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Found 3 results

  1. ⚘ T h e T u c k e t b r o o k s ⚘ "It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." - J.R.R Tolkien The beginnings of the Tucketbrook family are rather peculiar, as most things concerning these small-folk tend to be. The family began with the arrival of a round, pudgy fellow by the name of Lobo. There was nothing particularly exemplary about this halfling, except for perhaps his ability to detect the scent of a cake from several miles away. Or so he said, though judging by his size, most often assumed it to be true. Indeed, the only other thing this small man was known for was his many fears. It was perhaps most unusual, then, that Lobo would be remembered most of all for his position as the first Sheriff of Lenfarthing. Whether or not he actually did anything as a Sheriff is a question I leave to the historians. (Note. He did nothing.) Anyway - I digress. Lobo, having travelleled from Branborough in lands long lost, began to make a name for himself in the new community of smallfolk, among the gentle hills and golden wheats of Lenfarthing. Forming a friendship with the leader of Lenfarthing, Faldo the LenMaster, Lobo took up residence in a burrow of great splendor named 'The Tucketbrook' of Tucketbrook Lane. Many a green eye turned to Lobo, for The Tucketbrook was home to the grandest, largest hot-tub in all of Lenfarthing. It was said Lobo would spend an entire days kipping in the tub at a time. Perhaps these tales are false, but if I know my father, I expect they are true. Lobo came to love the lazy days spent in the Tucketbrook so much, that it was said he even adopted the name! Or - maybe the Tucketbrook was named after him. Another question for the historians! The Tucketbrook was rivaled only by the burrows of Faldo Featherfoot and Tibb Fairfield. Together, these three halflings would guide Lenfarthing to a place of fond memory for many smallfolk such as myself. From the festivals of Lenfest, to the frequent games of Shogging, many a fun time was had. I should note - Faldo was rumoured to have performed the greatest Herbwallop Hop ever witnessed by halflings! Sidenote: A Herbwallop Hop is the act of jumping from your log, to your opponents, for any untrained players of this game! Now, before I lose myself in the many stories of Shogging, I ought to explain how I came to be! While Lenfarthing was, for the most part, a calm place because of the ever watchful eye of Sheriff Lobo by nature, there was an event that brought chaos to the peaceful folk there. The arrival of a halfling woman. Her beauty was legend, and many compared her beauty to the sight of a golden pint of ale. No small claim, I assure you. Faldo, Tibb and Lobo all fought for her attention. Many shovels were broken in fights to prove themselves, many trees felled to make the logs for more competitive games of shogging, and many a bump and bruise gained by the three halflings throughout the process. All three scrambled to find the greatest gift, the most valuable offering to her, to surely win her heart! Lobo - the chubby, lazy halfling least expected to win her heart, pulled a stunner. He produced a shovel as gold as the wheat surrounding my burrow - a shovel as gold as the morning sun! Knocking on the door to her burrow, Lobo triumphantly presented what could undoubtedly be the greatest gift a halfling could produce. Faldo and Tibb could only watch in despair as Lobo, having been hiding the shovel behind his back, revealed his gift for the lady. As she took the shovel with glee, Lobo was confident he had proven triumphant, and the battle to go down in the folklore of all halflings for years to come was won! As it turned out, she was a greedy bugger. Snatching the shovel and slamming the door, the three halflings found all of their advances rejected. Reconciling, the three halflings made a solemn vow never to compare the beauty of a lady to that of a fresh ale. Despite the heartbreak felt by all three, life continued on, and peace returned to Lenfarthing. Then Lobo met my mother, some time later! - The personal musings of Fosco Tucketbrook in his 'in-progress' book, "The short history of the even shorter Tucketbrooks" C u l t u r e , T r a d i t i o n s a n d R e l i g i o n The Tucketbrook family has a history of being involved as Sheriffs or Deputies within the halfling communities. It is a shame then, that more often than not every member of the Tucketbrook family can be scared silly at the slightest of things. Perhaps it is this paranoia that drives them to be involved the 'solving' of mysteries plaguing the lives of halflings (e.g: Why is there one less cake? Well - it must be a hilltroll burrowed underneath the ground that comes up at night to steal the cakes!) The Tucketbrooks are relatively independent