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Found 85 results

  1. THE VANGUARD OF KAZ’ULRAH “Stand fast against the oncoming storm, for those who live will have tales to tell until the end of their lives, and those who die will forever feast amongst our ancestors. Let them come! The Vanguard never runs!” Verthaik II Frostbeard, prior to the Battle of Jornheim Fields, 1634 Since the formation of the first New Jornheim militia, the Dwarves of Kaz’Ulrah have strived to create an efficient, powerful and disciplined fighting force, capable of defending the borders of their beloved nation. The Vanguard is the direct successor to the former military of Kaz’Ulrah; The Order of Dungrimm’s Folk and much of how it is run will be based upon the old order. The Vanguard aims to protect Kaz’Ulrah’s borders and ensure the safety and integrity of the nation. Their primary job is to ensure the laws of the Kingdom are enforced, and that in times of war the enemy forces never threaten the capital of the Kingdom. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTABLE BATTLES ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Battle of Prince Philip’s Crossing 1626 The Battle of Prince Philip’s Crossing was the first battle fought by the Vanguard. A large battalion of Frostbeards, Blackaxes, and Goldhands led by Verthaik II Frostbeard marched out to meet their Romstun allies by Prince Phillip’s Crossing. As the force assembled, an army of Orenians with a small force of Urguanite bureaucrats appeared across the river. Alchemical fire and arrows flew back and forth across the river almost instantly. The battle raged for hours, but the Kaz’Ulrah-Romstun forces were outnumbered and the battle was won by the Orenian coalition. Battle of Jornheim Fields 1634 As the Vanguard and its allies prepared for the march to Kal’Omith, the men of Haense gave free passage to the Urguanite forces, and the Oren-Urguan coalition met the armies of Kaz’Ulrah out in the fields of Jornheim. While Warhawke skirmishers threw alchemist fire on the Urguanite flank on the mountainside and Orcish cavalry ran down Orenian skirmishers in the snowy field, a heavily armored Vanguard battalion met woefully under equipped Orenian soldiers in the center, crushing them. Siege of Fort Kovakirr 1635 As the Oren-Urguan force retreated back towards Kal’Omith, the Vanguard hastily pursued them and quickly pinpointed their location as Fort Kovakirr, located at the border between Haense and Urguan. The armies of Kaz’Ulrah constructed a siege camp and pelted the southwest corner of the fort with trebuchet payloads while elite soldiers dropped alchemist fire on Urguanite siege weapons from above using experimental flying wings. By the time the full army got inside the fort, the Vanguard had already destroyed the remaining Orenian garrison. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- RANKS ------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPPER COMMAND Grand Marshal The Grand Marshal is the leader of the Vanguard and is responsible for ensuring the efficiency and strength of the military is up to Kaz’Ulrah’s standards. During times of war, he, alongside the High King, is in charge of leading battles. Commander The Commanders are the second in commands of the Vanguard. Their role is to ensure the will of the Grand Marshal is spread to the lower ranks, and they are also charged with ensuring that trainings take place often enough so that the ability of the soldiers does not deteriorate. LOWER COMMAND Captain Captains assist Commanders in trainings and various other areas of work that are required to ensure the military is being run properly. Captains are selected based on merit, leadership ability and how long they have been with the Vanguard. In addition, Captains can only be selected from Ironguard and up. VANGUARD SPECIAL RANKS Vanguard Chef The Vanguard Chef is in charge of ensuring that the army is well fed and has all their culinary needs satisfied. The Chef is required to maintain high sanitation within his kitchen, and periodic checks will be carried out to ensure the safety of the food being provided to the Vanguard. The Chef answers only to the High Command. Vanguard Disciplinarian The Disciplinarian is charged with ensuring that discipline is on a high level amongst the Vanguard. In addition to dishing out punishments for those who are not following orders, the Disciplinarian is also in charge of recording the honor of every member of the Vanguard in a public location so all can see. The Disciplinarian coordinates with the Lower and Upper Command, and is allowed to enforce punishments only with their consent. Vanguard Smith The smith is charged with ensuring that the Vanguard is will supplied with all types of arms. From armor, to swords and shields, to arrows. This person will work closeley with the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah Forgemaster to help ensure the soldiers are never forced into a position where they must fight a battle without proper arms. Vanguard taking a break, relaxing at the tavern, enjoying Aemich Grandaxe’s refreshing and luscious Dwarven Ale™ BASIC INFANTRY Steelguard The Steelguard is the highest rank a Dwarf can achieve without being an actual officer. This is a rank reserved for true veterans of the Vanguard and is composed of some of the most loyal, disciple and fierce warriors. A Steelguard is required to offer full respect to the Upper and Lower Command, but is afforded the right to privately question High and Lower Command. A Steelguard can request armor whenever needed, without any sort of proof. Ironguard The Ironguard is a distinguished member of the Vanguard and has been a part of it for a very long time and has proven his worth as a soldier. An Ironguard is required to respect all commands given by the Upper Command, but is afforded the right to privately question a command by Low Command. An Ironguard may request armor when they require it, alongside proper proof that they do need it. Stoneguard The Stoneguard is a Guard who has been with the Vanguard for some time and is capable in at least one weapon of their choice. They have proven their loyalty and have shown to be well discipline soldiers. They still must follow orders however, without question. Stoneguards will be issued a standard set of armor for use on and off duty. Guard A Guard is a soldier who has undergone basic training and has taken the oath and with it has become an official member of the Vanguard. Guards will be rewarded with higher level training and greater clearance around the capital city of Kal’Tarak. Guards are expected to respect all those in the Upper and Lower Command and follow orders without question, in both private and public circumstances. Guards will be issued armor during specified times. Grunt A Grunt is an initiate in the Vanguard, who seeks to prove himself worthy of taking official oaths and proper training. The Grunt can be considered to be under a trial phase for possible entries, and will receive basic training to determine their worth. Grunts are not required to take oaths, and a Grunt is not an official member of the Vanguard and as such his actions do not reflect those of the Vanguard. Upon earning a promotion to Guard, the Grunt is branded with a special sigil to demonstrate his loyalty to Kaz’Ulrah. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- CODE OF CONDUCT ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. Loyalty must be shown to the Vanguard and the Kingdom it serves - this is typically manifested through the following orders. Any disloyalty by its members will be met with a punishment decided by the Upper Command. II. If a member of the Vanguard finds themselves in disagreement with a superior, they are still obliged to complete their order and must report their disapproval to a higher authority later on. III. Never harm another member of the Vanguard unless explicitly ordered by a Captain or higher up. IV. Never kill another Dwarf unless they are posing a direct threat, or you are ordered by the Upper Command directly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- HONOR ------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the Vanguard, prowess and competency can be displayed through the gaining of honor. Honor is gained by completing set tasks and reporting it to the Grand Marshal, or one of the two Commanders. To achieve a higher rank, a certain amount of honor must be reached. If a soldier is inactive, their honor will begin to decay. Honor can also be lost for foolish activity and disobedience. PROMOTION REQUIREMENT: Grunt: 0 Honor Guard: 50 Honor Stoneguard: 150 Honor Ironguard: 300 Honor Steelguard: 500 Honor Captain: Selected by the Grand Marshal/Commanders. Must be a Ironguard or a Steelguard. Commander: Selected by the Grand Marshal, must be a Captain. Grand Marshal: Selected by the High King Members of the Stoneguard policing the gates of Kal’Tarak. GAINING HONOR: Gate Guard: 5 Honor per every hour (max of 3 hours a day for 15 honor) Iron Armor set made: 1 Honor per set (max 5 sets a week) Weapons crafted: 1 Honor per 5 weapons (max 25 weapons for 5 Honor) Completing assigned tasks from the marshal or commanders: 5-15 Honor Resolving conflicts in the city and keeping the peace: 3 Honor Attending Vanguard practice: 10 Honor Attending a battle with the Vanguard: 15 Honor Attending a Vanguard event (meeting, guarding, feast, etc.): 5 Honor City or border patrol: 3 Honor Winning a Vanguard organized tournament: 10 Honor Honor can also be rewarded for other exemplary actions. LOSING HONOR: Dishonor occurs when a soldier in the service of the Vanguard refuses to do certain actions or shows disrespect to individuals of the Vanguard, in the event this occurs the Dwarf is to be stripped of honor and if the Dwarf is to drop below the requirements of the ranks he or she has earned then they shall be stripped of their rank and medal. Failure to complete mission: -3 honor Speaking against the Grand Marshal or Commander: -5 honor Harassment/Assault of fellow Soldiers: -3 honor Disobeying the orders of the Commanding Ranks: -5 honor Going Stark Raving Mad: -10 honor OOC: Spamming and trolling during practices: -5 honor Shouting/provoking trolling: -3 honor ------------------------------------------------------------------------- WAGES ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Vanguard is paid on the representation of active service that is done per year, (weekly) the wage increases as one's rank increases as well thus allowing for a higher income on the well performing soldier's behalf. If members miss trainings and are unexcused, the Kingdom reserves the right to withhold pay. ((We are looking for active players)) All members of the Vanguard are offered housing in the barracks. Grunt: 50 Minas Guard: 100 Minas Stoneguard: 125 Minas Ironguard: 150 Minas Steelguard: 200 Minas Captain: 300 Minas Commander: Determined upon promotion Grand Marshal: Determined by High King ------------------------------------------------------------------------- APPLICATION ------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC MC Name: Discord: Timezone: RP RP Name: Age: Ethnicity: Do you have any experience in combat?:
  2. Everyone needs food to survive, and job to be able to buy that food, but most of dwarfs that just came to kaz'ulrah (or lazy ones) don't have a way to earn money as they don't know where to sign up for it, and stuff. So, what i give to everyone is chance to make money fast by doing something everyone knows how to do - farming ( I accept workers of all races, not only dwarfs). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wages ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- one stack of bread - 10 minas one stack of potatoes (raw/cooked) - 12 minas one stack of carrots - 8 minas If you interested, please fill down form bellow and you will be contacted OOC MC Name: Discord: RP RP Name:
  3. z3m0s

