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Found 17 results

  1. SUMMONS TO GRAND DUMA OF ADRIA | 1913 6th day of Harren’s Folly of 1912 TO THE DUCHY OF ADRIA The dumacratic values of Adria are considered sacred and the bedrock upon which our Adria was founded. Since the times of Duke Franz I Vladov, Adria has distinguished itself for its progressive values and integrative vision of a Duchy established not on the despotism of hitherto Savoyard or Horenic polities but instead on that of compromise and unity through differentiating ideas. As Duke of Adria, it behooves me to recognize the people's will and give them ample capacity to advise on the governance of Adria. Thus I summon the Grand Duma of Adria so that we continue to forge our shared vision of prosperity and stability. Heinrik Otto var Nikolai Sarkozic THE DUMA IS SUMMONED UNDER THIS ITINERARY 5PM EST SUNDAY 2/26/23 IN NOMINE ADRIAE His Grace, Heinrik I Sarkozic, Duke of Adria, Count of Veletzia, Count-Consort of Aldersberg, Protector of the Aaunic South, Keeper of the Swans
  2. Audo Weiss for Military Tribune Election of 462 ES I, Audo Weiss, do declare my intent to run for military tribune and represent the needs, wants and voices of my fellow comrades. Having been enlisted in the Brotherhood for a decade, it is my home and unquestionably my second family. For nine of those years, I have been active in combat, serving not for glory or honour but because I believe in loyalty to my kingdom, my people and my family above all else. I believe that there is no age at which loyalty begins: it just is. This opportunity is the next step I wish to take to aid my brothers and sisters in arms. Qualifications My military service, even given my age of 18, gives me some insight into the current woes of our military. I have lived and breathed war and combat for as long as I can remember. I have previously come to accept these woes as mere necessities of the brotherhood. We are not always held in high regard. However, as time has gone on I have come to realise that this is not the case; any areas of lacking can be fixed with enough hard work and dedication. Moreover, this would not be my first role in the Duma as I undertook becoming the representative of House Weiss in place of my father at the age of 11. This would not be my first expression of interest in joining the governing of our kingdom in a role beyond my family as I sought permission to run for tribune early, as well as throwing myself forward for the likes of Lord Handler. While neither were a success given my age of 15 at the time, the efforts are a testament to my dedication and standing desire to enter into the Duma and would be more than proud to do so for my comrades. Agenda Foremostly, I seek to promote integration of the brotherhood and the knightly order. In recent times, the brotherhood and the order have pulled away from each other to the point where some knights are no longer enlisted and as such are merely a silent and guarding presence. We are all brothers in arms, and we all have voices to be heard. I hope to see greater acknowledgements of those performing thankless and extra duties within the brotherhood reflected in their pay, including the roles of quartermaster, field medic, and blacksmith. I wish to promote the learning and undertaking of medical studies within members of the brotherhood, not only to ensure that those enlisted have basic medical knowledge but also to boost the lacking pool of doctors in Karosgrad. Training in the Brotherhood is lacking in some areas. I hope to promote and encourage more formalised training of combat and military tactics to ensure prompt responses when soldiers are in the field. I send my deepest thanks to my brothers and sisters in arms, young or old. Your service is outstanding and a mighty shield for our great kingdom. Regardless of whether I undertake the role as representative for us or not, I will always be an ear ready to hear your voice and act however I may in my capacity. Iv Joveo Mann, His Lordship, Armsman Audo Weiss
  3. A little Godunov’s candle was seen flickering in the crevice of her window late one eve. Her governess had wished her goodnight already, her parents a peck each on the cheek - yet her mind was restless. Tonight was a night of fruitful thought. Tonight was a night for plotting. Alyona’s mind had been rampant for weeks on end, and it was only until now she took the pleasure in letting herself express her wishes. Her wax crayons, black and yellow and brown and red, scribbled on letter-writing parchment she had stolen from her father’s room. Only then would she send it out by sneaking off early morn for Karosgrad, posting her elaborate missive to the notice board… A Y O U N G s p a r r o w s t r i k e s A G A I N ! [!] A depiction of the eldest Godunov doing her own Duma with 'other children', no matter how monstrous they were drawn 2 F E C H I L L Y D R E N O V H A N S , Wee shall not bee SEALENSED! Wen I went 2 fe DUMA, Layday Judgey Loo-dow-far was a NAYSTAY wooman and sayd vat fe aduwlts ov Hans shuld NOT lissen 2 ve voyses ov keeds and vat mya MISSY LETHER was mayd wiv crayons in a BAD way... how MEAYN! Ven, Baroyn