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Found 108 results

  1. [MA][Demi-Ascended] z3m0s

    MC Name: z3m0s Character's Name: Kalviin Ireheart Character's Age: Three-Hundred and Thirty-Five Character's Race: Sky God Mountain Dwarf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Demi-Ascended Teacher's MC Name: _Fid_ Teacher's RP Name: Belestram Sylvaeri Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: N/A Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: I was previously accepted, and when disconnected I had the app denied found here -
  2. The Goldhand Clan

    Clan Goldhand "Born of the First Merchant, Tungdil Goldhand. Said to be descended from The Merchant Father himself. With Gold and Silver flowing through your body. Priceless gems adorning your clothes. Coin filling your pocket. You are of a Noble Clan. You are a Goldhand." The Goldhand Clan is at its core a family of merchants. Those with Goldhand blood have long been amongst the best and most successful vendors in the Dwarven realm, but the clan is not limited to just merchants. The clan includes accomplished architects, soldiers, political leaders, and treasure hunters. Distinguished as a Noble Clan for their accomplishments and long standing support of the Dwarven Nation, Goldhands are proud of their lineage. The blood-bond within the clan is incredibly strong and Goldhands look out for their family members and are willing to fight ferociously for their honor. The Goldhand Code "A rock by itself is nothing more than a stone, swept around by the wind and water. A thousand rocks fused together by unbreakable bonds are a mountain. Storms pass it by and the sea breaks against its shoals. To a Goldhand the Clan is everything." The Goldhands take this to heart. Each individual member will pass on, that is the way of the world. But the Clan stands strong and does not fade with time. As such no betrayal of the Clan will be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to: stealing from the Clan, killing another Clan mate, dishonoring the ancestors, failing to acknowledge direct orders from the Clan leaders. In addition betraying the Dwarven nation is highly frowned upon and may mark the offending Dwarf as a sworn enemy of the Clan. Any oath sworn in blood is binding and cannot be broken without expulsion from the Clan. Such oaths should never be undertaken lightly. Similarly, any oath sworn on one’s ancestors carries the same weight as a blood oath and should not be broken. Disputes between clan members are brought to the clan leader or older clans members immediately. Arguments and disagreements will be solved without going to an outside source unless absolutely necessary. All clans-mates must respect one another. We are all related by blood. Remember to respect your elders. They’ve lived longer than you, and certainly have more knowledge stored away then you might give them credit for. Traditions "We fight as we have always fought. We will build as we have always built. We will feast as we have always feasted. We are Dwarves. Our traditions stand firm as the mountains" Trials: There are no trials for the Goldhands. You either contain the blood of Tungdil himself or you are blood-bonded to someone who does. No trials are set in stone to prove your honor or worth. Instead your deeds for the clan will mark you as a valued and honorable Clans-mate. Your deeds may lead to the Presentation of the Coin ceremony. Blood Oath of Trading: The Blood Oath of Trading has been done since the founding of the Goldhands, though, has not officially been known. As of the reformation of the Goldhands, Finian Goldhand has now officially made it known, along with the proper way to honor special trade agreements. To properly create a blood oath contract with someone, the Goldhand in question would need a mina that holds major significance to them, such as a Goldhand coin they received from their fathers after their Passing of The Coin Ceremony, their first mina made from a trade, or just about any coin that has some significance to the said Goldhand. To officially begin the contract, the Goldhand would cut the palm of their hand, and place their significant mina within it. After that, they would tightly close close their hand and then swear an oath to the Merchant Brothers, Armakak and Grimdugan, so that if the Goldhand fails, they would be shunned by them, along with bringing dishonor upon themselves. If the contract is complete, then they will receive honor, and once they die, will fetch a higher price on the Auction of The Dead. Coin Ceremony: Originally this ceremony was only performed by the Clanlord of the Goldhands when wishing to find a suitable candidate to succeed him after his death. The origins of this were kept secret among the Clanlords, however it was lost through time. Finian Goldhand however had revised this ceremony, and has adapted it to the ways of the Brathmordakin. As Goldhands get older, they will reach an age that will have them unable to continue their duties, for this, the Passing of The Coin ceremony shall take place. The ceremony would consist of the aged Goldhand in question, his clan, fathers and elders of other clans, and the aged Goldhand's specific guests. There ceremony will begin with the Goldhand in questions' walk towards a gilded iron urn containing melted gold, while his friends and family watch. This walk is to signify the Goldhand's journey through his or her's time in this world, to see all of the faces that have helped shape their life. As the Goldhand reaches the urn, the Clan Father shall offer a quick prayer to the Merchant Twins, Grimdugan and Armakak, to signify how close the Goldhand is to joining the Auction of The Dead, and to feel peace in the fact that the twins will look upon them with great interest. After the prayer, the aged Goldhand shall cast their first coin into the melted gold, to cleanse it of it's past honor contracts. After this, a final prayer to all of the Brathmordakin shall be performed to watch over this dying Goldhand, so he or she may pass on peacefully. This is then followed by a small feast, and the Dwed shall choose if he or she would continue serving the clan as a Clan Elder, advising and helping the young Dwed in the clan, or live a life of retirement. Burial: There comes a time in every Dwarf’s life when his ancestors call his name and he ceases to walk with his feat on the stone. On a sad occasion such as this the Clan gathers to remember their fallen family member. When a member dies, either naturally or on the field of battle his body is encased in stone. This is done before the next sunrise if possible. Ale and tears flow freely as the family member is remembered for his deeds. His stone sarcophagus is then carried to a sacred resting chamber to be placed with those of his ancestors. While burials are a sad time, Goldhands also know that their friend will be smiling and laughing at them from the great halls of Tungdil. If the deceased’s deeds were truly remarkable it is said that they might even join the sacred halls of the Merchant Father himself. The Annals of History "May our history be etched into the stone so it may be as everlasting as our race, and so our deeds may never be forgotten." The Noble House of Goldhand, also known as Clan Goldhand, extends far back into Dwarven history. The line goes back originally to Tungdil Goldhand, the fifth son of Urguan. The house originally began in Kal’Urguan where the sons of Tungdil Goldhand proudly and honorably served the nation. As time went on the size and prosperity of the house grew. Sons served in the military or the mines, and daughters married well, solidifying strong political alliances. Many of the stories of the individual house members have been lost over the years to the wear and tear of time, but several journals remain chronicling the participation of the family in great wars, and the proud service to the Dwarven crown. The Archives of Aegis: The Archives of Asulon: The Archives of Anthos, and Elysium: The Archives of Aethera: The Archives of Vailor: The Archives of Axios: Known Relics of the Clan "Sentimental value is what reminds us of who we are, We are known as Goldhands, We are seekers of riches and protectors of treasure." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scales of Tungdil The scales of Tungdil is an elaborately crafted device etched with jewels of many colors. It is not known if it holds any mystical powers, but for many within the clan, it would be seen as a device that would be used for measuring deals and used against those who have done the clan wrong. The Twin Swords of Parathak and Krest Although the origins and description of these two swords are unknown, they still serve as a much sought after relic of the Goldhands. It is a mystery what had happened to these swords whether they perished with their original wielder; past Clanlord Conan Goldhand, or if they were bartered off in some trade. Clanlord of the Goldhands: Thoak Goldhand (Thoak) Clan Elders: Thoak Goldhand Durack Goldhand (KarmaDelta) Morug Goldhand (dsdevil) Clansmen: Khazakar Goldhand (Thoak) Galgrock Goldhand (Twistedonslaught) -Kalderbar Goldhand Dagnar Goldhand (Pyro) Naztrak Goldhand (Gyutop) Navarak Goldhand (Ogdan) -Ogdan Goldhand Valbir Goldhand (pmsl) Deceased or Missing Clanlords: Gulroid Goldhand (Zuluman111) Finian Goldhand (KarmaDelta) Conan Goldhand Foken Goldhand The Honored Deceased: Rasun Duril Goldhand (Rasun37) Dunhagen Goldhand (Dunhagen) Notable Deceased or Missing: Alfados Goldhand (Alfados) Travis Goldhand (travista) William Goldhand (WizardInABox) Arkenos Goldhand (CentralGuard) Praxedis Goldhand (PraxedisG) Borin Goldhand (meltedsnowman) Durrim Goldhand (cmf95) Luke Goldhand (brvhrt1005) Delios Goldhand (Kibeira) Sharr Goldhand (XForrest) Jarno Goldhand (Alphesie) Borin Goldhand (youlovesocks) Burtor Goldhand (Twistedonslaught) Cardinan Goldhand (Tethras) Rae Goldhand (Swampratluc) Hydrose Goldhand (Aptrotta) Magthorn Goldhand (Alikdoril) Tirin Goldhand (Yakmala) Norak Goldhand (Rasun37) Brys Goldhand (Zuluman111) -Hoff Goldhand Toran Goldhand [Alakabam] Orrireat Goldhand [DadElonglegs11] Ethildor Goldhand [Delfato] Rubeus Goldhand [JavaWizard] Adalkrin Goldhand [Sir_Praetor] Gorik Goldhand [llorasec] Draren Goldhand [Jentos] Visitors: Fyresdal (hired hand) Dishonored: Application The only way to become a Goldhand currently is to talk to one of the current Goldhands and roleplay as a relative (preferably a son or daughter), or to become bloodbonded to a Goldhand. Application:
  3. ~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~ A fine leather-bound tome may be found in some of the libraries and halls of the Dwarves, its thick surface tooled to resemble a pair of crossed chains. Below this relief is written, in Dwarvish: “The Tale of Burri the Chain-breaker and the Fifteen Bindings of Urdûshinbâr: Chapter II.” Should it be opened, the rune-covered parchment crackles beneath the reader’s fingers. The first chapter, wherein Burri sets out upon his journey and discovers his destiny, may be found beside it on the shelf, HERE. ~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~ The tale of the Binding hearkens back to an age in which the giant-kin of that region were ruled by a powerful clan known as the Mattermights, who were the seed of an enormous, towering creature who claimed to be the first of all his race. He was called Bad-urus in the Dwarvish Speech, and had by a giantess a series of fifteen sons who laid claim to dominion of all the lands twixt earth and sky. From his colossal throne in Brûrhardgar he ruled a mountain-kingdom to rival even that of the modern Dwarves, and laid waste to those who infringed upon it (and many who did not, also.) The other giants lived in fear of him, and followed his example to commit cruelties many and grievous in spite of their nature, which is not predisposed towards evil. The youngest and smallest of the Mattermights in those early years of our world was called Cloudy-head, or Urdûshinbâr by the Dwarves. Fate had dealt him a ***** hand indeed, for he was unlike his father and brothers in ambition and manner; he cared not for subjugation and loved well the other creatures which dwelled about the mountain passes. While diminutive by the standards of his race, he possessed a wealth of cunning elsewise unknown among his people, as well as an affinity for masonry and smith-craft. These he learnt from the manses of Dwarves which dwelt then in small numbers about those parts, before they were cast down and destroyed by his brothers. It was by the ardent labours of Urdûshinbâr that the fortress-walls of the giant-king’s seat were raised at aforementioned Brûrhardgar, the first and only true Giant fortification in all of history. He forged titanic iron hammers for the other giants as well, but despaired, for the youngest son of Mattermight saw the woe they wreaked and regretted it deeply. He often walked among the ruined dwarf-halls alone but for the stars, and sang a lament for their deaths- for there were many in those dark times. And in the broken throne of one such fallen manse he found a gemstone of uncommon visage, and was smitten with it, as many had been before him, and after. Bearing it to Brûrhardgar he made to entreat his father. “Alas! Were it not for thy warmongering the sons of the clouds could become a great and mighty people; but endless wars will diminish our race, and cause our great strength to be spent for naught. Therefore I will forge for thee no more, save only those things which do not make war and harm.” the prince spoke unto his liege, and brought out the round gem so that the latter might see its beauty. “For there is more to this world than carnage and strength-of-arms, father! I bid thee gaze into the depths of this treasure of the Dwarves, which holds all the grace of the world within it, and weep, as I do. Such things I could make for thee, and our race would rejoice in their light!” In a kinder world his father might have been swayed, but this tale is of binding, of pain, of betrayal and of other dark things. Harsh was the anger of the Mountain King, and he leapt down from his throne in blind wroth. With his own strength he tore Urdûshinbâr’s hand from his body along with the great gemstone, and said unto him:“If thou willst not forge war for me thou willst forge it for none, and as I gave thee life, it is mine to take away also!” And thereafter he smote the youngest son of his seed down upon the mountain-side in shame, to die among the ravines far from his seat. “And be cursed, Cloudyhead, dwarrow-lover!” his brothers called down to him as he fell, “For thou art no kin of ours!” But Urdûshinbâr was not slain, and bound his wound in secret and hiding, alone and unassisted. For though his dissension had been sparked for their sake, the remaining dwarves did not render help unto him. Indeed in those days many of their number who still lived in those parts began to pay homage to Bad-urus, who had set their gem in his mighty crown and claimed kingship over the dwedmar also. Among those who came were a particularly wicked House called the Black-locks, of whom more will be told later. In any case many ogres, trolls, and other mountain-folk paid the Mountain King obeisance during this time also. He ruled all these peoples harshly, and loved them not. But his scorned son had prophesied truly, and in spite of his might Bad-urus was a foolish creature- his mind was more often akin to that of a beast than a sentient being. Therefore downfall came swiftly to him, for Urdûshinbâr would bear it not to see the evil of his race proliferate and was not idle, and from the shadows conceived of ways to bring about the doom of his House. He did this first by dealing death to his cruel brothers, who oft departed Brûrhardgar in order to raid the mountains, and to fight one another among the peaks. Each in time met their ends, in deep moraines, beneath rockslides, and other traps- and each saw Urdûshinbâr before the end, and named him for a kinslayer. “Nay. Be cursed, son of the clouds,” he replied, “For thou art no kin of mine.” Bad-urus’ influence over the petty-giants grew weaker as his sons perished, and ere long even the lesser races began to quit themselves of his rule. As his holdings decreased his wrath burned ever more hotly, and he grew to fear his own shadow. Little remained of his once-great Kingdom save for Brûrhardgar itself, and it was there that his youngest offspring came to him, in order for to make the breaking of the Mattermights complete. Upon that mountain-top they fought for many days and many nights, the father by fist and the son by hammer, and each held his own. Every strike of the Mountain King’s hand cast down mountains, each swing of Urdûshinbâr’s hammer brought lightning from the heavens, and by their combat was much of Brûrhardgar destroyed in its entirety. At long last the Mountain King fell, for his strength had waned in the latter days of his reign, and with this blow his dominion also was shattered. The petty-giants fled down from the mountains to scatter on the wind, and nevermore would their kin gather thusly in one place, for they were and are a simple race with little instinct for unity save beneath a greater strength than they (which is rare.) In any case Urdûshinbâr had received a wound also, and lost his reason for quite some time. It was in this state that a group of dwarves found the two, having made their way in a great host to investigate the source of the clamor. It should be noted that these dwarrows were not of the kin of Hollowbold or even of any of the Clans of the later Grand Kingdom, but rather belonged to a far-flung house of Urguan’s folk which has since passed into oblivion. They were themselves named Black-locks, and were with few exceptions a wicked tribe of grim and malicious creatures who took great pleasure in the subjugation and enslavement of their own race, as well as other senseless cruelties. In later times their line was hunted down and slaughtered by other dwarves, but at the time of Bad-urus’ reign they were the eminent clan in the area and had no love for Urdûshinbâr. The Lord of the Black-locks at the time was a dwarf named Bybur Softbrow, whose heart was black with malice. As is often the case with petty henchmen he harboured a great hatred for all his masters, and finding Urdûshinbâr insensate and Bad-urus dead he clapped his hands with glee. “I am doubly-blessed today; for the crown of the Mountain King will hereafter be an heirloom of my house, and one never knows when he might have need of a captive giant!” he declared, “After all none is more cursed than the kinslayer, and the Brathmordakin will bless me for enslaving him.” Bybur did not forget to add the last part, for he fancied himself well-versed in religious jurisprudence (which, of course, he was not.) The Lord of the Blacklocks bid his mightiest smiths to gather up the great hammers of the giants in order for to forge them anew into fifteen shackles, and caused the still-living Urdûshinbâr to be bound by iron and magic in the darkness of a hollow mountain. In the chains the Black-lock smiths wove a mighty spell which forbade his unbinding save by a dwarf who bore their heirloom, which is of course to say, any Black-lock who might have need of him. In such a fashion was the last of the Mattermights consigned to a black pit from which there was no escape, and sealed away. The Black-locks lived in those parts for some years, but ere long were slain and disbanded across the mountains for their past evils. The tale of Urdûshinbâr therefore passed with them, and diminished at long-last into legend remembered in pieces only. The mountain’s location was forgotten, and when precious gems were discovered there many years later, the trade-town of Erabâk sprung unhindered. So it was that Urdûshinbâr’s piteous groans of captivity became local legend, and the mountain was named Aglâb-mênabad in their stead. [To be continued.]
  4. The Vaults of Urguan

