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  1. The Zaodim The Zaodim is coalition of races bound by honor, united by a desire to defend their principles, and territories. An Image of Zao, namesake of the Zaodim History: The Zaodim initially arose in Athera as a group of mercenaries who undertook bounty missions and adventures for contractors. They were nomadic in nature, moving from town to town, city to city in search of more work. After being contracted by a wealthy individual to explore and chart the relatively unknown Primora Jungle islands, the group ventured into the series of heavily contested jungles. The expedition quickly went awry over time as the group encountered various hostile insects and creatures, which quickly whittled down the size of the small force. The contract was quickly abandoned as the group immediately prioritized their survival over the retrieval of an old artifact. After having survived the hellish jungle for four days and four nights, the group managed to carve out a small portion of the jungle on one of the many islands, turning it into an encampment to protect themselves from the hostile denizens of the jungle. Several attempts to backtrack through the dense jungle were unsuccessful, leading to several deaths and the loss of precious, dwindling supplies. The leader of the group at the time, an easterner named Zao, ordered the group to settle down for the time being and patiently bide their time. The encampment grew and the mercenaries learned to hunt and farm for their food, quickly adapting to the harsh life in Primora’s jungles. After several years of accumulating supplies, the group had grown in size, and some new children were born due to the group’s prolonged stay in the encampment. Zao organized the group and prepared once more for an attempted escape from the jungle, fully intending to bring all resources and people with him. The escape was a miraculous success, no fatalities being suffered. The group cut their way through the jungles, returning to the mainland and making their way to a neighboring town for the first time in years. The group had undergone a massive change during their stay in the jungles. They were no longer a mercenary group, but moreso a conglomerate of friends and family that had been formed during their stay. Zao realized this and promptly renounced their ties to contractors, causing the group to change professions from sellswords to peaceful settlers. They traveled to a nearby dock and purchased a boat collectively, sailing to the Isles of Axios. They found a peaceful spot to begin constructing their settlement and did so, taking a few months to fully complete. At this, the Zaodim was created under their steadfast leader. As the members of the group came from various backgrounds and races, the Zaodim nurtured the principle of equality, stating that they welcomed all races. As such, their town grew and prospered under the acceptance of laws and rules decreed by the high council, in which council members listened to the word of the emperor, being Zao at the time before his peaceful passing away. Recently the Zaodim have landed in the Isles of Axios at the port of Al'Khaleed's Easterner District, seeking potential allies and resources in this new territory. The Zaodim wish to establish a great nation in Axios, where Easterners can peacefully coexist and thrive together. Roleplay: The Zaodim are a very kind people, and are often known for their generosity, however the Zaodim can become a cruel vengeful people when trifled with. The clan is very open minded, and is known to recruit any race interested in learning their customs. They are a very outgoing people, skilled in diplomacy, and combat if necessary. The Zaodim have an elite guard called the Zaoshi, used for special assignments. The clan is also known to give very difficult, seemingly impossible tasks to those brave enough to accept them. The Zaodim's colors are red, various shades of blue, and gray. Their emblem is serpent wreathed around a medallion. An Image of a Zaoshi Dwarf. The current leaders of the Zaodim are Zao Song (Shuggie_), and his brother Zao Roshi (GortOfGumpus) If you wish to join the Zaodim, fill out the application below. Mc Name: Rp Name: Race: Age: Profession:
  2. The Clan Zahn Let me tell you the legend of a clan that had not the easiest of existences, but had remained alive thanks to their stubborness; although stubborness was as much of a boon as it was a blessing and they had fallen to that exact same thing. This is a story about clan Zahn, who they are, what they are, and what they thought their purpose had been. This said clan was a powerful one yet lonesome one, not many had known about this clan due to seclusion and none of heard the story until I have decided to share it with you today. Survival and Presumed Extinction (The barren landscapes the persistent and powerful clan Zahn inhabitated) The main and outstanding reason none had heard stories or tales of this clan sooner was because of the seclusion as I had told you before; though I will now touch up on that a little bit more. This so-called seclusion was because of how inhabitable the lands Zahn had inhabited were, the landscapes were empty, barren and devoid of life. The sky was always grey and covered in sut, the sun had never shone, and the source of food and plantation was nil. The reasoning behind this was that there was a volcano nearby that erupted quite frequently, destroying any hope of life on land. Sure; it is true that the entire clan could have moved but they had not done that because they believe that it had revealed a weakness on their part, and that any who left were not right to be called an Ork of clan Zahn. A good question to ask would be how the clan survived at all in spite of the erupting volcano and barren lands? The answer is they would seek shelter and live in caves. The caves around the area had become home to all of clan Zahn, only leaving once in a couple of elven years to do some hunting. I had mentioned before that the entire land was barren and had no life, but that is not true as I am remembering; there were these creatures that had taken upon themselves the nick-name "Drü-zhozhi" which would roughly mean something along the lines of "ash-eater". These creatures were called ash-eaters as that is what they were, they survived off of the ash that had plagued the land from the volcano. These creatures were said to be very reptile-like and frequently if not always crawl on all four "legs", though when fighting they stand up on both of the hind legs and use the other two as a way to fight, clawing at anything that got too close for comfort. The creatures in question were not carnivorous, though they were territorial and defensive. They had a nasty back, with bone-like spikes protruding out of the back of the creature, perhaps originating in the spine. The size of these creatures is hard to gauge as they hunched for improved speed and confortability when fighting, though even when hunched and stood-up on two hind legs they were able to average around 7', with some more larger sizes hitting around 8'; a sizable foe for the Orks. It is rumoured these creatures drank the lava of the volcano; thought that may just be legend. The meat hunters had gotten from these creatures was as pitch black as the ash the creatures had ate, most likely a side-effect of the unhealthy life-style. (A rough sketch of a hostile Drü-zhozhi) The Drü-zhozhi were not the only ones to suffer side-effects of an unhealthy lifestyle, all of clan Zahn had suffered the same fate. Due to the lack of sunlight from not only the volcano always covering the skies in ash but also to the fact that Zahn had never left the caves, for most of the time that would be a quick and swift demise. In return for the lack of sunlight, the Orks had sported