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Found 1 result

  1. Halfling Family Layout Thread! Alright, so many of you Halflings may be thinking, hey! I really want to promote my family and get others to join because of 'said reason' Today I am hear to give you a layout and what you may think about including! Without further ado, let's go into it. ~*~ The What Family In this section you will include a short summary about your family, such as first known members of your family, rules they might live by and what times they have lived in. Anything simple and to the point that might persuade people. ~*~ The Family's Culture and Tradition In this section you would include what makes your family different and how they live their lives. What are common family professions, any talents they have and if they do anything special on certain days. ~*~ Your Families Appearance This one is where you explain characteristics that may be common within your family, such as hair colour, eye colour, skin colour or even their stature. - Hair Colour - Eye Colour - Height Those are the common things, anything else you might add is up to you. ~*~ Your Families Religion Here you would place what your family believes or doesn't believe. Common religions found for Halflings include: - Billy Bob - Lord Knox - The Old Harvest Gods - The Aspects It is very varied among Halflings, and having a religion or none at all won't effect your roleplay experience. ~*~ A Notable Family Something Here you could place a famous recipe, technique, something that your family could be known for. Some things can include. - Food or Ale recipe - Farming or Fishing technique - Clothing It is varied and is up to you! ~*~ Current and Deceased family members In this section you would put your current members and any members of your family that have passed or have gone missing. ~*~ After this you can just simple put an application and voila! Your family is now noted! If there is anything else you need to know, leave it in the comments or send me a PM and I will fix this topic! :)
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