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Found 13 results

  1. Ancient House Frey https://open.spotify.com/track/4TVtXw28cKW0qT8aNM2ODh?si=mpztXve2T86_FUkK8gIbkQ Sapientia Igni Wisdom in fire! “ Our hands STEEL, Our minds like saints!” “Our blood will live on through our work. Mindless are the warriors, Gods are the one with talent.“ Ancient House Frey Wisdom in fire! “ Our hands STEEL, Our minds like saints!”
  2. -=- Clan Irongrinder ᛞᚪ ᚳᚻᚱᚩᚾᚢᛘᚢᚱᚱᚢᛘ -=- “The Khronumurrum Always Prevail” Irongrinders or Khronumurrum in the dwarven tongue are a clan of industrious and hardworking dwed who value innovation and progression above many other things, them being ambitious and quick to action, though they almost always have an aura of cold, discerning logic about them. Having existed for many centuries, they have brought up many influential Dwedmar, from Kings to tactician and powerful sorcerers, Irongrinders have held great power in the Dwarven nation, with the histor
  3. Maiyun

    Clan Lur

    оО〇・-・〇Оо・-・оО〇・-・〇Оо・-・оО〇・-・〇Оо I swear that I will ride like the wind, hunt like the wolf and kill like my ancestors before me. My weapon belongs to Lur, my body belongs to Lur, my life belongs to Lur. I am loyal above all to Lur, I will die for Lur. I forsake my land, wealth and glory, all that is mine belongs to my clan. оО〇・-・〇Оо・-・оО〇 Lore 〇Оо・-・оО〇・-・〇Оо The Lur Clan was formed by Lur, one of the four sons of Krug. The clan has a long history in Orcish culture, standing itself alongside the Gorkil and Azog clans as some of the longest in existence.
  4. Catarrh

    Clan Yar

    <O> Yar: Many years ago, the great shaman Malog raised the banner of Yar for the first time in Anthos, instating a long-running clan of wisemen and those dedicated to the worship of the spirits. Symbolised by the duhnah skhelll, the great man-eating tortoises of the desert, they revere the Ancestral spirit Yar, said to be the wisest of his clan. While Yars place great emphasis on spirituality and the attainment of wisdom, they follow the basic fundamentals of orcish life and value strength and honour; they are still orcs, and will fight ferocio
  5. -=[] Clan Irongrinder []=- Khronumurrum -=[]=- -=(History)=- -=(Patron Gods)=- -=(Clan Relics)=- -=(Trials)=- -=(Feats)=- -=(Clan Leaders)=- Clan Father: Darek Irongrinder ((Sneakybandit)) Elders: Zahrer Irongrinder ((Josh3738)) Kalgrimmor Irongrinder ((Z3m0s)) -=(APPLICATION)=- Before you apply feel free to speak with the clan father or an elder for help MC Name: Character Name: Character Age: Short Bio: Lineage: Skin you intend to use:(One can be created or mo
  6. The Zaodim The Zaodim is coalition of races bound by honor, united by a desire to defend their principles, and territories. An Image of Zao, namesake of the Zaodim History: The Zaodim initially arose in Athera as a group of mercenaries who undertook bounty missions and adventures for contractors. They were nomadic in nature, moving from town to town, city to city in search of more work. After being contracted by a wealthy individual to explore and chart the relatively unknown Primora Jungle islands, the group ventured into the series of heavily contested jungles.
  7. The Clan Zahn Let me tell you the legend of a clan that had not the easiest of existences, but had remained alive thanks to their stubborness; although stubborness was as much of a boon as it was a blessing and they had fallen to that exact same thing. This is a story about clan Zahn, who they are, what they are, and what they thought their purpose had been. This said clan was a powerful one yet lonesome one, not many had known about this clan due to seclusion and none of heard the story until I have decided to share it with you today. Survival and Presumed Exti
  8. There is rumour of a society not known by many. Their members are everywhere. In our government and across the lands. Some say it is a clan. A clan named the Red Star. We are a undercover, group of assassins known by few and seen by none. We are always on the bout, looking for contracts to complete and work for the highest bidder. We do not favour or descriminate towards any faction and strive to achieve our clans goals of becoming a hierarchy. We are always looking for young and strong men AND woman willing to take part in this forever blood oath of brotherhood and strive for power to th
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0PvZGVPiJU Clan Orvar “Fly High, Fly Far” ((Clan Orvar is based on a pagan human culture I created, inspired by the Celts and the Norse. I would HIGHLY recommend reading this post (Gorundyr Culture and Religion) which contains all of the details and knowledge on the Gorundyr culture and religion, which Clan Orvar is apart of. Any additional beliefs listed here are strictly followed by the Clan!)) A Clan is Reborn Far in the eastern reaches of the Konigsreich of Vandoria, within the mountainous valleys of Hallowvale,
  10. The BoulderBear Clan The BoulderBear clan originates from generations of Nomads, Traders and Hunters from a variety of different clans throughout the ages, though it should be noted that the majority of the members fit the standard classifications of Mountain Dwarves due to their fiery red hair and broad, strong upper bodies. For many generations The BoulderBears have wandered about the lands, either following game or simply going where the money was, It would be rare for them to be found settling in the same place for too long if there are better opportunities elsewhere- because of this m
  11. The Grandaxe Clan [Old Thread] [This is posted here so that those who view Clans and the like in this forum can see this topic, this one will not be updated as much as the primary one here] Lore and History Culture and Traditions Important Values Appearance Religion Rites of Passage Lineages Clan Holds & Halls Application
  12. -=The Galbenza Gentlemen=- The best dressed master criminals Invitation Letter : About Us: We are a group of men and women who believe that self progression is key to achieving our role in life. We are not deterred by laws set by any nation, as we do not belong to any nation and so they do not affect us. Our roots stretch far and wide, and we know more than we let on. To betray another member of our group is like killing yourself, and it is with much regret that we remove traiterous members immediatly. Our history is known by only our members and a select few, and it shall forever
  13. Clan of the Sorrow's Wind ((First off, OOC clarification. This isn't a Uruk clan, a house, or otherwise, being that they exist outside of nations. They don't follow the same rules, etc, and they would normally "recruit people," incorporating them into the family, rather than people being born into it, albeit some are. (Basically anyone may be brought into this clan, via application or RP, or for being born to someone already within the clan) Also, this does not require a VA, but it is suggested you get one. Will make integration a lot easier.)) A young elven man walks alone on
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