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  1. ~ The Trill Family ~ ~ Bio ~ "T'e Trills? A fine addi' ion t' the Shire, for sure, bu' no' sure abou' all t'at... 'fisheh business' t'ey usualleh ge' up to..." - A halfling, probably, when asked about the Trill Family. The Trills are an unorthodox family of Halflings branching off from Eldon Trill Sr, first of his name. Eldon was an adventurous lad from birth, and his rambunctious lifestyle caused many Halflings to fall under his lineage. The Trills are a mixed bag, hailing from all over with traces of different Halfling families mixed in, so you never really know what to expect when you meet one for the first time. This document will help you understand the background of the Trill's, their appearance, their tendencies and their beliefs. ~ Appearance ~ Since first generation Trills spread over different relationships, the descendants of Eldon Trill Sr can be quite different. Generally, they all have a shade of light brown curly hair, green eyes and fair skin- but do not count on this to identify a Trill. Similarly, the other physical genetics like height will be different among all Trill's- but they are usually a medium height for a Halfling. ~ Tendencies ~ Adventure calls a Trill like steam toots from a teapot. A Trill will be the first to run into a rat cave, running shortly out after being spooked by their own shadow. Their adventurous nature is short-felt at their usual tendencies to be easily spooked. You can surely find a Trill hiding in their burrow during Knox-o-ween or curled up in a ball in a hot air balloon. A Trill's burrow may not seem the tidiest at first but everything is placed for a reason. Under carpets and in the walls, secret doors lead to rooms where the Trill's undergo their ancestors traditions to please Arugula. Not only this but a way to escape, the Trill's are no stranger to having someone knocking down their door. ~ Beliefs ~ Arugula has been part of the Trill's 'rituals' ever since Eldon Jr settled in Honeyhill. The worshiping of Arugula at that time was looked down on by some Halflings, so they worked in secret. This tradition has been passed down through the generations, whilst now performing rituals to please Arugula is more ordinary. A Trill always makes sure to go above and beyond for Arugula, their ancestors drilled it into them that they must please Arugula to keep all Halflings safe. ~ Lineage ~ Eldon Trill Sr (Played) - Presumed Dead Eldon Trill Jr (Played) - Presumed Dead Rosaline 'Rose' Trill (Played) - Presumed Dead Elyse Trill (Played) - Presumed Dead Tito Trill (Played) - Alive family echo ~ Contact ~ If you'd like to play a Trill, contact rushork#7231 on discord.
  2. Returned to her room, Ingrid reflected upon the past week. It was most tiresome, with many disadventures. But some could say it was a common Redclyfian day, no different from their tea parties. “Kinslayer.” “I decide if you live or not.” “I am going to need a cane.” Everyone let her down. Her brother was slain by the dishonorable Uruks, and now a child was left to rule. So she rested in her bed, blindness conquering her mind. She could not see, and neither could she cry. She wanted to burst out and let all the anger flow away, but she had no power or ability to. Her eyesockets were, at this time, completely empty. Her own kin had craved out the entirety of her eyes, leaving but a couple of hollow caves. Such was the Redclyfian way, and she accepted it. What is this feeling? I can see. Ingrid’s vision was blurry at first, then slowly it progressed into a clearer sight. She could see. By her bed stood her father, Kol Ragnarrsson Mosu. She rubbed her eyes, twisting her head to the side. It was really him, and she could see. A brilliant, blinding light shone from the window. A single raven sang from the rotting tree standing before the glass. What an odd mixture. The now awake woman went to stand, she touched her father and made sure he was physical. A squint, a blink, a hug. Then suddenly, that singing crow ceased. Her gaze was diverted to the window, and a howling laughter echoed through the room - loud enough to make the glass shake and tremble. When she looked back at her father, he was no more. Instead, a tall blonde figure had replaced him. The figure laughed at the poor girl, whose vision began to fade again. Her pupils darted up to his face to get one last look before fading back into darkness. Adaranth. Instantly did Ingrid back away, falling back onto the bed. The man continued to laugh, making fun of his victim. Was he pestering her sleep now? Her eyes were not enough of a steal. The woman crawled up on the bed, bringing her legs close to her chest and hugging herself tightly, she was alone now. The night went by with great turmoil, the troubled half-elf awakening in her bed filled with rage. Ironic how, despite the great emotions flowing through her entire being, she would carry on with her day. Life would continue to go on, she would serve her family, and she would not complain anymore, for she learned her lesson through punishment. No. I cannot die. With a red bandana around her visage, the woman began to sew and mold a crimson cloth, ready to be attached to the old set of plates she had found long ago. Her hand danced over the cloth, now turned into a fine cape for her blackened armor. Blood and Faith.
  3. As of now I have one persona slot open and am looking to get it filled. There is another slot I have of a High Elf who is not yet established. Age, story, nothing. Just a name. To fill, whether it be by joining a group, or family, I'm open to most anything, as playing a child isn't a bother, or even just putting in a new character to fit into a mix. My discord is Cassie#1225 since that's the easiest way to reach me. I'm happy to discuss anything when it comes to creating a character how it may fit into a family or group. As for groups, I've never gotten the opportunity to explore magic but I'd be more than happy to learn and see how it works for the server if magic is what a group wants.
  4. Calavénon Talonnii Talonnii History The Calavénon's have continuously proven to be a rather versatile talonnii. Always have they been willing to reform and evolve to adapt to a particular environment, but never have they lost sight of who they are whilst doing such. They take pride in the fact that no matter what obstacle or string of challenges may cross their path, no matter who or what may stand in their way, they will always manage to find a way to overcome it. Today, they continue to walk the lands of Almaris hand-in-hand, closely knit, and never to be divided. The Talonnii had its start within Elvenesse - or, what is known today as the Crown of Amaethea. Their bloodline is derived from the very Illitian elves that inhabited the lands, and after moving on from the luscious soils of the mali'ame, the Calavénon's sought to live within the Kingdom of Oren, where they were quick to become Nobility, and later on, came to lead Selestia. Despite their humble beginnings within Elvenesse, it is safe to say that Selestia is truly where the talonnii began to cement themselves. Then came the Monarch Vivian, the past monarch of Vortice, who evicted the lands granted by Gail Cordius. The County of Selestia, after Jakob Castington and his people were wrongfully evicted and accused of not paying taxes to the Monarch, decided to rebrand as the city of Ando-Alur. Jakob Castington, alongside five Dark elves came to discuss the founding of a new state after what became of their old County, where born from the disunity present within their brand of elves at the present time. The meeting was long, many plans discussed and thrown out before they settled on a state freely accepting all, including Magicians - a stark contrast to all previous Dark Elven establishments. They decided on a location within the High Elven borders to settle, creating a city boasting a warm and friendly environment. The first Ando Alur city was led as a Princedom, by Prince Vulnir Syllar, and Prince Jakob Castington, with a council beneath them. Though small at first, the city began to slowly gain traction with its values - inevitably leading to the further gathering of allies and new residents. However, not all was easy; creatures of the depths soon rose from the waters that surrounded the city. The solution to this seemingly never-ending swarm of monsters was one used before, so long ago in previous realms, it was almost forgotten as a possibility; the use of a Voidal Tear. With Mages from across the continent gathered, enough energy was collected to punch a hole into the magical realm, causing a never-ending flow of magical energy. This was utilized by those gathered in order to enchant the city itself, tearing it from the earth and into the sky - safe from the monsters below. But of course, all good things must come to an end. After circumstances that were once lost to time, much like the history of the ancient elves, the family has at long last chosen to reclaim their lost history. They are doing so by adopting their true family name, ‘Calavénon,’ to honour those who came in times before them. Physical Traits and Appearances The Calavénon are in the juncture between housing leaner mali and bulker mali. There is naught the pressure to pick one path when it comes to militaristic and arcane matters - for was it not Ando-Alur who accepted both with open arms? More often than not a child of the Calavénon lineage will be born with varying shades of crimson and auburn for hair, the few that do not have paler ashy blond(e) locks. In terms of eye colour the Calavénon are often seen sporting lovely shades of blue or green - rarely is there a Calavénon with gold or purple pigment within their iris’, but it is not a phenomenon that is unheard of. Traditions A Candle's Flame - The ancient ceremony of intertwining fates is a festivity the Calavénon take rather seriously, but despite this, the day is bound to be full of entertaining games and delectable treats. Whilst the ceremony is in motion, the to-be-weds are expected to bring with them a candle - one adorning the signature hues of that individual's talonii. It is these candles that they will be setting alight. Once the vows have been shared should the flame of either one of the candles blow out for any reason, it would signify the union unsuccessful and bound to fail in the near future. It is considered shameful and is looked down upon by the Calavénon's should the wedding persist after such a phenomenon. At Twilight - The death of a Calavénon is truly a sorrowful occasion. The aching feeling of losing a loved one, losing blood is a circumstance never to be wished upon anyone who walks these lands. To honour those who they lost, the talonnii will cremate the lost loved one in a ritual. The ritual is held outdoors at twilight, and notably, beneath a clear sky. In order for the ritual to be complete, the ashes are scattered, to be either taken away into the wind, or upon lanterns up into the sky. Whichever one is chosen is based on what the deceased was said to have preferred. It is believed that the light of the sun and the moon together will guide the spirits of their loved ones to a better place. The Night of Spirits - A celebration to commemorate their loved ones - living or dead. It is a festivity open for all where attendees will be asked to dress in their finest garments and adorn a mask. To bring the festivities to a close, any who wish to participate will write a note and place it within lanterns that will be provided by the talonnii - these lanterns will then be sent into the sky with hopes that The Grand Spirit will guide the lanterns into The Spirit Realm for the deceased to receive. Boozy Bazaar - The Calavénon talonnii is known for their exquisite wines and other fruity beverages. As such, every so often, the talonnii has made it tradition to host various festivities to celebrate their success in this industry - this festivity in particular being their 'Boozy Bazaar' where people will come together to enjoy their drinks. A fan-favourite game within this event is 'Quip or Drink', where participants will be asked a question that they must answer or be forced to drink. Family Tree https://www.familyecho.com/?p=START&c=138r4dlxhfi&f=604347530538248458