    z3m0s's Wiki Team Application

    Username: z3m0s Forum Name: z3m0s (Why is this a question) Discord Name and Tag: z3m0s#6599 How do you wish to work for the wiki? I'd like to work with those I've contact with to get some older pages updated along with character pages filled out for historical figures that really should be included on the wiki. I feel like if we could get a few people keeping certain sections up to date as best as possible the wiki would be far better off. TLDR: Update pages - Create some new ones where needed Have you worked on the Lord of the Craft Wiki, or any wiki before? Yeah I've done a bit of work on the LOTC wiki, I grabbed my contributor account off Murdervish when they were on the team a few years ago now I think. . . Mostly edits in the past, though I'm interested in venturing further into creating full pages. Which lore are you most familiar with? I'm looking to venture into updating or creating content for Dwarf race related content - Voidal magic related content - Artificery related content - Diety related content. Working based off my own personal knowledge as well as whoever I can reach out to from the respective genres who're more knowledgable than myself to flesh out their pages. Please provide an example of a wiki page you are not satisfied with and list aspects that could be improved The Mages Guild page is one that looks pretty alright though I'm still kinda salty at the little amount of info that's been added to it over the years and something I've been working on editing recently to update it to the present time as often as is needed. So updating and spell checking as much as possible would be good. - https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=The_Mages_Guild The golemancy page that was last edited by the one and only 2samspan well into last year which should be at least a suitable page to take members to updated lore and hold some valid vague lore if not an entire fleshed out page of some history and the current workings of the lore. Sooo it'd be good to get that improved. - https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Golemancy A personal pet peeve, the Arcadia wiki page which may as well not exist with its very limited one sentence and singular image to represent the entire thing upon the wiki. Obviously fleshing it out would be nice despite it being kinda niche. - https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Arcadia The mix page with both Golemancy and Atronach Forging that is pretty shallow dubbed "Artificery" could be cleaned up a bit, updated as well as given some images to keep it looking interesting and pretty, as well as going indepth on the "Arcane Familiars" page to get that up to date with someone knowledgable on the lore more than I. - https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Artificery I think I'll leave it there for now, theres plenty though. Please provide an example of a wiki page you see as a model example and list your reasoning The Brathmordakin Page (Dwarven pantheon of gods) is pretty nicely done with a nice index of the gods, kinda small paragraphs of info on them though that could be expanded easily. Just a decent length nicely formated page that makes way for easy expansion should an updated upon the page be initiated. - https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=The_Brathmordakin Please showcase your abilities with either A short writing on a subject of your choosing, or An example of an 'other' (Already completed wiki pages are a plus!) Majority of the Atlas portion of the Mages Guild wiki page has been updated by me after sagwort pointed it out, shout out that dude, but theres a paragraph or two - https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=The_Mages_Guild
  4. TheWitherKingHD

    The Mining Guild of Kaz'Ulrah

    The Mining Guild of Kaz'Ulrah "A loyal dwed miner." Recently the mines of Kaz'Ulrah have been officially opened under the new Kaz'Ulrah mining guild. A dwarf whom can be described as short, fat and lavishly ladened with luxuries stood up on the square in the market of Kaz’Ulrah, calling for every dwed nearby to silence themselves and announced to the crowd. His name is Dwifar Goldhand; the Clan Father of Clan Goldhand and Grand Merchant of Kaz;Ulrah. “Greetuns lads et es ah teh Grand Merchant an ah ave a wee urgen’ message fer ye all, recently ah mines ave been runnen slightleh dry with no picks in sigh’. As teh new Gran’ Merchant I find tis oetrageus! Our folk ave always been accustomed teh the way ef minen and its toime weh return to our formah wealth an gloreh! So therefore ah ask each an every’wun of ye teh sign up todeh either at the mines, or note down yer application on t’ese new posters ahm setten up or at teh Goldhan’ clan hall. Suh get off yer lazeh backsoide an earn ah profit!” He ended his speech with a cheery grin, and stepped down from the steps of the square. -A poster would be seen pinned to walls throughout the Dwarven halls, upon inspecting it you would read- 'Under the orders of High King Garrond Frostbeard, I, Dwifar Goldhand have been charged with establishing the Mining Guild of Kaz’Ulrah. This Guild will server to employ all jobless Dwedmar of Kaz’Ulrah, and beyond in the mines which are located within the capital city of Kal’Tarak. All valuable metals will be accepted by the Overseer and will be paid for by the Grand Merchant of Kaz’Ulrah, myself or by deputy Overseer Throin Goldhand. Applicants may attach notes to this poster which will be reviewed daily.' If you were to look down, more information could be seen. Purpose The purpose of the mining guild is first and foremost to put unemployed Dwed to work in the untapped mines of Kaz’Ulrah, providing the Dwed with a well paid job to support their families. It also serves to increase the wealth and resources available to Kaz’Ulrah as a whole. If you were to look even further down, Job information could be seen. Job Description First you must fill out the application form; and then either head to the mines, the Goldhand clan hall or write a note on the poster with your details and a recruiter will get to you soon. Each miner will be given two pickaxes, and assigned double chest in the mines by either the Overseer or the deputy Overseer. Over the period of a stone-week (Saturday) you must collect a quota of least sixty four ferrum ore from the mine and deliver it to the chest. You not be paid for extra ferrum and all other ore must be donated. Wages will fluctuate from week to week as the prices of the various minerals change. Be assured you will be paid fairly. Wages will only be given if you manage to mine the quota of sixty four iron. Application OOC Minecraft Account Name: Discord (Send PM if you do not want it public): Timezone: How many hours can you spare to mine?: RP Name: Age: Dwarven Ethnicity(Mountain,Cave, Forest): Are you a citizen of Kal’Tarak?: ((Mines open this Thursday at 3pm EST)) Signed: High King Garrond Frostbeard First of his name, Founder of the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah, Protector of the Dwedmar His Lordship Dwifar Goldhand Clan Father of Clan Goldhand, Grand Merchant of Kaz’Ulrah
  5. z3m0s

    [MA][Demi-Ascended] z3m0s

    MC Name: z3m0s Character's Name: Kalviin Ireheart Character's Age: Three-Hundred and Thirty-Five Character's Race: Sky God Mountain Dwarf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Demi-Ascended Teacher's MC Name: _Fid_ Teacher's RP Name: Belestram Sylvaeri Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: N/A Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: I was previously accepted, and when disconnected I had the app denied found here -
  6. [!] All about Holm’s marketplace, academy, cloud district, and the Grove, a mass produced political parchment is distributed to all residents and citizens. Katke ‘68 “Holm is Where the Heart is” After the preliminary announcement of his campaign five Seeds ago, Evan Katke has been dedicated to formulating and establishing his bid for consulship. After hiring a small campaign staff and collecting donations from avid supporters at his campaign rally, it is now essential and prudent to officially initiate his campaign. Our hope within the Katke campaign is to elect not only our nation’s leader, but also our chief strategist, our most respected diplomat, an influential policy maker, and a political revolutionary. Katke’s primary goals include the reinvigoration of the marketplace, the embracement of democratic-republican values, and most ambitiously, the implementation of a new constitution. It’s time to shake things up in Holmoite politics. Policies The Katke campaign’s first and foremost goal is concrete policy changes. We don’t tap dance around the issues, we’ll tell you what our positions are without any of the charades, poorly characterized by other political leaders. THE CONSTITUTION VOTING RIGHTS ECONOMICS EDUCATION INFRASTRUCTURE FOREIGN POLICY CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM SOCIAL POLICY Campaign Info Originally announced in the lecture hall at the Academy of Holm, the Katke campaign has seen an unprecedented and encouraging amount of support. Together, we can initiate a populist wave that overtakes the Holmoite senate, through a non-violent electoral revolution. Holm belongs to you, the people, and not the political establishment. When Consul nominations roll around, please vote for Katke to ensure your future. Holm can’t afford to endure the same old leadership anymore. Volunteering Evan Katke’s chief volunteer includes Caius Roswell-Rubens, the current Headmaster at the Academy of Holm, volunteering in his free time. Roswell works for Evan as a consultant and speechwriter. If any residents, citizens, or nobles of Holm wish to either volunteer for the Katke campaign, or donate to the cause, they may seek out either Roswell or Katke himself. The campaign is in need of ground volunteers to spread the message, communications consultants to create posters and political advertisements, and policy advisors to assist in messaging endeavors. We thank you all for reading this elongated parchment. Please consider voting for Katke in ‘68. “Holm is Where the Heart is.”
  7. Raomir


