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  1. Passing of the Pick [source] As of today, I, Garedyn The Green, hereby retire as Yemekar’s Pick. Due to Ursus Grandaxe being the sole dwarf wishing to bear this burden for the good of the people, the title automatically passes to him as decided by the held elections. Welcome Ursus Grandaxe as the new Yemekar's Pick. In my last acts as Yemekar’s Pick, before this notice is sent out. I promote Briga Irongut as the guild lord of Ogradhad’s Enchanters. I have also personally constructed new homes to be provided for free to the industrious members of our industry. To Ursus, I wish you the best of luck. May Yemekar hear my prayers for him to bless your forge, and may you serve our people dutifully. I pray for you to find glory and soothing in labour in the name of the Brathmordakin. Narvok oz Urguan Narvok oz Brathmordakin
  2. The Tome of Core Beliefs Brathmordakin General: The Brathmordakin are the highest power in the cosmos, integral to its functioning and a fundamental part of reality. Yemekar forged the souls of the descendants, with the dwedmar being his masterwork. Beard: A dwed’s beard is holy as it is a gift from the Brathmordakin Yemekar, a sign of his favour of the dwarven race. One must take care of this gift. Khorvad: The Fallen Brathmordakin Khorvad is a traitor of the Brathmordakin, conspiring to amass infinite power for itself. Worship of Khorvad is heretical. Worship: No single dwarf can claim to be a direct speaker of the Brathmordakin. One can commune with the Brathmordakin, and receive inspiration, direction or images from them. However, claiming to know their will is an act of usurpation of power and supreme arrogance. The Council of Prophets must use their wisdom granted through study and prayer to guide the populace, not impose their will by claiming to be direct mouthpieces of the Brathmordakin. The Dwarven Race: The dwarven race has been created in the image of Yemekar and is favoured by him. The killing of a dwarf is the greatest sin against the Brathmordkin. A dwarf that kills another dwarf loses the blessing of Yemmekar and is hence not a dwarf anymore. Thus, a dwarf that has kinslayed (murdered another dwarf) can be killed by another dwed. Self-defence is permitted however. Council: The idea of a council is integral to dwarven society. As the Brathmordkin are a council of themselves, so must the dwarves share the burden of decision amongst their kin, for only by taking into account the perspective of others can an honourable decision be made. The Council also functions as a way to hinder Khorvad’s poison of ambition, by not allowing one single dwarf to hold too much power. Soul General: The soul, forged by the Brathmordakin, is the ultimate creation. As such it must be protected and cherished. Punishments involving imprisoning, damaging, corrupting or manipulating souls are Khorvadic. The willing transfer of the soul into a golem body, or into an epiphyte by ritual are allowed, as long as the individual is informed and consenting to the risks, as well as the learning of voidal magics for the sake of the dwarven people and upholding balance. Auction of the Dead: Upon a dwarf’s death, their soul travels to Khaz'A'Dentrumm, the Halls of the Dead. There, the Brathmordakin bid for the dwarf's soul. A Dwarf has a higher chance of being auctioned to a specific god based on their service to them in life. Vuur’dor: Souls that fail to uphold their duties to the Brathmordkin are exiled to Vuur’dor. Religion Openness: Every single descendant is allowed to engage in the worship of the Brathmordakin, regardless if they are a member of Da Kirkja Dverga or not. Yemekar's Balance Dwarves are the keepers of balance throughout the realm, as commanded by Yemekar. This is interpreted can be in many different ways, but in general, it means to uphold balance in all of Yemekar's creations. Freedom Anyone is allowed to create or join other religious sects dedicated to the Brathmordakin, for as long as those religious institutions do not disrespect any of the Brathmordakin, or violate the principles stated above. This includes encouraging clans to have faith in their own beliefs. -This Tome was formed, agreed upon, stamped and signed by the Council of Prophets of Da Kirkja Dverga- High Prophet Garedyn the Green, Prophet of Yemekar Prophet Asketil Blackroot, Prophet of Belka Prophet Dhaen Grandaxe, Prophet of Anbella Prophet Tuzic Mossborn, Prophet of Ogradhad Prophet Alaric Grimgold, Prophet of Dungrimm
  3. Covenant of Da Kirkja Dverga Title One: Clergy leadership Art I. Da Kirkja Dverga is not an institution dedicated to power. Rather it is one of learning and teaching. For this reason, a single dwarf may not hold executive and authoritative power over the entire clergy; it must be held by a council. i. The council will be led by one of its members. A prophet will be voted on to serve as the representative of the council, when the council's opinion is asked by another institution. ii. The chosen representative can be given the name of high preceptor/prophet/priest. It is up to the council's discretion to decide their own titles depending on the naming convention of the times. iii. Clergy documents and declarations are to be signed as a council. The high preceptor cannot make public declarations without the council. iv. The council is to be composed of preceptors/prophets/heralds (whatever naming convention is used at the time). These council members are to be proposed to the council from the pool of priests or other religious organizations, by a clan leader or member(s) of the council. Then the decision to accept the individual would be up to the council with a 2/3 (rounded up) majority needed to enter the council. v. To remove a member of the council, there would need to be a formal petition by a council member to call for a vote on the matter. For the vote to pass, it would need a 2/3 (rounded up) majority. The member would then be demoted to priest, unless expulsion is required. vi. To expel someone from the clergy the council needs unanimity and at least 4 council members present. vii. The council is to be composed of one prophet per Brathmordakin. Title Two: Duties of Prophets Art.III Prophets are experts on the Brathmordakin, more specifically on their patron. This means that apart from teaching priests about their Brathmordakin they are also expected to be learning and searching beliefs and cultures from all dwarf groups in relation to their Brathmordakin. Art.IV All prophets (including the high prophet) are equal in the council. Art.V All prophets have the ability to sponsor a dwarf to become a priest if they believe they possess the knowledge required. Art.VI The prophets can only remove a priest from the clergy through a vote with an outcome over 2/3 (rounded up) of the council. Reinstating a priest that was removed goes through the same process. Art.VII. Prophets have the right to create organizations and groups if they so desire. However, the responsibility of maintenance is on the shoulders of said prophet. Art VIII. Prophets are to inform priests on matters that the latter does not have a clear answer to. Prophets should only do the duties of priests when there are no priests to fulfill the duties. i. In relation to priests, prophets serve as mentors. Guiding them on how to teach people, hold events, and sermons. Art IX. The high prophet is a ceremonial rank that serves to represent the will of the council outside of itself. The high prophet is just a prophet. i. The high prophet does not have to be a prophet of Yemekar. The prophet(s) of Yemekar fulfill the same duties as any other prophet in relation to their Brathmordakin. Title Three: Duties of Priests Article X. Priests are the teachers of the general dwarven population. They