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  1. Da Dammaz Kron ᛞᚨᛞᚨᛗᛗᚨᛉᚴᚱᛟᚾ Deep within the libraries of Urguan, there sits upon a pedestal a tome both ancient and sacred to the Dwedmar. Kept under constant guard both day and night by the legion of Urguan, whilst the book itself is kept shut using powerful runic locks. It is none other than the most honored, Book of Grudges. The Book of Grudges is an ancient tome passed down through the ages of the Dwedmar. It can be traced back to the first dwarf himself, and father of all Dwarfenkind, Urguan. It is an ever-lasting record of all the wrongs and misdeeds committed against the Dwedmar. The contents of the Book of Grudges are kept secret to the rest of the descendant races, with only a handful of non-dwed ever having laid their eyes upon it. Those who have wronged the honorable Dwedmar of Urguan will have their name written into the Book of Grudges, and will not have it crossed out until the terms of settlement have been reached. However, the Dwedmar are not by nature an unreasonable folk, and if an agreement can be made between both the wronged and the assailants, then a grudge can be settled, and a name stricken from the book. For a grudge to be made and approved, there must be valid reasoning and clear wrongdoing committed against the Dwedmar who has submitted said grudge. Lest the seriousness of the Book of Grudges would be questioned, if there were to be grudges of both false and meaningless classification. The Wronged: The Assailant: The Wrong: Date of Wrongdoing: Terms of Settlement: OOC Disclaimer: The Book of Grudges is locked away under constant guard. In no way should you be able to see it, or anything written within, unless you were admitted into the vault. To be admitted, you must be a dwarf of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan who has been explicitly given access by someone who has the appropriate authority. This means if you are a banished dwarf or a wanted criminal or anything of the like, you would not have access to any of the grudges written into the book. Please RP accordingly. Active Grudges (If from old post please resubmit) Struck-Out Grudges Original Post (No Longer Updated) Credit to Lefty for writing most of this post for me, I was dead tired last night. Credit to Josh for making the original post.
  2. -= In defence of Ulfar =- As elections loom and our kin vote for the future of our nation, it came to our mutual notice that not all candidates play fair, one candidate threw dirt by means of propagandizing Ulfar’s name to mock, defame and lie towards the citizens of Urguan. Comparing him to the second coming of the Ironborns. This claim alone is enough to start a grudge to end one clan for good. Most clans are as young as a beardling, they are lucky to not have witnessed what we Frostbeards and Grandaxes did, during the times darker than the Khorvadic Empire, The War of The Beards, where brothers slew each other for power, to become a petty king of a nation in turmoil. Both of our clans stood on opposite sides during that time, division brought nothing but loss, regression and suffering. Now we stand united as two mountain clans that share Ulfar’s vision to shape Urguan as our ancestral Father aimed it to be, a mutual House where we all live together. We publicly state our support for Ulfar Starbreaker as the worthy candidate to ascend the throne. For he does not need to sully the other candidate's name to prove a point. Signed Grungot Frostbeard, Clan Father of the Frostbeards, Skeleton-Bane, Veteran of Kaz’Ulrah Thumbrindal Grandaxe, Clan Father of the Grandaxes, Captain of the Aelsling, Thane-I Meatfists, Priest of Dungrim
  3. The Clan of Ireheart is an elder clan of Urguan, hailing from a fearsome and war torn background. The Ireheart’s are legendary in dwarven culture, known for their ferocity in battle, savagery in culture, and battle-smart tacticians. Irehearts are renowned for their fierce combat abilities and honor on and off the battlefield. Founded by Yavok Ireheart, and reborn by Kjell Ireheart during the Aegisian era, the Irehearts follow Dungrimm as their patron god, yet hold a great respect for the god known as Kjellos. CLAN APPEARANCE The emblem of the Irehearts is a dragon soaring high into the sky. Ireheart banners are half green and half white with the emblem of the dragon in the middle. Men within the clan typically wear pelts and warpaint as a way of worshipping Dungrimm, it is not uncommon to see them without outerwear even in extreme conditions. As devout followers of Kjell, many Irehearts show traits of imperialistic behavior and will stay true to the Throne of Urguan and whomever may sit there. Their beards are generally unkempt and left to grow naturally, as to honor the gift Yemekar granted their race. Women within the Clan, although rare, are generally adorned with hides and pelts of exotic animals and their hair is ceremonially braided and pushed back. CLAN LORE Pre-History Yavok Ireheart, the founding Lord, one of the eight sons of Urguan. Yavok believed greatly that the honor and respect he would gain from staying loyal to the rightfully crowned King would cement his legacy in Dwedmar history. A Clan he built on the ideals of honor and loyalty, the founding Lord strived to instill a disciplined and controlled belligerence in his sons, his line would be one of warriors and leaders. Yavok was scrutinised greatly by the Wives and mothers of the Ireheart Clan that the beardlings were committed to the hardships of survival and hunting in such youth. In a time where Dwarven culture lay almost entirely secluded in the deep of mountains, it can only be assumed that the Clan Trials of Yavok’s sons were facing considerably more terrifying trials in the caves of Kal’Urguan than the Clan Trials of today.. Many King’s had risen and fallen as Yavok reached his latter years. Following the eternal winter, Velkan Ironborn began to build a new Empire from the ashes of the first Kingdom. It seemed all Dwedmar would soon succumb to the yoke of Ironborn rule, but regardless of the monstrosities enacted by the Ironborn dynasty, the Irehearts had sworn themselves to the throne and held oath to serve whomever sat there. Persecution and genocide ensued and Yavok sat conflicted between his morality and his honor; The Irehearts marched among the Legions that heeded Velkan’s command but despised much of what they carried out. After Dwain Irongut spoke against the execution of the Runelords, he was executed and martyred forcing the Irongut's to rebel and splinter the Empire Velkan’s reign soon ended as the Old Dwarf went mad and eventually died, his Heir Khallax Ironborn was considered apathetic compared to his Father’s autocratic rule. Although, some believed this beneficial to the Empire. Many Dwarves, including his brother, thought it was an insult to Velkan’s legacy. Khallax’s Brother, Thorgarn, ousted his Brother with little resistance. Yavok, being unable to protect the King, generally kept his distance from the politics of the Thorgarn’s Empire. He offered little help to the new Emperor as he believed Thorgarn’s crowning to be false and illegal. Much like many of the other Clans, the Irehearts fled sometime during the “Great Collapse.” in response to the Hunting and Execution of Mountain and Forest Dwarves. A tyrant slaughtering his own and a society in ruin, all that was recorded of before was lost. News reached the Ireheart camp that the last Bastion of Dwarven hope, Simmpa, a Dwarf in the Northern Mountains was gathering a resistance. It took little convincing to the Clan Elders before Yavok rallied every able Ireheart to join Simmpa’s resistance and the rest of the Mountain Dwed. The assault on Kal’Urguan was a bloodied success, with the Ireheart warriors once again serving by the true King’s side. The Liberator Simmpa had restored Urguan to its glory and all was content within the Kingdom. After Simmpa’s departure, not much is recorded of the Irehearts, it is unknown what happened to Yavok, although it is thought he was permeated with grief and guilt, suffering with insomnia and burdened with trauma. This is no doubt the consequence of his service to the Ironborn. Despite this, Yavok supposedly found peace in serving the Brathmordakin and eventually passed to the halls of Khaz’A’Dentrumm at a ripe old age. Aegis After Yavok’s disappearance, much of the clan's members and relics was lost due to the lack of a suitable leader and organization. However a young dwarf known as Kjell Ireheart, the grandson of Yavok, re-appeared in order to restore the former great clan to glory. Alongside his first cousins, Urir and Kragor Ireheart, the three Irehearts were known as ruthless and fearsome warriors all around the land. However towards the end of Aegis, Kragor was killed by Khorvad (Iblees) in a terrible act of defamation and insult in order to send a message to the descendant races, in response to this Kjell and Urir alongside Valen Grandaxe ventured into the Nether to confront Khorvad. Wielding the Axe of Krug, Urir sacrificed himself to save the descendant races from destruction and ensure their safe passage to the Verge, also allowing Kjell and Valen to escape back onto the mortal plain. It was for this sacrifice that Urir was named a Paragon, specifically the Paragon of Sacrifice, the highest honor given to those in Dwarven culture. After this event the descendant races would flee to a new land, however Kjell Ireheart was nowhere to be seen upon the islands of the Verge. Asulon After quite some time, Kjell Ireheart was presumed dead which would’ve meant the total end of the Ireheart’s as a clan. However, Kjell was found to be alive after riding to Asulon on the back of a Dragon which he subsequently slew, one of six. Upon his return to the Dwarves, Kjell Ireheart became the first Emperor of Urguan creating the first ever dwarven empire. Turning the dwarves into the most powerful faction in all of Asulon, it was during this time that Kjell also bore three sons with his wife Empress Eliff Goldhand, Igor, Dreek and Midgor. Kjell’s nephews, sons of his long lost brother also reappeared during this time, Roggar, Olaf and Spriggar. Due to Kjell’s success as Emperor and his feats such as the slaying of multiple Dragons and conquering Salvus and other lands, he was named as a Paragon of the Dwarves, specifically the Paragon of War. After quite some time, Kjell disbanded the Empire as it was then broken up into a Dwarven coalition of holds. It was during this time many Ireheart’s referred to themselves adopted the name Stormhammer, this was in response to Kjell’s fierce rivalry with Hiebe Irongut, as Kjell wished to recruit non-blooded Irehearts into the clan as to help create a ‘brotherhood’ to fight against the actions of Hiebe. Anthos As the descendant races left Asulon, the Ireheart clan began to rise to true prominence, becoming the most powerful clan in the Grand Kingdom, this is due to Kjell’s sons and nephews all coming of age, beginning to start lines of their own within the Clan expanding its influence throughout the known world. Many of the Irehearts held high ranking positions within the dwarven legion and even the dwarven government, with them controlling many different many different fortresses and holds throughout this time. Towards the end of Anthos, the Daemon Ondnarch, who had been corrupted by the power of Khorvad, threatened to destroy the dwarves, during this he took the life of Dreek Ireheart, son of Kjell and brother of Igor. In response, Igor Ireheart wielding the Hammer of Barradin led an assault on the now corrupted Kal’Azgoth in order to slay Ondnarch and release his true form, Wyrvun. During the battle, Kjell sacrificed his life fighting the Daemon in order to give Igor the chance to deliver the final blow to Ondnarch. Igor slew the corrupted Ondnarch, but not before giving his own life in order to do so. In doing this Igor freed Wyrvun, the pure form of Ondnarch, who then named Igor his Paragon, specifically the Paragon of Purity. Soon after these events, during the coronation of Hogarth Irongut as Grand King of Urguan, Kjell descended from Khaz’A’Dentrumm to the mortal plane, declaring that upon death he had ascended to god-hood and became the new Patron, Kjellos. This ascension was revered by the Ireheart clan as the most famous Ireheart in the history of the clan, truly became a god. Athera When the dwarves arrived in Athera, the Ireheart clan was in disarray. With the death and disappearance of many of the clan’s leading figures, the clan was left in disarray and once again was close to extinction. However, Bastion and Drynn Ireheart, sons of the brothers Igor and Dreek, returned to the clan and began to restore the clan to prominence once more. Like their fathers had done before them they made the clan into one of the most powerful in the Grand Kingdom. During this time the realm of Athera saw two Ireheart kings. Midgor Ireheart son of Kjell, ascended to the Obsidian Throne and had a tumultuous reign, he constantly quarreled with his great-nephew Lori Ireheart, who had been abusing his power as a Runesmith and Golemancer. Vorstag Ireheart, originally a Grandaxe, had a short reign as Grand King, (his second ascension to Grand King, he had previously served as Grand King in the Fringe) this was because he sacrificed himself to fight against a corrupted Urir Ireheart, who had been turned into an Undead by Khorvad. By doing this, Vorstag reclaimed the Armour of Urguan, one of the most important relics in dwarven history. In doing so he was named a Hero by the clergy, forevermore known as Vorstag the Reclaimer. Vailor Soon after the Ireheart’s re-emergence within the Grand Kingdom, the descendant races once again moved land, this time to Vailor. Due to the Ireheart’s strength as a clan, they were granted a hold beneath the dwarven capital of Kal’Akash, known as Khaz’A’Kazak. Shortly after this however, Bastion Ireheart disappeared which led to the Ireheart clan’s strength diminishing by some amount. The clan still remained relevant and did have a plethora of members throughout Vailor, however the strength and influence they once had was no longer there. During this time Midgor Ireheart would once again rise to the mantle of Grand King, becoming the second ever dwarf (the first being his great-nephew Vorstag Ireheart) to be Grand King twice. His second reign was also as tumultuous as the first however and he was once again removed from the position by his council. Axios During the time of the Isles of Axios, the Ireheart clan began to grow in prominence once more. Drynn Ireheart returned to the Grand Kingdom and ascended to the position of Grand King, during this time he formed an alliance within Oren in order to protect the dwarves from the threat of invasion. However after a multitude of successors after Drynn, the dwarves ended up in war with Oren. It was during this time that Bastion Ireheart once again returned and became Kingsguard to Algoda Frostbeard, the new Grand King. After Algoda was assassinated by a Norlandic-Orenenian knight, Bastion was elected to become the new Grand King in his place, against the odds as he was in competition with Kerwyr Frostbeard and his kinsman Wulfstag Ireheart, both prominent dwarves at the time. Bastion solidified the Grand Kingdom’s position in the Axionite Coalition and helped deliver the final blow to destroy the Holy Orenian Empire. Bastion’s reign was long and during it he enacted numerous reforms and mandates for the betterment of the dwarves, he also solidified many alliances and non-aggression pacts with the other nations of Axios. Bastion’s fall would come during the war against the Kingdom of Norland, after large pressure from the Frostbeards to go to war, he was ultimately unable to conquer the Krag, the seat of the Norlandic Kingdom. He ultimately took his own life