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  1. ANNOUNCEMENT of the HOUSE DARKWOOD The Darkwood Drink Festival In the year of our Lord, 13th of Peter's Glory 23 B.A To those of Almaris: House Darkwood has shown itself to be a house newly dedicated in its curation and creation of drinks of all kinds, having opened a business in the Brown Bear’s Rest Tavern in Balian. Having held such a passion for all his life Viscount Drako Darkwood would like to announce his intent to host a festival in celebration of what he loves in Balian. Starting in the Square of Balian with a small amount of stalls and space within Balian, those who make drinks are encouraged to sell or offer tasters of their drinks for the denizens of Almaris to taste and enjoy. Being that this is a drink festival, there will be a competition held in the tavern with a grand prize of 50 mina. Finally it will be ended with a drunken brawl in the arena, where anyone who wants to take part will drink and then fist fight those in the pit. As declared by, His Excellency, the Patriarch of House Darkwood, Lord Drako Darkwood, Viscount of Renduzzo. Her Excellency, Viscount-Consort Johanne Alstromeria Vuiller of Renduzzo
  2. [!] Elegantly scribed rice paper flyers are hung around all Tianrui Trading Co. locations and partners! THE TIANRUI TEAHOUSE CORDIALLY INVITES YOU TO OUR CELEBRATION OF THE MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL IN OUR ALISGRAD LOCATION! [!] A full moon rises behind the Tianrui gingko tree in Alisgrad in this print! Come one, come all! To the Tianrui Teahouse’s celebration of the Li-Ren Mid-Autumn Festival! Taking place once on the 15th of every 8th month on the Li-Ren lunar calendar, the Mid-Autumn festival is a celebration of harvest, friends and family, and of course moon cakes. While the date of the equinox precedes this missive, festivities shall take place in the Alisgrad Tianrui Teahouse from the Sun’s Smile to the Grand Harvest. For the first night of the event, tea master Tianrui Ren will tell the tale of the Mid-Autumn Festival and how it came to be! Event Planning and Hosting, Tianrui Ren OOC: Running all week in the Alisgrad Tianrui Teahouse, and Monday night at around 4pm EST I’ll be around to do an in-RP story time!
  3. Festival of the People Welcome to all adunians and friends of! Join us in celebration of a new home of the Adunic people. Wherein we will celebrate the past, present, and future with all who might be our honored guests. There will be various events from traditional adunic games to drinking and general revelry. The event will take place on Wednesday the fourteenth at 7 PM EST. Greetings and Welcome! Invited are as follows. All kin of Harren and Sorrei All friends of the Adunians All of Celia'nor Come and enjoy the warmth and welcome of the Adunian folks and see our culture in the form of our games and festivities! The Schedule to be expected is as such: Mace Catching This tradition arose from Elendil catching a mace mid-duel, and since then, the Adunian people have had variations of the game in which they chuck a mace at one another, and whoever catches it wins. Archery Due to the Adunic people being a traditional archer-focused society, they honor such ties and bonds by shooting targets from afar. Drinking and Feasting Following the competitions will be a moment of prayer to the ancestors followed by eating and drinking in their honor; the food will be the result of a hunt by the Adunian people and will feature a great selection of foods. To drink is to be merry and such; as much drink as can be drank shall be kept in supply and reach.