teach the basics of the Brathmordakin to those that are willing to learn. Article XI. Priests have the ability to head ceremonies with the blessings of the council of Prophets. i. By being a priest, one has a de facto ability to do ceremonies. Article XII. A priest can be demoted to acolyte if they show an inability to learn and be aware of different perspectives of the Brathmordakin. Title Four: Relationship with other Religious Orders Article XIII. The clergy recognizes all dwarven denominations that accept the existence of the Brathmordakin and worships them, as well as, keeping the core pillars of the dwarven faith in their denomination. Article XIV. The clergy recognizes the existence of cosmic entities that are not the Brathmordakin. The glorification of these beings is acceptable and tolerated as long as it is done through the lenses of the Brathmordakin and their worship. i. Any glorification of a non-Brathmordakin that does not include the direct or indirect glorification of a/the Brathmordakin as well is considered heretical. Article XV. Any form of Khorvad worship is heretical. Title Five: Amending the Covenant Article XVI. This covenant may only be amended if there is unanimity and minimum four prophets are present. i. Articles as enumerated in this document can only be removed if the entire council agrees upon it. ii. Future articles or amendments need only the condition set in Article XVI Title Five: Decision make of the Council of Prophets Article XVII. As is tradition since times immemorial all members of the council can propose decisions to the Council of Prophets. i. Decisions pass through a simple majority, with at least half of the Prophets of the council being present. ii. The High Prophet needs to be present for a decision to be passed or have another prophet appointed as temporary substitute (by the High Prophet). iii. These council decisions cannot amend the Covenant, only the process layed out in title five can do so. -This Covenant was formed, agreed upon, stamped and signed by the Council of Prophets of Da Kirkja Dverga- High Prophet Garedyn the Green, Prophet of Yemekar Prophet Asketil Blackroot, Prophet of Belka Prophet Dhaen Grandaxe, Prophet of Anbella Prophet Tuzic Mossborn, Prophet of Ogradhad Prophet Alaric Grimgold, Prophet of Dungrimm
  4. The Fulfillment of my Duties [source] [!] A green armoured dwarf smithed in deep thought. I, Garedyn The Green, have fulfilled my promises and my duties as Yemekar’s Pick. I have rebuilt the workforce from the ground up with the aid of Bromdor Goldhand. I have reformed the structure of the workforce to suit a more coordinated approach, one that hopefully will last for many generations. I have dedicated, my will, my body and my soul to the well being and prosperity of our industrious brothers, and it is time for me to leave my position. I announce my stepping down from the position of Yemekar’s Pick. The New Yemekar’s Pick shall be chosen from those who step forward to me with desire for the position. These people will then be candidates for Yemekar’s pick, which the members of the working guild of Urguan will vote for. The elections for a new Yemekar's pick will be help the following stone year. (Monday 28th November 4pm EST.) The winner will be announced the following stone day. In the meantime, I will continue to work upon the Workforce with as much strength as I can give. I pray to the Brathmordkin to bless our honourable and pious people with success and fortune. NARVOK OZ DWEDMAR NARVOK OZ BRATHMORDAKIN
  5. The Search for Acolytes [source] [!] A dwarf in green armour goes around different cities pinning things to sign boards. My fellow dwarven people, I Garedyn The Green, following the previous High Prophet Axel Ireheart’s pilgrimage, have been appointed as the interim High Prophet of the Kirkja Dverga, our holy dwarven clergy. Although I may not be as experienced as my predecessors, I believe in the wisdom of my elders and the guiding hand of the Brathmordkin. I hope that with the aid of my fellow prophets that the clergy can be reformed in the coming years, after which I shall graciously step down. However, my vision for a better clergy for all the dwarven people can only be achieved with your aid. All dwarves, no matter their location, no matter their race or clan, are welcomed within our ranks as long as they have a desire to learn and worship The Seven. My goal in life has always been to promote dwarven unity in the name of Yemekar, for we are all his creation. If you share this vision, I welcome you personally to Da Kirkja Dverga. If you are a dwarf looking for guidance in life, we welcome you to Da Kirkja Dverga. If you are a hermit looking to teach the word of the Brathmordkin, we welcome you to Da Kirkja Dverga. Narvok oz Brathmordkin
  6. A Return to Shore [source] I have spent a little over 20 years working upon the vessels of Urguan’s navy, over 20 years roaming Belka’s realm. I have fought alongside many brave sailors against the pirates of the Dark Islands, I have spent countless days working with my fellow sea dogs to build an outpost for the navy. It is time I return to shore. In my leave I appoint Alaric Grimgold as the Commander of the Portmaster Corps. May the harbour of Urguan prosper in his hands. I appoint Briga Irongut as a Captain of the Portmaster Corps. May her love of the sea and her skills in the art of smithing be noticed by Belka and Yemekar. I appoint Durbar Ireheart as a Captain of the Marine Corps. May his skills in the way of warfare defend the seas under the watchful eye of Dungrimm. I appoint Dhaen Grandaxe as Beacon Lord. May her tender soul serve as a bright light to all those lost at sea. In my stead, I appoint the honourable and brave Bromdor Goldhand as Grand Admiral. He has been a true friend and ally to me for my entire stay in Urguan, and I cannot think of a dwarf more suited for the role and one that I can trust more than him. This will not be the end of my sailing days however. I shall still remain on the navy as Banner Lord, to help advise the new Grand Admiral through the rough waves of warfare and ocean. Narvok oz Belka Narvok oz Urguan Signed, Garedyn The Green
  7. THE SMITH AND SEA TOURNAMENT To promote smithing culture and help supply the forces of Belka’s Fleet of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, a smithing tournament shall be held to craft a weapon fitting for the position of Grand Admiral. The tournament shall be held in the capital of Urguan, where the contestants will be welcomed aboard one of the navy’s finest ships. The tournament shall be hosted by the Flag Lord Garedyn The Green. (Tournament will be held Friday, 25th November, 2PM est) [Source: Dan Iorgulescu] CATEGORIES: Armour Smithing Weapon Smithing RULES: 1) All descendants are allowed to participate. 2) The craft must be of dwarven proportions. 3) A unique item must be made specifically for the tournament. 4) Only one submission is allowed, per category. 5) The item must have an aquatic or naval theme. 6) The weapon should feature some combination of prayers to the following dwarven gods: Belka (Brathmordkin of Ocean and Passion) Dungrimm (Brathmordkin of Honour) Yemekar (Brathmordkin of the Forge) 7) All things submitted will be kept by Belka’s Fleet. 8) If you are unable to attend the event, items may be submitted to the tournament beforehand. In such a case, the items must be given to the Grand Admiral. REWARDS: First place - 300 Mina. Second place - 200 Mina Third place - 100 Mina Honourable Mentions - 50 Mina Rewards are the same for each category. If an enchanted weapon or armour wins either of the above tiers, the smith will receive an additional 50 mina. MAY YOUR SAILS WITHSTAND THE STORMS AND MAY YOUR BELOWS HEAT YOUR FORGES. Narvok oz Belka Narvok oz Dungrimm Narvok os Yemekar.
