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Found 21 results

  1. Painting in the Park Issued 10th of The Deep Cold, Year 72 of The Second Age Cerin Amroth in Lothlórien, Ulla Thynell Creatives of Elcihi'thilln, On The First Seed of this elven week, a session of painting in the square will commence! For the innovative minds of Mali'thill are not limited to any kind of study; there is much value to be found in artistic fields. All are encouraged to come explore, practice and enjoy. There will be three categories of painting, which will we run through, in the following order: Still life Model Free form For each category, the object of your painting will be up to choice! Nevertheless, should you find trouble within the vast beauty of our State, finding just one matter in your surroundings to focus upon, there will be a selection laid out as an aid. You may find a model in any other willing participant. No need to bring your own brushes - all equipment will be provided by the State! OOC: Friday 22nd, 3pm EST/9pm BST May your paths be safe, your floors unbroken and may Elcihi'thilln fill your eyes with beauty. Okarir'mali Elarhil Sullas MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA
  2. From the penmanship of the Koenas Council… A PARTY OF TEA-PETS & CAKES [!] In a series of fine brush strokes and bright colors, a portrait is attached of the many cats to appear at the party. [!] A flock of silver-tailed doves soar over the city’s rooftops dropping a missive with a golden leaf seal to every person on the street, every mailbox, every doorstep, and every dinner table. It would read as follows: “To all pet lovers alike… A tea party is being held in Karosgrad’s fine palace, all those who are invited to attend should arrive in their tea-ready outfits and bring along their most dignified pets of all kinds! But fret not - for those who seem to be lacking pets of their own, you have the chance to find your most favorable and furry animals. Displayed at the tea party and for all to see will be stalls to buy pets of your own. Ranging from little fish and hermit crabs, to the larger cats and dogs- these pedigree animals are the finest in the entire Kingdom! If you find yourself reluctant to buy one, a petting zoo shall be set up - to allow the opportunity for guests to caress and bond with an assortment of animals, bred in our nearby Karosgrad farms.” The activities for the day… I. Tea is Served! An arranged assortment of Karosgrads finest and most delectable tea will be served out in the royal garden, guests can drink tea and mingle with fellow lovers of animals. II. Pet N’ Pat This part of the event guests will be able to show off their furry friends and even get to meet other lords and lady's most fabulous pets, the Fakhr Oasis will be proudly presenting their finest of exotic animals to mingle with, Camel rides will be a fee of two mina, however the petting pen will be covered by the crown. The Oasis will also be sharing for sale their finest animal’s of the southern region at this eventful gathering. III. Buying A New Best Friend For our guests that have arrived without an animal of their own or are seeking a new companion to bring home. Now you have it! Vanir Variety will be presenting a variety of animals for sale: big and small, fluffy or scaly. IV. The Grand Race Our final event will be a Grand Race, all manner of pets will line up at the starting line and it will be a race to see who meets the end first! First, second, and third place winners will receive a prize. Signed, Her Royal Majesty, Emma Karenina, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska Her Ladyship, Analiesa Vasila vas Ruthern, Event-Collaborator of Hanseti-Ruska OOC:
  3. Krugmas In The Jade-State As the snowflakes of winter befall upon the Jade State of Yong Ping, our lakes freeze from the cold and our birds cease their chirping and move onward to a warmer environment, within the Jade State of Yong Ping preparations are made left and right, with decorations such as trees and lights illuminating the entirety of the Nation. To celebrate the coming of this freezing season, our nation announces a grand festival for any and all friends or allies of the Jade State of Yong Ping to attend! During the aforementioned festival, the attendees are invited to attend many activities, such as; Ice Skating within the centre square of the Jade State. An exchange of gifts from whoever has something to give. A contest of drinks, both hot and cold. And the Special appearance of a special guest…… OOC; The Event will take place on the 18th of December at 1:30 PM/EST, in the square of Yong-Ping.
