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  1. ᚢᚱᚴᚢᛅᚾ ᛅᚾᛏ ᚼᛁᚠᚱᚢᛘᛘ ᚴᛁᛚᛁᛒᚱᛅᛏᚬᚾ Celebrating Joy and Family ᛁᚬᛁ ᛅᚾᛏ ᚠᛅᛘᛁᛚᛁ It is Anbella we have to thank for our prosperity in terms of family, children, and marriage. In recent times, within the last few years, Urguan has seen its fair share of marriages and young ones born to their kin. It seems only fitting to celebrate in her - Anbella’s honor. This party will celebrate the dwedki that currently fills Urguans streets with joy and wonder. It will celebrate the marriage between Ealisaid Mossborn and Ulfric Frostbeard. It will also extend the celebrations to the to-be newlywed Thrabor and Fia Ireheart. Friends of the dwedmar are welcome to attend the festivities- food and an open bar will be provided, and with the promise of drinking games should anyone be interested. [5EST/10GMT 2 April, Urguan Valley]
  2. Narvok oz ok Arkon Thrummaz [!] A messenger bird arrives to dwed across Urguan, relaying the news! [!] A blessing, and a joyous discovery! The expedition for knowledge in Ogradhad's name has been completed, and with it were recovered some preserved ancient texts, written by old dwed of continents long passed. And along with such precious texts, some relating to the nature of the Rhun, came also the discovery of a story to this old place. One of a brave and devout dwed... who stood to defend what he believed in. An encounter with giant spiders complicated the investigation but was dealt with accordingly... The ancient texts were discovered within the ruins of a small library... likely a safekeeping for the follower of the Warden of Knowledge that watched over it. Most incredibly however, a hole in the roof had rendered most of the texts destroyed... except for four books, those that sat nearest to the shrine of Ogradhad contained within... These texts will be put on display within The Grand Library in Kal'Darakaan, for all to view. Rare is it that the Brathmordakin reach down and show their influence upon the realm of the descendants. To honor such a blessing, Da Kirkja Verga will renovate this old place, and it shall be reformed into a grand temple in worship to Ogradhad, so that all may show their veneration to him in the hallowed place. Tuzic Mossborn, Prophet of Ogradhad
  3. Narvok oz ok Arkon Thrummaz Kozzhunki'mar eron Grond [!] A missive is posted on the various homes, notice boards, and clan halls around the Grand kingdom of Urguan. [!] Having received word of an ancient ruin within the lands of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan, potentially holding ancient historical, and spiritual knowledge, Da Kirkja Dverga will embark on an expedition to this lost place. I - The prophet of Ogradhad, call upon those who value the preservation of knowledge, as well as those for whom the call of adventure rings in their ears, to join me and ride to this ruin. For those that heed my call, equip yourselves well to repel whatever creatures may have taken hold in the long abandoned ruins. Narvok oz ok Arkon Thrummaz Glory to the Sage King Tuzic Mossborn, Prophet of Ogradhad OOC Info:
  4. ᚠᚱᛟᛗ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛟᚠᚠᛁᚲᛖ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛁᚱᛟᚾ ᛒᚨᚱᛟᚾᚤ Key Points, People and Places of Interest in Urguan and Hefrumm ᚴᛁᛁ ᛒᛚᛅᚴᛁᛋ ᚬᚠ ᚢᚱᚴᚢᛅᚾ ᛅᚾᛏ ᚼᛁᚠᚱᚢᛘᛘ With the sudden influx of dwedmar, the Iron Barons see fit to piece together a guide to both Kal’Darakaan and Dol’Anym, for any and all who might find use of it. People of Interest Grand King of Urguan- Agnar Grandaxe @Legoboy7984 High Chief of Hefrumm - Garedyn Mossborn @VerminHunter High Prophet - Garedyn Mossborn @VerminHunter Grand Chancellor - Ulfric Frostbeard @Terry Lord Justicar - Thromdrick Irongut @BuffBadger Grand Ambassador - Dagmir Grandaxe @MarquisAlex Yemekars Pick - Tuzic Mossborn @SharpString Stewards - Tuzic Mossborn @SharpString, Ealisaid Mossborn @Lirinya The Valley Separating the two settlements sits the valley, a vibrant and bustling place suitable for celebrations and business. The valley also extends around the mountains, with paths leading up high to the tallest peak of Almaris. Kal’Darakaan Amply named the city of Ancient Might, Kal’Darakaan exudes strength and pride. Built deep within the mountains, it is the cultural home of many different dwedmar. Inside you can find the base of the Yemekars Workforce and its guildhalls, the bank, the deep roads and the Obsidian Throne. Interested in Joining the Guilds? You can join the workforce by reaching out to the Yemekars Pick, @SharpString or by speaking to one of the guild lords. Metal Branch Grimdugan's Delvers - @TheWaffleEater2 Yemekar's Smiths - @_Grey_W0lf_ Mountain Branch Armakak's Merchants - @Lirinya Yemekar's Masons - @VerminHunter Belka's Jewellers - @DISCOLIQUID Mystic Branch Ogradhad's Enchanters - @Beholder Ogradhad's Brewers - @SharpString Dol’anym The heart of Hefrumm and the home of the Forest dwarves, Dol’Anym is a rich place of history and culture, and utilizes its natural surroundings to create a home for the kin of the forest. Hefrumm provides Urguan with unique food and beverages as well as crops and produce from its bountiful farms. Within Hefrumm also stands the petrified paragon, Bjor Cottonwood, of whom the Forest Dwarves honor for his founding of Hefrumm and his heroic sacrifice to save dwarven lives. Signed, Grand King Emeritus, Lord Chancellor of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Great-Grandson of Rhewen ‘Papa Bear’ Frostbeard Iron Baron and Steward of Urguan
  5. ᛅᚱᛘᛅᚴᛅᚴᛋ ᛘᛁᚱᚴᚼᛅᚾᛏᛋ Urguan’s Scavenger Hunt ᛋᚴᛅᚢᛁᚾᚴᛁᚱ ᚼᚢᚾᛏ As a way to introduce all of the new dwedmar to the cities of Kal’Darakaan and Dol’Anym, The guild of Armakak’s Merchants are hosting a scavenger hunt. Scattered through our cities are trinkets and tokens honoring the Brathmordakin. The winner of this hunt will be the one who collects up the most of these items, and returns them on the date listed to the Guild Lord. You may find that clues are left at the shrines of the Brathmordakin. Hint: These items will not be too difficult to find! The winner will receive the following: Any of the trinkets and tokens they find along their journey, 300 Mina, Personal commission from the Yemekar’s Workforce. (To conclude on Sunday 5EST)
  6. Late into the evening, Bojakk Frostbeard would make the rounds, after being hermitted away whilst caring for his father, Ajax. Descending the snowcapped mountains, he clutched sheet music in hand, as another collaborate work was completed between the two bards. The Paper would be posted to every bar door in Urguan, and to any dwed outpost in the surrounding areas over the month. I want to be in the Kossakri [Lyrics by Bojakk and Ajax Frostbeard]
  7. Da Dammaz Kron ᛞᚨᛞᚨᛗᛗᚨᛉᚴᚱᛟᚾ Deep within the libraries of Urguan, there sits upon a pedestal a tome both ancient and sacred to the Dwedmar. Kept under constant guard both day and night by the legion of Urguan, whilst the book itself is kept shut using powerful runic locks. It is none other than the most honored, Book of Grudges. The Book of Grudges is an ancient tome passed down through the ages of the Dwedmar. It can be traced back to the first dwarf himself, and father of all Dwarfenkind, Urguan. It is an ever-lasting record of all the wrongs and misdeeds committed against the Dwedmar. The contents of the Book of Grudges are kept secret to the rest of the descendant races, with only a handful of non-dwed ever having laid their eyes upon it. Those who have wronged the honorable Dwedmar of Urguan will have their name written into the Book of Grudges, and will not have it crossed out until the terms of settlement have been reached. However, the Dwedmar are not by nature an unreasonable folk, and if an agreement can be made between both the wronged and the assailants, then a grudge can be settled, and a name stricken from the book. For a grudge to be made and approved, there must be valid reasoning and clear wrongdoing committed against the Dwedmar who has submitted said grudge. Lest the seriousness of the Book of Grudges would be questioned, if there were to be grudges of both false and meaningless classification. The Wronged: The Assailant: The Wrong: Date of Wrongdoing: Terms of Settlement: OOC Disclaimer: The Book of Grudges is locked away under constant guard. In no way should you be able to see it, or anything written within, unless you were admitted into the vault. To be admitted, you must be a dwarf of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan who has been explicitly given access by someone who has the appropriate authority. This means if you are a banished dwarf or a wanted criminal or anything of the like, you would not have access to any of the grudges written into the book. Please RP accordingly. Active Grudges (If from old post please resubmit) Struck-Out Grudges Original Post (No Longer Updated) Credit to Lefty for writing most of this post for me, I was dead tired last night. Credit to Josh for making the original post.
