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Found 1 result

  1. Chi Manipulation: ____________________________________________________________________________ For thousands of years, the Hou-Zi of the isles of Axios have been able to tap into invisible reservoirs of magical residue and utilize their contents to bolster their martial arts and meditation prowess. Whether it be in the jungles of Asul or the mountains of Tahn, the Hou-zi sun-worshipping monks of various orders have been capable of drawing forth the magical remnants within these Chi Streams and performing great feats of strength, agility, healing, and resistance. This innate talent has always been part of Hou-Zi history: when Metzili lifted the primate apes of Asul into the sapient hou-zi, she imbued within Hou-Shen and his kin the ability to draw magic from their environments and use it to aid their efforts in becoming equals to the descendants. The monks dub the energy they recover Chi, and its reservoirs as Chi streams and Chi pools. The art of tapping into these depositories is known as Chi Manipulation. ____________________________________________________________________________ Chi and its Sources: Chi Streams are concentrated remnants of mana released by living beings, omnipresent yet invisible to the vast majority of people. They flow throughout Axios from Chi Pools, which are very large concentrations of magical energy. Chi Pools occur in place where mana is or has been in abundance. Chi pools can be found around arcane-utilizing civilizations, the ruins of such civilizations, natural mana fountains, and most commonly forests or other places where life is densely concentrated. Chi is distinct from mana in that it is a changed version of the magical compound. Chi is the residue coursing through a world resulting from the existence of life and the use of magic. As it is magical residue, it cannot be used to directly manifest objects or itself into the physical plane unless present in large amounts. Rather, it is channeled by monks into their existing bodies, to aid in mitigating physical damage and increasing strength and agility. The Hou-Zi received their knowledge and ability about Chi flows from Hou-Shen, who was given the ability to manipulate these streams by the Deamon Metzili, after it evolved the primates of Asul into the Hou-Zi. With instruction from one already proficient in the art, any person who does not use another primary source of magical energy can learn Chi manipulation. ____________________________________________________________________________ Chi Usage: Chi Usage falls into two categories: manipulation and meditation. Chi manipulation is withdrawing of Chi from streams and the implementation of this Chi through physical action. A martial practitioner of this art would use Chi to bolster his physical strikes, jumps, dodges, and so on. The more experienced a practitioner, the more Chi he or she can manipulate: therefore, the longer one has practiced the art, the more significant his implementation of Chi will be. Masterful practitioners of Chi manipulation can muster enough Chi to allow it to physically manifest, often weaponizing it alike fireball spells. Chi meditation is the withdrawing of Chi from its reservoirs and the retention of that Chi within the body. Chi meditation allows one to withdraw more Chi from Chi streams, but simultaneously requires the utilizer to remain in a tranquil and static meditative state, disabling him from weaponizing the Chi. When present, Chi can be redirected to certain areas of the body to heal wounds, increase bodily resistance, manipulate metabolism on will and provide nourishment. When in their meditative state, Chi users are often able to resist extreme environmental conditions and physical strains for extended periods of time. Chi servers as a preserving agent, allowing its entranced users to remain unharmed over a long period of time. Unless a Chi practitioner in meditation is murdered through instantly deadly methods such as decapitation, he will retain a large chance of surviving and recovering. In order to begin utilizing Chi, one must not be tainted by other magical sources. As Chi is the residue of mana, coexisting knowledge of the arcane, dark, druidic, and deic arts would prevent its usage as channeling such forms of magic prevents Chi from being channeled. A Chi practitioner would first need to be inducted by a more senior practitioner. As a large amount of Chi is needed to do this, groups of practitioners and masters often perform this ritual. The connection ritual involves the channeling of Chi outside of one’s body and into another, opening Chi utilization pathways in the inducted novice. The more the novice develops his skills by channeling Chi regularly, the easier it will become for him to channel Chi and draw larger amounts of Chi into physicality, allowing for greater manipulation and power. In time, masterful Chi utilizers also become capable of drawing Chi from living sources of Chi. Although never used casually, this ability can be used to excommunicate lesser Chi practitioners by a conglomerate of adepts. Chi-stream excommunication occurs when one Chi user’s