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Found 84 results

  1. EnderMaiashiro

    Coronation of Fimlin Grandaxe

    [!] Flyers are scattered across dwarven lands, upon looking at them you would read: “Hear ye hear ye, all dwarves born of Urguan you are all hereby invited to the coronation of the Dwarven King Fimlin Grandaxe. After being elected by the dwarves of Agnarum to lead the Kingdom, it is time to have an official crowning of the King himself! The coronation will be plentiful in food and ale, and be a worthy celebration of dwarven kinship and kingship. The coronation will be held within the Kingdom of Agnarum, in the capital Kal’Azgaryum.” The coronation will be held on Saturday, December 15th at 3pm EST, 8pm GMT.
  2. Fimlin

    Condemnation of War Criminals

    *A piece of parchment is posted around the hall of Kal’Azgaryum. upon gazing towards them you would read;* “As per decisions agreed upon by the Rikkin’s Council of Agnarum, the following clans and individuals are banished from the Dwarven Kingdom of Agnarum for their crimes against their own people.” The Frostbeard Clan -For repeated unrepentant acts of kinslaying upon dwarves of numerous clans. -For the repeated warring upon other dwarven people. -For repeated attempts to enforce a Frostbeard hegemony over the dwarven race. -For the murder of Bastion Ireheart and Dwifur Goldhand. -For repeatedly breaking from the Brathmordakin faith. Exemptions: -Azkel Frostbeard, Pereus Frostbeard, and Rhewen Frostbeard for their dissociation of their hateful and vengeful kin. The Onyxheart Clan -For their contribution to the acts of the Frostbeard clan (listed above). The pretender Balrog and his followers -For the continuous failed attempts to further divide the dwarven race. -For the enslavement of Elves and Humans to expand his workforce. -For extending his hand out to the Khorvad and Undead aligned Ironborn clan. -For dealing with and supporting known promoters of kinslaying. -For the kinslaying of Boldrumir Cottonwood. “Any dwarves who wish to break away from their barbaric kin may return without harm if they wish to redeem themselves and make a new life in Agnarum. Members of the exiled clans must abandon the respective clan in order to be unbanished. Garrond, Hamnil, Nerak Frostbeard, and Koralon Onyxheart are to never be given passage into Agnarum for their role in these crimes listed above.”
  3. LadyViolet

    Punishment of Balrog

    4th of deep cold 1693 Clergy Declaration of Balrog From this day on, the formerly known Lord Balrog Grandaxe will be stripped from his lordship in the eyes of the Brathmordakin, his status as Prelate within the Clergy of Ar Yemarin Anaros will be removed for the following crime against the Brathmordakin. The Crime is the kinslaying of Boldrumir Cottonwood, a respected member of the Forest Dwarves, Agnarum and a fellow Clergy member. Which is a great sin for any dwarf to do. Consequences As well as his titles being removed from him, Balrog must pay High Chief Bjor Cottonwood ten thousands minas to compensate the death of Boldrumir Cottonwood and return the corpse to High Chief Bjor Cottonwood, fail to comply will result in serious actions towards Balrog and to Mynebor. Balrog will be known as, Balrog ‘Khazad Dreng’, he will be treated as a Kinslayer and will be widely known as one in the eyes of the Gods. May Belka show mercy upon you Narvak Oz Brathmordakin Narvak Oz Ar Yemarin Anaros Signed High Prelate Dutesli Treebeard
  4. A_New_Noob

    [Hiring!] Marguan’s Mercenaries

    [!] While walking about, you notice a poster nailed into a nearby tree. Upon closer inspection you realize it was once the construction plans of a small dwarven structure, but has worn out, now with an ink message. It reads the following: [!] To the strong and honorable, Armakak is in your favor! He has given you a trade deal any competent person would accept. Anybody who is capable of wielding a weapon for the sake of righteousness, you are hereby offered an interview at my tradepost for the position of mercenary. My pockets have been blessed by Armakak, god of wealth, and due to this numerous bandits and naredowells dare attempt to strike me down and steal what is rightfully mine. You must be capable of fighting, and many of your duties include protecting my caravan. I offer 100 minas per caravan trip you help protect, and pay extra for encounters with bandits. A room is given for free, as long as you assist me with my business. Please send a letter or a bird on whether you are interested or if there are questions. May Armakak bless your pockets! [!] The writing stops here, and a large signature in gold reads, “Marguan Goldhand, Merchant Extrordinaire” [!] ((Discord: The_New_Noob #4534))
  5. Thoak_Sludgefist

    Returning to Stone

    Death – Returning to Stone The sounds of battle and metal clashing echoed throughout Garrond’s Vale. Smoke risen high from the gates of Kal’Tarak as the Crownhold had been breached and claimed by the Empire of Man for the first time in history. High above the valley of Garrond’s Vale facing southwest, an old and wounded dwarf made his way through the unforgiving bitter cold of the mountains high above the clouds. Resting was not an option at the altitudes he had climbed, for at every moment of stopping, the snapping wind would have surely made quick work of him, freezing his ancient blood, or even tossing him off the edge of the path he took sending him down the slopes to a certain unfortunate death. The path to his destination was narrow and old. The way only marked by loose cobble that were at times, flooded with snow. When the path was not clear, the old dwarf would keep his covered hand to the rigid walls of the mountain, feeling for old runes he used as guidance to ensure he didn’t get lost along the way. Several hours passed before he made it to his destination, an entrance hidden to the naked eye. He felt his way to the hidden stone doorway before he placed his fingers snugly into the grooves of the rock, as if the grooves were made for his fingers only. After gaining momentum, the old dwarf managed to counterbalance the slab with his weight and push it to the side where it comfortably slid into a crevice. The warm air, compared to the outside rushed past him, creating a slight breeze that threw his snow-white hair back, and the old familiar smell of mildew and must filling his nostrils. He then turned and closed the stone entrance behind him, concealing himself in total darkness before descending further into the cavern. He hastily made his way down a narrow flight of stairs, moving at a speed which felt fast to the old dwarf. Soon he entered a large cavern space, shrouded in complete darkness, but for the readers sake, was a great antechamber in the making with pillars chiseled from solid stone, partially decorated with runework, and adorned with intricate carvings depicting events of the past. Several wooden ladders hewn together by rope rest upon the pillars, placed there from when he was last at work. Lastly, a stone table sat in the center of the room between the four unfinished pillars with a open jar filled with blackened sand, and a leather bound utility belt equipped with the tools of a stonemason resting on top of it. Directly Below the table sat a purple and gold pillow, mostly used for meditation and comfort when resting on the hard floor. The darkness did not pose a threat for the old blind dwarf as darkness was something he had been used to for over a hundred years. He approached the table and laid out various objects from his travel sack, including a box of matches, and an old keepsake box. Producing several sticks of incense, he placed each one upright in the jar of sand before lighting them. The smell of mildew soon dissipated as the strong smell of incense filled the air. Satisfied, the dwarf soon disrobed, shedding his bloodied heavy furs and leather coat, leaving only a linen shirt and his plated battered leggings which were suspended by a pair of suspenders that rested over his broad shoulders. Lastly, the dwarf slid off his ring, a band that reminded him of his wife, Yula. Somebody that he hasn’t seen since the fall of Aegis, though his grief would soon subside as he thinks about ascending to the halls of Khaz’A’Dentrumm to be with her once more. Moving a hand over the wound that lacerated his side, the bleeding would subside momentarily, though not enough to fully stop the bleeding. He would turn and prop himself up against the table as his mind begins to drift off, thinking over his long life and the choices he had made along the way. From the simple halls of Kal’Urguan to the Crownhold of Kal’Tarak, the dwarves had changed greatly during this time. It would feel as if he’d been living in a completely different timeline than the one that he’d been used to. The meaning of honor and oaths were completely disregarded. The beardlings of today could only hope to reflect what their ancestors had once done, and by attempting to do so, will only fail miserably. Thoughts of how great Urguan once was soon faded to how Urguan spiraled into failure and decadence. Of course, an old dwarf born within Urguan and loyal to the Grand Kingdom for so many lifetimes wouldn’t have sided with ‘wrongful usurpers’, though he did. Unfortunately Kaz’Ulrah followed in the footsteps of Urguan but at a much more rapid pace leaving the kingdom to only be a shell of what it once tried to represent. As the kingdom declined, it’s lovely image had done so as well, and its purpose soon became meaningless among the people that resided within it. Voices of the dark would begin beckoning the dwarf, calling out to him. Many of these voices would be recognized as his father, mother, brothers and sisters all lost in conflict, and lastly his beloved wife. The old dwarf would find reassurance as he spoke to these voices, a grin spreading across his face as he lets in his last breath of air before moving onto the realm of his ancestors, finally united with his true kin he’d known and loved.
  6. Cold breezes are made to seem tempests, exacerbated by the winter’s brisk night-air, no cloak nor drape sufficient shield ‘gainst their assault. The lone dwarf wobbles toward a billboard with a parchment fast in hand at dusk’s nadir. The streets of Agnarum and Holm are empty. His steps are unheard and unseen. Quickly and crudely he nails his papers, gone swift as he came. << Was it truly Khorvad who cursed us with greed? Or did he simply cast off Yemekarr’s blessings? And let what hence had resided deep within us, Surface, Like impurities in the crucible? Urguan had his greed. It served him some well, but did to him the worst of things. For greed is no double edged sword; it is an old, rusted hatchet. With its blunted ax we spill kinsblood and rejoice at riches plundered, At grudges settled, At enemies slain. We have forgotten the consequences. And all the while its rusted shaft digs into our palms, But we are blinded to it by the ecstasy of victory. It feels to us as but a sting, and we say: “It was worth it, these riches, and traded for but a scrape!” We feel as if we have cheated the Gods; We rejoice! But we cannot cheat the Gods... For they are the greatest of cheaters. The consequences for cheating the Gods are dire. We have forgotten the story of Khorvad. In due time we feel the fever of greed: those rusty scrapes their poison begin to deal. At first our mouthes run dry, and soon our eyes grow heavy… the water which sustains us becomes ever harder to swallow. And we drink until we can no longer, to dull the pain so that it may go away. But this pain will never go away. We ignore it nonetheless. And only when the blackened tetanus, veined with hate and fueled by spilt kinsblood, sent to spite us by Dungrimm himself, on our arm becomes too painful and apparent to ignore, do we awaken to the truth and scamper for a cure. But, hark! Now is time too late. For no wiccan can construe a cure, and no Alchemist an elixir make, to quell this curse of the Gods, which death sentences by divine hate. So sleep now Sons of Urguan, Sleep for your honor has left you. So sleep now, Sons of Urguan, sleep for your fathers detest you. A kinslayer his hearth defiles with ambition and greed, and will surely suffer in Dor’Vuur. The bystander who this deed sees but ‘stead of stop it, flees, twice cursed shall be for sure. He cannot hope to taste Belka’s sweet nectar, in Khaz’a’Dentrumm. So sleep now, Sons of Urguan, Sleep for your honor has left you. Die now, disowned of the first one, For from the grave your ancestor mocks you. Dwarfkind exists no longer, only bare-cheeked shadows remain. Splintered is the arm that once bore the hammer, which to the world balance did ordain. A kinslayer still is kin, And surely the Gods shall judge him harshly. But are we the Gods? To slay a kinslayer to kinslay is. For blood is not water, and kin always kin remains. So sleep now, lost sons of Urguan. Your deeds your souls forever have stain’d. And die now, ye sons of Urguan. Your courage and honor never you shall see again. >>
  7. . The Halls of Agnarum would lay quiet as news of Ulrah’s fall would wash through its chambers. The dwarves within would lay quiet, unsure of whether to rejoice the death of the Kinslayers, or mourn the death of their once kin. Azkel Frostbeard would walk through the crowd, receiving nods and pats on the shoulder in condolence for the death of his clan. At the front of the crowd, Azkel would stop, turning to those gathered around him “The Frostbeard Clan was once an honorable clan, filled with great smiths, warriors, kings, councilmen, all the sorts. The Kinslayers of Kaz’Ulrah, led by the False Frostbeard, my once brother, Kerwyr Frostbeard, are not True Frostbeards. They were banished from the name in Vailor, only to take it up again one Kerwyr turned the Dwarves against one another. With the fall of Ulrah, the False Frostbeards now hold no leverage to the name, no ability to claim themselves True. In light of this, I, Azkel ‘The Remnant’ Frostbeard, the last True Frostbeard, and Clan Father of the Frostbeard Clan, hereby declare all other Frostbeard illegitimate, and their names nullified. Anyone who claims to hold the name besides myself or my children are hereby banished from the Clan. May this clan’s disgusting history of barbaric and kinslaying tendencies vanish from history. “ Azkel would let out a deep sigh as he would finish, nodding to those around him. Those who had ruined the Noble Clan were now no more, leaving him a peace he had missed for over a century. The united dwarves could now lay peaceful, knowing the kinslayers were dealt with. ~Azkel Frostbeard, Clan Father of the Frostbeard Clan, The Last Remembrancer, The Last Frostbeard, son of Rhewen Frostbeard.
  8. Crim

