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Found 64 results

  1. A Unexpected Journey

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LeN-3zQdQ0 The Unexpected Journey of Throri 'Warmheart’ Stonemace As the glistening sun rises over the mountains of Kaz’Ulrah, a soft, delicate breeze moves swiftly over their hair and beard of Throri ‘Warmheart’ Stonemace, son of Garrond and grandson of the legendary Gorum Frostbeard. The day was young, the frost, still settling gently onto the fresh green grass. Kal’Tarak was full of sleeping dwedmar, not a stir being made as a three shadowy figures made their way through the street making their way towards the main gate. The 188 year old dwarf would stop dead in his tracks as he exited the main gate, taking one last look of the city he called home. He was far from what he was when he helped his former clan, the Frostbeards, during the Second Frostbeard Rebellion where he fought bravely next to his kin but now he was called a traitor by his brother and most of all his father for serving the Grand Kingdom of Urguan during the War of the Beards and by supporting the Confederation of Hammers against the constant raids. As he thought more and more of his family a deep hatred and fire brewed inside of him, a hatred that could not be easily put out. He looked back into the cavities of his brain, thinking about his 188 years of life, what he remembered of the man who he thought as a far who cast him aside like some dog, he thought about his sons. He remembered fighting alongside Baldin Frostbeard-Grandaxe, his mentor and a dwarf who he thought as a second father to him, during the Siege of the Krag, when he was a much younger dwarf. He remembered the time where he swore an oath to protect Grand King Bastion Ireheart’s daughter, Valia, which he did until she left Old Jornheim where he only saw her only a few more times until her unfortunate fall. He remembered the time when he married his wife Camilla La Bambina in the in the temple in Kal’Tarak. He knew deep in his heart that he was not like the other Frostbeards and so it was time for him to leave them behind to start a new life away from them. Before the dwarf and his two sons set off again he turned to the both of them “Moi sons. It is toime to leave t’is cursed place. Ah donnae t’ink t’at we will be returnin’ anehtoime soon.” he would look up to the sky “Oi’m sorreh grandfat’er for wot Oi ‘ave done and wot Oi am ‘bout to do” he wipes off his blue frostbeard warpaint, disregarding the clan he used to serve his life for replacing it with a stone coloured warpaint instead “Let us ‘ead out to a place w’ere we will nae be called traitors” he would say leading his children down the steps from the city, through Garrond’s Vale and onto the main road heading towards the Confederation of Hammers
  2. The Treaty of Lion and Steel

    Treaty of Lion and Steel Written and confirmed on the 12th of the First Seed, 1652 This document will serve to prove that the Treaty of Lion and Steel between the Kingdom of Adylith, under King Thomas I de Hartcold, and the Steelheart dwarves, led by Kerwyr II Steelheart, has been declared. Article I: Defensive Alliance The signatories hereby establish that both nations hereby agree to support one another with no less than the entirety of their military might, should it be warranted, both in the event of internal or external threats. However this will be nullified if, in a combat scenario between two warring states, both states are allies of a signatory or if the Kingdom of Adylith ends up fighting the Dwarven Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah the two allied would not fight alongside each other. Article II: Free Trade The signatories hereby established do mutually agree to afford merchants from each respective party to trade in each others land free of tax, tariff harassment or any other imposed burden. The signatories do mutually agree that large scale trading agreements between each party can be of either the purchasing kind (meaning that wares are purchased for minae) or of the bartering kind (meaning that different wares are traded on rates mutually agreed upon or previously set by precedent). Signed, His Royal Majesty, Thomas I de Hartcold, King of Adylith, Lord of Blackden, Sovereign of the Order of the Opal Lion and Protector of the Citizens of Adylith Kerwyr II, Bloodlord of the Steelhearts and Elder of the Silverveins
  3. The Dred'Ur

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9Lwp1J69pw The city of Kaz’Ulrah sat in its usual stoic state carved into the side of the mountain. Jorik approached as he usually did trudging up the steps to the large gate. However, to his surprise something was different. Where he was usually met with the sounds of the hustle and bustle of the Dwed folk, he found silence. Not a sound escaped the city. Not until he took his first step down. A shrill scream sounded from the deep followed by countless others. Something was wrong. Jorik hurried down the long staircase to the city gripping his sword at his side. Thoughts ran quickly through his mind the city was under attack, but from who? As he reached the bottom of the staircase and to his horror, swarms of rodent-like creatures flooded the city. The horde initially neglected to notice Jorik and allowed enough time for him to glance across the city square to a party of Dwarves holding their ground on the other side. The middle-aged dwarf made a quick move into an alley between the buildings. Alley by alley, building by building, the dwarf ran quickly to the group. The motley crew of Confederation, Frostbeard, Grandaxe, and Irongut dwarves hacked aside the charging swarm. It seemed as though the assault would never end. Yet, just as it seemed the dwarves might bend to the overwhelming onslaught of foes, the pack thinned. The dwarves took advantage of the lull between waves of forces hurrying to one of their tunnels and quickly collapsing it. Tunnel after tunnel fell until only one remained in the forests below the city. Jorik approached the tunnel striking a torch illuminating the passage. A hulking beast of a figure emerged. The leader of the pack charged the dwed as they stood their ground. It brushed aside dwarf after dwarf with his hulking mass before halting at the sound of the collapsing tunnel behind him. The Leader took a retreating bound bellowing as he departed: “Ulrah is finished” The dwarves regrouped, but not without loss. The battle was won, but it seemed as though there was much more to come to the City. Its very existence seemed at stake. Dwedmar warriors from all clans now hustle through the city preparing defenses for the coming onslaught each fearing the worst. What is to come for the fate of the city under the mountain? OOC: Many thanks to MrBamPow for the event. New event coming soon!
  4. The Consulary Republic of Holm

