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Found 87 results

  1. SimplySeo

    The Iron Guard of Kal'Varoth

    “Mer’azunnoth thas’kaznok, da Urguan’kadan ath ayna othok! Olkodran var’nazka karen’kladianmar!” (Beware my enemy, the sons of Urguan are upon you! Nothing will break our shields!) The Iron Guard of Kal’Varoth The Iron Guard of Kal’Varoth is the successor guild to the Ironbreakers of yore, acting as an independent organization following the second military reformation of the Underrealms. Beholden only to their Marshall and their Lord Commander, the Iron Guard inherit the legacy of Urguan’s heavily armored defenders. Putting their emphasis on discipline, tactics, and a strong command structure, they hold the line against the Underrealm’s foes. Forming an indomitable shieldwall of iron and steel. Their two primary duties on the battlefield are holding the position granted to them no matter the staggering costs, and pinning enemy formations so they might be flanked. Off the battlefield, they serve as the primary police force of the inner city, where their ability to take a beating, coupled with their more...Level-headed nature in comparison to the marauders, makes them ideal for enforcing law and order. In short, they are the successors to Dungrimm’s Legion, which has undergone reorganization following a decentralization of the Legion. The Iron-Guard of Kal’Varoth was founded by, and currently led by former lieutenant, Jorvin Starbreaker. Essential Ranks; Ranks that are required at all times to be filled. Lord Commander (Thrumm’velerakian) The highest rank within the Guard. The Lord Commander serves as both the primary field-commander of the Guard, but also the chief representative of the Iron Guard on the War Council. The Lord Commander is not a rank earned only through honor (Though to be honorable is certainly a requirement) but he must also possess an understanding of general strategy, and logistics. Lieutenant (Barel’rikkin) Serving as the hands of the Lord Commander, both on and off the battlefield. Lieutenants are the boots on the ground, fighting as commanding officers in the shieldwall and making the quick decisions the Lord Commander is not present for. Ironbreaker (Khro’nazkarumm) Senior soldiers of the Iron Guard, having served at least a decade as an Ironguard. It is the Ironbreakers who the Commanders relies upon to be unwavering, and to never retreat in the face of overwhelming odds unless the order is given. Ironguard (Khron’akvel) A full-fledged rank and file soldier of the Iron Guard. Clad in Black Ferrum armor, sporting a spear, sidearm (Often a short sword or war-axe) and a tower shield. The most numerous rank. New Blood (Cast’ardol) A fresh recruit often homeless and clanless, yet to prove themselves. The ‘Grunt’ rank of the Iron Guard, armed with simply a blade and round-shield. Secondary Ranks; Ranks whose duties may be performed by commanding officers in the event there are not enough Guards to perform these tasks. Quartermaster (Ironguard or higher) The one in charge of procuring, and maintaining the arms and armor of the Guard. It is the duty of the Quartermaster to ensure all members of the guard are well provisioned with weapons, a full suit of armor, and at least a week’s rations. Watch-Captain (Ironbreaker or higher) The most experienced of Law-Enforcers in the Guard, tasked with ensuring regular patrols are conducted within the designated area, that the laws of Urguan are followed to the letter among the Guard, and enforcing a high standard of honor and professionality among the guard.. More importantly the Watch-Captain is tasked with maintaining order and discipline in the Guard, and dealing out punishments should the rules be disregarded. These punishments may range from demotion towards in the most extreme cases, execution of deserters. The most extreme punishments however require approval from a commanding officer. Artillery Sergeant (Lieutenant or higher) The one tasked with training the Guard on the construction, maintenance, and usage of artillery pieces, as this is often information the common infantrymen lacks. On the field of battle if he is not busy in the shield-wall, he will be tasked with commanding an artillery battery. Standard Bearer (Any) Among the most important, yet dangerous jobs is that of the standard bearer. It is he who carries the flag of Urguan into battle and ensuring it never fall into enemy hands. The Standard Bearer works to direct soldiers on the field with his flag, ensuring no contingents of the war-party end up lost. Perks and benefits Free sleeping quarters and storage within the barracks of Kal’Varoth Tax-cut of fifty percent, meaning should a member of the Guard own property, they need only pay half the normal amount. Should the member of the Guard be grievously wounded in battle, he shall be compensated of a sum ranging from 100-400 minas, depending on the extent of his injury. A member of the Guard may use his armor and weapons in whatever manner they wish after it has been provided for them. However, should a suit be lost, they will only be provided 1. Kit per stone week. Duties and Code of Conduct; Tasks consist of the duties required every Iron Guard, with promotions and demotions based on how well, or poorly these tasks are performed. Patrol Duty. The Iron Guard are tasked with ensuring both the Inner-City of Kal’Varoth, and the Underways remain cleared of hostiles and illegal activities. This includes checking on passersby to ensure all is well. Any complaints should be noted and promptly investigated by one or more on-duty Iron Guards. Surface checks. Similar to the above, the Iron Guard may at times, be tasked with patrolling Urguanite lands above ground, this includes the Hefrumm Village and nearby road systems. Let it be noted that should activity be sighted alone the road, the reporting Guard is to seek the support of another guardsmen before dealing with any bandits. The only exception of this is if a life is in danger, at which point the Guard is required to put themselves between the attacker and victim without hesitation. Gate Duty. Every member of the Iron Guard, including the command-strata are not only encouraged but expected to take gate duty upon themselves, to ensure at all times the inner city remains secure. Construction. Should the nation undertake vast projects, it is the duty of the Iron Guard to offer their assistance, be it in the actual building, or in obtaining the resources to do so. The Code of Conduct is a general series of guidelines and rules on how one must behave when on-duty as a member of the Guard, as their behavior while in armor reflects upon the collective honor of the Guard. Honor At all times, a member of the Iron Guard is a gentlemen, first and foremost. He must conduct himself dutifully, lending aid to any Dwarf who require it, and do so without audible complaint. Discipline The task given to the Iron Guard in battle is simple, and it is one they must follow until their deaths. As a wall of iron, they are the vanguard, the first to hold back enemy hordes, only retreating when a general fall-back is announced, and only doing so until all other forces have left the field safely. Loyalty While a member of the Guard may in private, question the orders of his commanding officer, he must not do so while in the field. An Iron Guard is expected to follow their orders without complaint, and to do so in public is a punishable offense. Secondly, upon assuming a senior rank (Ironbreaker or above) an Iron Guard is expected to swear an oath of loyalty, not to the King or council, but the Articles of Urguan, and the principals the Underrealm was founded on. Sacrifice Above all other things, the Iron Guard are true sons and daughters of Urguan. As such, it is to them that falls the sacred task of protecting Urguan’s folk from internal and external threats alike. Be it eldritch demon, lusted for the blood of descendants, or rebellious dwed who threaten to unmake all that we have bled for. The Shieldwall will not break, and if we are to die, we will die standing. ' “Oz’kazak khor’nerroth’akveluron! Keznol’Brathmordakin mer’ulro Khazadmar!” (To war Guardians of the Deep-Realm! Ancestor Gods be with us!) Formations Vel - Vertical line. - Formation always has the leader in front - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - Not default stance when inactive Dree Vel - Multiple vertical lines. - Formation always has the leader in front - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - May be default stance when inactive if numbers exceed 8 soldiers - Continues going down in rows to accompany all soldiers Aemiz - Horizontal line - Formation always has the leader in front - Row will not be used during march - Default stance when inactive if number is less than 8 soldiers Tekom - Formation has leader in the center - Important individuals will be hosted on the inside - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - Rarely used during march due to difficulty to maintain - Not default stance when inactive Khain’ohin - Half-ring formation - Leader stands in the center of the primary line, one or more Dwed on each of his flanks - Remaining troops take position on either side of the center, to surround the center party in a broken ring - Used when communicating with a second armed party, to ensure that they are surrounded should they become hostile Application RP Name: MC Name: Race/Subrace: Discord name and number: Have you served in previous Dwarven militaries? If so, which: (You may be entitled to skip the ‘New-Blood’ rank, proceeding directly to Iron-Guard or Ironbreaker) Report to either Lord Commander Jorvin Starbreaker (DixieDemolisher/Seo#0650) or Grand Marshall Gimli Grandaxe (Dwarven Daddy/Lt. Big M.#4933) for your uniform/skin
  2. BY ORDER OF THE GRAND MERCHANT For the benefit and prosperity of the sons of Urguan. All registered vendors (as per mandate M-002-OE) operating within all territories under the suzerainty of the Under-King of Urguan are required to file the following performance report with the Grand Treasury of Urguan at their earliest convenience. Failure to do so will result in a 100 mina late filing fee. The following form must be completed every stone month and delivered to the Grand Merchant. Failure to do so will result in standard taxation rates for your business, which are in most cases higher than adjusted taxes. Falsification of the material below is a punishable offense. VENDOR REPORT FORM [VF-K]: Owner Identification ((IGN)): Name of Owner: Major items sold: As of the current stone month ending [IG calendar date] Total Items in Shop Chest: Estimated Money Made from Shop(/sns receipts): Do you trade with non-dwarven businesses?: [YES] [NO] If yes, how much profit have you made from this trade?: If yes, how much items have you traded and for what?: Do you keep formal books?: [YES] [NO] If so you may be entitled to a tax break! *Note: Guilds must file separately from vendor businesses and do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Grand Treasury. Guilds are not eligible for tax subsidies from the Grand Treasury. IT IS SO ORDERED UNDER AUSPICE OF ARMAKAK Mandate Identification #: M-003-OE
  3. BY ORDER OF THE GRAND MERCHANT For the benefit and prosperity of the sons of Urguan. All vendors operating within the territories under the suzerainty of the Under-King of Urguan are required to register their shops at their earliest convenience. The purpose of this registration is to gauge the state of Urguani industry for all registering vendors. Failure to register your shop within one stone week of its creation constitutes a violation of Treasury laws and may be grounds for mina penalties. Operations currently active in the Under Realms are encouraged to fill out the following form as soon as possible to avoid late penalties. It is imperative that all active vendors register with the Treasury to take advantage of upcoming bond issuances, tax breaks and government subsidies. VENDOR REGISTRATION FORM [VF-R]: Owner Identification ((IGN)): Name of Owner: Name of Shop: Location of Shop: What Items do you Sell?: After your form has been processed, please speak to the Grand Merchant or the Officer of Operations to confirm. IT IS SO ORDERED UNDER AUSPICE OF ARMAKAK Mandate Identification #: M-002-OE
  4. BY ORDER OF THE GRAND MERCHANT For the benefits of the regal purse and the national coffers. The Grand Treasury declares that a new taxation system is in effect, meant to facilitate the burden of taxes on the sons of Urguan. All registered citizens of mature age must purchase tax papers at the end of every stone week. Taxation collection shall be on [SATURDAY]. Taxation papers can be bought from the office of the Grand Treasury, located above the Legion Hall in the old Grandaxe Clan Hall. Once you have purchased taxation papers, please place them in the appropriate chest designated with your address– also located in the grand treasury. Taxation is 100 minas per house-holding citizen, 50 minas per legionnaire (Note: tax paper purchases made by legionnaires shall be effective for two weeks at 100 minas). Vendors must buy shop tax papers in addition to housing taxation papers. Shop tax papers cost 100 minas per each double-chest in the shop. Shop designation has been given either to the left or right of your shop tarp. Failure to pay your housing tax obligations after two stone weeks will result in eviction [unless the property has been purchased]. Failure to pay your shop taxes after two stone weeks will result in eviction. NOTE ON PREPAYMENTS: unless you own the house you are residing in, prepayment of taxes beyond two stone weeks does not protect against eviction beyond those two stone weeks if the government-leased home is found to be vacant and inactively used. IT IS SO ORDERED UNDER AUSPICE OF ARMAKAK Mandate Identification #: M-002-GM
  5. Fimlin

