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Found 6 results

  1. Yeah hi, so I was asked last minute to do a showcase of the upcoming 8.0 Dwarven city, video’s not my greatest work but I hope you enjoy it. I’d love to hear any feedback you have for me, also feel free to upvote, spam your discords and drop me a like and sub if you wanna see more! (-when I get unbanned #FREE-Z3 ) You can follow my twitch if you like as well while I’m promoting stuff, I’m trying to stream more often https://www.twitch.tv/z3m0s HUGE SHOUT OUT to Hobolympic the builder of the 8.0 Dwarven city, his work is incredible!
  2. Glothir [Oathcast] Basic Information Nicknames: Golem Age: 67 Gender: Golem Race: Construct / Thanite Golem Status: Forgotten Description Height: 8'2 Weight: However much an 8'2 stone golem would weigh.. its alot Body Type: Chiseled [SeewhatIdidthere] Eyes: Bright glowing blue Hair: None, his forehead is decorated with a large shining emerald Skin: Tough as stone [Getit] Markings/Tattoos: None Health: Excellent condition Personality: *...* Inventory: N/A Further Details: The golem's expression is carved into a neutral but intimidating stare, as though quizzical, but also hard and strong, unreadable. It seems to personify his capacity for intelligence and understanding, but also his physical capability and knowledge of war. Life Style Alignment: True Neutral Deity: N/A Religion: N/A Alliance/Nation/Home: The Kingdom of Urguan, Oathcast Clan Job/Class: Protector, follower, wanderer Title(s): - Profession(s): - Special Skill(s): - Flaw(s): Does not hold the capacity to understand jokes, metaphors, things people say but don't mean, etc. Miscellaneous Information: Glothir, known as the fickle golem, was given the name rightfully so. As intelligent as his build is, glothir has been taught [or so they believe he has] the capacity to "wander" and "learn" on his own. He can effectively function on those two terms without an Impera present, however the original purpose for this did not get through, and Glothir is often lost for many months or years at a time as it wanders into vast lands when left alone for a period of time. And at times, becomes lost, and takes ages to return to the cities populated by the people who recognize it. This meaning, he is often called the fickle golem because his understanding of abandonment takes toll here, it does not understand that when he leaves for years at a time, HE has abandoned impera, and that when he returns and cannot find Impera, that it is his fault Impera has forgotten him. He simply understands that Impera is gone, and most likely dead, and he must start anew and search for another worthy of him. [ Please understand, this piece of lore on GLothir has been inserted here because I myself as a player am very picky about my imperas, I want roleplay, that being, interesting roleplay. Which is something possible to have with an emotionless golem believe me its happened, so when I become dissatisfied with an impera because Im lacking roleplay or being ignored, or glothir is being missused in a way I OOCly do not agree with, I have the right to send Glothir into the woods and abandon my own impera. Deal with it, Glothir is a character like anyone elses, just because he's a golem does not mean I have less of a right to my own preferences in roleplay.] Weaponry Fighting Style: Tank Trained Weapon: Golem Hammers A detailed list [often updated] of Glothir's build type and memory/knowledge bank can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13KAjyBW_QlW_YYhe_r3zyBZLCej7NLfvzuiEcooTV_o/edit?usp=sharing Artwork: The original Glothir The Elven Rebuild The Final Glothir [Current]
  3. (a similar depiction of what a bridge ballista would look like) Background Lore Several months before war was officially declared on Norland, the Dwarves knew that armed conflict was inevitable. They had the numbers, and the resources to bring to the fight to their enemies, but a seemingly unsurmountable problem stood in their path. The island fortress of The Krag. In preparation of attacking this seemingly impregnable bastille, scores of Dwarven engineers were assigned to develop an efficient means of entry. Experiments ranged from explosives, to catapults, to highly dangerous prototypes of flying machines, but all seemed too expensive, or too inefficient to meet the needs of their current dilemma. That was until, the suggestion was made to think of a redesign of an old favorite, tried and true for hundreds of years. Old blueprints created by Nalro Grayhammer, the greatest ever dwarven engineer where dug up from engineering books within the vault of the great library of Kal’Omith. These blueprints, the first concept of the bridge ballista, were originally made to be used in the siege of the Shadow Castle during the dwarves attack on Oren, however were scrapped for a more simple approach through the use of just bombarding the walls. These blueprints were eventually put into use by the current Master Engineer Ogdan Frostbeard, in preparation for the attack on Norland. Thus the Vath-Kahrkrumm (Wall Attacker) otherwise known as the bridge ballista, was put into production. An incredibly useful, yet fickle machine, it utilizes the same mechanics of an ordinary ballista, but instead of bolts it launches two powerful anchors made of black steel meant to be driven into the stone walls of a mighty fortress. In the wake of these anchors follows a bridge, made of rope and dubiously unsafe and flimsy wooden planks. Although strong enough for several armored dwarves to walk across at a time, the fragile bridge is prone to swaying in high winds, and can be easily broken through by a prepared defender. The reliability of this war machine is low at best, and it is often prone to misfires, or simply not reaching it’s intended target. However, by time constraints and the expertise of Dwarven engineering inspectors, it was deemed ready for battle. In Game Operation Each ballista is mounted on wheels and is mobile, however only has the potential of one shot. Loading it and firing it is the same as a normal ballista, however after it’s first shot has been fired, it cannot be reloaded. If a shot does manage to hit, the siege moderator should worldedit a bridge of appropriate length to the target location. If defenders manage to hit the bridge with a siege weapon, it should be destroyed, and any on it at the time should fall or be damaged once the bridge is removed. Suggested Rolling Stats Perfect: 19-20 With a perfect shot I would suggest that the bridge land right on it’s target, with perhaps only a one block difference of high or low. What a perfect attempt would look like: https://i.gyazo.com/fad9a73a3c1a251c8846651eed7b538e.mp4 Good: 16-18 With a good shot, I would suggest the bridge land within the general area of it’s target, perhaps 3-5 blocks off in any direction, requiring the need to deploy ladders to reach it’s intended location. Fair: 12-15 Although not terribly far off, a fair shot should land somewhere around 6-8 blocks from it’s target. Bad: 9-11 Essentially a miss, this shot will land nowhere near it’s intended target, but may still be useful with a bit of ingenuity. Fail: 1-9 The mechanism fails, causing the bridge to fire down into the trench, or the mechanism fails entirely. What a failed attempt would look like: https://i.gyazo.com/011688bc01bf1b9beaf8c4e9093fbaaf.mp4 What it looks like within minecraft: This lore is not set in stone by any means, and we are open to suggestion for changes that may help this piece get accepted. If any player or LM has an opinion or suggestion to make this happen, please do not hesitate to reply or message us.