Bissssop COYLLED OWT MY AYGE wen I tryd 2 vowte as mya papej's reypreesentaytif! Just beeycuz his fameeliy was beeing showwted at! How dayre HE! Mya vowte was NOT cowunted in fe eynd and vat mayde me fery SAD. I huffed and puffed. HUFF. PUFF. Huw carys if yam 6? Mya vowte matters! Instayd, vey ar mayking me SAD biy not letting me bee a parrrrrrt ov vem. Wee ar fe fewturre! As a chiyuld in Hans, I DEEMAND vat wee riyus 2gever and and stop fe adultees from steeyling ower vowtes. If U carye abowt ower fewture and fe adultees and mamejs and papejs ruwin in it, ven meat me at AETERNITY ANCHORAGE (I copeed vis from fe siyn) in fe capitol in 2 saynt days. Adultees ar so MEAN and vey just SQUAWSH allll fe FUN owt of LYFE. Piyck whiysly. Colmb and joiwn me. Do not bee a stinkee cri babee. S I G N E D, ALYONA GODUNOV The Sparrow
  4. SUMMONS TO GRAND DUMA OF ADRIA | 1906 13th day of Sigismund's End of 1906 TO THE DUCHY OF ADRIA The dumacratic values of Adria are considered sacred and the bedrock upon which our Adria was founded. Since the times of Duke Franz I Vladov, Adria has distinguished itself for its progressive values and integrative vision of a Duchy established not on the despotism of hitherto Savoyard or Horenic polities but instead on that of compromise and unity through differentiating ideas. As Duke of Adria, it behooves me to recognize the people's will and give them ample capacity to advise on the governance of Adria. Thus, I summon the inaugural Grand Duma of Adria so that we continue to forge our shared vision of prosperity and stability. Heinrik Otto var Nikolai Sarkozic THE DUMA IS SUMMONED UNDER THIS ITINERARY OATHS OF CONFRATERNITY Once all members of the free and open assembly are seated, an inaugural Oath of Confraternity. The Assembling Horn will be plugged and wine and spirits poured in. All those who drink heartily from it will be known thenceforth as friends and brothers of the Grand Duma and are entitled to a vote and an audience. VALIDATION OF THE FRANCISAN ARTICLES It is the hereditary duty of the Duke and Duma to validate the Franciscan Articles of Adria, the most hallowed of Adriatic governing documents. Though some argue the Duke, by his authority, may promulgate such unilateral declarations, those are wrong, for the power of the Duchy lies inherently in the Duma itself, to which all are subject. Thus the Duma itself must declare the Franciscan Articles so that none may misinterpret the genesis of power. CONSIDERATION OF THE EDICT OF ROSEMOOR The Ducal Seat wishes the Grand Duma to consider the application of the Edict of Rosemoor unto the Duchy, formally allowing women to stand for election to the position of Duke of Adria and its inherent titles on equal grounds so told they qualify under the electoral laws of the Franciscan Articles. ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE DUCAL SEAT The Duke will give multiple announcements regarding the welfare of the Duchy of Adria and updates on Ducal affairs. Furthermore, it is the duty of the Duke to regularly inform the Duma of Adria of preeminent business within the Duchy. PETITIONS TO DUKE AND DUMA & GENERAL PROPOSALS Concluding the business of the Grand Duma will be for any to petition the Duma or the Duke regarding the business of the Duchy OR issue for Duma consideration. IN NOMINE ADRIAE His Grace, Heinrik I Sarkozic, Duke of Adria, Count of Veletzia, Baron-Consort of Aldersberg, Protector of the Aaunic South, Keeper of the Swans
  5. Issue One 11th of the Wzuvar & Byvca Volume One The Kvaz Khronicle “Karosgrad after a snow storm” depicted by Branimar Kvazyev Stories of the day: -Grand Prince of Kusoraev Married! -Saving our Soldiers! Ruthern wins big in Duma! -Election results covered here! Page 1 Grand Prince of Kusoraev Celebrates Lavish Wedding Day As the day of the Grand Prince of Kusoraev's much-anticipated wedding arrived, excitement built throughout the kingdom. The royal palace was abuzz with activity as preparations for the big day were underway. We spoke with one of the palace servants, who wished to remain anonymous, about the preparations they had been witness to. "It was a flurry of activity," the servant told us. "The palace was cleaned from top to bottom. The kitchen had been working around the clock to prepare the feast, and the staff had been rehearsing their roles for the day. It was going to be a truly magnificent event." The Grand Prince and his bride-to-be had not been seen much in public recently, as they had been busy with final preparations for the wedding. However, the servant shared that the couple seemed very happy and excited for their big day. The wedding was a lavish affair, with guests from all over the kingdom and beyond in attendance. The ceremony took place in the beautiful Basilica, and was followed by grand celebrations. We will continue to bring updates on the Grand Prince's newlywed life as time goes on, especially as he begins his tours of his vassals. For now, the kingdom celebrates this joyous occasion. Poem of events by Kasimir Kvazyev: In days of old, when knights were bold And lords and ladies fair A prince did seek a noble bride To join him in his royal lair With sword in hand, he