    A Drunk Dwarf in an Empty Tavern

    The dwed slumped drunkenly over the expanse of table before him. The hour was long past midnight and the tavern had been closed for- in fact the tavern had barely even opened. And for that reason a tired and low-spirited Fimlin chose his lonely seat in the back of the Bearded Lady. The Under-Realm had been doing fairly well, the Legion was on the rise, and there were many plans Fimlin had laid out for the success of the dwedmar. But it wasn’t enough, the dwedmar remain far from the vision he had for their prosperity. The state of the nation had all the hallmarks of the failed Urguan state before, and this troubled Fimlin dearly. With a burst of drunken anger and self-loathing, Fimlin began to speak to himself in the tavern; “T’is is fock’n madness, all of it t’is load of ‘orsehoite tha’ weh’ve, tha’ ah’ve gotten us into.” “This is nae wot ah intended fer me kin, bloodeh ‘ell. The Under-Realm was supposed to be different t’en the Grand Kingdom, and ‘ere ah am lead’n down the same path.” “Tryin’ to rebuild ah fallen administration all ah ended up doin’ was expanden the reach, an’ control of the Urguan government. And all tha’ ‘as done is place ah chokehold over our people.” “We’ve become ah government tha’ exists only to say “Nae” or “Don’t” an’ offer nothin’ bu’ emptiness to our people.” “Ah cannae look a young beardlin’ in the eyes an’ tell him ‘ey can be w’oever ‘ey wants to, an’ go and do as ‘is heart takes him. Nae instead all ah can say is “Nae, weh’ve not got an Engineer’s guild, but ye can join the Legion, the Legion is vereh important to ensurin’ tha’ this system stays in place.” “Ah may ‘ave grown up in the era of control, an’ large dwarven government, and those days are long gone. The large dwarven government focked up an’ is nothin’ but ah failed model.” “Ah’ll be damned if ah let this go the way it ‘as in the past, ah’ll be damned if ah screw up this chance fer the resurgence of our people because ah had ah failure of imagination.” “Ah spent ah fair ‘mount of me toime recently puttin’ resitrctions on dwarven freedoms. Bloodeh ‘ell ahm goin to spend the rest o’ me reign expand’n the liberties an’ freedoms of the dwedmar and nae longer the control an’ oppression.” With the rant having ended, Fimlin’s drunken body let out a deep sigh before passing out on the table. [[For those of you don't know, the Dwarven nation is struggling with activity at the moment and is under the threat of being removed as a nation. We have very little time to correct this and thus our plans for bringing a revival of the dwarves cannot pan out in time. I’d ask that anyone willing to come to the Dwarven capital Kal’Varoth please do and help us out, so that we may remain as one of the core communities on LotC. To get to the capital follow the signs that say Agnarum and or Urguan and the coords are x: -1075 and z: -858]]
  6. The Under-Realm River of Kismet Location: The Under-Realm River of Kismet is a peculiar underground river deep within the mines of Kal’Varoth, the capital city of the Under-Realm of Urguan. It lies at the end of a long series of cave systems. One could reach the river without much trouble if equipped with proper cave traversal equipment and a proper amount of provisions. Geography: The trek to the river begins at the entrance to the mines in Kal’Varoth. At first, the mines are heavily worked, with various mining tools being scattered about the cave. Deeper in the cave, dwarven work become scarcer and scarcer until reaching the breach leading towards the Under-Realm River of Kismet. Once on the path to the river, untouched cave passageways and chambers bring whoever wanders them deeper and deeper underground. Gemstones and ores are abundant, and shine brilliant colors off the light of an explorer’s torch. Further down, a silvery moss begins covering a single long passageway. The moss holds no special properties in and of itself, but nutrients within the moss give hallucinogenic effects to whoever touches the flowers blooming from the moss, pszichedelikus virag. The jade colored flowers, pszichedelikus virag, give off a slight glow and induce intense hallucinogenic effects onto anyone who makes direct skin contact anywhere on the flower. All five senses are dramatically altered for a time dependent on how long one makes direct skin contact with the flowers. Effects on Afflicted Dependent on Time 1-4 seconds: Intense hallucinogenic effects, the afflicted’s senses are all dramatically altered. Paranoia, feeling of invulnerability, and deep retrospection are typical during the experience. The experience is manageable by oneself, albeit very hard. Being assisted by someone else will likely aid the health of the afflicted. Effects will last around twelve hours, and the afflicted will feel normal after about sixteen hours. 5-10 seconds: Heightened hallucinogenic effects, the afflicted’s senses are severely impaired. They will likely be unable to function on their own for at least a day. If not monitored, it is likely the afflicted will accidentally harm and/or kill themselves. The effects will dissipate after a day, but it will take three days for the afflicted to feel normal once again. “Afterglow” effects occur after the initial days time is up, affecting one sense at a time. An afterglow could be as harmless as smelling food that is not there to feeling like you are burning alive despite being physically normal. 10+ seconds: The afflicted will experience severe hallucinogenic effects that almost entirely alter their sense of reality. Manic behavior is certain as the afflicted will be completely out of touch with what is and isn’t reality. After about three hours, the afflicted will suffer a brain aneurysm and die. Geography cont.: Picking the flowers from the moss will kill the flower immediately, as they cannot be separated from the moss; however, they can be transported assuming the moss it is growing off of is still alive. If the flower is dead, only minor hallucinogenic effects, similar to making contact with the flower for one to four seconds, will occur regardless of how long contact is made. The buds that have yet to bloom are entirely harmless to touch. The river itself is at the apparent end to the passageway, and it flows from the right wall downwards to the left. Darkness covers both the right and left as well as across. Any attempts to traverse the river will be met with an increase in the current speed to the point where one cannot possibly swim in it. The water is around twenty feet deep. If contact is made with the water, no matter what or where, the one who made contact will be unable to break free, and they will be swept down the river by a sudden burst in the current’s speed. Civilization: There are no civilizations evident at all in this area. History: Not much is currently understood of the cave system leading up to the river. The companion post in the spoiler sheds some light on its discovery and the initial expedition, but nothing is evident from its exploration thus far. *wink* Purpose: The purpose of this world lore is to introduce the beginning of a (hopefully) long series of areas I hope to create for the dwarves of Arcas. This area is not purposed to be a one-off event area, but an interesting place to explore and build in. Creating a common story around this area and future areas will provide a meaningful, entertaining story for players, even non-dwarves if they want to show up. The area is meant to have a consistent purpose, rather than a mob pool and RP item hand out. Players will able to interact in this area by building in the larger chambers, and exploring the passageway down to the river. Interaction with the flowers has the potential for an enjoyable RP experience, and further interaction with the cave itself. This does and will not interfere with any canon present on LotC as this is a completely original idea to the best of my knowledge, and does not involve other pieces aside from the standard dwarven lore.
  7. Burnsy

    What's Under the Under-Realm?

    What’s Under the Under-Realm? by Burnsy In a small, musty storage room at the entrance to the mines within the halls of Kal’Varoth, a group of eight dwarves stand around a table in the center of the room in total silence. Various pieces of well-kept mining equipment are organized by shelf, but the dwarves are already outfitted in their own personal equipment. The echoes of hammers clanging on black iron, and the crackling of the fires in the forges can be heard; however, the typical hustle and energy of life in the Under-Realm of Urguan is absent in this compact storage room. The dwarves standing around the table study a map of the known tunnels in the Under-Realm, but they plan to venture deeper than any map could take them. The previous day, whilst working deep in the mines, a clan elder and his beardling happened to break into an uncharted section of the cave. The Grand Prospector, Dwarger Silvervein, was informed by the elder, and so he dispatched a crew of highly experienced miners to chart the new system. Any changes in the known cave system could pose a threat to the safety of the Under-Realm, as nobody knows what could be lurking deep within Arcas. Because of this potential danger, only the best would dare take up the challenge of exploring the vast subterranean maze. All the dwed standing in the storage room understood that even the slightest mistake could mean the cave becoming a crypt for them all. After the last of the crew had arrived in the storage room, a final check was conducted to ensure all present were ready for the expedition. With the preparations complete, the crew began their journey deep into the mines of the Under-Realm. The trip took the dwed through massive caverns filled with a multitude of scaffolding and machines used by the general mine workers; however, the presence of other dwarves became less and less apparent as the crew went deeper. Finally, the dwed reached the breach discovered by the elder and beardling, and so they entered. The sounds of the city of Kal’Varoth had long since faded away, and now the only noise present was the gentle dripping of water from overhead stalagmites. Torches carried by the crew of dwed reflected off the untouched walls of the cavern; gemstones and ores projected beautiful red, blues, and greens off the cavern walls. The dwed marched on in silence, knowing they were venturing into darkness that rivaled even the deepest caves the city of Kal’Azgaryum had to offer. The subterrestrial voyagers continued down through the winding passageways and enormous chambers, keeping their eyes sharp for any sign of danger, and marking their personal maps to compare at the end of the voyage. At the far end of a particularly large chamber, the dwarves were stunned by the presence of a thick, silvery moss that seemed to sprout out of the wall. It coated a majority of the back wall, and there was neither an apparent source of water, nor a way around. The leader of the expedition ordered two of the dwarves to draw their axes and inspect the moss as the rest of the group provided adequate light. The two axe-wielding dwed prodded cautiously at the moss with their axes before taking a hefty swing each into the silvery barrier of moss. The axes dug into the moss, and together the two dwed were able to remove a sizeable patch from the wall. Before the dwed now stood another passageway even deeper into the mine. The entrance was blacker than the smoke of the coal fires that raged within the forges of Kal’Varoth. The crew of dwed stood frozen in front of the entrance as a gentle breeze caressed their beards. As the breeze faded, the deafening silence of the chamber became apparent, as not even the sound of dropping water could be heard. The crew then carried on through the breach, torches and axes drawn. Not a single dwed would dare admit to his fear of what could be in the tunnels, but the strained breathing of everyone present spoke the words the dwed could not. Many times in the past had dwedmar run into horrible beings residing deep underground, and many times before had there been great loss of life due to the beasts that resided in the shadows of the caverns the dwedmar called home. The crew found themselves in a narrow passageway, covered top to bottom in the same moss they had broken through a moment ago, but there was yet to be an indication of any waterways this deep. As the dwarves progressed further down the passageway, small buds began appearing on the moss, dotting the walls and ceiling of the passage. One of the dwarves tapped a bud with his axe and picked it off the wall. Upon inspection, the bud showed nothing of interest, almost as if it could belong to a regular flower on the surface. After what seemed like an eon of walking down the long passageway, the company of dwarves stopped for a small rest. The dwarves sat eating small provisions they had packed for the journey, making sure to keep torches around the passage to ensure they would not be interrupted in the middle of their meal. After finishing up their allotted provisions, the crew began assembling their gear to continue forward. The gentle rustling of rucksacks being packed and closed was interrupted by the clatter of a small rock knocked down the passageway by one of the crew. The rock tumbled down into the endless darkness, the sounds echoing back until a small splash cut off the echoes entirely. The company headed further to inspect the source of the splash. The buds that had been dotting the passageway now gave way to dazzling jade colored flowers, a very faint glow surrounded each of the flowers, but before any of the dwed could further inspect the strange below ground blossoms the sound of rushing water filled everyone’s ears. What waited for the dwarves at the end of the seemingly endless passageway was an underground river. It intersected the narrow passageway, and ran down into an even deeper section of the cave out of the sight of the dwarves. The water came from under a wall to the right of the passageway, but the water was clearly too deep for the crew to safely traverse. Despite numerous attempts at lighting the way, the dwarves failed to see past the edge of the water; darkness swallowed any light past the river. The dwarves had struck a dead end. The company stood befuddled at the presence of a waterway so deep. One dwarf knelt down and ran their hand through the water. It glistened in the light of the torches, and was so pure and calm that the dwarf kneeling down could see his own reflection. It was cool and smooth to the touch, and a sense of calm enveloped the dwarf with his hand in the water. When the dwarf attempted to stand back up, his hand got caught in the water at the wrist as if he got it stuck in a long tube. He pulled harder, but to no avail, his hand remained firmly under the water. Confusion turned to panic as the continued efforts of escape only began dragging the dwarf along with the current. Other members of the company attempted to pull their companion back to safety, but the current only began picking up, roaring louder and louder until getting to such a point that the dwarf whose hand was stuck in the water was ripped down the waterway into a blanket of blackness. Not even a scream could be heard from down the waterway as the dwarves stood in awe at what they had witnessed. The current calmed down once again, and the company was left one member short, and devoid of a rational explanation for what they had just experienced.
  8. sneakybandit