    A GRUDGE FULLFILLED -10th of the Amber Cold, 1666- 3rd High Prelate Nerak of Clan Frostbeard -Kaz'Ulrah Grudge #1- Edel Silvervein vs. Hamnil Frostbeard -Reign of High King Garrond Frostbeard- Overview: After the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Boreas Stormfist, Thalrim Silvervein and several other Silverveins, Edel Silvervein proclaimed a grudge against Hamnil Frostbeard, believing he to be the one who committed the deeds. After much intervention by the Kaz'Ulrah government, the grudge was forgotten about until now. Upon being reminded of it by one of his aides, Edel finally decided that it was time to bury the hatched and decide who the Gods support; him or Hamnil. He challenged Hamnil to an honor duel and it was decided that it would be fought in front of the Kaz'Ulrah stables. After the preliminary honors were done, the fight was carried out in front of a large crowd. After some time in battle, Hamnil proved to hold the favor of the Gods and the grudge was officially settled, after more than 20 years. Due to a large amounts of cuts, Edel died in the hands of Hamnil as he was being picked up after the fight. Aftermath: Edel Silvervein died an honorable death at the hands of Hamnil Frostbeard, ending the decade old Frostbeard-Silvervein grudge and bringing closure to the death of Boreas Stormfist, Thalrim Silvervein and the others.
  8. Mobilization Act of 1664 In times of war, it is required for all Clans to remain at utmost activity in the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah to ensure the defense of the city is not compromised. In an attempt to ensure that this activity is met, a series of guidelines are to be made to ensure that everyone is doing what they can to help our nation. Proposed by Nerak Frostbeard, 9th of Sun’s Smile, 1664 The following only applies during war. Minimum is defined as two warriors per Kaz’Ulrah recognized Clan. In order for a Clan to maintain control over a Clan Hall, they are to provide the MINIMUM amount of warriors to every battle that Kaz’Ulrah partakes in. Should a Clan fail to provide the three warrior minimum without alerting the Grand Marshal or High King, they will forfeit their Clan Hall. Should a Clan notify the Grand Marshal or High King of their inability to field the minimum number, they shall be issued a strike. Should they fail to field the minimum again, for whatever reason, they shall be revoked of their Clan Hall. If a Clan is issued a strike, but fields the minimum for the next two consecutive battles the strike shall be revoked. If a Clan Lord/Father/Mother wants to be recognized as a member of the War Council, they must ensure that the MINIMUM amount of warriors from their Clan are fielded. If they fail to field the numbers that week, they will not be able to participate in the War Council for that week.
  9. Citizenship Act of 1664 In an attempt to ensure that citizenship is only granted to those who are committed to assisting in the progression of Kaz’Ulrah and it’s capital of Kal’Tarak, the following legislation is presented. This legislation aims to eradicate any confusion as to who is a citizen. Proposed by Dwifar Goldhand, 9th of Sun’s Smile, 1664 This will be in effect at all times. Citizenship is defined as the ability to buy houses/land in Kaz’Ulrah. Four years of service in the Vanguard will grant you citizenship. Five years of service in the Guilds grants you citizenship as well. Apartments will be available to everyone. Regardless of citizenship. Citizenship can be streamlined if the individual proves he is worthy of being a Kaz’Ulrah citizen. The head of the Vanguard/Guild or the individuals Clan Lord/Father/Mother may present the High King with a formal letter outlining why the person should be given early citizenship. The High King may then choose to approve or disapprove.
  10. Student Application format: Format your title as follows: [Type of Magic] [MA] MC or RP name MC Name: Beamon4 Character's Name: Dimlin Irongut Character's Age: 265 Character's Race: Dwarf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Runesmithing Teacher's MC Name: Josh3738 Teacher's RP Name: Zahrer Irongrinder Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yup Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Yup Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope
  11. TheWitherKingHD

    The Goldhand Clan

    Clan Goldhand "Born of the First Merchant, Tungdil Goldhand. Said to be descended from The Merchant Father himself. With Gold and Silver flowing through your body. Priceless gems adorning your clothes. Coin filling your pocket. You are of a Noble Clan. You are a Goldhand." The Goldhand Clan is at its core a family of merchants. Those with Goldhand blood have long been amongst the best and most successful vendors in the Dwarven realm, but the clan is not limited to just merchants. The clan includes accomplished architects, soldiers, political leaders, and treasure hunters. Distinguished as a Noble Clan for their accomplishments and long standing support of the Dwarven Nation, Goldhands are proud of their lineage. The blood-bond within the clan is incredibly strong and Goldhands look out for their family members and are willing to fight ferociously for their honor. The Goldhand Code "A rock by itself is nothing more than a stone, swept around by the wind and water. A thousand rocks fused together by unbreakable bonds are a mountain. Storms pass it by and the sea breaks against its shoals. To a Goldhand the Clan is everything." The Goldhands take this to heart. Each individual member will pass on, that is the way of the world. But the Clan stands strong and does not fade with time. As such no betrayal of the Clan will be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to: stealing from the Clan, killing another Clan mate, dishonoring the ancestors, failing to acknowledge direct orders from the Clan leaders. In addition betraying the Dwarven nation is highly frowned upon and may mark the offending Dwarf as a sworn enemy of the Clan. Any oath sworn in blood is binding and cannot be broken without expulsion from the Clan. Such oaths should never be undertaken lightly. Similarly, any oath sworn on one’s ancestors carries the same weight as a blood oath and should not be broken. Disputes between clan members are brought to the clan leader or older clans members immediately. Arguments and disagreements will be solved without going to an outside source unless absolutely necessary. All clans-mates must respect one another. We are all related by blood. Remember to respect your elders. They’ve lived longer than you, and certainly have more knowledge stored away then you might give them credit for. Traditions "We fight as we have always fought. We will build as we have always built. We will feast as we have always feasted. We are Dwarves. Our traditions stand firm as the mountains" Trials: There are no trials for the Goldhands. You either contain the blood of Tungdil himself or you are blood-bonded to someone who does. No trials are set in stone to prove your honor or worth. Instead your deeds for the clan will mark you as a valued and honorable Clans-mate. Your deeds may lead to the Presentation of the Coin ceremony. Blood Oath of Trading: The Blood Oath of Trading has been done since the founding of the Goldhands, though, has not officially been known. As of the reformation of the Goldhands, Finian Goldhand has now officially made it known, along with the proper way to honor special trade agreements. To properly create a blood oath contract with someone, the Goldhand in question would need a mina that holds major significance to them, such as a Goldhand coin they received from their fathers after their Passing of The Coin Ceremony, their first mina made from a trade, or just about any coin that has some significance to the said Goldhand. To officially begin the contract, the Goldhand would cut the palm of their hand, and place their significant mina within it. After that, they would tightly close close their hand and then swear an oath to the Merchant Brothers, Armakak and Grimdugan, so that if the Goldhand fails, they would be shunned by them, along with bringing dishonor upon themselves. If the contract is complete, then they will receive honor, and once they die, will fetch a higher price on the Auction of The Dead. Coin Ceremony: Originally this ceremony was only performed by the Clanlord of the Goldhands when wishing to find a suitable candidate to succeed him after his death. The origins of this were kept secret among the Clanlords, however it was lost through time. Finian Goldhand however had revised this ceremony, and has adapted it to the ways of the Brathmordakin. As Goldhands get older, they will reach an age that will have them unable to continue their duties, for this, the Passing of The Coin ceremony shall take place. The ceremony would consist of the aged Goldhand in question, his clan, fathers and elders of other clans, and the aged Goldhand's specific guests. There ceremony will begin with the Goldhand in questions' walk towards a gilded iron urn containing melted gold, while his friends and family watch. This walk is to signify the Goldhand's journey through his or her's time in this world, to see all of the faces that have helped shape their life. As the Goldhand reaches the urn, the Clan Father shall offer a quick prayer to the Merchant Twins, Grimdugan and Armakak, to signify how close the Goldhand is to joining the Auction of The Dead, and to feel peace in the fact that the twins will look upon them with great interest. After the prayer, the aged Goldhand shall cast their first coin into the melted gold, to cleanse it of it's past honor contracts. After this, a final prayer to all of the Brathmordakin shall be performed to watch over this dying Goldhand, so he or she may pass on peacefully. This is then followed by a small feast, and the Dwed shall choose if he or she would continue serving the clan as a Clan Elder, advising and helping the young Dwed in the clan, or live a life of retirement. Burial: There comes a time in every Dwarf’s life when his ancestors call his name and he ceases to walk with his feat on the stone. On a sad occasion such as this the Clan gathers to remember their fallen family member. When a member dies, either naturally or on the field of battle his body is encased in stone. This is done before the next sunrise if possible. Ale and tears flow freely as the family member is remembered for his deeds. His stone sarcophagus is then carried to a sacred resting chamber to be placed with those of his ancestors. While burials are a sad time, Goldhands also know that their friend will be smiling and laughing at them from the great halls of Tungdil. If the deceased’s deeds were truly remarkable it is said that they might even join the sacred halls of the Merchant Father himself. The Annals of History "May our history be etched into the stone so it may be as everlasting as our race, and so our deeds may never be forgotten." The Noble House of Goldhand, also known as Clan Goldhand, extends far back into Dwarven history. The line goes back originally to Tungdil Goldhand, the fifth son of Urguan. The house originally began in Kal’Urguan where the sons of Tungdil Goldhand proudly and honorably served the nation. As time went on the size and prosperity of the house grew. Sons served in the military or the mines, and daughters married well, solidifying strong political alliances. Many of the stories of the individual house members have been lost over the years to the wear and tear of time, but several journals remain chronicling the participation of the family in great wars, and the proud service to the Dwarven crown. The Archives of Aegis: The Archives of Asulon: The Archives of Anthos, and Elysium: The Archives of Aethera: The Archives of Vailor: The Archives of Axios: Known Relics of the Clan "Sentimental value is what reminds us of who we are, We are known as Goldhands, We are seekers of riches and protectors of treasure." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scales of Tungdil The scales of Tungdil is an elaborately crafted device etched with jewels of many colors. It is not known if it holds any mystical powers, but for many within the clan, it would be seen as a device that would be used for measuring deals and used against those who have done the clan wrong. The Twin Swords of Parathak and Krest Although the origins and description of these two swords are unknown, they still serve as a much sought after relic of the Goldhands. It is a mystery what had happened to these swords whether they perished with their original wielder; past Clanlord Conan Goldhand, or if they were bartered off in some trade. Clanlord of the Goldhands: Dwifar Goldhand (UnusualBrit) Clan Elders: Throin 'Whitebeard' Goldhand (D3F4LT) Clansmen: Mergila Goldhand (MissToni) Morug Goldhand (DsDevil) Hakkaes Goldhand (Jokerlow) Ethildor Goldhand (Delfato) Gilbert Goldhand (VonGrool) Deceased or Missing Clanlords: Gulroid Goldhand (Zuluman111) Finian Goldhand (KarmaDelta) Conan Goldhand Foken Goldhand The Honored Deceased: Rasun Duril Goldhand (Rasun37) Dunhagen Goldhand (Dunhagen) Notable Deceased or Missing: Naztrak Goldhand (Gyutop) Alfados Goldhand (Alfados) Travis Goldhand (travista) William Goldhand (WizardInABox) Arkenos Goldhand (CentralGuard) Praxedis Goldhand (PraxedisG) Borin Goldhand (meltedsnowman) Durrim Goldhand (cmf95) Luke Goldhand (brvhrt1005) Delios Goldhand (Kibeira) Sharr Goldhand (XForrest) Jarno Goldhand (Alphesie) Borin Goldhand (youlovesocks) Burtor Goldhand (Twistedonslaught) Cardinan Goldhand (Tethras) Rae Goldhand (Swampratluc) Hydrose Goldhand (Aptrotta) Magthorn Goldhand (Alikdoril) Tirin Goldhand (Yakmala) Norak Goldhand (Rasun37) Brys Goldhand (Zuluman111) -Hoff Goldhand Toran Goldhand [Alakabam] Orrireat Goldhand [DadElonglegs11] Ethildor Goldhand [Delfato] Rubeus Goldhand [JavaWizard] Adalkrin Goldhand [Sir_Praetor] Gorik Goldhand [llorasec] Draren Goldhand [Jentos] Visitors: Fyresdal (hired hand) Dishonored: Application Application MC Name: Character Name: Age: Profession: Have you read the clan history? (Please actually read through it): Short Bio (One paragraph or more) : What are your characters ambitions? (become famous merchant, head guard, etc.): What kind of experience are you looking for in this clan? (friendship, rp experience, etc): What clan member are you related to, and do you have permission to roleplay as their relative, son, or daughter, or where you bloodbonded?: Do you swear your loyalty to the Goldhand Clan, and to carry out the honor and pride of the clan?:
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    Anadude's skins