    THE VAULTS OF URGUAN High King Verthaik Frostbeard and his throngs descended into the ghastly vaults of Kal’Omith, it’s stone walls whispering of past sins and it’s halls echoing the city’s decadence. The hidden vaults of Urguan were a sight to behold, it was magnificently large with it’s walls lined in gold and silver. The cruel and malicious King’s which sat upon the Obsidian Throne had led their people to ruin, basking in their wealth for their own selfish desires and refusing to pay homage to their warriors. The victorious King and his retinue continued to their destination, passing by the decaying corpses of fellow dwarves and human looters. The caverns halted their melody of sadness and remained silent in respect of the Liberator, the True King of Urguan and Kaz’Ulrah. At the end of the halls, the King’s company had come to a dead end and was met with a grand golden vault littered with ancient runes. Verthaik unlocked and opened the vault, it’s ungodly splendor of wealth nearly blinded the company at first sight. The dwarves dropped their weapons in glee and rushed inside, pocketing the gold with burlap sacks and even going as far as to discard their own rations. The King let out a hearty chuckle at first glance, the opening of the vault was the last signal to the wars end. In his eyes he had won and rightfully so. Kal’Omith’s gate was opened for the Liberator and the city was surrendered to the pious dwarves of Kaz’Ulrah. Verthaik watched as his men began to pick clean the vault, allowing them to take their own spoils however directed most of the loot to their own carts. An officer of the Dungrimm’s Folk approached the King at his behest, bowing his head respectfully before awaiting command. The King nodded in reply, beckoning to a rotten dwarven corpse “‘ave every livin’ Dwed given a s’are of 1,000 minas and t’e family of every fallen soldier awarded 2,000 minas. My people will beh repaid for t’eir sacrifices.” The officer snapped his heels together and saluted before barking out his newly given orders. In the bustling city of Jornheim, criers took to the streets to announce the ‘The King’s Own Soldiers Pay’. “‘Ear ye, ‘ear ye, dah ‘igh King ‘as forwarded a pay tae all dwarven soldiers w’o fought for t’e King. Come forward and put yer name on t’e list tae receive it! Those who come forth from Urguan to join their brothers, will also be allotted some coin.” The criers beckoned towards a booth where veterans of the Dungrimm’s Folk quickly fell in line. [To receive minas, reply to this thread with a quick form so I know who to send to. Thanks] A stout and fat ginger dwarf relaxes at his desk, shoving a piece of paper to your side of the desk. Name: Rank: Battles Fought, (Battle of Jornheim/Siege of Courland’s Fort) [Username: ] [Persona to be paid to: ]
  5. The Stormbreaker Clan

    The Stormbreakers “Parathek Nir da Ithrum” “Courage in the storm” The small group made their way across the steep waves, their ship crashing down upon the sea under them with a thunderous sound, muffled over the vastness of sea. The cold and salty wind, blowing the long grey braids of their leader to and fro. The sky, almost as dark as the place from which the travelers sought refuge, lent little comfort, yet they sailed on. Each member of the crew slowly reciting the Precepts to themselves, peering around, hoping to find a sunny sky or a suitable place to anchor. Many days passed, as the group continued to sail the rough and unforgiving sea, the unrelenting sky still shrouded in thick clouds. As Sevrish began to recite the Precepts as he had done hundreds of times before, a beam of light parted through the clouds, shining down upon their battered ship, as the stormy sky began to surrender to the sun's golden beams . With an expression of unwavering awe, Sevrish fell to his knees for a moment,, and then stepped forward towards the unbroken crew. “Yemekar hath bestowed ah blessen upon us” he proclaimed, his deep voice booming across the now calm turquoise sea. A roar came in response from the crew “LARE ITHRUM OVAR NAZKA THAMAR.” (No storm can break us). TRADITIONS; Stormbreaker traditions are a vital aspect to the way of life of a Stormbreaker clansman, the specificities of the rituals can shift depending on circumstance. OATH-TAKING Oath-taking is the initial ceremony for a dwarf that joins the clan from outside of the blood-lines. The oath can vary upon which member is giving the ceremony to the new clansmen, but often goes like this: "I hereby swear my life and loyalty to the Stormbreaker Clan, to fight and die for my brothers as they would for me. I swear to show only courage and bravery in the face of any Storms which block my path. I will follow the codex and clan laws, and recognize that should I break these, I will be branded a ‘broken brother’ and be exiled from the clan, or worse depending on the severity of my actions. I swear that I shall never try to conquer the sea, but instead be its brother, using its magnanimity to my advantage. I swear upon the blood of my brothers and myself that I will honor my clan. I am a Stormbreaker. Parathek Nir da Ithrum.” FACEPAINTING Face-painting is the ritual that follows the oath-taking. In this ceremony, newly inducted Stormbreakers are led into the fountain of salt in the middle of the clan hall and told to dunk themselves into the saline water to cleanse themselves. Following this, a clan elder brings a mixture of sea-borne ingredients which form a purple-like dye, and begins to paint the new brother’s face. STORM’S TRIAL The Storm’s Trial is a ceremony that occurs once a new Stormbreaker has been a member for a period of time. This ritual is highly dangerous and thus is done in pairs. During the Storm’s trial, clansmen are brought out into the sea and are told to survive on a raft for two days with minimal food and water. Once this time is over, those undergoing the trial must navigate their way back to the ship which will remain anchored where it had dropped them off. This trial aims to form tighter bonds of brotherhood, as well as provide experience of possible conditions that might be endured in the case of an actual shipwreck. STORMBREAKING The ‘STORMBREAKING’ is the most dangerous but also glorious trial out of the other traditions. A Stormbreaking may only occur during the peak of the storm season, as the clansman is given a canoe style boat, and sent out to survive a week on the rough sea with only that which he can hold in his small boat. Those that successfully complete this trial are given great respect in the clan and show both their physical and mental prowess. The term ‘storm broken’ is derived from those that cheat in this trial, as they are outcast from the clan and often lead short lives after. THE LAW OF THE STORM; The Clan Stormbreaker is governed by their rules of the sea, which apply both when sailing and when on land. These laws are simple and rough but serve to keep the Clan functioning as a well oiled gear. The Clan has instituted the following as the law in their halls: Failure to abide by the codex, besides standing consequences, will in general result in expulsion from the Stormbreakers and the party will be branded as a ‘broken brother’. COMMONS No stealing. You will return what you stole and receive a flogging. Taking items from anvils or workstations counts as stealing. No lying or scheming. Your tongue will be removed with tongs. No killing fellow dwarves, lest it be in physical or verbal self defense. You will be killed in the same way. Think on it. No coveting nor bedding with the wife of another dwarf. You will be flogged publicly by a minimum of fifty lashes, and then sent into exile. Castration depending on certain severity. No sodomy nor nightly affiliation with the similar sex. You will be treated as broken brother would in these lands, as states the Steward's laws. No nightly affiliation with members of the other races. You will be treated as a broken brother would, as states the Steward’s laws. No openly displaced cowardice. You will be treated as a broken brother and outcast. RESPECT Inability to respect classifies as violation of law. The name of Yemekar, and His Wrath, is to be respected. Confessed heretics and heathens will be beheaded, sent into exile, or melted into gold. The name of Mount Ardol is to be respected. All of the line of the Blue Mountain Folk are to be respected. All combat veterans, especially the wounded, are to be respected. All holy dwarves are to be greatly respected. Respect is like gold in clan culture. WEAPONS OF THE SEA; SERPENT AXE The Serpent Axe is one of the most commonly used clan weapons. The axe features a bladed edge on one side, and a fang styled pick on the other. The axe also usually has ornate workings on it that resemble an ocean serpent, waves, gears, or all three. GEAR WARHAMMER The Gear Warhammer’s head is made from dense and heavy gears that can deliver crushing blows upon impact. The base of the warhammer is riveted to allow a good grip, and is relatively light in comparison to the massive top, allowing for a large build of momentum before impact. On the opposite side of the massive gear is a fang styled as a drill bit, and can be made to spin by taking the hammer to certain Clan engineers. SERPENT CROSSBOW The Crossbow is mostly used by the engineers and researchers of the Stormbreaker clan. In order to reduce the morale of opponents, the crossbow often is made to resemble a sea monster of some sort. Featuring the Clan’s most recent engineering prowess, the crossbow is relatively easy to pull back due to a set of internal locking gears, but delivers a punch comparable to a crank-crossbow. MECHANICAL SHIELD The Mechanical Shield is a durable and hefty one, made from black ferrum and thornbark, the shield is able to withstand massive blows. The inner parts of the shield consist of many small mechanized gears that help to absorb blows and spread impact throughout the entire shield. Current Roster Clan Father Sevrish Stormbreaker (SoulStrung) Clan Elders Einar Stormbreaker (AemonTargaryen) Brynjar Stormbreaker (StokedOff) Clan Members Crevin Stormbreaker (HotBurritos) Grendor Stormbreaker (Selenzr12) Byrnii Stormbreaker (booklight12) Thoradrin Stormbreaker (Saveforthememory) Throngvar Stormbreaker (Epic_Miner1980) Jakkios Stormbreaker (Jack_Castle) Koralon Stormbreaker (Moorke) Barradin Stormbreaker (TheAlgoda) Honorary Clan Members Vivian Stormbreaker-Serene (ElevenJellyBeans) TO JOIN COME TO THE CLAN HALL IN THE FROSTBEARD CAPITAL.
  6. Recovering Lost Items

