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Found 2 results

  1. Zodiacs of Axios “Stars are like people in a colony, really. If they don’t work together in partnership to create a picture, there’s no point in trying to find one.” - Chaolnia -~*~- With recent studies within the Warhawkian lands with the aid of several days and nights to test the theory it was discovered of new Zodiacs of which with further in-depth work it was found that there was also various personalities and more to pair with them according to one’s birth seed. -~*~- Uhier The Deep Cold Also known as the Commander Zodiac, the constellation consists of five bright stars that manifest a warhorn like appearance, showing off only that of bravery and the one making decisions when to give the huff of air to indicate the beginning of any sort of battle. Ironically, the element for these individuals would be ‘air’, for their aura about them gives off such a feeling of control heavily behind it. Commanders are natural-born leaders. People with this Zodiac type embody the gifts of charisma and confidence, and project authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal. However, they can also be characterized by an often ruthless amount of rationality, using their push, determination and sharp minds to achieve whatever goal they’ve set for themselves or others. Happiness in their life lies in achievements, and accomplishments they manage to complete. Kathir The First Seed Also known as the Debater Zodiac, the constellation consists of five bright stars that manifest a two-headed snake like being, showing off only their two faced behavior and trickiness when it comes to winning a verbal war. Should the two faced be the hiding of secret emotions from others while few may be able to inspect them, as they always hold a knack for arguing should it be friendly or otherwise. Ironically, the element for these individuals would be ‘fire’, for they hold a spice to the desire of winning, an inner flame which roars to win such affairs. Debaters are the ultimate Iblees advocate, thriving on the process of shredding arguments and beliefs and letting the ribbons drift in the wind for all to see. They don’t do this because they are trying to achieve some deeper purpose or strategic goal, but for the simple reason of enjoyment. No one loves the process of mental sparring more than Debaters, as it gives them a chance to work out an effortlessly quick wit, broad accumulated knowledge base, and capacity for connection disparate ideas to prove their points. Happiness lies in family and friends for time to time it can be a rarity for these and their love of arguing. Divu The Amber Cold Also known as the Logistician Zodiac, the constellation consists of five bright stars that manifest a hourglass appearance, showing off their love for perfection in time, and more. For in their case, ‘Perfect makes Perfection’ is quite literal! Ironically, the element for these individuals would be ‘light’, for all they wish is to light one in their mind and enlighten other with choice of words or pure logic of anything should it be a theory, and mere opinion - they’d find a way to put logic behind it, even if proclaimed impossible. Logisticians are thought to be most abundant, holding defined characteristics such as integrit, practical logic and tireless dedication to duty make them a vital core to many families, as well as organizations or guilds that uphold traditions, rules and standards, such as law offices, regulatory bodies and military. Happiness lies in taking responsibility for their good actions, and pride in the work they do. Faesu The Grand Harvest Also known as the Consul Zodiac, the constellation consists of five bright stars that manifests into a horseshoe, showing off the burst into energy they obtain during early ages of life. Typically going out and about wildly to engage in plenty of social activities that obtain much to do with others and mendling. Ironically, the elements for these individuals would be ‘earth’, for they hold everything to them deep should it even be a mere pebble. Consuls are thought to be most outgoing, and truly unique in a fashion which only attracts other descendants to them - They are discovered mostly in opened areas such as cities, and more. However, later in life they are known to ease down and become more relaxed. Happiness lies in the joy of others, and youth. Tayna Malin’s Breath Also known as the Meditator Zodiac, the constellation consists of seven bright stars which manifest into crossing wings that aren't held at a center to show express the freedom and creativity their minds of purity hold. Ironically, their element is ‘wind’ to indicate their gullible behavior in life, but to also hint off the daydreaming they often do. Mediators are true idealists, always looking for the hint of good in even the worst of people and events, searching for ways to make things better. While they may be perceived as calm, reserved, or even shy, Mediators have an inner flame and passion that can truly shine. Even when misunderstood these individuals tend to get along better with those of the same Zodiac. Happiness can be found in discovering someone and their hidden good. Meracahe Sun’s Smile Also known as the Adventurer Zodiac, the constellation consists of five bright stars which manifest into an interlocking plow and arrow to express the different characteristics of said two object but how they are capable to work together in unison to hold complete balance. The arrow being that of hunt, and pride - while the gardening tool shows such tranquility and prosperity - such as these individuals are able to work easily with life surrounding even