    Ozneats Farewell

    Ar Yemarin Anaros -Clergy of the Holy Truth- 9th Of The First Seed 1692 Farewell of High Prelate Ozneat Treebeard This is the finally and first official document which I, Ozneat Treebeard will write for Ar Yemarin Anaros as I attempted to change it by opening it up to any dwarf which follow the Brathmordakin, this is the document of me stepping down as High Prelate and taking the long path to stay alone in isolation as I pray and meditate to the Brathmordakin which I grew up understanding, loving and preaching. Finally deeds The finally deeds of which the I Ozneat Treebeard will pass on in Ar Yemarin Anaros respect my decisions and prove to Ogradhad that they are wise ones. As I leave I wish to leave my son, Medabo Treebeard as the new High Prelate however Prelate Dutesli Treebeard will be the temporary High Prelate until he is old enough to take the title. I will also allow Lord Balrog Grandaxe of Mynebor to become a Prelate, may he fill the role with ease and prove he is a true worshiper of the Brathmordakin allow them to bless him as he takes the steps closer to our Gods Signed Ozneat Treebeard High Prelate of the Brathmordakin High Prelate of Ar Yemarin Anaros
  9. Hey I'm putting all my LotC videos as unlisted and wanted to make this post so that the links could be found without asking me. These videos start in 2013 when I joined and the last one I uploaded was last year in 2017. Green = Better quality / recommended videos. Red = Boring videos that I put in just for the record. Harbinger Fight (Anthos, 2013) Battle of the Nation's Crossing (Thorin's War, Anthos 2013) Battle of Shadowcastle (Pre-Trench War, Anthos 2013) Fall of the Cloud Temple (Anthos, 2013) Deeproads Breach (Ondnarch, Anthos, 2013) Battle of Thoringrad (Trench War, Anthos, 2014) Battle of Indagolaf End (Trench War, Anthos, 2014) Dwarves Help the Conclave (Anthos, 2014) Battle for Kal'Azgoth (Ondnarch, Anthos 2014) The Last Ice Morph (Ondnarch, Anthos 2014) Battle of the Dreadfort (Anthos, 2014) Welcome to the Fringe (Anthos - Fringe, 2014) Skirmish in Kaldonia (The Fringe, 2014) The Battle of Kal'Agnar (Athera, 2014) Battle of Hiebenhall (Athera, 2015) Battle of the Withering Woods Battle of the Melting Frost (1st Frostbeard Rebellion, Vailor, 2015) Dwarf vs Orc Wargames (Vailor, 2015) Battle of Khro'Nagaak (Vailor, 2015) Battle of Kal'Ordholm (Vailor, 2016) Battle of the Gorge (Dwarves & Courland vs Oren War, Axios, 2017) Battle of Goldfield (Dwarves & Courland vs Oren War, Axios, 2017) Skirmish of Johannesburg (Dwarves & Courland vs Oren War, Axios, 2017) Skirmish by Curon (Courland-Haense War, Axios, 2017) Mordring Attacks Bastion (Axios, 2017) Skirmish Outside the Krag (Dwarves vs Norland War, Axios, 2017) Battle in the Cultist's Lair (Axios, 2017)
  10. welshnutter

    [New Metal] Deep Iron

    Deep Iron Rarity: Rare Color: Matt black with waves of shiny black Value: Valuable Note: This mineral cannot be obtained via standard mining, this is purely a lore mineral. Obtaining this metal is costly and dangerous as you need to mine the ores from the deepist depths you can possibly go. It is a very tough and very light metal and can retain a sharp edge for a very long time. The durability of this metal makes it great for tools but very good for armour and swords Founders The smithing guild of agnarum Gimli "Gimler" Metalfist Balrog "Tunnelrat" Grandaxe Tesel Silvervein Hammerforge Bwelch Azaghul Aridan Grandaxe Belestram Sylvaeri Vagronda anvilaxe Origins The dwarfs of the smithing guild of Agnarum noticed just how some of the iron from deep in the mines looked off and didn't behave like the common iron we all know. This iron would normally just get thrown away but this time they decided to look in to it. They tried to work it like any normal metal but noticed that it seems to compact itself down thus needing more ore just to make a single ingot. after noticing that i will take a lot more than a normal forge to make this ingot they began work on a better forge, when they were able to finally make a ingot it took 10 ore chunks just to make a single ingot and extreme heat but once in a ingot it became extremely resistant to heat and surprisingly light thus making it hard to reforge in to items. Forging To forge this metal it required extreme heat to the point where the smith doing it would have to wear a protective suit or treated leather as well as having someone apply water to cool them down often. Once the metal is up to heat, A new piece of equipment that Agnarums resident inventor. (Bwelch Azaghul) had made a "Power hammer " needs to be used to draw out the metal in to blank or armour piece or tool head as no-one can stand close enough to forge out the metal. Sword use Once in a blank form the smith will grind out the sharp edges with a pure quartz grindstone turning at high speeds, the smith then go about tempering the blade the water used is brought in from the top of a mountain where it is very cold and contains little to no impurities the blank in. The blank which now can be classed as a blade is heated back up and tempered. It then goes back to the grindstone to finish off the sharpening as well as polishing the blade. The blade now has a very unique look being matt black with waves of shiny black running through the blade also the blade is also very light. Armour use Once the armour plate is formed the piece is reheated and placed in water from a top a mountain to strengthen the piece one last time the piece is then polished to reveal the unique pattern in the metal (thus cannot be formed in to a solid breast plate as the metal don't flex much and would restrict movement too much) Tool head Once formed in to the tool head it is then ground down on a grindstone at high speed to sharpen the edges and then tempered in water from on top of a mountain. It then goes back to the grindstone to polish and finish sharpening this will reveal the unique pattern of the metal.
  11. Jony97

    The Blackgrin Clan

    The Blackgrin Clan “We face fire, storm an’ steel, yet we smile.” Culture, History and Society of the Clan The Blackgrin Clan was founded by three, all taking upon themselves the name of Blackgrin. Jakam, a impoverished and bitter Cave Dwarf workman, having knowledge over stone and steel and how to forge them into buildings and weapons. Crimp, a well spoken Forest Dwarf merchant well versed in the complexities of trade deals and knowing how to value to the worth of a mina. Vilmar, a hardened Mountain Dwarf warrior, having spent most of his life in the battlefield fighting and hardening himself in the forges of war. The three made among themselves a brotherhood and vowed that no matter what troubles they might face, they will face together as brothers with a smiles on their faces. Together they founded a new clan among which Dwarves of all walks of life would be welcome to work and smile together through the tribulations of life. The three founders split power equally among themselves as Tribunes, Jakam handling infrastructure and power building, Crimp handing trade and diplomacy and Vilmar handing battle training. With this union of brothers the young clan was born. The Blackgrins are a collection of social outcasts and misfits. Any who felt like they did not have a place within their own lives are welcomed in with wide smiles among the Blackgrin Clan. Among the Blackgrins they are taught a trade, be it crafting, speech-craft and trade or to fight. The Clan is broken into four sects: Tribunes, Elders, Kin and Toothless. The Tribunes are the three who lead the clan as equals; the Elders are long standing and respected members of the clan; Kin are the common members of the clan, all considered equal; the Toothless are those who wish to join the clan but have yet to undergo the right of initiation. The right of initiation for the Toothless can last a long time and consists of proving your worth and loyalty to the clan by fulfilling tasks given by Kin and Elders and ends with the ceremonial removal of a tooth to be replaced by a piece of coal that represents your membership in the clan. All clan members are expected to show respect and brotherhood among each other, though a black eye here and there is all good fun between family. The clan gives off a laid back attitude of confidence, as they are expected to meet every hardship with a smile and revel at the chance to take on the challenge. This also causes a feeling of revelry and merriment among the clan as hard times does not phase them and good times are celebrated while they last. It is not uncommon for the Blackgrin to end every battle-cry and statement with “Yet I smile!” The laws of the Clan are simple, with disputes between Kin being brought before Elders, and if need be, the Tribunes. Respect your fellow Clan kin and do not bring dishonor to the clan. Do not steal from your fellow Clan kin, but do not be afraid to take what is yours. Stand up for yourself and your fellow Clan kin against any odds, with a smile on your face. Give help and hurt to those who need it, respectively. Do not act malicious to the Toothless, they are the future of the clan. To kill a fellow Clan kin is to surrender your life to the decision of the Tribunes. All this and one more, smile. “I am Blackgrin! I face fire an’ storm, blade an’ foe, snow an’ steel; Yet I smile!”
  12. Thoak_Sludgefist