  5. The Comital House of Vuiller "With the Eagles foresight, we reign victorious." The Vuiller Household was founded towards the beginning of Arcas by who is now known as Saint Harald Vuiller. Through the many generations that have now come through, it has come to be that of the current head of household, Countess Johanne Alstromeria Vuiller of Aquilae. The first Countess of Aquilae, Johanne Vuiller. The family colors are that of blue and silver, and the families animal customarily a Silver Eagle. Family traditions find that when those of the Vuiller Household come of age, they are to be granted an Eagle to bond and hunt with. The blue tulip is the houses acclaimed flower, with its own tradition centered around those of the household who have shown their true colors, love and honor to house Vuiller. Traditionally, a medallion of blue tulips is placed upon the graves of those who have passed and were granted the title. [!] A detailed copy of the Vuiller family tree is here, alongside a comprehensive list of the currently living members of the Household. https://www.familyecho.com/?p=JB8I7&c=v547tnrxh0&f=799190991874943632 Countess Johanne Vuiller @tadabug2000 Lady Eirene Vuiller, Heiress to the County of [email protected]_llamo... Lady Rosemary Vuiller, Countess-Dowager @SapphirePool Lady Liliyana Vuiller, Countess-Dowager @Raijen Stars Lord Ledicort Vuiller @HIGH_FIRE Lord Edvard Vuiller @Harald Lord Alf Vuiller @TheBigBubbles Lord Oliver Vuiller @ECS11 Lady Kaira Vuiller @Weebmaster36 Lord Maximin Vuiller @Datweirdguy Lady Helane Vuiller @Roza Lady Aurora Vuiller @chihutori Lady Ravn Vuiller @Truppler Lady Aurianne Vuiller @Moo_bot Lady Henriette Vuiller @Xx_Scarlet_xX Lord Drasus Vuiller @Harald Lady Celine Vuiller @Lokvank Lord Gabriel Vuiller @SharpString Lord Rickard Vuiller @Temporal Lord Duncan Vuiller @Kyrrn Notable Figures Saint Harald Vuiller The churches depiction of Saint Harald Vuiller. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/197356-the-life-of-saint-harald-vuiller/ Cardinal Johan Vuiller A depiction of Cardinal Johan Vuiller, haunted by the ghost of his father, Saint Harald Vuiller. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/206088-an-aged-mans-confessions/ Sir Rev Vuiller and Dame Diana Vuiller A depiction of Sir Rev Vuiller and Dame Diana Vuiller. Sir Rev Vuiller was the first Baron and Viscount of Vuillermoz, he was the first generation of Vuillers as nobility within Oren. Alongside this, the first Count of Aquilae in Balian. Dame Diana Vuiller was the first Baroness-Consort and Viscountess-Consort of Vuillermoz, she taught the family what it was to be Nobles and that of etiquette. Alongside this, the first Countess-Consort of Aquilae. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/217180-aquila-volat-ultra/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/217192-the-death-of-the-last-true-d%E2%80%99azor/ Sir Duncan Vuiller A depiction of Sir Duncan Vuiller. A man of many means, he began what the Vuiller family dubbed the Sheeps War when Irehearts attacked his four and five year old sons, Johan and Lucien. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/218103-sir-duncan-the-hound-hoh/ Notable Relic(s) The Cross of Saint Harald Vuiller A cross made and blessed by Harald Vuiller when he was still alive, kept in the family for many generations. The Trident of Cardinal Johan Vuiller The trident is a family heirloom that had passed down for generations until going lost. Then found by Saint Harald under the first Vuillermoz keep when a cave collapsed showing a crypt of long dead Vuillers and the trident hanging upon a wall. The trident was the chosen weapon of the Vuiller house and tribe for hundreds of years. The Wedding Ring of Rosemary Vuiller The wedding ring of the Countess-Dowager of Vuiller, made special and passed down now for a few generations. The Saintly Lantern of Saint Harald Vuiller A lantern said to be used in the dark crevices of the Vuiller crypts, that Saint Harald himself had used. The Cane of Saint Harald Vuiller The cane of Saint Harald Vuiller has been passed down for ages, being used by the heads of house when they come upon older age. House History [History within Oren] https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/210814-the-vuiller-family/ [History within Haense] https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/218181-the-life-of-maela-vuiller-genealogy-records/ [The Brothers War] https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/211799-the-half-a-day-peace/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/211831-a-day-of-savegry/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/211899-a-guardian%E2%80%99s-viewpoint/ [History within Balian] After that of the Brothers War, the Grand Duchy of Balian was founded. The Vuillers found themselves making up a majority of the leadership, Sir Rev Vuiller as the Seneschal, Dame Diana Vuiller as the Censor, Johanne Vuiller as the treasurer and Ledicort Vuiller as the Magister. Thus, the first Royal Vuiller Chamber was had. All families began as Baronies, but the Vuillers had quickly risen to County, in an unprecedented dual promotion by John I, directly from Barony to County with the work they'd put into the new lands. Since then, Sir Rev Vuiller had heralded the construction of the city, having passed on upon its conclusion and a statue risen in his honor, his wife, Dame Diana Vuiller having followed shortly afterwards. Ledicort, the son of Rev, went on to become the Seneschal, now called Amiratus, making what is now the second Royal Vuiller Chamber. Ledicort had seen us through the Cloudbreaker siege, bringing together nearly the entirety of Almaris with his work. Since then, varying members of the family have taken up varying chamber chairs, roles within the government, military and palace and have sacrificed their lives for that of Balian. Signed, The Right Honourable, the Countess of Aquilae, Johanne Alstromeria Vuiller, Countess-Dowager of Renduzzo, Lady Procurator of Balian.
  6. History The Py'lrie have been around for a long time, but for most people, it's easiest to divide their history into two sections, both connected by one figure: Tayna'len. She's the only one who's lived long enough to see the Talonii grow from their bloody past of infighting and internal conflict to a much more peaceful and united Talonii. The Talonii's true conflict started with the appearance of magic in the bloodline. Those who were old and traditional opposed it staunchly, as it was different and new. They forbade their younger relatives from learning it altogether, which sparked many an argument in the household. As with all things forbidden, it only grew more and more until the Talonii started truly fighting each other. Blood was being shed over the use of magic forbidden by the elders. Young Tayna'len's parents had been learning magic, and they were punished harshly for it. Many of her closest loved ones had died while learning magic, and she had witnessed cruelty firsthand. Years of cruelty and punishment had caused many to fight or flee, and so did Tayna'len with her relatives. They were escaping by the skin of their teeth from the Talonii elders, who were hunting them, never staying in one place for too long. Many of those who had spent those years on the run were still expanding their knowledge of magic until they had finally become capable of truly fighting back. The tide had begun to turn as those who learned magic began to beat back the elders with their newly obtained knowledge. They sieged the home of the elders, where they lived together. However, they were not much different than those who hunted them, as they had brutally killed the head of the Talonii during that siege, causing the proverbial floodgates to open and unleash total war. It lasted for over a century, tearing the Talonii apart and causing much pain on both sides. By the time it had ended, countless members were dead or missing, and even more were left grieving for the loss of their loved ones. As far as Tayna'len was concerned, she was left alone to rebuild the Talonii. She was unwilling to work with the older members who had perpetuated the conflict for so long and decided to start fresh. Over time, she met and fell in love twice, starting the Talonii anew. She had two sons, one with each father, and though their fathers were different, they treated each other as Talonii no matter what. Tayna'len had instilled in them the virtue of Talonii first, to protect those closest, so that what she went through for all those years would never repeat itself again. These brothers would have children and expand the Talonii, each in their own way, but as one Talonii with two bloodlines. Their descendants have come to live in the lands of Celia'nor, some settling down and others wandering, yet never forgetting their blood ties. The current members of Py'lrie have fought to defend Celia'nor, and for their loyalty and dedication, they were rewarded as some of the most well-respected nobles in the land. Beliefs & Morals Talonii First As far as beliefs go, the Talonii hold one thing above all others and consider it paramount. To them, it is almost sacred, and breaking away from it is out of the question. This belief is evident when speaking to a member of the Talonii; they all abide by it as if it were indisputable. This all stems back to Tayna'len and her own experiences, where she cast aside all those who betrayed this ideal and started anew. Betrayal of Talonii To the Py'lrie, going against your Talonii is a cardinal sin that will be punished severely, no matter the situation. If you kill another member of the Talonii, you are to be hunted for the rest of your life. Though not all deceptions are so great as to lead to death, some are of a lesser nature. However small, though, the memories of the Mali are lengthy, and they will remind you for the rest of your life what you've done wrong. Betrayal of Friends & In-laws The closest of friends are considered dear, although not akin to Talonii. They would protect them closely and be very loyal to them; for if one is not loyal to their friends, how could they be loyal to their talonii? Those who marry into the Talonii are treated as equals, although they would be cast out more easily for mistakes. Natural & Unnatural Deaths If one passes from natural causes, they are well taken care of during their dying days. The Talonii tries to fulfill any wishes and stays by their side until the end. It is not uncommon, though, for dying members of the Talonii to find it too unbearable to be with their loved ones before the end and to disappear abruptly. The Talonii itself assumes that when an elderly member disappears like that, they are leaving to die in solitude. The death of a Talonii member is a grave matter, and they would mourn their loss greatly. The Talonii mourn them day-to-day, with each day representing a year in the life of the member who passed. They do this out of respect and for the time they spent serving the Talonii during their lives. Traditions With Child When a Py'lrie is bearing a child, they are protected and cared for very well. It is tradition for those who are pregnant to always have at least one person assisting them. The person assisting must be trained in first aid in case something happens. Sometimes, those who are not members of the Talonii are entrusted with this role, and it is considered a great honor. Coming of Age Becoming an adult is an important and celebrated occurrence, and for the Py'lries, it occurs at the age of 30. To come of age means you are given the freedom to take whatever path in life, whether it be leaving and traveling or marriage. Marriage As far as the vow of matrimony is concerned, it is highly encouraged to find another High Elf to marry, and if you do not abide by this, it will be considered a mistake. It is not shameful, but it is discouraged. According to tradition, you are to be married facing the sea. In some instances, you may even be married on board an embarked ship! This stems from times when the hunted members of the Talonii fled, leaving many with no choice but to state their vows upon a ship. The marriage is to be approved and overseen by the head of the Talonii, and if it isn’t, it isn't considered official by the Py'lrie. Commemoration of Honor When a member of the Talonii dedicates their life to warfare, there is a grand celebration, for it is considered a great honor to protect your land. Traditional Markings Body art and markings have a long history among the Talonii, with various meanings and serving as reminders, both good and bad. The two markings are "Fih Kae'leh" and "Malieir." When a member of the Talonii recognizes the true meaning behind the words "Fih Kae'leh," they have it tattooed on their body in recognition. Most adult members of the Talonii have gotten this tattoo at some point, and it is considered a rite of passage by some. The marking "Malieir" is used to identify traitors–those who have committed the greatest treachery and betrayal. There is no escaping this fate, either, as those who run away before they are marked will be found, and the tattoo will be applied to them by force. Talonii Markings “Fih Kae’leh” “Feed Your Soul” is a phrase long passed down within the Py’lrie. It is taught to each member as an important lesson they must come to understand. In the eyes of the Talonii, one cannot truly care for and protect others until they can truly satisfy their own soul and care for themselves. “Malieir” “Betrayer” is a phrase branded on the palms of traitors and wrongdoers within the Talonii, showing the realm all the wrongs they’ve committed, and having them disowned from the Py’lrie name and household. Those who murder other Talonii are branded once they are killed, and their marked corpses are abandoned in the forest to be forgotten. Personality Though the two branches have their differences, their biggest shared trait is their protectiveness. Both have a strong desire to protect what they have and their friends and Talonii. Similarly, all members of the Talonii have a strong desire and willingness to experience new things and are open-minded. They also have a deep, intrinsic connection to their Talonii and ancestors, often honoring them in times of need with shrines made for their ancestors, in particular Tayna'len Py'lrie and her two sons. However, their similarities end there, as they have very different ways to show these tendencies. Elauthinleon's bloodline is quick to act and decisive in times of need, especially when it comes to Talonii. They are temperamental but not overly violent. They are far more sedentary, having settled down and grown to love the land they live on. Overall, they are far more disciplined than their cousins, with a bit of a stern countenance. They are more inclined to physical activity and exercise, generally being quite athletic. Panithleon's branch, on the other hand, is free-spirited and artistic to the core. They are always on the move, seeking out the new and unknown so that they may experience it and learn more about the world they live in. Due to their less strict nature, they often have an easier time connecting with people they meet and befriending them. Their way of showing affection and love is through gifts. Physical Appearance & Traits For the most part, the two branches of the Talonii share several traits, as they have inherited much from Tayna'len Py'lrie. For instance, both predominantly have blonde hair and faded blue eyes. Many members of the Talonii also have wavy hair, as opposed to the more common straight hair. Their skin is generally quite pale, and they stand over six feet tall. Both sides of the Talonii also share a common allergy to honey and bees. Of course, regardless of the shared mother, the two different branches are bound to have some distinguishing traits due to the different fathers in both. Elauthinleon Py'lrie's branch occasionally has members with pale green eyes as well as white hair in addition to the previously mentioned blonde hair and blue eyes of both branches. Overall, the members of this branch are taller than their cousins. The biggest differentiator is their different ear shapes, as theirs point backwards instead of upwards. They have narrow eyes, slim and sharp features, and generally many small birthmarks over their bodies. Panithleon Py'lrie's branch has a rare few members with distinct purple eyes, with their skin being paler than their cousins. Some of them would occasionally also have a more silvery blonde hair color and be a little shorter than the other branch. Their ears tend to be pointed upwards quite a bit more than their cousins, and their features are noticeably softer with kind eyes. The one birthmark that stands out is the one strand of very white hair at the back of their head. [OOC - Py'lrie Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/RgZAS89UpK]