    I'm back with my not so great skins, yay. PAYMENT: Outfits (no head) will be 600 mina whilst full skins will settle at 800 mina. I can also be bribed with nice rp items so lol. Previous works: LIST: 1. DustyDune 2. Reserved by z3m0s 3. Calabreeni 4. Areln FORM: Username: Outfit or Fullbody: Ref: Description: Proof Of Payment: (Optional) Item of bribery: (Optional) Cute birb: @Sug digs it.
  13. The great halls of Kal’Tarak boomed with activity. Within the city, hammers echoed the songs of the Khazadmar, ores were carried by cave and mountain dwarves in carts around. One day, on the 11th of Deep Cold, a Dark Dwarf of the Onyxheart clan took the stand in the Providence avenue to garner attention for an announcement. He stood stern, beard braided with various glowing embers from the depths of the mountain, his fiery gaze shifting over a parchment of runic script as he read aloud. “Khazadmar of Kaz’Ulrah! The tenth anniversary of our High King’s coronation is fast approaching. Ten years of prosperity behind us, ten years of awakening to a giant within the heart of the mountain.” He took a breather as the different dwarves gathered up around the stand to listen with brows perked for curiosity. “To celebrate this occasion, the Forgemaster of the Dwedmar, Koralon Onyxheart, announces a festival of celebrations on the anniversary of the coronation. A festival incorporating the three core pillars of dwarven society: war, craftsmanship and ale.” The dwarf then reached for a pile of pamphlets to distribute. Each pamphlet bore the sigil of both the Kaz’Ularh forge, and the crest of the Kingdom. TO THE KHAZADMAR OF KAZ’ULRAH AND ATLAS A feast of celebration will be held in Kal’Tarak, on the 10th Anniversary of the High King’s coronation. Dwedmar of the Kingdom, Dwedmar of Atlas and allies of the Dwarven kingdom are all invited to attend and rejoice after a decade of prosperity. The day of festivities will also involve the following calls: THE FIRST GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE DWARVEN CRAFTSMEN The Forgemaster of the Dwedmar calls for all Dwed craftsmen to find or craft a gift they find most appropriate for the High King. The gifts will be presented during the feast, and the High King will declare the best and the two runner-ups. The craftsman behind the winning work will receive the honorary title of GRAND ARTISAN until the next competition, and a reward sum of 2,500 minae. The two runner ups will be recognised for their work with a sum of 1,000 minae each. THE GRAND TOURNAMENT OF THE DWEDMAR The Grand Marshal of the Dwedmar calls for all Kaz’Ulrah citizens to gather and measure their mettle in a tournament and fight for the title of GRAND CHAMPION. The winner of the tournament will also be awarded 1,000 minae, the two runner-ups 500 minae each. THE FEAST OF REMEMBRANCE A grand feast will be held within the High King’s throne room to commemorate the prosperity and achievements of the past ten years. The feast will celebrate the re-foundation of the Mining Guild, the Smithing Guild, the reforms in the Vanguard and the thriving trade in the newly re-furnished market district. It will also mark the debut of the first Dark Dwarf brewed ale since Anthos. OOC Information This event will mostly encompass the 9th of June, Saturday. Expect the main feast to start around 8pm London Time and the whole event chain should last a good couple hours. Time zone conversions: Gifts to the king can be of any form you judge may win: IG named items work best, but skins, art, written books and related are all acceptable. Deliver them to the Forgemaster (Medvekoma IG) during the following days before the event. The winner will be chosen by Garrond & given he reward proper by the forgemaster. To submit items / skin / art, PM me in-game. I'll just hoard stuff in a chest until the event. Smithing guild members tag list for the crafting competition: @TheWitherKingHD @Lark @MrSnowball @Belgud @Stripez-Purple @Tidemanno @Mavromino @PanDuhVurse @Rheged @z3m0s @Dreek @LionEY_ @EvoKnight1 @DrHope @Adym @Bojangles_
  14. - Passing of the Coin - Depiction of the Coin - 1st of the Grand Harvest 1665 A rare blind dwed shuffled his way through the morning halls of Kal’Tarak. The empty morning roads made it easy for the old dwed to make his commute to wherever he needed to go without being disturbed by the curious or being misled by all the commotion the evening brings. However, there are some mornings that spawn dwed who wake earlier than most. Unfortunately this morning was one of those days that our blind dwed, Thoak, would be hassled by an unfamiliar voice, but unknowingly a close relative. On the stairs leading to the newly constructed academy, a voice of a beardling called out, “Hello up there! Who might you be?” The voice bounced off Thoak’s back like a rock, startling him. The old dwed turned around, facing the bottom of the stairs from where he heard the young dwed’s voice. Slightly angered by such a question, as our old dwed regards himself highly, holds back a bark as he soon reminds himself of his frequent long trips away from the city and how new dwed wouldn’t know of him. Before he could respond back, the young dwed let out a gasp as his eyed laid atop his armor, analyzing the intricacy of the armor, the crimson robes, and ornate necklace around his neck resting atop his white beard. The dwed bowed his head, knowing that he had interrupted somebody of some high standard. The young dwed raises his head and extends his hand out for a formal handshake, but Thoak doesn’t notice the gesture and ignores it. “The name is Thoak Goldhand. I am surprised you haven’t noticed me from the blindfold as I seem to be the only blind dwed in these lands.” The young dwed’s eyes widen as the name is spoken. Stammering his words, he manages to introduce himself as well “My name is Dwifar Goldhand. Clanfather of the Goldhands. I have heard so much about you! Are you back to reclaim the clergy? Are you back for your position as clanfather in the Goldhands? I am your great grandson! My father is your grandson Naztrak!” Thoak shakes his head in response to all of the questions. The two would converse for awhile in the streets as Thoak questions Dwifar about his position within the clan. Dwifar would confirm that he has taken the reigns of the clan as clanfather. “If you wish to claim the position as clanfather of the Goldhands, Dwifar, then you will be needing my coin to officially confirm that you are indeed the clanfather of the Goldhands.” The two find themselves within the clanhall of the Goldhands. Thoak slips two fingers into his pouch where he draws a beautifully engraved gold coin, studded with gemstones and runes of power etched all over. On the front of the coin would be an open hand while on the back, a sun rising above a green landscape. He holds it out in front of him for Dwifar to take. “Show this to the remaining clansmen. Make it known that I, your great grandfather gave it to you. Nobody shall question your sovereign claim to the position as clanfather. You now have the absolute power to do what you want with the clan.” A Third Person Account Written by, Thoak Goldhand 2nd Clanfather of the Goldhands 1st High Prelate of the Ar Yemarin Anaros, Clergy of Kaz’Ulrah and Kal’Tarak - A poster is hung outside of the Clanhall of the Goldhands and Palace of Kal’Tarak - “1st of the Grand Harvest 1665, let be known on this day, that Dwifar Goldhand has been officially made clanfather of Clan Goldhand. My last action as the official Clanfather will include the recalling of all Goldhands back to Kal’Tarak to help Dwifar in rebuilding the clan to its former glory. Any Goldhands who do not heed this call will bring great shame to Tungdil’s name. Secondly, any living being who is not a fellow dwedmar that claims to be a Goldhand or a ‘honorary member’ will have such titles and privileges stripped. No such thing has been made or passed by me in my time of being clanfather, and to anybody that had part in doing such a thing, did so without my consent or knowledge. Thirdly, I ask for every politcal entity in Kaz’Ulrah and beyond to recognize Dwifar as the official Clanfather of the Goldhands, and to defend his sovereign claim if ever needed." Signed, Thoak Goldhand 2nd Clanfather of the Goldhands 1st High Prelate of the Ar Yemarin Anaros, Clergy of Kaz’Ulrah and Kal’Tarak
  15. - Followers of Dungrimm - Ar Yemarin Anaros 1st of Deep Cold, 1664 - Dungrimm’s Folk - 13th of the Deep Cold, 1637 Contents 1. Introduction 1.1 Basic Understandings of Dungrimm 1.2 The Origination of Dungrimm 1.3 Relationship to the other Brathmordakin 2. Traditions 2.1 Beliefs & Rituals 2.2 Shrines & Consecrated Grounds 2.3 Burials & Rites 3. The Writings of a Prelate 3.1 A Good Sermon 3.2 Dispelling Heresy Chapter 1: Introduction The Basic Understandings of Dungrimm Within the Ar Yemarin Anaros, it is believed that Dungrimm, or the “Father of Battle”, is one of the many sons of Yemekar and Anebella. Dungrimm is one of the most venerated High Ancestor Lords among all dwedmar within Khaz’A’Dentrumm with the exception of Yemekar and Anebella, who are of course the most venerated by all dwedmar universal. When Dungrimm was created by Yemekar in the Eternal Forge, Yemekar breathed life into him like all the High Ancestor Lords, but also embedded into him the love and passion for war. When the world was young and Yemekar created the world within the Eternal Forge, Yemekar placed the High Ancestor Lords on the young world to protect it from corruption and evil. As our race grew, with the help of the High Ancestor Lords, Dungrimm led our people into battle with any imperfections or blemishes to the world that were not the intentions of Yemekar. When Dungrimm returned to Khaz’A’Dentrumm, Dungrimm was gifted the powers to control the outcomes of battle and wars associated with all dwedmar by Yemekar. It is believed that Dungrimm does not directly intervene in battles, but does influence all factors leading up to a battle. Only does Dungrimm intervene in battle to right hopeless odds against dwedmar, to balance treachery, and to aid the weak of all races against evil. As Dungrimm continued his blessings upon the battlefield, many dwedmar began the practice of worshipping him and giving thanks by dedicating places of worship to him. Many dwedmar who are warriors by profession prefer to make Dungrimm their patron deity to receive his blessings in battle. In our time, there has been several organizations and guilds dedicated to Dungrimm. One of the most prominent organizations is Dungrimm’s Folk who are comprised of elite warriors in the service of the clergy and the kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah. The Origination of Dungrimm Like forging a blade and working with metal, there is always impurities and imperfections that appear. The world Yemekar created was no different. Yemekar created Dungrimm with clay and embedded into him the passion of war and placed him on the world. Through war, Dungrimm was tasked to protect Yemekar’s creation, the dwedmar, and the world from the impurities brought forth as the world cooled and took shape. It is said that because of Dungrimm’s passion for war, those who share the same passion are more than likely descendants of Dungrimm from when he walked the world before ascending into Khaz’A’Dentrumm. Yemekar’s gift blessed Dungrimm with skills to be a masterful tactician, leader, and being one of the greatest fighter to ever walk in dwedmar history. Due to these traits, our early ancestors were able to expand greatly across the world. Dungrimm drew his armies from early settlements and cities of that time, and used those armies to carry out Yemekar’s Will by scouring the world in the depths and on the surface for eldritch horrors and flaws that spawned into this world. When Dungrimm and his armies fell, it is presumed that a great calamity followed and a battle of epic proportions that led to their demise. When Dungrimm fell, he ascended to the halls of Khaz’A’Dentrumm to join his father, Yemekar, and to watch over the Eternal Forge. Relationship Between the other Brathmordakin Dungrimm keeps a good relationship with all of the Brathmordakin with the exception of Khorvad. Despite Grimdugan’s distrustful nature, Dungrimm works the closest with him. This belief has been formulated based on the fact that greed is one of the most apparent causes of war and strife. When the idea of a war is first perceived by a dwed, it is Grimdugan who is the first to influence the idea of wealth that can be acquired from battle and claiming territory through simple clues or even taking on an appearance in the world. Dungrimm influences the planning and inspiration that is behind each battle in a way similar to Grimdugan to ensure success on the battlefield. It can be said that when a battle is lost, Grimdugan was the one to have more influence on the general or commander of the battle due to his irrational thinking and behaviour. Dungrimm also works very closely with his father, Yemekar. Fulfilling the purpose given to him by Yemekar, Dungrimm watches over the Eternal Forge looking for anything that may cause harm to the world and dwedmar. It is typical for Dungrimm to warn or influence dwed take action when something is amiss or danger is imminent, while also watching over battles to sway it in favor of the dwedmar when the odds are uneven against a foe. Khorvad is Dungrimm’s greatest enemy and most hated. The corrupted brother constantly reminds Dungrimm to be vigilant in his watch. Chapter 2: Traditions Beliefs & Rituals Many of the rituals associated with Dungrimm involve the battlefield and the dead. With war brings death, so it is one of the many duties of Dungrimm to guide spirits of dwed out of the Eternal Forge and into Khaz’A’Dentrumm. Many Dwedmar now prefer to be buried in a stylistic way associated with their patron High Ancestor Lord, but Dungrimm guides all regardless of preference. For the sake of this book, we will focus on the customs associated with Dungrimm. With Dungrimm being heavily influential on the battlefield, it is accustomed to find ways in appeasing Dungrimm by hunting great monsters and slaying things that threaten dwedmar worldwide. Equally, hard training and honing fighting skills for the coming battle is another way to appease Dungrimm and be given his blessing. Many followers of Dungrims, priests, and prelates give sermons before a battle asking for Dungrimm to sway the battle in their favor. They are also expected to follow fighters into battle and fight while also chanting and singing ballads of war, death, and Dungrimm. Some prelates are even known for giving entire sermons while in the thick of battle, their boisterous voice booming over the noise of battle for all to hear. Temples, Shrines & Consecrated Ground Shrines and Temples dedicated to Dungrimm can mostly be found where old battles occurred or nearby. To appease the spirits of dwed fallen in battle, it is up to the Order of Valor, Clergy of Dungrimm, to plan, fund, and erect a shrine or temple where that battle took place. Due to the scale of these battles and the amount of death involved, it is preferred to put the dead in the crypts of these temples. Each temple should be built up from stone, and carved beautifully. These temples should not be opulent with gold and gems and should follow a mute color scheme. Each temple should be built with a crypt underneath, and built into the face of a hill or mountain. If there is no such geographical feature, then the temple must be built out in the open. Shrines dedicated to Dungrimm should serve as a waystone for lost spirits. Each shrine should lead to a temple. If a temple cannot be erected on a battlefield due to an ongoing war, then a shrine must be built nearby to accommodate the stated above. After a temple or shrine has been built, the ground must be consecrated by the acting prelate. If the ground is not consecrated or cannot be consecrated for any reason, the temple must be deconstructed and rebuilt where the ground can be consecrated with Dungrimm’s blessings. In the case that a temple or shrine is defiled by thieves and the like, the Order of Valor must investigate and exact revenge on those who defiled the temple. It is common for the Order to call upon the help of Dungrimm’s Folk to dispatch justice. It is noted that if battlefields where dwedmar have died do not receive such care as stated above, the area will become extremely dangerous with specters and ghosts of dwedmar. In such a case where the dead cannot be put to rest immediately and the area is too dangerous to construct a temple, the Order may call upon Dungrimm’s Folk to clear and exorcise the spirits that haunt the land. Burial & Rites When the unfortunate event happens of a dwed passing away or dying in battle, it is imperative to give that dwed a proper burial. If a proper burial is not given, the spirit of that dwed will be restless and never leave this world regardless of how strong Dungrimm’s guidance may be until the remains are put to rest. For dwed who are followers of Dungrimm, it is preferred for the body to be dressed in masterful armor. This armor must be made from a dark material, and protection runes etched where possible. The armor cannot be too brilliant or flashy. A great helmet shall be placed on the head that is made in a similar fashion as the armor, but a iron face plate shall cover the face of the dwed. The hands of the dwed should be brought together and be rested upon his or her chest. In their hand should be their preferred weapon and a holy relic to Dungrimm. In most cases this is a talisman or prayer bead. Once the preparation of the body is finished, it must be hoisted up onto a ornate darkstone slab. Before the procession, four of the closest friends or family members must gather. Out of respect, their clothes should be dark in color like that of their deceased friend or relative. They too should also wear a silver expressionless mask. When the procession begins, they will carry the slab through the city with priests and Prelate following until they reach the temple of Dungrimm. Assuming that the temple is equipped with a crypt available with space, they will carry the slab to its designated resting spot where the final blessings will be received by the priests. All friends and relatives who feel grieve for the loss of a loved one or friend should wear the silver mask in public until their grief subsides. In the case where a king or high political figure dies, the mask should be worn for several weeks up to a month out of respect. Chapter 3: The Writings of a Prelate A Good Sermon “Gather all of you sons and daughters of Dungrimm and the High Ancestor Lords and Yemekar and Anebella for what I have to say! As we march into battle, our days on this world are numbered! With each battle you grow closer and closer to Khaz’A’Dentrumm, but do not think your death will be in vane Your spirit will leave this world knowing that you died honorably protecting your kingdom, your wife, son and daughter, and most importantly the values and traditions you uphold! Your spirit will not be damned like that of the other races! Your spirit will not be chained to this world. Dungrimm will guide you home! We sons and daughters of Dungrimm and the High Ancestor Lords have been blessed and the battle already sways in our favor as we march, but this blessing does not mean we should relent for if we fail the High Ancestor Lords, our spirits will be damned, a eternity of suffering shall await us as our lost spirit roams the battlefield! Check your kit and lock your shields. The reckoning draws near and may Dungrimm be witness to the glory that is about to happen!” - Unknown, Prelate of Dungrimm Dispelling Heresy Many moons ago, heresy gripped our people as the Kingdom of Urguan grew in decadence. The idea that Dungrimm was the moon took root due to a Prophet of Urguan’s clergy. This claim cannot be fact based on our past teachings prior to when this idea was presented. It is known that the world was forged by Yemekar in the Eternal Forge. The world is situated in the great forge resting on a bluesteel disc. As the forge heats up and Yemekar continues his work, day arrives. The top of the forge is what we call the sun. When night befalls upon us, Yemekar retires for the day, the forge cools down, and the walls of the forge become dark. What we call the moon is again, the top of the forge. If the moon and the sun act as the top of the forge, how can Dungrimm be what we call the moon? It has also been said that Khaz’A’Dentrumm is the moon and all spirits go there. How can this be when Khaz’A’Dentrumm is outside of the Eternal Forge? It has also been said at times that Dungrimm is more powerful than Yemekar, but this cannot be because Yemekar is the creator of Khaz’A’Dentrumm, the Eternal Forge, Dungrimm, the High Ancestor Lords, the world, and us. A son cannot be more powerful than a father. There has also been times where dwedmar would only worship Dungrimm and completely disregard Yemekar, calling Dungrimm the sole patron of all dwed. Again, this cannot be as stated above in the previous argument. Written & Compiled by Thoak Goldhand, First High Prelate of the Ar Yemarin Anaros Clergy of Kaz'Ulrah and Kal'Tarak Servant of the Brathmordakin
  16. The city was silent as the sun slowly crested the horizon to the east. Yet as its light crept slowly along the landscape and illuminated the streets a far different sight than was usual was displayed. The steady hammering of runesmiths and golemancers beginning their work pierced the air for several minutes and echoed alone throughout the city. Slowly but surely they were joined by the heavy grinding of metal on metal as the gears of vast machines began to shift and turn. The clear skies began to fill with thick smoke as mighty smokestacks belched their smog into the air. A multitude of workers poured from their homes, moving about the city towards the various factories or to the market stalls and tavern. ~The foundations of dwarven productivity had been re-constructed and the march of industry had begun once more~ ~Az’adar had awoken~
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    Assembling the Goldhands.