    We Gathered Few - A War Comes

    “The barren halls of Kal’Tarak had been silent for too long. The smog of industry and progress had slowly filtered out of the great cavern, leaving a blanket of old soot and ash upon the old stones as a reminder to what the Crownhold and the great kingdom used to be. The splintering of many clans and the lack of agreed interests had left the kingdom in a state of ineptitude and dis-proportionalized chaos as rulers had come and gone like bad fashion. Although the halls of the once great city sat in silence, many khazadmar still made a living within the desolate halls. The Deep Court of the Crownhold still operate with impunity in a minimalistic fashion, and those still loyal to the Crown worked and provided the kingdom with their skills and presence within the streets of the Crownhold. As war raged on in distant lands, the Khazadmar of the various holds had sat on the sidelines watching, praying for that the war may go away and not come to their halls. A far cry from the ancestors that once prayed to Dungrimm for a great war to occur before heading headstrong into battle, clad in dwed-crafted plate, standing shoulder to shoulder with loyal kinsmen under the same banner. Unfortunately these days had passed. The previous ancestors had damned the future of their race for their bids in power and refused to nurture their sons and daughters in the ways provided by the High Ancestor Lords, the Brathmordakin, resulting in a great divide among all khazadmar. It is truly a shame to have lived this long to see these days come to fruition. - Words of an old Dwed” Within the halls of Kal’Tarak, the High King gathers his council to accompany him during his speech to those still residing within the halls. Standing proud yet frail due to his age, watches over the gathered crowd of the twenty-few hardworking dwed who spend most of their days laboring away to provide just enough to sustain their families and the Crownhold. “Kinsmen of the Crownhold, and the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah, Your High King speaks to you. Many years have passed since our proud kingdom has entered a state of disarray due to separatism and lack of common interests among Clans. Yemekar, Anbella, and the Brathmordakin wheep as our kin remain separated due to hatred spurred from past grudges that have not been put to rest. Stubborn elders wish to keep power to themselves under the guise of unity, but in actuality they simply wish to further their own personal agenda. While their allies cry for help, they remain in solitude in an effort to keep their power from falling into the hands of the Empire of Man and other entities deemed twice-fold powerful as themselves. A shameful example set by elders that are considered role models for most of our young! Slander and lies have been spread throughout our holds, some that are disgustingly false, though most fall victim to the sniveling perpetuated by those who did not get their way in the past. The waters of which the beardling drinks from has been tainted, addling their minds and turning us against each other. Even after this speech is made known to them, they will consult with their mentors and be fed lies in which they will feast upon and ascend down upon us with a flurry of asinine remarks which further us from them. For us of Kaz’Ulrah and the Crownhold of Kal’Tarak, these times have come to an end. An age of progress and Unity is soon upon us as promised. The drums of war grow ever louder and the clamoring of poleaxe striking stone in a rhythmic pattern can be heard as kings push their pawns upon one another. Us of Kaz’Ulrah will not be trampled over as we will stand our ground like we’ve done so in the past. Instead of hiding beneath every rock and stone, we will rise up and stand behind our oaths, defending our allies against the hordes of miscreation. I offer every dwed this chance in coming together, united, to face our enemies and defend the allies of our race in hopes that we quell all oppressors of the khazadmar. Otherwise, be crushed beneath the machinations of war as you fruitlessly cling onto power like a scheming rat. The Gathered Few shall carry out Yemekar’s Will with or without the honorless! Narvak oz Yemekar, Narvak oz Khazadmar, Narvak oz Kaz’Ulrah!” The crowd enters into a euphoric chant as expressions of doubt and anguish turn into something of uplifting joy. Those gathered begin to chant in a barrowtone manner, chanting the Litany of Ancestral Courage:
  13. z3m0s


    The old dwarf chuckled happily, twirling within a bright field of green as he chased a young boy sharing his image, yelling and roaring playfully the boy and his father enjoyed time together for a few brief moments as a dark cloud began to fill the sky, shadow blacking out the once vibrant sun that lit up the dwarfs bright golden armor. Dashing quickly off to their picnic, he grabbed an umbrella to keep his boy from the coming storm, turning back as his eyes wandered to find his son playing in the now darkened field, a figure stood behind him. Black abyss walked towards his playful son as he sat toying with a wooden sword, slashing at the nearby green grass. Something was wrong. . . The dwarf couldn’t move, despite his best efforts to run for the boy he remained still as the figure drew closer. Crying out, his loud screams of panic and desperation fell to silence as he stood idle, helpless as he watched on. Reaching behind its back, the dark figure drew a long blade, churning with energy. Clutching at his throat the old dwarf struggled for breath, clawing at the nothingness before him as he exuded all the energy he could summon to reach his boy, yet remained still. Collapsing to his feet the old dwarf could only watch as the black figure drew back his sword, with a flash of light as the dark figure swung his blade, the old dwarf gasped with bated breath as the scene turned to black. Panting desperately he looked about the black abyss he stood within, unknowing of what had become of him. A moment of clarity struck him. . . He was lying down, but he was covered, what? Silk linen? A great sigh of relief washed over the dwarf as he realised he had been dreaming. . . The fire within his room had gone out, drawing his quarters into darkness. Standing from his bed he walked over toward his fireplace, his form still stiff from rest as the wooden boards creaked beneath him. Activating a rune to restart his fire he drew back in horror, dropping to one knee before the fire. It was true. . . there was no escaping it, he thought to himself as he dropped to sit upon his floor, the beginnings of the fire now lighting it’s surrounds poorly. I cannot escape what I have become. . . What I do is for my people. . . I bare this mark so that they may live in peace. Many thoughts of assurance and sacrifice filled his head as he sat, staring at pale grey skin. Running a finger across his forearm, his pale blue eyes watched on, scowling at his own complexion. “Kalviin?” a gentle female voice cried out from within the darkness that still lingered within the room. “What did I tell you. . . Do not call me that any longer” his gravelly voice replied out into the darkness, filled with sorrow and pain. “What you did. . . Many could not, would not. You sacrificed yourself so that they may live happily, in peace. . .” her figure emerged from the darkness, love and warmth she brought for him, as her beauty made its way into the light to be within his arms, warming his soul. “Everything will be okay” she whispered “You did the right thing. . . Kalgrimmor”
  14. Thoak_Sludgefist

    Dwarves - Age of Heresy

    Players/Group Requesting: Kaz’Ulrah dwarves + Any other dwarves/people interested in participating What kind of Event are you looking for?: We are looking for a series of events that pertain to the dwarven clergy and cults/heretics within Kaz’Ulrah and the surrounding lands. I’ve written material that ET can base the events off of that can be found on the forums and given if requested. Old school dungeon / Monster killing preferred. Actors may fill in the roles of fanatics and heretics if wanted. Event areas can be built by me in SP if needed and placed on the server in game by staff. Approximately, what time/date you want the Event to take place?: Starting November 3rd – 4th and progressing every weekend after. Organizer's Discord: Cindervein#1790
  15. Tide1

    An Irongut's lightforg

    -=(X)=- An Irongut’s Lightforge -=(X)=- O’ Irongut what is it ye do I be workin’ this steel, that’s what I do O’ Irongut why do ye do Im smithin’ me legacy, that’s what I do O’ Irongut why do ye smith For Yemekar’s light shall wash away flith O’ Irongut what do ye mean The metal I work I saw in a dream O’ Irongut thought you-just did magic Wha’? How ‘bout ye go suck Horen’s small **** . . . The forge was warm like fire to skin, but no Doomforged present. What a pity, they would feel at home in here. No here I stand alone, acompanied by steel and hammer. For my hammer strikes and sparks fly, embers catch in my beard. Been too long since the smithy i worked, been too long since the metal i struck. I’ve read too many books. The air fills my lungs, and i cough. May be the ash im not used to. I strike the metal so it bends to my will. Again and again i hit it and the embers fly. The blade grows cold and i put it back in, so it may soften and i can mold it again. Again and again, i strike it and put it back to heat, rince and repeat. I had forgotten how this felt, this warmth and joy of smithing. I look upon my creation with a subtle grin, as i see it come to shape. Although this is not finished, not what i wanted. This will not hold what i want, this will not hold the light of the Brathmordakin. So i take it to a cylinder, and I shove it in the skyward pointing stone container. I bring forth what i had been so overjoyed to make, what once was lost but now found. The alchemical combination of the Lightforged. The dwarf poured it in, yes i did. Then I left it, I let it rest there. For three stone weeks I waited in patience and once i returned to take a look the extents of dwarven smithing had shone it’s light on reality once more. The blade i lifted and from nothing but the metal itself a bright light akin to a torch eminated. I opened my mouth to speak, i wanted to speak and so i did with no one to hear. “By me beard, tha’ alchemical combination worked,” I let it glide against my hand. “The light of the Brathmordakin, within this weapon.” “Lightforgin’s no longer lost.” ((No idea what this was. I just wanted to type something, haha. Tried a new writing style. Lightforging is pretty neat ;*
  16. Consulary Republic of Holm