    *Notices are strung up in every nation and settlement* I, Ogdan Frostbeard, have returned to the surface. To see the place I once called home empty no cheering in the halls, no clamor of joy, just emptyness. I returned to my desert home only to find it ransacked and torn apart. I am deeply saddened by not the materials I lost. But the sentimental value of some of those things that were taken from me. I am asking everyone who has heard my name, seen my inventions, or read my writings to return any of the following to me for a reward. - Books Written by Ogdan Frostbeard and or [Master Engineer] Ogdan Frostbeard - Inventions made by myself, Ogdan Frostbeard. These items I hold dear to my heart and have poured my heart into many of these writings and inventions. I am deeply angry with myself for not putting these in safekeeping. However I hope the good of the people will return these belongings to me. You will be compensated, I guarantee that. - Ogdan Frostbeard, Grandson of Gorum Frostbeard, Master Engineer.
  7. ~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~ A fine leather-bound tome may be found in some of the libraries and halls of the Dwarves, its thick surface tooled to resemble a pair of crossed chains. Below this relief is written, in Dwarvish: “The Tale of Burri the Chain-breaker and the Fifteen Bindings of Urdûshinbâr: Chapter I.” Should it be opened, the rune-covered parchment crackles beneath the reader’s fingers. ~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~ It is said that when the world was young there was a vast mountain peak which rose on high and clove the clouds asunder- one of the mightiest in any land, then or since- and which for its breadth might have been a pillar of the world. At its feet lay Erabâk, a rich and mighty hold-fast which subsisted on the trade and refinement of precious gems, drawn forth from deep mines. It was a home well-suited to dwarrow-folk, for while the toil was arduous they delighted in the coaxing of gemstones from the stone, and among them were found some of the finest jewelers ever to have sprung of the line of Urguan. The mount was called Aglâb-mênabad, “The Singing Mountain”, and when the bright moonlight shone over its pinnacle a great howling was oft-heard by the dwarves of Erabâk. Many believed it to be haunted by the spirit of some long-perished fire drake, or that it was a gate into the Halls of Khaz’A’Dentrumm, but none knew its true nature; the dwarrows did not venture much upon it, and gave its slopes a wide berth for fear of being cursed by its mystery. In such a time and place lived a small dwarf named Burri, and it is he whom this tale concerns most primarily. As it happens he was a simple dwarrow of no particular wealth or breeding, the seventh son of an iron-miner who possessed only middling fortune. Destiny has a curious way of making itself known in such low places, and so it was in this instance, as you will soon read; for Burri possessed no trove of gold, nor gems, save for one which had been given to him as curious heirloom. “My young lad,” his father had uttered as he lay upon his deathbed, “Alas, for I have scarce inheritance left to give which does not already belong to thy brothers, and neither lands nor titles to gift unto thee. But keep faith, for thou art the seventh son of my line, as I was of my own sire, and therefore thy inheritance is that of the Gods’ grace; great deeds are to be expected of thee. I bid therefore that thy hand take one thing from what remains of my meager wealth, and venture out into the wider world to seek your fortune.” This boon Burri accepted with heavy heart, but when he came to the vault he found it emptied but for a few tarnished golden coins and a cracked fire-opal, which looked to have been cloven with a blade. Of these he chose the gem, and took it not for its value but as memory of his father, whom he loved well and dearly. Keeping it close the dwarf quit the manse of his elders, and departed from Hollowbold the Great into the wider lands as his sire had bid him. In those days the holdings of the dwarves were broad indeed, and Burri traveled many roads and endured many adventures, which were not always pleasant and of which no tales tell. Ere long he came to work at a miners’ Inn at aforementioned Erabâk- there he found a hard life, but virtuous, for though he was a commoner dwarf he was possessed of a noble spirit indeed. It is by this grace that Burri is not known to posterity as the “Ale-pourer”, for even in this lowest of places did providence make itself known to this seventh son. It came to him one night as he sat and gazed into the depths of his father’s boon, as he often did- for the crack did little to dim its beauty. As he looked into the opal the world became still and silent, and even the hoots of the night-owl beyond his window were dampened. And in this silence a song came from the stone: a dirge, and a voice akin to a deep summer thunder. And as he listened the voice came louder, and with it a sound like the pounding of war-drums. A bright light breached through the pearlescent cracks of the stone, and illuminated all that was in his small chamber. Great fear seized Burri’s heart, but the dwarf’s gaze could not be broken from the reflection. For in its depths he beheld Aglâb-mênabad rising from the foothills, and in its midst an ember smoldered. He saw also the dark outline of a hand upon the stone, a mighty crown, a melting hammer, and chains which bound a flame to earth and stone. The mountain howled, and in its song he heard a deep sorrow fraught with misery- bound and captive. He saw wicked, twisted dwarves also, with hair black as pitch and eyes of crystal blue which burned with greed. The light shone bright as sun-rays then, and went out- but in Burri’s grip the opal turned then hot as a glede, so that his hands were scorched by it. “Fie!” the dwarf cried as he let it fall, “For surely this is no ordinary gem, that sings so, and burns me thusly!” And indeed it was not, for unbeknownst to Burri it was called the Fihruldânak, and had by that time wrought much, both good and evil. It was said that it had been given unto Urguan himself by subdued demons of the depths, and in all of history few stones have been so coveted, and so beloved; for in its depths it was said that one could see beyond the grey shadows of the world and into the past, and furthermore that all which was beautiful to dwarves did dwell within it. Of the refining and breaking of Fihruldânak many tales are told, not least among them that of the War of Possession, but as it plays only a minor part the author will not belabour this particular telling with their length. How it had come to Burri’s father cannot be fathomed, but its fate was woven with his regardless. It is not wise even for the greatest Lord to ignore such a vision, and simple Burri knew well that the counsel of magic stones should not be taken lightly. Therefore despite his trepidation he decided to investigate, and on the next day, which was that of Midsummer, he began to ascend the great slopes of Aglâb-mênabad. He brought with him the Fihruldânak and no companions, for he had no friends who did not fear the haunted peak. The climb was a long and slow one, for he was no alpinist, and though the bluffs were largely lacking in ice and moraine the sun had sunk to eventide by the time the dwarf had reached the end of his journey. He came to rest upon a boulder, and cast his gaze about the dusk-lit summit in search of answers. “Lo!” exclaimed Burri with interest, for the peak of the mountain was no peak at all, and rather a great yawning chasm from whence rose a great and powerful stench of sulfur. “What curious fortune!” wondered he, “For the mountain which sings is not haunted at all- though it may well spit fire. Was it this I was meant to find, I wonder?” But the opal flared hot in his hands once more, and Burri knew that he would have to venture further still. Setting his piton-anchor, he began to descend along a length of his trusty hempen rope just as the silver beams of moonlight leapt forth above the horizon. Nevertheless it was a dark pit, with walls of black basalt which wicked away all light. The dwarrow’s eyes therefore sought in vain for some hint of his waking-dream, for all that could be seen in the gloaming were the endless walls of rough stone, lacking in soot or any other mark. Ere long he had come to the end of his rope, and dangling there in the darkness he felt that all his climbing might have been in vain. He made to light a candle for to see, but lo! From the darkness came a voice alike to the one which had issued from the Fihruldânak, and caused the hairs upon his neck to stand up. “I pity thee, candle-lighter!” it called from the stinking depths, and a wind like a hurricane rose with it to gutter out Burri’s lonely flame. “For many years has it been since last I smell’t dwarf, and by my will thou shalt regret thy coming.” “Ach, mountain-master! Mercy!” The dwarf shook as he was cloaked again in the gloom, clinging to his rope even as his face grew pale with fright. His sharp gaze sought to make sense of the voice in the deep dark, to no avail. “I beg thee, mercy- for I am naught but a poor mountain-dwarrow, a’sprung of Tumûnzâhar the Great. My name is Burri, son of Durmon the One-Eyed, and I wish unto thee no harm or mischief.” Here of course he committed a grave error, for as you will come to read in further tales the name of a dwarf is a powerful thing, and should not be spoken lightly; dragons, demons, and other such beasts may use it to their advantage. Luckily Burri was more fortunate than that, as you will soon see. As he spoke the moon peeked her rays into the mouth of the great dark mountain to reveal a cavernous abyss. The empty vastness lay below him, larger even than the grottoes of Hollowbold herself, and along the walls were multifarious precious gems which shone like stars in the gloom. “Dwarf!” the voice roared again, and in its tones were pain and anger in equal measure. “Come to gloat upon my piteous adversity, no doubt! Be cursed, unwelcome one, and may you wither here with me!” With these words came a tremor from the deeps, and made loose the piton-anchor which held fast poor Burri’s binding. The dwarf cried out in fear as he found himself unfastened, and tumbling into the abyss saw the moonlit maw of the mountain shrink above him unto a size no larger than a Dwarven shilling. But in place of being dashed upon the rocks he found himself slowed upon what he thought might be a breadth of hardened leather, which rose up to greet his descent. But as moongleam cast further back the curtains of darkness, Burri’s beard bristled white with terror- for he found his salvation to be no tarpaulin at all, but instead a hand of leviathan proportions, which hung disembodied from the gloom. And as he cast his gaze upward he beheld by the burgeoning light of the moon a vast and pallid face with features craggy and uncouth, as if rough-hewn from a hunk of mountain-rock by an amateur- but it was the creature’s eyes which caused Burri’s heart to pause in its steps, so fearsome was the hatred therein. Like red lanterns they were, aglow with moonlight and focused beneath fierce and bushy brows of bristling hair. Each movement of its enormous form was accompanied by a deep thunder of metal, and the coming light revealed that the beast’s corded arm bore upon it seven chains of monumental size, with seven further upon his other. “W-w-who art thou, o’ mighty one?” Burri managed at last. Unbidden his hand went to the opal in his pocket and found to be warm, as if left out in the sun. “For by thy words it seems that thou knowest me, though I do not know thee in return- and if I am to be eaten I would like to know the name of such a creature as thee, and by what sorcery thy form was bound in such a deep place.” “The mark of the Black-locks is not upon thy face, Burri the Candle-lighter,” the giant said then, and some of the passion faded from his eyes, “Very well, dwarrow.” As the giant set Burri down upon the dark floor of the cavern he began to speak, and wove a tale such that seldom few had ever heard- a tale which hearkened to the time before small dwarf-kingdoms and towns like Erabâk were the eminent force in the mountains, when ogres, dragons, giants, and other monstrous beasts waged battle for dominion of the land twixt earth and sky. Scarce records of these times existed among Burri’s people then (or now, for that matter) and those that did had begun to drift into the creeping oblivion of myth. One such narrative was concerned with the “Binding of Urdûshinbâr”, which by the time of Burri’s birth had been largely forgotten by the Dwarven lorekeepers. [The tale is continued HERE.]
  8. Dismissal of Oren