    While visiting the Dwarven metropolises of Holm, Kal’Tarak, and Az’adar, one’s eye would catch itself on a nailed parchment pinned onto the city walls. It would read the following: 'Since the Urguan Civil war, where our brothers were torn apart in the brutality of open war between the clans, our clan has been divided and its leadership crippled. But now comes the time for change, I Dwifar the Clanfather of the Goldhands, call together the lost kinsmen of my clan to a clan moot. It cannot be said otherwise that together, standing as one we can achieve any length of riches. But if we stand-alone, we will all die in poverty. We've always been a clan of merchants, lords and even treasure hunters. But we could be so much more, we cannot hope to survive by simply depending on the motto of selling and buying. We must reshape our clan into a clan of workers; of miners, craftsmen, farmers and lumberjacks. Let us reunited under the banner of the great Armakak and heed the wisdom of our ancestor Tungdil the Great. Let us establish a new era of our clan, an era of gold. Urguan or Kaz'Ulrah, you all have a place in the clan. Therefore I invite every one of you to this greatcoat. Let us rejoin and establish our former wealth and glory. Let us convene and work for a greater future. Narvak oz Armakak' Attend the Assembly of Goldhand 8th of the Grand Harvest, 1664 Kaz'Ulrah ((The meeting will take place Saturday 19th at 3PM EST, 7PM GMT))
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    The Stonemace Clan

