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  1. AS THE STATE OF Kaethul has prospered greatly in recent years, the Overlord has sought to integrate a new position to assist with the city’s functions: the Mayor of Kaethul. Any adult citizen who holds a position, is an active member of a guild, or owns a residence within Kaethul may announce their candidacy and run for office. THE ELECTION PROCESS WILL take place as follows: After candidates have announced their intent to run for office, each nominee will give a speech on their beliefs of what the position of mayor should entail and the responsibilities the position should hold, and how they believe they could best fulfill the position of mayor. Following the speeches, the general populace of Kaethul, or the Hall of Commons, will vote on whom they believe to be the most promising candidates. Thereafter, the nobility of Kaethul, or the Hall of Lords, will pick the candidate they believe to be most competent of the elected pool. ANY WHO WISH TO announce their candidacy may do so by sending a bird to Anatoliy Godunov (@Caedis), or any other steward of Kaethul. SIGNED, YERA SILVEIRA, Overlord of Kaethul, Master of the Hidden Tower, Lady-Magister of Hohkmat JUNIPER ROSE, Advisor to the Overlord of Kaethul, Steward of Kaethul
  2. [!] A note is pinned to the Dúnwen Noticeboard Third Shire Election Voting The list of candidates is in! Ye may vote once for who ye wish to be Sheriff and once for who ye wish to be Mayor. Voting will go for three Pumpkin Days until the First Seed ((Friday)). Ye may vote with the following form: Name: Race: Your vote for Sheriff (choose one): Breasal Nimblefoot ( ) Mister PADRIC Applebottom-Peregrin ( ) Your vote for Mayor (choose one): Ser Do’Spuds Loa’chil ( ) The Wizard Magnolia ( ) Knox bless t'ah wee! -Mimosa Applefoot, Thain of the halflings
  3. [!] A paper is pinned to the Dúnwen Noticeboard. Election Results! T'a results are in! Here be our new Sheriff and Mayor! Sheriff: -Mimosa: 5 votes -Ser Do'Spuds Loa'chil: 4.5 votes Mayor: -Bob the Turtle: 6.5 votes -Crumpet the Scarecrow: 3 votes Thus, the new Sheriff is Mimosa Applefoot and the new Mayor is Bob the Turtle. Long Live Dúnwen's democracy! -The new Sheriff, Mimosa Applefoot.
  4. [!] A paper is nailed to the Dúnwen Noticeboard! VOTING BEGINS! T'is time to let democracy determine who oughter lead us! The voting format is as follows, and ye may vote by attaching what ye think oughter be the case below this 'ere paper: Name: Race: Pick for Sheriff: Pick for Mayor: Candidates are as following: SHERIFF CANDIDATES: -Ser Do’Spuds Loa’chil Campaign promise: "A better protected town, better equipped to deal with tragedy before it strikes and to help speedily recover anything after it strikes" -Mimosa Applefoot Campaign promise: "T'a golden days o' adventuring will return (and all the dire rats will be exterminated)!" Mayor Candidates: Crumpet the Scarecrow: Strawman of the People Bob the Turtle: Slow and Steady wins the Race May t'a best candidates win! -Mimosa Applefoot
  5. ODAN be with you all, common folk of Haense, of whom I serve gladly. I, Mikhail var Ratibor, have decided to throw my name into the hat for the position of Alderman, to hopefully serve as your representative within our great kingdom, and to make your voices heard within the Royal Duma. I, like you, have been born with little to my name. I grew up on the streets, squalid and poor, and struggled to survive for years, until GODAN saw fit to bless me with an opportunity to rise up with my own two feet. My blood is of the land, but my heart is of the Highlands; with it, I have acquired a position with the Order of the Crow as a squire and currently serve within the Office of the Hunt in the Queen’s Court. This is not a testament to my strength, but that of our people, for in all of us flows the blood of the Highlands. Our people are strong, from the lowliest peasant to the grandest of kings. We each of us have the potential for great things, with which we can move mountains for crown, kingdom, and country. Times have been tough, with the threats of war looming over the horizon, bitter cold biting at us with every waking second, and Darkspawn lurking within the darkness, ready to strike at any given moment. I hope, with your support, that I may be able to introduce a few new projects into our great society, as well as to offer aid to those struggling to handle the surmounting issues at our doorstep. The establishment of the Crow Scouts. Though initially an incentive from the Office of the Hunt as a means to teach the youth of the wilderness and to prepare them with a few survival tactics, it can potentially instill a better sense of pride of who we are as a people, as well as to help those who may find themselves in an unfortunate predicament get by until proper care, nourishment, and even shelter, can be found. While it is no permanent fix, it can at the very least be a temporary one, until proper housing can be acquired for those who many not have it. Furthermore, this will prepare future soldiers out in the field and alleviate the stress on supply lines, allowing soldiers to better take care of their own needs during campaigns, and thus increasing their overall effectiveness in the field. An army marches on it's stomach, after all! A higher sense of community. It is no secret that our people are prideful, valuing our freedom and honor above all else. What is there to not be proud of? While these feelings have not dwindled as much as many may fear it has, it is important to note that keeping morale high and to understand one another is a key component to a civilization’s survival; where I have begun to revive the Office of the Hunt, I hope to bring back a sense of cultural connection between our fellow man. This, in turn, may also help to bring in more food for our people, both civilians and the men and women who serve within the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. Firr, MIKHAIL VAR RATIBOR, Attendant of the Hunt, Squire to the Order of the Crow
