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Found 4 results

  1. Coiled & Crushed, Teagen White The Dame, the Rabbit, a teen hardly even twenty stood. Her frame creaked with heavy plate, dark green draped over her then-recently injured shoulder. “Keep going!” The elfess barked out, watching her men practice. Arms crossed, and she waited. Few remembered these times, yet it always was something that echoed in the back of her mind. Now a bartender, the one, simply Athri, stood behind a bar. She’d clean glasses, and wipe down counters. Wipe her brow as she moves along with her duties. Belrose, the name she’d taken on, hung outside of a shop just outside the tavern; a tailor shop. She leaves the tavern, and is sent to the ground. A burly figure covered in plate was on top of her. She was grabbed, pulled along to the Grotto’s oceanside as she fought with the little strength she kept. She’d lost an eye that day. Athri kept on. She explored this new world- Almaris, whilst taking on new duties. Stewardry, and she had begun to dip her toes into politics. Soon enough it felt too much, and she’d left her home. She moved from Talons, to Sutica, when it had still stood. An accident, she burnt her face. Replaced her missing eye. Purple, that one was. It matched the eye of the person she grew to resent. She retook her name. Onfroi; the one she was proud of. She remained the last, then. Only a brother she had, though he was someone she seldom saw. And she took on the last name of her found sister. Maelstorm, the name of the then Monarch of Vortice. She removed the eye she had- she hated it then. Athri had taken in a child around then too. Yeviana, she’d be called, though most often, just Yev. Though never quite her choice entirely, she’d tried. And then her sister was dead. The role of Monarch fell to her, though that role was never one particularly enjoyed. The four years filled with sleepless nights and quiet talks behind closed doors never felt like they’d gone away. Her position she abandoned once more, for she felt had she stayed, she would have ended up as her own sister had. After, many years were spent wandering. First Yong-Ping, then other, various cities. Athri went around the world, idly, as she felt in a fog. And then something happened- tricked, she was turned into a Corcitură. So she continued her wandering, all too afraid to seek help, and all too reluctant to settle. Though she did settle, Velen. Short-lived, though she’d met one she’d liked. Soon, she sought out a home in Celia’nor. She sat, her head hung lowly. A bird left her tower window with a letter affixed to its leg. A child lay napping in a room nearby. She felt woozy- dizzy, absolutely terrible. A headache pounded. She went between sweating and freezing with the blink of each metallic eye. Beneath them were heavy bags; a lack of sleep for days on end, yet sleep was something of a rare occurrence, one that she treasured, but lacked. “So tired.” She thought. Yet she felt heavy. Her limbs ached. It felt as if weights had been put upon her voidally-plagued body. She could hardly move now. The words she’d been writing on each page in front of her bled with black ink, each piece incoherent and merely scribbles at this point. Inkblots rather than lines of text. Sentences that meant nothing. Were nothing. Nothing but things she could not understand any longer. They made her recall an old crow- she’d wonder if he still lived, after all this time. Yet even his name was just a blur in her foggy mind. Athri Onfroi pushed herself from her desk, stumbling over to her bed, where she would slumber. Yet, she would never wake. That young child though, she would wake. Her eyes blurred from the new bright light of this next day, yet something about this felt wrong. Eerie silence overtook her little home, the home she’d always known. How it was just her and her mother, she’d known nothing else. The glass of bottles no longer clinked, nor the flipping of leather-bound parchment and the scribble of charcoal upon it. The slicing of scissors through fabric ceased, and the gentle tings of needles being dropped against wooden floors. Her mother would never leave her- couldn’t. Anywhere the woman went, the child followed blindly. Often, it was to only collect bread, for she knew her mother could never bake. She dressed herself anew in the clothes that had been made for her. Crescence entered her mother’s room. But one letter was sent out, during the days just before; of course, news could begin to spread soon after through the grapevine. @ItsMrCannibal OOC:
  2. It has come to my attention that there is little to none documented lore of the Mina. I asked around the community, and the closest thing to lore was a 3D model apparently made by a Dev. I couldn't find it, so I hope I can describe the coin to the best of my abilities. Appearance: The Mina. A small, round coin with about a half inch diameter. Such an illusive little coin has dominated and lasted through all realms the mortals have been put through. The small coin is developed by the Monks of the Cloud temple, as they are the most secured and uncorruptable peoples. On one side of the coin, two hands meeting each other in a shake are shown, while two words are imprinted above and below the symbol. 'Allies, Trade'. The handshake represents both the sealing of business, and the forging of new friendships. The other side shows the now long forgotten face of Prince Native. ((This was in the old description of the Mina)). The coin seems incredibly light and easy to carry and transport. The very first Minas back in the days of Aegis were in fact smaller, round marble-like gems. These were used throughout the days of Aegis and until Asulon. When the races arrived to Asulon, the citizens found that all of their previous Minas were missing. Therefore, a new type had to be created. The Minas of Asulon were in fact paper bills, easy foldable yet much to fragile. These bills were a deep gold, still with the proud face of Prince Shift on the front. After the races fled to Anthos, they again lost the last currency. In Anthos they made the currency into a coin, though this one was square. On one side was a hand holding a sword, engraved on the front was 'Trade. Power.'. Still, the archaic face of prince Native was held on the back of the coin. After the days of The Fringe, Thales and finally leading up to Athera the Monks decided the image of a weapon was too suggestive of violence. Instead they wanted to make the Minas a more unifying force, and added the current image of two hands shaking. History: The Minas was originally introduced to unify the trade of the Five (or six when the Kharajyr were introduced), as to make the trading system much easier and fluid. The coin has been around as long as many may remember, dating back to the days of Malin and his brothers. The Monks, along with their temple construct the Central Bank of Unity. This bank is a representative of the Unity the Minas has always provided. This bank holds mysterious depths, though people have found when they delve deep enough they find a large, odd and archaic machine powered by Magic. The Machine has a sharp, circular like end on a piston, which slams down into a mixture of rock, gem and gold. This shapes and cuts down the pre-heated slab of the concoction, shaping the coin. The coin is flipped then with a jet of air, and the process repeats. Though these elements in the Minas may not be separated, therefore one could not melt Minas down back into gold. The only time Minas are given to the public by the Monks are when a new soul enters the realm, and the Order gives them a proper starting amount so they may begin their journey. ((Clearly this all needs work, so please post criticism/additions in the comments so I may add it to the lore. I decided to make something like this so we may finally, have an official post on the Mina.
  3. THE SUMMER STORM BUCCANEERS History: The story of the Summer Storm Buccaneers begins not so long ago, in a not so distant nation, with a not so strange tale, and a not so strange origin. The true specialty of the buccaneers lay not with their story, but with their actions; the most diverse, psychopathic crew to ever roam the seas. They had no desire in the world except wealth, power, and women. They were corruption and its finest, and the definition of gluttony. These Buccaneers once possessed a ship of mighty proportions, but lost said ship on the rocky shores of their current home. They have built a much mightier ship in its stead, and are happier now that they have obtained somewhere to hide their loot. None dare challenged the Buccaneers, lest they be defeated at the hands of its mighty crew. The very first Captain of these buccaneers is known as Captain "Bulldog" McLoughlin, and his first mate is the powerful Vane, a fierce sailor. -- More History Will Be Added as it Occurs -- Boat Pictures: [To be added once we have a boat] Goals: Gold, gold and more gold! Are ya’ stupid or something! We’re fawkin’ pirates! We kill, we pillage, we slaughter, we drink, we sail away, and then we sleep around. Figured ya’ woulda’ known what a fawkin’ pirate is! And fer’ those who wish tah’ see our home, y’all have to become trusted by us, but luckily we gottta’ map for ya’ ta’ look at! Enjoy! Guidelines: The Crew: Captain McLoughlin “Bulldog”: Jtheo2016 Price: Icelifreakx The Lumberjack: Ziko99 First Mate Draeren: Draeren “That Guy” Corvo the Pale: ventus2 Lucas Arkshan II: MinecraftMish Mangel: Beast720 Punisher Lommpy: maskman2303 Salavin: TheFireAce Gor’lekk Ly’di: Treshure Dirty Walter Minstrap: PicassoPotato Irene Willow Ovain: KnyghtFalcon Owen Teague: racker2008 Sir Rokkur Elithereach: Tadmonster Borak Sludgebeard: Mririshboys Application: ((MC Name)): ((RP)) What be yar’ name?: What are yer’ past jobs, laddie?: Ya’ best not be with a nation! (Affiliation): What kinda’ thingy are ya’? (Race): How old are ya’, ya’ luuk’ like a lil’ tyke!: ((Link to VA’s)): Tell me yer’ story. (Short Biography): What be yer’ reasons for joining, ya’ best not be one of dem’ navy sodomites!: ((Timezone)): ((Skype)):