  4. The first ever convention is to be held this Saturday. I am terribly sorry for the delay in events. Getting back into school and having to get settled was tough. But now that it is October. I am finally excited to be able to bring my dream and so many others to life. The Event will be held in Yong-Ping. For those interested in coming to the event, we ask you bring food, drink, art or any other items that represent your respected culture. This event is about peace and togetherness. So with that being said. This upcoming Saturday, October 9th, at 3PM EST - 4PM EST will be the first ever Woman's Convention of Almaris! Held in the Chen Casino on the pier of Yong-Ping. (For all interested in attending let me know, so we can have an idea of how many seats and how much food will be needed) Remember to Join the Discord for further updates and any changes that may occur https://discord.gg/fhA5dHJS
  5. Hope you enjoy the small video <3 please visit us sometime. More videos to come. and updated as time passes by. The white Marble Building Company's news shop
  6. [!] Invites marked with a crimson wax seal of fire 火 would be sent to all residents of Almaris, bearing with it a painting depicting a spectacle of fireworks fired over a sea of fire. [OOC CREDIT: Hosai Baido 1848-1920 'Fire Fighters Brigade' ] Evil lurks amongst the land as the cold winds of Spring dissipate to welcome the hot breeze of Summer. To lower the risk of wildfires, decrease the chances of wild animals decimating farmer's crops, and remove any cover where evil may hide, the people of Yong Ping will be hosting their first Yamayaki Mountain Burning in the mix with a Summer Festival. The Yamayaki Summer Festival will last for a number of three dragon days, preparing the earth for the last day where a mass-controlled fire will take place in the forest east of Yong Ping. Yamayaki Summer Festival Itinerary [OOC CREDIT: Firemen of Edo] [OOC: Friday 6:00 PM EST] The Ring-Around Race The Ring-Around Race is a massive two-player obstacle course taking place outside the walls of Yong Ping, consisting of four parts that require both players' participation. [MATERIALS & INFO ] 1) Player 1 will be blindfolded and handed a bucket 2) Player 2 is a guide that helps Player 1 navigate the obstacle course Further divulged at the event, players in teams of two will need to race around the nation of Yong Ping, starting from the west wall to the south, east, and North. The first to make it across the finish line will be awarded the prize-winning sum of 20 mina each and a trophy. The Beginning Summer Festival Show Part of the festival's booths and entertainment has been arranged at the North wall, sandwiched between the Sakura Forest and Yong Ping. With a vast variety of food and games set up at every stall, guests are more than welcomed to watch the Geisha show that will be performed later in the evening, accompanied by a firework show to end the night. [OOC: Saturday 5:30 PM EST] The Mid-Day Summer Festival Show Starting our event off with a bang, the Geishas of Yong Ping will perform a live show for the audience before the fireworks ceremony. Shortly after, the Grand Hunt will begin. The Grand Hunt Clearing the North Forest for the Yamayaki Mountain Burning is no easy task, so the citizens of Yong Ping invite all of Almaris to come and join in this festive hunt. Participants may group themselves into teams no larger than four members or can go solo throughout their rounds. The hunters who gather the most game within the borders of Yong Ping (boars, foxes, sheep, cow, pigs) will be rewarded with a trophy and the prize sum of 20 mina. (OOC: Instructions will be further divulged at the event. There will be no guides; this is an all-day event; participants will be provided chests to lock themselves for later inspection. The winner will be declared the following day VIA the forum post and at the Yamayaki Mountain Burning.) [OOC: Sunday 6:00 PM EST] The Yamayaki Mountain Burning + Festival Land cleared and appropriately prepared, a controlled fire will brush through the earth accompanied by a long firework show and geisha performance. Participants are more than welcome to help with the mountain burning so long as they do not spread the fire outside the controlled region. Later in the evening, those who have helped with the Yamayaki Mountain Burning will be rewarded with a Fire-Fighter Medal. Food, drinks, and entertainment will be set up for the viewers' convenience and a seating area to enjoy the firework show. Any acts of arson outside of the controlled region will be viewed as criminal behavior and shall be subjugated under national law.
  7. SPRING SAKURA FESTIVAL [!] Invites would be sent around all of Xin Zhou [Almaris] with colourful depictions of the blooming Sakura trees by Yong Ping’s entrance and a dish of enticing Oyashiman cuisine in the foreground. As the sun rises to greet the newly blossomed buds of spring, the people of The Jade State of Yong Ping gather under the cherry blossom trees in feast; celebrating the new season of fertility. This year, the citizens of Yong Ping have prepared a grand event and invite all the residents of Almaris to come and celebrate in the Sakura Festival. Each Saint's Day of the festival will end in a large and grand feast, sharing with everyone the cuisine and culture of both Li-Ren and Oyashiman. It is highly encouraged to refrain from bringing any weapons to the festival- unless they are participating in the Sakura Festival Hunt. Sakura Festival Itinerary OOC: Friday, May 7th, 7 PM EST Mochitsuki Mochi is a delectable sweet that is enjoyed by many of the residents in Yong Ping; however, to make this soft and stretchy treat can be quite tiring. As a test of speed, strength, and endurance, participants paired into teams of two will observe and pound white rice into what is known as mochi. The first team to finish quality mochi will be awarded a one of a kind omamori charm. A demonstration will also be performed to help the participants have a finer grasp. The Yoake Feast The Yoake Feast is the first feast of the annual Sakura Festival. Here, participants will be able to experience some of the large variety of Li-Ren and Oyashiman cuisines while also having a first glance of geisha performance. Guests will be served light alcohol, tea, and juice, and the