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Found 10 results

  1. Bravepaw’s Awakening Bravepaw’s eyes slowly begin to open as the warm sunlight shines through once again. The now unsettled motes of dust start to dance through the air, twirling in beams of light, as his head creakily turns taking in his surroundings. One long, deep breath after another slowly tests the limits of his lungs. Having been in this situation time and time again over the course of several centuries, Orlanden is happy to see Bravepaw conscious again, but isn’t surprised. He could feel the awakening growing nearer with each rising sun these past weeks.
  2. A letter for my kin, the Mali’fenn. 13th of Snow’s Maiden, Year 4 of the Second Age. “I am writing this letter to those who share my blood. To those who regard themselves as Mali’fenn. If this reaches you, then know that I rejoice in the fact my kin are not extinct. I have spoken face to face with some of you, but to my understanding I have not exchanged words with all of you. Furthermore, I have likely not formally met those remnants. To introduce myself to you, I am Aesilnoth Tundrak. Formerly the Commander and later Grand Marshal of the Ivae’fenn, Hi
  3. Even-Out Evening 11th of Snow's Maiden, Year 3 of The Second Age Video Première link : Our last public announcement yielded great success, with those on ‘the band of the hours’ side giving a thunderous standing ovation. Cheering our name in the streets as we at last redistributed the surplus amount of wealth to those in need of it, while also liberating them from the shackles of society. No longer will the oppressors of these lands turn their noses up and look down upon the common man, for they will soon be eating alongside their
  4. HOUSE TELEMNAR A Comprehensive Guide, by Olórin Telemnar. Seed. 12th of the Deep Cold, 02 SA ~Introduction~ The House of Telemnar is a noble family of sea elves whose roots trace back to the firstborn son of Malin, Sylvaen Everflame. They claim their elder descent through the bloodline of Telemnar Sylvaeri, an esteemed mariner of the ancient world and custodian of the high seas. In the present age, they have established their home within the Princedom of Elvenesse. ~Ancient History~ In years of yore,
  5. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ This is just a simple little page I've put together with examples of my skins! My PMC Scroll down and open the spoilers to reveal the examples. :0 Latest: Edits made: -Added 'Other' spoiler -Requ
  6. The Seed Well In Ancient scrolls and carvings found across the archipelago of Axios, it is said that when the emerald fires of the War faded, the emergence of Druidism brought an unseen age of prosperity to the fauna and foliage that once again scattered the lands. And when the last of the ash was swept away with the winds of progression, the Arch Druids communed with Malin in private quarters, to discuss how they would never again allow such corruption to spread through their homeland, and indeed, all of the Islands that surrounded Aegis.
  7. Dark Elves (also known as Mali’ker) Physical Appearance Dark Elves are the most muscular sub-race out of the three and as such are the best suited for physical labour and combat (as a note, this does not give you the right to be unrealistically strong, it is just that the other Elven sub-races are not as hardy as this sub-race). Mali’ker may be the strongest but are by no means the tallest with Dark Elves averaging around 5’10 to 6’4 in height (any taller than this and it you are reaching into High Elf territory and they’re called High Elves for a reason so, please, stick to t
  8. Vincrute Vineyards proudly expands to bring you more quality products. Harvested and/or crafted on the fertile island of the wood elves, our products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality in all Vailnor and the cheapest Prices are as follows: Spruce,oak,and pine- 1 minas Dark oak-5 minas A load(double chest)-250 minas Cheap bow (1-10%)- 10 minas Hunters bow (11-20%)- 20 minas All purpose bow(21-35%)-30 minas Large staff- 50 minas Windswept styled cane-75 minas Bottle of wine- 6minas Barrel of wine- 120 minas Bale of hay- 5 minas Bag of compost- 20 minas Block of explosiv
  9. Hecate Acius Nicknames: Cait, Caiti Age: 114 Gender: Female Race: Wood Elf Status Alive and well. Description Height: 5"6 Weight: 127 lbs Body Type: Short and petite. Eyes: A golden amber. Hair: Red Skin: Cinnamon Markings/Tattoos: None Health: Quite healthy. Mostly. Yeah. Not quite right in the head, but she's pretty harmless. Personality: An eccentric girl, she seems, at first glance, to be a bit air-headed, childish and otherwise overly cheerful. She gets strange ideas on occasion and doesn't always seem to be following any rational kind of logic. She is naturally fascin
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