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Found 7 results

  1. The Darkwood Ball With the coming of the Social Season, House Darkwood has seen fit to announce its first Renduzzan Ball. The Renduzzan Ball, which is to become an event that will happen every social season is the culmination of months of work by House Darkwood to have a truly unique experience. To quickly outline the expectations for the ball for those who are unsure or unfamiliar with proper etiquette: All guests will be expected to be in proper evening attire with Lady Darkwood encouraging that woodland colors/themed attire be worn. Guests will not be permitted to roam beyond the specified areas for the ball and the powder/retiring rooms. Debutantes are expected to remain within public view within sight of chaperones at all times or they will not be invited to any further Darkwood Events. Bachelors are expected to behave as gentlemen and not leave the designated area or God forbid find themselves alone with any woman, especially those of proper social standing or they will be barred from any future Darkwood Events Weapons will be permitted though if you draw a weapon without reasonable cause, it will be confiscated, and the perpetrator evicted from the Premises. A note for Attendees, no matter their status: When attending this ball, you are a guest of house Darkwood, you are not the ruler here unless your name is Theodeta Darkwood or Alexandros Casimir Novellen, and you are all here at the pleasure of Countess Darkwood, disrespect this fact or any of the rules, and you will find yourself promptly ejected from the ball and from Darkwood land. {The Renduzzan Countryside by Moonlight} In Lieu of an Invite List, a Select few shall be disinvited, being the following: Adam Randell, due to his disrespect of the Darkwood name and Family Alejandro Sands, for his crimes and actions against Hyspia, his family, and Callista Santos Florian Sands for the same reason With this list, I would like to inform both the members of this list and any curious reader, that members of this list attempting to enter Castle Renduzzo will find themselves becoming a human quiver due to their unlawful trespassing on Darkwood land. With that, I hope to see all of our social season participants there! {Saturday February 18th, 4pm EST} Signed, TRH, Countess Theodeta Tulipa Darkwood of Renduzzo
  2. Flyers would be spread across Almaris Interior Designers Wanted With the upcoming Social Season and the longstanding incompletion of Renduzzo’s Main Keep, the Countess has seen fit to issue a public notice that the Renduzzan Estate is looking for an interior designer to redo the interior of the castle. (compensation is completely negotiable) How to Submit a bid on the Renduzzo Contract: Send a bird to Countess Theodeta Darkwood informing her of your interest Schedule a time to tour the castle so that you may decide if you wish to continue with the bid If you decide to continue with the bid please send examples of previous work, if there is none that is acceptable Negotiate compensation and once settled upon, await final decision To Inquire send a bird to Theodeta Darkwood Signed, The Right Honorable, Countess Theodeta Tulipa Darkwood of Renduzzo (OOC: IGN:Based1Salmon Disc:Based1Salmon#7103)
  3. A flyer would be posted across Almaris An Official Offer of Employment within the County of Renduzzo With the recent land acquisitions of the County of Renduzzo and the allocation of land for purposes of agriculture, Countess Darkwood has seen fit to send out an official notice offering residence and land use rights for interested parties. These Position will be split into 3 Categories: 1:Tenancy- Tenants will be granted residency for them and their families along with land use rights in exchange for 20 minas per week and 1 bushel (stack) of haybales per family member residing at Renduzzo per week 2:Animal Husbandry-Animal Breeders will be granted residency for them along with their families along with land use rights and stable use rights in exchange for 30 minas per week and 1.5 bushels (Stacks) of meat or one bushel of leather per week regardless of family size (Animal breeders will not be allowed to breed horses at Renduzzo unless they pay a further 10 mina per week) 3:Horse Breeders-Horse Breeders will be granted residency for them along with their families along with land use rights and stable use rights in exchange for 40 mina per week though the resident horse breeder will be granted exclusive patronage by Renduzzo, with the Countess willing to sign a contract to purchase steeds only from the breeder until their residency at Renduzzo has ceased. Alongside the pay and other conferred benefits, all Tenants/breeders and their families shall receive the following benefits The ability to petition the current Count/Countess of Renduzzo about matters After 10 years of service, a Tenant/Breeder will be able to have their