  8. Belka’s Fleet The Grand Fleet of Urguan’s goal is to defend Urguan from seaborne threats, patrol the waves, protect trade and explore the great blue. Operations on the ocean require strict discipline and cooperation from multiple different working bodies in the navy. From builders and sailors to medics and cannoneers, the navy is home to many different specialities and professions. But one goal unites all these talented and dedicated dwedmar, to protect Urguan with Belka’s guidance! [source: faviobolla] General Organisation Grand Admiral The Grand Admiral is the head of Belka’s Fleet, only answering to the king. This is the highest rank in the Fleet and thus the Grand Admiral commands all of the Fleet’s ships and men. Quartermaster The Quartermaster is the 2nd hand man of the Grand Admiral, offering them council, and leading in their stead when the Grand Admiral is unavailable. Additionally, The Quartermaster handles the disciplining of sailors as well as their housing. Normally the Quartermaster can appoint Captains for each of the Grand Fleet’s corps. Commander A commander is the leader of their corp, of which there are three. Commanders are generally able to command fleets of ships but since not all corps involve themselves with ships or vessels, not all actually do so. Captain A captain is in charge of a single ship within their Commander's fleet. They are in command of the crew of their ship and they use this power to fulfil their Commander’s strategic decisions as best as possible. Lieutenant Lieutenants are low-level officers in charge of Sailors and Ensigns. They are responsible for leading small squads of people and performing tasks given to them by their captains. Lieutenants have proven their loyalty and skill by working for years as sailors upon vessels. Sailors The backbone of any ship or naval corps, sailors are the standard rank for the navy. They are tasked with anything from preparing ships for leave, battling the enemy or performing reconnaissance jobs. Ensigns This is the lowest rank given to those who have just joined the navy, their responsibilities are little but not insignificant. They mainly help handle the logistics of the navy and can pitch in during a fight. Special Naval Positions These are special ranks given as a reward to those who have performed excellently in the field of duty or those exceptionally skilled in a given area. A sailor bearing a special rank is well renowned in the navy for their loyalty and experience. Their status is the same as that of captains, but they do not hold the same duties. Their duties and powers are more similar to that of Lieutenants. Flag Lord: A sailor with the highly honourable duty of waving and raising flags on ships, and ports during celebrations, to announce the navy’s presence and to declare victories. This rank is only given to the most respectable and venerable sailors as their face becomes often associated with the navy itself. Rum Lord: A navy isn’t a navy without rum, and a dwarf isn’t a dwarf without alcohol in their belly. The Rum Lord is responsible for lifting morale of the navy by providing rum to the crew! A most honourable position indeed. This rank is usually given to veterans of the navy, or those who have became disabled due to service, as a way of thanks for their service and sacrifice. Beacon Lord: All sailors need a lighthouse to guide them in the darkness of night, hence the Beacon Lord. They serve upon lighthouses, honouring Anbella and Belka through their labour. A Beacon Lord serves just as much a spiritual role as they do a military one. [source: Ivan Stan] Corps Organisation Marine Corps The Marine Corps handles heavy-duty conflict with enemy parties. They achieve this by either sending out elite and well-trained sailors to engage with the enemy or through the tactical bombardment of them through artillery. The leader of the Marine Corps is the Marine Commander. Port Master Corps Just as an army cannot march with an empty stomach, neither can the Fleet swim with one. The Port Masters are responsible for the logistics of Belka’s Fleet. Whether it is supplying food, building ports, forging cannons or making ships, the Port Masters do it all, all under the leadership of the Port Commander. Wayfarer Corps Led by the Wayfarer Commander, the sailors of this corp are tasked with the healing of the injured, navigation and route planning, as well as performing rituals to Belka and Dungrimm. Without these selfless sailors, the navy would be sick and lost in the open sea. Special Corps Positions Special Positions are unique ranks held by troops in the navy. They have the same authority as Captains but do not command fleets, instead, leading squads of their own people tasked to perform that squad’s unique function. Marine Corps Cannoneer Captain: A position responsible for training and maintaining the canon firing squads of the marines. Corsair Captain: A rank that is given to those who excel in leading attacks on the enemy, either through boarding enemy ships or assaults through beach landings. Port Master Corps Engineer Captain: A person responsible for research and innovations in the field of engineering, whether it's researching new boat designs or sturdier cranes. Harvest Captain: A captain whose job is to manage the farmland, crop yield and fisheries of the Port Master Corps in order to provide a sufficient food supply for the navy. Wayfarer Corps Cartographer Captain: A position granted to those who possess exception navigational and map reading skills. A cartographer captain can never lose their way at sea and always be able to chart an efficient and safe route, either through gut feeling or star reading. Soothsayer Captain: Granted to those with expert medical skills, and a deep knowledge of the Brathmordking, in particular Anbella, Dungrim and Belka. A Soothsayer Captain is someone who can perform lifesaving surgeries in the bowels of a ship during a raging storm, all the while reciting prayers to appease the waves. [source: Aleksander Leskinen] Promotions Naval General Grand Admiral: Appointed by the Grand King Quater Master: Appointed by the Grand Admiral Commander: Appointed by the Grand Admiral, must be a captain beforehand. Captain: 500 Honour, Appointed by Quarter Master with Grand Admiral’s approval Lieutenant: 300 Honour, Appointed by Quarter Master with Grand Admiral’s approval Sailor: 100 Honour, Appointed by Quarter Master with Grand Admiral’s approval Ensign: No promotion needed. Naval Special Flag Bearer: 500 Honour, Appointed by Quarter Master with Grand Admiral’s approval Rum Lord: 500 Honour, Appointed by Quarter Master with Grand Admiral’s approval Corps General All Corps Commanders are appointed by Quarter Master with Grand Admiral’s approval. Corps Special All Corps Captains are appointed by their respective Corps Commander, with Quater Master’s and Grand Admiral’s approval Payment Hard work never goes unrewarded, sailors that work diligently shall receive benefits in accordance to their contributions and rank. Ensign: Rum and Food Sailor: Minor payment for basic duties Lieutenant: Room and Board Captain: Moderate payment. Naval Penal Code A good navy requires disciplined sailors, and discipline requires strict adherence to the rules. When a sailor breaks the Navy’s laws, the following punishments will apply. Improper address of superior officers while on duty or in an official setting: Janitor Duty Failure to complete an assignment: Demotion Conduct unbecoming of a sailor (harassment, hazing, bullying, cowardice): Lashing Disobeying the orders of higher ranked sailors: Lashing / Demotion Assault of fellow sailors: Lashing / Demotion / Expulsion Assault of innocent civilians: Stoning / Demotion / Expulsion Non malicious sabotage: Stoning / Demotion / Expulsion Treason: Stoning / Demotion / Expulsion / Execution Heresy: Execution
  9. The Workforce Vitalisation Project ᛏᚺᛖ ᚹᛟᚱᚲᚠᛟᚱᚲᛖ ᚢᛁᛏᚨᛚᛁᛊᚨᛏᛟᚾ ᛈᚱᛟᛃᛖᚲᛏ In order to promote the revitalisation project, as Yemekar’s Pick, I consulted with the Overseers and Guildlords to plan the best path forward for each guild. Yemekar’s Workforce In order to facilitate the revival of the Workforce, new infrastructure is needed. For this, a guild general guild area shall be constructed so that guild members can convene comfortably together, as the current area is insufficient to hold discussions or meetings. Grimduguan’s Delvers The first priority for the guild shall be issuing new equipment, for which Yemekar’s Smiths will be responsible. In addition to this, the Guildlord shall organise expeditions to gather supplies and train Yemekar’s Masons Moving forward, Yemekar’s Masons will focus on planning and building other infrastructural projects such as the mentioned above, new guild area. Belka’s Jewellers In collaboration with Grimduguan’s Devlers, Belka’s Jewellers will strive to amass a hoard of gemstones for the purposes of refinement and for training newer members of the guild, as currently there is a lack of supply. Yemekar’s Smiths The topmost priority for Yemekar’s Smiths shall be the recruiting, teaching and nurturing of talented smiths. Ogradhad’s Brewers The alchemy guild of Urguan shall also focus its efforts on training new talent, as well as collaborating with Yemekar’s Smiths to produce needed alchemical equipment, like distilleries, cauldrons and etc. Ogradhad’s Enchanters This guild will primarily focus on locating skilled individuals to provide the magical equipment necessary for Urguan, as well as teach the voidal arts of enchanting to new dwarves. Armakak’s Merchants The merchants will seek to establish profitable trade routes amongst different nations and settlements as well as organise caravans between them, to allow for younger merchants to travel safely and be able to practice the creed of Armakak. Many of these projects are already underway or going in full swing. The equipment for the Delver’s have already been smithed, dwarves are already learning the voidal arts of enchanting and the merchants have already established shops in other nations. Soon the halls of Urguan will be bustling with industry once more.