  8. 10th of the Grand Harvest, 118 SA February 25th, 2023 ᚠᚱᛟᛗ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛟᚠᚠᛁᚲᛖ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛚᛟᚱᛞ ᛃᚢᛋᛏᛁᚲᛁᚨᚱ The High Courts to Investigate Allegations of Assault, Kidnapping, Extortion and Vigilantism Against the Lords of the Aurokanar Clan ᛒᚤ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚲᛟᚢᚱᛏᛋ, ᛋᚺᚨᛚᛚ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛗᚨᛏᛏᛖᚱ ᛒᛖ ᛋᛖᛏᛏᛚᛖᛞ It has been brought to the attention of the High Courts that instances of dwedmar violence between clans has been instigated, namely between those of the Ireheart and Goldhand clans, respectively. This cannot do. The High Courts fully intend to investigate every allegation tirelessly and effortlessly, until those involved in this terrible act are brought to justice, or the matter settled. With that said, the following crimes shall be investigated thoroughly; Section V.VII: Assault in the Second Degree, by the maiming and goldcasting of the hand of Clan Lord Thalgrim Goldhand Section V.VIII: Kidnapping in the Second Degree, by holding members of the Goldhand clan hostage in the Ireheart Clan Hall, under threat of violence and/or robbery of one Clan Lord Rylanor Goldhand’s cloak until their terms were met. Section IV.III: Attempted Theft in the Fourth Degree, by attempting to dishonorably seize the Goldhand Cloak of Rylanor Goldhand. Section VI.III: Vigilantism in the Third Degree, by the alleged act of Bakir Ireheart taking matters of slander into his own hands instead of the rightful Court of law. The High Courts would like to note however, that these are mere alleged crimes. Any attempt for those to take matters into their own hands or seek retribution for any reason will be met with additional charges without hesitation. Signed, Lord Justiciar of Urguan Grand King Emeritus, Lord Chancellor of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Magistrate of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Great-Grandson of Rhewen ‘Papa Bear’ Frostbeard High Prophet of the Da Kirkja Dverga High Chief of Hefrumm Grand Steward and Magistrate of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan The Honorable, Magistrate of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan Guild Lord of the Grimdugan Delvers. 3rd Armakak’s Coin of Urguan
  9. The Goldhand Clan Any dwarf with ambitions to acquire vast wealth is almost certainly a Goldhand. The Goldhand Clan are dwarven merchants at heart. They embody the utilisation of greed for dwarves and the advantage it brings when dealing with others in trade matters. Quick-witted and always looking for a good deal, they often make up the upper echelon of dwarven society, constituting dwarven aristocrats. The Goldhands are devout worshipers of the Merchant Brothers, Armakak, the God of Trade, and Grimdugan, the God of Avarice. Every aspect of Goldhand affairs are permeated by their faith in the two Merchant Brothers, from the way they conduct business to their weapons and gear. A Goldhand seeks to balance both Armakak and Grimdugan, and over the course of joining the clan, they will learn how to do so. For Goldhands, to truly be in the Clan is to combine both aspects of the Merchant Brothers. Balance is an integral part of the Goldhand identity, and is praised. A true Goldhand believes and acts out the balance between Armakak and Grimdugan. By this, they praise and enact The Merchant Brother’s will through their work. Money makes the world go round. They believe that not might, but MONEY makes right. Anything can be achieved for the right price. "Born of the First Merchant, Tungdil Goldhand. Said to be descended from The Merchant Father himself. With Gold and Silver flowing through your body. Priceless gems adorning your clothes. Coin filling your pocket. You are of a Noble Clan. You are a Goldhand." Perhaps centuries ago, these words rang true. However, in Almaris, the Clan Lord Conan Goldhand returned to see that the clan vault stood empty. Indeed the most dreadful sight a Goldhand could ever imagine. To restore the clan to its former glory, a new set of rules and traditions has been introduced to restore the clan to its former glory. THE RULES OF TRADING Created by Conan Goldhand, The Rules of Trading can be seen written in gold on the front page of The Book of Trades: The Rules of Trading make up the fundamental philosophy each Goldhand must follow. It is the only way to please the Merchant Brothers and the First Merchant. Every Goldhand must swear an oath to follow the Rules of Trading. Any Goldhand deemed to have broken the rules is permanently exiled and deemed unworthy. GREED IS GOOD DO NOT TRUST ANYONE WEARING ROBES BETTER THAN YOUR OWN EVERYONE IS A POTENTIAL CUSTOMER YOU CANNOT MAKE A DEAL WHEN YOU ARE DEAD THE MORE GOLD YOU HOARD, THE HIGHER YOUR PRICE WILL BE AT THE AUCTION OF THE DEAD ONCE YOU HAVE THEIR MINA, NEVER GIVE IT BACK. OPPORTUNITY PLUS INSTINCT EQUALS PROFIT A GOLDHAND WITHOUT PROFIT IS NO GOLDHAND AT ALL WAR IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS PEACE IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS A GOOD LIE IS EASIER TO BELIEVE THAN THE TRUTH GOLD LASTS LONGER THAN FRIENDSHIP NOTHING CAN TARNISH THE SHINE OF GOLD ALL SALES MUST BE RECORDED IN THE BOOK OF TRADES TRADITIONS Clan Meetings Every two stone weeks, the entirety of the clan meets to discuss any new entrepreneurial ventures they have begun, market prices, and most importantly, how many trades they have made. Counting the Coin Ceremony At the end of each stone month, each Goldhand’s profit is counted and totalled up. It is then placed into the vault for safekeeping. A feast is held for the Clan Member who achieved the most trades that month. Burial A coin is placed over the deceased tongue, all the material wealth they managed to gather throughout their life is placed around them. Then they are cast in Gold. A summation of their life's value. HISTORY CLAN RELICS In typical Goldhand fashion, it would appear that most of the known Clan Relics have been hoarded away or bartered in some trade. The Scales of Tungdil The scales of Tungdil is an elaborately crafted device etched with jewels of many colors. It is not known if it holds any mystical powers, but for many within the clan, it would be seen as a device that would be used for measuring deals and used against those who have done the clan wrong. The Twin Swords Parathak and Krest Forged by Conan Goldhand from the remnants of the gold which was acquired in Kal'Urguan. The blades each represent one of the Merchant Brothers. Due to their material, they serve very little combative use apart from protection against the undead. The Great Book of Trades Within this leather bound book , on each gold leaf page lies every trade every successfully made by a member of the Goldhand Clan. Trials Any direct descendant of the First Merchant Tungdil Goldhand who swears to follow the Rules of Trading is welcome within the clan. Furthermore, any dwed with enough greed and enterprise may join the Goldhand Clan. To become a fully fledged member they must complete the following trials: Trial of Mercantilism A Goldhand is given the task of turning gold into gold. They are to multiply a set number of minas by tenfold, such as turning 100 minas into a 1000, or 10 minas into 100. They are to hold onto their first coin they accrue for later trials. Trial of Avarice A Goldhand is given a list of things to gather for a hoard, and make a proper shrine to Grimdugan out of it. (Like one of every jewel, a weapon from each city.) This will be the start of their Hoard, and they will protect it with their life. Worship of Armakak is in public, while Grimdugan appreciates worship done in the shadows. Trial of Balance The nearly full-fledged beardling will undergo their last trial. With the minas accrued from their first trial, they will gamble with one of the Clan Lords, in an ultimate test of their ability to balance both greed and mercantile wisdom. Once a Goldhand has completed their trials, they will be taken on a pilgrimage to a shrine of Armakak and Grimdugan, to pay homage and leave an offering. Following this, they will undergo the Coin Ritual, which is a secret tradition amongst Goldhand initiates and the Clan Lords. Application
  10. 23rd of the Amber Cold, 117 SA February 20th, 2023 ᚠᚱᛟᛗ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛟᚠᚠᛁᚲᛖ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛚᛟᚱᛞ ᛃᚢᛋᛏᛁᚲᛁᚨᚱ A New Lord Justiciar ᛟᚾ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚹᛖᛚᚲᛟᛗᛁᚾᚷ ᛟᚠ ᚨ ᚾᛖᚹ ᛃᚢᛋᛏᛁᚲᛁᚨᚱ On this day, the 23rd of the Amber Cold, do I, Ulfric Frostbeard, do step down as Acting Justiciar of the High Courts. As such, and with immediate effect, do the High Courts of Urguan and that of the Grand Kingdom and its citizens, do welcome Thromdrick Irongut as their new Lord Justiciar. May he serve the people well and execute the duties of his new role with diligence and respect of the laws he now upholds. Any of whom wish to serve their Kingdom as an administrator of the Laws of Urguan is encouraged to reach out to Thromdrick by bird! Narvak oz Urguan! Narvak oz Thromdrick! Signed, Grand King Emeritus, Lord Chancellor of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Great-Grandson of Rhewen ‘Papa Bear’ Frostbeard Lord Justiciar of Urguan