entrees will consist of seafood, beef, and pork. As a word of caution, any participants who cause loud or major disruptions will be asked to leave and escorted out. The First Fireworks With a colorful spectacle to end the first day of the festival, fireworks will be set off at the bay for the participants to enjoy. It is highly advised that pets are taken elsewhere due to the noise pollution. OOC: Saturday, May 8th Sakura Hunt -- 2 PM EST Under the first blooms of the sakura blossoms, the group of hunters would be approached by a fox beckoning them to a hunt across Almaris. Through the great cherry trees, onwards towards—the sly fox would try to lose their trail. Across the lands, the fearsome hunters will encounter boars, bears, and various fauna to spit roast and enjoy at the end of the hunt. The Hinode Feast + Fireworks Show -- 5 PM EST The Himode Feast is the second feast of the annual Sakura Festival. Here, participants will be able to experience some of the large variety of Li-Ren and Oyashiman cuisines. Guests will be served light alcohol, tea, and juice, and dishes will consist primarily of raw beef and pork to be cooked manually at the feast. As a word of caution, any participants who cause loud or major disruptions will be asked to leave and escorted out. Fashion Show While the guests are feasting, a showcase of the fashion seen in Yong Ping will be on display, and the stage of the teahouse will be turned into a runway as our models strut their silks! OOC: Sunday, May 9th, 5 PM EST The Wen Puppet Show Gather up the children and the whole family, as the Wen household puts on a puppet show for our guests in the teahouse! The Dei Feast + Fireworks Show The Dei Feast is the third feast of the annual Sakura Festival. Here, participants will be able to experience some of the large variety of Li-Ren and Oyashiman cuisines. Guests will be served light alcohol, tea, and juice, and dishes will consist primarily of raw and cooked seafood. As a word of caution, any participants who cause loud or major disruptions will be asked to leave and escorted out. OOC: Monday, May 10th, 5 PM EST Cooking Contest The Higure Feast + Fireworks Show The Higure Feast is the fourth feast of the annual Sakura Festival. Here, participants will be able to experience some of the large variety of Li-Ren and Oyashiman cuisines. Guests will be served light alcohol, tea, and juice, and dishes will consist primarily of soup and noodles. As a word of caution, any participants who cause loud or major disruptions will be asked to leave and escorted out. OOC: Tuesday, May 11th, 5 PM EST Yuyami Feast + Fireworks Show The Yuyami Feast is the fifth and final feast of the annual Sakura Festival. Here, participants will be able to experience some of the large variety of Li-Ren and Oyashiman cuisines while also having a front view seat of the final firework show of the festival the Season of Fertility. Guests will be served only tea, and juice, and dishes will consist primarily of fried and hot dishes. As a word of caution, any participants who cause loud or major disruptions will be asked to leave and escorted out. Drinking Contest For any and all who wish to test the strength of both their stomachs and kidneys, the residents of Yong Ping have collectively prepared a variety of alcoholic drinks to be collectively consumed in contest. For the cost of 5 mina to participate, any participants who are able to hold down their liquor and remain the most sober will win a grand prize of 85% of the earnings collected from those who paid for the event.
  8. Basic Blacksmith Tutorial in Selestia [!] A small steel sheet bearing neat engravings upon it would be sent randomly around the entirety of Almaris, appearing to be a sort of invitation for an event. Basic Blacksmithing Tutorial, hosted by the ‘Koi Commodities’ Forge in Selestia. A small tutorial on how to forge a basic item using Oyashiman style blacksmithing, occurring at 7pm this Elven day, all are welcomed. If you are to join, please be fully ready to follow the smithery’s traditions, and if not, expect to be escorted out from this event. If you have any following questions once the event is over, you may feel free to ask. - From, Tenebris. [!] in the bottom left of the metal sheet is the touchmark of Tenebris, looking like a snake curved around a pinecone in the center] (For OOC information contact: Papi Shmeat Cleaver#9996) (( OOC INFO )) DATE: Today! TIME: 7PM EST! DIRECTIONS: Travel to West hub, from there continue with the path until you get to the sign towards Krugmar or Elvenesse. Take the Krugmar road and continue with it until a sign that points to Krugmar or Talon’s. Take the road to Talon’s and continue with it, staying only on that path until you end up right by Talon’s Port’s front gate then turn left and follow the path until you reach Selestia.
  9. Welcome to the ⋆✧Selestia Wine Festival✧ [!] An artistically written poster would be sent out and put everywhere throughout Almaris. It would be depicted as an invitation for all who see to come. Welcome to the Wine Festival hosted by The County Of Selestia The County Of Selestia formally invites all who see to the Wine Festival. During this Festival there be a large array of drinks mostly wine but there are other drinks available such as whiskey, medley, Mulled Wine, Spiked Tea, and Flavored Vodka (And much more). The Festival will be a night under the stars where there will be lots of drinking and dancing till the night ends. There will also be a drinking contest that you may partake in, it only costs 3 mina to enter, with a prize of 20 mina. All taverns across all of Almaris are invited to partake and sell their Booz at a stall that will be provided with a small reservation fee (1 mina). (Please contact me Oh_Ontario#4000 to get a stall ) (( OOC INFO )) DATE: Saturday, April 10th TIME: 4 pm EST DIRECTIONS: Travel to West hub, from there continue with the path until you get to the sign towards Krugmar or Elvenesse. Take the Krugmar road and continue with it until a sign that points to Krugmar or Talon’s. Take the road to Talon’s and continue with it, staying only on that path until you end up right by Talon’s Port’s front gate then turn left and follow the path until you reach Selestia! To get more information contact: Oh_Ontario#4000