rode the land In search of true love's kiss And when at last he found his match His heart did swell with bliss For she was fair, with golden hair And eyes that sparkled bright Her gentle touch and loving heart Brought joy to his lonely nights Together they did pledge their troth In a ceremony grand And as they knelt before the altar Their love was declared and fanned So let us raise a glass and toast To this royal couple true May their marriage last a lifetime And their love forever renew. Page 2 Lady Alderwoman Adelajda vas Ruthern's Act to Support Injured Soldiers Passes with Widespread Support Editor's note: We understand this coverage comes from a previous duma session, but we believe the content held within the bill and its passage is of monumental importance to cover. In a recent development in the Duma, Lady Alderwoman Adelajda vas Ruthern's proposed act to provide financial compensation to members of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl and Knights of the Kingdom who have suffered injuries while in the line of duty has passed with widespread support. The Medical Compensation Advisory Act of 453 ES proposes that those who have undergone amputations be eligible for compensation to help them acquire prosthetic replacements for their lost limbs or digits. The act has been met with widespread support from both military personnel and civilians alike. Many have praised Lady Alderwoman Adelajda vas Ruthern for her dedication to supporting those who put their lives on the line to protect the kingdom. The proposal has also been hailed as a crucial step in recognizing the sacrifices made by our brave soldiers and ensuring that they receive the care and support they need. The successful passage of this act is a testament to the nobility's commitment to supporting our military and ensuring that they have the resources they need to continue serving the kingdom with distinction. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Lady Alderwoman Adelajda vas Ruthern and all those who supported this crucial legislation. Page 3 Kvazyev feeds the poor! As he strolled through the streets of the small village in which he lived, a poor young boy held tightly in his hand a piece of bread, which had been given to him by his mother for his midday meal. Despite his meager circumstances, the boy was content, for he knew that he was loved. Upon coming across a group of children engaged in playful merriment, the boy felt a pang of envy, but he quickly pushed it aside, choosing instead to join in their games. When the other children saw the bread in the boy's hand, they begged him to share it with them. After a moment's hesitation, the boy broke off a piece of the bread and offered it to the group, feeling a sense of joy at the thought of having brought a smile to their faces. The Kvazyev family, known for their generosity and kindness, has once again demonstrated their commitment to helping those in need by providing nourishing bread to impoverished children in their community. Page 4 Your ad could be here! Bird Kasimir Kvazyev to purchase a cheap space! Election Coverage! As the kingdom prepares for the upcoming XLIII Session of the Royal Duma, many are looking to the three elected officials who will be filling the seats. Royal Alderwoman Adelajda vas Ruthern and Grand Maer Roui de Melphestaus have been praised by anonymous sources for their competency and plans for the upcoming Session. "Adelajda vas Ruthern has always been a strong voice in the Duma," said one source. "Her dedication to the kingdom and her willingness to listen to the concerns of the people make her an excellent choice for the upcoming Session, especially with her Medical act." Another source praised Roui de Melphestaus, saying, "His experience and level-headedness will be crucial in guiding the Duma through these trying times. I have no doubt that he will be an asset to the kingdom." Not all elected officials have received such praise, however. Royal Alderman Atilan Bishop has been criticized by anonymous sources for being a poor choice for the Duma. "His track record in the Duma has been lackluster, at best," said one source. "He lacks the vision and leadership skills that are necessary for the role. I fear that he will only hinder the progress of the Duma in the upcoming Session." Another source echoed these sentiments, saying, "Bishop's selection for the Duma is a disappointment. I have no confidence in his abilities to serve the kingdom effectively in this position." The kingdom awaits the start of the XLIII Session with anticipation, eager to see how these elected officials will shape the future of the Duma and the kingdom as a whole. Page 5 Neigh, Horses aren’t Controversial! The Kvaz received the following letter to the editor. We find it necessary to rebuke it! As a resident of the Kingdom of Haense, I have long been a proud supporter of our noble traditions and way of life. However, there is one small aspect of our kingdom that I feel could be improved upon: the use of horses for official transportation. For centuries, it has been customary for horses to be used for the transportation of royalty and other high-ranking officials. This