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Found 17 results

  1. With the current freeze on shamanism as a whole. I thought it would be interesting to spark a simple debate on Elemental v Animist to try and better prepare future writers of the lore for if/when such freeze is thawed out. Either flushing out Animism in the future or reverting back to how Elementalism worked with fixes to prevent it's shelfing. Keep things civil, please.
  2. The Debate 169 SA 1965 in First Age calculations To the citizenry of Haelun’or The position of elSohaer has been challenged by a fellow citizen. The debate for the next Sohaer will be held on this The First Seed [today 4pm est] to find the next bearer of the mantle of the teacher, to lead our people to a brighter future among Theveus Sythaerin and Eistalyn Othelu’maehr. After the debate, an entire elven day will be devoted to voting. Each citizen would be given TWO [2] votes. These votes can be split, abstained, they can be on the same candidate and once the voting has been done, elMaheral and elSuli’ceru will together count the votes. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA -Maheral Seth Calith.
  3. Buff pigs. seriously I RP a Gorkil, (an Orc clan that is infamous for its boars.) And since I don't have aether, I decided to ride a pig mechanically. I rode from Krugmar to an Amathine Vassal today, and tbfh, it took a long while. Think they should be buffed. ___________________________________________________________________ WDYM?! Speed The default speed currently is [2.4 m/s], speed boost depends (its random) I think the default and boost speed (using carrot-rods) should be buffed to a higher amount. Health Did you know you cant heal a pig with any food, only regen potions? They currently only have 5 hp, and no possible way to heal them in LOTC. This can be improved by adding more health OR adding WAY more health than horses, making them tanky, slow pigs. (It be funny that way) Mounted Combat Mounted Combat on Pigs work perfectly right now, other than one hand being full due to the rod. Add lances to be useable on pigs, would be funny. BALANCE I dont think pigs should be as fast as horses, (maybe more health to compensate for their speed) but just something that’d make the pig atleast fun to use. If its possible, remove the carrot-stick and replace it with a smaller item, maybe something resembling reigns? Idk, a lead or smtn. As for spawns, I think they should be maybe the same way horses have whistles? Idk. THOUGHTS?
  4. Felyx F. Colborn, a Voice for Reform! Simple contemporary oil painting of Felyx F Colborn Introduction Felyx, born in the Second age 64, did not come into the world in a noble household. He worked for everything he has gotten so far, and will continue to serve his Kongzem to the best of his ability. The combined efforts of House Colborn now mean that Felyx is granted a unique position to let his voice be heard. As a child, he worked to start the St. Carolus University which still exists today, has participated in medic lectures, climbed to the rank of Armsman and Officer Cadet by now in the BSK Haeseni Army, and is an avid Adventurer and Poet to the Royal Family. Felyx made many friends during his time, be it commonfolk and nobility alike, and has expanded his horizons by carefully listening to minorities such as Orcs and Elves in Hanseti-Ruska. This has given Felyx the confidence he needs to run for Alderman on this day. Aspirations and Pledges I, Felyx Francys Colborn, do so pledge to honour our community of evolving peoples in-tune with their conservative roots by working with the Duma to issue reforms that benefit the Kongzem in the long-term. I will be your elected dreamer of a brighter future for Haense and, with the know-how and tools I have amassed so far, vow to work hard to listen carefully to anyone who would give me feedback or advice, and implement reforms that I deem necessary for the prosperity of Haense to Krusae Zwy Kongzem! More specifically, I, Felyx will pledge to work on Seven primary points: Promote Crown-endorsed reforms to stimulate political interest of the People of Hanseti-Ruska. Introduce non-politically aligned Commonfolk Societies for greater multi-social representation in our Motherland. Stand for greater Diplomatic cooperation, including a Worker’s Exchange Programme between allied nations to foster more open-minded generations who are willing to accept the diversity of Hanseti-Ruska and Almaris as a whole. Promote theological debates led by the Church across various beliefs, using a novel, proposed technique, coined: “Deep Listening”. Work to integrate the aforementioned “Deep Listening” into the Duma, which will hopefully bridge divides between opposite opinions to reach compromises. Introduce a Koeng or Koenas Royal Jubilee, in coordination with the BSK, every 5 years to celebrate the efforts of the Crown. Introduce a “World Pilgrimage” with the consent of the Church, in order to become aware of different and opposing cultures and beliefs, to reinforce Godan’s virtues and learn to live harmoniously with others despite opposing views. These are just a chunk of ideas I have deemed worthy to put to paper. Being a soldier of the BSK, I find it important that we can avoid War as much as possible. However, peacetime is never a reason to stop training and drilling diligently. I will take my discipline and dedication from the Army when pursuing my goals within the Duma. With great Passion Felyx Francys Colborn stands by his values, and hopes to work alongside Duma members with his Aspirations, by the pleasure of the Electorates of Hanseti-Ruska!