  10. Forging a Path Home | ᚠᚬᚱᚴᛁᚾᚴ ᛅ ᛒᛅᚦ ᚼᚬᛘᛁ “Ah finalleh made et, ma.” “Where did you go?” “Urguan, tae find our kin. Tae join th’ dwed ahn tae start new there.” “Do they treat you right?” “Aye, they do. Ah found everythin’ ah coulda wanted.” It was a day for reflection, as the dwarven woman toiled deep within the forge of her clan hall. In recent years, the blessed space of Yemekar had become her second home. One of which she created in, trained in and taught in. As hammer met steel, Ealisaid pondered the last few years she had resided in the dwarven capital. Five, or even six years had passed since she had first stepped foot into the mountain, and had began to make her home in Hefrumm. What a change it had been. She’d had no expectations of what was to come. How she had been surprised. “Who did you meet?” “Evereh one. Bakir, Garedyn, Tuzic, Agnar, Briga. So maneh differen’ dwed.” Ealisaid forged on. The heat of the fire and the physical toil of crafting brought sweat to her brow, but that was nothing unusual. The flame warmed her heart, and it gave the dwed woman a sense of home. She quickly lost track of time as she recalled her introduction to Urguan, to the people she now called kin and family. “What is it you do now?” “Ah smith, ah create. Buh ahm a wife too now.” “Yemekar bless your work, Anbella bless your home. ” *Tink* *Tink* *Tink* The metal atop the anvil finally began to resemble something of use. A blade of some description formed with each strike of the hammer. Once she was satisfied with the shape, Ealisaid took pause. She removed her gloves and found a towel to wipe her face, and she made her way up the stairs of the forge. There, she overlooked the crafting area. The anvils and fires - everything a dwarf needed to create masterpieces. But the forge was not only its equipment. As she leant forwards on the railings that ensured she did not fall, she gazed forwards at the figurehead carved into the stone. Yemekar. The Maker. “None ef this woulda been possible wi’out ye, ma.” “None ef et woulda been possible wi’out Garedyn.” “Ahn none ef et woulda been possible wi’out Yemekar.” Ealisaid gripped the railings, and she bowed her head deeply. She offered a silent prayer to Yemekar and to Anbella. In thanks for their guidance, their wisdom. Their strength. Resonating along with the dwed womans prayer, echos of a long since lost soul joined her. “May Yemekar be the reason you continue creating. May he be with you in each craft, and may he protect you on your way. May Anbella bless your marriage, and your family. Your home and hearth will be warmed with her grace.” “Thankye, ma.”
  11. Elden Ring Lord Of Chaos - Tribute【GMV】 “Death following, death watching, as each step was followed with the next” Then like how most things started the day was young, the sun lit in the cold wind aching for it to be warm. They birthed a new flame mother of it - He the dwarf walked that path that he rightfully set out, it haunted him, it overtook Brankhyn the thought to embrace it was overwhelming. But how could he have any regrets? He sent out letters and had his last words spoke clearly The halls of fire, the halls of everlasting dreams sworn to truth to freedom overlapped the dwarf as he bid his last. “Draakopf do not fret, you started I and now I have become that very thing” “Let us not dream or speak, let us take action - for that is thou reality, our reality.” “Thus sweetness is made in calamity and in that there births anew, something odd ; ancient. Fire and stone. “The thousand steps, the fire does not die or quake it simply awaits it begging to be fed it ever avarice it lacked as much beverage, thus it swallows you whole old friend” Then the thousand, steps yet none began. The Doomforged in all his mortality and his young life answered to the An-Gho and the prophet answered with “When do you wish to die?” Then with each step - With every single step it felt like a thousand in this finite mind of his. Brankhyn embraced the thought he sang to himself, he dreamed in the moment… He was full of everything and anything yet nothing. He could not lie nor spout the truth. What was this? This feeling that death awaited, he could not. But this is something that he needed to do for the betterment. “Donny cannot see, he wouldn’t understand. But he will” Said he who took on the thousand steps with his mentor. Of stone and fire, he followed the statue as he tried to embrace to imagine the reality that was to be. He faced the starving fire… It begged to be fed. Those flames danced with it and sang with its cackling in the sunken depths of tor - azdroth. That thing that stood beside the Doomforged spewed terrible secrets, ohh they were something to be locked away in a deep vault. the thought began to embrace it all emerged. The thought embraced now it was only the fire to be left… Then the prophet clung onto his leal warrior ‘Brankhyn’ the first of his name and threw him unto the starving flames.. “The dwarf being burned alive by scorching flames” No time to dream, no time to slumber, no words could leave now action is dyre. The avarice starving fire was fed Brankhyn. It clamped and clung onto him quickly engulfing him whole it crawled in places none would know and in enveloped his form - His bones popped and splat open, they struck open with booms that called out through the halls His skin bursting open, terrible moans of anguish. The ugly screams of great pain left… then From ash to ash to ash there will be what is released, now there's only ash… That which is within is like that which is without; that which is without is like that which is within. “Sacrificed himself to bid my word, for I am reality itself I am” Then the bells rang like a song, a poem dancing. Something arose, a warrior of yore marked with ancient scales horns exploding from its head crowned atop like royalty - those scales riddled across him erupting like a volcano birthing lava.. Eyes were red and gold serpentine. They judged and they observed. It stood like a beaming tower that touched the stars. From stone to scale, my wings are torn, A song of death do I sing. A curse to fear, a rite to mourn Love not the pain I bring. Splendor to dust, my soul forlorn, We are your fallen kings. But now we die, to be reborn, When daemons clip our wings.” That thing watched and it met the An-Gho with such callousness, such little care it was born cocky; its juvenile behavior bore witness to the prophet. Then it met that golden third eye of his… The eye humbled the thing that rose from the fire, it quickly bowed for it had witnessed it. The thing was curious about the world so it made questions and it made answers out of them - It wondered deeply, it was fascinated and it yearned to know.