practice is steeped in tradition and is seen by many as a symbol of our kingdom's wealth and sophistication. However, I believe that it is time for us to move beyond this outdated mode of transportation and embrace a more modern approach. First and foremost, the use of horses is impractical and inefficient. Horses are expensive to maintain and can be unpredictable, making them unreliable for official transportation. Furthermore, the use of horses can create a sense of exclusivity and elitism that is at odds with our kingdom's values. At official functions, only a select few are able to enjoy the luxury of being transported by horse, while the majority must make do with other, less effective methods. ** As the premier newspaper of the Kingdom of Haense, it is our duty to provide balanced and accurate reporting on the events and issues that affect our beloved kingdom. In light of the recent editorial calling for the abandonment of horses for official transportation, we feel it is necessary to provide a counterargument that highlights the many virtues of this time-honored tradition. First and foremost, it must be noted that the use of horses is not merely a symbol of our kingdom's wealth and sophistication, but a crucial aspect of our cultural heritage. For centuries, our ancestors have relied on horses for transportation, and the skill and artistry involved in the breeding of horses is a testament to their ingenuity and bravery. To abandon this tradition would be to erase a significant part of our history and identity. In addition, the use of horses is not impractical or inefficient, as the previous editorial suggests. On the contrary, horses are strong, reliable animals that can be trained to meet the specific needs of official transportation. In addition, the slow and stately pace of horses is perfectly suited to the dignified nature of official events, and allows those who are being transported the opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of our kingdom in a leisurely and enjoyable manner. Furthermore, the use of horses does not create a sense of exclusivity or elitism, as the previous editorial claims. On the contrary, the sight of a beautiful and well-maintained horse is a source of pride and inspiration for our people. It reminds us of the greatness and splendor of our kingdom, and inspires us to strive for excellence in all that we do. In conclusion, we believe that the use of horses for official transportation is a vital and cherished part of our kingdom's traditions. We are grateful to have a wise and visionary king who recognizes the importance of this tradition and is committed to preserving it for future generations. Page 6 The Kvazyev Company The Kvazyev Company is a trading company specializing in weaponry, banking, trading, and meals for the hungry. Seek out Branimar (Doggedwasupxxx) or Kasimir Kvazyev (Lickspittle) for a job. (Dogged#8148, Lickspittle#5373) Want an advertisement in this newspaper? Want to submit a letter to the editor? Want to give us a story? Is there something that must be said? Bird Kasimir Kvazyev! (Lickspittle#5373)
  6. DUMAPALOOZA - THIRD TIME'S THE CHARM Issued on 13th of Sigismund's End 1896 The Duchy of Adria, a title often attributed to political paper, has not had lands for any of her people or kindred to coalesce for well over a century. As any good Sarkoz should, we bemoan the deprivation of a proper land to call Adria, one where we may exercise our ancient, vaunted customs. Now, we seek to re-unite those who have wandered aimlessly in this time of interregnum- not under the banner of Sarkozic, but under the banner of Adria, that which we may all claim as ours. House Sarkozic, however, invites all the remaining cadet-houses of House Carrion and those families of influence in Adria’s past to a formal Adrian Election regarding the title of our forebears. It is long past due that those of Adrian stock aim to return to the days of the Cercogstva Adrija; and we are here to retrieve one through a fair election that has been delayed, but never forgotten. There shall be drink for all, revelry, and celebration for this joyous occasion. INVITATIONS ON THE FOLLOWING RULES: 1. The Duchy of Adria shall only be elected by those Crow Elector Houses specifically named within this document. 2. The Duchy of Adria shall neither be a titular nor roaming title; it shall be bound to its allotted land within the Lower Petra known as Velezetia. it shall be bound to the allotted lands decided by the first elected Duke. 3. Although he is not required to hail from Adria proper, the elected Duke of Adria must reside primarily within the Duchy of Adria. He who neglects this duty is liable to be deposed. 4. The elected Duke of Adria may not hold any higher title, nor stand to inherit any higher title. Such candidates are hereby barred from holding the Duchy of Adria unless they renounce their previous titles or inheritance. 