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Found 1 result

  1. The Tale of Two ‘Roches The mounted force of Adria stood at the border of Petra, awaiting the signal from Sir Joseph Helvets of Vasile. Through the young marshal’s network of spies, word had reached him that a meeting would be held between the traitor Sigismond Varoche and the Archduchess of Petra. With this information in hand, the knight quickly rallied a cadre of soldiers of Adria. Among them was the Duke himself, riding out donned in his armor. While the King of Aaun may have been content to lounge behind the white walls of his empty city, the Duke of Adria would ride with his men. For several minutes they waited, and waited, and waited. The order was finally given to dismount, and under moonlight they crept through the quiet, sleeping streets of Valfluer. The host went undetected as the comrades-in-arms made their way through the central keep of the city. There was no doubt, Sir Joseph had told them, that the ongoing discussions were to be held in the council chambers. A room that he happened to have the keys to. Darting their way up the spiraling towers of the castle, the men of Adria sprung their trap! Flooding into the council chambers, they surrounded the Archduchess, her council, and the two brothers: Sigismond and Charles Varoche. As quickly as they had entered, the Adrians were soon out of the keep, leaving the stunned Petrans there to wonder what had just occurred. Racing back to Velec, the Adrian party were greeted by cheers as they brought the two traitors back in chains. To an eager crowd, the two men were given their sentences. Sigismond Varoche, displaying some final gasp of honor, died with dignity, offering a prayer to the Lord and insults to the victors that surrounded him. The Aaunic army, after its stunning defeat when it tried to take Velec nearly a year before, was not to come for his rescue tonight. Final words were said, last letters were written, and the Duke of Adria, triumphant again, raised his blade and brought it down on Sigismond’s neck.
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