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  1. A Reunion of House Seregon and elSullas Talonnii As written upon on this 10th of Malin’s Welcome, 144 S.A. From The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil and the Lordship of Caladras "Diligence in the face of ignorance.” "Fair shall the end be, though long and hard shall be the road.” To the Esteemed Members of the Sullas Talonnii and those of House Seregon, as well as Friends of either Family, Miven Caerme'onn- @westcarolina Eonan Norvayn @thumperjack Valmir Arvellon @drusus We hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. It has been far too long since we last gathered together as one family, united by blood and bound by love. With the blessings of this Autumn season upon us, and the readmittance of Elerríon into the Sullas Talonnii, we extend our heartfelt invitation to you all for a grand reunion in the Lordship of Caladras. The bonds of family are some of the strongest and most cherished in our lives. As we have each pursued our own paths, our hearts have remained forever connected by the ties of blood and kinship. It is our deepest desire to once again come together, to share stories, laughter, and memories that span the years. Caladras, the beloved bastion of House Seregon, stands as a testament to the resilience and strength we hold dear. It is only fitting that we gather within its walls to celebrate the enduring legacy of both the Sullas and Seregon families. The reunion will be a time of joy and festivity, filled with activities to suit every age and inclination. Whether you wish to indulge in hearty feasts, engage in friendly competitions, or simply bask in the warmth of family, there will be something for everyone to enjoy. Mark your calendars for the appointed date, and make your way to Caladras, where our gates will be open to welcome you with open arms. Let this reunion be a testament to the love and strength of our families, a time to celebrate the past and embrace the future. We eagerly await the moment when our family gathers once more, under the banner of unity and love. maehr'sae hiylun'ehya, Friday, September 8th @ 7:30 PM Eastern Lord Elerríon of House Seregon, Lord of Caladras, Seneschal and Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Huntmaster to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Ranger Captain for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm Lady Cálienë of House Seregon, Lady of Caladras, Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Physician to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Serjeant for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm
  2. This is a serious post!!!! So here im making an application for the army of milkman. Who is milkman? you may ask. in short hes the fallen druid and a dwarf who wants to kill all of the elves and mages on the continent beacuse he was betrayed by them when he was lied to about "lactomancy"and wasted all of his live for it the idea is simple the army will try to assasinate the king of Hanseti-Ruska for the place of the Milkman to make a great army for killing all of the elves and mages. The elves and mages are the essence of evil and they are responible for the death of many so The Great Milkman Will kill them for the properity and the good of the Society! All of the people who will join me will get high ranked jobs in the new Milko-Hansa-Ruska kingdom like generals or Royals in the Palace. Lets make Aevos Great again! If you want to join Message me
  3. THIS IS A SERIOUS POST!!! So First. The people that are joking about my name will be also exterminated if they will not apologize and be loyal to the army of the Milko-Hanseti-Ruska Empire that will form. I will make some things more clear for the Milkman Loyalists and thats some of them: 1 The Place of meeting will be in the desert near krugmar. 2 There shouldnt be a lot of killing during the assasination of the King Of Hanseti-Ruska if it isnt needed. 3 The Country will be secular so if you belive any god you will be fine. 4 The elves and mages who will be loyal to the Country will be saved but they will used as a "Forced Soldiers". 5 The People can also become "The Recruiters" who will spread the word about the army of milkman If any Ruler of an Kingdom/Other Countries Wants to support the Milkmans army Message me At the Later hours The Power will go to My right hand Why Should i attack Hanseti-Ruska and not any other Country? You may ask yourself And the anwser is easy: Beacuse When i We to exterminate elves we need a power for it And the Best option for getting that power will be Hanseti-Ruska. When i will die The power of the country will be taken by The AbraxasReaper and There will be a Statue of me with my Grave at the legs of my statue (The satatue will be in capital) When i will take power In the 3 days People who want to emmigrate can do so! Lets make Aevos Great Again!
  4. Along the streets of Talar'nor, a proposal or better described as invitation is put up through posters amongst several street walls and noticeboards. All of which invite those of the elitist variety, those who aspire to aristocracy and class to assist in the beginning of a new standing guild within the city walls. The Society of Common and Unified Mali The time for the Aristocracy to rise is now. Talar'nor needs a cultured community of people to guide etiquette and enhance the city's dwindling spark. With the forwarding of the Common and Unified Mali, a society of people shall form to bring prosperity and a proper sense of being to the denizens of this nation. The starting structure for this guild's code of conduct are as follows: i. Carry oneself with a high sense of being, one must be concise and literate with a proper sense of class and culture. Hold yourself with fine morals that line well with the codes of Talar'nor society. ii. Be irrefutable to the public. One's status should not be questioned or easily shattered, do not allow your position in the guild to become a topic of debate. iii. Be reputable, one must hold a craft or talent and wield it as well as ink and paper. Let known your ability and wield it to heighten the society. The society's activities would include typical assemblies, where topics of the world are brought into question, be it war or people of interest. Typically entertainment will be provided, betting on combats or races, or travels to other communities are all favoured activities for this guild. Recruitment will open simply as those keen on interested, once a selection of individuals who pen their names upon this notice are chosen and reviewed then further aspirants may be permitted to join upon accepting and achieving a challenge or goal set by communal decision of those already present within. If you find yourself with piqued interests in joining this guild, please pen your name below.
  5. A Union of House Seregon and elSullas Talonnii As written upon on this 6th of Malin’s Welcome, 139 S.A. From The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil and the Lordship of Caladras "Diligence in the face of ignorance.” "Fair shall the end be, though long and hard shall be the road.” To the Esteemed Members of the Sullas Talonnii and those of House Seregon, as well as Friends of either Family, Laurir Aiera Sullas @Stump Malaurir Ikur Sullas @- Pastry Elarhil Sullas @riorr Caelius Sullas @ErikAzog Celadon Sullas @Commander_Jester Andwen Sullas @Amelica Rhaelanthur Seregon @Cypher_nicus Daerine Meracahe’onn @Vic Valmir Arvellon @Drusus With hearts brimming with joy and excitement, we, Lord Saoren and Lady Dele of House Seregon, cordially extend our honored invitation to you on behalf of our cherished grandson, Amaethii, and his beloved Aelwyn Sullas, as they unite in the eternal bond of matrimony. This momentous occasion of love and unity shall take place at the enchanting Lordship of Caladras, nestled upon the northern end of the Kingswood. As the ancient trees bear witness, let the soft whispers of the breeze carry the tidings of this joyous union to your ears. In the spirit of both elven traditions and those influenced by the Daelish, the ceremony shall be a wondrous celebration, steeped in grace and elegance, as two souls intertwine to form an unbreakable bond. Surrounded by the beauty of nature and the blessings of our ancestors, Amaethii and Aelwyn shall pledge their hearts and lives to one another. Following the sacred union, a grand feast shall be laid out in the gardens of Caladras, where fine delicacies and wines from our lands shall delight the senses. As possible bards or minstrels regale us with songs of love and valor, we shall revel in the company of cherished family and treasured friends. With this missive, we send forth our messengers, guiding them to your abodes with utmost care. May they find you in good health and high spirits, and may the journey to our Lordship be swift and safe. Let us gather under the silver moonlight, as we celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of Amaethii and Aelwyn. Your presence and blessings are an invaluable gift, adding luster and joy to the celebration. We eagerly anticipate your arrival at Caladras, where love and unity shall reign supreme, and where memories will be woven into the tapestry of our hearts. Until the day of celebration dawns, may the light of the stars guide your steps and the blessings of the ancients protect your path. In merriment and anticipation, Lord Saoren of House Seregon, Lord of Caladras, Seneschal and Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Scribe and Tutor to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Ranger Captain for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm Lady Dele of House Seregon, Lady of Caladras, Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Physician to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Serjeant for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm Amaethii of House Seregon, Groom of House Seregon Aelwyn Sullas, Bride of the Sullas Talonnii
  6. Inaugural Banquet and Ball of the Lordship of Caladras As written upon on this 15th of Sun’s Smile, 138 S.A. From The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil and the Lordship of Caladras "Fair shall the end be, though long and hard shall be the road.” To the Esteemed Númenedain of the The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil, as well as Friends and Distinguished Guests: Tar-Númenatâr Foronathor of House Arthalionath - King of Númendil - @malchediaelvuilt Miven Caerme'onn - Matriarch of Nevaehlen and the Wood Elves - @westcarolina Eonan Norvayn - Valeseer of Nevaehlen - @thumperjack Lord Haus Weiss-Vuiller - Master of the Abstract - @primnyaquorum The Lord and Lady of Caladras, Ser Saoren and Ser Dele of House Seregon, extend a heartfelt invitation to our noble and valiant friends and countrymen, to join us in celebrating the founding of our newly constructed lands, the Lordship of Caladras. With great joy and anticipation, we beckon you to grace us with your presence on this auspicious occasion. As the fortress stronghold of House Seregon, Caladras stands proudly upon the northern end of the Kingswood, a bastion of strength and protection for the northern reaches of the Númenaranyë. To commemorate this momentous event, we shall host a splendid banquet and enchanting ball. The revelries will commence as the sun sets and the stars take their place in the celestial tapestry above. We invite you to don your finest attire, bedecked in silks and velvets, as we dance and feast in our halls. (Fri. July 28th @ 7:00 PM EST) Let merriment and music fill the air, as bards play melodies that echo through the ages. Raise your goblets to toast to new beginnings and unyielding bonds of friendship that shall endure like the ancient trees of the Kingswood. Come, partake in Daelish feasts and indulge in the finest wines of our family's history as we celebrate the birth of Caladras and the unity of our kingdom. Share stories of valor and chivalry, recount adventures that have shaped our lives, and forge new memories that shall be treasured for generations to come. Our hearts eagerly await your presence, for it is in the company of our beloved countrymen and dear friends that Caladras truly comes alive. We send forth this missive, guiding you to our stronghold with utmost care. (Follow the signage from the gates of Númenost and the crossroads of Petra/Haense/Númendil.) May you journey safely and swiftly, and may the road lead you to our gates, where the light of Númendil shall guide your way. In the spirit of camaraderie and revelry, we eagerly await your arrival. Lord Saoren of House Seregon, Lord of Caladras, Seneschal and Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Scribe and Tutor to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Ranger Captain for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm Lady Dele of House Seregon, Lady of Caladras, Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Physician to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Serjeant for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm
  7. ─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─ ⤞The Arvellon Seed⤝ [Arvellon sigil drawn by ClassyNewt] ─━─━─━─━「₪」━─━─━─━─ “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people simply exist, and that is all. Spread laughter and chaos wherever you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. Suddenly they will realize life wasn’t about surviving. It was about living.” -Carsul’il ─━─━─━─━「₪」━─━─━─━─ [The Firefly Grove by Mathias Zamęcki] ⤞The Autumnal Lore⤝ The Arvellon seed was one of the smaller and lesser-known tribes amongst the first migration of Mali’ame. While most adorned themselves in unique and colorful markings and apparel, the Autumnal watchers were identifiable by their shared physical traits and their name, yet even this left them confused with their seedless kin. For many centuries, they did not mind this and even enjoyed the ease in which they could meld within the rest of tribal society, watching and listening as the Wildcats of Felixii do. Little is known concerning their worship of the Wildcat Princess, as is most things with the feline Mani. Similarly shrouded is the seed’s adoption of worshiping Kwakwani, the Trickster Raven. Though they adapted to the new ways and melded them with that of Felixii’s, creating a unique and unknown culture that they are in the modern age. During the times of Malin and the nomadic Mali’ame, the Arvellon were led by a man called Carsul’il. Known amongst his kin as the Laughing Lynx for his hearty attitude and his peculiar style in hair. The Lynx was the first to take on the name of Arvellon, and was the founder of their ame’lie. A grove considered to only be a myth and named the Harvest Wood, for some said it was a place of perpetual Autumn that was always bathed in a copper and gold light from the rays of sun shining through the canopy. Trees soon to be called the Taliame’miruel, meaning Eternal Autumn. Many thought the grove was a legend, as very few knew of its name. Much less of its existence. These trees produce a dense fog that the Arvellon used to their advantage, living within it to hide themselves. Many believe this is where they received their moniker, the Autumnal Watchers. While most of the tales sprung from this age, and of Carsul’il specifically, are considered myth and the true events that happened are lost to the winds of time, the more modern era of the Arvellon is easier to recollect if similarly unknown to anyone but the Arvellon. The Autumnal Chieftain eventually disappeared into the wilds as most ancient Mali’ame do, leaving behind his ways for his second child, Merriel Arvellon. Unlike her father, Merriel did not have many daring adventures, as she preferred the quiet and watchful side of their ways. Living her life upon a simple farmstead with her mate and listening to the breeze for all manner of news and secrets until the day she had her first and only child. Miklaeil. A boy that was bound to take after his grandfather from the day he began to walk; always grinning and dashing about from one adventure to the next with the clever wit of a cat. Only his mother could truly tame his lust for the thrill and unknown, until the day he came of age for manhood. Miklaeil gathered what few things he possessed and set off into the realm, leaving a supportive but deeply saddened mother behind. Years passed and the young Arvellon found himself in what was known to be the Dominion of Malin. It was in the Dominion that Miklaeil decided to first attempt at securing a steady life after thirty or so years of travel, though doing so cost him the identity of his ancestors within him. He donned bronze and silver platemail, shouted war cries in the name of various princes and princesses, and even took on the name and beliefs of another seed entirely in his patriotic vigor. He began to look less and less like that of Carsul’il, and the letters to his mother were more filled with his grim and dark experiences rather than with their usual joy and wonder. It was around this time that Merriel Arvellon passed, caught in an accident with farm equipment. Years passed and Miklaeil gradually fell back into the old ways of his grandfather. His constant grin and cheeky quips became his trademark along with his vigilant and cat-like eyes that were always watching with a certain mischievous glint. Long after the Dominion collapsed, he became a Lord upon the council of Aegrothond, and it wasn’t long after that he met the lovely Empyreal Princess of Alderyn, Layla Le’Cai. It didn’t take him long to notice the same playful glint in her eyes and he fell in love and fully returned to the ways of Carsul’il. Between the two of them, the Arvellon seed’s history and culture were reborn into something new and old. After several decades passed, the Arvellon grew and changed beyond what they were upon Miklaeil’s reclamation. It was around this time that the seed was begrudgingly convinced to join the fledgling Forest Realm of Irrinor. The reluctance of the seed’s chieftains to take such a step proved to be exact when the Aspectist nation fell to infighting, leaving the Arvellon to flee back to the Talus Grove. Disillusioned with the politics of greater elven nations following the fall of Irrinor, Miklaeil declared the rite of Maya’meracahe to prevent more misfortune befalling the Arvellon. Several families were born and brought into the seed’s warm embrace following its departure from Irrinor, allowing the group to spread out and diversify amongst themselves as they chose according to the rite of Maya’meracahe. Despite this rebound, Layla and Miklaeil were left tired and in need of respite from the civilized places of the world. A moot of the seed was held in the Talus Grove where Eretria and Nerrin were chosen to be the next chieftains, allowing Layla and Miklaeil to delve into the realm’s deep wilds where they found solace. After the departure of Miklaeil and Layla, things soon fell to ruin. The misfortunate acts of a handful of Arvellon led to their dismemberment from the seed and forced them to move away from their Autumnal kin. The seed fell stagnant not long after as Eretria followed in her brother’s footsteps, overwhelmed with the circumstances of her kin, and fled to the wilds to find solace for some time. Seeking hope and guidance during her absence. When the Chieftess returned to their hall in Siramenor, she was one of the first to welcome a new Arvellon into the seed. A joyous occasion yet she still felt lost and needed answers; ones her people could not give her no matter how hard they tried. The Arvellon were small and despite their best efforts, they could not seem to restore the seed to its former prestige. She remained for some time, guiding others and trying to repair the state of their seed alongside Nerrin, even in Elvenesse, before she once more fled to the wilds. Nerrin would join her not long after, once more causing the seed to fall stagnant. After time had passed, Eretria decided it was time to stop running and return to her people. She found herself amongst the small group of people of Nevaehlen during its early days of discovery and reclamation. Time was spent in the small mali’ame village before she decided this is where she wanted to establish a home for her Autumnal kin again. In recent days, this is where the Arvellon reside. Living in a village rich with the culture and ways of the mali’ame people, where they thrive together and live within their hall marked by the Taliame’miruel trees. Eretria is the sole Chieftess of the Arvellon, and she continues to welcome new members into the seed with a warm embrace. ⤞Overview⤝ ─━─━─━─━「₪」━─━─━─━─ “Given a wink from the Wildcat and a grin from the Raven, Carsul’il set off into the woods.” ─━─━─━─━「₪」━─━─━─━─ The ways of the Autumnal Watchers are deeply rooted in Aspectism and the Mani Pantheon, their various styles and values based upon the old ‘ame teachings. Their patron Mani are Felixii the Elusive Wildcat, and Kwakwani the Trickster Raven. Most of their values are derived from each Mani and each one is an inspiration for their love for fun, and their ability to keep secrets. The Arvellon are a close-knit group who are known to have a lust for life, often being the source of a harmless prank and the cause of a good laugh. They are a cheerful and chaotic bunch of people, making it their goal to keep things light-hearted in nature amongst the many evils and stress-bringers of the realm. [The Smell of Dead Leaves by Anato Finnstark] ⤞Religion and Seed Values⤝ ─━─━─━─━「₪」━─━─━─━─ "One life. That is all we get. Just one. Why aren't we running like we are on fire towards our wildest dreams? We need that chaos in our soul.” - Eretria Arvellon ─━─━─━─━「₪」━─━─━─━─ Religion Aspectism and the Mani pantheon are both well-cherished parts of the Arvellon culture, most everything about them being derived from these practices. However, like most other Seeds, the Arvellon worship a select few Mani in particular. Those being Felixi the Elusive Wildcat, and Kwakwani the Trickster Raven. Both of which heavily influence the day-to-day lives of the Arvellon, making for Elves with an odd mixture of secretive yet colorful personalities, flitting back and forth with words and actions like a cat or bird at play. Oftentimes these Elves make offerings to both Mani in the form of tricks and pranks upon those deserving of it, or merely for the fun of it. With regards to Felixii, the Wildcat is seen as the head of a lesser pantheon of her own that includes the other feline Mani gods. The Lion, Tiger, and Panther Mani all fall into this grouping though are not quite so revered as the Wildcat herself. Many decide to incorporate the teachings of these individual Mani princes into their worship of Felixii. Those Arvellon particularly devout to Felixii tend to tread through life with care put toward their own actions yet are not afraid of the spontaneous. Witty, clever, and watchful are the best descriptions for an Arvellon Wildcat follower. It is taught that a proper Wildcat follower should remain ever vigilant for what knowledge they can collect or what whispers they may hear. This is usually referred to in regards to one’s own pursuits or craft, meant to encourage learning and growth in the mind. The Trickster Raven teaches her Autumnal followers the ways of artistry, beauty, and fun-loving attitudes. Those devout to Kwakwani are often the most playful of the seed prone to pranking their family and friends when it is least expected, or developing skill with their hands in the way of arts and craft. Many Arvellon take up trades in things such as painting, jewelry, writing, or even blacksmithing and woodworking. Their work is done with the intention of creating beauty with their very own hands, worshiping the Raven in the act alone. As per the teachings of their ancestors, Aspectism is a large part of the Arvellon Seed’s beliefs. They are taught to help uphold the balance and to protect nature. To not over hunt but to make sure there is not too much growth spreading about. Along with being Aspectists, the Arvellon are taught to involve themselves with the Wild Faith; a collection of their ancestral cultural ways of worshipping the Mani and the Aspects, as well as teaching and learning to keep their faith alive. Values ─━─━─━─━「₪」━─━─━─━─ “Live your life to the fullest, my child. Raise your boy, love your family, and see them flourish as I have.” - Carsul’il to his daughter, Merriel Arvellon ─━─━─━─━「₪」━─━─━─━─ When the Arvellon realized that the world is much too dangerous to face alone, they began to stick closer together to ensure safety and prosperity despite the hardships that the Descendant world is prone to endure. Thus, their ideology grew over time to incorporate values based upon the creation and protection of family. ⤞ Family is treasured above all else to Arvellon. To protect and provide for one’s family is the highest priority and one that each Arvellon is expected to see done. Providing for the family also includes having children with which to fill it and continue the legacy. Due to the elven curse of infertility, adoption is not unheard of amongst the seed and is even considered honorable. With family comes Love. It is a sacred emotion connected to the very soul of a person that shapes them as it grows and evolves over time’s passage. An Arvellon couple is accepted as an eternal bond and a testament of passion and loyalty for such long-lived people as the elves. To break off that bond is a break of trust that many consider to be deserving of no less than a shun or, if the cause of division is so revolting, death. Love does not extend only to romance either. An Arvellon finds love in anything that they wish to look for it in. Some pursue trades and crafts to pour their passions into. ⤞ Trust is built through experience and time together. An Arvellon without the trust of their kin is an Arvellon surrounded by the hounds of darkness, bound for an early rise of elven madness. Along the same vein of thought, Unity within the seed is expected by all its members to uphold fervently. According to the rite of Maya’meracahe, the Arvellon should never allow the frivolous squabbles of greater elvenkind and the Descendent world as a whole to divide them. ⤞ Cheer and light-heartedness are seen as desirable traits among the Arvellon. Being a fun-loving people, they seek it out with a Lust for Life that goes unheard of among many other elven cultures and even in the mali’ame