    CHARTER OF THE CONSULARY REPUBLIC OF HOLM KARTA DU NOSKRONNA KONSULARICA DU HOLM DA AZGALAT ERON DA NOZKRONIAN URKHRUMAGNAR UR HOLM I.PREFACE/ ANTAGÁLA During the course of history, as ordained by YEMEKARR himself, nations shall rise and fall. The tides of that great swelling sea are quick to swallow the vessels of state, and are quicker yet to jettison out debris from their depths for the construction of newer craft. Yet that metaphorical motley ship, that country which is so constructed from unworthy material, shall once again dilapidate: of such strength is its mettle. Only those vessels constructed from worthy constitution shall be likewise worthy to sail the troubled sea of history and survive its tempests. Of such mettle is Holm, the nation of our birthright. To his firstborn Dwain did Urguan impart this blessing: “My son, may your seed be strong as rock and stone.” A covenant with Anbella did he make, and since the times of yore, through Blood Age and Civil Strife, has the line of Irongut stood strong. Our kinsmen’s beards grow long and braided; their children's scruff now grows thick. Anbella’s blessing has indeed been with us, for many a babe is swaddled in the arms of their mother by our hearths, under our roofs, amidst our people. And as our numbers grow, so do our needs. These needs cannot be satisfied by the selfish ideas of other dwarves, for they do not share our vision. Where others are preoccupied with conquest and greed, we instead look to knowledge and safety. Where some pray to false gods and control their populace through lies, we keep the orthodoxy of our sacred Brathmordakin and champion truth and virtue. Where the foreigner looks to trick and deceive, we look to reason and converse. From these virtues does our clan draw its strength. And for the preservation of these virtues does our clan fight. WITH the blessing of Anbella, as imparted by Urguan onto Dwain on our sacred Prophet’s deathbed; with the right of Belka, with whom did our Holy Dwain lay, their sacred union birthing our ancestors Draco and Heron; and with the mandate of YEMEKARR, who hath ordained that all dwarves have the right sovereignty, the noble sons of Dwain do declare the formation of The Consulary Republic of Holm. Under our banner of blue and silver shall we protect our clan’s virtues. And in our walls, built upon a foundation of our clan’s bravery and strength, shall these virtues be exercised safely and without threat. II.THE PEOPLE OF KRONHEIM/ PÓVULLI DU KRONHEIM The state of Holm is built on the backs of its people. Strong individuals make strong collectives, and in order to ensure the strength of its populace, Dwinic customs dictate that work be reflected by outward rank. A graduated system of castes does not discriminate or opress: rather, it rewards and safekeeps dedication to Holm. There are many intricacies endemic to the nature of the population of Holm. They are elaborated thusly: IIA. On their rights and responsibilities / Supra kaumin cladinarae e crulochianae The Dwinic People enjoy many rights, as determined by their rank in the society of Holm. Those who work hard and contribute much to the collective are rewarded with privileges enjoyed by few commoners on Atlas. However, even the lowest plebeian living in the streets of Holm is afforded rights to shield his YEMEKARR granted dignity. 2aa.On Rank/Supra Kursus The castes of Dwinic society are as follow, their rights enumerated conjointly: I.Resident: the residents of Holm are those people who live within the territory of Holm but have no yet attained the status of citizen. Citizenship is vested onto these residents by the Consuls, providing their continued service to Holm. These residents must pay a weekly tax to maintain their housing, until having completed their mandatory military service (elaborated in subsection 2AB). The rights of residents are as follow: A.The right to own a home B.The right to buy and sell goods outside of a permanent location C.The right to request a trial upon breaking the law D.The consequential right to be imprisoned until that trial The responsibilities of residents, on pain of losing the status of resident, are as follow: A. To serve in the Holmiote Brigade B. To pay their taxes in a timely fashion C. To adhere to the Religion of the State II.Citizen: the citizens of Holm are those individuals who have proven themselves worthy to rank among the single most important constituent in the Free City, and have thus been granted immense freedoms from the Consuls themselves. Citizens are those residents who have proven their dedication to Holm and her causes, and who are vested with many rights and responsibilities. A.Their rights are as follow: B.The right to dress as per Dwinic Customs. C.The right to conduct commerce out of a shop/fixed location in Holm unburdened by cruel and unusual taxation. D.The ability to petition the Senate on any issue with the backing of five more citizens. E.The right to attend audiences with the Consuls to address grievances. F.The right of habeas corpus, to a fair trial, and to a defense. G.The right to be paid for any services asked of them. H.The right and obligation to vote for Consul. Their responsibilities are as follow: A.The responsibility to serve in the state’s wars. B.The responsibility to actively maintain their military skill by attending Brigade practices. C.The responsibility to heed the state’s call when resources are necessary by aiding in the stockpiling of said resources. D.The responsibility to worship the Holy Pantheon of Seven above all other gods. III. Nobility: the nobles of Holm are those persons who, in their longstanding and continued devotion to the Dwinic Cause, have proven themselves fit to rise to the uppermost echelon of society. The Dwinic Nobility enjoys an immense array of rights and privileges, earned by their perennial dedication to the State and affirmed by the Consuls themselves. Nobles are both respected and essential, as they also constitute the governing body of Holm. Their rights are as follow: A.The right to hold a dynastic name. B.The privilege of publicly wearing purple. C.The privilege of being free of any burdens of tax, resource, or other article. D.The privilege of partaking in Government. E.The privilege of being able to call for a private audience with a Consul expressly. F.The privilege of having a personal Brigadier retainer. Their responsibilities are as follow: A.The responsibility of paying the Nobility dues, decided by the Consuls. B.The responsibility of presenting a positive and respectful image of Holm, precluding not engaging in offensive or improper behavior. C.The responsibility to act as a fiduciary for the interests of Holm above self-interests. D.The responsibility to unconditionally support Holm in all wars, conflicts of interest, or other ascendent issues by any means necessary. D.i.The additional responsibility of maintaining fighting prowess by making all efforts to attend Brigade practices. 2ab.Military Service/ Tirae Militarica Military service is a duty of all people of Holm: it is the central defining aspect which unites all members of Dwinic society. The lowest resident and the loftiest Noble are both subject to the vicissitudes of the State Brigade, and through it are forged into model citizens of the City State. Military service is mandatory for all persons save Nobility: it is paid and the rewards for participation are many. For residents, military service is required to attain citizenship. The requirements necessary to satisfy this prerequisite are as follow: A. A consistent attendance record where the aspirant citizen must miss no more than three practices consecutively. B. Time served in the Brigade must total to five stone weeks. C. During the aforementioned time span, the aspirant citizen must attend no less than ten practice sessions. At least one such session must be a joint military exercise. D. The aspirant resident must regularly serve vigilance duty in the city of Holm. For citizens, continued military service is mandatory to retain status as a citizen. The requirements necessary are abridged and as follow: A.The ownership and maintenance of a standardized Dwinic arsenal of iron arms and armor. B.The attendance of at least one Brigade practice per stone month. It should be noted that all residents, citizens, and Nobles of Holm are expressly prohibited from serving in other armed forces, being that they are always actively serving in the Iron Brigade of Holm. IIB. On the Ironguts/ Supra Krorûliotii The Clan of Dwain, the Irongut Clan, has a special status within the borders of Holm. As any functional state, Holm also has a cemented dynasty. A cemented dynasty, yoked by blood and sweat to the foundations of a nation, is a method of ensuring the uncorrupted continuation of the State and its customs. The Irongut Clan reserves this right as the first Noble family of Holm, as well as the first Clan of Dwarves in history. Imbued with the blood of Holy Belka herself, the Ironguts keep the people of Holm on the right path to progress and virtue. 2ba.The Clan Father/Dhespoti The Clan Father of the Ironguts, elected internally by that royal dynasty, holds special status in Holm as he is simultaneously the Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Dwinic armies. The Clan Father presides over all gatherings of government and must approve of any resolutions passed by the Senate. The Clan Father’s duties are all encompassed in his official title of Despot of Holm. His authority must go unquestioned; his rule must be loved and accepted. III.THE GOVERNMENT OF HOLM/ CHIEVERIA DU HOLM The Dwinic People are resilient and intelligent: their government reflects these qualities. Efficient, minimalistic, and adaptable, the People’s Tribunal reigns over Holm with a fist strong yet just. IIIA. The People's Tribunal / Tribunes Povullorii The People's Tribunal refers to all of the government positions (hereby to be referred to as the "Seats") vested onto all partaking citizens in the process of conducting State; its components are the Head of State, the two Consuls, and the Tribunal Senate. With these seats, the power to attend and vote in the Console of Holm is granted, and are only restricted unless noted otherwise through law. Laws made to restrict these powers must be passed through a ¾ vote, with confirmation from both the Consuls and Clan Father. 3aa. The Consuls / Konsularii The Consuls will lead the state of Holm, acting as the main power. They will be elected through popular vote by the citizens, with confirmation of the Clan Father. There will be two acting consuls at any given time, and they will also act as the chief legislative power of the state. The Consuls will act as the driving force of the state for the hold of Holm. As such, they will be granted several powers: A. Legislative Power This power allows the Consuls to draft up and propose document of law. Once proposed, these documents will be voted on by all of the acting seats. If passed into law through a majority vote, then the law may go to the Clan Father for signing. B. Power of Tax This power allows the Consuls to decide how much tax will be levied in any specific area. This includes housing and commerce tax. This includes both internal and external taxes. These taxes will, however, be voted on by the current seats with a majority vote needed to pass. C. Power of Diplomacy This power allows for the Consuls to act as and appoint diplomats to foreign nations. With this power, the Consuls are able to negotiate any treaties with any foreign power. With this power comes the powers to embargo, to recognise foreign power, and also to declare war. D. Power of Appointment This power is granted to the Consuls under the authority of the Clan Father to allow him to create or appoint officials to any department of government created. This power is created so that when necessary, with approval of the Consuls, issues not needing of attention to Consuls and Clan Father may be sorted. All powers granted to the department and the official/s must be confirmed by the seats. *On Duration: All appointments must be assigned a finite duration never exceeding one stone month, after which the appointment is null and void and must be re-voted into office. Appointments do not hold decision making or legislative powers. E. Power of Removal This power allows for the Consuls to call for a vote to remove the current acting Clan Father or Senator from office. With this power, both of the Consuls must agree the current Clan Father or Senator is unfit for the position. In this case, with a ¾ majority vote of the seats, not including those being subject to this power, the Clan Father or Senator would be removed, and within the following stone week, a new Senator would need to be selected, or a new Clan Father would need to be elected by the Ironguts. 3ab. The Tribunal Senate/ Tribunes The Tribunal Senate will be a gathering of all voting peoples (meaning the citizenry and nobility) of the Republic of Holm, vested with the power of taking domestic legislative initiative and acting as an organ of insurance to the rights of the Dwinic people. All citizen votes shall count as ONE (1) vote, and all noble votes shall count as TWO (2) votes in the decision-making process. An absolute majority of 2/3rds is necessary to pass any initiative through the Senate. Any ephemeral bureaucratic positions delegated by the Consuls shall be vested only upon members of the Tribunal Senate. A senator may be removed by the Consuls if their activities are deemed against the interests of the State. The Senate will be granted several powers in order to ensure representation: A. Power of the Vote As members of the Senate , each Tribune will be given a seat. With this seat, the Tribune will be allowed to vote on matters of legislation, tax, appointment, and removal. B. Power of Petition As the direct representatives of the people, the Senators may bring opinions and concerns to the seats. If needed, the Senators will hold the power to vote, amongst their own seats, to force the Consuls and Clan Father to bring attention to the voiced concern in way of action, weather this be to draft up documentation for a law, or change a law or tax put in place. 3ac. The Head of State/ Dhespotus The head of state will be the acting Clan Father of the Irongut Clan. He will act as the Head of State for the hold of Holm. Any government position must swear loyalty and allegiance to him. Though this position acts with great power, it will actually be more of a ceremonial position, with limited power in order ensure corruption stays in check. The Clan Father will have several powers allotted to him: A. Power of Residence This power will allow the Clan Father to preside over the two Consuls elected at the time. When in session, the Clan Father will be able to input his opinion on certain matters. With this power, the Clan Father will always have a seat. B. Power of the Veto As the Clan Father is needed to sign any document into law, this power will allow the Clan Father to veto any law passed by the elected Consuls of the time. If the Clan Father feels that a law is not fit, and needs to be revised, then the Clan Father holds the right to veto any law. If the law is repeatedly passed and vetoed, a popular vote will be held in place to decide the laws fate. C. Commander in Chief This power will allow the Clan Father to preside over the standing military of Holm. He will be the ultimate authority in matters of military, with each of the officers needing to swear allegiance to him. However, his power in this matter will be checked by the elected Consuls. If the consuls feel he is overreaching with this power, then they may restrict this power with a vote. In addition, the power to declare war rests solely with the Consuls, with permission of the Clan Father. D. Head Diplomat This power is granted to the Clan Father as yet another ceremonial power. This power will allow the Clan Father to preside over any diplomatic talks, as well as give the Clan Father the sole right to confirm and sign any treaties made with foreign powers. E. Additional Powers Any additional powers granted to the Clan Father must be clarified and approved by the Consuls, and voted on by all the seats with majority vote. If any of these powers are to be taken, the seats must vote once more to have them taken with majority vote. IIIB. Protective Dissolution/ Avtokatastrofa Upon the incidence that this Charter, whether it be by means legal or illegal, legislative or physical, is to be changed or altered in any permanent form, then the government of the Consulary Republic of Holm is declared to be null and void. The government sanctioned by the Dwinic peoples is the one described above, without duplicities in word or meaning. Any attempt to interpret, construe, or otherwise illicit meaning not explicitly patent in the aforementioned constitution of State is illegal and punishable for its intention. Any meanings thusly derived from this charter are, consequently, null and illegal. On Amendments: Amendment to this Charter may not be made by any measure of vote through any legal means. Any attempt to mutate the Charter in this form is likewise illegal and punishable.
  5. The Bearmantle Clan