  4. Urguani Farming and Forestry Guild A place for dwarven lumberjacks and farmers. Overview of the Guild The Urguani Farming & Forestry Guild was created by Orrireat Goldhand for several reasons. 1. To profit from the trades of farming and treecutting. 2. To supply the Grand Kingdom of Urguan with food and lumber. 3. To teach interested dwarves and the like in the fields of lumber-making and farming. For little tithe or tax, the guild strives to keep the halls of Urguan stacked with hay and logs and make a mina or two doing it. In order to keep the supply of lumber and hay flowing, the guild will offer apprenticeship to any beardlings who wish to learn a trade. How to Join the Guild To those interested in the guild, there is a certain criteria they must fill to enter. 1. Be active in the pursuits of their trades, whether it be cutting trees or plowing fields. 2. Be a dwarf or honorary dwarf. 3. Give a small quota (3-5 stacks depending on skill) of their respective materials each stone week. Contact Orrireat Goldhand (DadElonglegs11) if interested in joining, or leave a note. Wages of Guild Members & Perks After a dwarf joins the guild, and their weekly quota is filled, they will be paid for each extra bundle of material that they give to the guild. The price paid for each bundle will be around six point six minae. For example, if a worker collects six bundles of hay, and he has already given his quota to the guild, he will receive thirty nine point six minae. In addition to being payed for their additional resources, guild members are entitled to free housing and food if they do so require. If interested in joining the guild, Attach a notice to this poster, Or contact Orrireat Goldhand. (DadElonglegs11)
  5. [Ogradhad's Alchemist] Beros Oathcast ~ ((JavaWizard)) [Wisdom] Elvira Mantisuku ~ ((Farryn)) Rhewen ~ ((Rhewen)) Dorin Irongut ~ ((Thaddeus12)) Solaris ~ ((KibagoKid)) Aeras Ibar'ker ~ ((InfiniteMind)) Fili Grandaxe ~ ((Cpt_Noobman)) Vidar Frostbeard ~ ((YankeeHD)) Claus Reiter ~ ((IceWalker)) Gauldrim Irongut ~ ((RedBench_)) Dagor Starbreaker ~ ((iAlexxxx)) Khel ~ ((hydra28)) [Please Post Your Application Here]: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1AQyrSerG9UNOVZE5A3xjgEUjM-G0CxPG53EzJ6izgXQ/edit#
  6. The City of VaerHaven, outwardly peaceful, and innocent, even with the recent regime change. But within lies the home of the Dread Knights and their cultists. They have been there for as long as anyone can remember, building, gathering, tormenting, and watching. With the sudden regime change, and Hold of VaerHaven is in the hands of Jarl Lachlan Mor Elendil, an Adunian. As this happens, posters are hung up around the hold, and around Anthos, and whenever one is taken down, another is pinned up by those unknown. Forces of the Iron Crown The Forces of the Iron Crown, located in the Tower of Dread and the Mountain Above it are in need of your help. Praise be to those in service, and those willing to join. It is up to you to protect VaerHaven and the Iron Crown in the Mountain Above. Those willing to serve should fill out a small form and pin it. Do so, and we will come. Purpose We exist to protect VaerHaven, and do as the Lord of the Iron Crown commands of us. Benefits ​Armor, weapons, a home and wealth can all be gained, in addition to vengeance on foes, and the protection of loved ones. Those who show true faith and loyalty may be taken on by Dread Knights to try and turn them into Dread Knights themselves Ranks Unblooded: New initiates get chain and leather armor and a weapon of iron. Acolyte: Chain and Iron plate along with an iron weapon, and replacements upon request. Disciple: They get iron armor, and access to the armory. They are to act as leaders of sorts and may assign tasks. Rules Violations of rules are punishable upon death Never question a superiors order, or a Dread Knights Never harm or steal from a brother or sister Address Dread Knights by "My Lord -name-" Address superiors by title and then name Do not harm or steal from an ally unless ordered Never forsake the Iron Crown Never join another organization Application Location: We are located in the Dwarven Hold of Urbem Terrore, formerly known as Dal'Cais. OOC Disclaimer
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