  5. Good day to everyone. I have a question of sorts. Well, it’s also intended to generally get a gauge of the server’s community and opinion, and to perhaps open a discussion. I'm mostly just speaking my mind. Please keep matters calm and civil, since some things discussed may be contentious. I also would like to apologize well in advance, for I have a very good feeling that this will be very tangential as opposed to being a well-structured essay. The subject is regarding the nature of the Techlock. See, I'm new, I'm not some community veteran or old-guard who can sway the lore team, or events or outcomes of certain civil wars… but I've hardly played, so I wouldn't really know about that. The thing is, I very much want to. But to explain the matter, I will have to share a little about myself. I love and am obsessed with bits of technology in fantasy settings. Steampunk, retrofuturism, magitech, science-fantasy worlds, these have always fascinated me since I was a kid. Movies like Atlantis, Treasure planet, and others sparked my imagination, games like the old Neverwinter Nights, Ultima, and others occasionally presented small amounts of technology in their setting, and it fascinated me. Wanting to be an engineer IRL, it really helps transport me to another world, time, and place where things only in the most distant theory are possible. Ever since the start of fantasy, there's always been room to mix these things together here and there, settings and worlds like Spelljammer, Eberron, Magic The Gathering(Just look at anything involving Urza), so many of Hayao Miyazaki’s masterful films, I could provide examples for days. The truth is, science and technology have the capacity to conjure wonders unimaginable prior into real being in our universe today, and it’s hard to imagine this not being so elsewhere. This can be the example portion of this whole post, delving further into where I’m coming from, and just simply explaining what I like and enjoy. I’ve read Jules Verne, and played games like Bioshock, Thief 2: The Metal Age, The Dishonored Series, The Bioshock Series, Divinity: Dragon Commander, Path of Exile, Myst, Iron Harvest, Morrowind(And the rest of the Scrolls games), the Vaporum series, and more. I love playing an Artificer in D&D ever campaign that I possibly can. Hell, I loved the Legend of Korra, which I know wasn't exactly popular as a continuation of ATLA. You get the idea, you get the picture, I absolutely adore this sort of thing, and seek it out in media. I’m a massive uber-nerd for this sort of thing. Technology and magic mirror each other in many ways. Of course, many world-building troubles and complications might arise from this, how do magic and technology exist? Where do they compete and where are they compatible? You have to treat technology as a sort of magic system in many respects, so some of Brandon Sanderson’s thoughts apply, generally, it has the power to greatly affect the feel and themes of a world. An industrial revolution is an incredibly transformative event, after all. In a day and age where Netflix’s Arcane tops charts, Magic The Gathering is creating planes and card blocks like the new Kamigawa and New Capenna, The Legend of Zelda features ancient Shieka magitech as a core part of its worldbuilding, and science-fantasy elements become less niche and work their way bit by bit into the spotlight and mainstream, I want to ask. Why does Lord of The Craft have to imitate Tolkien ad nauseam until the end of time(or at least the server, presumably), and even disregard the surprising technologies that actually did exist during the medieval period and throughout history (I’ve taken a History of Science and Technology class, I can debate this if you really want). Who exactly mandates that it has to be limited to one kind of RP, one kind of world, one kind of story, one kind of context, one time-period, doesn’t it ever get old? This is where the rant ends. I really just wanted to toss these ideas out there, because I've wanted to get it off my chest. Part of me is playing devil's advocate here, I want to know what people think. I’m being disingenuous. I know a bit more than I’ve let on, despite my hours on the server probably being 2 at most. The other thing about technology compared to magic, is that, while similarly arcane in its complexity and required knowledge, is that it leaves a more permanent artifact, sure spell tomes can exist, but technology(and artifacts in general) is very much a matter where, once its out, it can be difficult to put the cat back in the bag. When something is invented, the factions in power seek that power, people study, learn, teach, and perpetuate that knowledge. And even if all the skilled craftsmen and engineers who worked on these things have vanished, then their works can still be unearthed, and potentially reverse-engineered(if enough of them is left to do so with). The other relevant property, is that technology is built upon learned principles generally fundamental to reality, and methods and discoveries can be reapplied in different contexts, and improved in efficiency- realistically, the tech train doesn't easily stop moving once