    Clan Bearmantle Why did Raglin take the mantle of Clan Father once again? "To put it simply, he kicked more arse than the previous leader, ha!" After enough time standin' around waiting for the beloved clan leader, Raglin's father Relgar, to show his face, Raglin decided enough was enough. He had searched far and wide, visiting every brothel and bar from here to those blistering Orc lands and back... even digging around the human kingdoms for a bit. When the poor bugger never showed up, Raglin was left with no choice but to take action. It had been ages since Clan Edgehand was at its peak, and with the dwarven world in turmoil, he knew allies from long-forgotten places would be needed. Perseverance became critical, and Raglin certainly drudged on, seeking out long-lost cousins and brothers, calling together the clan for the first time in hundred of years. The position of Clan Father, along with its recognition and public honour, was upheld once more, by a dwarf that had once upon a time withheld another name. The explosions that had served to wipe clean the remnants of Raglin's legacy simultaneously became the drums and horns of reckoning for the past fate of the Edgehands. A new path had to be forged, and upon it would stride the amalgamation of two brother clans that had long since forgotten one another. They would be rebuilt anew. Stronger. Prouder. More fearsome than ever. They would finally relinquish themselves from traditions of old. They had been around since the time of Urguan, clans in the background of conflicts far and wide. It was never their place to take the forefront of the glory, but times had changed. A new world order has shifted the very foundations of the culture Raglin had grown so accustomed to. Gone was the kingdom that he had known since he was but a beardling. Such uncertainty, such turmoil demanded action that he knew only he, and likeminded dwarves, could take. With the summoning of long-forgotten members of what was once Clan Edgehand, and cousins since forgotten in the mountains, Raglin has revived his kindred under a long-lost ancestral name: Bearmantle. Lore The history of the Bearmantles, as told by Ungrim Edgehand. Translated into comprehensible English by some random bloke at the tavern. Note that Ungrim was interrupted once in the middle of his story by a rude bugger who was promptly dealt with by shouting into submission. Unlike many of the other Dwarven clans (who we'll refrain from listing), Clan Bearmantle's rise to power was subtle, and ancient. They were not heroes of old, and their names hardly ever echoed from the lips of bards unless to tell of some great bar fight (no less an honour, I might add, than a battle). The clan, despite it's relatively anonymous origins, dates all the way back to the time of the original High King Urguan. A group of old dwarven families inhabited a nearby mountaintop to the ancient capital Kal'Urguan, keeping to themselves. They rarely left their mountain village, deciding to exclude themselves from the chaos that had been the fledgling Dwarven society. Among said group of dwarves, one in particular stood out: Brolgar Bearmantle. Cousin to Rorin Edgehand, Brolgar was renowned for an honour that shadowed even his cousin's legendary 'Edgehand' fighting style. Brolgar, the dwarf twice as stout as any, was renowned for two things: his mighty hammer, and bear wrestling. Brolgar had made his name known through wars alongside the dwarven kingdom for a long while, before disappearing into the mountains. His hammer, easily twice the size of a normal dwarf, was covered almost entirely in intricate markings, markings that some still claim are ancient runes blessed by Yemekar himself. As it was told, Brolgar Bearmantle had made himself a pilgrimage through the great wilderness, challenging any bear that'd cross his path to a wrestling match. Months, maybe even years, had passed before the warrior appeared once more. When Brolgar returned to his mountainous village steeped in furs past his head, he looked more beast than dwed. Some accounts even claim that Brolgar Bearmantle was astride one of his defeated foes, a bear of such immense size that Brolgar bumped his head on the very mountains themselves. "Da's a load of bollock, Edgehand! Yer jerkin me chain!" "No 's not ya fluffy bastahd. Want ta fight about it? Tha's right, I thot so! Sit down! I'm not finished with meh story!" It wasn't until the races of Aegis fled their homeland and sought out Asulon that the Bearmantles left their mountain hovels. Finding themselves tossed into the mix of dwed, they found their place in combat. They made their names known in the countless wars between the Dwarves and the Orcs (or any other enemy of the Dwarves for that matter), and proved their aptitude in the dealings of the Capital, serving dutifully to get done whatever task was required of them. However, no Bearmantle was specifically recorded in any position of state, unlike their Edgehand cousins. Decades, and countless battles later, Dulku Edgehand made the move to establish the Edgehands as a properly recognized Dwarven Clan, and in doing so, urged Relgar Bearmantle (Raglin's Father), to do the same. However, unlike their Edgehand kin, the Bearmantles sought no official standing among the political system. Theirs was a renown steeped in intra-familiar pride. Years of isolation and subtlety, living as frontiersman in the outskirts of the dwarven mountains had made the Bearmantle name an unfamiliarity to many of the dwarf kind. However, in recent years, with the resurgence of their cousin, Raglin Edgehand, they've decided it's high time to leave their hovels, and seek out glory in the fashion that their distant Grandaxe relatives had done. Now, with Raglin having united both Edgehands and Bearmantles, his ambition drives them ever higher in their quest for greatness. The unified clan has adopted the checkered blue-and-black of the Edgehands, and the roaring bear of the Bearmantles as their sigil. "Right. Ya got et all down dere, pre'y boy? Set tha' book down, den. 'Ave a drink... bar wench! One fer me pal here! Fer tae Edgehands! Fer Bearmantle!" Clan Father Raglin Bearmantle Long-lost Kinsman? Let's check our records... [ MC Name: ] Wot's yer name, lad? Where do ye live? Wot are ye good at? Short biography (3+ sentences): How are you related to the Bearmantle and/or Edgehand Clan? [Creative freedom allowed, considering lack of official records.] : Do ya' swear yerself to th' Bearmantle Clan?:
  6. First Vrakai-Khronheim Friendship Treaty This document serves as proof to all princes, free peoples and nations that the Republic of Vrakai and the Republic of Khronheim have entered into a treaty that reinforces their friendship and mutual trust. As agreed upon by their respective councils of leadership, both nations will adhere to the following terms and conditions: To recognise the current leadership of the partner state as the legitimate representatives of their respective nation. To recognise the partner nation’s current borders and agree upon the limit of border expansion towards one another: Not to partake in, or provoke violence against the leadership and people of the partner nation. To guarantee that within their territory the citizens of the partner nation will be free from harm and that no taxes will be levied upon them for this service. To consult each other before taking up arms against another nation. It must however be noted that the Mercenarial Free Company of The Black Reiters is merely under a prolonged contract with the Republic of Vrakai. They will thus be exempt from this condition when not waging war under their contract with Vrakai. To allow their citizens to trade with those of the partner nation, free from taxation on the import and export of goods. To “consider” each other as primary candidate for a military alliance should the region fall prey to aggressive foreign intervention. May the party that breaks with this treaty by means of aggression or neglect of the terms agreed upon be considered oath-breakers and face the shame and disdain thereof. Signed: - Reginald d’Amaury, Praeceptor of Vrakai [SaintPaint] - Ludovico di Monteforte, First Consul of Vrakai [LukyLucaz] - Lans, Captain of The Black Reiters [Yung_N_Hung] - Ewan af Morr, Captain of The Black Reiters [Crusader__] - Lothaire af Calais, Captain of the Black Reiters [Hedonism] - Dorin Irongut, Head of state, Clanfather, Consul of Khronheim [DarthArkous] - Dwain II Irongut, Consul of Khronheim [Hiebe] - Jorik Braveaxe, Chancellor [joenaj]
  7. The Cottonwood clan

    The Cottonwood Clan The Cottonwood clan is a Forest dwarf clan with a chief as leadership insteaad of a clan father, better known as a tribal clan. The Cottonwoods enjoy spending their time away from the mountain folk caring for their lands, animals and family. You can always rely on a Cottonwood for having food with him/her while traveling which they freshly made from their own land. The Cottonwoods worship the aspects and have a yearly feast around their holy tree. Clan Appearance The Cottonwoods have Ginger and brown hair, ranging at 4'0" - 5'0" ft in height with different shades of green eyes some can also have purple eyes in rare cases. Cottonwoods normally wear brown to green clothing to blend into their environment. Personality The cottonwoods are kind and peaceful dwed but can be easily angered by their mountain kin due to their stupidity. The Cottonwoods are very loyal to the people and the land they live on. Leadership As all dwarven clans are lead by one dwarf it is the same as the Cottonwoods but instead of Clan Fathers these individuals are known as chiefs and being called a clan father is a insulting thing to say to a Cottonwood. To Gain leadership of the Clan a Cottonwood would challenge the Chief for a duel if the Chief wins the duel he remains chief and has proven his strength to his people if he falls he is considered a weak leader and the one who beat him gains the title of Chief but challenging the Chief is considered a dishonorable thing to do and shows the challenger has no respect for him and will be shamed also the Chief can decline your challenge as he sees you unfit for leadership. OOC (Copy and paste the format and fill it in if you wish to join) MC Name - In Game RP - Name Age - Current Skills - Short Bio - Chief Boldrumir Cottonwood Elder Members Sildrumir Cottonwood
  8. The Redshore War

    [Continued from https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/169694-the-shores-are-bleeding/?tab=comments#comment-1601208] It had been several months since Caras Eldar was assaulted by the droquar. The devastation of the farmlands and wall that Tokovolos caused in its wroth state had been mended after hands of druids and non-druids alike sweated to repair. The Descendant residents of the city had gone on about their business for the most part, priorities changing with the retreat of the draconic beast. But the fear was still fresh in many a mind, and the worry grew pressing. Morotokos' raucous arrival on the docks of the dark elven district was the advent of the conflict between the Dominion and formidable beasts of an ancient time, the first confrontation ending with the droquar's retreat into the azure depths with an obsolete eye, courtesy of an Ascended mage's fireball of overwhelming power and heat. With that came a lull in activity from the ocean waters, an extended amount of time passing before Tokovolos eventually waded onto the shore and delved further inland, towards the wall of the Dominion's jewel as if to avenge its comrades suffering. However, the Elven forces endured and repelled the greater droquar by means of a mighty rune cannon, causing a considerable chest wound which the droquar would now carry. Individuals of both government and Virarim had developed their own worries alongside the citizenry about the aggressive belligerents and the reality of the danger they were in while the duo continued to live beneath the surface of the ocean blue, prepared to strike at any time. Within little time and lacking argument, a decision was reached by those on high: a hunt would be held, for the safety and prosperity of the Dominion. Preparations for an expedition were to begin soon, to seek out the draconic fiends and put an end to their nuisance of an existence. As Elven minds toiled and hands went to work gathering materials and the means to slay mighty foes, the sands of beaches and tides that flowed in would gradually grow more crimson by the week. What these red messengers left behind on the shore were occasional bits of blubber, fish meat and heads, fins, and a variety of other half-eaten aquatic life. For miles out, the ocean shared by the Dominion and Enchantry's hue appeared noticeably rufescent. What floated to the surface were similar to what had washed up on beaches, some bits small, some comparable to the size of a raft fit for a seven. And beneath the depths of the bloody sea, mounds of layered sand became disturbed. Grand beasts had been roused from slumber. ((Event begins Sunday, 8 PM EST, 1/21/18, starting within Caras Eldar))
  9. A new King

    7th of the Deep Cold, 1646 On this day onwards, I, High King Hamnil of clan Frostbeard, do hereby declare my desire to step down from the throne of the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah, to be succeeded by the honorable Torvin of Clan Blackaxe. This is to be done, mainly because Torvin has been an experienced dwarf, able to take on tasks a King should be able to take. My tasks lies with the reformation of my clan. This order is to be executed immediately. And so it is ordered. May this decision improve the life of the Dwed. His Majesty, Hamnil Frostbeard, High King of Kaz’Ulrah, Clan Father of the Frostbeards, Protector of the Dwedmar and Arduke of the city of Kal’Tarak
  10. ~-~ The Irongut Clan ~-~

