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Found 19 results

  1. [!] A letter is pinned to the Hayhollow notice tree ELECTION SIGNUP! ~Soup distribution~ Do YOU want to make Hayhollow a better village? Do YOU want to do your best for the sake of all halflings, gnomes, and weefolks across Almaris? Why nay sign up to run for office! This will be the first official election in Hayhollow (seeing as we've gone so long without one). Please sign up to run for either Sheriff or Mayor with the following prompt: Name: Residence: What office ye wish to run for (Sheriff or Mayor): What ye wish to accomplish if ye are elected: The election will run for the next three pumpkin days, after which voting will begin! Knox bless the wee! ~Mimosa Applefoot, Mayor of Hayhollow.
  2. [!] A jolly looking elderly halfling has been seen bouncing around the shire, singing his disstrack on the current Sheriff Hob in anticipation for the first election of Hayhollow.
  3. Arthur de Lyons For the People of Valfleur [!] A hand-held bell rang throughout the main square of Valfleur, calling for the attention of those spectating the market stalls. Hurriedly, a courier passed out detailed missives to all those present, with the final message: "Don't forget to vote!" Soon the people of the Commonwealth would cast their ballot in deciding a new mayor, and it seemed yet another candidate was keen to advertise their campaign. Dearest citizens of the Commonwealth, The time will shortly be upon us when we, the people, must once again raise our voices in unison and determine the fate of our dear capital, Valfleur. A wonderful place, enriched by vibrant faces riding the waves of opportunity, and surrounded by a blessed countryside that was surely touched by the hand of GOD himself! We shall be called to not only elect a new mayor for our capital but also to freely choose a representative that will serve the populace faithfully, nobles and commoners alike. I, Arthur de Lyons, do hereby put my name forward in candidacy for the position. I know some of you might question the legitimacy of my campaign. I understand your scepticism, for it was not so long ago that I was an outsider - a migrant drawn to the promise of enlightenment and possibility. But that is exactly what makes the Commonwealth such a wonderful country! It is a place where any man, no matter their background, can live out their dreams and reap the hard-earned rewards for their labours. Yet, we cannot expect such a trend to last forever, not without a collective goal in mind and a solid plan for growth. With your vote, I will make it my objective to expand accommodation within Valfleur and stimulate the economy by encouraging the establishment of more local businesses. Furthermore, my agenda will also extend to the protection of our city’s populace from threats both external and internal. I have sworn an oath of service to Her Grace, the Arch-Duchess Renilde I, having marched beneath her banner alongside my fellow Sons of Petra and met her enemies upon the battlefield. I’m sure there are those among you who are also familiar with my efforts in ridding our heartlands of evil. In the past year, I have led my fellow men-at-arms in the hunt for the so-called ‘Beast of Petra’, and have already made good progress in destroying the threat once and for all. I believe my experience in matters of security and my direct approach to providing relief for Valfleur will rightly serve the collective populace. With your vote, I will utilise my active participation in our armed forces to ensure a constant line of communication between the Sons of Petra and you, the people. I shall also seek to provide a detailed consultation to the populace, regarding the construction of fortifications and defences in the region. Together my friends, I know we can make Valfleur a better place for everyone and expand our proud capital to even greater heights. So when it comes time to take to the ballot box, I sincerely ask that you vote for Arthur de Lyons, a candidate who will work for you! Action! Unity! Prosperity!