themselves. Adventure, pranks, good fun amongst their kin, all this and much more are the deep thoroughfare to an Arvellon’s heart. ⤞ Survival is often seen as the willingness to do what is necessary. Most Mali’ame are taught how to survive in the forests at a young age, though the Arvellon are also taught how to survive in many other ways such as hunting to provide for their kin, combat to protect them, and even something as simple as how to keep a secret. These traits are taught so each Arvellon can be fully equipped to help protect their kin in any way necessary. ⤞Appearance⤝ ─━─━─━─━「₪」━─━─━─━─ “Touched by the season of Autumn in body as well as mind.” ─━─━─━─━「₪」━─━─━─━─ [Art of Eretria and a Karin by Mikki] Arvellon born elves typically share the same set of physical traits, depending on the circumstances of their birth. A true born Arvellon would carry the traits of one, bronze or tan in skin tone, usually a warm hue of some sort. Their hair tends to be curly or unruly while varying in shades of red and brown. This, coupled with brown or green eyes, make them quite suitable for their favorite season - Autumn. Although not every Arvellon is born from the Autumnal bloodline. The modern generation of the seed is a wide variety of adopted members and members who married into the seed, with the proper rites taken. This means one could find most any elf with any mix of traits donning the Autumn paints of an Arvellon. They are often seen dressed in apparel, dyed to mirror the warm shades of Autumn - red, gold, yellow, and orange in various hues. Said to acknowledge the natural cycle and symbolize the changing and colorful personalities of the Arvellon. ⤞Traditions⤝ Tradition in the Arvellon seed is developed over the course of time and experience, its members learning new ways to adapt to their environment and adding to their ways to fit. [Tattoos designed and drawn by the wonderful Numirya] ⤞ Ilmyumier is an important rite to becoming an Arvellon, the marking itself thought up and designed by Layla. The ilmyumier implements three of the most prevalent parts of the unique culture of the Arvellon, headed by that of a Wildcat and donning the wings and feathers of a Raven, and the colors and symbols of their beloved Autumnal season. Along with the primary ilmyumier that is found on the dominant arm, an Arvellon is known to wear a stripe of paint across their eyes to act as a sign of luck to attract good fortune for them and their kin, or during times of war and unrest in the world as a whole. ⤞ Miruel'ame, the Red Trees of the Arvellon forests that once served as the living, subtle guardians to their ancestral ame’lie known as the Harvest Wood. The cultivation of these trees, once a closely guarded secret held by the main bloodline of the Arvellon, has been passed down to the seed to reintroduce the tree into the world. The Miruel’ame releases an ever-present fog that surrounds its immediate vicinity and is considered to be the reason the Arvellon remained wrapped within a mystery in the early eras of the world. ⤞ Maya’meracahe was put in place in the ancient times of the Arvellon, when they lived in the depths of the Harvest Wood. Where their homes were safely hidden from the turmoil beyond. This ‘redeeming balance’ was put into motion by Carsul’il after a near disastrous confrontation within the seed between two brothers living in separate nations from one another. The Laughing Lynx decided that the Arvellon seed would not serve as a political entity among the rest of Elvenkind, though it would not limit its individual members from taking part in what nations they chose to reside in. “To be an Arvellon is to have only half a heart and soul. Their partner has the rest.” ⤞ Mallir'hiylun - Love is a sacred and precious thing to the Autumnal elves. An emotion and act held dearly since the days of Carsul’il and the Harvest Wood. Making such a declaration toward another elf is a grand and life changing event for the Arvellon. To them, there is only one such person to be found in their lives and it is an irreversible and unbreakable bond through both body, mind, and spirit. While not used until later in the seed’s existence, there is a binding ritual performed to cement this connection between two elves. Before an altar of Felixii and Kwakwani, the two would arrive during the height of a Harvest Moon in secret. Both would wield a ceremonial aurum blade to slice the other’s palms. After the blood flows from both hands on either lover, the bloodied blades are laid crossed upon the altar before the two clasped hands to mix the blood of their palms and in doing so, intertwining the essence of their bodies and spirit. Once the ritual is complete, it is said that the mates develop a true and absolute bond. While it is not known whether this is merely firm belief, or if something truly binds the souls of the lovers, it works. These Arvellon lovers remain together until death, and even then, it is said that their spirits pass on as one. ⤞ Birth has always been celebrated within the elven culture; a precious and sacred event for all of elven kind to be taken seriously. When a new child is born, or when one comes of age, a ritual is held in the child’s honor by the Chieftain. During the ritual the babe will be bathed in the waters surrounding the Father Tree, or in fresh springwater. The child’s forehead will then be painted with an eye to resemble the Wildcat, and outstretched wings on either side to represent the Raven. A prayer will then be recited to both patron Mani. Asking each of them to bless the new elf with an observant gaze and a sly nature - just as Felixii, and requesting for them to be granted the creativity and playfulness of the Trickster Raven - Kwakwani. ⤞ Death is not something that is normally celebrated, however the Arvellon honor death in a rather unique way. The corpse of their loved one is carried out to the Taliame’miruel Forest to be buried, where their souls are said to become the eternal watchers of Autumn. In spirit, just as they were in body. A prayer is then said while a stone is constructed atop the gravesite, acting as a headstone. This marker is referred to as Lareh’puerith, or Stone of Memories. Their loved ones will gather around the stone with buckets of paint and carving tools to create an exquisite and intricate mural telling of the Arvellon’s life. Flowers are then planted around the burial site, so that they may be fertilized and the Arvellon may live on through nature. ⤞Trials of Initiation⤝ ⤞ The Trial of Escapade: The prospective Arvellon is to show they are capable of joining the others in their Lust for Life. Their task during this trial is to conjure up a harmless trick on any one of their choosing, and to carry out the prank without getting caught. Additionally, they are to ask an Arvellon who has earned their markings to accompany them and to deem it worthy. ⤞ The Trial of the Artisan: The creativity of the prospective Arvellon will be challenged during The Artisan’s Trial, as they are tasked to create in the name of their patron Mani. They will be shown examples of crafts they could make, crafted by the current members of the seed, to aid them in brainstorming. Their task at hand is to create either one piece in honor of both the Wildcat and the Raven, or alternatively create something to solely honor Kwakwani, as the Raven is known to be the one of fine arts. The crafted piece will then be placed in the Arvellon hall to be displayed with the others. ⤞ The Trial of the Observer: The observant eye and mind of the prospective Arvellon will be challenged during this trial shaped around their patron Felixii. The Autumnal Watchers are known to be protectors of secrets, just as the Wildcat themself. They listen, and observe, and gather what secrets they can to be offered to Felixii for protection. There are many ways the prospect could go about completing this trial, which will be explained by the Chieftain. The intent is to gather at least three secrets from whoever they can and record them on a piece of parchment - without a name being etched with it to protect the secret teller. That piece of parchment will either be placed in the hidden library in the hall, dedicated to and blessed by the Observant Wildcat, where it will go unread and eternally protected. Alternatively, the piece of parchment will be offered to a shrine of Felixii and tossed into the flames, where it becomes nothing but a whisper in the wind guarded by the Wildcat. ⤞ The Harvest Moon Hunt is the final, unofficial trial for the budding Arvellon. Every year during the Harvest Moon, when the night is bathed strongly in amber hued light, the prospective member will be asked to dress in the colors of the Autumnal seed and tasked with leading the rest of their kin on a ceremonial hunt beneath the height of a harvest moon. Prior to the hunt, their face will be marked by the Chieftain to resemble the rest of their clan while treading through the realm to find their prey. [An adult, large sized karin drawn by Ben] ⤞ The Rite of the Karin is not recognized as a trial, but instead as a warm welcome into the clan. When an Arvellon comes of a certain age, or is adopted into the seed, they are allowed the gift of a feline companion. A twin-tailed, crystal antlered colorful Karin, that they will raise from a kitten to a full-grown adult. This companion will be their forever friend and will offer comfort and playfulness where they know it is needed. ─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─━─
  8. Rosina Py’lrie Birth: 16th • Sun’s Smile • 37 of the Second Age Death: 20th • Snow’s Maiden • 108 of the Second Age A portrait of Rosina Py’lrie not too long before her death. It has come again that time when we will all grieve the loss of a very loved individual within the Talonii. As all those before her, she will never be forgotten. Very young, Rosina was taken from us. Her kind soul will not only be missed by those within the Py’lrie, but by all those she put before herself, caring for and protecting. In her lifetime, Rosina suffered greatly from the days of her birth to her last breath. Born missing a leg, but always on the move, studying at a very young age, and becoming the physician and surgeon we all knew and loved. Her kind nature inspired others within the Talonii to take up studying medicine. For that, and many other achievements, we’re all grateful and we won’t allow anything to become forgotten or underappreciated in any way. Many Py’lrie from here on will know her story, they will learn to thrive even when they suffer, sharing their own stories someday, so that we all continue to improve our lives and our very soul. Even in death she will continue to aid us, as her very existence, her experiences, good and bad, will help guide others in their own lives. As tradition entails, the Py’lrie will begin a period of mourning for Rosina. For seven elven days from now we will mourn her death, lighting a candle within both the estate and the clinic, until the seventh day. Our meals will only consist of that in which she loved, our time spent together and our arms open to anyone for comfort. Rosina Py’lrie departed the city of Fi’andria, capital of Celia’nor on the 20th of Snow’s Maiden, 108 of the Second Age. She departed with a mali’ker figure that day, as a young boy described, before the same figure soon left our precious Rosina in front of the gates. No further detail of her condition will be stated here. She prepared a will for us long before her death. All of her wishes will be stated at her funeral. We ask that you bring a candle to the funeral so we, the Py’lrie, may continue a tradition of ours. The funeral will take place at Celia’nor docks 9th of The First Seed, 109 SA [OOC: Saturday 31st @ 4pm EST] [Rosina’s will]
  9. Isil Py’lrie Birth: 3rd • Malin’s Welcome • 1301 FA Death: 6th • Sun’s Smile • 104 SA A portrait of Isil Py’lrie within his final years. @Creator_Alan Gone, but never forgotten, Isil remains in our hearts. Centuries of time did he serve the Py’lrie name, standing alongside us throughout his lifetime, remaining loyal. His strong and disciplined nature helped to instill in the Talonii strength and encouragement. Many had only seen his short-tempered self in his few remaining years, his life taking a toll on his behavior, but beneath all that he cared for his own. He always sought to protect us from a distance, and always correcting each wrong committed. His sternness set an example and influenced many of us to remain strong in the darkest of times. Many may find relief from his death, but we, the Py’lrie, will honor his name and his acts for our blood until the end. The Py’lrie will begin a long period of mourning for our lost elder. For twenty elven days from now we will mourn his death, lighting a candle within his tower for each day, until the twentieth day. Our meals will only consist of that in which he enjoyed the most, and our arms open to another for comfort. Isil Py’lrie departed from Fi’andria, Celia’nor on the 6th of Sun’s Smile, 104 Second Age, with every intention of departing to leave in solitude. He wrote to us his final farewells. Within his will he leaves his tower to Dain Py’lrie and a sea pendant to Adiria Py’lrie, the rest is left for them to divide amongst themselves.