a stunted growth; with most if not all (I would assume around 98%) ranging from 6' - 7'. This was not the only con of the lack of sunlight; In a strange turn of events they have developed a transparent skin and all Zahns are black skinned due to the ash in the air constantly; if one were to observe them they would not be able to tell that they are Orks but would rather assume they are some strange abomination. Zahn Orks have around the same life-span as normal Orks, though the elders of clan Zahn that reach around 300-500 years of age lose their eyesight and gain improved other senses and start to slowly delve into madness and insanity, thanks to life in a pitch black cave. This was such a common occurence that these Orks had gained a special tradition in throwing these "creatures" whom they had given the name "Vruig" into the volcano when it lay dormat, as a sacrifice to induce hope that it will one day cease erupting constantly. (A Vruig) Zahn had developed a habit of not wasting resources because they could not afford too. After a succesful hunt of a Drü-zhozhi they would take everything, including the bones. Bones play a huge part in Zahn society and tradition, since a Zahn keeps everything from a kill they are known to use the bones to forge tools, weapons, and armour; as well as decorating themselves. In relation to this and a direct cause from this, the more bones an Ork of clan Zahn has the more powerful they are; as it signifies how many kills the Ork has achieved without falling. The more renowned and strong warriors of Zahn are covered in bones from head-to-toe. A fellow Ork of Zahn can and will challenge another to a klomp to the death in hopes of taking all of the Orks bones, though this does not happen often if rarely at all because of the fact for an Ork to have many bones it demands respect and it is always better for an Ork to earn bones from their own hunts. Not only that; it is simply not favoured because life is too rough to be fighting each-other, they have a tough time surviving as is. Whilst on the topic of tradition and bones, an Ork of clan Zahn is too NOT take the bones from a fellow fallen Ork of the same clan or the creature a fellow Ork has hunted. This will instantly be punished by death on the spot with no warning as it is taboo. (A strong warrior of clan Zahn that has clearly survived many battles) I would assume you have a grasp on this culture and the interesting survival aspects clan Zahn had too face now; so I will explain upon the presumed exctinction of said clan. It is quite simple, really. During the destruction of Vailor thanks to Orgon; the clan had still not changed face on their stance of never abandoning their home. For this reason when everyone else fled to the portal for safety, clan Zahn had remained tucked away in their ravished and battle-scarred corner of the world, in the caves. Advanced Tradition(s) Whilst I have explained and given you a basic grasp of some of the easier traditions, there is still more to tell you. Here I will detail these advanced traditions of clan Zhan and the purpose of them. The Blessing of the Qurzet - At birth a Kub is to be taken to the "main" cave that clan Zahn inhabits; inside of there one would find a glowing tree-like plant that is considered to be a blessing. In reality it is just simple fungi that was able to grow inside of a cave due to the excess amounts of water, but to the members of Zahn it is so much more; it is hope for a brighter and healthier future, one where they do not live every day wondering if they will survive to the next. For this exact reason it has become tradition for the entire clan to gather here together for the birth of a new kub, despite the differences or conflicts they may currently have with each-other. Once said kub is born they will be painted with the glowing characteristics of the tree that they have given the alias of "Qurzet". (The Qurzet) Kubs First Flat - A kubs first kill is a very important thing in any Orcish culture; not just Zahn. However, they handle it a bit differently. Once a kub has been deemed worthy enough to hunt with others (this is done by various tests of strength, some include fighting other kubs and others are as simple as lifting a heavy boulder) they will be brought on their first hunt. If the kub fails to score a kill, they will be forced to fast for a day inside the cave of the Qurzet. If they fail again; they will fast for two days. This will continue getting longer and longer until the kub either dies or achieves their first kill. There is no room for weakness in a clan that can barely survive. Once the kub does earn their first kill, they will not be able to harvest the bones as they are too young and weak to sport such heavy objects. Instead they will take a tooth of the killed Drü-zhozhi and use it too form a blade; which they will carry with them for the rest of their life. Sacrifice of the Weak - If it is clear a warrior is injured in battle and unable to be healed through prayer; they will be pinned down, bound, and taken to the volcano forcefully and sacrificed in hope that the volcano will cease eruptions. It is often a solemn and depressing event, and there have been many against it but at the same time they all still cling onto the hope that it is a neccessity to do this for the volcano to grant them days of hunt where the volcano does not erupt. When it is clear that the injured has died before reaching the volcano, they will not be sacrificed as a dead sacrifice is thought to anger the volcano; causing it erupt even more than usual. Legends The Legend of Zrugagga'Zahn - (Zrugagga; equipped with his legendary armour and sword) The Cave Dweller - The name of this legend is quite ironic; considering all of clan Zahn are also cave dwellers; but this was not a good cave dweller in their eyes. Parent Orks would tell this story to the kubs to assure they do not go exploring in caves that are not already inhabitated by clan Zahn. They would tell the story of a massive beast, capable of felling even the greatest Zahn warrior himsself, Zrugagga. Not much is known about this strange creature or how it arrived, or whom it arrived from. Though it is said to be of massive proportions, bigger than some small caves themselves; and none have lived to tell the tale of an encounter with such a beast. It is said that if one were to venture too deep into a cave in which was not already inhabitated; you would see the eyes of this beast peering back at you in the pitch-black cave, ready to šnatch you away. (An ancient depiction of the cave dweller) The Qurzet Healing Properties - It was rumoured in the ancient clan of Zahn that not only was this tree-like structure used for prayer and worship; but that it had contained healing properties. If one were too take from the bark of the tree and apply it to any wounds, they would heal over and restore the warrior to their former condition in mere seconds. No-one could tell if this was the truth or not however, as if you had injured this religion symbol you would have done the greatest atrocity known to Zahn; and would be killed on the spot after being forced to "purge" yourself of said atrocity. The tree has been such a legend that it has even spread to far-away lands under different names, somehow. (The Qurzet) Mutation into a Drü-zhozhi - Another story told to kubs of the clan Zahn is what would happen if they did not sacrifice the mad to the volcano; the mad would eventually go through insufferable pain upon living for a certain amount of time and slowly transform into a Drü-zhozhi. Hierachy Zahn is unique in the fact that it does not hold a hierachy. It is clear by the amount of bones that ornament an Ork which is the strongest; and they would rather simply all focus one the one goal of survival together than seperate each-other with ranks and statuses.
