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Found 4 results

  1. As issued 11th of The Grand Harvest, 2A 6 THE SIXTEEN GRAND CHAMPION OF URGUAN After the conclusion of the Grand Tournament of Urguan, Grimnir Ireheart stood at the Great Dias of the Arena of Urguan being given the sovereign question on his acceptance of the title of Grand Champion. He stated simply he intended to fight only with honor but not accept the title in any stead, thus forfeiting to Durorn Ireheart. He was given the same question with triumph “Durorn Ireheart, vested in me as Grand Marshal of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and seeing you fit as the best example of honor and pride in Urguan. Do you accept the title of Grand Champion of Urguan, defender of the Grand King and the light of dwarven valor?” The Marshal stated simply shouting to the spectators all gazing up with envy His answer was simple. “Aye” Silence overcame the arena as the Marshal would grab Durorn’s hand bringing it up high as a sign of victory “THEN HAIL TO THE GRAND CHAMPION! NARVAK OZ DURORN NARVAK OZ URGUAN” DURORN IREHEART XVI GRAND CHAMPION OF THE GRAND KINGDOM OF URGUAN
  2. The Visigian Vanguard “To Defend Until Death” - Charles Philip Horen, Viscount of Balian, and Lord Vicar of the Church Purpose of Visigian Vanguard Standing quietly along the border of the Holy Orenian Empire, Visiga is part of Oren's first defense against any southern incursion. The holy lands, inhabited by the Pontifical state itself, seeking to cohesively form a line of fortitude against aggressors, has decided to assemble. Under the authority of Charles Philip Horen, Viscount of Balian and Lord Vicar of the church, the Visigian Vanguard was formed. Henceforth, it is created as a stalwart force to be a bulwark for those who inhabit the lands and beyond. To fight for those who cannot. To defend until death. Ranks Constable: The Constable commands the Vanguard in its entirety, is a man who has proven himself to be an exceptional leader both at home and on the field, and the Viscounts Military hand. The Constable works closely with the Viscount of Balian to excel in his duties. A man of few words, the Constable is required to be adaptable and collected. He has the final say in all matters. Captain: Second in command of the Vanguard, the Captain answers only to the Constable and is also responsible for maintaining the troops. His duties can range from keeping morale up to leading the men on the field of battle. Commander: Third in command of the Vanguard. They assist with keeping order within the ranks, and are often granted minor privileges and duties, as well as missions to lead the enlisted men on. Enlisted Sergeant: The sergeant is the well known solder in the Vanguard, and an Officer in training. runs the lower end ops. Man-At-Arms: The man-at-arms is no stranger to battle. These weathered veterans are expected to hold the line without fail, their ferocity and determination making them formidable opponents. Nothing less than complete obedience is expected of the man-at-arms. Footman: These soldiers are the backbone of the Vanguard. They are fully fledged soldiers that have had some experience in the military, and their presence is both a relief to their allies and a curse to their foes. Recruit: These men are the newest additions to the Vanguard. Most are lacking experience in any form of combat, and have yet to prove themselves. They will undergo trials and training until they can become Footmen. Medals Medal of Grievance: Considered the atonement medal; is given out to injured members of the Order who suffered their ailment during righteous battle Medal of the Stalwart: One of the highest of honour that could befall on a member of the Order the Medal of Stalwart is granted to those who have attained glory or surmounted a great feat. Joining the Visigian Vanguard Name: Race: Age: Any past military experience?: ((OOC)) MC Name: Skype Name (can PM if needed): Do you have TeamSpeak, or are you willing to download it (will be used in battles and other activities)?: Timezone:
  3. Helvians https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2tDbEwTqnQ Over one hundred years ago a society was built on the outskirts of dwarven lands. Barbaric in nature this society was quickly laid to waste for its destructive nature in the lands of Anthos. When the leader Lacedaemon fell the remnants scattered and slowly integrated into normal human society. For the most part the families forgot their ancestral history except for a few and these few continued to practice their ancestral customs. Now these families are coming together again to reform the society. Culture & Tradition Becoming A Helvian
  4. Order of the Holy Cross The Holy Cross is an order that is engrossed in religion. They follow the rules of the church, head to chapel every week, and remove heretic scum. The Holy Cross currently serves under the Holy and Divine Oren kingdom. Heretics will be burned, those who do not worship the Creator will be either punished or ignored for their ignorance of the faith, and his holiness will be worshiped. Tenets ~ Loyalty, Obedience, Honor, and Respect ~ ~ Religious activies take place once every week ~ ~ Betrayal is swiftly dealt with ~ ~ An Order member must never talk up to god in vain and must follow this god whole heartedly ~ ~ No stealing from your fellow Order members ~ Officer Ranks Overseer: The Order of the Holy Cross is lead by this man. His rule extends until death or else his name be dishonored or tainted. He is in charge of the entire guild. Commander: A commander is in control of a large field of units. He makes sure that his field of command runs smoothly while issuing out the main orders for Lieutenants and sergeants to follow. Marshal: This position is appointed during times of war. The Overseer must consult with the marshal before conducting any military movements. Any Lieutenant, Disciplinary, or Cross Principle may obtain this rank. Disciplinary: The Disciplinary is in charge of training and keeping order. His duties consist of insuring punishments are carried out, insuring obedience and loyalty, and making sure each soldier does the job he was assigned to do. Prelate: The office of Prelate is held by a Bishop appointed by the ArchBishop of Holy Oren. His duty is to simply conduct all religious affairs and insure that each soldier is blessed before a battle. Cross Principle King of Arms: As the name suggests, the Register(s)’s duty is to attend to the crests and banner of arms. These are usually held within the chapels which are used during ceremonies and battles. The Register marches in front of the bannermen. The Cross Principle also conducts training and is the paymaster. Lieutenant: A lieutenant who’s duty is to insure the lines do not falter. Virtuous, honorable, and decisive. Their words of faith spur the men when odds seem ill. Sergeant: These men are the core of the officer group. They are nay high ranking but keep order amongst the ranks. Usually in charge of patrol groups or sections in the army, they insure orders are issued out to the smallest degree with precision. -Enlisted Members- Footmen: The main bulk of the Cross’s ranks. These men are the backbone and fill most formations. Going against orders in the public could mean excommunication from the Order. If they so have a problem, they bring it up with the authority in private. Their training is mostly under the Disciplinary. Enlisted: The Enlisted are soldiers, lowest ranking, that are new to the order. Their training is conducted under the Cross Principle King of Arms. These men must be loyal and obedient or risk being excommunicated. Specialized Ranks Quartermaster: The Quartermaster is in charge of maintanence of military supplies that come in. They log everything, and keep organization. This man helps avoid confusion with his clear mind and sense of organization. Secretary: The Secretary is in charge of the Order's finances. He tracks what is being spent and what is being bought. His duties also consist of keeping record of how much income the Order is making. The Secretary is also expected to lead all civil projects. Combat Medic: The Combat Medic is in charge of tending to the wounded and hurt. He constantly brings a variety of medical equipment, herbs, and so on. His duty is to make sure that no one dies on the field of battle. How to join the Holy Cross
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