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Found 10 results

  1. Tornado_

    Return of a de Felsen

    -------------------------------- Renault de Felsen -------------------------------- The city of Aleksandria, under the tyrannical rule of King Joseph and his dog, Lord Marshal Jacque Halcourt de Vasile. Renault stalked through the back alleys of Alexandria. He paused at the corner of a building as the sound of armored footsteps reached him from the main road, not more than 30 feet away. He looked up and blinked into the steadily falling rain. His blue eyes taking in the roof tops and roiling clouds. Glancing around the corner, Renault could see the passing column of Courland guards, led by none other than Jacque Halcourt de Vasile, the tyrannical and wretchedly foolish Lord Marshal. The Marshal could be heard barking orders at soldiers and civilians alike, even kicking some beggars who were too slow out of his way. Renault shook his head, the Lord Marshal was likely off to throw some new innocent from their home. Gritting his teeth he placed his right hand on his sword and began to move toward the street only to find a strong hand on his shoulder. Looking back Renault would see Uther, his friend and right hand man. “Now is not the time Renault. Be patient, his time will come as will the others.” Uther squeezed his shoulder and looked back down the alley they were traveling. “Come on, the others will be waiting. Renault grimaced but knew his friend was right. They turned and sloshed down the muddy back streets, winding through their labyrinthian paths. Eventually they would stop at a nondescript but solid door at the back of a low and sagging building. Renault reached forward and tapped a series of rhythmic knocks at the door. After a moment a gruff voice called out. “Who’s there?” the voice demanded. Renault smiles ruefully and looks to Uther who shrugs and sighs. “Who do you think it is you big lummox? Let us in, it’s pouring out here!” Renault would call through the door. After a few seconds the door opens and a large man steps back. “Sorry, Renault. Just tryin’ to be careful.” The big guy would say sheepishly as the two move forward to enter the building. “That’s fine. We can’t afford to let them catch us now, not when we’re so close.” Renault would say as he pats the fellow on the shoulder. He would take one final look outside at the alley. The habit of a man who has become hunted by the fiends of an oppressive government. “Close the door, we have work to do.” Credit to Emperor_Zufelt for aiding with this post.
  2. Valentyn

    [Denied] Luke's ET App

    Minecraft Name: Hillary4prison18 Skype ID: gamingvenom13 Time-zone Central Time Zone Do you, or have you held, any other staff positions: Yes, I was a mod on a server named Arwen. Where do you grab inspiration from: I have gained inspiration from multiple places, such as Lord Of The Rings (Obviously), Skyrim, Destiny, Past events, Halo, and Dark Souls. What are your current list of characters, and are you willing to sacrifice any: Princeps Valentyn-I wouldn’t sacrifice him. Conrad Roswell- I wouldn’t sacrifice him. Adam Floyd- I would be fine with sacrificing him. What race, or group, do your events best cater to: Mostly accustomed to human events but are willing to expanse myself. What do you believe are they key factors for a successful event: It’s important that every event fits in a spot with the lore, if the event is random i personally don’t get into it as much. Events must be well planned and executed fairly often. With those things in mind I believe any event could be great! What strengths would you bring to the team: I think I could bring aspects of existing RP groups into the events and have the events effect the RP group in some way. I also love to read the server lore and do so quite often. Why do you want to be part of the team: I want to help the server as much as I can, but i also want to see a recurring events...whether that be an evil daemon or a get together of people that go on a hunt once every saints week. Create three distinct event scenarios based on the servers lore that you would organize Its spring time and a group of polar bears are causing havoc in a small town, they are going after all the food they can. They had just came out of hibernation and are very hungry, They decide to go to the local village and see what humans there are in the area to feast on. They find a few animals before they get to the town and decide they are full, but they go to the town anyway to get a meal for later to put in their den. They take a 6 year old boy from the town and carry him to their den with their mouth. He breaks some bones and the villagers go off to find him. It’s mid winter in the wasteland of j burg and a group of children are wandering around the area to play, they get stuck in a hole and their parents put a reward for them to be found. There are many groups out looking for them, but one of the groups is a group of evil people that want to capture the kids first and get more money from the parents than was asked. The parents are notified and all chaos breaks out as the group of good Samaritans tries to find the kids as quickly as possible. A giant lion looking figure is spotted deep in the mountains in the north near Istria and a man wants the creature's head to put on his wall, he calls for a hunt for the beast and people far and wide come out to try and catch it. The reward is that all the meat from the beast will be given to the lucky person that finds it. The beast has enough meat on him to last a family of three 6 months. As the giant lion starts to be found and gets a few cuts and bruises on himself he gets angry and starts to go down from the mountains and terrorize the people of Axios, getting more aggressive by the minute. The people have to join together to take the beast down, or the beast will keep doing this until they flee for good. How long do you plan to be able to work on the team: I hope to work on the team as long as i'm on the server. Tell me a joke What would you call a very funny mountain? Hill Arious
  3. RugRatRew