it has been started- someone will usually think of all sorts of uses for things which already exist, and try all sorts of wacky stuff. In truth, all fantasy worlds, regardless of tech-level, do have a certain techlock of their own- to prevent a runaway effect and maintain a particular vibe, to prevent a Kaladesh from becoming an Neon Dynasty, so to speak(I understand they are different planes obviously, they were just examples of tech style). Some, like Divinity, opt for a magical unexplained reset that just simply wipes all of the technology, and presumably all of the knowledge, tools, memories, possibly people, and drive to replicate it, or even think to replicate it. This is terrible writing, but I do understand why it’s done. Many settings relegate their technology to little pockets, advanced ancient lost and dead races and civilizations, whose incredible works simply cannot be understood, they are simply too vexing and arcane, and perhaps nobody quite bothers… for some reason, or an isolated and mysterious island of tinker gnomes. The Dwemer’s secrets lie guarded away in buried ruins, defended by magimechanical automata that pose great threat to all but the most skilled and capable, or armies and legions. Only a few characters understand their works, like Sotha Sil(and a significant amount of that understanding likely came about post-’ascension’ via the heart of Lorkhan), and sparingly few scholars, artificers, and alchemists who appear only at special occasion. Regardless, I digress yet again. This isn't about The Elder Scrolls. Now, onto how any of this at all relates to Lord of The Craft, beyond trying to turn it into something that it’s not. I’ve read about the past, about things like Smoggers and Thanium devices, the list seems to go on- devices that were once accepted, and once existed prior to the establishment of the (current?) Techlock. I won't lie, I adore the sound of that stuff. It looks to me like you guys tried it. From what I can tell, there was such significant tech-creep that the techlock became absolutely necessary to keep it in check. It simply must be discussed how technology relates to RP itself. It is obvious to me how balancing, CRP, and fun for everyone can be… potentially negatively impacted by simply letting these ideas run free and wild. It’s clearly a problem if one nation is the Fire Nation, and has such a technological advantage that its screwing over others, and forcing people to advance to compete whether they like it or not, it’s obviously a problem when the people managing sieges and battles now have to deal with one side rolling out steam-tanks or some nonsense. I suppose it's also a problem if someone's 'so unique and special of a character' that went through the bureaucratic nightmare of endless applications and back-and-forth with staff/loreteam to have throwable vials of horrible alchemical concoctions and chemical weapons, or a repeating crossbow that only requires like, 1 or 2 emotes to spam-fire, and regular soldiers and guardsmen with sword and shield have to deal with the BS of fighting that. I understand these things. I also know that tinkering and technology aren’t entirely crippled today either, it’s just very carefully and cautiously selected and limited. I know automatons and animati still exist, that special magic items and creations exist in circulation here and there, things like mechanical arms which can spray pressurized water, and that a long-forgotten, ancient buried thanium bomb might still detonate causing a massive disaster from time to time, that Urguan’s navy consists of steam-powered paddleboat ironclads. I know these things, and I’m sure there’s still a place and room for me, and things that I can explore. I’m not the kind of roleplayer who wants to invent or bring about technology for powergaming or to crush my competition with the power of “SCIENCE!!!”, and I genuinely care about the experience of others. I just personally love the flavor of fantasy tech, and writing these things. I don’t want to ruin things for anybody. But of course, this sort of thing is still what I tend towards, it’s the sort of thing that Iove and get the most enjoyment out of. And I understand you can tell me to go somewhere else, but, this is the biggest RP server in existence at the moment. I don’t know of a server more my style that exists anymore. My first character is a Dwarf, and I plan to go through the trials necessary to work my way up the ranks of Clan Irongrinder. I want to make interestingly and creatively written and flavored- and well-balanced- magic items, and sell them, introduce them to the world. But I have read a few past forum debates about this very topic, and they were not without vitriol. After this long-winded wall of text, the real question I want to ask is this: Am I welcome here? And also, to be entirely earnest, to a lesser extent, the secondary question is: Will the current state of the techlock ever change? Will there be exceptions for me to enjoy? Will things like smoggers ever exist again? Cannons at the very least? Or did I just miss out on all the cool tech before it got banned forever? Did I just arrive here too late?