  10. Yong Ping Commemoration Festival Join us this Grand Harvest for a Fabulous Festival in Yong Ping! [OOCLY: Saturday 7pm EST] To celebrate the anniversary of our dear city’s founding, all are invited to this grand spectacle. From games to performances, there will be something for everyone; even merchants from afar will be satisfied by Yong Ping’s finest wares. The event will start off with a grand opening ceremony at the Temple of Enlightenment to commemorate the progress Yong Ping has made thus far. Then, everyone will gather for a painting of the whole community by the Government House. [OOC: Screenshot photos with everyone :) ] After those have all wrapped up, guests are invited to the teahouse to unwind. Music, food, and of course, tea will be available for consumption. Additionally, a dance performance and the following variety of Game Stations will be provided for your entertainment: Spice Challenge: Test your stomach and your mettle in this indomitable challenge that only one, in the whole of Almaris, has conquered. Bamboo Clapping Dance: Fancy yourself fast on your feet? Got a sense of rhythm? See how long you can avoid the clapping bamboo sticks in this dance of death. Tackle the Shoop: In a game similar to tag, you are challenged to find the Shoop within the bounds of the teahouse. Find the shoop and assume its visage and hide well! While city officials are keeping the details of what will go on there tightly under wraps, locals have been giving their own two cents. Tianrui Ryu, a local soldier, answered enthusiastically, “The party of the century!” We sure hope so. Masamune Musashi, an esteemed Oyashiman admitted, “I actually didn’t realize there was a festival this weekend.” Is Ryu right? Will there be a festival? These are the important questions that you too can answer at the venue! Join Yong Ping for our first festival commemorating the founding of our city! With festivities, food, and maybe even fighting, there’s truly something for everyone! Signed, Li Xiuying Ministry of Foreign Affairs Signed, Li Xiahong Minister of Rites
  11. Ashes to the Wind [!] Passed to the citizens of Yong Ping, and other select people across Almaris, was an invitation, the event in question seeming to be somewhat of a funeral. Details were written on rice paper, with a traditional Oyashiman ink painting depicted above it. (Weeping, Matsuda Saiko, 1812) At the request of his closest family, this invitation asks the presence of it’s recipients to attend the memorial procession of the late Solomon Takezo. In remembering his life and guiding his soul to his next life, the service will follow some Oyashiman customs. Attendees are encouraged to wear muted, dark colors, as only his closest relatives will be dressed in black. The only exception to this would be any Li-Ren attendees, the mourning color of that culture being white. Guests are encouraged to bring condolence money in a silver envelope, ‘okoden’, and pay their respects to the shrine in front. Once they are seated, people will be allowed to offer a few words, which after, the family will proceed to the front, each in turn offer incense three times to the incense urn before the shrine’s surface. At the end of this ceremony, after the monk’s chant, the guests and family will proceed to the pond in front of the temple, lighting lanterns on behalf of the deceased.
  12. A UNION BENEATH THE LANTERNS [!] Spread all throughout Almaris, a red packet decorated and laced with golden embroideries was sent out to the whole city of Yong Ping and the citizens of its allies. Each packet’s contents included an invitation, written on rice paper in elegant Li-Wen calligraphy for those fluent in it, and common translation provided beneath it, detailing an event to take place in Yong Ping. For those who received special invitations, not only would they receive the flyer, but included along with it was a portrait of a couple, painted and drawn in the traditional Li-Ren style. [!] The following people would receive said special invitations: It is with the utmost excitement that Yong Ping invites you all- citizen, friend, and ally- to celebrate the first marriage within its borders, the union of Xiahong, eldest son of the Li family, and his beloved partner, Wu Zhelan. The procession and ceremony observed will be much like a festival in scale, following the customs native to Li-Guo itself: 親迎 / Qinying - The procession from the groom’s house to obtain his partner. The streets will be decorated in red and gold as they and the congregation advance on to the temple. 入府 / Rufu - Entering the gates of the temple, the couple will conceal their face with a silk fan, symbolizing modesty and goodness. 沃盥 / Woguan - The couple will wash their hands with flowing water, symbolizing the purity and sanctity of the wedding ceremony. 同牢 / Tonglao - Eating one piece of meat from the same vessel, symbolizing the bonding of the new couple. 合卺 / Hejin - Drinking from merged winecups, symbolizing the beginning of couple combining to become one. Following the ceremony at the temple, the congregation will join the newlyweds and their families to a large banquet at the teahouse, before they retire to their new residence. Signed by, Li Xiahong, Minister of Rites, and Wu Zhelan
  13. [!] A flyer was be distributed round all of Almaris, with it's usual elegant Li-Wen calligraphy and common translation provided underneath. This flyer was special, a gold finish bordering the red sheet, with an illustration of Li-Ren adorned in gold, carrying a Dragon Dance Costume above their heads! DRAGON DANCE PARADE The people of Almaris have joined together and taken the time to welcome in the New Century with the people of Tai Ping through our Lunar Festival- first washing away our sins and pasts, to dazzling the sky with beautiful fireworks, and filling our bellies with feast. As the festivities slowly reach a close, there's no better way to end our year of celebrations with a bang. Join us once again for our Dragon Dance Parade! A long time tradition in our Lunar festival, accompanied by music and dance, we'll be parading our Dragon through the streets of nearly every city, not only bring it's once motionless body to life, but bringing joy and good luck wherever they go! Our Lion Dancer- the winner of our competition just a saint's day ago- will be alongside the nearly 9-meter serpent!