  4. ------------------------------------------- BEARDMANCY ------------------------------------------- The ancient art of bending one's beard. Developed in Aegis originally, the ancient cult of beardmancers traveled across the continents, spreading the word of their glorious powers. Upon thy void thy will evoke pure manly testosterone, apply temporarily applying it to your already glorious beard, shaping it into potentially anything. Beardmancy has so many capabilities! It can be shaped, condensed into a hard form, entangle your opponents, or create a canopy for you to slumber in. Beardmancy Origins In late Aegis, 5 men who knew how to draw upon the void met up. For they were of manly dwarven and human descent, and their natural beards already grew like wild vines in the summer wind. For they only wanted to strengthen their powers in the art of growing beards, and so they evoked properties upon the void, and applied testosterone of the purest descent, and applied it to their glorious hair follicles, the beards rapidly growing! They then manipulated how it flowed and went, and the Council of the 5 Beardmancers were born! On they went, recruiting men glorious in the art of Beardmancy! The Beardic Cult was then born, traveling the ages, all the way to Anthos! They now reside in a cave, gathering their recruits to spread the word of Beardmancy once more. How does it... work..? Glad you asked! Beardmancy is a specialized type of enchantment of which rapidly produces/applies testosterone to your beard/facial area, however it can be applied anywhere else. Another saying is this it may be a subtype of enchanting, enchanting your beard to grow it faster. Or even Property Transfiguration, to change the properties of your beard for rapid growth. It's all up for debate. Remember, nothing is truly solid right now and lore can change. Tier 1 For thy Beardmancer is a lowly man in the arts, and can only grow his beard a few inches more! They cannot control the growth and will faint if they exceed 3 inches of growth each elven 3-4 days. Tier 2 Thy recruit has growneth in powerth, and can now grow his beardth to the limit of 1 foot! He canth only do small things like pick his teeth with thy beard, but any more would exhaust him to the point of histh slumberth. Tier 3 Thy Beardmancer has grownth even moreth in thy practice! He can conjure a small dagger of beard follicles, and can condense them into a solid object! He mayth grow his beard more, to 1 and a half feet! The beard's hair may move around, but very slowly. You can grow one another's beard, though very slightly. You cannot control it. Tier 4 Strong does the Beardmancer stand in thy practices! The Beardmancer can grow his beard rapidly, moving around the beard at a medium pace. Even warhammers can be formed from the beard at this point! Through deep meditation, a forest of beard may emerge around the Beardmancer. You can now grow one other's beard quicker and longer, however you cannot control it. Tier 5 Truely does this Beardmancer stand, glorious upon his foes of Iblees, Daemons, and Aenguls! For he possesses true power of the universe! The Beardmancer can grow a forest of beard on a whim, entangling his opponents with ease. The beard may groweth into a massive labyrinth and disappear upon disconnection from the void. The beardth mayeth even launch things, to bring glory upon thy Beardmancerth! Onlyth the most versed Beardmancers can achieve thy feat. Thy Beardmancer has grown the strongest, and shows his power for the worldth to seeth. Thy growing of one other's beard is now possible to control under very deep meditation, but only slightly. This is to avoid powergaming one other's beard. Red Lines: - One may not condense more beard than 50 meters in all directions, for it will kill thy user. - One may condense beard into sharp and hard substances, but it would never be truely solid or truely sharp. A bit more than blunt. - If the beardmancer's beard is cut, he loses all ability to bend beard. They can create an artificial beard, but their glory cannot be restored until they regrow it. - Bending one other's beard too much will be counted as powergaming, even Tier 5. Refrain from it. - RPing the stuff you can do in Tier 4 and 5 will exhaust you a lot, depending on what you do. I'm just giving examples, Beardmancy can do a lot of things. - Elves, Orcs, and Woman will have a hard time doing Beardmancy. It comes easier to Male Humans and Male Dwarves. Note: To those who seriously think this will not work, you know who you are, this magic is for /fun/. I do not learn magic to have an edge over people, which some do, I do it to have a good damn time. This is what RP is all about. There are LARPers in this world that others make fun of, call stupid, but they don't care. You know why? It's because they enjoy it. Judging should not be based on whether it is realistic and practical, more on which if it will bring fun and enjoyment to players, to which I really think it will. When I first heard about Beardmancy on TS, people jokin' about it, it was a fun thing. Now, I'm trying to bring it to life. As said by another I shalt not name, magic is so combat based right now it's sickening. Almost all forms of magic are used for just blasting someone. Where is the fun, whimsical magic? There is little. The way to combat super serious, not quite fun magic is whimsical magic. I admit, this has combat uses. Will it be primarily used for combat? No. Will it be taught as a combat magic? No. Is it intended for combat? No. Please hear me out, and support Beardmancy! Thanks for readin'.
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