  6. The title and poll says in all. I've always used 1.8 PvP in Minecraft and just started to get into 1.9 PvP when I came back to LotC a couple of weeks ago. Personally, I enjoy the 1.9 system better for 1v1s, but in skirms, warclaims, warzones, or any other fights that contain more than four people, 1.8 is definitely the better system. The issue with 1.9 in group fights is that they feel prolonged and grindy, going in for a couple of crit hits on someone, then falling back/kiting for a minute or so to regain health from how overpowered saturation is in 1.9 (this causes for group fights to take much longer since it takes less skill now to successfully kite people). With 1.8, there was less health and saturation was not overpowered for regen, which very much shortens the fights and is overall a much more enjoyable experience (plus, kiting in 1.8 takes much more skill and practice than kiting in 1.9). Not to even mention are worthless projectiles are in 1.9, although that's mainly due to the nature of vortex (i.e. every player has 40 health). So, overall, in my opinion, 1.8 is a much better pvp system overall. I know my claim is very lackluster, but I am sure that many of you would understand my reasonings for why I believe 1.8 is the better system.
  7. Read above. There is only ONE acceptable answer to all of them.
  8. Religion and its standing: Throughout Axios, religious Roleplay has been, or has been attempted to introduced into the hearts of major roleplay hubs and/or cliques and for the most part, has caused many events of roleplay and long-term event lines. Obviously with the maps end now, we are seeing these religious groups within their “comfort zone” of attempting to once again save the realm from destruction. One thing that Religious Roleplay hubs (Specifically speaking: Ascended*, Paladins, and the Clerics) lack for the most part is: an active place to roleplay. The reasons for this have been debated, and the list of popular reasons are listed below. Not enough players for an active roleplay hub These groups are continuously venturing around the realm to spark RP in other hubs. Religion has a lot of members, just not active enough to play. This debate has boiled into 6.0 and merged with other debates such as: who should and shouldn’t be getting land. This has been conflicted with both players and staff teams and I’d like to provide my opinion and give a chance for everyone to express theirs on an organized thread. My thoughts: Religious Roleplay for player hubs such as Veris contributed greatly to its general Activity and its short-term events. Throughout my time of leading Veris, the paladins, ascended, and clerics played major roles in spook events and were ALWAYS in the city. This obviously means they were sacrificing time away from their “home base” to assist in activity and produce a better form of roleplay for everyone else. This wasn’t just the case for Veris. These three major religious groups were spotted in every major city, small town, hamlet, cart hub, roadside tavern on the server and yet… the activity of their respective regions collapsed. With this being said, I am in affirmation of giving these religious groups one plot of land to delegate themselves, or small pieces of PROTECTED land to house their belongings and short roleplay scenarios at. I believe that, even though my character was against the majority of religion and its attempt to limit evil doing, the leaders and members of these religious groups have persisted and worked diligently to make sure that they provide roleplay. Now, your thoughts! I understand that in no regard does this post, my opinion, or the opinion of others guarantee one side or the other of this debate, however I feel its necessary to get the communities feedback. Remember! Keep the thread on topic and peaceful.
  9. Imagine seeing someone's actual hands move with their own personal hand gestures as well as their head move with every real life nod or shake. This has personally been on my mind for a few days, but also wondered if other players have thought about the idea of playing VR Minecraft on a roleplay server, the kind of inspiration, immersion, and the type of experience it could possibly bring. There are videos that show that it's possible to have both VR players and normal Minecraft players on the same server (x) (It seems the guy recording isn’t using a vr, but his friends are), and a video that show what it's like to play in the Minecraft VR experience (x) (Showing OMGCraft covering it). Personally, this looks like a lot of fun, but also on the videos it shows how hard it is to PVP whilst in VR, but also talks about how fun it is to use bows and such. The only problem is that there are threads on Hypixel that regard being banned from the server by watchdog for having a 'hacked client'. (x) This is one of the main problems found on the search listings. Also if it's allowed by staff's permission, I'm willing to help test. Oculus releasing VR Minecraft (August 15, 2016) but most install a mod that’s called “Vivecraft” Foot note thoughts: Say if I joined RIGHT NOW in Vivecraft- Would I be able to see what others type in the chat? https://www.vivecraft.org/faq/ says in order for normal players to see vr players in VR, they require the vivecraft server plugin.. Will there possibly be VR support someday? Is it impossible? Will this effect TPS? Say if I got banned for testing, Can I request to get unbanned by staff?
