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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone! I’m very excited to finally show off my first project on the LoTC Tech Team: Item Edit GUI! An addition to the item editing plugin we have, adding an easy-to-use menu to edit your items from! Some new features being added to the new GUI system include: - Option to have custom RGB values for your item’s name - Bold, underline and italic item names - Button to add a new line to your item’s description (as opposed to typing -newline) - Choice to clear all or a number of characters from your item’s description - Choice to choose a different roleplay name to sign your item with (so you don’t have to change your persona’s name) BETA TESTING Though this plugin is complete, we wish to give it a very short beta period to catch any last-minute bugs or exploits that we do not want on the main server. This is also where you can suggest any last-minute features that you feel would make your editing experience better. All feedback is wanted! To participate, all you will need to do is type “/beta” while on the main server and it will put you on the beta server. There, you will be able to test out the new GUI! (All bugs and feedback should be sent to greehn (me). You can reach me through Discord (greehn), in-game PMs or the forums.) EDIT GUI Typing “/edit gui” will open this menu: - 1. Starting Item - This is the item you started with before any of your changes. 2. Preview Item - This is the preview of your item with your current changes. Use both 1. and 2. to compare the before and after. 3. Item Name - This button will open the menu to change both your item’s name and the attributes of the name. (Colour and decorations.) 4. Item Description - This button will open the menu to change your item’s description. Here you can add or remove lore from your item. 5. Item Extras - In this menu, you can add extra little things to your item such as adding a Roleplay tag or glow. (Staff features included). 6. Signatures - This menu is where you can customize your signature and the different parts of it like the roleplay name and the icon. (Staff features included). 7. Finish - Click this button to finish your edit. Hovering over it will show how many tokens your edit will cost along with your current token balance. 8. Clear - Don’t like the edits you’ve made or change your mind and wish to edit a new item? Click this button to clear the item you are editing, then you can restart or choose a new item to edit. 9. Sound toggle - If you don’t wish to hear sounds for this menu. CREDITS: The60th - @The60th - Original author greehn - @Greehn - Author greisn - @greisn - Second opinions indiana105 - @indiana105 - Second opinions, custom roleplay name idea
  2. Addressing Jindle Banditry On the Contract The previous contract, tilted Pact of Scorpion and Jindle, was terminated 3 cactus days ago by Rex Ar-Borok’Akaal following a string of raids done in the name of the Iron'Uzg. A specific clause of the agreement forbids said action, stating that “The Jindle Company must first request permission from the Rex when targeting specific groups, or Nations, due to the volatile state of the continent - to keep the home nation safe.” All clauses and terms within the contract are to be terminated, and the Iron’Uzg and Jindle Family are to cut ties. On the Raids The Iron’Uzg formally apologizes for the string of raids on Haense, Balian, and Norland, as none of the mentioned raids were solicited by either the Rex or the Targoth of the Horde. The contract specifically granted the freedom to road banditing only, and this clause was abused by the Jindle family by raiding multiple cities during their family outings. Any questions regarding the missive may be directed to either Rex Ar-Borok’Akaal or Targoth Sahgorim’Ugluk by bird. Ar-Borok of Clan Akaal, Rex of the Horde Sahgorim of Clan Ugluk, Targoth of the Horde, Commander of the Krug-hai Ixûla of Clan Akaal, Dominus of the Horde Al-Uk of Clan Akaal, Motsham of the Horde, Voice of the Spirits
  3. I am going to start a thing where I go around on /museum and review old freebuild towns Here's my criteria: Build Quality: Whether or not the build looks good/bad Modesty: Does the freebuild town give itself a reasonable area or instead claim way more territory than it has population to put in? Relevance: Does/did anybody care about the town at all? (this one isn't really a "more relevant = good, less relevant = bad" kinda thing, just another thing I'ma put in the reviews). Creativity: Does the town stand out from others or is it a dime a dozen settlement? Onto the first freebuild town (On Arcas wildlands): Alfring Coords: on Arcas: -3123, 60, 1497 Population: 2 (planned to house up to 4, it seems). Build is not finished on the museum server, perhaps it was finished by the end of Arcas since Build Quality: I rate this 8/10. Really depends on what the finished palisade would look like, but the longhouses seen on the museum save look decent. Modesty: 9/10 for modesty, just a small village with a small palisade planned around it. With a population of two, a single vacant longhouse, and another longhouse planned to be built, Alfring certainly wasn't building a huge city that'd lie vacant forever. Relevance: 3/10. Cannot find any mention of Alfring on the forums, Cannot find any mention of the characters who lived here on the forums. That being said, at least it's not a single person freebuild settlement. Creativity: 7/10, pretty typical viking style. It has a cool altar but other than that it looks a lot like a Norlandic settlement. Points still given for not being a bunch of oak plank SMP houses that a stereotypical freebuild village might be made out of. Onto the next freebuild settlement: The Monastery Hidden in Clouds + Tongku and Friends lumping these two together due to their similar themes Monastery Hidden in Clouds Population: 1 Tongku and friends Population: 3? Coords: on Arcas: -2952, 85, 1376 Build Quality: 7/10. Held back a bit by the massive walls around Tongku's estate being kinda bad. The houses themselves are great though. The Monastery in the Clouds is the weaker of the two homes, but not terrible. Tongku's home is high quality but held back by the walls around it. Monastery Hidden in Clouds Tongku & Friends estate Modesty: 2/10, it's bad. Both builds take up a lot of area despite only housing a few people each. At least the Monastery in the