  7. ~The Applefoot Family!~ Formed in mid-Axios, the Applefoot family has been with the halflings for multiple generations. Formed from the union of Harold Withfoot and Madeline Applebrook, the Applefoots were once the largest halfling family. Although in recent times the Applefoots have not been as relevant, with their burrow newly rebuilt and a few more Applefoot faces showing up in the village, it appears as though they won't go out anytime soon! ~Applefoot Culture & Traditions~ The Applefoots are proper halflings. They do not wear shoes, use blades, use minas, or otherwise go against village customs. Applefoots love farming and the earth, often dragging others into their farming labors. The Applefoots used to be the dominant family in the halfling community, planning village events and handing out leadership positions to family members to ensure the family's legacy. Those days are long gone, however, and now you're more likely to see an Applefoot tending the earth than cooped up in a burrow writing up plans. The old Applefoot ambitions manifest themselves into their labors rather than into politics. When a simple task needs to get done, an Applefoot is the right halfling for the job. ~The Applefoot Appearance~ Applefoot halflings are slightly taller than other halflings due to a faint dwarven strain in their genetics. This slight dwarven blood comes from Harold Withfoot, founding father of the Applefoots, who was part dwarf. Their eyes are blue to blue or blueish green, and their hair colors range from dark maroon to lighter gingers and blondes. Applefoots are slimmer than the average halfling due to their physical labors, rarely every packing on the pounds. ~Family Recipes~ -Applebrook Porter: A booze with a secret ingredient passed down along the generations of Applefoots. Not once has this secret been leaked. A dark and rich brew, Applebrook Porter will always leave you wanting more. -Withfoot Cider: Coming from the Withfoot side of the family tree, this cider is saved for special occasions, as large quantities of apples must be consumed to produce it. -Pipes & Pipeweed: While not as skilled as the Greenholms or Peregrins at pipe and pipeweed production, Applefoots have made good-quality smoking pipes from time to time. ~Legends~ Legend has it that the Applefoots still know the location of the Arcane Pumpkin, the first pumpkin ever created by the halfling deity Lord Knox. This magical pumpkin was found by Elder Gerald before the Applefoots ever came to be, passing down to the Applefoot family after his death. While the pumpkin itself was stolen, things lost by halflings have a nasty habit of returning... The Tankard of Terror, a recurring cursed artifact that kills all who drink from it, killed the brother of Madeline Applebrook, the origin mother of all Applefoots. Rumor has it that all relatives of the Applebrooks, Applefoots included, will one day be cursed again by this Tankard. ~Inter-Halfling Relations~ The Applefoots get along best with the Peregrin family and Hassenfort family they share old familial ties with. The Applefoots are rivals to the Woodstock family due to old shogging disputes. However, recently drama relating to the Thaindom of Honeyhill have grown a rift between the Applefoots and Peregrins. Only time will tell if the familial dispute will soften. ~Playing an Applefoot~ If you wish to play an Applefoot halfling, simply message me on discord NotEvilAtAll#2321 and I'll try and set you up with something! The family currently has a burrow on 7 Overlook Way in Honeyhill. ~Current Applefoots~ Mimosa Applefoot (Active) Hal Applefoot (Active) Miel Applefoot (Active, Adopted) Humber Applefoot (Inactive)
  8. “A deer tethered with a golden chain can escape to the forest to eat grass.” I, Adrian von Audrick have taken my father’s place as head of the Audrick family. With everything that has happened over the years, it’s time to make a public statement about such a small title change, but I will take what I was given, with the help of my lovely wife and my siblings, to take our family to greater heights. We may not be well known to the Kingdom as of yet but must start off as a fawn before you grow into your antlers. The Family Born in the City of Karosgrad to Jakob and Alexandra Bishop, Ludwig was the youngest of four other siblings including his twin brother Franz Bishop. Upon learning of his Father's Sedanian background, Ludwig became determined to rebuild his Family's image within the Principality of Sedan, but ultimately came to a disagreement with the main Bishop branch of the family. Taking the name "Von Audrick" after his Grandfather and progenitor of the Bishop-Audrickian line, Ludwig left Haense and traveled to the capital of Sedan. Ludwig met and fell in love with Adelaide, a tailor-shop owner living in Yong Ping who originally hailed from Elysium. The pair eloped within the basilica of San Luciano, and the two moved into a small cottage in Louisville together. It is here that their first children were born; twins named Adrian and Amorie. With Haverlock being constructed after the Tripartite victory in the Siege of Southbridge, Ludwig would move his family into the city and would go on to have three more children while living in the city Aldrich, Annette, and Apollo von Audrick. However, after unsuccessfully partaking in the defense of Haverlock when the Imperial armies besieged the city, Ludwig and Adelaide evacuated their children to Karosgrad and settled into a manor that would be able to fit the growing von Audrick family. "Like the fire of the sun, my fury never rests" Ludwig von Audrick @Javert Ludwig von Audrick (Born Ludwig Bishop c. 32 S.A.) is a Haeseni-born former Sedanian politician and soldier. Much of Ludwig's younger years were spent studying military tactics, Haeseni, and Sedanian history, and researching his Family's origins. Ludwig both enlisted in the Sedanian Army and was appointed Vice-Chancellor of Sedan. As Vice-Chancellor, Ludwig offered counsel to Prince Leopold and encouraged/assisted in the construction of a new Sedanian capital (later becoming known as Haverlock). Nowadays, Ludwig spends much of his retirement with his wife Adelaide and painting many different works of art. Current age: 52 “Even when my soul is tired, I will always find strength for my children.” Adelaide von Audrick @wowsirss The first matriarch of the von Audrick household, Adelaide was now elderly and retired. Although she kept many secrets from her children, she was remembered as a kind, open-hearted mother, even to children who were not her own. Current age: 49 “How much can a crown be worth, when a crow can dine upon a king?” Adrian von Audrick The second and current patriarch of the von Audrick family, Adrian was a sassy and arrogant child, the polar opposite of his twin sister Amorie who was more daring and troubled. Growing up in Sedan, he looked to potentially follow his father's footsteps by joining the military but as he turned into his teen years, he looked in the other direction towards the political side of things. As he grew, so did the number of women falling at his feet vying for his hand to court but he had his attention set upon his future wife, Dijana Kuznetsov. The pair grew close quickly but evidently, waited until they were out of their teen years before tying the knot. Currently, Adrian's focus is on his growing family and a bigger plan for the future. Current age: 25 "Ay, Adrian! Vhat are du vaiting for? Ve're going t' find Vikky!" Amorie von Audrick @bloomtiara The young woman's face appears very close to her own brothers', usually confined within her room at the top of their home in Haense; without anyone's idea what she was up to. She works for the NGS, setting off on adventures with a grin to aid her usually pallid and exhausted features. Current age: 25 "They say 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'. But... that doesn't mean it can't hurt." Aldrich von Audrick @PixlHoopa Aldrich Ariel von Audrick is a young man, twin of Annette von Audrick. He often finds himself in rather unusual situations, which over time, has the blame placed upon his red vest. Therefore, it had been personally deemed the 'Variable Vest' by his own words. Holding onto his Auverginian accent, Aldrich greets any and all, friend or foe, by Monsieur or Mademoiselle respectively. Current age: 23 “Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it.” Annette (Annie) von Audrick @TaytoTot The youngest daughter of Ludwig and Adelaide, Annette is a sweet young woman, full of spirit. From a young age, she was encouraged to follow her dreams and she did such, pursuing music and sewing. Current age: 23 “Animals are such agreeable friends—they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.” Apollo von Audrick @ThanksChris The fifth of six von Audrick children, Apollo spent more of his childhood among the livestock than the other children. Despite the immense struggles facing the family after the fall of Haverlock, none took more readily to the pastoral lifestyle of Louisville than Apollo. He spent early mornings minding the pig pens, long days working the fields with his father, and cramped evenings hiding whatever pets he could in the small home they all shared. After the relocation of the family to Karosgrad he was able to find work in the stables, sparking a lifetime fascination with and dedication to the care and breeding of horses for agriculture, racing, and war. Reclusive by nature and prone to spending weeks at a time alone on the farm, the recent outbreak of conflict has compelled the reserved Apollo to step out into society once more to serve and lend his experience in animal husbandry to the Brotherhood. Riding into battle on his trusted warhorse Löwenzahn, Apollo is determined to avenge the fall of Sedan and perhaps to earn a good pension with which to open a stable of his own one day. Current age: 21 "All we need is a cause to fight for. And for me, that cause is you." Aurelian von Audrick @Riftiro A boy who's pretty naive as he's young, but picks up on little details quickly around him. He's very laid back, social, and enjoys setting things on fire and playing with others a lot. He looks up to his older siblings and loves to be around them. He also has a very sharp tongue that he's not aware of, and might say things that seem offensive to others, though he usually has no intentions to hurt anyone when he says it. Current age: 12 “ It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything” Dijana von Audrick @Exolaltyl0305 The second and current matriarch of the Audrick family. She was raised in a peasant home with a brother that was barely around. She was very close to her uncle And mother. Her father was part of the guard so she wouldn’t see him very often but they were close as well. She was a very aggressive little girl but after the loss of her father and uncle, she changed and became more relaxed. Her life started to change on one random day when the young Adrian asked if she would accompany him on a little adventure. Current age: 24 “Ooo, butterflies!” Alexandra von Audrick @Ztrog The eldest daughter between Dijana and Adrian, a sassy young girl like her father, well guarded and protected by her parents and the rest of her family. Current age: 1
  9. "Elysium is a Kingdom of Families strung together by Unity" Come one, come all! In the next Elven fortnight a Festival is to be held, celebrating the Unity and Bonds of the Elysian houses, clans and families! Showcase what your family stands for at your designated section Faucet new blood into the veins of our wonderful Kingdom. Bring life to pump the heart of Elysium! There shall be events, games, showcases and more at the Odinson Clan Festival! Friends, Family, Allies and more are too invited to bare witness to the festival. Are you in need of a home? A family? Do you yield certain values that you wish to cultivate amongst peers of similar views? This shall be the perfect place for you to find those you may flock to. Leaders of the numerous families that populate the fennic Kingdom of Elysium are hereby invited to contact Fal'leon Odinson with interest on showcasing themselves. More information is to come.
