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Found 8 results

  1. Fire With Fire The burning of the Azdromoth effigy - 9th of Sigismund's End, 1840 Today we showed the Azdrazi menace that their wanton aggression will not go unnoticed. Their false, draconic god will suffer and writhe like the snake it is in the might of GOD, the most-powerful. A few years ago the cruel Azdrazi menace burnt our blessed Basilica to the ground in the dark of night. Today, we showed them we will meet fire with fire. House Helvets was tasked by His Imperial Majesty Philip II to build a wooden effigy of the shapeshifter Azdromoth. They were called upon to burn this wooden likeness of the Daemon to the ground as a show of Orenian willingness to crusade against the immoral Azdrazi menace. The house of Helvets answered the call within a Saint’s day, and built a wooden statue of the monster. It was placed in front of the rebuilt Basilica and burnt to the ground. The fire of the lizard-kin can not match the righteous fire of Owyn! We will meet fire with fire! Azdrazi delenda est! TMR, His Eminence, Fr. Francis Cardinal Albarosa
  2. In Flaming Revelry Journey They had lost their way, that was clear to Sir Octavian. Once such lands would’ve been littered with villages and barons eager to make their mark upon the world; now, only the occasional roadman was waiting to prey upon the half-famished farmers on their way to pay tax to the petty prince and his assembly of bureaucrats, too heavy to even make it beyond the walls of Providence. The Imperial State Army would not be here to save these men, for they were not an army but a guard force of noblemen sent there by their fathers in the name of political advancement. Reflection This was not the Empire that Sir Octavian remembered, nor the Empire that he had helped build. He frowned some then as he dismounted from his jet-black steed, plated boots clunking into the rough gravel roads of New-Esbec. He walked the streets, once full of hope and joy. Now, the town was abandoned abandoned for all but a few of the most heinous souls, set only for a parade of ghosts. The tavern's sign hung halfway off, creaking eerily in the wind. He entered, sat at the dust-covered bar, wrote a letter to a sister far away, and sent it off. Then, he waited. The Arrival - Days Later The air in New Esbec seemed abnormally warm that morning. Even for the summer, the mountain air normally seemed crisp and uncomfortably biting at the cold-blooded Dragonkin’s skin. Arthonath made his way to the gates then, a smile forming on his face as he saw the faces of his brothers and sisters climbing the mountain path before him. "Helinathe." he smiled toothily, greeting her with a brotherly hug, extending the same to Antonius then, before greeting the Heralds with a nod of his head. "Let this be a message then, to those within the Empire and those beyond, that our Father’s reach extends further than they might ever know." His sister responded, “Not only a message to the Empire, but a celebration for the arrival of Antonius who has come back to us, brother.” She clutched his arm then, determined perhaps that her newly-returned sibling not leave once more. Flames The Banner of Azdromoth was raised within New Esbec that afternoon. His worshipers made their way throughout the city, burning it to the ground, some in glee, others in solemn reluctance. Sir Octavian passed a torch onwards to the former architect of the city, "Finish now what you started." And with that, a final torch was thrown, setting the ever towering manor aflame. And thus, as the sun fell beyond the reaches of the mountains, the city stood out as a beacon for all within those accursed mountains to witness. Reverence And thus, even as the sun’s warm gaze fell beyond the reaches of the mountains, the flaming city stood out as a beacon, a flaming pillar of The Arch-Drakaar’s own image towering into the skies above for all to witness, a bonfire in celebration of sibling’s reunion made merrier by the herald’s pledge.