  6. "I've lived in Haense for years, and this city and it's people have been nothing but generous, helping me when I was starving, cold, and alone. I wish to do the same for the people who were like me at that low point in my life. Anyone who wishes to promote this, please stand beside me. Even if I do not win, I hope my campaign helps get the idea of generosity on everyone's mind." -Andrei Bukoski
  7. WE SEE DE! TO THE CITIZENRY OF VALLAGNE: I am officially announcing my candidacy for the 1934 Mayoral Election. The following is a list of the goals I seek to accomplish during my tenure; however, above any of them is my desire to act as a mouthpiece for the common people of Vallagne. I wish more than anything to act as a bridge between those of our working class - the rentors, the farmers, the craftsmen and the beggars - and our legislators and royalty. "De" Duncan Kame'eleihiwa's platform: 1 - SOCIAL WELFARE As mayor, I will dedicate a portion of the city's taxes to subsidizing our agricultural sector. The surplus of our harvest will be distributed, by need, to eligible citizens, who will be able to apply for a program that distributes food to those who, otherwise, would struggle to afford it. While the city has made great strides in making housing affordable for all, I feel that this final step will help eradicate the blight of poverty from our great city once and for all, and allow every citizen, now free from the burdens of merely surviving, to live up to their full potential and give back to this nation. 2 - CRIMINAL REFORM Having been a fugitive of the law in the past, I understand how one simple mistake can ruin someone's life forever. Our greater Petran community should strive to uplift and forgive one another, and to allow those who have been tempted by the vices of Iblees to redeem themselves. Eligible criminals would be offered the chance to go through a period of indentured servitude to the state, while learning the skills necessary to function in a civil society, and providing labor to the city that may otherwise go understaffed. We are a civilized nation; there must be alternatives to imprisonment or death for our criminal class. 3 - SECURITY That is not to say that the lives of our citizenry are to be taken in vain. Under my administration, the systems that strive to protect our nation will receive extra funding - namely, the Riverguard. Enrollments to the Guard have decreased in recent years, and we must find ways to improve the security of our Capital, either through heightened recruitment or through funding better equipment for our soldiers to ward off any violent threats to our people, both foreign and domestic. 4 - BUSINESS Of course, to fund all of these new ventures, we will need a greater supply of tax money. This should not come from raising the price of real estate; rather, by subsidizing businesses to operate in Petra, the taxes collected from our stalls and business-oriented buildings will increase. Encouraging satellite markets for some of Vallagne's artisan goods will draw in visitors from across Aevos, both to purchase our finer products and to become citizens. These goals, of course, will be impossible without the vibrant people that have made Vallagne such a wonderful city to live in for such a long time. If anyone wishes to comment or critique on the preceding promises, feel free to send me a letter regarding them and I will respond in due time. Sincerely, Uncle Godfather Steward Duncan "De" Kame'eleihiwa De. Now You See.
  8. R y b a N o v i k o v Prevja va ve Eldervik. My name is Ryba Novikov, the second son of the humble Novikov family, and Hanseti Hart for the 6th season of Lifstala. I currently serve in the honourable BSK, serving as an initiate, and am one of three brothers residing in our great city. My past, like some of yours, was not pleasant. When I was two, my brother Konstantin was born, and a mere few days later- My mother took him and left us for good. Myself and my older brother, Demitrey, were left abandoned with our drunkard father.. Our survival was nothing short of God’s miracle. Konstantin returned to us when he was ten, and since then, the three of us have fought tooth and nail to survive - To stay close - And to stay good and true to the teachings of our Grandfather, a man who sought to make the world a better place. Throughout my campaign here, I wish to share a little of my strengths and weaknesses. To be completely honest, boasting has never been a passion of mine, but as much as I dislike self-praise - I also recognise that a man without pride in his achievements and characteristics, is a man unworthy of representing our glorious people. Of representing You. Policies: The most important thing, in my opinion, is the safety and wellbeing of our citizens. It is the duty of the Alderman to create and vote on laws that ensure the prosperity and protection of You. I believe that a good Alderman is one who treats their people with kindness. For those of you who have met my family, you will be well aware that Kindness is a core trait of our ideology. It is my firm belief that all should be judged with compassion - meaning that nobody should be unfairly tried and punished due to anger or a flair of emotions. Everyone deserves a fair chance to explain their actions, and a willing ear to listen. With that being said, criminals will still be punished as they should be. Problems: One Major problem I have noticed is the lack of laws surrounding Voidal magic. Our beloved late monarch, the Great King Georg, created a position for voidal mages in our courts. The issue as I see it, is that there is no protection for Voidal Mages in the laws, nor is there any protection for the faithful citizens who may be subjected to such magic. If a mage were to throw a magical shard of ice at a loyal citizen, they will be charged for assault or attempted murder - But I would argue they must also pay for the crime of using harmful magic on a citizen of the realm. Voidal mages need to be both protected, and