    The Order of Noctis

    The Order of Noctis "If you must take your sword from its sheath, return it bloody." "Seeking your Destiny is like looking into a mirror. You see an image, however blurred, in whatever light exists at the time. But if the light ever changes, so will the image itself. And if the light ever vanishes, the mirror will be empty. That is why the truest mirror is the one that needs no light at all." -The Order of Noctis motto’s Welcome to The Order of the Noctis. This is a guild based on working together, building, trading, and training to be a soldier in a time of need. The Story We were formed to fight for the Courland rebellion, but when they were destroyed we were exiled out of the kingdom. Now we have been reformed in the dreadlands. The Transcript of the Order You shall never attack, injure, or kill another Order member or an ally of the guild. You shall never steal from the Order. You shall never disobey the orders of your superior in the Order. If there is an issue with another member of The Order of Noctis you will bring it up with your supervisor or if it is a large issue you will come to the overseer. If there is a need to fight you must come to the aid of the guild. Your loyalties lie with the Overseer first, then to your brothers and sisters in the Order, then to your home country. Positions Ranger Rangers are the archers and tactical minds of The Order of Noctis military. They will hide in the shadows until the time is right then burst out and let rain a fly of accurate, deadly arrows. There can also only be 50 active rangers at once ( non-gold leafs) Trainee - You are new and are being trained by a higher ranking Ranger (usually one on one). Bronze Leaf - You are a fully-fledged Ranger and you now don't have to be accompanied by an older Ranger when on missions. Silver Leaf - You are an older Ranger and you can now take on apprentices and will be part of the inner circle of rangers making decisions with the leader. Gold Leaf - You are a retired Ranger who helps documenting and other non-field assignments ( If there is a serious requirement you can be requested to do a field assignment). Leader - you are in charge of the Rangers and you give out missions either for the Overseer or from peasants (other players) requesting help. Assassin Assassins are the unsung heroes behind every win. As they sneak by and take down the enemy before they even know what is happening, and they let the others do what they do. Initiate - You are new and haven't proven yourself as a good agent. Proven - You have proven you are a loyal and well deserving agent. Accepted - You can now lead missions that were given by your Up-incoming. Up-incoming - you lead a group of accepted and give them tasks from the leader. You may be next in line to be a leader. Leader - you give Assassins missions from the Overseer. Or if there are no missions you can send them on scouting missions to enemy territory. Warrior Warriors are the backbone of the The Order of Noctis's military. They are the foot soldiers and the people who charge head first into battle seeking glory and honor. Recruit - You are new and still need training to become a soldier. Soldier - You are no longer a recruit and are now a part of the Order of the Warrior’s Blade’s military. Sergeant - you lead a group of soldiers into battle and you also train the recruits in your party. Lieutenant - you lead the Sergeant's and give them orders for them to carry out to their groups. Leader - You command everybody and by giving orders to your Lieutenants you get your men to carry out these orders. Non-Battle Positions These are positions for things we need that aren't part of the military (you can have both) (an asterisk* will be by those you cannot have a war position with). Resource Collectors - (We need lots of them) They are the ones that go out and collect resources for us (miners, farmers, and woodcutters). Treasury Manager* - You take care of the funds and manage the Bankers (you will not get this job strait of the bat you need to be trusted, on LOTC a lot, and very well known). Banker* - You are similar to the Treasury Manager you will manage some of the funds or paychecks, etc. Blacksmiths - To make armor, swords, etc. and to make thing to sell to make money for the guild. Woodworkers - To make bows, arrows, etc. and to make thing to sell to make money for the guild. Cook - To make food for us and to sell for the guild. Healer - You heal the injured of the guild (through magic, potions, etc.) on and off the battlefield. Alchemist* - To make us potions for us to use when we need (in war, to help collect resources, etc.) Wizards* - To use spells in battle or to help the guild in times of peace (Fi'hiiran'tanya is espcialy useful) (If you are applying for a wizard please put your specialty down too [alteration, illusion, etc.] Applications (Do not lie we will find out and you will be kicked from the guild.) OOC: Minecraft Name: Age: Why you want to join: Skype (optional): In Game: Name: Age: Race: Gender: Job(s) you are applying for: Why you (the character) wants to join:
  4. Glocky18

