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Found 5 results

  1. A CALL TO DUEL TO MIKHAIL VAR RUTHERN Issued by the BARONY OF GHAESTENWALD On this 11th day of Joma ag Umund of 419 ES TO THE BARON OF ROSTIG, The venomous snake strikes once more. It seems the removal of its poison does little to remove its aggression and capacity to induce pain. Within this Saint’s Day, it has been announced that a betrothal between yourself, Lord Mikhail Ruthern, and the woman who I had been permitted to court; the woman whose mutual affection has been renowned publicly for years now. Many can recall the day where you struck Lady Margrait with great ire and fury, for you, Lord Mikhail, have publicly apologised for. Fewer can recall where your assurance had been afforded that you would stay away from Margrait, to ensure no further violence would come her way. I had come to forgive your sleights. Alas, it appears these words meant naught, as you have betrayed your words and caused me great anguish. Wisdom has failed me, in allowing myself to trust in your word, which has been forever contorted and tainted for the entirety of your existence upon this plane. You are a snake with no venom, and as such, I do not fear your bite; but your bite still has caused great pain, and suffering. I am no snake. My word is as strong as steel. My bite is steel. My bite shall hurt. Face me in the hippodrome of Karosgrad within a saint’s hour from now accompanied by your second. The duel shall be for honour, with the provided terms below by Lady Margrait herself; to the first wound. I may not be able to change this future union, as much as my heart yearns for it. But, I am able to preserve a sliver of my dignity. SHOULD I WIN THIS DUEL, THE FOLLOWING TERMS ARE AGREED: I. With this announcement reveals your deceit and lies to all, one which is now apparent. Since your Lordship is privy to treachery, it will do no further harm to break another promise you have made. I shall be given permission to wed Dorothea vas Ruthern, sister to you and good friend of Margrait should she not find a worthy match. In the instance she should, then Viktoriya vas Ruthern shall take the place of Dorothea in my desire for union. It is the foremost priority of a noble to procure a suitable heir to continue their family’s noble lineage. I foolishly thought I had secured such a marriage, but it has forcibly been wrenched from my grasp. Thus, I shall forcibly regain it, and with someone whom I know I can trust. If I shall not marry for love, then I shall marry out of duty. Let the marriage be loveless; but I shall not make it miserable. You have promised Dorothea a happy marriage; I am happy to provide for Dorothea, for my conscience, for you, Mikhail, and for Margrait. Dorothea may not be my Ruskan Rose, but her petals and thorns shall belong to me. II. For this marriage, all fees shall be paid by you, Mikhail var Ruthern. III. I shall be able to absolutely privately visit and check up upon your betrothed, Lady Margrait, to ensure she is being treated with the utmost respect, that her dignity is being preserved, and that no physical harm is being dealt, as has been done in the past. SHOULD I LOSE THIS DUEL, THE FOLLOWING TERMS ARE AGREED: I. I shall suck the big toe of you publicly, and for no longer than a Saint’s Minute, in the centre of Karosgrad. I shall journey there in nothing more than Prinzen Karl’s swimmers, on my hands and knees, from the gate of Karosgrad. Alongside this walk, blunt objects may be thrown at me. II. I shall publicly apologise at a date, time, and location determined by you, Mikhail var Ruthern, for any insinuations or insults made during the duration of our acquaintance. In this same time, I shall kneel before you, and kiss your rings to swear my loyalty. III. I shall take up steel for you, Mikhail var Ruthern, upon your request. I expect to see you defend your honour in the Arena. I expect to see you cry in defeat upon your loss. I once had the power to love my love. But I have lost that power. And you have taken it. I want it back. I will take it. SIGNED, His Lordship, Markus Nikolai Morovar
  2. Frenrir Ireheart, a new fresh 31 year old dwarf, with a lot of adventure, in just one irl day. Frenrir is a new dwarf. He was born into the Irehearts and finally decided to do his trials and start his journey. He begun with going to Du Loc, as he heard his fellow bretheren were there. But at his surprise, a dragon was there. Frenrir with the dragon slaying clan in his blood, began to get furious that the Du Loc Guard would not let him in. Instead, a large ugly Oolog stood in his way and kept the gate shut, while calling him gay. Frenrir began to be furious, and asked two people behind him to go on a plan, however they did not follow up on it, and he got even more enranged, to the point that he got ready, thumped the ground and rushed towards the gates with his baldspot first. He hit the gate, making a loud clang but the gate did not leave a dent, and he was sent backwards and landed on his back. This however did not stop