  14. [!] A flyer would be distributed round all of Almaris with, not only elegant calligraphy in Li-Wen and common translation underneath, but a beautiful sketch of a tradition Li-Ren Lion. LION DANCING COMPETITION With our bellies full from the beautiful Firework Feast, and our tongues left in flames from the infamous Spice Challenge, through our year-long celebrations of the Nian festival, the time draws near for our famed Lion Dance Competition! We in Tai Ping humbly invite the boldest of competitors to watch- and participate in the most daring contest we’ve had yet! As the guardians of our people, this competition will be held in honour of the Twin Lions. Arguably the most important aspect of our celebrations, the Twin Lions are best known for their agility and fitness to bring good luck and scare away the evil spirits that may haunt and lurk about- things that should be left in the years past! It is only right that the fittest and most agile of climbers, capable of leaping from rooftop to rooftop, be selected to become the avatars of the Lions and honor them with the Lion Dance, to the merry sounds of drums and cymbals! You’ll find the parading Lions run along the streets to bring goodwill and luck to everyone they meet— from the houses, businesses, even to the spice market stalls!
  15. [!] A flyer would be distributed round all of Almaris with elegant calligraphy in Li-Wen and common translation, along with a traditional painting of a fireworks show underneath! FIREWORK FEAST With our woes and worries washed away by the fire, and the suffering of Tai Ping to be long forgotten, we can only make way for the most joyous events now as we move into the third month of the celebrations! Now, more than before, families gather together to celebrate the Nian Festival, and it isn’t uncommon to see colorful sparks lighting up Tai Ping’s sky these days. Spice Street Alley is to be filled with merchants and hawkers as lively chatter and laughter herald the New Mid-Century! Join us on Tai Ping’s Junk boat for a sumptuous feast accompanied with fireworks and traditional dances. Our company is lovely, our food spicy, and the goods are never too pricey! So come on down to partake in an experience you’ve never had before!
  16. [!] A flyer would be distributed round all of Almaris with elegant calligraphy in Li-Wen and common translation underneath. WASHING AWAY THE ASHES OF THE PAST AND BEGINNING ANEW Following the, yet again, traumatizing events of what happened in Tai Ping on the night of our beginnings to our new century, the perfect opportunity has arisen for Tai Ping and it's people to wash away and leave behind our past transgressions, as we come close to our Cleansing Ritual. The second month of the Nian year-long festival heralds a purification rite where each are given a chance to let go of the sins and burdens of their past. In the middle of Tai Ping District, folk from all around are invited to join us in our ritual where every household participates in rigorous ‘spring cleaning’ to spark joy, a much needed feeling we should be holding onto for the upcoming events. Old furniture will line the streets, dust balls will be swept into a communal pile, and all miscellany will be piled into a statue to celebrate the year of the Ox. Finally, as the last step of the ritual, paper slips are handed out for people to write any lingering regrets or sins of their past year. These paper ‘wishes’ are pinned onto the Ox effigy to accompany the ‘Old’ for their last send off. As flames lick the relics of the past, the smoke rises into the heavens. The darkness of what was before will be set alight by the purification of fire. As is with the precepts of Huajiao, ‘Every End is a New Beginning.’
  17. The Silver Calendar of 9 S.A. 20th of the Amber Cold Throughout the city of Silver and the children of the Pure, the denizens of the State would find that they would receive an ornate scroll at their doorstep. The scroll would be on a black parchment with silver lettering and detailing with splashes of color lining the page. Mali’thill Wine and Tea Kaliri The Deep Cold “A long drawn out debate between Mali’thill has been between the preference of wine and tea, so it has been seen fit to host an event revolving around both which the ‘thill enjoy. The wine and tea afternoon shall be hosted in the Silver Stag Tavern on the Deep Cold of 9 SA. ” Signed, Okarir’hiylun Valyris Wynasul [[OOC: TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2ND @ 5:30 PM EST // 10:30 PM GMT]] Mali’thill Yoga Snow’s Maiden “The citizens of elcihi’thilln are invited to attend a class of Mali’thill Yoga! The class is intended to assist teaching one to increase their dexterity and flexibility. Yoga is meant to help teach one focus and mental fortitude. This class is especially recommended for young mages to help learn control over their mana and connection to the void. The class will be held in the park in front of the Silver Stag Tavern and afterwards, there shall be a breakfast bar and smoothies. ” Signed, Okarir’hiylun Valyris Wynasul [[OOC: WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 3RD @ 5:00 PM EST // 10:00 PM GMT]] Painting in the Park Malin’s Welcome “ In the park of the citadel, there will a painting class to help encourage artistic creativity amongst the Mali’thill. No experience is required to attend and it is meant for the enjoyment and entertainment of the Mali’thill. Afterwards, it will be followed by a brunch themed picnic.” Signed, Okarir’hiylun Valyris Wynasul [[OOC: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4TH @ 4:30 PM EST // 9:30 PM GMT]] Snail Race The First Seed “ A staple of Haelun’orian society is the highly vetted Snail Races. With the recent years being oh so busy, it has been seen fit to host one on a larger scale within the Silver Stag Tavern. All are invited to bring their speedy gastropods to participate in the snail race of the century! One may review the rules of snail racing attached to the back of the calendar. ” Signed, Okarir’hiylun Valyris Wynasul [[OOC: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5TH @ 4:30 PM EST // 9:30 PM GMT]] Constellations Festival Grand Harvest “ On the night of the full moon there will be a festival themed around the stars, held in front of the city between the gates and the newly established public farms. There will be several telescopes available for one to gaze out at the night sky, bards will be hired to play music, and there will be games of all sorts of variety, food, and more! This festival is meant to represent Mali’thill returning back to the Motherland, hence it being held outside of the gates. ” Signed, Okarir’hiylun Valyris Wynasul [[OOC: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6TH @ 5:30 PM EST // 10:30 PM GMT]] liewyn'Larihei eltaeleh walehe ohn vallein eltaliyna walehe
