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Found 8 results

  1. The faces that surrounded Garret Palmer Junior at the family gathering were familiar ones, and perhaps that’s what made it all the more frightening. His attempts to bring together the Palmer family together once more were futile at best, and completely useless at worst. His siblings rebuked every effort at his attempts to recentralize the family, and others, such as Merith, argued against his every word. The table was full of both the Palmer Family and the Morgaine Family alike-- some chatted amongst themselves, while others argued amongst themselves. The roasted chicken, potatoes, and carrots that sat upon the table were nearly untouched by all there, and Garret simply picked at his food once more, “This whole damned family is goin’ to fall ‘part…” He muttered lowly, more to himself than anyone else around him. Garret took a long draft from the cup that had been set before him, shaking his head as he looked around at the family he was supposed to be in control of. Garret took another small bite of the food that had been set before him, before sighing and setting his utensils down once more, electing to keep listening to the bickering that occurred around him. It was after this moment that Garret’s memories seemed to fade-- his thoughts became disjointed. He saw himself stumbling towards his bedroom, complaining of how tired he had been, the family blankly watching him go. He promised that he would be back downstairs after a quick nap. Garret blinked, and suddenly he was laying in his bed, eyelids heavy. Another blink, and there were multiple figures entering his room. He blinked. He opened his eyes and he was within the very manor had fallen asleep in-- sitting in the very same position on the bed fifty years earlier. He was nothing but a bright-eyed child, his wavy black hair falling across his face messily. There were paintings on his wall-- paintings of figures so magnificent, so revered through the world. His mind wandered, dreaming of one day where his portrait, too, would be hanging in the rooms of children, looked up to by all. He blinked again. The image shifted. His father and mother stood by him, looking down at him with smiles upon their faces. Garret Palmer Senior was speaking, though the words were muffled as if his head was underwater. His siblings stood around him-- Aerielle, Merith, and Miray, who were all talking excitedly to one another and their parents. Garret’s eyes fluttered shut once more and the image shifted, the walls of Ves now surrounding him. Cameron Halmar stood nearby, a small smile on his features as he held a wooden practice sword, offering it out to Garret, who took it nervously. Garret looked up to the aging Kaedrin Army officer slowly, who nodded in approval and helped shift his hands to the proper position on the hilt of the mock blade. Another flash of light. Garret saw himself traveling through the lands of Arcas, a worn travel pack slung over his shoulder, the now adult man looking at a torn map with his initials inscribed in the bottom right corner. He traced a dry quill along some of the more frequently traveled roads, plotting the next course in his travels. He saw Beatrix, and the many trips he took to Kaedrin to see her. He blinked again. Garret was standing at the imposing front gate of Al-Faiz, Fahad Al-Nabeel peering out through between the bars. Each time he blinked, the city of Al-Faiz grew more familiar-- Elena, Saeed, Antar, Damon, Esmae, Hamzah, Abdullah, Ameen. Their faces flashed before him in a blinding torrent, the times he knew them for at the forefront of his memory. There was another flash. Garret was speaking with a girl named Lelani. They talked amongst themselves, sitting next to eachother. Lelani had a small journal in her hands, and was pointing out letters to Garret. They sat beneath the stars within the walls of Al-Faiz. They kissed. Then, just as suddenly as she had arrived, Lelani vanished. He blinked again. Catherine lay on the ground, a wound in her throat as those from within the city of Al-Faiz rushed out to help her, the bandits who had done it to her retreating into the night. Garret sat next to Catherine as she healed, and finally accepted the girl into his family as Catherine Palmer. There was yet another flash. Garret was speaking to Sky Mesina in the middle of Helena, just out in front of the tavern. Garret looked middle aged at this point, and the two seemed to be conversing happily on the bench where they sat. Each time he blinked, a different scene played through his mind-- Garret and Sky’s wedding being the foremost. Another flash. Sky held a young, brown-haired child in their arms-- Astrid. The pair smiled down at the child. Scenes of Astrid’s growth played through his head, from the multitude of fights she had gotten in within Sutica, to the calm nights she spent around home. Then, the visions became darker-- visions of the Inferi. Visions of battles and scars. The older Garret grew, the more rage-filled he seemed to become, lashing out at those around him to take out his anger. The older he became, the less he became like the compassionate man he once was. The city of Al-Faiz burned, and the encampment of Al-Hadirah beckoned. He blinked and saw Elijah through the mist that had covered him, the young, innocent boy happily trotting throughout the paths of Al-Hadirah. The last scene he saw was an Inferi cannonball traveling towards his feet. He tried to jump away, but was only partially successful, the cannonball sending debris scraping across his face, then, his vision went black. Garret woke up in the present moment, a dagger buried in his chest, the figure wielding it too blurry to see. He tried to scream, yet no sound came out. Even when he did manage a hoarse cry, the sounds of the Palmer Family gathering below drowned it out. He struggled, and struggled, but his vision went dark. The last thing he ever saw was the blurred form of a figure turning away from him, dagger in hand as they exited the room. Garret Palmer Junior – 1732 to 13th of the Amber Cold, 1787