  4. "Deep in that realm, the Prince does slumber With royal mane of leaf and umber. When the days turn long, the sun's veil of fire awakens summertime from the Lion's choir." Excerpt from the Fable of Majira, the Midsummer Prince The Sixth Moon of the Lunar Calendar of Faeries is known as the Lion Moon, named for the likeness of the druidic fable of Majira, a great lion thought to guard the Court of the Fae Queen. Majira slumbers most of the year at the entrance to the Verdant Glade, where he rests after his yearly roar that brings the crescendo of summer to the realm. He is thought to be the father of the PrideMother fae spirits, roaming hunters of mischievous fae and trespassing spirits of draoi, and a patron of wild and domesticated feline companions to descendants alike. With Majira's watchful eyes holding the light of dusk and dawn, it is storied that witnessing reflective eyes of cats big and small is a sure sign that there are foul magics or dark spirits afoot. When the Stormtreader stags cascade their cacophony of thunder and rain during the Fifth moon of the calendar, Majira will awaken and loft his head high. His roar shakes the realms of the Forest and Descendants, rich ribbons of summertime season weaving nature's crescendo into the land and sky. Exhausted, the Great Lion shakes his mane, billowing sweltering breeze to shoo away summer storms that have overstayed their welcome. The oceans begin to stir with life, and the world bears summer fruit of sweet nourishment. Then, the Midsummer Prince returns to rest, so that he might regain his spirit to bring the next year's summer. The Pridemother's Chant, Song of the Midsummer Dance Lye orrarae, Maln! (We hunt, Father!) Lye orrarae karinte, Maln! (We are going hunting, Father!) Il'Kaean narnae, larionn'an, lye orrarae karinte! (Come with us, sisters, we are going hunting!) Lye! Uhierae, ehierae! Lye! Uhierae, ehierae! (The people!) (We seek, we find!) Maruriar, Maln! (Roar, Father!) Lye! Haelun, kaean annil! Lye! Haelun, myumier ito! (The people!) (Mother, guide us! Mother, carry us (to it)!) Ito orrarae! (Here, we hunt!) Oh, draoi uhierae! (Oh, we hunt evil!) In the Mother Circle, a great celebration is held in honor of this story during the phases of the Lion Moon. Known as the Midsummer Dance, performers travel dressed as Majira and his pride of daughters to spread the joys and beliefs of summertime according to druidic values. The chiefest display involves firedancing, a great demonstration of the story of Majira in the form of a traveling performance and feast. Adorned in bright summer colors and masks of the Midsummer Prince and his hunting pride of daughters, the druids of the circle travel the world to instill strength and faith into those that aim to preserve nature. Summer fruits and laurels are few of many gifts brought to a communal feast, while stories of great accomplishments for the preservation of the balance are shared. While Summer is indeed a season of vitality and strength, it is also a season where the weak perish. When the Mother Circle celebrates the Midsummer Dance, they are praying for the wisdom and strength of the hardy spirits of summer. Wise druids know that no season truly holds an era of quiet when it comes to the protection of the balance, and the summer heat often proves harshest to many. Celebrating the Midsummer Dance and feast forges bonds that many wish to maintain in solidarity of the hard work yet to come. ((Look out for wandering performers during the month of July! Anyone can request a scheduled time via discord after contact with aviary plugin.))
  5. "The Stag is blessed with a crown of forked lightning The Caribou's hooves roar over the land like thunder The Elk's voice the screaming wind of the tempest" Excerpt from the Legend of the StormTreader, Guardian of the Storm Moon When the final lunar phase of the spring months has passed, the kin of the Mother Circle know that the harsher times of the lunar calendar is upon them. The clouds churn into great veils of shadow and storm, washing the land with a cleansing rain. When the sky illuminates with the crash of thunder, it is said that the mythical StormTreader stags are clashing their antlers together. Rain cascades over the earth like a tide to cleanse the remnants of the old and warn of the scorching summer months to come, and lightning strikes the land to smite wayward, trespassing spirits of Draoi. To honor the story of this fable, the Mother Circle gathers for a grand hunt and the creation of the Lunar Year's Tempest Crown. The tradition begins with two hunting parties representing the Wind and Rain of a summer storm. Venturing into the wilds, the hunters harvest a deer, elk, or caribou to obtain the antlers required for the creation of the Tempest Crown. Then, a grand reenactment of the clashing of horns is held between two chosen warriors of each hunting party. Using only the horned helms they have created, they endure combat during the first summer storm until one of the crowns break. The remaining artifact is exalted as the year's Tempest Crown, a symbol of the Circle's resilience during real and spiritual storms. When lightning strikes, kin beware; For the draoi and slothful druid Are one in the same in the eye of the storm ((6/14 7:30-8pm est start))
  6. “For garnering connections is the lifeblood of any city.” Issued by the Courts of the Palati Monterosa On the 7th day of Peter’s Glory of year 9 of B.A. As the next generation of the Grand Duchy of Balian begins to reach the age of majority, it pleases the courts of the Palati Monterosa to announce the Syndesi Feriae Publicae, which will be more commonly referred to as the Syndesi. In any city, connections must be garnered so as to pump blood through its very being and this festival is meant just for this very thing. Courtships abound, friendships forming through the trifles of life and long-lasting allies are always sought through life. Join us in this celebration of life, old and new, as all are welcome regardless of status, age and otherwise. Invites are sent to the following: The Grand Duchy of Balian The Dual Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska The Kingdom of Norland The Clandom of Daeland-Vistulia The Dual-Duchies of Redclyf-Rozania The Viceroyalty of Hyspia The Rashidun Sheikhdom The Principality of Celia’Nor The Crown of Elvenesse The Unified Domain of Vortice The Port Town of Akueli Those of Almaris are welcome to attend. The itinerary will be posted shortly following the missive of those attending. Sign-ups close on the 20th and the festivities begin the 22nd, ending on the 30th. [!] A sign-up form is attached for those wishing to attend. SIGNED, Her Excellency, Johanne Vuiller of Aquilae, heiress to the Barony of Aquilae, Procurator of Balian, Lady Seneschal of the Palati Monterosa, Court Celebrant, headmaster of the Balian Arts Guild, founder of the Silken Lily, Senior Bee of the Balian Honey Courts, etcetera. F