powers are sapped by a more skilled group of Chi users, leading to the closing of their Chi pathways. This closing can be reversed if another conglomerate of skilled users convene to perform a re-initiation. A re-communicated user will not have the same powers as he did before, but in time is able to fully recover his former ability. Very adept Chi users are able to manifest Chi by channeling large amounts of it into reality in tangible shapes. If channeled with anger, Chi will manifest as volatile and dangerous, much alike flames. If channeled in a calm state, Chi will appear as a healing energy. Chi cannot be manifested in large sizes and bent as evoked arcane material, but it can be thrown and physically manipulated to a small extent. Masterful practitioners also use their sapping ability to daze their opponents: masters will often hit their attackers and upon contact sap any Chi present in their bodies, leaving voids of energy which often daze the victim into a state of temporary stupor. As Chi is magical residue, it is significantly weaker than other sources of magic. Although it can be used to strengthen the physical body, it can never be used to summon forth flames and more material spells. It functions poorly as a source of energy for anything other than sustenance, and disappears quickly. Chi evoked forth from Chi streams must be used instantly, or else it dissipates. However, an advantage of this is that, being a weaker magic, Chi has little effect on the body, having no negative effects on physique, and in some cases, acting as a bodily preservative. ____________________________________________________________________________ General Progression: Chi manipulation has a static progression pattern, meaning that a student must start from the basest forms of Chi manipulation. This process often begins with the ritual performed on the novice which enables them to become sensitive to Chi and its pools throughout the realm. From there, multiple different techniques and exercises are practiced by the novice in order for them to learn how basic connection and manipulation works. However, the novice would no yet be able to manipulate Chi into their perspective school just yet. As the Novice studies tomes and various techniques from their perspective school of instruction on how to harness, connect, and manipulate Chi, the now adept student can begin to learn the basics of their school of teaching. Through this, minor abilities become unlocked to the practitioner very much like beginner spells in other various types of magic. From this point the rigor of Chi manipulation only will increase. As the Adept continues to practice their entry level techniques. Their abilities beginning to noticeably change and adapt to the user’s style of manipulation although the amount of Chi able to be manipulated is only slightly higher than that of a novice, more abilities and enhancements become available to the trainee. From here more powerful forms of Chi manipulation can begin to be unlocked through rigorous training as they begin to more freely tap into Chi pools and Chi streams. The next step towards mastering the art is that of a Promising Aspirant. Their skills have vastly heightened since they’ve begun to learn of manipulation and further meditation. Tapping into Chi Streams and Chi Pools with more ease than ever, the Aspirant is now able to heighten their abilities from their perspective school to almost a masterful level. Their Chi pathways have become used to the process of handling Chi and the Aspirant is able to harness more Chi because of this. Enabling them to store more Chi than before. The Aspirant is now able to study two forms of Chi manipulation yet only master one. Masterful Chi Manipulators or Enlightened Ones sit at the pinnacle of this artform. Able to conjure vast amounts of Chi into their form, their pathways have expanded and developed to allow their body to retain and use more Chi than the average user. They’re able to tap into raw amounts of Chi and use their stored Chi and that Chi within their surroundings to influence their specific form of manipulation. Masterful Chi users are the only ones able to open Chi pathways to prospective students and allow them to begin training through the induction ritual. ____________________________________________________________________________ The Four Wayward Paths: The Wayward paths began as experimental forms of manipulation, spawning from different forms of deep meditation practices based from ancient Hou-zi preparatory meditations before the great wars. From this intensive state of meditation came the ability for Chi Feeling. The process of seeking out streams and pools of Chi around the meditative being. Hou-Shen was given the ability to manipulate the streams by the Deamon Metzili but it was not until the beginning of the age of prosperity in Jing-Taiyun that the Four Wayward Paths were created. Their beginnings have been told in many different stories by tell-tale of oral documentation. The most common belief is that the Four Gilded Monks were the first ones to create the paths. These four were a mixture of Fei-Zhu and Laobai-Zhu, whose minds had been