  2. Death & Afterlife "We are all born to die, brother. It is how we get there that determines our fate in Stargush'Stroh." So, after following all of my brilliant Orc guides, your character has lived to become an important figure within the Uzg. He worked under the favour of the Spirits, broke the will (and faces) of his enemies, and became a respected figure among his peers. He now finds himself surrounded by his foes, with little chance of escape. A great battle is about to take place; His last stand. But what happens to an Orc when they die? What are the cultural aspects to this inescapable fate? Let's find out. Death & Burial Orcs are very much aware of their lingering fate, and as arrogant and stalwart as they are, they acknowledge that the end comes for all beings. In the Orcish culture, a prominent emphasis on appeasing both Krug and the Spirits is upheld at all times. This is because the Orcs of the Uzg believe that when they die, their spirits are transported to the Ancestral Realm; sometimes referred to as Stargush'Stroh. It is here that they will meet with Krug, and spend out eternity in a paradise of endless hunting, fighting and all manner of Orcish activities. Generally, admittance to this realm is unavoidable if you are physically an Orc. However, if a spirit decides to worship another deity in it's lifetime, it will be transported to that realm. Likewise, honourary Orcs may pass into Stargush'Stroh if their will is strong enough. It is believed in the Uzg that those who live a life of dishonourable acts and weakness will not make it to the Ancestral Realm, and will become lost on the way, neglected by Krug. For those that wish to enter the Ancestral Realm, they must act in accordance with the will of Krug. They must be above all, honourable and strong, and they must live in pursuit of the advancement of the Uzg. Glory and recognition drive all Orcs, and their deeds on the land result in their status within the Spirit realm. (An Uruk, preparing for glory through Waaagh) Generally, those that aspire to Stargush'Stroh will become one of two Spirits: Lesser: These Spirits are basic, existential beings. They live within the Ancestral Realm and offer no powers to the likes of Mortals. Greater: These Spirits attain renowned status for the great deeds or traits of their mortal lives, and may bestow this relative power upon the Lutaumen that make contact with them. But what should happen to the body of an Orc when they die? Well, the answer is that it varies according to the beliefs of a clan. Every clan has its own specific idea of how an Orc should be buried. Some choose to cremate the dead, so that their spirit may be free to reach the Ancestral Realm. Others think that Orcs should be buried with their greatest weapons, so that they may bring them to Stargush'Stroh. Either way, it is very important to an Orc that he is buried in accordance to his wishes. Even those that are killed in disagreement should be venerated for their life deeds and provided with a proper burial. For instance, despite Phaedrus'Yar being killed, he fought for what he believed to be right and followed the basic principles of Krug's will. He was brought back to the Uzg and received a respectful burial. Which is all well and good, but what exactly IS the Ancestral Realm? Stargush'Stroh The Ancestral Realm, ruled over by the most powerful Ancestral Spirit to exist: Krug. Those that are admitted into the Ancestral Realm begin their journey on what is referred to as "Olû Tiil Frautal" or "The Walk To Final Rest". From here, they take a long journey that leads them to the central land of Stargush'Stroh. It is known as Ruzob Ukûzrii, the Halls of Eternal Joy. This land is home to many halls, within which countless Orcs can be seen feasting with their revered Ancestor. From this central point, there are six surrounding realms that Spirits may visit in relation to their interests. They may travel between them all as they wish. The Realms: Turu Dobu Ziimarum (The Many Fields of Tranquility) - This realm is a sea of grass, and is where the Lutaumen may convene with the Spirits that venture there. Skoiug Goiz (The Soaring Cities) - The Blargs (Homes) of the Spirits that inhabit the Ancestral Realm. They may display their endless surplus of trophies and achievements here, for all to see. Tauob Bûbhosh Hoital (Forest of the Great Hunt) - This Forest contains every living creature that has ever existed, where the greatest hunts in the entire Universe are held. Ruzob Ukûnûrlug (Halls of Endless Study) - This hall was created by the Spirit of Knowledge, and supplies the more studios of Orcs with an endless wealth of knowledge. Here they may follow pursuits of artistic and scientific endeavours, and is usually where the Goblins that pass on will spend the majority of their time. Where do the Ologs go? I'm sure you can figure that one out. Dâlzob Hûrûrz Mazauk (The Planes of Fearless War) - An enormous battlefield in which Spirits may partake in endless battle, if they so desire. Those that are "slain" rise again at the dawn of a new day to fight again. Fîgûga Uzg (Dishonoured Lands) - A realm within which Fiends linger. For more information, refer to: It is possible for deceased Orcs to communicate with their mortal friends through the abilities of a Lutaumen, who can talk with them on Turu Dobu Ziimarum and relay messages. Yes, this means your loved characters can continue to be RP on occasion, if a Shaman decides you are interesting enough to be worth the effort. Which means, go out there and do something distinguished.