Frenrir, he continued to harass the dragon with words and bang on the gate. Eventually the dragon left and this made Frenrir rage in anger and leave, cursing Du Loc for not letting him in. Frenrir rode into the sun, and towards his home Urguan. Upon arrival, he was greeted by Garrond 'Orcbane' Frostbeard. They had a little convo, and it led to the topic of Bravery. Garrond challenged Frenrir to a test of Bravery where Frenrir was stand onto a wall, and Garrond was to throw an axe over his head, you were not allowed to flinch or duck, or you would lose the game. Garrond threw the axe, and Frenrir swallowed fear whole, and did not flinch. The axe went right over his head and he was safe and sound. The game attracted some folk, including another Ireheart. They all had turns, and eventually it came to someone else throwing the axe. Frenrir volunteered, and as he threw the axe, it was starting to fly towards Garrond, which made him duck, losing the game. Garrond called for another try and as he did, Frenrir threw an axe, which cut into Garronds head a little, but Garrond did not duck, nor flinch during the throw. As Frenrir thought it was fair for him to go up next, because of him hurting Garrond, The other Ireheart volunteered to throw. The Ireheart stepped back and gave the axe a good throw, it would hurl towards Frenrir, and knowingly it would be to low, Frenrir called for the gods as it his into his ear, splitting it almost full in half. Frenrir gave a good laugh and put a cloth around it, allowing it to be healed overtime. After a while of chilling in Urguan, another Ireheart came by, they talked about each others trials, which gave Frenrir the idea to go for them, along with the other Ireheart beardling. Garrond came along as they decided to go towards Krugmar. However, no one would open the gate, and they left. After a lot of chilling around Urguan, Frenrir decided to pay a visit to Elysium. Upon arrival, he was greeted with a large gate, after a while of shouting for someone to get it, a woman in large white armor came by, she called for Frenrir and asked him a couple of questions, which Frenrir answered with no hesitation. Then she called upon him to leave his weapons in a nearby chest. Frenrir, hesitant and cautious tried to negotiate, however it went nowhere, to the point a drunkard was having fun of the conversation. As the conversation lead on, and the persuasion was going nowhere, 3 unusual people came by, they said they came from "Yong Pink" apparently the town was called something else, and there was an argument about it, but the group was in red unusual armor, they were let in and left their weapons in the chest. Frenrir had a lot of insults at them and they threw insults back, there was many arguments, but eventually they all decided to get a drink. Finding no bartender and no one to pass them drinks, they just talked at the tavern, until more guards came along. After Frenrir shouted towards them, they came to Frenrir and the group of strange people. They called upon 2 of them. However, the two did not want to go and it turned into an argument. Frenrir was watching from the sidelines, when a woman came in and started giving out drinks. Frenrir won a bet against one of the strange men and got a free drink, which he slowly drank and slowly begun to get somewhat drunk. Frenrir flirted with a dark elf, which eventually slapped his face, and continued to flirt with him after. Everything eventually died down, and the strange group of people left, after dabbing Frenrir up. Frenrir followed and they left the gates of Elysium before, Frenrir noticed an Orc at the gates. He was a large Orc with red skin. And Frenrir challenged him to a duel. Frenrir and the Orc had a negotiation, and an argument about what happens when the other loses. It went from giving each other their balls, to giving each other their tusk, beard, skin, and eventually the Orc asked Frenrir to follow him. They went to the side of the walls and the Orc asked the elf for a knife. The elf passed him a knife and Frenrir knew what was coming. The Orc would give him the skin he wished for. Frenrir called him out and asked him not to but the Orc had lifted a middle finger at him, and then sliced it off. The finger would fall onto the ground and Frenrir, expecting this to happen, slice off his ear that was injured previously. As it fell, he held it, and the 2 complimented each other for being so tough. The Orc healed the dwarf with shaman magic, and then begun the duel. Both sides fought bravely and full of strength, but the Orc was the one who fell at the end. The Orc called it a good fight and so did the dwarf as he picked him up. They both dabbed up, and gave each other their 'sacrifices.' The Orc kept the ear and Frenrir kept the finger for his trials. Frenrir left Elysium happy that day, he met new friends, flirted and won a duel. just something fun to write about, im bored idk lol