    The Holmite Knoxween Festival

    Orange and black banners are strung over Holm, pumpkins littered everywhere throughout the city. Knoxween has struck! [ ! ] A flier is pinned to the wall here, dangling and wiggling in the wind. A Knoxween Festival will be hosted in the City State of Holm within two stone days! Apple bobbing, an archery contest, and an entertaining performance will be hosted during the event. Be there or be square! – Consul Caesar E. Curseus [OOC] The event will take place from 1pm-4pm EST on Saturday, October 27th. See you there!
  17. THE VANGUARD OF KAZ’ULRAH “Stand fast against the oncoming storm, for those who live will have tales to tell until the end of their lives, and those who die will forever feast amongst our ancestors. Let them come! The Vanguard never runs!” Verthaik II Frostbeard, prior to the Battle of Jornheim Fields, 1634 Since the formation of the first New Jornheim militia, the Dwarves of Kaz’Ulrah have strived to create an efficient, powerful and disciplined fighting force, capable of defending the borders of their beloved nation. The Vanguard is the direct successor to the former military of Kaz’Ulrah; The Order of Dungrimm’s Folk and much of how it is run will be based upon the old order. The Vanguard aims to protect Kaz’Ulrah’s borders and ensure the safety and integrity of the nation. Their primary job is to ensure the laws of the Kingdom are enforced, and that in times of war the enemy forces never threaten the capital of the Kingdom. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTABLE BATTLES ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Battle of Prince Philip’s Crossing 1626 The Battle of Prince Philip’s Crossing was the first battle fought by the Vanguard. A large battalion of Frostbeards, Blackaxes, and Goldhands led by Verthaik II Frostbeard marched out to meet their Romstun allies by Prince Phillip’s Crossing. As the force assembled, an army of Orenians with a small force of Urguanite bureaucrats appeared across the river. Alchemical fire and arrows flew back and forth across the river almost instantly. The battle raged for hours, but the Kaz’Ulrah-Romstun forces were outnumbered and the battle was won by the Orenian coalition. Battle of Jornheim Fields 1634 As the Vanguard and its allies prepared for the march to Kal’Omith, the men of Haense gave free passage to the Urguanite forces, and the Oren-Urguan coalition met the armies of Kaz’Ulrah out in the fields of Jornheim. While Warhawke skirmishers threw alchemist fire on the Urguanite flank on the mountainside and Orcish cavalry ran down Orenian skirmishers in the snowy field, a heavily armored Vanguard battalion met woefully under equipped Orenian soldiers in the center, crushing them. Siege of Fort Kovakirr 1635 As the Oren-Urguan force retreated back towards Kal’Omith, the Vanguard hastily pursued them and quickly pinpointed their location as Fort Kovakirr, located at the border between Haense and Urguan. The armies of Kaz’Ulrah constructed a siege camp and pelted the southwest corner of the fort with trebuchet payloads while elite soldiers dropped alchemist fire on Urguanite siege weapons from above using experimental flying wings. By the time the full army got inside the fort, the Vanguard had already destroyed the remaining Orenian garrison. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- RANKS ------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPPER COMMAND Grand Marshal The Grand Marshal is the leader of the Vanguard and is responsible for ensuring the efficiency and strength of the military is up to Kaz’Ulrah’s standards. During times of war, he, alongside the High King, is in charge of leading battles. Commander The Commanders are the second in commands of the Vanguard. Their role is to ensure the will of the Grand Marshal is spread to the lower ranks, and they are also charged with ensuring that trainings take place often enough so that the ability of the soldiers does not deteriorate. LOWER COMMAND Captain Captains assist Commanders in trainings and various other areas of work that are required to ensure the military is being run properly. Captains are selected based on merit, leadership ability and how long they have been with the Vanguard. In addition, Captains can only be selected from Ironguard and up. VANGUARD SPECIAL RANKS Vanguard Chef The Vanguard Chef is in charge of ensuring that the army is well fed and has all their culinary needs satisfied. The Chef is required to maintain high sanitation within his kitchen, and periodic checks will be carried out to ensure the safety of the food being provided to the Vanguard. The Chef answers only to the High Command. Vanguard Disciplinarian The Disciplinarian is charged with ensuring that discipline is on a high level amongst the Vanguard. In addition to dishing out punishments for those who are not following orders, the Disciplinarian is also in charge of recording the honor of every member of the Vanguard in a public location so all can see. The Disciplinarian coordinates with the Lower and Upper Command, and is allowed to enforce punishments only with their consent. Vanguard Smith The smith is charged with ensuring that the Vanguard is will supplied with all types of arms. From armor, to swords and shields, to arrows. This person will work closeley with the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah Forgemaster to help ensure the soldiers are never forced into a position where they must fight a battle without proper arms. Vanguard taking a break, relaxing at the tavern, enjoying Aemich Grandaxe’s refreshing and luscious Dwarven Ale™ BASIC INFANTRY Steelguard The Steelguard is the highest rank a Dwarf can achieve without being an actual officer. This is a rank reserved for true veterans of the Vanguard and is composed of some of the most loyal, disciple and fierce warriors. A Steelguard is required to offer full respect to the Upper and Lower Command, but is afforded the right to privately question High and Lower Command. A Steelguard can request armor whenever needed, without any sort of proof. Ironguard The Ironguard is a distinguished member of the Vanguard and has been a part of it for a very long time and has proven his worth as a soldier. An Ironguard is required to respect all commands given by the Upper Command, but is afforded the right to privately question a command by Low Command. An Ironguard may request armor when they require it, alongside proper proof that they do need it. Stoneguard The Stoneguard is a Guard who has been with the Vanguard for some time and is capable in at least one weapon of their choice. They have proven their loyalty and have shown to be well discipline soldiers. They still must follow orders however, without question. Stoneguards will be issued a standard set of armor for use on and off duty. Guard A Guard is a soldier who has undergone basic training and has taken the oath and with it has become an official member of the Vanguard. Guards will be rewarded with higher level training and greater clearance around the capital city of Kal’Tarak. Guards are expected to respect all those in the Upper and Lower Command and follow orders without question, in both private and public circumstances. Guards will be issued armor during specified times. Grunt A Grunt is an initiate in the Vanguard, who seeks to prove himself worthy of taking official oaths and proper training. The Grunt can be considered to be under a trial phase for possible entries, and will receive basic training to determine their worth. Grunts are not required to take oaths, and a Grunt is not an official member of the Vanguard and as such his actions do not reflect those of the Vanguard. Upon earning a promotion to Guard, the Grunt is branded with a special sigil to demonstrate his loyalty to Kaz’Ulrah. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- CODE OF CONDUCT ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. Loyalty must be shown to the Vanguard and the Kingdom it serves - this is typically manifested through the following orders. Any disloyalty by its members will be met with a punishment decided by the Upper Command. II. If a member of the Vanguard finds themselves in disagreement with a superior, they are still obliged to complete their order and must report their disapproval to a higher authority later on. III. Never harm another member of the Vanguard unless explicitly ordered by a Captain or higher up. IV. Never kill another Dwarf unless they are posing a direct threat, or you are ordered by the Upper Command directly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- HONOR ------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the Vanguard, prowess and competency can be displayed through the gaining of honor. Honor is gained by completing set tasks and reporting it to the Grand Marshal, or one of the two Commanders. To achieve a higher rank, a certain amount of honor must be reached. If a soldier is inactive, their honor will begin to decay. Honor can also be lost for foolish activity and disobedience. PROMOTION REQUIREMENT: Grunt: 0 Honor Guard: 50 Honor Stoneguard: 150 Honor Ironguard: 300 Honor Steelguard: 500 Honor Captain: Selected by the Grand Marshal/Commanders. Must be a Ironguard or a Steelguard. Commander: Selected by the Grand Marshal, must be a Captain. Grand Marshal: Selected by the High King Members of the Stoneguard policing the gates of Kal’Tarak. GAINING HONOR: Gate Guard: 5 Honor per every hour (max of 3 hours a day for 15 honor) Iron Armor set made: 1 Honor per set (max 5 sets a week) Weapons (Swords/Arrows/Bows) crafted: 1 Honor per 5 weapons (max 25 weapons for 5 Honor) Completing assigned tasks from the marshal or commanders: 5-15 Honor Resolving conflicts in the city and keeping the peace: 3 Honor Attending Vanguard practice: 10 Honor Attending a battle with the Vanguard: 15 Honor Attending a Vanguard event (meeting, guarding, feast, etc.): 5 Honor City or border patrol: 3 Honor Winning a Vanguard organized tournament: 10 Honor Honor can also be rewarded for other exemplary actions. LOSING HONOR: Dishonor occurs when a soldier in the service of the Vanguard refuses to do certain actions or shows disrespect to individuals of the Vanguard, in the event this occurs the Dwarf is to be stripped of honor and if the Dwarf is to drop below the requirements of the ranks he or she has earned then they shall be stripped of their rank and medal. Failure to complete mission: -3 honor Speaking against the Grand Marshal or Commander: -5 honor Harassment/Assault of fellow Soldiers: -3 honor Disobeying the orders of the Commanding Ranks: -5 honor Going Stark Raving Mad: -10 honor OOC: Spamming and trolling during practices: -5 honor Shouting/provoking trolling: -3 honor ------------------------------------------------------------------------- WAGES ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Vanguard is paid on the representation of active service that is done per year, (weekly) the wage increases as one's rank increases as well thus allowing for a higher income on the well performing soldier's behalf. If members miss trainings and are unexcused, the Kingdom reserves the right to withhold pay. ((We are looking for active players)) All members of the Vanguard are offered housing in the barracks. Grunt: 50 Minas Guard: 100 Minas Stoneguard: 125 Minas Ironguard: 150 Minas Steelguard: 200 Minas Captain: 300 Minas Commander: Determined upon promotion Grand Marshal: Determined by High King ------------------------------------------------------------------------- APPLICATION ------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC MC Name: Discord: Timezone: RP RP Name: Age: Ethnicity: Do you have any experience in combat?:
  18. Ougi