  3. Guest

    Tape's Ban Appeal

    Player Report (If APPLICABLE, please provide a link): No report was ever filed on me. Minecraft Name: TapeSauce. Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be SPECIFIC.): Pugsy. Character Witnesses (Name(s)): The Red Rose Tavern, Sky, Vaereroes, Noperism; myself. Event DETAILS (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): Noperism, Vaereroes and myself ran into the Red Rose Tavern and slaughtered them all. Those near the building were fell to the blade as well. We are heroes. Death to the weeb. Screenshots/Vids (Link): No but that'd make the meme better.
  4. *A note is left on every notice board,house door,shop saying the folowing*" To all who wish to Make coin,gain honor,power or wish to make a name for there self But live in the shadow's or work in them place.Or just to learn magic, gain land,knowledge or to seek some one's death bed. Or just want some one to neel at your feet. Then just place a torch out side of your home and we will contact you. Follow The call of darkness and Power that one might seek or maybe you seek coin then join and your wish's will be granted as long as you stay loyal to the black crown Rank's Black crown -leader of the guild Head blade - They handle giving out order's to the rest of the guild Black knight - Do alot of the small thing's but are the basic soldier's of the guild Shadow -One that is there to be nor seen or heard but is to do as asked also sent on assassination missions (basically a dark knight in training) Slaver - They handle the slaves of the guild and make sure they do there work((will only have vary few of them it is the same rank as a shadow))but will be sent out to capture new slaves Dark minion- They are the newly accepted member's of the guild and will be sent to rob people follower - They are trying to prove them self's worthy of joining Reason the guild was made: To keep the good at edge to give all of these's new guard groups a job and to give city guard's a reason to patrol there area and there road's. to keep them on edge. and to add more rp. And spice up the whole every one wanting to be a good guy or the next hero it's getting quite annoying Reason for joining the guild: to kill some people/rob them to keep the bad guy's alive .To make people fear you or just to seek knowledge,power,land,honor the chose is up to you App OOC mine craft username: do you have have Skype (leave Skype name if yes) or ts: Country: Age: IC Age: Name: Reason for joining: Are in any other guild if so what guild: none lol Can you use magic? Race((all thought it dosn't matter )): Combat skills: Extra info you wish to share:
  5. The Axis The Lore It is said that The Axis spawned out of the gates of hell itself when time began. Some say it took century’s of evolution to get to the point where they became big within our world. Wherever the Axis hailed from, it was clearly evident that they were not sane. They were outcasts in the world, bringing torture and death to those who failed to abide by their teachings. They captured innocent men, woman, and children and held them as slaves. Mostly, they would hold victims as slaves or kill them out of the pure thrill of it. They were not normal in the eyes of humanity and decided that the shadows would be their only light and hope. The Axis, as they called themselves consisted of those who were truly loyal to one another and would put their life on the line to get what the Axis required. They were skillful assassins, sneaking in and sneaking out without being spotted by the public. They were vicious killers who sought only vengeance upon their counterparts and would kill to get the blood upon their lips. Many have feared them however, very few have actually seen them in person. It was only a matter of time before they showed their faces again... The Order Of The Axis The Axis is an organization of pure trust and strength. The Axis recruits only those they see fit that make their criteria. Trust is required, not asked of. They seek no remorse and will recruit even the youngest of those they see willing to provide their assistance. Honor will be given to those who prove their worth and persistence within the organization. Nothing is earned rather rewarded to those who truly can be given the name of “brother.” Alone they are strong but in groups they are unstoppable and will stop at nothing to do their job and bring honor to the Axis once again. The Levels Of Assassins Initiate- A new member's rank. In this rank the Master views the Initiates progress and attitude towards the Axis. He can and will be taken away if the Master chooses so if he sees him not fit. He must abide by the rules just like every other member of the Axis and will be disposed of if not worthy enough. Neophyte Assassin [Neophyte Sicarius] - After being promoted from Initiate, it is now the Neophytes