if it appears not to be. Ironically, their element is ‘energy’ as they obtain such a high amount that. For it is incredible since they barely ever appear to be worn at the least. Adventurers are true artists, but not necessarily in the typical sense where they’re out painting happy little flowers. Often enough however, they are perfectly capable of this. Rather, it is that they use aesthetics, design and even their choices and actions push the limits of social convention. They enjoy breaking traditional expectations with experiments in beauty and behavior - the saying ‘don’t box me in!’ being quite literal. Happiness can be discovered in trying something new. Maehr Snow’s Maiden Also known as the Defender Zodiac, the constellation consists of nine bright stars which manifest into a bokolo stretching its head upwards in an indication it is looking upwards to another in awe or even obeying said other as they lack skills to truly take lead of something even if they tend to hold various skills that mainly are to aid others with horrific issues and more. Ironically, their element is ‘ice’ to show off the various stages they can take should it be a benefit or not - as these individuals tend to show different characteristics over the span of time and not fully at once as others would expect such to occur. Defenders are quite the unique type, as many of their qualities defy the definition of their individual traits. Though sensitive, Defenders have excellent analytical abilities; Though reserved, they have well-developed people skills and robust social relationships; and though they are generally a conservative type. Happiness can be discovered in the helping of others, and quietness. Chaolnia grins lightly, grasping firmly onto the parchment she had finally finished off! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RVU6cwNFpcPXz8dTtsokiJuHgGXYfcb5CPhj_xCAWqo
  2. "Your Kub will provide great wealth for the Uzg, for he shall be born beneath Durnorksru." When the sun rests beneath the sands of the Uzg, a blanket of darkness, bejeweled with innumerable stars envelops the land. To the untrained eye it would appear as a series of scattered lights, but to the Ilzhonal, those that study the Ilzpaak (Constellations), there is much to be said about the formations found within the celestial sky. It is often said by students of this Zodiac that the constellations were created by the Immortal Spirits, and those born under specific Ilzpaak are attuned with the energy of the spirit that created it. Ilzhonal Ilzhonal, the great Star Watchers, those that dedicate a vast majority of their time to studying the grand constellations that adorn the night sky. They believe that the time of birth for a kub is extremely important, and the energy of the Spirit beneath which they are born will have a great influence on their personalities and life path. They often exclude themselves from Laz'Dur so that they may study in peace, and for a pregnant Orc to consult one of these masters is something of a pilgrimage. It is considered a great importance to know your kub's spirit alignment. Pregnancy: When a Fe-Uruk is nearing the time to give birth (or just as she has given birth) she will venture to the Ilzhonal to receive a blessing and details of what her offspring will be like. The Ilzhonal live in dainty, cramped tents scattered within a far region of the Uzg. Their homes are typically rife with smells of incense and herbs, and are adorned in all directions by fetishes and paintings. Their shelves are often chock to the brim with old, dusty tomes and great vials of red and yellow sands. Parents will take a great note on the teachings of the Ilzhonal, for they will use his warnings to prevent their offspring from becoming victim to the unhealthy aspects of their alignments. The Importance of Sand: When a kub is born, the time of their birth is just as important as the constellations above them. There are two periods in which an Uruk can be born, and each period will have a varying effect upon the spiritual energy they receive from the Ilzpaak they are born beneath; they are categorized by the presence of the larger bodies in the sky. When the Sun is up, Uruk are born of the yellow sand. When they are born of the Moon, they are of the red sand. When the Ilzhonal determines this, they cover the kub in the sand specific to them, partaking in a great ritiual of blessing. Yellow Sand: Those born during the Yellow sand are alert individuals, those with a keen awareness for their environment and the factors within it. However, they focus so intensely on the outside world that they often forget to take note of themselves and how they are feeling. For this reason, they are more prone to emotional stimuli, and can be easily influenced into anger, or happiness in many situations. Uruk of the yellow sand are more inclined to action, and have a greater energy toward all things physical, such as fighting, building and dancing. Those assigned to the path of the Yellow sand are often destined for greatness in factors of war and building. They make up among the greatest fighters and builders the Uzg has seen, and are also more noted for their dynamic personalities. Red Sand: The Uruk born of the Red sand are more relaxed in their approach to life, having a more reticent view of the world. They only speak on matters of importance when they have a great passion for it. They are more inward focusing than outward, and can often fall into lapses of self-pity or greed. However, their perspective of introversion allows them to be less precarious than their counterparts, and they can become keen learners and intellectuals with the right guidance. Those assigned to the