    The hour was late when the council meeting was called. Frerir sat at the king’s seat at the table, his councillors still groggy from being awoken were gathered around him. A somber mood was apparent on his face, illuminated by the scant torch light in the darkness of the mountain. He looked around to his councillors as they rubbed the sleep from their eyes and became alert. “Good Evening lads.” he said “We’ve a brief document to write.” ~Dismissal of the Orenian Empire from the War~ To His Grace, Emperor Peter Sigismund, it is with ill tidings that I pen you this letter. As you are aware, a Hansettian fortress was lost to the Frostbeard and their allies today. Many good lads, Dwarves and Orenians lost their lives defending it to their last breath. It is not right that so many men were to die today, fighting our war. We shall bind you no longer to the terms of our treaty, the Pact of Steel. No more Orenian men should lose their lives fighting for us. We shall continue the fight on our own, and with the gods’ blessing may we be victorious. I wish you peace and prosperity, Urguan shall always remember those who treated her well. Signed: Grand King Frerir Irongrinder
  9. What’s your Minecraft account name?: Jack_Castle What timezone are you in?: MST How old are you?: 22 Are you aware the content and interactions on this server may not be appropriate for children under the age of 13? (You won’t be denied for being under 13): Indeed. Have you read and agreed to the rules?: I and and I agree to all. What’s the rule you agree with the most?: Combat. Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense? (if so we can help clear it up!): Those regarding character vs player death. How did you find out about Lord of the Craft?: Avemechanicus and Ragnio roped me into it. Link(s) to past Whitelist Applications (If applicable): N/A Have you logged into the server yet? (You cannot be whitelisted without logging in at least once): Definitions What is roleplaying?: Roleplaying is the act of mentally projecting ones perspective unto that of a character in which that person has created a persona for. What is metagaming?: Metagaming is both, the use of out of character knowledge to gain an advantage of other players, and the mentioning of the games root mechanics in universe. What is power-emoting (powergaming)?: Akin to Puppeteeting or Godroleplaying its defined in the rules as taking control of anothers character and forcing actions upon them. Other definitions include over anylizing the game and focusing too highly on the aspect of efficiency or winning. And while to some this can be fun, it is almost always makes the game less fun for those involved with the Powergamer. In-Character Information Character’s name: Jakkios Corvus Character’s sex: Male Character’s race: Mountain Dwarf Character’s age: 386 Biography: Born in the Dwarven Hold of Kal'Urguan in the year of 1249, born to a family of steelworkers. At the age of 100, and after years of constant warfare against the undead hords the hold eventually fell and they were forced to flee to Asuloa, there he was set up as a redstone engineer aboard the vessels and eventually the cities themselves. Joined his brothers once again as they sailed off for Anthos. After the Fringe and the Thales he journed for Athera, he spent the majority of that time blackout drunk, so blackout drunk that the next thing he remembered he was in a mine in the city of Kal'Omith in the lands of Axios having not the slightest clue as to what had happened or what was happening Personality Traits: Likes honesty, finding lying to be an easy and cowardly tactic, thus he is lacking in political savvy. Has difficulty remembering names. Loves the open mountain air, the cold northern winds calming and soothing his raging soul. Ambitions: (what does your character aspire to be?) To construct the greatest city in all of the world. Strengths/Talents: (what is your character really, really good at?) Jakkios is talented with Redstone Engineering with a creative and inventive mind to boot. Weaknesses/Inabilities: (what is a skill that your character needs to work on?) Jakkios wishes to become a better statesmen, lacking the silver tongued tact of others that would make great leaders of them. Despite this he carries the potential to be a great leader, which a booming charisma and common touch. Additionally, while he was once a great warrior, his time away from the fields have dulled his keen edge, he must aspire to hone his skills once again. Appearance: (what does your character look like?; how tall are they?; hair color?; scars?) Jakkios has long side whiskers of a smokey black color, with sad blue eyes and a scar traveling down the inner side of his right eye socket and down along his nose to the jaw, diagonal across the face. He is four foot four inches and weighs two hundred and thirty five pounds, give or take a few pounds. Often he can be found smoking a pipe, almost always while working.
  10. ♛!Horses for Sale!♛ Best horses in the realm now being sold (350%+), Fast horses, high jumpers, and resistant ones! Prices going from One Thousand minas to ten thousand!! You won't get horses this good from enywhere else!! Contact Vinic or Luke Dunamis For one (W4saki/Lucas84775) OOC: Best Horses in game for sale just pm W4saki Price goes depending on how good the speed and jump combined are. Just pm me with what stats you want your horse and i'll give a price!
  11. Informations What’s your Minecraft account name?: lucadem01 What timezone are you in?: GMT+1 (Germany) How old are you?: 18 Are you aware the content and interactions on this server may not be appropriate for children under the age of 13? (You won’t be denied for being under 13): Yes Have you read and agreed to the rules?: Yes What’s the rule you agree with the most?: It is the Cyber Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense? (if so we can help clear it up!): No How did you find out about Lord of the Craft?: I was searching for a new skin and I found one from Saint Paint with the letters Lots. That letters remembered me to Lotr (which I personally love) and so I googled it. Have you logged into the server yet? (You cannot be whitelisted without logging in at least once): Yes Definitions What is Roleplaying?: I started with Roleplaying because of the game SavageWorld. You choose or create a character which you like (with background story, special abilities, weaknesses,....). In game you play your own created or chosen role. What is Metagaming?: If your character knows things which he can't know. For example if you as person read the character profile of a player, you know everything of this character also things that are kept secret. So you can use this for advantage in game. What is Power-emoting (Powergaming)?: To give your character skills, he can not have for examples background story or to know weaknesses of other player, he always escape every attack and findet legendary weapons and amours. Role Character’s name: Celezaram Character’s sex: Male Character’s race: Mountain Dwarf Character’s age: 27 Biography : Celezaram was born in Kal'Karaad, one of the mysterious cities in dwarven history. After he was born a fanatic group of Khorvad worshiper kidnaped him along fifteen other newborn babies. This group thought that by sacrificing pure blood, their great master would return from the death and the war between good and evil would start again. But they were wrong. The ritual failed terribly. By sacrificing such pure blood they unleashed a horrible power which killed nearly everyone except from one, Celezaram. After this power elected him as host animal his eyes turned blue und hairs turned withe. He was found by merchants which searched the place for something they could sold for a high price. He was raised by this people in Kal'Omith. Because of his untypical appearance he often was excluded and bullied. At the age of six he became aware of the power which slept inside him. He still has to managed to control the power but he decided that nobody should ever know about this. While he grew up he begun to appreciate metal-work and since then he wants to become a blacksmith. Ambitions: Celezaram simply search a place where he is accepted like he is and where he can be like he want to be and he dreams to become the greatest and none one under blacksmiths. Strengths/Talents: Reading, of course, or rather studying in general. He has a talent of memorising things and he his an outstanding talent when it comes to negotiation. He is also quite skilled in fighting with an axe. Weaknesses/Inabilities: He's sword skills are very bad and he can't run fast. He also fears that other dwarfs might discover that he is a user of dark magic. He has his own head and accustomed to work alone so he is not a great team-player. Appearance: He has the size of an average dwarf (4.8 ft.) but not a typical appearance of mountain dwarfs. His hair turned withe and silvern, if he waches you are frightened because of his cold, blue eyes. He wears clothes in all red colors with gold elements and blue adornments. On the head he wears a diadem. Like his hair, his beard is also silvern with golden elements. (If there are problems with my grammar or spelling, please tell me the spots so I can correct them. I would be very thankful if you help me to improve my english.) Skin:
  12. MC name: z3m0s Character's name: Kalviin Ireheart Character’s age: Three-Hundred and Thirty Character’s race: Sky-God Mountain Dwarf Link to your accepted MA: What magic do you desire to teach?: Runesmithing Summarize the Lore of this Magic: Runesmithing has always been shrouded in mystery and vagueness, it’s humble beginnings lost in time to those that so devotedly serve to learn and utilize it’s craft. The Runesmithing we understand today consists of the creation of symbols, markings or runes into various surfaces. The runes alone are but markings should they not be crafted with a bound set of tools given to a Runesmith via a secret binding ritual. The combination of the Runesmiths knowledge, the runes themselves, a desired surface and the bound tools, can reap a host of varying effects from manipulating elements in different manners, to more unique runes able to hold a memory safe within, or brand a thief foolish enough to attempt to steal the chosen item. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Kalviin sat patiently, rested within a large golden gem encrusted throne within his private quarters deep within the mountains of Urguan. Twiddling a golden coin carefully between his fingers as he avoided the large orb like gems that adorned his fingers, he waited on a young beardling he had seen potential in at first sight, though as he lacked the sight of this beardling within his quarters, and his set time grew later and later, Kalviin began to doubt his gut feeling was up to scratch as usual. After many a moment later than they had intended to begin a lesson, a stocky young beardling loudly waddled into Kalviin’s exquisite quarters, slamming the door behind himself as he held a wide yellow toothed grin towards Kalviin’s direction. Kalviin stood quickly from his throne, downing a small set of steps to meet eyes with the beardling “Wipe the grin of your face beardling, and for Yemekar’s sake clean your teeth once an elven week would you. . . You’re incredibly late” he’d frown towards the beardling, an awkward amount of silence going by before the beardling perked up to speak “I- I’m deeply sorry Kalviin, some urgent business kept me from my lesson with you, it was not my intention to disrespect you” Kalviin shook his head slowly as he stared deep within the gray eyes of the beardling “There is no greater business to a Khazadmar than that of the ancient Dwarven art of Runesmithing, do you understand that child. . . Your play dates and petty barter compares none to the glory I have offered you here today, and you spit on the gods with your lateness and rubbish excuses.” The beardling sighed with wide eyes as Kalviin began to pace about with his back turned “I’m eager to start. . . I’ve brought my tools! I’m ready to evoke some fire. . . Or- something. Kalviin continued to shake his head, though he couldn’t help but keep a faint smile from his face as he turned back to face the beardling, the comment reminding him of himself in his younger days. So eager and naive “Nay child, you’ll not be using your tools for some time now, it is important I trust your ability in carving before you may lay your tools to stone for the crafting of runes. At your desk is a rune drawn on parchment and a stack of mock clay runes, carve the pattern until your hands bleed and you’ll be a raven’s feather closer to creating a real rune.” he’d grumble as he headed back to his throne “That’ll teach you for being late you bastard” he’d mumble to himself as he loudly plonked both feet up onto his desk, beginning to read various parchments as he waited for the beardling to pass out from sleep deprivation or blood loss. Do you have a Teacher App you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No
  13. Out-Of-Character Information Please do your best to correct spelling and grammatical errors, this is an RP server and writing is the main form of communication! What’s your Minecraft Account Name?: My Minecraft Account Name is xLqved How old are you?: I am 10 Are you aware the server is PG-13 (You won’t be denied for being under 13): Yes, I am aware that this server is PG-13. Have you applied to this server before? (Please link all past applications) my other two were using the wrong format, so they aren’t actual applications that could be accepted you read and agreed to the rules?: Yes, I have read and agree to the rules. What’s the rule you agree with the most?: In order to engage in PvP you must have sufficient roleplay to do so, even if a player is running from ‘Halt!’ you may not PvP them. If the roleplay beforehand is major (e.g. a conflict) and they run from roleplay you may drop them but you must revive them. Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense?(If so we can help clear it up! You will not be denied for having a question on the rules): all The rules make sense How did you find out about Lord of the Craft? I found it from my brother Definitions Feel free to Google the answers or browse our forums, but make sure that you write the reply in your own words, not those of another website or person! What is roleplaying?: Roleplaying is the acting or pretending of someone or something that is not you. What is metagaming?: Metagaming is having your roleplaying character know something they wouldnt. What is powergaming?: Powergaming is roleplaying within chat and not giving the other person a chance to pick something. A style of interacting or communicating in gamees In-Character Information Now you actually make your character - be creative but stay reasonable! Make sure they make sense and that they follow lore. Try to come up with a character that you actually want to play. Character’s name: I am Pascal frostbeard Character’s gender: I am a Male. Character’s race: I am a mountain dwarf Character’s age: I am 84 Biography (Please make it a decent two paragraphs long. Remember to add server lore, and events that happened to your character so that they don’t contradict history.): (I am doing it as if Pascal was writing this. ) I am Pascal frostbeard I am mountain dwarf of the Age of 52, Im a male. I am very smart. I grew up in a nation called Alban. I did not stay there for long though! As of right now, i am 84, i live in a castle in the middle of jornheim with all the other frostbeards. This is my opinion. I hope to succeed in the use of magic. I hate everything and everyone impure and imperfect. I do not like to settle things with war. Most likely because I am a wimp and I horrible at pvp. But sometimes high elves can team together with dwarfs and beat a Olog with use of their inteligence. I am very mature for my age. I love the outdoors and learning things I did not know. I am a extroverted guy. I like to talk to other dwarves I love to write. My main way of communicating is letters if I am not talking to the person face to face. I am an orphan. I don’t like orcs. I hate Ologs the most. I still do hate Elves. Humans are ok but some are just horrible. I hate everything and everyone impure and imperfect. Humans are almost as stupid as orcs. They live puny lives and think they are so smart and can beat every race. I think not. On my 84th birthday, though, elves from ceru. I knew they didnt belong here because of their accent. They were very smart high elves, and they started a war. The elves from Tahn are allies, but the ceru ones are not. Since i grew up in alban, i knew everyone there. And the people i knew most, that talked to me every day, that helped me when i was sailing to the wrong world the ones i know most, helped me fight off the high elves invading our territory, and every day after that, i hated ceru, loved alban,and i loved the ones from tahn.. I still hate Ologs the most... They are the ones who allied with the elves, and the are very strong, so we dwarves and allies barely managed to win the war. Ologs ar the ones who killed most people in our side. We almost lost our territory because of the violent ologs. My parents (im an orphan so i have adopted parents) saw the battle the whole time... But not one thing they could do. The ologs and elves had trapped them. It was after this time that my parents had told me i was adopted... I am a loving dwarf, i never have started a war with anyone. I only have ended them. I am 84, but i am not old, because 84 is pretty young i dwarf years. I am very small, 3 feet and 11 inches, my father is 4 feet, 3 inches, and my mother is 4 feet and 1 inch. I am pretty average, compared to other mountain dwarves. I am sure i will exell in magic. I am a librarian, and a writer, so basicly i write books for my own library. The Frostbeards are usually writers and librarians, and that has passed on to me. I live up high in the mountains, there is a decent sized path that will lead right up to the othre kinds f dwarves. "I, Pascal Frostbeard, will always succeed in all things i have set out to do, i am determined in many things. And i am a goof friend to all, and for the most important thing, i am very faithful. Personality Traits: I am self assured and I uaually succeed I never give up even if it means beating a olog single handed. I will use my abilities to my advantage. For example to kill an olog I will use my intelligence to confuse the olog to beat himself up. This is just an example, As I said I do not like to settle things with violence. I am also an extroverted person. I like to talk to people especially other pure dwarves. Ambitions: I hope to make everything pure and nobody or nothing to be impure or imperfect. As I said I do not like anything impure or imperfect. Strengths/Talents: I am good at persuading people and confusing them so I can trick them into letting me pass. Weaknesses/Inabilities: I am terrible at combat and stealth. I can not beat an very smart dwarf. I most likely will run in the fight. Appearance (List the extra details of your characters appearance, IE; height & weight): I am 3 feet 11 inches tall . I weigh 90 pounds or 40.8233 kilograms. im skinny. I always wear robes. I have green eyes. Appearance, please provide us a screenshot of your character’s skin (If you need help, see our screenshot guide here): If this does not work go to
  14. ~-~ A Great Celebration ~-~