  11. 20th of the Deep Cold, Year 114 of the Second Age. Bjorn lay on his bed, his beard knotted and cuffed with metal jewels. His long red hair braided and swept onto his chest. One hand rested on an axe, a beautiful design forged by an old friend in his early years. His other hand held a shiny ring that seemed to glow slightly. His wedding ring to Rathona. His chest did not move, nor his eyes. The dwarf had peacefully passed. He had felt it coming. Scattered around the floor were books the dwarf had written over the years, pages of drawings that his children had made while they were dwedki and a few empty bottles of Grandaxe Rum. A creation of his own. Bjorn had been through alot in his short dwarven life. Fighting in many wars, participating in multiple battles, the dwarf had earned the respect of his fellow dwedmar. He was known as a successful Jewelerysmith and an even better Merchant. A brewer when he felt like it and a writer as his hobby. Though many in recent years would not know of him because his sickness kept him withdrawn from the community, the dwarf shared many close friends and relationships. Those dwedmar forging him into the person he was. On his bedside table next to the melted wax candle he’d lit before his death was a note. His last words and will to the dwarves of Urguan and his fellow kin within his Clan. I have forged countless pieces, written never ending pages and sold ships worth of goods. But nothing has been as hard as this. I knew my life was coming to an end many stone months ago though I struggled to comprehend it. Though I have lived a difficult life, countless axes swinging towards me I have always found the light at the end of the tunnel. Now though, it is no longer a light. The Brathmordakin called for me, my wife by their side humming soft tunes enticing me. My time is now. To the dwarves that knew me, I hope you remember me as a kind dwarf. I tried where I could to help those in need. To those who don't know me, I hope some will one day tell you of my adventures. Though they may not be as grand as some, I have had my fair share. I would like to give a small message for some dwarves very dear to my heart, be them walking among you or feasting besides the Brathmordakin. Astmar Grandaxe, my father. You didn’t even know I was alive until we first met. Didn’t know you had another son. But none the less you took me in like I had always been there. You helped teach me the ways of a dwarf, aided my hand with a bow and showed me the art of cooking. You were my first anchor within my own culture. Thank you. Wulfgar Grandaxe, my kin. Wulfgar you were the first dwarf I met within the halls of the great dwarven hold. You showed me my true lineage and taught me of our clan's history. Without you I would have never known half of what I do now. I was able to follow your footsteps and teach those of our dwedki about our history. Thank you. Brynaelda Grandaxe, my aunty. You were a mother to me. Coming to Urguan you hugged and fed me without me even asking it. Half the time I’d either have a mug of ale down my throat or a spoon of your broth stuffed into my mouth. You taught me to be kind, to help others be them dwarves or something else. You will forever be the most important dwarf in my life. Thank you. Asvi Frostbeard, my first love and dear friend. Asvi you were a beautiful jewel among a sea of stone. I remember our first meeting on the beach of a fair, you were stabbing the water just after the Goldhand’s had declared their grudge to it. It didn’t take long for the roots to take hold and my love to form. Though you never told me if those feelings were mutual. You cared for me as a close friend either way. PS You still have to fix the marks you left at my house in Hefrumm. Asvi I have always loved you and always will. I hope you find peace wherever you are in the world. To you if you ever return I leave my axe, one of my most dearest possessions. It will remain with my children for the day you return. If that day comes. Enjoy living with the squirrels. Thank you. Gorlim Ireheart, my dear friend. You were the first Ireheart I tolerated. We had our good times and bad. Doesn't mean I liked you. To you I leave a bottle of Grandaxe Rum so you can drink in my honour old friend. Thank you. Dorimnur Goldhand, my mentor. I don’t know where you went Dorimnur. Though the rumor is you to entered the halls of the Brathmordakin. You taught me the skills of the forge and the ways of the merchant. I never knew if you looked to me as a friend but to me you were someone close. Wherever you are Dorimnur I hope you’re at peace. Thank you. Garedyn Mossborn, my dear friend. Green Dragon as my daughter called you. You helped me in my darkness. You aided me in my worst. Though we didn't speak a lot, you were a great friend. I hope I offered you knowledge that aided you to being where you are today. You are a fine dwarf Garedyn, I know you will be great. Thank you. Yazmorra Blackroot, my dear friend. Yazmorra, the most beautiful dwarf to ever live. To this day I still wonder if my father loved you or simply just liked to flirt with you. Thank you Yazmorra for all you taught me. For guiding me in the ways of the forest and always making me feel like an honorary forest dwarf even though I was not. I hope wherever you are that you take one long drag for me, toast to my honour with your horrible strong brews and pray that we meet again. Thank you. Celeste’Tol Blackroot, my dear friend. You didn’t like me as a kid. You sided with Asvi all the time and when we fought you grew scared of me. Though in the years I was away I returned and you were a full dwarfess. You were beautiful. Though you had your scars you helped me heal my own. Celeste without you my life would have ended a lot sooner. I would not have had my children and married my amazing wife. Thank you. Rathona Grandaxe, my wife. My love you have fell before me and I have not much to say. Though I will be by your side soon. You helped heal a broken dwarf and gave him a reason to live. You gave birth to our beautiful children and made me happy. I will see you soon my love. Thank you. Eivor, Orvar, Ashla and Torvi Grandaxe, my children. You were all brats as dwedki. Well besides Ashla who always ran away to the forest. It has been an age since I have seen you all but I hope you all know I love you. You will all become great dwarves. To Eivor I leave 'Ekran Karrzark' or Little Thunder in dwarvish The crossbow made by my father once I had completed my trials. You have not been much of a hunter son, though this will piece armour well from the battlements. To Orvar I leave my Dagger of Grimdugan. A prized pocesson given to me by Dorimnur Goldhand. Maybe you look after it well my hard headed son. To Ashla I leave my bow. Something so dear to me it was made by Asvi Frostbeard as a gift. A token of our friendship. I have held onto it everyday since. Hoping that one day she would return and I could see her once more. You are a great hunter so I know you will use it well. To Torvi I leave my spell rings. Once gifted by Tahorran Divadri. An old teacher of mine and dear friend. It lets you teleport your group. The other a ring of instant snowball. Made by Falk Irongut. Children.. I love you all so much. Aneblla bless. Thank you. Clan Grandaxe, my kin. There are many I have not written about. Agnar, Thumbrindal, Ursus, Levian’Tol, Lillian and more. I want you all to know that my time among this Clan has been amazing. I was born in Sutica though you never made me feel like an outsider dwarf, You are all amazing dwarves with so much strength. To the Clan I leave all my possessions that are not already given. To do with it as you choose. This is not the end. I will see you all once more. I have also spoken to those who will receive specific gifts from me. Thank you all. All I have not mentioned. There are many I have left out, Torsun Goldhand, Brand Irongrinder, Norli Starbreaker to name but a few. Though I have not written a separate part for you I have cared for you all and apricate everything you have done for me and our kin. Thank you all. Signed Bjorn Grandaxe Son of Astmar, Grandson of Svardin. the Wolf-Scared, Elder of Clan Grandaxe and Former Grand Merchant / Armakak’s Coin of Urguan. Noteworthy battles and titles, Grand Merchant of Urguan / Armakak’s Coin - The Snow's Maiden, 12 S.A. - Malin's Welcome, 26 S.A. Earned the title of Elder within the Grandaxe Clan - Unknown Year Fought Oren in the “Tenth Nordling War” - 13th of the First Seed, 22 S.A. - 10th of the Deep Cold, 27 S.A. Battles - "The Forest Interception" 16th of Snow's Maiden, 23 S.A. Fought Oren in the “War of the Wigs” - 17th of the First Seed, 53 S.A. - 11th of Snow's Maiden, 72 S.A. Battles - "Storming of Kal'Darakann" 24th of the Malin's Welcome, 53 S.A. "Seige of Southbridge" 10th of Sun's Smile, 58 S.A. "Second Battle of the Stone Tower" 16th of the Deep Cold, 60 S.A. Fought ‘The United Sovereign States of Almaris’ in the “Almaris Coalition War” - 10th of the Amber Cold, 83 S.A. - 85 S.A. Battles - "The Slaughter of Acre" 11th of the First Seed, 84 S.A. Fought in the final battle of “The Dark Harbour” in which Admiral Rutger von Drak, Lord of the Dark Harbour was killed. - 12th of Grand Harvest, 84 S.A. [OOC] Bjorn has been my most loved character I have ever made before in any RPG, DnD ect. I truly fell in love with him and felt he was a part of me. Though his time was coming and I felt like it was right for him. He has been through tremendous struggles, tirelessly fighting his inner demons that seemed to chase him wherever he went. To all the dwarves seriously thank you so much for all the Roleplay. Everyone played an important role to him. To the dwarves I specially mentioned above. You are all amazing people, don't worry about what anyone else says you made me love LOTC and love playing Bjorn. To anyone interested in learning Bjorn’s story feel free to reach out to me in discord as I have 2000+ words written of his tales. They are long, I warn you lol. Lastly, Bjorn Grandaxe. To you I leave all my memories of Lord of the Craft. All the good, bad and inbetween. You have been an amazing character that has honestly inspired me in so many ways though you were simply played through me. I don’t understand why you become so important or why I felt such a connection but it is your time to go. To Khaz’A’Dentrumm you go. I know the Brathmordakin will bid highly on you and may you find peace among them.
