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Found 3 results

  1. U N I O N of D R U S C O The Union of the Duke and Duchess of Drusco PENNED BY PRINCESS CATHERINE, PRINCESS-CONSORT OF SAVOY To the subjects of Savoy, and all of Canondom, after a recent announcement of betrothal, another marriage blesses the southern realm of Savoy as Lady Joan of Alstion and Prince Louis Maximillian of Drusco finally are promised to wed as willed by the Royal prerogative. The Court of Aggrade formally invites those welcomed to the holy matrimony of the lines of Ashford and of John - once riddled by strife now United beneath a righteous banner. The ceremony shall be held within the illustrious basilica of San Luciano and followed by a feast within Il Palazzo Royale. If one wishes to take up arms against the guests Of the Principality of Savoy, they will be swiftly dealt with. All citizens are invited, save For those who are enemies Of the Principality of Savoy. Weapons and foul play will not be tolerated. Special Invitations are sent out to the following: House of Ashford de Savoie HRH, Olivier Renault Ashford de Savoie@Lionbileti HRH, Adeline Lorena Ashford de Savoie @Spicii HH Prince Olivier Laurene, Duke of Junovas @Publius HH, Prince Leufroy Renault of Savoy @Vukarism HH, Princess Athenais Olivienne Marie of Savoy @Dasdi HH Princess Laurène Henriette, Countess of Susa @Alexi_ HH Princess Claude Elisabeth, Lady Pruvia @amyselia HH Princess Eugenie Cecile, Lady Baruch @sunflowerist And their Issue. ...And the Peerage of Savoy alike. HIH Philip III, Holy Orenian Emperor @Nectorist HIH Anastasia, Holy Orenian Empress @Eryane HRM Sigismund III, King of Hanseti and Ruska @Xarkly HRM Emma, Queen of Hanseti and Ruska @livrose IN NOMINE DEI, His Highness, The Prince Louis Maximilien, Duke of Drusco Her Excellency, Lady Joan of Alstion, High Ministra of Aggrade Her Excellency, Guenda di Sarola, Mistress of the Robes CONFIRMED BY, His Serene Highness Olivier II, Prince of Savoy, Duke of Corazon, Count of San Luciano, Protector of the South Her Royal Highness Catherine, Princess consort of Savoy, Duchess consort of Savoy, Countess of San Luciano and Sarissa
  2. So, you want to roleplay an insane character, but you want to do it right. None of this "I'm the Joker if his parents were Dennis Rodman and Dexter". You're not an edgy. If you're called edgy, you might as well be a digital leper, because ain't nobody gonna roleplay with your mask-wearing axe-murderer. Well, if you'll accept my help, I've made a guide to help your purposes! Joy and rapture! Nevermore will you be called an edgy! Okay, sorry. That's a lie. Rule #1: Embrace the Edge You could make your mental roleplay entirely respectful, accurate, and subtle, but someone is still going to call you and edgelord, and if you came into this thread to learn how to not be called an edgy, you might as well go to a reddit subforum and ask how you can wear a beard and not be called a hipster. You're at a disadvantage coming out of the gate, and approaching by that angle will not help you or your fellow roleplayers. So, if you're committed to roleplaying a mental dysfunction, you're going to have to accept the "edge". You're a special snowflake by definition, and letting yourself be held back by trying to balance your roleplay on a standard that doesn't universally exist is just going to cause you pain. This isn't to say "Go ahead! Make Willy Wonka's serial killer clone!", but you'll be much happier accepting the title and going on with your life and not bashing your head on the conception. Rule #2: These are Real Problems that happen to Real People A "crazy person" isn't a monster or the butt of a joke. Approach the role with some respect and empathy: there are actual people that have or have had these issues your character is going through, and some of them play on this server are or are their loved ones. I'm not telling you to not "trigger" them, but there are a lot of misconceptions about mental illness, and crude archetype caricatures predicate these misconceptions. They have a brain, a history, a personality. They have interests, likes, and dislikes. They aren't defined by their disorders, and so would be the case with your character. Even if the disorder is debilitating, they are individuals. The disorder impacts them and the people around them, but they will often try to not let it rule them, even if they may fail. Rule #3: Know the Disorder This isn't to say that you have to have the disorder in real life, be a well-read expert with a degree in Abnormal Psychology, or have a fully-mapped artist's rendering of what your character's brain would look like under an MRI. But, for goodness sake, read up a little on the thing you're roleplaying! So often I see people roleplay something that they absolutely don't understand. They mess up the observable behaviors, or they mix up the names, or they magically get the disorder for no reason, or become completely cured because friendship is magic or therapeutic FTB or something else dumb. Do some light research at least. Google the name of the thing you want to do. Read the Wikipedia articles concerning it. Maybe read a few case studies. A really great resource I'd suggest to you more scholarly types: Watch Crash Course Psychology. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8dPuuaLjXtOPRKzVLY0jJY-uHOH9KVU6 It's well-written and produced, covers a great deal of psychology, learning, treatments, history, and even goes into detail on specific disorders, what causes them, and how they work. Consulting the production team is Dr. Ranjit Bhagwat, Ph.D., who is an actual licensed clinical psychologist in New York. So, not only could you improve your roleplay by watching these, but it could help you study for an upcoming Psych quiz. Rule #4: Your Character has Coping Mechanisms When confronted with their issue, your character isn't going to necessarily go ballistic or completely shut down from the situation. If they are a fully-adult elf that gets really bad cabin fever, they aren't going to run up and down the halls like a toddler on a tantrum. They've learned better. But they're going to sweat, they're going to *****, and they might snap with more stress and scream at someone for the heinous crime of turning the fork the wrong way. If you're afraid of groups, you'll remove yourself from them, but you'll start with the most innocuous method of doing so before you just hyperventilate yourself into a faint or scream bloody murder. If you tend to jump in real life when you jump in your dreams, you might sleep in a sleeping bag instead of a bed. If you have face blindness, you will try to learn people by their clothes, hair, or voice. And sometimes the coping is what's disrupting their lives and not the initial problem. If they are paranoid, they may attempt to hermit themselves from their loved ones or their duties. Not as dramatic as screaming "treason", but a court would notice a paranoid king's disappearance quite quickly. Rule #5: It Isn't Always Bad, and It Can Get Better As your character progresses, they might be thrown further down the rabbit hole, or they may stabilize themselves in ways you didn't predict. The problems they once had may even be entirely conquered (or perhaps just thought to be conquered and have not arisen for decades). And they aren't always on "Crazy Mode". Sometimes they're fine. Sometimes they're in a balanced or reasonable mood. Even in this crazy medieval world of war and dark magic, there are therapists, mental abilities, medications, and people your character can reach to for support. You might find a defining mental problem to your character in remission or even turned entirely around. Sometimes it's a long, slow process. Sometimes all it took was a revelation. Sometimes it's a combination of things. Let your character grow as the roleplay wills. You might be pleasantly surprised, even if you lose a trait you enjoyed playing before. Rule #6: This Roleplay is Difficult If I haven't rammed that into your head already by talking about motivations, coping, and research, roleplaying insanity is not a walk in a park. There's a reason we're impressed by actors who can get inside the head of someone with a debilitating mental issue. And it’s the same reason that, in tabletop games, some storytellers for Vampire: The Masquerade don’t allow Malkavian players, and some Dungeon Masters don’t allow anyone aligned Chaotic Neutral. It takes a lot of thinking and turning things off, and you have to come to realize that your character's mental processes might be entirely different than anything you've ever experienced. So many people seem to think "acting crazy" is "throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of Wal-Mart when I was six", because we call it the same thing colloquially, but it's not the same thing. A psychotic episode, epileptic seizure, or anxiety attack isn't a temper tantrum. There's more nuance, more fear, and control is fluid or volatile. It can be difficult--and even scary--getting that far disconnected from a normal thought process. But, despite all that, the experience can still make for a very rewarding gameplay. If you feel this guide helped you, awesome and I'm glad I could be of service. If not, soz, but at least you have a link to a good, quick, online psych course for future reference if you ever need it.