    Report 1

    Report 1.: Tunnel Rats [!] The horde of orcs descending from the mountains on their way to the Confederate of Hammers [!] Glottgut rolled the head of a dwarf across the floor, their hair a blazing orange and the blood from its neck to the floor... Account by Glottgut: “Agh hozh plan.” The Lak Swampgoth nodded. “Gorruk.” Glottgut stopped sharpening his extremely dull cleaver with a whetstone, looking up at the Lak. “Wub?” “Did latz brudda Durrr agh ‘iz gobbo blah tuh lat wub wi nid tuh do?” “But ub korze.” And thus, their conversation had ended. The forces of Krugmar had arrived. Sixty uruks and twenty mercenaries, the rabble standing in front of Santegia. Even the Goj of Krugmar, Falum’Lur, had arrived to take part in the raid. Zrarly’Raguk stood alongside Glottgut, banner on his back, carrying the Krugmar standard. They all had come for a fight, and if the fight would not come to them, then they would come to it. Nestled within the valley, the great gates of the Confederation of Hammers were sculpted. It did not tower like Kaz’Ulrah, yet the orcs knew it would be just as hard, if not harder, to enter. They hid, out of sight of the gates, waiting for the gate to open for a certain passing dwed. Yet it would not come to pass. Soon, one of the dwarves of the Confederation had seen them, and only opened the front gate as bait. But later the gates would be open, and without hesitation the orcs rushed in, forward, deeper into the caverns… The rest of the city had been restricted, a metal gate stopping them. The horde knew what would happen, yet it was too late, for behind them another gate slammed down. They were trapped, and soon the orcs would be packed and sweating from the lava flowing throughout the cavern. Orcs may be considered dumb by the other races, but they were not stupid. It was quickly noted that small holes and slits were cut into the sides of the cavern, enough for a dwarf to swing his sword or fire his crossbow. Yet already they could have already seen the dwarves through them, hiding and sweating in their holes as much as the orcs did on the outside. But twenty allies of the orcs were left outside of the shut gates, but in the dwarf’s panic they had broken the door to the gatehouse, and those that were left outside soon made their way into the tunnels. “Dey trap uz! Dat meanz azh fing: AGH KLOMP! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” The calm before the storm soon twirled into a hurricane of battle and arrow shots when one of the dwarves shot their crossbow through a slit. Prepared for this the orc had moved out of the way, and all took their positions. It was a constant back and forth as the dwarves popped in and out of their spots, firing from all around the orcs. But the orcs, with their heavy shield, held out, even firing through the dwarf’s own slits and wounding and killing some. The twenty allies that were left trapped outside, made of human and sugarfoot mercenaries, finally found their way through the tunnels. They cleaned them out, steel clashing steel within the tight space. But the sounds of battle had stopped. It was over, and the dwarves had routed. And from the tunnels, the gates would be opened from the inside. The body of a certain dwarf was noted, and his head was taken. The dwarf they had sent to open the gates from the inside for them. But now, his body was a trophy. And so it was decided, the dwarf’s head would be kept. For safekeeping, of course. The orcs poured through the dwarven hold, searching for the escaping. They searched every nook and cranny they thought possible, but to no avail. In his rage, Glottgut’Raguk took a flint and steel that Zrarly carried, and set fire to the dwarfs’ library. These dwarves, cowards who ran from a fight, would know the might of the kin of Krug. The Warnation had come. Report 13th of Snow’s Maiden, 1685 Upon the 11th of Snow’s Maiden a warhorn had been heard at San’kala, a day later another was heard. The horn signalled a raid incoming, with goblin criers telling that they were to head to Presa de Madera. There, in Presa de Madera, a warband totaling sixty orcs and fifteen pinkies had rallied. They then, by nightfall, began their march to the Confederation of Hammers. From there they began their assault quietly, finding only peasants outside of the hold. After several scouts reported such, the warband headed for the hold. The hold of Hammers had their gates closed. We waited outside, having a stout infiltrate the keep and open the gates from the inside. Sadly not only had the dwed turned traitor, but the lookouts sighted us before we even had a chance. The gates then opened, though none came out to brawl. It was assumed that it was a bait, and so for a few hours the uruks waited; the sun rose at this time. Finally, after growing impatient, we charged through the gates and became trapped within the dwed’s tunnels. This began the two skirmishes. The two pinkies ran into the gate house to secure an exit, and the uruks ran forward. There they were met with missiles from small holes within the rocks. After a great battle both groups proved victorious, rejoining before separating when they went further into the hold. No other conflict was made, except for the burning of the library. Not a single uruk was felled and sixty dwed were done in. They had heard the shouting of a dwarf, but the location of its origin was locked off by a gate. Content with their victory, and most of the horde already leaving, the remaining parties of Glottgut’Raguk, Gorruk’Lak, Falum’Lur, and Bapzapz’Lak left the city. Prestige Gained 16th of Snow’s Maiden, 1686 By Zkribblr Zrarly’RAGUK of Clan RAGUK Credit to: HortonHeardAWho for formatting along with writing report section, and Inferno_Ougi for writing the story portion and providing images and video. [!!]
  19. - Onor ur Kron - “Book of Civilization” The Law Code of the Crownhold of Kaz’Ulrah Table of Contents * Preface * Regarding the nature, limitations, authority, and enforcement of the statutes within. * Section I * Regarding the enjoyment of Citizenship and the rights thereof. * Section II * Regarding the categories of crime and punishment. * Section III * Regarding Degrees of Criminality and their maximum and minimum sentences. * Section IV * Crimes Against Property. * Section V * Crimes Against Persons. * Section VI * Crimes Against the Public. * Section VII * Crimes Against the State. * Section VIII * Crimes Against the Divine. * Section X * Legal Defenses. * Section IX * Oaths and Blood-Oaths. Preface Regarding the nature, limitations, authority, and enforcement of the statues within. 1. These laws shall be held as executory throughout the territory of the Crownhold of Kaz’Ulrah, by virtue of the promulgation made thereof by the High King and his representatives. 2. The laws of police and public security shall bind all inhabitants and visitors of the territory of the government of the Crownhold. 1. Immoveable property such as real estate or improvements upon the land, even in the possession of foreigners, is governed by the laws of the Crownhold. 2. Laws relating to the privileges of the citizen shall govern any citizen of Kaz’Ulrah, even those residing in foreign nations. 3. Those who inhabit, or shall continue to inhabit, the Crownhold or lands of Kaz’Ulrah, shall be held to have submitted to the authority of these laws and agreed to be bound thereby. 4. The power to pronounce guiltiness of criminality shall be vested solely within the Conclave and Clanlords, who alone are recognized as Arbiters by the state. 5. Private agreements shall not contravene the Code of Law. Section I Regarding the designation of Citizenship and the rights thereof. 1. Every citizen of Kaz’Urlah is entitled to the rights outlined herein. 1. Every person born to a citizen of Kaz’Ulrah is a citizen of the Realm. 2. Khazadmar may recieve full citizenship immediately upon taking up residence within the confines of the Realm. 3. All other races are permitted to apply for citizenship only at the discretion of the High Council and Conclave. 4. All folks may bypass the waiting period with a written voucher from two prior citizens of the Realm and can apply for immediate citizenship to Kaz’Ulrah. 2. No Citizen of Kaz’Ulrah shall be denied the right to be tried publicly by the Conclave. 1. This right may be waived by the citizen in return for an automatic minimum sentence, with the approval of the Arbiter. 3. No Citizen of Kaz’Ulrah shall be denied the right to propose their candidacy for public office. 4. No Citizen of Kaz’Ulrah shall be detained without being lawfully charged of a crime. Section II Regarding the categories of crimes and retributions. 1. The Crownhold divides violations of the law into five categories: Crimes Against Property, Crimes Against Persons, Crimes Against the Public, Crimes Against the State, & Crimes Against the Divine. 1. Only the Conclave possesses the power to arbitrate over cases involving citizens. 2. The power to arbitrate over cases concerning Crimes Against the Divine is vested solely in the High-Prelate of Kaz’Ulrah 2. The Crownhold divides punishments for criminality into seven categories: Fine, Imprisonment, Branding, Revocation of Citizenship, Mutilation, Banishment, and Execution. 1. All executions, banishments, and mutilations must be publicly approved in advance and in writing by the High King of Kaz’Ulrah, except in cases of Crimes Against the Divine. 2. The proceeds of all fines must be delivered directly to a representative of the Conclave to be properly distributed by the High Treasurer. 3. Fines which the criminal cannot pay in gold may be paid with an amount of goods or labor equal in value to the fine, at the Conclave’s discretion. A fine of one hundred gold coins or less may be waived in exchange for a brand with the convicted’s assent and approval by the Arbiter. 4. Consecutive imprisonment shall not exceed the length of three tendays without trial or the written permission of the High King. Section III Regarding degrees of criminality and their maximum and minimum punishments. 1. The Crownhold of Kaz’Ulrah divides violations of the law into four Degrees of Criminality, based on the severity with which they offend justice. 2. The sentence for an individual crime shall never exceed the maximum sentence for its degree of severity. 1. The sentence for multiple crimes may cumulatively exceed the maximum sentence for each individual crime, as determined at the discretion of the Arbiter. 2. The sentence for a crime shall never fall below the minimum sentence for its Degree of Criminality. 3. Delinquencies, or Fourth Degree Crimes 1. No criminal of the Fourth Degree may be subject to branding or any sentence of greater severity. 2. The maximum period of imprisonment for a Delinquency is five days. 3. The minimum fine for a Delinquency is one hundred gold coins, or an amount of material wealth or labor judged as equal the crime by the discretion of the Arbiter. 4. The maximum fine for a Delinquency is two hundred gold coins, or an amount of material wealth or labor judged as equal the crime by the discretion of the Arbiter. 4. Misdemeanors, or Third Degree Crimes 1. No criminal of the Third Degree may be subject to Revocation of Citizenship or any sentence of greater severity. 2. The maximum period of imprisonment for a Misdemeanor is one tenday. 3. The minimum fine for a Misdemeanor is two hundred gold coins, or an amount of material wealth or labor judged as equal the crime by the discretion of the Arbiter. 4. The maximum fine for a Misdemeanor is four hundred gold coins, or an amount of material wealth or labor judged as equal the crime by the discretion of the Arbiter. 5. Felonies, or Second Degree crimes 1. No criminal of the Second Degree may be subject to Mutilation or any sentence of greater severity. 2. The maximum period of imprisonment for a Felony is two tendays. 3. The minimum fine for a Felony is five hundred gold coins, or an amount of material wealth or labor judged as equal the crime by the discretion of the Arbiter. 4. The maximum fine for a Felony is one thousand gold coins, or an amount of material wealth or labor judged as equal the crime by the discretion of the Arbiter. 6. Atrocities, or First Degree crimes 1. A First Degree criminal must be subject to Mutilation or a sentence of greater severity. 2. The minimum period of imprisonment for an Atrocity is two tendays. 3. The maximum period of imprisonment for an Atrocity is three tendays. 4. The minimum fine for an Atrocity is five thousand gold coins, or an amount of material wealth or labor judged as equal the crime by the discretion of the Arbiter. 5. The maximum fine for an Atrocity is unlimited, being whatever is judged equal the crime by the discretion of the Arbiter. 6. Some First Degree crimes are judged to be of such a horrific nature the only lawfully permitted sentence is immediate execution upon conviction. These crimes are labeled as "First Degree Barbarism". Section IV, Crimes Against Property 1. Burglary 1. Burglary is the crime of accessing a storage container without the prior permission of its owner. 2. Burglary is a Fourth-Degree crime. 2. Trespassing 1. Trespassing is the crime of being present on private or restricted land despite visual or verbal warning on the part of the government or the property’s owner. 2. Trespassing is a Fourth-Degree crime. 3. Theft 1. Theft is the crime of removing property from the the ownership of its lawful possessor without prior permission. 2. Theft is a Third-Degree crime. 3. In addition to punishment levied by the court, the guilty thief will also be required to return the stolen property to its owner, plus donate an amount of gold determined by the Conclave to the Holy Order of Grimdugan. 1. In cases where the stolen property cannot be returned, the thief will provide remuneration of double its value. 4. Vandalism 1. Vandalism is the crime of unlawful destruction or defacement of property. 2. Vandalism is a Third-Degree crime Section V, Crimes Against Persons 1. Harassment 1. Harassment is the crime of persistent harrying of or hostility towards a citizen of the Crownhold despite verbal warnings. 2. Harassment is a Fourth-Degree crime. 1. In cases where a fine is levied by the court, the criminal will pay an equal amount to the victim in remuneration. 2. Impersonation 1. Impersonation is the crime of assuming the identity of a citizen of the Crownhold with or without their permission. 2. Impersonation of a Citizen is a Third-Degree crime. 3. Slander 1. Slander is the crime of spreading known mistruths about a citizen of Kaz’Ulrah. 2. Slander is a Third-Degree crime. 4. Assault 1. Assault is the crime of physically and unlawfully accosting a citizen of the Crownhold. 2. Assault is a Second-Degree crime. 5. Fraud 1. Fraud is the crime of breaking the terms of a contract which was lawfully inspected and approved by a representative of the Conclave, the unlawful manipulation of a contract's terms, or the willful deception of an individual when devising the contract's terms. 2. Fraud is a Second-Degree crime. 6. Impersonation of a Guardsman 1. Impersonation of a Guardsman is the crime of assuming the role and/or identity of an official Guardsman of the Crownhold. 2. Impersonation of a Guardsman is a Third-Degree crime. 7. Impersonation of an Official 1. Impersonation of an Official is the crime of assuming the role and/or identity of an approved representative of the Deep Court. 2. Impersonation of an Official is a Second-Degree crime. 8. Impersonation of the Nobility 1. Impersonation of the Nobility is the crime of assuming the identity of a nobleman or woman of Kaz’Ulrah or another recognized government, assuming a title to which one does not have right, or falsely acting as a representative of a noble of Kaz’Ulrah or another government. 2. Impersonation of the Nobility is a Second-Degree crime. 9. Kidnapping 1. Kidnapping is the crime of unlawfully holding a citizen of Kaz’Ulrah against their will. 2. Kidnapping is a First-Degree crime. 10. Murder 1. Murder is the crime of unlawfully taking the life of another, with or without their permission. 2. Murder is a First-Degree crime. Section VI, Crimes Against the Public 1. Indecency 1. Indecency is the crime of intentionally or negligently offending a citizen of Kaz’Ulrah by expressing non-political speech which a reasonable person may consider morally repugnant. 2. Indecency is a Fourth-Degree crime. 2. Vigilantism 1. Vigilantism is the crime of undertaking duties of law enforcement without legal authority. 2. Vigilantism is a Third-Degree crime. 3. Vulgarity 1. Vulgarity is the crime of public lewdness. 2. Vulgarity is a Third-Degree crime. 4. Slaving 1. Slaving is the crime of unlawful possession, transport, sale, or purchase of enslaved persons. 2. Slaving is considered to be First-Degree Barbarism. Section VII, Crimes Against the State 1. Insolence 1. Insolence is the crime of disrespect of or insufficient reverence for legitimate authorities of the Crownhold of Kaz’Ulrah. 2. Insolence is a Fourth-Degree crime. 2. Unlawful Possession 1. Unlicensed Possession is the crime of use or ownership of restricted substances under circumstances unapproved of by the Deep Court. 2. Unlawful Possession is a Fourth-Degree crime. 3. Unlicensed Vending 1. Unlicensed vending is the crime of ownership or operation of a place of business either without the direction of a relevant and licensed corporate body or outside of the jurisdiction of such a body. 2. Unlicensed vending is a Fourth-Degree crime. 4. Tax Evasion 1. Tax Evasion is the crime of failing to pay a tax or tariff as lawfully instituted by the Deep Court. 2. Tax Evasion is a Third-Degree crime. 5. Perjury 1. Perjury is the crime of intentionally lying while under interrogation by a representative of the Deep Court. 2. Perjury is a Second-Degree crime. 6. Regal Insolence 1. Regal Insolence is the crime of disrespect of or insufficient reverence for the High King of Kaz’Ulrah, including assaults against the personage or character of the High King. 2. Regal Insolence is a Second-Degree crime. 7. Sedition 1. Sedition is the crime of spreading literature of speech intended to provoke revolution or other treason. 2. Sedition is a First-Degree crime. 8. Treason 1. Treason is the crime of attempting the subversion of state authority or the assassination of a representative of the Deep Court. 2. Treason is a First-Degree crime. 9. High Treason 1. High Treason is the crime of attempting the subversion of state authority or the assassination of the High King. 2. High Treason is considered to be First-Degree Barbarism. 10. Conspiracy 1. Conspiracy is the crime of conspiring to commit any other crime listed within the Code of Law. 2. Conspiracy is a crime of a Degree one lesser than the crime of which the guilty intended to commit. 11. Insubordination 1. Insubordination is the crime of failing to fully accomplish the punishment for a crime as laid down by the Conclave or its representatives. 2. Insubordination is a crime of one Degree greater than the crime for which the punishment was issued. Section VIII, Crimes Against the Divine 1. Irreverence 1. Irreverence is the crime of disrespect of or insufficient reverence for legitimate authorities of the Great Order of the Divine (the Dwarven Church). 2. Irreverence is a Third-Degree crime. 2. Blasphemy 1. Blasphemy is the crime of disrespect of or insufficient reverence for the Morndinsamman and/or the Dwarven Faith, including assaults against the personage or character of any and all of the Ancestors. 2. Blasphemy is a Second-Degree crime. 3. Desecration 1. Desecration is the crime of the unauthorized or dishonorable interaction with a Holy Site of the Dwarven Faith. 2. Desecration is a Second-Degree crime. 4. Sacrilege 1. Sacrilege is the crime of the unauthorized or dishonorable interaction with an item of the Dwarven Faith. 2. Sacrilege is a Second-Degree crime. 5. Heathenry 1. Heathenry is the crime of engaging in evangelization and/or proselytization of a heathen faith, or the unapproved establishment of a public or private facility for such worship. 2. Heathenry is a First-Degree crime. 6. Heresy 1. Heresy is the crime of engaging in the worship of any faith or power defined as "Evil" by the Great Order of the Divine, or the establishment of a public or private facility for such worship. 2. Heresy is a First-Degree crime. 7. High Heresy 1. High Heresy is the crime of engaging in active or passive direct opposition to the Brathmordakin and/or the Great Order of the Divine, or by the act of committing Crimes Against Property or Persons upon an ordained clergyman or woman of the Dwarven Faith. 2. High Heresy is considered to be First-Degree Barbarism. Section IX, Legal Defenses 1. Legal defenses may only be presented once the accused is found to have committed the crime, but before they begin to fulfill their punishment. If a presented legal defense is found to be salient and reasonable by the presiding official, they may choose to reduce or even negate the punishment levied against the accused, but are in no way obligated to do so. 2. Defense of Property 1. The accused acted only as was necessary to defend their property from being defaced or carried away, exhausting every other method before resorting to lawbreaking, and not acting with excessive or unnecessary disrespect for the law or public order. 3. Defense of Self 1. The accused acted only as was necessary to defend their life or health, exhausting every other method before resorting to lawbreaking, and not acting with excessive or unnecessary disrespect for the law or public order. 4. Duress 1. The accused was forced to commit the crime under the threat of significant and probable damage to body, soul, or livelihood. 5. Equal Fault 1. Both the accused and the victim were equally at fault for the breach of law, and so it is impossible to say which deserves to be punished more than the other. 6. Willful Injury 1. The victim of the crime, without being coerced, deliberately placed themselves in a situation where they might be injured with the intention of extracting benefit from the crime. Section X, Oaths and Blood-Oaths 1. Oaths 1. Oaths are established through a petition put before the Low Council. If an Oath is considered worthy, shown by an approving vote of no less than three Grandmasters of Kaz’Ulrah, it will be entered into the High Record of the Crownhold by the Loremaster. Oaths must be entered into willingly by all parties, and the willful breaking of an Oath is considered a First-Degree Offense. 2. Blood-Oaths 1. Blood-Oaths are established through a petition put before the Low Council. If a Blood-Oath is considered worthy, shown by an unanimous approving by all Grandmasters of Kaz’Ulrah and the written consent by a member of the Conclave, it will be entered into the High Record of the Crownhold by the Loremaster. A Blood-Oath may only be considered worthy if disputed by a minimum of two parties, displays a clear infringement of the oathbearer’s honor on the part of the Blood-Oath's recipient, and must provide a manner in which the Blood-Oath may be compensated for and dismissed. Any and all Crimes Against Property and Persons by one party upon the other are considered legal if bound under the Blood-Oath.
  20. Medvekoma