restrained, so that all of our citizens, magic or not, can find safety and solace in these walls. It is for this reason that I suggest permits be created, and that only mages with such permits - Documented mages - May use magic within our walls. This allows us to not only identify each mage within our realm, but also allow us to more properly hand out judgements and punishments to those few who would break our laws. Another issue I would like to call to attention is the state of the BSK. Our beloved Brotherhood, of which I am a part of, has recently seen a number of Initiates either desiring unnecessary violent situations, or outright breaking our laws. Recently, an Initiate even went as far as to mug a fellow citizen - Other initiates have also been known to threaten unwarranted violence almost immediately should their orders be ignored. It is clear that such things cannot continue - We cannot continue to randomly recruit just anyone who wanders into our city, for what would happen if Adrian spies wished to infiltrate our military? I believe a basic check of our recruits should be made, identifying their history, and having someone (perhaps a footman or above) who can vouch for them. Thank you for reading To all the citizens who have made it this far, I sincerely thank you: Vote for Safety, Vote for Protection, Vote for Novikov KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM Candidates I support: Rayne Kaida Valtonen-Novikov
  9. A SEA OF OPPORTUNITY Introduction: The Ship Sails Are you a person? A person with dreams? Are you from the working class? Do you happen to like fish? These are all the important and completely rational questions that I promise to answer in the Royal Duma as your friendly local fisherman, soon to be international, and your next Alderman. Hi, I am Timofei Petrovich. Many of you may know me as Timofei, Timmy, Fishman, or that person who can be found under the bridge with a rod in hand. For too long have the politicians of yore lied and corrupted their way into power. The common folk need a man who understands the struggle of true labors. There is none more qualified than I in that regard as I have dedicated my entire life to the wonderful craft of fishing. Now with my first official business opening, it is vital that our rights as working class citizens and small business owners are correctly protected and represented. I can make that happen, but only with your support! LIKE A SCHOOL OF FISH, WE CAN RIDE THE WAVES TOGETHER! The Wave of Conflict It is no secret to any that the noble class have the majority upper hand in politics, as is their right. But the people pay taxes just as the rest do, and that requires equal representation through wit! Like a mighty bluefin battling the currents of the ocean, I will ensure that the citizens of Haense are promptly defended! This I do swear, as a fisherman and as a friend to all. Social disparity is not the only conflict we struggle with. There is no denying that there are many conflicts we face externally. No matter what social status a person may belong to, all should strive to defend the Kingdom at all cost either militarily or through the efforts of Industry! You can find no other expert in the art of supply and demand as the experienced fishmonger I am. I will work with my colleagues inside and outside of the Duma to secure our stores and treasuries, that way we are able to respond with no fears of doubt or denial! A FISH FOR ALL! NO ONE WILL STARVE! The Trade Deal In the name of all citizens and fish of the realm, I do so swear; I shall defend the rights and benefits of the working class and small business owners. In the name of all citizens and fish of the realm, I do so swear; I shall ensure that the industries and resources of the realm properly support our Kingdom both inside and outside of the Royal Duma. A GOOD BUSINESSMAN NEVER LIES! A GOOD FISHERMAN ALWAYS PROVIDES! Conclusion: In Port Nothing can be accomplished without a team. There is no more of a perfect team than all of YOU! The wonderful citizens of Haense! So, with that being said… What will YOU do? Who will YOU choose? Are YOU craving FISH? VOTE FOR YOU! VOTE FOR FISH! VOTE FOR TIMMY!
  10. [!] A paper is pinned to the tavern Election Results! All the votes have been counted in the utmost fair and non-rigged election o' Mingebottom! The results are as follows: Sheriff: Sakura Collingwood - 5 votes Mimosa Applefoot - 3 votes Mayor: Rosebud Applefoot - 8 votes Dolly Peregrin - 0 votes Thus, Rosebud Applefoot shall be the shire's new Mayor and Sakura Collingwood the shire's new Sheriff! Knox bless t'ah wee! ~Former Mayor Mimosa Applefoot
  11. [!] Something is pinned to the town burrow of Mingebottom Election! ~The newest cottage in Mingebottom!~ T'is now time to vote for who will be the new Sheriff & Mayor of our wee village and the weefolk as a whole! The candidates are as follows: Mayoral Candidates: ~Dolly Peregrin~ ~Rosebud Applefoot~ Sheriff Candidates: ~Sakura Collingwood~ ~Mimosa Applefoot~ Ye may vote once for Sheriff and once for Mayor with the following form (Runs for two Pumpkin Days!): Name: Race(Only one t'is valid unless ye are a known adventurer): Who ye vote for Sheriff?: Who ye vote for Mayor?: Anything else t'ae add?: May the best halfling win! ~Mimosa Applefoot, proud halfling of Mingebottom.
  12. [!] A paper is pinned to the Town Burrow of Mingebottom Mingebottom Election! Oi've been Mayor for far too long. T'is time for an election as we go into this new world to ensure that we remain a true and proper democracy! Both Sheriff and Mayor positions are open in this election, so this election will determine t'a new government apart from the traditional Thaindom. Sign up to run in the election wi' the following prompt. Signups will last for two Pumpkin Days after this paper be posted: Name: Race (only one is valid to run!): Be ye running for Mayor o' for Sheriff?: What will ye do if elected?: Anything else to say?: Long live t'ah Halfling Republic, Knox bless us all! -Mimosa Applefoot.