    The Ironguts The Ironguts are the longest living clan amongst the Dwedmar, being true Cave Dwarves at heart. Sincethe reign of Urguan, many Ironguts have held influential and vital roles, including Kings, Lords, and evenamong the Order of Ascended. With these positions, the Ironguts have helped shape the world we seenow. Through the forging of great weapons,the spelunking of cavernous ruins, and delving of the arcane,the Ironguts have been highly regarded among the Dwedmar. Ancient History of the Clan Modern History of the Clan Clan Government and Laws Clan Culture Clan Diplomacy Clan Ireheart: Neutral Clan Grandaxe: Neutral Clan Doomforge: Neutral Clan Frostbeard: Neutral Clan Irongrinder: Neutral Clan Goldhand: Neutral Clan Treebeard: Neutral Clan Starbreaker: Neutral Records of the Ironguts ((Family Tree: https://www.familyecho.com/?p=JBMRI&c=3rihhyqbxa&f=118731965149584681)) Clan Father: Dorin Irongut (DarthArkous) Clan Elders: Dwain II Irongut (Hiebe) Bolgnir Irongut (Tidemanno) Dimlin Irongut (Beamon4) Hogarth Irongut (Jordan 1921) Clan Members: Tharggus Irongut (Tharggus) Sharr Irongut (lordbobby123) Balek Irongut (Hobolympic) Yeulf Irongut (IronGroot) Dwalin Irongut (CordialOblivion) Beardlings: Joulgroul Irongut Thalrim Irongut Bogmir Irongut Govrack Irongut Hall of the Deceased: Deceased: Thordon Irongut ((Jordan1921)) Thrym Sliverfist ((NoobCrafert14)) Nurrak Irongut ((Destroyer_Bravo)) Kara Irongut ((skippyoak)) Gamil Irongut ((Unknown)) Belin Irongut ((Skinner541)) Isabelle Irongut ((Unknown)) Whurgar Irongut ((Owl_7)) Theor Irongut ((Blob9000)) Balin Irongut ((darkjames)) Thak Irongut ((GavinTheViking)) Ore'zy Irongut ((lawlmansayshi)) Fariken Irongut((30326)) Rehki Irongut ((bov61)) Smalltoe Irongut ((Musboris)) Nozagen Irongut ((Bov61)) Lilum Irongut ((KarmaDelta)) Chase Irongut((Dtrik)) Goroth Irongut((30326)) Uldar Irongut ((Tirenas)) Dun Irongut ((blackhawk77g)) Skippy Irongut (skippy369) Honored Dead: Hiebe Irongut ((Hiebe)) Belin Irongut ((Skinner541)) Darius Irongut ((Blackhawk77g)) Phelrin Irongut ((ChAnKoEr)) Susan Irongut ((ABoyNamedSue)) Algrim Irongut ((Isemburt)) Draco Irongut ((RP)) Dwain Irongut ((RP)) Missing (Previous list purged): Beardling Yurvo (MonkeyFaceGamer) Thorgrim Irongut (irDusk) Kilgrim Irongut (Kilgrim_) Banished: Mili Irongut ((Leland22)) Grimloth Irongut ((jakesimonson)) Tortek Silverfist ((Axmaynard)) Bofauk Irongut ((lawlmansayshi)) Duregar Irongut ((ww2buff99) Sili Irongut ((Leland22)) Aengoth Irongut ((Aengoth)) Gauldrim Irongut ((Redbench)) Clan Tenets In-character 1. Respect your elders. Respect those who are older than you. You represent our clan and your actions, good or bad, affect us all. 2. Loyalty to your clan above all else. 3. Help your clansmen when you can. Don't abandon each other in fights, however hard it might be. Out-of-character 1. Your Irongut character should be your main character. 2. If you're an Irongut and you betray the clan, your character, if killed by an Irongut, is perma-dead. 3. Separate RP from OOC, we’re all friends here. Proving of the Lineage (Application) (Copy the below and paste to use) [ MC Name: ] What is your name? Where do you live? What are your primary skills? Short biography (5+ sentences): How are you related to the Irongut Clan? (See family tree, don't create your own father or mother unless you PM the Clan Father): Do you swear loyalty to the Irongut Clan?: OOC Do you agree to follow all the rules of the Irongut Clan? Discord ID? (optional, you can also send it through PM if required)
  11. Government of the Deep-Realm of Kaz’Ulrah The Clans Like all dwarves, the folk of Kaz’Ulrah are divided up into great families known as clans. The clan is the most important social structure within the dwarven race and forms the governmental bedrock upon which all else is built. The clans of the Realm are divided into three castes: the Common Clans, the Noble Clans, and the Royal Clan. A clan's caste is determined by their lineage as verified by the genealogists of the Brathmordakin, although on rare occasions the High Prelates can approve a clan's promotion or demotion to another caste, as well as the formation of entirely new clans. Vassal Clans Vassal Clans are newly formed Clans which are striving to become Commoner Clans. In order to become a Vassal Clan, a group of at least four Dwed must approach the leader of a Clan and request that they be vassalized under their clan. Then over the period of a stone month they must gather supplies, their kin and prepare their papers. After the period of a stone month they are allowed to request Commoner Clan status from the Arcrown and the Lord’s Council. Vassal Clans have neither a Clan Hall nor a representative in the Clan Council. The Common Clans Common Clans are, among the Dwarves, considered to be those clans which cannot claim to hold a direct link between bloodline of their ruling house and one of the founding houses of the many Elder Clans of Kaz’Ulrah. Common Clans make up more than three-fourths of all clans and must still be able to trace their bloodline back to at least one of the Founding Clans of Old Urguan or one of its sister states to be recognized as a clan at all. Would-be clans who do not meet this requirement are considered "Sundered Houses" by the dwarven Church, and are considered citizens of the realm in which they reside but do not have access to the rights afforded the clans and their kinsfolk. The Noble Clans The Noble Clans are those clans which can trace the bloodlines of their noble house directly to one of the founding houses of one of the three founding Clans of Kaz’Ulrah. Royal Clans who have lost their realm (or never possessed one in the first place) and have pledged their fealty to another clan are considered to be Noble Clans from a political standpoint, albeit ones who retain most of the power, privilege, and respect traditionally held by dwarven royalty. The Royal Clans The Royal Clans are those most noble of clans which can trace the bloodlines of their ruling house directly to one of the founding houses of Kaz’Ulrah. All Royal Clans are considered to be Noble Clans, but all Noble Clans are not Royal. As with the other two castes, the High Prelate are empowered to create new Royal Clans, so long as the clan in question has verified documentation of their bloodline dating back to one of the Eldest Clans. The Deep Court The Deep Court is the name of the Realm of Kaz’Ulrah’s governmental structure, itself divided into three separate parts; the Senate, the legislative ministry, the Masters' Assembly, the judicial ministry, and the Lords Council, the executive ministry. The Senate The Senate is the primary legislative body of Kaz'Ulrah. It is the Senate that writes up and proposes the vast majority of all law within the Realm. The Senate is vast, composed of the Clanmasters of the Common Clans, the Clan Elders of the Noble and Royal Clans, the Prelates of the various Clergies of the Brathmordakin, all official Guildmasters and Fellowship Captains, various respected community leaders, nobles, and officials, as well as any other notable dwarves granted the title as a reward for their services. All Senators receive a single vote, and the Senate is nominally led by a "High Speaker" elected from among the body of the Senate who receives a second vote and the ability to break all ties. The Masters' Assembly The Masters' Assembly is composed entirely of the Grandmasters, who are the leaders of the many ministries and guilds that make up the governmental and regulatory bodies of the Realm. The Masters' Assembly is in charge of all judicial matters within Kaz’Ulrah, with inter-clan disputes and crimes settled by three randomly selected Grandmasters. Any proposals made by the Senate first goes to the Masters' Assembly to determine its validity and make any necessary changes before sending it onwards for approval and implementation by the Lords' Assembly. All Grandmasters receive a single vote in the Assembly and can only hold a single position with it. The sole exception to this is the High-Prelates, who may hold their ecclesiastical rank in addition to a position as a Grandmaster. As with the Senate, the Masters' Assembly is headed by an elected "Lord Speaker" who receives a second vote and the ability to break all ties. The permanent positions for Grandmaster goes as followed: + Forgemaster - Directs all smiths and smithing organizations. + Lodemaster - Directs all miners and mining organizations. + Goldmaster - Directs all traders and trade organizations. + Loremaster - Directs all scribes and historical organizations. + Brewmaster - Directs all farms and agricultural organizations. + Warmaster - Directs all soldiers and military organizations. + Overseer - Directs all public works and civil organizations. + High Prelates - Direct their respective clergies and religious organizations. The Lords' Council The Lords' Council fulfills the executive duties of the Kaz’Ulrah and is one of its most powerful branches of government. The Council has ultimate authority over all aspects of life within the Realm, being composed of the Arcrown, Ardukes, Clanlords, Lord Chancellor, Lord Treasurer, Lord General, and Lord High-Prelate. Each title garners its bearer a single vote, with a maximum of three votes permitted in per dwarf. Arcrown - The king and overall leader of Kaz’Ulrah. The Arcrown is also considered to be the Arduke of Kal’Tarak, and Clan Lord of the Royal Clan of Frostbeard (Changes if a new clan succeeds the current Arcrown). As such, the Arcrown always has a minimum of three votes in the Lords' Council, and cannot claim any additional positions. The Arcrown has the power to break all ties in their favor, and personally appoints the Lord Chancellor, Lord Treasurer, and Lord General to their positions. The Arcrown's position can be hereditary, however their chosen successor must be chosen in the day of their coronation, updated once every year, and must be approved of by majority vote from the remainder of the Lords' Council, Masters' Assembly, and Senate. Arduke - The Ardukes are the leaders of the various Dwarfholds that form the backbone of the Realm's provincial structure. Ardukes are appointed by the Arcrown, approved by the High-Prelate of the Brathmordakin, and are must be the Clanlord of one of the Noble Clans; although the position is not hereditary. As such, the Ardukes receive a minimum of two Seats on the Grand Council. Clan Lord - A Clan Lord is the leader of one of the Noble Clans of Kaz’Ulrah. The position of Clan Lord is typically hereditary, although all prospective lords must be voted in by their clan's elders before being crowned. Unless they hold another position on the Council, Clan Lords retain only a single vote. Lord Chancellor - The Lord Chancellor oversees all domestic and foreign affairs concerning the Realm and acts as Regent whenever the Arcrown is otherwise unavailable. It is the duty of the Lord Chancellor to ensure the day-to-day operation of Kaz’Ulrah proceeds smoothly and according to law, as well as to the management of all local fellowships. In addition, the Lord Chancellor maintains the Ministry of Diplomacy, which itself is made up of the kingdom's various diplomats, ambassadors, and on rare occasions, spies. Lord Treasurer - The Lord Treasurer oversees all financial and trade related affairs both within and without Kaz’Ulrah. It is the duty of the Lord Treasurer to, with the aid of the clans and the Lord Chancellor, establish and maintain the necessary trade routes, caravans, and agreements to ensure the Realm's economy remains stable and its people prosperous. The Lord Treasurer is in charge of the management of Kaz’Ulrah’s guilds and clan companies, and maintains the Ministry of Banking throughout the kingdom. Lord General - The Lord General oversees all military, security, and law enforcement related affairs throughout the Realm and beyond. It is the Lord General's duties to maintain a strong border against the enemies of the dwarves, ensure that the lands of Kaz’Ulrah are secure from threats both domestic and foreign through the use of a guard force and prison system, and lastly to train and (when needed) successfully utilize the dwarven army to the benefit of the people. Lord High Prelate - The Lord High Prelate oversees the affairs of the dwarven church throughout Kaz’Ulrah as well as any missionary work done by the the kingdom. Additionally the Lord High-Prelate is in charge of rooting out and exterminating heresy in all its forms both within and without the Realm. To this end the Lord High-Prelate maintains the ability arrest, try, and punish heretics through the implementation of the Hammers of Yemekar. The Lord-High Prelate is always the High Prelate of the Brathmordakin assigned to Kaz’Ulrah. Signed by the Lord Chancellor ~ William Blood-Hammer ~
  12. The Oakhide Clan