    [✗]Dungrimm's Will

    Three months were allowed to the Dwarves of Az'adar and Ord to make amends after their declaration of war, three months during which some of them visited Kaz'Ulrah, though most refused to and remained within their temple. Beneath the mountain remained a High Queen, adamant at retaining her words and acting on it. Koralon sat on the Kaz'Ulrah throne, her graying hair dangling from beneath the simple steel circlet she wore, the dancing flames glinting within its sapphire gemstone. Some empty mugs of ale and platters of meat remained on the tables in front of her from the previous meeting of the clergy. Her mind was, however, set on another topic. Another target. "Once my home." She spoke to her fellow Dwedmar after emerging from the throne room. "Now they declared themselves an enemy. But even before their sword was raised, the war was over for them. An unlikely ally arose in a moment of strife, an elven Peacemaker, a King true to his word on peace and thrive for prosperity. A king who was slain in front of my eyes, by those who hide in their so-called temple." She straightened herself, her frail posture still many inches taller than the mountain dwarves on her side. "When the Zahrer the Conspirator arrived to the city on an offer to sustain peace and make amends for his slight against the Dwedmar, he instead demanded we cease aggression, fear glancing in his eyes, fears that the Dwedmar he fought for so long would rally in arms against him, fear that he'd be overthrown once more and his taint on this world would finally come to an end. The very man once so confident in the restoration of a fallen kingdom now quivers as clan father over a traitor family, killing peacemakers, killing fellow Dwedmar." "Know, however, that many of them came to our Kingdom, with kind words, pleas, apologies or amends proper. Many came whom we spoke to, many whom we welcomed and many who will not be target of our crusade. Ulhart Grandaxe, Fimlin Grandaxe, Dizzy the still-Irongrinder, Tharrgus Irongut, Gror Ireheart and Yeulf Irongut: know that unless you march to the aid of Arcadia, no axe will be raised against you, no slight of honour will be held against you and you will be allowed to reclaim what is yours from the fallen temple." As the Dwedmar listened, their Queen shifted in her stand and lifted her left hand to gesture towards her heart. "I offer you each, to follow me on this crusade. I offer you each to rid this world of the Undead-Lord, of the Conspirator, of the Traitor to the Dwedmar. If he builds yet one more flying city, we will fire hooks at it and crash it into the mountain. If he makes alliance with Khorvad, we shall invoke the Brathmordakin and purge him along with his lord." "Arcadia shed its scales and re-dressed as a temple, a temple without statues of the Brathmordakin, with statues of Runelords and with altars of unknown powers. We will march on their cesspool of corruption, raze it to the ground in the memory of those they slighted and use their bricks to construct a statue of Dungrimm so that the Undead-Lord remembers not to slight the Guardian of the Dead. We shall not stop until the kingslayers are fallen." As she said that, war horns of the eight clans within the kingdom sounded up, war horns calling for a march, a march south straight at the enemy. Kavir oz Arcadia, Narvak oz Khazadmar! Narvak oz Abelas! CBs: Revenge (1/3) (or Denoucncement x3) Side A: The Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah and allies Side B: The Temple of Az'adar and allies Proposed Date & Time: 15th of September (Saturday), 2018 Proposed Rules: N/A Location: Discord: Ronald Reagan#9284 (I am in war chat)
  21. Khor'Kunnek ur Kaz'Ulrah - The High Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah - Capital City: - Ok Rulkahd ur Kal’Tarak - “The Crownhold of Unity” Form of Government: - Nerroth Barel’Thrumm - “The Deep Court” - Elective Monarchy The Deep Court The Deep Court is the name of Kaz’Ulrah’s governmental structure. Divided into three separate parts; the Low Council, the Crownhold’s legislative ministry; the High Council, the Crownhold’s primary judiciary and secondary legislative ministry and secondary executive ministry, and the Conclave, the Crownhold’s primary executive ministry, the Deep Court acts with impunity in serving the Khazadmar of Kaz’Ulrah with Yemekar watching over their actions. The Low Council: The Low Council is the primary legislative body of the Crownhold. It is the Low Council that writes up and proposes the vast majority of all new laws within the Crownhold. The Low Council is vast, composed of the Clanmasters of the Common Clans, the Clan Elders of the Noble Clans, the Prelates of the various Clergies of the Brathmordakin, all official Guildmasters and Fellowship Captains, various respected community leaders, nobles, and officials, as well as any other notable citizens granted the title as a reward for their services. All Councilors, as they are known, receive a single vote, and the Low Council is nominally led by a "High Speaker" elected from among the body of the Council who receives a second vote and the ability to break all ties. The High Speaker speaks on behalf of the High Council. The High Council: The High Council is composed entirely of the Grandmasters, who are the leaders of the many ministries and guilds that make up the governmental and regulatory bodies of Kaz’Ulrah . The High Council is in charge of all judicial matters within Kaz’Ulrah, with inter-clan disputes and crimes settled by three randomly selected Grandmasters. Any proposals made by the Low Council first goes to the High Council to determine its validity and make any necessary changes before sending it onwards for approval and implementation by the Conclave. All Grandmasters receive a single vote in the Assembly and can only hold a single position with it. The sole exception to this is the High-Prelates, who may hold their ecclesiastical rank, and Clanlords who hold their ancestral titles in addition to a position as a Grandmaster. As with the Low Council, the High Council is headed by an elected "Grand Speaker" a second vote and the ability to break all ties. The permanent positions for Grandmaster goes as followed: Overseer: - Directs all public works, civil organizations and domestic affairs across Kaz’ulrah. The Grand-Marshal: - Directs all military efforts and organizations. The Loremaster: - Directs all scribes and historical organizations. The Forgemaster: - Directs all primary industry organizations, including crafting efforts, craft-guilds, and related organizations. The Lodemaster: - Directs all miners and official delving efforts. The Brewmaster: - Directs all farming efforts and agricultural efforts The Coinmaster: - Directs all secondary industry organizations (minus the forging guild which leads the primary industry organizations) including trading and, mercantile efforts and organizations hence, the marketing economy of Kaz’ulrah, including foreign and domestic trade and businesses, including the business within the Tavern The Clanlords: - Direct all works and organizations pertaining to their clan. The Conclave: The Conclave fulfills the executive duties of Kaz’Ulrah and is one of its most powerful branches of government. The Conclave has ultimate authority over all aspects of life within the Crownhold, being composed of the High King, the Justice Hammer of Yemekar, the High Embassador, and the High Treasurer; collectively known as the Highlords of Kaz’Ulrah. Each title garners its bearer a single vote, with a maximum of three votes permitted in per dwarf. In cases of a tie the right to determine the outcome of a vote is vested in the High King. The High King: - The king is the head of state of Kaz’Ulrah, the High King is also considered to be the Lord of Kal’Tarak, and Clanlord of his ancestral clan. As such, the High King always has a minimum of three votes within the Conclave, and cannot claim any additional positions. The High King has the power to break all ties in their favor, and personally appoints the Justice Hammer of Yemekar, High Master, and High Treasurer their positions. The High King’s position is elected according to the laws and constitution put in place at the time of the election. The Justice Hammer of Yemekar: - The Justice Hammer serves as the High King's personal guard, and acts as the Herald of Kaz’Ulrah. The Justice Hammer also oversees all military, security, and law enforcement related affairs throughout the Crownhold and beyond. It is the Justice Hammer's duty to maintain a strong border against the enemies of the dwarves, and to ensure that the lands of Kaz’Ulrah are secure from threats both domestic and foreign through the use of a guard force and prison system. Finally, the Justice Hammer of Yemekar plays an important role in the judiciary of Kaz’Ulrah, acting as the Court Representative during judicial proceedings, as well as the official State Executioner. The High Prelate: - The High Prelate oversees the affairs of the dwarven church throughout Kaz’Ulrah as well as any missionary work done by the the kingdom. Additionally the High-Prelate is in charge of rooting out and exterminating heresy in all its forms both within and without the Crownhold. To this end the High-Prelate maintains the ability arrest, try, and punish heretics through the implementation of the Justice Hammer. The High Prelate is always the High Prelate of the Ar Yemarin Anaros assigned to Kaz’Ulrah. The High Chancellor: - The High Chancellor oversees all domestic and foreign affairs concerning the Crownhold and acts as the Lord-Regent whenever the High King is otherwise unavailable. It is the duty of the High Chancellor to ensure the day-to-day operation of Kaz’Ulrah proceeds smoothly and according to law, as well as to the management of all local fellowships. In addition, the High Chancellor maintains the Ministry of Diplomacy, which itself is made up of the kingdom's various diplomats and ambassadors The High Treasurer: - The High Treasurer oversees all financial and trade related affairs both within and without Kaz’Ulrah. It is the duty of the High Treasurer to, with the aid of the clans and the High Master, establish and maintain the necessary trade routes, caravans, and agreements to ensure the Crownhold's economy remains stable and its people prosperous. The High Treasurer is in charge of the management of Kaz’Ulrah's guilds and clan companies, and maintains the Ministry of Banking throughout the kingdom.
  22. Beamon4