children become wards of house Darkwood with females having the ability to become handmaidens of any Ladies of Renduzzo After 12 years of service, a Tenant/Breeder will be able to have 2 females from their family receive a Darkwood Sponsorship in any social season should they wish After 15 years of Service, Tenants/Breeders will gain a seat upon the Darkwood Council that is hereditary until such a time that they have relinquished their position If a Tenant/Breeder gains a seat upon the council and their heir maintains the tenancy for another 10 years, they will be able to request that their heir or another child be granted a page/squireship underneath the Count/Countess Darkwood or a Darkwood house member possessing a Knighthood or High Governmental office For any details please send a bird to Theodeta Darkwood Signed, The Right Honorable, Countess Theodeta Tulipa Darkwood of Renduzo (Ooc Contact Based1Salmon#7103, IGN:Based1Salmon)
  4. “With the Eagles foresight, we reign victorious.” With great sadness, the Vuiller household announces the passing of their Patriarch, Count Drako Rickard Darkwood alongside the passing of their heir, Lord Godric Ivan Vuiller in the battle against Undead Cloudbreaker this last Saint’s Day. A time of mourning is called, as is for most of the Kingdom at the many lost in the battle for our nation and home. It is with this announcement, that another comes which would often bring great joy to the Household, though we find it only bittersweet in this time of mourning. Upon the same day as the fight for our beloved nation, Lord Godric Vuillers wife and now widow, Lady Liliyana Vuiller has given birth to a set of twins, healthy with a set of lungs that could blast out one's eardrums and a head full of hair upon downy heads. For what was once meant to be the grand-heir is now the heir, we announce the birth of; Lord Edvard Baenyx Vuiller, heir to the County of Aquilae And Lady Eirene Linh Vuiller The Household asks that prayers and well-wishes are given for the newly gained children of House Vuiller. “Finally, Horen and his tribe built homes of wood and cloth in the plains, and they built temples of stone, and had many children.” Line 13, the Scroll of Gospel. With this announcement, should any family or friends wish to pay their respects to the deceased, they may make their way to the chapel within Renduzzo and join those within. Letters are sent out to the family branches outside of Balian, ensuring all are fully informed. May GOD bless us. May Saint Harald Vuiller look upon his descendants with pride and tender care. And may Count Drako Darkwood and Lord Godric Vuiller find peace within the Seven Skies. Signed, The Right Honourable, the Countess of Aquilae, Johanne Alstromeria Vuiller, Countess-Dowager of Renduzzo, Lady Procurator of Balian. Her Ladyship, Liliyana Sonia Vuiller
  5. ANNOUNCEMENT of the HOUSE DARKWOOD To Pay One’s Debts In the year of our Lord, 30th of Lothar’s Gift 16 B.A @sergisala To the Lord Regent of House Galbraith and the Viscount to inherit. A lesson, if you will, in how one pays debts, both monetary and moral. Your family, although you may not find yourself able to recall due to your youthful age, took it upon itself to fight against the rightful heir to the Holy Orenian Empire, Peter Augustus IV, however this is not the matter to which we discuss in our lesson. As I inherited the Barony, mere months after pulling my own father down from a noose, it was your family, who I viewed as my closest allies, and most importantly friends whom I could trust through anything, betrayed that trust. While away, hiding within the fort held by the Imperialist Loyalists due to my young age, you broke into my house and burnt it to ground, placing your own banners at my door. Then you had the audacity to broadcast it unto Almaris via a victory missive. All good lessons must have a moral. Mine is very simple. To the regent and future viscount, I offer you this lesson: pay the debts that are due. Do so with haste and with humility. Failing to do this will lead down a path that you do not want. For the armed robbery of my household, breaking and entering of my abode, and arson resulting in the complete destruction of my homestead, it is only just that you and your family pay a sum of 2,000 mina and submit a public missive of apology for the acts. This must be done within a Saint’s day. As declared by, His Excellency, the Patriarch of House Darkwood, Lord Drako Darkwood, Baron of Renduzzo. Her Excellency, Baroness-Consort Johanne Alstromeria Vuiller of Renduzzo, heiress to the County of Aquilae, heiress to the Viscounty of Vuillermoz, Procurator of the Grand Duchy of Balian, Lady Chamberlain of the Palati Monterosa Firess, Anna Bishop, Matriarch of House Bishop