  13. ANNOUNCEMENT OF CONCIO ELECTIONS (13th of Sigismund's End, 47 BA) Issued by the Department of Civil Affairs Now that Balian has had its census and reconstruction completed, the Department of Civil Affairs wishes to announce the beginning of elections for the position of Concio of the Supreme Assembly of the Lazzari. As noted in the Edict of Brucca, there are six Concio positions within the Supreme Assembly, which may be filled by anyone who is sixteen years of age, a Balian citizen, and does not hold a criminal record. The seats of the Supreme Assembly are chosen by lottery vote, which the Procurators office heads. Henceforth, elections shall be held every six years, as detailed in the Edict of Brucca. The assembly functions as the legislative body of the city and is charged with the creation and amendment of law and judicial statutes. It is named after the Lazzari meaning commons in the modern Balian tongue, and one who fills one of the seats of the Supreme Assembly shall be addressed as Concio. Any citizen interested and willing to act as a Concio must submit an application within the next three Saint’s Days to be approved by the Lord Censor’s office. If accepted, a candidate shall continue to the election for seats of the Supreme assembly of the Lazzari. Application for the Supreme Assembly of the Lazzari, listed below SIGNED BY, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Alexander I, by the Grace of GOD, King of Balian, Count of Monteres, Viscount of Eflen and Anatis, Baron of Brucca and Valens, Lord of Atrus and Monterosa, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera. HIS EXCELLENCY, Censor of Balian, Lord Kasimir Sarkozic Listed below are additional documents with more information https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/218677-royal-edict-of-brucca/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/219092-the-noble-city-of-atrus-wildflower-of-the-south/?do=findComment&comment=1950486
  14. [!] A note is pinned to the Notice Tree of Bywater! Election Results! ~One of the new gardens!~ The election has concluded, and the results have been tallied up! Mayor: Mimosa Applefoot: 5 votes Xob Wobson: 0 votes Dolly Peregrin: 1 vote Sheriff: Breasal Nimblefoot: 3 votes Taylor Woodrun: 4 votes The results are conclusive! I, Mimosa Applefoot, shall continue to be your Mayor, and Taylor Woodrun is to be the new Sheriff! Knox bless Bywater's Democracy! Glory to the Wee, and to our Republic! ~Newly Re-elected Mayor and local halfling, Mimosa Applefoot
  15. [!] A note is pinned to the Bywater Notice Tree The Second Bywater Election! ~Fun times at the fair!~ Now that enough candidates have come forwards, it is time for us all to vote on them and see who shall lead our Grand Republic! Each halfling, gnome, biggun resident, and officially registered Adventurer is to receive one vote each for both Mayor and Sheriff positions. Votes are to be cast through the following prompt: Name: Race: Mayor Vote: Mimosa Applefoot ( ) Xob Wobson ( ) Dolly Peregrin ( ) Sheriff Vote: Breasal Nimblefoot ( ) Taylor Woodrun ( ) May the best candidates win! Voting will run for three Pumpkin Days, and the votes tallied at the end. ~Current Mayor of Bywater, Mimosa Applefoot
  16. [!] A note is pinned to Iris' Tree Election Signup ~Slaying Monsters!~ This term o' mine has gone on for much too long. It is now time for another election for both Mayor and Sheriff positions here in Bywater, land of halflings, land of gnomes, land of adventurers, and land of peace. If ye wish to sign up, please do so with the following prompt: Name: Race: What are ye running for (Mayor or Sheriff?): Anything you'd like to add: ONLY halflings, gnomes, biggun residents, and adventurers officially registered through the Quest Office can run for Sheriff. The position of Mayor is halfling/gnome only. The signup ends in Two Pumpkin Days, wherein voting will begin! KNOX SAVE BYWATER! ~Mimosa Applefoot, Mayor of Bywater
  17. " Sharp words have no intrinsic ability to draw blood, though they may very well be the cause of such when met with a dull entity. Those that wield the hammer of blunt statements will inevitably meet an opponent that tests the efficacy of a lexical shield. A barbarous mind is ill accustomed to defending itself with anything but the primitive tools which it can master.“ - Malaurir Dio Astóre SOHAER ELECTION RESULT, 113 SA 10th of Snow’s Maiden, Year 114 of The Second Age Following the democratic election of elSohaer, we as Mali’thill have chosen our newest Sohaer. elSulii’ceru and elMaheral have counted and recounted the ballots. The most popular candidate was: Luthien Maeyr’onn Art by @puffables We eagerly await to see the progress that her leadership will bring to elCihi’thilln and our kin. andria il'Haelun'or y talar lar'iyulvanae karin’ento. Mali'thill iyatan'leh ay'Haelun'or! Maheral of Haelun’or Seth Calith Ernnir Elarhil Sullas Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya
  18. Audo Weiss for Military Tribune Election of 462 ES I, Audo Weiss, do declare my intent to run for military tribune and represent the needs, wants and voices of my fellow comrades. Having been enlisted in the Brotherhood for a decade, it is my home and unquestionably my second family. For nine of those years, I have been active in combat, serving not for glory or honour but because I believe in loyalty to my kingdom, my people and my family above all else. I believe that there is no age at which loyalty begins: it just is. This opportunity is the next step I wish to take to aid my brothers and sisters in arms. Qualifications My military service, even given my age of 18, gives me some insight into the current woes of our military. I have lived and breathed war and combat for as long as I can remember. I have previously come to accept these woes as mere necessities of the brotherhood. We are not always held in high regard. However, as time has gone on I have come to realise that this is not the case; any areas of lacking can be fixed with enough hard work and dedication. Moreover, this would not be my first role in the Duma as I undertook becoming the representative of House Weiss in place of my father at the age of 11. This would not be my first expression of interest in joining the governing of our kingdom in a role beyond my family as I sought permission to run for tribune early, as well as throwing myself forward for the likes of Lord Handler. While neither were a success given my age of 15 at the time, the efforts are a testament to my dedication and standing desire to enter into the Duma and would be more than proud to do so for my comrades. Agenda Foremostly, I seek to promote integration of the brotherhood and the knightly order. In recent times, the brotherhood and the order have pulled away from each other to the point where some knights are no longer enlisted and as such are merely a silent and guarding presence. We are all brothers in arms, and we all have voices to be heard. I hope to see greater acknowledgements of those performing thankless and extra duties within the brotherhood reflected in their pay, including the roles of quartermaster, field medic, and blacksmith. I wish to promote the learning and undertaking of medical studies within members of the brotherhood, not only to ensure that those enlisted have basic medical knowledge but also to boost the lacking pool of doctors in Karosgrad. Training in the Brotherhood is lacking in some areas. I hope to promote and encourage more formalised training of combat and military tactics to ensure prompt responses when soldiers are in the field. I send my deepest thanks to my brothers and sisters in arms, young or old. Your service is outstanding and a mighty shield for our great kingdom. Regardless of whether I undertake the role as representative for us or not, I will always be an ear ready to hear your voice and act however I may in my capacity. Iv Joveo Mann, His Lordship, Armsman Audo Weiss
  19. Year 105 of the second age. ᛋᛁᚷᚱᚢᚾ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛚᚨᛞ Sigrun’s campaign ᛏᚺᛖ ᛞᚹᚨᚱᚠ ᛟᚠ ᛒᛟᛏᚺ ᚹᛟᚱᛚᛞᛋ Foreword. This pamphlet is written to tell you all of my ideas and my personal qualities as to why I believe I would be the best pick for the next Grand King. First off a few of the situations myself and other dwed want to see fixed. It will be be split up in a few categories, as follows: Problems. 1: Citizen Engagement & Things to do. 2: Military 3: Reviewing Acts of the Senate. 4: Amendments of the articles. 5: Stagnation of Trade. Ideas. 1: Urguan Leadership’s reshuffle. 2: Allies. 3: Clan Encouragement. 4: Hefrumm Qualities. 1: Positive Qualities. 2: Previous Positions. Closing word. Problems. Citizen Engagement & Things to do. Urguan has recently developed a problem with keeping our loyal citizens engaged in the affairs of our city. With the Legion getting disbanded, there are not many things for our dwed to do in Kal’Darakaan. I plan to reinstate a military force in Urguan which will be detailed further in this pamphlet. Urguan has a select few guilds to be a part of in Kal’Darkaan, but not many jobs apart from being tavernkeep. Military will be one more but I also plan to have dwed be able to take up more varied jobs within our Kingdom. I plan to use Urguan’s famed deeproads for more job opportunities to those who wish to have a smithery, bakery etcetera down there. But any extravagant things will be presented to the King’s Council and Senate. Military. As of my retirement from Grand Marshal, the King’s Council at the time had disbanded the Legion in favour of a King’s Guard which would take up the mantle of keeping peace in the city and preventing crime. I believe the Legion should be reinstated with a new Grand Marshal at its head. With the current situation in the world, with the falling star and worm killing cloudbreaker we need a competent legion to handle the situation. I would appoint the Marshal myself, but would open up the floor for various people that believe they have the experience and qualities needed to take up the task of restarting the Legion. I would help them in any way I can myself. Urguan's military shall be re-vitalised and shall take it's toll on the Ibless-Uruk war machine and it's allies the necromancers and their great worm. The Great Stronghold that is Urguan will hold firm against these foul Beasts and shall act like a beacon of defense for any that may reside within. Urguan shall not be bested by a tree, nor Orcs and certainly not the foul undead. Reviewing Senate Acts. Leading up to Bakir’s retirement from Grand King, I had asked various dwed about problems they see in Urguan. One that was brought up multiple times is that the dwed wish to review and reevaluate some previously passed bills in the senate. I would like to call up any dwed to present bills they have problems with, so we can review them as a people. Amendments of the Articles. The Articles of Urguan have been outdated for a while now, i believe the King's Council and senate should take a great long look at the articles and write amendments to them wherever there needs to be updating. Stagnation of Trade. Trade has recently stagnated in Urguan, which is a great shame as dwarven goods are known and respected around all of Almaris. I would encourage trade by offering to pay the first two weeks of tax on stalls and carts any Urguani dwed may hold in different nations. Festivals of Trade and other events where dwarves would be able to sell and spread dwarven goods to various people from various nations. The workforce shall play a big part in creating these dwarven goods, and together with