    ~The Oakhide Clan~ ~History~ The History of the Oakhides is not a long one. Their lineage bears very little noble blood, and their names aren't set in stones depicting legends and myths of Paragons and the Brathmordakin. The Oakhides come from a time when Kal'Bogrin stood tall. A Grimaxe, of the name "Vulli" ventured out into the wilds to hunt. Within the wilds, he became lost. The trees and bramble became too familiar within his mind, and he began to traverse the woodlands in a circular fashion, before finally giving up. Whilst Vulli slept, an unnamed Treebeard woman had found the poor mountain dwarf, sitting in a puddle with his belongings scattered around. The Treebeard cared for him, and helped him travel the woods, until he was able to return home. The two had grown close, and after nine months, the Treebeard had given birth to the first Oakhide. The first Oakhide was named "Wrenn", and he grew up to be a strong hunter. He wore leather as hard as steel, fired a bow with the power of a Golem's arm, and was so close to Anbella's wilds that he could teach Druids more than they could ever dream of. Wrenn impressed the lady Anbella with his work, and his respect for the wilds, so she gave him something in return. She had blessed him, along with his blood, to have the endurance of the standing woods. Ever since, Wrenn found himself to be stronger. He felt little pain, and received no wounds. He was bitten by wolves, mauled by bears, even swarmed by toxic, foul fumes in the depths of dark marshes, yet he still stood. Though his life was a solitary one, for the most part, he settled down with a family. From this family came the Oakhide line, a people of strong Forest-Dwarf blood, each with the vigor and vitality of Yemekar's Stone ~The ways of the clan~ The dwarves of Clan Oakhide believe strongly in balance, honour, honesty and strength. They strive to be capable hunters, and warriors, to better protect the wilds from those whom deem it unworthy of attention. Due to the superior skills in leatherworking, most armor worn by an Oakhide is of leather and fur, with small amounts of chainmail for added protection. They also tend to use wooden round shields, or sometimes Pavise shields, if using certain formations. Their shields are of the strongest wood, some say blessed by Anbella's blood, carried by the Oakhides. It is often said that when an Oakhide is cut within his work, it means that Anbella had fated it, that her blood would adorn the wood and give it the strength of the Brathmordakin. Because of the terrain they usually choose to fight in, their tactics are less suited for strong military formations, rather guerilla warfare, close quarters fighting, and ambushes. This is the reason why they are also fond of archery. The bows of the Oakhides are extremely powerful for their size, though many find it difficult to pull them, as they may lack the naturally dense muscle of a dwarf. The Oakhide bows are short and recurve in fashion, though match the power of any Elven Longbow. Below, the common weapons and armor of Oakhides is displayed. Religion The Dwarves of Clan Oakhide follow the Brathmordakin, like most other dwarves. Their patron god is Anbella, Godess of nature, hearth and home. Though, due to the Oakhide's strong connection with nature, some choose to become druids, and worship the Aspects. The Aspects are seen as a valid worship within the clan, as they can sometimes be show as two halves of Anbella. ~The Joining Ritual~ To become a full-blooded Oakhide, there are a number of trials the beardling must go through. The first is a Pilgrimage to a shrine of Anbella. There, the beardling must sacrifice something dear to them, as to appease Anbella and show devotion. The second trial is to Hunt. The Beardling must kill, skin, and make use of their kills. They must kill a Direwolf, a Cave-Bear, and one other beast of their choice. (This beast may be a second of either the wolf or bear.) This third kill will determine how the third trial will occur. The Third trial is to craft a weapon from a bone from their third kill. Dependsing on the size of the bone, the weapon can be anything, as long as it is infact effective. The Fourth trial is the final trial, and it is a test of Endurance. The Beardling must duel an Elder or the Clan Father. Win or Lose, they will pass the trial, should they be deemed worthy by their opponent. ~OOC Application~ (ONLY FOREST DWARVES, OR DWARVES OF FOREST BLOOD MAY APPLY TO BECOME AN OAKHIDE.) Minecraft Name: Character name: Character age: Appearance: Quick Backstory:
  13. MC Name: z3m0s Character's Name: Kalviin ‘Arakh Drakmar’ Ireheart Character's Age: Four-Hundred and Twenty-Two Character's Race: Ascended Mountain Dwarf Sky God What magic(s) will you be learning?: Cognatism Teacher's MC Name: Irongroot Teacher's RP Name: Yeulf Irongut Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nub Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yub Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Yub Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nub
  14. Hefjhor Akvel

    Hefjhor Akvel (Bear Guard): The Hefjhor Akvel also known as the bearguard in common tongue are the sworn protectors of the Clan family of the Frostbeards. the members of the Hefjhor Akvel are strong brave and skilled fighters but most importantly they are well known for their loyalty to the Clan Father. For one to become a member of the Hefjhor Akvel they need to be either recruited by the Clan Father or the Ord-Thrumm (Captain of the Bearguard). The orders of the Hefjhor Akvel can only come from the Clan Father and the Ord-Thrumm themselves. A member of the Hefjhor Akvel puts the words of the Clan Father at utmost priority before anything else. Members that are apart of the Hefjhor Akvel are meant to always obey the Clan Father's orders even If the order leads to one's death. The Oath: My Clan Father I the embodiment of my clan, I will obey my Clan Father's wishes at all times. The Clan Father's orders are beyond ethical judgement and because of this we will not judge his orders, All enemies of the Clan Father are my enemies, To die protecting the Clan Father is the biggest honour I can have. Ranks: Hefjhor Akvel Ord-Thrumm: The Captain and leader of the Hefjhor Akvel, he is to be chosen by the Clan Father once the previous one dies. Hefjhor Akvel: A standard member of the Bear Guard. Payment: Being apart of the Hefjhor Akvel does not give you any extra payment or money. However what they are rewarded with for their service is to be remembered in the kron ur da Narvak where their names and accomplishments with be recorded so they can be remembered in history.. Sigil: The kron ur da Narvak (The Book of Glory): Members only, more pages are added every time a new member joins* https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1fvF06WvhX8rFRmozpq9UIQgxWc6t_R08Zx5kOYfyEgQ/edit?usp=sharing (Credit to mateolog for creating the original post)
  15. I am looking for someone to play my dwarfs child. Her name is Tazmura Frostbeard, she is the daughter of Throri 'Warmheart' Frostbeard and Edysl Frostbeard. She was the twin sister to Throrin Frostbeard. After Throrin died Tazmura ran away from her Clan in sadness as well as grief. However she later returned to the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah to reunite with her family and her clan. She is currently 54 years old. Skin: if you have any questions about the character feel free to send me a private message, or ask on the page itself
  16. Dwarf Druid Skin

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  17. [!] Those in all nations, especially those in Kaz’Ulrah, would notice signs decorating any available notice board; promoting a feast. Those of all race, status and looks are invited to commemorate not only the arrival of our people to new lands, but more specifically, the landing and rebuilding of land our nation did with incredible haste. As this feast was planned with intentions to bring citizens together for a night of celebration, we advise those who aim to taint this evening with violence to simply not show at all. (Head-butts from any given dwarf should not be seen by an act of brutality but instead a show of manliness, and duels are not considered an act of hostility either) So, for those who wish to drink the night away or eat cake to wash away months of munching down stale bread, feel free to stop by, explore the capital, and get acquainted with those of shorter stature. Signed, High Queen Signa Blackaxe, Daughter of Wulfgar Blackaxe, Son of Morgrim Grandaxe, Son of Paragon Valen OOC: Thursday, December 21st at 7:00pm EST Directions: Exit Cloud Temple > Go left at first sign > Go right at second sign > Follow the ridiculously long path leading you there (( Various signs in different spots will remind you if you’re going the right way ))
  18. MANDATE FROM JORNHEIM 12th of the Sun's Smile, 1642 The official seal of Kaz’Ulrah After the last Council Meeting, it was decided upon that there were a couple of positions that needed to be added. As such, it was decided that the following positions will be added to the Council of Kaz’Ulrah, and filled by the following Dwed. High Ambassador will be in charge of maintaining the relations of the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah and the other nations of this world. The position will be held by Gorum Frostbeard. High Remembrance will be in charge of ensuring that the history of the Dwedmar is maintained and being written as it passes. The position will be held by Garrond Frostbeard. Furthermore it was decided that the position of Arcane Lord will no longer be needed and that it shall be removed from the Council of Kaz’Ulrah. Alongside that, the position formerly known as Overseer which is held by Ogdan Goldhand will be renamed to High Merchant. Narvak oz Kaz’Ulrah Narvak oz Dwedmar
  19. Kaz'Ulrah Housing Information