    The Stonemace Clan The Stonemace Clan is a mountain dwarf clan, some members of the clan originally hailed from the Frostbeard Clan. Dwedmar coming from the Stonemace Clan are known for utmost loyalty to the Kingdom they serve. Founded by Throri 'Warmheart’ Stonemace during the fifth age and later reestablished by Throri in the sixth age. The Stonemaces follow a multitude of different patron gods, however like many other clans around them they follow Dungrimm as their main Patron God. History The Fifth Age (Axios) The origin of the Clan can be traced all the way back to the Fifth Age and the Frostbeard Clan, when its founder, Throri ‘Warmheart’ Stonemace, was banished from the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah. Throri would return to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, the Kingdom he used to serve but ended up fighting against the, swearing an oath of fealty towards him with the other members who left with him. After a few months of living in Urguan, Throri formed the Stonemace Clan, welcoming all banished Frostbeards and normal dwarves alike into his halls. As the clan started to grow and grow, Throri got challenged to an honour duel by his own son, Edel Frostbeard. Throri was winning the duel at first, disarming him and bringing his son to the ground. However this advantage did not last, once Throri cut into his son's face Edel went berserk pummeling his father's face in with his own bare hands. Whilst most of the Frostbeards who watched the duel called for Throri’s death, Edel spared his life leaving him with the shame of being defeated by a younger dwarf. A few months after Throri’s defeat, Edel called an unrightful meeting with all the members of the clan. Throri turned up to the meeting with Charles the Bald, the Grand Champion of Urguan, by his side. Upon entering the meeting area, Throri noticed that only one Stonemace, Kerwyr II, was in the meeting whilst several Frostbeards were there instead. The meeting did not go well, just as Throri thought it would, with Edel claiming that he was the rightful leader of the clan as he defeated his father in battle. However this claim would be illegitimate as raised up by Throri in the meeting, even though this point was raised Edel would would held a vote which he ended up winning, stealing the members of the clan, and practically the clan itself renaming it the Silvervein Clan. Even with the Grand Legion of Urguan's backing it was impossible for Throri to take his clan back as Edel, later nicknamed Edel 'The Illegitimate’ by Charles The Bald, took the clan to the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah. After vanishing for several years, Throri returned to Kal'Omith bearing new golden armour of the Stonemace Clan, reforming the clan once again when Urguan needed help the most. However this did not last long as even with Throri's help during the War of the Beards, Urguan was severely outnumbered by Kaz'Ulrah and it's allies finally being destroyed and the Stonemace Clan alongside it. The Sixth Age (Atlas) Upon arriving on the shores of Atlas, Throri 'Warmheart’ Stonemace reformed the Clan once more. The Stonemace's searched high and low for a place to settle finally arriving at a mounting, building their keep into it and naming it Tal’Umrol. Notable Stonemaces Throri 'Warmheart’ Stonemace Founder of the Stonemace Clan and first ever Stonemace Clan Father Appearance Just like the Frostbeards, the Stonemaces tend to have jet black hair, although fiery red or hazelnut brown hair is not uncommon in the clan either. Stonemaces tend to have chilling blue or emerald green eyes. Like the rest of the Mountain Dwarves Stonemaces tend to be taller, averaging around 4ft-4’5ft, and bulkier than the other dwarves. Personality Stonemaces hold honour with utmost esteem within the clan. They will usually hold true to their word and never go back on an oath or deal unless they're a sheer dwarf. This however does not mean that they cannot be rude and stern, for if their honour is disputed or disrespected they will most likely be engulfed in a grudge. Even though on the outside they might appear to be stern and unfriendly, they are usually the opposite, at least to friends that is. Be on the good side of a Stonemace and they could turn out to be the best of friends or even allies. However if you turn on one and make him/her your enemy and he/she can be the most ferocious enemy you could ever have. The Stonemace kinsmen are loyal to the Kingdom they serve and their fellow descendants of Urguan, but they have the utmost respect and loyalty to their clan and their kinsmen. If one Stonemace is offended or attacked, then you have offended and attacked the entire clan. If you befriend one then you befriend the entire clan. The Stonemaces will always work together to better their clan and kinsmen. Stonemaces are impeccable fighters, tuning their battle prowess most of their lives and partaking in brawls, friendly duels and even tournaments as often as they can to hone their skills on the battlefield. In turn they find fighting a crucial part of life that is never ignored. They are none to be one of the most skilled fighters in the whole of the dwarven race, second best to the Frostbeards, Grandaxes and Irehearts. It is said that seeing a Stonemace on the battlefield is like a lion savagely mauling its prey. Stonemaces are also known to be renown partakers in luxary and socially life. They love to eat, drink ale and gamble. A Stonemace will never turn down an opportunity to do all three. Trials All Stonemaces must partake in their trials before they may ascend from being a beardling to a fully fledged member of the Clan. The first task in the trials is for the beardling to take a singular journey up the mountains for a few stone days to a whole stone week, surviving with the skills they were taught to truly become themselves and find out who they really are. Upon their return the beardling is sent off once again to hunt for a weapon, be it an axe or sword, however this weapon may not be made from any dwarven forge or any dwarven materials. Upon finding a weapon the beardling must return to the Clan Father or Clan Elder to inspect it. After the inspection is complete the last task may be complete. On the day of their final trial, they shall journey to the nearest bear cave, armed with nothing but the weapon they forged and the simplest of their clothes. Their task to track down a great bear or direwolf and slay it, then proceed to skin it's pelt and bring it back to their Clan Father. When the beardling returns, the Stonemaces gather and the Clan Father and Elders inspect the pelt. They study it and decide whether the pelt the beardling acquired is worthy enough of becoming a true Dwarf amongst their kinsmen. If the pelt is deemed a high enough quality, the final step of the ceremony is lighting a gigantic bonfire. The Clan Father would walk to the beardling, placing the pelt onto their shoulders. “Narvak Oz Dungrimm” the Clan Father would bellow out later being echoed by the Beardling afterwards. Once the pelt has been placed upon the fully fledged dwarves shoulders, the Clan Father would give the Dwarf his signatory tattoo, which is unique to the dwarf it was given to. They then will be given a clan nickname such as 'Warmheart’ or 'Valiant’ to identify themselves based on their characteristics. Clan Oath I will never compromise the clan, I shall always help my fellow brothers in arms, I shall never question the acts of the Clan Father or my Elders, I shall always sacrifice my life for the rest of my clans safety, I shall always respect and do things the Clan Father tells me to do. Clan Members Clan Father Throri 'Warmheart’ Stonemace (TJB_Minecraft) Clan Mother Camilla Stonemace (Creamiest) Clan Elder Dwarger Stonemace (LionEY_) Thumril Stonemace (D3F4LT) Members Flotir Stonemace (Jilamijn) Beardlings Floin Stonemace (TheAttacker42) Grogsworth Stonemace (matty1017467) ~Application [NOW RECRUITING] Minecraft Name: Roleplay Name: Roleplay Age: Timezone: Role within the Stonemaces (Son/Relative to whom? Send me a PM if you need help!): Discord:
  19. z3m0s

