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Found 3 results

  1. ON THE MATTER OF OUR PARENTS Penned by the bastard son of late Margrave Jan Jazloviecki, on the 2nd of Sun's Smile 1891 As certainly every person in Almaris knows by now, our parents - Maciej Jazloviecki, son of Borys Jazloviecki from Savoy, and Ottilie Franziska Jazloviecki née Castile, were executed in a public execution in the Sedan town square. Our uncle, Otton Jazloviecki, brother of our beloved father, also died with them. All three were beheaded by Prince Joseph I using his own sword. We condemn the actions of our parents and uncle, yet this does not change the fact that for us they will still be the people who brought us into this world, baptised us, brought us up and gave us a basic education and a decent life. We don't know how or who infected our parents and uncle with vampirism, but let them be damned whoever they were. A test conducted on us by one of the Cardinals who was instrumental in discovering our parents' secret showed a NEGATIVE result for each of us, saving us from a certain death. As of this date, our eldest brother Borys IV becomes the new Margrave and Patriarch of the house. Our house has survived a lot, yet this may be our greatest test. We love and will not forget our dear parents, may GOD have mercy on their souls. THE CRUSADE GOES ON, JUST AS OUR SAD LIVES GO ON WITHOUT OUR PARENTS. Signed, Borys IV Lukács Jazloviecki, son of Maciej Walentyna Stasia Jazloviecki, daughter of Maciej Bianka Jazloviecki, daughter of Maciej Valerija Anastazja Jazloviecki, daughter of Maciej Marek Jazloviecki, son of Otton
  2. A self-depiction of one thirteen year old Marcella Georgina Ludovar drawing a bow in the Karosgrad square as she aimed for Wu Kiramira, the man who murdered her father. Lady Marcella Georgina Ludovar had been up late, certainly later than she often was. She walked along the steps of the palace, nose buried in a book like it so often is, this one titled, ‘On Slayersteel’. Even as groups gathered and spoke, friends laughed and played, she preferred that sereneness of getting lost in her book, in another world. So, as the groups departed with the calls to gather, she did not take notice at first. The young girl of thirteen simply continued on, flipping to the next page and marking it by earring the page, a horrible habit she has been meaning to drop. It was then that she took note of the sudden silence. Her gaze shot up, glancing around as the previous crowds had seemed to simply go. Relief first coursed through her, always the terribly shy individual before confusion. Where did they go? It wasn’t until a group of two, speaking quickly as they hurried past, that she realized what was happening. They caught her fathers murderer. Her heart dropped and throat caught, her book snapping shut as she rushed after them without another thought. --- Marcella entered the hall, having arrived late after some others and took a seat at the left within the stands. She took in the face of the man they claimed murdered her father. He looked so young. Could he really have done this? Her hands clasped in her lap, trembling as she watched the ongoing trial, attempting for the calm she practiced with Lord Hamish Kortrevich only a Saints day earlier. But she would find none. Wu Kiramira admitted to his crimes, unrepentant. He spat at the grieving daughter of Lord Pyotr Ludovar as she openly began to cry, unable to hold it together anymore. And the punishment was decreed; A Ludovar will execute him, as was only just. She’d been the only one awake, the only one there. The shy girl of thirteen, who stutters out an apology when someone else bumps into her, tasked with upholding the honor of her family and the justice of her father. Through stuttered words, worse than usual due to the circumstances, she requested to borrow a bow. An arrow, one made earlier in the day through a skill learned by a Firr Guile before he passed on is brought out. --- The crowd gathered within the square. Some shouting, others muttering in confusion having not been there for the trial, others wondering why a mere child is meant to shoot this man. Marcella approached, as Wu Kiramira was tied upon the dais, an archery target right behind his head as if an even more blaring signal was needed. The bow lifted, aurum arrow being swiftly inserted. It drew taut as she aimed. Hands trembled as she loosed the arrow, the knee being struck instead of the intended target of his gut. He cursed and shouted, egging her on, wanting her to finish the deed. Marcella Ludovar dropped the bow like a hot poker, shaking like a leaf. It was then he’d been untied and dragged to the Gorillas cage, the crowd following in their wake. --- A portrait not made public in her attempt at helping her grief, helping her to process what happened, of Gorillas within the cage, standing tall amongst a man so small. Marcella could hardly remember what happened afterwards, as it all felt like a feverish dream. The gorillas tore into the man. Children who watched on winced, cried or cheered. Her veiled head lowered, hands clasping before her waist as she’d flinch at each hit, momentarily wishing her hit landed true and that he died on that dais. The deed was done. The crowd dispersed and a pleading hand lifted to a friend, tearfully requesting to be brought home to her sleeping mother.