5. The Duchy of Adria may never be conferred, inherited, purchased, granted, or otherwise obtained through methods other than election by the Duma. House Sarkozic var Aaun invites the following Honourable Electors: THE PONTIFICAL THRONE His Holiness, Pontian IV - @Balthasar THE HONORABLE CROWS Aaun Sarkozics - @Beamon4 Balian Sarkozics - @Matheaww Barbanov - @GMRO Barbanov-Morovar - @HogoBojo Basrid - @JoanOfArc Tuyvic - @gavyn Rutherns of Hanseti-Ruska - @Demavend Rutherns of Balian - @Aehkaj Ludovar - @CopOwl Petrine Ivanovich - @excited Aaunic Ivanovich - @Calvin_ Varoche - @Enlightenment ESTEEMED PATRICIANS OF VES Bracchus - @Publius Montelliano - @TwistedFries Ren - Last descendant of Watanabe - @Moo_bot Kortrevich of Jerovitz - @Phersades De la Baltas - @monkeypoacher Ratispora - @Optimus420 Jewelbeard - @Nooblius BIRDS OF THE FEATHER & ESTEEMED GUEST Western Turkin - @Tibertastic Esteemed Guest - Ottomar von Alstreim, Last Descendant of Duke Franz Nikolai, Margrave of Vanderfell, Lord Vandalore - @Ramon Esteemed Guest - Anton Siegmund Tuyvic, Son of Duke Franz Nikolai @GMRO Esteemed Guest - Erik Euler, Architect of the Adrians @Laeonathan
  7. HOUSE COLBORN ON THE MATTER OF THE HOSPITAL OF ST. AMYAS Issued By THE PATRIARCH OF HOUSE COLBORN On this 7th of Tov & Yermey 423 E.S O' GUD, VOR HJELP I GYNE ERE, In the XXXVIII Session of the Royal Duma there was a moderated debate on ongoing worries from the medics, as well as the opinions thereupon by the representatives that went over the Hospital Bill of 423 ES, written by Lady Erika Barclay. The moderated debate moved on to a vote and resulted in a draw, which in simple terms means the bill did not pass. We of House Colborn having been present in number overhead these proceedings and found both sides to have good points, as a result, we wish to help the Kongzem as we always have, no man or woman, soldier or civilian should have to worry should they be wounded, and as such to alleviate such worries we offer to you Adrianna Darkwood three of our own to study beneath you and become of use. It is by this decree the following members of our family shall make themselves presentable before you post haste, Firr Godric Adrian Colborn Firr Felyx Francys Colborn Firr Cole Gadian Until a solution is found or an agreement is met between the parties of the Royal Duma, we hope this might be of use, may we all serve the Kongzem as our ancestors did and we still do, may the new blood do likewise as the old, together we shall not falter. We are all Haeseni and in its glory, we stand together forevermore. SKRALI VOR GUD Firr Adrian Erik Colborn, Patriarch of House Colborn, Court Herald, Keeper of The Book
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LsPEMcLHwk ALEKSANDR VAR RUTHERN ALL IN ON ALDERMAN ALEKS AN EXPERIENCED STATESMAN: Two term Alderman and tenured Jurist Aleksandr var Ruthern has the experience leadership Haense and the Royal Duma needs to get things done. He’s passed meaningful judicial and criminal reforms that have helped make Haense safer. Alderman Aleksandr hopes to use his past experience as Royal Inquisitor and Alderman to properly represent his subjects and work with other members of the Royal Duma to get things done. LAW & ORDER: As a member of the Brotherhood of St. Karl and a veteran Royal Jurist, Alderman Aleksandr Ruthern understands the necessity for order and stability throughout the Kingdom. Aleksandr hopes to present legislation that will do just that as well as simplify things for Brotherhood members so they may carry out their duties in an easier fashion. Aleksandr will also continue to close law code loopholes to catch criminals and make Haense a safer place. GOALS: Simplify the Law in order to make it more understandable and easier for the Brotherhood to do its job. Continue to close law code loopholes to promote order and stability. To clarify vague parts of the Haurul Caezk. ALL IN FOR ALDERMAN ALEKSANDR! -Brought to you by Barbanov & Baruch Consulting-
  9. Rally of the Red Rose Our men and women, devout in their faith with loyalty in their hearts. We give earnestly to each other and to our neighbours, but sometimes we overlook the dedication that we owe to Godan for the Virtue He shares with us. We know He is the most holy, and we know He is the most virtuous. We are told in the Scroll of Virtue that He breathes life into our hearts, and into our children. He breathes life into the crops we sow, and He breathes life into the animals we raise. Godan has given us everything and we, as a society, and as Godan’s flock, do not show the appreciation that is deserved for He who breathes life into our children, our farmers, and our kings. Not all pray. Not all confess. Not all attend mass where the Word of Godan is spoken. We fall short of making Godan a daily part of our lives. This is the result of nurture that failed to highlight the importance of Godan. With the appropriate support, it can be addressed and solved in the Royal Duma. Faith must be put to action. Anders Kortrevich, prospective alderman, will be holding a rally outside St. Henrik’s Basilica in the Karosgrad marketplace to encourage the Edlervik to vote in the upcoming elections. Any questions can be asked and answered there. To show your support, red and black cockades shall be sold at the event with all proceeds going towards St. Henrik’s Basilica to fund equipment as well any projects they undergo. 19th of Wzuvar ag Byvca, 375 E.S.