    [MA][Mental-Magic] z3m0s

    MC Name: z3m0s Character's Name: Kalviin Ireheart Character's Age: Ancient Character's Race: Ascended Mountain Dwarf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Mental Magic Teacher's MC Name: __Elk__ Teacher's RP Name: Greiret Faean Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Yeah boi \/ Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: I agree Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nay
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    Dunshire's Peace-Warriors (Guild)

    [!] A paper could be found nailed to most Noticeboards, including the Dunshire Noticeboard The Peace-Warriors of Dunshire! ~Dunshire, the home of the Peace-Warriors~ Since the War of Peace has been declared, I've noticed that we have no military to fight it! So, let us form a basic militia of peace that will keep all of Altas safe from harm! The Peace-Warrior's Pledge: "I pledge allegiance to the great people of Altas, who be so fair and varied in look and style. I pledge to protect all children, all men, all women, and others who are threatened by war, and I pledge to never become the threat of war that I have pledged to protect others against!" "I promise that I will never bear a lethal weapon against another while campaigning for Atlas-wide peace, and I promise that I will never harm others even with non-lethal weapons unless there is no other option." "And lastly, I pledge that I will always uphold the good morals of peace, prosperity, and comfort for all that I wish to bring to the rest of Atlas" The Tools of Peace: -Shovels, for they represent the humble peasant who is threatened by wars on Atlas. -Eggs and Snowballs, for they represent the projectiles of childish play instead of projectiles of war and destruction. -Cake, for it represents comfort and prosperity that does not come with war. -Pumpkins, for they grow plentiful and plump, and are not associated with war in any way. -The heart, for all good comes from it. ~An example of a Peace-Warrior, although most Peace-Warriors wouldn't use a shield, of course~ Our Mission: Unlike other groups who attack and destroy others, the Peace-Warriors will only bring goodness to the world, and thus all they do will be completely peaceful. We shall protest against war with our Tools of Peace in hand, and we shall bring about a better tomorrow! How do I join this benevolent group?: Please fill out the following format and send it to Dunshire for us wee folks to look over! RP: Name: Race(can be any): Why do you wish to join the Peace-Warriors?: Please recite The Peace Warrior's Pledge here: OOC: Discord(helpful but not needed): Username:
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    Assembling the Grandaxes