  6. A Critique of the Petty King Over the last few months I have seen a lot of things, predominantly people declaring themselves for either Fredrick Charles or Emperor Peter IV, amongst this there has not been any true critiques of one side or another, so I am setting out to write this to change this fact as The Baron Darkwood, to further solidify my family’s stance and to diminish the decision of the dissenter of my family. Firstly, let us discuss the way in which Fredrick came into power. Without any true heirship to the throne, being third in the line to the throne, he marched on the city with a rally of Blackvale and Arichsdorf men and forcibly took the throne as soon as the news broke that the Emperor and Empress had passed away. While the rightful Emperor Peter IV was on a trip out of the city, the throne was taken and Fredrick decided to begin to make unsavoury changes. This is not how one takes the throne, our nation follows a hereditary monarchy and by the standards of such, he was not by law allowed to take the throne, as its lawful inheritor was the Emperor Peter IV. Clearly this was the first of many fumbles for The Petty King as he forced his way into an illegitimate, self-ordained reign. Next, let us discuss the matters of the immediate changes that The Pretender had attempted to make with his false claim to the throne. Upon taking ‘power’ he split what was already an Empire that was admittedly struggling into two Kingdoms. The first of which is the Kingdom of Oren, the South of the Empire, and the Second, The Grandmarch of Westfall. The latter of them had a disappearance of many of their people including the leaders of the false Grandmarchy. I would question the logic behind splitting an Empire that is in need of close care as it will only end with two nations with less resources, less people and a higher chance at failure. To follow up on this, I will discuss the matter of neutrality. Neutrality is something that occurs in all wars, internal or external, not everyone wants to involve themselves in a war. Yong Ping, Fenn and some other nations and city states all decided to declare for neutrality in the Tripartite war, which involved many nations of Almaris. I would assume that with the ongoing civil war The Pretender King would allow people to declare neutrality, only I was then informed during the early hours of the war that he said those who wouldn’t side with him would be vanquished. Such a bold and aggressive move was not anticipated at all. It provided me more reason to speed up my missive stating my house's stance on the war. While unconfirmed, the neutrality of Ebonwood likely spurred the attack on Minuvas that has been reported as an attack by the followers of The Pretender. I believe it utterly disgusting that he would even consider making such a move, forcing those who do not seek war to join. Finally, we shall discuss the people The Pretender surrounds himself with using fine examples such as the Raid on Vuillermoz. Upon muscling their way into the Vuiller keep, the followers of The Pretender threatened various children and beat a mother half to death while she defended her children from these monsters of men. A leader who would opt to surround themself with men who would threaten children and beat their mothers, is not an honourable leader, no citizen of Oren, Kingdom or Empire should condone such actions, and those who do are awful, no better than those who enacted the brutal and cowardly assault. It is clear a leader should not allow such things to occur and those with any conscience would work to remove them, as the Emperor’s soldiers do. In conclusion, I believe I have given you a variety of reasons as to why The Pretender Fredrick and his people are not well-natured folk, and those who rally for them are not true or good people by any means at all. My claims can be disputed but, I believe they are far stronger than the claims against mine. Signed, Baron Drako Darkwood
  7. Issued on 12th day of Owyn’s Flame, 1868 To the self-proclaimed “King of Oren”, I find it shameful that you would usurp your own brother from under his own feet. The fact that you would do such a thing shows that you are not fit for leadership in any manner at all. You are a disgrace to your family's honourable name and to the Empire. What makes it even worse is that you would be so bold as to immediately split up the Empire, in what right mind would any leader of the Holy Orenian Empire decide to make any such move, it is vile and disgusting. You are letting your people down and you are showing that you are not a true Orenian by any measure. People have bled and died for the Empire that you so easily dissolve. Everything you have done is inexcusable and cowardly and I refuse to pledge any of my family to you and your so called ‘Kingdom’ and I condemn you and your rule. The Darkwoods have and always will pledge loyalty to the true Emperor. LONG LIVE PETER IV, HOLY ORENIAN EMPEROR. Signed, Drako Darkwood, Baron of Darkwood, Sustainer of the Old Kaedreni
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