  3. https://youtu.be/rzDPk8tqwvQ (listen to if you want dramatic music) (please make sure to read the end of this post for an important MESSAGE!) Ash In The Snow. Nataliya Reza Barbanov-Wick's Execution, 5th of Jula and Piov, 1813 On a cool spring day, Nataliya Reza had agreed to accompany Lady Margaux Helvets on a trip to Haense, to visit her brother Ser Aleksandr and her Niece, Princess Katerina. Upon arrival as the two entered the palace, they were greeted by an empty hall. Margaux decided to stay in the palace and not test the climates of Karosgrad once again, so they made their way inside one of the ballrooms, where piles of hay had laid, as well as a lone guard, who appeared to be keeping tabs on it. Margaux seemed more than happy to speak towards the guard and converse to pass time, but the Princess stood silent. “Something’s nie’ right…” she thought to herself as she scanned the halls attempting to find what was making her uneasy. “And this is my friend, Princess Nataliya Reza.” The Haeseni woman then snapped back to reality, turning her gaze towards the guard before curtsying. The two women said their farewells, making their way out before being stopped by the guards and the king that stood in front of them. Nataliya’s heart dropped into her stomach, her weary blue gaze shifted towards Margaux, as the Lady Helvets introduced herself and greeted the King. thoughts began to race through Nataliya’s mind.” something definitely is niet right…” The Princess looked to Margaux, watching her converse with the King before darting towards the two Knights that were shooting daggers in her direction. Liya cleared her throat awkwardly before a thought, a word, clear as day echoed loudly in her mind. “FLEE!” as if someone from above had planted that thought into her head. As the Reza was conversing with herself in her mind what action to take, her nephew, the King spoke. “Sir! What is the penalty of treason?” The guard replied. “Death, Your Majesty.” The King nodded once in approval. “Correct! Arrest her!” he pointed towards his Aunt. Nataliya visibly paled, taking a step back.”Vhat?!” she inquired in shock.”I welcome you back with open arms and you turn your back on me! And reside with the enemy!” the princess blurted out. “I am innocent! I am on a mission delivering Margaux to Haense!” “You are a part of the Ruberni alliance, and a traitor, TAKE HER AWAY!” Heinrik demanded before storming out. The Haeseni woman began to panic, squirming with fear before attempting to fight back.”Let me go!” she demanded. All this ensued while poor Lady Margaux helvets, stood and watched in horror as her friend struggled to break free between the Knight and guard; before one sent his gauntlet to her temple, knocking her out cold. The Princess’s unconscious body would be carried out of the Palace as if it were a trophy of triumph, The Princess's body would be placed on the Pyre, tying her up before being slapped across the face to awaken. Nataliya Reza woke up startled, dazed and confused before jolting as a man stood several feet in front of her. “How could this have happened? Who could’ve done this?” the woman thought to herself as the crowd grew. “I just wanted to make papej and my kingdom proud… now they’re condemning me..” “Nataliya Reza Wick, You are accused of committing treason against ve Krawn, conspiring with an Enemy of ve Koengzem I Haenseti-Ruska, aswell as practising the Dark Arts. All these actions break the Haurul Caezk. Do you deny it?” A familiar voice announced, a Vanir, whom Nataliya knew from childhood. “My client denies it,” Konstantin WIck spoke up suddenly, looking regretful immediately as he moved up. “Haurul Caezk 302.02, Both parties will be given time to employ legal counsel,” he said as Alric pulled. “Are you a Jovenaar, Kortrevich, or an Actor?” The Princess then attempted to fight back and break free, alas, it was no use. The Haeseni woman panned out to the sea of people, spotting her Niece and Nephew, holding onto each other as they watched in horror, as their aunt was about to be executed for crimes she did not commit. But where was Franz? He was out of sight, not to be seen. She attempted to look for the rest of her siblings. Juliya was nowhere to be found, nor Aleksandr, for the poor Barbanov had been locked away though he was innocent as well. For the first time in her life, Nataliya Reza Barbanov felt truly alone. . . no one was there to save her from the predicament she was in, this time. No father to save her from evils of the dark, no Wick to take her in when she was casted out, and no husband to comfort her when she was mourning. . . However, Nataliya spotted her Uncle Konstantin, conversing with the King. “She needs a fair trial; you cannot just condemn her to the pyre without a trial!” The elderly man spoke, reciting the law to Heinrik and the judges. “Konstantin… Please! HELP ME! Save me PLEASE!” she wailed out like a frightened child, begging for her father to