    The Victorian Knights

    "The Victorian Knights" The recently events of Courland's rebellion against Oren have troubled Ser Demetrios and King Aleksander Staunton. After a long meeting the two have decided to bring back an ancient Order of the Akritian kingdom, "The Victorian Knights". The Victorian Knights order was first founded by Justinian Komnenos to protect his land from the barbarian Turkins, the Order was disbanded after the loss of their capital and no one ever heard of the Order again. Now, Ser Demetrios Palaiologos has formed the Order once more, but this time to protect Courland against the Imperial forces. "This is a very emotional day today, I was given the opportunity and the privilege to reform an ancient Order of my homeland which is not destroyed." Ser Demetrios would say to his recruits. The Order's main priority is to defend Courland from ANY enemy forces that seek to harm the land or it's people. Any Courland can join the Order, but do YOU have what it takes to become a true knight of the Kingdom of Courland? -How to join the Order- To join the order you simply have to follow the following steps: 1) You must be male. 2) You must be 15+ years old 3) You must be Courlander. 4) You must complete the following form: =-=Recruitment Form=-= RP: Name: Age: Height: OOC: Minecraft name: Skype name: 5) Repeat the Oath after Ser Demetrios Palaiolgos: I,[Name] swear loyalty to Ser Demetrios Palaiolgos, I swear to protect Courland and those in need. I swear to give my last breath for Courland, King Aleksander and Ser Demetrios. ((This is NOT a PK clause)) The Order's seat is castle Pyrgos, located west from Riga. A cart should be outside from Riga soon that leads to castle Pyrgos.You will be given food, a room in the castle to stay and last but not least your starting equipment. ((I would appreciate if anti-Courlanders wouldn't comment on this post, as it would bring salt and toxicity. You have been warned, thank you very much!))
  5. mra8ur93ss

    The Huntsman Guild of Courland

    The Huntsman Guild of Courland The animals of the north grow wilder, men & women of Oren. The volume of game being found in the forested regions of Courland is increasing and I offer the opportunity to you to join the newly founded Huntsman Guild of Courland and help maintain the wildlife count in the stark but beautiful forests of the Northern duchy of Oren. We have a quaint hunting lodge with sufficient room to house applicants & room to expand if needed. Food is almost always available and while the weather outside may be bitter at best, there is plenty of room about the hearth for any who venture north. Members may also be requested to assist in hunting any monsters that appear in the lands nearby too so having aurum weapons may be beneficial. Equipment may be issued but hunter-customized equipment may be preferable than any standard issue equipment the guild may provide. To join, seek Carrick MacCanonach in Courland, Oren. ((Type your Minecraft Username, Roleplay Name, Race and Skype info (optional) below to apply. The guild will be heavily RP focused. See Pledgytarianism.))
  6. TheEaglesVigil