    While visiting the Dwarven metropolises of Holm, Kal’Tarak, and Az’adar, one’s eye would catch itself on a nailed parchment pinned onto the city walls. It would read the following: Our clan has not fared well during the turbulences of the War of Beards. With our leadership dismembered and our brethren scattered, I, Aemich Grandaxe, Clanlord of Clan Grandaxe, call together the descendants of Borgin to a clan moot. The Great Paragon, Valen Grandaxe, once said, “Stand as one and we are capable of achieving any length of greatness. Stand-alone, however, and we will die alone.” When our kin splintered and separated prior to the climax of the Dwarven civil war, our clan structure shuddered and collapsed. We must mend the wounds that so grieved our clan. Let us stand together, once more we can be clan of prominence. Let us heed the wisdom of the great wordsmith and let us join together, be united and whole. Let us rally and convene. Let us develop organization among all clan-dwarves. Let us establish a foundation of which we may thrive. Attend the Assembly of Grandaxe 9th of Sun's Smile, 1633 The Whispering Crossroad May the the glorious Descendants of Borgin rally. Blackaxes, Grimaxes or Braveaxes, you all have a place in Clan Grandaxe. I invite you all to this great moot. Let us rejoin and recall the tales of the missed pasts. Let us come together and let us work for a brighter future. Oz Kathaikaz Tazarak. ((The meeting will take place Sunday 6th at 4PM EST, 8PM GMT.))
  22. Official Seal of the Ar Yemarin Anaros -The Fourth Holy Mandate- Ar Yemarin Anaros -Clergy of the Holy Truth- 14th of The First Seed, 1659 -Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah- Reign of fifth High King Garrond Frostbeard This is the third Holy Mandate from the Holy Forge of Yemekar within the capital city of Kaz’Ulrah in Kal’Tarak written and rectified by High Prelate Nerak of Clan Frostbeard. All mandates shall be adhered by devout followers of the faith, and those within the Ar Yemarin Anaros. Official Clergy List The past meeting saw every Prelate position being filled with a prospective religious dwarf who has spent many hours researching and refining their knowledge of their chosen God. Every Prelate passed their exam with flying colors, the lowest score being an 85%. They are now free to spread the word of their chosen God and pursue self exploring adventures to discover the full meaning of their God’s way of life. The official list of Prelates is below: Pereus of Clan Frostbeard; Prelate of Yemekar Ajax of Clan Frostbeard; Prelate of Anbella Dor of Clan Irongut; Prelate of Dungrimm Dreek II of Clan Ireheart; Prelate of Belka Azkel of Clan Frostbeard; Prelate of Ograhad Gilbert of Clan Goldhand; Prelate of Armakak Jerim of Clan Frostbeard; Prelate of Grimdugan The Holy Council The next meeting will be the first official meeting with every Prelate being called to attend. If anyone is unable to attend they should contact me as soon as possible. The meeting will discuss the status of Wyrvun and attempt to finally put the decade old question to rest; Is Wyrvun a Brathmordakin? In addition to this, the meeting will cover the official duties of the Prelates and begin the planning for future events and festivities to promote the Brathmordakin and their teachings. It will be held in one Stone day, during the usual time ((4/13/18 3:oo PM PST/6:oo PM EST)). NARVAK OZ BRATHMORDAKIN Signed, Nerak Frostbeard High Prelate of the Brathmordakin High Prelate of Kaz'Ulrah High Prelate of the Ar Yemarin Anaros
  23. The Vanguard of Kaz’Ulrah The Vanguard of Kaz’Ulrah. A testament to the strength and valor of the dwedmar of the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah. A bulwark that stands against it's enemies at any slight and at any cost. A brotherhood that lasts more than a lifetime. Official Emblem of The Vanguard of Kaz’Ulrah It is more than a mere guard force and grander than any army that has been enlisted by the dwedmar kind. Within each individual member lies the very essence of Dungrimm himself, flaming, burning within their heart. Their valor bestowed upon them by the great Yemekar that they may fight the enemies of dwedmar kind wherever they may be. Individually, a Vanguard personnel embodies the soul of the highest echelon of dwedmar warriorkind. Embracing the greatest warriors that the great Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah and all of the dwedmar have to offer. As a whole the Vanguard stands united as one, holding true against their enemies just like the grand structures the dwedmar construct. Obstinately defending the Kingdom together. They fight and die as brothers, their family orientation forged in the fires that their brands are created in. For the Vanguard does not only represent one clan or one people, but all of Dwedmar kind. It is in this that their duty lies beyond just the Kingdom even, but to all dwedmar. Initiation Becoming a member of the Vanguard is not your typical job interview. One must first prove themselves to the other members of the Vanguard, particularly to the Grand Marshal of Kaz’Ulrah or to the Vanguard’s Thains, the Grand Marshal’s officers. It is not only a matter of showing one's physical strength, because they must also exhibit martial prowess and camaraderie of the utmost degree. When one has proven themselves worthy of becoming a brother of the Vanguard, they are taken swiftly to the forges where a multitude of iron brands lie. Their arm weapon wielding hand is pulled forth and laid down upon an anvil, sleeves rolled up. The brands with the brazen symbol of the Vanguard are dipped into the burning, lava filled forges of the dwedmar, and then pressed onto the arm of the initiate. This brand then marks their life, forever as a reminder of their brotherhood, to their fellow members, and their duty, to the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah. Every single member, even the Grand Marshal and the Thains will have this brand. Ranks Grand Marshal - A dwedmar chosen by the High King of Kaz’Ulrah himself to lead all military forces of the Kingdom. He symbolizes the ethics and values of Dungrimm himself. A master of weapons and strategy alike, this dwedmar ensures the safety of the dwedmar people, the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah and that the Vanguard is a formidable fighting force. Thain - These are the officers of the Grand Marshal, hand chosen amongst the most cunning and fiercest dwarves the Vanguard has to offer. Many believe the Thains are living representations of Dungrimm himself whilst in battle. They lead their fellow Dwedmar into battle and are the primary factors in ensuring they are ready for any fight. IronGuard - The IronGuard is a proven warrior beyond just their initiation. A veteran of many campaigns and fights, these dwarves are formidable fighters. They are often heavily scarred due to their rigorous lifestyles of constant battle. WarBrand - After having received their initiation and been branded a brother of the Vanguard of Kaz’Ulrah, a member of the Vanguard is given the rank of WarBrand. Aside from the IronGuard the bulk of the Vanguard consists of WarBrand. Capable and ready fighters awaiting their chance to prove themselves beyond what they have already in the defense of their Kingdom and their fellow brothers. Grunt - Upon joining Kaz’Ulrah, the dwed are offered a place in the military, they will be known as ‘grunts’ until they prove themselves to be worthy of the brand. Cohorts Each Thain, having earned the ultimate responsibility of leading his fellow brothers into battle, is placed in charge of other members. These groups are called Cohorts. The Vanguard is split into different groups to better organize and cooperate within large scale battles, orders and formations scaling across entire battlefields. The cohorts allow the Vanguard maximized management across multiple smaller campaigns, if ever applicable, detaching separate skilled and capable cohorts to deal with an issue at hand; even defense of a keep or possibly the capital itself. Just like each individual member, each cohort is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, a menace if ever having to stand face to face with one. Yet together they are a tremendous and awe striking army that is deadly on any field of battle.
  24. Official Seal of the Ar Yemarin Anaros -The Third Holy Mandate- Ar Yemarin Anaros -Clergy of the Holy Truth- 11th of Malin’s Welcome, 1657 -Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah- Reign of fifth High King Garrond Frostbeard This is the third Holy Mandate from the Holy Forge of Yemekar within the capital city of Kaz’Ulrah in Kal’Tarak written and rectified by High Prelate Nerak of Clan Frostbeard. All mandates shall be adhered by devout followers of the faith, and those within the Ar Yemarin Anaros. Establishing Dwarven Religion in Atlas Since the landing of our people on these lands our religious leaders have been mostly absent, with no one stepping up to take the official mantle of High Prelate except Thoak of Clan Goldhand for a brief period of time during Hamnil Frostbeard’s reign. Since then all dwedmar have suffered from a lack of knowledge in the ways of the Brathmordakin and a general decline of culture has taken place as a result. In an attempt to restore the values of the Brathmordakin, High King Garrond Frostbeard has appointed me, Nerak of Clan Frostbeard to be High Prelate and to lead the Ar Yemarin Anaros. Aspiring Prelates The first order of business in restoring our proud and old religion was to re-create the council which consists of the High Prelate and the seven Prelates, each representing a single God. In today’s meeting five dwedmar stepped forward to the task and applied to be Prelates. They are the following: Pereus of Clan Frostbeard; Prelate of Yemekar Ajax of Clan Frostbeard; Prelate of Anbella Dreek II of Clan Ireheart; Prelate of Belka Norkai of Clan Grandaxe; Prelate of Armakak Jerim of Clan Frostbeard; Prelate of Grimdugan These five aspiring Prelates were given the task of locating a suitable area to construct a shrine to their God and were also tasked with reading up on their chosen God as each will be tested by the High Prelate during the next meeting. Should they pass the test they will be the official Prelates of that God. In the event there be any dwed out there well versed in the teachings of Dungrimm or Ograhad they are encourage to come forth and apply to the position of Prelate for either God. The next meeting shall be held in seven stone days ((4/6/18 3:oo PM PST/6:oo PM EST)). NARVAK OZ BRATHMORDAKIN Signed, Nerak Frostbeard High Prelate of the Brathmordakin High Prelate of Kaz'Ulrah High Prelate of the Ar Yemarin Anaros
  25. Raomir


    11th of the First Seed, 1657 You receive a letter from a grey hawk and upon opening it, you read. "You have been invited to the coronation of the new High King of Kaz'Ulrah; Garrond Frostbeard. Garrond is a well known figure among the Dwaven community, and was integral in the founding of the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah. He has graciously taken it upon himself to lead our Kingdom into a new tomorrow. The coronation will be carried out by the newly appointed High Prelate, Nerak Frostbeard in the palace of Kal'Tarak. It will be followed by a feast and a speech by his Highness. We except to see you all there." Invitations are sent to the leaders of the following states. Kingdom of Renatus-Marna Kingdom of Santegia-Haria Principality of Curon Warnation of Krugmar Black Reiter Company A couple of posters are pinned up on the walls of Kal'Tarak as well, inviting the general populace. (( 3/31/18 1:30 PST/4:30 EST ))