come save her from the monsters under her bed. Though the only monsters were her family and the people condemning her. The Knight who had assaulted her moments before their arrival upon the pyre, threatened to arrest her Uncle for demanding a fair trial. As the princess cried for help an uproar of shouts began. “BURN HER!” a man shouted. “She’s a voidal mage?! You’re condemning her for doing magic that is legal?!” one woman cried out. “She’s a scholar, a mage! She has helped us! Let her go!” Gretel, an acquaintance of Nataliya. “SHE’S INNOCENT!” another person cried out. “Yeah, let her go!” a daughter of a Ruthern cried out.”She’s a Princess! You’re burning your own kind?!” another child cried out. It seemed the tides had turned for the condemned Princess, she had won the hearts and majority favor of the crowd. ”TRIAL!” they shouted. In the midst of the chaos, Her nephew, Heinrik became possessed by a spirit, turning the entirety of his eyes black, before speaking an unworldly language. “THE KEONG’S POSSESSED!” a woman shouted. “Don’t you see?! Your King is possessed yet you condemn an innocent woman to the pyre?!” Margaux cried out, pleading for the execution to be stopped. “I-it was her!” Heinrik pointed to his Aunt as he continued to groan and speak weird tongues. “Heinrik! It’s not her and you know it! Stop this madness!” The Queen Mariya, barked at her husband. One of the Knights stepped forth, lighting the Pyre as it slowly began to make its way to Nataliya. “The QUEEN DEFENDS HER! FREE NATALIYA FROM THIS FALSE PUNISHMENT!” Margaux cried out in desperation as she watched the scene play out, fidgeting with her lorraine cross. Then, a mage emerged from the crowd, using her water magic to put out the fire before being apprehended by a guard. “SAVE HER!” the people cried out in desperation as they swarmed like vultures towards the Pyre. The Princess became severely overwhelmed by utter chaos ensuing. Her Uncle fighting for her right to a trial, her tyrannical nephew shrieking nonsense before accusing her of it. and poor sweet Margaux, sobbing for them to stop the execution. it was pure chaos. . crows, haensemen, at each others throats like savages. The Princess's brows rose in horror as the forms of the people in Karosgrad began to morph into inferi. Nataliya's heart raced even faster than before, becoming panicked as she looked every which way. the area around her shifted into korvassa, fire and brimstone. torn bits of Haeseni and Orener carcasses across the battlefield. Her terrified gaze then darted towards Heinrik and his guards, though they did not have the form of them normal selves but of the Inferi, causing her to let out another terrible cry for help! Thoughts swarmed her mind once again continuing to panic, her mind in disarray before muttering under her breath. “Petyr.” Nataliya then began to sob once again, she realized that her husband, the Former Duke of Valwyck. Had no idea where she was and what she had gotten herself into. Petyr would come home to an empty room, with no wife to greet after a dreary day of meetings. An empty bed to fall asleep in, no mother to raise their son. “Casimir.” she muttered, the only child who had not abandoned her or Petyr. The only child that truly loved his parents. “Alexandria.” she stated, the only parental figure who had not given up on Nataliya as a child, for her unruly behavior. Treating and raising the small princess as her own daughter. “Rupert.“ one of the few fatherly figures she had left in her life, a barbanov. Who treats her as a daughter. “Aleksandr.” the only brother of Nataliya who seemed to have truly loved her, and would’ve done anything to protect her, who threw himself in front of a bear so that Nataliya would not take the blow, who begged Nataliya to stay in Haense whilst she was pregnant with her first born. Though she did not, due to fear of her tyrannical brother. “Mr. Rat.” the metal rat man that practically was her and Petyr’s caretaker from childhood. “Juniper..” one of Nataliya’s closest family members whom she saw as a sister. “Juliya. .” The youngest girl of the sibling bunch whom Nataliya was quite over protective with. "Aunt Irene." one of Nataliya's younger aunt who tutored her when she was young, and supported her decisions no matter what, even if they meant it ruined the Princess's identity. who was practically a supportive mother figure as well to the Haeseni woman. “Uncle Niko, Margaux, Limetta, Rahtol, Aidevo, Blanche, Kaiulu, Rozalina, Kamila, mamej!” the princess then paused, from reciting all the names of the people who cared for her, befriended her and loved her. “Papej. . .” she panned down towards the screaming crowd, piling their way up towards her, before spotting the lorraine cross necklace that hung around her neck. The necklace that was gifted to her from Alexandria, during the time of her father’s passing. “This necklace is special, if you are ever feeling sad.. Just hold it and remember