    *All around the Isles of Axios, posters would be pinned to notice-boards, transcripts of the same documents being mailed privately to all the listed recipients. In the streets, criers and heralds would loudly declare the news, which would begin to circulate in most settlements* "A New Beginning Is At Hand" - Frerir Irongrinder A great celebration will soon descend upon the merry halls of Kal'Omith, a celebration to which many are invited! In one Stone Day's time, the jubilant coronation of Grand King Frerir Irongrinder will take place, following the abdication of his father; Zahrer Irongrinder. This event will mark a monumental change in the history of our noble state, as the incoming Grand King has been hard at work making various reforms to the society in which we live. Therefore, this coronation will not only signify the ascension of a new dwed to the Obsidian Throne, but a dramatic rebirth of Urguani politics as a whole. To all those invited; you can expect a ceremony of splendor and grace, with an opportunity to witness what will surely become a defining moment in the history of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. To all those recipients listed below, our warmest salutations, and we do hope that you shall join us on this merry occasion, as friends, enjoying the warm hearths and hearty brews of our mountain home. The Following Guests Are Cordially Invited To This Momentous Event HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Peter II Sigismund of The House of Horen, and His Entourage. His Majesty, Leoiaritzaltzu Salbatzaile de Savin, and His Entourage. High Princess Awaiti Aureon, and Her Entourage. The Silver Council of Haelun'or, and Its Entourage. His Majesty, Aelthir of The House Tundrak, and His Entourage. The Sovereign Trade Monarchy of Sutica, and Their Entourage. The Good Citizens of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Including The Ranks of The Ascended. The Good Folk of The Halfling Peoples. The Good Folk of The Druidic Orders. Note - This coronation will be heavily guarded, with any and all unwelcome passerby or enemies of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan being dispatched, posthaste. We ask that those who would cause harm at such an important occasion for those present, watched over by the all-knowing eyes of the Brathmordakin, would refrain from doing so in the pursuit of a peaceful transition of power in the time-honoured tradition of our People. [OOC]
  15. the feast of kaz'ulrah

    [!]through the city there would be flyers, nailed to doors and onto walls, as you walk closer, you read THE KAZ’ULRAH FEAST We here at Kaz’Ulrah are proud of our newly reconstructed city and we here want to show you all the wonders of Kaz’Ulrah, through many hours of drinking, feasting, conversation and ending it all, a minor tournament. All of this is sponsored by the members of Kaz’Ulrah and we invite everyone, the drunken dwarves, the wise elves, the mighty orcs and the noble humans There will be no entry or exit fee, we just ask you kindly not to start a fight with any waring nation you might have and to drink as much as you can. Afterwards, for those interested, a fighting tournament will be held and the winner will get a total of 1000 minas. The feast will be held all of The First Seed(Friday, from 4 pm est) at Jorheim (the mountain above new Jornheim) Held by yours truly, the owner of both the Alevein inn and the drunken dwarf tavern, Thalrim Irongut
  16. ✦Clan Stormfist✦

    Clan Stormfist “The Gold in the Sky” The Stormfists were a vassal clan of the Frostbeard clan of big, caring, white/grey fair-haired dwarves. created by the two youngest offspring of Baldin Frostbeard and the Snow elf Erniel. These two offspring were Exmord Stormfist and his younger twin brother Belrig Stormfist. The Stormfists were loyal to the Frostbeard Clan and the Clan Fathers of the Stormfist were expected to swear fealty to the Clan Father of the Frostbeard Clan. Exmord and Belgrig were the first Clan fathers of the Stormfists.. After the death of King Kerwyr Frostbeard, the Stormfist were unwanted by both Urguan and the Clan they served; the Frostbeards. Because of this they were forced into exile, living in the cold mountain tops trying to survive in any way they could. During this exile the Clan Father Exnord Stormfist died of starvation, and Berig was lost in a blizzard. The surviving Clan members elected Exnord’s sons; Boreas Stormfist and his twin brother Notos Stormfist to become the next Clan Fathers. The dwed of Clan Stormfist did not hold a grudge against the Frostbeards, they saw holding such grudge only as a weakness that would hurt them in the future. Because of this, the second generation of Clan Fathers led their people back to Kaz'Ulrah where they expected a new beginning for his people, this time serving a unified nation. The Two Pillars of the Stormfists ⌭ Family The first pillar in Stormfist culture is family. To a Stormfist family is the most important thing in this world. Stormfists are always expected to be ready to die defending family. It is a common belief in the clan that when defending a fellow Stormfist the spirit of Wyrvun blesses them with strength to face any foe that threatens the bonds of family, be it physical or metaphysical. ⌭ Honor The second pillar in Stormfist culture is Honor. Because of this a Stormfist is forbidden from begging for anything, including their lives. When captured a Stormfist should not let himself/herself be executed, he should always face death standing. A Stormfist most not fear death as once they die they will be reunited with their ancestors. Lying and equivocating are both shamed upon by the Stormfists. Belief ⌭ Death Stormfists traditionally cremate deceased members on mountaintops. This is so the soul of the deceased can travel to Wyrvun’s embrace being granted a place amongst the stars and the remains can be one with the mountain once more. ⌭ Afterlife If a Stormfist has lived a good life it is said that Wyrvun would grant him or her a place amongst the stars. Thus being able to live eternally looking upon all the realms of existence and learning from them. It is believed that the stars that show in our skies are the Souls of great descendants who gained Wyrvun’s admiration so they were placed there as to show the rest of their kin how far they can go. ⌭ Children of Wyrvun As beloved children of Wyrvun the Stormfists are always ready to march to war against those who declare war on a nation that is also composed of worshipers of Wyrvun, such as the Frostbeards and the Snow elves. Trials ✧The cleansing Before starting the great trial a beardling must cleanse himself. To do so said beardling needs to make a pilgrimage to a shrine of Wyrvun. There he will have to give a sacrifice (minas, weapon, or blood sacrifice) and pray to Wyrvun. ✧The Great Trial Once blessed and cleansed by Wyrvun the beardlings would travel in a group to form part of a hunt. In this hunt they will have to assist in killing a Wyvern. If the beardling shows bravery during the hunt he will pass the trial. ✧The Grand Reward After they killed the Wyvern the beardlings have to remove the heart of the creature. After giving a prayer to Wyrvun and blessing the heart the beardlings are to eat it. ⌭ Art Stormfists appreciate all types of arts. This separates them from many of their kin as many dwarves do not tolerate a lot of music styles. But like most dwarves the Stormfists also see the beauty of dwarven arts and gems. Its common for Stormfists enjoy writing poetry, listening to bards, and admiring paintings. ⌭ Philosophy Stormfists belive in a constant evolution of things through struggle, in particular the body and the mind. The harsh environment of the mountain tops helps their body evolve, but their mind needs something else to be sharpened. To strenghthen the mind the Stormfists developed an extremely critical way to look at their surroundings and each other’s opinions. This allowed the Stormfists not to break appart when they have ethical differences, as for a Stormfist if an action can be reasoned to be good it is not an evil action. ⌭ Astrology The Stars, Moon, and Sun have great impact in Stormfist’s culture. They see the study of these astral bodies almost as a religious task. With this knoledge the Stormfists have been able to guide themselves through the mountains as well as knowing in what season they were. A Stormfist would not hesitate to learn more about these bodies and those that worship them. Immportant Stormfists Exmord “The Tall” Stormfist, Clan Father of the First Generation Belrig “The Short” Stormfist,Clan Father of the First Generation Boreas Stormfist, Clan Father of the Second Generation Notos Stormfist, Clan Father of the Second Generation
  17. -~- A Bid For Freedom -~-

    *All over the Isles of Axios a long list of terms is published, seeming to indicate an agreement between The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and one of its Clans. Copies of the document would be found on the vast majority of notice-boards and heralded by criers in most major cities, for those concerned with its contents* Da Khronammoruk Khroven In the pursuit of beneficial union, it falls to the Elders of Clan Ireheart (hereafter referred to as both the Elder Council and The Council, interchangeably) to determine the alliances and allegiance of the Ireheart Clan and its Holdings. In said pursuit, the decision of the conjoinment falls to heavy discussion and extensive revision of written terms. Following the meeting of the esteemed members of Clan Ireheart, these terms are transcribed for immediate implementation and thusly named “Da Khronammoruk Khroven” (The Ireheart Pact). - In the event that the Grand King of Urguan resigns, passes away, or is otherwise reverted to a position in which he/she is no longer the sovereign of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, these accords will be reopened for discussion with his/her successor. - Upon the rightful coronation of a new Grand King, these accords may be renewed and reinstated. In such an event, the previous point shall be nullified until such a time as it again applies. - The Ireheart Hold and its ruling council shall be completely ruled and managed by said council, answering only to the rightfully crowned Grand King who has renewed and signed these accords. - The lands and holdings of the Ireheart Clan and its Elder Council will hold to the laws of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan but shall be entirely policed by their own entities. On this point, military and political entities other than that of the Ireheart Clan may not hold jurisdiction within the lands and holdings of the Ireheart Clan. - Should a lawbreaker be present within the holdings of the Ireheart Clan, they may be captured by Ireheart law enforcement but must be extradited to the Grand Kingdom for their punishment. - The Elder Council will also reserve the right to expel and bar anyone they deem unfit to remain in the Ireheart Hold save for the Grand King. - Any request made of the Elder Council must be discussed by The Council as for whether or not it is of importance or goes toward the well being of the Ireheart Hold and its residents. Any request made of The Council that is determined to have a negative correlation with the will of The Council can and will be denied if it seen fit. - In clarification, this term is set with the idea of refusing requests for equipment free of charge as well as any form of legislation that directly hinders The Council and Ireheart citizenry. - At no point shall the Grand King force the citizenry of the Ireheart Clan into military service nor shall he/she make demands that the work and creations of Ireheart Clan members be turned towards the ends of militarization, conflict, or violence. - The lands and holdings of the Ireheart Clan will identify themselves as those of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and fly the banner of the Grand Kingdom alongside those of the Clan. - Should it become necessary for the Elder Council or the Grand King to add, edit, or remove a term from this document, it shall require the agreement of both parties to make such a change. Signed, Zahrer Irongrinder, Grand King of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and Tribune of the Urguani People, Sovereign of the Dwedmar and Vicar of The Brathmordakin, Rightful King of All Urguan and Her Territories, Bearer of The Relics of Urguan and Barradin, Lord of Kal’Omith, The Citadel of Arcadia, Jarnstrand, Kjellingrad, Khaz’Varekan, and the Westmarch, Arch-Runelord and Master of The Kal’Varak, Hero of The Brathmordakin, Arbiter of The Age of Industry, Slayer of Setherian and The Dharok. Aldal Ireheart, Clan Father of The Ireheart Clan, Chosen of Kjellos, Lord of Kal’Arakh and Vaerhaven, Master of Da Sirk oz Varak, Former High Prophet and High Remembrancer, Most Pure of Urguan By Reputable Decree of The Ancient Scriberfolk.
  18. ~= Ar Yemarin Anaros =~