by jumping off his own balcony (although some say that he was pushed). After this a major event occurred known as the Slaughter of the Senate, as during the process of nominating a new Grand King, the Frostbeards murdered the dwarven Senate and took control of Kal’Omith, the capital of the Grand Kingdom. In the neighbouring hold of Tal’Azmyr, Gror Ireheart was then elected to become the new and rightfully appointed Grand King. Gror had been the Clan Father of the Irehearts all throughout Axios, and he had made the clan far more relevant than they had been in Vailor. Gror’s biggest feat however came as Grand King, he crushed the Frostbeard rebellion, executing Kerwyr Frostbeard himself, before restoring Kal’Omith as the capital of the Grand Kingdom. Atlas However when it was time to move to Atlas, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan had been conquered by the dwarven traitors of Kaz’Ulrah. During this time the Ireheart clan, refusing to live or serve the upjumped dwarven nation of brigands and murderers, decided to go into self imposed exile, until a day returned when a true dwarf would return to bring back a Kingdom in Urguan’s image. It is noted though that Dreek Ireheart II, the son of Drynn Ireheart and grandson of the original Dreek Ireheart, would ascend to the throne of Kaz’Ulrah as High King, however his reign was short lived as he was assassinated within a year of being elected. Arcas After the fall of the Kaz’Ulrah, and the return of the nation known as the Under-Realm of Urguan, many Irehearts began to return in order to serve a true kingdom in Urguan’s image. Utak Ireheart, son of Gror Ireheart and former Grand Marshal of the Under-Realm, would soon be unanimously chosen to become the new Under-King. This marked a new era for the Ireheart clan, hoping that soon they can return to the prevalence they formerly had in the dwarven nation, and the world. Utak eventually declared war upon the Rexdom of Krugmar due to their crimes against Urguan and installed his kinsman Axel Ireheart as Grand Marshal to lead the Legion of Urguan against the orcs. The war was a flawless victory for Urguan which culminated in Utak restoring the Grand Kingdom of Urguan as a result of the victory. Axel Ireheart resigned as Grand Marshal and took over the position of Clan Father within the clan in order to restore the clan to it’s former glory. He successfully returned many beardlings to the clan using the Book of Lineages and made the clan one of the most powerful in the newly reformed Grand Kingdom. Eventually, Utak resigned as Grand King after doing everything he had hoped to do in his reign. CLAN POSITIONS AN IREHEART BEARDLING is one who has not come of age and completed their initial trial, as outlined in the clan’s traditions and further set by the Clan Elders. They may not partake in meetings or votes. They must always have a beard. AN IREHEART is one who has come of age but has yet to have completed the Blood Trials. They may be partake in clan wide meetings, but may not vote nor partake in elder meetings. A BLOODED IREHEART is one who truly follows the ways and traditions of the clan, having completed the Blood Trials. They may partake in clan wide meetings, votes, but may not partake in elder meetings. AN HONOURED IREHEART is a blooded member who currently does or has held a position in the Government of Urguan during their time as being a blooded Ireheart, including but not limited to Grand King, Jarl, Courtier, King’s Councillor, Clan Councillor, High Prophet, or Guildmaster. This position is also granted to previous Clan Elders and previous Clan Fathers. They may partake in elder meetings, but may not vote. A CLAN ELDER, whose count in the clan may not exceed four, is one who has proven to be a highly honourable Ireheart, having been blooded and either hand picked by the Clan Father, or by beating an Elder in an honour duel, in which case he replaces said elder. They may partake in all clan meetings and votes and be eligible for Clan Father. They may modify the criteria for the Blood Trials with approval from the clan father and a 3/4 vote. Any blooded member may challenge an Elder for his position via Honour Duel. An elder may only be removed by a vote of 3/4 from the other Elders, as well as the Clan Father’s approval. They may challenge any voter in an Honour Duel to maintain the position upon learning of their removal. Once an Elder has been appointed, they cannot be challenged to an honour duel for their position for the duration of one stone month. If an Elder has been challenged for their position and successfully wins an honour duel, they cannot be challenged again by a blooded member of the clan for the duration of one stone month. THE CLAN FATHER is the one who represents the clan’s view to other clans and handles internal affairs of the clan. He is to consult the Elders before making any major decisions for the clan. He is the only one who may blood members of the clan. He is responsible for picking elders when one resigns or perishes, as well as leading clan hunts, pilgrimages, meetings and votes. He may be challenged for his position as Clan Father at any time by an Elder, and upon losing he assumes the position of Elder. If he resigns he shall choose his successor. If he perishes his successor shall be decided by the Elders, any disputes being settled by Honor Dueling. A Clan Father cannot be challenged for their position for the duration of one stone month after their appointment. If a Clan Father successfully wins an honour duel after having been challenged for their position, they cannot be challenged again by an Elder of the clan for the duration of one stone month. CLAN VALUES Honour - Honour is the pillar on which a Dwarf builds his moral compass, Irehearts greatly exaggerate this ideal. In conflict and politics, the Clan holds to oaths and shows great honor. Loyalty - The Irehearts are known to have been loyal to Throne and Kingdom since their creation. They believe whoever sits there earns the right to rule unless they break the articles, in which case the King is not fit to wear the crown. Devotion - The clan has worked tirelessly for their Kingdom and have built many fortified vantage structures for the Kingdom in the past. Many members have held high positions in dwarven society and are praised for their often successful reform and progress. Bravery - The Irehearts are a benchmark in Dwarven society in regards to their heroism and prowess in conflict. Many blooded Ire’s are fabled for their deeds in many of the Great War, some considered the greatest combatants in modern society. Kragor, Urir, Igor and Dreek just to name a few. Respect - Ireheart culture is true in the belief of Brotherhood and mutual respect. Almost all actions taken and words spoken by a Blooded is in the ambition to better society's perception and respect of the Clan. CLAN TRADITIONS IREHEART TRADITIONS are considered unorthodox amongst the Dwarves due to their ‘savage’ nature. Irehearts are also commonly known to enter a blood frenzy, a state where they act upon bloody impulse. Therefore, most of the Traditions in this section are often created from these events and may seem to be the work of a Stark Raving Mad Dwarf. HONOUR DUELS An honour duel is an official brawl which shows one’s honour and skill in combat. They are to be fought without armour, and golden pickaxes (the favorite weapon of Kjell) as the only weapon. The challenger must be ready to supply the weapons. The duel shall be best one of one. One person may not challenge another clan member to a duel more than once every two stone weeks. Any unfair play ((hacking, glitching, exploiting etc)) shall render the duel void, with the offending kinsman being dishonoured and executed by tying their limbs to boars and having them quartered, with their remains being fed to the clan’s dire wolves. ((Perma Kill)) ADORNING OF WAR PAINT Painting of ones body for war and any other militaristic event is a popular tradition among the Irehearts, painting one’s body can strike fear within the enemy hearts and is a great factor of war for the Irehearts. DIRE WOLVES The Irehearts are known for keeping the ancient dire wolves as pets for war purposes or for every day companionship. Throughout the ages the Irehearts have learned how to bond with such large beasts and have come to earn their trust. They usually reside in the snowy dwarven mountains and the Irehearts have learned to track them down and raise baby dire wolves or even earn the trust of the fully grown ones by treating them as equals to the Irehearts, whilst also learning how to breed them. The bond between Irehearts and Direwolves is a complicated thing.Tracing its roots back to Yavok, the tradition of taming and maintaining a mutually-beneficial relationship with these creatures has always had its place within the clan. Direwolves are tamed for many reasons, but their significance to the Irehearts goes far beyond simple companionship. For members of the Ireheart Clan, a bond with a Direwolf is almost spiritual. It is for this reason that beardlings are often instructed to venture out and tame one of their own; this is a sanctifying rite that proves the legitimacy of the beardling’s lineage and honour. When an Ireheart’s first Direwolf passes away, it is often skinned in a highly-respectful and deeply-sorrowful ceremony in such a way as to honour the deceased creature, which is then worn as a cloak by its master so that it may continue to watch over and protect them, even in death. Direwolves are often chosen by their Ireheart master based on shared traits; such as a beardling deemed as an “underdog” choosing the runt of a litter, and other such things. They will shelter and guard their companion with their life from its taming, and expect the same in return. Direwolves are utilised by the Irehearts as playful companions, and also as allies in combat scenarios. They are often given roles within formal ceremonies and other events of a similar nature. So close is the link between master and beast, that many owners will refer to their Direwolf as "Brother" or "Sister". They are traditionally given names in the dwarven tongue relating to a physical trait of the Direwolf in question. Direwolves, however, are also associated with symbolism by the Irehearts. To see a snow-white wolf is seen as an extremely lucky omen, while a jet-black wolf signifies danger. A Direwolf with scars, particularly around the face, is considered a prophecy of imminent bloodshed. Direwolves and their masters are viewed as being almost two-halves of the same being. When death or illness befalls a wolf, the Irehearts are quick to stand by and protect its master. It is believed by many members of the clan that whatever affects a Direwolf directly affects its owner, and vice-versa. THE SKINNING OF ORC HIDES One of the few most ancient traditions, the skinning of Orc hides stems from the first Orcish invasions upon Dwarvish soil where Yavok Ireheart had initially scraped the hides of his fallen foes and fashioned them armor as an effective intimidation tactic. Later the famed Clan Father Kjell Ireheart would utilize Orc hides for interior decorating after he coined the phrase, “I need a new Carpet!” THE CUTTING OFF OF HUMAN FINGERS One of the traditions involved in becoming a full blooded Ireheart. The tradition originated from the many long years fought with Oren. THE CLEAVING OF ELVISH EARS An old age tradition that comes of time when Yavok Ireheart walked the land. Typically Ireheart take elf ears as trophies once they have defeated them in combat. Most Irehearts take the ears and place them on a necklace to show off their kills. THE UTILIZATION OF A MAGE’S ROBES FOR BED SHEETS A rather new tradition of collecting mage robes for bed sheets was thought of by Midgor Ireheart and approved by the Clan Elders at the time. THE SKINNING OF MEW MEW PELTS AND CLIPPING OF CLAWS The skinning of kha pelts and collecting their pelts about about in the time of Anthos when Urguan had a peace treaty with the orcs, the Irehearts being forbidden to slay any orc. The Irehearts being rather bored they decided to hunt mew mews instead and incorporate the sport into the blooding trials. CONDEMNING OF ARMOUR AND UNNECESSARY CLOTHING Often seen as peculiar amongst the Dwarves, the Irehearts strongly believe in wearing no armor or top wear. This is due to the numerous fates Yavok may have encountered during his exploits as a renowned Slayer of Beings including: drowning, falling, immovability, and not looking muscle bound. Armor and Clothes are a restriction to the expression of an Ireheart’s pride, their glorious abdomen and beard. THE “GIMME YER BELT” Since the days of Asulon the Ireheart clan has practiced the time honoured tradition of “Gimme yet Belt”. This peculiar battle for belts initiated when the Orcs stole Kjell’s Belt, from the statue of Mt. Ire, initiating a grand war to claim the sacred artifact. Since then the Irehearts, after finally claiming the relic, have taken to claiming the belts of their enemies as a way to prove they are the strongest. Once an Ireheart has defeated their foe they bear the right to take possession of all their adversaries’ belts and adorn them with pride. BLOOD OATHS A blood oath is an ancient oath said using the words of our ancestors, which binds an individual to the clan through blood. The ceremony is binding when the words of our ancestors are said while the Clan Father has his cut palm joined with another Ireheart at the Shrine of Dungrimm. Breaking the Blood Oath, which involves betraying the clan results in execution by formal impalement through the heart by the Clan Father using the Evidence of Kjell in witness of the Elders ((Perma kill)). RELIGION The Ireheart clan are strict followers of the Brathmordahkin and are mostly devout followers to their patron god Dungrimm, whilst some also choose to pay respects to Kjellos. Many Irehearts are known to be very zealous and have on multiple occasions killed in the name of Dungrimm. Due to the great sacrifice involved in the fight against Ondnarch, many Irehearts have a respect for the Aengul Wyrvun, while thoroughly detesting the corrupted Ondnarch. KJELLOS It is believed that the Emperor Paragon Dragon Slayer Kjell Ireheart was chosen by Dungrimm for being his most loyal follower, and ascended in a blaze of fire and explosions to godship among those of the Brathmordakin, bearing the new name of Kjellos, who is the God of Justice, and guardian of the Legion and the clan. Although not a member of the Brathmordahkin, Kjellos is considered a Patron amongst the realm and assists Dungrimm in guiding the dead souls to his plain. Whilst also enacting justice as a spirit acting against those who commit crimes against dwarfkind. CLAN CEREMONIES AND TRIALS THE BIRTHING CEREMONY The sight of a Dwarven birth is a glorious one indeed, and must be held very carefully and with precision. When ready to give birth, the women will begin to strain as to exert as much force as possible until the majestic beard of the newly born beardling is in view. The father of the beardling shall then proceed to tug it out by it’s beard until the head is visible. The women shall then squat above Kjell’s Belt (not any belt, but the artifact) and exert as much force as possible, launching the beardling into the relic head-first. If they survive the blunt force trauma they are true Irehearts, if they die then they are failures from birth. These trials prove they are willing to be a true Ireheart, and it is sealed with a festive meal where family and friends offer gifts. THE IREHEART TRIALS In order to become a full Ireheart, a member must complete the following tasks and the final rite in the presence of an Ireheart: Skinning three different coloured Orc hides. Cleaving of a wood, high, and dark elf ear, and making them into a necklace. The