that your papej is watching over you, and protecting you.” As Nataliya Reza came to, she began to struggle once again, using all of her might to break free, for she was not done yet. “You remind me so much of my brothers, Sigi and Niko, you’ve got their spirit.” the encouraging words echoed in the back of her mind, lighting the fire inside of her as she began to shout and struggle again “We’re nie’ done yet!” she muttered the Wick phrase to herself as the woman continued to fight with all of her strength! One of the Knight’s found himself a crossbow. What seemed like hours, Nataliya still continued to struggle, yelling and shouting. . . as the Princess continued her pursuit to live another day, Ser Alaric had another plan. The Ruthern grasped onto the crossbow as he took aim. Maric Var Ruthern among mayhem spotted his brother aiming the weapon at the Princess, he then attempted to charge his shoulder into Alric to stop him. Though it was too late, Alaric managed to wrap his finger around the trigger, pulling it, setting the contraption off. The arrow soared through the air silently above the crowd. . . before embedding itself into the Princess, making a sickening sound. Nataliya Reza Barbanov, let out a blood curdling scream before falling silent, her head dropping limp. . . ( https://youtu.be/yztBkPyIPZA ) (New music) Time stood still as the crowd went silent, they gazed upon the strong-willed princess, who now was silent. . . . . “KINSLAYER!” the crowd roared angrily. Konstanin made his way through the crowd, cutting the Princess down from the Pyre with his weary gaze; he then cut the final rope, before carrying the cold Princess in his arms. Turning to the crowd as he descended down the steps. Margaux was infuriated drawing near to her friend’s body before speaking. “She will be returned to her true kindred. And word of this crime committed today is to be sent to His Holiness!” the Lady Helvets then panned towards Nataliya, tears filling her eyes as she grasped onto her own Lorriane cross. The Princess hung cold in her Uncle’s grasp, her arm dropping to the side as it hung idle.The golden lorraine that was gifted to her, rested on her bosom. As Konstantin Wick shifted adjusting his grip on his niece, the necklaces slid down, revealing a redden cross over her heart. It appeared that the golden pendant had grown quite hot, due to the flames of the pyre, accidentally branding the princess during her struggle. The Lady Helvets and Retired Palatine, made their way out of Karosgrad silently, leaving the chaos behind them and he did not look back. . . . . “Where are you taking her to bury?” a mysterious figure, hiding behind robes and a helm inquired. “To her husband and her true family.”Margaux Helvets replied “I see, my condolences, may Godan bless you.” the mysterious figure replied before moving off. The two continued their trudge through the stone pavement of Karosgrad before making their way to the Helvets manor. “I …” Konstantin began as the rain soaked him, reducing his ushanka to a wooly lump, but his words trailed off as he stared at Nataliya. He then abruptly dropped to his knees, half-dropping Nataliya. The old man began to cry. Margaux Renée knelt down as well, feeling the familiar sting of tears in her eyes as she looked over the pale and still body of Nataliya. She rose a hand to her mouth to muffle her sobs. “I … Nataliya …” he breathed. “I'm sorry … I - … I thought I had built something that would never allow this to happen ….” Her Uncle gently wailed as he clung onto her tightly. “I'm-.. I'm so sorry,” she croaked out. “Th-This should have never happened.” Margaux continued to cling to her cross, her knuckles were white. “D-do you know where her husband resides?” Konstantin inquired softly. “Oui in freeport. . .” Margaux replied in a hushed tone. The two continued to sob together for a moment over the Haeseni Princess, before returning inside the Helvets manor. A bird was sent to Petyr stating. “Lord Petyr Wick, I come to you with great urgence. Your wife Nataliya was sentence to death in Karosgrad, to be burned at the stake, though her body is untouched, please come to the Helvet's Manor so that you may see her and that we may speak.” As Petyr read the letter, his heart dropped into his stomach, darting out of his quarters upon his ship as he ran as fast as could to Freeport to find Sir Candle to assist him on his Journey. When the two men arrived at the Manor, Margaux ushered them inside hastily before taking them to the room where Nataliya laid. Petyr hurried over towards the bed, extending his hand to hers as tears formed in his emerald eyes. The Princess's body laid solemnly, the ends of her dress would be torn and burnt covered in soot, as one would move upward, her cornflower blue sash had been torn off her, as well as her sleeves. Right above her brows laid a giant bruise and gash, as well as her lip being cut. Her visage would be covered in ash from the flames