  3. There is rumour of a society not known by many. Their members are everywhere. In our government and across the lands. Some say it is a clan. A clan named the Red Star. We are a undercover, group of assassins known by few and seen by none. We are always on the bout, looking for contracts to complete and work for the highest bidder. We do not favour or descriminate towards any faction and strive to achieve our clans goals of becoming a hierarchy. We are always looking for young and strong men AND woman willing to take part in this forever blood oath of brotherhood and strive for power to the red star. How to become one of us: Our members speak in riddles and in code. If answered correctly you are eligible to be subjected to the blood oath. Always be on the lookout as a member could very well be right next to you! We wish to welcome new brothers soon. Long live the Red Star
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0PvZGVPiJU Clan Orvar “Fly High, Fly Far” ((Clan Orvar is based on a pagan human culture I created, inspired by the Celts and the Norse. I would HIGHLY recommend reading this post (Gorundyr Culture and Religion) which contains all of the details and knowledge on the Gorundyr culture and religion, which Clan Orvar is apart of. Any additional beliefs listed here are strictly followed by the Clan!)) A Clan is Reborn Far in the eastern reaches of the Konigsreich of Vandoria, within the mountainous valleys of Hallowvale, a call could be heard. Dozens of warhorns thundered around the vale, echoing off the steep cliff faces and sharp inclines. Loudest of all came from the blaring of an enormous horn, carved of bone and inlaid silver, nestled in the center of the village. Just as it had come, the booming faltered, and behind the horn appeared a mountain of a man, his once prominent brown hair graying, and his face creasing with age. His gaze lingered on the crowd for a moment before speaking, voice powerful and firm. “Gorundyr! Kinsmen of Orvar! Today we stand upon hallowed ground, the first of which we have had since our ancestors were forced to flee our homeland in Anthos. Today we can all look up at the snowcapped mountains, towering gorunpines, and take our first breaths as a free and unified people." Morvan would pause, a smile lighting up his aged face, and scan the crowd before continuing. "Be proud of your accomplishments, as the gods surely are. They have blessed this vale with their power and blessings. Once again, our proud people has a home, and as the Yagar of the Gorundyr people, I grant this village the name of Tyravik. With this, we honour Tyr, the first Chieftain of Orvar, may he smile down upon us from the isle’s of Halvengr! Fleyja sevlla, fleyja fjarri!” With that, Morvan began to stamp his foot into the ground and let forth a roaring cheer. All around him, his Clan and Kin joined in, chanting in the old tongue of the Gorundyr. Tyravik was established, a new home for Clan Orvar, one which would see the rebirth of the Clan and the restoration of a once great people. Clan Traditions and Beliefs Riders of Halvengr An ancient belief held by Clan Orvar, the Riders of Halvengr are a spectral band of ancestral spirits that visit the mortal realm during the winter months of Yul Tine. These souls are said to have a longing for their past lives, their sole desire to visit the land of the living and enjoy the cold rush of air on their face as they ride. Riders are said to visit living descendants and leave gifts or good wishes behind. In return, it is expected of the living to light beacons of fire among mountain paths and leave gifts and offerings such as food, ale, mead, cloaks, and anything else of significance. It is very popular for people to travel and often camp out at night, when the riders are said to be the most active, to chance a sighting, especially among children. A Bloodline of Giants The Orvari are very proud of their heritage and blood, and there is one myth that is held in the highest regard. It originates from the times of the Chieftain Tyr, one of the first Gorundyr to split off and form his own Clan after Havardr and the Joriin ascended to Halvengr. A period of strife and war struck the Gorundyr after his departure, and it was the fragmented original clans of the Gorundyr that attempted to fill the power vacuum. During this time, a savage war erupted between the Clans and a group of giants, led by Fariik. These giants were not of stone or ice, but flesh. While Fariik and his tribe were mighty warriors and far more powerful than the average Gorundyr, what they made up for in strength, they lacked in numbers. Soon they found themselves on the defensive, forced into the mountains and hills. Each year, when the snows melted and the mountain passes were traversable, hunting parties would scour the land in search of giants. It was seen as a great honour to slay one and take it’s bones as trophies. It was Tyr who strayed from this path and extended an open hand to Fariik and his tribe, seeing the giants as friends and not foe. Tyr and Fariik pledged an oath to defend each other's peoples, and to join together as one. While the union was an improvement, the damage had already been done, the giants had suffered terrible losses to their population. It was with this that Tyr ordered the mating of human and giant in an attempt to bolster their numbers. While the existence of Giants is now merely a legend, it is said that due to Tyr’s efforts, their population survived for decades. Now, Clan Orvar defends its claims that the blood of giants courses through their veins, and they hold much respect for their lost ancestors. They contribute their larger size and strength to this myth, though no one can truly know for sure. Heirlooms and Relics Clan Orvar holds in its possession several sacred heirlooms that they trace back to their ancestors, and in some cases, their early creation. These objects are given great care and attention, each of which are on display in the Ritual House. Dyrnwyn, Blade of the God-King - Crafted by the Legendary Taranis for the God-king, Havardr. Forged out of the heart of a stone giant. It's hilt is made of meteorite and bleached whale-bone with a small flaming hammer engraved on the pommel. Havardr discarded the weapon when he was granted ascension by Gorund and had Taranis craft him Dagor’kaen, a mythical spear forged from light itself. Dáinsleif - Wielded by a Asulonian priest named Hagnar, Dainsleif is the first Sivaas Feyn, a class of blade used for ritualistic purposes and to combat eldritch abominations, be it beast or spirit. It’s blade resembles that of a long sword forged of a strange brownish gold metal. Up it’s fuller are several bright glowing runes, said to recite the oath Hagnar gave to Gorund and infuse the blade with holy power. The Tapestry of Creation - An ancient artifact that tells the story of the creation of the Gorundyr, from their beginnings as fledgling creations of Lagara to their descent from Halvengr, and their first steps as mortals. It is drawn on one single length of tan parchment, with it’s images and runes inlaid in gold and silver thread. Yisigil - Given it’s name by Barid, Yisigil was crafted after the Yagar’s victory over the other Gorundyr clans and has since then been considered a sacred object in the Clan. It resembles the other common Gorundyr round shields in design, but is vastly more ornate and decorated and has no practical