role to keep his honor alive. He gives protection to his brothers and them alone. The Neophyte is to be treated as a blood brother and be there when in need. The Neophyte will be given temporary shelter however he/she must prove their worth and be able to provide for and keep the Axis alive. Secondary Assassin [Anapora Sicarius] – After gaining trust within the Axis the Neophyte may be given the opportunity to be allowed the position of Secondary Assassin. This rank shows others that you are able to truly be a part of the blood and ash of the Axis, however you must continue to show your honor to the group and set down your life for your kin. Giving your honor and blade will prepare you for the path ahead. Prime Assassin [Primus Sicarius] – He has shown his worth continuously and has provided for the family. He is now to be respected as a leader among those below him. Anything he says to towards those under him goes unless told off by a higher official. He is also given immense honor within the eyes of The Father and will continue to do so until they day he dies. Elite Assassin [Mors Sicarius] – His allegiance has been incredibly displayed. He has proven himself trustworthy, honorable, and a leader among his brothers. He now has power within the Axis and can help make decisions along with the Councillors and Magister if he is called upon. The Mors can make decisions for the rest of the group below him as long as it's in his power. He has reached the highest and most honorable ranking within the assassin title. To have himself obtain greater responsibilities, he must prove himself beyond all belief and make his allegiance continue to show. Councillor [synedrus] – Those who are given the rank of Councillor have leadership qualities and can be trusted to the point where there decisions will impact the entire Axis itself. They are there to aid the Magister on events and provide contracts for the entire group. The contracts must be reviewed within the council and be accepted or denied under the the councils jurisdiction. To obtain this rank one must be chosen. High Councillor [Altum Synedrus] – Very few have been named High Councillor within the Axis. The High Councillor only answers to the Magister and can be honored as his right-hand-man. He may conduct decisions for the Axis under the rule of the Magister and be named his permanent adviser. The rank of High Councillor is kept throughout life and has the most power of those under his rank. This is the final and most sacred of rankings in the Axis and should be considered an honor to be a part of. If for any reason something happens to the High Councillor a new one is chosen under the Master's decision. Dark Friar [Caligo Frater] - He is the one who binds the Axis together. He is the one who conducts prayer throughout the group and hands outs the last rites among those being held captive and killed. He is knowledgeable and wise and will stop at nothing to make sure the group stays together. The position of Dark Frair is nor elite, nor weak. A soul of knowledge and wisdom would only deserve such a rank. Grand Master/The Father [Magister]- The supreme leader of the Axis. He and he alone listens to no one but himself. He will sometimes take advice from the High Council when he feels the need to. He has the power to banish and put down those who try and bring the group down. He is more than a brother, rather a father within the organization. Anything he says goes without question. Additionally, the Grand Master may call upon the council or any member he sees fit and may execute tasks for them. Outsider [Peregrini] – Outsiders are those who have no connection to the Axis. They have no rights and are merely called Peregrinis within the Axis. If one Peregrini decideds to challenge a brother, a contract will be placed on his life. Allies [sociis] – Sociis are friendly towards the Axis however they are not directly associated with the Axis' plans and procedures. They sometimes may be called upon by The Grand Master during times of need. The Council Consisting of only four seats (including the Father) the Council is an honorable spot to be a part of. Few are ever chosen to be part of the council but once one is, they are there for life. No one within the Axis knows of the contents that are presented within the council besides the chosen three councilors. The three are sworn to secrecy and will abide by the oath under all circumstances. The information they posses is vital and will do whatever it takes to keep it locked away and stored for eternity. The only exception to viewing the councils proceedings is the High Councillor himself. All others are cut off from any information contained within the meetings. Who we recruit We look those with a violet personality and brute strength. We seek cold blooded killers who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. We