    CITY OF KAL’TARAK CAPITAL OF THE KINGDOM OF KAZ’ULRAH Welcome to the City of Kal’Tarak, capital of the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah. This parchment will provide detailed information on everything you need to know about purchasing property in this grand city whether it be a home, a shop, or even a guild hall. If you wish to purchase one of these properties, contact the Warden, or one of his Stewards. Tax Information As an important part of a nation’s infrastructure, taxing must be taken into account. Taxing for small housing will be completely free for those starting off while larger houses will require larger amounts of taxes. Note that after a citizen has lived in a small housing residence for 2 stone weeks, they will begin having to pay a fee of 10 minas. All taxes will be deposited at the entrance to the apartment complex in your respective chest provided to you on housing purchase. Contact the following officials to purchase a home: Beorik “Stonefoot” Frostbeard - Warden ((BigMacMoMo)) Garrond Frostbeard ((Garrond)) Gorum Frostbeard ((Gorum)) Available Housing Free Apartments Medium Housing & Shops Large Housing
  20. Vosirk

    Vosirk Blackaxe-Grandaxe The Iron Druid -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Gender: Male Race: Mountain Dwarf Status: Healthy Height: 5'0 Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark Red Skin: Light-skinned, slowly gaining a tan Markings/Tattoos: Various scars, most noticeable being over his eye -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -==Everything beyond this point cannot be known unless learned through rp interaction with my character, metagaming this will not be tolerated==- Nicknames: Firebeard, Vos, Iron Age: 240 Birth Year: 1401 Health: Healthy Personality: Generally light-hearted and is most often seen with a calm, content expression. He enjoys being a helping hand to friends and kin. Inventory: Longsword, Oak Staff with dwarven symbols and words carved into it, Some kind of food, two flasks of ale and water Parents: Fimlin Grandaxe, Unknown Mountain Dwarf Siblings: Torvin Blackaxe Spouse: Melethre Luekmir Children: Velatha and Anita His Story: WIP Artwork:
  21. ^ This is as close as I could get ^ [TOX STOLE MY FUCKIN IDEA. . . So I stole like half of his application] Name of Artifact: Lordak Khazadmar Keovid Verok - (Magic Dwarf Want Fly) MC Name of person(s) currently in possession of Artifact: z3m0s RP Name of person(s) currently in possession of Artifact: Kalviin 'Arakh Drakmar' Ireheart MC Name of creator(s) of Artifact (N/A if not applicable): z3m0s RP Name of creator(s) of Artifact (N/A if not applicable): Kalviin 'Arakh Drakmar' Ireheart Effect(s) of Artifact: ( The once was a dwarf who wished to fly, who told this secret to a very bad guy He thought him his friend, then when he went to bed, the man pondered on what he had said To uphold his title he thought of a start, the bad man went and put up a MART. - @Tox <# ) While glancing up at the ever glorious floating dwarven city of Arcadia, a particularly useful dwarven mage thought to himself on the process involved in such an item that would allow him to float himself. Over many decades of serious injury attempting to make mechanical jetpack like creations with the use of air runes. One day after shattering his arm in one of his latest prototypes he had given up, slinging his arm into a brace and sitting down for dinner he'd pull a mug of ale up the table to himself with telekinesis, giving him the idea. Once his arm had healed he proceeded to dedicate his time to the idea of using telekinesis, he'd create various awkward prototypes that were vastly more successful than the air rune creations before landing on a comfortably enchanted cloak. When finally made suitably it would float well enough to hold his weight, controllable within each given direction with little more than the weight of something like a staff in hand, it would act as basically a glorified method of travelling on foot via magic, the enchant straining and dropping him on his face should he choose to try movements as intensive as combat. Falling would obviously strain the enchant, able to slightly cushion a fall were it at a lesser height, or drain and leave the wearer to face the full brunt of the fall at greater heights. This is more a gauge of when you'd break the enchant and fall the hell out 1-5 Blocks: Little impact upon the enchant, mild drain for straining weight 5-10 Blocks: If you're a dwarf or smaller you'll probably be okay, increased enchant drain, straining weight would drain all charge and possibly end in light injury 10-15+ Blocks: Ohh he need some milk! (Most likely bones broken and more depending on landing/height) All weight would drain the enchant attempting to keep the wearer airborne ...Yes mine floats on water as well. Red Lines of Artifact: -No fly. . . just float -Can only go one and a half blocks off the ground, nothing higher. It will stay level over the land (Including slopes.) -If dropped from a height, will act like a chicken fluttering its way slowly to the ground to safety but will burn the stored mana of the enchantment drastically, Follow the drop scale listed in the effects. -Can only hold the weight of one -Very minimal lifting would be possible while in use -Can only go as fast as a dwarf could run at maximum -Not usable in combat -Enchant would drain and slow until in need of recharge should the weight exceed roughly seventy kilograms (One-hundred and fifty pounds ish) -Were the user to be twenty or so kilograms over the maximum they would slip from the cloak, making it unusable for them. (Roughly forty-four pounds) Explanation of effect(s) (i.e. how it does what it does - slight bending of magic lore is allowed): Intricate Telekinesis enchantments, the bending of the magic lore as this would break the redline of using something to float. Number of duplicates of this Artifact: I'm a Dwarf, we're not allowed to dupe anymore. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the whereabouts and ownership of this Artifact by using the Magic List Errors?: Yes Have you applied for this Artifact before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No
  22. The Blackaxe Clan

