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Found 1 result

  1. It has come to my attention that there is little to none documented lore of the Mina. I asked around the community, and the closest thing to lore was a 3D model apparently made by a Dev. I couldn't find it, so I hope I can describe the coin to the best of my abilities. Appearance: The Mina. A small, round coin with about a half inch diameter. Such an illusive little coin has dominated and lasted through all realms the mortals have been put through. The small coin is developed by the Monks of the Cloud temple, as they are the most secured and uncorruptable peoples. On one side of the coin, two hands meeting each other in a shake are shown, while two words are imprinted above and below the symbol. 'Allies, Trade'. The handshake represents both the sealing of business, and the forging of new friendships. The other side shows the now long forgotten face of Prince Native. ((This was in the old description of the Mina)). The coin seems incredibly light and easy to carry and transport. The very first Minas back in the days of Aegis were in fact smaller, round marble-like gems. These were used throughout the days of Aegis and until Asulon. When the races arrived to Asulon, the citizens found that all of their previous Minas were missing. Therefore, a new type had to be created. The Minas of Asulon were in fact paper bills, easy foldable yet much to fragile. These bills were a deep gold, still with the proud face of Prince Shift on the front. After the races fled to Anthos, they again lost the last currency. In Anthos they made the currency into a coin, though this one was square. On one side was a hand holding a sword, engraved on the front was 'Trade. Power.'. Still, the archaic face of prince Native was held on the back of the coin. After the days of The Fringe, Thales and finally leading up to Athera the Monks decided the image of a weapon was too suggestive of violence. Instead they wanted to make the Minas a more unifying force, and added the current image of two hands shaking. History: The Minas was originally introduced to unify the trade of the Five (or six when the Kharajyr were introduced), as to make the trading system much easier and fluid. The coin has been around as long as many may remember, dating back to the days of Malin and his brothers. The Monks, along with their temple construct the Central Bank of Unity. This bank is a representative of the Unity the Minas has always provided. This bank holds mysterious depths, though people have found when they delve deep enough they find a large, odd and archaic machine powered by Magic. The Machine has a sharp, circular like end on a piston, which slams down into a mixture of rock, gem and gold. This shapes and cuts down the pre-heated slab of the concoction, shaping the coin. The coin is flipped then with a jet of air, and the process repeats. Though these elements in the Minas may not be separated, therefore one could not melt Minas down back into gold. The only time Minas are given to the public by the Monks are when a new soul enters the realm, and the Order gives them a proper starting amount so they may begin their journey. ((Clearly this all needs work, so please post criticism/additions in the comments so I may add it to the lore. I decided to make something like this so we may finally, have an official post on the Mina.
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