tested and strengthened by immense amounts of meditation and focus. Each Hou-zi a different stylist from the other when using their Chi Manipulation. The ways in which they summoned forth and reached into different Chi pools were vastly different yet one in the process of Chi Feeling. ________________________________________________________________________________ The Power of Chi Strikes Chi Strikes are strong due to the Chi's effect on the body, as such a Major Strike which is a fully Chi Forced Strike, can cause injuries like compound fractures and internal bleeding to targets and minor fractures to armored individuals. Lesser strikes can cause things like hairline fractures, nerve damage, and ruptures to targets whom are unarmored and bruising and minor stuns. The power of the Chi remains the same from T2 When strikes can be used, however as the Chi within an individual grows, so does the amount of strikes able to be used before spending all their Chi. ________________________________________________________________________________ The Way of Sun The Way of the Sun is based on a form of Chi Manipulation which increases stamina and strength. It is a form of Chi Manipulation based on hatred and anger, the Way of the Sun is regarded as the most combative form of manipulation. As stated above, to channel Chi with anger results in a dangerous and volatile form of Chi. Students who walk the Way of Sun often use Chi to enhance their attacks through a specific form of meditation. The users seemingly begin a dance-like routine where various actions and aggressive movements begin to channel the Chi within them, their movements sharp and intricate. The students often practice hours on perfecting this style of combative Chi manipulation. Students of the Sun can even throw Chi to an extent, sending forces of the energy towards the intended target within a certain radius. (1-5 Blocks: Depending on Tier) The Way of the Sun is viewed as the most arrogant and uncontrollable form of Manipulation due to it using very little meditation which can cause an imbalance within the user, allowing the Chi to begin to slip from the control of the user which threatens the inner balance which is honed through means of meditative exercises. Students of the Sun have been known to develop a lust for further power which can taint the mind and thoughts of the user. The Way of the Sun allows strikes from fists and monk weapons to strike with a much greater force when used by a student of the Sun. Those who follow the Way of Sun can often be distinguished by their form of combat and their Chi, their Chi appears like that of flames which lack little control and follow their movements as they begin their form of manipulation. After using the Way of Sun, users will find that once they’ve finished channeling their Chi, the Chi which once enhanced their stamina would seep back to a controllable state, leaving the user tired and in a diresome need for meditation. However, unlike the Way of Turtle which increases a monk’s ability to protect themselves; The Way of Sun leaves the combatant extremely vulnerable to strikes and their Chi does not allow them to be healed by means of Way of Moon, due to it being a polar opposite to the calm nature of the Way of Moon which is used for healing. TL;DR of Positive Abilities: Increased Speed Upon attack abilities depending on tier. Ability to actively use Chi as a weapon within 6 blocks due to Chi only being able to be in existence for a brief period of time. Strength increased when the area focused on is acted upon by Chi. Can Learn Way of Crane techniques and abilities. Progression: T1: Chi Feeling is the only ability able to be used by a beginner student who has just recently been exposed to Chi, Chi Streams, and Chi Pools. From this state the Student of Sun practices their channeling through focus and repetition of their combat movements. From this they learn to use their anger to draw from their Chi and manipulate it for combat but can not quite use it to enhance their abilities just yet. They would notice changes in their movement as they practice. Their hands and feet as well as their other limbs would begin to increase in movement speed slightly but not to a very noticeable amount. As of the first week, practicing Chi Feeling is the only ability able to be used by this Wayward Path. T2: Once the Student begins to learn how to seek out and find Chi, alongside of learning basic manipulation through means of Chi Feeling; basic combative skills will begin to be introduced to the student. They’re taught to use hatred to channel forth strikes with a slightly heightened amount of strikes and powerful strikes. They find themselves needing more Chi to be focused to further their abilities but their Chi is restrained due to them still being novices. The student will begin to feel irritable and hostile more often than their normal state once was. They begin to seek out a clique-like mentality and keep to their own group of students which is common due to the ways different forms of Chi interact with one another. T3: The respective student now has become advanced in their practices, learning the different forms of combat