  10. History The Py'lrie have been around for a long time, but for most people, it's easiest to divide their history into two sections, both connected by one figure: Tayna'len. She's the only one who's lived long enough to see the Talonii grow from their bloody past of infighting and internal conflict to a much more peaceful and united Talonii. The Talonii's true conflict started with the appearance of magic in the bloodline. Those who were old and traditional opposed it staunchly, as it was different and new. They forbade their younger relatives from learning it altogether, which sparked many an argument in the household. As with all things forbidden, it only grew more and more until the Talonii started truly fighting each other. Blood was being shed over the use of magic forbidden by the elders. Young Tayna'len's parents had been learning magic, and they were punished harshly for it. Many of her closest loved ones had died while learning magic, and she had witnessed cruelty firsthand. Years of cruelty and punishment had caused many to fight or flee, and so did Tayna'len with her relatives. They were escaping by the skin of their teeth from the Talonii elders, who were hunting them, never staying in one place for too long. Many of those who had spent those years on the run were still expanding their knowledge of magic until they had finally become capable of truly fighting back. The tide had begun to turn as those who learned magic began to beat back the elders with their newly obtained knowledge. They sieged the home of the elders, where they lived together. However, they were not much different than those who hunted them, as they had brutally killed the head of the Talonii during that siege, causing the proverbial floodgates to open and unleash total war. It lasted for over a century, tearing the Talonii apart and causing much pain on both sides. By the time it had ended, countless members were dead or missing, and even more were left grieving for the loss of their loved ones. As far as Tayna'len was concerned, she was left alone to rebuild the Talonii. She was unwilling to work with the older members who had perpetuated the conflict for so long and decided to start fresh. Over time, she met and fell in love twice, starting the Talonii anew. She had two sons, one with each father, and though their fathers were different, they treated each other as Talonii no matter what. Tayna'len had instilled in them the virtue of Talonii first, to protect those closest, so that what she went through for all those years would never repeat itself again. These brothers would have children and expand the Talonii, each in their own way, but as one Talonii with two bloodlines. Their descendants have come to live in the lands of Celia'nor, some settling down and others wandering, yet never forgetting their blood ties. The current members of Py'lrie have fought to defend Celia'nor, and for their loyalty and dedication, they were rewarded as some of the most well-respected nobles in the land. Beliefs & Morals Talonii First As far as beliefs go, the Talonii hold one thing above all others and consider it paramount. To them, it is almost sacred, and breaking away from it is out of the question. This belief is evident when speaking to a member of the Talonii; they all abide by it as if it were indisputable. This all stems back to Tayna'len and her own experiences, where she cast aside all those who betrayed this ideal and started anew. Betrayal of Talonii To the Py'lrie, going against your Talonii is a cardinal sin that will be punished severely, no matter the situation. If you kill another member of the Talonii, you are to be hunted for the rest of your life. Though not all deceptions are so great as to lead to death, some are of a lesser nature. However small, though, the memories of the Mali are lengthy, and they will remind you for the rest of your life what you've done wrong. Betrayal of Friends & In-laws The closest of friends are considered dear, although not akin to Talonii. They would protect them closely and be very loyal to them; for if one is not loyal to their friends, how could they be loyal to their talonii? Those who marry into the Talonii are treated as equals, although they would be cast out more easily for mistakes. Natural & Unnatural Deaths If one passes from natural causes, they are well taken care of during their dying days. The Talonii tries to fulfill any wishes and stays by their side until the end. It is not uncommon, though, for dying members of the Talonii to find it too unbearable to be with their loved ones before the end and to disappear abruptly. The Talonii itself assumes that when an elderly member disappears like that, they are leaving to die in solitude. The death of a Talonii member is a grave matter, and they would mourn their loss greatly. The Talonii mourn them day-to-day, with each day representing a year in the life of the member who passed. They do this out of respect and for the time they spent serving the Talonii during their lives. Traditions With Child When a Py'lrie is bearing a child, they are protected and cared for very well. It is tradition for those who are pregnant to always have at least one person assisting them. The person assisting must be trained in first aid in case something happens. Sometimes, those who are not members of the Talonii are entrusted with this role, and it is considered a great honor. Coming of Age Becoming an adult is an important and celebrated occurrence, and for the Py'lries, it occurs at the age of 30. To come of age means you are given the freedom to take whatever path in life, whether it be leaving and traveling or marriage. Marriage As far as the vow of matrimony is concerned, it is highly encouraged to find another High Elf to marry, and if you do not abide by this, it will be considered a mistake. It is not shameful, but it is discouraged. According to tradition, you are to be married facing the sea. In some instances, you may even be married on board an embarked ship! This stems from times when the hunted members of the Talonii fled, leaving many with no choice but to state their vows upon a ship. The marriage is to be approved and overseen by the head of the Talonii, and if it isn’t, it isn't considered official by the Py'lrie. Commemoration of Honor When a member of the Talonii dedicates their life to warfare, there is a grand celebration, for it is considered a great honor to protect your land. Traditional Markings Body art and markings have a long history among the Talonii, with various meanings and serving as reminders, both good and bad. The two markings are "Fih Kae'leh" and "Malieir." When a member of the Talonii recognizes the true meaning behind the words "Fih Kae'leh," they have it tattooed on their body in recognition. Most adult members of the Talonii have gotten this tattoo at some point, and it is considered a rite of passage by some. The marking "Malieir" is used to identify traitors–those who have committed the greatest treachery and betrayal. There is no escaping this fate, either, as those who run away before they are marked will be found, and the tattoo will be applied to them by force. Talonii Markings “Fih Kae’leh” “Feed Your Soul” is a phrase long passed down within the Py’lrie. It is taught to each member as an important lesson they must come to understand. In the eyes of the Talonii, one cannot truly care for and protect others until they can truly satisfy their own soul and care for themselves. “Malieir” “Betrayer” is a phrase branded on the palms of traitors and wrongdoers within the Talonii, showing the realm all the wrongs they’ve committed, and having them disowned from the Py’lrie name and household. Those who murder other Talonii are branded once they are killed, and their marked corpses are abandoned in the forest to be forgotten. Personality Though the two branches have their differences, their biggest shared trait is their protectiveness. Both have a strong desire to protect what they have and their friends and Talonii. Similarly, all members of the Talonii have a strong desire and willingness to experience new things and are open-minded. They also have a deep, intrinsic connection to their Talonii and ancestors, often honoring them in times of need with shrines made for their ancestors, in particular Tayna'len Py'lrie and her two sons. However, their similarities end there, as they have very different ways to show these tendencies. Elauthinleon's bloodline is quick to act and decisive in times of need, especially when it comes to Talonii. They are temperamental but not overly violent. They are far more sedentary, having settled down and grown to love the land they live on. Overall, they are far more disciplined than their cousins, with a bit of a stern countenance. They are more inclined to physical activity and exercise, generally being quite athletic. Panithleon's branch, on the other hand, is free-spirited and artistic to the core. They are always on the move, seeking out the new and unknown so that they may experience it and learn more about the world they live in. Due to their less strict nature, they often have an easier time connecting with people they meet and befriending them. Their way of showing affection and love is through gifts. Physical Appearance & Traits For the most part, the two branches of the Talonii share several traits, as they have inherited much from Tayna'len Py'lrie. For instance, both predominantly have blonde hair and faded blue eyes. Many members of the Talonii also have wavy hair, as opposed to the more common straight hair. Their skin is generally quite pale, and they stand over six feet tall. Both sides of the Talonii also share a common allergy to honey and bees. Of course, regardless of the shared mother, the two different branches are bound to have some distinguishing traits due to the different fathers in both. Elauthinleon Py'lrie's branch occasionally has members with pale green eyes as well as white hair in addition to the previously mentioned blonde hair and blue eyes of both branches. Overall, the members of this branch are taller than their cousins. The biggest differentiator is their different ear shapes, as theirs point backwards instead of upwards. They have narrow eyes, slim and sharp features, and generally many small birthmarks over their bodies. Panithleon Py'lrie's branch has a rare few members with distinct purple eyes, with their skin being paler than their cousins. Some of them would occasionally also have a more silvery blonde hair color and be a little shorter than the other branch. Their ears tend to be pointed upwards quite a bit more than their cousins, and their features are noticeably softer with kind eyes. The one birthmark that stands out is the one strand of very white hair at the back of their head. [OOC - Py'lrie Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/RgZAS89UpK]
  11. The Bloody Fox’s Log Volume 2 104 of the Second Age It has been long overdue that I publish another log. The people of Almaris are due an explanation for all the travesty in the world today and I seek to bring about an element of that explanation. I am no great individual with no gods who have blessed me and no taint to possess me. But Sonnos has taught me how to be cunning and Morea has taught me to be brave. I have been at the venture of fighting what lurks in the dark for nearly my entire adult life. Never have I seen a place so filled with taint and corruption as the Principality of Celia’nor. I returned to Celia’nor after many years of exile to find a place that seemed to be following in the ways that we had set about when we founded the city. A place of peace and unity for those ostracized by The Silver State and the societies of Almaris that cast them out. As I settled there I found myself increasingly noticing the peculiarities with strange visitors in late hours to the castle and the use of violence against those undeserving. I explored the city and found obelisks beneath many homes, rooms filled with blood and gore from Aspects know what beasts. I found people of ill intent consorting with the nobility in every place I looked. I found myself no longer content in the waiting of the Princess to see the error of her ways for inaction leaves her no better than an instrument of violence, the same as a blade on the hip of cruelty. In a social at Starpool I could no longer stand aside and allow the evil that had festered to continue its walking in the sunlight. I felt the need to shove it back into the shadows it had come from. I crossed the ballroom floor and attempted to embed my dagger into the neck of a nephilim that sought to speak his foul tongue among the crowd. Then the Princess herself intervened, she threw her arm in the way of my blade and my thanium dagger laid a cut upon her arm. Simply examine her to know the truth of my words. Her inaction towards the corruption festering in her city now turned into a horrid defense of it. Her actions are inexcusable. Then at this moment a BSK Soldier and an Olog who had been pursuing this nephilim sprung forth to aid me. Brave individuals both, for we were surrounded by those who only sought to protect the beast’s ability to spew his corruption upon the world. Both were mercilessly cut down by a horde of Nephilim and Celia’norian mali despite their attempts to ease the crowd that had been so recklessly whipped up by Abdiel and Zodd. I just managed to escape as the Valah and Olog held them off for me to beseech the people of Almaris. I beg of the kind hearted and fair people of Celia’nor and of all of Almaris, do not allow taint to stain your cities. Fight against it in all of its forms. Signed, [!] A public letter would be sent to all corners of Almaris. Below the letter would be a list attached: Abdiel - A Cursed Being of Red Skin Zodd - A follower of Azdromoth with a forge in Celia’nor Coalskinned Azdrazi with Scales and Horns, Red Eyes - A Nephilim of Azdromoth who frequents Celia’nor