  3. [size="5"]Character Name[/size] CRONA LUNAS Aliases: Ren Takumi Adio Lunas Nicknames: "The Lone Crow" Age: 17 Years Gender: Male Race: Human Status: Still Kicking [size="3"]Description[/size] Height: 5'7" Weight: 110 Lbs. (50 Kg) Body Type: Lean and Compact Eyes: Dark Blue Hair: Dirty Blonde to Brown Skin: Slightly Tanned Markings/Tattoos: Hidden under his grey face mask are many scars around his mouth that he does not show people. Health: Physically fit. Mentally, not so much. Personality: Crona seems to have three different 'modes' or personalities, being Crona Lunas, Adio Lunas, or Ren Takumi. Crona is his dominant personality where he appears very sadistic and his mental insanity is very noticeable in a threatening way. Adio, is his hidden and recessive personality. When he is Adio, he is very polite and acts like a normal human. Adio also seems to be very charismatic and diplomatic. His final and sporadically appearing personality, Ren, is batshit crazy. Ren has no perception of consequence or danger. He tends to follow the orders of those around him or the will of his 'Master'. Master is the voice in Crona's head that was created when he developed schizophrenia at a young age. Master appears at random times no matter what 'mode' Crona is in. Crona tends to follow the will of Master above all else, even if it ends up as his downfall. Inventory: In his sleeve rests a small case carrying three throwing knives. "Digger", "Extra", and "Tertiary". They tend to be covered in puffer fish toxins that he is granted by a fisher friend of his. At his side is a parrying dagger that he uses if his knives don't suffice. He isn't the strong type to wield a spear or claymore effectively. He wields these mainly as slashing weapons with the occasional throw if need be. Further Details: He has a few quirks that allow you to tell it is him, even under a mask. Crona tends to click his teeth into each other when he is happy and succeeds. It stems from him laughing with a lot of jaw movement. When he is in his 'Ren' personality he tends to have large exaggerated movements. Stepping and dancing down roads and taking large sweeps with his knives. 'Master' always 'hides his face' from Crona. As in, Crona doesn't know what Master looks like, but at times he does take the form of people Crona associates with. To have Master take someone's shape, Crona must greatly respect them and recognize them as a superior. When something like this happens, Crona tends to start almost worshipping the person in question. He will follow an order without question, or even allow himself to be hurt by the person, for he thinks it is 'for his own good'. It has only ever happened to two people in his short life. [size="3"]Life Style[/size] Alignment*: Chaotic Neutral or True Neutral depending on his mood. Deity*: 'Master' Religion: Cronaism Alliance/Nation/Home Kythira Castle Job/Class: Mercenary and Assassin Title(s): Invictus Lieutenant Head of the Lunas Family Profession(s): Cutting Trees Cutting People Special Skill(s): Able to fail at anything with ease. Flaw(s): Able to fail at anything with ease. He is way too easily convinced to do what he is asked. He seemingly doesn't have morals at times. [size="3"]Magic*[/size] N/A [size="3"]Weaponry[/size] Fighting Style: Lunas Family Martial Arts Trained Weapon[s]: Bow Throwing Knives Daggers Favored Weapon: Throwing Knives Archery: Often uses a shortbow for attacking from range. [size="3"]Biography[/size] Parents: Deceased Siblings: Alitaus L. Lynn Los Lunas Children: N/A Extended Family: Edward Lunas Bublicus Lunas Pet(s): A crow that he has domesticated for messenger purposes. He also took a small sentient slime when he was hunting monsters which he keeps in his bag. A petrified Cockatrice Egg. [size="3"]History[/size] Terrible Toddler Times: [size="3"]Artwork[/size] None so far but willing to pay in minas for some good quality stuff.
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