  3. To (@Lomiei)Erwin Bishop (who has seemingly lost the titles he valued so highly), I am not a vengeful person, nor do I wish your family to be hurt by such a challenge as this. Alas, you have seemingly hurt your family enough yourself so I find myself in the position where I am no longer conflicted on this matter. You are guilty of kidnapping, ruining lives, ruining relationships, manipulation, and leaving a trail of pain and misery wherever you go. At first I thought I was your only victim and with that I was willing to remain silent, but now that I hear what you have done to those around you and those unfortunate enough to share blood with you or bear your children I have had enough. I challenge you to a duel to the final breath to be fought with the weapons of your choice at a neutral location. The time and jurisdiction will remain your choice and other terms will be set beforehand between seconds. This is both a challenge against you and the tolerance of your actions. As custom dictates you must appoint a second to send your response to the challenge in a timely manner. -Stephanie @Based1Salmon
  4. .Formal declaration of a challenge. I, Aleksey Luka Ludovar, hereby challenge the Amador Dog Ramdir, to a duel of which tests our mettle and our honour, you have disrupted my families livelihood, and escaped punishment though I will remind you as Haense has appeared to have forgotten, Ludovar’s never forget. When you sat by idly like the mouse of a man you are, you left us to die in the Godan forsaken cave, had you have any inclination of being truly worthy of a noble title you would have stood and protected our right to exist and yet, you stood there and watched as they buried us under the mountain. Due to this insult you caused my family great harm, my Aunt now must use forged legs as her own were destroyed by the sheer cold, so in kind, I will be taking your life in avengement, I promised you in the tavern moments after I was released that I would end your bloodline, I intend to keep my word, unlike yourself whom broke it at the first sign of any resistance you cowardly dog. So in this open letter I leave it to you, Ramdir Amador, face me in single combat, blades only or forever be known as a cowardly worm, and bring shame upon your noble name for eternity, I shall give you three saints days to answer the call. -Signed Aleksey Luka Ludovar
  5. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "I'd rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud." ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [!] A letter addressed to both Jacker Gendik and the citizenry of Providence is nailed to the front of the tavern, with multiple copies nailed elsewhere about the area. Would it be that a swine refuses to roll in the dirt? No, I say. A beast born in filth that lives in filth will lie in it and be absolutely content. With this knowledge, I honestly expected nothing less than the revolting swine named Jacker Gendik’s refusal of an honorable duel. Such a person should not consider themselves a man with this delinquency and disgrace towards Chivalry. Chivalry is but one of the few ways that a true gentleman can show the sincerity of his worth and the bleeding of his heart. To disregard the concept of chivalry is a dishonorable act, which promptly disgraces one's character; for if one is to not defend the honor of both himself and his lady then by default he is damning both her character and his own as well. Under a normal circumstance I would not desire to waste the bat of an eye on such a disgrace but being a man who still would hold chivalry close to his heart I have no choice but to make this farce known among the good people of Providence that you would name yourself among. I would plead to the divines that whomever may lay eyes upon this would feel the same way, as you have not only soiled your worth and spat on your soon to be bride, but you have also spat upon the proud people that you reside among. Would you really stand in the way of the person you claim to love to the degree of beginning the sanctity of marriage without proving you are worth more than the measly slimy coward that we all see you to be? As any form of man, I think not, but I see now you are no man, only a slug residing on the rear of a deceased swine. You've butchered the concept of Chivalry, tossing my proposal to duel you for your relinquishment of Faux Amati's hand in marriage down the drain along with any sense of your honor and pride. A prideless man deserves no woman. A prideless man deserves no glory. A prideless man deserves nothing short of bitter shame and regret. You deserve not her hand in marriage, nor any woman's, for you have dishonored Faux Amati immensely with your cowardice. Why should a graceful woman of her standing resort to rolling around in the mud with somebody such as yourself, Jacker? That of which she won't do, she values herself far too much. I demand that you either duel me as I insisted, or you dissolve your intentions to marry Faux immediately. Oh, and Jacker? Good luck 'forming the beast with two backs' without a spine of your own. Humbly signed, Peter Schewitt
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