use. It is a symbol of unity and accomplishment, and fills all clansmen with pride when they gaze upon it’s form. +UHLFBERH+T - A lesser known artifact forged by Morvan of Orvar, his kinsmen Byrnjolf, and two Adunians named Cymrych and Gavin, the Uhlfberht is an exceptional blade forged from a special process that resulted in stronger and more flexible steel. The forging of the blade took months to complete and now serves to represent the bond between Clan Orvar and Douglas of the Adunians. The blade has become a status symbol in the clan and is gifted to the personal champion of the Yagar, whomever comes into the position. Skildir - An ancient winged spear steeped in myth, Skildir is believed to be the fang of the mighty lord Auroth, gifted to an old warrior of Clan Orvar. The only text supporting this myth was an old runestone situated in Asulon, where the spear itself was found. It seems the lonely wanderer had reached the end of his life, and left the spear encased within the stone to pass on to the next generation and whoever was worthy of finding it. Now, it is in the possession of Ruari of Orvar, the fifth son of Morvan of Orvar. He wields it with a savagery that only Auroth himself could match. The Warband of the Haukvengr The Warband itself is one cohesive unit that is held together by brotherhood and respect. All warriors are trusted and only those who are respected will be allowed to fight alongside their brothers and sisters. If a band is started with the intent on raiding and searching for wealth and glory, all warriors within are given an equal share of the plunder. While the Haukvengr are the main military force of Clan Orvar and thus draw from any of the Clan’s warriors, they are also act as a group of holy warriors for the Gorundyr faith. Should any threat come upon the gods, these zealous warriors will rain down their fury upon it, be it man or beast. Military structure is relatively simple and is outlined as follows. Yagar Morvan of Orvar, Yagar of the Gorundyr, and Chieftain of Clan Orvar, leads the warband as its commander. The Yagar acts as the ultimate authority in all military, religious, and clan affairs. It is the Yagar who chooses who is worthy of fighting alongside him and who gains his blessings before battle. Haskir Haskir are treated as elite soldiers who serve the Yagar directly, acting as his most trusted soldiers, advisors, and bodyguards. Usually, battle-hardened veterans, the Haskir are both respected and feared among the Gorundyr for their immense prowess in battle. Often, they are left in command of the warband should the Yagar not be present, and are given leave to make some decisions should the need arise. Uroksvaal Uroksvaal are some of the fiercest warriors who fight in the warband, acting as terrifying berserkers. They are usually heavily religious, performing rituals before and after battle and sacrificing their prisoners in the name of Ankou and Barid. Almost all Uroksvaal pay homage to Barid and his lineage, praising him as the greatest warrior god the Gorundyr have ever had. Knidviik Knidviik, or Shield-Maidens, are highly respected female warriors that fight in the warband. They are given the same status and respect of the higher warriors, and are to be treated as any other would be. Shield-Maidens devote themselves entirely to battle and drawing the favour of the gods, often choosing to remain unmarried, though it is not unheard of. Vraaniik Vraaniik are those who have been accepted into the warband as trusted warriors, serving as the bulk of the military. If one earns this rank, then it is a sign of respect and trust to their persons. While Vraaniik are typically less experienced and skilled than some of their more veteran soldiers in the warband, they are treated with a great deal of respect. Grengr Grengr are the initiates, the unblooded and untested, whom wish to prove themselves worthy of being accepted into the warband. They are treated less than the other warriors, though still not cruelly so. Simply put, they have not earned the full respect of the other warriors, nor their trust, and are expected to prove so before being treated as equals. Korvr Korvr is the name given to the young warriors of the warband, ranging from the age of five to fifteen, when their coming of age ushers them into adulthood. Korvr are left out of the main battles, instead taken on and trained by the other warriors in the warband. It is the responsibility of the elder, more skilled warriors, to ensure the young grow up strong and skilled in all things, not just war. Visk do Kein Before battle, the Haukvengr will participate in a ritual called the Visk do Kein, a ritual of battle, in which each warrior prepares himself for the potential of death. Offerings and prayers are given to Ankou in hopes that should they fall, their passage through the spirit world will be heeded so that they may reach Halvengr. Next, the warriors group and paint their faces in pigments and colours, even sometimes doing so with the blood of sacrificial animals. As the Haukvengr march, they chant and sing, calling out to the gods as the warhorns urging them forward sound around them. During battle, or just before the initial charge, the warriors of the Warband will consume a dozen of what they call gjota mushrooms, which act as a psychedelic and aid in battle. After several minutes, their conscious mind will go blank, sending them into a blood rage, the only discernible word coming from their mouths being that of Barid, the god of war. The Orvari Code Clan Orvar, as all Gorundyr, live by a strict code of honour and belief. It is this code that resonates so closely with the ideals of the Vander that binds these peoples together. From their oaths to the the first Rovin king of Aesterwald, to their rebirth in the Konigsreich of Vandoria, Orvar honors the Vander Code through their own ancient ideals. Show devotion to the gods through prayer and offering. Uphold the honour and integrity of clan and kin. Speak no lie and break no oath under the watchful eyes of the gods. Strive to grow and protect family and home. Obey the Yagar and respect his wisdom. Fight those who would do harm upon kin, until your last breath. Pay respects and continue the legacy of your ancestors. Slaying one's kin is worse than death and fouls the soul. Never turn your back to a fight, nor turn down a challenge from the worthy. Never abandon the Gods for another, for it is they who granted the breath of life. Breaking this sacred code is a grave crime and will result in death and banishment of soul. Orvari Old History Early Origins Clan Orvar traces its roots back to its earliest peoples through a sacred tapestry from which the origin of the clan is told. It depicts a beautiful woman sitting atop a massive tree that appears to connect the stars to the floating island it sits upon. Lagara, as they call the woman, sits intently as she watches a great eagle descend from his perch on one of the thick branches. The eagle swoops down to the earth with what appear to be children clinging to its wings. It is these children who are regarded as the first mortals. As they dismount, the eagle announces that he is Argal, Master of the Sky. It is with this declaration that he spreads his massive wings and takes flight once again, resuming his unending watch over the tree and the evil that lays imprisoned beneath. As the children grow, so does a spark within them; a