  10. 2010 Trey Gowdy Campaign Ad - Fight ALEKSANDR RUTHERN “Holding Officials Accountable!” A Sketch of Aleksandr Ruthern grilling government officials in Duma, circa 374 E.S. About Aleksandr: Aleksandr var Ruthern is an incumbent Alderman, the current Lord Inquisitor of the Royal Duma, and a Royal Jurist of the Office of the Justiciar. He became a Jurist to fight for Justice and Respect of the Rule of Law, and now he’s running for a second term as Alderman to continue to fight for you! Aleksandr believes in Law and Order, and he’s shown he is fearless in pursuing it when he helped take down the renowned drug lord and murderer, Matthieu. Aleksandr believes in Holding Officials Accountable, and has shown his courage and ruthlessness in doing so during his tenure as Lord Inquisitor of the Duma by holding the Lord Speaker, Igor Kort, accountable for his alleged corruption and bias when he successfully brought forth a vote of no confidence against the speaker and won. Aleksandr’s Promises: To close loopholes used by criminals and corrupt officials that exploit the Law Code. To Hold the Offices of the Haeseni Government Accountable through Summons in the Royal Duma. To seek out Corruption and bring forth Justice and Government Accountability. To work with other Duma members in bringing forth meaningful legislation. To listen and represent the Haeseni public. To clarify the Haeseni Law Code in places it is too broad or too general. A Vote For Aleksandr is a Vote for Accountability!
  11. Anders Kortrevich for Alderman Faith in Action Who is Anders Kortrevich? Anders Kortrevich was born in 355 E.S. in the Viscounty of Krusev prior to its destruction and occupation by trolls. In his youth, he lived piously with Godan in his heart and mind. Now, Anders seeks to stand up for Godan’s Word as he follows his virtuous path with His guidance and favour. Although inexperienced with Haeseni politics, Anders is exceedingly literate- being able to speak, read, and write in both Naumariav and Common. He also has extensive knowledge in the Holy Scrolls, having studied it in his spare time with the assistance of the former Archbishop Yaromir, now Cardinal Jorenus. Straying from Godan While the newly appointed High Pontiff is Haeseni-born, it is unfortunate to see that the Kingdom has not taken to integrating Godan's Word in its institutions to a higher degree- something that could benefit the Kingdom's future generations. With Godan overlooked in some areas of its institutions, this has allowed undesirable outcomes that disbenefit the Canonists of the world. deeply felt that the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska is straying further from Godan. This can be seen in the Royal Duma, where a bill was put forth offering legal leniency to those who engage in interracial relationships- a violation of the Canticle of Temperance in the Scroll of Virtue. Unfortunately, this bill gained major support in the Duma; opposed only by those in House Kortrevich. An example of this, the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska has chosen not to assist the Empire with its defence against the barbaric pagans in the Kingdom of Norland. These instances are unacceptable by themselves and represent the larger issue that Godan is losing His presence in Haeseni society. It is unacceptable and the nation should take better actions to defend Godan's faithful. A Solution for Hanseti-Ruska With Godan’s virtue and guidance, Anders Kortrevich will propose and support policies that promote the role of Godan and the Holy Scrolls in Haeseni society and law. He will uphold his office in accordance to His virtues, working diligently yet humbly as a servant of Godan, whilst also upholding it in accordance to Haeseni law and standards. Should Anders Kortrevich be voted into the Royal Duma as a Royal Alderman, he will act loyally, humbly, and painstakingly with faith in action as a servant of Godan and a representative of the Edlervik. 20th of Tov ag Yermey, 374 E.S.