    The Eagle's Vigil

    THE EAGLE’S VIGIL THE VIGIL Stolid men born of war and unfaltering pride, the resilient Eagles of Courland, sworn soldiers of House Staunton, preside over the Duchy of Courland; maintaining peace and fiercely defending their home. The Eagles eagerly shoulder this heavy burden, proudly dedicating their lives to protecting Courland: their home, its citizenry, and its peerage. Their vigil only ends in death, for each armiger beholden to such an order swears a life-long oath in his service to the Duchy of Courland and the House Staunton. Once, the levies of House Staunton were in disarray, beholden to traitorous lords and split across a disparate realm. No longer, however. Now they are united beneath a single banner, that omniscient eagle, which sees all and knows true loyalty. There exists still a stigma on these men, but they work tirelessly and in an unrelenting fashion to wipe clean the slate that their names have been marked upon. Upon returning from his schooling in the former capital of Petrus, the young heir to House Staunton, Richard, witnessed the merit of these untrained men, and resolved to convert the unkempt militia into a reputable military order. The opportunity to forge such an order did not arise until years later, when, after a brief epoch serving his liege, Duke Vasili Vanir in Vydrian Order, the Stauntons were cast out by the treacherous Duke and forced to create their own force of loyal men - able to be trained for battle. Lord Richard established The Eagle’s Vigil, and after years of preparation and intensive training, an opportunity arose. The Duke’s War erupted across Oren, and the Stauntons, now loyal vassals to the Crown of Oren, stormed back into the north, reclaiming their home. RANKS Every man who serves in The Eagle’s Vigil must know respect: respect and obedience. The hallmarks of any successful and disciplined military force, every man is beholden to his superior in whatever orders they deem fit to give, and those who see fit to disobey will be punished accordingly. (SENIOR COMMAND) The Marshal The Marshal is the Lord of the order, a proven battle commander and skilled with the blade; he leads the order into battle, appoints officers, and is the chief drillmaster of all the troops. The original Marshal of The Eagles’ Vigil was Duke Richard Staunton, but the title of Marshal has since been appointed to a loyal, dedicated leader within the Vigil. The General The General is the Marshal’s right hand man and the most trusted commander in the Order. Always a man bloodied in war and tried by its cruel hand, he is the regent in times when the Marshal is not present and the commander of a great many men. The Colonel The Colonel is the mentor to the lower command, charged with the tutelage of the Captains in the oversight and management of other troops. Chosen from the most experienced and competent of captains, the Colonel is expected to show such virtues as patience and courage in his work. If any Captain fails in his duties, the Colonel also holds some blame for his failure in teaching the officer. (COMMAND) The Captain A Captain is a true leader; he knows how to lead and how to follow. Reporting directly to the Marshal himself, captains are often entrusted with the command of divisions due to their experience. The Captain is considered the officer of paramount import within the High Command and ensures that the Lieutenant is doing his job to the best of his ability. The Lieutenant A Lieutenant is a veteran commander within the order, entrusted with larger commands they typically help with instructing decurions in how to perform their job. Lieutenants are associated with a Captain, and assist him in leading their division. They are expected to be the model of discipline, leadership and humility to their peers and lessers within the Vigil. The Decurion A proven soldier who has been deemed worthy of advancement, the Decurion is groomed for command until their superiors deem him ready for a full place within the higher command. The Decurion is expected to do his uttermost best to prove to the Marshal his diligence, strength, loyalty and skill in command. The Decanus One of the greatest soldiers within the entire force of men, the Decanus’ are often tried and tested warriors whose skill with the blade knows no superior. Though not necessarily born leaders, Decanus are strong warriors who the entire force looks up to. This position is granted as an honour to them, a form of recognition from the leadership. (ENLISTED) The Ensign Ensigns are model soldiers, exemplars of discipline and loyalty. Awarded to the longest serving soldiers within the Vigil; a rank designed to reward loyalty and devotion. Although these men may not be fit of command, they prove the backbone of any battleline. The Man-at-Arms The Men-at-Arms are the imposing product of the Vigil’s intensive training procedures, weathered soldiers who have been exposed to the rough