great desire to explore and discover the mysteries of the land that had been given to them. Some figures are shown to visit a sacred forest where they meet Andarta and her forest spirits. Others are shown climbing the highest mountains, calling to Argal from their peaks. All of the gods are visited and a bond is forged between the Gorundyr and the powerful beings that created them. The desire for adventure was engrained into the early descendants of Clan Orvar, leading to the creation of their motto “Fly High, Fly Far”. This thirst for adventure calls to all who have Orvar blood within their veins. Clan Orvar traces its earliest roots back to Havardr and his Joriin do Rah, meaning tribe of the gods, and thus so can all Gorundyr. Havardr was the earliest of men to bring the Gorundyr together, far before there was even thought of clans forming. He lead a united people, and in his death was given ascension as a divine being by Gorund, as well as certain others that had served him in life. Losing such a powerful figure shattered the Gorundyr, however, starting the formation of Clans. It was here that a man named Tyr formed his own clan and named it Orvar. As the Gorundyr warred, Orvar grew stronger and accepted more survivors into its ranks, cementing it as one of the original clans. The Legend of Barid Orvar Early Orvar history remains largely unknown as there are no written records of such, only tales passed down by from past generations, as all written works that had once existed were destroyed. The restoration of knowledge can be attributed to one man, at least as far as Clan Orvar goes. Barid Orvar, also known as Barid the Reaver, was born into the clan at its worst. Destitute and crumbling under its own weight, Orvar had very little power and wealth. From a young age, Barid always had a fire in his eye and a taste for glory. A tactical genius and brilliant fighter, he set out to bring glory to his clan and gain the respect that they deserved. One by one the other clans fell to his might, either destroyed, brought to their knees, or assimilated into Clan Orvar. It was his extreme ferocity in battle that earned him the title “the Reaver”, a name that would bring even the strongest clans trembling to their knees. It only took him two years to unite all of the Gorundyr under his rule. Shortly after the war, the remaining clan chieftains gathered at a moot to discuss Barid. It was no doubt that this man was blessed by the gods and demanded respect. The other Chieftains bent their knee and swore loyalty to Barid, naming him the Yagar, or High Chieftain of the clans. With this power, he ushered in a new era of stability and growth for the Gorundyr. After fighting for so long, Barid spent a large amount of time travelling to far off lands and brought back the relics and knowledge of other civilizations. On one of his journeys he met a group of humans with pale skin and light hair who taught him how to read and write in their tongue. Barid brought this gift back to his Clan, as well as plenty of slaves. Upon his death, Barid was exalted into divinity. Havardr noticed the man's intense ferocity and skill as a tactician and warrior, choosing to elevate him as a member of the Joriin. This was seen as a high honour to Clan Orvar, as no other member of a Clan had been granted such since the Joriin themselves ascended into the heavens. A Mighty Clan Falls Prosperity would not last for Clan Orvar, however. During his rule, Barid fathered many sons that would soon tear his kingdom apart. Fueled by greed and a desire to surpass their father, the sons split the kingdom into pieces and started a civil war that would rage for decades. On one side, there was Moban and Ragaros, the two eldest sons. They were as close as kin could be, fighting to preserve their father's legacy and avenge his death at the hands of cowards. On the other, there was what all would come to call the three ‘Kinslayers’, named so for their crime. Due to greed and jealousy, the three sons Tethuk, Morodon, and Viseng, entered Barid’s clan hall itself, armed with daggers. They lured him to a private chamber with the intentions of talking about land being granted to them, where they struck. Barid was brutally slaughtered by the three, as well as two of his wives and a daughter, half sister to the three. It was this crime that would condemn the three not only in life, but death, and sparked a war that would rock the foundations of the Clan. It was not a long and drawn out war, however, but a brutal and short one. The gods had no love for Kinslayers, nor did any being of good soul. Moban and Ragaros quickly slaughtered the armies of the Kinslayers and brought them to justice. They and their remaining servants were lined up around a massive pit filled with coals lit aflame. Made to endure the intense heat, each one watched as the other was ritualistically killed, known as the Blood Eagle. Upon completion, the Kinslayers and their ilk were kicked into the pit, cleansed by Gorund’s flame. Orvar was certainly better off than it was before Barid, but it was no longer the mighty hammer that he had forged with fire and blood. The many long years of war weakened the Gorundyr, allowing a new enemy to rise up and drive them to near extinction. Fleeing Anthos The Scourge, they were called, though the Gorundyr did not know it at the time. The Priesthood declared them the minions of Maratsu and that the raven god would soon break free of his prison to bring about the end-times. The harsh frozen land of the Savaar, a place called home for as long as they could remember, now a living nightmare. The dead rose from their graves in the snow, the demons descended down upon their towns, and the plague rotted at the bodies of the dead. Fierce warriors they may have been, the Gorundyr were not prepared for the relentless onslaught that the scourge had brought to their doorstep. Abandoned by the gods, the people of Clan Orvar gathered what survivors remained and, with heavy hearts, left their lands and headed south. What they found surprised them. There were others like them, humans and entirely different beings, fleeing from the same threat. Their isolation had kept them ignorant of the world around them. Finally, they came upon a large host that had gathered outside a magnificent temple. The Scourge descended upon the host and a mighty battle was fought. Whether these strange folk were friend or foe, the Gorundyr could not be sure, but they joined in the battle. The strongest warriors formed one warband and fought alongside the great host, all of them ready to die so that their people could survive. The Battle raged on, only to be interrupted by a large tidal wave engulfing the land in the distance. Many began to flee at the sight of the wave, pushing into the temples depths where a portal lay. The horrors of Anthos were behind them, just as quick as they had come, and Clan Orvar found themselves in a new land. They saw that the gods had been angry with them, and that the strongest among them had been spared to bring about a new era for their people. Morvan, now Chieftain of Clan Orvar, vowed that the Gorundyr would be a strong and united people once again Athera and Onwards Blinded by Athera’s majesty and the promise of a new life, it was not long before Clan Orvar suffered in the new world. Persecuted for their faith by most, and only tolerated by others, they remained fractured as a people for