  12. Who is Aleksandr var Ruthern, your next Alderman? Royal Jurist Aleksandr var Ruthern sitting in his corner office, circa 371 ES. Aleksandr Josef Ruthern is an ambitious, strapping young man born in Margraviate of Greyspine in 354 ES. The eldest son of the Knight Paramount, Ser Alric ‘The Cavalier’, a sense of martial honour has been instilled in Aleksandr from an early age. Joining the HRA as soon as he was able, Aleksandr dove into the martial sphere in the hopes of protecting the nation from the dreaded trolls that plague our border. He has additionally served as a squire, and is hoping to one day become a knight. Yet Aleksandr is not a military man alone, he is also a man of letters. Serving as one of the youngest Royal Jurists of his generation, he has participated in numerous cases in which he has seen how the law has worked, and conflicted. Aleksandr has proven to be most capable in aiding both the rich and poor, as well as noble and commoner in legal advice and aid. A man of letters, for all. In his public life, Aleksandr has additionally jumped head-first into helping others when fires and plague gripped the city. Helping to extinguish several fires within the city, Aleksandr supports local business in putting himself on the line to protect it! When there was food shortages in the city of Karosgrad, who served in aiding the food supplies into the city? Aleksandr Josef Ruthern! Truly, a man of the people. In his private life, Aleksandr’s a gentle soul. Having always grown up with a companion by his side, Aleksandr has a dog named Adrian - which he loves dearly. He is a lover of Haeseni chess and swimming. A man of action, he sees a problem? He finds a solution! Aleksandr var Ruthern and loyal companion, Adrian, circa 369 ES. Problems you plan to solve through Duma: The foremost concern of this energetic and pragmatic patriot is that of definitions in the law. Our laws are easily abused by greedy lawyers. It’s time to take back control. It’s time to put proper definitions so as to ensure you, as a subject of Hanseti-Ruska, know what the law is. A bill to define autopsies, medical professionals, defacement and by extension vandalism. A bill is also entirely necessary to amend the legality surrounding what medical professionals can or cannot do. There needs to be more concise and express rules on the funerary arrangements for Haeseni citizenry and explicitly what can or cannot be done by a practicing medic. Promises: Uphold the honour of the Duma and its members, to seek satisfaction should it be besmirched. To support the HRA through the wars which currently plague us concerning the trolls, yet aim to halt a war of genocide against them To promise less, but deliver more. I will not sell broken promises, if you elect me, I will aim to pass what I sell, and then some. Aleksandr var Ruthern roughhousing with the HRA cadets. I urge all citizens if they are looking at a competitor thinking they’re better, speak to me. I will work tirelessly and with the community to further the ideals, beliefs and will of the people to the best of my ability and not think purely for my own benefit as some Aldermen seem inclined to do these days. It is with great hope and with the backing of every Haeseni that I, Aleksandr Josef Ruthern, will be YOUR next Alderman.
  13. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Cadaver Protection Act 357 ES Introduced in the Duma. An act to protect the sanctity of corpses. INTRODUCTION This bill aims to incriminate those who would aim to defile fresh corpses before they have entered the grave. This bill further aims to enforce that autopsies must be given consent by the family of the deceased, as well as ensure that bodies within the morgue are both recorded and find their final resting place. I. Amendments 414.02: The defacement or autopsy of a body without approval from the family of the deceased shall constitute a middling offense. 414.021: If the deceased has no family members but has left a will, those within said will shall have a say in what is done with the body; otherwise approval shall defer to the Crown. Introduced in Duma by Lord Maric var Ruthern on 357ES IV JOVEO MAAN, IV JOVEO EHR, 357ES His Highness, Prince Heinrik Karl, Prince Regent of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Prince of Kusoraev
  14. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Clinical Trespassing Act of 357ES Introduced in the Duma A bill that incriminates the act of intruding on medical operations INTRODUCTION This bill aims to incriminate the act of intruding on an active medical operation, whether it be in the Royal Clinic or anywhere else. It also ensures that medical professionals hold the right to remove a person from their presence during an operation if they do not hold the consent of the patient to be there. I. Necessary Definitions Medical Operations shall be defined as any procedure done by a medical professional, whether it be physical or mental procedures. The severity of the operation shall correlate to the severity of the punishment A patient is defined as any person who requires medical attention and is currently being aided by a medical professional. A medical professional shall be defined as a person who has the qualifications to aid a person medically or someone who holds a medical license. Trespassing in this context shall be defined as a person who intrudes on the personal space of the medical professional as they are operating. Removal can only happen if there is no consent from either the medical professional or the patient II. Additions (new additions shall be bolded) 413: Trespass 413.01: The crime of refusing to leave a private property upon request or returning to a private property in which the offender knows they are not welcome shall constitute a minor offense. 