:Earth sign:Wednesday This week the wrongdoings have come to pass, and finally, those who have wronged the crystal will crack. Remember to draw your sword from inner strength and courage, for you will need it in the battle ahead. Take responsibility for your actions and face your wrongdoings, or you may be on the other side of your own blade. Vulpecula Fox: Northern constellation:Snow's MaidenThunder sign:Thursday This week everything will feel warm and sunny. Your business will flourish under your guidance, as well as appear as an inspiration to others. Keep up the outstanding work, and take on the last bits of freedom. baleine céleste Sky whale:Malin's Welcome: Air sign Friday This week Romance is on the horizon, but a past lover is there waiting to intercept your passion. Betrayal of the worst kind, a dark influence swirls in the clouds. There is no room for lethal poisons of the mind, and all you need now is some trust that your heart has the best possible plan for you and that the feeling of home will away be there. Home is where your heart is; maybe it’s best to migrate back. Aello Harpy:The First Seed:Fire sign :Saturday Aellos, the harpies, what decisions have you made that brought you so far from your nest? You are being governed by fear, scared of the outcomes before you. True bravery comes from following all those fragile choices that others disapprove of, and one needs to learn this, or you might hit the wall of dismay. récolte d'autruche Bokolo: The Grand Harvest:Earth sign:Sunday The great bird for how you have run so far from yourself. Maybe you have grayed out instead of your true colors. Your mind and heart are at war, tricking one to believe the others and pulling you further apart. Stop putting your tasks aside. Less talking, more action, you will be granted Beware of the Tax mafia! The tax mafia has recently begun to cause a stir in the minister of finances departments as non-taxpayers get terrified into giving their minas to the stewards who wake up and find the people who are just about to lose their house... have paid? The bizarre phenomenon has occurred in such a strange way that it baffles all the stewards. The only word of wisdom we can give in these trying times is to pay your taxes on time. Missing dog! This painting was made next to the wooden memory swing. We hope that this dog can find it, owner, we are unsure who left him here… but we hope Percy finds his way back home. The Crowning of the Stars. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/215855-a-crowning-within-the-stars/ Elysium stood with a few vassals in the back to watch the crowning and the many gifts. Such a celebration so many people in one place, many talked of how they haven't seen such the east reinstatement of old humans. Larissa, one brave daughter of the De Astrea family stood before Illarion holding an ax of crescent and spoke of protecting their people as well giving their aid to protect this new nation and its people.
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