and the burning hay, marks of tears laid dried on her paled cheeks. Her wrists had bruising and cuts from when they were bound together as if she were an animal. Sir Candle scanned the woman’s body “She really took a beating, burned, shot at, bound. I detest torture like this.” “Seems the Kings in Haense only get worse. Why do this?” The Lord’s eyes had not moved from his wife’s figure, he then gently squeezed her hand, fighting back tears, though one escaped, rolling down his cheek before landing upon Nataliya’s, that was covered in grime. “These last few generations of Haensers have been wretched.” Sir Candle stated. “Let's hope somebody does something about it soon.” Petyr expressed with a sigh. “They all need to pay.” Sir Candle muttered as he stood at the corner of the room, watching the two. “Da, I agree.” his frown deepened, he'd then wipe at his eyes for a moment, “Too bad everyone in Haense is spineless.” Several more tears streamed down his cheeks, landing upon Nataliya’s idle body. Petyr could not bear it, he panned upward towards the ceiling as he muttered a prayer. After moments of silence. . . The Lord felt something, panning down to his grasp with his wife’s hand. . her finger began to twitch ever so slightly. . . Petyr’s brows rose in shock, sitting on the bed next to his wife. Petyr moved his head closer towards her visage. He then heard in the faintest whisper. . . .“Help” Petyr shot up in surprise, Nataliya was alive! as a single tear emerged from her eyelid. “Please. . .Don- I'm innocent-” she muttered in her sleep it appeared she'd be having a dream. Petyr Wick offers a gentle squeeze of Nataliya's hand, hoping it might wake her. the scene faded as another began. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKwH4ph_0tM a small Nataliya would be seen in the dark catacombs of New Reza, being carried by her late, father Sigismund II. the child panned up before inquiring anxiously "papej? where are we going?" The Late King said nothing, continuing to run with her in his mechanical arms, she remembers the cold metal feeling against her skin, however. the feeling was comforting to the princess, the feeling of protection and warmth filled her heart. the two continued to run for sometime, The tiny princess then panned over her shoulder, spotting the tombs of Barbanov's before. as she turned forward once more she spotted a faint light in the distance, growing closer and closer before the two finally arrived. there stood her mother, Queen Viktoria Ruthern. along side King Andrik IV her grandfather, Queen Maya her grandmother, and their daughter's Princess Ameliya and Analiesa her two Aunt's that had passed so soon. The child blinked once towards the group as she opened her mouth to speak, she was soon interrupted by shouting in the distance of the pitch darkness of the catacombs. "GET THE WITCH!" "BURN HER!" "TRAITOR!" the frightened turned back to her parents in fear. "I'm scared! they want to hurt me!" "Hush 'Taliya they will nie' do such a thing." her mother spoke reassuringly. the barbanov group moved silently towards the an empty marble tomb that read, Nataliya Reza Barbanov. the child became even more frantic. "niet! please! please do nie' put me in there!" the child fought back being placed in the stone cold. "I do nie' want to die! I want to stay with you!" she wailed, tears now streaming down rosy cheeks. Sigismund brought his mechanical hand upward, wiping the tears away. Viktoria stepped forth before answering. "You are a warrior 'Taliya, you are strong." The child continued to rub her eyes. "I am nie'! I am scared!" Sigismund turned his daughters face softly, locking their matching gaze. "Da you are." commented Ameliya and Analiesa. "you stand up for those who can't! you speak your mind! you are strong! I've seen what you've done to those bookshelf's in my office." the barbanov let out a hearty chuckle with a gentle smile as the jeering still echoed in the background. the weeping princess then panned towards her grandfather and grandmother, offering them a saddened smile before they returned it. Nataliya looked back to her parents. "But I want to stay with you here. ." "it is niet your time my child. you must stay here, with your son, husband and the rest of your family. they need you more than you need us." The Princess sniffled before taking a deep breath, she then nodded. "I am ready." the barbanov group smiled warmly towards the girl before lowering her into the tomb. The Haeseni girl's eyes stared up at the group, tears continuing to flow. Viktoria turned towards the shouting as it drew nearer. "hurry!" Ameliya and Annaliesa stated with great haste. Sigismund and Andrik began to lift the lid, moving it over the little princess slowly. "Nataliya, remember. We love you. and there isn't anything we wouldn't do to protect you." Viktoria stated in a hushed manner. "G-good bye." the child whimper. "nie' there's no need for that. see you soon my little crow." Sigismund stated, finally closing the tomb shutting out the noise before silence. Nataliya woke up in darkness, pressing her hands against the lid of the tomb, opening it slowly as she emerge out. The princess peered down at her hands, that were now full grown, all of her baby fat had disappeared. She then took a step forth staring into a puddle, spotting her now mature facial features. Nataliya then spotted a lone torch hanging from the wall, she then grasped it as she made her way down the darkened hallway. after minutes of walking she then spotted a faint figure in the dark . . “Uncle Konstantin?