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Found 6 results

  1. A Wanted Man On the 10th of the Sun’s Smile, Year 67 of the Second Age, a heinous crime was committed against elSillumiran. Valazaer Calith, former Div’kinael of the Sillumir, stole massive amounts of resources from the Sillumir vault. It is unknown the exact number of materials he took- but each of the following stores were looted: Coal stores Iron stores Weapon stores Armour stores Aurum stores Not only has he broken article two of the Silver Law, but he has stolen from a government building, and betrayed his fellow comrades by taking part in such a venomous act. This constitutes grand larceny of the highest level. If Valazaer Calith is seen wandering the streets of Haelun’or, he is to be detained immediately. He is meant to be brought to any member of the Silver Council, where court shall be held, and he shall be prosecuted for his crimes. [!] Below is a crude depiction and a drawing of the culprit. Blonde man high elven man with light blue eyes. Very feminine looking. Last seen wearing a blue overcoat and brown pants. This man is a wanted criminal. Approach Carefully. Maehr’sae Hiylun’eyha 5th of the Deep Cold, Year 67 of the SA On behalf of the Silver Council, Okarir’tir Iphys Catullus Valwynn ((OOC: Art done by puffables, duckbreb#4385 on discord))
  2. In these current times of war, death has become an extremely common occurrence. Friends, family and even loved ones passing. But what is most alarming, is the lack of funeral homes, the lack of mortuary services - and this is where we come in. Our Services include: -Cleaning up crime scenes -Cleaning bodies and preparing them for funerals -Cremation -Full autopsy and written examination of the body available on request in the case of an investigation -Any other method of preparation or cleaning upon request -Funeral hosting and preparation of the area -A wide selection of coffins We are willing to prepare both the deceased and the funeral based on their religion and culture. In case of any specific ritual, method of preparation and/or room decoration, this can all be hashed out in private. Prices are all negotiable and vary on a client-to-client basis. For more information, contact Naele by bird, or visit our funeral home in Lubba's Keep. (OOC: Diogen#5338 if I’m offline)
  3. [!] Letters would arrive to each member of the Supreme Order and General of the armies in Canonist nations. [!] A MISSION FOR THE FAITHFUL CANONISTS Dear brothers and sisters in arms, I have witnessed a vile crime being done within the Providence Basilica. A dwarf has been desacrating an altar and as I wanted to escort him he held a bomb; we can not let such crime go unpunished. Which is why we have his Holiness's permission to capture this man if the Imperial State Army has not already. For that I would like to inform all the Canonist nations that the man must be captured at once for he must face Canonist trial. The dwarf has injured me and was threatening to blow up the Providence Basilica with the Cardinal Providentia and faithful Canonists being present. The criminal goes by the name Keorn, if that sounds familiar to some; this is the man that MUST be found before it is too late. Once you find this man; try to capture him - if force is being used by the criminal, try to finish him but be careful while doing so. One the criminal is captured; bring him to your dungeons so he may be escorted to the Holy See for a Canonist Trial and if need be a trial done by the Empire. May GOD grant you all strength and courage in this endeavor. His Excellency, The Equester-Imperator to the Supreme Order of Exalted Owyn Holy Sir Philip Hughes de Rosius,
  4. A DEN OF THIEVES The Haeseni Royal Army barracks burn as angels flee from the scene. C. 366 ES I must say, I have been disappointed thus far by what I have seen in Karosgrad. I had heard it said that Haense is a Kingdom of God, filled with honorable people and fair justice. Instead, I find it crawling with oppression and corruption, brought about by a tyrannical king who cares little for his people and only for his own self. What was meant to be a house of prayer and justice has been made a den of thieves, and the God that sent me will suffer this mockery no longer. The Haeseni Royal Army is the tyrant’s instrument of oppression, and will be forced from this temple of God. The God that sent me is a mighty one, but he is also a forgiving one. Those who recognize the true nature of the HRA and, from here on, choose to join me in this fight will be saved. There will be no quarter for those of you that choose to continue serving villains. To the soldiers of the army that read this, you may have sinned so far, but God is forgiving. Recognize your sins and atone for them, and you shall be saved. To the Northern Geographical Society, even though my objectives have shifted from business to saving the persecuted people of Haense, my interest in you has not changed. You who serve this oppressive government and indoctrinate the people with your lies shall be met with the destruction and fury of God. Ending your operations will not stop me from achieving my goals, for nothing shall stop the work of God. SIN AND PERISH. REPENT AND BE SAVED. Signed, MATTHIEU
