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Found 25 results

  1. The Ascetic Mystic of Iman Al-Rashidun [Play this for the Feel] Outside in the streets of the Fakhr tribe, a man known as Hassan ibn Khalid is seen preaching to the people about Iman Al-Rashidun. The passion in his voice could be heard echoing across the area. Devotional songs could be heard. Several people stopped and watched the man. One could hear him reciting a poem melodiously with a duff. Ya Bani Ibahm, Ya Bani Ibahm (Oh Ibahm's clan, Oh Ibahm's clan) Do not be attached to the seeds of this Earth Ya Bani Ibahm, Ya Bani
  2. The Light Within Ever since I was a small boy, I have looked up to the scholars of faith. My father encouraged me to become a scholar of the faith. He told me that I will change the world. I did not believe him. I could not believe him. I mean what could a boy like me do. Then I went to study under the scholars. They would teach me about the sacred law and I would learn it. My father was proud. The feeling of light in my heart would vanish. The destruction of the old city had left me and many other Qalisheens seeking refuge with the Fakhr tribe. I had lost my fat
  3. Sir Edvard Amador HKML Fmr. Royal Treasurer of Hanseti-Ruska THE DEATH OF THE TAXMAN The radiant sun would rise, marking a new day in the bustling city of Karosgrad. Edvard Amador got up and approached the window in his house overlooking the Haeseni city. “Hmmmm,” the man muttered as he looked to the sky as the sun peeked out from behind the palace. “Did I do a good job looking after the family, father?” he’d call out, “Did I meet your expectations? Are vy proud of me?” The man would continue, starting to shout out in frustration. “I tried my very hardest to
  4. not my best art but it exists now. i mean i could have taken more time but then again i'm a very lazy person. i present thee, ji-vanna ularan - the high-wood elf that was not meant to be born and who was an accidental birth. (that was too detailed to be sarcastic i-)
  5. "I will always love you" [!] The Palmer has left letters in a series of places, leaving them behind where members of her family, and a friend or two, leaving them in their mailboxes with an orchard that matches Astrid’s eye color. To a friend who has always been there: @CherryBoy “Dear Yuelena, we have had some amazing times together. You have s
  6. THEME [CIRCA 1782] "I wish not to live life like the average person. So pitifully boring, that is.” THE BEGINNING Owynsburg Kaedrin, 1776. “Ivanna, look at all of this!” Exclaimed a fourteen year old Florenza d’Amato, fresh from the land of Illatians. The young freckled girl marvels at her surroundings, frolicking around the streets merrily. “Don’t you love it, Florenza?” comments a dark haired woman with a large hat and blue eyes. The young woman smiles at her cousin’s amazement, pulling her
  7. Dren Ofgarsson by: SimaRey Status: Alive Family Middle Brother: Ulfrik Ofgarsson Status: Alive Age: 25 Youngest Brother: Freki Ofgarsson Status: Alive Age: 24 http://imgur.com/gallery/USMdJ Appearance Age: 27 Race: Norlander Weight & Height: 96kg and 2 meters tall Gender: Male Eyes: Black Body Type: A huge Norlander. He stands 2 meters tall. He has incredible strength and is very muscular. He can carry a lot of weight due to his strong back. Hea
  8. ~Finn Gillfeck~ By Collin Sullivan (IGN: sullincollivan) Appearance Finn stands around 3’2” & weighs 86 pounds. His hair is dark brown and neatly combed to each side, exposing his large purple eyes and homely face from beneath his bangs. Finn doesn't care much for clothing although a hile fishing he wears high-water jeans, held up with suspenders, to accommodate to the aquatic nature of his profession. But, when he does not have the risk of getting soaked, he wears a light blue coat adorned with silver lining and cuffed black pants, exposing his massive hairy feet.