  10. Last night, a ban report which was submitted roughly 3-4 weeks ago was responded to. This ban report was from a Princess of Helena who was banditted within her own Church. Me and Ed (Rayvnair) entered Helena around mid-day, looking for some Orenians to kill (Due to the obvious war). We found a man of the cloth and a Princess within the Church. This being a perfect opportunity to get some action, we pounced on them. I provided pretty poor CRP to the Princess, acting to slice off her head. However, she logged off at this point, screenshotting my emotes and sending them to the Forum banlist. She infarcted the rules and got me in trouble for it. VonAulus (Grool) decided to investigate this ban report, 3 or 4 weeks after it was submitted, perfect time to get me banned just before my Christmas break. I feel this was disgusting and the ban report should have been failed anyways as not many crimes were committed against LoTC rules, especially considering I was a new player learning the ropes. I have reached out to members of the GM team, members of the community team and my own friends (some enemies) on LoTC and no one has told me I’m in the wrong. After this RP was conducted, guards came and guard defaulted me and Ed, killing us both via execution. This I feel was sufficient to the RP, the minas we robbed from the Priest should have been given back in compensation of my death, as well as the Princess being warned for combat logging (even if I did mess up my emotes, I was new, she could have just /modreqed not left). A discord server for ban appeal systems has been put up by Nozgoth: https://discord.gg/4gHE4U If you wish to support me in my appeal, please comment on your experiences on LoTC with me and +1 this post to show my change to the Admin team. I feel like I have grown a lot in my RP knowledge and how to properly do villainy RP in the last 3-4 weeks, therefore leading to this ban report being pretty inaccurate. I am a believer of having single punishments for events, me dying to an execution, losing all my stuff and even being warned by GM’s over my actions was enough punishment for the “crime” committed (even if the RP should have been voided due to the logging). I think it is disgusting how Grool responded to me in discord messages, taking hours to reply to me and dismissing my points whenever I made them. In a ban report, including appeals made, both parties should be able to speak their mind and at least attempt to get their stories across. This was not an opportunity given to me, which is most displeasing. In terms of courtesy, I was given zero notice on this ban, logging in this morning to no messages, to find I could not get onto the server to run RP for a group called, Lorraine, which I am RPly invested into (again proving my point that my RP is very high quality now). I was also given zero evidence until I asked for it, I was given poor customer service from an Admin who dismissed my story entirely and pretty much ignored me on the whole. Additionally, I would like to say I offered a different route, offering to give 1k minas to the Priest as compensation if I upset him (I must have only robbed him for 200 minas or something and I was executed so I only kept half of it) and a formal apology letter to the girl involved. The Admin’s response was, “The apology letter would not be a sorry letter, but one to save you from being banned,” However I am always apologetic, especially if I’ve actually upset someone enough to ban report me for something. Most people would hate on the ban reporter in this situation, I feel I am being nicer than the mass majority, offering the Priest a significant amount of minas too! I have three things I wish to request from the people who run LoTC: Let me have an immediate appeal, discussing with the people involved, witnesses and people providing proof of me changing and growing on the server. I wish to discuss my appeal with a new member of the Admin team as I feel I am being discriminated upon due to not being Orenian. All future ban reports for players are discussed with the player prior to the ban (as it says in the terms of conduct for bans) and evidence should be provided to me prior to the ban. This includes a conversation with the GM/Admin as well as the person who ban reported the prosecutor. Screenshots have been provided below, showing the way I was treated and dismissed during this process. To conclude, the RP should have been voided from the Princess logging off, I got executed, warned by mods to not do what I did again, even though the logger went free of charge and this situation was sorted a month ago, it should not be being sorted a day before Christmas break. Signed, Stefan_Onfroi of Lorraine
  11. i personally want 1.13 and for the devs to focus enhancing 1.13 rather than update to 1.14 with a bad chunkloading, the new blocks are cool but it doesnt replace the chunk loading, we cant move from point a to point b it takes literally too much time for travelling, maybe we can go back to 1.13 with an older save if world corruption is a concern but we cant stay in 1.14 its ruining the traveling of the map
  12. This is just a random thread to talk about Why vortex could be inherently good, why people think it's bad and want it removed. or the in between that what is good/bad part of this trial. For me i'm just going to point out 3 good and three bad, feel free what else you lot want. It's mainly peoples opinions on Pros v Cons Why is it good? It allows players to have a smaller add-on to immersion of making items Allows for people to "Rply" use resistances on there armor properly Allows a new form of PVP Why is it Bad? It has quite a long grind, which that time could be used in RP. (In regards to energy and venturing.) If assumed, crafting recipes that require IRP knowledge (Boomsteel, Alchemy, Herbology) are thrown out the window in terms of RP experience. It rather feels unneeded (by heresay about.) and crafting is based around the "Item" then player experience. (So Rp crafters must grind to a point they can safely make the items they desire.) This is s simple debate form and wonder what people think of the trial of Vortex, how it compares to nexus or even how people can improve or call out. Hope you have fun 😀