of battle and have prevailed. The bulk of the Eagle’s Vigil consists of these brave veterans, who proudly form the front line, prepared to accept only two outcomes: victory or death. The Footman Having endured the drillmasters’ harsh discipline, the Footmen have shown their potential through both adherence to the hierarchy and an aptitude in the martial practices. Although untested by battle, these capable loyal soldiers have earned the respect of their brethren, their fellow order-men. They are prepared to serve the Duke, to enforce his law, and to redden their blades with the blood of his foes. The Initiate The new bloods of the order, the Initiates have yet to take the oath and to prove their worth. Tasked with grunt work, and subjected to the harsh discipline of the Drillmasters, these green young men are evaluated and pushed to their limits over the course of their initiation, at the end of which they are assigned to a division. Though young and inexperienced, these aspiring soldiers comprise the future of the Eagle’s Vigil. {SPECIALIZED RANKS} Quartermaster The Quartermaster is the supplier of the Order, always a skilled blacksmith always providing armour and weaponry for the Order. Along with their duties of blacksmithing, all quartermasters serves in the rank and file as traditional soldiery. Medic The Medic is trained in healing others. They are placed within divisions and expected to attend drilling with their brothers. However they are also expected to maintain their ability to heal, and attend regular training sessions lead by the ‘Chief Surgeon’. The Medics specialize in lending aid to fallen brothers or allies, and, when there are no soldiers to aid, the Medics often perform charity by aiding injured locals. Recruiter An officer, or soldier, without a division, the recruiters spend a longer time than any other wandering the roads of all of Vailor in search of new recruits, their own task being that of ensuring that the Vigil is always fresh with green men joining. Duke’s Guard The Duke’s Guard are the greatest warriors in the Order, sworn to protect the duke with their lives. The Duke’s Guard is built out of three men who have proven their skill with the blade and their devotion to the Duke. The Duke’s Guard is personally selected by The Marshal and The Duke in conjunction with each other. THE DIVISIONS OF THE VIGIL The Eagle’s Vigil is divided into three divisions each commanded by individual commanders; commanders who have proven their competence in battle through grit and experience are entrusted with more experienced groups, while younger ones are able to bloody themselves in combat alongside the green recruits. Every time an Initiate joins The Vigil he is assigned a division after tests; these men becoming his trusted battle-brothers and constant companions, be it in times of blessed peace of unfortunate war. The Divisions have been created to maintain order, but they also function as a mechanism for stripling commanders to improve their skill at battle. The 1st Division This division is the infantry unit. They learn to how to become an efficient core of the Vigil, mastering the sword and shield. The men within this division are trained to follow orders quickly, and to remain brave regardless of the situation, to ensure they continue to be the strong backbone of the Vigil. The 2nd Division This division is dedicated to archery. It is here the men of the Vigil are trained by their officers to learn the proper tactics and mechanics of the archer and his bow; to hit each and every one of their targets dead on. The 3rd Division Lastly, the 3rd division is the Vigil’s cavalry. Adorned in powerful weaponry and light armor, the cavalry often makes the first valiant charge into battle, fearlessly facing their enemy head on. In this division, the soldier is taught how to effectively fight on horseback, to become an influential and essential component of the battlefield. JOINING THE VIGIL The men of The Eagle’s Vigil are bound to the House Staunton, and Courland by an oath of fealty. With their oath comes many duties each soldier must fulfil. The Duties of the Order: -To defend Courland, with life if need be. -To protect the members of House Staunton, with life if need be. -To serve House Staunton in times of war. -To maintain the peace within Courland. Once one seeks to join The Eagle’s Vigil, he does not merely swear an oath and pick up a blade; The Eagle’s Vigil has a small amount of requirements an Initiate must meet: REQUIREMENTS The Applicant must be over the age of 14. The Applicant must pass a series of Physical tests. The Applicant must be of the Canonist Faith. APPLICATION [RP Application] Applicant’s Name: Applicant’s Age: Applicant’s Race: Applicant’s Past Military Experience: Applicant meets the Requirements: [OOC Application] MC Username: Skype: Willing to download TS?: Do you agree to PK if their is sufficient roleplay prior to mortality?:
  7. WoodenApples