the majority of the lands lifetime, remaining largely nomadic. A few remained in the northern reaches of the land, settling down both in Aesterwald and Nerezza, until both were destroyed by the Church of the Canon and Orenian crusades. Now, in Vailor, much remains the same. Many have perished and those who have not remain pilgrims and wanderers, seeking the whispers of the gods in the far reaches of the land. A burning ember lies deep in the hearts of those who call themselves Orvar and Gorundyr, a hope that one day the Clan will have a home of its own. The gods call out to the Gorundyr people and urge them not to give up hope, for the unrelenting spirit of this great people will never be extinguished. Noteable Figures Tyr of Orvar, the first Chieftain. Tyr forged his clan from the remnants of Havardr’s kingdom after his death and led them to prominence. He is said to have sat atop a throne carved from the remains of an ice giant, it’s frozen heart still beating faintly within. Tyr is credited with the alliance between human and giant, as Orvar was the only clan to offer aid and friendship to Fariik and his people. Hagnar, the Warrior Priest. As a young man, Hagnar was a simple farmer who struggled to survive in the harsh snows of Asulon. In his accounts, he attributes the changing of his being to an event on the icy banks of Hanseti. Hagnar lost his footing and plunged through the frail ice, sinking deep into the sea. As he drew his last breaths and his vision faded, he recounts only seeing a brilliant flash of light and spoke of an immense heat. The water around him started to boil violently, and he found himself expelled back to the surface, landing upon the shores. It was after sometime that he regained consciousness and found he had suffered no harm, nor did he feel the effects of the cold upon his flesh. From this day on, Hagnar pledged himself to Gorund and joined the priesthood, devoting his entire life to the eradication of the eldritch. Barid of Orvar, the first Yagar. Clan Orvar found itself destitute and weak, barely clinging to life in the frozen wastes of the Savaar, but their luck would change. Barid, from his very birth, showed a renewed spirit that inspired his kinsmen. Upon his coming of age, Barid would join the Haukvengr warband and begin his legend as a fierce warrior. Eventually, Barid united Orvar and all of the other Gorundyr clans, crowning himself as the first Yagar, or High Chieftain. It was his deeds in life that drew the gaze of Havardr and his Joriin, and upon his brutal murder by his sons, he was welcomed into their pantheon. Now, Barid stands as one of Orvar’s greatest ancestors, for not only was he deserving of respect in life, but also now with his godhood. Aventia, Legendary Shield-Maiden. Once a member of the powerful Clan Oghma, Aventia married into Clan Orvar after her clan's near destruction by Barid. Beforehand, Aventia was a well respected foe, and it was her warband of Shield-Maidens which screamed defiance in the face of Barid. When her clan faced defeat and found their name tainted by their refusal to acknowledge Barid’s superiority, Aventia abandoned the clan and set her eyes on a man named Moban, the eldest son of the Yagar. With his refusal to acknowledge Aventia as a worthy bride, she challenged him to a series of duels, defeating him at every turn. She had shown that her spirit was great and earned the respect of the Clan, and thus Moban’s hand in marriage. Application MC Name: RP Name: Skype Name(You may PM it): Teamspeak?: Timezone: Profession(s)(Include level): Will this be a main character?: Open Characters Below is a list of characters of the main Orvar bloodline that have yet to be played. These are all children of my characters siblings, and are mostly blank slates, though their births and such happened ingame. Any questions? send me a private message or add me on skype. Skype: doctorowyn Torkel’s ((BooMziE, skype: mrboomer337)) line: Alvilda (Daughter), Arvid (Son), Eirik (Son) Aeron’s line: Brynjar (Son) Senua’s line: Eylof (Son), Fiske (Son), Eydis (Daughter) Feel free to message me on skype with any questions regarding the Clan or Culture.
  5. The BoulderBear Clan The BoulderBear clan originates from generations of Nomads, Traders and Hunters from a variety of different clans throughout the ages, though it should be noted that the majority of the members fit the standard classifications of Mountain Dwarves due to their fiery red hair and broad, strong upper bodies. For many generations The BoulderBears have wandered about the lands, either following game or simply going where the money was, It would be rare for them to be found settling in the same place for too long if there are better opportunities elsewhere- because of this many of the members have been almost completely overwhelmed by greed, focusing only on moneymaking for themselves or their kin, and in that greed they have mostly exercised chaotic neutrality amongst other clans, often only remaining loyal to the Grand King if they are called upon in war. Aside from the Grand King, the BoulderBears would only truly serve whoever would benefit them the most, which eventually lead to their controversial motto "The BoulderBear's allegiance is with the highest bidder." and if you are lucky enough to be 'the highest bidder' then no task is too tall, so long as the correct payment is available, they certainly aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. It would be worth knowing that due to their lengthy amounts of time spent away from society and only in the company of other clansmen, the BoulderBears can often be very traditional with many of their usual activities, common examples being fighting shirtless (So not to forsake their clothing and material possession), the wearing of black bearskin to symbolise leadership or creating and following order through the use of contracts made and amended exclusively by the ClanFather. Outside of usual business and general greed, hunting is an integral part of the Clan's culture and interests, so much so that when settling in a non business location, BoulderBears will usually make camp in any location known for big game, especially bears (hence the name). It is also common for the BoulderBears to keep wolves or large dogs as pets to aid their hunting efforts, whilst equipped with a proper spear or tomohawk, BoulderBears often act as ferocious beast masters in times of battle. Current Leader(s): Haggis BoulderBear, Alpha. (CaptainMordew) Harry BoulderBear, in Haggis' absence only. (bod101) Current Allegiances: The Grand King (Usually regardless of who) The Grandaxe Clan (In exchange for a tavern and their protection) The Princedom of Fenn (In exchange for land to make camp and hunting grounds) Current Members: Haggis BoulderBear (CaptainMordew) Harry BoulderBear (bod101) Moira BoulderBear (WingedWolf) Grandpappy Hamish BoulderBear (Boziah) Henry BoulderBear (thenoobenator) Family Tree: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19FNfUwaYbZpsDImaWOhEADe51KbgZs4qh-W-w3qgp8I/edit?usp=sharing If you wish to join then it is recommended your character fits the following traits- Dwarf (Mountain or Cave preferably) Greedy over Honourable Loyal to only the current BoulderBear Clanfather Materialistic Willing to do ANYTHING for the right price RP with an already existing member Apply below, exceptions can be made, contact the current leader in game for queries!