  4. DUMAPALOOZA - THIRD TIME'S THE CHARM Issued on 13th of Sigismund's End 1896 The Duchy of Adria, a title often attributed to political paper, has not had lands for any of her people or kindred to coalesce for well over a century. As any good Sarkoz should, we bemoan the deprivation of a proper land to call Adria, one where we may exercise our ancient, vaunted customs. Now, we seek to re-unite those who have wandered aimlessly in this time of interregnum- not under the banner of Sarkozic, but under the banner of Adria, that which we may all claim as ours. House Sarkozic, however, invites all the remaining cadet-houses of House Carrion and those families of influence in Adria’s past to a formal Adrian Election regarding the title of our forebears. It is long past due that those of Adrian stock aim to return to the days of the Cercogstva Adrija; and we are here to retrieve one through a fair election that has been delayed, but never forgotten. There shall be drink for all, revelry, and celebration for this joyous occasion. INVITATIONS ON THE FOLLOWING RULES: 1. The Duchy of Adria shall only be elected by those Crow Elector Houses specifically named within this document. 2. The Duchy of Adria shall neither be a titular nor roaming title; it shall be bound to its allotted land within the Lower Petra known as Velezetia. it shall be bound to the allotted lands decided by the first elected Duke. 3. Although he is not required to hail from Adria proper, the elected Duke of Adria must reside primarily within the Duchy of Adria. He who neglects this duty is liable to be deposed. 4. The elected Duke of Adria may not hold any higher title, nor stand to inherit any higher title. Such candidates are hereby barred from holding the Duchy of Adria unless they renounce their previous titles or inheritance. 5. The Duchy of Adria may never be conferred, inherited, purchased, granted, or otherwise obtained through methods other than election by the Duma. House Sarkozic var Aaun invites the following Honourable Electors: THE PONTIFICAL THRONE His Holiness, Pontian IV - @Balthasar THE HONORABLE CROWS Aaun Sarkozics - @Beamon4 Balian Sarkozics - @Matheaww Barbanov - @GMRO Barbanov-Morovar - @HogoBojo Basrid - @JoanOfArc Tuyvic - @gavyn Rutherns of Hanseti-Ruska - @Demavend Rutherns of Balian - @Aehkaj Ludovar - @CopOwl Petrine Ivanovich - @excited Aaunic Ivanovich - @Calvin_ Varoche - @Enlightenment ESTEEMED PATRICIANS OF VES Bracchus - @Publius Montelliano - @TwistedFries Ren - Last descendant of Watanabe - @Moo_bot Kortrevich of Jerovitz - @Phersades De la Baltas - @monkeypoacher Ratispora - @Optimus420 Jewelbeard - @Nooblius BIRDS OF THE FEATHER & ESTEEMED GUEST Western Turkin - @Tibertastic Esteemed Guest - Ottomar von Alstreim, Last Descendant of Duke Franz Nikolai, Margrave of Vanderfell, Lord Vandalore - @Ramon Esteemed Guest - Anton Siegmund Tuyvic, Son of Duke Franz Nikolai @GMRO Esteemed Guest - Erik Euler, Architect of the Adrians @Laeonathan
  5. With the election having ended; Julie picked up the ballot box, gathered some halflings from the village to double check her counting, and tallied up all the votes, discarding only the two cast by children per the election rules. Once the count had been checked and double checked, a flyer was posted around the village announcing the results. The RESULTS of the Honeyhill Elections of 692 SR The Honeyhill Elections of 692 SR have ended. The people have chosen a new Thain, Mayor, and Sheriff; and so my time as the interrim Mayor of Honeyhill has ended and I hereby relinquish my powers to them so that they may continue the march of our people into a bright new era of democracy. The results of the elections are as follows: Thain With 6 votes, King Cyris Collingwood has been elected Thain. His defeated opponent, Lily Peregrin, recieved 4 votes. Mayor With 10 votes, Mimosa Applefoot has been elected Mayor. Her defeated opponent, Magnolia Fiddleberry, recieved 1 vote. Sheriff With 7 votes, Hob the Beast Slayer has been elected Sheriff. His defeated opponent, Breasal Nimblefoot, recieved 3 votes.
  6. The Honeyhill Elections of 692 SR The time has come for the people of Honeyhill to elect a Thain, Mayor, and Sheriff. Please follow the instructions below: THE CANDIDATES FOR THAIN: King Cyris Collingwood Lily Peregrin THE CANDIDATES FOR MAYOR: Mimosa Applefoot Magnolia Fiddleberry THE CANDIDATES FOR SHERIFF: Breasal Nimblefoot Hob the Beast Slayer [!] A polling station can be found next to the entrance of the tavern. The Ballot: ((MC Name:)) Name: Vote for Thain: King Cyris Collingwood () Lily Peregrin () Vote for Mayor: Mimosa Applefoot () Magnolia Fiddleberry () Vote for Sheriff: Breasal Nimblefoot () Hob the Beast Slayer () Rules of the Vote: You may only cast one vote for each position If you try to take ballots out of the box, your vote will be discounted ((No editing your post or metagaming the election progress)) ((No voting as multiple personas)) Your vote will only be counted if you are an adult halfling associated with Honeyhill Voting will close in 2 Pumpkin Days ((You have 48 hours to reply to this post)) May the best halfling win.