  9. Her Song Full Name: Lyaera Tyrnea'Rahael (WolfSong and Child of the Gods) Age: 68 Birth: Winter Height: 5'2 Weight: 115lbs Hair: Raven Eyes: Light green, almost silver Occupation: Fletcher Parents: TBA Siblings: TBA Heritage: Wood Elf Religion: Not very religious, just reveres nature. Hobbies: Dancing, Running, Cooking, reading, gardening Likes: Sweets, gardens, nature, music Dislikes: Enclosed spaces, underground areas, pitch black darkness Strengths: Fast, agile, quiet on her feet, well spoken, bit of an ambassador type Weaknesses:
  10. (WIP) Arlen Kharadeen (AR-luhn Kaha-rah-deen) "Though we may bend, we do not break." - Faiz Kharadeen Appearance A natural tan, well-toned, and thin man standing at about 5’11 and weighing somewhere around 150 lb. Often, when speaking, his voice sounds honeyed and silvery albeit he has a small Waldenian accent despite his origins. His gait is relaxed and he often carries himself in a mellow manner. His hair is left relatively groomed — thick strands of black draping down loosely. A Family crest adorned with the an angled
  11. Character Name Millosm Lepida Basic Information Nicknames: Milo, Millo Age: 27 (auto age on) Gender: Male Race: Human Status: Alive and Well Description Height: 6 ft Weight: 134 lbs Body Type: Slender build, muscular arms and legs Eyes: Dark Blue Hair: Short, brown hair Skin: Tan Markings/Tattoos: None Health: Physically healthy, mentally ill Personality: Kind, always means well but he tends to become
  12. Lucia Rhosyn Roke Theme Song Basic Information Nicknames: “Lucy” Age: Eighteen Race: Human Father and Mother: Denis de Bar & Klarisse de Bar Brother(s): Richard de Bar & Guy de Bar Sister(s): Aurelia Horen Son(s): Athirius Roke Daughter(s): Status: Married to Baron Ser Rhys Roke Religion: The Faith Home: County Drusco, Oren Skills & Hobbies: Lucia enjoys writing, socializing, and baking under the direction of her Mother Klarisse de Bar. Sh
  13. Leon 'Takumi' Fuz'ra (Sorry if my english is not perfect, I'm german, sorry for that.) Basic Information Nicknames: Takumi Age: 24 Gender: Male Race: Human Status: Healthy Description Height: 5'10 Weight: 187lbs Body Type: Normal, some muscles on is arms Eyes: light blue Hair: light blue Skin: Slitghtly tanned white, if you touch them, it feels like you're touching soft sand Markings/Tattoos: N/A Health: Very healthy Personality: Loves childs, very nice Inventory: Half broken iron chhestplate, half new leather boots, half broken stone sword, very worn wood pickaxe, 2 steaks
  14. Effile Ker'Vulnir look at that dank traveling outfit Name: Effile Ker'Vulnir Nicknames: Effie Age: Gender: Female Race: High elf Status: Alive Height: 6'1 Weight: 140 lbs Body Type: ectomorph inverted triangle (jk everyone is a square but if we where not square people) Eyes: pale green that look fairly somber Hair: Silver Skin: fair, yellow undertone Markings/Tattoos: She got them nice scars across her eyes. Health: PURE Personality: Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and all together quite impossible to descriiiIIIIIiiiiiibbbeee Life Style Alignment: True neutral (Might become
  15. Andwise Peregrin Basic Information Nicknames: Andy Age: 40s Gender: Male Race: Halfling Status: Alive Description Height: 2'8 Weight: 55 lbs Body Type: Mesmomorph Eyes: Blue Hair: Strawberry Blonde Skin: White Markings/Tattoos: A few scars on his fingertips from tinkering mistakes Health: Fit Personality: Friendly Inventory: A shovel, some food, a slingshot, a Deputy badge, a pair of goggles and 0 minas Further Details: He takes pride in his rather long foot/toe hair and sometimes washes and brushes it. Life Style Alignment: Chaotic Good Deity: N/A Religion: Agnostic and
  16. Irsia Tehrani Nicknames: None, as Irsia is considered easy to pronounce, and means Rainbow in the language of the sands. Age: Nineteen Gender: Female Race: Qualasheen, (FarFolk) Status: Alive Alignement: Chaotic Good Description Height: She'd be around 5ft4 Weight: 110Ibs Body Type: Irsia carried a slim, petite form, her abdomen flat and showing no signs of fat nor muscle weight. Her legs would be toned from tracking across the desert, though her arms and body cannot provide much muscle. She appears to have gained subtle curves across her body through her adolescent y