  12. Act of Health | 13th • First Seed • 101 SA Within the capital, Fi’andria of Celia’nor. Heads of the institution The Head Physician of Fi’andria - is granted full authority over the clinical staff and responsible for overseeing everything which is practiced in their clinic. This includes; Reserves the right to recruit/promote heads of the clinic. Reserves the right to remove/demote heads of the clinic within reason. Reserves the right to recruit clinical staff. Reserves the right to give clinical interns the proper training for such positions. Reserves the right to dismiss clinicians within reason. Reserves the right to deny any personnel of internship. Responsible for going through Clinical Logs. Responsible for ensuring all clinical staff provide proper care and treatment. Responsible for ensuring all clinical staff behave accordingly. May perform the tasks of any other clinical staff position if needed. May provide pay to clinical staff. May deny any personnel treatment within reason. May remove any personnel from any room of the clinic within reason. May hold lessons within the clinic whenever. The Head of Research - is granted authority over the clinical researchers and responsible for overseeing all research practiced within the clinic. This includes; Reserves the right to recruit clinical researchers. Reserves the right to give clinical researchers the proper training for such positions. Reserves the right to dismiss researchers within reason. Reserves the right to deny any personnel of a researcher position. Responsible for ensuring all research staff perform their duties properly. Responsible for ensuring all research staff behave accordingly. May perform the tasks of any other research staff if needed. May provide pay to research staff. May exclude any research staff of certain duties within reason. May remove any personnel from the clinic or research studies within reason. May hold lessons within the clinic if trained on the subjects being taught. The Head of Alchemy - is granted authority over the clinical alchemists and responsible for overseeing all alchemical studies practiced and concoctions created within the clinic. This includes; Reserves the right to recruit clinical alchemists. Reserves the right to give clinical alchemists the proper training for such positions. Reserves the right to dismiss alchemists within reason. Reserves the right to deny any personnel of an alchemist position. Responsible for ensuring all alchemist staff perform their duties properly. Responsible for ensuring all alchemist staff are not using illegal substances or illegal concoctions within the clinic. Responsible for ensuring all alchemist staff behave accordingly. May perform the tasks of any other alchemist staff if needed. May provide pay to alchemist staff. May exclude any alchemist staff of certain duties within reason. May remove any personnel from the clinic or alchemical lab within reason. May hold lessons within the clinic if trained on the subjects being taught. The Clinic Secretary - is granted authority over the clinical records and responsible for assisting the Head Physician when necessary. This includes; Reserves the right to keep record of any and all things performed within the clinic Reserves the right to keep record of any supplies and resources entering the clinic. Reserves the right to keep record of any clinician's performance within the clinic. Reserves the right to track what all is being used during treatment within the clinic. Reserves the right to track what all is being used in research or alchemy within the clinic. Responsible for keeping a list of everything stored within the clinic. Responsible for assisting the Head Physician in overseeing the clinical logs if needed. Responsible for assisting the Head Physician in overseeing the clinical staff if needed. Responsible for reserving appointments for the Head Physician if one were to take place outside the Principality of Celia’nor. May perform the tasks of any other clinical staff if properly trained. May assist the Head of Research if requested. May assist the Head of Alchemy if requested. May hold lessons within the clinic if trained on the subjects being taught. May remove any personnel from any room of the clinic within reason. Amendments All clinicians will be responsible for aiding the citizens and friends of the Principality of Celia’nor first, and never denying them the rights for treatment. Other visitors within Fi’andria, Celia’nor may receive treatment, but must understand they are not our first priority. The clinic will not charge a fee for anyone seeking medical aid within the principality. The clinic has the right to charge those receiving medication or brews accordingly if they are not citizens or allies. All clinicians are responsible for helping make sure the facility is clean and organized. Any areas that are found unsanitary will be immediately shut down temporarily until deemed safe for continued practice and use. Responsibility lies with all clinicians to provide patients with proper care and kindness, even despite our guests' races or beliefs. If a clinician isn’t present and cannot be soon enough, anyone with all the necessary practice shall perform treatment in an emergency. In emergencies, anyone aside from a clinician, may not search for, nor use, clinic supplies and resources for treatment. They must depend on their own. Authorities Experimentation on another without consent will never be tolerated under any circumstances. If revealed that this is occurring, any clinician involved will be immediately dismissed. No one, aside from clinicians under Celia’nor, should wander to the second, third, or fourth floor without permission from clinical staff. Any personnel caught on the second, third, or fourth floor without permission, will be asked to leave or law enforcement will be sought out. Those waiting and not being treated must stay in the waiting room unless given permission otherwise from a clinician. Any clinician has the right to ask anyone who is in the way of their work, to move to the waiting room located at the front entrance of the clinic. If not obeyed, then clinicians may seek law enforcement to escort them from the building. If any personnel attempts to tamper with the clinic or clinic’s belongings, then they may be restrained until law enforcement arrives. If any personnel attempts to stop any clinician from treating a patient, they may be restrained with whatever force is necessary to allow the worker to continue until law enforcement arrives. Clinicians may not force treatment onto a patient if they refuse. If one were to, patients may report said incident to the Head Physician to handle. If any clinician causes harm to their patient while doing their work, then he or she is not able to be held responsible. However if such damage is dealt intentionally, and can be proven, then the first statement is null. If any patient intentionally hurts his or her caretaker, then they will be subdued. Depending on the situation, he or she will be treated and/or sent on their way. Any clinician or any personnel caught stealing herbs, potions, or anything else from the clinic will be brought to the authorities to be dealt with. Clinical Positions The term “Clinician” is defined as anyone who performs and practices within the clinic Physicians As a Physician one's duty is in the clinic itself. These workers make up the bulk of the health institution. Their sole task is to treat those who have been brought to the clinic with physical injuries or illness. They are required to know the basics of herbology and medicine, and the basic degrees of healthcare within the institution. Each Physician would be required to train first as an intern, where they must attend training and lessons. Surgeons Surgeons are those in charge of performing operations on patients with more severe injuries. They will practice bone setting, deep arrow removals, cauterization, and amputations. All surgeons must go through separate training than those becoming Physicians. They must also finish training as a Physician of the clinic before training to become a Surgeon. Researchers Researchers are responsible for studying new and/or better ways for clinicians to treat their patients. Whether it be for severe or minor injuries, it is one of their duties to continue searching for ways we can improve. They may work with other positions within the clinic to aid in their research. As interns do as well, researchers may observe clinicians during treatment if it would better their studies. Researchers will also receive aid from the herbalists when needed. Alchemists Alchemists are in charge of providing the clinic potions and antidotes that will be used for treatment if needed. They are to only create concoctions to be used that are specifically made to help, not harm the patients. If caught doing otherwise, they will be removed from this position. They may request the assistance of herbalists when gathering necessary ingredients. Caretakers Caretakers of the clinic are mainly in charge of caring for those resting for longer periods of time within the clinic. Their duties also include; Keeping the clinic clean, providing resting patients food and drink, making sure our patients are comfortable when staying overnight, and managing the front desk. Their priority remains within the patient's care, but aid in general organization and cleanliness of the institution as a whole. Herb Scouts Herb Scouts are the clinic’s Herbalists in charge of gathering herbs for the clinic to use in treatment if needed. They will store the herbs in the clinic’s storage. Herbalists of the clinic may assist any research to seek other ways the herbs can be used for medical purposes, but only within the clinic’s research quarters. They may also assist alchemists within the clinic when gathering necessary herbs needed for medicines and brews. Clinical Interns Interns are only within the clinic to watch and learn, never to perform treatment to any of the patients. Interns are in the process of training and, therefore, will be spending most of their time observing the work of other clinical staff and taking notes. Once deemed ready to begin performing treatment, the Head Physician will provide them the proper uniform and title of the positions they spent training for. Clinical Lessons The Heads of the institution may host clinical lessons within the clinic whenever they wish. Lessons will be hosted within the classroom within the clinic. The classroom is located a floor below in the basement of the clinic. Below is also a lab and the clinic’s storage. Anyone may attend the lessons whenever they wish unless deemed otherwise by one of the heads hosting the lessons. Interns are expected to attend these lessons if they intend to receive their position as a physician. Physicians are also expected to attend the lessons required to become a surgeon. Those attending the lessons are expected to behave accordingly or be removed from the classroom. There will be over twenty different subjects reviewed during lessons. These lessons will include; Proper Clinician Attire, Herbs, Medical Tools, Satchels Tools/First Aid Supplies, Unconsciousness, Resuscitation, Suturing/Stitching, Cuts/Puncture/Gash Wounds, Broken Bone/Fractures, Burns/Frostbite, Heat Strokes, Poisoning, Patient Care, Infant Care, Arrow Wounds, Deep Wounds/Punctures, Salves/Ointments/Poultice/Liniments/Oils, Medicines/Mixtures, Amputations, Dehydration, Teas, etc.. Clinical Logs All Clinicians will be required to log every patient entering the clinic for treatment. These logs are to include; Patient’s Name Clinician's Name Injury/Illness of Patient What Aid The Patient Received Date (ooc date) Extra Notes (Previous Illnesses/Injury, Allergies, Disabilities, etc.) Food Pantry The Clinic will be continuing the food pantry for citizens and visitors to receive free food if they are in need. Each person may only receive up to two baskets of either bread or baked potatoes from the clinic every elven day. Everything is free and clinicians will not be charging anyone for their baskets of baked goods. If one cannot abide by the two basket an elven day rule, they will not be allowed to receive anymore from the pantry for two elven weeks. Citizens may as well volunteer to work for the pantry. They only need to seek the Head Physician to volunteer. Anyone may donate to the pantry. Everything is always appreciated. Signed, Vivar Rosina Py'lrie, Laurir within Celia’nor, Steward of Fi’andria, Head Physician of Fi’andria, Diraar within the Celia’diraar Virar Aestenia Aevaris, Laurir of Fi'andria, Virar of Starpool, Head Researcher, Court Botanist Sil Velatha Sylric, Anih’wy of the Celia’diraar, Fi’andria Clinic Secretary, Sylric Archon Valyris Ibarellan, Princess of Celia’nor, Queen of Gladewynn, Princess of the Alders, Princess of Alderyn, High Empyrean Princess, Sole-Proprieter of Gladewynn, Evarir of the Aurumwoods, Protector of the High Elves, High Magus of the Arcanic Court, etc.