  13. Long has it been since the Legions of Atem have swept across the realms of the Far East. From the Gray mountains to the Dnedic Coast, they leveled every fortress, besieged every city, salted every land which dared to resist. Upon the fields of Mercath, where Prince Orin fell, the final embers of resistance were extinguished. But behind conquest’s iron boot, came civilization the likes of which had never graced the Far East before. Great roads, monolithic temples, and sprawling libraries took root, spreading rapidly across the region. Yet in adherence to the laws of the universe, nothing is destined to last forever. The rule of Atem, like all things, crumbled beneath the weight of its own power. Hundreds of years of conquest, washed away in mere decades. That which exists now is naught but a shadow of what once was, marauding warlords, jockeying for power over the decaying corpse of an empire. New states and peoples, long since oppressed, enslaved or, perhaps in positions of power, the sole guides of their own destiny. Upon which paths they will tread, none can say.. ---------------- “To those who dwell within the space between spaces, there is nothing... Eons evaporate in mere minutes. The inevitable march of time, it devours all…” An orb of pristine blue shone towards the heavens as the snow fell to the earth, accumulating around it. In the distance, the calls of wild beasts, snow crunching beneath boots, shouts ring out. The wind howls, biting into the skin of men like daggers. The orb flickers and dims.. “I have observed much. Nature here.. is vile. There is much misery. The trees cry out. The birds do not sing, they screech out in pain...” Reflected within the orb is an ocean of stars. An unseen cosmos, the heavens themselves pouring down. A comet glistening across the midnight sky. “A wretched curse weighing on the entirety of the landscape. All who venture upon it are doomed to reap his share. A land created in anger, born of spite. Even the stars within the firmament are chaotic in nature, they are disarrayed, disorganized. I have observed much. Among all things, perhaps unseen.. There is a certain harmony which exists...” Then, Darkness. ---- The Year is 865 of the 14th Age, According to the Calendar of Atem Crimson Order From all corners of the Sea of Chtor, the Order has drawn from and consolidated. Rid of any foreign influence, the red men now look outwards, seeking blood and bounty. Within the Wulff swamps, disturbances reverberate, and whispers reach the Order’s ears.. Kingdom of Kastovia Through blood and steel the realm of Kastovia was once more unified. The traitorous uncle and his followers dispatched of. Now more centralized than ever, Kastovia’s path is unclear. To the west, the banners of Antramar march north as King Savos lays waste to large swathes of the Midlands, one of the numerous side effects of the Orevian-Antramarian war.. Point of Interest: Upon the coast of the Wine Sea, many a fishermen have sworn they saw the water pouring from an unseen source.. Point of Interest: Among a series of rolling hills, the site of a great battle continues to burn, metaphorically of course.... Mitrovic Empire From humble beginnings, the Empire has risen. West, east, into the sea of Chtor, there are many directions for which the emperor to channel his ambitions. Resources: From the southern stretches of the empire word filters of an undocumented weed. It grows in great stalks, capped with numerous red-orange buds, perhaps further study is in order? Kingdom of Krolestwo The Treaty of the Thousand, an event which will no doubt live on in historical records till the end of time. Here, men will say, began the birth of a most righteous and glorious kingdom... League of Perasma It has been long since the Perasmians set out on their great expedition. As news from the west dwindled, so too did opposition to independence. Separated from the empire, and within the ambitious hands of the newly appointed Archon, who is to stop the League now? Point of Interest: Fydor’s Bastion- Built upon rough cliffs of the wind blasted isle stands a great fortress. Built from black stone, and clearly weathered through dozens of sieges, a stout keep surrounded by two layers of walls dominates the natural harbor positioned just south of it. Pachaqui Kingdom Curators of the Mantle, isolated from the great turbulence and destruction of the Atemic Collapse, the people of Pachaqui now emerge. Seeking new riches, upon which path will they travel, war or diplomacy? Perhaps both, perhaps neither, nonetheless, the Earth guides them.. Grand Principality of Rostukhov A land of endless bounty, vibrant culture, and ancient history. For centuries a vassal underneath their Atemic overlords, Rostukhov now stands as presumptive masters of the Vestvelt. Where the house of Ademichev will lead the Principality, remains to be seen.. Resources: Much talk fills the ears of a local Dvoryanin, apparently the local serfs have stumbled upon a plant not yet encountered in this region. Surely they would know, their families have been living there for since.. well .. uh.. Forever? Perhaps it is worth looking into. Chicahtoc Empire Born from blood and fear, the nine tribes are unified, submissive before the grandeur of Emperor Chicahtoc! Still, the shaman read omens, they proclaim that the gods look favorably upon the empire, and there is still much to do… Kingdom of Ardes Beloved by all, wise, and cautious, His Royal Majesty has guided Ardes into a period of unprecedented prosperity. No doubt, the coming years will bring many trials and much turbulence, will Ardes summon the strength to forge ahead? Point of Interest: Upon the mouth of Arles, a great site stands, unperturbed