  7. Election of the Okarir’tir 20th of the Deep Cold, 84 of the Second Age [!] At the entrance of the Eternal Library, upon a clear cube of quartz, sits toweringly the Okarir’san. To his right one can find ballot boxes, while to his left, on a table of the finest Haelun’orian wood, rest ballots and ink pots and quills in abundance. “MALI’THILL, following the most recent progress of our democratic society, electoral duty calls us to the ballots once more. Now it is time to make your silver wills heard, and aid in the manifest of the Republic, for you are all called to officially vote in the OKARIR’TIR election. The OKARIR'TIR serves as the administrative head of defence in conflicts both foreign and domestic, as Commander of the Sillumiran; heads the recruitment and training of the military assets of Haelun’or. It manages the structure of the Sillumiran and the gatekeeping of Blessed Haelun’or, heads the distribution and maintenance of military equipment and detains any member of the citizenry indefinitely, in the interest of public welfare. The Candidates are: Edgars An’asul & Kaelan Aldin The RULES of the election, as per our Constitution, are as follows: Each Blessed Citizen has at its disposal a total of two votes. How the citizen uses said votes is up to them. They may be given to one candidate, or split, etcetera. Citizens may vote for themselves. The Election and the counting of the Votes are supervised by the Maheral. Illegitimate votes will be discarded. ((If you have two characters, you may not vote on both)) If you try to fish your vote from the ballot box, it will cause an immediate discount. ((Do not edit your post)) Only the Maheral and their assistants, who count the votes, may delve into the contents of the ballot box. Any other doing so is in violation of the Silver Law. ((Do not metagame)) Only Blessed Citizens, over the age of 50, living within the Silver City, may vote: 1) Proven pure of blood. 2) Proven adherent of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya as determined by the Maheral. 3) Not currently undergoing Path to Purity. The vote shall last for an entire Elven Day. ((Voting will close in one day from the publication of this post))” THE BALLOT ((MC Name: )) Name: Vote 1: Vote 2:
  8. Office of Former Senator Hope 1876, Year 80 of the Second Age It is with great sadness I write this letter today to ask for a simple truth. It has been nearly ten years since the death of Emperor Peter IV in the short but life-changing Brother's War and yet the Grand Duchy of Balian has yet to call an election for simple offices such as Lord Mayor of Atrus and the City Government of Atrus lies vacant. I call upon our Grand Duke John Casimir to issue a call for elections to be held within the capital of Atrus so that those young and old alike may have a say in the affairs of our city once more. God Bless Atrus and the Grand Duchy of Balian! SIGNED, Former Imperial Senator of Providence, Former Lady Mayor of New Providence, Former Alderwoman of Old Providence, Matriarch of House of Hope. Edith Hope
  9. Election of the Okarir’mali 9th of the Deep Cold, year 70 S. A. [!] At the entrance of the Eternal Library, upon a clear cube of quartz, sits toweringly the Okarir’san. To his right one can find ballot boxes, while to his left, on a table of the finest Haelun’orian wood, rest ballots and ink pots and quills in abundance. Nailed upon a nearby post, one can also find the following missive: “MALI’THILL, now that we have liberated our Blessed Nation, progress must once more take priority. Now it is time to make your silver wills heard, and aid in the political reconstruction of the nation, for you are all called to officially vote in the OKARIR’MALI election. The OKARIR’MALI serves as administrative head of the city parlour, non-economic guilds or associations, and peacetime leisure; promotes the continued cultural development of the blessed mali’aheral through planned public events; works alongside elHeial’Lauriran to promote an active high society; manages and updates the Haelun’orian Notice Board; maintains and staffs all public places of leisure in Haelun’or, as per our most blessed Constitution! The sole candidate for the aforementioned position is: Elarhil Sullas As a result, if the citizen finds the candidate disagreeable, upon the ballot shall be added the secondary option of: Abstain The RULES of the election, as per our Constitution, are as follows: Each Blessed Citizen has at its disposal a total of two votes. How the citizen uses said votes is up to them. They may be given to one candidate, or split, etcetera. Citizens may vote for themselves. The Election and the counting of the Votes are supervised by the Maheral. Illegitimate votes will be discarded. ((If you have two characters, you may not vote on both)) If you try to fish your vote from the ballot box, it will cause an immediate discount. ((Do not edit your post)) Only the Maheral and their assistants, who count the votes, may delve into the contents of the ballot box. Any other doing so is in violation of the Silver Law. ((Do not metagame)) Only Blessed Citizens, over the age of 50, living within the Silver City, may vote: 1) Proven pure of blood. 2) Proven adherent of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya as determined by the Maheral. 3) Not currently undergoing Path to Purity. The vote shall last for an entire Elven Day. ((Voting will close in one day from the publication of this post))” THE BALLOT ((MC Name: )) Name: Vote 1: Vote 2:
  10. A series of posters would be found posted around Providence...
  11. A JONESCO PUBLIC BOXING/TOWN HALL MEETING EVENT WHAT?: I, Ben Jones, running candidate for the position of Alderman, hereby welcome all CITIZENS OF OREN to the imperial theater in order to ask questions, of whatever kind, of each candidate. As well as inviting all candidates to come and be asked questions, and provide reasonable discussion on what they plan to do! And to those brave enough, To those worthy of respect, I invite to a one-on-one boxing match. WHERE?: Imperial Theater (Styrne Alley 1) WHEN?: THIS SUNDAY, 4pm CST, RIGHT AFTER THE WAR CLAIM! Once again, I, Ben Jones, directly address YOU, fellow Alderman candidate. I ask you, if you are such a coward who cannot face me in a boxing match or talk to your voters, what right have you to be a member of the leadership in this city? PROVE YOUR WORTH! Show up, talk to people! Have a night of FUN TIMES! (THIS WILL BE AN RP BOXING EVENT)
  12. [!] A note is pinned to the Knoxville Noticeboard! The parchment is a bit crinkled.... Sheriff Election Results! ~Bigguns visiting Knoxville!~ T'is time for the results of the Sheriff Election to be made public! Here they are! For I, Filibert Applefoot, there be all 3 cast votes, 100% of all votes cast! For Cuthburt Weedfoot, there be zero votes, 0% of all votes cast! Thus, I am proud to announce that I, Filibert Applefoot, shall be the new Sheriff of Knoxville! -Filibert Applefoot, sheriff of Knoxville
  13. [!] A note is pinned to the Knoxville Noticeboard Sheriff Elections! ~The Grand Knoxville Harvest!~ Since it has been a while after the nominations for Sheriff, I say it's time we run the election proper! Just put the candidate you wanna vote for on a li'l slip and put it into the ballot box by the Sheriff Office! Here be the form ye needa use: Name: Are ye a village resident?: Who do you vote for?: Filibert Applefoot [ ] Cuthburt Weedfoot [ ] Apples 'er Pumpkins?: May da bes' candidate win! -Filibert Applefoot, Sheriff candidate and notable halfling.
  14. [!] A flock of wood sparrows would soar above Dol'Anym, delivering a letter with the sigil of a Grizzly Bear's face to every dwelling of the Hefrumm village. -=9th High Chief Election Speeches=- Transcribed by former High Chief Yazmorra Blackroot, below are the speeches given by all 3 candidates. May Ogradhad guide you to wisdom in this decision. Porkpie Grandaxe: https://imgur.com/a/yFDYpVF Qrue Grasswhistle: https://imgur.com/a/D0OfEQT Bodhi Cottonwood: https://imgur.com/a/788vQVX May the 9th High Chief lead our kin into the brightest days of Sun's Smile. Narvak oz Hefrumm! OOC: Voting form will be posted in the discord. Those of forest dwarf blood are able to vote, all votes to be counted will be discussed amongst the Folks Council.
  15. THE GRAND KINGDOM OF URGUAN ELECTION RESULTS A stone week has passed since the announcement of the new election in Urguan, and ever since votes have continuously rolled into the Lord Regent’s hands. Today, the voting concluded, leaving Lord Regent Azkel Frostbeard to count the votes, discount those who didn't meet requirements, and brief the nominees on his count. Only minutes ago, the Lord Regent presented the votes to the Clan Lords of Urguan during an open council session, resulting in the vote count passing by majority vote. Through the combined powers of Urguan’s Folk and the Clan Lords, a new Grand King has been chosen, a dwed who shall be officially crowned in his soon-to-come coronation. SECTION I: THE FINAL COUNT Listed below is the final tally of accepted votes: Levian’Tol Grandaxe: 22 Votes Dorimnur Goldhand: 10 Votes Alaric Grimgold: 3 Votes WRITE-INS Rhewen Frostbeard: 3 Votes Levian’Tol Grandaddyaxe: 1 Vote Ulfric Stormcloak: 1 Vote SECTION II: THE FUTURE GRAND KING Upon his coronation, Levian’Tol Grandaxe shall ascend to the mantle of Grand King of Urguan, and swear into the powers it holds. Said coronation shall be shortly announced, and with such, the Regency of Azkel Frostbeard shall end, having him return to his position as Lord Chancellor. Narvak oz Urguan, Narvak oz Levian’Tol Lord Regent of Urguan, Lord Chancellor of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, Master of the Order of Remembrance
  16. THE GRAND KINGDOM OF URGUAN ELECTION With the recent announcement of Grand King Norli Starbreaker’s descension from the throne, the Council of Urguan acted quickly to begin the election process. Only a stone day ago, the Council passed a new Voting Reforms Act, declared Lord Chancellor Azkel Frostbeard Regent, and nominated 3 dwed to campaign for the title of Grand King: Alaric Grimgold, Dorimnur Goldhand, & Levian’Tol Grandaxe. With the nominations complete and Urguan’s Folk ready to choose their new Grand King, I, Lord Regent Azkel Frostbeard, hereby declare the start of the Election. This election shall run from today, the 1st of The First Seed, 27 SA, to a Stone Week from now. SECTION I: THE NOMINEES For those unaware of how the election process works, to run for Grand King, one must be nominated by a Council-recognized Clan of Urguan. Listed below are the Clans, and their