obtainment of the bark of a dryad’s life tree, a druid’s spirit tree or the largest druid tree in the land, preferably with the dryad or druids present. THE FINAL RITE The Ireheart then must climb to the peaks of the highest mountain and seek out a Gryphon’s Eyrie, here it is up to the Ireheart to claim the Gryphon’s feather which will act as the mark of their passage into true Blood-Hood. IRE BLOODING Ire Blooding is a ceremony that creates the bond between Irehearts which occurs after the completion of the Ireheart Trial. Once he/she has completed the trial the elected clan father will announce that the ceremony is to be committed which then after preparation the following will occur. The beginning of the ceremony starts with the clan father addressing the Ireheart with the following phrase: "You are here today to partake in the pact of blood where you shall join your essence and mortal spirit with the like of those before us through me and by doing so you will promise by blood oath that you shall follow the ways of Irehearts or seek banishment from the Dwarves, do you choose to take this honor?" The Ireheart will then say to the clan father his/her decision of either yes or no. Upon saying no he/she does not take the honor of becoming an Ireheart and is asked to leave. Upon saying yes the clan father will cut the palm of his right hand with a dagger whose blade is made of pure dragon bone before the young brother/sister commits the same act with the same hand. This is then followed by the clan father and Ireheart joining their bloodied hands as the Ireheart binds his/her blood with the clan father which in turn symbolizes the adoption of the new Ireheart as he/she has bound his/her mortal spirit with the blood of those before the clan father as well. Upon completion of this act the Clan father will recite the last verse of the Dwarven Anthem: "And may yer honor and yer heart shine bright like the forge ye'll be remembered as always Brother (or Sister) O' the Dwarves" Upon completion they will have become a true initiated Ireheart to the clan as they have taken the blood oath thus completing the blood pact with the clan and showing his will to commit to his family and the kingdom. In order to celebrate the occasion, a feasting ceremony will occur afterwards where family and friends will gather to present gifts to the new fully blooded Ireheart. WEDDING CEREMONY Typically the wedding ceremony is conducted within the holy halls of the Brathmordakhin. Yet before the wedding happens the Ireheart male goes on a week of drinking and slaughtering elves, orcs, mew mews and humans. At the end of the week they must bring their most prized possession they’ve obtained from the week long of hunting and present it to their wife to be. FUNERAL It is a sad day when one Ireheart dies, but also a day of celebration. A feast is held in their honour to remember their great deeds before ending with the ritual. The body must be placed upon a sled along with his/her valuables, set a light and pushed down a mountain side. CLAN TENETS I. The Blood brother/sister is to treat his/her peers within clan Ireheart with kindness and shall not commit any ill towards one another unless followed by a duel of honor. II. The Blood brother/sister is to only birth a child with the likes of his or her kin not the likes of elves, orcs, humans, or any other being that bears no pure Dwarven blood save for the Halflings and Doomforged. III. The Blood brother/sister must bear the colors of the Clan in any manner upon his or her person, though this may be excused under certain circumstances. IV. Kinslaying or wishing death upon the likes of a Blood brother/sister's kin is forbidden, this includes wishing such on the likes of other Dwarves who aren't clan bound. Threatening physical punishments such as beating are not restricted by this tenet. V. Breaking of any of these tenets can result in punishments such as manual labour, exile and even death. [[By joining the clan you are agreeing that if your character breaks the clan tenets or by judgement of a different criminal deed deemed by the Clan Father that they can be PK'd by the Clan Father only with sufficient RP]] CLAN HOLDS Kal’Mugdor Kal’Mugdor (City of Mines) was a city made by Kjell Ireheart during his reign. It was one of the main dwarven cities and was the spearhead for most legion business. It was lost to the many natural disasters that led to the Dwarves fleeing Asulon. Mount Ire This city was created by Kjell Ireheart during his reign and he made it the capital city of his Empire. Construction was never finished, however, the city had great obsidian walls that could fend off the undead itself. It also was lost to the many natural disasters that led to the Dwarves fleeing Asulon. Storm’s Peak Storm’s peak was a mountain fortress built atop the Dwarven Mountains of Anthos, it oversees the harbor city of Vaerhaven. It was owned by the Irehearts until King Thorin Grandaxe seized it from them and renamed it Drake’s Peak. Storm’s Crossing Storm’s Crossing was a former Orcish fort taken over by the legion a few months after the four races arrived in Anthos. It was taken by the Grand Marshal Kjell Ireheart and was turned into the dwarves first line of defence. It was built up heavily and some say it was near impenetrable. Eventually it was taken off the Irehearts by King Dizzy Irongrinder so that it could be turned into the new capital city of Kal’Ithrun. However because of the fact the Irehearts built up the fort and worked a lot on it, Kjell Ireheart was made Lord Protectorate of Kal’Ithrun. Khaz’A’Daar Khaz'A'Daar (Hall of Might) is a hold originally made as a mining camp by Vorstag Ireheart in the Fringe. When Vorstag obtained Kingship, ownership was transferred to Bastion Ireheart, who then made it an official Clan Hold for the Irehearts. It was originally named "Rasterly Cock", however at a meeting of the Clan Elders, Odin Ireheart thought of its current name. It had undergone many renovations under Roggar Ireheart, and was a key fort for the Kingdom during Khorvad's Plague of 1461. Khaz’A’Kazak Khaz’A'Kazak (Hall of War) was a fortress built at the docks of Kal’Akash in Vailor. Grand King Balek Irongut granted Bastion Ireheart the land to build a fortress to protect the dwarven seas, and also to build siege weaponry in case of war. The fortress was built by Falent and Agnar Ireheart. Kal’Arakh Kal’Arakh (City of White) was the reclaimed former city of Yolwin in Axois. Initially a hub of activity built by members of Urguan’s navy very close to the capital of Kal’Omith, it was primarily populated by navy members, goblins and Frostbeards. The Treachery of the Frostbeards in Axios left the city deserted often and when Kal’Omith was retaken for the dwedmar, Grand King Gror Ireheart named Aldal Ireheart “Lord of Yolwin”. Dol'Kavgar Dol'Kavgar (Town of the Undead) was a small village owned by the Ireheart's in Arcas. The settlement had been previously overrun by undead Ironborn minions. After Axel Ireheart's (The incumbent Clan Father) nephew, Wilhelm Ireheart was kidnapped alongside Falk Irongut and High Prophet Norli Starbreaker by the Ironborn and held ransom in Dol'Kavgar's hidden caverns, Axel personally lead a rescue party in order to free them. He rooted out the Ireheart, with help from the legion and clan, saving his nephew's life, aswell as the other two dwedmar. In return for this great deed, the Ireheart's were granted the town by Grand King Jorvin Starbreaker, in order to protect the mountains and keep the caverns secured from any further threats. CLAN RELICS Gutbuster Mail Gutbuster Mail is a specific type of spiked armor forged by Farren Starbreaker. The armor itself was designed by Dreek Ireheart and was distributed to the four founders of Ireheart bloodlines. The armor is spiked all around and instead of using a weapon the armor is equipped with claws. A common tactic while wearing this armor is to run at a person so as to impale them onto your own body. Kjell’s Belt This is the golden belt that was put onto the statue of Kjell Ireheart that stood at the entrance of Mount Ire during Kjell’s reign. The belt is lined with gold and other gems and is held with great value amongst the Irehearts. The Evidence of Kjell This is a dagger made with the bone of a dragon killed by Paragon Kjell, the dagger is used during the Ireheart blooding ceremony to cut the beardling’s hand and to join blood with the clan father so the beardling can become a full Ireheart. Dragon Tooth The tooth of one of the dragons Paragon Kjell slew. The tooth is the size of four dwarves and is often held within the armory of the Ireheart. Its weight is monumental and has been a staple decoration of numerous Ireheart holds. Draknakavir Draknakavir, meaning "Dragon Death" was crafted by Kjell from the bones of the first Dragon he slew. Since the death of Kjell it has been reforged using the Frozen Core of Ondnarch's champion, giving it an icy coat. Upon it the following inscription was written. "When Injustice mocks the heavens he shall rise When the axe vanishes he shall rise When the foe of the the Dwarves meets in battle he shall rise He the god Kjellos shall rise" Book of Lineages The Book of Lineages is an ancient Ireheart book that's history is traced back to Yavok Ireheart himself. The Book has every record of every Ireheart born since the days of Yavok and is used in finding the lineages of lost dwarves. It is passed down to each Clan Father and has remained a sacred item in the tiny library kept by the clan. CLAN LEGENDS Throughout the clan’s history many Irehearts have stood apart from the others and earned themselves a place in the history books with their legendary deeds. Clan Founder Yavok Ireheart The founder of the Ireheart clan, Yavok was one of the eight sons of Urguan. He built the clan upon the ideas of strength, loyalty and bravery and was the creator of many of the Ireheart traditions and trials still followed to this day. He was the first dwarf to breach the walls of Kal’Urguan during the assault to depose the Ironborn tyrants. He personally slew 7 of the Ironborn kingsguards so that Simmpa could deal the final blow to Thorgarn Ironborn. Paragon Kjell Ireheart Kjell, practically a God amongst the Clan, was the Emperor and founder of the modern embodiment of the Irehearts. Kjell won countless battles and built many cities, he slayed dragons and rose to become one of the most celebrated leaders in Dwarven history. He perished against the Aengul Ondnarch, giving his son Igor the chance to deal the final blow and avenge both his father Kjell and his brother Dreek. There are theories which suggest he was the manifestation of the God of Justice, Kjellos. Paragon Urir Ireheart Urir is amongst the most revered Dwed in modern history. Urir sacrificed himself to save all mortal races from the Undead, locking himself in the Nether and allowing Valen Grandaxe and Kjell to escape. Along with Kragor, the two are widely considered the greatest fighters ever in dwarven history, and possibly even world history. Paragon Igor Ireheart A major figure in the clan Ireheart during its time of blooming, he is one of the four founders of the Ireheart bloodlines. He was proven to have be a dedicated member of the clan who is capable of defeating hordes upon hordes of enemies alone, due to this and his tactical superiorty he was named Grand Marshal of the dwarven legion. He perished by slaying the Aengul Ondnarch with the Hammer of Barradin, avenging the death of his brother Dreek. Following this he was named a Paragon by the Aengul Wyvrun. Hero Dreek Ireheart A major figure in the clan Ireheart during its time of blooming, he is one of the four founders of the Ireheart bloodlines. He was slain by the Aengul Ondnarch while defending Kal'Azgoth. Whilst he was alive he was known to be able to decapitate Uruks in battle with a single swipe of his weapon. Whilst the Irehearts spent their time in Kal'Azgoth, Dreek purchased both of the clan's Clan Halls as well as maintained their commerce. During his life he was a Lord twice and the Grand Marshal once, as well as Clan Father for a brief time. Roggar Ireheart A well known figure in the clan Ireheart during its time of blooming, he was one of the four founders of the Ireheart bloodlines. He was well known as the Grand Marshal of the legion. He was proven to be a dedicated member of the clan who could decapitate elves in a matter of seconds. Whilst him and his sons tended to be quite skilled with a bow and crossbow. Olaf Ireheart A major figure in the clan Ireheart during its time of blooming, he was one of the four founders of the Ireheart bloodlines. He holds a great respect for Dungrimm, known as a traditionalist in all walks of life, he often flung himself into fits of zealotry for Dungrimm and strove to be closer to the Gods through combat. Many dwarves likened his behaviour to that of a Stark Raving Mad Dwarf. Midgor Ireheart Midgor was the third-born son of Kjell Ireheart like his father he rose to the title of Grand King but was impeached after feuds within the Kingdom. He rose a second time and endured another tribulus reign, eventually getting removed once again. Some people referred to midgor as Kjell II, due to his striking resemblance to his father. He is the only living dwarf to have been crowned Grand King of Urguan twice, for this he is known as the ‘Twice-Crowned’. Hero Vorstag Ireheart Formerly a Grandaxe, Vorstag was known for leading his troops into battle as Grand King, he was an accomplished military commander having previously been Grand Marshal. After being shunned by the Grand Kingdom, he travelled to find himself, tracing his lineage he found that he was more Ireheart than Grandaxe (being the son of Igor Ireheart’s daughter Eileen) and thus chose the path of Kjellos. Eventually, he ascended to become Clan Father. Vorstag became Grand King once more yet his reign was short as he died reclaiming Urguan's armor from a corrupted Urir Ireheart. In doing so he was named a Hero of the Brathmordakin, as his sacrifice recovered one of the most important relics in dwarven history. Drynn Ireheart The son of Dreek Ireheart, Drynn was a very well known figure in the clan during its time of dominance in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. A dwarf of considerable combat prowess, much like his father he was a Grand Champion of the dwarves and later was crowned Grand King. His skills in diplomacy repaired the rift in relations between the Empire of Oren and the Grand Kingdom and ushered in a time of peace at last for the Dwarves. Bastion Ireheart The son of Igor Ireheart, Bastion was a very well known figure in the clan during the time of it's dominance in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. He was crowned Grand King of Urguan and lead the legion successfully against the Empire of Oren, restoring Yemekar’s Balance. His leadership in wartime and accomplishments to save Dwarven honor will make him forever be remembered. Gror Ireheart The grandson of Roggar, Gror was a prominent Ireheart during their less influential years in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, he at one point was the Grand Marshal of the dwarven legion. After Bastion’s death he ascended to the mantle of Grand King and successfully crushed and defeated the second Frostbeard rebellion, personally executing the traitor Kewyr Frostbeard himself. Dreek Ireheart II The son of Drynn Ireheart, Dreek II was named after his grandfather. He was a dwarf of Kaz’Ulrah, being one of the few clan members to openly accept the umjumped Frostbeard kingdom. He eventually ascended to become the High King of Kaz’Ulrah, however his reign would be short lived, being assassinated by the infamous Charles the Bald only a year after he was elected. Utak Ireheart Utak was the son of Gror Ireheart, and much like his father he also