    Ar Yemarin Anaros “Clergy of the Holy Truth” “Yemekar is the father and creator of the dwarven race. Honor him by emulating his principles and workmanship in smithing, stoneworking, and other tasks. Wisdom is derived from life and tempered with experience. Advance the dwarven race in all areas of life. Innovate with new processes and skills. Found new kingdoms and clan lands, defending the existing ones from all threats. Lead the dwedmar in the traditions laid down by the The Maker. Honor your clan leaders as you honor Yemekar.” -From the Dogma of Yemekar The Ar Yemarin Anaros is a clergy of the Brathmordakin operating within the kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah. The clergy was established by first High Prelate Thoak Goldhand in response to the Kirkja Dverga of Urguan not recognizing the rift, and issues among the dwedmar during the Frostbeard’s separation from Urguan. The sole purpose of the Ar Yemarin Anaros is to protect, and defend the original traditions and values of the dwedmar. The clergy claims to not have a prophet nor a speaker of the Brathmordakin claiming that such a thing is nonsense, and always leads to corruption later on. This practice is deemed unethical, and the wrong way to interpret the Brathmordakin. Instead, they believe in the idea incorporating prayer, and worship through craftsmanship, trade, and everyday works so stated in the Dogma of Yemekar. If such an idea is upheld, then the traditions of old will never be forgotten, and passed down from generation to generation. Due to the common occurrence of traditions being contorted through misconceptions, the Prelates of the Brathmordakin are responsible for leading, and ensuring that their respectable clergy does not succumb to chaos, and heresy. Hierarchy of the Church High Prelate: Responsible for the well being of all clergies, he must oversee all affairs of the dwarven church, and any missionary work done within the residing kingdom. The High Prelate must ensure his Prelates are on the correct path in accordance to the traditions laid out by the Brathmordakin in leading their respectable clergy. Prelate: Responsible for their own clergy under their patron High Ancestor Lord, the Prelate is the head of their clergy underneath the High Prelate. It is up to the Prelate to ordain their ministers, and maintain their Clergy to the best of their ability. When a Minister has done legendary works within the Clergy, the High Prelate himself will determine if they are worthy of ascending to a Prelate position or not. Minster: Second to the Prelate. This role within the Clergy is responsible for leading the Clergy in prayer, holy rites, and presiding over oaths to make them official. It is at this time that those who are deemed knowledgeable in the ancestral truths, and have shown absolute reverence to the Brathmordakin are picked, and given this position. Deacon: One who has studied the Brathmordakin long enough to know the proper procedures in prayer. These ones are those who have studied enough to help serve the minister in holy rites, and prayer. It is during this time in the Clergy that these many will observe, and take a hands-on approach in their studies. Preacher: Any Dwedmar who professes their faith for the Brathmordakin, and has the will to spread the ancestral truths of the Clergy. Upon entering the Clergy, one must don the holy vestments of their patron High Ancestor Lord, serve the Brathmordakin, and participate in holy rites, and festivals directed by the Prelate. The High Ancestor Lords, The Brathmordakin “Dwedmar on High” These are the High Ancestor Lords of our people that preside over the halls of Khaz’A’Dentrumm and our people. They were the first sons, and daughter of Yemekar and Anbella that populated the deep caverns, and the mountains. It is every dwedmar’s duty to emulate these High Ancestor Lords through action, craft, word, and to ensure that what they left us with is not altered or forgotten. The Powers of Khaz’A’Dentrumm ~=~ Yemekar, "The Maker" ~=~ Token: Anvil & Flame Alignment: Lawful Good Creator Portfolio: Creation, balance, leader, smithing, protection, metalwork, stonework, fire Clergy: The Order of Stone - Priest(s) of Stone Yemekar is the creator god of the dwedmar race and leader of the Brathmordakin. He is said to have created all dwedmar, forging them from metals and gems in the fires that lie at the "heart of the world," and breathing life-the first dwedmar souls-into the cooling forms. All dwedmar appease Yemekar, even if they do not wholeheartedly support him. Good dwedmar support and work openly to serve the Forge-Father, even if they also worship another High Ancestor Lord. His name is invoked by dwedmar involved in smithwork or craftsmanship of any sort, and they give him homage by doing their best work and seeking to emulate his stonework and craftsmanship. Yemekar is said to inspire dwarven inventions and seeks constantly to improve the race-increasing dwarven good nature, intelligence, and ability to exist in harmony with other living things. At the same time, he battles the pride and isolationist tendencies that occur naturally in his elite creations. It is said that in appearance Yemekar is very much like his creation, the dwedmar, in essence that his face is roughened by the heat of a Eternal Forge, and his face adorned with a grand black coarse beard braided with gems of various color that stretches down to his belt. ~=~ Anbella, "Hearth Mother" ~=~ Token: Two Silver Rings Alignment: Lawful Good Matriarch Portfolio: Safety, honesty, home, healing, marriage, family, fertility, records, oaths, water, nature, peace Clergy: The Order of the Hearth - Priest(s) of the Hearth The mother to all dwedmar, and the bride of Yemekar. She dwells with him at the Eternal Forge within the halls of Khaz’A’Dentrumm. The Revered Mother is the defender and protector of the home - not a passive homebody. She is seen as the patron of marriage and love, and her name is often invoked in small home rituals for protection against thieves and duplicity. Anbella is also the goddess of healing. Good dwedmar who value their families, clans, and the common strength and security of dwarven society revere her for her caring and loving service to the entire race. All dwedmar of any alignment who seek a safe refuge or who want their loved ones or relatives kept safe offer her appeasement as well. Although Anbella’s avatar is rarely seen in the Realms, the Revered Mother works ceaselessly to preserve and protect dwarven culture and civilization. Her favorite techniques involve manifesting her powers in dwarven mortals on occasions crucial to the survival of a clan, people, or lore records. She does so either to guide and empower them to protective feats of arms or to lead them to the discovery of forgotten records, facts, and truths. ~=~ Dungrimm, "Guardian of The Dead" ~=~ Token: An Iron Mask Alignment: Lawful Good High Ancestor Lord Portfolio: Battle, valor, bravery, honor, defense, the dead Clergy: The Order of Valor - Priest(s) of Valor Dungrimm is the Father of Battle. All dwedmar who must fight, especially dwedmar who are warriors by profession, worship Dungrimm, their patron and exultant leader in war. Dungrimm watches over the battle-skills and performances of dwedmar from his home in Khaz’A’Dentrumm. He encourages valor in battle, weapon-mastery and training, and wisdom in war, and most often manifests his powers to further these aims. Dungrimm is concerned with war as a way of life and is very different from Yemekar in this respect. Dungrimm maintains good relations with the other members of the Brathmordakin, with the notable exceptions of Khorvad and the Ironborn deities. He works closely with Yemekar, and Grimdugan. Dungrimm is a resolute warrior who never backs down from danger and who refuses to surrender even when all seems lost. He is a strict and ethical deity who brooks no treachery or deceit and who never negotiates or compromises. Triumph must be obtained through valor and bravery, and Dungrimm is swift to humble and humiliate any who overcome by cowardly or deceitful means. The Father of Battle is known for often snatching victory from the narrowest of margins in battle. Dungrimm uses his magic only to influence events indirectly, never in battle. He only resorts to influencing a battle when the very existence of his avatar in the Realms is threatened. He always prefers force of arms to spells. Dungrimm is merry in battle, roaring appreciation of shrewd strategies, bravery, and feats of skill even when such are directed against him. He often sings (both stirring battle-ballads and taunting little ditties to unnerve enemies) in the midst of a fight, and dwedmar have learned to listen for hints, cues, and warnings in his lyrics. He is a master at turning the tables on enemy armies by anticipating their movements on the battlefield and singing directions to dwedmar fighting with him. Like most dwedmar, Dungrimm admires most those who help themselves. He typically appears at a battle only to right hopeless odds against dwedmar, to balance treachery and punish the treasonous, and to aid the weak of all races against evil. ~=~ Belka, "Lady of Passion" ~=~ Token: A Lightning Bolt Alignment: Chaotic Good High Ancestor Lord Portfolio: Love, romance, youth, dancing, courtship, explorers, travellers, seduction, lightning Clergy: The Order of Mercy - Priest(s) of Mercy Belka the Merciful is widely known as the dwedmar goddess of healing and mercy. Dwedmar wounded in battle are often healed in her name. Sick dwedmar, dwedmar healers, midwives, physics, and lovers pray to the Lady of Life. However, her aspect kept secret from non-dwedmar is her most important modern role: her patronage of romantic love, courtship, and fertility. Dwedmar of all alignments and races who are courting appease her, as do those who sentence others in the cause of justice. When dwedmar dance, they pray to Belka to guide their feet, for she is said to be the greatest dancer the dwedmar have ever known. Belka is on excellent terms with most of the other members of the Brathmordakin. She has forged working relationships with those whose principles she abhors-Grimdugan, Khorvad, and Iblees- to facilitate her efforts for the benefit of the dwedmar race. The Lady of Life has served as an emissary between Khorvad of the Ironborn and Yemekar on the rare occasions they must communicate. Belka has little tolerance for hatreds or rivalries that interfere with her efforts to dispense healing and mercy to the wounded and distressed. Belka is invariably warm and caring with a kind word for all, both mortal and divine. She is given to shouts of joy, impromptu dances, and gales of uncontrollable laughter. The Lady of Life is an inveterate match-maker and true romantic who seeks to conjoin star-crossed lovers no matter what the odds. More than one favored dwedmar bachelor or maiden has been swept up in a series of whirlwind affairs, thanks to the unceasing efforts of the Shining Dancer to provide the perfect mate. ~=~ Ogradhad, "The Lore Master" ~=~ Token: An Open Book Alignment: Neutral High Ancestor Lord Portfolio: Scholarship, invention, discovery, knowledge, magic Clergy: The Order of Knowledge - Priest(s) of Knowledge Ogradhad is the patron of dwarven scholars and the embodiment of the chaotic and exploratory spirit that consumes some of the Stout Folk. He is venerated by dwedmar of whom are scholars, inventors, engineers, tinkers, and fiddlers. His worshipers are consumed with the acquiring of knowledge simply for its own sake rather than for any practical purpose. Whereas Yemekar draws smiths and other craftsfolk to his forge, Ogradhad attracts those free-thinkers who want to create something truly new, not a variation on an old theme. Ogradhad is thought to be a child of Yemekar- a chaotic element split off from his father's stern lawfulness and nurtured by the favor of his mother Anbella. In fact the Forge-Father relates well to Ogradhad's creative and explorative instincts, but the Wandering Tinker often drifts away from projects before they are completed and usually before he has found a use for the knowledge he has gathered - a trait that irritates Yemekar to no end. Ogradhad is always getting himself enmeshed in one exploit or another. The Wandering Tinker is tolerated by the lawful members of the High Ancestor Lords because his inventions and innovations have proven to have had beneficial aspects. ~=~ Armakak, "Merchant Father" ~=~ Token: A Gold Coin Alignment: Neutral High Ancestor Lord Portfolio: Wealth, luck, chance, negotiation, merchants, cleverness, the sun Clergy: The Order of Trade - Priest(s) of Trade Armakak the Master Merchant, is the patron of dwedmar merchants and the most non-evil dwedmar thieves. A schemer and a rogue, Armakak is venerated by dwedmar of any neutral alignment engaged in commerce and concerned with wealth. Armakak is sometimes called the Trickster, though not by dwedmar who worship him, and the Laughing Dwed, though a dwedmar would never use such a term. Armakak is on good terms with most members of the Brathmordakin, having forged a particularly close relationship with Ogradhad. The Master Merchant even maintains an uneasy truce with Grimdugan, the Great Master of Greed. Armakak trades with a great number of other mortals and powers, and as a result, he has forged solid relationships with a wide range of beings, far more than the other, relatively insular, members of the Brathmordakin. ~=~ Grimdugan, "Lord of Avarice" ~=~ Token: Obsidian Dagger Alignment: Chaotic Neutral High Ancestor Lord Portfolio: Greed, money, merchant, thieves, shadows, marauders Clergy: The Order of Greed - Priest(s) of Greed Grimdugan, the Avaricious is the High Ancestor Lord of greed, venerated by most evil dwedmar and nearly all evil dwedmar thieves. He represents the worst aspect and major weakness of dwedmar character. Many dwedmar and even non-dwed consumed with treasure lust and greed, or those who seek to steal valuables, make offerings to him. Grimdugan is squat and hunched, despite his height. He seems to slither and sidle along as he walks, never making much noise but often rubbing his hands together. If carrying gems or gold, he often caresses these in a continuous, unconscious, overwhelmingly sensuous manner. At times, this has made ignorant folk attack him, overcome by lust to gain the treasure he holds. The Great Master is said to have burning yellow-green eyes (blazing yellow when eager for treasure or when pouncing upon it, hooded and green while scheming or when thwarted). He has a sharp hooked nose like a giant eagle's beak and always dresses in leather armor and furs, both fashioned from the skins of creatures who have opposed him and died to regret it. He is said to have a harsh, husky, wheedling voice and a quick temper, hissing and spitting when angry. Grimdugan is governed by his insatiable lust for treasure, especially gold, and is treacherous in his dealings with dwedmar. He roams many worlds, including the Realms, in avatar form in search of treasure. Grimdugan uses any means, no matter how evil, to further his ends, which typically involve the acquisition of wealth. Should the Great Master of Greed see treasure worth more than 1,000 mina or any magical item, he is attracted to steal it outright or slay the owner and then take it anyway. If frustrated in an attempt to steal an item, Grimdugan tries to destroy it so as not to be tortured by the memory of his failure. Exiled Powers ~=~ Khorvad, “The Gray Protector” ~=~ Token: Shackles Alignment: Chaotic Evil Exiled Power Portfolio: Subterfuge, Deceit, Oathbreaking, Arrogance, Usurpers Clergy: Order of Betrayal - Priest(s) of Betrayal Khorvad is the patron of the Ironborn, or gray dwarves, a malevolent breed of dwedmar who dwell in the dark reaches of the world and who withdrew from the rest of dwedmar society long ago along with their god after their empire was overthrown. The Exile is venerated by most gray dwarves as the protector of the race who defends them from the countless other creatures of the dark who wish to enslave them and seize their tunnels, mines, and crafts. Ironborn craftsmen, particularly those who seek to create magical weapons, pay particular homage to Khorvad. Khorvad has long been estranged from the other members of the Brathmordakin, and he regards them as lazy, indolent, and feckless. The reasons behind the Gray Protector's exile vary according to the perspective of the speaker: The Brathmordakin, as well as most cave and mountain dwedmar, hold that Khorvad was banished by Yemekar for his crimes in spawning Iblees from his blood, while Khorvad, as well as most gray dwarves, asserts that he took a stand on principle against the other High Ancestor Lords, and that his exile is self-imposed. The Exile particularly loathes Yemekar, his nominal superior, and the personal animosity between the two accounts for much of Yemekar’s enmity against the rest of the High Ancestor Lords. Khorvad is habitually grim, gloomy, and joyless. The Exile's nature is certainly evilly inclined, but much of this is the evil of a being turned in on itself and bitter at what he sees as being unvalued and rejected by the other Brathmordakin powers. Khorvad is supremely lawful, unbending and harsh, and he demands constant toil under harsh conditions from the Ironborn, and those subjugated beneath them. He does reward hard work by teaching the Grafting of magical items (especially weapons) and by extending his protection. The Exile sends an avatar to defend a hardworking and oppressed Ironborn community by use of protective and warding magic, rarely entering into open battle. The Creation of Dwedmar, and the World (WIP)
  19. Denouncement of Steel