used to draw forth Chi using anger and hatred. They would find their Chi being more difficult to control but easier to draw forth from their style of manipulation. The student would find themselves now able to channel their Chi into specific areas of their body, such as hands, arms, legs, and feet causing their strikes to become stronger and faster from that respective area. Although due to the volatile nature of the Chi they run the risk of spells of insanity when contradicted or challenged. When in combat, their strikes although refined and the amount of strikes they can use is heightened it can sometimes be too much and they find themselves attempting to do too more than they can and not giving thought to their movements as they’ve become second nature, yet their anger drives them to be less cautious of their actions. T4: The Student is now approaching the pinnacle. They’re able to use their Chi to a high degree and can fully manipulate it into reality for attacks in close range. (6 blocks) The Student now has all the tools, fighting styles, and training needed to use their Chi to their advantage in combat. Their mental state continues to raise but can be controlled through vast periods of time in deep meditation. The Student is almost towards the peak of where their training has prepared them. They now have a good grasp on how to harness and focus their Chi and Chi Feeling. T5: The Student has mastered the Way of Sun. Their power is now full fledged. They now have heightened physical combative attributes and the amount of strikes they can land has peaked, they are able to fully use Chi against people. They also have the ability to Sap Chi from people and remove the magic from Way of Sun students if they’re selected as a Master. Their preparation now takes a quicker time to summon Chi due to it being already harnessed within the being. Way of Sun Tier Attack Chart: T1: No Strikes Can be landed with Chi impact. Chi Feeling. T2: 0 Massive Strike | 3 Lesser Strikes T3: 1 Massive Strikes | 3 Lesser Strikes T4: 3 Massive Strikes | 4 Lesser Strikes T5: 5 Massive Strikes | 6 Lesser Strikes ____________________________________________________________________________ Minor and Major Heals Although Healing from a Deity and using their seemingly plentiful abundance of magic is swell and dandy, Way of Moon students are limited to their heals and how they can use them, thus making the student think tactically about what they are doing. A major heal consists of the mending of ruptured flesh and broken bones where lesser heals are limited to deep cuts and burns. ____________________________________________________________________________ The Way of Moon The Way of Moon is a means of Chi Manipulation used to heal using a peaceful style of Chi Feeling and Invoking. The Chi is invoked by peaceful meditation unlike the polar opposite of the Way of Sun where the Chi is brought forth from aggressive and anger filled actions, the Way of the Moon is the manipulation of Chi based from a peaceful and poised form of searching for Chi Streams through intensive meditation. Unlike the Way of Turtle where movement of the arms and hands is used to invoke Chi energy, through meditation the Chi is transferred from the respective Chi Pool or Chi Stream and from there it is harnessed within the Way of Moon student. Unlike their kin of the Sun, who constantly need to invoke Chi through anger and hate, Way of Moon students are taught to remain in a constant state of peace, so that they’re able to hold more dormant Chi than the Way of Sun students. Through intensive meditative methods their ability to hold more and more Chi over time grows as the student progresses down their respective path. Due to the nature of the peaceful form of Chi, the coloration of peaceful Chi would be that of a light blue color. The way Chi Healing and Mending works is through the process of connecting the healers Chi and its properties to that of the Chi that resides within every living being, in this case the victim. The Chi is then used as a catalyst where it connects to that of the being that is injured and uses the remnant magical residue which it is present to mend and seal wounds. However, if concentration is severed whilst healing the victim, then the healing will stop and the Chi surrounding the wound will begin to recede and remove its effects and can only fully heal if the action goes undisturbed. A student of the Moon would be unable to learn contradicting forms of Chi manipulation, less the other form of Chi will begin to manipulate the other if it is an opposite. In this case a Way of Moon student would be unable to learn Way of Sun, but could learn Way of Turtle and Way of Crane and vice versa for Way of Sun students. Way of Moon followers are able to learn to heal themselves by separating part of their Chi so that it can be used to heal rather than using their full expanded personal Chi pool. Way of Moon followers tend to have extended lives beyond their years. Tl;DR of Positive Abilities The Way of Moon follower is able to use their Chi to mend and heal wounds of other beings with Chi within them. (This excludes undead and beings with no Chi present within