by the passing of time. It is said that a great battle was once fought here.. Kingdom of Rhorric Masters of horse, bane of Atem, never have the lands of Rhorric been subject to foreign rule, protected by the vast Rhydian marshes to the west, and Darkwood to the east, from here, their path is uncertain.. Point of Interest: Many speak of a ruin, peaking through the edge of the Darkwood, dominating its surroundings. Ishikawa Shogunate Long has the House of Ishikawa ruled over their isles, ever watchful of the Sea of Fydor in service to the Eternal Emperor’s final command. Here, time slows to a crawl, and life is slow.. But yet the priests report, great winds blow from the east, in the ears of the Shogun spirits whisper that they herald a great task.. Resources: On the isle of Kurosima, among the sprawling terraces of the south, a wagie’s hoe strikes a something hard, and a terrible explosion rips his surroundings apart, vaporizing him instantly. At its center is a pale green stone, how curious… City-State of Salvus Emergent from the trials of the past, Salvus is one of the largest cities to exist within the continent, rivaling even the Great Aldemar in size- though not in majesty, surely, there is much work yet to be done… Kemet Solitude and service to the gods, such has been the way of Kemet for aeons. When the vile legions of Atem tore through the continent, trampling over the faithful, disrupting the very nature of existence, the gods were patient in their retribution! In time, their will delivered, and the men of Atem struck down, and with them the old ways! Venerate the Eye of Kemet, for the gods would see the endless nation grow beyond its river! Resources: On the northern reaches of the Jade Sea, many have come across a strange weed, it grows in great stalks, with buds of red-orange hue. Point of Interest: They say a great man was once laid to rest here, once master of all creation, many claim that great gatherings of unknown folk accompanied by great blasts of light occur often at such a place, but slaves see many things… Samalstraza Samalstraza, a great beacon of enlightenment within a sea of darkness! Masters of the Arcane, and seekers of knowledge. Many a scholar and king alike travel upon the Runeway, to the ancient fortress in search of knowledge and council. The path ahead is shrouded in shadows, perhaps only the men of Ninur are capable of peeling them away… Choranic Empire Servants of the creator, heir to the heavens, the Choranic Empire dominates both wood and prairie, though none exist to directly challenge them, their path will no doubt be filled with numerous obstacles... Go.
  14. Hello there! It seems like I’ve been posting an awful lot recently, however this debate is strictly ooc ONLY and in my discord a lot of guys were concerned over this issue, so if you wish to participate I am more than willing to answer questions and debate in the comments down below. The “techlock project” is a project where people are trying to find balanced tools to use within LoTC which has the same technology as the times it is based in. For example, firearms is the most recent topic that has been put up for debate. As shown below, the votes have been flooding in and it seems like the mass majority do not care for guns within LoTC. Personally, I feel guns do not have a place in LoTC. My reasons for this are as follows, please feel free to agree or disagree with backed-up points down below! Banditry/Raids: I feel as if LoTC for many years has been a hub for those who wish to participate in bandit roleplay (as far as my experiences have gone). If you are to bandit someone on the road, you can either rob them or fight them, depending on how they respond to your actions. If guns were introduced to LoTC, I feel like banditting people on the road would become far too easy, using hostages and holding people at gun-point is far more effective than crossbows. This will lead to an imbalance in the bandit-victim success rate, heavily favouring those who are committing crimes. Additionally, Cities will have a large advantage too. The current raid rules state that you must ONLY raid with three or less people, which means it is already difficult to pull off with success. With the addition of guns, it will become near-impossible, with the guards being able to default CRP and hold your party at gunpoint for as long as they wish, possibly increasing the rate of meta rallies coming and slowing down the roleplay that could be happening if they were all using less advanced technology. Larger scale fights: How can we moderate the use of guns in larger scale fights? Currently in LoTC there is a 10+ PvP default rule, however if you were to fight with 9 or less people it would become increasingly difficult to moderate the use of guns within the fights. Would we need to load the guns and use multiple emotes like we do with crossbows? Or can people just have loaded guns all the time, preparing for combat if needed. I feel this will increase the amount of modreqs that go up, leading to more power-gaming, toxicity, and just an overall poor roleplay experience for those involved. The “dodge” mechanic: How does one use this mechanic if there are bullets flying towards your head? For a long time, you are able to /roll or crp dodging attacks, with a larger disadvantage if you lose your roll or the mod/people involved deems your dodge unrealistic. Just like an Olog charging into a human, you would be instantly killed and out of the crp if you were to encounter someone with a firearm, which I feel ruins the whole combat experience entirely and can lead to poor quality roleplay. Now I have expressed my final points, I would like to invite everyone who wishes to get involved to comment below and I’ll respond to you all. Troll/Toxic comments will just be ignored. Thanks, Swifty
  15. Llama caravans and hunting gave big $$$ on the last map so I was wondering what businesses or jobs you guys do to make good mina in game? ???