  17. Name: Ketiley of Orvar Race: Human Gender: Female Age: 35 Biography: Hailing from the Savaar, Anthos, Ketiley’s family knew there was something unique about their eldest child from the moment they were aware of her existence in her Mother’s womb. The moment she was born; a mark of Lagara (is a link) placed upon the back of her left hand, having locks as golden as the wheat, and pure-green eyes like the wondrous leaves of life, the Priesthood quickly recognize her as blessed by Lagara. Ketiley was raised into the Clan Oghma for the first ten years of her life before the clan was comple
  18. Lady Jean Briarwood / Fournier d'Avenese Nicknames: Jean 'The Lewd' Fournier, Jean, Age: Twenty-Five Gender: Female Race: Human Status: Healthy Description Height: 5ft 6" Weight: 115 Ib Body Type: Mesomorph Eyes: Chocolate Brown Hair: Chocolate Brown Skin: Fair, with a cooler undertone. Markings/Tattoos: A very faint hand-print shaped mark on her neck, seemingly a scar. Health: Healthy. Personality: Reckless, though kind hearted. She can be feisty and quick to think negatively of others. Inventory: She wears a plain wedding band, and when not worn it is on a chain around her
  19. Character Name: Ayana Varodyr Nicknames: 'Yana Age: 20 Gender: Female Race: Human Status: Alive and well Description Height: 5'5"ft Weight: n/a Body Type: Ayana stands the height of 5 feet and 5 inches. She has an athletic structure, and general good looks. Her hair is cut short, falling only just past her shoulders and is usually kept up in a tight ponytail, bangs of burgundy hair drooping over her face, a parted fringe. She has a soft featured face, with attractively groomed, as if penciled on’ eyebrows and silver eyes - born utterly colourblind. Her right eyebrow bares a scar through
  20. Character Name Nicknames: Zenko, DarkFox Age: 23 Gender: Male Race: Elf Status: Unknown Description Height: 5’ Weight: 162 Body Type: Thin Eyes: Green Hair: Blond Skin: White Markings/Tattoos: Flaming Arrows Health: Fit And Never Better Personality: Brave Inventory: Always Has A Bow And Arrow With Him Enchanted Or Un-Enchanted Further Details: N/a Life Style Alignment*: Chaotic Neutral Deity*: Nemiisae Religion: Trickery Alliance/Nation/Home: Unknown Job/Class: Hunter Title(s): Hunter Profession(s):Hunter Special Skill(s): Hunting Flaw(s): Weak (mentally)
  21. ------------------------------------------- Character Information For Talia D'Avre ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Name - Talia D'Avre Race - Half-Elf/Adunian Gender - Female Married - No Age - 43 Birth-date - 3rd of the Grand Harvest Parents - Zaviel (Draen D'Avre) (Elf), Charlotte D'Avre (Human). Relatives Arelin (squeak0711) - Asher (spiffytaylor411), Roy D'Avre (B3ast_mod), Beltran (BathRugMan), and Lorien (hugothechamp). (Some others missing) God-Parents - Jakir StepFather - Ramza Ma
  22. -------------------------------------- Name: Charlotte Golding Race: Human Age: 16 Gender: Female Skill: Promising Alchemist ------------------------------------------------------
  23. Character Name Thomas J. Kvasz Mallory Nicknames: Tomas Age: 30 Gender: Male Race: Human Status: Alive Description Height: 6'0 Weight: Approx. 195 lbs Body Type: Mesomorph Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Skin: White Markings/Tattoos: Scar on his outer left thigh Health: Healthy, Mentally stable, slight limp on left leg Personality: Type A Inventory: Spatha (30 in.) Composite Bow (Bodkin and Broad Head) , Medal (Rule of Peter's Diligence) , Cinquedea (Long Dagger), Journal (Often stashed), Life Style Alignment: Lawful Neutral Deity: The Creator
  24. Character Name: Rendon Dread Nicknames: None Age: 29 Gender: Male Race: Human, Northerner Status: Alive Description Height: 5'8 Weight: 210lbs Body Type: Not overly tall but not small either. He has a lot of upper body strength. Eyes: Ice blue Hair: Scraggly and black Skin: White but mildly tanned Markings/Tattoos: Various cuts and bruises on his face and body. Health: Fairly good although doesn't live in ideal living conditions and doesn't have the healthiest lifestyle. Good stamina and no disease however. Personality: Could be trustworthy if you do what he wants and advises. If not he wo
  25. Kristian von Craw Nicknames: The Crawfish, Kristian, Kris, Mali'llir Age: 50 Gender: Male Race: Human Status: Dead as of the 31st of the Grand Harvest, 1459 Description Height: 6'1" Weight: 180 Body Type: Muscular Eyes: Gray Hair: Brown Skin: Tan (Caucasian) Markings/Tattoos: A birthmark that stretches across his face, Health: Decaying Personality: Kind, honor-bound, chivalrous Inventory: A black and red blade created by 'The Dark Master', and a morningstar. He also carries armor and rations for a few days worth of traveling. Further Details: When apart from the red and black sword,
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