  10. [!] In Almaris, a crudely constructed snowman would sit in the middle of the town squares everywhere, with a letter attached to it. Salutamu! I am Yaşamın! and I am in search of my father! well, I am pretty sure my actual father is dead! but please help me find this man, he is my new papa! I met him when I snuck out of my family's house, in search of my really Pappa who went to go get cigarettes, it's alright, like I said he's probably dead. but I need to find this one, so please help me! I drew a description of him and his name. His name is Lucian, and he has a funny accent that makes me giggle, mr. pappa if you see this, please leave a letter on one of my mr. snowmanses From: Yaşamın [!] a dried splotch stained the paper, as if a child had eaten some snow from her snowmen, and coughed onto the missive by accident. A small Illatian would be seen waddling around Oren, having returned to her snowman, only to see another write a response on her sign, seizing the paper before turning around to shout. "HEY! WHERE'S MY PAPPA?! WHO WROTE THIS?!"
  11. Anyone interested in playing a child? Well I got one for ya! His name is Theriion Davorn Lasfaen and he is currently twelve years old. His mother is known as Thalia Lasfaen, and his father is the deceased Davorn Lasfaen. He is of the Adunian race but has the features similar to a half elf. He has black hair and bright blue eyes. His features are defined like his father's yet soft like his mother's. Ever since the fall of Ando Alur, Thalia has been on the road constantly with Theriion when he was but a baby. At one point they stayed at the Melphestaus Estate in Oren until Theriion got old enough so Thalia could feed him proper food and keep a close eye on him. For years they kept in the same vicinity as Oren and rarely traveled outside of the Holy Oranian lands. The only fatherly figure that Theriion ever had in his life was from another Adunian male by the name of Xander Castington, to whom he hasn't seen in years. They are currently still wandering around Oren, managing to stay out of trouble and away from bandit attacks. (If anyone is interested in playing Theriion, please hit me up on my discord, Otakuu#5502. More inside information will be given once you have been given the character to play. Happy Roleplaying everyone!)
  12. Hello! if you are searching a new charcater to play in a family this is the place for you! some time ago the players of my two kids Aesar and Virion just stopped completely playing the characters and they ahev been unplayed since... they were kids so now they should be around 15-20 years old? or more? The R'Ikarth family will hopefully come together with the help of two active players playing my two sons, we already have a player for Delra R'Ikarh, the older daughter of my Character Zirath T. R'Ikarth R'Enar leader of the R'Ikarth clan and Grand Veneur of Stygian Hollow. This Clan is pretty fresh but we have our own traditions and activities! We have already a discord and a couple of members and a clan house too. Aesar R'Ikarth A young dark elf with soft features, emerald eyes, gray skin and silver hair, son of Inui Ba'Ikana that will later marry Zirath R'Enar to form the R'Ikarth family. Aesar was then raised by Zirath and was treated as his son, the father-son relationship between the two was beyond blood relation, he trained Aesar to be a hunter and Aesar himself would later help Zirath with matters in the R'Ikarth clan and will help train his younger half-brother Virion. Zirath then decided to transfer his family from the Stygian Hollow to Rozania after the some events and the death of Inui, his wife. Aesar has a fond interest in books like his father and loves to teach others about what he learnt. Virion R'Ikarth This young dark elf, son of Zirath and Inui R'ikarth, has beautiful golden eyes, a very dark skin and silver hair. He is a pretty mischevioius child and the youngest amongst his siblings. He was trained from his father and his older half-brother and turned out to be an excelent user of the saber and the poleaxe, but despite his abilities in handling weapons he is a little too rash with his decisions and often asks for his older brother's help. He is quite the honest one and he always needs to say what he thinks... this has turned out to be a bad thing in certain situations. Nonetheless he is a good individual and when it comes to help someone he will always do it. Unlike his father he is very fixed on aesthetics, he will always wear fine clothing and he will always have perfectly styled hair. [OOC: sorry if i made grammar mistakes but english is not my first language. Please for any info on the two characters don't hesitate to DM me on discord kuro#9824. Skins are already done for the characters and i have some art representations of them too, the story was really shortened in this post to make it easy to read but i assure you it's a bit more complicated than that. Anyhow! i hope you will apply for this! thanks for reading and good day THIS IS CLOSED]
  13. Looking for family within Oren for new persona slot.... The character I am looking for preferably to be male. Preferably I'd like this character to start off in the age range of 16-19.
  14. Heya! I'm looking for a family/house, preferably noble, that is within Oren. I would like to preferably roleplay a female character that is past the maturity age. It would be great if I could make a character that are in their 30s in human years and converted into any race's years for whoever decides to take me in. Happy Roleplaying ^.^
  15. Mondblume Family Lore Limo_Man (Ziggity #0979) | Amelot the Brave and ozark (0zark#2665) | Zeydl Mondblume A manual for those in the Mondblume family. A history of the family name and origins. Family Origins The Lore of the Moon Rose Spoiler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydaj81_E7LU A ranger stood alone in a valley of freshly fallen snow. He had never enjoyed the city life, the noise, the cobblestone keep towers which hide those fortunate enough to be born rich nobility. His short, messy, light blond hair shined in the dark night. The blackened sky almost entirely darkened, except a brightly shining full moon center sky. The ranger’s cloak tussled in the light winter night wind, a bow strung over his shoulder with a quiver full of arrows. The ranger stood silent gazing into the darkness of the forests around him. As he would step in the snowy fields the crisp snow crackled and stirred along with him. Snowy mountains surrounded him as he sauntered through a thicket of pine trees. He was searching… perhaps hunting for dinner... perhaps he searched for something more. The wandering ranger flipped his cowl from his ranger cloak up over his head as the forest wind began to pick up. The trees croaked and moaned in the night as the blizzard approached. It became evident that the ranger was in need of shelter. The ranger’s head rotated searching until his entire body froze and tensed. He came into view of a tight cave entrance in which he could slide into for shelter. Ducking his head under the rocky cave roof as his body was engulfed by the opening in the mountain. The ranger found himself looking around the cave walls covered in thick moss and dripping stalactites from the ceiling. It became evident that this cave had not been disturbed in a great many years. As he walked through the darkened cave he noticed a light to the back of the cave… the hiss of steel echoed in the cave as his blade was drawn. The cave became eerily silent as the ranger approached the growing light. Spoiler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbcGRNDiaKM A white rose stood before him shining in the moonlit light through an opening in the ceiling of the cave onto a patch of the greenest grass and thicket the ranger had ever seen. A stone cross lay behind it lit by the glowing moonlight in the cave. Etched into the cross were the words, “Those who seek clarity need only taste a petal.” The ranger set up a small fire in the darkened cave, using his small metal cooking pot to heat some winter snow into fresh steaming water. Delicately the ranger cut off a small petal from the moonlit rose and dropped it into his steamed water. Strangely the petal dissolved instantaneously into the water turning the liquid a silvery white color as if moon dust itself had been sprinkled in. The ranger grasped the pot of steamed water, closing his eyes he drank the petal laced liquid. A strange sensation enveloped him. As the ranger opened his eyes the cave was gone. His mind unhinged as he could see clearly what he was searching for. The ranger could see only the glow of the moon in his mind setting him in a fevered trance. His purpose which he had been searching for his entire life was revealed in a brief instant. The lone ranger entered the ancient cave lost but left a renewed man with purpose. He left a Mondblume. Mondblume Family Values “A petal laced in clarity.” Mondblume Family Tree Spoiler: https://gyazo.com/541d78e28512cb76a598cd4d254ad22f Mondblume Focus Professions Knighthood HRA Politician Beast Hunting Mondblume Family Accent Examples: With Accent Regular common/without accent Zhou net zhou go zhou bet. You need to go to bed. Zy don’t know vy zhou asked? I don’t know why you asked? Somesing iz in ze vater. Something is in the water. Zy am taking a valk down ze street. I am taking a walk down the street. Ze game vas rigged from ze start. The game was rigged from the start. “Th” becomes “s” >> Thinking > Sinking; when used in sharp TH words like therapy, thinking, thesis, Thor etc. “Th” becomes “z” >> That > Zat; with less sharp TH words like thankful, thanks, those, the, etc. “Y” becomes “z” > You > Zhou or “Ending duh sound” becomes “t” such as bed > bet; head, read, knead, mood, food, etc. >> Zy need ze foodt. Family Swear Words: Bagool = Bastard Goon Fool, “Zose bagools vill get zemselves killed.” Vilgrein = fucker; “Zet worthless vilgrein got himself kilt.” Fett Tauschen = fat fool Fruhlingsgarten = calling someone a noob. (spring daisy) “Zhou’re zuch a fruhlingsgarten, zhou don’t know how to do zat?” Mondblume Family History Scyfling Invasion 1773-1775 The origins of the family date back to 1774 during the Scyfling conflict under King Sigismund II of Hanseti-Ruska. The original family participated in this conflict on the opposing side of Bralt the Boar and his invading Scyfling forces. Øzark Mondblume, before adopting his family name, participated in a great deal of battles serving as a Haense Royal Army Ranger during the conflict. His army regiment saw the most battles and largest casualties during the invasion. This war was a major turning point in the beginnings of the journey into the creation of the Mondblume family. Inferni Conflict 1776 The strength of this family was put to the test, for the first real time, in the Inferi war that had been waged near the end of Almaris. In this engagement, the two founding Mondblumes were forever remembered as war heroes of this brutal battle which left one of them in the seven skies. Amelot the Brave. This honorable man had quite a history in Haense’s great city, leaving the lands with five daughters to carry on his legacy. Deserters of the Haeseni throne Taking place right after the Inferi war had finished, and the new lands of Almaris presented themselves, a good sum of the Mondblumes left Haense’s lands in search of another. This hurt the fledgling house, almost causing the house of Mondblume to be left in the dust of history as Øzark Mondblume and several other Mondblumes went with him; only three of the original ten members of Mondblumes remained. Yet the remaining loyal members kept going. The Attenlund Expedition Forever astray, our members of the family scraped and