  7. [!] Many flyers can be found on the Western side of the continent, hanging by posts and some trees. "To those in search of entertainment or those who wish to test your skill! I invite you all to The Town at World's Edge, Nazdrajik! A festival will be held within the following months, where food, drinks and music shall be shared with those who come! For the merchants, is your opportunity to set up shop and gain some coin, and a chance for those who wish to spend some! We welcome all races to come and join, forget about conflict and war for a brief time. Prizes will be given to those who win our combat tournament. Our docks will be open and our stalls free for all." Alongside the flyer, a map is drawn at the bottom, guiding in fact towards world's edge, the far off side of the western continent, near the firelands. A date is also written alongside the time of said event... What a convenient piece of paper! ((OOC)) The festival itself will take place this Sunday 5 of June. Time: 5pm EST. Tournament will be PvP. Contact info. for stalls: Discord: Allengator200#7363 MC Name: Allengator200
  8. "Elysium is a Kingdom of Families strung together by Unity" Come one, come all! In the next Elven fortnight a Festival is to be held, celebrating the Unity and Bonds of the Elysian houses, clans and families! Showcase what your family stands for at your designated section Faucet new blood into the veins of our wonderful Kingdom. Bring life to pump the heart of Elysium! There shall be events, games, showcases and more at the Odinson Clan Festival! Friends, Family, Allies and more are too invited to bare witness to the festival. Are you in need of a home? A family? Do you yield certain values that you wish to cultivate amongst peers of similar views? This shall be the perfect place for you to find those you may flock to. Leaders of the numerous families that populate the fennic Kingdom of Elysium are hereby invited to contact Fal'leon Odinson with interest on showcasing themselves. More information is to come.
  9. [!] A note is pinned to the walls of Karosgrad and to the Honeyhill Noticeboard! Harvest Festival! ~The gardens of the Peregrins!~ We've been hard at work planting an' weeding our fields, yet now be the time for the harvest season, the most joyous time of the year! Let us celebrate this with food, drink, and a bit of competition! ~Activities!~ ~Competitive field harvest, whoever gets the most crops, wins! ~Shogging down by the docks! ~Drinking & Merriment! I hope all ye can be there! T'will happen just next Pumpkin Day, when the day be fresh and crisp! -Filibert Applefoot, Elder of Honeyhill ((3 PM EST, tomorrow on Saturday March 26th. Located in Honeyhill, the home of the halflings, just past the fields outside of Karosgrad))
  10. Festival of Armakak 9th of the Grand Harvest, year 60 of the SA Armakak, the God of Trade. An artist’s depiction of an ancient Dwarven hold. With the war becoming more non-existant and irrelevant every day, High Prophet Norli Starbreaker of the Da Kirkja Dverga has authorised initiate Gildroc Goldhand to hold a day of festivities, succeeding a pilgrimage to Armakak that shall be held a month before. A day of festivities, that shall honour the god of trade and ensure his presence is felt in the minds of the dwarves. A day of unity, of solidarity to remember at heart the Dwarves are a folk fond of seeking riches. A ceremony to honour Armakak shall be conducted before the start of the Festival, and after that is complete an open-market will be hosted within the Temple of the Worldmaker in Kal’Darakaan. Any dwarf, be they a Goldhand or not; may participate in the event. To secure a stall within the temple of the Worldmaker, please seek out Gildroc Goldhand or send him a letter before the day in question. Signed Initiate Gildroc Goldhand
  11. [!] An ornate missive would be sent across the realm, a delicate golden border lining each piece. A lavish letter would detail this announcement: The Emir of the Fakhr Oasis, the glorious falcon, Qamar ibn Zayd al-Nabeel, humbly invite you to witness the union of the Qamar ibn Zayd al-Nabeel and his partner Fatimah bint Thamer al-Hadad. All are welcome to attend a traditional Qalasheen ceremony, followed by a beautiful reception. The reception will include a feast, dancing, games, and friendly competitions to celebrate this wonderful union. The Oasis Palms restaurant, the ultimate romantic destination, will be open to all, catering to the feasts. Special invitations would be sent to the following: His Majesty, Vane Edvarsson, King of Norland, and his esteemed family The Illustrious Zhu, Tianrui Ryu, and his esteemed cabinet and noble family Signed, Sayyid, Qamar Bin Zayd, Sheikh of the Nabeel, Emir of the Fakhr [OOC Note: The Wedding will be on Wednesday 12th of January 01/12/2022 @ 6 PM EST]
  12. Krugmas In The Jade-State As the snowflakes of winter befall upon the Jade State of Yong Ping, our lakes freeze from the cold and our birds cease their chirping and move onward to a warmer environment, within the Jade State of Yong Ping preparations are made left and right, with decorations such as trees and lights illuminating the entirety of the Nation. To celebrate the coming of this freezing season, our nation announces a grand festival for any and all friends or allies of the Jade State of Yong Ping to attend! During the aforementioned festival, the attendees are invited to attend many activities, such as; Ice Skating within the centre square of the Jade State. An exchange of gifts from whoever has something to give. A contest of drinks, both hot and cold. And the Special appearance of a special guest…… OOC; The Event will take place on the 18th of December at 1:30 PM/EST, in the square of Yong-Ping.