…”she muttered softly but the figure did not reply. “Petyr!” she called out, seeing if the person would respond again. but he did not. The Princess could feel her heart racing inside her chest before the figure turned around, showing itself "p-papej . ." Sigismund offered her a warm smile in return. "Nattie, you've grown." The now Haeseni woman nodded in silence, attempting to fight back tears. "I-is this a dream?" Sigismund panned around the catacombs before peering back to his eldest daughter. "I assume so." "i-i have so much to tell you! so much to say!" The princess blurted out. "Da, but so little time." the King then frowned, her then cocked his head to the side. "You know, I see it now. . ." "See what papej?" she inquired softly. "People always told me that you looked liked me, I never saw it, till now. . "he chuckled ".I must go Nattie. . .you must go, back to your family, they need you. don't abandon them. . ." his smile soon faded into solemn look before wandering off into the darkness “Father please… Wait!” She wailed, Petyr began to shake her. Her eyes fluttered as she slowly began to awaken from the dream. “Be calm girl, you are safe now.” Sir Candle uttered. “P-petyr?” she inquired hoarsely “It's alright, Liya. You're safe, it's okay.” her husband stated in a comforting manner. Nataliya Reza threw her arms around her husband in a tight embrace, despite being injured. But how? How could this happen? How did the Princess survive the chaotic execution? It had been a miracle from God himself! perhaps her father, mother and other family members who deeply cared for the woman protected her as well. For she was truly innocent of the crimes that were charged against her. suppose that necklace was truly special? . . . for it was a symbolism of her innocence and her protection. (OOC) Hey guys! i just want to leave a paragraph here! for the past two years, I have enjoyed rping on this server, I have made wonderful and close friends during my time here. However as of recently i have been struggling to stay on the server, as you all know, I play the first born child of King Sigismund II and Queen Viktoria, Princess Royal, Nataliya Reza Barbanov, who was disowned in the fall of 2020. (i don’t remember the exact month.) After I was disowned, I received a lot of ooc hate, for making that decision even though it was my character and my choice! It felt like i was practically thrown out of a friend group for simply playing a character how i wanted too. I found it very disheartening to see members of a community turn against me so quickly for doing something out of the norm on my character. I had struggled to stay content with the server during the time, losing people whom i thought were my friends. This time around my character has now been tried for treason and almost burnt at the stake because certain people who shall remain unnamed for the time being, metagamed information and jumped to conclusions and therefore throwing a lot of my rp future plans out the window. In addition to my character being executed, you’re probably confused and concerned about the outcome of the situation. Yes, she indeed did survive, no she did not get revived by the monks. If you’re thinking, oh well that's powergaming, nope, I have had this run by a GM and the Nation Leader of Haense, asking if it was okay this was the outcome! I was told yes. If you want to know how she survived, my pms are open and I can explain there, right now I just don't want to make this message too long. I am not going to hold any grudges because I try to be as forgiving as i can be, but the one thing I do ask is for the replies to be RESPECTFUL in the comment section, please keep things rply I do not intend to do anything to others oocly. Ngl I have been struggling with mental health issues ontop of balance college and LOTC, the least I ask and expect from you guys is heed and respect what I have had to say. I love you all and have a wonderful day! <3 PS. THIS INFORMATION IS STILL SECRETIVE! DO NOT METAGAME IT! SHE HAS NOT PUBLICLY COME OUT ABOUT HER SURVIVAL! FOR ALL YOU RPLY KNOW SHE IS DEAD! (I apologize for the wonky colors and spacing my computer is a butt and won't work with me >:( ) "The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies" ~The Godfather some haha funnies!
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