413.02: Poaching and Animal Theft 413.021: The crime of hunting within the lands of a Haeseni peer or other private woodlands shall constitute a middling offense. 413.022: The crime of removing animals - wild or otherwise - from within the lands of Hanseti-Ruska or a Haeseni peer to hunt shall constitute a minor offense; 413.023: Committing any trespassing or poaching crime within the lands of Haense as a foreign national shall constitute a middling offense; 413.024: Clinical Trespassing; 413.0241: The crime of invading the operational space of a medical professional shall constitute a minor offense; 413.0242: The act of intruding upon a medical operation without the consent of either the medical professional or patient shall be considered to be trespassing; 413.0243: The crime of intruding upon a medical operation that results in the unintentional death of a patient shall be classified as manslaughter and therefore constitutes a severe offense; 413.0244: The crime of intruding upon a medical operation with the intent to make the operation fail shall result in a middling offense. Written by and Introduced in Duma by Tribune Igor Kort on 357ES Co-sponsored by Tribune Fyodor Erdhart Reviewed by Doctor Renae Arvellon, The Surgeon General of Haense IV JOVEO MAAN, IV JOVEO EHR, 358 His Highness, Prince Heinrik Karl, Prince Regent of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Prince of Kusoraev
  15. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Emancipation Act of 357 EST Introduced in the Duma A bill that officially puts an end to the institution of slavery by making it criminal within the Haural Caezk. INTRODUCTION The purpose of this bill is to officially protect the citizens of this nation against the vile and uncanonist institution of slavery, making it illegal and criminal. I. Necessary Definitions Emancipation is defined as the act of freeing any person from slavery Slaves shall be defined as a person taken into bondage without their consent to perform services or labor A new section under ‘Jura I Krima’ or ‘Law of Crime’ shall be added and shall be titled ‘430: On Enslavement’ II. Additions 430: On Enslavement 430.01: The crime of forcefully taking a person as a slave within any territory of Hanseti-Ruska shall constitute a severe offense; 430.02: The crime of selling a person for the purpose of them being a slave shall constitute a severe offense; 430.03: The crime of buying a person for the purpose of them being a slave shall constitute a severe offense; 430.04: The crime of possessing a slave within or outside of Hanseti territory shall constitute a severe offense. Written by and Introduced in Duma by Tribune Igor Kort on 357ES Reviewed by Her Excellency, Lady Irene de Sarkozy IV JOVEO MAAN, IV JOVEO EHR, 357EST His Highness, Prince Heinrik Karl, Prince Regent of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Prince of Kusoraev
  16. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Illegal Fees Act of 355 ES Introduced in the Duma An act that incriminates the charging of fees that contradicts the laws of the Haural Caezk. INTRODUCTION This bill shall create a new section under ‘The Law of Crime’ and would incriminate those who would unlawfully place fees upon the Haeseni people. I. Necessary Definitions A new section under Chapter four of the Haural Caezk ‘The Law of Crime’ shall be titled ‘430: Illegal Fees’ “Illegal Fees” shall be defined as any fees that have been placed upon an individual without proper authority or without permission from the crown. “Collection of Resources” shall be defined as the harvesting, mining, or hunting of a natural resource. II. Additions 430: Illegal Fees 430.01: The crime of illegally placing a tax on an individual shall be considered as a middling offense; 430.02: The crime of a soldier unlawfully placing a fine on an individual shall be considered a minor offense; 428.03: If the soldier placed this fine under the orders of an officer, the crime shall therefore be placed on the officer in question 430.03: The crime of a noble lord or peer charging a citizen for the collection of resources within their land shall be considered as a middling offense; 430.04: The crime of placing additional fees that were not agreed to in a contract after that contract had been fulfilled by the opposite party shall be considered as a minor offense. Introduced in Duma by Tribune Igor Kort, Tribune Fyodor Erhdart, Alderman Viktor Barclay, Alderwoman Tarathiel Asul’onn of the Lily, on the 21st of Tov and Yermey 355ES IV JOVEO MAAN, IV JOVEO EHR, 358 His Highness, Prince Heinrik Karl, Prince Regent of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Prince of Kusoraev
  17. JURASZ VE KOENGZ DUMA Guilds Bill of 356 ES Introduced in the Duma. An act to establish proper definitions for what a guild is. INTRODUCTION In tandem with the First Edict of the Barbanov Maership, which established a Guild Initiative. Grand Maer Barbanov seeks to create a proper legal definition of what a Guild is and the perks of being a Guild. I. Necessary Definitions Guild: A non-government non-military organisation. Guild Hall: The headquarters of a guild. Guild Master: The leader of a guild. II. Amendments 507: Guilds 507.01: A guild is defined as a non-government non-military organisation. 507.02: A guild is created by submitting an application to the High Seneschal and having it approved. 507.021: The Crown reserves the right to veto any creation of a guild. 507.03: A guild shall have a designated guild master, who serves as an overall representative of the guild. 507.04: A guild may purchase properties designed as guild halls. Introduced in Duma by Grand Maer Franz Leopold Barbanov on 16th of Jula and Piov, 356 ES IV JOVEO MAAN, IV JOVEO EHR, 358ES His Highness, Prince Heinrik Karl, Prince Regent of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Prince of Kusoraev
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