  12. ♛ THE REJUVENATED YEMEKAR’S WORKFORCE ♛ In recent tumultuous times, the workforce has been left both directionless and leaderless, leaving many dwarves that depend on the workforce for their income to struggle against financial hardship. To rejuvenate our workers, to relight our forges, to restart our industry, I, Garedyn The Green, have been appointed as Yemekar’s Pick. I shall reform the abandoned workforce so that the power of industry may continue to reign strong, and bring prosperity to our workers. GUILD ORGANISATION Guild Lords may invite anyone into their guilds as they wish, but all guilds follow a similar system of hierarchy as described below, though names and titles may differ. Guild Lord: Guild Lords are leaders of a Guild, responsible for the day-to-day management of their guild. Ensuring that guild members are well-trained and productive. A Guild Lord may be appointed by Yemekar’s Pick, only with the approval of the Guild Lords. Master: A highly skilled and respected person with tremendous knowledge of their respective craft. Their knowledge is highly valued as they pass on the art of their craft onto others. Adept: An adept is someone with many years of experience of working. They are a veteran, knowing the ins and out of their profession. An Adept also shares the same responsibility as the Master, of passing on knowledge to the other workers. Though there is a certain degree of technical knowledge and wisdom that separates an Adept and a Master. Labourer: The average worker within a given guild. They are efficient and skilled enough to almost never make basic mistakes. Their labour is fast and consistent, but they lack a certain mastery for the complex works that Adepts and Masters perform. Joinling: A newly joined member of a guild, hence the name. They fumble around and make many errors. Nevertheless, under the tutelage of their betters, they make astonoshing progress within the guild. COUNCIL OF LABOUR In order to make changes, improvements, new rules, the Council of Labour must be gathered to vote on such matters. The Council is headed by Yemekar’s Pick, and the Guild Lords make up its members. The Guild Lords must vote in the council according to the desires of their workers. In some matters of great importance, such as the creation of new Branches or something else, voting can be opened up to the entire workforce. COMPENSATION Labour never goes unrewarded. Those who work hard and well can amass great wealth through Yemekar’s Workforce. Though the ways each guild pays its workers is up to discretion of the guild lords. Most labourers receive pay for taking on commissions supplied by the Guild Lord, others receive pay directly from clients. Housing is another benefit of employment. Those who work within the Worker’s Guild are allowed to receive small and humble, but free homes. However, the greatest compensation of all the Workforce has to offer is the boundless knowledge contained within its halls. ❂ METAL BRANCH GUILDS ❂ YEMEKAR’S SMITHS Being a member of this guild means to partake in the time honoured act of smithing, one of the ultimate acts of creation a dwarf can do. Various smithing guilds have come in shapes and forms throughout dwarven history, but the guild of Yemekar’s Smiths build upon the culminated knowledge of its forebearers, seeking to educate the new generation of dwarves regardin this divine craft. A smith can take commissions within the guild, or if they are skilled enough they can attract customers with their own unique orders. Ranks in the guild as divided as follows: High Smith- Guildlord Anvil- Master Artisan - Adept Smith - Labourer Bellower - Joinling GRIMDUGUAN’S DELVERS To venture into the depths and plunder ores, stone and gems is an act only the Grimduguan’s Delvers can perform efficiently. A delver must be knowledgeable in ores and other geological wonders, and skilled enough to extract them swiftly. A guild member can expect to frequently venture into mining expeditions to find treasures, for which they will be compensated. Or they can sell their ore directly back into the guild. Ranks in the guild as divided as follows: High Prospector - Guild Lord Delver- Master Spelunker- Adept Miner- Labourer Digger- Joinling ❁ MYSTIC BRANCH GUILDS ❁ OGRADHAD’S ENCHANTERS The art and power of magic is sought out by many. Some wish to fortify their weapons, others desire simple magical trinkets. It is therefore up to the guild of Ogradhad’s Enchanters, to use the knowledge of the Lore Master to provide for the needs of the people. Enchanters are paid well for their labour, since it is an intensive craft. Most work comes through request by outsiders and the guild organises the commissions for willing takers. Ranks in the guild as divided as follows: High Enchanter- Guild Lord Theurgist- Master Spell Binder- Adept Enchanter- Labourer Initiate - Joinling OGRADHAD’S BREWERS In a similar being to enchanting guild, Ogradhad’s Brewers use their skills to provide alchemical resources to those who need them. From simply gatherings herbs, to brewing reality bending potions this guild does it all. Due to Alchemy being a resource intensive profession, members of this guild are payed well for their work, whether they take on guild commissions or other requests. Ranks in the guild as divided as follows: High Alchemist- Guild Lord Alchemist- Master Brewer - Adept Mixer - Labourer Herbalist - Joinling ۞ MOUNTAIN BRANCH GUILDS ۞ ARMAKAK'S MERCHANTS This guild is responsible for distributing prosperity amongst dwarves, by teaching them how to sell their crafts through the arts of Merchantry. Their skills, connections and knowledge are indispensable to anyone looking to make a living through trade. Though Armakak's Merchants also spread dwarven culture throughout the realm by forming caravans to different cities. One earns money in this guild by selling wares, running errands, or helping to sign lucrative deals. Ranks in the guild as divided as follows: High Merchant- Guild Lord Goldtounge- Master Merchant - Adept Trader - Labourer Barterer- Joinling BELKA’S JEWELLERS Turning rough, smoky rocks into finely cut, beautiful gemstones for use jewellery is under the care of Belka’s Jewellers. Although the gemstones are gathered from Grimduguan’s domain by Grimduguan’s Delvers, its through Belka’s inspiration that her Jewellers turn unpolished rock into works of art. Belka’s Jewellers may choose to take on public commissions for their crafts or find private clients. Ranks in the guild as divided as follows: High Jeweller- Guild Lord Appraiser- Master Jeweller - Adept Gem Cutter - Labourer Engraver - Joinling YEMEKAR’S MASONS Carving stone, sculpting statues, building grand halls are acts of beautiful creation that any noble dwarf should respect. To shape the earth, like Yemekar The Brathmordkin of Creation, is just a holy an art as any other. The Yemekar’s Masons are often tasked with building, sculpting and stone crafting are all expected skills and labours that one must be able to do in this guild. Workers earn money either through direct commissions from customers, or through assigned jobs by the Guild Lord. Ranks in the guild as divided as follows: High Mason - Guildlord Artichect - Master Mason - Adept Stone Crafter - Labourer Stone Cutter - Joinling JOINING Should someone wish to join a guild or the workforce, they need only find any guild member who can introduce them to a Guild Lord. All are welcome to partake in the act of creation, and learn the great ways of dwarven craftsmanship.
  13. THA HARATH GORD KA’AZ “I’m Coming Home Father.” Ulfric, standing atop the mountainous ranges of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, SA 111 In all his life, Ulfric had never been as big a mess than he was now. The loss of Khron’Hundmar, disappearance of close friends and family, the attack of the Undead Dragon in Balian and the state of his clan… all weighed heavily on his mind. Had it not been for the support and care of one or two select individuals, it would be safe to say that Ulfric might’ve gone mad. Even so, the brief return of his grandfather helped ease the mess that was his state of mind. A return to old times, simpler times. Filled of laughs, of family, of duty, a time where things just made sense, where Ulfric didn’t have to worry for he knew he had support no matter where he turned. But alas, this brief return was, in fact, brief, and for all the reasons Ulfric suppressed, for reasons he pushed aside, for reasons he knew were to come eventually whether he liked it or not. The reunion had gone as all reunions go between two close members of family that’d been separated. Hugs, laughs, quips of graying hair and reminiscing. Things of which Ulfric needed, things he missed. But the mood changed, the moment Azkel offered Ulfric his staff. “I remembeh Rhewen, an’ his old cavern home. Eht is yer toime teh carreh on his memoreh and legaceh.” For what felt like eternity, Ulfric stood. He gripped the staff carefully, feeling like even the slightest movement could shatter it, before he’d gaze to his grandfather with a resolute nod. It was from here that Azkel led Ulfric to Ulfric’s home, where Azkel passed his belongings on, from one generation to the next, even that of his most prized. From this point on a feeling of… melancholy, took hold of Ulfric. He was happy to see his grandfather, back and smiling and chuckling and reminiscing, but something gnawed at him, something he did not dare bring up for even he was reveling in his grandfather’s smiles and didn’t dare to end it prematurely. But ended, it did. Not a moment or so after the chuckling and reminiscing died down, did his grandfather speak to him again. “Ulfric, wannae take eh walk wi’ meh befer moi departure?” Ulfric would oblige, reluctantly, and off they went to Tal’Rhewenholm, home of the Frostbeards. They would travel to the top of the ridgeline, to the funeral pyre where Rhewen ‘Papa Bear’ Frostbeard himself, Azkel’s father and Ulfric’s great-grandfather, was sent off to the Halls of Khaz’A’Dentrumm. It was here they sat and spoke for awhile about times past and present. Of the clan, of it’s teachings, of the Kingdom and they’re time together leading it, of Rhewen, and all that they’ve experienced since. Though out of all that was said, one thing Azkel spoke to him stuck. “As Rhewen once spoke teh meh oi now speak teh yeh… It is your turn. Take wo' yeh have learned and add teh eht, yeht neveh tarnish deh historeh of deh Clan. Deh greatest theng aneh Frostbeard can deh is simpleh continue. Nae hardships will matteh sae long as our