  5. RENDER UNTO CAESAR THAT WHICH IS CAESAR’S The city of Karosgrad on fire, c. 365 ES Some of you may know me, yet others may not, so I will gladly introduce myself to you. I bear the name Matthieu, and you ought to respect it. I am not a violent man but rather a simple businessman, one that does not enjoy losing. After all, who does? For those of you who haven’t heard of me, I am rather new to Karosgrad. Most of my business is in the cities of Providence and the underealms of Urguan, places where I’ve done quite well for myself. Of course, no one there knows me either. You see, I tend to do my business more covertly than other businessmen. The fewer competitors that are aware of me, the less competition I must deal with. But with Karosgrad, it seems that my previous ways of doing business will not do. Karosgrad demands splendor, and I mean to meet this demand with all I have. You have no doubt heard of the burning of the Wittenbach Warenhaus this Saint’s day. A terrible shame, to be sure. I had hoped to work closely with Mister Wittenbach, but it seems he thought he knew better than me. A little fire goes a long way in teaching a man a lesson, as does a knife between the ribs. Let this be a lesson, not just for Wittenbach, but all of Karosgrad. My name is Matthieu, and I will not be so easily subdued. I have been told that my name means “gift from God”, and this I surely am. With all that I have, and all that I can do, what else could I be but a product of the Seven Skies? I hope those of you who remain will be more willing to do business with me. I have been especially interested in your Northern Geographical Society, and mean to do business with it as I meant to do business with Wittenbach. I hope you will be wiser than he was, for your sake. Signed, MATTHIEU
  6. *OOC Disclaimer* |~The Valden Company~| “Nothing comes free. Everything has a price tag, whether you realize it or not. And it’s time to pay up.” -Brigham Hadwin History and Overview The Valden Company’s origins are rooted in the earliest days of the exploration and settling of the continent of Anthos. Founded by three northerners, the plans for a highly skilled and extensively trained mercenary company took their earliest roots. The Valden Company began to rise through a series of political maneuvers and economic exchanges. Perhaps their most noticeable tactics were those of a... darker nature. It was a combination of their doggedness in mercilessly tracking down and then beating their competitors, their cold determination, and ruthless deception that allowed the Valden Company to truly get itself off the ground. Currently under the watchful eye and protective wing of Lord Carrion, the company primarily specializes in archery, and their ranks are mostly made up of powerful longbowmen. However, the Valden Company is opportunistic; it also employs a contingent of men-at-arms. The Valden Company does not wish to rid the land of bandits, villains, or orcs, nor does it want to fight, pillage, or generally attempt to bring about the downfall of all order. But to call them neutral would be false as well; their alignment is to money. They will fight for coin, that much is certain. Not for the Empire nor for any house in Oren... unless, that is, either are willing to discuss a price. The Company works on a contract system; once the job is done, each soldier who participated gets paid. The amount of money they earn is proportionate to the size of the reward. The Valden Company is reliable, as it has upheld every contract it has been given. Though more willing to work under the employ of Orenian houses, they are certainly not averse to fighting for other nations... if they bring enough coin to the table. Enterprises “A company of Brigands, Whoresons, and Heartless Dogs. What more could you want?” -Ulric Ragnarson The Valden Company is, primarily, a mercenary force. They will fulfill just about any duty that needs able-bodied men. Fighting, escorting nobles, guarding events, protecting lands, and more. However, there are plenty of other services that the Valden Company offers. For the sake of anonymity, it is suggested that you send a message beforehand if you wish to request our more... ‘unofficial’ contracts. The prices for the Valden’s services are subject to change. However, we can guarantee the utmost efficiency for fair prices, ESPECIALLY when it comes to our ‘secretive’ dealings. Prominent Figures Brigham Hadwin Ulric Ragnarson Tance Nikkelsen Membership Registration ((I believe in recruitment IC; I think it is much more realistic, and rather rewarding as well. However, I realize that I cannot always be on. I would ask anyone who wishes to join that they message me, after which I will interrogate question them and see if we have availability.))
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