rose to prominence as Grand Marshal of the legion due to his unparalleled skill in battle and tactical warfare. Soon thereafter he was unanimously elected the Under-King of Urguan. He later led a successful war against the Rexdom of Krugmar in what was a resounding victory. Following this he restored the Grand Kingdom of Urguan before resigning from the throne. Odin Ireheart A well known figure in the clan Ireheart during its time of blooming in the Kingdom of Urguan, he was well known as a Grand Marshal of the legion. He had shown himself to be a follower of the berserker way of fighting, prevailing at even the worst odds against a host of Orcs. Being the grandson of Olaf Ireheart, he followed in his footsteps and was also known for his zealotry and rage in combat. Axel Ireheart Axel was the son of the late Grand King Bastion Ireheart. After his fathers death he fought for Urguan in the second Frostbeard rebellion and successfully captured Kerwyr Frostbeard before handing him over to his kinsman Gror to be executed. After that Axel disappeared for many years from the Grand Kingdom, only returning in Arcas after the return of the Under-Realm. He was promoted to Grand Marshal of the Legion of Urguan due to his years of experience in battle and successfully defeated the Rexdom of Krugmar in the War of Honor. Following this he resigned from his position to take over the mantle of Clan Father and successfully restored the clan to it’s former glory by returning many of it’s old traditions and finding many Irehearts through the use of the Book of Lineages. Belegar Ireheart Belegar was the son of Ognar Grandaxe and Digrora Ireheart, making him the grandson of Midgor ‘Twice-Crowned’. Belegar was Grand Marshal of the Legion of Urguan for many years and even successfully led them during the 18 years war. He restored the legion after the previous failures of the old Grand Marshals and made the legion a feared army throughout all of Vailor, with discipline, determination and honor. Belgor Ireheart Belgor also the son of Ognar Grandaxe and Digrora Ireheart, grandson of Midgor and brother to Belegar. Much like his older brother, Belgor served as Grand Marshal of the Legion of Urguan in early Axios under the rule of his kinsman Drynn Ireheart. Following this he disappeared from the Grand Kingdom for many years only to return to take his place in the command of Axel Ireheart’s Legion of Urguan in the War of Honor against the Rexdom of Krugmar. Following Urguan’s victory he took Axel’s place as Grand Marshal after the former’s resignation, before officially resigning himself some years later. Aldal Ireheart A well known figure in the Clan during its dominance in the Kingdom of Urguan, Aldal was one of the few if not the only Ireheart who preferred book and quill to sword. Aldal was the High Prophet that led Da Kirkja Dverga during Anthos. He was known as an extremely kind and pacifist dwarf. He would try to retire as a leader of the clergy, however, because of the incompetence of some of the dwarves that came after him he had to return multiple times to revive the clergy once more. Aldal became High Prophet again in Axios. He was one of the last High Prophets before the schism. CLAN BLOODLINES Throughout the Ireheart's time in history, four dominant lines have existed. Line of Igor: Skin tone: Light Eyes: Black Hair: Brown Beard style: Natural, occasionally decorated with dual orange bands Other: Long beards and hair are common. Line of Dreek Skin tone: Light Eyes: Brown Hair: Jet Black Beard style: Undecorated, natural, very bushy. Other: Beards are often bushy enough so that they may be used as a storage device. Line of Roggar Skin Tone: Light Eyes: Amber Hair: Bald, ones who are lucky enough to have hair have very little Beard style: Natural, undecorated Other: Baldness is very common. Line of Olaf Skin tone: Light Eyes: Blue Hair: Reddish ginger Beard style: Natural, braided, bushy Other: Beards are bushy yet braided. CLAN MEMBERS Clan Father: Axel Ireheart (Lefty_Bojengles) Clan Elders: Bakir Ireheart (Ireheart_) Durorn Ireheart (masouri) Utak Ireheart (Mickaelhz) Gror Ireheart (Pancakehz) Clan Members: Thorgrim Ireheart (PrinceOfTheRhine) Aghuid Ireheart (Cheezzy_Garlik) Azorius Ireheart (chrisoulis777) Stomar Ireheart (Mirvam) Merrak Ireheart (Titanium430) Grimnir Ireheart (wwwdotfreesmiley) Dagura Ireheart (NeonStarlight) Urist Ireheart (Juhti) Odrin Ireheart (Sir_Niccum) Sturla Ireheart (banditry) Thorgran Ireheart (skippy369) Wilhelm Ireheart (implicitlypug) CLAN FAMILY TREE https://www.familyecho.com/?p=DI9R3&c=r7ui0g8hgh&f=286223249458410638 APPLICATION MC Name: Character Name: Character Age: Appearance: Bloodline - Feel free to contact Axel (Lefty_Bojengles), Bakir (Ireheart_), or Durorn (masouri) for help: Define who you shall be related to inside the bloodline (E.g, Son of ___, grandson of ___ etc): Do you agree to follow the Clan Tenets OOC’ly and IC’ly and face the consequences for their breaking?: What is your Discord?: Image of the skin you intend to use:
  4. ON THE NINTH OF THOROK’AINDAR, 186 of THE SILVER AGE ISSUED BY UNRI DOOMFORGED ᛒᚤ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚹᛁᛚᛚ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚨᚾᚲᛁᛖᚾᛏ ᚲᛚᚨᚾ ᛞᛟᛟᛗᚠᛟᚱᚷᛖ ⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘ A clan of mysterious and secretive Dark Dwarves, the Doomforged Clan has stood nearly as long as the elder clans of Urguan. Infamous for their fiery gaze, and their more molten attitudes, they have garnered respect amongst their fellow Dwedmar, no matter the Clan’s state. ⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘ ORIGINS The Doomforge Clan has been able to trace its roots all the way back to the final age of Aegis. The progenitor, and Paragon, Urir Ireheart had a shaky union with a dark elf named Feyin Kelzyr. Together, they had three sons, Hodir, Iban and Yorri. These three brothers would be raised by King Thorik Braveaxe, after their Father’s sacrifice. As they grew older, they wished to find purpose in their lives and traveled to the abandoned and desolate lands of Hanseti. The lands had been destroyed by some poisonous fog, which had led to the umgi nation’s downfall. It is here, within this ruined civilization, that the brothers discovered an entrance to an ancient hold. The entrance was carved with runes, older than themselves, and upon entering the three would discover the very city of Asgol, and all of its relics. Here, the three brothers made their home, learning the secrets and history of those who had once lived here before, and it was here that they found the Doom Forge. The relic that has become the namesake of the Clan, a large anvil which sat upon a large altar. The three swore to themselves to safekeep it from evil. To this day, their legacy has shaped and formed the Doomforge Clan, from the sacrifice of Paragon Urir and his fight against the Undead, to the safeguarding of ancient knowledge from the hands of evil. One may see their ashen skin and fiery eyes, and assume many things, but these children of Urir have dedicated themselves to the safety of Urguan, and their Clan. ⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘ THE BLOODLINES HODIR’S LINE: Well known for producing notable political figures, Hodir’s line have a mid-tone skin color, compared to their fellow doomforged. They are lighter than Iban’s line, but darker than Yorri’s.This line sports brown hair of all ranges, and uncommonly dark blonde. Their eyes glow a deep, ruby red, similar to the amulets the Doomforged wear. IBAN’S LINE: The line of Iban are well known for their dark skin and darker hair, usually having a dark gray skin tone and black hair. Their eyes are an orange color, not unlike the lava that flows through the Clan’s Halls. Iban’s line tends to produce warriors of all kinds, stalwart fighters who have dedicated themselves to the clan in some way. This, of course, is not always the case. YORRI’S LINE: A unique difference from his brethren, Yorri’s line tends to be the lightest skinned of the three, with a light purple undertone. Their eyes glow yellow, like the tips of the flames of the torches in their halls. They have bright, fiery ginger hair as well, a unique difference from the darker coloration of the other two lines. Yorri’s line tends to produce scholars of all kinds, from lorekeepers to religious figures. DORMIN’S LINE: The line of Dormin is a descendant line to Hodir, with some unique traits. Dormin’s line tends to have the same, deep red eye color, but with a more reddish hair color. Their skin is pale and ashen, much like the Hodir line. They have the unique trait of incredible height, with the tallest of them being nearly 5’6, but tend to be around 5’0. The Onyxheart Clan was born from Dormin’s Line, and thus has familial connection to the Doomforge Clan. DRAAKOPF’S LINE: Fiery eyes have become the notable marker of Draakopf’s line, a descendant line to Iban. Similar to Iban’s, they have ashen skin, and coal-black hair. In a unique trait, due to their elven heritage they tend to be taller than most other lines, roughly around 4’5 - 5’0. The children of Draakopf have become infamous for their tendency to hoard treasure and relics of some kind. His line has produced many strong warriors and mystical smiths. ⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘ VALUES OF THE DOOMFORGED The values of the Clan have shifted over the centuries of its founding, but many core tenets have stayed the same. The current values have been reformed and created to better reflect the clan’s position and thinking within the world, and shall go as follows. CODE OF CONDUCT: I. You shall not hurt or harm another Doomforged, unless they have become a threat to the safety of the clan, its property or descendents as a whole. II. The safety of the Clan must be ensured, and the knowledge we hold is to be kept hidden, and our property protected from outsiders for as long as you live. III. Never defy the Clan Head, or the Clan Council, for their word is final. IV. Never defy the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, for it is our home. We shall protect it for as long as we live, unless it has been corrupted by the foul stench of darkspawn. V. For as long as there's Darkness in our world, you must swear yourself to the cause of destroying it. Be that through combat against them, research into their weaknesses or otherwise. Darkspawn, Azdrazi and other corrupted beings will NOT be tolerated. CODE OF POLITICS I. Avoid combat with other descendants at all costs, unless yourself or the Clan has been dishonored. For such, request a trial by combat or other necessary measures to redeem your or the Clan’s honor. Refer to the following clarifications. A. If dishonor occurs in another nation, abide by their laws, or write a grudge so that it may properly be handled. B. If dishonor occurs amongst your fellow dwed, it is expected to be handled swiftly and humanely. II. Do not get involved in the politics of other Clans, for it is not our place to shift the ideals of our fellow brothers and sisters. Our way is our own, and theirs is their own. Maintain that respect. III. Clan Wars should never be declared, unless a Clan has betrayed the Kingdom, or fallen to the foul stench of darkspawn. IV. Respect the politics of other Nations, for you represent not only the Clan, but Urguan as a whole. When you travel, keep such respect about yourself, and maintain dignity amongst all descendants. This information has been made public to all other Clans, in hopes that we may maintain our honor and respect amongst our fellow kin. It is also expected that our fellow Clans respect our own codes and values. ⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘ PUBLICLY KNOWN TRADITIONS WARFORGING: Once a tightly kept secret of the Clan, Warforging has since spread beyond their halls, and become popular amongst the other clans. By the use of Alchemy, the clan is able to produce notable different effects of various elements, with Lava Forging being the most popular amongst the Doomforged clan. In a unique note, some Doomforged have begun to tattoo over their flesh runes with Lava Tattoos, adding a peculiar glow to the engraved runes upon their skin. FLESH RUNES: In the current age, little is known about the practice of Flesh Runes, other than the fact they exist. Perhaps in past centuries, these runes functioned in some mystical way, but now that too has been lost. Notably, many Doomforged continue to carve the runes into their skin, refusing to elaborate on their meaning beyond the fact it is a tradition. Further prying into the history of the practice will only lead to a rather angry Doomforged. BRIGHTIRON EXILES: It has become rather well known amongst the dwedmar, that a Doomforged declared Brightiron has been exiled in some shape or form. The original Doomforged who were forced to take this name, had been exiled for becoming Darkstalkers, a grave sin against the clan and Paragon Urir. ⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘ HIERARCHY OF THE CLAN The hierarchy of the Clan shall be public information, so that our fellow Dwedmar kin may be able to properly understand who to contact and connect with should the need arise. CLAN FATHER/MOTHER CLAN COUNCIL DOOMFORGED LONGBEARDS DOOMFORGED DOOMFORGED BEARDLINGS Specifics about each level shall NOT be disclosed, as that is for the clan to know. Our fellow Dwedmar shall know who is of what role, however. ⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘ SIGNED, ᚢᚾᚱᛁ ᛞᛟᛟᛗᚠᛟᚱᚷᛖᛞ UNRI DOOMFORGED, ᚲᚺᚨᚱᛊᛁ ᛞᛟᛟᛗᚠᛟᚱᚷᛖᛞ CHARSI DOOMFORGED
  5. ON THE NINTH OF THOROK’AINDAR, 186 of THE SILVER AGE ISSUED BY UNRI DOOMFORGED ᛒᚤ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚹᛁᛚᛚ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚨᚾᚲᛁᛖᚾᛏ ᚲᛚᚨᚾ ᛞᛟᛟᛗᚠᛟᚱᚷᛖ ⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘ The Doomforged have laid dormant beneath the mountain for too long. As our brothers and sisters of Urguan toil, our forges run cold and our kegs dry. No laughter echoes through our clan halls, nor is there even a squabble. Our kin have scattered and divided—a wrong that we should make right. I, Unri Doomforged, son of Rhaezaiil Doomforged, summon you, kin of Urir. Heed my call in the name of our ancestors, so that we may shoulder our burdens together and uplift our clan to glory once more, under the Kingdom of Urguan. Whether it is slaying the evil forces that plague our lands, or flooding stalls with the fruits of our labor, there is nothing our clan cannot achieve if we work together. We shall outfit the Doomforged that return to us with all that they need in order to see our goals fulfilled. ⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘ SIGNED, ᚢᚾᚱᛁ ᛞᛟᛟᛗᚠᛟᚱᚷᛖᛞ UNRI DOOMFORGED
  6. EDICT OF MILITARIZATION Mandated by the Obsidian Throne As of the 12th of Dungrimms Call, the Legion shall implement new reforms by the Grand King’s decree. The previous Edict of Emergency shall be repealed as the present danger from the Darkstalkers has passed. All Dwarves above the age of 18 are encouraged to enlist within the Legion to face the impending threat of the Azdrazi and serve their Kingdom. The Honour System of Old shall be restored to reward consistent service towards the Legion and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. All enlisted Legionnaires have had their honour calculated based on their service in the past few years. Payment shall be standardised at the rate of 25 mina for Ironguards and 50 mina for Pridebearers; Grunts must prove their dedication to the Legion. The requirements for payment per stone week shall be attendance at one Legion practice and two stone hours of Gate Duty. NARVOK OZ URGUAN Signed, Thurgrim Silverbraid Grand King of Urguan, Clan Lord of the Silverbraids Narvi, Grand Marshal of the Legion, Snaer Frostbeard, Tribune of the Legion.