them.) The Way of Moon is a new form of diverse healing which allows the user to learn Chi manipulation without having to take a combat-based route within the magic. Way of Moon followers are able to heal themselves as well as other Chi sensitive beings. Can Learn Way of Turtle techniques and abilities. Progression: T1: A beginner Moon in the art of Chi Manipulation who has chosen the Way of Moon Wayward Path. Their training begins with learning how to breathe and properly meditate, almost sending their soul into a form of dormant sleep as the mind and body begin to naturally train itself Chi Feeling as time goes on, however proper guidance is needed to instruct the student to the best of their ability. T2: The Student will begin practicing further Chi Feeling as well as the ability of Chi Connecting, which is the process of binding the expanded Chi Pathways of the mender with that of the victim, almost intertwining the Chi of the two in order to heal the body. Only minor cuts, bruises, and abrasions are able to be mended at this state. The healing is effective on the small injuries but the time it takes is still incredibly slow. (5-6 solid emotes at minimum, not including connection and feeling.) T3: The Student is now able to heal medium sized cuts and abrasions. The process of Chi Connection is beginning to feel like second nature due to the rigor of training by the monks. The time it takes to heal hairline fractured bones and medium sized cuts has decreased slightly and becomes more effective and useful to the Way of Moon student. T4: The student now is able to mend broken and fractured bones completely. Their Chi personal Chi pool has expanded to the point where the monk must remain at a constant state of peace and must not disturb the balance of Chi within them less consequences will occur from Chi imbalance. The student now must meditate twice a irl day for full control of their massive Chi pool. This can occur in any free moment of the day in which a player has time. The meditation they delve into is deep and is almost akin to astral projection in the sense that the world around them seems almost malleable yet their body remains upright and in a trance-like state. T5: The now Masterful student is now referred to as Enlightened, they’ve reached the very top of their abilities and their need to meditate is now controllable and can be done once a day in order to maintain control but the Enlightened Wayward follower would seek to maintain a healthy dose of Chi within them at all times as they’ve become almost reliant on the manipulation of Chi. They have the ability to Sap through Chi connection and can remove Chi forcefully from other beings to either prevent the process of further learning or to fill their own Chi. Way of Moon Heal Chart: T1: Chi Feeling T2: 0 Major Heal | 2 Minor Heals T3: 2 Major Heals | 3 Minor Heals T4: 3 Major Heals | 3 Minor Heals T5: 4 Major Heals | 3 Minor Heals _________________________________________________________ Acrobatic and Evasive Maneuvers As all people know, being able to flip forty times in a row is a feat that is not of realistic ability. However The Way of Crane students use their Chi to perform actions such as flips and cartwheels which are classified as Acrobatic Maneuvers, Evasive Maneuvers include doges and redirects of actions. Due to the power of this and the amount of Chi used to do so, their Chi is spent quickly thus they are limited to the amount of maneuvers they can perform. __________________________________________________________ The Way of Crane The Way of Crane is the most famed artform of Chi manipulation. This allows the user to manipulate Chi in order to further their balance and physical attributes such as climbing and dexterity. The followers of the Way of Crane are often the most agile of the Chi Manipulators who use evasive maneuvers to turn the combat to their advantage. Unlike the other Wayward Paths, the Way of Crane students practice in more unorthodox ways. Often seen running about the rooftops with a purple aura following their motions, these beings can be seen performing flips from high areas and handstands atop of peaks and buildings. The way that these beings manipulate Chi is through specific movement where Chi is focused into specific spots of the body, enabling more agile movement to be executed. Through these movements, the Way of Crane students allow their fluid movements to act as a catalyst for Chi and use such movements as flips and cartwheels to harness and manipulate the substance. This allows the body to relax and become more reliant on the mind rather than body, letting balance take precedence over all else. The training is rigorous and the most difficult out of all the Wayward paths. The coloration of the Chi would be that of purple, thus why when Way of Crane students are seen practicing or fighting, wisps and streaks of purple follow their movements before quickly dissipating into the air and back into the Chi streams. Through active movement do these students thrive, often the more lighthearted and hearty within the monastery, they begin their training learning Chi Feeling and Chi Harnessing, an ability unique to the followers