    The Eagle's Resolution.

    Ravens would be sent across the Realm of Man, from the Courlandic Ducal Palace to the known landed Nobles of the realm, each one carrying a copy of the same missive. The missive would be sealed with the wax sigil of House Staunton of Courland. 9th Snow’s Maiden, 1563. To the Lords of the Realm, It has come to my attention on this very morn, that a host of Courlanders sent to the Carnatian Stronghold of Gryphon’s Hold as a final step toward ending a war that has been ravaging the north for the past three years, have only been met with cold steel. Not only were the victims of the Carnatian aggression loyal Courlanders and loyal men of the Empire, but one was a noble of our Realm, Jacques Fournier who was brutally butchered and his mutilated body found in the snow. GOD allowed us to reunite Lord Fournier with his young son’s body, allowing him to hold a proper burial. The barbaric acts of the Vanirs and Carnatians cannot, and will not be dismissed as so much has been before, the men of Courland will no longer stand for this sort of disobedience and violation of His Imperial Majesty’s laws, and we will take it upon ourselves to rid Courland of her Carnatian invaders, and of the Empire if his Imperial Majesty wishes. This feudal war was once over a crumbling Vanir keep, but the blatant murder of young nobles of the Empire has changed our perception. We will march onwards to Kraken’s Watch within the fortnight, still within the boundaries of the Pacta that had been agreed upon to regulate this conflict. The war has not been resolved and we find these acts of brutality to be a demonstration of the Carnatian's and Vanir's inability to maintain any sort of peace. We plead for the foreign forces to lay down their arms, and return to their war-torn, deprived land for if they remain on Courland soil, only blood and steel will be used to remove them for good. Signed, Richard Staunton, Duke of Courland. WARCLAIM DETAILS Type of battle: Skirmish Time: Saturday, June 11th at 4pm EST Attackers: The Duchy of Courland Defenders: The Northern Coalition Location: https://gyazo.com/6ce519b63d87a4750116a39d81e8f6fe TERMS OF VICTORY Offensive Victory: All Coalition forces killed or routed from the battle area. Defensive Victory: All Courlandic forces killed or routed from the battle area. REWARDS Offensive rewards: They may continue the war with a conquest WC on Kraken’s Watch. Defensive rewards: They may continue the war with a pillage WC on the city of Riga. RULES -No status switching -If the Coalition forces do not show to the battle, it is forfeit to the attackers. (Vice versa) -All LoTC Rules apply
  8. Glocky18