  13. The Eve of the Demon’s Dance 15th of the First Seed, SA 46 [MUSIC] As the Eve of the Demon’s Dance draws near- The demons of Oyashima and Li-Ren fable gather. The troublesome Yokai, and the deceptive Yaoguai. Fiends of the night with a common goal of plaguing the Jade State in an endless shroud of fear. On the 19th of the First Seed, the citizenry of Yong Ping will be hosting its first annual Eve of the Demon’s Dance Festival. A night of festivity to wring in the terrors of the demon folk. All are welcome to come, donned in the appearances of the ghouls, to participate in the many events hosted. CONTESTS A couple’s costume contest will be hosted mid-festival. Inviting all guests to enter in pairs. The contest will conclude with two winners receiving a grand prize of 150 minaes, and an outfit voucher! STALLS Numerous stalls will be set up for the festival. Indulge in the sale of festival treats, wares, and exclusive masks! Or, take a seat and have your face painted with the guise of a Yokai or Yaoguai. GAMES AND MAZES Run about the streets of Yong Ping pelting treats at fleeing demon folk. Try your hand in archery to win a prize. Or take a frightening stroll through a haunted house. The night will be filled with fun for all ages. SURPRISE SHOWCASE The night will end with a most horrifying showcase only the bravest can bare.
  14. ...As the smoke and ash clear from the air, one will see the destroyed and burned ruins of the once prosperous elven city. The environment around the structures were all burnt to a crisp, dark colors covering the beautiful shades of green below. Although this was a heart aching sight to see, all good things must come to an end, so that it may make way for better. “Lliran, I ask that we do not stay mourning for our beloved city but we honor it in a final Knox-o-ween festivity!” the priestess would call out to her kin, handing out flyers that would spread across the lands, for a festivity to end the spooky season.. “Come one, come all to a SpOoKy celebration at the Owl’s Perch! Enjoy yourselves with some fun activities for everyone to enjoy. The following activities will be… -Spider throw (beanbag throw) -Hide n seek -A costume competition -Final knox-o-ween dance We encourage you to come dressed to impress! The winner for the spider throw will receive an art piece of their choice and the two winners for the Hide n seek and Costume competition will receive a 100 mina prize each! We hope to see you there..”
  15. [!] Elegantly scribed rice paper flyers are hung around Yong Ping! Year of the Dog 狗年 Festival The Dog, being a loyal, faithful and brave animal. While being our best friends for centuries. Due to this, the tea house will celebrate this animal by hosting a story session. Here a senior citizen, who stayed faithful and loyal to our ideals, will tell the guests about Yong Ping's history and culture. During the telling, the tea house staff will offer tea for a price. Join us in the Yong Ping Tianrui Teahouse for an event sponsored and hosted by the Tianrui Teahouse - Sun’s Smile, Year 47 of the Second Age. Event Planning, Tianrui Paraskevi Event Hosting, Tianrui Ren OOC: Sunday 24th October, 4pm EST in the Yong Ping Tianrui Teahouse
  16. THE FESTIVAL OF SAINT ADRIAN Copies of the missive would be pinned to notice boards around the Principality of Savoy and Almaris. INTRODUCTION His Excellency the Royal Exchequer of Savoy, Conrad de Falstaff, hereby invites all to the Festival of Saint Adrian this 16th of the Grand Harvest, containing a multitude of festivities and a chance for business owners to present their wares and finest services for a 10 mina fee; this is waived for local Savoyards. Stalls will be scattered over the streets, open for all denizens of the eventful day. TIME AND LOCATION The festival of Saint Tobias will be held in San Luciano in ((Sunday, October 3rd. 4:00 PM EST)) NO REFUNDS ATTRACTIONS The Stalls The Festival will be an open ground for artisans of all trades - and merchants from San Luciano and abroad, to showcase their crafts and ply their wares. A 10 minas admittance fee, for the cost of putting up a stall, is suspended for companies chartered in the Principality of Savoy. Sword in the Stone Contestants will test their strength for 5 minas by attempting to pull an ancient sword, nearly lost to time. Whoever is able to pull the sword from the stone shall keep it and its perhaps mystical properties Apprenticeship Opportunity During the Festival numerous companies will be looking for potential job-candidates. Therefore, merchants and prospective job-hunters are encouraged to find each other during the Festival. EVENTS DURING THE FESTIVAL Grand Regatta As the sun sets over the South Sea, all festival goers will be invited to the Grand Regatta, a partner race around the lagoons of San Luciano for