    Da Arkammar oz Zarhere

    Da Arkammar oz Zarhere The Legion of Mercy - Soldiers of the Brathmordakin “Da Arkammar oz Zarhere”, or Legion of Mercy, is a holy order founded in the year 1710 by old members of the defunct Kirja Dverga of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Dungrimm’s Folk, and the Khaz’Lordak. As faithful followers of the Brathmordakin, the Legion views itself as having been charged by the Brathmordakin with both the defense of the faithful and the complete obliteration of threats to Yemekar’s Creation. Hierarchy of The Legion Grand Master The Grand Master is one of the three ranking leaders of the Legion of Mercy. The duties of the Grand Master will include those of a religious nature, ensuring the legionnaires are well versed in Brathmordakin worship and temple teachings. Marshal As another of the three ranking leaders, the Marshal is charged with conducting the military affairs of the Legion and leads all conflicts he is present for. Seneschal While not a leadership role in the traditional sense, the Seneschal is in charge of the finances and funds of the Legion. Additionally, the Seneschal serves as the third and final member of the leadership triumvirate. Initiate Master The Initiate Master is not tied to any one specific Temple but is responsible for the training of the different Initiates and Disciples and is considered equal to a Temple Master. Siege Master The Siege Master is a skilled engineer who’s duties will include the construction and technological advancement of siege constructs as well as the improvement of standard issue gear. Temple Master A Temple Master is the first highest ranking official of a single Temple and serves as the leader for said Temple. Selected by the Grand Master from among that Temple’s Disciple’s, the Temple Master is responsible for carrying out the mission of the Legion in their respective Temple and ensuring the next generation of Legionnaires is prepared. Standard Bearer While not technically a ranking official, the Standard Bearer is a Disciple who has been given the honor of carrying one of the banners of the Legion into battle. Disciple A Disciple is a standard member of the Legion. Given that they’ve successfully completed the training as an initiate, the legionnaire will ascend to the rank of Disciple where they will be considered a full member of the Legion. Initiate When a faithful follower of the Brathmordakin first desires to join the Legion, they will enter as an Initiate. While not yet considered a full fledged member of the Legion, they will be responsible for completing the standard training of a legionnaire before they may be considered for the promotion of Disciple. Commandments of the Legion A legionnaire must be a faithful worshipper of the Brathmordakin. Betrayal of the Legion or heretical trespasses against the Brathmordakin shall warrant death. By Dungrimm’s Command, the Legion shall hunt Khorvadic spawn until their complete obliteration. As Anbella is the source of all mercy, so too shall the Legion follow her example by defending the weak and promoting faithful worship of the Brathmordakin. Faithful followers of the Brathmordakin may not be harmed by the Legion save for in self defence. Holdings of The Legion Varoth’Akvel - A massive fortress built into one of the support pillars of the Underrealm, the citadel is the primary defense of the capital of the Underrealms of Urguan and the primary Temple of Da Arkammar oz Zahrer. Ram Ranch Temple- Overseen by Temple Master Midgor Ireheart, Ram Ranch is one of the largest farmsteads supplying to the Underrealms and beyond. Khaz’Kadan Temple - Led by Temple Master Dimlin Irongut, Khaz’Kadan serves as a special retreat for the Legion with the only hot spring spas in the entire Underrealm. Oath of the Legion - Joining Our Ranks Seeking to serve the Brathmordakin? Desire to vanquish the undead? Send in the form below or seek out a Temple Master today! -===========- [MC Name] : RP Name : Race : Why do you desire to join? : -===========-
  9. Beamon4

    Legion Standard Training Guide

    BY ORDER OF THE MARSHALL, The following reforms to the training schedules of Dungrimm’s Legion, the main defensive body of the Under Realms of Urguan, shall be put into effect immediately for the betterment and security of Dwarven soldiers: (1) Legion practices shall from here-on forth be hosted by the Grand Marshall or one of his Commanders twice every stone week (Saturday and Sunday.) (2) To ensure maximum activity, payment to legionnaires shall only be doled out during these practices. Honor for the stone-week shall only be legitimized during these practices. (a)If a soldier does not attend a practice during the stone week(without adequate reason) for which he has recorded honor, that honor will be void. (b)If a soldier does not attend a practice(without adequate reason) at the end of the month to redeem his monthly payment, that payment shall be void and irredeemable. The commanders shall accommodate this by hosting several more practices during the last week of each stone month. (3) During the weekly practices, legionnaires shall be grouped into platoons of four; this shall be the basis for the following exercises. STANDARD STRUCTURE FOR LEGION TRAINING SESSIONS: Begin by paying the present soldiers and then dividing the present legionnaires into platoons of four, or of a lower number if there are less legionnaires, such that it is possible for squadrons of more than one person to fight and advance so as to replicate battle. BEGIN WITH FORMATIONS TRAINING: AEMIZ, VEL, DREE VEL, TEKOM. I. MELEE COMBAT: legionnaire platoons shall be matched up against one another to learn how to fight hand-to-hand with blunt weapons against other contingent platoons. This aims to replicate battle better than one on one fighting, as battle involves multiple soldiers. Platoons will be ranked by their progression against other platoons and the winners of the practice games will be awarded honour and a monetary bonus. II. MISSILE SKIRMISH: platoons shall fight each other with bows and arrows outside the mountain on a field in close range and open range combat. They will be ranked, the highest ranking in each category then granted honour and a monetary bonus. IIIa. SIEGE TACTICS/CAPTURE THE FLAG (only end-of week practices): two mock palisades camps shall be constructed on the fields of Agnarum at least 150 meters ((blocks)) apart. Legionnaires shall be divided into two evenly sized groups, who will fight to get to the center of the other group’s palisade fort in order to capture their flag. Instead of wearing their helmets they will wear their group banners. This can be done either outrightly or covertly. The winning group will be awarded honour and the person who captured the flag will be awarded money. If multiple soldiers captured the flag at the same time, they must fight each other and the winner of this shall be awarded the monetary bonus. IIIb. CAVALRY TACTICS (only beginning-of-week practices): soldiers shall be given horses and they shall be divided into two cohorts. Instead of wearing the helmets they will wear their banners. Soldiers can use both melee and missile weaponry. They will organize on an open field and play two matches whereby they charge at each other from pre-selected regions in the terrain. The surviving members of the winning cohort will be awarded honor and minas. Then, the second cavalry game will take place. The surviving members of this iteration winning cohort will also be awarded honor and minas. PRACTICES ARE THE QUICKEST WAY OF EARNING HONOR. IN ADDITION TO TRADITIONAL HONOR MEANS, PRACTICE ACTIVITIES GIVE THE FOLLOWING HONOR AND MINAS: COMPENSATION TABLE FOR WEEKLY PRACTICES (SQUAD TOTAL): Drill: MELEE MISSILE SIEGE CAVALRY TOTALS: Practice A (start of week) 20 honor; material 15 honor; material N/A 15 honor material 40 honor; 200 material Practice B (end of week) 2o honor; material 15 honor; material 35 honor; material N/A 60 honor; 225 material These compensations are for the winners of each practice only, as described by the drills elaborated on above. Anything marked with an x after it signifies the honor multiplied by the amount of people in winning squadron. Promotions will be handed out at the end of each practice if a soldier exceeds the honor needed for their promotion during that practice. At practices, honor will be granted, but depending on the disposition of the soldier during practice honor may also be taken away. Soldiers found to be acting irrational or, at worst, stark raving mad, will have 20 honor deducted from them per incident. SOLDIERS WHO DO NOT ATTEND ONE PRACTICE PER WEEK(WITHOUT ADEQUATE REASON) WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR SWIFT PROMOTION. SOLDIERS WHO DO NOT ATTEND THREE PRACTICES PER MONTH WILL BE DISCHARGED DISHONORABLY FOR TRUANCY. Active legionnaires will be granted a 70 mina discount on house purchases, and a 50 mina discount in tax. IT IS SO ORDERED Will an FM please pin and lock this? Thanks
  10. The Longbeards of Urguan -=<=-=>=- “For centuries, the Dwarven Legion has been the standing military force and cornerstone for the dwarven populace. Over these many years, countless dwarves have served in The Legion and are veterans of many battles. These veterans remain with us, however few remain in active service with the Legion, though also display the will to fight and defend the Under-Realm. To this purpose shall the Longbeard Regiment of the Legion be formed.” The Longbeards of Urguan are veterans of the many battles fought by the Dwarven Legion, and make up a more reserved section of the Legion. The Longbeards operate as active service Legionnaires, however they are not mandated any active service outside of war-time. Longbeards receive full benefits of Legionnaires, however this does not provide immunity towards any taxes or activity checks done outside of the Legion. Longbeards do not receive pay, unless put into full active service during war-time. The Longbeard Regiment recruits under an involuntary invitation-only basis. The regiment does not accept applications or resumes. The Longbeard Regiment is adherent to all orders of the Legion command, and may only operate within the bounds set by the Legion command and laws of the Under-Realm. The Longbeard Regiment operates as a semi-reservist force. Requiring no regular attendance but also being able to carry out Legion assignments, and enforce the laws of Urguan. The Longbeard Regiment may be called into full active service during war-time. The Longbeard Regiment receives full Legion benefits but no pay while not in war-time. Ranks of the Longbeards -=<=-=>=- All veteran dwarves are given respect regardless of the circumstances or length of their time served, and thus the Longbeard Regiment only has two ranks. Longbeard Commander The leadership and command of the Longbeard Regiment. Longbeard Veteran dwarven Legionnaires who are capable warriors skilled in the art of warfare. -=<=-=>=- Longbeard Regiment Office The Longbeard Office is the base of operations for the regiment. It is located on the third level at the address VE408. Free lockers for all homeless Longbeards are available.
  11. LadyViolet