  13. The Ashen Realm of Nor'asath The final stone set Nor’asath a home for the formerly scattered cultures of Ker. On a path of a dominant land of Ker those of Velulite faith and the might of the collective clans By the decree of the lands, Primarch Netseth Loa’chil and the High Priestess Irlu Celia’ilum call upon those who wander the world within the new Nor’asath. A place to regain one semblance of their culture: music, art, and combative tradition. To all of those seeking connection, opportunity, family, and history you are welcome within these walls. Should your clan or following require a home you are welcome to bring your strength to a greater hegemony. Under the light of Luara and the accompanying stars, One takes the mantle of Primarch. To guide us further one takes the mantle of High Priestess to embody all that Velulaei stood for. A Sovereign of their mountain-wielding powers bestowed and earned. An ideal of competition is resolved. And faith that blessed Velulaei and her follower's weary bodies to lords of their mountain. Opportunity awaits within the southern hinterlands to build upon its foundation strength and culture for now by Velulaeis mandate by calling upon our people's merit to lay the bricks toward our glorious eternal place upon these lands. Come home lliran Coords are -2624, 1679 cya there.
  14. The Election of Okarir'tir; Result! date: The 5'th of Malin's Welcome, 85 of the SA. 1881 FA. [!] At the entrance of the Eternal Library, the citadel, Bastille and the noticeboard of Haelun'or rests a missive, pinned for all to read. [!] Mali'thill of Haelun'or! Your votes, your voices and choices have been counted and re-counted. And it is with appreciation that none of the votes were illegitimate. And with the majority support of the blessed, the new Master of Law will be: KAELAN ALDIN. Signed: Maheral Seth Calith
  15. Through bitter cold and perilous night. The migration of Nor'asath Everwinter cradled Nor’asath in its usual frigid fingers, coils of icy wind snaking down to the spiraling stone. The occasional flurry of snow blew its way into homes and halls alike; there was rarely warmth here unless one sat close to the burning hearths and braziers to force the chill from their bodies. Though grateful for the space given to them by the Fennfolk, Netseth knew his people could not stay here for the long haul. He dreamed of the sun smiling down upon happy ‘ker faces, they're familiar and beloved features gleeful and bright with joy and color, and decided to take the first step he had been putting off for so long. “We make for fairer lands and a place to call our own!” came his cry at the town meeting, a proclamation of change. “Gather your belongings, pack your wares, and be ready for the caravan; we leave in two Elven days!” A red-eyed ‘ker stood behind him, nodding at his words sagely. The already excited crowd broke out into cheers and frantic chatting, a bittersweet mix of hope for a new life and the sadness of leaving old friends behind. Dutiful mothers and fathers sprung into action immediately, hurrying home to prepare themselves and their children for the long journey ahead. The team of burly builders led by a master stonemason, her face as rugged and determined as the rock of which she sculpted, were already packed and ready to leave. Walls had to be built, after all, to keep her people safe. Two months had passed swiftly, and after one last conversation with the Fennfolk leader whom he had grown fond of, Netseth was ready to lead the caravan on its slow journey. He regarded his people with a gentle eye as they loaded up mules with cargo and preserved food, excited children dashing and weaving in and out of the crowd. Despite the glacial breeze nipping at their exposed faces, the air was one of warmth and excitement so thick that one could cut it with a knife. “We leave today. Though our journey shall be long, the spirit of our people will guide and uplift us,” he states, looking out over the eager faces as they fell silent before his shout. “With me, my kin!” Slowly but surely, the long trail of people and animals left the sparkling everwinter city behind. Stone houses capped with deep purple and dark oaken roofs, thick protective walls, and a moonshine temple were already standing by the time the caravan reached their promised land. The team of builders was already there, mingling with a cheerful group of ‘ker in decorative and vibrant clothing, headed by the red-eyed Prophet herself. Experts at the traveling lifestyle already, these Velulites had tents set up for the newcomers before they even arrived. Fires crackled merrily beneath boar-laden spits, sending heavenly aromas upwards to announce a welcome hot meal for the weary Nor’asath folk. “All that we have left to do is to furnish the houses,” the Prophet says to Netseth, greeting him with a polite nod of her head. “But first, we must make sure your people are rested after their long journey.” The weary male ‘ker simply nodded his head, allowing a kindly Velulite to guide him to an unoccupied tent as their kin did the same for the rest of his people. Finally, they were home. It had been mere months since both Nor’asathians and Velulites had permanently moved out of the tents and into the town, but already it thrived and bubbled with life and happiness. Despite their differing backgrounds, both groups found the merge smooth and without any particularly bad hurdles; Netseth the Leader and Irlu the Prophet gently guided their people towards prosperity, and their combined wisdom made for a pleasant leadership. “My people- Our people,” the Leader stated in one of his first public announcements. “We have traveled far, worked hard, put our faith in those around us, and we have been rewarded for it. I am proud of each and every one of you for your contributions, from the youngest child collecting sticks for the fire to the master stonemason who planned and worked tirelessly on our great settlement. My gratitude cannot be measured in words, but know that all of you are beloved here.” A rousing cheer erupted from the gathered crowd, leaving the Leader and the Prophet satisfied that all would prosper for many years. OOC: Come play a delf :D We have a cool town :D We do delf things :D (( City should be pasted soon big thanks to Belgianfry and British build god BritishPanda for leading the charge on the build)) ((Looking forward to everything Frott and I will accomplish on this one)) ((If anyones interested in joining in send a dm toward ColonelKuehl#6302 or Frott#4491
  16. 𝒅𝒐𝒓𝒆𝒆𝒃𝒆𝒂𝒓'𝒔 𝒔𝒌𝒊𝒏 𝒂𝒖𝒄𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒔𝒒𝒖𝒆𝒂𝒌𝒖𝒆𝒍 Hola! It’s been a while but I am back with yet another skin auction! I know it's been a year since my previous one, but I'm back with another one. All the bids will be in USD, because I am need funding. I am moving into a new apartment so all this money will be going to that! All bids will be starting at 11$ USD copy and paste this for the bidding format. DISCORD NAME: SKIN IM BIDDING ON: MY BID Rules ☼ Make sure the person you're trying to outbid is aware! ☼ ALSO! No reposting on PMC, please! Just because you bought the clothing doesn't mean you get to claim credit for making it; I still did! ☼ please contact me via PM. My discord is doreebear#3218 if you have any questions. ☼ I have the right to refuse to sell a skin to anyone. If they are a notorious skin thief, splice-er, post without attribution, or simply a toxic and terrible person, I will refuse to give them my skins. My skins, I feel, should go to individuals who value my work, others, and myself as a person. ☼ Unless I give you permission, you may not resell or put my skins up for sale/auction somewhere else. Auction will close On Friday the 13th at 4pm CST MALE Gray Gothic Blue-Pilled All for One and One for All Always Pay Their Debts You Know Nothing The Mad Prince Prospero FEMALE Adventures and Furs I would always rather be happy than dignified. You Poor Wretched Souls Nordic Goddess I and my Annabel Lee She's From the North
  17. Celia’nor Commission of Foreign Affairs Commissioned by Lady A’eollaja Ello’janna-Valwynn, the CCFA Is an international commission for the pursuit of improved foreign ties with other nations and economic prosperity through traders guilds and merchant organizations. ARTICLE 1) DIPLOMATIC BRANCH Made up of delegates under the leadership of a commissioner, delegates work between the lead nations of joint states. All actions by envoys and ambassadors require the approval of their lead commissioner, and incidents of crimes committed by delegates are to be treated as breaches of law, and to be sorted as seen fit by the Commissioner as to which court of law they are held responsible. ENVOYS) Envoys work specifically under Celia’nor, assigned sectors in which they are responsible for diplomatic relations, renewal programs for treaties, and keeping close relations with specific sectors. They are expected to report to the Commissioner regularly on their sector affairs, and are expected to get the Commissioner's approval for treaty renewal, or term changes. AMBASSADORS) Ambassadors are foreign diplomats who act as figures for foreign powers in Celia’nor. They are to be treated kindly within Celia’nors borders, and meetings about treaties, trade, and other affairs are to be held with the Commissioner, or Royal Family exclusively. MILITARY ATTACHES) A subposition both envoys and ambassadors can hold, attaches are military experts assigned to diplomatic outreaches. They are assigned to sectors or individual embassies, and expected to coordinate military efforts between nations, share military tactics, train military officers, and represent foreign militaries. An assigned sector is not to be diverted from, and an Envoy may only work with that sector and sector alone .They report directly to the commissioner, and are expected to follow orders. Engaging in criminal activity, breaking from one's post, or ignoring/manipulating orders can see an Envoy being removed or reassigned from their post to another. The commissioner is allowed to work in all assigned sectors, rule out Envoy’s and Attaches, and represent both the military and government of Celia’nor, but ambassadors are to be treated as sovereign officials of their representative nation, meaning they cannot be imprisoned, attacked, harmed, or injured by the State of Celia’nor or her territories. Envoys are expected to work on both outreach programs, such as medical outreach, educational outreach, book acquisition, trade support, and event support as part of public interest for Celia’nor. Current positions of the Diplomatic Branch) Commisioner: A’eollaja Ello’janna Sector North Envoy: UNFILLED Sector West Envoy: UNFILLED Sector East Envoy: UNFILLED Sector South Envoy: Mythradir Wynasul (@VoxyNoir) ARTICLE 2) MERCANTILE BRANCH Made of mercantile groups to increase trade between constituent states or independent groups for the purpose of trade and prosperity, the Commissioner signs off on matters of providing stalls with forteign business, relations between stewards and businesses to provide stalls, and supporting merchant groups in Celia’nor, and outside. Working closely with stewards of Celia’nor, the mercantile branch works towards PR relations and public sanctions for business, including sourcing small businesses for events, financially supporting ‘in-need’ businesses through grants or tax-exemptions, for qualifying businesses. During times of war and duress, all businesses however are expected and or required to abide by wartime economy, meaning they are expected to help produce war materiel. However, these businesses are to be funded by the state to help with mass production, and supply the state with rapidly created goods for incentivized funding. Foreign businesses are to be treated on a case by case incentivization, with promoting tax cuts and investment on a merit based case, seeking for more allocation of public affairs funding seen for more active and merited businesses to be entrusted with government funding. Businesses are allowed to form ‘industrial’ guilds, meaning similar trades are allowed to formalize connecting unions and guilds to allow for inner business trade, centralization, or other affairs between businesses. Businesses in Celia’nor reserve these rights: Businesses reserve the right to turn away customers. Businesses reserve the right to ban certain customers, except for those of noble privilege. Businesses reserve the right to create guilds. Businesses reserve the right to establish their own pay rates. Businesses reserve the right to protect against thievery, or therefore unlawful seizure of property by non-government officials. Businesses reserve the right to own multiple properties, but are required to show proof of usage of them. Businesses reserve the right to copyright and identity preservation of naming in Celia’nor Foreign investment is non-taxable on a businesses’ earning outside his or her state owed tax. Businesses are provided with a public forum in Celia’nor to post jobs, business advertisements, and event notifications. Businesses in Celia’nor are held to these standards: Businesses are expected to submit proof of contract of workers under their employment if they are not compensating workers. Only the bank of Celia’nor may exist in Celia’nor. Property taxes must be upheld, and if unpaid without alerting the government after warning, will lose any boons of funding by the government or have their property seized if not paying taxes within a reasonable time. Government officials are allowed to investigate, and if need be, seize unlawful items found inside businesses. Committing criminal acts including but not limited to: Fraud, Tax evasion, Tax evasion through offshore accounting, or other criminalized acts. Businesses are to hold their own job posting, and responsible for their own hiring. *(HOW TO APPLY)* [Message the commissioner through Forum PM’s with your IGN, Discord ID, and what position or role you are interested in filling!]