a monetary prize. All are encouraged to participate with an admittance fee of 10 minas to participate. Brawl of St. Adrian A melee will be held for all comers, a chance to demonstrate your mastery at arms to all of Savoy. The winner will walk away with a purse of minas. There will be a sign-up prior to the event, and an admittance fee of 10 minas to participate. MINAS PRIZE Victor of Adrian A Prize amount of 250 Minas A Street shall be named in your honor within San Luciano A Personal commendation from the Prince of Savoy. A Melee weapon of their choosing made by the finest smiths of Savoy. Regatta Winner A Prize amount of 100 Minas A Gilded gondola inscribed with the name of the victor A Personal commendation from the Prince of Savoy. ENTRY SLIP The form attached needs to be filled out and handed in within the next Saint week to obtain a stall or participate in the public events. MC Name: RP Name: Company Name(if applicable): Discord: Will you be participating in the Regatta?: Will you be participating in the Brawl?: Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS FOR BRAWL: Chennster | Augustus King_Kunuk | Ostromir Carrion V Milenkhov | Istvan Hephaestvs | Vladislav of Goza Big_Flopppa | Sylvester Daedalus Quantumatics | Edmond of Sava Venoq | Tuvya of Volsoyva GoodGuyMatt2k | Ernst Barclay REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS FOR REGATTA: Rylothh | Haskir Chennster | Augustus King_Kunuk | Ostromir Carrion V Milenkhov | Istvan Quantumatics | Edmond of Sava Venoq | Tuvya of Volsoyva GoodGuyMatt2k | Ernst Barclay SPONSORS & DONORS OF THE FESTIVAL OF SAINT ADRIAN:
  17. Moon Festival 中秋节 The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is one of the most celebrated eastern festivals amongst the citizens of Yong Ping. Little is known of how the celebration started, but, legend has it that several thousand centuries ago, the world was once tormented by seven demonic suns, plaguing the realm with ghastly eternal heat, and to face these terrible foe was one man alone, a skilled hunter. Rewarded by the kami for his heroic feat for shooting down the seven suns, he was given an elixir of eternal life; however, the elixir was only fit for one life and the hunter was already blessed, happy with his life on earth with his beautiful and loving wife. The two were troubled by the thought of ever being apart, and so, they had decided to instead keep the bottle of immortality safe from the greed and evil of man. One fateful night when the hunter was out, one of the hunter’s students had broken into the home intending to steal the potion. Caught in a crossfire between handing over the potion, the hunter’s wife drank the elixir and became the moon goddess, whisked away to the moon leaving the poor hunter alone. The hunter, every night, would search desperately for his wife’s figure on the seemingly lifeless orb, but each time they met for three days in mid-autumn, he would prepare for her mooncakes, taro, and a large assortment of delicacies that she once enjoyed and food that she could take there on the moon. This coming celebration, the citizens of Almaris are cordially invited to celebrate with the families of Yong Ping the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival. It is encouraged that families bring along their children for the activities, as well as the many different foods that will be on display. Itinerary OOC: Friday 6:00 PM EST Mooncake Making Contest Ever wanted to learn how to make a tasty eastern pastry? How about ruining it and getting paid for it? Well now you can! Contestants participating in this activity will be given a brief summary of how a mooncake is made before being put to the test to make their own styles of mooncake. A number of three to four judges will pick the best mooncake out of the lot and give the grand prize of 30 yen AND an additional special item to the Mooncake Making Contest. Crab Cooking Contest Get ready to flaunt your culinary expertise with the fresh local catch known as hairy crab, caught during the cooler periods of the dragon year due to its abundance in meat and flavor. The three winners of this contest will be rewarded with a limited edition culinary Li-Ren knife with the prize winner receiving 30 mina. Mid-Autumn Festival Firework Show OOC: Saturday 6:00 PM EST The Lion Dance Coming together to celebrate in unity, the acrobats in Yong Ping will perform a dragon dance for the citizens of Almaris to enjoy; only able to be seen inside the walls of the Jade State. Lantern Floating Ceremony After sunset, a small and short ceremony will be done in honor of Chang’e, the moon goddess. Citizens can participate and even make their own lantern for this special event. OOC: Sunday 7:00 PM EST Dragon Boat Racing Racing across the waters of Yong Ping, participants get the chance to compete