    “Throughout both the lands of Kaz’Ulrah, Urguan, and anything inbetween, letters are sent. These letters would land in the hands of anyone who would come across them. The letter would be sealed in an envelope of high quality, and sealed by wax stamped with what appears to be an anvil with a flame upon it” “To all Dwedmar of Axios, Urguan, and Kaz’Ulrah, The Grand King of Urguan has aligned the Kingdom of Urguan with a long hated enemy of all Dwedmar, Oren. The High Ancestor Lords, The Brathmordakin, would be ashamed of such an act of cowardice, and disregard to our ancestors who had fallen to the hands of that vile Empire. For those with a vision that is too clouded to judge, the Orenian Empire is playing a much larger and smarter game than that of Urguan against Kaz’Ulrah. This Empire does not wish to save their allies from total annihilation, but to instead support only themselves in this long term war of attrition by further stagnating their true enemy, Urguan, by supporting a regime that only wishes to line their pockets with riches obtained off the backs of good working Dwedmar much like the Ironborn when their Empire of Khorvad reigned supreme throughout the far lands. Both the Kingdom of Urguan, and the Empire of Oren are frightened by Dwedmar that wish for a progressive future for their people. The Kingdom of Urguan knows that without the help of their deviant ‘friend’, they will be choked beneath three pounds of steel, and their source of personal revenue cut. The Empire of Oren knows that if Urguan is crushed, there will be no longer be a force that ensures the stagnation of Urguan. Then once the spot Urguan has left is void, a grand war against them will ensue once those progressive successors take up the spot Urguan has left as foretold through the annuls of history when true Grand Kings turned Urguan into an Empire after putting down the noble leeches of Oren. So of course, the Orenian taskmasters will do anything to ensure their slaves do not have the chance to rise up against them once again. For the Dwedmar of Urguan that have finally realized the shackles that are wrapped tightly around their wrists, I do not ask for you to pick a side or join a war. Instead, I implore that you stay out of the war, and give zero aid to the en-slavers or the puppet-king that sits in Urguan. May the Brathmordakin guide all those who read this. His Blinded, Thoak Goldhand High Prelate of the Brathmordakin Clanfather, and Elder of Clan Goldhand

    THE STORY OF THE BURNT BEAR The tale of the life and death of Baldin Frostbeard-Grandaxe About the author: My name is Ermageon “The Old” the third eldest son of Baldin Frostbeard. It has been an honor to right down his history and to publish it for the generations to come, may Yemmekar guide his soul. Childhood: “Baldin and Rù.” Baldin was given away to a humble farming farming family by his Grandaxe and Frostbeard parents. To baldin this family was the one he considered his actual parents; Rù Firebeard, and Chelsea Treebeard. In his youth the young dwarf loved nature and the wild. Baldin was a fearful child, he was scared of almost everything that were not his parents. Parents death: “Rù and Chelsea.” At the young age of 10 Baldin saw how both of his parents were killed by Uruks from the lands of Uzg. Before the Uruks could kill Baldin a squad of members of the nomadic Sharpblade clan charged in with their horses and killed the Uruks. These riders were led by Rodrik Sharpblade, a human who was also ¼ wood elf. Adoption: “Rodrik Sharpblade.” Rodrik took pity on Baldin, he brought him in and accepted him as one of his own clan. His son; Murk Sharpblade was given the task of caring for him. Murk had a son and a daughter. The son’s name was Kord, he hated Baldin with a passion as he saw him as unfit to form part of the clan. Then there was the daughter, Talia. Talia and Baldin were very close friends as they both shared a love of nature. Thanks to Murk Baldin soon learnt to fight and to ride. Duel: “Baldin and Kord” At the age of 25 Baldin was challenged by Kord to a death duel, Kord was becoming jealous of Baldin’s relationship with his sister. As it was expected Baldin agreed. Baldin came out of this battle practically as he had entered it. Sadly Kord was not so lucky, his entrails littered the ground of the arena. No one held ill will towards Baldin, they admired the Dwemard’s strength and ability. marriage: “Baldin and Talia” Despite having killed her brother Talia still loved Baldin. They married soon after the duel. Some members of the clan did not aprove of the weeding between the young Dwemar and the human girl, but when it came down to it Talia’s grandfather approved the wedding. Their marriage was a traditional Sharpblade weeding where they asked the spirits to bless the bond between the two partners. The twins: “Baldin’s twin children.” Haddi and Boldo where Baldin’s and Talia’s first offsprings. These two half Dwemar soon became hardy warriors. The twins shared many traits, they both were great lovers of battle. The only thing the two differed on was on religion. Boldo was a zealous follower of the Brathmordakin, while Haddi was a worshiper of Wyrvun and the spirits. Wive’s death: “Baldin’s depression” At the age of 35 Baldin lost his wife to the undead horde. The undead attacked the Sharpblade’s camp killing most of its members including his wife Talia. Baldin was devastated. He took his two twins and left what remained of his clan. The Sharpblade clan soon disapeared becoming multiple raider groups. return to Urguan: “ Baldin (left) and his son.” When Baldin returned to Urguan with his children he was lost. He was able to get a small plot of land where he was able to farm, sadly nothing could make him forget his wife. The Dwemar did not feel like fighting anymore and everytime the legion asked him to join their comrades he refused. His children kept training with each other despite Baldin strongly opposing their training. With time both Haddi and Boldo became as skilled in fighting as their father. Sons death: “Baldin’s uruk hunt.” One day Baldin left with his daughter to the market and left his son to watch over the farm. When they returned from selling their goods Baldin and Haddi found the decapitated body of Boldo on the ground. Baldin was furious. He went to the Legion to ask for justice to be made, but to no avail. Because of this he decided to leave his only child left with the legion, leaving to hunt down the uruks that killed his son. Haddi would never forgive her father for having abandoned her, and Baldin would never forgive himself either. Slave: “Two pictures depicting Baldin as a slave and pit fighter.” Soon after his departure from Urguan Baldin encountered a band of Uruks. Baldin was able to kill one of them but when the Ologs that accompanied the group intervened the battle became very one sided.With their raw power the Ologs were able to capture Baldin. Captured and chained, he was then taken to the lands of Uzg. In these lands Baldin mainly worked as a miner and gladiator. Baldin was never a legendary fighter but he was able to defeat his adversaries with quite the little effort, mainly as he was faced against other slaves, most of whom were farmers like himself, but who have never held a weapon in their hands. Every Night Baldin would ponder and hate himself for leaving his child in Urguan. Freedom: “Baldin and Erniel.” During a feast were Baldin was obligated to serve as a servant he met two other slaves that happened to be elves; Faen the wood elf, and Erniel a snow elf. The three of them grew close and planned a way to escape from their captors. With the help of dwed and elven ingenuity the three descendants were able to escape. His new companions took him to the elven capital where Baldin resided for some years. In this city Baldin was an outsider but he helped the elves huntdown Uruks nonetheless. With time he was able to buy a small residence. During his time with the elves Baldin had three children with Erniel; Ermageon, Exmord Stormfist, and Belrig Stormfist. Return to Urguan: “Legion forces slaughtering the armies of the Uzg.” When Urguan finally declared war on the Uzg Baldin was ready to return and fight the beings that killed his son. When he returned he found out he was the son of Renlak Grandaxe and Tulip Frostbeard. As the Grandaxe took him in Baldin took their name and got rid of his Sharpblade last name. Baldin’s daughter left Urguan soon after her father’s return. She went back to the plains to try to reform the Sharpblade tribe. Her father understood this choice and did not try to stop her. The Legion recruited Baldin during the war against the Uzg. As the years passed and the war continued Baldin was becoming more and more patriotic, and more and more like a true Dwed of Urguan. The Battle of the Bloody Grass: “Two depictions of Baldin charging during the battle of Grandaxe village.” It was during the battle of the Grandaxe village. In this battle the Dweds were at the wall defending the village against the Uruk hordes. Baldin Grandaxe led the charge against the Uruks. Only wearing his leather boots and his cheap sword at hand, the dwedmer charged fearlessly towards the enemy. The Legion left Baldin for dead, but he lived. He was bloody, scared, and his face was half burnt, but he lived. After the battle he was raised by the Frostbeard as a war hero and a living legend. From that day onward he would be known by the Frostbeards as Baldin “Ironside” hero of the battle of tall grass. Feeling the appreciation from his mother’s family Baldin switched clans and joined the Frostbeards. This switch was not caused because of hate, but because he felt unappreciated by his father’s clan. After the war Baldin was known to have fathered three children; Hurundum Ironclad, Glivar Frostbeard, and Hackhen Frostbeard. Hellio’s poem of the battle of the bloody grass: Baldin Frostbeard "The sun was setting low but our moral was high As we sang the song of Baldin our voices reached the sky! Our fort was strong But their forces grew Trebuchets were deadly with all the rock they threw The walls started shaking As the dwarfs began to fall In all of that chaos Only one dwarf stood tall Baldin prepared for battle He charged at full force Even if he died now He had no remorse A great fight occurred Dwarven bloodlust was fed But Baldin was armorless And we thought him dead The battle was over Orcs fell like newts But Baldin returned With only his boots The orcs were falling back Our victory was grand So let this tale last Until the end of our land!" -Hellio Frostbeard Civil War: “Baldin’s Frostbeard outfit during the dwarven civil war.” After multiple years in Urguan as a Frostbeard Baldin became friends with two very popular dweds; Skippy Irongut, and Verthaik Frostbeard. These two great figures of Urguan ran for kingship of Urguan. Historians argue on why the war started; some blame the war on Verthaik’s thirst for power, others blame it on Skippy’s corruption and manipulation of the ballots...No clear one sided document seems to be written about it. Baldin had his back against the wall; Fight Urguan and fight his father’s clan, or fight for Urguan and betray his mother's clan. These were two obvious choices but Baldin chose a third option; Self exile. Brathmordakin: “Baldin facing Zazul” Baldin was never a very pious dwed, that until the night he left Urguan. That night he prayed to all the gods to help Urguan achieve peace. He departed and traveled around the world for 100 years helping small towns with beasts, spreading the faith, and overall trying to be a good dwed. Even after the Civil War ended Baldin did not return. He heard of what happened to Verthaik and Skippy and his pain disabled him from going back. The Return: “Baldin reading his beard frozen from the cold.” Many dwarves were surprised to see that Baldin had returned. Some claimed that he was brought by the gods to help the clergy, and he himself said that Wyrvun commanded him to return home. As soon as he returned home Baldin created a statue for Wyrvun on top of the Frostbeard Hall and a shrine to Dungrimm in the lands of the Goblins. It was a bright time for Urguan and for the Frostbeards that lived in it. Prophethood: “Gardalf (Right), and Barle (Left).” Aldal Ireheart named Baldin Prophet of the Brathmordakin. This was one of Baldin’s proudest moments as he felt this way he would be able to help Urguan and the gods. His first years as prophet Baldin was faced with the spread of Korvad worshippers in the kingdom. During these years he was reunited with two of his sons from Irnabel Frostbeard; Gardalf and Barle. With the help of his sons Baldin was able to capture and kill many of Korvad’s followers that plagued Urguan. Avilia: Ever since Baldin met the High queen Avilia daughter of his Clan father Kerwyr, Baldin fell madly in love with her. His soul was crushed when he heard of her murder and swore he would not rest until he found the one responsible. In his heart he always knew Morug who was the High Prophet who killed her. While Baldin knew Avilia probably did not even know of his existance, he tried to care for her daughter; Valia who he tried to guide whenever he had the opportunity. Ban on Wyrvun: “Depiction of the shrine of Wyrvun” One day out of nowhere the high prophet Morug Goldhand banned the public worship of Wyrvun. The harshest part for Baldin was seeing the shrine he built for Wyrvun be burnt down to the ground. Angered Baldin went to argue with Morug, the Goldhand was not going to bend the knee. Baldin accused Morug of heresy for burning down a holy image of a lesser god. Morug took the insult to heart and challenged Baldin to a duel to the death. Duel: “Baldin’s duel against Morug” Morug was clearly a better fighter than Baldin. The dwed was known for being the best fighter in the kingdom, but still Baldin would rather die for his gods than to become a heretic. When Baldin lost he started to prayed to Dungrimm. Morug stood victorious and made a spectacle out of the honorable tradition, asking the crowd if Baldin should be left alive. The crowed cheered to let Baldin live, and so did Morug. Baldin could forgive the fact that Morug pardoned his life. What he could not forgive was the fact he decided to punish Baldin instead of giving him an honorable death. At first Morug was about to cut Baldin’s beard but he was stopped by a noble dwedmar. When Morug saw he was unable to cut off the beard he decided to sew Baldin’s mouth and removed him from the clergy. Baldin un-sewed his mouth but the humiliation and hate for Morug stayed in his heart along side of the hate for the corrupted clergy. Heretic: “Balding praying to Wyrvun” Baldin did not care what dweds labeled him as. He rebuilt his shrine to wyrvun 3 times, and the 3 times they were burnt down. When the Frostbeards left to the North so did Baldin. There he became High Prophet of the faith he called the true faith. One where the corruption of the clergy from Urguan does not exist. Independence: “Nightmare of the night after the massacre of the senate of Hammers.” Soon after King Bastion’s suicide the council of Hammers assembled to choose a new High king of Urguan. Soon before in Jornheim, the Frostbeards were having a meeting. In this meeting Oyvind Frostbeard Goldhand the Grandmarshal of the dwarven military proposed that the Frostbeards should take their rightful place in Urguan putting a Frostbeard dynasty on the throne. Kerwyr agreed with the Grandmarshal. Baldin did not think much, he had sworn loyalty to the Clan father of the Frostbeards who at the time was Kerwyr. The Frostbeards voted for their king, the runners were Kerwyr and Oyvind. In the voting Kerwyr won by a landslide, and so the Frostbeards marched to the senate of Hammers where they proclaimed Kerwyr as High King of Urguan. This undemocratic claim by the Frostbeards angered many of the other dwarves who soon pulled out their blades. Baldin did not want to spill Grandaxe blood, but Kerwyr was not king yet and so he was still under oath. With their might the Frostbeards were able to smite the other Clan members. Most Frostbeards were not proud of what they had done, Baldin was no different. 2nd Dwarven War : “Frostbeard hunt of Doomforged” Baldin remained loyal to the Frostbeard’s new king for most of the war. He accepted Kerwyr’s religious changes and agree to lead as high prophet of this new Brathmordakin faith. The Frostbeard were winning the war, they had the numbers, the capital, and the resources. Ever since the Frostbeard ocupation of the dwarven capital Kal’Omith it was empty and dead of activity Kerwyr saw this and named Baldin Steward of Kal’Omith. Kewyr ordered Baldin to repopulate Kal’Omith, Baldin started working right away. Dought: “ picture depicting High king Kerwyr Frostbeard, made by a Frostbeard loyalist.” It was not until Kerwyr started to believe the Frostbeards were not actually descendants of Urguan that Baldin’s loyalty started to falter. Not just for the falsity of the words but also because he claimed that the Frostbeard kin was superior to the descendants of Urguan. Still he believed Wyrvun was guiding the Frostbeards and that he would lead them to a better age for the dwarves. Wyrvun’s message: “Depiction of Baldin talking to Wyrvun.” Not soon after Baldin received an invitation to meet in Arcadia to talk about the future of the dwarven religion. Here Baldin was able to converse shortly with Wyrvun. Wyrvun explained to Baldin that the only thing he truly wishes for the dwarves is for unity and the end to kin slaying. When his lord said this Baldin knew what to do. Some Frostbeard scholars claim that magic was used to trick Baldin into believing he was seeing Wyrvun, but again that is a part of history that is impossible to know. Baldin “the snake” Baldin “hero of Kal’Omith”: “Baldin leading the forces of Urguan into Kal’Omith” After listening to his lord’s wishes Baldin led a small band of dwarves to Kal’Omith where he opened the city gates and allowed them to enter the city. Kerwyr was extremely angry at Baldin’s betrayal of his “king” and banned him from Jornheim, dishonored his name, and branded him as a traitor to his clan. During the retake of the city Baldin found an orphan boy who’s parents had been killed by an Urguanian soldier in front of his eyes. Baldin named him Kerwyr II, as he still had great respect for the king he betrayed. End of the war: “Execution of Kerwyr.” Baldin, despite being hated by his clan and his once friend Kerwyr, hestill loved them both. Even after Kerwyr’s thugs chopped-off his arm while trying to kill King Gror Ireheart, Baldin still loved the dwarf. He knew that Kerwyr was a victim of suffering, he knew that the death of his daughter was a devastating and madening experience. For that he wanted Kerwyr to be forgiven of his sins, but at the end of the war, when Kerwyr was handed to King Gror by his own men, Baldin could not belive how it would all end. His friend Kerwyr was executed, a dwarf he had the utmost respect for, decapitated. Banishment: “Baldin drinking his sorrows away” Even if his Frostbeard brothers were the ones that actually caused the death of Kerwyr, Baldin was the one who got blamed for it inside the clan. He was once again banished from his home. He turned back to Urguan and joined the order of the flame a religious order meant to clear the sins of any dwed that joined it. Baldin had only one thing left in his life his adoptive son and squire Kerwyr II. Baldin taught Kerwyr all he knew about the Brathmordakin, Kerwyr took a special interest in Dungrimm, feeling connected to what he represents. Useless sacrifice: As the years went by Baldin saw how what he sacrificed his honor to stop, came back to haunt Urguan. Everywhere he looked everything was controlled by the Irongrinders, it was not until Zahrer Irongrinder became high king of Urguan that Baldin fell to his lowest point. The tyrany he tried to stop by handing over Kal’Omith had come back. That is the moment he saw that Urguan itself corrupted the dwed clans. Because he was sworn by oath to protect Urguan, he could not join Kaz'Ulrah. Last sacrifice: “Baldin’s corpse” by Drakk-Kordo Frostbeard Baldin ordered Kerwyr II to join Kaz'Ulrah and help end the kingdom of Urguan. Saddly Baldin knew Verthaik II Frostbeard would not welcome the son of a traitor with open arms, because of this Baldin ordered Kerwyr II to gather a coumple of witnesses and to kill him. When the time came Kerwyr II ravaged Baldin, despite Baldin being a veteran of multiple wars, this was because Baldin let himself be defeated in the most savage way possible. Harsh words were thrown around to show the witnesses that Kerwyr was loyal to Kaz'Ulrah. What seemed like an act of pure hatred was more an action of pure love and admiration for the dwed that cared for him for so many years.
  21. An Eccentric Skin Shop