scrambled toward regaining some sense of reputation within Haense - broken by a portion of the lineage seceding from Karosgrad’s steel gates. Though years and years passed, yet it seemed nothing was in the family’s gaze of desperation. Nothing for them to grasp or latch onto; to bring their name out of the cold mud. Eventually, A large expedition to new lands was called upon the nation. Hildebrand Mondblume and his son Albrecht Mondblume were chosen as expedition leaders to host and conquer the lands unknown. Throughout the time in the Attenlund, the Mondblumes had done a fine score for the kingdom - redeemed and recognized for their dire efforts after decades of a no man’s land. The Barony of Richtenburg A small sum of years after the Attenlund expedition was the first court session since the Mondblumes had returned to the city. A large score of citizens amassed within the palace halls, happily waiting to be met with their Koeng’s presence. Once court had begun, Ser Hildebrand Mondblume was called to stand before the Koeng, Koeng Heinrik, as he was made Lord of the newly named Baron house of Mondblume. ~Mondblume Family Traditions~ The Wild Hunt This ‘trial’ sort to speak, is where a young Mondblume, who has yet to be initiated into the family as an adult, is sent outside of Karosgrad’s warm protection to prove in the harsh cold of the Rimeveld region. Said Mondblume child is expected to not return until they’ve successfully hunted a wolf and anything else they managed to gather, while also having to survive solely off of their surroundings as they hunt. Perhaps the most important part of this Hunt is acquiring a white pedal of a rose to symbolize their presence in the family. Later on, this pedal is to be buried/burnt along with the Mondblume who had gathered it during their trial. A Kin’s Bout Whenever Mondblume relatives experience conflict amongst one another, and is not being resolved, the members must take up a competition/bout in hunting. Whoever manages to get more for a feast that will follow this friendly bout is declared the winner, and thus rising as the winner to the original conflict between family. The Grimgold Pact Back when the Mondblumes were still coming to life, in the first line of the family, Amelot the Brave challenged one of the Dwarven marshals to a duel of sorts. Alaric Grimgold was his name, and he made the young Amelot a deal in his early years. One that he’d have to carry on his own. The small agreement required him to grow and progress through the ranks of the BSK - underneath the great marshal Erwin Barclay. Eventually the boy deemed himself ready for this spar, though wasn’t ever able to finish his deal before his passing in the Inferi war’s final engagement. After Amelot’s demise, his family inherited mostly everything that he’d owned - including the duel against Alaric Grimgold. Though, this fated and fabled duel has begun to drift into more of myth and legend to the Mondblume lines - leaving the trial of dueling a Grimgold in a friendly spar in order to prove themselves as stalwart heroes and accomplished warriors who’ve thoroughly lived their lives. ~A History of House Patriarchs~ ~0zark Mondblume~ Not only one of the two founders of the Mondblumes, but was also a successful leader within the HRA. He used to be in control of the Ranger unit within Haense until it was disbanded, making many friends in the great cities of Haense while patriarch. Unfortunately, once the rangers had been disbanded, the adorned war hero felt it time to hang up his rank in Haense and offer his talents to the forming ranger squad within Norland’s city of Elysium. ~Ser Hildebrand Mondblume The Gryphon //Master of the Hunt// //executioner of Koeng Heinrik//~ Hildebrand Mondblume was a knight of Haense, adorned by the moniker of 'The Gryphon'. This knight's time in Haense as the house patriarch set the Mondblumes on a path to gain Barony - through his efforts in the expedition as the Koeng's executioner, the strong presence he and his son Albrecht Mondblume held in the nation's duma, and his time served under both The Order of The Crow and the HRA/BSK. This will be added to in the future whenever we get new lore to put in.
  16. House Dracontas | Οίκος Δράκωντας "Για τον Θεό, υπερασπίζουμε" Looking for a house to join? Then, House Dracontas may be the perfect option for you! Introduction | Family History A noble Akritian family founded in the Kingdom of Akritos by Varangian Guard Commander Dionisius Dracontas The First; first Commander of the Akritian Army and the founder of the Varangian Guard. After the fall of the Empire, they have moved to the North to seek a place to stay, historical archives say that they were residing in Hanseti-Ruska for a while and eventually became citizens there, not taking their noble-heritage with them as they adopted the behavior of lower-class citizens. The House of Dracontas is extremely devoted to the religion of The Church of Canon, as even in the old days, they kept themselves to the behavior that they should have when they are in a war and concluded as victorious. The family has gained their reputation through the war against the Turkin, as Dionisius had fought in the war and was concluded as victorious against the enemy. Dionisius eventually took the remaining Turkin with him and allowed them to live in the small province that he owned. Full History: https://wiki.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=House_of_Dracontas How to join? Follow this format and reply with your answers! Then, when you have done it you shall be sent a message through discord with an invite to the family-discord. [Akritian names are basically Greek names, use a fantasynamegenerator which generates greek names, or look some names up using google, the choice is up to you!] CURRENT MEMBERS @sashimichopped| Georgios Dracontas VI @Drumoldth| Dionisius Dracontas VIII
  17. House de Rosius Seeks Members! ❃ ~✽~ ❃ ❃ ~✽~ ❃ Symbol: The Rose accurately represents the members of the House de Rosius as the motto suggests they are "Beautiful and Dangerous" like the flower itself. History: The Rosius' are an upper-middle class family of Auverge decent. Based in Providence, many members involve themselves but are not limited to Orenian Politics and the Ministries of Justice, Treasury, and Interior. The members vary in the means of looks but mostly have brown hair, green, blue, grey, or amber eyes. Although the House had a rough upbringing like extreme poverty, the death of Abolios de Rosius, the loss of their parents Sophia and Marcus de Rosius. They have truly made the most of such horrible conditions and plan to expand their influence all over Oren and beyond. Join us in this effort and enjoy some A tier roleplay. ❃ ~✽~ ❃ The list of current members is as follows : Role: Name in Game, Minecraft Username, LOTC Profile, Brief Description Previous Head of House: Valent de Rosius, (Valecius) @Valecius. Valent, divorced, Male. Passed Away Attorney General of the Ministry of Justice (Head of all Crown Solicitors), Alderman, Undersecretary of the Treasury, Clerk of Providence. Heir of House: Otis de Rosius, (0TI5) @0TI5 Otis, male, husband to Claude. Representative at the House of Commons, Served two terms as Alderman and Lord Mayor of Providence, Architect, Seneschal of Redenford, Clerk of Providence, and Head Butler at the Augustine. Julius de Rosius, (sashimichopped) @sashimichopped. Julius, male, single. Alderman and Lawman of the Ministry of Justice. Passed Away Dr. Francis de Rosius, (Noveau_Chapeau) @Nouveau-Chapeau. Francis, male, single. Criminal Psychologist, Commissioner of the MoJ. Hughbert de Rosius, (Emp_Palpatine) @Emp_palpatine. Hughbert, male, single. Previously residing in Haense, Assistant Diplomat of Haense. Passed Away Constance de Rosius, (RougeViolet) @RougeViolet. Constance, female, single. Exiled Slyvia de Rosius, (KryTheRat) @Remyy. Slyvia, female, single. Businesswoman, Owns the Rosius Apothecary at the Carrington Emporium. Passed Away Anne de Rosius, (FawnyTheTurtle) @Fawnytheturtle. Anne, female, married. Actor. Elodie de Rosius, (phoebe202) @Majesticpasta. Elodie, female, in a relationship. Takes interest in botany and worked as a maid at the Augustine. Claude de Rosius Nee de Frand, (Pomplemousse) @Pomplemousse. Claude, female, wife to Otis and sister to Aimee de Frand. Tailor. Hera de Rosius, (VictoriaMinaj) @Vi . Hera, female, single, eldest child of Otis and Claude, takes interest in Magic and Medicine. Athena and Eris de Rosius, (spleenbeans & Willow_Beatle) @Spleen @Willow. Athena and Eris, adopted twins of Otis and Claude, come from Yong Ping. Leander de Rosius, (gamerdude09) @Viraj Dobrial. Leander, male, newest born of Otis and Claude. Dominique de Rosius, (BarcardiBreeza) @BarcardiBreeza. Dominque, female, single, daughter of Julius de Rosius. Louis de Rosius, (sashimichopped) @sashimichopped. Louis, male, in a relationship, son of Valent de Rosius and Elizabeth Galbraith. Philip de Rosius, (13E666L13) @13E666L13. Philip, male, single, son of Valent de Rosius and Elizabeth Galbraith. Maria de Rosius, (Emi_Sohma) @EmiliainWonderland. Maria, female, single, daughter of Valent de Rosius and Elizabeth Galbraith. CADET HOUSE: Head of Cadet House: Jacker Gendik-Rosius, (Ariyanqwq) @Ariyanqwq. Jacker, male, married to Josephine Gendik-Rosius. Sergeant in the ISA (Msg him if you'd like to join the Cadet Branch) Josephine Gendik-Rosius, Josephine, female, married to Jacker Gendik-Rosius. Heir to the Cadet House: Stephan Gendik-Rosius. Stephan, male, son of Jacker and Josephine Gendik-Rosius. Dolly Gendik-Rosius. Dolly, female, daughter of Jacker and Josephine Gendik-Rosius. Below you can find the current 'Family Tree' : If you are interested, reach out to any of the members listed in game, over discord Matti#2192 , or comment using the format below, Thank you! ❃ ~✽~ ❃
  18. Ok so I do not know if I am doing this right, so I will change it or move it if need be. But anyway, I was looking for somebody who could play as a sister character, they're gonna be half orc (you can do a sub-species if you want too)-half elf (High elf). You could go with Ashryn since that is the name for the sister or we could just say that they changed it, also they shall be 4 years old, also my character and the sister are half siblings Also for the last name is Vorora but it could be Vorora-(whatever prefix from that married). also this is what my character looks likes, also please don't ask my male character is in a dress. Also new role is the father who is Inchel Vorora, if you wanna be him or you can be an adopted sibling like my sister is doing, a half sibling on the mother's side since elf curse but you can be an older sibling than Corbin if you want too, or you can be a twin character with someone, if you and someone are wanting to be twins please message me so I could know, also you can make customize the children however but it has at least has to inherit one feature of either parent unless if they're adopted, also for the father, he is 456 currently. You can also be the step-mother which is the Orc, and you can choose the age, name, and what their appearance/personality is. Contact me if you want to take the role by discord. my username and # is: Pluto-Saturn-To-Leroy-Omalett#8973, you can message me on here with the messaging thing if you don't have discord, you can ask in the comments if you like too, or msg me in Minecraft on the server. Also if more than one person wants to join, you could be the father/mother or just a new sibling that was adopted since elf curse, or we could say mother orc married to someone else or something and had children, or you can be a twin with someone but you need to ask me and the person who you want to be twins with.