    The Return of The Old Trees

    9th of The Amber Cold, 1709 The Return of The Old Trees The sun rose on a glorious morning for the forest dwarves living in there untouched part of the dwarven kingdom, not full of stone and raging furnaces loud sounds of scraping metal or the clank of a hammer striking a anvil. The village would have the peaceful sound of the wind blowing in the trees, birds singing there cheerful songs and the sound of the forest dwarves who live there playing peacefully together without a care in the world. A new noise entered the village on this day the noise of the old and wise re-entering the elder clan has returned back to the village to spread there wisdom and to seek out old and new bonds with the forest dwarves once again. The Treebeard clan has resurfaced from there little holes in the ground to retiring back to there kin once more under the guidance of Ozneat Treebeard. To all forest dwarves seeking out a clan or knowledge of the clan of old it is urged to seek out the village of the Hefrumm to reconnect to your family bonds The Sigil of the Hefrumm
  12. Beamon4

    -=-Clan Irongut-=-

    The Ironguts The Ironguts are the longest living clan amongst the Dwedmar, being true Cave Dwarves at heart. Since the reign of Urguan, many Ironguts have held influential and vital roles, including Kings, Lords, and some even among the Order of Ascended. With these positions, the Ironguts have helped shape the world we see now. Through the forging of great weapons,the spelunking of cavernous ruins, and delving deep into the arcane, the Ironguts have been highly regarded among the Dwedmar. Ancient History of the Clan Modern History of the Clan Clan Government and Laws > The majority of decisions are made by the Clan Father, who solely holds the responsibility to lead the Clan. The Clan Father, chosen by a majority vote by the Elders of the clan, should represent the beliefs of the Clan. It is very rare, if ever, that a Clan Father is removed by the Elders. His word is the final say in matters > Elders of the Clan are elected by the Clan members themselves by popular vote. Elders are responsible for leading the clan members in place of the Clan Father is he cannot be there. > Elders are to reflect the Clan tenets directly onto the Clan members and beardlings. They also handle the initiation and teaching of magic to beardlings in the Clan. Clan Culture Forging of Weapons A tradition where those with the skills to use the Forge will often forge personal weapons. These weapons are a symbol of the Clansman's style of fighting and often have a symbol of the creator upon them somewhere, identifying them as that specific person. Many famous weapons are under possession of the clan, for example the famed blade of Dwain I Irongut, Mourgil, which is now in the hands of Balek Irongut. Beard Braiding Just having a simple beard is not enough for the Ironguts. The Clansmen can often be seen with braids in their beards. These can be as simple as forking the beard in two or as complex as weaving it into an intricate braid, some even weaving in gems, or adding rings of metal. The clan members grow their beards long and are careful not to burn them in the forge or get torn in battle. Magic Ironguts are known users of magic,and the only Dwarven Clan capable of learning Void Magic. Any member of the clan has the right to learn magic, so long as the member can follow the Clan rules. Those inclined to learn should first speak with an Elder in order to begin training. All apprentices are expected to be patient during the process of learning, as it is not a simple one. Magic is considered a sacred tradition within the Ironguts. Clan Crest The Ironguts often adorn a crest composed of a mug of ale and a sword to show that it was sent from an Irongut. We take pride in being Ironguts and won’t hesitate if we get a chance to show it! Clan Banners The Ironguts have always used their banners to mark their homes and Clan halls in the past. The banner is composed of our Clan crest and our Clan colors, silver and blue Clan Diplomacy Clan Ireheart: Friendly Clan Grandaxe: Friendly Clan Doomforge: Neutral Clan Frostbeard: Hostile Clan Irongrinder: Neutral Clan Goldhand: Neutral Clan Treebeard: Neutral Clan Starbreaker: Neutral Clan Silvervein: Friendly Clan Hammerforged: Neutral Records of the Ironguts ((Family Tree: https://www.familyecho.com/?p=JBMRI&c=3rihhyqbxa&f=118731965149584681)) Clan Father: Dimlin Irongut (Beamon4) Clan Elders: Bolgnir Irongut(Tide1) Dwain II Irongut (Hiebe) Balek Irongut(Hobolympic) Clan Members: Tharggus Irongut (Tharggus) Balek Irongut (Hobolympic) Yeulf Irongut (IronGroot) Dorin Irongut (DarthArkous) Bolgnir Irongut (Tidemanno) Alfy Irongut(littleyoshy) Sharr Irongut (lordbobby123) Grandour Irongut(SaltyStormJakob) Ulhor Irongut(BlackDwarvenFire) Yor Irongut(punni_boi) Robin Irongut(Pilantos311) Beardlings: Hall of the Deceased: Deceased: Thordon Irongut ((Jordan1921)) Thrym Sliverfist ((NoobCrafert14)) Nurrak Irongut ((Destroyer_Bravo)) Kara Irongut ((skippyoak)) Gamil Irongut ((Unknown)) Belin Irongut ((Skinner541)) Isabelle Irongut ((Unknown)) Whurgar Irongut ((Owl_7)) Theor Irongut ((Blob9000)) Balin Irongut ((darkjames)) Thak Irongut ((GavinTheViking)) Ore'zy Irongut ((lawlmansayshi)) Fariken Irongut((30326)) Rehki Irongut ((bov61)) Smalltoe Irongut ((Musboris)) Nozagen Irongut ((Bov61)) Lilum Irongut ((KarmaDelta)) Chase Irongut((Dtrik)) Goroth Irongut((30326)) Dun Irongut ((blackhawk77g)) Skippy Irongut (skippy369) Honored Dead: Hiebe Irongut ((Hiebe)) Belin Irongut ((Skinner541)) Darius Irongut ((Blackhawk77g)) Phelrin Irongut ((ChAnKoEr)) Susan Irongut ((ABoyNamedSue)) Algrim Irongut ((Isemburt)) Draco Irongut ((RP)) Dwain Irongut ((RP)) Grungron Irongut(James27049) Missing (Previous list purged): Beardling Yurvo (MonkeyFaceGamer) Thorgrim Irongut (irDusk) Kilgrim Irongut (Kilgrim_) Gauldrim Irongut ((Redbench)) Banished: Mili Irongut ((Leland22)) Grimloth Irongut ((jakesimonson)) Tortek Silverfist ((Axmaynard)) Bofauk Irongut ((lawlmansayshi)) Duregar Irongut ((ww2buff99) Sili Irongut ((Leland22)) Aengoth Irongut ((Aengoth)) Uldar Irongut ((Tirenas)) Clan Tenets In-character 1. Respect your elders. Respect those who are older than you. You represent our clan and your actions, good or bad, affect us all. 2. Loyalty to your clan above all else. 3. Help your clansmen when you can. Don't abandon each other in fights, however hard it might be. Out-of-character 1. Your Irongut character should be your main character. 2. If you're an Irongut and you betray the clan, your character, if killed by an Irongut, is perma-dead. 3. Separate RP from OOC, we’re all friends here. Proving of the Lineage (Application) (Copy the below and paste to use) [ MC Name: ] What is your name? Where do you live? What are your primary skills? Short biography (5+ sentences): How are you related to the Irongut Clan? (See family tree, don't create your own father or mother unless you PM the Clan Father): Do you swear loyalty to the Irongut Clan?: OOC Do you agree to follow all the rules of the Irongut Clan? Discord ID? (optional, you can also send it through PM if required)
  13. theldryn

    The Percy family

    The Percy Family Our story begins in Atlas, there a dwarf named Telmarill esteemed member of the Azaghul and brother of Balrog first came to Adria. Upon his arrival, people started to notice that he was in distress. Telmarill came into their society as a mere dwarf but left as a master. He opened the first smith within Adria and he took in an apprentice of course. From that day forward the white smith he was named. Almost at the end of his life, he met a beautiful lady whose name was only heard in Atlas. The Percy name came from her side. Happily into their life, they had two children Henry Percy was his name and his brother Dwain. Henry was half a dwarf and half human, his life would be much longer than his mothers. Henry joined the legion of Renatus, not much later he was discharged by Aldis Chase. He started The Iron Legion and he got cursed along the way. The iron legion had a fortress above mynebor named the shard. The Iron legion did not survive the passage to Arcas. Henry now alone, desperate and no money sat out for Adria. The city of Ves welcomed him with open arms for they knew his father was one of their soldiers a time ago, he became a sergeant in the military. Dwain did not go that route, he became wild. Many years he spent in the wilderness of Atlas, surviving on his own skill. Not much is known after he left the comfort of his home. Henry got banished from Adria not much later by a man named Checkov, he packed his bags and went on his way. On the road, he got stopped and robbed by a man named Edward Marks. His rival for a long time saw that he was alone and he took his chance. He decapitated the man and portrayed him as a traitor upon the bridge to Helena. Kuvira, the third of the brothers was not born by the percy's but in the wild to unknown parents. He made his way into Adria and into the percy's not long after his seventh birthday, he arrived a short time after Henry went away from his parents. Kuvira saw a lot from his new father and became interested in smithing at an early age. He also survived the passage to Arcas. After his brother was killed he made for Adria, where he started The Armitage institute. He believed heavily in the Four, some men did not like that. A priest came one day and heard that he was not a canonist. he approached Kuvira. He said that Kuvira was a heathen for not believing the canon, Kuvira replied with the same thing but for the Four. Not long after that, he got arrested and killed for being a heathen. In his life, he met a man named Jack Rippler. He was not a good man, he had done a lot of wrongs. Kuvira took him in as a brother, Jack is now a part of the Percy family. Let the story of Jack begin. ((don't throw poop, this is a recap of my time on LotC))
  14. DaddyDwarf

    The Coailiton of Renatus.