  3. A new poem, a new day for Miss Mirabella. The true meaning of her words may be unknown. But there is a point to it all, be sure of that. A fire within a city is not an uncommon thing. Hearth’s blaze, and crackle with life. The problem arises when they get out of hand. Buildings burn, shops lose their stock. People lose their livelihoods. And, their lives. As men try to put out the flames. Hopefully, with success. As those who started them watch, They watch with a cruel gaze. A statement they believe they are making, Yet they only cause issues. More harm than words. For words do not take the lives of others. Scorching ardent colors do. A shame, that those who watch may only pray. Pray the troubles stop, and the culprits are caught. For it will end these flames. That are the ends of many other entities. A shame, some men have decided they hold this much power. As to casually attempt take the lives of others. Signed, Mirabella Violet, Court Poet of Haense
  4. *Art by Tamtamdi on deviantart **Draws heavy influence from the Slavic God, Veles or in some instances is referred to as Volos. Young men known as the Vucari would adorn sheep wool and masks and sing and collect gifts from households during Pagan celebrations that were said to transfer over to Veles to ensure good fortune and prevent angering the versatile god. Music: Touch here to play “To see the city burn to such a Sweet Melody. Paradisum!” “Down we go through Fire and Earth to set the world ablaze.” “Untempered and Unbound. Never Forfeit. Never Frown.” “They have not known my Wrath until they have known my Wisdom.” Basic Information A Male half-elf of unknown age who oftentimes goes by V. It is uncommon for him to announce his full name, Veles Volos Vucari, due to the repetition of sounds. Physical Description Veles is a well built, strangely handsome man with the a fury for life. All aspects of his existence are an amusement to him and because of this he very rarely allows people or situations to burden him opting to rather discard them instead. His hair, a truly outrageous mass of unkept wooly tangles, would often trip him up and is usually cascading over his side or back in a ponytail and at times wound as tightly as possible into a bun. The entire body of this wiry being is laced with spindly veins physically demonstrating his obsessive nature over his own body and his lack of regard to even his own safety. His hands are adorned with numerous calluses, scars and burns and his feet are rough due to never wearing shoes and are almost monkey-like in their ability to grip and maneuver space. There seems to be nothing but force, ferocity and fire to him and that is displayed in everything he does from walking to smirking. Vocal Description An eerie quality surrounds his speech that treads a line between the savagery of a wolf and the cunning ire of a provoked snake waiting to strike. A hunter to his core and deceptively intuitive, Veles sees fit to use his voice as one would use an instrument. Where others would be monotone and stagnant in their use of sounds Veles’ way of speaking is irregular, often not matching up to his thoughts or actions. He enjoys playing with sounds and crafting the use of his voice as one would craft a harmonies to a song and as he speaks a sense of amusement fills the sounds produced as if he found every topic in life at least slightly funny. His laugh ranges from a quiet snicker to uproarious chortling but never really a middle ground displaying a carefree attitude when it comes to social interaction. Physical Traits Height: 6'1" Weight: 165lbs Body Type: - Slender/Muscular Eyes: Hazel-Brown Hair: Dirty Blonde Skin: Tanned Markings/Tattoos: He has a series of tribal chevron tattoos adorning each of his arms starting just below the elbows. Health: Physically Healthy. Pyromaniac, Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic, megalomaniacal, attention-seeking sadist with delusions of grandeur. Personality Veles craves attention and will go out of his way to ensure he is noticed and remembered. There is a fire in his eyes that shows determination and strength but his twisted smile reveals darker intentions. He knows quite well what is right and wrong and will choose wrong every time simply because it is wrong. The world is imbalanced in his eyes and he believes it is part of his destiny to ensure the scales are equally weighed. This half-elf is exuberant in all aspects of life maybe even growing bored with the thought of his long life. Though a true wild card Veles may even make friends with rather good people and does not always act to necessarily hurt others but he knows no true loyalty as he would rather destroy another's beauty and life than see his own reality collapse and because of this he is selfish to a fault. His agenda is sporadic and sometimes incoherent or nonexistent. Veles enjoys music perhaps more than anything else and will likely stop to listen whenever it is present as to him music is the most magical creation one can achieve. Strangely enough Veles holds grudges against those who have broken oaths to him even though he wouldn't blink an eye before breaking an oath of his own. He has no sense of honor but is angered when others act the same. Inventory Veles adores jewelry but is unlikely to buy it. He collects it whenever he can and takes the opportunity to flaunt it as much as possible. Along with jewelry Veles has a growing obsession with stones, gems and other naturally refined minerals. Sometimes Veles may be seen wearing a simple mask but because he is not widely known it cannot yet be discerned as to whether it is actually him wearing the masks, Other than that Veles tends to burn his worldly possessions. Further Details Veles abhors clerics and enjoys nothing more than toying with anything godly. Though he pretends he can talk directly to several different aenguldaemons he enjoys infiltrating and abusing those from other orders. It is not yet discovered if Veles has the capacity for affection but like all creatures he must surely have favorite things in this world. The only obvious one is his admiration for music. Life Style Alignment: Chaotic Evil Deity: Veles enjoys many aenguldaemons but worships none. He heavily dislikes when aenguldaemons have followers that flaunt their divine powers and will seek to toy with these characters despite his own megalomania. Religion: - Polytheism Symbols: Bear, wolf, snake, dragon, willow tree Alliance/Nation/Home: None Job/Class: Veles has a strange interest in sheep or really anything