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Found 2 results

  1. All Hail the Duchesses! Eliza Raven read through the letter Nadia had handed her, brows furrowed deeply over her green eyes. She leaned her hip against the desk next to her, the paper in both hands as Nadia Buckfort stood before her, waiting. “To my dearest children, Gwyn and Nadia, I hope this letter finds you in good health. Alas, most of my offspring have grown and pursued out other paths in life, leaving me with very few to pick from. By right, the throne should go to Lord Aldigar, your eldest brother, but as you know, life has taken him elsewhere, for he is a noble knight and a loving father. However, if one thing you have in common with Aldigar, it's your kindred heart. I wish for you two to take the throne together, make it a dual duchy. As sisters, you shall make a good team, bound by strong Buckfort blood. You will let no husbands, lustful for power, to take on the other's role. The first legitimate son of either of you shall be the heir, if suitable. Let Rozanian values live on. Let our culture bloom. Let our people thrive. It is for them that we do what we do. My love for you is boundless like the sea. Please, my beloved aenguls, make your father proud. As the motto of our House goes, Many Hearts, Beating As One. I will be there, when you need my council. Signed, Dad” Nadia Buckfort looked at Eliza with worry, as Nadia watched her finish the letter, “What do ya wanna do about this? Gwyn is too young… She ain’t fit to lead yet, and I don’t want to do this by myself. These are your people, this is your family Eliza. Please… Help me.” Eliza looked up at her young friend, taking a breath to consider her options. “I’d be honored to help you, of course. How can I be useful to you?” She held her breath for an instant, waiting the lady’s answer. “I would like you to lead, alongside me. In Gwyn’s place. A dual duchy as dad wishes.” She nods, slowly, hoping Eliza would say yes. “You and him led Sarissa here. You have gone this far, without me here. Lead with me, us, duchess’s of Rozania.” “You would share your title with me?” The Adunian stared at Nadia for a moment, a smile forming on her lips. “I absolutely accept your proposal, Nadia. Yes, I will share the Duchy with you.” Nadia’s eyes filled with tears, and she wiped them swiftly away, “Thank you Eliza. Thank you so much.” She took a Rozanian quill, and began to write some words on the page, “I, Nadia Buckfort, named Duchess of Rozania by the Duke of Rozania William Buckfort, do hereby decree Eliza Raven to join me in title and duty, Duchess of Rozania. Shall we lead Rozania together, to greatness, in a dual duchy. May Rozania be safe in our hands, and shall one of us fall, the other continue to lead. May we lead our people, together, and abide by GOD in all of our actions, and words. May we both be Duchesses.” The words filled the paper, and Nadia signed, handing Eliza a quill with a beaming smile. “Sign, and we shall lead as one.” Eliza beamed back, taking the pen and carefully writing out her flowy signature next to Nadia’s. “There, it’s official. Duchess Nadia.” The Adunian lady smiled to her friend. “Long live Rozania and it’s Duchesses.” Duchess of Rozania, Nadia Buckfort Duchess of Rozania, Eliza Raven
  2. CABALLERO CORPS Purpose The Caballero Corps is the main military organization for the Duchy of Barranquilla. Those brave souls who spill blood for Barranquilla and her citizenry. Charged with the responsibility of protection by putting their lives on the line. In return for their services the men of the Corps receive pay, comfortable living conditions and most importantly a haven from Imperialism. It is the people’s shield against invasion, and its spear of conquest. Hierarchy Comandante: At the top of the Corps is the Comandante. A tenacious soldier and capable strategist proven through many battles. A leader both on and off the field in charge of the Corps as a whole. The Comandante of the Corps is Faust Santiago. Dominar: A strong and capable officer corps makes or breaks an army, and the Dominar of the Corps are the best out there. With years of experience leading troops through battle and training them in peacetime, Dominar are responsible for the Corps’ effective operation. Entitled to best equipment and in charge of a division or specialty, Dominar of the Corps are the best of Barranquilla command. Bandera: A lower corps officer, a Bandera represents an enlisted man's transition into army leadership. Bandera execute commands at the head of smaller regional battalions. Entitled to the same benefits as a Sargento, as well as the added authority of officer status, a Bandera is well on his way towards rank advancement. Sargento: The highest attainable rank for an enlisted man before his transition to the officer corps, the Sargento is a battlefield veteran who has demonstrated an embodiment of military spirit and a mastery of martial skills. The Sargento are excellent fighters leaving onlookers in awe, and form the official Bulwark of His Grace. Privado: Surviving the cruelty of battle and trained in the art of combat and survival, Privado are the backbone of the Corps. Privado are supplied with quality steel. While in Duchy lands Privado are considered the guardforce for the region and are expected to uphold the peace and law. Alumno: Fresh blood, those yet to be trained or taste the fear of battle. Alumno face seemingly never ending training, harsh lectures and are pushed beyond their limits for His Grace. Those that do not give up and rise to the challenge will soon achieve the rank of Privado. Alumno receive last-pickings in armaments and armor. Enlistment To join the Caballero Corps, one must have all prerequisite requirements as stated. The Corps makes no special exceptions, as does His Grace. The requirements are as followed: - One must be of human or elven descent. - One must be of at least thirteen years of age. - One must be a citizen of the Duchy of Barranquilla. Application I. Name II. Age IIa. Date of Birth IIb. Place of Birth III. Race IIIa. Culture IV. Martial Knowledge V. Profession OOC MC Name: Skype ID:
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