path of the Red sand are typically more inclined to become great teachers and sources of Wisdom for those of the Uzg. They are especially good at inventing new technologies and ways of living. Both: If an Uruk is born when the Sun rises, they are adorned in a mixture of both sands, but will be more inclined toward the traits of the Yellow Sand. Likewise, when the sun sets, those born are more inclined to the Red sand. It is said that it is optimum to be born with a meshing of the two sands, and that those born within these periods will lead lives of greatness. The Rising Sun Uruks are said to be great leaders, with many having the opportunity to claim Rexdom. Those of Sunset are destined for great paths of Shamanism and heightened connections to the Spirits. Ilzpaak and their assigned Spirits: As every month comes around, so too does a constellation assigned to that period. Those born within these times will be greatly influenced by the Spirits that created the Ilzpaak, and combined with their Sand Path, will follow the destiny written for them amidst the stars. Snow's Maiden - Daumanlob Spirit: Urin - The Immortal Spirit of Weather, Seasons and Climate. This constellation appears as the claw of a Raven. An Uruk born beneath Urin is subject to great inner turmoil. At any moment, they can change from great happiness to destructive rage. As those born within Daumanlob age, they will learn to hone their inner energy to draw on their heightened emotional states when they are needed the most. For this reason, they can go on to become great performers, warriors and inventors. Yellow: Those of Urin, with the path of the Yellow sand will become extremely precarious individuals. Their lives will consist of great struggle as they attempt to balance themselves in all things. They are also prone to extremes in all things, whether it be gambling or competition. Those of Yellow are more inclined to become great warriors and story tellers, relying on their ability to over-exaggerate everything. Red: Those of Urin, with the path of the Red sand will have less of a struggle with their inner machinations, but will still be liable to an inner conflict. They will have a great many idea for projects, but will struggle to settle upon a final design. They are essentially perfectionists, who will very rarely find satisfaction in their endeavors. Krug's Welcome - Krugbroshan Spirit: Akezo - The Immortal Spirit of Health, Vitality and Healing. This constellation appears as a wing. Uruk born beneath Akezo are very energetic individuals, with a great ability to heal internally from great emotional trauma. They are not easily angered by outside influence, and they are quite capable of flowing through life without much inner-turmoil, but can also lose sight of what is important. Uruk born within Krugbroshan are well known for their ressilience, and can become wise and great teachers of life. They also make exceptional healers and potion brewers. Yellow: Those of Akezo, with the path of the Yellow sand will have a profound influence on the future of the Uzg, for it is within them to provide kubs of great strength. It is highly recommended for those of Yellow to pursue lives of hunting and War, for they have a great capability to withstand the harshness and solitude that comes with it. However, they can also become too familiar with being alone, and can segregate themselves from the rest of the Uzg as they recline into a life of self-sufficiency. Red: Those of Akezo, with the path of the Red sand will also provide healthy kubs. Additionally, those of this path are more prone to extending their healing capabilities into others. It is for this reason that they pursue professions of healing. This desire to help others extends into all aspects of life, and they can be rather naive in assisting people. Those of the Red sand assume an inner-good in all creatures, and put themselves at great risk. First Seed - Ashblûg Spirit: Ublulhar - The Immortal Spirit of Hope and New Beginnings. This constellation appears in the shape of a seed. When you are born in alignment with Ublulhar, you will have an unquenchable desire to accumulate new skills. Many of the Uruk born within Ashblûg are destined to become a Jacks of all trades, but master of none. They will spend some times involved within a certain pursuit, and will them drop it for something else. For this reason, they are bad leaders and parents. However, they will continue to have a great birth of knowledge, which will at many points in their live become useful to them. Yellow: Those of Ublulhar, with the path of the Yellow sand are less dedicated to the many interests in their lives. They will go on to have a great number of mates and hobbies, and this can lead to them being viewed rather negatively by other Uruk. Despite this, they are quick to take on news tasks and with their heightened energy, can finish them before they run the risk of losing interest. They can become very influencing in the Uzg, typically among the more productive members of society. Red: Those of Ublulhar, with the path of the Red sand are inclined to hold onto their interests for greater lengths of time. They have a propensity, given the right environment, to become masters of the fields they are interested in. However, they can become so obsessed with their interests that they can often grow without families or friends, and if they are not careful, may live in relative solitude. Grand Harvest - Durnorksru Spirit: Arwa - The Immortal Spirit of Fertility, Harvesting and Farming. This constellation appears as a womb. Interestingly, Uruk born within Durnorksru are more often born twins than the other Uruk of the War Uzg, and at