respective nominations (note, that a nomination does not mean the clan shall vote entirely for the individual): Clan Starbreaker: Levian’Tol Grandaxe Clan Irongut: Abstained Clan Frostbeard: Abstained Clan Irongrinder: Abstained Clan Ireheart: Abstained Clan Doomforged: Levian’Tol Grandaxe Clan Grimgold: Alaric Grimgold Clan Grandaxe: Levian’Tol Grandaxe Clan Goldhand: Dorimnur Goldhand Clans of Hefrumm: Levian’Tol Grandaxe With said nominations complete, the nominees have gotten to work on their campaigning, outlining their platform for the Dwarven people to understand what said individuals may achieve as Grand King. Below are 5 points outlining the nominee’s campaign promises: Alaric Grimgold: As King, I would further the infrastructure pushed by my Clan and those of our allies. More public farms for use, more railways to facilitate our travel, and a working ferry system at our southern port. As King, I would seek to strengthen the defenses of Urguan by providing a fort and rapid route to get there in each demarcation of land we own. Additionally, a council of our most respected war veterans would be assembled to aid the Grand Marshal. As King, I would not bring Urguan into any defensive alliances until we are able to stand upon our own two feet again. We have a network of vassals to call upon, but we can do more to strengthen our own nation and their settlements. As King, I would treat the entire nation as if they were my family, removing my Mask upon all sovereign grounds touched by the Grey and Orange of our banner. No clan would be seen as above the other, and any would be able to openly bring forward concerns or suggestions of the path of the kingdom. As King, I intend to make no promises I cannot keep and serve with the honor I have been known for in my century of service to our glorious nation. Our nation is only as strong as the hard working Dwarves who it is composed of, but such a nation deserves a King who will maintain its honor. Dorimnur Goldhand: As King, I would transform my success in creating the realm’s largest worker’s force to the Grand Kingdom as a whole. As King, I would revitalize Dwarven craftsdwedship to new heights, bringing back our cultural crafts which have rivaled the other races for centuries. Lost arts which we had used to take pride in creating will be restored, and in such, will bring about a new cultural age for the Dwed. As King, I would strengthen the connection between Guilds and the Council of Urguan. Guilds are the backbone of our people, and are just as representative of Urguan’s Folk as the clans themselves. As King, I will prioritize expanding our internal infrastructure, including the expansion of our mines, railways, city utilities, vassal holds, & guild capabilities. As King, and as a nominee, I will not make any promises I cannot keep. Kings of the past have failed to live up to campaign promises, and even things proclaimed during their reign. Under my rule, my word will be upheld, and my promises shall be as well, as seen in my past half-century of servitude for the Kingdom. Levian’Tol Grandaxe: As King, I will ensure the Book of Grudges is held to the highest standard, and its grudges properly marked out for Dwed to see for centuries. As King, I will expand on Norli’s vassalage work, a task which I assisted in during my time as Grand Steward. Vassals deserve to have a voice in our government, and I shall create a system which gives them such. As King, I will ensure that the new generations of younger dwed have their voices heard in the Kingdom’s government. As King, I will not keep secrets from the Council or Urguan’s Folk. I will rule with transparency to best ensure that my actions speak for Urguan as a whole. As King, I will expand our diplomacy to smaller settlements and nations, rather than attempting larger alliances with their larger counterparts. Assisting these groups is essential in developing a long-lasting peace, and through our partnership, we can help others thrive. SECTION II: VOTING The voting process is one that aims to be used primarily by the active members of Urguan’s Folk. With the passing of the Voting Reforms Act, all outlined requirements on the document shall be used in this election as well. To see such requirements, said Act has been attached: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/202462-the-voting-reform-act/ Voting shall last for a Stone Week, and who one votes for shall be kept private. Narvok oz Urguan, Narvok oz da Grand King. ((OOC REQUIREMENTS)) You may only vote on one persona, aka one vote per ooc person. The election shall last from today, June 4th, until June 11th. A vote may be changed up until the end of the election. The votes shall be counted by myself and the nominees, and will be approved by a council vote once finished. The king’s coronation shall be scheduled once the voting is complete. The voting rules on the Voting Rights Act shall be the official voting rules of the election irp. All votes will be approved or thrown out based on that, or an ooc requirement. The winning candidate will be based on a simple majority. If you cannot or do not wish to vote on the forums, msg me on discord at TreatyCole#3623 If using the Guild activity requirement, list which guild. If you are unsure if you are on your clan list, ask your Clan Lord, or myself. If you have no idea what the activity requirement is, check the Voting Reforms Act page, linked above. You only need 1 of the 4 options. Voting Format IGN: RP NAME: AGE: ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: (Legion, Guild, Home Owner, Clan List) CANDIDATE: Lord Regent of Urguan, Lord Chancellor of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, Master of the Order of Remembrance