don't seek those looking to make peace, rather we find those who wish to make chaos within the world. If you seek us looking for a chance we may consider you. If you seek us looking for power we will dismiss you and if you seek us for vengeance, we will kill you. If your lover has left you for another person, if your king has banished you out of your homeland, and if all is lost in the world, seek us out. We possibly could make you one of our own. We take only the willed in this organization and if you don't think you have the will, don't even think about calling upon us. We would much rather have those who truly care about the brotherhood's ideals than those are in it for the thrill of the game. Become a member today and leave a life full of despair and anguish behind you. You will not be disappointed. Rules: Application: Who we are We offer several services within the Axis. We offer assassination contracts to those willing to pay the mina to provide us with a hit. We also enslave those we seek are corrupt in our eyes and will continue to torture them until we get what we are looking for. We offer many other services, however they are classified and kept secretly within the group itself making sure none of the information is leaked. Axis members who betray their own are outcasted from the group leaving behind everything they worked for. If a brother leaves due to banishment, there will be a contract put upon his or her head as they contains information the brotherhood doesn't wish being shared with the public. Those who are banished within the Axis are no longer trusted within the organization and may never return. (More Coming Soon)
  6. Snoop

    The Uprising

    Event Planners, MC Names: I leave this to the ET (Also possibly the Nation Leaders if they agree to let this affect their settlements and capitals.) Event Type: World-Wide uprising/riots Event Date: 6/12/14-Undecided (Most likely when nation leaders come to an agreement and somehow discover a cure.) Factions/Nations effected by the event: All Event Location: Various cities and settlements across the Fringe Summary: The 29th of the Grand Harvest. Only a few days had passed since a disease so horrifying not seen since the days of Asulon had rose and dispersed across the Fringe reaching hundreds of settlements and even the hearts of the major nation's capitals. Thousands daily collapsed from the disease while those lucky enough to endure the terrible sickness continued to wander the realm hopelessly. While in the beginning they had expected for their beloved friends,comrades, and nation to save them and assist them in this time of crisis. But oh were they so very wrong..... The nations across the realm lay in in a shattered state of disarray and panic. All nobility, military leaders, and nation leaders were evacuated from their very capitals, leaving only a small handful of guards to man the gates, and each day they would lose another twenty soldiers from the sickness. Instead of protecting the ill citizens under each of the leader's respectable nations the world powers had decided to resort to a more drastic and terrifying way in an attempt to end the spread of the infection, slaughter. Each day a military squad marches through the lands and slaughters any poor and innocent traveler without warning. Even previous military men loyal to their homeland are turned away or murdered on the spot if found to be infected. Thousands are driven from their own homes with these methods while hundreds more die before they even escape the borders. With nowhere else to turn and a cure not in sight anger and panic mix and boil. The people had been betrayed by these selfish methods of self-protection by the leaders of their homeland and would no longer stand by and die without reason. With the armies of each nation abandoning their posts in fear of infection, various of towns and cities are left vulnerable. This would be the beginning of an uprising.... Concept Images/Screenshots Other Information: This will be an event to give those who are sick a actual role in the plague rather then being slaughtered everyday and denied by their own nations. Together in organized raids with the ET the infected will attack chosen settlements or capitals and cause a considerable amount of damage such as setting fires or tearing down certain structures in riots. The armies of the nation that own the settlement or capital can defend, however they are highly at risk of being infected if they attempt to do as so. Do you need the Event Team's assistance?: Yes as they will be needed to organize these riots so infected know when to partake. If so, do you require actors and/or builders?: Yes, any actors that can play infected will help bolster their numbers. Also builders will be needed to assist in doing the damage or setting fires after it is RPed.
