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Found 1 result

  1. Wulfric Comhan Grandaxe Etymology: Wulfric:‘wolf-leader’ Comhan: ‘co-birth’ or ‘twin’ Nicknames: ‘Azurebeard’ ‘Wulf’ ‘Wul-fry’ Age: 322 Gender: Male Race: Dwarf Status: Alive Description Height: 4,5 ft Weight: 90kg Body Type: Muscular Eyes: Light brown Hair: Dark brown Skin: Light Markings/Tattoos: Two axes crossed on his back Health: Healthy Personality: Wulfric is brave, concerns for his and his family’s honor. He likes to joke around with his mates. He is intelligent, being the High Remembrancer. He is straight-forward, he lets people know what is needed of them quite quickly. He’s a bit sensitive, takes things harshly- mainly because he thinks too much about what is said and what is done. He’s also quite sarcastic because he’s a funny guy, but, behind all the laughter and peace, stands a ruthless, impatient, murderer. Inventory: An Orc tusk from his Grandaxe trials. Sharp and poisonous pincers from a scadernack from his elder trials. A Claymore-like blade. A small handmade bow and a quiver. His pink purse with torture tools. A notebook Further Details: His pink purse with torture tools includes: a flaying knife that he looted from a Flay’s body in The Battle of Snow (eventhough he doesn’t use it very well), Little ‘pin’ knifes that can be used for multiple painful stabs in sensitive spots and a dull dagger for pain. Life Style Alignment*: Lawful Neutral Deity*: Yemekar, Dungrimm, Ogradhad Religion: Brathmorkin Alliance/Nation/Home The Grand Kingdom of Urguan Job/Class: A Legionnaire, A High Remebrancer. Title(s): Legion Lieutenant, High Remembrancer, Clan Father of the Grandaxe, Lord Wulfric Grandaxe Profession(s): Legionnaire, Scribe Special Skill(s): Wielding a blade, Writing (It’s considered special amongst the dwarves) and drinking Flaw(s): Useless with women, a bad climber, thinks too much. Weaponry Fighting Style: Two-handed fencing Trained Weapon: Sword, battle-axe, small bow and a crossbow Favored Weapon: A Claymore Archery: A crossbow Biography Parents: Elie Grandaxe, Unknown father Siblings: Delric Grandaxe Children: Thrain, Terris, Barfek Grandaxe Extended Family: Uncle Grand King Thorin, Grandfather Chaecus Grandaxe Pet(s): A pony named Beffy History Artwork
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