resembling sheep. If he ever showed true kindness it would briefly be to these types of creatures though that doesn't mean he will spare their lives. Herding isn't beneath him but Veles tends to do what he needs to make his money if he wants it. Title(s): None as of yet Special Skill(s): Fire-spinning, Acrobatics and dancing. Flaws: Veles is unpredictable and will go blindly into situations allowing himself to be vulnerable more than he lets on. He has trouble socializing or forming meaningful relations with other people. Veles suffers from several physiological disorders but obviously still feels pain causing him to put himself in bed rest relatively often due to his dangerous way of life. His way of life is taking an offensive stance to pretty much everything which leaves something to be desired from his defensive capabilities. Lightning also seems to be his opposite. He does not fear it but does avoid it whenever possible. Magic Current Status: Aura Color -> A combination of Blood Red to Tiger Orange Scripted to learn: Pyromancy tier 0 Geomancy tier 0 Other magic TBA *** Weaponry Fighting Style: Veles takes delight barraging enemies with magic and watching them dance. Any way he can employ the environment to toy with his opponent the more enjoyable the fight becomes for him. He can be described as a pyromaniac, a berserker and even roguish. However he is also known to thrown hard&fast punches, even at the cost of self-injury Favored Weapon: Veles enjoys swords that are either light enough for him to hit flurries of attacks with or swords heavy enough to require him to throw his entire body into the swings wildly attacking with two hands, perhaps getting hurt in the process. Archery: - Veles isn't very good with bows due to a lack of patience with the aiming process but enjoys throwing random objects during a fight, something he has become quite good at. Biography Parents: Presumed Dead Siblings: Presumed Dead Extended Family: Presumed Dead Pet(s): Yet Unknown History Veles speaks very little about his history but what is known is that there was a tragedy during his early childhood, perhaps infancy, which laid the foundation for his descent into chaos. It can be assumed that some form of neglect, abuse and even torture pushed the half-elf past the breaking point long ago and that the person who is Veles is a product of his environment. How he got to Axios is unknown but he seems to have originated elsewhere. His story is largely left untold but one thing is clear his fortunes to come will be wrought with flames. Artwork (As a child) *Art by Tamtamdi on deviantart ** Further reading on the Slavic God of Earth, Waters, Forests, Magic, Weatlh, Underworld and Death can be found here!
  5. As the winter is finaly over and Kazradin becomes greener again , a ville sound of fire and decay can be heared from the South. As the dwarves rally on their city square , a muntain dwarf comes inside Kal'Karaad , his body burned and with his last breath shouts "Dragon!". It was a Green firedragon from the Far South , who saw the dwarven capital and decided to make its new home there! But it was too late since the dragon had already reached the dwarven capital and so the dwarves are now trapped inside their mountain home. After hours of waiting , a loud noise could be heared from the Grandaxe Tunnel . It was the dragon , who tried to enter the city .The dwarves , in order to save theirselves , destroyed the tunnel in hope of the dragon would die in it. But they were wrong as the dragon survived and now they were completely trapped. But the sound of elven and human horns started echoing in the distance. As the human and elven troops started making their way to the dwarven capital , something odd happened. The ground they were walking started shaking and then all hell broke loose. The fallen warriors from the battles around Urguan lands started rising from their graves. At the end , the elven and human troops were surrounded. ((Just give the event team a way to start killing people so the event would be nicer and not like 60 people go to an event and only 1 dies.))
  6. Fire Evocation Basic Understandings: Evocation is one of the most basic forms of Arcane Magic one can learn, being that it is a magic that revolves around the simple concept of summoning elements from the void and pulling them into the real world for a certain amount of time. As the name implies, fire evocation is the summoning of flames from the void and unto the mortal plain, the strange action being fueled by one’s magical essence of sorts: aka, mana. Because of this fact, it should be known by all magical evokers that they are completely incapable of controlling elements outside of the ones they’ve pulled into the mortal plain from the void. Though the concept of fire evocation is one of the more simple ones in the category of magic to wrap your head around, it still requires a large amount of practice and time to use; let alone master. Before one can even begin to evoke fire from the void, they must first have a great deal of knowledge on the natural element itself. They must understand what fire is. How it feels, how it looks, how it smells, how it functions, etc. They truly have to break down the element into its core components and spend countless hours learning everything they physically can about it. Think about it like this: if one doesn’t know how something works in depth, how could they possibly manage to replicate it to such a fine degree that it seems, feels, smells and even acts in the same manner as it does in the real world? Though it may be possible to do it if you have a basic understanding, if you’re looking to master the element then you have to truly get down to the small components of it. Another good example of this on a smaller scale which is used quite often, is if you don’t know how a flame feels, how would you manage to replicate that feeling? If you have no knowledge on it, you simply can’t create it. Roleplaying Guidelines: As previously stated, before a caster attempts to use fire evocation in any way they must have a large pool of knowledge related to fire, some examples once again being things like the way it feels, how it’s created, how it looks like to the mortal eye, how it reacts to things around it, etc. Once these important factors are taken in and studied for a vast amount of time, assuming the character has knowledge of how to connect to the void, they’d be able to evoke a small, simple flame. A flame the size of a candle’s flickering ember would likely be