  17. 2010 Trey Gowdy Campaign Ad - Fight ALEKSANDR RUTHERN “Holding Officials Accountable!” A Sketch of Aleksandr Ruthern grilling government officials in Duma, circa 374 E.S. About Aleksandr: Aleksandr var Ruthern is an incumbent Alderman, the current Lord Inquisitor of the Royal Duma, and a Royal Jurist of the Office of the Justiciar. He became a Jurist to fight for Justice and Respect of the Rule of Law, and now he’s running for a second term as Alderman to continue to fight for you! Aleksandr believes in Law and Order, and he’s shown he is fearless in pursuing it when he helped take down the renowned drug lord and murderer, Matthieu. Aleksandr believes in Holding Officials Accountable, and has shown his courage and ruthlessness in doing so during his tenure as Lord Inquisitor of the Duma by holding the Lord Speaker, Igor Kort, accountable for his alleged corruption and bias when he successfully brought forth a vote of no confidence against the speaker and won. Aleksandr’s Promises: To close loopholes used by criminals and corrupt officials that exploit the Law Code. To Hold the Offices of the Haeseni Government Accountable through Summons in the Royal Duma. To seek out Corruption and bring forth Justice and Government Accountability. To work with other Duma members in bringing forth meaningful legislation. To listen and represent the Haeseni public. To clarify the Haeseni Law Code in places it is too broad or too general. A Vote For Aleksandr is a Vote for Accountability!
  18. [!] A letter upon parchment would be delivered to the new Grand King of Urguan, Norli Starbreaker and the notice board of the Under Realm. A Humble Blessing to the Grand King from a Friend To Grand King Norli Starbreaker, my lifelong mentor and friend. I congratulate you on your rise to the Obsidian Throne. I therefore send out an open letter, along with it, my humble blessings as Priest of Da Kirja Dverga. I pray to each of the Brathmordakin, beseeching them that they allow your reign will be prosperous and honorable: Yemekar, may you watch and guide Norli Starbreaker as he molds your chosen race closer to your perfect balance. May he be the brightest fire that all young dwed look up to and aspire to be. Anbella, may you watch and guide Norli Starbreaker as he turns Kal’Darakaan, Hefferum, the Kingdom of Urguan, and beyond into Da Khaz’A’Khazmar, The Hall of Halls. May the hearth burn bright with the Grand King’s compassion and kindness. Ogradhad, may you watch and guide Norli Starbreaker as he himself guides the Dwedmar. May our libraries be full of knowledge and our leaders wise. Be the conscience in the Grand King’s head that makes the right choices for us all. Belka, may you watch and guide Norli Starbreaker as his passion inspires others to seek out their own. May he see his goals into fruition and his dreams realized. May the Dwedmar seek happiness if darkness arrives under his rule. Armakak, may you watch and guide Norli Starbreaker as he fills our treasuries with gold, silver, and jewels. May our halls be a center of honest trade, bartering, and industry. May every dwed’s pockets be deep under his rule. Grimdugan, may you watch and guide Norli Starbreaker as he seeks out your riches deep below our mountain home, hidden in the darkness. May he aspire to become better for the prosperity of the Grand Kingdom. Dungrimm, may you watch and guide Norli Starbreaker as he brings honor and glory to the Grand Kingdom when the forces of Khorvad come knocking at our doorstep. May the Grand King be just and uncorrupt, allowing truth to shine brightly. May our honored dead watch from Khaz’A’Dentrumm with pride as we, the Dwedmar, all flourish. With this blessing, my friend and Grand King, although it isn't much, I will stand with you still. Even though your newfound duties may preoccupy you, I still find joy to call you friend. May your Reign be Long and Prosperous, Vergil Goldhand