the government they shall spread it around the world. Ideas. Urguan’s leadership reshuffle. Urguan has long had the same positions make up its King’s council. Whilst many of these positions are vital to running Urguan, I have a select few that have recently been proven to be not necessary for Urguan, and one that I believe should be considered for the King’s council. Here is my list of positions I would have in my King’s Council. Grand King. The grand king needs no introduction for the King’s Council. He is the agreed upon representative of the people of Urguan. Grand Chancellor. The Grand Chancellor has recently become a vital part of Urguan’s leadership with the introduction of the Senate. The Grand Chancellor is the one that represents the Senate’s views and should be the direct representative of the Senate towards the King. Grand Marshal. The Grand Marshal is the head of the Military in Urguan, they are the Military’s direct representative to the King. Dealing with defending the Kingdom and notifying the King’s council of any threats to Urguan’s sovereignty. Chief of Hefrumm. As with the meteoric rise of Hefrumm during Bakir’s reign as Grand King, it makes sense that there should be a position to represent Hefrumm in the King’s Council. With Garedyn The Green at the helm, they have proven themselves to be a wonderful people that form the bulk of Urguan’s activity. Their importance in the current Grand Kingdom of Urguan cannot be understated. Grand Steward. The Grand Steward is the representative of Urguan’s economy including stewardry, housing and banking and would represent all problems regarding such. High Prophet. The High Prophet is the one representing all religious matters in the King’s council, as they deal with the council of prophets of the Kirkja Dverga. Lord Justiciar. The Lord Justiciar deals with all legal matters in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, and should be the representative to all legal matters and justice throughout the nation. Scrapped position. King’s hand. The King’s hand position has long overstayed its welcome in the King’s Council, as it has its duties changed multiple times and never once has worked out. No longer shall upper leadership work in secrecy, and it shall truly have Urguan's people best interests at heart. Allies Haense. The Haeseni government and people have proven to be an incredible ally for the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, and we should do everything in our power to keep them as an ally. Balian. As with the recent dissolution of Oren after our victory against them, the people of Balian have proven to be a faithful ally to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Petra. The people of Petra have clearly grounded themselves between the nations of Almaris. They are a proud people and an even fiercer ally in combat. All of these allies have proven to be incredibly important to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, and all measures should be taken to ensure our future cooperation with these nations. Clan Encouragement. The clans of Urguan are the ultimate backbone to the future of Urguan, and I believe the government should do everything to ensure the prosperity of these clans non-directly. Each clan should have a clan leader that isn’t afraid to ask the King’s Council for any help regarding problems they may have, and I will ensure no expense shall be spared to ensure this. Hefrumm. As seen during Bakir's reign, Hefrumm has experienced a meteoric rise with Garedyn The Green as it's spearhead. As they form the bulk of Urguan's people i believe they are long overdue for more granted autonomy and appreciation from the government of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Their importance to the Grand Kingdom cannot be understated. They are the lifeblood that fills our valley and city's halls. Hefrumm should be granted full autonomy over their valley. The King's council with the Chief of Hefrumm as one of it's positions will draft up a renewal of the articles to favour the renewed and reinvigorated Hefrumm people. Qualities. Positive Qualities. I, Sigrun Ireheart, am a dwed that carries all the passion and fire that our previous king had, but I assure the Urguani people that I will be a comprising king, and will strive to represent the dwarves of Urguan in the best way possible. I promise that I will carry all of the energy in Urguan on my back and would make sure every dwarf with a problem would be represented dutifully. Urguan is in a tough spot as of this moment, but with all of our heads stuck together we will come up with a solution to any problem our proud people face. Previous Positions. Grand Marshal. I have served as Urguan’s Grand Marshal for over two decades and have done everything in my power to ensure victory with the minimal loss of dwed life. The energy and vigour I had as Grand Marshal would be transferred over to my reign as Grand King. Clan Father of the Irehearts. As Clan Father of the Irehearts, I have ensured our clan’s position in Urguan as a famed elder clan, as I plan to do the same with Urguan on the global stage. Priest of Dungrimm. As Priest of Dungrimm, I have ensured the word of Dungrimm’s spread in the Kirkja Dverga, and have even constructed a statue in his honour. Closing Words. I thank every dwarf in Urguan for taking the time to read this pamphlet. I truly believe I have the qualities and ability to take Urguan into the next age bountifully. I ensure that every dwarf would be represented dutifully in the King’s council and Senate. We shall all make sure that Urguan becomes the stronghold and activity centre it previously has been. I hope you have the faith in me to vote Sigrun Ireheart as next Grand King of Urguan. [!] A picture has been affixed to the bottom of the pamphlet.