teachings survoive.” Soon after this, would the conversation near it’s end. Ulfric would ask the one question he wished to avoid asking. “So… w'at will yeh do now? O'I know yeh said yeh'd go back teh meditatin' where Rhewen once did, but es t'at all? Will o'I eveh see yeh ag'in?” All because he knew the answer. “Oi think this spot is as good as aneh teh rest moi eyes… Oi will alwehs beh wi' yeh, jus' as Rhewen has been wi' deh both ehf us. Yeh have learned everething dere is teh learn frum Rhewen en oi. Eht is up teh yeh fer wo' yeh believe is best teh come next.” It was here that Ulfric would gaze up, the beginnings of rain starting to hit his face. He knew what Azkel had meant, even if he tried to tell himself otherwise countless times before. He'd look to his grandfather, offering a smile again, though this one less beaming than the last. “O'I seh. Thank yeh, Azkel… fer everythin'. Et's because ov yeh an' Rhewen t'at o'I'm teh dwed o'I am, an' o'I will alwehs remembeh t'at. O'I'll do everythin' in meh power teh ensure t'at who comes next es wortheh, o'I promise.” It was here that Azkel would remove his bear pelt, one of the few times in his life he’d ever done so, as he went to lay his head back, closing his eyes to be drenched by the downpour. “Oi do love deh rain…” He’d say, before uttering his last words at a whisper, his breathing slowing as he would seem to fall asleep, and as the minutes went by, would continue to do so… until eventually stopping. “Tha harath gord ka’az…” Ulfric, sitting alone-now, atop the ranges of Tal’Rhewenholm, SA 112 To my fellow Dwedmar, With a heavy weight upon my heart, do I regret to announce the passing of Azkel ‘The Scholar’ Frostbeard, on the 14th of The Amber Cold, SA 112. I’ll admit, it took me a long time to write this, too long, infact. I could not find the right words to say… and truthfully, for once in my life I still cannot. There is so much I wish to say, but to write it out would mean confronting what had happened, and I don’t think I’m ready for that, not for awhile at least. Azkel lived a very long life, like his father, Rhewen. Not all of it pretty, and in the end, forgotten as he may have become, I’m beyond happy to have had the time I did with him, to learn from him, from the both of them. When I returned to Urguan all those years ago, I was lost. The Clan I had left all those years before, all but nonexistant. Many an eyebrow was raised when I returned, for not many within the halls of our grand city thought a Frostbeard would return, and from there, it only got worse. I had no inkling of how to run a clan, no idea where to start. A recruiter I was not, still not, to this day. But then, one day, I recall being invited to the tavern. I remember rounding the corner… and there he was. Azkel, the dwedmar who would turn me into who I am today. From that point on, it was a rush. I recall Rhewen returning, and from there, so to did others of the clan, of both sides. Ulrah or not, we came together. I still recall all the clan meetings, of seeing all of us in one room together. If I had to choose, that would be my greatest memory from then. Ferek, Asvi, Bharus, Nardor, Ajax and Bojakk and many more... all of us, together. All thanks to the luck I had for both Azkel and Rhewen to reappear when I, and the clan, needed them most. Given all this though, Azkel never was the most liked. The Kaz’Ulrah Frostbeards, the Irehearts during my reign, such and so forth, all had their reasons, but one cannot deny the work Azkel had done. Of the Remembrancer Guild, of it’s library, of serving our nation as Lord Chancellor despite the dismay of many. I am proud to be of his line, and nothing will ever shake my belief of such. With all that being said, he requested to be sent off to the Halls of Khaz’A’Dentrumm much like his father, Rhewen, and I plan to honor such. The funeral will be open to all, however, if you do attend all I ask for is your respect, or if that fails, atleast give your silence. Grand King Emeritus, Lord Chancellor of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Great-Grandson of Rhewen ‘Papa Bear’ Frostbeard [[To Be Held: Sometime within the next 2 weekends]] “THE FUNERAL OF AZKEL ‘THE SCHOLAR’ FROSTBEARD”
  14. The Shrine Project [source] This is a call to all members of the faith, The Grand Kingdom of Urguan lacks distinct places of worship for each of the Brathmordakin. The World Maker Temple is a place where all can gather, and the Holy Trail (Path of Gods) is a suitable place to worship in solemnity, but there are not enough shrines that reflect the nature of the Brathmordakin in their environment, location and construction. Travellers and Wanderers who pass through our land will never encounter a shrine dedicated to the Brathmordakin since there are not enough spread out within Dwarven Lands. If you are a faithful dwarf with the skills and desire needed to build a shrine to the Brathmordakin, contact me Garedyn The Green, The High Prophet, so that da Kirkja Dverga will organise a construction party to honour the Brathmordakin. Once a shrine to each one has been built in the far corners of our lands, a pilgrimage shall be organised to pass through each one, so that our brothers and sisters under the Brathmordakin will know of places of refuge within our lands. Shrine to Dungrimm built overlooking the Valley of Urguan Shrine to Grimdugan built within the deep roads of Kal’Draakan Shrine to Belka built near a dwarven encampment on the Dark Isles Shrine to Urguan in front of the gates of Kal’Draakan OOC: This is a call for people to host events regarding shrine building. I already organised events to build Grimdugan, Belka and Dungrimm and I thought it would be a good idea for other dwarves to express their creativity for the other Brathmordakin. Contact me to organise the event / pick a location / for the shrine you want to build.
  15. To my Fellow Azwyrtrumm, Many years ago, when I penned my letter to the citizens of Urguan calling for Bakir to reform the very core of our Kingdom, never had I expected the impact it would have, or the course of events that followed. My opinions on the day I published that letter have long faded, but to this day I do not regret writing such, as for better or worse, it was the right thing to do. Given such however, bright times are ahead. There is a new Grand King, and with such there are new opportunities to be had in Urguan. It has given me hope for the first time in a long time, and a renewed desire to see our kin back in one place, hence the reasoning of this publication. So I ask all of you whom bear the Frostbeard blood, and who desire to work with me for the betterment of our clan and Kingdom, to return home. Return to Tal’Rhewenholm, the last place our great forefather, the late Grand Emperor, Rhewen ‘Papa Bear’ Frostbeard called home. Assist me, your new Clan Father with forging a better future for all of us. signed, Grand King Emeritus, Clan Father of the Azwyrtrumm, Great-Grandson of Rhewen ‘Papa Bear’ Frostbeard
  16. The Emerald Book: Ogradhad A dwarf kneeling in front of Ogradhad. [source] “With the birth of the mind, came the creation of another great being, one connected to the consciousness of life and the realms. This being is Ogradhad. The knowledge and wisdom he possesses are both innate and collected, both profound and esoteric. Ogradhad is the one who reveals the secrets of the world to us, his candle burns away the darkness of ignorance.” - Inscriptions within the Remembrancers Guild Ogradhad The Sageking Ogradhad is the Brathmordaking of Wisdom, Invention and Magic. It is no surprise then, that scholars venerate him the most. The Loremaster can be honoured by tending to places where knowledge is kept, such as libraries. Libraries may even be considered shrines or temples to Ogradhad. However, not all knowledge is stored in books, and one doesn’t need to be a scholar to engage in the sharing and protection of knowledge. The Sageking does not just preside over existing knowledge, one needs to create new knowledge to progress dwarvenkind. Inventors who apply Ogradhads knowledge and wizards who try and decipher ancient secrets are also favoured by him. The Lessons of Insight: The Lessons of Insight are a series of beliefs, ideas and principles gathered from the annals of library and history, to elucidate ways for dwarves to live by Ogradhad’s ways. Grond: meaning Discover in dwarven. This lesson refers to invention, experimentation, research, study and anything relating to the discovery of new knowledge. Those who pursue new knowledge and insights for the sake of their people are the truest worshippers of Ogradhad. One must also not solely dedicate themselves to one field of study, for such often leads to the development of a narrow viewpoint. Learning and discovering different things when the opportunity presents itself is pious, honourable and above all practical. Grond is the antithesis of stagnation. For when one dedicates themselves to discovery, one must not remain bound to outdated dogmas which keep society from advancing. Those who hoard knowledge for their own selfish desires are detrimental to Yemekar’s Balance, as it hinders the spreading of progress. “The thumping of your mortar and pestle, the bubbling of your cauldron, the hiss of your alembic, the flipping of your pages and the scribbling of your notes are all prayers to Ogradhad.” - Quote from an unknown master alchemist. Lordak: This word means Magic in dwarven. This tenant not only refers to the study and use of magic, but it is also a lesson about the dangerous nature of knowledge. Ogradhad is the Brathmordkin of Magic as well, meaning to practice the arcane arts is to honour Ogradhad. However practising magic can often lead to madness for power, to delve into foul and vile forces like Necromancy, which goes against Yemekar’s Balance. To live by Lordak, one must explore the depths of the arcane, using their abilities to protect Yemekar's balance, while refusing to succumb to the dark powers of The Betrayer. The same can be said for knowledge, one must be able to use knowledge for the greater good, and not spread despair and destruction. Due to the burdens of certain magics, its study requires prayer, meditation and guidance for how it may be best applied to serve Yemekar’s Balance. “The mortal dwed’s greed for knowledge grew limitless. Sparing not life nor honour to obtain it. And soon, after being granted secret magical powers by the Vile Dark - he built a grand library, greater than was ever built.” - “But behind him, the shadow of Khorvad loomed. He