  19. Campaign of Durorn Ireheart INTRODUCTION When the rare new dwarf walks into our Grand Kingdom, all they see is a ghost town. Our halls run empty and the hum of hammers against steel ring silent. Our Grand King has been absent, and no member of the council beyond Dhaen Grandaxe has moved to fill this void. Urguan needs someone with fresh ideas, not weighed down from the past of previous administrations. Not weighed down from the ideas of what can, or will not be. I believe this individual is me, Durorn Ireheart, who holds the initiative to bring a return to stability and a potential golden age for the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. It is time for Urguan to stamp its mark back into international affairs, it is time for Urguan to take back control. It is time for Durorn Ireheart. GUILDS THE WORKER’S GUILD: The worker’s guild is the backbone of Urguanian society. Without the workers of Urguan we are nothing. Their daily contributions are what keeps the Grand Kingdom progressing and prepared for any event. For this reason, the Worker’s Guild should be given jurisdiction over all resource gathering activities such as mining, woodcutting, farms, stables and animal pens. To cage up the Worker’s Guild to only the mines would lead to inefficiencies in our logistics and stockpiling. In terms of support, the Worker’s Guild should work alongside the Grand King and the council to ensure that the Worker’s of Urguan are treated and compensated fairly for their contributions to the Grand Kingdom. I myself had humble origins in the Worker’s Guild as both a miner and a smith, I empathize with those who work so hard to keep our nation afloat. THE CLINIC: The Clinic is a necessity in our nation for it heals the sick and wounded, and more importantly our wounded warriors. The Clinic allows for new facets of work for dwarves to delve into. In order to foster the curiosity of new medical staff, I wish to work closely with Mica Grandaxe, the Head of the Clinic, to create a Medical School for Urguan. So outsiders and dwarves alike can come to Urguan and seek medical teachings from some of the best medics in the world. The Clinic also has an international aspect to it. Our ally, Haense, is renowned for its clinic program and cooperation between the Haensetian and Urguanian clinic can build our relations with Haense but also bring visitors to medical meetings in Urguan. THE LEGION: The guild that has the most significant impact on Urguanian society and the Grand Kingdom. A nation is only as safe as it’s military and policing force. As Grand King, I will be able to use my experience as a Legion Commander, Grand Champion, and Grand Marshal to make sure that Urguan is safe from all external forces that may seek our demise. It is important for our Legion to be ready and prepared for any defense of our Grand Kingdom. The Legion of Urguan should also become a symbol of dwarven strength and power on the international stage. Joint-practices with our allies in the Iron Accord will only allow us to become stronger and more prepared for any circumstance. MERCHANT GUILD: The Grand Merchant for too long has become a “tax collector”. Back in Asulon and Anthos, the Grand Merchants of Urguan were some of the richest descendents alive. The Grand Merchant was much more than just a “tax collector” and they led some of the richest institutions in the world. This in turn helps Urguan prosper and gain wealth. I trust Dhaen Grandaxe with these tasks to lead The Merchant Guild of Urguan so that we may once again prosper. The Merchant Guild should include tasks such as establishing trade agreements between other nations, controlling the nation’s finances, selling dwarven goods and crafts to other nations, and the collection of taxes. SMALLER GUILDS: Smaller guilds should still be encouraged within the nation even if they are not Royal Guilds. I hope to encourage new guilds to grow and be created. This allows Dwarves with a multitude of things to do and most importantly, do what they enjoy. FOREIGN RELATIONS THE IRON ACCORD: For too long our current leadership has forgotten our allies in the Iron Accord. When I talk to my dear friends in Haense, they feel as if the alliance is only an alliance on paper with no real intention of true friendship. Our allies in the Iron Accord should be valued and cooperated with. I plan to go on many trips to improve our national relations with both the nations of Haense and Norland, so that we may increase cooperation between our nations. More importantly, I wish for Urguan to become the spearhead of the alliance so that we may host meetings for our allies. This will bring visitors and foreigners to our once empty halls of Urguan. The Iron Accord allows us to also cooperate militarily with each other but also allows us an easy way to set up agreements and cooperation between our guilds. The Iron Accord can also help us in the defense of our territory. [OOC NOTE: Due to the low influx of dwarven players from whitelist applications, another steady way of bringing in new dwarves is through showing foreigners our culture and making dwarven RP seem interesting & enjoyable. This will encourage people to create and try out dwarven roleplay] THE THREAT OF EXTERNAL FORCES: To deal with the threat of possible external forces, it is important that we fortify our lands with the construction of forts in strategic locations. This is important so that we can defend our Grand Kingdom against any foe that threatens our beloved nation. We will also need to strengthen the legion, which I will be involved in personally, so that we can act swiftly in a time of crisis. With these precautions in place, we will be able to fend off any enemies of Urguan. I want to be able to protect our borders