    Hello my name is Ragnar Thorns- I am on the search for people who are wanting to end the regime of Renatus The Reason Why I want the imperial regime to end is because. They have gone to far sitting on there arses and drinking and playing chess there children are incredibly snobby ,scummy, and spoiled they don't even pay the servants nor do they pay the legionnaires. This is why they need to end the only thing that they I have seen is put up some towers. If anyone is interest please contact me either through bird Discord:ImTheOgDaddy#6527
  15. SimplySeo

    ----<{ Clan Starbreaker }>----

    “Though the night has darkened, and the forge has long since chilled, I do not despair Though sorrow has been wrought, and struggle lie ahead, I shan’t ever falter For as long as stars still adorn the sky above, and the rock does not give way beneath my feet The Line of Gotrek will endure, as we always have.” MUSIC The Starbreakers Kazamar Kornazkarumm Named from the title of their progenitor Gotrek ‘the Starbreaker’ the Starbreakers are an Elder Clan of Cavern Dwarves known for their history as some of the greatest smiths and scholars in Dwarven history. Distinguished by their skin color (or lack of) of light grey, their darker hair colors, and eye colors ranging from amber and brown, to sky, or steel blue. Beyond this all Starbreakers are of the same blood, as adoption is forbidden except in very specific circumstances. Over the centuries they have thus developed a strong focus on family values, this is a defining trait of their clan which is shared by almost all their number. Though they are all well read, personalities vary widely, from wizened, kind, and understanding, to the more ambitious and volatile of their number. Despite this highly polarized nature, they are more often than not unified due to their close-knit traditions, and will stubbornly defend their kinsmen over all other loyalties. They are prideful of their long history, and credit their clan’s founder with the invention both Runesmithing(a talent unfortunately lost to the clan, many years ago) and golemancy, which is still in practice. It is these deeds, and many others that the Starbreakers hold great value in, leading to particularly noteworthy ancestors in their clan’s history being venerated almost to the level of Paragonhood, at least by members of said clan. A smithing family first and foremost, it is of little surprise that Starbreakers who have been raised according to traditional doctrine, follow Yemekar with a borderline fanatical devotion, given his nature as the smithing-God and father of the Brathmordakin. Other popular Gods (though never venerated above the Forgefather) are Anbella, whose role a mother and protector of children earns her great praise from the Kornazkarumm, and Ogradhad who is also commonly prayed to by the more scholarly members of the Clan, as greedily seeking knowledge is a common trait among them. Gotrek, the first of their number is also worshipped more often than not, and is seen as everything a modern Starbreaker should aspire to be. Wayward Starbreakers(those not necessarily raised within the clan) tend not to follow such a zealous practice, but even they respect the Progenitor and Forgefather above all others. Customs and traits Ashen skin A trait common to many Cave Dwarves, but most of all the Starbreakers, is their skin color being of similar shade to the stone in which they reside. The exact color can vary from a dark, almost coal gray, to a lighter, ‘colorless’ gray or somewhere between. This does not act as dark skin among surface dwellers, and in fact often acts in exactly opposite a manner. Starbreaker skin can best be described as the lack of a pigment, and though a tolerance can be built up over time, it is not unusual for Starbreakers to suffer a form of photosensitivity referred to as ‘sun-sickness’. This is not extreme in any regard, and in most cases is simply poorer eyesight above ground as well as itchy, or burned skin in direct sunlight. The cure for this is simple, wear a cloak, as it is never wise to leave home without one regardless. Dark hair Though not an absolute by any means, the dominant genes of a Starbreaker often surface in the form of hair color, even with Dwarves of other Elder Clans, a Starbreaker’s hair tends to be of darker shades, specifically black, with a coal-like color being the most common variant. Starbreakers of the past were occasionally born with brown hair, however the family branch known for this has long since died out. Height and build As Cave Dwarves, it should be known that the Starbreakers are not the tallest folk. While Mountain Dwarves can reach up to heights of 5’1, a Starbreaker has never been recorded of going over 4’6. However their build is hardly as lacking. Do not let their height fool you, the Kornazkarumm are often just as hardy, and just as physically tough as their more surface-inclined kin. It is not unusual for them to spend many hours in the forge, and just as many in armor in an attempt to familiarize themselves with it. As such, it is common (though not always) for Starbreakers to be of athletic builds, as such a driven folk are not as prone to feasting as other Dwarves. Stoneblood and Ironblood Terms coined by Jorvin Starbreaker after the trial and execution of Torkan Silverfinger, the phrases ‘Stoneblood’ and ‘Ironblood’ refer to the two dominant schools of modern Starbreakers. The stoneblood, or amber-eyed Starbreakers take after Kazraden, who all modern clan members are descended from, whereas Ironblood or blue-eyed Starbreakers, take traits more akin to those of Kalmania, wife of Kazraden who was according to legend, born a member of Clan Ironborn. Stonebloods will often be of leveler heads, and more keen to diplomacy and neutrality then they would be to wage war, whereas Ironbloods will often take a more direct solution if offered, and though they are not any less wiser than the rest of their clan, they tend prone to outbursts of anger, as well as gravitating towards grimmer personalities. This does not mean Ironblooded Starbreakers are inherently untrustworthy and in fact, if their ambitious and aggressive nature are kept wisely in check, they can grow to be quite competent leaders. Stonebloods, in stark contrast, are quicker friends and more forgiving foes, as utterly destroying an enemy, and destruction outright should only be done when all other means are exhausted. It is these individuals, who think before they act, that prove to be great golemancers, and men of knowledge. Family values It is of no surprise that Clan Starbreaker, being a blood clan with such an focus upon it, remains a close-knit family. Loyalty to one’s clan should supercede that even to one’s kingdom, and be second only to one’s Gods. Betrayal of the clan is a most grievous sin that will result in immediate expulsion, and disowning. Secondly, a Starbreaker is to remain as steadfast and respectable as possible in public, lest shame be brought upon the Clan, any action which possesses even the potential to dishonor the clan’s name should not be acted upon, and it is expected for a Starbreaker to put the interests of family above that of their own. Secrecy While not an official tradition of any sort, the Starbreakers are often to focus inwards, sooner settling disputes between themselves than in any sort of court. This is also in no small part out of fear for the Clan’s name, as one can only imagine the damage that would be wrought upon their honor should their dirty laundry be aired in public, not to mention how improper it is. Almost ironically however, it is because of this, conjoined with the Clan’s controversial history that has led them to be viewed as suspicious to outsiders, a distrust which is mutual in many regards, as the Clan’s inner workings are not oft to be shared with outsiders. Neutrality Starbreaker neutrality is a fickle thing and one should not take at face value. To be ‘neutral’ as a Starbreaker is not to sit upon the sidelines, and let the world tick by without your intervention, but instead to raise oneself above petty games and politics, to not throw the first punch, for when you strike let it be only for a righteous cause, and may you strike with all your mustered fury. A Starbreaker’s voice is not to be bought and sold like cattle, but instead offered when wisened council is required. Even still, should the Dwarven realms be threatened, let the sons of Gotrek be the first to raise their arms as it is Yemekar’s will that Urguan’s folk be protected, and the underrealm they reside in defended, to the last drop of blood. However, should kin-strife once more take hold of the Dwarves, it would be better to await it’s end than sully one’s blade with Dwarven blood. Should a tyrant arise however, once more may the Kornazkarumm be spurred into action. Clan Prayer Eng: Yemekar guide my hammer, in battle as in the forge. If I fight, let it be for a cause that is just, and if I fall in battle, and death steals my soul, may the stars forever shine over Gotrek’s line. Dwe: Yemekar akhoral thas ord, nir Krazdran as nir da kadrel. Kolun tha Krazdran don it mer yoth yir yol-mer reeth nar thorok. Kolun kavir agolam thas dwedohin, dar da kor morred vekaan. Clan Trials Trial of Blood The first and most important of the trials, it is performed either ceremonially a year after the birth of the Starbreaker in question, or for the more wayward sons of Gotrek, immediately after they are brought to the clan hall. This trial’s purpose is to determine ‘worth of blood’ and to ensure the person in question possesses blood from Gotrek the Starbreaker, a requirement. The ritual is performed by slicing open the young Starbreaker’s hand with a runic dagger, should the blade glow brightly, they are immediately inducted into the clan. If it does not glow, then the person in question has failed the ‘blood test’ and is barred entry from Clan Starbreaker. Trial of Creation Occurring as a ‘coming of age’ ceremony, when a Dwedki grows into an adult (anywhere between the ages of 16-20) the trial consists of using the particular talent and knowledge of the beardling in question to create an item of value. While this does not necessarily pertain to forgework, it is encouraged to be so, in keeping with clan customs and traditions. Trial of Knowledge After the creation trial has been completed, it is wise for a Starbreaker to immediately begin working on the next, as it will often take several years to complete. The Starbreakers pride themselves as ‘the few and the wise’ and to ensure this remains the case, work must be done to instill them with both the want and desire to learn more. The budding Starbreaker will scour the lands, seeking to retrieve a single book containing knowledge of great value, be it magical, historical, or other. Should no such book be found, they must take it upon themselves to write it. Be it recording a legend passed down over the campfire for centuries, or writing down an alchemist’s greatest recipe. When such a book has been found, it is to be brought to the Clan Lord, and it’s quality judged, should it pass, the trial is completed, and the individual has but one step left. Trial of Courage Having proved themselves wisened, and dedicated to their craft, the Starbreaker has but one trial left, a final grand tribute to Yemekar, the Father-God of the Dwarves. It is all well and good to bring new creations into this world, but equally crucial to protect what has already been made, as such the Trial of Courage is simple. Be it in the field of battle, or otherwise, save the life of one who has not lived theirs to its fullest. When the deed has been done, the individual has proven themselves capable in the utmost regard. Each trial is performed with the intent of bringing the Starbreaker closer to their progenitor and by extension, their Ancestral God Yemekar. Industriousness, perseverance, wisdom, and the iron-clad determination to do what must be done for the betterment of the family, and Dwarves as a whole. These are the virtues that make a Starbreaker what they are. History Elder Histories: Aegis-late Atlas Modern History: Late Atlas-Current Family Chronicle To those of you who have read through all that, I applaud you, and now that we are at the end, I am sure you are curious to learn more, perhaps you are even wayward children of Gotrek yourselves? If you’d like to find out, below are some notable Starbreakers you might wish to speak to, and more importantly, an application. Thank you for reading, Narvak oz Kornazkarrum! Please note this post isn’t (completely) done, normal members, and artifacts will be listed at a later date. Clan Lord/Father Titles used interchangeably, ‘Lord’ being preferred when the Starbreaker in question themselves are not a father Jorvin Starbreaker (DixieDemolisher) Seo#0650 Clan Elders Kazrin Starbreaker (DrHope) Stromnikar Starbreaker (Dungrimm) Crevin Starbreaker (Mavromino) Dangren Starbreaker (Dtrik) Application Name: Username: Character’s age: Biography: Skin: (If you do not possess one, don’t worry! We can fix you up) Ancestry: (If you don’t know who your character is related to, that’s fine! We’ll figure it out Discord:
  16. Mistel