    ><><><The Blackaxe Clan><><>< The Dwarves of the Blackaxe Clan are a band of brothers, once sworn to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, now united by their desire to be sovereign of its grasp. Formerly a title thought to bring dishonour when branded upon the clan’s founding father, Decks, the name ‘Blackaxe’ is now worn with pride by all who choose to bear it. Today, the clan resides in the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah, independent of their Grandaxe kin, as they seek to strike out on their own as honour bound mercenaries and fortune seekers in the wars to come. ><><><History><><>< The Blackaxe clan was founded by Decks Blackaxe, one of the grandsons of Urguan in the ancient lands of Aegis, following a schism with his Grandaxe kin. Hailing from the far north of the continent, the Grandaxes had for many years guarded the north from undead and uruks, bound in alliance with their fellow mountain dwarves of Clan Frostbeard, whose ancestors, Bogrin Grandaxe and Kaz’Ulrah Frostbeard, had years prior settled their holds together among these mountain peaks. Formerly a part of the Grandaxes, a bitter dispute drove the clan apart, dividing into two clans, the Braveaxes and Blackaxes. Decks Blackaxe was banished from the Kingdom of Urguan for refusing to support the King in his war against the Kingdom of Oren. Exiled and without a home, he and a number of his brothers ventured north towards the ancestral homelands of the mountain dwarves and set keep in Kal’Domhain. The Blackaxe clan would continue to survive by themselves as hired mercenaries and miners of their lands, until the sons of the late Decks, Valen Blackaxe and Bazian Blackaxe took leadership of the clan. With newly found blood, the Blackaxe clan found its way back to the Kingdom of Urguan and set foot in its caves once again. Valen Blackaxe and Karl Frostbeard had forged a strong bond between their two clans when the two rallied their forces to fight the Ironborn of the Khorvadic Empire, and then again to fight the Kingdom of Alras. When the undead attacked Aegis, champions from different nations were chosen; Valen Blackaxe ventured into the nether, one of the three chosen dwarves who helped bring an end to the undead and daemonic scourge. With the destruction of Aegis, and the settling of Asulon, the Blackaxe and Braveaxe clan reconciled their differences and united beneath the banners of the Grandaxe clan once again. Years have passed and worlds have been travelled, as the Grand Kingdom of Urguan evolved to face the challenge of new and emerging threats. However, with this change, a corrupt and irregular culture transpired within the valued normal traditions of the once great kingdom. The dwarves, disunited and in disarray had turned blade on their allies of ancient times. The crowning of Grand King Frerir Irongrinder, and his subsequent actions infuriated the Blackaxes even further towards insurrection. When given ultimatum by two of his elders, Wulfgar and Torvin, Fimlin Grandaxe, Clan Father, of the Grandaxe clan refused to object to his King’s ways, and thus the clan was divided into two halves once again. From here, four Grandaxes, Wulfgar, Torvin, Tagum and Darain, disillusioned with the state of the realm opted to follow in the ways of old, taking residence with their mountain dwarf kin. Leading the Blackaxes to New Jornheim, the Blackaxes now stood alongside their ancient allies in the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah, and battled together with the Frostbeards and Goldhands, to overthrow the Irongrinder led government, forcing them to relinquish their claim on the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. For their deeds, the Blackaxes were named a noble clan of the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah, their colours emblazoned on the nation’s banners. Meanwhile, a blood bond was forged through the marriage of Signa Blackaxe to High King Verthaik II Frostbeard, cementing an alliance between the two clans. Residing within the city, they today search for their lost kin to join the Blackaxes once again and restore its name to glory. ><><><Appearance><><>< Blackaxes are considered above average size compared to normal dwedmar, with fiery red hair and beards adorned with gold to protect them from the cold conditions of their homeland. The purest Blackaxes are of a lighter skin tone compared to normal dwedmar, and typically have brown eyes. However, it is not uncommon for a Blackaxe to have different shades of black or brown hair, and green or grey colored eyes, dependent on the mother’s lineage. Blackaxes typically wear outfits designed for utility, often comfortable furs with chainmail or armor to withstand the climates of the cold mountain region. ><><><Culture><><>< Rugged mountain dwellers, dwarves of the clan are heavily built and excel most in snowy climates or areas of high altitude. Hardy by nature and deathly loyal to those they call friends, they are among the oldest and most stalwart defenders of the dwarven realms. Strength and fortitude are valued traits of every Blackaxe dwarf, and thus, the father of the clan is he who can best his kin in open combat. They are strictly tribal, preferring to congregate within the company of their blood kin, while their bonds with outsiders are based purely on matters of commerce. In the old days of Aegis, dwarves of the Blackaxe Clan were infamous for their raids on settlements deemed to have broken their strict code of honour. What acts some might regard as brutality, Blackaxes see as fair justice. They believe that those who dishonour their kinsmen, forsake their right to remain unchallenged. When seeking individualistic glory, dwarves of the Blackaxe Clan embark on what is known as the ‘Great Hunt’ at the end of each stone month. Here, young dwarves revel in the challenge of impressing upon their elders by bringing back the trophies of dangerous beasts slain in battle. ><><><Traditions><><>< The clan are fervent worshippers of the true pantheonic Brathmordakin, namely Yemekar, the creator and Allfather, as well as Dungrimm, Ogradhad, Anbella, Armakak, Belka and Grimdugan. Other deities are either viewed as illegitimate or lesser beings. As the god of war, and guardian of the dead, Dungrimm is often considered the clan’s patron, though it is not unknown for members of the clan to pledge their loyalties to other gods as well. Blackaxes are also devout in the ways of ancestral worship, paying great reverence to their ancestral Paragons, Valen ‘the Wordsmith,’ Thorik ‘King of Kings,’ and Thorin ‘Yemekar’s Fist,’ who together form a triumvirate among the Brathmordakin’s Iron Council, ruling from their seat among the high halls of Khaz’A’Dentrumm. Worship largely consists of paying tributes and sacrificial offerings, on the midnight hour of every full moon. In this event, in what is known as the Vigil of the Moon, Blackaxes gather atop the peaks of their home to pay their respects to the gods and to their dead, as they believe that this is the hour where their prayers can be heard most purely. Accordingly, Blackaxes are also great revellers of the night, known for drinking around fires and singing songs of merriment, whilst skalds tell epic tales of their dwarven ancestors of yore, whose individual deeds have ascended their names into myth. ><><><Rites of Passage><><>< To truly don the name of the Blackaxe, a dwarf must have a debt of honor repaid that was taken from him. This can be done in blood or diplomatically; the clan father will decide if and when the debt is fully paid. A true Blackaxe is pure of virtue, and holds honour in the highest regard. In order to ascend as a full member of the clan, the beardling is therefore required to slay and bring back the remains of a dark or unholy being. Before a Blackaxe may ascend into adulthood, the dwarf must first prove they understand what it means to pay honour to the god of war. In order to so, they must wet their axe in the blood of battle, and return with the head of one of their fallen foes. ><><><Tenants><><>< To break a signed contract is to break an oath born by Anbella’s binding light, and thus is punishable by death. To slay another member of the clan outside of a duel is deemed an affront to the gods’ creation and thus is punishable by death. To forsake the clan’s name in favour of another is to pay insult to the ancestors and thus is punishable by death. To steal from another member of the clan is to deprive another of what is rightfully theirs and thus is punishable by death. ><><><Diplomatic Relations><><>< Clan Frostbeard - Allies Clan Goldhand - Friendly Clan Silvervein - Friendly Clan Stormbreaker - Friendly Clan Longmane - Friendly Clan Irongut - Neutral Clan Doomforged - Neutral Clan Emberhorn - Neutral Clan Ireheart - Unfriendly Clan Irongrinder - Unfriendly Clan Grandaxe - Unfriendly Clan Father: Darain Blackaxe (MrBamPow) Clan Elders: Wulfgar Blackaxe (Zezimus) Tagum Blackaxe (TEEbrown) Torvin Blackaxe (Saflender_) Clan Brothers: Bolthric Blackaxe (LegoMan33) Dunumir Blackaxe (TheSilentFriend) Taervyn Blackaxe (Kukkiii) Kilgar Blackaxe (Hvitsark) Torsdul Blackaxe (luchian) Signa Blackaxe (devvy) Astmar Blackaxe (Nerfman_) Vosirk Blackaxe (ThumperJack_) Varrick 'Nastrada' Blackaxe (SuicidalAngel) Clan Beardlings: Balinor Blackaxe (necocraft) Roan Blackaxe (zoomerenhd) Mim Blackaxe (IITzGreeningx) Bariwin Blackaxe (Iqthar) Oghren Blackaxe (blago) Vorsaer Blackaxe (Roronoa_Zoro) ><><><Application><><>< OOC: MC Name: Timezone: Discord: RP: Name: Age: Appearance: Short Biography:
  23. 10th of Malin's Welcome, 1641 Hamnil Frostbeard would be sitting at his table, eating his dinner while in deep thought. He would finish his meal before getting up and going to his desk. Sitting down he would grab his pen and a piece of paper and begin to write. "My Sons, My brothers, My friends, After long thought and a lot of inner conflict I have come to the decision to pass back the position of clan father to my Blood father Garrond Frostbeard. My reasoning for this is my own but I will tell you this. I do believe the clan was given to me well before I was ready and I have yet to develop some skills that running a clan takes. While I do believe some think me a well suited clan father others do not. I have solved many problems within the clan yet I have undoubtedly created numerous new ones. I may one day regain the title but for now I think it best lies with my father. This change will also give me the opportunity to give my full dedication to being the kings hand to Verthaik II which will be needed greatly in the upcoming months. I will serve as an elder to my father and still have a lot of say in the clan but I will be more focused on helping out the High King. I think it is in the best interest of the clan to have someone more knowledgeable in clan culture and history to fill the position as clan father. Let it be known that Hamnil Frostbeard son of Garrond son of Gorum First of his name and first beardling in history to become clan father of the Frostbeard clan is passing the title on. Narvak oz Garrond, Narvak oz azwyrtrumm." Hamnil Frostbeard would give the paper one last read before sending it off with a grin
  24. Ar Yemarin Anaros