  18. The Sky and the Star The evening creeped in over Talon's Port quite beautifully- the tavern was busy with celebration and chatter, nevertheless, today was a day the people of Tai Ping had been dreading since the very first victim claimed. From the front gates, the Talons citizens would turn their head to the sound of a loud gong. Soon after that, it wasn't long before the sounds of sobbing and wailing trailed into the area. Marching slowly through the streets, dressed in all white, the Li-Ren funeral procession made its way back to their own district going over a mile, exactly 30 bodies on stretchers they alone carried. When they finally arrived in Tai Ping, one by one, each of them would take a body, gently and respectfully laying them in the pyre in front of the towering shrines. Some family members, some close friends, some even children- the actions of their murderer simply unconscionable, and no one in Tai Ping dare have any forgiveness in their heart for his soul. With that thought reigning strong in the back of their minds, along with the treasured memories of the victims while they were still alive, as the last body was laid on the pyre, it was finally set ablaze. As they bowed their heads in respect, Xiu-ying of the Li household would clasp her hands together, her palms pressing into one another as she intoned to the crowd. "We gather here today to mourn the losses of the Tai Ping Massacre. The lives of our precious family, friends, and neighbors were snatched violently by a despicable group. Today, we pray that the dead pass on peacefully into their next life - that their karma cultivated in this life bring forth good fortune and prosperity into the next." As she signaled the end of her speech, Waibiao, the Hou-zi monk, situated himself by the edge of the pond, wringing the water from his robe. He, too, had something to deliver. "Hualian and his disciples smile upon these fallen this day, the loyalty of Huajiao in full." He cupped his hands to drink from the pool of the fallen, wetting his lips and raising his head to deliver his small, brief song. Perhaps it was the smell of burning ash finally reaching their senses, or the heartfelt tune of Waibiao's song, but just like that, the Li-Ren began to fall apart. Once again, Talons would hear the sounds of their wails, their agony, their pain. Both the Li and the Chen household were the loudest among them, both matriarchs just barely escaping the clutches of the murderer themselves at the time of the massacre. But, now, all that sat on the pyre was ash - and with heavy hearts, the victim's ashes were collected in urns and the procession would move to the Tai Ping crypts, granting the souls their final offerings to carry with them as their souls moved on. No doubt would this event forever leave a scar on Tai Ping, but with time, the scar should heal. And each attendee would keep every victims memory alive. As the sky kept the stars.
  19. "Be wary of their true intentions." (The Realm of Clouds) The individual realms of the Immortal Spirits are vast and overwhelming, the perfect representations of their respective dominions. However, it is not simply a world upon which the Spirits themselves recline in omniscience. In most cases, intelligent life swathes through these dimensions; fragments of the Immortals, that live to serve and sate their insatiable lust for power. The Spirits remain in these realms because they are perfect environments for them, and to venture out of them would be incredibly dangerous. If an Immortal Spirit were to materialise on the lands of the Descendants, they would be exposed to irreversible damage. For this reason, they send their loyal children unto the worlds of the Brothers’ children. These beings serve, for all intents and purposes, as conduits through which Spirits may influence the Mortal realms. Personifications of what their creators represents, they venture out into the world in search of ways to enact the will of their masters. When an Immortal is worshiped, or if their dominion of existence is prevalent on the Descendants Realms, their influence and power over that aspect of existence grows. For instance, with the growth of the plague on Vailor, and the land that has succumbed to decay and despair, the Immortal Spirit of Disease, Orgon, has grown significantly in his influence over the land. The bidding of these Lesser Spirits varies according to what their Immortal Master represents. For instance, a fragment of Enrohk (The Spirit of War and Bloodlust) may not necessarily seek those that would worship him, but would instead manipulate nations in order to war among themselves. Bloodshed and War feed Enrohk; in all forms. It is not always worship that Spirits seek, but only that their influence on the land be maintained. However, this can usually be upheld by the efforts of the Shamans, and for this reason they are the Mortals most aware of the Spirits and their will. However, in their wisdom they attempt to maintain a healthy balance between the power of all Immortal Spirits. These Lesser Spirits, whilst serving the will of the Immortals, have their own, unique personalities, appearances and approaches to the world. There can be multiple lesser Spirits aligned to one Immortal, and all can have their own idea of what enhancing their reign looks like. I will describe several of these beings below, though there are myriad more. Fragments of the Spirits Spirit: Ixli, the Immortal Spirit of Spirit of Knowledge, Truth, and Judgement, appearing as a giant staring eye. He provides knowledge at the cost of sanity. Avatar: Ziileny (sandara) Form: Appearing as an extremely long and slender Wyrm, Ziileny has a permanent fixture of insanity imposed on her face. Her large, toothy grin seeps a terrible stench as her overwhelming and fixed eyes stare into the minds of those she communes with, searching their souls for their deepest secrets. She has pale, purple skin with a sickly green line of gnarled hair running along the center of her spine. Dotted in scars, her body also appears to host several sets of teeth and arms. Her numerous teeth are most often grinning alongside her, though open occasionally to cackle for sometimes no apparent reason. The arms that run along her body allow her to scurry along the land in a terrifying slither. Personality & Approach: Ziileny actively seeks out those within the Mortal Realm that aspire to Magick, offering them the knowledge they seek in return for their sanity. This is often left out of the equation until after the ritual takes place, when the victim has already fallen into a