was but a puppet, a minion of the Vile Darkness.” - Ogradhad and The Nightbreak, by Dlunar Irongrinder. Kahiv: Is the dwarven word of Wisdom. The accumulation of knowledge and the sharpening of one's intellect are excellent pursuits in life, but they are for nought if one does not possess wisdom. A person is wise when they know how to apply their knowledge in different situations. Such a skill can only be gathered through experience. Thus Kahiv teaches us not to waste our lives only reading through books, only to then freeze up when something unexpected happens. Thus one must be worldly and curious, seeking out new things to experience and discover, so one may grow as a person. An excess of knowledge with a deficiency in experience can bring harm due to arrogance and poor judgement. “When yer nose beh glued to tha books, ye cannae see tha greatest lessons and stories that lay ahead o’ ye, yet to beh shared.” - Quote from Tuzic Mossborn, Prophet of Ogradhad. Arkonrumm: Arkonrumm translates to Remembrancer. Knowledge is sacred, and to avoid it being lost to the annals of time, it must be recorded and passed down. Such is the role of a Remembrancer. To scribe on parchment, traditional oral retellings, sculptures, art, demonstrations, and any way of passing knowledge can be used to serve as an Arkonrumm. Anyone can become a teacher, and it is a great way to pass on knowledge and to live by the principal of Arkonrumm. “What good is a book to those who have no place to store them? My mind is an endless library, my tongue a bottomless inkpot. The words I spread ring clearly in the minds of those who I tell them. And those who hear them shall spread to their own kin and so on and so on.” - A response from a revered dwarven storyteller. Post Scriptum: Ogradhad is one of the Brathmordkin that deals less with the natural realms such as Anbella or Grimduguan, but more with a conceptual domain of knowledge. Unfortunately, I only see only a few clans and individuals venerating Ogradhad and the important work he does. This is the reason why Tuzic Mossborn, Prophet of Ogradhad and I have collaborated to write this entry into the Emerald Book. The typical dwarf often stereotypes worship of Ogrdadhad as being a stuffy librarian, even though such is not necessarily the case. The learning of new knowledge and the spread of it can be done by anyone, which is what I hoped to illustrate with this work. May it be noted that this is not clerical canon, but my personal views upon the Brathmordkin. The collections present in The Emerald Book are that of my own contemplations. Sources: Co-Author Tuzic Mossborn, Prophet of Ogradhad Various Clerical Texts The works of Falk Irongut The beliefs of various Clans Legends of Dlunar Irongrinder Hefrumm cosmological studies The Dwarven Language Encyclopedia
  17. Cooking the Gemeye Way By Basra Gemeye (written by VerminHunter) Preface This cook book has been recently unearthed from the ruins of the Gemeye clan, which lay hidden underground for hundreds if not thousands of years. The Grand Library has restored this book to the best of its ability, and has put it for within its shelves for anyone to learn from. May the cultural legacy of the dwarves be preserved. Miner’s Supper Soup Prepare a rock pot, the type of rock is up to your taste. Add water and bring it to a boil. While your water is boiling prepare Miner’s Helmets. Once the water is at a rolling boil add the mushrooms to the pot. After 10 minutes, or once the mushrooms are tender, remove the mushrooms and let them rest. They will be used for garnish later. While the water is still boiling, add some bone broth to it and stir. Bone broth made of Deep Toad or Hyfowl are prefered, but any bone will do. To make your soup more creamy, dissolve some of your preferred moss paste into the boiling soup. Once it is at your preferred consistency, you may plate and serve. [source] Deep Toad Tongue Steak The fibrous tongue of a Deep Toad is incredibly tough, but it is also delicious. Start by chopping a medallion of the tongue of your desired size. Be sure to drain it of the blood. Blanch your cut, put it into cold water and bring it to a boil. As soon as it reaches a boil, skim the scum and drain the water. The water can be used for your Miner’s Helmet farm. Once the meat has been blanched, sear it upon a salt block. If you are low on lard or oil, this method is great since salt blocks do not need to be oiled. Be careful to slowly heat the salt block since a rapid change in temperature may cause it to explode. Sear the toad tongue till a golden brown. Seasoning can be added at any point during the cooking process. [source] Blind Cave Fish Pickings Blind cave fish possess a great number of bones, so this method is the best way to cook it while not having to worry about choking on bones. Take the fish fillets and simmer, not boil, for 5 to 10 minutes on depending size. Water or broth can be used to simmer it. Once that’s done, remove the fish fillets and let them rest so that the meat can firm up. Once the fish is cooled, pick the meat off the bones along with the grain. Once the meat is picked you may fry it, or mince it to make fish cakes. [source]
  18. Volume I The servants often try to placate my rotten mood, “Oh Great Father, you are so ancient and mighty” they say. I know in truth they mean old and rotten. I see no hope for the Gemeyes, everyone is useless… Only Indra shows talent, she has skill in making golems. I cherish her dearly, but what can I do for her? Nothing. Our caves are crumbling, we have no way out, and the elders are murmuring things about her. They do not realise the situation we are in. They have not spent a day of their worthless lives in the tunnels working for the clan. The stone grows impenetrable around us, our picks turn rusted. The tunnel which we used to enter these caverns has long collapsed. I still curse Shcorl over that. I feel the weight of the walls. The Brathmordakin shun us, I don’t know what to do. Hopefully, once Indra finishes her golems we will be able to escape from here. I’m suffocating. Volume II There was a light in the tunnels. A single floating flame out there. Am I going mad? Did some dwarf tunneler leave a candle? I dared not approach it, but I wanted to, I could feel its warmth from afar. I don’t know what it was. My retinue had searched for me frantically, as I stared at the flame in the dark. They say I was gone for days, but I don’t think I even blinked nor did I feel any hunger or tiredness. What happened? I keep seeing that little light in my mind, its image warms me. Though it does not last long, my darkness snuffs it out. I have to pray to Grimdugan. A Prayer O’ Lord of Avarice, King of the Shade, Your children sleep in your beard of shadows, We keep by us your obsidian blade. We have nothing to fear, The darkness is clear With you here and near. Unmarked Volume Someone went missing in the caverns. Cabo Gemeye, a young lad, vanished. All that was found were a few track marks and a splotch of blood. People have reported chittering in the caverns. What have I done? Is this punishment for my greed? I am sorry. Indra’s golem is complete, and it is strong enough to dig through the bedrock. We will soon leave this accursed place that my foolhardiness brought us to. Volume XI Monsters have started roaming openly and attacking us in the caverns. Gigantic Lurkers besiege us. We have resorted to using our little stocks of wood to make crossbows to defeat them. The end is near I know it, and others do too. Indra came to me weeping, that in a few months they will have a way out, she begged me to come with. But my fate is sealed. I was the greedy fool who had forsaken our other brothers to lead the clan into solitude. I had failed to uphold the creeds of Grimdugan. But I saw his light in the dark, I know he has not abandoned me. I have to remain in this place and atone for my sins. My only hope is that others will manage to escape this onslaught. This will be the last entry of my journal. I doubt it will ever see the light of the surface, but if some spelunker eventually uncovers it, here are my words. Use greed for good, do not let it blind you, Love your brothers, Admit your faults, Have faith. Signed Methysko Gemeye The Ancient Amethyst
  19. The Holy Delve [source] This is a call to all members of the faith, A mysterious ruin has been discovered in the Deep Roads under the city of Kal’Draakan, in Grimdugan’s Realm. In order to recover lost artefacts and discover the lost history of the faith, da Kirkja Dverga calls upon all worshippers of the Brathmordkin, and especially the devotees of Grimdugan, to brave the darkness of Grimdugan for the sake of learning more about our lost histories. An expeditionary force, organised and headed by Hana Starbreaker, shall be assembled in the coming days in order to venture into the depths of these ruins. [OOC: FRIDAY THE 16TH, AT 3PM EST] Narvok oz Grimdugan Narvok oz Brathmordkin
  20. 24/8/2022 14th The Sun's Smile SE 92 ᚱᛖᚷᚱᛟᚹᚦ Regrowth Act ᚨᚲᛏ In order to better promote the development and growth of Hefrumm, infrastructure changes are needed. This should be done to facilitate the ease of assimilation for new peoples entering Hefrumm and promote the cultures of the different clans of Hefrumm. This act will propose the following articles to achieve the goals above. Article I - Civic Infrastructure More accessible and comfortable roads shall be built to help the movement of people throughout Hefrumm. A new entrance into the village will also be built over the Wooded Mountain Inn, to attract new migrants and tourists to visit Hefrumm. The Wooded Mountain Inn shall be converted into a Seer Temple or a Library or Both. Other structures not specifically mentioned by this bill will also be built as necessary to facilitate the improvement of civic life. Article II - Defensive Infrastructure Natural defences such as boulders and logs will be placed around Hefrumm in order to aid in the defence against attacks, such as by Wendigoes. These structures are to provide functional use such as defence and others, and they must not impede the natural sensibilities and aesthetics of Hefrumm. Article III - Cultural Infrastructure For the sake of promoting the culture of the clans of Hefrumm, in order to promote cultural diversity, distinct landmarks/vegetation/houses/etc shall be placed around Hefrumm based on the themes of Hefrumm clans. Article IV - Authority Authority for the construction of these buildings shall be given to the current High Chief, Garedyn the Green and the Ebony Beaver Ring.