  7. THE LEGION As a disciplined and experienced military force, the Legion represents the might of the Dwarves. Members of the Legion are utterly committed to the service of their nation, prepared to defend their people from any internal and external threats that may agress on their mountain home. WHY ENLIST? Enlistment in the Legion is a great honour, offering the opportunity to serve with comrades in arms and advancing your status in Dwarven society through genuine meritocratic progression in a system that recognises talent and dedication above all. Additionally, you serve Dungrimm in combat through the honour and glory inherent in your valorous deeds. Once you reach the required rank, there are also several financial incentives, such as pay, tax benefits, etc. Your Kingdom calls you - Join the Legion today. REQUIREMENTS A dwarf must: Be a beardling of age, i.e. eighteen years. Be of sound body and mind. And possess a good grasp of Urguanic law. Not be an Ironborn. All Yrromar must seek a special exemption to enlist, though admittance is generally limited. HOW TO ENLIST To enlist in the Legion, one must fill out the following form and seek out a Legionary officer. [Enlistment Form] HIERARCHY COMMAND GRAND MARSHAL (III) As the commander of the Legion, the Grand Marshal is specially appointed by the Grand King and directly manages his subordinates' duties, promotions and rewards. The Grand Marshal leads the Legion into combat and is the finest soldier it has produced. TRIBUNE (II) Executive officer of the Legion, the Tribune is given delegated duties from the Grand Marshal to manage all administrative aspects of the Legion. He is also responsible for the issuance of rations, standard-issue weaponry and uniforms. In the Grand Marshal’s absence, the Tribune takes command of the Legion. LEGATE (I) Junior officers of the Legion, they are worthy soldiers who have been promoted from the ranks. Legates are expected to assist in organising the Legion, and ensure the protection of the Kingdom from any threats through patrols and preparing the troops for battle. RANK AND FILE PRIDEBEARER (III) Pridebearers are the elite rank attained upon exemplary service; they receive the highest pay in the rank and file and financial exemptions. However, they are expected to take the lead in combat situations and have authority over inferior ranks. Promotion Requirements: 150 Honour, attend 6 Legion practices, 5 Legion events/battles or donate 10 stacks of military resources. IRONGUARD (II) Ironguards are the Legion's regulars; this rank is attained once the oath of loyalty to the Legion is taken. These soldiers are expected to perform most of the day-to-day duties and attend Legion training and combat missions. Promotion Requirements: 50 Honour, attend two Legion practices and either attend a Legion event/battle or donate 2 stacks of military resources. GRUNT (I) Grunts are the raw recruits in the Legion; once a dwarf completes their enlistment papers, they are immediately granted the rank of Grunt. These soldiers are not accorded the privileges granted to superior ranks (i.e. payment) and have yet to take the oath of loyalty, guaranteeing their place within the Legion. THE OATH The oath is the bond that ties a dwarf to the Legion and his comrades in arms. It is sworn in part to the Gods and the realm, so breaking it is considered sacrilege. The contents of the oath are not public knowledge. The oath is binding until death or until released from it by a Legion officer. “I swear to Yemekar and the Brathmordakin the following unbreakable oath, That I shall promise to be faithful to the Grand King “Name Here” and shall be so long as he reigns, I pledge my loyalty to Urguan and the Legion. I swear to act without treachery or evil intentions that would dishonour my kin, to uphold the realm's laws and protect the Khazadmar to the death. May Dungrimm hold me to my word.” NARVOK OZ URGUAN THE HONOUR SYSTEM Honour is the system that determines a Legionnaires progression through the ranks, rewarding service and obedience towards the Legion. HONOUR HOW YOU GAIN HONOUR: Completing a task assigned by a Legion Officer - +5 Honour Gate Duty - +5 Honour per Dwarven Day (max 2 hours) Sole Patrol - +5 Honour per Dwarven Day (max 1 hours) Guarding Dwarven Meetings - +5 Honour per Dwarven Day (hour) Guarding Important Dwarves - +10 Honour Attending Legion Expeditions - +10 Honour Attending Legion Practices - +10 Honour Upholding order in the Kingdom - +10 Honour Recruiting new Legionnaires - +15 Honour ((Honour is only granted whenever recruits show up to their first training)) Extraordinary Behaviour (e.g. saving your fellow soldiers) - Up to the discretion of the Legion Officer RESOURCES: (25 maximum honour gained per Stone Week) Donating a stack of Iron - +5 Honour Donating a stack of Netherrite - +10 Honour Donating a stack of Leather - +10 Honour Donating Herbs - Honour depends on the value of Herbs DISHONOUR HOW YOU LOSE HONOUR: Cause of Legion Expedition failure: -10 Honour Harassment/assault of fellow soldiers: -30 Honour Misuse of Legion-issued equipment: -50 Honour Speaking against the Grand Marshal or Tribune: -50 Honour Disobeying the orders of the commanding rank: -50 Honour Going stark raving mad: -100 Honour PAYMENT Payment is a privilege accorded to the ranks Ironguard and higher, the requirements to receive payment every year shall be completion of two Dwarven days ((hours)) of Gate Duty and attendance at one Legion practice, payment is issued at general training ((held every Saturday at 4PM EST).
  8. ISSUED BY THE OBSIDIAN THRONE 3rd of Grimdugans Shroud, 180 S.A ((14/05/24)) LEGIO I DUNGRIMM CALL TO MUSTER The Grand King Thurgrim Silverbraid has decreed that the Dwarves of Urguan are summoned for a muster in the Legion Hall next year on Armakaks Labour to voluntarily enlist in the Legion of Dungrimm. Service will guarantee every serving soldier benefits on behalf of the state, but in these times of financial hardship, after the monumental and costly project of renovating the capital, payment will be issued in kind for the next few years until the Kingdom’s coffers are replenished. Any arrivals are expected to bring heavy armour and a pony at their own expense (required material for armour can be purchased at the Workforce shop, located next to the Legion Hall), but uniforms befitting the rank of new volunteers, as well as standard-issue weaponry will be distributed. All those interested in enlistment are required to fill out a recruitment form beforehand, to be delivered to either the Grand Marshal or Quartermaster of the Legion. NARVOK OZ URGUAN [!]A form is tacked to the missive. [Recruitment Form] OOC: Date: Saturday the 18th of May, 2pm EST Thurgrim Silverbraid Grand King of Urguan, Lord of the Silverbraids Narvi, Grand Marshal of the Legion of Dungrimm
  9. Rise kin of Urguan! [!] the missive would be hung across the city of Urguan, for citizens as travellers to read. -= ⚙ =- The departure of our former King Grelu weighs heavy on our hearts, but we cannot afford to dwell in sorrow. In times of crisis, a Grand Kingdom requires a leader, a beacon of hope to guide us through the darkness. I, Thumbrindal Grandaxe of the Blackaxe lineage, humbly step forward as a candidate to continue the noble work of our predecessors. I carry not only their dreams but also the aspirations of our kin, striving to turn them into reality. Born amidst the strife of Axios and witness to the fall of our Great nation during the War of The Beards, I emerged as a war orphan, alongside many dispossessed beardlings, into the newly formed Kaz’Ulrah. Through sacrifice and a burning desire to reform our Grand Kingdom, I with my brothers and sisters of the Steelheart Culture rebelled against the kinslayer Kingdom. We carved out the foundations of Agnarum from Azgaryum’s depths. As king Fimlin’s High Prospector, I ensured our coffers overflowed with ores and gems, providing luxury for our kin. I oversaw Thumrilgrad with my beloved brother Gimgrimmor, sheltering the Kirkja Dverga when no other refuge was found. I grew up beside my friend Bjor ‘Sugartits’ Cottonwood, I stood beside him in his noble sacrifice against the Alar threat that almost wiped Heffrum into extinction. To this day, I bear the scars of that day as a testament to our shared struggles. My vision for Urguan is one of unity and inclusivity, where kin can thrive together, united against the true enemy that threatens Aevos. -= Unity =- Aevos, the continent we made our home, faces an imminent threat. Yet, instead of uniting, we find ourselves mired in internal discord. Meanwhile, our true enemy grows stronger with each passing day. Our nation’s strength lies not in division, but in unity forged through duty, tradition, and the honoring of our ancestors. The Grand Kingdom of Urguan has stood the test of time, a testament to our resilience and pride. It is within my focus as a potential King to address our internal conflicts through dialogue, compromise, and reconciliation. Let us set aside our differences, bury the hatchet between clans, kin, and residents of Urguan, and forge ahead together towards a brighter future. Yet, let us not forget that our realm exists within a larger tapestry, where alliances and treaties extend beyond the confines of our borders. It is my solemn duty as your king to honor the commitments made by our predecessors, preserving the sacred pacts that have safeguarded our realm for generations. Furthermore, I pledge to forge new alliances to safeguard our realm from threats beyond our borders. Together, united, we shall stand strong against any who would dare challenge our sovereignty. Let us march forward, resolute in our unity and unwavering in our defense of our homeland! -= Our Might =- The War against Veletz showed our prowess and might but left us depleted. It showed its cracks when our beloved former King Grelu suffered setbacks at enemy hands, the Azdrazi. Now, Aevos faces threats from the dark forces of Khorvad. We must strengthen ourselves or risk defeat. If chosen as your king, my first decree will be to reinstate mandatory military service, that being organizing training every stone month, where everyone is to be expected to attend, this will prepare us for when our nation is actually under threat and ready to send our foes to an early grave! Active legionnaires attending training will receive tax exemptions for their homes, among other benefits for the defenders of our nation. Those who fight during active conflicts will be compensated with minas and allowed to keep enemy spoils. Let us show that the Descendants of Urguan stand firm against adversity! -= The Moot =- Our Moot, though cherished, has become chaotic, stalling important matters and leaving them forgotten. I propose organizing it better: addressing topics in advance, giving time for preparation, and establishing a queue during the Moot for orderly discussion. Furthermore, I pledge to prioritize the wisdom of the kin of Urguan, recognizing that while a king’s council may lighten the load, it is the voices of the people that truly illuminate the path forward. After all, who better understands the heartbeat of our city than those who call it home? -= Religion =- Throughout our history, our faith has faced formidable trials, challenges that shook the very foundations of our existence. Yet, through the guidance of our esteemed High Prophets and their devoted Priests; we have found clarity and direction in the darkest of times. However, it grieves me to witness their diminished role, resulting in their unjust removal from their respective seat. It is time to rectify this grave error. My aim is to restore the rightful position of the High Prophet, granting them a seat beside the others that sit beside the Throne. They must have a voice where they can directly address their concerns to the throne and the people. I am committed not only to bridging the divide between State and Faith but also to reintroducing the rich tapestry of dwarven culture into our daily lives, Through the establishment of holidays, celebrations, and feasts dedicated to our Gods, ancestors, and community, we will rekindle the bonds that have grown distant over time. Together, let us revive our heritage and strengthen the unity that defines us as a proud dwarven nation. -= Respect =- In the heart of every true dwarf lies a deep respect for our elders, ancestors, and state officials. Yet, I’ve noticed this reverence waning. Let us NOT forget that their sacrifices built our Great Nation. They defended us against enemies, creating the foundation for our dwarven cities, clans, and culture. I vow to restore the honor due to clan leaders, elders, and officials. To Mountain dwarves, cave dwarves and forest dwarves alike. Together, let us ensure their efforts are respected and appreciated, securing a prosperous future for all dwarves. The fate of our great nation lies within your hands, kin of Urguan! Choose me as your King, and together, we shall honor the legacy of our ancestors by standing strong against adversity, united in our resolve to conquer every challenge that dares to confront us! “BIG BEARDS UNITE!” “NARVOK OZ URGUAN!” RISE KIN OF URGUAN! Signed Thumbrindal Grandaxe, Clan Elder of the Grandaxes, Captain of the Aelsling, Thane-I Meatfists, Priest of Dungrim Gimgrimmor Metalfist, Kazamar’ka’az-I Ithorrym, Lord Thane of Whatever de ****, Master Smith and Forge Father of Drogan’Var, Lord Thane of Thumrilgrad, Thumbrindals older brother and campaign manager