precarious state. She is quick witted and conniving, and prefers to work alone. She does not trust the competency of others, and revels in outsmarting the students he hunts for. Ziileny will often become distracted from topics of conversation as she spouts nonsense about the intricacies of very specific sciences. If one were to engage her in the subject of learning Magic, she may suddenly teach you about photosynthesis as her form writhes in seeming agony. Spirit: Enrohk, the Spirit of Bloodlust, Savagery, and War, appearing as a berserker covered in blood. Avatar: Klin (maciejkuciara) Form: Klin appears as an unusually tall and strong Barbarian woman. Her hair falls around her face as a brunette drape, often covering her eyes, giving off the impression of savagery. Her body seems to be covered in tattoos of red, that almost seems to swirl around her limbs as if there were blood coursing on the surface of her skin. She carries two long blades, with which she quickly dispatches her enemies. Personality & Approach: Klin is seemingly incapable of speaking. Her communication mostly consists of grunts and roars, which pierce through the air, much like the blood from her enemies, as she fights vigorously. In her reticence, she is an intimidating figure, often towering over Adult Male Humans. Due to her reluctance to speak, she is not often fond of conversation. When she materalises upon the land, it is for one purpose only. To murder. Spirit: Ghorza, the Spirit of Travel, movement, and fortune both bad and good, appearing as an old traveler with a walking stick, with various fetishes attached. Avatar: Pizrak (matchack) Form: The appearance of Pizrak is an unusual one. This lesser Spirit does not materialise as a living entity, but instead chooses to comprise as a ship, which is capable of sailing on its lonesome. Interestingly, Pizrak may materialise as one of two forms. It will either form as a decrepit ship that maintains its ability to sail upon the shores, or an intact variation of its counterpart. Purpose: For obvious reasons, Pizrak does not have much of a personality. However, it has been known to course those that seek only to spread misery into tides of doom. Generally, Pizrak will appear on a coast somewhere, and guide those that venture on board into places of intrigue. Those that have set foot upon Pizrak have noted the uncomfortable sight of the ship sailing itself. Many references to Ghost Ships in the past have in fact been spurned from sightings of Pizrak. Spirit: Freygoth, the Spirit of the wild, nature, and animals, he takes any natural form he may desire. Avatar: Maabin (monikapalosz) Form: Maabin materialises as a pale, hunched creatures which seems to resemble an Ape in many ways. He is adorned in white cloth, with small piecings of armour. He carries around a carved wooden staff, and uses it to smite those that disturb the balances of Nature. Personality & Approach: This Spirit appears very disinterested, which is a stark contrast to his fighting style. He is very nimble and powerful, and can easily best most of his opponents in single combat. Maabin cares greatly for the nature around him, even if his facial expression would denote a nonchalant aura. He will often visit damaged areas in an attempt to restore them to their back to their natural state, and will hunt those that wreak despair upon the world. Spirit: Krathol, the Spirit of Pain, suffering and starvation. Appears as a skeletal vulture picking at its own bones. Avatar: Uzkost (Mavros-Thanatos) Form: Uzkost appears as a humanoid with rotten and patched skin, draped in a surgical gown with white gloves. A large piece of cloth is wrapped around his head, tied in place by several strings of barbed wire. Personality & Approach: Uzkost walks the earth in a languid movement, wailing often as he searches for those he can pass on his despair to. In many cases, he will torture those he can come into contact with. If a Cult to Krathol exists on the land, Uzkost may pay them a visit, demonstrating methods of torture on himself. He has a strong distaste for the smell of food, and will flay out in a burst of bloody mess if he catches the scent of it. This Spirit partakes often in chat-chat, in between screams of pain. He will occasionally materialise in protected areas so that he may chat with the denizens there, striking an intense fear into them as he picks a target for torture. Uzkost has a particular interest in Halflings, as he has a strong hatred for positivity. He will hunt them very specifically, in order to create a more dystopian land. Spirit: Akezo, the Spirit of Health, Vitality, and Healing. Appears as a winged and feathered serpent with a blue aura. Avatar: Lekeni (Marcodalidingo) Form: Lekeni often appears as a short, blonde man draped in grey robes. He carries around a staff as equally small as his stature, and traverses the world in an upbeat fashion. Personality & Approach: This Spirit is tasked with expanding the knowledge of healing upon the land, and will often enter settlements in order to teach citizens about basic healing and sanitation. It is said that Lekeni is the reason that healthcare flourished, and is the cause for cleaner living conditions across the land. Occasionally, he will heal people himself in the need is dire. Lekeni is quite often seen as a cheerful man, keen to communicate with others and impart some of his wisdom upon them. Spirit: Wodanaz, the Spirit of magic, the arcane, and mystical energies, appearing as a swirling vortex of purple energy from which he takes any form. Avatar: Nakov (AldemButcher) Form: Nakov appears as a cluster of large, pearl-white mushrooms. Purpose: While Nakov does not inherently have a personality, the influence it has on the realm is as substantial as the other Lesser Spirits. Its presence in the land creates a magical aura in the surrounding area, allowing the power of Wodanaz to seep into the environment. The plantlife surrounding Nakov quickly take on magic properties, creating an Arcane environment within which apprentices may wish to study. It is said that such spots are the perfect environments for magic users to meditate, as it is said to make the process of connecting to the void a lot easier. OOC: The Spirits have always been something of an untapped resource. It is my hope with this thread to allow a more dynamic series of events to be held through the ET. These Lesser Spirits have the potential to traverse the new map in an unimaginable numbers of ways, creating events and developing characters in a way the original lore was intended to. I intend to write more on these Lesser Spirits as time goes by. There are a plethora of Immortal Spirits to choose from. Thank you for reading.