fellows and have a great dislike for being told what to do. This, in turn, lends itself to the exceptionally stubborn attitude of any Tucketbrook. If they are right - they are right. Or at least, that is what they would have those around them believe. The Tucketbrook family is, perhaps oddly having been involved in the creation of the legend known as 'Lord Knox', less religious than many other halfling families. The Tucketbrooks will never miss an opportunity, however, to recount the tale of the Pumpkin Lord making his first appearance to Lobo, Faldo and Tibb in Lenfarthing. It is likely they are simply too lazy, or too forgetful, to commit to regular worship. Yet despite their propensity to be forgetful, stubborn, scared and proud fellows, the Tucketbrooks have a great warmth surrounding them. Their sense of humour and willingness to get involved in a joke ensures there is never a dull moment around a Tucketbrook, be it for the better or worse. A p p e a r a n c e It cannot be said that the Tucketbrooks have a defining trait of appearance beyond their dark hair. A relatively new family in the grand scheme of things, any such traits have simply not yet had the time to develop. Some may be fat - others slimmer, as is the case with Lobo and Fosco respectively. F a m i l y Lobo Tucketbrook - Pimpernel Tucketbrook | Fosco Tucketbrook
  2. Halfling Family Layout Thread! Alright, so many of you Halflings may be thinking, hey! I really want to promote my family and get others to join because of 'said reason' Today I am hear to give you a layout and what you may think about including! Without further ado, let's go into it. ~*~ The What Family In this section you will include a short summary about your family, such as first known members of your family, rules they might live by and what times they have lived in. Anything simple and to the point that might persuade people. ~*~ The Family's Culture and Tradition In this section you would include what makes your family different and how they live their lives. What are common family professions, any talents they have and if they do anything special on certain days. ~*~ Your Families Appearance This one is where you explain characteristics that may be common within your family, such as hair colour, eye colour, skin colour or even their stature. - Hair Colour - Eye Colour - Height Those are the common things, anything else you might add is up to you. ~*~ Your Families Religion Here you would place what your family believes or doesn't believe. Common religions found for Halflings include: - Billy Bob - Lord Knox - The Old Harvest Gods - The Aspects It is very varied among Halflings, and having a religion or none at all won't effect your roleplay experience. ~*~ A Notable Family Something Here you could place a famous recipe, technique, something that your family could be known for. Some things can include. - Food or Ale recipe - Farming or Fishing technique - Clothing It is varied and is up to you! ~*~ Current and Deceased family members In this section you would put your current members and any members of your family that have passed or have gone missing. ~*~ After this you can just simple put an application and voila! Your family is now noted! If there is anything else you need to know, leave it in the comments or send me a PM and I will fix this topic! :)
  3. *You see what looks like a lost sealed scroll on the ground.You take it,break the seal and read it.* ((It's a scroll on the ground,no locations or members are revealed.It's not a poster and it isn't meant to be secret either.)) The Dark Family has united. We see and hear everything. The Dark Family is a group of men and women highly trained in the arts of stealth and assassination, but first of all, we are a family. How do you contact The Dark Family?You don't.We contact you.If you want someone killed we find out, we come to you.Depending on the victim's status, wealth and combat training we set a price.You have to also provide us with the victim's name and city, city is optional. Beware that once you have a contract on your head you have no escape.We will hunt you and send as many of our Brothers and Sisters as necessary to put you down. Also beware that contracts are paid half when arranged and half when done.If the other half is not payed you will be the next victim. We also do not kill children.We are not heretics or crazy, just hired killers.Very skilled hired killers. How do you join The Dark Family?:Simply put,kill someone.We will find out,give you a few tests then you will be offered a place within our family. Whoever betrays, threatens, attacks, disrespects or mocks us will invoke our wrath and be killed mercilessly and without regard of who they were or who they are. Remember,we are always watching.
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