  16. Your View: ARCAS - Sense of Completeness I’ve overheard some concern expressed around how complete or full the map feels, players expressing that they feel like Arcas was either rushed, or that aspects of the map were neglected. As such, I would like to attempt to tackle these issues by sprucing up parts of the map that are barren, landscarred, or incomplete. To help this process along, we are interested in what areas of the map you feel need the most improvement. - Are there any specific world builds that come to mind as being aesthetically displeasing or unfinished? - Are there any specific natural areas of the map that come to mind as being very bland, borderline landscarred, or lacking in completeness? - When it comes to a map feeling finished or immersive, do you prefer to see a lot of “life” in the sense of lush nature and unique terrain, do you prefer to see a lot of “history” in the sense of ruins and signs of past civilizations, or do you prefer to see both heavily intertwined? If you have any other feedback to provide on this topic it would be appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Shadow of the Empire The Known World, Year 700 (zooming in may be required to view cities) ----------------------------------------------=0=---------------------------------------------- Music Brief Summary The last centuries have not been kind to the Imperial state. A once mighty and indomitable force that stretched from Mesopotamia to the northern shores of the Emerald Isle has been reduced far from its former glory. Decades of stagnation, mismanagement, invasion, corruption, and plague has taken its toll on the state. The first of the dominoes fell in Italy. In 642, an amalgamation of Italian senators, natives, and generals orchestrated one of the first Imperial civil wars. In a matter of years, Imperial armies were dealt crushing defeats, and forced to largely abandon the province. Following the withdrawal, the unified coalition splintered, leaving the peninsula divided. In the British Isles continuous pressure from both Highlanders and Seakings alike has slowly eroded Imperial authority. Weakening garrisons, destroying outposts, Imperial control of the region slowly slipped. By 653, British officials could no longer tolerate the stagnant Imperial rule, and cast off their rule. Egypt, by far the most profitable Imperial province was thrown into a state of confusion by mid 660. A terrible defeat inflicted by invading Persians opened the door into the entirety of Imperial north africa. Persian armies penetrated deep into Egypt, leaving a large trail of death and destruction in their wake. The regional capital at Alexandria was even sacked towards the end of campaign. Following the humiliating defeats in Egypt and Judea, Imperial forces were unable to stop the separation of the provinces of Libya and Judea. The most recent string of shortcomings to strike the Imperial realm have sprouted up in Iberia. Only four years ago, the rebellions in Iberia begun in full swing. Self proclaimed kingdoms and empires alike on the peninsula continue to wage war against Imperial forces, though no decisive confrontation has been made yet. Now, with the assassination of the old Emperor Louis X. His son, the ambitious Charles III ascends to the Imperial throne, vowing to reclaim the lost territories and restore Imperial prestige. The future of the Empire, and the Mediterranean world as a whole hangs in the balance.. ------------------------------=0=------------------------------ OOC The rules/mechanics can be found here [Click Me], Any questions can be brought up with me. There will be a cap of 15 players this time around, more if I feel like it. Due to the limited player cap, it will come down to the quality of the application should the cap be met. So make sure your application is not bad... Playable factions this time around have been somewhat reduced. Persia and the Empire are no longer playable. However, the following are: Celtic States -Highland Confederacy -Clan Thomond -Clan O’Neil British States -Kingdom of Sumerset -Kingdom of Mercia -Kingdom of Wales Sea Kingdoms -Kingdom of Denmark -Kingdom of Norway -Kingdom of Sweden Iberian States -Iberian Empire -Kingdom of Leon -Kingdom of Andalusia Italian States -Republic of Venice -Kingdom of the Lombards -Roman Republic -Despotate of Syracuse -Despotate of Tarentum Greek States -Byzantium -Ionia -Macedon -Athens -Epirus North Africa & The Middle East -Kingdom of Judea -Kingdom of Libya -Sultanate of Arabia -Imperial Province of Egypt Tribes -Khanate of Crimea -Magyars -Saxons -Sicrii -Vandals ------------------------------=0=------------------------------ Application Nation applying for: BREIF History of your Nation: Must confine with stated above, you have some creative freedom Leader(s): Discord:
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