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Found 6 results

  1. This missive would be transcribed many times and sent to any and all groups or individuals of the Mali’ker people As I sit here, sailing on the ships to our new land, I think about my past. Being on this ship reminds me of my time as a sailor in my youth, before I decided to settle down and find a home. First Vira’ker, then Asimu’lei, then Ker’Okarn, and then Aegrothond, and now, who knows. I think about our peoples’ past. I think about the many cities we have built. I think about the stories that have been written, by pen and sword alike. I think about the tales of our ancestors,
  2. The Warhawkes We are a collection of families that have been a part of the tribe for hundreds of years. We are fanatics of lapis, war and astronomy. We are seekers of knowledge and disciplined fighters. ((There are two ways to apply. Applying with a character that was born in the Warhawkes or applying with a pre-established character of your own. If you're creating a character that would have been born into the Warhawkes. Choose your last name appropriately to what your character typically does. Ba'Ikana are the guards of the Chieftain and focused fighters. The Othan fam
  3. General Characteristics Name: Angharad Appearance: A pretty young dark elf, she has luminous blue eyes, full lips, flushed cheeks, freckles smattered across the bridge of her nose and cheeks Other Names: Anga Titles: None Personal Characteristics Birth Date: 27th passing of Malin's Welcome, 1587 Birth Place: Metz Mental Characteristics Known Languages: Common Tongue, Ancient Elven Lures: Promises of safety, knowledge of magic Savvies: Surviving on little supplies, living in a city Ineptities: Openness, passion Tempera
  4. CLAN VARALAS “Luer ilyanh adrisae” History Whispers and tales of Varalas’ origins are scarce and far between. The few who have looked into it have found nothing but spare records that have been left to rot in archives often forgotten, ranging from implications that the blood of Varalas has existed prior to the establishment of the first Laurelin, and others who would simply acclaim that the entire society is an arbitrary falsification meant as a bid for legitimacy for a conglomerate of ambitious soldiers, priests and merchants. The truth, wh
  5. Character Name Nicknames:N/A Age: 153 Gender: Male Race: Dark Elf Status: Single Description Height: 6'0 (average 2 blocks is roughly 6.5ft) Weight: 159 lbs Body Type: Thin Eyes: Red Hair: Reddish White - off white Skin: Ash Black Markings/Tattoos: Scratched out eye Health: Missing an eye Personality: A very serious but likeable person, and is always obsessed with death, and a bit crazy about it... Inventory: Further Details: Lifestyle Alignment*: Evil, Nuetral Deity*: the Daemons Religion: Daemon Alliance/Nation/Home: N/A Job/Class: Title(s): Profession(s): Cultist, Enchanting, Stonemason S
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