  20. [!] Another note is pinned to the Hayhollow-Bywater Notice-tree First Election Results! Good evenin', halflings and gnomes of the shire! The results are in, and our new leadership rises strong! ~Sheriff~ Nob: 6 Ja'Runk'Ungri: 0 ~Mayor~ Mimosa: 6 Bill the Fox: 1 Let us welcome the newly re-elected Mayor, Mimosa Applefoot, and the new Sheriff, Nob! Knox bless Hayhollow! 𝅘𝅥My Shire t'is of thee Sweet land o' liberty O' ye I sing. Land where t'a ancien's died, Land o' t'a farmer's pride, From ev'reh hillock-side, Let freedom ring!𝅘𝅥
  21. Arthur de Lyons For the People of Valfleur [!] A hand-held bell rang throughout the main square of Valfleur, calling for the attention of those spectating the market stalls. Hurriedly, a courier passed out detailed missives to all those present, with the final message: "Don't forget to vote!" Soon the people of the Commonwealth would cast their ballot in deciding a new mayor, and it seemed yet another candidate was keen to advertise their campaign. Dearest citizens of the Commonwealth, The time will shortly be upon us when we, the people, must once again raise our voices in unison and determine the fate of our dear capital, Valfleur. A wonderful place, enriched by vibrant faces riding the waves of opportunity, and surrounded by a blessed countryside that was surely touched by the hand of GOD himself! We shall be called to not only elect a new mayor for our capital but also to freely choose a representative that will serve the populace faithfully, nobles and commoners alike. I, Arthur de Lyons, do hereby put my name forward in candidacy for the position. I know some of you might question the legitimacy of my campaign. I understand your scepticism, for it was not so long ago that I was an outsider - a migrant drawn to the promise of enlightenment and possibility. But that is exactly what makes the Commonwealth such a wonderful country! It is a place where any man, no matter their background, can live out their dreams and reap the hard-earned rewards for their labours. Yet, we cannot expect such a trend to last forever, not without a collective goal in mind and a solid plan for growth. With your vote, I will make it my objective to expand accommodation within Valfleur and stimulate the economy by encouraging the establishment of more local businesses. Furthermore, my agenda will also extend to the protection of our city’s populace from threats both external and internal. I have sworn an oath of service to Her Grace, the Arch-Duchess Renilde I, having marched beneath her banner alongside my fellow Sons of Petra and met her enemies upon the battlefield. I’m sure there are those among you who are also familiar with my efforts in ridding our heartlands of evil. In the past year, I have led my fellow men-at-arms in the hunt for the so-called ‘Beast of Petra’, and have already made good progress in destroying the threat once and for all. I believe my experience in matters of security and my direct approach to providing relief for Valfleur will rightly serve the collective populace. With your vote, I will utilise my active participation in our armed forces to ensure a constant line of communication between the Sons of Petra and you, the people. I shall also seek to provide a detailed consultation to the populace, regarding the construction of fortifications and defences in the region. Together my friends, I know we can make Valfleur a better place for everyone and expand our proud capital to even greater heights. So when it comes time to take to the ballot box, I sincerely ask that you vote for Arthur de Lyons, a candidate who will work for you! Action! Unity! Prosperity!
  22. DUMAPALOOZA - THIRD TIME'S THE CHARM Issued on 13th of Sigismund's End 1896 The Duchy of Adria, a title often attributed to political paper, has not had lands for any of her people or kindred to coalesce for well over a century. As any good Sarkoz should, we bemoan the deprivation of a proper land to call Adria, one where we may exercise our ancient, vaunted customs. Now, we seek to re-unite those who have wandered aimlessly in this time of interregnum- not under the banner of Sarkozic, but under the banner of Adria, that which we may all claim as ours. House Sarkozic, however, invites all the remaining cadet-houses of House Carrion and those families of influence in Adria’s past to a formal Adrian Election regarding the title of our forebears. It is long past due that those of Adrian stock aim to return to the days of the Cercogstva Adrija; and we are here to retrieve one through a fair election that has been delayed, but never forgotten. There shall be drink for all, revelry, and celebration for this joyous occasion. INVITATIONS ON THE FOLLOWING RULES: 1. The Duchy of Adria shall only be elected by those Crow Elector Houses specifically named within this document. 2. The Duchy of Adria shall neither be a titular nor roaming title; it shall be bound to its allotted land within the Lower Petra known as Velezetia. it shall be bound to the allotted lands decided by the first elected Duke. 3. Although he is not required to hail from Adria proper, the elected Duke of Adria must reside primarily within the Duchy of Adria. He who neglects this duty is liable to be deposed. 4. The elected Duke of Adria may not hold any higher title, nor stand to inherit any higher title. Such candidates are hereby barred from holding the Duchy of Adria unless they renounce their previous titles or inheritance. 5. The Duchy of Adria may never be conferred, inherited, purchased, granted, or otherwise obtained through methods other than election by the Duma. House Sarkozic var Aaun invites the following Honourable Electors: THE PONTIFICAL THRONE His Holiness, Pontian IV - @Balthasar THE HONORABLE CROWS Aaun Sarkozics - @Beamon4 Balian Sarkozics - @Matheaww Barbanov - @GMRO Barbanov-Morovar - @HogoBojo Basrid - @JoanOfArc Tuyvic - @gavyn Rutherns of Hanseti-Ruska - @Demavend Rutherns of Balian - @Aehkaj Ludovar - @CopOwl Petrine Ivanovich - @excited Aaunic Ivanovich - @Calvin_ Varoche - @Enlightenment ESTEEMED PATRICIANS OF VES Bracchus - @Publius Montelliano - @TwistedFries Ren - Last descendant of Watanabe - @Moo_bot Kortrevich of Jerovitz - @Phersades De la Baltas - @monkeypoacher Ratispora - @Optimus420 Jewelbeard - @Nooblius BIRDS OF THE FEATHER & ESTEEMED GUEST Western Turkin - @Tibertastic Esteemed Guest - Ottomar von Alstreim, Last Descendant of Duke Franz Nikolai, Margrave of Vanderfell, Lord Vandalore - @Ramon Esteemed Guest - Anton Siegmund Tuyvic, Son of Duke Franz Nikolai @GMRO Esteemed Guest - Erik Euler, Architect of the Adrians @Laeonathan