of the Way of Crane. This enables them to harness their Chi throughout their body and let it flow through them like a fluid force which enables their bodies to withstand the physical toll and tax that such movements take upon the body. Chi harnessing also allows the body to withstand physical feats for a longer time which in turn strengthens the body as well. For example, a Wayward follower of the Crane could spend ten minutes atop a building harnessing his Chi and spreading it throughout his body to maintain balance and strength, from this the body receives quite the workout and as is natural, the body becomes physically fit alongside the constant flow of Chi through the body of the student. Tl;DR of Positive Abilities The Followers of Way of Crane use physical movement such as flips and the like to harness their Chi and keep it at a constant flow within their bodies when acting upon specific Chi Manipulating movements. The Harnessing of Chi allows for the body to retain a better center of balance, allowing these students to perform heightened physical abilities which allow them to manipulate Chi to their advantage. The Chi used also allows for better character health. Progression: T1: The beginner Crane begins the study of Chi Feeling but does so through the practice of physically challenging movements such as handstands, cartwheels, and flips. They are told to focus as they do so and let the Chi flow through them. Through this they begin to practice their movements more and more in an attempt to unlock their Chi pathways and expand them. They continue to practice until they can begin intertwining both Chi Feeling and Manipulation at Tier 2. T2: The Crane becomes Adept in their abilities and begins to formulate their own unique way of Chi feeling through different styles of fluid actions. They notice their bodies becoming almost at the whim of the Chi in which they use to perform their actions and abilities. Their movements while still unrefined and unpolished, begin to mold into beautiful motions of manipulation while the body begins to naturally teach itself Harnessing so that it can allow the user to perform such actions. T3: The follower of Way of Crane begins to find themselves with the deep desire to be constantly on the move. Impulsive behavior begins to start as their desire to move and manipulate Chi only grows with the more they use it. The movement asts as their form of meditation but standard meditative practices are still encouraged among the students of Crane. Their bodies begin to adapt to the constant flow of Chi and harnessing and controlling the substance becomes more familiar to the student. T4: The Prospective Crane is referred to as a Crane at this point due to the poised and graceful nature of their abilities. They often are seen with a purple hue around them whilst they use extreme movements to harness their Chi when training about the rooftops of the monastery. They now have a steady rate of Chi moving from the streams through their pathways and back out into the Chi Streams which allows their bodies to regulate the intake of Chi required to harness the substance. T5: The Crane Masters are the most agile and poised within their craft. Their movements almost seeming to work off each other as they move about whilst using their Chi to their advantage. When fighting their strikes are like that of a regular being but they move in a way which is difficult to strike. They’ve learned to embrace their impulses to move and use that towards their advantage, allowing their Chi to direct their movements. They have the ability to Sap Chi from Students of the Crane by a unique form of a dance-like ritual, involving specific movements and hand motions. Acrobatic and Evasive Maneuvers Chart: T1: Chi Feeling T2: 1 Acrobatic Maneuver | 1 Evasive Maneuver T3: 3 Acrobatic | 2 Evasive Maneuver T4: 4 Acrobatic Maneuver | 3 Evasive Maneuvers T5: 5 Acrobatic Maneuver | 5 Basic Maneuvers _________________________________________________________ Major and Minor Solidifications Solidifications allow the Turtle to withstand blows from an enemy mentally by using Chi to redirect pain. Minor Solidifications allow the user to sight through slash wounds and minor burns where Major Solidifications allow the user to fight through puncture wounds or major burns and the like. __________________________________________________________ The Way of Turtle Possibly the most respected and poised of the Wayward Paths. The followers of the Turtle are refined, intelligent, and wise beyond their years. Often keeping to themselves the true dealings of the School of Turtle are kept behind closed doors. Not much is known by their peers within the monastery about the students. They often keep to certain hidden places of training in order to retain focus and not be distracted by the yelling of the Suns or the boasting and distracting movements of the Cranes from above. Their training locations are often hidden, yet they are not shy about showcasing their abilities to endure physical pain through Chi Solidification. This is the process of building up so much Chi within one area, that it allows physical pain to only register within the