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Found 2 results

  1. The Last Stand of Sir Arthur ‘the Lionhearted’, Knight Paramount of the Commonwealth. The first Knightly Council began with the reciting of a prayer by the church’s own, the knights and dames of the Petrine Laurel gathered as one to uphold the codes to which they swore their lives. To judge a woman who they believed unworthy of their service and anathema to all that is righteous. These men and women were led by Sir Arthur ‘the Lionhearted’, Knight Paramount of the realm and sworn sword to Archduke Constanz. But instead of an audience with the woman they called to trial, the knights of Petra were beset by raiders and creatures of nefarious origins. “Defend the assembly!” Sir Arthur ordered, his men scattering to guard the pockets of Petrans who stood fearful and unable to defend themselves. The Knight Paramount found himself cornered within a sub-surface corridor, subject to the battering of countless foes and burns of relentless dragonkin. Yet, though his armour was rent and his body torn to shreds, still he stood valiantly in the defence of those who flocked behind him for protection. Eventually, the assault proved too much for one man to handle, and so the Knight collapsed in a crash of steel plates. Terribly burnt and losing blood, his last moments were witnessed by Cardinal Viktor and his retinue, who desperately worked to save the man from his injuries. But to no avail… There, in the halls of Castle Moere, where he first took his oath in defence of the Commonwealth, the Knight Paramount died in service of his people. Yet, before his ultimate demise, he would utter but one final word of sorrow and love. “Juliana…” And then, he was gone. Sir Arthur ‘the Lionhearted’ de Lyons 1878 - 1909 Knight Paramount of the Sovereign Order of the Petrine Laurel.
  2. A Call to Trial Circa. 11th of Malin's Welcome, 1909. By the UNITY OF MIND of the GOVERNMENT in PETRA, serving always CHIVALRY, LIBERTY and JUSTICE, the ROUND TABLE do affirm this EDICT, delivered at MOUNT GARMONT Concerning the alleged crimes of the Archduchess Renilde I @tilly PREAMBLE LO, unto the Petrans, Dark times plague the lands of the Petra. In the pursuit of unity and peace, the Knightly Council calls upon Archduchess Renilde I to return to Petra to answer for crimes committed against the people of Petra and stand trial to end this debacle. The alleged crimes of the Archduchess are an internal affair. The Round Table of Petra calls upon all foreign nations to not intervene and respect the sovereignty of the Commonwealth. The Knights of the Petrine Laurel swear no harm shall come upon the Archduchess. Let us avoid bloodshed and settle these issues so we may adjudicate. We call the Archduchess Renilde I to stand trial for the following crimes… Chapter 1 78. Thieve the property of another Man. 84. Lay with another Man’s spouse, or to lay with another when you are wed. Chapter 2 99. Raise an army against forces of the Commonwealth Signed; Knight Paramount, Sir Arthur de Lyons, Sir Louis d'Azor, Sir Brandt Berhal, Sir Emir d'Abbassia, Sir Gwendel Vilac, Dame Livia d'Anapalais, Sir Lucien Ashford de Rouen.
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