in a battle against time, skill, and endurance. At the very end of the Mid-Autumn festival, large constructs will be set on the water which players must avoid while getting to the end; blindfolded. The prize will be disclosed day-of the race. Mid-Autumn Festival Firework Show [OOC] Attire Although optional, players can participate even further in the cultural aspects of this event with some of the hanfus us skinners have prepared! You can either buy a hanfu from one of our talented skinners in the Yong Ping discord (contact me Gamma Rose#0258) or make one yourself with pre-made templates made weeks prior to making this post :D HANFUS - FREE TO USE: https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/free-to-use-honey-melon/ https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/freetouse-faux-love/ TEMPLATES - FREE TO EDIT: https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/free-to-edit-template-hanfu-4/ https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/free-to-edit-redone-template-hanfu-3/ https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/free-to-edit-redone-template-hanfu-2/ https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/free-to-edit-redone-template-hanfu-1/
  18. [!] A flier is found floating about the winds near the north of Almaris Tha Gaming Festival! ~Settling into the new territory after ol' Bramblebury withered away~ New lands and new harvests have come to us wee folks. Let us celebrate these new beginnings with a good ol' feast! Now that our village is set up with the right facilities, we ought to have a grand ol' party and invite all of the neighbors! I have decided that I shall plan just that! Activities: ~Shogging!~ Knock your opponent off of their log before ye fall off of yar own! ~Spleef!~ A game as old as time 'tself! Knock away the ground underneath others and don't fall into the water yourself! ~Push-Off Pumpkin!~ A game of my invention dating back to Arcas. A free-for all battle to control a giant floating pumpkin! Last one still standing wins! ~Darts~ Throw darts at a dartboard to score points! ~Drinks and Snacks~ Free bread and booze will be provided to all who attend the festival! Come right over to the new village 'n Haense (just next to the farms outside o' Karosgrad) and play games with us! May the best fella win! ~Filibert Applefoot, local halfling of the new shire. ((Event will take place at 3 PM EST tomorrow, 9/11/2021. Here are directions to the village: ))
  19. 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓖𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓟𝓾𝓶𝓹𝓴𝓲𝓷 𝓕𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓿𝓪𝓵 The Grand Pumpkin Festival, hosted by Rebeka la Waevra in the Kingdom of Rozania. All are invited to come celebrate the bountiful harvest of the pumpkins in the month of The Grand Harvest, year 41 S.A. This festival is a celebration of the first year of a harvest in Rozania. With pumpkins grown near the La Waevra home, you are invited to a festival. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin stew and other types of pumpkin desserts and food will be there for all to enjoy. There will be a pumpkin archery contest. The first person to hit five arrows in a pumpkin in ranging distances, is the winner. Each person willing to take a chance, may try. First to come, first to play. There will be one winner, whom gets 100 mina. Please come as you are, or dress in your best pumpkin suit. Donation chests will be there, and all proceeds go to Rozania. Come to our The Grand Pumpkin Festival. Special invitations to King William Buckfort of Rozania The Citizens of Rozania The Citizens of Yong Ping The Citizens of Elysium Clan La Waevra Clan Der Ryder Clan Redfist The House of Bishop Snoots The Arc Family [ooc] Event on Saturday, September 11th, 2021. Time: 8 pm Est Where: Near the La Waevra clan house in the street
  20. [!] Flyers have been posted all around Almaris, with an especially high concentration around Yong Ping and Rozania! Upcoming Festival in Rozania! Everyone is invited! Experience the culture of the Maiun dah'Rin as if it were your own! Activities include drinking, smoking cactus green, playing music, telling short stories, and a backflip competition later in the day! Winner of the backflip competition gets a golden hand-shaped mask made by Natshen Mellow himself, along with bragging rights. As it is a festival primarily meant for fun, you may wear anything you'd like, but colorful and comfortable clothes are recommended! Outside food/drinks/drugs are allowed, and even encouraged! Bring your friends, family, acquaintances, and enemies! The festival will be held in the dah'Rini district to the right of Rozania's main gate. Signed, Natshen Mellow Lumuni dah'Rin. And yes, you're required to follow Rozanian laws during your stay. That means no fighting. Personal invitations have been sent to the following people: OOC:
  21. [!] Rice paper scrolls scribed in tight, swooping strokes are hung around Yong Ping and neighboring cities. Dragon's Rebirth Celebration (“Along the River During the Qingming Festival”) It is my pleasure to extend an invitation to the friends of Yong Ping, who were steadfast through our most trying times. All are welcome to join in celebration of our newly constructed Yong Ping and the auspicious friends that helped us to achieve it. Festivities shall take place in the Tianrui Teahouse at Tianrui 28 in two Dragon’s Days of this missive’s posting. the river creek flows bubbles, bright under summer sun, bright too- my heart Event Agenda Reception Reception shall take place to allow all to arrive and become settled in a timely manner, introduce themselves to new friends, and enjoy complimentary refreshments before the performance begins. Performance A lineup of local cultural performances shall grace the teahouse stage, featuring a dance of magical proportions to premier a range of traditional dance and music of the zither. Feast Once the performance has concluded, guests are invited to enjoy the rest of the evening in the teahouse in good company and good spirit. Direct invitations are sent out to the following. Emir of the Fakhr Emirate, Hakim Bin Mutayr Al-Hattan Nai'b al-Emir, Azzam Bin Hakim Al-Hattan Elmirah and Sheikha, Esmae bint Saqr Al-Nabeel Sheikh of the Haybah, Mishal Bin Faris Al-Haybah Sheikh of the Hamad, Utayr Bin Amr Al-Hamad Sheikh of the Haddad, Thamer "Al-Ahmar" Al-Haddad HIM John VIII and his pedigree HE Simon Pruiva-Provins Lady Anna d'Arkent HRM Heinrik Barbanov II and the Barbanov royal family Ser Karl Amador and his knight squire Monarch of Vortice, Princess Athri Onfroi-Belrose and her Council Crown Prince of Ando Alur, Vulnir Syllar and his Council Grandmaster Naffog Hennington and the Crimson Edict Duke Eugeo de Astrea of Elysium and his Council Signed, Tianrui Ren, Patriarch and Zhu of Yong Ping Signed, Yunya of the Chen Household, Minister of Interior and Revenue and Leading Lady of the Arts
  22. THE YOUTH EXPOSE A SHOWCASE OF OUR NATION'S FINEST OOC Credit: Mo Dao Zu Shi Yiling Hunt A river shall never run backward, and a person shall never recapture their youth. However, one should take every chance to showcase his or herself at their very best - Upon their most prime years. For when they succumb to the sands of time, they can look back in pride as yet another upstanding individual who made their mark. The delegation of Yong Ping invites all to its first ever showcase. An expose set to shine a light upon the many talents of its younger populace. Set to last two dragon days. The first opening with various competitions that will set the tone for the second. A hunt with many stakes for those involved. ITINERARY [OOC: Saturday, July 31st 7:00 PM EST] Expose in Archery For those participating, a bow and a quiver of arrows will be allowed. Participants will compete with one another in showcasing their finesse with the bow. In a series of rounds about a course of varying levels of difficulty, that will conclude with a winner. OOC NOTE: A bow and stack of arrows will be provided to each contestant. Contestants will be shooting mechanically. Expose in Equestrianism Participants will be allowed a stallion of the finest choosing to showcase their knowledge in equestrianism. Whereas each rider will be timed on how they navigate a complex obstacle course. Expose in the Arts To conclude the first day, a competition will be held for various talents. A panel of judges will be set to choose a winner from those participating. Those skilled in dance, song, or instrument are heartily encouraged to join. [OOC: Sunday, August 1st 6:00 PM EST] The Great Night Hunt Details pertaining to the beasts hunted the day of will be withheld from participants. However, hints towards the nature of the beasts will be disclosed to the winners of the individual showcasing of the previous day. A maximum of four groups will be allowed. With a maximum of three per group. Those wishing to oversee the hunt will be allowed access to a series of secure stands. (OOC: Thorough instructions will be disclosed at the event. The event will last as long as needed. Coordination and cooperation are heavily encouraged.) To those in attendance, show your pride. Come donned in the colors of your family, or people. Wear sigils and sing songs of past glories.
  23. A Tournament of Jousting [!] The clashing of metal upon metal can be heard while riders prepare for a tournament as vendors and makers arrange their wares in the square. Sutica invites all to partake in the thrill that is jousting! To help celebrate, a festival for makers shall take place within the square of the great city.
