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Found 4 results

  1. [!] A letter upon parchment would be delivered to the new Grand King of Urguan, Norli Starbreaker and the notice board of the Under Realm. A Humble Blessing to the Grand King from a Friend To Grand King Norli Starbreaker, my lifelong mentor and friend. I congratulate you on your rise to the Obsidian Throne. I therefore send out an open letter, along with it, my humble blessings as Priest of Da Kirja Dverga. I pray to each of the Brathmordakin, beseeching them that they allow your reign will be prosperous and honorable: Yemekar, may you watch and guide
  2. Campaign of Durorn Ireheart INTRODUCTION When the rare new dwarf walks into our Grand Kingdom, all they see is a ghost town. Our halls run empty and the hum of hammers against steel ring silent. Our Grand King has been absent, and no member of the council beyond Dhaen Grandaxe has moved to fill this void. Urguan needs someone with fresh ideas, not weighed down from the past of previous administrations. Not weighed down from the ideas of what can, or will not be. I believe this individual is me, Durorn Ireheart, who holds the initiative to bring a return to stability and a poten
  3. [!] A relatively short letter is tacked to the Bramblebury notice board An Address to the People of Bramblebury On Conceding the Mayoral Election My dear friends and fellow halflings; My reasons for writing to you are numerous, but chief among them is my desire to make the following declaration: I wish to concede the election of the Mayor to Iris Peregrin. Despite any past remarks I may have made about her lack of experience, I am fully confident in her leadership, and expect her to prove a far greater stateswoman than I could ever have hoped to be. Her kindness, amicability,
  4. [!] Flyers would be pinned up all over the village Theodore Mowood For Sheriff My name is Theodore Mowood, loving husband of Basset Mowood and father to four halfling young’ens, Most of you may know me to not be the most popular guy around, but i'm not all that bad if you get to know me. One of my main goals being sheriff is to spread inspiration Lately my life has changed drastically, a few days after our arrival in the new land i met an unfortunate burden where i became a plant, a pumpkin specifically, and if i get chosen by you, the people, to b
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