  10. 6th of Yemekar’s Balance, 175 S.A (08/04/2024) ISSUED BY: THE OBSIDIAN THRONE ᛏᛟ ᚦᛖ ᚺᛖᚱᛟᛊ ᛟᚠ ᚢᚱᚷᚢᚨᚾ ᛏᛟ ᚦᛖ ᚺᛖᚱᛟᛊ ᛟᚠ ᚢᚱᚷᚢᚨᚾ YOTH BRATHMORDAKIN NA YOTH URGUAN (size 13) ᛁᛟᚦ ᛒᚱᚨᚦᛗᛟᚱᛞᚨᚲᛁᚾ ᚾᚨ ᛁᛟᚦ ᚢᚱᚷᚢᚨᚾ (size 15) The Enemies Of Urguan Are Not Yet Dead! ᛏᚺᛖ ᛖᚾᛖᛗᛁᛖᛊ ᛟᚠ ᚢᚱᚷᚢᚨᚾ ᚨᚱᛖ ᚾᛟᛏ ᛁᛖᛏ ᛞᛖᛞ [!] Every dwarf would receive an envelope with two letters, the envelope had a stamp of hammer and two pickaxes. “Urguans folk! It has been revealed to me, your Grand King Grelu Khron'edhekal, that the ancient enemy of your beloved Managed Democracy has risen from the grave! Clan Ironborn and the Empire of Khorvad are back; they are armed not only with steel but with evil dark magics! I call upon you heroes of Urguan, to do what freedom requires, patriots of Urguan! Urguan will not falter nor will our cherished and beloved democracy! Brace yourself for the conflict of a generation! They will strike us imminently and with unrelenting force! To the true patriots of Urguan, you must muster for the banners of the Grand Kingdom. Our enemies, the scheming azdrazi, the foul darkspawn and now the hated Empire of Khorvad, they all want to turn you away from the Brathmordakin! They want to destroy your homes! They want to defile your bodies and minds! They want to take your future away from you! They want to dismantle your democracy! This is not a time for fear, not a time for cowardice and not a time for decadence! It is time to act! It is time to defend democracy! Enlist and labor for your beloved Grand Kingdom!” Sacrifices Must Be Rewarded! ᛊᚨᚲᚱᛁᚠᛁᚲᛖᛊ ᛗᚢᛊᛏ ᛒᛖ ᚱᛖᚹᚨᚱᛞᛖᛞ [!] The envelope’s a second letter. “So all heroes of Urguan, I Grelu Khron’edhekal have not forgotten your contributions during the war against the League of Veletz! It is time you are properly honored for your bravery and your sacrifices! So if your names are the following you will receive a medal: Medal of victory: Durorn Ireheart Officer Grudgebeard Sigrun Stonehammer Medal of Brotherhood: Jorvin Starbreaker Thazzaer Grandaxe Ulfric Frostbeard Grungot Frostbeard Dor’nal Hammerfist Bostone Grimgold Medal of Dungrimm: Thurgrim Silverbraid Aerrund Silverbraid Thorim Stoutheart Onora Mossborn Grimni Goldhand Kugduhm Irgard Narvi A ceremony will be scheduled in all of your honors, and if you are unable to attend, you may seek me, Grelu Khron’edhekal for your reward.” Signed, Grelu Khron’edhekal Grand King of Urugan, Clanfather of Irgard, Priest of Dungrimm, son of Greldyn Khron’edhekal, Son of Jorik Grandaxe
  11. Year 174 of the Second Age 30/03/2024 ISSUED BY: The Obsidian Throne ᛏᚺᛖ ᚾᛖᚹ ᚷᚱᚨᚾᛞ ᚲᛁᛜ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚾᛖᚹ ᚷᚱᚨᚾᛞ ᚲᛁᛜ YOTH BRATHMORDAKIN NA YOTH URGUAN ᛁᛟᚦ ᛒᚱᚨᚦᛗᛟᚱᛞᚨᚲᛁᚾ ᚾᚨ ᛁᛟᚦ ᚢᚱᚷᚢᚨᚾ I hereby issue a retelling of my coronation to inform those who could not attend my coronation of what happened and who attended. So that all Urguans folk may know that I Grelu Khron’edhekal has been crowned as the rightful Grand King of Urguan in the name of our ancestors and our holy Brathmordakin. The Coronation of Grand King Grelu Irgard ᛏᚺᛖ ᚲᛟᚱᛟᚾᚨᛏᛟᚾ ᛟᚠ ᚷᚱᚨᚾᛞ ᚲᛁᛜ ᚷᚱᛖᛚᚢ ᛁᚱᚷᚨᚱᛞ The throne room of Urguan was filled with visitors from all across Aevos, notable guest attendees were Illthrak Ibarellan, Prince Royarch of Celia’nor, King Cyris Collingwood the First and Rex Klog’Akaal. [!] The halls of Urguan were filled with curious dwarves and foreigners who awaited to see the coronation of the newly elected Grand King of Urguan. The dwarves have a proud tradition of electing their kings, unlike the folk of Aevos, so to them, their kings are elected on the basis of consent and the will of the people. Not some arbitrary lineage that deems someone to be able to be Grand King of Urguan. The throne room was filled with chatter and talk, many displaying banners of their clans as a way to represent their heritage and display themselves to the greater world. But as time passed, a march could be heard in the throne room. A retinue of dwarves in red and black, who carried the black ram banner with shields adorned with the sigil of clan Irgard, would enter the throne room. They would proclaim, “Kazamar Khron’edhekal hereby presents all of Urguans folk with the new Grand King of Urguan, Grelu Khron’edhekal, the 38th Grand King of Urguan to step before the throne to take upon him the Kingly oaths and duties!” Grelu, aged 86, would step forth, his red golem eye shining brightly like a beacon filled with warm rays of light. He would take the steps up to the throne. He would then kneel before the crown and Thazzaer Grandaxe, who would hold the ceremony. Grelu was kneeling before the crown he had personally made as a new crown of Urguan, not to make himself seem greater than any King before him but a crown that he felt worthy of carrying. As to Grelu, who in his own mind had and always will be a soldier, did not feel he was worthy of the platinum and sapphire crown. So he has crafted a crown of daemonsteel so it may weigh heavy on the head and remind future kings that their duties and burdens are heavy. A crown adorned with runes of all Brathmordakin and finely carved gems of orange topaz so that it was in the colours of the banner of the Grand Kingdom. A crown was made to humble all future kings so that they could later carry the ancestral crown as true kings of Urguan. Thazzaer Grandaxe would call Grelu to swear upon the Brathmordakin, his name and his ancestors to be a wise, just and fair King. A King who does not dishonour the glorious legacy of Urguans great name and lineage. Grelu would reply that he would act according to his creed and not forsake his vows or his people, not for glory, gain, or fame. After stating such, the crown was placed upon his head, and Grelu took the fateful steps up the throne and seated himself. Grelu looked upon the crowd, and his words from the top of the throne were: “Urguans folk and Yrromar, this day, you are witnessing history being made. Let it be known that this day marks a new era for Urguan. An era in which Urguan will no longer let disrespect and ill upon the name of our Great Kingdom and our people happen or slide. Let it be known that I, Grelu Irgard, will not accept any slights upon my honourable folk. To those who do such ills, your names will be remembered, recorded, and written in the Book of Grudges so that future generations may know and remember such slights. Either you can mend such ills and be pardoned, or you can show your true colours of deceit and evil so that I may know to destroy you. Mark my words!” With such words, the halls were filled with cheers of patriotism and pride as dwarves of elder, common, and clanless cheered, and the disrespect upon them by others was to be no more. “Narvak oz Urguan! Narvak oz Grelu! Kavir oz Kaznokmar!” Signed, Grelu Khron’edhekal, Grand King of Urugan, Clanfather of the Irgard, Priest of Dungrimm, son of Greldyn Khron’edhekal, Son of Jorik Grandaxe
  12. Year 173 of the Second Age 23/03/2024 ISSUED BY: THE OBSIDIAN THRONE ᚷᚱᛖᛚᚢ×ᛊ ᛃᚢᛊᛏᛁᚲᛖ ᚷᚱᛖᛚᚢ×ᛊ ᛃᚢᛊᛏᛁᚲᛖ YOTH BRATHMORDAKIN NA YOTH URGUAN ᛁᛟᚦ ᛒᚱᚨᚦᛗᛟᚱᛞᚨᚲᛁᚾ ᚾᚨ ᛁᛟᚦ ᚢᚱᚷᚢᚨᚾ I write this missive so all of Urguansfolk know what I have decreed. Recently, I had to solve an incident between my own kin and the folk of the Vale. A company of dwarves went on a raid against the folk of the vale; they pillaged and took hostages. Many were unarmed women and children. My arrival at the scene calmed down and de-escalated the situation as I came unarmed to the vale. It pains me that I have to make this decree while I do not have the right to carry the crown, but I need to enact its justice. My decree goes as follows. Baldr Ireheart, before the Obsidian throne stated that due to acting against my will and the Grand Kingdom, he was willing to take an oath of exile upon himself. His acts were bad, but that does not wash out the good acts. He listened to my command and ceased his hostilities by lowering his weapon upon my request. So, due to this, my decree of justice will be fair, and I will honour his request. Let it be known that these are the terms that were agreed on before the throne of Urguan. Baldr Ireheart will state his oath with his hand on the book of grudges with myself, Grelu Khron’edhekal and Jorvin Aenguldreng Starbreaker as his witnesses. Baldr Ireheart will relinquish his lands and titles in Urguan and will not harm any dwarf during his exile or speak ill of his kin. He will not enact violence in the name of Urguan and his people. If he breaks such an oath, he will be put to death. He has two stonedays to seek me and Jorvin to state his oath. Signed, GRELU KHRON’EDHEKAL Elected Grand King of Urguan, Clanfather of Clan Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik
  13. Year 173 of the Second Age 23/03/2024 ISSUED BY: THE OBSIDIAN THRONE ᛏᚺᛖ ᛈᛁᛚᛚᚷᚱᚨᛗᛗᚨᚷᛖ ᛟᚠ ᛟᚾᛖ ᛖᛁᛖ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛈᛁᛚᛚᚷᚱᚨᛗᛗᚨᚷᛖ ᛟᚠ ᛟᚾᛖ ᛖᛁᛖ YOTH BRATHMORDAKIN NA YOTH URGUAN ᛁᛟᚦ ᛒᚱᚨᚦᛗᛟᚱᛞᚨᚲᛁᚾ ᚾᚨ ᛁᛟᚦ ᚢᚱᚷᚢᚨᚾ Before my coronation, I, Grelu Irgard, chose to undertake a pilgrimage, feeling the immense weight of history upon my shoulders. I had only begun to scratch the surface of our storied past. Each step I took during my pilgrimage caused me to reflect on the trials and triumphs that led to the establishment of the first Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the rest of our history until now. I couldn't help but reflect on the times that had led to the founding of the first Grand Kingdom of Urguan. The lines of text from those tumultuous times echoed in my mind as I ventured into the rugged terrain, reading the forgotten scrolls of Hiebe Irongut about what had happened in Aegis and the other lands. I learned lessons from the War Council’s formation and our kingdom’s establishment. Around a crackling campfire, I would read about the sacrifices made by those who had come before us, their unwavering dedication to our people inspiring us to persevere in the face of uncertainty. During a snowstorm, I read about the sacrifices made by our ancestors to ensure the survival of our race. Our kingdom had undergone many changes, such as ending and re-creating itself as something new, like in the times of Gorum Frostbeard. I discovered the remarkable leadership prowess embodied by Omithiel Strongbow, a figure whose guidance transcended any previous experience among the dwarves. Renowned as a paragon of leadership, he exemplified qualities indicative of a life wholly devoted to the prosperity of our grand kingdom. I uncovered the epic struggles against the Teutonic Conspiracy—an era that had forged unbreakable bonds among the clans. It was a time when the Irehearts, Irongrinders, Goldhands, and other esteemed clans had confronted myriad challenges, including the scourge of the first recorded pandemic to afflict our lands. Under the indomitable leadership of Wulfgar Grandaxe, they had stood united, resolute in the face of adversity. As I reflected upon the sagas of Athera, Vailor, and the myriad of other lands, my mind was consumed by the rich tapestry of tales that had woven together the histories of distant realms. Each chapter had unfolded with its trials, triumphs, and enigmatic figures, beckoning me to delve deeper into the labyrinth of time and memory. But amidst the challenges of my pilgrimage, there had been moments of unexpected beauty and serenity. Multiple times, I felt a sense of unity and camaraderie trying to bring me back to our kingdom, your bonds strengthening with each passing day while I couldn’t be with you. There, amidst the tranquillity of the snowy mountains I chose to visit, I began to grasp the true meaning of my pilgrimage. I realised that true strength lay not only in physical prowess but in the resilience of the spirit and the bonds of friendship that had bound us together. During our past times of conflict, there had also been moments of triumph and resilience. I could read about the bravery of our ancestors as they had stood against the orcish hordes, the sacrifices made to protect our homeland, and the bonds of camaraderie that had held us together in the face of adversity. Yet, as I retraced the footsteps of those who had come before me, I couldn't help but question our path. Had we truly learned from our past mistakes, or were we doomed to repeat them? Was pursuing power and glory worth the cost of bloodshed and strife? And so, with the lessons of history and the spirit of our ancestors guiding our way, I pressed onward, ready to face whatever trials lay ahead within our caves. For I was not simply a traveller on a quest for knowledge and understanding; I am an heir to a proud legacy; I am entrusted with the future of our people; I am here to serve you: I am the grand king of the fourth Grand Kingdom of Urguan. As I returned to our homeland, I would now carry with me the lessons of our past, the strength of our convictions, and the hope for a brighter tomorrow. NARVAK OZ URGUAN! NARVAK OZ BRATHMORDAKIN! Signed, GRELU KHRON’EDHEKAL Elected Grand King of Urguan, Clanfather of Clan Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik
  14. Year 172 of the Second Age 14/03/2024 ISSUED BY: OBSIDIAN THRONE ᚨᚾ ᛁᚾᚢᛁᛏᚨᛏᛟᚾ ᛏᛟ ᚦᛖ ᛞᚹᚨᚱᚢᛖᚾ ᚲᛟᚱᛟᚾᚨᛏᛟᚾ ᚨᚾ ᛁᚾᚢᛁᛏᚨᛏᛟᚾ ᛏᛟ ᚦᛖ ᛞᚹᚨᚱᚢᛖᚾ ᚲᛟᚱᛟᚾᚨᛏᛟᚾ YOTH BRATHMORDAKIN NA YOTH URGUAN ᛁᛟᚦ ᛒᚱᚨᚦᛗᛟᚱᛞᚨᚲᛁᚾ ᚾᚨ ᛁᛟᚦ ᚢᚱᚷᚢᚨᚾ Preamble As the coronation of Grand King Grelu Irgard draws near, it is imperative that the Aevosi community and all its realms witness the spectacle of the new King ascension to the highest office within the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. All nations and all leaders are welcome to this bountiful affair, and shall thus receive letters to note the occasion. The following are registered as current allies of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and are requested to attend this coronation: Invitees Aleksandr II of The Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska Shugo Kato of The Moonlit Land of Nor’velyth Ramona of The Sovereignty of Hyspia Illthrak Ibarellan of The Principality of Celia’nor Tar-Caraneth Aryante of The Kingdom of Numendil All are welcome to this coronation regardless. May this notice reach the invitees and all those who seek to attend in good health! NARVAK OZ URGUAN! NARVAK OZ BRATHMORDAKIN! NARVAK OZ GRELU! Signed, GRELU KHRON’EDHEKAL Grand King of Urugan, Clanfather of Clan Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik
  15. OOC: ᚨ ᛊᚨᛁᛚ ᚱᛁᛊᛖᛊ| A SAIL RISES |ᚨ ᛊᚨᛁᛚ ᚱᛁᛊᛖᛊ A ship can be seen leaving the fjords of the west.. ___________________________ ___________________________ ♫ Green and white sails rise in the shadow of the western fjords. A dragon figure breaks through the waves of the western sea, dwarven men rowing oars through the difficult path. The dwarven raiders called a song that shook the neighbouring Crotsthadt. Drums strike as their opponent is ever closer to facing their shields and axes. You spot a young Ireheart sitting within the hull of the ship, the dragon at his back. His viewing of the fjords is halted by your sight. He takes a look at you, standing upon the mountain range opposite him. The raider's hand raises itself, beckoning you to join him. “COME JOIN US, IN DUNGRIMMS GLOREH!”