  24. ANDO ALUR BEACH FESTIVAL Hosted by The Lady of Ceremony and the Council of Ando Alur. [!] Citzen's of Ando Alur out on the beach. the season of summer has been here for sometime, so why not celebrate it? His Serene Highness and his Council members invite one and all to the first of many celebrations on the beach! enjoy your day with care-free fun! join our many activities we will be hosting on our beach! or just sit back, relax, and get that fabulous golden tan you've always been wanting. find yourself a drink at our bar! Our beach/nautical style bar, will be served by our favorite bartender, Elren! make sure to stop on by the bar and get yourself a tropical tasty drink. A shogging Tournament test your balance and strength out in the waters go up against one of your friends or a long time enemy! balance on the logs as long as possible before falling off. Show off your cooking skills during our grilling contest. now is your time to shine for those who grill. then after the decided winner, food and drinks will be held in celebration! Beach outfit contest. show off your fashion skills during this event, swimsuit, sundress, swim trunks you name it. Volleyball Tournament. Join Ando Alur for our first Volleyball game! rules will be explained at the event. [area of where the beach festival will be held.] Map of Ando Alur. CREDIT FOR MAP: chaosgamer/chaos#7283 Date for the event, sunday the 24th 7pm EST. (please check out discord for any updates!) Special Invitations: Denziens of Ando Alur. The Silver State Of Haelun'or and the Silver Council. (people of different nations are more than welcomed to join!) PENNED, Seat of Ceremony, Event Coordinator 𝐼𝓁𝓎𝒶𝓃𝒶 https://youtu.be/s90ZrJS7BBU
  25. [!] Invites marked with a crimson wax seal of fire 火 would be sent to all residents of Almaris, bearing with it a painting depicting a spectacle of fireworks fired over a sea of fire. [OOC CREDIT: Hosai Baido 1848-1920 'Fire Fighters Brigade' ] Evil lurks amongst the land as the cold winds of Spring dissipate to welcome the hot breeze of Summer. To lower the risk of wildfires, decrease the chances of wild animals decimating farmer's crops, and remove any cover where evil may hide, the people of Yong Ping will be hosting their first Yamayaki Mountain Burning in the mix with a Summer Festival. The Yamayaki Summer Festival will last for a number of three dragon days, preparing the earth for the last day where a mass-controlled fire will take place in the forest east of Yong Ping. Yamayaki Summer Festival Itinerary [OOC CREDIT: Firemen of Edo] [OOC: Friday 6:00 PM EST] The Ring-Around Race The Ring-Around Race is a massive two-player obstacle course taking place outside the walls of Yong Ping, consisting of four parts that require both players' participation. [MATERIALS & INFO ] 1) Player 1 will be blindfolded and handed a bucket 2) Player 2 is a guide that helps Player 1 navigate the obstacle course Further divulged at the event, players in teams of two will need to race around the nation of Yong Ping, starting from the west wall to the south, east, and North. The first to make it across the finish line will be awarded the prize-winning sum of 20 mina each and a trophy. The Beginning Summer Festival Show Part of the festival's booths and entertainment has been arranged at the North wall, sandwiched between the Sakura Forest and Yong Ping. With a vast variety of food and games set up at every stall, guests are more than welcomed to watch the Geisha show that will be performed later in the evening, accompanied by a firework show to end the night. [OOC: Saturday 5:30 PM EST] The Mid-Day Summer Festival Show Starting our event off with a bang, the Geishas of Yong Ping will perform a live show for the audience before the fireworks ceremony. Shortly after, the Grand Hunt will begin. The Grand Hunt Clearing the North Forest for the Yamayaki Mountain Burning is no easy task, so the citizens of Yong Ping invite all of Almaris to come and join in this festive hunt. Participants may group themselves into teams no larger than four members or can go solo throughout their rounds. The hunters who gather the most game within the borders of Yong Ping (boars, foxes, sheep, cow, pigs) will be rewarded with a trophy and the prize sum of 20 mina. (OOC: Instructions will be further divulged at the event. There will be no guides; this is an all-day event; participants will be provided chests to lock themselves for later inspection. The winner will be declared the following day VIA the forum post and at the Yamayaki Mountain Burning.) [OOC: Sunday 6:00 PM EST] The Yamayaki Mountain Burning + Festival Land cleared and appropriately prepared, a controlled fire will brush through the earth accompanied by a long firework show and geisha performance. Participants are more than welcome to help with the mountain burning so long as they do not spread the fire outside the controlled region. Later in the evening, those who have helped with the Yamayaki Mountain Burning will be rewarded with a Fire-Fighter Medal. Food, drinks, and entertainment will be set up for the viewers' convenience and a seating area to enjoy the firework show. Any acts of arson outside of the controlled region will be viewed as criminal behavior and shall be subjugated under national law.
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