the very least will have extremely large families. They place a great importance on child rearing and working as a team, and can find their place within many crowds and professions. However, Uruk of Arwa can lose sight of their own inner power as they rely too heavily on group efforts. These Uruk are also inclined to over-eating, and can become particularly gluttonous. Yellow: Those of Arwa, with the path of the Yellow sand are keen farmers, working the fields with little to no complaint as they provide for their family, the Uzg. They are happy to work in any way that can better the society in which they live, and they can also become great parents, rearing many offspring. Due to their reliance on a team effort, they can struggle in their personal lives to follow pursuits that require their own abilities. As great a parents as many can become, they can also fall into the trap of not having the self-confidence to pursue mates. Red: Those of Arwa, with the path of the Red sand are in great risk of becoming obese. Due to their relative introversion, they tend to become gluttonous as they focus intently on food. Many of those born uner Durnorksru pursue carreers of food preparing, whether to provide for others or to sate their own hunger is a factor of much debate. Sun's smile - Aanzrii Spirit: Paxahru - The Immortal Spirit of Arrogance and Stupidity. This constellation appears as a grin. It is often said that arrogance and stupidity are usually twinned together, and the Uruk born under Paxahru are perfect examples of this. They typically over-estimate their abilities, and this blind confidence can often lead to many tribulations within their life. However, this arrogance allows them to bully other Uruk into helping them achieve their goals. Yellow: Those of Paxahru, with the path of the Yellow sand are very outwardly confident, waltzing across the Uzg with a keen awareness of how great they are. They expect others to perceive this as well, and will often spark fights when they are met with resistance. Those of the Yellow path often succumb to irreparable damage as they strive to single-handedly slay beasts or jump great distances. Red: Those of Paxahru, with the path of the Red sand are far more cranial than their counterparts, often sparking discussions among other Uruk to mock them. They believe that their views are unequivocally true and this almost invariably leads to them being beaten into submission. Nevertheless, the debates that they spark can have an ability to provoke life-changing thought as the Uruk of the War Uzg discuss their lives. Amber cold - Agongraz Spirit: Ghorza - The Immortal Spirit of Spirit, Travel, Movement and Fortune both Bad and Good. This constellation appears as a walking cane. When you are born in alignment with the Spirit of Travel, you are helpless to resist the wanderlust that guides your life. The Uruk born in Agongraz are no happier than when they are exploring the world. Whether it be with peaceful or villainous means, those of Ghorza are rarely seen within the sands of the Uzg. They are so encapsulated with movement that they are rarely comfortable in themselves. They are consistently faced with tribulation, and their levels of luck seem to vary in great extremes. Yellow: Those of Ghorza, with the path of the Yellow sand take a great interest in exploring the world, and will often do this through the opportunities that raiding and War provide. For this reason, when they are of age, they are usually the first to sign up for the Krug-hai and raiding parties. Due to this, they do not often live to an old age, and will often be slain in their travels as in their keenness, they under prepare for the world outside of the Uzg. Red: Those of Ghorza, with the path of the Red sand are interested in map charting and sea faring, and will often take to great vessels in search of new land. It is usually the dream of those of the Red path to be famed for their great adventures and charms that they can return to the Uzg. They are usually more cautious than their counterparts, and will take the time to prepare. Some can take longer than others, and this can come at a great cost as they feel as though they have not explored as much as they would have wished. Deep cold - Bûrzgraz Spirit: Ixli - The Immortal Spirit of Truth and Judgement and Forbidden Knowledge. This constellation appears as an eye. Perhaps the most controversial of all Ilzpaak, those born in alignment with Ixli are viewed with great suspicion. They are generally good hearted individuals, but can be misguided by their own thirsts for knowledge. It is said that an Uruk born under Ixli will sacrifice his own mental well-being in the pursuit of understanding. These Uruk are typically judgemental of others, and this can be their greatest downfall. Yellow: Those of Ixli, with the path of the Yellow sand seek to understand their environment in more physical ways. They will often take on apprenticeships in building and exploration in order to gain the vast knowledge they strive to gather. Those of the Yellow path are said to be less sane than their counterparts, often appearing out of place among their brothers. Red: Those of Ixli, with the path of the Red sand are great conjurers of conspiracy, and search far and wide for the hidden knowledge they believe is lost to them for a sinister purpose. They will often sacrifice their inner-peace to discover what they can about their suspicons, and are very mistrusting of those they come into contact with. They are known to sacrifice their honour in some instances, as they become so wracked in exposing the "truth", whatever that may be for them.
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