  16. Year 170 of the Silver Age 3/03/2024 [!] A letter would be sent around Urguan stamped with the crest of Urguan’s folk with a grey wax piece and a black wax piece with a ram's head that read: Dwarves of Urguan and beyond! The abdication of Grand King Sigrun Stonehammer pains us all. He did many great things for Urguan, long may he live. We sons and daughters of Urguan are at a crossroads. Either we can choose to believe we will never be greater than our past or we can look to the future. OUR MIGHT I have served in the Urguani Legion for many battles under the former Grand King, and I have dedicated myself to the revival of our forces personally. I will drive out decadence, laziness and complacency within the dwedmar. Under my leadership, we shall no longer take such disrespect from our enemies. The Legion shall honour those who have performed their duty in battle by medals, and honour those who gave their lives. The Dwedmar must show honour! We shall fulfil our grudges against the Azdrazi, the Khorvadic debearders and slaughters We shall avenge the seven they have slayed, in the name of Darek Irongrinder. The wrongs must be put right! The Workforce shall be reinvigorated, our forges ignited, to produce a steady supply of equipment from the Legion. Potions, weapons, armour, ore and siege engines! The excess shall be sold to yrromar for profit, to ensure consistent payment for our Legionnaires. OUR CLANS The Clans have lingered in idleness. They are the foundation of our Kingdom and no longer shall we bicker and squabble between ourselves. I call upon the banners of Urguan to unite! May the Irehearts slay our enemies! May the Starbreaker carve the golems! May the Ironguts record our knowledge! May the Grandaxes brew our drinks for generations! May the Frostbeards cut the waves! May the Goldhand earn their coin! May the Doomforge light our fires! May the Stonehammer crush the wicked! May the Hefrummo tend our wilds! May the Grimgolds engineer our contraptions! May the Irongrinder cast great magic! May the Irongates fill our ranks! To increase cooperation between Clans, I shall host Clanmoots often. This will allow the clans to communicate freely with each other, and keep the affairs of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan transparent to the public. In addition to this, it will encourage newer clans to contribute, and idle clans to reawaken so that they may sit on the Council. OUR FAITH With da Kirkja Dverga slowly being revived, I shall do my utmost as Grand King to ensure piety amongst the dwedmar, and that the da Kirkja Dverga can conduct its teachings properly so that more dwedmar can honour the Brathmordakin. OUR HOARD To grow our reserves of mina and precious materials, our international stalls shall be distributed to our merchants to operate. This will coincide with the increased production from the Workforce, to ensure plenty of goods are available for sale. OUR CITY With our growing hoard, I will employ the best dwarven architects to ensure the speedy reconstruction of our Capital city. OUR ALLIES With the end of the War, our attention shall be turned to the Western sphere for the realm focusing only on our closest neighbours and ourselves, to ensure that we are allied only with those with dwarven interests at heart. I, GRELU KHRON’EDHEKAL Grand Marshal of Urguan, priest of Dungrimm, Clanfather of Khron’edhekal, son of Greldyn Khron’edhekal, son of Jorik Braveaxe will do my duty. The Grand Kingdom of Urguan needs a new King! I’m willing to do what is needed for the good of the realm! I’m willing to sacrifice, I’m willing to die for all of you! It won’t be for power, it won’t be for coin, it won’t be for titles. It will be for the good of the realm that I will be the candidate for Grand King of Urguan! I must recite who has called upon me to run as the true candidate for Grand King: Grimni Goldhand, Onora Mossborn, Gallio Grandaxe, Thazzaer Grandaxe, Ulfar Starbreaker, Dor’nal Hammerfist, The Movement, Hefrumm, Clan Grandaxe, Clan Starbreaker and Clan Goldhand. I have pulled our legion out of the muck and into something far greater than any Marshal I have seen so far. I have rooted out decadency and laziness wherever I went. I have fought countless battles for Urguan and the dwedmar. Before the war against Veletz, I enlisted without question and I went to every single battle against them. I will not let the dwarves be just a mere page in someone else's history book! Ut vellar dwedmar! Ut vellar Urguan! Narvak oz Urguan! Signed by: Grelu Irgard, Grand Marshal of Urguan, Priest of Dunngrim, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik
  17. Clan Irgard(Irongate) is looking for more members we offer a tight knit clan based on honour, duty, warriorhood, crafting and homesteading. To join the clan by blood you need to be a mountain dwarf, tho you can join as a patron as any other type of dwarf. Our aestethic is a menacing red and black with a rugged but sturdy look. We offer 4 great lineages and a future that will be great. We are specifically looking for members to populate the lineages of: Jorgur, Yemgar and Irgen. But now open to the accept members to the lineage of Greldyn. The rp center around craftsmanship, soldiery and great artisan work. We are stubborn, headstrong and determined. I seek dedication to dwarven roleplay first and foremost. I myself am online during most days and am active on the forums+discord. So reach out and honor Jorik Braveaxes lineage. Read our clan post on the forums If you wish to join a new dwarf clan it is time to contact me at @viktorgrindset on discord or message me directly on the forums or join the clan discord through this link https://discord.gg/cUNQ5BHks3 . I hope to see you rallied under the Blackram banner.
  18. To the faithful A new preceptor has spoketh A letter would be sent round Urguan stamped by a black wax piece with a ram's head that read. “Ruk Khrum Dwedmar, Tha Grelu Khron'edheklin Hath E quesasan yoth othok! Rumol hath seen da brathmordakin tidach by E kirkden? Tha Zal lare Mer taught, ruk Khrum eron othok ath kirkden othok Zal lare othok Dwedmar dutieth. Tha'm lare speakuroz eron da haz kirkden varak othok. Kolun othok ath E Dwed eron highrumm beliefs, othok shall tidach da brathmordakin ruk Khrum Dwed. Kolun Vos grond da onaligion tidach da brathmordakin ekran! da haz kirkden var anakrun othok morrud ukavoasan. Tha Var Tidach Dungrim, Tha Var Tidach Khorrokunn, Tha Var Tidach Anaraan, Tha Var Tidach Kavir! Var othok Tidach?!” (To all dwarves, I, Grelu Khron'edhekal has a question for you! Who has seen the brathmordakin preached by A priest? I have not been taught at all! If you are a priest you have not done your duties. I'm not speaking of the Highpreceptor mind you. If you are a Dwarf of higher beliefs, You shall preach the brathmordakin to all Dwarfs. If any discover the faith, preach the brathmordakin! The Highpreceptor will trial you on devotion. I will preach Dungrim, I will preach Justice, I will preach Duty, I will preach Death! Will you preach?!) Signed by: Grelu Irgard, Grand Marshal of Urguan, Preceptor of Dungrim, Clan father of Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik
  19. A summon to the Khron’nozkrom The One eye’s summon Irgard! Your Clanfather summons you! We must gather as I have news for all of you! So on the date of the 20th day of the Azsol during the 172:th year all Irgard and Grandaxes shall gather to discuss the news that Grelu Khron’edhekal brings forward. We of Joriks blood must convene and work together or else none will argue for Justice, for Honor and for Duty! Signed by: Grelu Irgard, Grand Marshal of Urguan, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik, Clanfather of the soldier sons
  20. Artist ᛞᚢᚾᚷᚱᛁᛗᛗ×ᛊ ᛚᛖᚷᛁᛟᚾ GRAND MARSHAL GRELU IRGARD’S RALLY The Grand Marshal looked over the square of Urguan during the Azsol at the 11th date of the 164th year of the second age, he watched over the legion which he once served and now led. Grelu was pleased to know that these clans rallied to the siege of Drusco: Clan Frostbeard, Clan Grandaxe, Clan Starbreaker, Clan Irongut, Clan Stonehammer, Clan Hammerfist, Clan Grimgold, Clan Irgard and Clan Mossborn. Elder, Greater and Common clans all rallied together to do their duty for Urguan, those who fought at the siege of Drusco fought bravely manning the artillery, riding in the cavalry and fighting in the infantry in the trenches. Grelu upon entering Urguan picked up a soldier's life, he has been to every battle so far in the Great Aevos war. He ate rats at Breakwater, he fought in the tunnels of Brasca, he got stuck in the mud of Westmark, he rode out at Hippo’s Gorge and he loaded the artillery at Drusco. But this letter is not about the deeds of Grelu it is about the soldiers of Urguan who have honored their oaths, done their duty and serve. All of you soldiers give Urguan’s its strength, it’s you who allow Urguan to be proud and free. From the mountain to the sea Urguan will be free. All of you soldiers are servants of justice and when words can’t be used we talk with steel. Dunngrim has given us victories and we shall press forward into the battles to come. I have great respect for the fact that all of you enlisted in a legion that has been dormant but soon you will see some changes as the legion needs reform. I will soon put those reforms on the council table to make it worth serving in our great legion. Keep the banners rallied as without them Urguan falls. Remember dwedmar we serve, kin, clan, hold and King. Honor your oaths, honor your ancestors and honor the Brathmordakin. Service shall reward The following dwedmar will be promoted for their continued service, courage and valour. Steel Crusher: Thurgrim Silverbraid Lurdoic Irongut Stoneguard: Baldur “Sigrunsson” Stonehammer Nori Irgard Kugduhm Irgard Thazzaer Grandaxe Grungot Frostbeard Grelu Irgard, Grand Marshal of Urguan, Clanfather of Clan Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik.
  21. Clan Irgard(Irongate) Kazamar Khron’edhekal Their words goes as follows: “We stand and fall at the gate” “Ut vellar na ut zhuld da edhekal” Their crest is a black Shield with a red Pale and Orle which symbolizes the heritage to Clan Grandaxe and Jorik. At the top is a portcullis which is a symbol of resolve, duty and determination. In the middle is a shield with two crossed spears, said shield has an emblem of a banner with an anvil on it. The arms signify the Irgard’s most trusted weapons, the spear and shield. At the sides are shields and axes showing their heritage and new blood. Lastly at the bottom is a shield depicting a ram sheep. Which depicts their nature. They are hardy and brave who will defend the herd with horn and cloven hoof. History The Irgard clan formed during the hard times and civil war of the War of the beard. As the four founding brothers went away to follow prophecy. The Irgards trace their lineage back to Jorik Grandaxe who had 4 sons in addition to his daughter Merida Grandaxe. Said sons are: Greldyn, Yemgar, Jorgur and Irgen. Greldyn “Ram horn” Irgard, Yemgar “Head taker” Irgard, Jorgur “Gatekeeper” Irgard and Irgen “Dreadspear” Irgard. All Jorik’s sons banded together to form a new branch family of the Grandaxes since they wanted to honor their father with a clan made in his name and blood. They were different, they do not know fear, dishonor, retreat nor surrender. The original four brothers of Irgard would leave Uruguan as they believed that the Brathmordakin contacted them in their dreams calling for them to be truly tried and tested on their faith, loyalty, perseverance, endurance and unwavering strength of mind. Greldyn had a dream about a lone Goat ram being eaten by direwolves. Yemgar dreamed that heads of dead men would eat him. Jorgur dreamt about a fortress which slowly became a ruin and Irgen dreamed about a hunter whose spear snapped in half while hunting a beast. Greldyn would interpret his dream as he would die alone. After his dream he got struck by the dread of a lonely death which he only acknowledged at his deathbed. His paranoia made him keep the brothers together and he fathered many children so that he would not be a lone goat. Until his old years when his paranoia fully took him making him no longer trust any of his kin. He refused to eat, drink and sleep to then eventually die in his bed alone by his own making as he refused his son's care forever sealing his faith. Greldyn died fearing loneliness, and thus instilled the importance of family in us so that we may not be lone goats feasted on by the world at large. Yemgar interpreted his dream as he needed to slay all darkspawn who crossed him. Yemgar would fight the undead till his death. He might not have feared death but he respected it neither. As his prideful display of trophy heads would lead to his demise. Yemgar to himself thought he was invincible, a warrior so acclaimed that none could defeat him. But in his hubris and quest of glory he claimed so many trophies that made him slow and clumsy. He would die in battle fighting a necromancer who raised his trophies to the state of undeath and Yemgar were so close to victory but his arm was gnawed off before he could strike the necromancer. Yemgar died due to his hubris and thus taught all Irgards the importance of respect so that we shall not walk his way of hubris and disrespect of death. As all warriors are never too great to not die. Jorgur interpreted his dream as that he must master masonry so that his walls would never fall. Jorgur and his family would practice their masonry learning from others on and each other on how to build a fort. But once they began building said fort, Jorgur did not listen to his wife and daughters. While great in size, the fort was not a home. The walls, gatehouses and towers were so thick that their quarters were so small that there was no dining hall nor a wine cellar. Jorgurs was so disappointed that their fort had no great kitchen, dining hall, wine cellar and even no room for their pets, mounts and cattle. Said fort was later abandoned after Jorgurs death as his family felt that there was no room for them in his great impenetrable fortress. Jorgur’s biggest achievement allowed no room for family. His unwillingness to listen to family made them leave his creation to become ruin. He built his home for him, the present but not his family and future generations. Jorgur taught us that dedication and hard work can create great things but Irgard’s value their family and shall always leave room for them as without them one’s greatest legacy might as well not last. Irgen thought his dream depicted how his weapon would fail him. So he set out to forge a spear made of the finest materials. A weapon so great that it could not be destroyed. He ventured all across the lands and collected the materials to make the ultimate weapon. Some claim that he spent a fortnight in his forge without sleep, without food, without drink. He was hammering his spear that would bring dread to his enemies and greatness to his kin. He wouldn’t just hunt a regular beast with such a legendary weapon. Irgen set out to kill the most ferocious beast he knew, a dragon. He left at night as he would return in daylight with a dragon skull. The trip was long and harsh. Nature was hostile to him going north but he would not falter, he was determined to slay a dragon. No matter how much wind, snow and cold Irgen would never budge or think about turning back home. He would eventually reach an empty den. Due to the weather he rested in the empty dragon's den but unbeknownst to him a dragon was hiding in the pile of gold. Due to his journey he slept so long that the dragon woke up before him and trampled him, breaking his spine but not his spear. Irgen teaches that dedication and resolve do not alone let you conquer trials but taking a rest along the way may help you be alert and skilled to conquer great beasts and trials. Irgen was so focused on making his spear hardy enough for his quest but forgot that he is made of flesh and bone. The brothers and their clan were thought to be dead until the return of Grelu and Yemegur who are of the line of Greldyn. Culture Irgard culture as a family is a soldier's culture. They are endlessly drilled for discipline, order and loyalty. To an Irgard(Irongate) all dwarfs are kin it does not matter what type of dwarf as they are all family due to all dwarfs sharing Urguan as their common ancestor. They do not trust strangers and treat them in a very cold manner. Until said strangers have shown them that they mean no harm, then an Irgard might introduce them to family . If said strangers get in their bad graces they will keep them out of their holds and show no kindness. An Irgard is stoic when doing their field of work as outward emotion would ruin craft and battle. To a member of the Irgard family, emotion makes you unfocused and sloppy when performing one’s duties to clan, kin and hold. The Yemgar lineage holds most of the