  18. THE ELVEN MASSACRE A large Warband set out to the forests of the Elveneese, the orcs with the company of the Ferrymen strode without opposition into the elven lands, passing by the elven gates with no guard to be seen. As the Orcs entered the elven lands they halted a simple elven citizen, fear filled his eyes as they surrounded him and bound him, taking him to the bridge connecting to the front gates of the Elveneese. As the Warband waited for the Elven guards to defend their citizens, they captured more elves, tying their bonds and displaying them before the gate, but the elven guards were nowhere to be seen as their citizens were rounded up. An Elven Lord stood within the limited safety of their gatehouse as they watched the Ferrymen round up more citizens, finding a group of female elves in the forest around a campfire. 50 Elves stood before the Elven gates, the Warband drawing their blades as they placed them against the soft necks of the elves, cries and pleas filled with air as everyone knew what was about to happen. In pure desperation the Elf Lord finally spoke going to propose a deal “I will pay you 300 minas to let my people go” The Warband laughed among themselves as Korgahk’Gorkil spoke “It is concerning you value your citizens so lowly” Korgahk then raised the axe above his head and so did the rest of the Warband “Raise! FLAT!” Korgahk yelled as he brought down the axe upon the neck of the elf infront of him, the rest of the Warband followed suite going to decapitate the elves before them, soon blood and dead bodies covered the bridge before the gate. An Olog picked one remaining elf and broke them in half over their knee yelling “WAAAGH!” Korgahk looked up towards the guard who stood watch as he saw his people get massacred, he raised his axe and pointed towards him before leaving the carnage they had unleashed.
  19. The Visionary Ooc: Time.. Time had always been a curious thought in Mèlawen’s mind. Since elves often didn't worry about time, they lived far too long to care. When.. .When had she stopped caring as the days passed by, already fifty four. Two children and a net of safety. How long until the net was cut? [!] Mèlawen sauntered around, with her mind full of worry, for her sister with child, for her son’s and daughter and the nation. Carefully she slowed to a near stop, gazing out at the window as a small voice whispered out into her ears.. The ‘ame lady turned around frightened at the sudden noise as she lifted her hand wildly gazing about the room Nothing was there Tic.. tic.. Tic.. tic.. The noise of an old grandfather clock chimed into her mind. Pleasant almost reminiscing as the smell of vanilla filled the air and continued to drift around the large Taliame’onn manor. “Aher’akel ome’ii, asimulum arche hae maehr synalli a’o taeleh” The voice echoed in the halls. Leaving a dead silence almost as soon as the last word had left the ominous voice’s tone. Mèlawen looked to be in pure shock. Standing straight as her emerald gaze widened. “Haelun?..” she paused, shaking her head as almost instantly her eyes turned a bright golden hue, light outlining her form and igniting small embarks of power from her frame. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [!] The night was too quiet, Mèlawen’s feet landed bare in the grass, in the middle of an unfamiliar forest, surrounding her small stones with inscribed words. Every step the mali’ame took closer to the stones, the harder the words became to decipher. The wind blew by, a gentle breeze.. However, the grass didn't move and the trees didn't ache as the wind brushed their leaves. A single flower, drifted into the wind as almost on command the flower tucked itself into Mèlawen’s hair, a bright white flower with pink imprints to the petals. “Aspects?” she asked while her voice appeared to grow stronger in tone “Aspects?” she called out once more. Her calls were met with silence, simply the night sky and the landscape to comfort the strange experience she’d been jostled into “Fear not ome’ii of flowers.” The voice sounded different, softer, a more melodic tone even “She shall be strong, she shall grow what you have started. She is the future.” Mèlawen frowned, deeply confused however seeming to be unable to speak, it didn't feel right.. It simply didn't work anymore as if her voice had been removed completely. “Chaos will settle in the storm. Light will carve a path in the cobbled streets. Everything will be gone. .Gone.. Gone.. Gone. Time will move along. The tree’s you remember will grow again. Stronger, and better.” The two voices began to speak as one as the final dreaded line hardened growing louder and louder until the voice’s tone was unbearable. “Time will not quake until you find it. Time will continue. It will not slow for your incompetence. Grow up Mèlawen” Mèlawen woke up. Staring up at the ceiling as she leaned over, peering at her husband Kosher, who was still asleep. The room was dim, nothing had changed, there wasn't a smell and the sound of frogs filled the bedroom. The ocean breeze along the widow's peak. Slowly, Melawen reached up pulling the flower from behind her ear.. It was still there in a white and pink beauty. “Clematis.” Ooc: For reference, here is the Clematis Flower
  20. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Sounds of Beasts Drown out my Thoughts We march onward, the clear sky marks it as a good day The clamor of bronze strikes our souls For they march, the beast's eyes upon us now ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The firelands, long known as a source of danger for those who dwell in the ashy valleys below. These lands, native to the various beastmen who roam across its rugged county know only freedom to do as they will, to live their natural way. In their blood is the instinct to congregate, to move forwards to fresher pastures. First, only a few trickled in, seemingly singular individuals looking for lairs, for sustenance. Slaves and gladiators were sent, removing such beasts Yet, not singular in number. These lone beasts weak and unarmored were but only the advanced scouts of a larger more devastating herd. Seeking to add to their territory. Already they had taken their number up to the GREAT RAM FORTRESS, her forges churning and smokestacks pouring, as the beasts labored to cast the metal they needed for their warmachine. Forging weapons and Panoplies for their elite. THE BRAVE BAND, GLORIOUS Heroes! Hoplites clad in second skins of polished bronze, and heavy shield, paid well, each a hero each an individual looking to prove his worth in salt strode forth to meet this foe gathering on the borders of great Krugmenistan. Their forces commanded by the Indomitable Rex, and lead in the field by the Bronze Goliath himself, Ulagula'Ugluk. These heroes, came upon a shipment of fresh metals and arms from the fortress, their forces met by a great threat. The beastmen poured from the plains and the hills, and their great Champions announced challenge. And with Challenge they were met! The battle raged, and the Heros, strength of Leyd in their arms, drove those beastmen from the borders, though not before they took their bronze and their arms with them into the depths of the Firelands. Dedicating their victories to the Pantheon, the Phalanx, mustered in their strength brought the captured of the Minotaurs before the great Qarkah. Reeling in their weakness, Qarkah gave these beasts a new purpose. To redeem their weakness by culling that of others. And locked them away in the depths of Qarkah's Labyrinth. To guard the treasures it holds. The hero's bathing in the Adulation of the GREAT Krugmensitan, and SILVERED Sulianpoli knew, that the Herd will come once more. They are on the Moove... And now that the Labyrinth is complete, New Heros may prove themselves GREAT. And earn the vast treasures within. Undying is the KLEOS, this DIVINE GLORY we win! 'LO MAY THOSE WHO HAVE DONE THEIR DUTY RECEIVE THEIR JUST REWARD! And those who fell, find theirs. Rest now, Heroes, take your spoils, cast new bronze, nurse your wounds, mourn your dead, prepare thyselves. The Herd Cometh --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Come lads TELL US YOUR TALES OF BATTLE, SO YOUR IMMORTAL KLEOS MAY BE SUNG THROUGH ALL TIME! [[[Welcome to our new Storyline! One thematic and full of great struggles and great dramas sure to bring about the HERO inside you! Its hosted in Sulianpoli! The Silver Colony in great Krugmenistan! This eventline not only has large events and consequences and rewards for actions, but also static nodes, extra resources, trade, and a few CHALLENGES and DUNGEONS for even foreigners to TEST THEIR SALT! Come and test yourself in our Labyrinth! Come prove your STRENGTH in the TEMPLE OF IRON and receive great 'Boons' and many blessings!)) Tell your legends here!