    The Victorian Order

    "The Victorian Order" "Touto Nika!" (This banner wins) -Ser Demetrios Palaiologos II, 1542 The Victorian Order is the personal guard force of House Palaiologos, and the Castle of Nikae. They are small, selected force of well trained men, capable of warfare in any terrain. Their purpose is to protect the lands of House Palaiologos, and when required, assist Courland's security in any ways they can. Those who join the order get weapons, armor, food, tools and any other supplies they deem necesssary to have, and a room in the barracks. Once the Guards prove themselves worhy, they will have the privilage to join Courland's main army so The Victorian Order will make space for new Guards. (Maxium number of Guards 7-10) "Ranks" Tagmatarchis (Grandmaster): The commander of the Order, the Grandmaster is responsible for every soldier under his command. He handles promotions, the reputation of the Order and his word is absolute. Usually a male of House Palaiologos is Grandmaster. If there are no male of age and experience, the most worthy Cataphract shall have his place, until a new Palaiologos rises. Cataphract: The officers of the Order, the Cataphracts are officers with sole purpose of upholding the Grandmaster's will. They handle trainings, suggest promotions and are an example inside the Order. The Cataphracts are the most trusted soldiers in the Order, and are the ones who are tasked with the most important missions. Frouros (Guard): The guards are the bulky of the Order. They are soldiers who have shown discipline, strength and loyalty, thus making them worthy to become Guards, after swearing an oath. These men are the ones to do the majority of the tasks, and compose the frontlines in battles. Neosylektos (Neos/Recruit): The recruits are the ones needed to be trained in order to fully be a part of the Order. They must attend trainings frequently, complete tasks, and show the desire needed to be a Victorian Ordersman. OOC: Minecraft name: Skype name: Do you have teamspeak? (We are going to need this during warclaims): How active can you be?: IC: Name: Age: What other skills do you have?:
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRrss4kBi2M Aleksander stands alongside his military advisors overlooking a map of his former home. As the icy northern winds bites his skin, he casts his attention to his forces. “I am the rightful Duke.” he says. “This is my Duchy by right of birth. I am the eldest child.” Aleksander’s loyalist forces cheer valiantly. “Each of you prepare to do battle with your former brothers, as I prepare to do battle with mine. Though this may be tough, we shan’t stand by and allow the turmoil that our great Duchy has fallen into continue. My brother’s efforts were bold, yet they were not bold enough. Now we march together from our stronghold in Nikae east, across the river, from where we will enter and reclaim the once great Capital of the North.” As Aleksandr finished his speech, he was met with an uproar of cheers from the loyal Courlandians, and from there they marched onward, preparing for a bloodcurdling siege. WARCLAIM Type of battle: Skirmish Date And Time: Saturday Marxh 26th, 2:00 PST / 5:00 EST / 10:00 GMT Side A: Aleksandr’s (Vegetarianism’s) Courlandians + allies Side B: Anden’s (_Gridlock’s) Courlandians + allies Location and boundaries: Will be posted Thursday night Terms of Victory All enemies are killed on the battlefield Upon Victory For... Side A: Control of the region "stauntondutchy", and every region within the RP area of Courland. Side B: Maintained Control of the region "stauntondutchy", and every region within the RP area of Courland. No subsequent warclaims may take place for at least one month. Rules No status switching No one day alts
  10. Glocky18

    Demetrios Palaiologos II

    Demetrios Palaiologos II's lore Demetrios, during the civil war of Oren at the blossoming age of 15, was captured by loyalists was the first brave and capable soldier under lord Percival Staunton. During that period while Demetrios the second was in jail alongside with his little sister, their father attempted to go on a rescue mission to save his children from the loyalists. He decided to go unarmed to the enemy jail, but the enemy forces showed no kindess and captured him. In the end they forced Demetrios and Theodora to watch their father's brutal death. Both of the children were scared and knew they were not safe anymore in the jail, and then Demetrios the second managed to steal the guard's sword while he was locking in the cell. The guard died and Demetrios managed to escape along with his sister. They then returned to lord Percival's campsite to inform him of the news. Once lord Percival heard the sad news of Demetrios's death he ordered a statue to be made for his bravery which was torn down a few years later by William Staunton for unknown reasons. Years have passed since the civil war, lord Percival has died, his son Richard Staunton friend of Demetrios II rose to the title of Duke and granted him the castle of Kraken's Watch, with no titles. Demetrios decided to change the castle's name to 'Nikae', which means 'Victory' in the Akritian dialect. A Picture of Demetrios Palaiologos II Age: 35 Height: 6'1 Weight: 200 lbs Race: Human Culture: Akrtian