prominent warriors of Irgard as Yemgars fearlessness has been taught for generations. Though due to his death they are less reckless than what he was. Descendants of Yemgar pride themselves on his fearlessness and do not back down in any matter as they do not fear death. Many of the other lineages think the Yemgar descendants are mad due to their almost cult worship of a warrior's death. The Irgen and Jorgur lineages were craftsmen. Those of the line of Irgen were smiths while the descendants of Jorgur were masons. Their workshops/blacksmiths were known to be run under silence with just an occasional question about the craft. They believe that emotion will taint the steel/stone making it weak, brittle and bad in quality. But outside of work they are some of the most friendly and talkative people you might ever encounter. They banter and such often with each other often while off work, they also love telling stories of adventures they've been on. Besides craftsmanship and war the Irgards have been a family of agriculture due to their character of being territorial and industrious. Especially the lineage of Greldyn are known for being a family connected to cultivating lands and having livestock. Music Irgards are quite musical as due to their martial culture those unfit for service march along their kin with drum and horn playing marching songs to help coordinate the troops. Besides drums and horns instruments include flutes, trumpets and sometimes string instruments. Their songs are said to awaken the dormant warrior within, a warrior who might not be known will be summoned to do their duty. As Irgards believe that the Ramhorn of Greldyn awakened said warrior spirits from within with his horn. Irgard cuisine Due to the clan's heritage to the Grand Axes the Irongates have many influences in terms of foods and especially brewing. Though it must be noted that Irgard cuisine cuts both ways so to speak. For regular meals they usually have the following items: Cured/smoked mutton, boar, elk, moose and bear meats. Elk jerky. Oat porridge. Potatoes, boiled/mashed and baked. Stews of all kinds. Bark Bread. In terms of drinking the clan unlike other dwarfs while liking ale have taken a liking to spirits such as vodka. While non alcoholic drinks are mostly goat milk or mead. Due to Irgards being soldiers and their history, they cook some foods out on campaign which is absolutely awful but they eat anyway so as to not starve. Here is a short list: Bark Bread (contains more bark than grain) Hardtack bread The last fulfillment stew (grass, boiled water and a leather belt) Burnt jerky Sump grog (badly brewed ales mixed with spirits) Prisoner’s soup (if they have prisoners while being starved they might consider not having prisoners but a full stomach.) The Iron/Gold Way According to clan tradition things of the world can only be earned by two ways. One is the “Iron way” and the other is the “Gold way”. Irgards considers the Iron way the only way, said way is to prove your station through sacrifice, blood and steel. To truly earn something there must be sacrifice, hardship and dedication. The Gold way is one of scheming, dishonor and wealth. Due to the curse of all dwarves the Irgards have vowed to stay humble and honorable to not repeat the sins of Irgen and Yemgar which is pride and greed. Irgards can be merchants but they will never swindle or trick their customers. But Irgards do not pay enemies with gold or try to buy power they will use iron to get their clay through labor, battle and craft they will claim what is right. Trials To become a full member of the clan one must complete four trials to test one's abilities in endurance, fighting, craft and strength of mind. An Irgard must be able to do their duties no matter if they are faced by hardship or not. -First Trial- -Trial of Battle- The first trial is one of physical prowess. The Kangur/Bogur (The Unproven) must go out and fight either beast, bandit or undead. After the battle The Edhekalfund’in will follow the Kangur/Bogur during the trial to note down the progress. (Trial is crp combat). -Second trial- -Trial of Craft- The second trial is one of craft, the Kangur/Bogur must learn the ways of the smith or mason and craft an item worth to become an heirloom for the future generations one must learn from the best to make something so immaculate that it is worth dying for. Something that will impress the future generations. -Third Trial -Trial of Honor- The last trial of becoming a proven member of Irgard one must take the vow of Iron after pledging their allegiance and words to Iron they will be marked by a hot iron with the blackram in the back of neck. Said oath goes like this. “I (name here) take upon the oath of the sons of Jorik. I vow to not fear death. I vow to not claim trophies. I vow to care for my family. I vow that I will hold my station. I vow to rally my kin like Greldyn, I vow to fight like Yemgar, I vow to build like Jorgur and I vow to craft like Irgen. In the eyes of the Khorok’ardann I swear to serve kin, clan and hold, honorably, dutifully and just. I (name here) submit myself to the way of Iron. I will only claim what is rightfully mine, I will only claim spoils that I took through blood, sweat and steel. I swear to stand my ground, I swear to be honest and I swear that my actions will speak louder than my words. I will serve, I will live and I will die as (name here) Irgard.” Family hierarchy Khazzar (Family head) =+= Kazan (Clan elder) =+= Hazzah (Clan ambassador) =+= Huzzar (Clan marshal) =+= Edhekalfund’in (Gatekeeper) =+= Bel'kaz (notable homesteader) =+= Jorg (Great mason) =+= Irg (Great smith) =+= Yem (Great fighter) =+= Grel (Great farmer) =+= Kanaz (member) Bonaz (patron member) =+= Kangur (Unproven member of lineage) =+= Bogur (unproven patron) =+= =+= Khazzar =+= The Khazzar represents the family politically and must be of at least the ranks of Grel, Yem, Irg and Jorg to claim such a title. (Kazan can’t be elected.) The Khazzar is an elected position and to get elected you need to prove that you have gone through hardship for Kin, clan and hold. You need a feat of: battle, care for family, honor and duty. A Khazzar serves for one year (irl) or until their persona is dead/does not want to. Said Khazzar can be re-elected. Said Khazzar can be deposed after popular vote by all members or Kazan. The Khazzar serves together with the Kazan at the “Khron’nozkrom” to further the prosperity of the dwarven kind. =+=Kazan=+= A Kazan is a semi elected position but only other Kazan and the Khazzar can elect new Kazan. These elders need to be of great wisdom and intellect. As they together with the Khazzar make the important political choices. As they serve as the Khazzar’s loyal political advisors giving them council on matters. They have 2 votes in a Khazzar election but can’t run in a Khazzar election. The Kazan serve as advisors in the “Khron’nozkrom” (Ironcouncil). =+=Hazzah=+= The Hazzah is a position held til life parts ways with the title holder. As the Hazzah is the clan's diplomat handling talks with other clans and outside folk. The Hazzah’s duties are as follows: help settle disputes between clan, kin and hold, help settle disputes with foreign entities and lastly a messenger between the King of Urguan and the “Khron’nozkrom” =+=Huzzar=+= The title of Huzzar is a marshal one so to claim this title one needs to achieve 1 medal while serving in the military of all dwarf kin. The Huzzar have the utmost authority to drill and equip the clan Yem’s to make sure that the clan is always ready to defend the homeland . =+= Edhekalfund’in =+= The Edhekalfund’in (the Gatekeeper) is a position of great authority as they watch over all trials. They also decide on who can be a patron of the clan. They make sure that all trials are up to Irgard standard. They are the only ones able to give the name of Irgard. Marriages/Patrons Marriages in the clan of Irgard goes as follows. The bride/groom must get consent from the Edhekalfund’in as they become a patron who can choose to use the name of Irgard. The Edhekalfund’in will make sure that the one being wed into the family is of good character. Then the groom must as per tradition must engage the father of the bride in a duel (pvp/crp). If the father after said duel feels the groom is up to standard the marriage may proceed to the ceremony. At the ceremony the groom and bride upon accepting the marriage will be firstly bound (loosely) together by the arms by chains of iron then said chains will be locked and the keys will be locked in a chest said chest will be kept away by the couple. Then both will make vows to stay faithful, dutiful and honorable in the names of the smith Irgen, in the name of the mason Jorgur, in the name of the farmer Greldyn and lastly in the name of the warrior Yemgar. After this the both of them are seen as legally married bound together til death. The ceremony holder will release them with a second set of keys after their vows are made. Patrons are those who are not directly descendants of Greldyn, Yemgar, Jorgur and Irgen but through completing the clan trials will then be seen as Irgards and their children will be seen as relatives through blood. Signed by: Grelu Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik (me) Yemegur Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik (Marky) Yemer Irgard, son of Yemegur, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik (Plummius) Feel free to contact me by discord (@gremlockgremlin)
  22. A DRUSCAN DEATH TALE Lupus ferox sicut sol ✺ The Lord of Drusco was trained and had prepared for the battle, but the burden of leadership had proven overwhelming. In his darkest moments, he sought solace through the wine that filled his cup. The Savoyard drowned himself in the familiar taste hoping that he would rid himself of his fear and trepidation. For a maudlin time, his thoughts wandered back to a summer spent beneath the trees and the joyful banter that once echoed throughout his empty halls. However, those days had faded away and now his gaze fixed onto the battlements and the enemy that approached from the south. Amidst the cacophony of clashing swords, firing of arrows, and booming sounds of siege weaponry. Edmond stood alone, his armor, once a beautiful set, had bore the marks of previous battles, and his sword stained with the blood of numerous foes. In the heat of the defence of his home, he found himself locked in an intense gaze with the King of the Dwarves. Time had seemed to stretch, the chaotic symphony of battle faded into the background as their weapons drew closer. The two had found an unspoken understanding that only one would emerge victorious from this dance of blades. The air was thick with the acrid scent of smoke, and the ground beneath their feet was uneven with the remnants of fallen comrades. The duel unfolded amidst the swirl of battle, Sigrun Stonehammer's carbarum blade clashed against the Savoyard’s blade and heavy blows from the Dwarven King had caused the lord’s blade to shatter in his hand. Edmond found himself defenseless and attempted to retreat, stumbling over the corpse of his dead guards, the ground beneath him slick with blood and mud. In an instinctive moment, he seized a nearby shield that adorned the sun of Ashford and huddled beneath it. Each strike splintered the shield piece by piece, the relentless assault tarnishing the emblem of Ashford. After enduring countless blows, the shield was left in tatters, split in two under the unrelenting force of the Dwarven King. With the shield shattered, the Savoyard gazed up at Sigrun, his final moments witnessed as the axe cleaved through the air, severing the Margrave's head in two. As Drusco's defences crumbled, the once beautiful castle fell into enemy hands. The legacy of Lord Edmond, tarnished by his descent into alcohol-fuelled despair, met its tragic ends on the battlefield. The Siege of Drusco became a somber chapter in the annals of Aevos, a cautionary tale of the perils of both Veletz and the Covenant conflict. A LETTER TO RICHOLD OF ROUEN,
  23. Sacrifices One taketh, one giveth At the date of the 12th of the Azsol during the 163th year during the second age, Grelu Irgard woke up after the battle of Stassion in a trench. He woke up with a terrible headache and without sight in his left eye. Grelu would scream in agony as he realized he lost his eye. But then it dawned on him, Dunngrim took his eye so Anbella would keep him alive. He might have lost one eye but more clearly it dawned on him it took eight archers to put him down. Signed by: Grelu Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik.
  24. The second Khron’nozkrom of memory The edicts of the Khron’nozkrom On the 8th of Khun - Khor’unn - Yemekar’s Balance 2A Year 163 the second Khron’nozkrom of memory was held in the home of Grelu. At this meeting the following Irgards were present: Grelu Dregdhad Kugduhm Nori Yemgar On the agenda of this clan gathering are the following topics. ᚬ The duties of greater clan ᚬ The reforms Irgard will forward ᚬ Trials of Thormodur, Nori, Dregdhad, Kugduhm, Borgur ᚬ Yemgar’s disownment The edict of duty The Khron’nozkrom’s edict on what the greater clan status means for Irgard is that the clan is seen as an honorable and dutiful clan. The clan will follow it’s creed and ways as it is a contributing factor to the revival of Urguan as a whole. The edict of reform The Khron’nozkrom’s edict on political reform within Urguan will be specifically aimed towards Dunngrims legion to foster more camaraderie and a more clear chain of command for the lower ranks in order to make it more effective. It was also stated the Irgard clan would like to enact reform concerning the officer corp. The edict of trials The Khron’nozkrom has officially recognized that Dregdhad, Thormodur, Nori, Kugduhm and Borgur have all concluded their trial of battle by working together as a unit to slay a great brownbear in the forests of Urguan. Dregdhad, Kugduhm and Nori especially who’m will be rewarded with trophies taken from said great beasts. The edict of Disownment Yemgar Irgard, son of Yemgar, son of Jorik was disowned by Grelu Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik as Grelu put Yemgar’s honor to question over the fact that he attempted to murder an innocent child outside of the trial of Dor’nal Hammerfist and Alaric Grimgold. The murder was prevented by Grelu himself with many as witnesses, specifically Dregdhad Grandaxe/Irgard and Obok Metaldrinks. Yemgar was not put to the sword as Grelu is no reckoner and therefore is not within any right to order an execution of him. But if Yemgar presents himself as an Irgard, wears the armor of Irgard. He shall be brought before Highreckoner, Jorvin Aenguldreng Starbreaker for these crimes: stolen valor, attempted murder, oath breaking and breaking clan creed. Signed by: Grelu Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik, Clanfather of the soldier sons Dregdhad Grandaxe/Irgard, son of Irgen, son of Jorik Kugduhm Irgard, patron son of Irgen, patron son of Jorik Nori Irgard, patron son of Jorgur, patron son of Jorik
  25. Honor before Dishonor Grelu’s secret At the date of the 12th of the Thorok’aindar during the 163th year during the second age, Grelu Irgard Clanfather of the soldier sons of Jorik sat in his newly moved home working on a paper for the Grand council. Then the bells of sorrow rang loud as Grelu looked out his windows to see the flags at half mast. Grelu would take to his pen and write this letter: “My dear clansmen of Irgard, today is a terrible day. Our King has died. I do not know how and why but I had a secret that I now have to tell you all before I wanted to. When we were made a Greaterclan by Grand Reagent Sigrun Stonehammer, he asked me to give him a political favor that did not lay well on my conscience. He wanted me, Grelu Irgard to support his potential candidacy for Grand King of Urguan while Garedyn the Emerald was still alive. I denied him that day as it goes against my vows, creed and clan to scheme behind backs. This was supposed to be revealed at the Khron’nozkrom to be discussed as I would like to discuss what our duties as Greaterclan is. I hereby want all Irgards to announce what they wish for the Clanfather to bring to the Grand council as an answer. It lays heavy on my heart that a man I trusted as an equal also can fall so low to scheme while the King is still alive and well. I wish that I have kept my integrity, my words, my vows, my oaths and honor intact through my actions. My loyalties lay first and foremost to my clan. I serve the Irgard as dutifully, as honorably and just decreed in our clan lore dictated by the Ironway. I wish to know your thoughts, clansmen, as I do not have any greater rights than any of you so I’m listening to your command and council on what to do. Sincerely, Grelu Irgard.” Signed by: Grelu Irgard, son of Greldyn, son of Jorik.
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