the safest route to go, however a spark would be doable as well, assuming the caster has knowledge of that specific form just as he/she does others. Here we will examine a beginner level example of a caster who is just learning how to summon a small ember: Ruby's left arm slowly rises in front of herself, her hand rotating so that her palm is facing skyward. Her eyes lock intently on her hand, her lips parting as she lets out a sharp exhale, her opposite arm giving a few twitches as a bead of sweat quickly rolls down her forehead. An ember suddenly flickers into existence above Ruby's hand, her breathing becoming loud and unsteady as the flame wavers from side to side. As soon as Ruby's eyes begin to flutter shut with fatigue, the ember quickly fades back into nothingness, her arm dropping back to her side as she plops backward into the chair with an exasperated sigh which is then followed by a fatigued grunt. As what is likely expected, the longer the caster practices connecting to the void and evoking flames, the easier the process becomes. Connecting to the void is a difficult task, taking up a majority of a mage’s most basic training. The basic training is essentially the caster learning how to connect to the void, and then imagining the element in the certain form they want to present it in, and then using their mana to fuel the idea and drag the substance into the mortal realm. Eventually, this progression will lead to the caster being capable of summoning greater things at a quicker rate; a fire ball being a perfect example of this. However, despite the caster’s understanding of the magic and skill level of actually using this magic, there must always be some sort of physical tell that shows they are currently evoking. This tell can be projected in multiple different ways, ranging from things like the twitching of joints to the volume of breaths, etc. Now that we have discussed that, here is an example of how a fire evocationist would summon a fireball: Kuro's hands slowly rise in front of himself, his wrists giving a small twitch as his palms face one another, being about a foot away from each other. A single ember seems to flicker into existence in between Kuro's palms, his shoulders giving a small twitch as the ember begins to swell. The flames seem to stretch upward and sway in sporadic movements. Kuro exhales sharply as the flames take on the form of a crude ball, small embers flicking outward in multiple directions as its growing gradually comes to a halt. He takes a long pause for only a moment, before he juts his hands outward, the ball of flame ripping through the air as it races for its target. As it does, small embers zip outward in multiple directions, the ball continuing to whirl toward its destination. As it hits, Kuro lets out a loud huff, his breathing heightened as he slowly stumbles back and plops onto his rump, picking at the blades of grass as he watches the now burning dummy. Red Lines: Ignoring the fact that a lack of fatigue must be emoted. Even at a high skill level, one must make sure that in most cases they emote a sign of fatigue. The amount they emote depends on their skill level, however it is required else it is considered powergaming. Do not emote controlling real world elements. The casters are only able to control the elements they have drawn from the void. Molding a flame is something that shouldn’t be done until the beginning of tier three has been reached; even if it is just a crude shape. You are unable to control flames to a fine degree, unless you combine this art with the art of primordial conjuration. Otherwise, your shapes will be quite crude. Make sure you roleplay a reasonable casting time; therefore the farther away you are from your target location, the longer it will take to evoke that element. I.E. Don’t emote instantly summoning a flame underneath/atop someone. Blue flames drain a vast amount of mana in a short amount of time, so this isn’t something you should go around using each moment you get the chance to because they perhaps look better than orange flames. And white flames are practically a no no- seeing as one would die of mana exhaustion or heat exposure due to the high temperature of said flame. As per every evocation, you are not able to evoke in areas you cannot see.
  7. Whispers and rumors would tell tales of people combusting into flame, leaving only remnants of ash and charred bone. Burned asunder by some seemingly magical force, the victim isn't around to tell their tale. What causes this mystery? Why does it occur so rarely? And can an unsuspecting citizen replicate it to their unfortunate demise? Spontaneous combustion, an anomaly maybe more magical then people would have previously presumed. In fact it's so closely tied to magic, mages and sorcerers alike have been dancing a thin line, narrowly escaping the the dreaded fate of being burnt to a crisp. Within us all, resides the key to our ability to cast magic. Entwined with our soul is our mana pool, the supply which we draw upon to cast brilliant displays of magic. When we deplete this resource it naturally regenerates in time, leaving us tired and weak. However what happens when we use too much, and expend our need for energy further then we should have gone? The answer is woefully simply, spontaneous combustion. However not easily reached and still quite rare, cases have lead me to believe that a mass exertion of mana is what causes this strange anomaly. Cases and tests show that it's not a regular occurrence, even when one does deplete their mana pool. It's the most extreme and rare cases this spontaneous combustion signals an unfortunate end to a mages life. Perhaps this is even capable with mundane citizens, or Knightly types? Perhaps streams of mana within our world are also to blame, focusing a mass concentration of mana on a single spot, triggering some kind of effect within ones soul? Alas, this is but the beginning of possible research and study. Something certainly to keep in mind at least, as I don't desire to be turned into soot anytime soon... - Kalameet Izalith, journal entry: Spontaneous Combustion ((Just felt like writing some Lore in the perspective of Kalameet. This is something I've always thought about after some inspiration from a book I once read. To be clear, this can't be weaponized and doesn't have to be enforced at all, as it's rare even when one does go past their magical limit. This is just something interesting which I decided to write!))
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