  12. It has been quite some time since i joined LOTC for the first time, i have mainly been part of Urguan as the Grand Marshal three times, but have made many characters and enjoyed alot of roleplay the varying nations have to offer. Ask me anything.
  13. ♛ THE REJUVENATED YEMEKAR’S WORKFORCE ♛ In recent tumultuous times, the workforce has been left both directionless and leaderless, leaving many dwarves that depend on the workforce for their income to struggle against financial hardship. To rejuvenate our workers, to relight our forges, to restart our industry, I, Garedyn The Green, have been appointed as Yemekar’s Pick. I shall reform the abandoned workforce so that the power of industry may continue to reign strong, and bring prosperity to our workers. GENERAL ORGANISATION To help reduce the burden of leadership upon Yemekar’s Pick, responsibility for organising industrial rallies, and activities shall be distributed among between Overseers of the newly created Branches. Overseers are the elected leaders of their respective Branches. A Branch is compromised of various guilds that share similar skill sets and close supply chains. The guilds shall be organised this way to increase cooperation and activity between themselves. An Overseer is elected by the Guild Lords of the guilds within a Branch. GUILD ORGANISATION Guild Lords may invite anyone into their guilds as they wish, but all guilds follow a similar system of hierarchy as described below, though names and titles may differ. Guild Lord: Guild Lords are leaders of a Guild, responsible for the day-to-day management of their guild. Ensuring that guild members are well-trained and productive. A Guild Lord may be appointed by Yemekar’s Pick, only with the approval of the Overseer and the Guild Lords of the other Branches. Master: A highly skilled and respected person with tremendous knowledge of their respective craft. Their knowledge is highly valued as they pass on the art of their craft onto others. Adept: An adept is someone with many years of experience of working. They are a veteran, knowing the ins and out of their profession. An Adept also shares the same responsibility as the Master, of passing on knowledge to the other workers. Though there is a certain degree of technical knowledge and wisdom that separates an Adept and a Master. Labourer: The average worker within a given guild. They are efficient and skilled enough to almost never make basic mistakes. Their labour is fast and consistent, but they lack a certain mastery for the complex works that Adepts and Masters perform. Joinling: A newly joined member of a guild, hence the name. They fumble around and make many errors. Nevertheless, under the tutelage of their betters, they make astonoshing progress within the guild. COUNCIL OF LABOUR In order to make changes, improvements, new rules, the Council of Labour must be gathered to vote on such matters. The Council is headed by Yemekar’s Pick, and the Overseers make up its members. The Overseers must vote in the council according to the desires of their Branch’s Guild Lords. All working dwarves are allowed to sit on the council but only the Overseers may vote on proposed changes. In some matters of great importance, such as the creation of new Branches or something else, voting can be opened up to the entire workforce. COMPENSATION Labour never goes unrewarded. Those who work hard and well can amass great wealth through Yemekar’s Workforce. Though the ways each guild pays its workers is up to discretion of the guild lords. Most labourers receive pay for taking on commissions supplied by the Guild Lord, others receive pay directly from clients. Housing is another benefit of employment. Those who work within the Worker’s Guild are allowed to receive small and humble, but free homes. However, the greatest compensation of all the Workforce has to offer is the boundless knowledge contained within its halls. ❂ METAL BRANCH GUILDS ❂ YEMEKAR’S SMITHS Being a member of this guild means to partake in the time honoured act of smithing, one of the ultimate acts of creation a dwarf can do. Various smithing guilds have come in shapes and forms throughout dwarven history, but the guild of Yemekar’s Smiths build upon the culminated knowledge of its forebearers, seeking to educate the new generation of dwarves regardin this divine craft. A smith can take commissions within the guild, or if they are skilled enough they can attract customers with their own unique orders. Ranks in the guild as divided as follows: High Smith- Guildlord Anvil- Master Artisan - Adept Smith - Labourer Bellower - Joinling GRIMDUGUAN’S DELVERS To venture into the depths and plunder ores, stone and gems is an act only the Grimduguan’s Delvers can perform efficiently. A delver must be knowledgeable in ores and other geological wonders, and skilled enough to extract them swiftly. A guild member can expect to frequently venture into mining expeditions to find treasures, for which they will be compensated. Or they can sell their ore directly back into the guild. Ranks in the guild as divided as follows: High Prospector - Guild Lord Delver- Master Spelunker- Adept Miner- Labourer Digger- Joinling ❁ MYSTIC BRANCH GUILDS ❁ OGRADHAD’S ENCHANTERS The art and power of magic is sought out by many. Some wish to fortify their weapons, others desire simple magical trinkets. It is therefore up to the guild of Ogradhad’s Enchanters, to use the knowledge of the Lore Master to provide for the needs of the people. Enchanters are paid well for their labour, since it is an intensive craft. Most work comes through request by outsiders and the guild organises the commissions for willing takers. Ranks in the guild as divided as follows: High Enchanter- Guild Lord Theurgist- Master Spell Binder- Adept Enchanter- Labourer Initiate - Joinling OGRADHAD’S BREWERS In a similar being to enchanting guild, Ogradhad’s Brewers use their skills to provide alchemical resources to those who need them. From simply gatherings herbs, to brewing reality bending potions this guild does it all. Due to Alchemy being a resource intensive profession, members of this guild are payed well for their work, whether they take on guild commissions or other requests. Ranks in the guild as divided as follows: High Alchemist- Guild Lord Alchemist- Master Brewer - Adept Mixer - Labourer Herbalist - Joinling ۞ MOUNTAIN BRANCH GUILDS ۞ ARMAKAK'S MERCHANTS This guild is responsible for distributing prosperity amongst dwarves, by teaching them how to sell their crafts through the arts of Merchantry. Their skills, connections and knowledge are indispensable to anyone looking to make a living through trade. Though Armakak's Merchants also spread dwarven culture throughout the realm by forming caravans to different cities. One earns money in this guild by selling wares, running errands, or helping to sign lucrative deals. Ranks in the guild as divided as follows: High Merchant- Guild Lord Goldtounge- Master Merchant - Adept Trader - Labourer Barterer- Joinling BELKA’S JEWELLERS Turning rough, smoky rocks into finely cut, beautiful gemstones for use jewellery is under the care of Belka’s Jewellers. Although the gemstones are gathered from Grimduguan’s domain by Grimduguan’s Delvers, its through Belka’s inspiration that her Jewellers turn unpolished rock into works of art. Belka’s Jewellers may choose to take on public commissions for their crafts or find private clients. Ranks in the guild as divided as follows: High Jeweller- Guild Lord Appraiser- Master Jeweller - Adept Gem Cutter - Labourer Engraver - Joinling YEMEKAR’S MASONS Carving stone, sculpting statues, building grand halls are acts of beautiful creation that any noble dwarf should respect. To shape the earth, like Yemekar The Brathmordkin of Creation, is just a holy an art as any other. The Yemekar’s Masons are often tasked with building, sculpting and stone crafting are all expected skills and labours that one must be able to do in this guild. Workers earn money either through direct commissions from customers, or through assigned jobs by the Guild Lord. Ranks in the guild as divided as follows: High Mason - Guildlord Artichect - Master Mason - Adept Stone Crafter - Labourer Stone Cutter - Joinling JOINING Should someone wish to join a guild or the workforce, they need only find any guild member who can introduce them to a Guild Lord. All are welcome to partake in the act of creation, and learn the great ways of dwarven craftsmanship.