body and not the mind. It is a process of blocking out most forms of pain momentarily, which can be used within combat to allow them an extra strike in combat or withstanding a blow more than a usual being. Fortitude is a cornerstone of their principles. Their training methods seem unorthodox to most, often sending their fists into walls and other objects to allow physical pain to only be a remnant within the back of their mind. The way they “solidify” Chi is through sharp hand and arm movements which allow the Chi to almost stop and go throughout their body which allows them to focus it within a certain area more easily than a Student of Sun who relies on aggressive combat movements to allow their Chi to move, and unlike a Student of Crane who allows Chi to constantly flow through their bodies. The Students of Way of Turtle are often the more bulky and large students who take a more tank-like role due to their abilities to withstand damage to a slightly higher degree than a normal being. This is not saying a sword can’t cut them, but the Chi acts as adrenaline and allows them to put the pain into the back of their mind. The color of their Chi often appears as a dark green. Tl;DR of Positive Abilities The Students of Turtle use a special form of Chi manipulation referred to as Chi Solidification allows Students to remove the thought of pain momentarily, allowing them to take a more tank-ey role within the Wayward Paths. This does not mean they do not experience pain, rather redirect it and allow it to flourish after their Chi is spent. Progression: T1: The novice Turtle begins with learning about how Chi works. They begin to develop an understanding for the substance as their pathways have just been recently unlocked. Unlike those above, traditionally the students of the Turtle spend their time reading times in order to understand the true nature of the Way of Turtle. They begin learning basic Chi Feeling like the T1’s of the other schools. T2: The novice grows in strength by the day. They begin to learn to replicate the maneuvers and unique way of manipulating Chi through constant repetition of sharp hand and arm movements. At this point they begin to understand and begin minor Chi manipulation as well as their physical training. T3: The now Adept student has promise within the Way of Turtle. At this stage, the student is able to use their Chi to a higher degree than before. They can begin to withstand minor blows and cuts but will still require a quick visit to the Moon students after their training is complete. They now are able to solidify Chi in specific areas and direct it through their bodies from spot to spot. T4: The student now is able to manipulate Chi solidification to their desires, and since their Chi has grown, they’re now able to use it over most of their body to withstand blows and cuts from weaponry mentally. Their movements become more unique and each Turtle grows in a different way, their abilities to call forth Chi are all similar yet diverse among the Turtles. T5: The Turtle is now a Master, they’ve reached as far as they can go. Their Chi Solidification has become almost second nature to them. They have the ability to sap Chi from their students and withstand great feats of mental fortitude through their direction of Chi. Chi Solidification Chart: T1: Chi Feeling T2: 1 Major Solidification | 0 Minor Solidification T3: 1 Major Solidification | 1 Minor Solidification T4: 2 Major Solidification| 3 Minor Solidification T5: 4 Major Solidification | 3 Minor Solidification ____________________________________________________________________________ RED LINES Those whom seek the magic can not have had or possessed any magic beforehand or presently. Learning multiple Wayward Paths is available but contradicting forms Chi will prevent the student from learning other forms of manipulation. (Ex.: Way of Sun uses anger to channel Chi and Way of Moon uses peaceful means, thus the two can not intertwine.) Way of Turtle is not immune to injuries, just the pain is hidden away by the Chi, they can break their limbs and tear their skin just like anyone else. Way of Moon healers can not break their meditative trance while healing, less the healing fails. Way of Moon can by no means be used as an offensive magic. Way of moon can not bring people back from the dead or anything like that. In order to learn the magic, a student must undergo the ritual and can not use other means to acquire this magic. A Way of Moon user can not reconnect body parts that have been removed from the body. Chi can not be instantly summoned, the art of feeling and manipulation is a gradual process, not an instant one. After disconnection the user must start back from T1 and progress through the magic again. This magic can not be self taught. Interested in learning it? Fear not for this post is not just for the Hou-Zi although the emphasis is to help generate more Hou-Zi Roleplay! However, anyone can learn it if they seek it out in roleplay. Credit: Kebab - Original Idea and Writing of the Chi and it’s usage KBR - Ideas Eve - Moral Support. (Jk Assisted in the Creation of Way of Turtle.)
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