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Found 3 results

  1. [!] Before you sits a neatly bound book of smooth ivory pages, held together by dark red comb-stitch binding. On the cover is emblazoned the Tianrui House sigil, and boldly declared title of the production. Tianrui Trading Company Catalogue Issue No. 1 PUBLISHED SA 90, 6th OF THE GRAND HARVEST TIANRUI TRADING CO. PUBLISHING LTD. COMPANY MISSION From humble farming merchant beginnings in Li-Guo to the booming enterprise of today, the Tianrui Trading Co. sees a need and fills it. From fine produce and dried goods to tailored design needs, the Tianrui Trading Co. is here to help you receive the quality products you deserve. ABOUT OUR TEAM Current company CEO and founder of the Western branch expansion, Tianrui Ren is a family man who spends his time in the Tianrui Teahouse when not designing new products, recipes, or signing trade deals. Company CFO and popular face in our Sterling Street 3 location, Tianrui Carla is a spontaneous presence most often seen wearing her Tianrui Fu Dog Respirator Mask from her days in the YPA. When not seeing customers on the floor or balancing the books, Carla is a skilled creator of new drinks. Head of in-house entertainment Tianrui Meixing is a long-practised musician specialised with zither instruments, particularly the family guqin. When not performing, Meixing can be found helping Ren run the Sterling Street Tianrui Teahouse. Company financier and primary advisor on cultural connections and market research Chen Yunya is a practised entertainer and businesswoman renowned for her sword dances as much as her sharpened enterprising skills. OFFERED SERVICES AND GOODS CATERING All dishes available in-house at any Tianrui Teahouse location are also available to be catered to events and functions. Special catering rate discounts apply to groups of 10 or larger. ARCHITECTURE DESIGN AND CONSULTANCY Responsible in large part for architecture design and construction on Tai Ping district in Talon’s Port as well as both the first and second iterations of Yong Ping, Tianrui Trading Co. offers hourly rate architecture design and construction consultancy. HOME RENOVATION AND INTERIOR DESIGN Kitchen and home renovation and interior design services are offered in a wide variety of styles, with the added option of built-in security features. For your home can be safe and stylish. DRY GOODS The finest imported goods from Ai-Zho and along the roads of trade are offered to you through the Tianrui Trading Co. general stores, stalls, and remain available to be held in other locations on request. ARTISANAL PRODUCTS Fine crafted paintings, charms, jewellery, clothing, and alcohol are all offered by the skilled tradespeople of the Tianrui Trading Co. Styles will vary depending on individual vendors. SPECIAL IMPORTS Any of that which can not be found in Almaris, can most likely be specially procured by the skilled tradespeople of the Tianrui Trading Co. Speak to your local company representative today about any special import orders. SHOP LOCATIONS STERLING STREET 3, TALON’S PORT - THE TIANRUI TEAHOUSE Sitting beside beautiful gardens just across the road from the Talon’s Port Tavern and on the same street as the Clinic and Library, Sterling Street 3 houses the esteemed Tianrui Teahouse! Come inside to enjoy family-cooked meals, authentic Li-Ren and Oyashiman cuisine, the finest array of teas, and the warm hospitality of our hosts. MAELSTORM BURROW 1B, TALON’S PORT - HENG-SOE TEA AND HOME Nestled in the homely undercity burrows, one can always find a quaint but welcoming stay in the Heng-Soe Tea and Home in Maelstrom 1B. Featuring a warming hearth in the seating area with a Tianrui Teahouse kitchen close by, Heng-Soe Tea and Home offers all the hospitality of our flagship location with the secluded closeness that only the undercity can have. FREY STREET, ALISGRAD - TIANRUI TEAHOUSE, BATHS, AND MUSEUM Established in the heart of the Norlandic capitol, the Alisgrad Tianrui Teahouse is at the time of publication the largest Tianrui Trading Co. location in Almaris. Positioned directly behind the clinic from the main square with upper levels placing one right in front of the Alisgrad Palace, this teahouse is hard to miss. Featuring a full teahouse and stage on the first floor, sauna and baths on the second floor, and a packed third floor with library, museum, and Jade Rabbit Books bookstore! GALIANI SQUARE 2, FLORENTINE - TIANRUI TRADING