  6. The Grandaxe Clan [Old Thread] [This is posted here so that those who view Clans and the like in this forum can see this topic, this one will not be updated as much as the primary one here] Lore and History Culture and Traditions Important Values Appearance Religion Rites of Passage Lineages Clan Holds & Halls Application
  7. -=The Galbenza Gentlemen=- The best dressed master criminals Invitation Letter : About Us: We are a group of men and women who believe that self progression is key to achieving our role in life. We are not deterred by laws set by any nation, as we do not belong to any nation and so they do not affect us. Our roots stretch far and wide, and we know more than we let on. To betray another member of our group is like killing yourself, and it is with much regret that we remove traiterous members immediatly. Our history is known by only our members and a select few, and it shall forever remain so. Through much dealings with other guilds of our type, we have managed to be one of three founding members for the main confederation of organisations similar to ours; the Larcenist's Confederation. This is all you need to know of us, and all you will ever need to know, unless you feel inclined to join our ranks. If so, we await your letter. If you Join us, who will you be working with?: To put it simply, you will be working with the best of the best at what we do. Amongst those who will be working with you are people who meticulously plan out every aspect of a job to the finest detail, yet they are also people who are able to put together a well functioning, fluid plan in an instant, should they be required. Although the requirement for entry is relatively low, you will need to prove yourself as an adequate planner and undertaker of said plans to be able to move up our ranks. If working with petty thieves is your goal, we will be a disappointment to you. We are not the average bandit at the side of the road, or the petty pickpocket who targets simple people such as the rich. No, we are masters of our art, and we are more often than not in and out of the scene a few minutes before anyone has realised what has happened. What are our requirements to join us?: First off, you must have reasonable skills at pickpocketing, lockpicking, and remaining unseen, unheared and undetected. If you have a history of violence, this must be controlled, as we do not murder unless provoked first, or have absolutely no other option, such as in gang battles.We do, however, relieve items from those who have too much, such as the rich, or the powerful (which is, most often, one and the same). You must be willing to follow orders to the letter, and must be able to undertake said orders without hesitation. You must be willing to lie, steal and trick your way into doing things, and you must have no moral boundaries when it comes to this. We do not have time for people who cannot operate under stress. We do not have time for those who cannot work like clockwork with other team members. We are the best, and in order to maintain this rank, we must operate the best. Ranks/Application Letters: Outer Guild: Inner Guild Application: Outer Guild Application: Services the Galbenza Gentlemen Provide: ((Do not meta game this information!)) -Thievery of certain locations, for payment -Heists of certain locations, for higher payment -Kidnappings/false incriminations/disruption of information, for very high payment -Fencing of items ((pm me for details))
  8. Clan of the Sorrow's Wind ((First off, OOC clarification. This isn't a Uruk clan, a house, or otherwise, being that they exist outside of nations. They don't follow the same rules, etc, and they would normally "recruit people," incorporating them into the family, rather than people being born into it, albeit some are. (Basically anyone may be brought into this clan, via application or RP, or for being born to someone already within the clan) Also, this does not require a VA, but it is suggested you get one. Will make integration a lot easier.)) A young elven man walks alone on the roads to Malinor. He walks, a short spear in hand, and upon his shoulder is a small image. It shows the wind carrying tears. As you approach, he turns. It is obvious he has traveled for a long time. He watches you, a deep sadness permeating his eyes. And so, you turn away, and leave him. But the next day, you are on the road again. This time, though, you head for Dwarven lands, and you see a dwarf. He wields a simple staff. He too, has the insignia on his shoulder, and he seems to have been heading out. He does not notice you watching, but you notice that he has stopped to help a young man on the road, who seems distraught. The dwarf nods. He gets up, and begins to walk towards the mountain. The man seems to be thanking him as he goes. You do not know what for. You continue on your journey, the meeting slipping from your mind. It is a week later, and you go to Oren. There, there is an old lady, walking out of her house with a cane. She too has the symbol, but hers is upon her cane. She sees a man mugging another, and she quietly walks towards them. Neither pays her any attention. After all, she is only an old lady. But a couple moments later, you see the flash of steel, and you see in her hands a syringe. It is filled with a red liquid, the colour of blood. It is not. It is poison. ((Mercury, but unless you were certain people, you would not know. And if Tuna exists IG (which it does), so must mercury, just to tell you.)) She jabs it into the man mugging the other, and the mugger collapses, twitching violently. The woman brings her cane down into his throat, and he is still. The other man thanks her, and runs away quickly. The woman walks back to her house. You turn away, deciding it was best to ignore it. And it is a month later that you go to the lands of the orcs, for you must find something precious there. And there, you see an orc, with the symbol engraved onto his blade. He is in combat with two other orcs, who were attempting to kill a halfling. And you believe perhaps this one was simply being selfish, attempting to get the halfling's foot for a meal. But you watch him cut down one orc, and after a struggle with the next, killing them both. And he bends down, you think to kill the halfling. You begin to turn away, thinking you may be next, but you see the orc cut through the halfling's bonds, releasing him, and telling him, to run and get out of orc lands before more come. He sees you and shouts at you that it would be best for you to leave too, and he turns back to his dead kin, dragging them into some dead bushes. He pulls a flint and steel from a small pouch, and begins to burn the bodies. You run, forgetting all about the precious thing you have lost. But you grow curious. And you begin to ask around, but no one seems to know who these people are. And when you go back to seek those people who you saw helped and saved, and you speak with them, they tell you they don't know anything. Some didn't even see the insignia. And when you go to what you assumed was the old lady's house, she is not