  19. The Union of Rosius et Frand ~ ~ 𝔄𝔦𝔪𝔢𝔢 𝔡𝔢 𝔉𝔯𝔞𝔫𝔡 requests your presence at the marriage of her sister, the fair Claude de Frand to The Honorable, Otis de Rosius At the Basilica of the Ascent, in the center of the Imperial City of Providence, officiated by Vice-Chancellor Cardinal Pelagius-Albarosa. Followed by a reception at 'The Ivy House' hosted by Madam Ivy herself. To be taken place on the 19th of the Sun's Smile, 1813 ((Sunday, 3/28/21 7pm EST))
  20. The Goodbarrel Family (and the Greenfoots) History Greta Goodbarrel, the first of the Goodbarrels to return to Brandybrook, is descended from two very different but very large and illustrious halfling families: the Goodbarrels and the Greenfoots. The Greenfoots trace their lineage over the past century to Greta’s maternal great grandfather, Alberic Greenfoot, who founded the isolated village of Norbury deep within the well guarded lands of the Holy Orenian Empire upon his arrival in Arcas in 1705. Largely isolated from the rest of their kin, the Greenfoots have dwelt almost exclusively in Norbury, with Greta being one of the few of their line to leave that village. The Goodbarrels are a family much older than the Greenfoots, and though they trace their lineage back to Dunshire in Atlas, it is very likely that there were even older generations of Goodbarrels in Axios. Frequent migrants and travelers, the Goodbarrels were only intermittently present in Brandybrook prior to Greta’s arrival, and have been largely dispersed throughout Arcas. Nevertheless, they have had much more contact with their kin than the Greenfoots have. Caramella, the mother of Thain Micah O’Connell of Brandybrook, was a Goodbarrel. Culture and Traditions The Greenfoots, hailing from Norbury, follow a very distinct and unusual variation of halfling traditions. Though the village of Norbury was founded by Alberic Greenfoot with the intention of acting as a safe haven for propers in the face of an increasingly improper halfling society, it soon fell under the sway of its Orenian protectors. The result was a halfling culture that, despite following all the regular halfling traditions such as using shovels and shunning mina, also came to adopt the patriarchal customs and refined speech of humans, interacting with and frequently befriending them while viewing all other bigguns with immense suspicion. Nevertheless, the Greenfoots have proven to be particularly creative thinkers; those who can read have made excellent authors and poets, and even those who cannot read have shown great talent in carving, painting, and music. The Greenfoots are also renowned for their impeccable manners and enchanting charisma. The Goodbarrels, being well travelled, are far more diverse in their traditions. Though most Goodbarrels adhere to halfling “properness”, a notable improper few have been known to use swords and trade in mina. Goodbarrels often interact with and befriend elves and tend to mistrust humans, but are overall more friendly to bigguns than most halflings are. Though Goodbarrels have had many professions ranging from burglary, to caravanning, to druidism, to scholarship; their most famous talent and tradition is winemaking; at least one Goodbarrel of each generation has had a vineyard at some point in their life. Whether it be from books or in streetsmarts, the Goodbarrels have been noted to be remarkably intelligent, and have also proven to have a natural talent for stealth. Though they tend to be fairly introverted, Goodbarrels are known for their witty humor. Shared among most Greenfoots is a dislike for dwarves; a people considered by them to be brutish, violent, and greedy. The family also has a great fear and hatred of orcs, whom they consider to be monsters, as well as a dismissive attitude toward beast folk such as Kha and Wonks, whom they view as house pets rather than people. Religion The Greenfoots, having been so heavily influenced by the Orenians, follow a bizarre faith best described as Knoxo-Canonism, which equivocates Knox with the God of the Canonist faith. They are strict in their adherence to this religion; which resulted in the remarkably Orenian social attitudes that caused Greta to leave Norbury in search of adventure and freedom. The Goodbarrels, being more well travelled and diverse in their traditions, do not all follow the same religion. Though the vast majority of them worship Knox, many have also followed the Aspects or Arugula. Appearance The Greenfoots are of average height for a halfling, ranging between 2’9” and 2’11”. Greenfoots are notable for having curly red hair and round faces and tend to be plump and studier than other halflings. Eye colors range from blue to green to brown and heterochromia is fairly common. The most distinct feature of a Greenfoot is having rosy cheeks; it is said that Greenfoots blush frequently in response to flattery or embarrassment. The Goodbarrels tend to be taller and more fair-skinned than other halflings, ranging from about 2’10” to 3’3” in height. Though a few have had varying shades of red and blonde hair, most have been brown haired. Goodbarrels also tend to be lighter, quieter, and faster than other halflings. The most distinct feature of a Goodbarrel is having large bright blue eyes. Family Members Living Hawthorn Goodbarrel, First Cousin Once Removed of Greta - SalamanderMoss Dead Greta Goodbarrel, Former Matriarch - HalflingPrincess (1739 - 1831) Kerraline “Kerra” Goodbarrel (neé Erawick), Former Matriarch, Wife of Greta - teawithSunny (c. 1680 - c. 1840) Shelved Faye Goodbarrel, First Cousin Once Removed of Greta - Uh_Stella Elizabeth “Eliza” Goodbarrel, Matriarch, Daughter of Greta - teawithTori Family Tree: https://familyecho.com/?p=START&c=110bhwxy131&f=462496709853665536 [Any living character on the family tree that does not have an image or a placeholder is available to be turned into a persona. If you wish to play one of these characters or join the family with your own; message me on discord at HalflingPrincess#1984]
  21. "I will always love you" [!] The Palmer has left letters in a series of places, leaving them behind where members of her family, and a friend or two, leaving them in their mailboxes with an orchard that matches Astrid’s eye color. To a friend who has always been there: @CherryBoy “Dear Yuelena, we have had some amazing times together. You have seen me at one of my darkest times and you stuck with me. You are something else, you are definitely a little sparky spark. Do you remember that time we went to Haense, because I don’t. You also know how to make a really damn good cup of tea, I enjoyed getting to come over to your house and sitting down, talking about the most random of things at times. You have always been a really good friend who is troubled and I applaud you for that, even if your girlfriend got a little jealous at times. This isn’t my final goodbye, it’s more like a see you later type of deal. Don’t forget me because I won’t forget you, I won’t be around to save you from random strangers who want to bug you while shopping, just remember what I would do in that situation. Remember when I left you with a random elf? That made me laugh, it was a great time for me! Yue, I can’t wait until the next time we get the chance to see each other and hopefully it won’t be when my time comes to pass. I will see you later, as always, stay safe and stay well friend.” [!] At the bottom it would be signed Astrid Palmer To my dear sister Leyu: @minty_roses “Hey, my angry little elf or better known as my sister. I have when we first met that you wanted to kill me for the action that I did all of those years ago but over time we have formed a bond like no other and nobody has seemed to get in the way of that. Something that I never got to tell you, I have always looked to you, you have always been something I have been striving for but I have ultimately failed. Give my best to not so little Andria for me, she is truly a little blessing. I’m sorry that I can’t be there when you needed me the most, I was so wrapped up in the life I was living and I forgot about the people who cared about me. My time hasn’t come to an end, I’m not dead yet, I have a few years left in me, that is for sure. You will always be my older sister in my eyes, the older sister who I can’t say that I love you enough, I have been asked to leave Talon’s and that is what I am doing, I’m leaving few more place but don’t worry wherever I am, just know that I am safe and keeping my family safe. I hope that you still love me when we get the chance to see each other again, hopefully it won’t be when my time comes to pass. [!] At the bottom of the letter it would be signed Astrid Palmer. To my adopted Parents Ainz and Audry: @ComicD @AudTheOdd “Dear father, after some of my recent actions, I have decided that it is time that we have parted ways. Things have changed over time and this is my final goodbye, you took me in when I was in a time of need and I have always thanked you for that. I know that we have had our ups and downs, we have had our good times and our bad. I know that you will probably never forgive me, you have probably hate me for what I have done, but I hope that somewhere deep down inside that you will find a way to forgive me. I don’t know if we will ever see each other again, but maybe it will happen in another life. [!] At the bottom of the letter it would be signed Astrid Palmer. “Dear Audry, you were just kind of thrown in being my mother when you were with Ainz and he chose to adopt me. It took me sometime to accept this after things from my past that I have tried hard to push to the dark places of my mind in an attempt to forget. It was always nice that I had you in my corner when I was causing problems, you were someone I could always turn to when I needed someone to talk to, or even if I just wanted to hangout. I know we haven’t seen each other in a few years, I wish I would have sat down and talked one last time before I left this at your home. I hope you stay well and don’t try to come looking for me, I love you and hopefully we will see each other again before my time comes to pass since I am just a small little human and you are an elf.” [!] At the bottom of the letter it would be signed Astrid Palmer. To one of the best Docs I know: @BasilTheBunny “Hey Pru, I hope you are still being the best doctor I know. I remember when I first met you in the Tavern in Sutica, I was a little trouble maker from the start and over the years you slowly heard some of the things that I have done and you never looked back on me. You were always around when I needed someone to talk to when I didn’t want to turn to my parents, you helped keep me safe when I ran away at the age of 12. You were always there for me when I needed medical help, if it was broken nose or a few broken ribs. You taught me many things as I grew up, you taught me how to fight with a dagger, you taught how to pay for something when I had no idea what I was doing. I thought I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up but the cards that I was dealt, they had me headed down a different direction, but I have picked a few tricks of the trade over the years from you. I want to sit in the boring council meetings with you but I don’t think that will be possible for a while, maybe Mika will keep my seat open until I decide to return or maybe he will find someone better. I will see you soon, maybe in a few months, maybe in a few years, who knows. [!] At the bottom of the letter it would be signed Astrid Palmer. To the love of my life: @minty_roses “Dear Giada, you are something truly amazing, the years I have gotten to spend with you, they have been some of the best years of my life. I have always been there for you, I have always dropped everything in your time of need, I have been your shoulder to cry on, I have always been there when you need to talk or just wanted someone there to listen. I will never forget you, you will always have a special place in my heart, right near my father Garret. I wish I would have been able to spend more time with you before I wrote this and left it at your home. I remember the day I first laid my pale blue eyes on you, you gave me a sense of peace, something that I have always longed for. Our story doesn’t end here, we have a few more chapters to write, remember this for me, I am always safe and I will always love you. I will make sure that our son stops a few times in Providence to make sure that everything is well, maybe I will even make the trip a time or two to check in on you and your family. I have loved getting the chance to watch them grow up over the years, they have put a smile on my face for many years. But I fear that some of my recent actions have changed the course I’m headed, and this is my time to leave. You need to stay strong, I’m not going anywhere, this is more see you later but I won’t be around everyday. I don’t know the next time I will be able to see you but please for me, remember that I will always love you. ” [!] At the bottom of the letter it would be signed Astrid Palmer If you went to her house in Providence, there would be nothing left, maybe a few crumbs on the floor. Everything would seem to be packed up and moved. The beds would be nicely made, all the valuables taken, and no sign of the family that once lived there. You can try to send her a letter, who knows if it will be responded to. OOC: If you were mentioned in one of the letters, please respond how your persona would react!