    Ar Yemarin Anaros “Clergy of the Holy Truth” “Yemekar is the father and creator of the dwarven race. Honor him by emulating his principles and workmanship in smithing, stoneworking, and other tasks. Wisdom is derived from life and tempered with experience. Advance the dwarven race in all areas of life. Innovate with new processes and skills. Found new kingdoms and clan lands, defending the existing ones from all threats. Lead the dwedmar in the traditions laid down by the The Maker. Honor your clan leaders as you honor Yemekar.” -From the Dogma of Yemekar The Ar Yemarin Anaros is a clergy of the Brathmordakin operating within the kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah. The clergy was established by first High Prelate Thoak Goldhand in response to the Kirkja Dverga of Urguan not recognizing the rift, and issues among the dwedmar during the Frostbeard’s separation from Urguan. The sole purpose of the Ar Yemarin Anaros is to protect, and defend the original traditions and values of the dwedmar. The clergy claims to not have a prophet nor a speaker of the Brathmordakin claiming that such a thing is nonsense, and always leads to corruption later on. This practice is deemed unethical, and the wrong way to interpret the Brathmordakin. Instead, they believe in the idea incorporating prayer, and worship through craftsmanship, trade, and everyday works so stated in the Dogma of Yemekar. If such an idea is upheld, then the traditions of old will never be forgotten, and passed down from generation to generation. Due to the common occurrence of traditions being contorted through misconceptions, the Prelates of the Brathmordakin are responsible for leading, and ensuring that their respectable clergy does not succumb to chaos, and heresy. Hierarchy of the Church High Prelate: Responsible for the well being of all clergies, he must oversee all affairs of the dwarven church, and any missionary work done within the residing kingdom. The High Prelate must ensure his Prelates are on the correct path in accordance to the traditions laid out by the Brathmordakin in leading their respectable clergy. Prelate: Responsible for their own clergy under their patron High Ancestor Lord, the Prelate is the head of their clergy underneath the High Prelate. It is up to the Prelate to ordain their ministers, and maintain their Clergy to the best of their ability. When a Minister has done legendary works within the Clergy, the High Prelate himself will determine if they are worthy of ascending to a Prelate position or not. Minster: Second to the Prelate. This role within the Clergy is responsible for leading the Clergy in prayer, holy rites, and presiding over oaths to make them official. It is at this time that those who are deemed knowledgeable in the ancestral truths, and have shown absolute reverence to the Brathmordakin are picked, and given this position. Deacon: One who has studied the Brathmordakin long enough to know the proper procedures in prayer. These ones are those who have studied enough to help serve the minister in holy rites, and prayer. It is during this time in the Clergy that these many will observe, and take a hands-on approach in their studies. Preacher: Any Dwedmar who professes their faith for the Brathmordakin, and has the will to spread the ancestral truths of the Clergy. Upon entering the Clergy, one must don the holy vestments of their patron High Ancestor Lord, serve the Brathmordakin, and participate in holy rites, and festivals directed by the Prelate. The High Ancestor Lords, The Brathmordakin “Dwedmar on High” These are the High Ancestor Lords of our people that preside over the halls of Khaz’A’Dentrumm and our people. They were the first sons, and daughter of Yemekar and Anbella that populated the deep caverns, and the mountains. It is every dwedmar’s duty to emulate these High Ancestor Lords through action, craft, word, and to ensure that what they left us with is not altered or forgotten. The Powers of Khaz’A’Dentrumm ~=~ Yemekar, "The Maker" ~=~ Token: Anvil & Flame Alignment: Lawful Good Creator Portfolio: Creation, balance, leader, smithing, protection, metalwork, stonework, fire Clergy: The Order of Stone - Priest(s) of Stone Yemekar is the creator god of the dwedmar race and leader of the Brathmordakin. He is said to have created all dwedmar, forging them from metals and gems in the fires that lie at the "heart of the world," and breathing life-the first dwedmar souls-into the cooling forms. All dwedmar appease Yemekar, even if they do not wholeheartedly support him. Good dwedmar support and work openly to serve the Forge-Father, even if they also worship another High Ancestor Lord. His name is invoked by dwedmar involved in smithwork or craftsmanship of any sort, and they give him homage by doing their best work and seeking to emulate his stonework and craftsmanship. Yemekar is said to inspire dwarven inventions and seeks constantly to improve the race-increasing dwarven good nature, intelligence, and ability to exist in harmony with other living things. At the same time, he battles the pride and isolationist tendencies that occur naturally in his elite creations. It is said that in appearance Yemekar is very much like his creation, the dwedmar, in essence that his face is roughened by the heat of a Eternal Forge, and his face adorned with a grand black coarse beard braided with gems of various color that stretches down to his belt. ~=~ Anbella, "Hearth Mother" ~=~ Token: Two Silver Rings Alignment: Lawful Good Matriarch Portfolio: Safety, honesty, home, healing, marriage, family, fertility, records, oaths, water, nature, peace Clergy: The Order of the Hearth - Priest(s) of the Hearth The mother to all dwedmar, and the bride of Yemekar. She dwells with him at the Eternal Forge within the halls of Khaz’A’Dentruum. The Revered Mother is the defender and protector of the home - not a passive homebody. She is seen as the patron of marriage and love, and her name is often invoked in small home rituals for protection against thieves and duplicity. Anbella is also the goddess of healing. Good dwedmar who value their families, clans, and the common strength and security of dwarven society revere her for her caring and loving service to the entire race. All dwedmar of any alignment who seek a safe refuge or who want their loved ones or relatives kept safe offer her appeasement as well. Although Anbella’s avatar is rarely seen in the Realms, the Revered Mother works ceaselessly to preserve and protect dwarven culture and civilization. Her favorite techniques involve manifesting her powers in dwarven mortals on occasions crucial to the survival of a clan, people, or lore records. She does so either to guide and empower them to protective feats of arms or to lead them to the discovery of forgotten records, facts, and truths. ~=~ Dungrimm, "Guardian of The Dead" ~=~ Token: An Iron Mask Alignment: Lawful Good High Ancestor Lord Portfolio: Battle, valor, bravery, honor, defense, the dead Clergy: The Order of Valor - Priest(s) of Valor Dungrimm is the Father of Battle. All dwedmar who must fight, especially dwedmar who are warriors by profession, worship Dungrimm, their patron and exultant leader in war. Dungrimm watches over the battle-skills and performances of dwedmar from his home in Khaz’A’Dentrumm. He encourages valor in battle, weapon-mastery and training, and wisdom in war, and most often manifests his powers to further these aims. Dungrimm is concerned with war as a way of life and is very different from Yemekar in this respect. Dungrimm maintains good relations with the other members of the Brathmordakin, with the notable exceptions of Khorvad and the Ironborn deities. He works closely with Yemekar, and Grimdugan. Dungrimm is a resolute warrior who never backs down from danger and who refuses to surrender even when all seems lost. He is a strict and ethical deity who brooks no treachery or deceit and who never negotiates or compromises. Triumph must be obtained through valor and bravery, and Dungrimm is swift to humble and humiliate any who overcome by cowardly or deceitful means. The Father of Battle is known for often snatching victory from the narrowest of margins in battle. Dungrimm uses his magic only to influence events indirectly, never in battle. He only resorts to influencing a battle when the very existence of his avatar in the Realms is threatened. He always prefers force of arms to spells. Dungrimm is merry in battle, roaring appreciation of shrewd strategies, bravery, and feats of skill even when such are directed against him. He often sings (both stirring battle-ballads and taunting little ditties to unnerve enemies) in the midst of a fight, and dwedmar have learned to listen for hints, cues, and warnings in his lyrics. He is a master at turning the tables on enemy armies by anticipating their movements on the battlefield and singing directions to dwedmar fighting with him. Like most dwedmar, Dungrimm admires most those who help themselves. He typically appears at a battle only to right hopeless odds against dwedmar, to balance treachery and punish the treasonous, and to aid the weak of all races against evil. ~=~ Belka, "Lady of Passion" ~=~ Token: A Lightning Bolt Alignment: Chaotic Good High Ancestor Lord Portfolio: Love, romance, youth, dancing, courtship, explorers, travellers, seduction, lightning Clergy: The Order of Mercy - Priest(s) of Mercy Belka the Merciful is widely known as the dwedmar goddess of healing and mercy. Dwedmar wounded in battle are often healed in her name. Sick dwedmar, dwedmar healers, midwives, physics, and lovers pray to the Lady of Life. However, her aspect kept secret from non-dwedmar is her most important modern role: her patronage of romantic love, courtship, and fertility. Dwedmar of all alignments and races who are courting appease her, as do those who sentence others in the cause of justice. When dwedmar dance, they pray to Belka to guide their feet, for she is said to be the greatest dancer the dwedmar have ever known. Belka is on excellent terms with most of the other members of the Brathmordakin. She has forged working relationships with those whose principles she abhors-Grimdugan, Khorvad, and Iblees- to facilitate her efforts for the benefit of the dwedmar race. The Lady of Life has served as an emissary between Khorvad of the Ironborn and Yemekar on the rare occasions they must communicate. Belka has little tolerance for hatreds or rivalries that interfere with her efforts to dispense healing and mercy to the wounded and distressed. Belka is invariably warm and caring with a kind word for all, both mortal and divine. She is given to shouts of joy, impromptu dances, and gales of uncontrollable laughter. The Lady of Life is an inveterate match-maker and true romantic who seeks to conjoin star-crossed lovers no matter what the odds. More than one favored dwedmar bachelor or maiden has been swept up in a series of whirlwind affairs, thanks to the unceasing efforts of the Shining Dancer to provide the perfect mate. ~=~ Ogradhad, "The Lore Master" ~=~ Token: An Open Book Alignment: Neutral High Ancestor Lord Portfolio: Scholarship, invention, discovery, knowledge, magic Clergy: The Order of Knowledge - Priest(s) of Knowledge Ogradhad is the patron of dwarven scholars and the embodiment of the chaotic and exploratory spirit that consumes some of the Stout Folk. He is venerated by dwedmar of whom are scholars, inventors, engineers, tinkers, and fiddlers. His worshipers are consumed with the acquiring of knowledge simply for its own sake rather than for any practical purpose. Whereas Yemekar draws smiths and other craftsfolk to his forge, Ogradhad attracts those free-thinkers who want to create something truly new, not a variation on an old theme. Ogradhad is thought to be a child of Yemekar- a chaotic element split off from his father's stern lawfulness and nurtured by the favor of his mother Anbella. In fact the Forge-Father relates well to Ogradhad's creative and explorative instincts, but the Wandering Tinker often drifts away from projects before they are completed and usually before he has found a use for the knowledge he has gathered - a trait that irritates Yemekar to no end. Ogradhad is always getting himself enmeshed in one exploit or another. The Wandering Tinker is tolerated by the lawful members of the High Ancestor Lords because his inventions and innovations have proven to have had beneficial aspects. ~=~ Armakak, "Merchant Father" ~=~ Token: A Gold Coin Alignment: Neutral High Ancestor Lord Portfolio: Wealth, luck, chance, negotiation, merchants, cleverness, the sun Clergy: The Order of Trade - Priest(s) of Trade Armakak the Master Merchant, is the patron of dwedmar merchants and the most non-evil dwedmar thieves. A schemer and a rogue, Armakak is venerated by dwedmar of any neutral alignment engaged in commerce and concerned with wealth. Armakak is sometimes called the Trickster, though not by dwedmar who worship him, and the Laughing Dwed, though a dwedmar would never use such a term. Armakak is on good terms with most members of the Brathmordakin, having forged a particularly close relationship with Ogradhad. The Master Merchant even maintains an uneasy truce with Grimdugan, the Great Master of Greed. Armakak trades with a great number of other mortals and powers, and as a result, he has forged solid relationships with a wide range of beings, far more than the other, relatively insular, members of the Brathmordakin. ~=~ Grimdugan, "Lord of Avarice" ~=~ Token: Obsidian Dagger Alignment: Chaotic Neutral High Ancestor Lord Portfolio: Greed, money, merchant, thieves, shadows, marauders Clergy: The Order of Greed - Priest(s) of Greed Grimdugan, the Avaricious is the High Ancestor Lord of greed, venerated by most evil dwedmar and nearly all evil dwedmar thieves. He represents the worst aspect and major weakness of dwedmar character. Many dwedmar and even non-dwed consumed with treasure lust and greed, or those who seek to steal valuables, make offerings to him. Grimdugan is squat and hunched, despite his height. He seems to slither and sidle along as he walks, never making much noise but often rubbing his hands together. If carrying gems or gold, he often caresses these in a continuous, unconscious, overwhelmingly sensuous manner. At times, this has made ignorant folk attack him, overcome by lust to gain the treasure he holds. The Great Master is said to have burning yellow-green eyes (blazing yellow when eager for treasure or when pouncing upon it, hooded and green while scheming or when thwarted). He has a sharp hooked nose like a giant eagle's beak and always dresses in leather armor and furs, both fashioned from the skins of creatures who have opposed him and died to regret it. He is said to have a harsh, husky, wheedling voice and a quick temper, hissing and spitting when angry. Grimdugan is governed by his insatiable lust for treasure, especially gold, and is treacherous in his dealings with dwedmar. He roams many worlds, including the Realms, in avatar form in search of treasure. Grimdugan uses any means, no matter how evil, to further his ends, which typically involve the acquisition of wealth. Should the Great Master of Greed see treasure worth more than 1,000 mina or any magical item, he is attracted to steal it outright or slay the owner and then take it anyway. If frustrated in an attempt to steal an item, Abbathor tries to destroy it so as not to he tortured by the memory of his failure. Exiled Powers ~=~ Khorvad, “The Exile” ~=~ Token: Shackles Alignment: Chaotic Evil Banished Power Portfolio: Subterfuge, Deceit, Oathbreaking, Arrogance, Usurpers Clergy: Clergy of Betrayal - Priest(s) of Betrayal Khorvad is the patron of the Ironborn, or gray dwarves, a malevolent breed of dwarves who dwell in the dark reaches of the world and who withdrew from the rest of dwarven society long ago along with their god after their empire was overthrown. The Exile is venerated by most gray dwarves as the protector of the race who defends them from the countless other creatures of the dark who wish to enslave them and seize their tunnels, mines, and crafts. Ironborn craftsmen, particularly those who seek to create magical weapons, pay particular homage to Khorvad. Khorvad has long been estranged from the other members of the Brathmordakin, and he regards them as lazy, indolent, and feckless. The reasons behind the Gray Protector's exile vary according to the perspective of the speaker: The Brathmordakin, as well as most cave and mountain dwarves, hold that Khorvad was banished by Yemekar for his crimes in spawning Iblees from his blood, while Khorvad, as well as most gray dwarves, asserts that he took a stand on principle against the other High Ancestor Lords, and that his exile is self-imposed. The Exile particularly loathes Yemekar, his nominal superior, and the personal animosity between the two accounts for much of Yemekar’s enmity against the rest of the High Ancestor Lords. Khorvad is habitually grim, gloomy, and joyless. The Exile's nature is certainly evilly inclined, but much of this is the evil of a being turned in on itself and bitter at what he sees as being unvalued and rejected by the other Brathmordakin powers. Khorvad is supremely lawful, unbending and harsh, and he demands constant toil under harsh conditions from the Ironborn, and those subjugated beneath them. He does reward hard work by teaching the Grafting of magical items (especially weapons) and by extending his protection. The Exile sends an avatar to defend a hardworking and oppressed Ironborn community by use of protective and warding magic, rarely entering into open battle