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Found 5 results

  1. THE SIXTEENTH GRAND TOURNAMENT OF URGUAN Massive dwarven scrolls would be pinned to notice boards around the Grand Kingdom “The trumpets of Kal’Darakaan call for descendants of Urguan to bear witness to the Sixteenth Grand Tournament! Let this event inaugurate an era of splendor and eminence, akin to those enjoyed by our ancestors. It has been nearly fifty years since the last Grand Tournament and as such, it is time for a new dwarf to step up and adopt this distinguished mantle. This event will be co-hosted by Grand Marshal Dimlin Irongut and Falk Irongut, Rikkin of Clan Irongut.
  2. The Marbrand Militia Founded by Jory Marbrand, 1548. The Marbrand Militia is a militaristic assembly of those whom wish to fight proudly for the realm of Vandoria, and the house of Marbrand. Built upon the virtuous values of courage, loyalty, and honor it encourages those of any ethnicity or race to register for the militia. ~ This newly founded military association is heavily affiliated with the kingdom of Vandoria, and is sworn devotedly to serve and protect the realm. All soldiers of the Marbrand Militia will be offered a place within the kingdom and the current patriarch o
  3. *You are to find some Uruk propaganda, speaking of a non-profit organization dedicated to Elven Population Control* (Also, I have posted the same thread in blah in the Orc RP subforum) *The poster was translated by an elven slave.* Yes, my brothers, the time has come! There are too many Elves! For a race with a reproduction curse, they don't act like it! There are more Elves than there are Orcs! Krug is disappointed! What's the point in having low fertility if you're still the largest race in Anthos? Iblees didn't curse them at all! 'Tis why I, Tuzlug'Gorkil, son of Burz'Gorkil
  4. Kristian von Craw Nicknames: The Crawfish, Kristian, Kris, Mali'llir Age: 50 Gender: Male Race: Human Status: Dead as of the 31st of the Grand Harvest, 1459 Description Height: 6'1" Weight: 180 Body Type: Muscular Eyes: Gray Hair: Brown Skin: Tan (Caucasian) Markings/Tattoos: A birthmark that stretches across his face, Health: Decaying Personality: Kind, honor-bound, chivalrous Inventory: A black and red blade created by 'The Dark Master', and a morningstar. He also carries armor and rations for a few days worth of traveling. Further Details: When apart from the red and black sword,
  5. OOC: >Have The Will To Lose< This is the most important part when it comes to a RP fight. You MUST have that will to lose. If you do not have a will to lose you would most-likely force yourself into a spot were you will force yourself to Meta-Game and/or Power-Game. If you lose the battle I guarantee you may not like it, but you will get respect from the other player(s). If you win you will feel great, you will get that feeling which tells you, "I actually won a fight legit!" And that is the greatest feeling on LoC. >Never Show Hate Towards The Other Player< Ye
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