there. And you go back to it a few times, but she is never there. A year passes, you are about to give up. But it is then that a young elven man approaches you by the entrance to your homeland. You remember him. The first one. He speaks to you. "I am the Spear of the Sorrow's Wind," he says. "We have been watching you. Observing you. You turned your back on us at first. But you grew curious. And we believe that we might make right in you yet. Come with me. And we shall see if you are fit to be one of us." ((Now, OOC information. You would know little to none of this IC)) The Colours The colours of the Sorrow's Wind is that of forest green, black, grey, and a grey-blue. Physical Traits Due to their methods of incorporation, their physical traits are very varied. Those who are born directly into the clan though, via the elven lines stemming from the original Llumn'iheiu family, have black hair, tall and thin, agile, at least some elven blood, and bright green eyes. Mental/Personality Traits All the clan is willing to put others above themselves, even those outside of the clan. They do not differentiate allegiances, religions, or races, if someone were in trouble, they would help (the exception is those they know to have caused too much trouble for them in the past). Their path involves traveling, often. They are seldom traveling with others, and as such, lead a very lonely life. Few will marry, and those who do might not find time to be together often. But for them, love is for life. They choose one person to love. They will rarely ever choose another. Religion/Faith/Spiritualism The religions are extremely varied, and there are some without a religion, those who follow the Creator, those who might be a druid, cleric, or Krug. Any may be a part of the clan, and are free to hold any religion, as long as they believe in the goodness of the heart, and are willing to put others above themselves, and whilst willing to persuade others to convert, not willing to force them via torture or threats. Diplomatic Relationships As decided by council decision, they currently offer their support to Kal'halla, for their offer of land and their thus far honourable composition. Leadership There is no official leadership in the clan, and anyone above the age of 16 who has passed initiation may attend the council meetings, and vote on things such as whether to let a potential initiate to be taken in, rules, etc. Who May Join? As shown by the RP bit, it may be anyone, if they are willing IC to give up on selfish things. Now, there are some things which might obstruct certain races. Orcs, for example, are not in their nature to fight their bloodlust. However, a way this can be solved is by defending the weak being attacked by the strong, turning their bloodlust to kill the offender. Or a dwarf might participate in the mugging or wait until it is over in order to steal, due to greed. Or perhaps feel an urge to pickpocket. Turn that to pickpocketing the rich and giving some to the poor, or killing the mugger, and looting him instead. So on and so forth. The Initiation The initiation starts at the age of 16. It is at this point that the Initiate goes forth to become one of the Clan. It tests skills and ability, mind, and endurance, and finally the willingness to help. Each initiation is engineered for each initiate. Rituals Find out in RP! Guidance and Rules (WIP) 1. Each clan member, upon the passing of the initiation, chooses a title to be used in public, and from that point forward, use their real names only with the closest of friends outside of the clan, and with other members of the clan. The title prefixes "of the Sorrow's Wind." So things like, Wolf of the Sorrow's Wind, etc. 2. In most all cases, with some exceptions, should one call to help, one should respond. Unless it is a violent action one is required to commit to help, one is required to help in any way possible, and if violent action is required, one should find the nearest possible help available, being other clan members who are willing to engage, or authorities and friends. 3. In the case that a member has been wronged by an outsider, and the outsider calls for help, the member must respond to his call, providing it is non-violent. Should it be a call for help involving violence, the clan member is not obliged to help, and should leave him to his fate. Should they leave them to their fate, they must call out to the outsider, "As you have wronged me, others wrong you. Your blood and tears stain the land." But if you choose to help him, you forgive him, and you will say, "My memory is gone, and your deeds wiped away. My tears stain the winds no longer, and you are forgiven." You will henceforth act as though you had never known the person. 4. In the case that attempting to help is hopeless, and dangerous, one must still attempt to help. Should it be that it will likely end in your death, you will say, as you step in, "I walk alone, spreading kindness as I may, and so my blood and tears shall stain the wind." Punishments Find out in RP! How to Join There are three ways. Via IG RP, and App, or forum RP. No matter what, there will be an IG initiation, which will test you and your character, depending on their abilities. The Clan Seal (The Symbol) (Sorry about how simple it looks, I'll try and find someone who can actually do art to make the seal. But this would be about how it looks, albeit a bit fancier and more elegant. If someone was willing to take this and fancy it up, would be greatly appreciated.) Homeland The people of the clan search for a land for them to occupy in Anthos, during times of rituals and gatherings, but as of yet, the council has not decided. They are currently considering the offer of the Kal'hallans. Even still, they are largely nomadic, and likely would not remain for too long. Military They have a militia, but being individuals whom are seldom around each other, they rarely organize themselves into the said militia, except for when the clan's existence as a whole is threatened. Currently, the militia is attempting to organize itself, and put down the feuds in their homeland of Asulon, so they may concentrate their efforts on these new rumours of demonic beings. The App (An extensive one, much is just for documentational reasons): Out Of Character MC Name: Forum Name: Skype Name: Timezone: Why do you wish to join the Clan? In Character Character's Name: Character Status (Alt, main?): Age: Race: Strengths/Weaknesses Religion: Any Current Allegiances: If your char has any current national allegiances, are you willing to either give those up, or make it so that your character might make an exception if a fellow clan member got in the way, you would not harm him/her? Are they biologically related, or are you having them join the Clan via recruition? If biologically related, how so (Brother, Sister, Cousin, Daughter, Son, etc, and exactly who)? Bio of Character (short, 1-2 paragraphs of 3-5 sentences): ((Some of this is a WIP, is subject to change, be added to, detracted to, and so forth.))
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