  23. Election of the Okarir’tir 20th of the Deep Cold, 84 of the Second Age [!] At the entrance of the Eternal Library, upon a clear cube of quartz, sits toweringly the Okarir’san. To his right one can find ballot boxes, while to his left, on a table of the finest Haelun’orian wood, rest ballots and ink pots and quills in abundance. “MALI’THILL, following the most recent progress of our democratic society, electoral duty calls us to the ballots once more. Now it is time to make your silver wills heard, and aid in the manifest of the Republic, for you are all called to officially vote in the OKARIR’TIR election. The OKARIR'TIR serves as the administrative head of defence in conflicts both foreign and domestic, as Commander of the Sillumiran; heads the recruitment and training of the military assets of Haelun’or. It manages the structure of the Sillumiran and the gatekeeping of Blessed Haelun’or, heads the distribution and maintenance of military equipment and detains any member of the citizenry indefinitely, in the interest of public welfare. The Candidates are: Edgars An’asul & Kaelan Aldin The RULES of the election, as per our Constitution, are as follows: Each Blessed Citizen has at its disposal a total of two votes. How the citizen uses said votes is up to them. They may be given to one candidate, or split, etcetera. Citizens may vote for themselves. The Election and the counting of the Votes are supervised by the Maheral. Illegitimate votes will be discarded. ((If you have two characters, you may not vote on both)) If you try to fish your vote from the ballot box, it will cause an immediate discount. ((Do not edit your post)) Only the Maheral and their assistants, who count the votes, may delve into the contents of the ballot box. Any other doing so is in violation of the Silver Law. ((Do not metagame)) Only Blessed Citizens, over the age of 50, living within the Silver City, may vote: 1) Proven pure of blood. 2) Proven adherent of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya as determined by the Maheral. 3) Not currently undergoing Path to Purity. The vote shall last for an entire Elven Day. ((Voting will close in one day from the publication of this post))” THE BALLOT ((MC Name: )) Name: Vote 1: Vote 2:
  24. Election of the Okarir’mali 9th of the Deep Cold, year 70 S. A. [!] At the entrance of the Eternal Library, upon a clear cube of quartz, sits toweringly the Okarir’san. To his right one can find ballot boxes, while to his left, on a table of the finest Haelun’orian wood, rest ballots and ink pots and quills in abundance. Nailed upon a nearby post, one can also find the following missive: “MALI’THILL, now that we have liberated our Blessed Nation, progress must once more take priority. Now it is time to make your silver wills heard, and aid in the political reconstruction of the nation, for you are all called to officially vote in the OKARIR’MALI election. The OKARIR’MALI serves as administrative head of the city parlour, non-economic guilds or associations, and peacetime leisure; promotes the continued cultural development of the blessed mali’aheral through planned public events; works alongside elHeial’Lauriran to promote an active high society; manages and updates the Haelun’orian Notice Board; maintains and staffs all public places of leisure in Haelun’or, as per our most blessed Constitution! The sole candidate for the aforementioned position is: Elarhil Sullas As a result, if the citizen finds the candidate disagreeable, upon the ballot shall be added the secondary option of: Abstain The RULES of the election, as per our Constitution, are as follows: Each Blessed Citizen has at its disposal a total of two votes. How the citizen uses said votes is up to them. They may be given to one candidate, or split, etcetera. Citizens may vote for themselves. The Election and the counting of the Votes are supervised by the Maheral. Illegitimate votes will be discarded. ((If you have two characters, you may not vote on both)) If you try to fish your vote from the ballot box, it will cause an immediate discount. ((Do not edit your post)) Only the Maheral and their assistants, who count the votes, may delve into the contents of the ballot box. Any other doing so is in violation of the Silver Law. ((Do not metagame)) Only Blessed Citizens, over the age of 50, living within the Silver City, may vote: 1) Proven pure of blood. 2) Proven adherent of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya as determined by the Maheral. 3) Not currently undergoing Path to Purity. The vote shall last for an entire Elven Day. ((Voting will close in one day from the publication of this post))” THE BALLOT ((MC Name: )) Name: Vote 1: Vote 2:
  25. [!] A note is pinned to the Knoxville Noticeboard! The parchment is a bit crinkled.... Sheriff Election Results! ~Bigguns visiting Knoxville!~ T'is time for the results of the Sheriff Election to be made public! Here they are! For I, Filibert Applefoot, there be all 3 cast votes, 100% of all votes cast! For Cuthburt Weedfoot, there be zero votes, 0% of all votes cast! Thus, I am proud to announce that I, Filibert Applefoot, shall be the new Sheriff of Knoxville! -Filibert Applefoot, sheriff of Knoxville
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