  14. 1 Hour Loop "Why do I still live?" (Extended version) To those who I favored most, who now know not of where they are… For the days I have spent, wondering, dreaming, and traveling around these accursed lands, where life is not fair and where life is banal where man and dwarf alike preach the same thing with the same similarities but they are oh so ever different, thus I am made anew, scribed by the wailing ash that falls from my form and my boiling crimson eyes. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Draakopf fallen kin o’ mine Killed by the Grand king of Urguan Bakir. Draakopf grandfather, my father as I called you back in those days of old. You were the one who blessed me and taught me before where I am now, the times we had were imprinted upon me moulded me, and shaped me with splendorous forging, You were the one who protected me against those foul things that hated us so much, but who could blame them for you was ruin? You were uncontrolled fire but served nonetheless. Let me not talk of mine asioth, but father when I see you again? Tell me of yours, I have grown in your memory and I can only pray that I have served you well. . . I am you from ash to ash, but I try to be different, for I cannot war the very gods as you did, I am vigilant and keen, and my voice will be heard and a solution will be made as we promised all those years ago. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Marius Vilac favoured friend o’ mine Killed by an unknown Lector. Marius my good friend, it troubled me when I first heard of your passing, though I did not let it get the better of me. I knew you wouldn’t want it to control my decisions dear friend, you were a meaningful and truthful teacher that many needed but most of all wanted so much, I remember you preaching and I remember how you fought for those very same ideals. . . All I can say now friend is that I can only show your son so much, for he is alike to you in many ways he doesn’t see it as I do. But he is the solution you were looking for! When do I see you again dear brother Marius let us talk about it? Yes? I can see the Dragon inside of your spawn and his flame awakening… _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Nehtamo, a good friend o' mine unknown either missing or dead. Nehtamo the elf who showed up and did much, I need not recall the number of times you had to save me from those situations, as you already know of that. I wonder what you are doing now? I could sense unease in your eyes, friend, worry, sadness. Though I never understood why it always baffled me what was on your mind. Though you are more capable than most…. Who knows I can hear you now telling me “Bortu no, think again, try again!” I could be wrong, or I could be right. But when we meet again brother Nehtamo, let us not speak about the bad times. The memories of old that were filled with spite, let us talk about the good memories, should I recall that time when Vothdrem was chasing you around, due to you shooting him? Ahh, fun times indeed! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Kronk, strong battled hardened warrior and ally. Death, torn apart and then obliterated by the void. Kronk, I will keep this short, as I have not much to say about you, we have only known each other for some while, but you were a dwarf, a good dwarf but still a dwarf - The blood that swam through you was that of Iron, and your head was carberum, You were a true battle hero among our kin of dwed, there was no army if Kronk were not leading it. I remember that much, Though you did have your faults though all do, you were stubborn and the very thing people admired about you or loathed about you. was the same thing that got you killed. I need not speak of the void and its treachery, Though you stood your ground in times of chaos and that is what matters, Sigrun should be proud that his blood swam through you, and therefore an exceptional warrior was forged Kronk ‘The Grand Stormheart’ When we meet again, let us speak more aye lad? I’ll bring a drink or two. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ I would sit, and I would sing more words to you, my kin, my friends, and my brothers. But the use of speech? And talking? It is time for action, so let me slow down my baffling and let me reveal my tarnished blade, and my ash tongue for stories to tell, and war to sing. Where your path took you, it will not take me. Brankhyn Finished short, taking a breath and remembering his fallen comrades. His hands clasped and he fell silent. __=__ = So thou know of my will, allow mine ambition; allow mine passion to take you to that unseen place. . . For I am on my way, the journey is scarce so be thankful. This blade will cleave as justice, through the shadows of the night - to then outshine the dawning sun itself. Thine own eyes are the setting dawn and the rising moon, from ash to ash, to fire on fire. This own command is to love and hate, so let me glimpse it for thou, and tell you of its beauty. Thee must know what I sing. And where I dance. Sweet asioth, Great Asioth! __=__ =
  15. The Wedding of Hunters On a warm spring night, Bodhi Cottonwood brought Yura Cottonwood to observe the beautiful valley of Hefrumm, upon the giant snail of Knud. Bodhi and Yura, both great hunters of the Cottonwood Clan, shared a great passion for the art of the hunt, and over many years their hearts grew closer together. Bodhi Cottonwood sang a most beautiful ballad to Yura, finally expressing his feelings for her, which Yura greatly reciprocated. When Bodhi proposed, Yura gladly accepted. To celebrate this fantastic union, a wedding ceremony in Hefrumm will be held on soon [OOC: Saturday 15th October, 1 pm est] in the great meeting hall of Hefrumm. All those who wish to congratulate the couple are allowed to come.
  16. There on the night of the great full moon, Ulfar steps into the underdeep of the Kal’Darakaan. Why is he here, what leads him down this path? Days before, a dream came to the Starbreaker, a vision of a cave that is wet and moist, dripping with ooze and slime which glow with the shrooms and plant life within. This leads Ulfar to this point, walking down a stone path that leads deeper and deeper into the depths until finally, the light of his lamp meets the glow of a glittering cave of Anbella. A shrine built within hours after his arrival, Ulfar completes the beginning of the rite which showed itself to him in his slumber. There, Ulfar sets up the seven candles before the shrine, each wax carrying a symbol of the brathmordakin gods, and then coats each wick with sacred oils while muttering the prayers to each of the gods. To end the preparation and begin the rite, Ulfar takes his lantern and lights each candle before blowing out the lantern and setting it aside. “Yemekar, it is Oi, Ulfar.” the dwarf mutters before the shrine, the slime dripping throughout the cave as he speaks. “Oi come tu yeh within dese caves ov deh Goddess of the hearth, to pray, teh ask yeh for ah favor.” Ulfar then brings up a dagger that glows gently in response to the natural light within the cave, pressing it against the midpoint of his braided beard. “Oi have lost so much, an’ yet Oi remain, so Oi ask yeh, Forge fathur, fur ah Son.” He starts to move the dagger along the beard until finally, the beard is cut from the rest. Ulfar sets the severed beard down into the slime of the cave. “Ah son that es nae born intu deh duty ov deh Balance, but instead ah khazad ov deh heart.” There, Ulfar pulls up a bottle of Dr. Beard and uncorks it. “Ah son that will bring great things tu deh world, things Oi am incapable of.” Then goes silent for a moment as tears gather at the base of his stone eyes, dripping down his face and falling into the slimy beard blob, then tilts the bottle over and pours the Dr.Beard over the slime and tear infused beard until it is empty. The crying dwarf continues on with his prayer until going silent, and the caves seem to go silent with him as if in thought. Hours pass, maybe a day, until the lit candles reach the end of their wicks before finally, a gust of air travels through the slimy caves which blow the candles out. Ulfar sits there, silent, then it happens. Maybe it is the shrooms and fumes in the cave, but Ulfar hears a whisper from a voice, maybe multiple voices, which utter the name, Tharkun. Then from the slimy beard blob that lies before Ulfar, an infant dwarf gurgles, opening his silver eyes to look up at Ulfar. …… …… …… “Tharkun… Ulfarsson..” Ulfar mutters in response as he holds the little dwarf in his arms.