    The Settlement of Albion

    ~The Sovereign State of Albion~ Gallahand Harkness, Vitalius Maarsan, Edward Delaney, and Reynald Richmond finally stopped at what seemed to be a gulf on the north-eastern portion of the continent. Gallahand Climbs upon one of the nearby boulders and looks around “This is it, I think, This spot is perfect.” he announces, as the small scouting party looks around in agreement. Reynald speaks up “I agree, the nearby canyons could be a strategic spot for perhaps a vassal. “Aye” simply said Edward, going to sit down next to a tree. “Let’s get started then, friends” said the doctor, Vitalius, smiling under his mask. ~Roles within Albion:~ Visaers- Those who only live temporarily in the city, such as students, or traveling merchants.can only rent property, this also go for merchants, as they can only own stalls, rather than a permanent business. They are not allowed to vote on any matters pertaining Albion. Citizens- Those who live permanently within in the city. Can purchase property, vote, and own business within the city. They are allowed to buy a home, and not be taxed for it after the initial purchase. Soldiers- Within Albion the soldiers are expected to carry out several tasks ranging from regular patrols, to simply manning the gate. Knights- The top of the Albion military, hand picked by the other knights or the Sovereign himself. Constable- The one who represents the knights in court meeting, elected by the knights. Court members- Picked by the Sovereign, councils the Sovereign with their expertise in their specifics field. The Sovereign- The ruler of Albion. ~Laws of Albion:~
  17. UnderRealmsofUrguan

    Dwarven Information Post

    The Under-Realm of Urguan -=<=-=>=- -=<=-=>=- National Anthem: The Capital: Kal’Varoth -=<=-=>=- Kal’Varoth, or the City of the Under-Sun is a subterranean dwarven city that is the capital seat of the Under-Realm of Urguan. Kal’Varoth is the most populated and largest dwarven hold and is the symbol of dwarven culture and power. Wish to live in the Dwarven capital? [Click Here] Dwarven Discord [[Disclaimer: This is a private discord server that is not sponsored by LotC. You are not protected by any rules of LotC on this discord, nor do LotC rules apply.]] Important Documents -=<=-=>=- Dwarven Language Dwarven History Book of Grudges Articles of Urguan [WIP] Dwarven Family Tree The Government Leadership -=<=-=>=- Under-King Fimlin Grandaxe Grand Marshall Gimli Grandaxe Warden Utak Ireheart Legion Commander Dimlin Irongut Legion Commander Utak Ireheart The Dwarven Legion -=<=-=>=- The Dwarven Legion is the military force of the Under-Realm of Urguan and is the backbone of dwarven society. Almost every dwarf who has risen to greater power has done so through the ranks of the Legion. The Legion’s mission, to defend the Under-Realm and protect the dwedmar from all evil is of utmost priority. To join the Dwarven Legion, enlist here; [Click here] Dwarven Clans -=<=-=>=- Clan Grandaxe [Kathaikaz] [Click here for the Clan Post] An influential clan of mountain dwarves that has stood the test of time. Grandaxes are known to be noble warriors; equally skilled in both battle and politics. Most Grandaxes are distinguishable by their fiery hair, though not all of them carry this trait. Above all else, Grandaxes adhere to a code of honor and hold the rest of their kin in high regard. Clan Lord: Borin Grandaxe [lucasking321] -=<=>=- Clan Irongut [Khrorul] [Click here for the Clan Post] Irongut Clan is an elder clan. This clan is most notable for its line of ascended blood and accepted use of magic within the dwarven society. Since their creation in Aegis, the Ironguts had held much influence within the dwarven timeline, presenting their own grand kings multiple times. Clan Lord: Dimlin Irongut [Beamon4] -=<=>=- Clan Ireheart [Kravamoruk] An elder clan known to be ferocious warriors that fear little on the battlefield. Irehearts are a mountain dwarf clan, though their physical features tend to be variant they are differentiated by their numerous tattoos. Clan Lord: Bianca Ireheart [EnderMaiashiro] -=<=>=- Clan Starbreaker [Kornazkarumm] [Click here for the Clan Post] An Elder clan of Cave Dwarves mostly comprised of smiths, miners, and Golemancers. They are known for their scholar pursuits and their smithing ability, capable of creating weapons and armor of masterful skill. Clan Lord: Jorvin Starbreaker [DixieDemolisher] -=<=>=- Hefrumm Clans [Hefrumm Kazamar] [Click here for the Clans Post] The Forest Dwarves community, known for being very religious, druids, and great chefs. That community consists of the Cottonwood, Treebeard and Mossbeard Clans. Clan Lord: Bjor Cottonwood [Afoc17] -=<=>=- Clan Silvervein [Thryardohin] [Click here for the Clan Post] A prosperous clan of Mountain Dwarves with rich history. The Silverveins cover a wide range of professions and vocations. Ultimately they are known to be skilled miners and warriors. This clan is one of the founders of the Confederation of Hammers. Clan Lord: Dwarger Silvervein [LionEY_] -=<=>=- Clan Hammerfist [Ordrym] [Click here for the Clan Post] The Hammerfist Clan is a strong and proud clan hailing from the lands of Vailor. Founded by Duren Hammerfist and his brothers shortly before the First Frostbeard Rebellion the clan is currently led by the son of Duren, Darek Hammefist. Clan Lord: Darek Hammerfist [sneakybandit] -=<=>=- Clan Irongrinder [Khroneknazkarum] [Click here for the Clan Post] Founded on the principles of honor and duty to Urguan’s legacy, some of the greatest engineers and runesmiths of Dwarven kind carried the name Irongrinder. Clan Lord: Zahrer Irongrinder [Josh3738] -=<=>=- Clan Emberhorn [Ekaraadordul] [Click here for the Clan Post] A clan of Mountain Dwarves known to be formidable fighters despite their smaller numbers. They are also distinguished by their ability to ride rams into combat. -=<=>=- Clan Frostbeard [Azwyrtrumm] Clan Lord: Argnos Frostbeard [Drumin] -=<=>=- Dwarven Guilds -=<=-=>=- The Kirkja Dverga [Clergy] The Religion of the Brathmordakin is the ancient religion of the dwedmar. Its teachings are recorded and taught by the Kirkja Dverga, or Dwarven Clergy. The Clergy’s mission is to enforce the will of the Brathmordakin, uphold dwedmar to their honor, and purge evil and heresy from the dwedmar. To join the Dwarven Clergy, sign up here; [Click here for the Clergy Post] High Prelate: Fili Grandaxe [Cpt_Noobman] -=<=>=- The Remembrancer’s Guild The Remembrancers are among the most esteemed and long-standing dwarven guilds. Originally founded during the First Kingdom of Urguan in Aegis the Remembrancer’s goal is to preserve and expand dwarven wisdom & knowledge, keep record of historical events, and pass down the learnings to younger dwarves. To join the Remembrancers speak to High Remembrancer Kazrin Starbreaker [DrHope] High Remembrancer: Kazrin Starbreaker [DrHope] -=<=>=-
  18. J33xt101

    The Death of the King of Mynebor

    A letter bearing the seal of Mynebor would be written and posted on many signboards around Arcas, it would read, Balrog “Firebeard” Ironkiln, first of his name, former prelate of Belka, kinslayer, traitor to some, creator and builder of Mynebor I, but most importantly, the first King of Mynebor as deemed by the Myneborian council has died. News of his death came to the ears of his son, Balrog Ironkiln II, on the 18th of the Sun’s Smile, 1707. Balrog “Firebeard” Ironkiln, King of Mynebor, along with his friend Torkan Starbreaker were brutally murdered in the Underrealms of Urguan after heading there to speak with Kazrin Starbreaker about a Golem hand. During the visit, both of the dwarves were framed and accused of attacking King Fimlin. They were tried and executed in the same night they went missing. This was a direct attack on Myneborian leadership and the death of these dwarves will not be forgotten. The bodies of the two dwarves were not recovered and are still missing. The funeral will be held in 3 stone days in Mynebor II. Balrog “Firebeard” Ironkiln – 1544-1707 First King of Mynebor -1706-1707
  19. UnderRealmsofUrguan