and be able to hold claim over the Mountains of Urguan and ensure the claims to our borders are not challenged. DOMESTIC AFFAIRS FEASTS AND EVENTS: With improved foreign relations we can work to hold festivals and events so that our halls may be filled with visitors. Our halls should not be empty, instead they should be full of merchants and visitors and become the center of Almaris. I hope if I become Grand King that I could work closely with the clergy, Norli Starbreaker, and the tavern, Levian’Tol Grandaxe, so we can throw the best religious feasts and ceremonies. These feasts and festivals should not just be limited to being held in the capital city, but also be held in Hefrumm. HEFRUMM: As Grand King I do not plan to favor just the dwarves who live under the mountain, but Urguan as a whole. A Grand King should represent all people in Urguan, including the Forest Dwarves. For this reason, I hope to encourage Hefrumm to host events and feasts for their religious ceremonies and paragon, Bjor Cottonwood. Not only this but Hefrumm should be given more autonomy to do what Hefrumm does best. I am not a forest dwarf, nor do I live in Hefrumm, but the High Chief knows what is the best course of action for Hefrumm. Due to this, the Chief of Hefrumm should be given more authority to enact the things that they believe will do good for the people for Hefrumm. Also, the High Chief of Hefrumm is only limited to one singular vote, which is an unfair representation of the clans of Hefrumm. It is my intention to right this inequality, and allow the High Chief’s vote to count for as many forest dwarf clans in Hefrumm that meet the voter eligibility. This will allow a fair representation of Hefrumm and it’s people in the regular council meetings. THE LAND LEASE ACT: The Land Lease Act has affected my clan personally, and my Grandaxe friends have spoken to me about their elderly plight. With Norli as a strong supporter of it when it first passed, it has caused many repercussions for large clans. My clan has outgrown their clan hall and so was seeking to gain land in Urguan for a settlement. Upon asking, our clan father was told to pay a hefty down payment plus pay taxes on the settlement. This forced us to move away from Urguan and find territory in the nation of Krugmar, for free. It seems to me that this deal has also affected other elder clans such as the Grandaxes, where elders of the clan are forced to live in the slums of Urguan. At the same time us dwarves have to pay for land, the Edict was given land for free for their own use in our nation. I will not allow this to happen under my reign and instead take care of my dwarves. I plan to hopefully edit this act and lower the prices for owning land in Urguan for groups of individuals and clans. THE COUNCIL: For a long time now, the council has been a symbol of constant bickering and inefficiency. Council meetings last many stone hours without getting anything effectively done. I hope to effectively wield the council so that our meetings can be drastically shortened while getting stuff done. I want to sit down and mediate a new version of the Articles of Urguan instead of placing the burden on one man 3 times and the system not working once. INFRASTRUCTURE: It is important for any extra mina to be invested directly into the Grand Kingdom again. We should invest our mina into expanding the mines, farms, and mills we have as well as implementing ferries in our port. This infrastructure is crucial for Urguan to develop a bustling economy as well as allow visitors to visit easier. Forts and Defenses also need to be built so that we can organize the defenses of our territory from anymore aggressions that our enemies may plan. I hope to bring life to the dying Architecture Guild and finding a notable replacement for the preceding Grand Architects. THE ECONOMY: Our economy as dwarves should not solely rely on the collection of taxes. As dwarves, we create the finest works of smithing as well as the best brews. We should use our excellent craftsmanship to excel in places like international trade. Setting up shops in foreign nations so that all descendents may know of the quality of dwarven made goods. The Merchant’s Guild will be in close contact with me so as to work with the Grand King to create a prosperous future for the Kingdom. I also want to develop our own coin and be able to not only keep it in Urguan, but also spread it to our allies in Haense and Norland as well as our close neighbors Vaeylia. STOPPING PETTY FEUDS: It is time for dwarves to stand united for a common goal, the betterment of Urguan. Feuds between the Grandaxes and the Metalfists did no good for the Urguan except divide two great clans. Division is not good, and we can learn from our history that dwarves should not fight between themselves, but stand united for a common cause and the defense of our Grand Kingdom. With me on the throne, I will do my best to mediate petty feuds that may cause division within our Kingdom. Durorn Ireheart, Commander of the Legion and Grand Champion and Elder of Clan Ireheart
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