  20. THE DAWNSTRIDE VOYAGERS "We ain't no damn pirates!" THE CREW: The Dawnstride Voyagers were established in 1539, the Deep Cold, as a means to unite the budding sailors of Vailor under a single banner, and is currently one of the most powerful and influential crews in Vailor. The crew revolves around expeditions, and adventures - it being the heart and soul of the organization. The crew will often partake in said expeditions for rare, and/or magical artifacts and treasures; as well as going on explorations for lands afar -or hunting for dangerous bounties, and great beasts. Loot, and treasure can be easily acquired during these voyages. Crewmates may opt in and out of hunts, and expeditions as they please. As well as hosting voyages, and expeditions, the Dawnstride Voyager aims to provide an escape from the strict, draconian procedures of military guilds: allowing members of the crew to belong to other factions, and guilds; as well as having the freedom to pursue their other careers, and lifestyles. All crewmates are considered equal, though some are more equal than others, of course. It is the currently one of the most influential and powerful crews in all of Vailor, owning three large warships, and having a number of smaller vessels constructed. As well as that, it also owns various port towns, and cities: once having owned the ports of Seahelm itself. HISTORY: The crew of the Dawnstride Voyagers originally started as a naval division for the Courland military, however after numerous disagreements, it was disbanded. However, this spurred on the idea of a crew - and a few years later, the Dawnstride Voyagers was set up in the city of Felsen. It proved to be hugely popular, and soon expanded to other cities. After that, a ship was promptly acquired: "The Tailor". However, this was sunk after a conflict with ghost pirates, and for a while the crew were without a proper ship. Though, another bigger, and better ship was built, thus restoring a proper central headquarters for the crew. The Dawnstride Voyagers have experienced many expeditions that some people cannot imagine. During our time we have fought Captain Skal Limlock and his ghost pirates twice. The Dawnstride Voyagers have also killed a giant spider, Kraken, and a basilisk. The group plans to claim bounties, and deliver cargo throughout Vailor. RULES: ((WIP)) APPLICATION FORM:
  21. In the dawn of the eerie night, a figure steps aside to you, a reddened hood covering their face, the massive figure stands at an amazing nine feet tall... as he steps over you can't help but feel a chilling aura of suffering cloaking the edgy figure. They simply extend their hand to you, handing you a paper. Do you accept? Application/Scenarios: [Your name] slowly walks down the road, and as you walk, a ruin is seen nearby, with a cleric peacefully praying and gathering strength from whatever patron, inquiring to yourself, do you decide to kill the cleric, or instead tell your leader? [Your response] You step towards the leader, as the leader extends them the robes of an Acerbus, a mask plopped atop of it, remembering your training deep within your mind, you without vigor nor emotion extend your hands to grasp them, what do you say/do? [At least a paragraph, do your best!] You begin to write your application with a calm upon you, answering all the the following. Name: Race: Age: Purpose: Skills: [[OOC: from now on at this point]] Do you agree to joining the cult for the benefits of players, realizing we create events and not further our own character's goals? Do you agree to willingly participate in these events? Did you meet me IC or were you linked by an already existing cultist? Do not act as a stereotypical character that can be considered extremely "edgy" we don't murder children, we're basically terrorists who spread fear. Your bans, and for what reasons? Do realize if you do anything that suggests you are doing this for personal benefit, you shall be promptly removed. Same if you power-game, meta-game, cyber in chat, link inappropriate material, and break any form of rules. Any form of immaturity will get you removed. Also realize our guild information will be shared IC once you are fully initiated. PS: Making new character's specifically for this purpose of being a cultist here is allowed, but if you go inactive we may remove you from our chat. Event Leaders include GrimReaper98 and PiercingDarkness, pm them with any inquiries.
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