    Dwarven Legion Manifest

    The Dwarven Legion <=-<>-=> The Dwarven Legion, guardians of the Under-Realm, protectors of the Dwedmar and bastions of the Dwarven Spirit. The mission of The Dwarven Legion is to protect and serve as the main military force within the Under-Realm. The Legion is known for its admirable order and discipline, and its roots in the most prestigious and oldest military guilds to date. It is currently led by Grand Marshal Gimli Grandaxe. Perks of Joining the Legion <=-<>-=> Equipment: Gear for combat and traversing the land is available to the forces of the Legion who have passed training (Grunt Rank) and can be obtained from the Grand Marshal or Commander, a Dwarf may only receive one off duty kit per Stone week and will by default receive a combat kit during times of war. Free Barracks Housing: A new recruit may gain free housing within the barracks, the recruit that partakes in this bonus will lose their lodging after purchasing a home of any type within the capital or in the kingdom’s surrounding lands. Housing Purchase & Tax Discounts: Legionnaires may purchase a home in Kal’Varoth for 50 minas (instead of 120 minas) and are also required only a mere 50 mina per stone week tax (instead of 100). Military Ranks The main body of the Legion consists of her Legionnaires. Dwedmar from Kal’Varoth with an extra urge to protect their home. Having the choice between Light, Medium and Heavy armour is left up to the individual but the ranks stay the same for each Dwed. Acquiring Rank In order for Legionnaires to acquire a rank, they must fulfill certain requirements for each rank in the Legion. -=<=-=>=- Honor Points: Honor acquiring Honor is a way to show commitment to the Legion and the dwedmar. A certain amount of Honor is required for each rank. The ways to achieve Honor in the Legion are: Gate Duty: 5 Honor per ½ hour Patrol: 5 Honor per ½ hour Attending a Training: 10 Honor Recruiting a Dwed into the Legion: 25 Honor Small Fight: 15 Honor Raids: 25 Honor Skirmishes: 35 Honor Battles: 50 Honor Trainings: Trainings are essential to learning the skills required of a Legionnaire, and also present commitment to The Legion. Raids / Skirmishes: Experience in smaller scale fights such as raids and skirmishes are critical in warfare, and make up much of a Legionnaire’s combat experience. Battles: While more rare, Battles are the crucial large-scale engagements that shape young Legionnaires into veterans. -=<=-=>=- -=<>=- Senior Offices xxxxxxx Grand Marshall <=-<>-=> First in Command. Leading the Legion in the name of King and Council. The utmost respect is paid to the Leading dwed and his voice ranks so high that it he even allowed to be seated on the council of Rikkin. xxxxxx Commander <=-<>-=> Second in command. These Dwed work as the Right and Left hand of the Grand Marshall and should be treated for they managed to obtain the rank. This legionnaire must be treated as the Thruum'Kazak, should he be absent or if he has chosen the Velerakian to give orders. Only two Dwarves may have this position at a time. Junior Officers xxxx Lieutenant <=-<>-=> Highly respected among the Legionnaires. Veterans and skilled fighters, the Barel'Rikkin are trusted the most. They may be chosen to lead squads or lead the army, should both the Velerakian and Thruum'Kazak prove absent. These Dwed often show exceptional fighting prowess or combat-leading capabilities. Only three may have this position at a time. Enlisted xxx Ironbreaker <=-<>-=> The Ironbreaker is the highest achievable Legionnaires rank. Often veterans within the Legion. They are some of the finest soldiers found on the field compared to any Nation. Rank Requirements: 600 Honor. 8 Trainings. 4 Raids / Skirmishes. 3 Battles. -=<=-=>=- xx Ironguard <=-<>-=> The Ironguards are the Stoneguards who had proven their expertise. Either a display of discipline, bravery or fighting prowess has earned this Legionnaire a distinguished rank above the common soldiery. Rank Requirements: 300 Honor. 8 Trainings. 2 Raids / Skirmishes. 1 Battle. -=<=-=>=- x Stoneguard <=-<>-=> A Stoneguard is the base rank for most Legionnaires. The backbone of the whole order. These are your average well-trained Dwed who know how the to fight. Rank Requirements: 100 Honor. 3 Trainings. -=<=-=>=- - Grunt <=-<>-=> A Grunt is the beginning Rank within the Legion. All Dwarves can sign up at any time to start their progress within the legion as a Grunt. These beginning soldiers will be taught all the basics they need within their military career. Grunt is the enlistment rank, to become a Grunt fill out this form -=<=-=>=- Auxiliaries <=-<>-=> Thorns of Hefrumm The Thorns of Hefrumm is a unique group within the Legion for only the Forest Dwarves of Hefrumm can join them. These brave warriors of surface-dwelling kin are expected to guard their own town but fall under the direct influence of the Legion’s chain-of-command. -=<=-=>=- The Obsidian Guard The Obsidian Guard. The guards of King and Council. The strongest, the best of fighters and nothing but the best. These are the Legionaries that will protect the High King, the Rikkin and all of those who need extra protection. They are one of the few that may be armed around the High King and Rikkin. As the Most elite Warriors, the Obsidian Guards enjoy a respected status within the Legion and Nation. When not personally shielding the High King or Rikkin, they are tasked with guarding the key elements such as the Throne Room, Council Room and Upper Gates. -=<=-=>=- The Longbeard Regiment The Longbeards of Urguan are veterans of the many battles fought by the Dwarven Legion, and make up a more reserved section of the Legion. The Longbeards operate as active service Legionnaires, however they are not mandated any active service outside of war-time. Longbeards receive full benefits of Legionnaires, however this does not provide immunity towards any taxes or activity checks done outside of the Legion. Longbeards do not receive pay, unless put into full active service during war-time. -=<=-=>=- Training <=-<>-=> Practice or Training one’s combat skills and labor talents is an important factor within the Dwarven Kingdom as well as the Legion. Formations and discipline are often the most stressed subjects as the Dwarven Legion is well known for its organization and discipline. Combat Training Military practice is often done once or twice every Stone Week to hone the skills of both recruits and veteran soldiers. It is also to ensure that siege weaponry is in working order. Practice also allows the legion to plan for their battles, and also to give newer recruits a chance to gain experience. Group Training Drilling (Training one’s fighting prowess.) Combat Practice (Fighting in Formations in Combat Scenarios.) Discipline and Order (Training soldiery) Personal practice Demonstration of Competency to be excluded from, or put in a educating role, in one of the fields of Group Practice. Guard Duty <=-<>-=> The Duty of Guarding is a crucial role within the capital, Militants within the Legion are expected to serve for one stone hour to protect the Hold, duties of guarding include: Gate Management Is the duty in which a Legionnaire is to protect the mighty stone gate way of the capital. In order to promote camaraderie it is recommended that more than one guard is on duty during shifts. During shifts legionnaires are expected to keep the gate open for Dwarves to pass freely in between, but be alert enough to shut the gates for outsiders. When an outsider approaches the gates, the guard on-duty is expected to ask their Name, Race, Reason for Visiting, Where they’re from, and if they have any weaponry/magic). If they are wearing any face-covering masks, helmets, or hoods they must be removed. If the outsider refuses or fails to answer any question or comply with commands then they shall not be granted entry past the gates. Patrol Patrolling is vital to the Kingdom’s well being be it either; tunnel clearances (when a guard goes into the deep mines and disposes of creeps and critters who may harm the miners) or doing surface checks (where the militant will do tasks similar to the tunnel clearance but on the surface. This is usually the job of a ranger.) Any peculiar sightings are to be reported to the Legion Officers for further inspection. Surface Checks The Guard is to wander about the perimeter of the capitol where he or she will be charged with examining the wall that protects the Hold’s border as well as slay and critters who threaten travelers, any peculiar sightings such as wall breaks, mysterious structures, or brigand presence, is to be reported. Formations <=-<>-=> Vel <=-<>-=> - Vertical line. - Formation always has the leader in front - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - Not default stance when inactive Dree Vel <=-<>-=> - Multiple vertical lines. - Formation always has the leader in front - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - May be default stance when inactive if numbers exceed 8 soldiers - Continues going down in rows to accompany all soldiers Aemiz <=-<>-=> - Horizontal line - Formation always has the leader in front - Row will not be used during march - Default stance when inactive if number is less than 8 soldiers Tekom <=-<>-=> - Box - Formation has leader in the center - Important individuals will be hosted on the inside - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - Rarely used during march due to difficulty to maintain - Not default stance when inactive Uniforms & Rank <=-<>-=> Tailor Supplied Uniforms Enlistment Form
  20. Treaty of Peace between The Princedom of Fenn & The Underrealm of Urguan -= 1707 =- ________________________________________ The contents of this document are the recognized diplomatic conditions between The Princedom of Fenn and The Underrealm of Urguan. The following statutes shall be upheld by the agreeing nations for the next 24 years, or six Mali/Stone months. The signing of this document by the officials of their respective nations signify a mutual agreement to adhere to the conditions as given in the following statutes. _______________________________________ Statute 1 _________ The Underrealm of Urguan shall henceforth hold no acts of aggression against The Princedom of Fenn. In no manner will any actions of militaristic, social, or economic aggression be taken against The Princedom of Fenn. The Princedom of Fenn shall henceforth hold no acts of aggression against The Underrealm of Urguan. In no manner will any actions of militaristic, social, or economic aggression be taken against The Underrealm of Urguan. Statute 2 _________ The Underrealm of Urguan recognizes The Princedom of Fenn as the one true Snow Elven nation. The Princedom of Fenn recognizes The Underrealm of Urguan as the one true Dwarven nation. Statute 3 _________ The Nations of Fenn and Urguan shall recognize the following as their official borders. Urguan - Orange Fenn - Blue _____________
  21. (My custom thumbnail wouldn’t upload >:C) The very first Game Of Champions has commenced and your first champion has been crowned! Two stone days ago the Dwarves of Agnarum competed furiously within the deep roads for a place among history and a weapon of great power. Your very own Gamesmaster Kalgrimmor offered his own abilities up for the victor, the new Champion able to choose the make of their own Runic Weapon custom made to order, fitting their every need! Let loose from the first dwarven foothold within the deep roads, the many competitors flooded forth, tasked with laying waste to the undeath plaguing the darkness. With no rules and an unlimited amount of time, their only condition was that to complete the first game and be crowned Champion, they must return to their Gamesmaster and place within his hands a sack full of rotten flesh. Foul play is encouraged and nobody can be trusted! The games are a harsh challenge with no place for the faint of heart, calling the hardest of seasoned warriors to compete against each other. Congratulate Utak Ireheart! Your first Champion of the Games Your Grandmaster thanks you all for your participation in the first of many Games to come. Should you happen to be interested in participating in future games you would do well to keep your eyes peeled for a future announcement, and keep your blade sharp and ready!
  22. DusRamon