Clouds does this with bamboo instead of gigantic walls all around, so that's more excusable at least. I have zero clue with the Tongku pagoda builders felt the need to wall off so much territory only to put a stables and some farms in it. Seems like a waste of materials. Relevance: Eh, 4/10. I can verify that Tongku was a real Hou-zi character via a quick forum search. There's two other claimed beds in the pagoda who don't show up on the forums. I do not know who lived in the Monastery Hidden in Clouds, only that they were a Hou-Zi as well. At least it's not a one man giga settlement lol, seems like a handful of people were living in the general area. Creativity: 8/10. The pagodas are nice and not much like that existed on Arcas apart from other hou-zi stuff and maybe one eastern themed settlement somewhere. The Monastery Hidden in Clouds has a neat vibe to it with the bamboo forest planted around it along with its publicly available animal pens and free bamboo. (EDIT: The Monastery Hidden in Clouds is called the Xiaoling Monastery, but Xiaoling also yields no forum search results. I guess whoever made the monastery didn't use the forums much) okay onto the good stuff: RANDOM, UNNAMED VILLAGE (I seriously cannot find the name of this village) coords: on Arcas: -2582, 76, 1082 Population: I'm two lazy to count, but I have verified that at least a few people lived here from time to time via some forum searching (@DragonofTatersseems to have managed the animals). It certainly has all the signs of a modestly populated village. There's a lot of houses and none of them seem to be vacant (although I don't think this sort of free form village layout lends itself to evictions for inactivity). Seems to have been mostly elven although there's a few halfling burrows so maybe a halfling or two lived here for some time as well (or elves building like halflings, that was a weird trend at the time in Arcas if I recall correctly). Build Quality: Yeah this is an easy 10/10 just look at it. It looks better than 90% of Almaris. Look at this terraforming. This is incredible. It's amazing that people spent the time to build this in freebuild of all places. Up on the mountaintops near the village there's this random tree house. Probably just some cruddy noob home, right? Surprise! It actually looks really good wtf! There's another hidden base under some theatre in the area too. A whole bunch of crazy stuff. A lot of good builders must've been tinkering around with freebuild in this village. Modesty: 6/10. Sorta spreads out a bit and has some semi-attached semi-separate homes on the edges (no walls = no hard borders, hard to tell if some farms some 50 blocks away are a part of the village or just coincidentally nearby). I don't blame this village for that, however. It's going for a more rural vibe and I respect that. Relevance: indeterminate. I do not know the name of this village. I know it had a fair few people in it whose existence I can verify on the forums. I cannot search the forums with the name of this village to find any RP threads related to it, so I can only work with context clues. I do not know if this village was regularly inhabited with leadership and event planning or just some loose build area for a friend group to mess around in whenever they felt like building. Probably was RPed in at least a little bit, since I doubt people would go through all the trouble to do this building and not use it. Creativity: 9/10, some overlap with halfling/elven building and the houses themselves aren't too extraordinary, yet the general free-form vibe is refreshing to look at. It looks and feels like a true freebuild town, not some charter settlement exported into freebuild. It's clear that no one mind thought up of and planned the whole place. Lots of hands pitched in yet the village doesn't look like a case of too many cooks ruining the kitchen. This concludes the first freebuild town review message me on discord NotEvilAtAll#2321 if you wanna see any other freebuild towns rated.
  4. The image below is how it looks so far. I am still working on it and it is not yet finished but i like it so far. I am going to change the horse model and texture to look like the Giant Elk featured in the Hobbit movies when i name my horse. Enjoy :D
  5. So, recently I did a survey with the intention to observe what sort of magics are and are not in fashion/trend as of right now. The first note that of course not all members from each magic would of responded to the survey, that being said however I still had quite a nice portion of the playerbase (61 responses on the survey which is quite a sizable portion of the playerbase to be able to work out an estimate) Clear Observations: Druidism the most popular magic overall Fire Evocation is the most popular Voidal magic, followed by Water Evocation and Transfiguration Pale Blood magic is one of the more popular dark magics, however there is a potential resurgence in the Necromancy playerbase There are many Kani users even though nobody knows what that magic even is Life Evocation, Yeu Rthulu, Shade, Chi and Golemancy are the smallest magic portions. Life Evocation potentially being as such due to it's only recent accepting. Sensory Illusion is quite low right now, perhaps from the lack of fresh teachers? I hope you all found this interesting. It's quite nice to see what magics are being potentially sheltered away or have just not had the chance to become popular like the rest. It also helps show what magics may need to be jumpstarted (Life and Earth evocation nudge nudge) I'll also implore you players who are interested in magic to go out and look for opportunities, just...please don't pm us about it (we hate that and we tell our mage buddies also not to teach you so don't do it, it's bad) I will also remind again that of course this survey isn't going to be 100% accurate as not all magic users would of responded, some may of included inactive characters etc. Though this does help show what is in circulation right now.
  6. ATTENTION EVERYONE WITH FLOWERS I need a lot of them, in large varieties. Like a bunch of random flowers. I will trade Iron for them, 25 ingots for every 200 flowers of random assortment sounds fair. I don't want over 1 stack of the same flower. MESSAGE ME IN GAME Potts24 IF YOU'RE TRADING FLOWERS will negotiate with any plebs that have cool or rare flowers. If such a thing exists.
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