  22. - Looking For Family - Hello! I’m a human living in Oren and I’m looking for family. You can be blood related or adopted in the family, either works for me! I can provide a comfortable home and anything else you need. I also don’t care about your race, I welcome you with open arms as long as you are fine with me being a human. - Family - Nayeli- mupu53 ((If you wish to join the family, message me on discord [mupu53#6046]))
  23. The Arvellon Seed Watchers in the Autumn Woods _________________________________________ “From our trees of red, gold, and orange do we watch.” The Autumnal Lore _________________________________________ The Arvellon Seed is one of the smaller and lesser known tribes amongst the first migration of Mali’ame. Whilst others adorned themselves in unique and colorful markings and apparel, the Wood Elves of the Arvellon were only identifiable by their shared physical traits and their name. Yet even this left them confused with the seedless brothers and sisters. However the Mali’ame of the Arvellon did not mind this for centuries to come. They enjoyed the ease in which they could meld within the rest of their tribal society, watching and listening as the Wildcats of Felixii do. Little is known concerning their worship of the Wildcat Princess, as is most things with the feline mani. Similarly shrouded is the seed’s later adoption of worship to Kwakwani, the Trickster Raven. Though they took to these new ways and meshed them with that of Felixii’s, creating the unique and unknown culture that they are in the modern age. In the times of Malin and the nomadic Mali’ame, the Arvellon were led by a man known as Carsul’il. Known among his kin as the Laughing Lynx for his hearty attitude and his peculiar style in hair. Carsul’il was the first to take on the name of Arvellon, and the founder of their ame’lie, a grove considered to be only myth and named the Harvest Wood for some said it was a place of perpetual autumn that was always bathed in a copper and gold light from the rays of sun shining through the canopy. Many thought the grove was a legend for rare few knew of its name, much less of its existence. While most of the tales sprung from this age, and of Carsul’il specifically, are considered myth and the true events that happened are lost to the winds of time, the more modern era of the Arvellon is easier to recollect if similarly unknown to anyone but the Arvellon. Carsul’il eventually disappeared into the wilds as most ancient mali’ame do, leaving behind his ways for his second child, Merriel Arvellon. Unlike her father, Merriel did not have many daring adventures. She preferred the quiet and watchful side of their ways, living her life upon a simple farmstead with her mate and listening to the breeze for all manner of news and secrets until the day she had her first and only child, Miklaeil. Miklaeil was bound to take after his grandfather from the day he began to walk, always grinning and dashing about from one adventure to the next with the clever wit of a cat. Only his mother could truly tame his lust for the thrill and unknown, until the day he came of age for manhood. Miklaeil gathered what few things he owned and set off into the world, leaving a supportive but deeply saddened Merriel behind. Years passed and the young Arvellon found himself in what was known as the Dominion of Malin. It was here that Miklaeil decided to first attempt securing a steady life after thirty or so years of travel, though doing so cost him the identity of his ancestors within him. He donned bronze and silver platemail, shouted cries of war in the name of various princes and princesses, and even took on the name and beliefs of another seed entirely in his patriotic vigor. He began to look less and less like that of Carsul’il, and his letters to his mother grew less and less filled with wonder and joy but instead with grim and dark experiences. It was about this time that Merriel Arvellon died, caught in an accident with farm equipment. Years passed and Miklaeil gradually fell back into the old ways of his grandfather, Carsul’il. His constant grin and cheeky quips became his trademark, and his vigilant and cat-like eyes always watched with a certain mischievous glint. Twas long after the Dominion collapsed when he became a Lord upon the council of Aegrothond, then yet more until he met the lovely Empyreal Princess of Alderyn, Layla Le’Cai. It was not long after noticing the same playful glint in her eyes that he fell in love and returned fully to the ways of Carsul’il. Between the two of them, the Arvellon seed’s history and culture were reborn into something both new and old. Several decades pass and the Arvellon are now grown and changed beyond what they were upon Miklaeil’s reclamation. It was around this time that the seed was begrudgingly convinced to join the fledgling Forest Realm of Irrinor. The reluctance of the seed’s chieftains to take such a step proved correct when the Aspectist nation fell to infighting, leaving the Arvellon to flee back to the Talus Grove. Disillusioned with the politics of greater elven nations following the fall of Irrinor, Miklaeil declared the rite of Maya’meracahe to prevent more misfortune befalling the Arvellon. Several families were born and brought into the seed’s warm embrace following its departure from Irrinor, allowing the group to spread out and diversify amongst themselves as they chose according to the rite of Maya’meracahe. Despite this rebound, Layla and Miklaeil were left tired and in need of a respite from the civilized places of the world. A moot of the seed was held in the Talus Grove where Eretria and Nerrin were chosen to be the next chieftains, allowing Layla and Mikaeil to delve into the deep wilds of the world for the next decade. Beliefs and Values _________________________________________ The ways of the Arvellon are deeply rooted in Aspectism and the Mani pantheon, basing most all their various styles and values upon that of the old ‘ame teachings. Religion _________________ “Given a wink from the Wildcat and a grin from the Raven, Carsul’il set off into the wood.” Aspectism and the Mani pantheon are both well-cherished parts of the Arvellon culture, most everything about them being divined from these practices. However, like most other Seeds, the Arvellon worship a select few Mani in particular. Those being Felixii, Princess of Wildcats, and Kwakwani, Princess of Ravens. Both of which heavily influence the day-to-day lives of the Arvellon, making for Elves with an odd mixture of secretive yet colorful personalities, flitting back and forth with words and actions like a cat or bird at play. Oftentimes these Elves make offerings to both Mani in the form of tricks and pranks upon those deserving of it, or merely for the fun of it. With regards to Felixii, the Wildcat is seen as the head of a lesser pantheon of her own that includes the other feline Mani gods. The Lion, Tiger, and Panther Mani all fall into this grouping though are not quite so revered as the Wildcat herself. Many decide to incorporate the teachings of these individual Mani princes into their worship of Felixii. Those Arvellon particularly devout to Felixii tend to tread through life with care put toward their own actions, yet are not afraid of the spontaneous. Witty, clever, and watchful are the best descriptions for an Arvellon Wildcat follower. It is taught that a proper Wildcat follower should remain ever vigilant for what knowledge they can collect or what whispers they may hear. This is usually referred to in regards to one’s own pursuits or craft, meant to encourage learning and growth in the mind. The Trickster Raven teaches her followers in the Arvellon the ways of artistry, beauty, and fun-loving attitudes. Those devout to Kwakwani are often the most playful of the seed prone to pranking their family and friends when it is least expected, or developing skill with their hands in the way of arts and craft. Many Arvellon take up trades in things such as painting, jewelry, writing, or even blacksmithing and woodworking. Their work is done with the intention of creating beauty with their very own hands, worshipping the Raven in the act alone. Appearance _________________ “Touched by the season of Autumn in body as well as mind.” Elves born of the Arvellon typically share the same set of physical traits, depending on the circumstances of their birth. An Elf carrying the traits of the Arvellon would be bronzed or tan in skin tone, usually a warm hue of some sort. Their hair tends to be curly or unruly in varying shades of red and brown. This coupled with brown or green eyes make them quite suitable for their favorite season, Autumn. Although, not every Arvellon is born from the autumnal bloodline. The modern generation of the seed is a wide variety of adopted members and members who married into the seed with the proper rites taken. This means that one could find most any Elf of any mix of traits donning the autumn paints of an Arvellon. Their apparel tends to reflect the colors of Autumn- Red, gold, yellow, and orange in various shades- to symbolize the changing and colorful personalities of the Arvellon and to acknowledge the natural cycle. Values _________________ “Live your life to the fullest, my child. Raise your boy, love your family, and see them flourish as I have.” - Carsul’il to his daughter, Merriel Arvellon When the Arvellon realized that the world is much too dangerous to face alone, they began to stick closer and closer together to ensure safety and prosperity despite the ordeals that the Descesdent world is prone to endure. Thus their ideology grew over time to incorporate values based upon the creation and protection of family. Family is treasured above all else to Arvellon. To protect and provide for one’s family is the highest priority and one that each Arvellon is expected to see done. Providing for the family also includes having children with which to fill it and continue the legacy. Due to the elven curse of infertility, adoption is not unheard of amongst the seed and is even considered honorable. With family comes Love. It is a sacred emotion connected to the very soul of a person that shapes them as it grows and evolves over time’s passage. An Arvellon couple is accepted as an eternal bond and a testament of passion and loyalty for such long-lived people as the elves. To break off that bond is a break of trust that many consider to be deserving of no less than a shun or, if the cause of division is so revolting, death. Love does not extend only to romance either. An Arvellon finds love in anything that they wish to look for it in. Some pursue trades and crafts to pour their passions into. Trust is built through experience and time together. An Arvellon without the trust of their kin is an Arvellon surrounded by the hounds of darkness, bound