    Golin "Hammerhand" Grandaxe

    General information: Name: Golin Titles: Beardling Aliasses: Hammerhand, Shortbeard and Stout-ale Race: Dwarf, Mountain Dwarf Family: Father: Barthain Grandaxe Grandfather: Fimlin Grandaxe Clan: Clan Grandaxe Age: 63, born in 1644. Biography: Hair color: Red Eye color: Brown, often grey looking Skin tone: Olive Height: 4’5’’ ft Weight: 225 lbs Build: A stout and muscular dwed, broad shoulders; yet fast in battle. Facial features: Golin is a young dwarf, one could say his face is a testament, proof that this dwed is not yet experienced. Clothing: Golin is clothed in brown and grey, always wearing his gold and silver necklace. History and backstory: Golin was the secondborn child and son of Barthain son of Fimlin, Fimlin being the current Dwarven King of the Dwedmar. Like most other Dwedmar, especially his Mountain Dwarven kin Golin took a liking to gemstones and craftmanship. Golin however, understood that in order to gain something, you need to do something and became a miner in his early years, straying away from the Legion and straying away from becoming a blacksmith. Digging up much stone, gems, coal and iron in his early years. Eventually delving deeper with too many greed, thus he stumbled upon gold. Taken away and inspired by its glowing beauty Golin brought it to a blacksmith that made it into a necklance, adding silver into it. It is said that Golin helped him on this project and thus earned his alias, ”Hammerhand” though this is only speculated and nobody knows for sure but him. Golin himself however, continues his mining expeditions and continues selling his wares to other Dwedmar. And he has yet to pass his trials to become a true Grandaxe. Non Physical information – Good character traits: ♦ Hardy ♦ Open-Minded ♦ Fair in skill with an axe ♦ Confident in his works Neutral character traits: ♦ Loyal ♦ Stubborn ♦ Proud Likings and dislikings: ♦ Trading ♦ Mining ♦ Woodcutting ♦ Elves ♦ Humans ♦ Orcs ♦ Goblins ♦ Respect ♦ Jokes ♦Unhonorable names
  23. THE DECLARATION OF THE UNDER-REALM OF URGUAN <=-<>-=> <=-<>-=> Conversation filled the air of the Kal’Varoth city square. Many dwarves were gathered in wait of the council meetings conclusion, and all of them conversed with wonder and uncertainty in their minds over what was being discussed. Nothing was said about the intention of the meeting, but its implications were made clearly important. At long last, after what seemed to be hours, the council room doors opened. Following through the doors was a procession of Dwarven Legionnaires with the Rikkins in tow. Behind the column walked the King, Fimlin Grandaxe. A sudden silence washed over the crowd as they approached the city-square. Reaching the bottom of the stairs the column broke out. They lined the base with Legionnaires, the Rikkins behind them and the King at the centre. At the finalization of the formation the King moved forward to level himself with the Rikkins. His pitch-black armor glistened with orange at the light of the braziers nearby. The greaves and crevices in his armor glowed a deep red, complementing the dark red kilt that revealed itself underneath the scale-armored skirt. His hair and beard glowed similarly like a wild blaze, save the streak of grey that ran the center of his beard, and the patches of white at his temples. The King narrowed his eyes and looked over the crowd gathered, quiet and steady. He mulled over his speech in his head one more time before finally clearing his throat to speak. “We are the Dwedmar. The Sons an’ Daughters o’ Urguan. All the realms weh travel will never ‘ave a braver, harder, more dedicated people t’an us.” It was nae long ago, ah wandered the lands wit’ nothin’ but t’is armor an’ the pack on me back. It was nae long ago, our people were split between squabbling Kingdoms all claim’n the fallen legacy of our forebears. Weh ‘ave built t’is realm wit’ the dedication of our hearts and our will to live on, an’ nae let our race falter into dust. The Past ‘as failed us, our inabiliteh to move on ‘as hindered us an’ left us draggin’ our feet. But now weh will do t’at nae longer, now weh will open ah new chapter fer the Dwedmar. Today teh council ‘as met, and weh ‘ave officialleh claimed our toitle as the sovereign over all dwedmar. Today weh ‘ave become The Under-Realm of Urguan. Thus weh open our new chapter. Weh are not the Grand Kingdom. The Grand Kingdom is dead, and it shall remain so forevermore. But Urguan, Urguan is teh name o’ our Father. Urguan is the spirit o’ the Dwedmar, an’ weh will continue to keep tha’ aloive. NARVAK OZ URGUAN! NARVAK OZ DWEDMAR!” <=-<>-=> THE UNDERREALM FOUNDING ACT
  24. Housing in Kal’Varoth In order to obtain a house in the city of Kal’Varoth, one must be able to fulfill a one-time payment of 2 stacks of iron, and 10 stacks of cobblestone. Alternatively, one may purchase a home for 300 minas. Housing payments are due two weeks after obtaining the house, failure to pay will result in a 3-stone-day eviction notice. All homes are subject to inspection. If the home is left unoccupied and inactive for a period of more than two stone weeks, an eviction notice will be placed and the home-owner will have 3 stone days to move out. After those three days, the home and all assets within are subject to whatever the Kal’Varoth Warden’s Office decides. The Form to apply for a house in Kal’Varoth is posted here; https://goo.gl/forms/IOmLN3hUAUrfEB9e2 <=-<=>-=> Shops in Kal’Varoth In order to obtain a shop within the city of Kal’Varoth, a one-time payment of 500 minas must be made to the Kal’Varoth Wardens Office. All shops must be actively kept. A shop that remains out of stock for a period longer than 1 stone week shall be given a 3-stone-day eviction notice. After those three days, the shop and all assets belonging to it are subject to whatever the Kal’Varoth Warden’s Office decides. No shops may protrude out into the city streets, nor may they be expanded higher than their original size. <=-<=>-=> Kal’Varoth Guild Halls Guild Halls are only obtainable by Guilds and Clans that have active guild members already actively participating in the guild or clan. At the obtaining of the guild hall, a one-time payment determined case-by-case must be made. If the guild hall remains inactive over an excessive period of time, the guild hall is subject to eviction. <=-<=>-=> For any questions or concerns; contact Warden Utak Ireheart [AlphaMickael1].
  25. Hefrumm ⧫Intro⧫ As the hammers clenching from their anvils, the conversations of dwarves, filled with wisdom, arguing and the feasting of younger beardlings could be heard in the deep underground of Agnarum, it would be rather quiet above ground where Bjor ‘Sugartits’ current Chief of the Cottonwood clan would be watching over his land. The thought of his kin feeling the same loneliness as he was feeling was rushing through his mind as he would stand up convinced it was time for a new age for his forest dwarf kin. ⧫Diaspora intake⧫ The Hefrumm High Chieftain was founded during the age of Atlas by the Cottonwood Chief named Bjor ‘Sugartits’ on the Cottonwood lands next to the dwarven nation Agnarum. Bjor had held multiple expeditions wandered through all forests of Atlas to bring back unity under his kin, to live together under his protection and to never feel this loneliness again. Firstly Bjor had welcomed the treebeards under which Ozneat was the first, they had brought great importance to the beliefs of the forest dwarf kin. Later Bjor had found Entfar Oakhand, from a clan which had never crossed his hairy ears. But most individuals Bjor had encountered were clanless as they had lost contact with others of their kin after the war of beards. ⧫Values⧫ -The forest folk of Hefrumm do not only respect all creations of Anbella, but live by it. As they will sleep with the green grass between their toes and wake up with the warmth of the sun. Anbella shall not only work the lands around this forest folk but shall also determine what they shall fill their bellies with and what shall be the cost of it. The art of hunting is highly respected as the hunt is an ancient tradition of the forest dwarves, where Anbella will test and judge you as she will guide your axe and arrows. -Hefrumm stands for its people, the dwarves but their forest kin specifically as all shall be done to maintain this warming home for its people. A hand shall be given to the needing and ale shall be shared with the thirsty. ⧫Tradition⧫ “Anbella’s tree of ancestors” The passed away members of Hefrumm are highly respected as they are now feasting behind the gates of Dungrin while their body stays on this realm to rest for eternity. The funeral would symbolize the final feast they share with their fallen one as it also is a tradition to share your drink with the passed away before the body would find its final rest in the cavities of Anbella's tree of the ancestors. In between the roots of this holy tree, one would also get laved, at birth and death. “Grand Feast of the Resting” Every year The Grand Feast of the Resting is held, where all forest dwarves of Hefrumm would gather around The Tree of Anbella and where they shall feast with their fallen brothers once more. It is believed that on this sacred day their ancestors would return to the gates of Dungrimm to lift their drinks while they would be looking down upon the forest dwarf kin. Honor duels As rivalry in between the forest dwarf kin is not promoted, honor duels are rather scarce. But it does happen that brothers would bulk up their fist against each other. This fight is held in “the fighting pit of of Anbella’s roots”. This pit is located at the base of “Anbella's tree of the ancestors” making this fight highly sacred as it was believed that their ancestors and the Hearth Mother herself would look down upon this fight, this would mean that it would be highly dishonorable if one would not take this fight seriously or if this fight was called for no proper reason. This fight is held without weapons nor armor and it is forbidden for others to interfere once started. Music The traditional art of throat singing is a way used by forest dwarves to connect further with nature on a deeper level by using sound and music, as the sounds would represent the energy of nature. The knowledge of this treasure would be passed from generation to generation, often thought by the elders of Hefrumm. The forest folk of Hefrumm has a few traditional instruments, but the mostly seen one would be the Bougarabou. A drum made out of the cavities of a tree, and the animal hide brought back from their hunts. It would also have a thick rope connection the top with the bottom, cause the drum to be played from a standing position as it would be worn or a sitting position in between the legs. ⧫Trials⧫ This are trials not for someone to be welcomed into Hefrumm, as all are, but for beardlings in the community to prove themselves to Anbella, the High Chief and all others. ~For their first trial, a beardling would need to prove his/her strength and dedication in training by completing the following task. The two watchers, giant wooden statues standing across each other one representing a boar and the other a deer, would look over the Hefrumm village. The beardling will need to train and dedicate this training into a specific weapon, for him to be able to hit or slightly damage one watcher with this weapon while standing on the other. ~The second trial would be a hunt, a hunt in his/her own to once more prove him/herself. Training has passed with the first train as now the training should come into use. The beast will need to be ended with a whisper to Anbella. ~The third and last part of the trials, the beardling would need to carry the prize of his/her deeds towards the shrine of Anbella. Where with a traditional ritual and an offering of the beast, the beardling would be loosened from the title and welcomed as a full forest dwarf of Hefrumm. ⧫Religion⧫ The dwarves of Hefrumm have become highly religiose at the arrival of the treebeards. They follow the Brathmodrakin dear, with Anbella as their patron. Nowadays their Hearth Mother is a central piece of their culture and many traditions. The traditional tattoo of Anbella is a symbol of Anbella’s guides and approval over someone. Set in a dark shade of mosslike green, and only rarely given. Only a few individuals are allowed to set these sacred art pieces, members of the clergy who are having a connection with Anbella and the High Chief of Hefrumm with the approval of the clergy. Every tattoo tells a story as they are different between individuals. It is also believed the the use of alcohol and druglike sustances would bring one closer to Anbella, her will and thinking, this is often combined with traditional music or even meditation, completing the ritual. There are records of individuals who claim to have seen her smiling face or even have heard her warming voice in these rituals. ⧫Ruling⧫ Hefrumm is led by a High Chief as he is elected by a vote of all members. The High Chief will get a coronation shortly after where a traditional twigs-woven crown will be passed from High Chief to the next generation’s High Chief. This coronation is sacred with the blessing of Anbella and it would be considered highly dishonorable to interrupt this process as it would show no respect to the Hearth Mother herself. The High Chief is guided not only by the Hearth Mother herself but also by the wisdom of his elder. The first elected High Chief was Bjor ‘Sugartits’ Cottonwood who after bringing his forest dwarf kin together got given the opportunity to fulfill his promise to Anbella. ⧫Artifacts⧫ -The Crown of Hefrumm- The wooden crown appears to be made out of single piece of thick tangled dark oak root. It has two distinctive sides, one looks fresh and green, the other seems to be a bit decayed and covered in moss. On the front side, there appears to be a story carved into it - A dwarf coming from the woods, who will then work the land, eating the fruits he grew. More other dwarves will begin to gather around him. Eventually he is handed a wooden Crown and made King of the Forest Dwarves. Above this figure the name ‘Bjor’ would be carved. On one side of the crown could be seen a beautiful green feather of a nature elemental, which would shimmer brightly for the ones nearby. ⧫Atlas⧫ Clans: -Treebeards -Cottonwoods -Clanless Settlement: In the Cottonwood valley of Azgaryum. ⧫Arcas⧫ Clans: -Treebeards -Cottonwoods -Clanless Settlement: The Hefrumm village in the eastern valley of Agnarum ⧫Members⧫ Cottonwoods: -Bjor Cottonwood (Afoc17) -Skalgomi Cottonwood (Vermythewurmy) - (Lost2Flemish) -Bordavir Cottonwood (WillemDeZwijger) -Fray Ragnhild Cottonwood (ScarletRoseWolf) -Baumwolle Cottonwood (God_Of_Sloths) Treebeards: -Diana Treebeard (Crim_Crim) -Dutesli Treebeard (LadyViolet123) Oakhands: - Entfar Oakhand (J33xt101) Clanless: -Muradin Deeproot (Unstone) -Eerika Lockwood (CyanWolfGirl) -Yenut Helenson (Utaria) -Haefron (JasperJohn_) -Nurin Deeproot (Drhope) -Qrarm Grasswhistle (StripezPurple) Honorary: Baldin “ironside” Frostbeard Deceased/Missing: -Boldrumir Cottonwood (Endershadow292) [D] -Ozneat Treebeard (Crim_Crim) [M] -Garmin Barkbelly (Runt66) [M] -Isla BarkBelly (Xenja) [M] -Dovas Cottonwood (Alphamickael1) [M] -Evertlas Treebeard (CoffeeMagi) [M] -Bal’Ayle Understaff (Swaith) [M] -Grorsmashia Cottonwood (MCVDK) [M] -Himoli Cottonwood (KiltedDemon31) [M] -Bjorn Sidrar Cottonwood (TurtleFidelis) [M] -Geae Treebeard (Hopesky) [M] -Yaviline Cottonwood (_Blutige_) [M] ⧫Applicantion⧫ ((Hey#0322 is my discord name if’d have any questions)) In game name: Rp name: discord name: Character info (Interests, appearance, short bio, ..):