  21. THE ERA OF OBSIDIAN A Promise from a Prince Amongst the Mali’ker, both near and far within the realm of Almaris and beyond, it is a people of strength and unity despite their splintering. We have become a fractured people with our paths taken to separate regions of the world, yet it has come for our ways to be united once more as we stand besides all of our people no matter the distance they are away. Nor’Asath shall remain as a home for all of the obsidian blood. With a great change within the halls of Nor’Asath, it leads us into great ambitions. While the fears of standing together linger within the minds of the clans, it is the unification of the clans that has brought us together at our strongest in generations past. This is not a call to change your path but to move forwards as one into an era in which we may all thrive. It is a call to the ways of our Ancestors, our generations that have walked the lands high and low before us. Within this era shall be one of welcoming champions of the mali’ker into the light that Velulaei had cast upon our people. The promise of this Prince is to awaken our people to their potential, to prove ourselves worthy of the light once more. Within this era for Nor’Asath, new reformations are to be set within the city regarding the structures of the clans, government, and a new push for revitalization of the city functions. During the past, instability tore the Clans apart, leaving each to only feel a faux sense of importance. The presence and contribution of the clans are to increase in their functionality to prevent stagnation. For it is not just I who leads our people, we are far too diverse for that, but it is the best of us that come together for a better home for the people of obsidian. What makes the Ker what they are, is versatility, the clans are fundamentally diverse and should know full well this will be the strength to forge our future to prove ourselves worthy once more of the light. It is the light that shines within each of us we harness to display our individuality to bring our strength forwards once more, today, tomorrow, and the next we shall prove ourselves. SIGNED, Netseth Loa’chil Prince of Nor’asath
  22. The government of Nor’asath is composed of a higher and lower council that oversees various diplomatic, internal, cultural, and matters of law within the Principality. The High Council handles issues with the Principality, while the Lower Council is composed of the heads of clans and guilds. The Prince of Nor’asath The Prince is a role that holds the burdens of overseeing the government and leading the Ker as the primary ruler, having the highest power. Is the Prince a position not inherited by blood but elected through a worthy process. A Prince can only run within an election after being appointed to the Heial’tahu. The Clan Lords of the Heial’uell then elect the favored candidate to ascend the throne. Heial'tahu The High Council The Heial’tahu acts as a city's ruling body to rule over various elements with swift judgment or manage lower bodies with executive power. Heial’tahu are appointed by the authority of the Prince and the Halerir. Halerir- Second to the Prince and aids in advising the Prince in managing city affairs, be it financial or cultural. The Halerir typically takes on a leadership role among the High Council and generally is hand-picked by the Prince to handle internal affairs. The Halerir in practice acts as a representative of the Clan lords and the people of Nor’Asath remaining open to presenting their collective desires. Onyx Chief- Is the Military leader and head of the Silan’siol and primary city defender. The Oynx Chief holds the authority to make immediate decisions amidst times of crisis, appointing warriors to stand against all that threatens the city. Arbiter- Head of the Temple, and authority on all matters spiritually meant to lead and guide the efforts of the Ancestral temple and the guidance of Priest, Shamans, and Acolytes. Despite acting as a spiritual mediator to the Prince, the Arbiter's duty may go beyond their city walls to teach the Mali’ker as a whole. *New temple heads are elected independently by temple staff though the Prince has the right to decline their spiritual mediator. The position, needing to be filled, another candidate will be chosen. Once a candidate is rejected, they cannot be chosen again in the same election. High Iylanhir - In charge of the infrastructure of housing and taxation and manages the steward within the city. The Iylanhir can also appoint others to take on the responsibilities of the stewards. High Venure- Authority on city events, festivities, and tournaments. The high Venures duty is simply to enable activities within the city. High Terhir- Manages income and looks after the guilds, managing the interests and existence of the various guilds. High Puerir - Duty of the Diplomat manages external matters and desired relations between nations, trade, or military. It is a position worked alongside other diplomats of the Duel Principalities. Heial'uell The Council of Many The Council of Many is a council that is represented best by the dark elven people. The positions within the Heial'uell revolve around Clan Heads, Guild Leaders, and minor roles that the High Council oversees. These positions are of the more independent variables. Clan Lords- Leaders of significant families and bloodlines and heads with businesses' interests within the cities. For the recognized, more significant clans they will make up the central authority of the Council of Many. Craftmaster- Head of smithing guilds, typically running events based on blacksmithing lessons, perhaps providing for shops and craft rarer materials for the potential defense of the city or mercantile use. Merchant Guild Lead - Leads the various traveling merchants and handles trade matters between nations. The Merchant guild lead is in charge of the employment of various merchants and leading in growing interest within the various merchants and stocking stalls in cities. The High Maeher- Embodying the roots of Ker's history in following in the footsteps of Velulaei. The Maeher is to brave the lands and preserve and document knowledge. The high Maeher also has ownership of the library. Heial'tahu Halerir -(Vacant) Onyx Chief - Lavi Igne’Sae Arbiter - Ardreth Des’nox High Iylanhir - Veris Velulaei'onn High Venure- Marzoss Devione High Terhir-(Vacant) High Puerir-(Vacant) Heial'uell Clan Lords Ri’karth- Zirath R’ikarth Loa’Chil- Netseth Loa’chil Devione- Leilatha Devione Velulaei'onn- Veris Velulaei'onn (More openings available for more bloodlines) Guilds Craft-master (Vacant) Merchant guild lead (Vacant) The High Maeher (Vacant)
  23. A Legacy in Need of Fulfillment Remember our fallen and do better in their honor. As the tilruir’tir to the former okarir’tir, and current acting okarir’tir, I feel as though it would only do the position justice for me to continue as the official okarir’tir, head of the haelun’orian militia. I’ve worked closely with the Okarir’tir for many years, and I am one of the few who can fInish the jobs he had the unfortunate fate of never completing. A list of my accomplishments thus far: The installation of new ranks The creation of a proper, working merit system Encouraged more active recruitment Weekly training and biweekly formations ((OOC: PVP events and Skirms)) Internal organization I have only been with elSillumiran a short time, this I am aware of. Although, it was in Sixty-One’s dying wishes that I take care of the SIllumir, and I intend to do so. Without me, elSillumiran would not only lack proper organization, but also the proper skills needed to fight. I want to honor the former head, and also create a military that Haelun’or can rely on to protect its citizens. I wish to bring about a home for those who choose to serve. It is our duty as Sillumir to ensure that Haelun’or does not fall to petty banditry, internal conflict, and raiding. Immediate Plans for Sillumir: Fighting for proper payment/Compensation for Sillumir in conjunction with okarir’akaln Promote Steady recruitment, as there will now be a quota for the number of new recruits each elven month Citizen combat lessons, free of charge. New and improved armour. Long Term Plans for Sillumir: The creation of a navy Improve our National Relations with other militaries and smaller mercenary groups in conjunction with okarir’san Establishing more leadership within the ranks in order to properly divert power and workload Thank you, for your time and consideration. I wish a bright future for Haelun’or, where we do not live in fear for what the coming times will bring. Fear, it tears us apart- but our sense of community, that will never waver. Maehr’sae Hiylun’eyha.
  24. Casting for the Play of “Oh, Mirror-” Directed and presented by Irelia Ni’leya, and Iphys Catullus Valwynn As the auditions draw to a close, with both Irelia Ni’leya and Iphys Catullus Valwynn satisfied with the contenders- missives would be sent out to those who managed to land a role, while also being hung outside the tavern for all to see! “Have it be heard that those listed below are to be casted in ‘Oh, Mirror-’ Estelle (Female protagonist)- Ayliana Vawynn (OOC: KiwiiFruiit) Mirror (Main antagonist)- Irelia Ni’leya (OOC: XoxoMinnieXoxo) Alvar (Father/Warrior)- Stelios Hyptos (OOC: RyuTheCoolest) Nylian(Male love interest)- Aerendyl Lor’demar (OOC: Kenzo74_) Claudia (Best friend/ Woman cheater)- Usamea an’asul (OOC: LariheiMinaj) Mort Treasure hunter 1- Leithedit An’asul (OOC: Crevel) Tarron Treasure hunter 2- Elarhil Sullas (OOC: Rioling) Narrator- Iphys Catullus Valwynn (OOC: TwistChunky) ( OOC: Congratulations to all who landed a role! Everyone did such a great job) ( OOC: I would like to thank everyone who came out today, whether it was to participate or to simply just watch! I look forward to seeing all of you at the final production! Sunday February 6th at 3pm EST/8pm GMT)
  25. A missive is spread throughout Almaris, fine parchment rolled and wrapped with a black ribbon tied and closed by two seals - a purple one carrying the coat of arms of Nor’Asath and a golden one carrying the crest of the R’ikarth Clan. “To all Mali’ker, and all Mali of Almaris From Prince Zirath Talhoffer R’Ikarth The Birth of our New Roots Karin’ayla, kae lliran. For decades, our Dark Elven people have been scattered across the land, with few elven homelands to refer to, subjugated under the rule of non-Elven descendants. Lamentably few have tried to restore our unity, and even less have endeavored to keep it. Others, driven by pride, have seen to our people’s undoing. With the establishment of the Principality of Nor’Asath, we have at last seen progress in this mission; not in centuries have so many of Velulaei’s sons and daughters come together in unity. Descendants of Renelia, Vira’ker, the Onyx Sanctum and even the Warhawkes now walk our halls. It is the best, last hope for the Mali’ker people to forge their rightful place among the other lineages of Malin. It is thus that we call for Dark Elves of all walks of life, all strains of thought, all forms of worship, and from all corners of Almaris to come to Nor’Asath - that the Dark Elven people might at last come home. It is further that we note that in many ways, the state of all Elves has recently mirrored the historical fragmentation of our Dark Elven people. It is thus that we also call for all Elves of Almaris to journey to the Dual Principalities of Fenn and Nor’Asath, there to mingle amidst the largest collection of Elves since the early days of Almaris. It is our hope that, in time, we shall find unity among Mali’ker, Mali’fenn, Mali’aheral, and Mali’ame - for while we have greatly changed since the days of Malin, we are still his children, and it would still be his desire that we reach accord. I, Prince Zirath Talhoffer R’Ikarth, write on behalf of my kin and invite you, the remaining Dark Elven people, to join our efforts. I ask to bring your stories, your cultures, your knowledge and your dreams here to let our newly born community thrive and grow. It is long past time that Velulaei’s people were restored. As of now, we have never been closer. It is my sincere hope that we shall all, at last, be together. Let us make our ancestors proud, and nurture a bright future for the Mali’ker people." Signed, Zirath Talhoffer R’Ikarth Prince of Nor’Asath, Prince of the Dark Elves
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