    Welcome to an Eccentric Skin Shop The smell of must may become unbearable. This is skin shop started by a person who makes basic or elaborate skins. Pretty much everything. But female skins are her specialty. Costs: A head skin is 50 minas An overlay is 100 A body is 150 minas A full body (including overlay) is 250 minas If you are applying for a skin, please fill out the below: Username: Skin Type (Head/Body/Full Body): Steve or Alex Model: Gender and Race: Image: How is your character quirky?: Type of Payment: Proof of Payment: Enter your application below and PM me for details. (skins normally take a week or less) Thanks! (here are only a few examples)
  22. The Great Misstep

    A lone dwarf named Valia was walking up the hills to her mountain hold. Her breath being heavy as the sticks and stones cracked beneath her feet. Her mind thinking of some lovely ale and juicy meat to fill her stomach. Though she would never feel her belly getting filled with food, for as she took one more step her foot slid from the staircase. Her body following along as it fell off the cliff. Her eyes widening as she stared into the sky. The time passing slowly as every part of her life filled up into her mind like a movie passing before her eyes. As her body fell closer and closer towards the ground, one word was uttered by the lass as her final words. "S'iet..."
  23. A Stone Turns, Da Yemarin Anaros

    “Throughout both the lands of Kaz’Ulrah, Urguan, and anything inbetween, letters are sent. These letters would firstly go to the clan lords of the dwarves, and then to anyone who would come across them. The letter would be sealed in an envelope of high quality, and sealed by wax stamped with what appears to be an anvil with a flame upon it” “To all Dwedmar, and those interested within the lands Kaz’Ulrah, Urguan, and beyond. It is with this simple letter, and my fountain of wisdom that I inform all of you of a somber, and glaring shift that is happening among our people. Gone are the days when our people followed the traditions laid out by the Maker, Yemekar. Gone are the days when kin and cousin could live together in harmony under a single chiseled roof. Although this scar will never be healed, it must be taken advantage of in order to ensure that the traditions of our people are secured, and not contorted by heresy during this shift in political power. It is to my opinion that the Kirkja Dverga of Urguan have failed in just that, and have led its people astray due to the apparent corruption within its clergy. However, this is not something that has just gone on for several years, but hundreds of years. The roots of this problem stem from the idea that the Brathmordakin chooses a High Prophet to be their voice. Is it unheard of of a High Prophet who uses the position to only further his own goals, and not that of Yemekar or the Brathmordakin? Surely the Brathmordakin would not lead their voice, the High Prophet astray. Through history this has more than once been the case. Even in most recent history we have learned that who we thought was the most faithful and loyal to Urguan, turned to Khorvad. I am not doubting the Will or power of the Brathmordakin, but surely if this was the true way of interpreting the Will of the Brathmordakin, wouldn’t they intervene to stop the corruption and the inevitable destruction of their sons? Instead of following and listening to someone who was appointed by another, and claims to be the direct voice of the Brathmordakin, we should look toward following and integrating the traditions our ancestors followed in our everyday lives. Through our craftsmanship, we pray. Through raising a family among our clans, we pray. Through battle that defends our honor, we pray. If this is achieved, our faith will flourish among our kin, and our traditions never forgotten. However, we cannot achieve this by just standing idle and awaiting for the Kirkja Dverga of Urguan to address these issues. We must act now to ensure the longevity of our traditions, and protect them from the assumed nefarious devil that sleeps within Urguan in Kal’Omith. For this to happen, a dwedmar of great age who lived through most of our kin’s history must take it upon himself to lead a new and reformed clergy solely built on the foundation, and traditions given to us by The Maker, and the Brathmordakin. As the presumed eldest dwedmar among our people, appointed by High King Verthaik II of Clan Frostbeard, I shall take this upon myself to complete before I return to stone once more and ascend to the halls of Khaz’A’Dentrumm. I will take up the title ‘High Prelate of the Brathmordakin’, and lead a clergy separate from that of Urguan’s. This clergy shall be named ‘Da Yemarin Anaros’, and be based within the lands of Kaz’Ulrah. May the Brathmordakin guide all those who read this. His Blinded, Thoak Goldhand High Prelate of the Brathmordakin Clanfather, and Elder of Clan Goldhand
  24. Denouncement of Urguan

    Denunciation of Urguan On the 2nd of the Sun’s Smile, 1628, it was reported to the Iron Council of the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah that Frerir Irongrinder, Grand Marshal of the Legion of Urguan, had committed wonton assault and seriously injured several citizens of the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah. An act that would in typical circumstances, be viewed as a declaration of war. Edel Silvervein, Clan Father of the Silvervein clan was sent a raven by the dishonorable Throri Stonemace, requesting a meeting take place in Kal’Omith. The meeting was intended to resolve the ongoing feud between the Stonemace and Silvervein clans. Upon meeting, Edel and his small entourage came to reason with Throri, that he would stand trial for his crimes in New Jornheim. Reaching agreement upon these terms, the group set out on the road for Kaz’Ulrah. Whilst journeying to their destination, Throri, typical of his nature, had a change of heart and fled his entourage, falling back on his agreement. There, he fell all the way back to Kal’Omith, where he entreated Frerir Irongrinder and one of his soldiers to come out and confront his problems for him. Bewildered and surprised, Edel and his men had begun to leave for home when they were halted by Frerir and his honourable brigands. They were lightly armed and on a mission of diplomatic status, resolving a blood dispute that lay beyond the jurisdiction of any kingdom’s laws, but that did not spare them from the merciless blows of the Legion. They were beaten to a pulp and left for dead. In addition to these unprovoked actions, the so called ‘Black Riders of Urguan’ make frequent nightly visits to New Jornheim, when they know the majority of the guard is off duty. They harass the civilians, spewing blasphemy and lies, and flee at the sight of arms. These vagabonds and spineless dwarves are the very example of what a dwed, of Yemekar’s chosen, should NOT be, yet it has been reported that the main rider is also a commander in the Urguanite Legion. It only furthers the resolve of those of us who have fled from the rotting Kingdom of Urguan, which continues to lay false claim that its best interests are for ALL of Urguan’s sons. This is our only warning to the ‘Grand’ Kingdom of Urguan. Cease your aggressions immediately, pay recompense for your Grand Marshal’s crimes with a gift in good faith, of three thousand mina. If not, may Dungrimm judge you for your dishonour.
  25. *BIRDS FLY OUT HOLDING THESE INVITATIONS TO ANY WHO CAN RECIEVE THEM!* Fancy Costume Party Considering the new Santegian Capital (San Adrian) has recently been opened, along with the new and rather superb district in the city 'Veilport', I, Ceona Vertilla, and others in the comity board have decided to take it upon us to organise a Fancy Costume Party! A rather abstract way of embracing a new city, however, a fun one! There will also be a game, a rather mysterious game, the winners of such will be rewards with plenty. This game will be a murder mystery game! There will be 'murderers' hidden upon the crowd, killing a few 'victims', if you can work out who the 'murderer' is you will be rewarded! Prizes sent out to the winners! PRIZES FOR BEST COSTUME! Infomation of the night: Date: Saturday 17th of Semptember 2017 Time: 10pm GMT, 6pm EST To get to the hosting land of the event you will have to take the boat to Asul, then after leaving the boat take a right turn from the docks up the path to the Capital. When you arrive you will be presented by one of the hosts, then taken into the district. RULES: - You must wear a domino mask to the festival to hide your identity to the naked eye. ( - You mustn't be a nuisance, or do anything you wouldn't normally do. - We have the right to detain you for your ill manners and fine you as this is a special night.