    -=-Clan Irongut-=-

    The Ironguts The Ironguts are the longest living clan amongst the Dwedmar, being true Cave Dwarves at heart. Since the reign of Urguan, many Ironguts have held influential and vital roles, including Kings, Lords, and some even among the Order of Ascended. With these positions, the Ironguts have helped shape the world we see now. Through the forging of great weapons,the spelunking of cavernous ruins, and delving deep into the arcane, the Ironguts have been highly regarded among the Dwedmar. Ancient History of the Clan Modern History of the Clan Clan Government and Laws > The majority of decisions are made by the Clan Father, who solely holds the responsibility to lead the Clan. The Clan Father, chosen by a majority vote by the Elders of the clan, should represent the beliefs of the Clan. It is very rare, if ever, that a Clan Father is removed by the Elders. His word is the final say in matters > Elders of the Clan are elected by the Clan members themselves by popular vote. Elders are responsible for leading the clan members in place of the Clan Father is he cannot be there. > Elders are to reflect the Clan tenets directly onto the Clan members and beardlings. They also handle the initiation and teaching of magic to beardlings in the Clan. Clan Culture Forging of Weapons A tradition where those with the skills to use the Forge will often forge personal weapons. These weapons are a symbol of the Clansman's style of fighting and often have a symbol of the creator upon them somewhere, identifying them as that specific person. Many famous weapons are under possession of the clan, for example the famed blade of Dwain I Irongut, Mourgil, which is now in the hands of Balek Irongut. Beard Braiding Just having a simple beard is not enough for the Ironguts. The Clansmen can often be seen with braids in their beards. These can be as simple as forking the beard in two or as complex as weaving it into an intricate braid, some even weaving in gems, or adding rings of metal. The clan members grow their beards long and are careful not to burn them in the forge or get torn in battle. Magic Ironguts are known users of magic,and the only Dwarven Clan capable of learning Void Magic. Any member of the clan has the right to learn magic, so long as the member can follow the Clan rules. Those inclined to learn should first speak with an Elder in order to begin training. All apprentices are expected to be patient during the process of learning, as it is not a simple one. Magic is considered a sacred tradition within the Ironguts. Clan Crest The Ironguts often adorn a crest composed of a mug of ale and a sword to show that it was sent from an Irongut. We take pride in being Ironguts and won’t hesitate if we get a chance to show it! Clan Banners The Ironguts have always used their banners to mark their homes and Clan halls in the past. The banner is composed of our Clan crest and our Clan colors, silver and blue Clan Diplomacy Clan Ireheart: Friendly Clan Grandaxe: Friendly Clan Doomforge: Neutral Clan Frostbeard: Not Nice Clan Irongrinder: Neutral Clan Goldhand: Neutral Clan Treebeard: Neutral Clan Starbreaker: Neutral Clan Silvervein: Friendly Clan Hammerforged: Neutral Records of the Ironguts ((Family Tree: https://www.familyecho.com/?p=JBMRI&c=3rihhyqbxa&f=118731965149584681)) Clan Father: Dimlin Irongut (Beamon4) Clan Elders: Dor Irongut(BDanecker) Dwain II Irongut (Hiebe) Dwalin Irongut(__Coridal) Clan Members: Tharggus Irongut (Tharggus) Balek Irongut (Hobolympic) Yeulf Irongut (IronGroot) Dorin Irongut (DarthArkous) Bolgnir Irongut (Tidemanno) Hogarth Irongut (Jordan 1921) Beardlings: Du’drek Thunderfist Irongut(Soloraso) Jahkatir Irongut(XloPass) Sulla Irongut(Chaones) Hall of the Deceased: Deceased: Thordon Irongut ((Jordan1921)) Thrym Sliverfist ((NoobCrafert14)) Nurrak Irongut ((Destroyer_Bravo)) Kara Irongut ((skippyoak)) Gamil Irongut ((Unknown)) Belin Irongut ((Skinner541)) Isabelle Irongut ((Unknown)) Whurgar Irongut ((Owl_7)) Theor Irongut ((Blob9000)) Balin Irongut ((darkjames)) Thak Irongut ((GavinTheViking)) Ore'zy Irongut ((lawlmansayshi)) Fariken Irongut((30326)) Rehki Irongut ((bov61)) Smalltoe Irongut ((Musboris)) Nozagen Irongut ((Bov61)) Lilum Irongut ((KarmaDelta)) Chase Irongut((Dtrik)) Goroth Irongut((30326)) Uldar Irongut ((Tirenas)) Dun Irongut ((blackhawk77g)) Skippy Irongut (skippy369) Honored Dead: Hiebe Irongut ((Hiebe)) Belin Irongut ((Skinner541)) Darius Irongut ((Blackhawk77g)) Phelrin Irongut ((ChAnKoEr)) Susan Irongut ((ABoyNamedSue)) Algrim Irongut ((Isemburt)) Draco Irongut ((RP)) Dwain Irongut ((RP)) Missing (Previous list purged): Beardling Yurvo (MonkeyFaceGamer) Thorgrim Irongut (irDusk) Kilgrim Irongut (Kilgrim_) Sharr Irongut (lordbobby123) Banished: Mili Irongut ((Leland22)) Grimloth Irongut ((jakesimonson)) Tortek Silverfist ((Axmaynard)) Bofauk Irongut ((lawlmansayshi)) Duregar Irongut ((ww2buff99) Sili Irongut ((Leland22)) Aengoth Irongut ((Aengoth)) Gauldrim Irongut ((Redbench)) Clan Tenets In-character 1. Respect your elders. Respect those who are older than you. You represent our clan and your actions, good or bad, affect us all. 2. Loyalty to your clan above all else. 3. Help your clansmen when you can. Don't abandon each other in fights, however hard it might be. Out-of-character 1. Your Irongut character should be your main character. 2. If you're an Irongut and you betray the clan, your character, if killed by an Irongut, is perma-dead. 3. Separate RP from OOC, we’re all friends here. Proving of the Lineage (Application) (Copy the below and paste to use) [ MC Name: ] What is your name? Where do you live? What are your primary skills? Short biography (5+ sentences): How are you related to the Irongut Clan? (See family tree, don't create your own father or mother unless you PM the Clan Father): Do you swear loyalty to the Irongut Clan?: OOC Do you agree to follow all the rules of the Irongut Clan? Discord ID? (optional, you can also send it through PM if required)
  23. Thoak_Sludgefist

    Coronation of a High King

    Coronation of High King Thoak Goldhand Sixth High King of Kaz’Ulrah - Official Seal of the holy Clergy, Ar Yemarin Anaros - 17th of Deep Cold, 1684 Finely printed letters are sent out to the citizens, allies, and neighbors of Kaz’Ulrah. Posters would be put up throughout Kal’Tarak and the settlements throughout the kingdom. Each letter and poster would be stamped with the iconic symbol of the holy clergy, the Ar Yemarin Anaros. The letter would be titled “Coronation of High King Thoak Goldhand”, and the following would detail the events planned for the Coronation of the High King. “Attention High Khazadmar of Kaz’Ulrah, Allies, and Neighbors: The Coronation of High King Elect Thoak Goldhand is upon us. For those who wish to attend, the Coronation shall be held on the 15th of The Grand Harvest, 1684. Exactly 86 days from now. Those attending shall gather outside the entrance to the Throne Hall to await further instructions. It is not required, but recommended to come with gifts to wish the newly elected High King a prosperous reign, and to please Armakak for he may offer his blessing. Armor and weapons will not be permitted within the Throne Hall. Those seen with weapons will be escorted out of Kal’Tarak. Following the procession into the Throne Hall, a sacred ceremony and ritual will be held in service to Yemekar, the Forgefather, where the Crown of Kaz’Ulrah will be revealed and officially passed down to the High King Elect. It is asked that reverence is paid during these sacred ancestral traditions. Following the ceremonies, a grand feast will be held for all attending. Food, beer, and desserts made by our famous cooks and chefs will be offered for all to eat, free of charge. The Grand Melee shall be held following the grand feast. For those interested, we will proceed to the arena just outside the gates of Kal’Tarak where the Melee will occur. For those looking to participate, please send a letter of intent to the Throne Hall of Kal’Tarak to be officially put into a bracket. All races are welcome to come and test their strength. This Melee is a fight to the death, so it is up to the victor whether or not their opponent dies, or is carried out on a stretcher! All equipment and weapons will be allowed, including the magical ones. The winner of this Melee shall receive the following: 5,000 Mina Reward A Grand Weapon, forged by the Khazadmar Forges of Kal’Tarak The title ‘Champion of Kazdran’ (Khazadmar Only) consideration for the position of Justice Hammer of Yemekar Please note that if you are killed, you will not be given your equipment back! ( The Coronation will be held on Saturday, October 13th at 3:00 PM EST ) If you wish to participate in the Grand Melee, fill out the app and comment it below
  24. Thoak_Sludgefist