  17. ۞ On the 16th of the First Seed, year 96 of the Second Age, a great debt has been lifted of the shoulders of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. ۞ A depiction of a typical dwarven hoard [source] When the currency of mineks were introduced, many had aspired to invest their savings into this new coin. Such as Davli of the Golden Path, who had purchased nearly over 8 thousand mina worth of Mineks. Unfortunately the Stewards of the past did not manage to invigorate the Urguani economy enough to promote the use of Mineks in daily life, so many early investors were disappointed and wished to return their coin. The task of repaying this monumental debt was passed from steward the steward, barely chipping away at it, while the economy remained stagnant due to the persistence of this debt along with other economic woes. Eventually, the position of Grand Steward of Urguan fell into the hands of Garedyn the Green, who was determined to repay this debt, to untie the millstone weighing upon the neck of of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, to make the dwarves prosper in the name of the Brathmordkin Armakak. Garedyn was well within his right to simply turn the debt away and ignore it, but a dwarf always keeps his word no matter what. He worked tirelessly to make sure the hoard grew, that all dues were payed, that the vassals were landed appropriately and that the dwarves were housed. With his efforts, the treasury of Urguan grew to the highest point is has been in years, and the burden of the 8 thousand mina has been payed off. With this Great Debt lifted, there are few impediments left to affect the economic growth of Urguan. The coin flows well, the dwarves are happy, the lands are well tended. Narvok oz Urguan.
  18. One morning, Garedyn The Green carried a stack of freshly purchased books from the market to the Grand Library, for them to be stored and preserved so that the Lore Master Ogradhad could guard them for the future generations of dwarves. As he went his way to librarian's office, everything was eerily still and quiet. He simply thought the librarian was out for a meal, so he continued inside. As he entered it, the sight of the office caused him to drop the books from his hand with his jaw agape. The office was empty, all bookshelves, chests were devoid of tomes. The original publications of books had gone missing. The decades, if not millenia, of effort in restoring, gathering and protecting the original books in the name of the Brathmordkin Ogradhad had vanished in an instant. The hours and days he spent consulting the books for his studies of medicine and his faith remained, but their original, primary sources had disappeared. Those original works written by and for dwedmar were no longer within the protection of Ogradhad. A fury welled up in him, before the cool breeze in the empty library turned his fury into grief. He took some parchment and ink, and began to write. A Scholar's Lament -By Garedyn The Green (Written by VerminHunter) A drought, A drought from the stream that nourishes the dwed. A Land, A land once rich land upon which light can't be shed. The knowledge is gone, The black swans crow songs, The dawn wanes withdrawn The nights growing long. A plauge, A plauge from which the true is now unclear. A void, A void that is now filled with copied smears. The Lore Master weeps, The sown can't be reaped, The throas will ring deep, The wise fall asleep.
  19. 9th The Amber Cold, SE 90 22/08/2022 ᚺᛖᚠᚱᚢᛗᛗ Forest and Mountain Alliance ᚷᚱᛁᛗᚷᛟᛚᛞ Article I - Vassalage Dissolution The Vassalage agreement between Hefrumm and the Grimgold clan will be dissolved, meaning the Grimgolds are no longer subjects of Hefrumm and are not part of the Hefrumm union of clans. This means they will also lose their Folks Council voting rights. Article II - Protection Should a threat be posed to the village of Hefrumm, the Grimgold Clan is to mobilise for its defense. In return Hefrumm will provide logistical and other support to Tal’Tagar Tazarak. Article III - Voting Hefrumm and the Grimgolds will form a Voting Union, such that the voices of the two signatories may be heard and represented in the senate. This Voting Union shall be led by Garedyn The Green. The Chief’s Council and the Leadership of the Grimgold clan can decide to elect other representatives in the future. Should enough votes be given by the Grimgolds to expand the Voting Unions vote count, they may also add an additional representative. Article IV - Recognition The Grimgold clan will officially recognise Epiphyte Dwarves as the Dwarves they are. Article V - Port The port of Tal’Tagar Tazarak shall be free to use for the people of Hefrumm, and 2 sailing vessels will be provided to Hefrumm. Article VI - Refuge The settlement of Tal’Tagar Tazarak shall provide refuge Hefrummos in case the village of Hefrumm undergoes a catastrophe rendering it unsafe to live in, and vice versa. Article VII - Ammendments This agreement can be amended should the two signatories agree to it. Article VIII - Alliance This alliance shall end only when the Chiefs Council and leadership of the Grimgolds agree to it. Signed, Garedyn The Green, High Chief of Hefrumm, Chief of the Mossborn, Grand Steward of Urguan, Lieutenant of Dungrimm’s Legion. Mao Blackroot, Chief of the Blackroots, Representative of the Cottonwoods
  20. ᛋᛏᛟᚱᛗᚺᛖᚨᚱᛏ A SURGE OF STORM. ᛋᛁᚷᚱᚢᚾ 'ᛏᚺᛖ ᚠᛟᛟᛚ' The Stormheart clan has been wrongfully merged with the great Ireheart clan, for we simply wish to establish our own culture and traditions once more. We mean the Ireheart no ill-will and believe this does not harm them in any way or form. After the passing of the great Kronk ‘The Grand’ Stormheart his uncle, and a trusted leader at the time took over. Sigrun Stormheart sadly decided to foolishly merge our clan with that of the Irehearts. Whilst the Irehearts are a mighty clan, historically the greatest. However, they are not compatible enough with our beliefs and culture. We recognize all the great Sigrun Ireheart has done for the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and mean him no disrespect. But we do believe Sigrun Stormheart made the wrong decision. I wish to declare the Stormhearts as an independent clan once more. As with the current tensions with the new dwarven group known as Khron’Hundmar we wish to reestablish our full and undying loyalty to the rightful Grand Kingdom of Urguan. I, Skogrum Stormheart truly hope this can be settled with the great Irehearts peacefully, as we are blood related. Though i do believe our cultures differ too greatly for us to stay in the Irehearts, we simply seek what makes us proud and happy. I am willing to meet with any Ireheart who seeks to know my further reasoning. The Irehearts have not wronged us in anyway, we simply wish this for the better of ourselves. I have not yet reached out to all my kin, but i am sure they share my wants and needs. I wish to meet with the great Gror Ireheart and await his reply with great hopes. =================== Signed, Restorer of the Stormhearts. Dungrimm's special needs one. Stormheart clansman. Stormheart clansman. Stormheart clansman.