for an early rise of elven madness. Along the same vein of thought, Unity within the seed is expected by all its members to uphold fervently. According to the rite of Maya’meracahe, the Arvellon should never allow the frivolous squabbles of greater elvenkind and the Descendent world as a whole to divide them. Cheer and light-heartedness are seen as desirable traits among the Arvellon. Being a fun-loving people, they seek it out with a Lust for Life that goes unheard of among many other elven cultures and even in the mali’ame themselves. Adventure, pranks, good fun amongst their kin, all this and much more are the deep thoroughfare to an Arvellon’s heart. Traditions _________________________________________ Tradition in the Arvellon seed is developed over the course of time and experience, its members learning new ways to adapt to their environment and adding to their ways to fit. Ilmyumier _________________ Tattoos designed and drawn by the wonderful Numirya A recent and modern addition to the rites of the Arvellon is the ilmyumier, thought up and designed by Layla. The tattoo implements three of the most prevalent parts of the Arvellon’s unique culture with the head of a Wildcat, the wings and feathers of a Raven, and the colors and symbols of their beloved season Autumn. Along with the primary ilmyumier that is found on the dominant arm, Arvellon of this age are known to wear a stripe of paint across their eyes as a sign of luck to attract good fortune for them and their families, or during times of war and unrest in the world as a whole. Miruel’ame _________________ The “Red Trees” of the Arvellon forests that once served as the living, subtle guardians to their ancestral ame’lie known as the Harvest Wood. The cultivation of these trees, once a closely guarded secret held by the main bloodline of Arvellon, has since been passed down to the seed to reintroduce the tree into the world. The tree releases an ever present fog that surrounds its immediate vicinity and is considered to be the reason the Arvellon remained wrapped in mystery in the early eras of the world. Maya’meracahe _________________ “The bonds of family wave no flags.” In the ancient times of the Arvellon, when they lived in the depths of the Harvest Wood with their homes safely hidden from the turmoil beyond, the autumnal elves practiced what they called Maya’meracahe. This ‘redeeming balance’ was put into place by Carsul’il after a near disastrous confrontation within the seed between two brothers living in separate nations from each other. Carsul’il decided that the Arvellon seed would not serve as a political entity among the rest of Elvenkind, though it would not limit its individual members from taking part in what nations they chose to reside in. Mallir'hiylun _________________ “To be an Arvellon man is to have only half a mind. His wife has the rest.” Love is sacred and precious to the autumn Elves of the Arvellon, an emotion and act held dearly since the days of Carsul’il and the Harvest Wood. Making such a declaration toward another Elf is a grand and life changing event for the Arvellon. To them, there is only one such person to be found in their lives and it is an irreversible, unbreakable bond through both mind, body, and spirit. While not used until later in the seed’s existence, there is a binding ritual used to cement this connection between two Elves. Before an altar of Felixii and Kwakwani, the two would arrive in secret during the height of a Harvest Moon. Both would wield ceremonial aurum blades to cut the others palms. After the blood flows from both hands on either lover, the bloodied blades are laid crossed upon the altar before the two clasped hands to mix the blood of their palms and in doing so, intertwining the essence of their bodies and spirit. Once the ritual is complete, it’s said that the mates develop a true and absolute bond. While it’s not known whether this is merely firm belief, or if something truly binds the souls of the lovers, it works. These Arvellon lovers remain together until death, and even then it is said that their spirits pass on as one. Hunt of the Harvest Moon _________________ Every year during the Harvest Moon, when the night is bathed in strong orange light, the Arvellon host a ceremonial hunt that begins at moonrise and ends at sunrise of the next day. While the setting is an ominous and foreboding one, filled with shadows cast by the Harvest Moon’s light, the Elves who partake in it are filled with a playful vigor in their hunt. Typically, they will hunt until they find the largest game that they’re able to fell and bring it back to wherever the others are camped. There they wait until all the other hunters return with their prizes, to which a grand feast is held in honor of the peculiar phase of the moon. Rite of the Karin _________________ When an Arvellon comes of a certain age, or is adopted into the seed, they are allowed the gift of a twin-tailed, crystal antlered Karin cat. All Arvellon have one of these friendly cats as companions, given as mere kittens before they eventually grow to their full size of about a cougar. Due to the lifespans of these cats being much shorter than that of the average Elf, an Arvellon may have multiple different karin companions over the course of their life. Typically each new companion is a descendent of the previous, making for different bloodlines of Karin amongst the Arvellon. Interested in joining? _________________ PM DrinkPesticide#3970, Mewliet#6297, Numirya#5929, or ThumperJack#1536 on Discord if you’re looking to join the seed! They’ll explain how it’s done and what may work for you!
  24. Mowood Family The Mowoods are one of the newest halfling families to begin their journey to become a large dynasty, filled with rich history and bright futures. Cultures and traditions The Mowoods are a blank slate for traditions and cultures. Though they follow most general halfling traditions such as not wearing shoes, they are also eager to have their own. One of which has been brimming is their use of house magery. Something both Theodore and Bassett Mowood have been learning and possibly wish to pass onto their children and all future generations to come. Another tradition of such is their pure disgust for orcs. This is due to past events which have occurred by the hands of the ruthless green beasts. The two main stories to be told is Theodore's encounter when he envisioned an attack on his life by them which ultimately came true when a group of orcs ravaged him. And the other being that of lies and deceit. When Ul’ga, a person Bassett would call a friend. Made promises she didn’t keep. Lying to him on multiple occasions and then disappearing on him at a time when he felt most separated from everyone. However despite this there is no specific hatred towards Goblins, who some Mowoods find to be quite a refreshing change from the big, dumb, green Ologs and Orcs. Religion The Mowoods also have a taste for a religion. Mostly sticking with their avid beliefs in Knox who both Bass and Theo have spoken to on multiple occasions. (OOC: despite him not being the true one). To cement their trust in their god. Some Mowoods choose to pray to Knox to aid them in their training in house magery. Sometimes burning small trinkets and others simply praying. However as well as their strict religion to Knox, some members of the family also choose to be a loyal servant to the religion of the Aspects. Along with druidism as a whole. Stemming from the very first Mowood druid: Theodore Mowood. Appearance Although Bassett and Theodore were unable to conceive a child due to the barrier of gender. There is a running theme in appearance due to one of their children being Bear Mowood, who was niece to Theodore prior to being adopted. That being brown hair and blue/green eyes. However there is usually a mixture due to all of their adopted children having different eye colours, hair colours and form. Heirlooms and recipes Knoxs’ Lantern - A golden lantern with stained white glass. Inside is a mystic purple flame. It has the ability to sometimes aid the holder with their questions. This specific heirloom was given to Bass & Theo on their wedding day by Knox Mowood Mushroom Soup - A rare meal which is often made for Sunday lunch. The Mowood mushroom stew is a silky soup with soft cut mushrooms. This is also often given to family members who are sick with a cold. Family members Theodore Mowood - Alive Bassett Mowood - Alive Sorrel Mowood - Alive Griffin Mowood - Alive Agnes Mowood - Alive Bear Mowood - Alive If you wish to join our happy little family please make sure to message either me or Tame on discord at Ollie#8553 or TameFX#1905
  25. The Gardner Family The Gardner family are a people who keep to themselves, plain and simple. The Gardner farm sleeps deep in the trees, and they’re content to keep to themselves, thank you very much. Years ago, Isalie left the farm! Wanting to go on some ‘adventure’ and to ‘find herself’, whatever that means. Us Gardner’s would rather keep to our fields and never see another soul. Hopefully, no more of us Gardner’s stray like that Isalie! ~*~ The Family's Culture and Tradition Gardner’s are farmers, plain and simple. We till the fields, we trade with travelers (only to get them to leave us alone!). A very important tradition for us Gardner’s is our name. Whenever a Gardner gets married, their partner must take the Gardner name. We are also revered bee keepers, cultivating all sorts of delectable honey! It is one of our finer points of trade. ~*~ Your Families Appearance Gardner’s are quite tall, since our great great gram was a dwarf. The tallest stands at 3’4. We have tanned skin, some would argue from our dwarvish blood, but we also work in the sun on a daily basis. Gardner’s have blue or green eyes, and our hair is more often than not a golden color. Isalie Gardner ~*~ Religion The prophet, Lord Knox, might He bless our fields and our harvests! ~*~ Family Members Isalie Gardner – Daughter of Angelica and Griphie Garnder Taurin Gardner – Husband of Isalie Gardner (DECEASED) Polo Gardner – Son of Isalie and Taurin Gardner Anne Gardner – Daughter of Isalie and Taurin Gardner Kit-Kat Gardner – Daughter of Isalie Gardner (DECEASED) Wiliene Gardner – Older sister of Isalie Gardner (PLAYABLE) Ansley Gardner – Older brother of Isalie Gardner (PLAYABLE) Petal Gardner – Older sister of Isalie Gardner (PLAYABLE) Dove Gardner – Younger sister of Isalie Gardner Pepper Gardner – Younger brother of Isalie Gardner (PLAYABLE) Armo Gardner – Younger brother of Isalie Gardner (PLAYABLE) Buck Gardner – Younger brother of Isalie Gardner (OOC: Message me at Jadeemen#3529 if you wanna play a Gardner!) ( Family tree for reference! https://www.familyecho.com/?p=START&c=11o3slc4i7f&f=812562180119435236)
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