  21. ᚨᛚᚨᚱᛁᚲ×ᚦᚱᚢᛗᛗ×ᚢᚱ×ᚲᛟᚱᛟᛞᚨᚢᚱᛟᚲ ᚨᛚᚨᚱᛁᚲ×ᚦᚱᚢᛗᛗ×ᚢᚱ×ᚲᛟᚱᛟᛞᚨᚢᚱᛟᚲ To my fellow Urguani Citizens, Once more I have come to put my name forward for the Obsidian Throne, despite the unlikeliness for a Common Clan to rise to such a position by honorable means. Yet that is once more why I am here, out of loyalty to my fellow countrydwarves and to the Fatherland that has given me so many opportunities. I have served this nation as Clanfather, Grand Marshal, Yemekar’s Pick, Prophet of the Temple, Crafter, Senator, Bricklayer, and your Soldier everywhere. Here now too, if I am permitted, have I come now to be your King. In my history in Urguan, I have placed such legislation forward as to repair our scarred and battered landscape, restoring what we can to preserve the beauty of our nation. In more economic fields, I have remained one of the most capable smiths in Urguan, sharing the knowledge of rare materials with many of you here today. On the field of battle, I have served in every war Urguan has participated in since my arrival in this nation. I have built up the port on two occasions, now preparing for the third, and before their collapse blazed minecart lines across the entirety of our nation from north to south. I will never stop working for this nation, even if I am to lose this election I promise that I shall not surrender until one day I succeed. I will never lose faith in this great nation. Platform Section 1: Government Part 1: King’s Council It is my belief that the following positions should make up the King’s Council, and for the following reasons-- Grand Chancellor: The Grand Chancellor should be the direct representative from the Senate and should indicate which motions the King needs action for or what action might conflict with present motions. Grand Ambassador: The Grand Ambassador should be the direct representative from the affairs of Allies, and should any matters be growing amongst alliances, it should be presented to the King. Grand chieftain of Hefrumm: The Grand Chieftain of Hefrumm should be the direct representative for the Hefrummarri community to the Kingdom, bringing any motions or concerns from the forest folk directly to the King. Grand Steward: The Grand Steward should be the direct representative of the banking and tax institutions and present any problems or concerns from each. Grand Marshal: The Grand Marshal should be the direct representative of the military and defense institutions of Urguan, and present any problems or concerns that may affect the nation’s defense as a whole. High Prophet: The High Prophet should be the direct representative of the Temple and the Council of Prophets, presenting any religious issues or ideas to be seen by the King. Grand Justiciar: The Grand Justiciar should be the direct representation for laws and acts of justice throughout the nation of Urguan. If any major trials or cases are current, they should be brought to the King’s attention. Part 2: The Senate For too long Senate meetings have been disorganized and far too lengthy of affairs. Senate meetings must be able to be conducted faster and with better decorum. Further, we need a system that works better with the true size of the Dwarven nation, which at this time means smaller. Therefore I propose the following changes to be effective to the Senate as a whole-- The requirement of a sitting clan for vote shall be lowered to 3 members active. With the second vote being earned at 7 members active. And the third vote being earned with 10 members active. The Senate Chambers shall be redesigned to distinctly show who the voting Senators are for each group, with non-Senators being restricted to watching from the balconies above to not delay proceedings. Senate proposals must be submitted for public viewing with a brief summary before each meeting of Senate so the nation may be clear on what is being voted upon. Part 3: Guilds Distinctions need to be made at what clarifies a Guild and what does not. In what I believe to be the current definition, only the Worker’s Guild qualifies under this title. It functions and can function for what it is, teaching metalsmithing by me training at the bare minimum two smiths to pass on the techniques. Besides that, their Merchant section can begin to take over for the now lack of Auction House, with a site being constructed to organize monthly auctions. While this does solve a large part of Dwarven guild activity, we used to have far more options for prospective players. The Mage’s Guild for instance can once again become an option should we be able to organize some teachers to train those players in our lands with the desire to learn. Teaming them up with the Worker’s Guild for arcanium forging and magegold forging would also give reason for new mages to stay at the guild after gaining magic. We could use medics trained, even if it isn’t Dwarves who fill the role. An Explorer’s Guild for finding rare sites and quests has always been effective for places like Norland and Haense. Section 2: The Economy Part 1: Taxes It is my belief that taxes upon land held by clans are too high, and I intend to cut the cost of weekly taxes by 50%, while raising the downpayment on the acquisition of new properties by those interested parties. Taxes on houses shall be reassessed and new Dwarves who are living in Urguan for the first time shall receive a two week housing voucher to give them time to build up their bank account before being hit by taxes. Part 2: Minek Mineks shall be removed and House Tax slips shall return until the moment that we will need coinage again. Without the ability to sell Minek back to the shop, they essentially currently function as a more confusing form of tax slips. Reasons that would require a return to a Dwarven currency is an increase in bank taxes once more. Part 3: Industry With the removal of the auction house and the lessening of taxes, the nation in and of itself will need a more proper source of revenue. Investments in new mines that allow the increased production of iron, and my own willing donations of rare materials to the kingdom are a way for the Dwarves to corner a good portion of the metal market without the Auction House, people knowing to come to Urguan for metal supplies. Section 3: The Military Part 1: The Legion The Legion is undoubtedly the backbone of Urguan’s defense, and we must do what we can to familiarize new Dwarves with the ways of large-scale combat. I will be making sure they receive a proper pay each week that will not only incentivize the attending of training, but also keep more formality to the ranks by using Legionnaires in government roles for defense and parade. As with the addition of non-Dwarven ghettos to the nation, we should be working to incorporate more non-Dwarven auxiliaries into the Legion that attend training the same as the rest of the Legionnaires. Part 2: Trainings Besides the standard training, the Legion should be used to patrol our borders in search of possible interlopers. As a primarily defense force, we can ensure our nation is secure and trade and travel are protected. This would also give the Legionnaires more experience in live fighting. Part 3: Hefrummarri Militia The Dol’Anym Hefrummarri have been an independent part of the nation for such a long period that they deserve the ability to more quickly defend themselves and manage their defenses. Therefore, I believe the formation of a Hefrummarri militia solely under the control of the High Chieftain is a necessity, with the warband serving independently up until they are sent to serve as auxiliaries by the village. During war as auxiliaries, they would be under the command of the Legion Grand Marshal. Section 4: Allies Part 1: Haense, Balian, The Vale As some of our oldest allies, we should be attempting to reaffirm our alliances with them. If I win, immediately after the coronation party, I will be embarking on a diplomatic tour to meet each of our allies and renew treaties. As well, an embassy for each of these allies shall be constructed in the North wing of our Palace, and we shall make treaties for embassies in each of their capitals as well. For some we can hire foreign ambassadors to retain Dwarven activity. Part 2: Norland and the Elves I too believe it is in our best interest to seek our non-aggression treaties and trade agreements with Norland and the Elves, with possibly a lesser form of Embassy, a Consulate, being opened in their capitals. We should make sure to avoid obligations to join wars and conflicts that are unnecessary, but the more friends we can have, the more options we have for events. Part 3: Khron’Hundin I do not believe it is in either of our groups best interest to force reunification yet. There clearly are intrinsic issues that are coming between us working together long term, and they seem quite comfortable working for themself. Though, we should not give reason to push them away further. All Khron’hundinmarri should be granted full amnesty if they wished to return, with their leaders being granted full amnesty on the condition that the golems created with stolen Dwarven souls are humanely deactivated. Should any catastrophe, disaster, attack, or issue arise it is Yemekar’s Balance that we provide any and all aide that we can to them and support them anyway possible. The policy should be One People, Two Nations, Under Yemekar. Section 5: The Map Part 1: Old Settlements In the past, Urguan once had many separate settlements spread across the land. Now, in the waning of our power, most of these settlements have found themself abandoned and scarring our roads. These must be repurposed or removed to make way for the future. Within the first week I shall be traveling with the Grand Steward to each settlement and making a decision for what to happen with them-- whether to be marked for demolition or renovation or rent. Part 2: Infrastructure We have run into the issue of Dwarves being unable to find the capital or some of our other towns on the first couple visits to the nation, with the problem being even harder for the foreigners who visit. The roads must be made more clear with options such as boats, minecarts, or carriages also being looked at as options to make travel around our Kingdom quicker and easier. Part 3: Beautification Urguan has often too bland of an environment outside of the majesty of our mountains. My plan to change that is the institution of three National Parks, that are to be intensely natural areas to explore and run events at. As well as the creation of a detailed topographical/political map of the Grand Kingdom for new Dwarves to see. Closing Statements I have run in many prior elections. In my first, I chose to withdraw my nomination to back Norli Starbreaker over Durorn Ireheart, though I now have a different opinion on such. In my second election, I ran against two strong candidates, Levian’tol Grandaxe, who I was proud to serve under, and my own brother. In the end, my brother and I walked away with a valuable lesson learned. And in the last election, you know me as the one who ran against Ulfric Frostbeard, and who gave him a close race. I wonder how things might have been different if I had won then, but when Bakir asked me for his support, I was glad to give it to him. Now, I wish to give it another showing, and present a moderate and stable candidate for our nation. Narvok oz Urguan