  21. Bojakk Frostbeard, whilst keeping to hismelf while aloof among the mortal realm, traveling through mountains and hills within the lands of Urguan, Haense, Norland, Talon's Port, Oren, and Suitica, softly hums shanties and other songs to himself. After being inspired by his father Ajax's most recent song contribution, he penned up a song himself, for people much like him who travelled the land. This was especially the case for the soldiers and hunters whom traveled the snow topped peaks of Urguan, near where his father lives. He'd deliver this new song promptly to the various mountain holds and townships around Urguan. The land touching the sky Come all ye young dwarven men, keep your ears high and I'll sing you a song of the land touchin' the sky And it's snowy weather boys, stormy weather boys When the wind blows, we're all together boys Away ye winds westerly, blow ye winds blow Begone fowl weather so steady we'll go Out soars the eagle with his feathery tail Soars out aloft by the grandest of gales And out jumps the wolf with his mighty sharp teeth Saying "You eat the bread boys and I'll eat the beef" And it's snowy weather boys, stormy weather boys When the wind blows, we're all together boys Away ye winds westerly, blow ye winds blow Begone fowl weather so steady we'll go Up jumps the rabbit, with his fluffy eared head He dashes through brambles, oh he drops out the lead And Out jumps the Stag, with his cunning and grace saying "Behold you small creatures, I'm king of this place" And it's snowy weather boys, stormy weather boys When the wind blows, we're all together boys Away ye winds westerly, blow ye winds blow Begone fowl weather so steady we'll go Out jumps the boar, the fiercest of all "Mess with me and you'll be gored to the wall!" And up jumps the huntsman, stalwart and grim and with his crossbow he'll bring them all in And it's snowy weather boys, stormy weather boys When the wind blows, we're all together boys Away ye winds westerly, blow ye winds blow Begone fowl weather so steady we'll go And it's snowy weather boys, stormy weather boys When the wind blows, we're all together boys Away ye winds westerly, blow ye winds blow Begone fowl weather so steady we'll go
  22. Ajax Frostbeard in his advancing years, still occasionally pens songs among his self imposed exile. Feeling disconnected from his kin to such a degree that he finds it hard to carry on living among them. His son, Bojakk Frostbeard occasionally visits him, and upon his return from his most recent visit, would go and pin a copy of this new work song to every tavern and place of gathering throughout the dwarven lands. In the Deep Road
  23. THE TEMPLE OF THE ENTWINED STAR GOD The Slumbering One, "The Glodites" The Prayer of the Slumbering God "But the Dream, and the Slumber." [!] Strange Posters, Letters, and Pamphlets would be thrown about the poorer slums of Almaris. ============================================================================================================== Greetings Dreamer, Long have WE watched you sleep. Unaware of the reality of which blankets you, and clouds your vision. Praising false Gods such as the canonist "Creator", the "Brathmordakin", and the "Aspects". The Aenguls and Daemons you so fear are but mere illusions, aspects cast by the Slumbering God. Have you ever felt their watchful gaze, as you sleep? The eyes are always watching, Dreamer. The Slumbering God has begun to awake, and their power can be felt all throughout the realities. His chosen champion, Glod Grimgold, has manifested in this reality as his "living aspect". Everyday, our spells grow stronger. Now, it is time we reveal ourselves to the world. If you wish to join our Temple, you must prove your loyalty. The youth of Almaris are unguarded. They walk the streets without guardians. Babies are left in cribs, in unlocked rooms. Take these sacrifices, and slay them. Their blood will mark your initiation into the Temple as an Acolyte. If one is unavailable, the sacrifice of a Canonist Priest, Brathmordakin Forgeguard, Druid, or Paladin will suffice. Do not feel this is an impossible task - work in the shadows, and slaughter those who work against the Dreamer. Seek out the book known as "The Chronicles of Glod" to begin your path to enlightenment. To show you apart of our powers, the back of this note will include a single spell from our Arcanium. Once you feel the gaze of our Lord, you will know you have become a true "Glodite", and have entered our rank as an Acolyte. ============================================================================================================== MYSTERIUM SOMNIUM ARCANUS ____________________________________________________________________ __________________████____████________████____██████________________ __________________████____████________████____██████________________ ______________________████████████████████████______________________ ______________________████████████████████████______________________ __________██▓▓____██▓▓████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░████▓▓████____████________ __________██▓▓____████████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░__██████████____████________ __________░░░░▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░░░░░▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░░░░░▒▒▓▓▓▓░░__________ ________░░░░░░████░░░░░░░░░░░░▓▓▓▓▓▓██░░░░░░░░░░░░░░████░░░░░░______ __████__░░██▓▓░░░░░░░░____████░░__████████____░░__░░░░░░████░░__████ __████____██▓▓░░░░░░░░____██▓▓░░__████▓▓██____░░__░░░░░░████░░__████ ______████░░░░____░░__░░░░██▓▓████████▓▓▓▓░░░░░░__░░░░__░░░░████____ ______████░░______________██▓▓████████▓▓██______________░░░░████____ ________░░▓▓▒▒______________░░▓▓▓▓▓▓██__________________████________ __________██▓▓________________▓▓▓▓▓▓██__________________████________ ____________░░████__________________________________████____________ ______________████__________________________________████____________ __________________████████__░░░░░░░░░░░░░░██████████________________ __________________████████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░__██████████________________ __________________________████████████████__________________________ __________________________████████████████__________________________ MYSTERIES OF DREAMING ARCANE
  24. ᛏᛟ ᚺᛟᚾᛟᚱ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛈᚨᛋᛏ THE STRENGTH OF OUR PAST How are the Dwedmar defined? Is it by our greed? Our short height? It is with our will, our strength as a people, and our glory. Our past does not define us, whether it's bloody or glorious. But it is essential to remember our failures and successes so that we may continue to stand united and not repeat those failures. Many of our kin have exceeded the expectations of others and brought upon Urguan’s people glory and success. From filling their pockets with gold to putting down rebellions and winning great wars, these Dwedmar will be recognized for their hard work and dedication to the Kingdom and the dwarves' advancement. Grand King, Bakir Ireheart calls upon each clan of Urguan to submit a list of names alongside feats of their kin that they believe exemplified excellent service to the Kingdom as well as achieved great feats. The List must be submitted to the Grand King for inspection and study. If the King deems any dwarf on the list worthy, a statue alongside their name will be constructed to honor their efforts. The maximum number of names must be five Dwedmar. ᚺᛟᚾᛟᚱ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚷᚱᛖᚨᛏᛋ
  25. Fundin Orckin, the reborn self of Bori Orckin sat in the green collective's cave, scattered pieces of ripped paper all around him. He stood up, hands in tight fists at his side. He was silent for a good long minute before letting out a bloodcurdling roar, plowing his fists into the stone walls again and again, still howling with fury. His eyes seemed to almost glow with red rage, he started slamming his head against the wall until the sap that was once blood poured down his face. He crawled out of the cave almost nothing but a savage beast. He spent hours like this before finally regaining his composure. He returned to the tree, tears streaming down his face. His eyes became affixed to the sword at his side, he pulled it from its sheath. He stared at the steel blade, before looking upwards at the stone ceiling, he leaned up against the tree, turning the blade towards his chest, "Curse ye Norleh!" He screamed, his face then went solemn, staring in front of him, "See ye soon Pa, Ma..." He muttered, pulling the blade towards himself. The blade pierced the tree, and the body of the dwarf lay limp. He did not know what fate would hold for this so called "halfbreed sinner's" soul, but he knew that he would eventually see all those he lost, once again. a single tear ran down his cheek as he let out a final breath. Bori, Fundin, whatever name this dworc now held, had finally and truly died.
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