  7. Smaw


    In battle, men cannot rely on strength and wit alone; they must have supernatural guidance if they are to succeed. A scruffy man sits within a ramshackle tavern, speaking to the inquisitive minds that watch him. You decide to venture closer, curious as to what he is saying. Indeed, the crew of the Lady Luck were a tumultuous band of pirates that reveled in the act of looting and fighting. These men were strong, brave and somewhat intelligent, but their success was not driven by these aspects; their fates were influenced by something far greater. You see, in a world such as ours there are seldom stories told that do not involve great magicks, terrible beasts and hooded miscreants. This will certainly be no exception to the rule. Many of you have not taken to the harsh seas, and so I do not expect you to have ever come across these men. They encompassed everything you would expect of a pirate, but their macabre ideologies were something most unusual. As the sun was tucked beneath the blanket of the sea, these men would take to their rooms and adorn themselves in robes of blacks and reds. They would emerge in the open space of their ship, a pleading man's cries barely piercing the air over the chanting of the crew. With the spillage of blood, all would fall to a deathy silence as the men watched their latest victim return to the darkness. Yes, these men held dear to the idea that everything once emerged from the darkness, and they believed that Death existed to return what had been taken from the void. Death is the only certainty in life, and these men thus considered it to be a real force, an absolute truth; and therefore absolute power. In order to prove their servitude to the absolute and it's cause, they would allow "Death" to act through them. Their reign lasted for half a decade before they were disbanded by some terrible event. On a night of sacrifice, an overwhelming tide crashed against the Lady Luck, forcing her into a cliffside. Amidst the crimson waters and wreckage, a handful of men flailed about as they tried to find a means of escaping the water. Few managed to escape on the debris of the Lady Luck, but those that did ventured off into directions that would cause the remaining crew to disperse. I know these men are still out there somewhere, searching for their brothers... OOC: My intention with this guild is to create RP involving the men of the Lady Luck finding their brethren. Once this has been achieved, I should like for them to once again partake in the acts of service detailed above. This will most likely require new characters, though I am willing to talk to anyone that should like to have an existing character be a member of the crew. These men are to be clandestine in their endeavours, and are by no means lacking in common sense; therefore, I do not expect to see any glaringly obvious skins. Let's keep the clothing normal. OOC Application: IGN: ICN: Age: Race: Personality: Ambitions: What happened to your character after the crash? Do you have a lot of RP experience? I will require an image of the skin you intend to use. If you are accepted, I shall PM you and ask for your Skype details so that we may create a group.
  8. A note falls from a rooftop and lands at your feet. Confused you pick it up. ((People who have no intention on killing (People who are not "Determined") would not receive this note)) We have seen the determination in your heart and mind. You are a deadly Warrior But you wish to take it further? You wish to kill for money perhaps? Well you have drawn the right people In our dealings we do not kill for pleasure. We kill because we must. So that the rotten people in this land are dead and the people who wish them dead are free. We are the Assassin's Guild "A brotherhood bound by blood" We welcome you with open arms if you wish to join us, It is a dangerous life, but you will have your brothers to guide you Upon further enquiry you are approached in a dark alleyway by a man dressed in white and a dark but rather regal purple. He begins to speak. I am here to speak with you about our Brotherhood. Ranks: Grand Master The head of the Brotherhood, everything passes through him. Contacts, Targets. Everything. He is the top mentor which all of the Assassins go to to seek advise and tips. He leads the Guild with an Iron fist ensuring that there are no spies or anything in his Organisation Assassino Highest ranking Assassin other than the Grand Master. These Assassins may go on the most difficult jobs and are there to help mentor the newer recruits and Guide them along the path. Marauder Each Marauder is in charge of a group of Coroners and their Initiates. Marauders are a key point in the Guild they are the arm in which moves the sword. They are sent on missions which they can either do alone or get help from their group Coroner The Coroners are in charge of 2 Initiates, who they must keep in line and help. It is their job to detect spies or any suspicious activity and report it to the Grand Master. Initiate The Initiates have 1 foot into the guild. They are trusted but they are still being watched by their Coroner leader. They must fill out contracts and seek help and advice from the Guild Master. Recruit The Recruits are the rookies to the guild. Everybody has to start out from somewhere. The Recruits aren't told a lot and don't really do much. They must take at least one set of training before they move up to the Initiate rank and are initiated into the guild. You will start out as a Recruit and work your way through the Guild becoming a more deadly Assassin as you go We also recruit: Messengers Spies at this time. We are waiting... and watching So if you wish to join or If you seek information send a bird to our Grandmaster at this address: *An address is written here* ((Watty_Banker)) IF YOU NEED SOMEONE DEAD SEND ME A BIRD ((Message on here not in the server))
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