  22. Passing of the Pick [source] As of today, I, Garedyn The Green, hereby retire as Yemekar’s Pick. Due to Ursus Grandaxe being the sole dwarf wishing to bear this burden for the good of the people, the title automatically passes to him as decided by the held elections. Welcome Ursus Grandaxe as the new Yemekar's Pick. In my last acts as Yemekar’s Pick, before this notice is sent out. I promote Briga Irongut as the guild lord of Ogradhad’s Enchanters. I have also personally constructed new homes to be provided for free to the industrious members of our industry. To Ursus, I wish you the best of luck. May Yemekar hear my prayers for him to bless your forge, and may you serve our people dutifully. I pray for you to find glory and soothing in labour in the name of the Brathmordakin. Narvok oz Urguan Narvok oz Brathmordakin
  23. The Tome of Core Beliefs Brathmordakin General: The Brathmordakin are the highest power in the cosmos, integral to its functioning and a fundamental part of reality. Yemekar forged the souls of the descendants, with the dwedmar being his masterwork. Beard: A dwed’s beard is holy as it is a gift from the Brathmordakin Yemekar, a sign of his favour of the dwarven race. One must take care of this gift. Khorvad: The Fallen Brathmordakin Khorvad is a traitor of the Brathmordakin, conspiring to amass infinite power for itself. Worship of Khorvad is heretical. Worship: No single dwarf can claim to be a direct speaker of the Brathmordakin. One can commune with the Brathmordakin, and receive inspiration, direction or images from them. However, claiming to know their will is an act of usurpation of power and supreme arrogance. The Council of Prophets must use their wisdom granted through study and prayer to guide the populace, not impose their will by claiming to be direct mouthpieces of the Brathmordakin. The Dwarven Race: The dwarven race has been created in the image of Yemekar and is favoured by him. The killing of a dwarf is the greatest sin against the Brathmordkin. A dwarf that kills another dwarf loses the blessing of Yemmekar and is hence not a dwarf anymore. Thus, a dwarf that has kinslayed (murdered another dwarf) can be killed by another dwed. Self-defence is permitted however. Council: The idea of a council is integral to dwarven society. As the Brathmordkin are a council of themselves, so must the dwarves share the burden of decision amongst their kin, for only by taking into account the perspective of others can an honourable decision be made. The Council also functions as a way to hinder Khorvad’s poison of ambition, by not allowing one single dwarf to hold too much power. Soul General: The soul, forged by the Brathmordakin, is the ultimate creation. As such it must be protected and cherished. Punishments involving imprisoning, damaging, corrupting or manipulating souls are Khorvadic. The willing transfer of the soul into a golem body, or into an epiphyte by ritual are allowed, as long as the individual is informed and consenting to the risks, as well as the learning of voidal magics for the sake of the dwarven people and upholding balance. Auction of the Dead: Upon a dwarf’s death, their soul travels to Khaz'A'Dentrumm, the Halls of the Dead. There, the Brathmordakin bid for the dwarf's soul. A Dwarf has a higher chance of being auctioned to a specific god based on their service to them in life. Vuur’dor: Souls that fail to uphold their duties to the Brathmordkin are exiled to Vuur’dor. Religion Openness: Every single descendant is allowed to engage in the worship of the Brathmordakin, regardless if they are a member of Da Kirkja Dverga or not. Yemekar's Balance Dwarves are the keepers of balance throughout the realm, as commanded by Yemekar. This is interpreted can be in many different ways, but in general, it means to uphold balance in all of Yemekar's creations. Freedom Anyone is allowed to create or join other religious sects dedicated to the Brathmordakin, for as long as those religious institutions do not disrespect any of the Brathmordakin, or violate the principles stated above. This includes encouraging clans to have faith in their own beliefs. -This Tome was formed, agreed upon, stamped and signed by the Council of Prophets of Da Kirkja Dverga- High Prophet Garedyn the Green, Prophet of Yemekar Prophet Asketil Blackroot, Prophet of Belka Prophet Dhaen Grandaxe, Prophet of Anbella Prophet Tuzic Mossborn, Prophet of Ogradhad Prophet Alaric Grimgold, Prophet of Dungrimm
  24. Covenant of Da Kirkja Dverga Title One: Clergy leadership Art I. Da Kirkja Dverga is not an institution dedicated to power. Rather it is one of learning and teaching. For this reason, a single dwarf may not hold executive and authoritative power over the entire clergy; it must be held by a council. i. The council will be led by one of its members. A prophet will be voted on to serve as the representative of the council, when the council's opinion is asked by another institution. ii. The chosen representative can be given the name of high preceptor/prophet/priest. It is up to the council's discretion to decide their own titles depending on the naming convention of the times. iii. Clergy documents and declarations are to be signed as a council. The high preceptor cannot make public declarations without the council. iv. The council is to be composed of preceptors/prophets/heralds (whatever naming convention is used at the time). These council members are to be proposed to the council from the pool of priests or other religious organizations, by a clan leader or member(s) of the council. Then the decision to accept the individual would be up to the council with a 2/3 (rounded up) majority needed to enter the council. v. To remove a member of the council, there would need to be a formal petition by a council member to call for a vote on the matter. For the vote to pass, it would need a 2/3 (rounded up) majority. The member would then be demoted to priest, unless expulsion is required. vi. To expel someone from the clergy the council needs unanimity and at least 4 council members present. vii. The council is to be composed of one prophet per Brathmordakin. Title Two: Duties of Prophets Art.III Prophets are experts on the Brathmordakin, more specifically on their patron. This means that apart from teaching priests about their Brathmordakin they are also expected to be learning and searching beliefs and cultures from all dwarf groups in relation to their Brathmordakin. Art.IV All prophets (including the high prophet) are equal in the council. Art.V All prophets have the ability to sponsor a dwarf to become a priest if they believe they possess the knowledge required. Art.VI The prophets can only remove a priest from the clergy through a vote with an outcome over 2/3 (rounded up) of the council. Reinstating a priest that was removed goes through the same process. Art.VII. Prophets have the right to create organizations and groups if they so desire. However, the responsibility of maintenance is on the shoulders of said prophet. Art VIII. Prophets are to inform priests on matters that the latter does not have a clear answer to. Prophets should only do the duties of priests when there are no priests to fulfill the duties. i. In relation to priests, prophets serve as mentors. Guiding them on how to teach people, hold events, and sermons. Art IX. The high prophet is a ceremonial rank that serves to represent the will of the council outside of itself. The high prophet is just a prophet. i. The high prophet does not have to be a prophet of Yemekar. The prophet(s) of Yemekar fulfill the same duties as any other prophet in relation to their Brathmordakin. Title Three: Duties of Priests Article X. Priests are the teachers of the general dwarven population. They teach the basics of the Brathmordakin to those that are willing to learn. Article XI. Priests have the ability to head ceremonies with the blessings of the council of Prophets. i. By being a priest, one has a de facto ability to do ceremonies. Article XII. A priest can be demoted to acolyte if they show an inability to learn and be aware of different perspectives of the Brathmordakin. Title Four: Relationship with other Religious Orders Article XIII. The clergy recognizes all dwarven denominations that accept the existence of the Brathmordakin and worships them, as well as, keeping the core pillars of the dwarven faith in their denomination. Article XIV. The clergy recognizes the existence of cosmic entities that are not the Brathmordakin. The glorification of these beings is acceptable and tolerated as long as it is done through the lenses of the Brathmordakin and their worship. i. Any glorification of a non-Brathmordakin that does not include the direct or indirect glorification of a/the Brathmordakin as well is considered heretical. Article XV. Any form of Khorvad worship is heretical. Title Five: Amending the Covenant Article XVI. This covenant may only be amended if there is unanimity and minimum four prophets are present. i. Articles as enumerated in this document can only be removed if the entire council agrees upon it. ii. Future articles or amendments need only the condition set in Article XVI Title Six: Decision making of the Council of Prophets Article XVII. As is tradition since times immemorial all members of the council can propose decisions to the Council of Prophets. i. Decisions pass through a simple majority, with at least half of the Prophets of the council being present. ii. The High Prophet needs to be present for a decision to be passed or have another prophet appointed as temporary substitute (by the High Prophet). iii. These council decisions cannot amend the Covenant, only the process layed out in title five can do so. -This Covenant was formed, agreed upon, stamped and signed by the Council of Prophets of Da Kirkja Dverga- High Prophet Garedyn the Green, Prophet of Yemekar Prophet Asketil Blackroot, Prophet of Belka Prophet Dhaen Grandaxe, Prophet of Anbella Prophet Tuzic Mossborn, Prophet of Ogradhad Prophet Alaric Grimgold, Prophet of Dungrimm
  25. The Fulfillment of my Duties [source] [!] A green armoured dwarf smithed in deep thought. I, Garedyn The Green, have fulfilled my promises and my duties as Yemekar’s Pick. I have rebuilt the workforce from the ground up with the aid of Bromdor Goldhand. I have reformed the structure of the workforce to suit a more coordinated approach, one that hopefully will last for many generations. I have dedicated, my will, my body and my soul to the well being and prosperity of our industrious brothers, and it is time for me to leave my position. I announce my stepping down from the position of Yemekar’s Pick. The New Yemekar’s Pick shall be chosen from those who step forward to me with desire for the position. These people will then be candidates for Yemekar’s pick, which the members of the working guild of Urguan will vote for. The elections for a new Yemekar's pick will be help the following stone year. (Monday 28th November 4pm EST.) The winner will be announced the following stone day. In the meantime, I will continue to work upon the Workforce with as much strength as I can give. I pray to the Brathmordkin to bless our honourable and pious people with success and fortune. NARVOK OZ DWEDMAR NARVOK OZ BRATHMORDAKIN
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