    Ascension to the Throne

    High King Thoak Goldhand Elected - Dated : 1684, 7th of Amber Cold - - A historical account of the events following the election and nomination of High King Thoak Goldhand after the impeachment High King Elect, Edel Silvervein - The roads, forges, and mines soon fell silent as night fell upon the hold of Kal’Tarak. As workers retired, Clanlords convened at the meeting hall within the throne room to cast their vote on who would be the next High King of Kaz’Ulrah. Out of the many candidates for the throne, only one would be elected. And so it was Thoak who held the majority of votes for he had won their favor through his ancient wisdom and stances on issues within the kingdom. In the morning, the citizens of Kaz’Ulrah would soon hear of their newly elected High King. Though some would be disappointed in the outcome, many would be relieved and excited for the future of their kingdom. In the following hours, a proclamation was made before the entrance of the throne hall, and letters were sent regarding the results and coronation of the High King elect. A copy of the letter would read the following: “To the kinsmen of Kaz’Ulrah, I have been informed of the Clanlord’s majority vote in nominating me, Thoak Goldhand, as High King of Kaz’Ulrah. Although this may come to a surprise to some, do not be disheartened by the decision made. Trust that Yemekar, Anbella, and the Brathmordakin guided these Khazadmar into making the right decision, and do trust that they too will lead me in divine guidance in forging the future path for Kaz’Ulrah. It is no rumor that I have not been seen for several years since the reign of High King Torvin. However, I have not been missing, but on a pilgrimage of reflection through the neighboring mountains beyond Garrond’s Vale. Although I have been away, I am quite aware of the problems and issues that us Khazadmar face. For those that have doubt in their mind or do not know of me, please take a moment and look around you. The works I have done for Kaz’Ulrah have been embedded permanently through the works of our clergy; the Ar Yemarin Anaros, preservation of ancestral traditions, and Kaz’Ulrah as a whole. Like most elders among us, I was there during the official formation of Kaz’Ulrah, and the purification of corruption among our kin. I will not bend my knee to those wishing harm to our kin, nor will I offer those who promote heretical doctrines mercy. Do not fall into temptation or the lies spewed forth by the puppets of Khorvad, for they only seek the destruction of our great legacies, and the splintering of our kingdom. Lastly, to the former candidates; do know that the time to lead will come eventually. Do not wane in your efforts, and do not fall to madness or lies. Your endeavours will, and always will please the Forgefather and the Brathmordakin, for your work forms the backbone of the kingdom and gives those who are lost guidance. THE CORONATION will be held in five ten days from now. All with good intentions are welcome to the coronation. I explicitly extend this invitation to our allies beyond our Realm, and those seeking good relations that will benefit Kaz’Ulrah. The Coronation will hold events such as a procession into the throne room, a ceremony and ritual headed by the venerable Morug Goldhand, and possibly High Prelate Nerak Frostbeard of our holy clergy, the Ar Yemarin Anaros in service to Yemekar, the Forgefather. The crown of our holy kingdom will also be revealed after years of being locked away in storage, and passed down as tradition tells. Following such ceremonies, a grand feast shall be held with food and drinks provided by our great brewmasters, and chefs. After the grand feast, a grand melee will be held in the old arena of Kaz’Ulrah outside the city gates. Anyone can enter this grand melee, however only Khazadmar may participate in the grand price. More will be announced soon! Signed, Thoak Goldhand High King of Kaz’Ulrah, Lord of Kal’Tarak, First High Prelate of the Ar Yemarin Anaros, Clanfather of Clan Goldhand, Servant of the Brathmordakin
  25. ✗ ≬ ≬ ♏αɟεoℓog ≬ ≬ ✗

    ✦Clan Stormfist✦

    Clan Stormfist "Fin Faraan ko fin lok" “The Gold in the Sky” The Stormfists were a vassal clan of the Frostbeard. A clan of big, caring, white/grey fair-haired dwarves. created by the two youngest offspring of Baldin Frostbeard and the Snow elf Erniel. These two offspring were Exmord Stormfist and his younger twin brother Belrig Stormfist. The Stormfists were loyal to the Frostbeard Clan and the Clan Fathers of the Stormfist were expected to swear fealty to the Clan Father of the Frostbeard Clan. Exmord and Belgrig were the first Clan fathers of the Stormfists.. After the death of King Kerwyr Frostbeard, the Stormfist were unwanted by both Urguan and the Clan they served; the Frostbeards. Because of this they were forced into exile, living in the cold mountain tops trying to survive in any way they could. During this exile the Clan Father Exnord Stormfist died of starvation, and Begrig was lost in a blizzard. The surviving Clan members elected Exnord’s sons; Boreas Stormfist and his twin brother Notos Stormfist to become the next Clan Fathers. The dwed of Clan Stormfist did not hold a grudge against the Frostbeards, they saw holding such grudge only as a weakness that would hurt them in the future. Because of this, the second generation of Clan Fathers led their people back to Kaz'Ulrah where they expected a new beginning for his people, this time serving a unified nation. In Kaz'Ulrah Boreas Stormfist was granted a clan hall by V erthaik II Frostbeard. Their numbers grew but not fast enough, with time Edel Silvervein came with some silvervein men. His proposal harsh and unwavering; Give us the clan hall or we will put all your clan to the sword. Boreas Stormfist saw this and offered a counter offer to the unwavering Edel. Boreas told him, let us merge clans, take our culture, let my people join you, and merge our sigils, in exchange you will have the clan hall and more men. Edel though about it and agreed. Boreas Stormfist won the battle, he saved his people and their culture. With time the Stormfists became a decent number in the silverveins ranks, and the Stormfist way of life was adopted by many silverveins. With time Edel stepped down as clan father and Boreas Stormfist was elected. Sadly this was not long lived as many Frostbeards despised the Stormfists, and one day the body of Boreas Stormfist was found on the clan hall of the frostbeards. After that day the Stormfists where hunted down like animals alongside the silverveins until all the Stormfists living in the dwarven city were killed. During their time in Atlas the Stormfists thanks to the actions of Egoi Stormfists broke away from the SIlvervein Clan. This was done after Egoi and the Silvervein clan father of the time agreed to cancel the Blue-Silver Concordat. After Egoi's brother's death he stepped down as clan father out of depression, this led the way for the first Clan Mother; Lyra Stormfist. Lyra also became the first Clan leader that led alone without a co-clan Father/mother as its tradition. The Two Pillars of the Stormfists ⌭ Family The first pillar in Stormfist culture is family. To a Stormfist family is the most important thing in this world. Stormfists are always expected to be ready to die defending family. It is a common belief in the clan that when defending a fellow Stormfist the spirit of Wyrvun blesses them with strength to face any foe that threatens the bonds of family, be it physical or metaphysical. ⌭ Honor The second pillar in Stormfist culture is Honor. Because of this a Stormfist is forbidden from begging for anything, including their lives. When captured a Stormfist should not let himself/herself be executed, he should always face death standing. A Stormfist most not fear death as once they die they will be reunited with their ancestors. Lying and equivocating are both shamed upon by the Stormfists. Belief ⌭ Death Stormfists traditionally cremate deceased members on mountaintops. This is so the soul of the deceased can travel to Wyrvun’s embrace being granted a place amongst the stars and the remains can be one with the mountain once more. ⌭ Afterlife If a Stormfist has lived a good life it is said that Wyrvun would grant him or her a place amongst the stars. Thus being able to live eternally looking upon all the realms of existence and learning from them. It is believed that the stars that show in our skies are the Souls of great descendants who gained Wyrvun’s admiration so they were placed there as to show the rest of their kin how far they can go. ⌭ Children of Wyrvun As beloved children of Wyrvun the Stormfists are always ready to march to war against those who declare war on a nation that is also composed of worshipers of Wyrvun, such as the Frostbeards and the Snow elves. Trials ✧The cleansing Before starting the great trial a beardling must cleanse himself. To do so said beardling needs to make a pilgrimage to a shrine of Wyrvun. There he will have to give a sacrifice (minas, weapon, or blood sacrifice) and pray to Wyrvun. ✧The Great Trial Once blessed and cleansed by Wyrvun the beardlings would travel in a group to form part of a hunt. In this hunt they will have to assist in killing a Wyvern. If the beardling shows bravery during the hunt he will pass the trial. ✧The Grand Reward After they killed the Wyvern the beardlings have to remove the heart of the creature. After giving a prayer to Wyrvun and blessing the heart the beardlings are to eat it. ⌭ Art Stormfists appreciate all types of arts. This separates them from many of their kin as many dwarves do not tolerate a lot of music styles. But like most dwarves the Stormfists also see the beauty of dwarven arts and gems. Its common for Stormfists enjoy writing poetry, listening to bards, and admiring paintings. ⌭ Philosophy Stormfists belive in a constant evolution of things through struggle, in particular the body and the mind. The harsh environment of the mountain tops helps their body evolve, but their mind needs something else to be sharpened. To strenghthen the mind the Stormfists developed an extremely critical way to look at their surroundings and each other’s opinions. This allowed the Stormfists not to break appart when they have ethical differences, as for a Stormfist if an action can be reasoned to be good it is not an evil action. ⌭ Astrology The Stars, Moon, and Sun have great impact in Stormfist’s culture. They see the study of these astral bodies almost as a religious task. With this knoledge the Stormfists have been able to guide themselves through the mountains as well as knowing in what season they were. A Stormfist would not hesitate to learn more about these bodies and those that worship them. Immportant Stormfists Exmord “The Tall” Stormfist, Clan Father of the First Generation Belrig “The Short” Stormfist,Clan Father of the First Generation Boreas Stormfist, Clan Father of the Second Generation Notos Stormfist, Clan Father of the Second Generation Vestrig "mighty" Stormfist, Clan Father of the Third Generation Egoi "liberator" Stormfist, Clan Father of the Third Generation Lyra Stormfist, First Clan Mother and first sole Clan Leader Oya II Stormfist, Second Clan Mother and second sole Clan Leader Egoi "liberator" Stormfist, Clan Father of the Third Generation, Third Sole Clan Leader ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------