CO. GENERAL STORE Just to the right as one enters the idyllic province of Florentine’s main square, the Tianrui Trading Co. General Store offers a variety of goods shipped in from Ai-Zho that the local citizens of Almaris would not otherwise have the opportunity to purchase. If nothing at the general store takes your fancy, the neighboring Illatian establishments are sure to sate any buyer with heavy pockets to empty. MARKET BAZAAR, QAMAR SHEIKDOM - TIANRUI TRADING CO. STALL Finding harbour in the bustling trade port of the Qamar Sheikdom, it is only natural that the Tianrui Trading Co. open a stall and trade avenues in the bustling bazaar. Found on the street passing in front of the tavern right as one would enter by the roads and overlooking the Qalasheen docks, it is a shopping experience to remember. SPONSORED PARTNER COMPANIES THE ALLEY ALEHOUSE - TALON’S PORT Located directly in front and to the left of the gates as one enters Talon’s Port main square, the Alley Alehouse tavern is a staple of any reasonable traveler in search of berth on the roads. Surrounded by the city’s signature cat population, the homely atmosphere of the tavern is sure to set even the most harried of nerves at ease. Contact information: Mr. Emandrial | Caxil HUMMINGBIRD FLOWERS AND TATTOOS - TALON’S PORT A familiar name to the inked locals of Talon’s Port, Hummingbird Flowers and Tattoos offers the best of both services included in its name. Ask any who have been patron to the tattoo services, and they will be sure to proudly show you the artist’s handiwork first-hand. As for any who have received a gift of flowers in the city whether it be between friends, lovers, or laid at graves, it is certain where they were bought at the shop located to one’s right on entering the main square. Contact information: Mr. Kin | AnimeWolf0080 THE QAMAR SHEIKDOM CARAVAN Claiming perhaps the widest variety of goods associated with any one organisation, the Qamar Sheikdom Caravan travels the lands once a year to peddle their wares to the people of Almaris. Comprised of a multitude of skilled merchants and tradespeople, one can find their wares in the Sheikdom’s signature bazaar when the caravan is not abroad. Contact information: Sheikh Shams Ibn Zayd Al-Nabeel | FruitPapaya TWO KEEPERS ONE MUG - ALISGRAD Situated to one’s right as they enter the Alisgrad main square, Two Keepers One Mug is the prominent inn and tavern in the Norlandic capitol. Featuring signature traditional meals and boasting the frequent company of prominent government officials, one is sure to get the full experience of Norland in this tavern. Contact information: Ms. Fiametta Allair | Fleur___ VYKK CO. - ALISGRAD Owning multiple shops in the Alisgrad main square, Vykk Co. offers a multitude of wares to fit near any adventurer’s needs. Ranging from the finest Norlandic steel to specialised alchemical brews, and even a casino in which to spend one’s hard-earned coin. Contact information: King Odin Freysson Ruric | Ichigomaster98 THE BROWN BEAR’S REST - BALIAN With a wide range of food and alcohol on steady rotation, there is always sure to be something new to experience in the Brown Bear’s Rest. Featuring indoor and outdoor seating that places one within a stone’s throw of the market square and the Basilica respectively, this combination inn and tavern is a must to visit on any trip to the city. Contact information: Baron Drako Darkwood | HIGHEST_FIRE VINO E SIGARI DE FALCONE - FLORENTINE Featuring only the finest in Illatian cigars and wines, Vino e Sigari de Falcone is a must-visit in the province of Florentine. Tucked just across the street from the bank, it is an opportune location as one is sure to find themselves returning for more after their first purchases. Contact information: Mr. Cosimo Falcone | Maidenful KORTREVICH KRAFTERS - KAROSGRAD On the main road entering Haense to one’s left as they walk from the main gates, Kortrevich Krafters is one of the many shop fronts that line the bustling business street and main square. What sets this fine establishment apart is their offers of Haeseni hand-crafted goods, farm produce, and alcohol all at premier prices. If the distinguishing traveller finds themselves unsure where to start in the Haeseni capitol, Kortrevich Krafters is the staple stop shop. Contact information: Lady Esmèe Kortrevich | worldeltaii YOUR COMPANY COULD BE HERE! To appear in the next issue of the Tianrui Trading Co. catalogue, contact Tianrui Ren by way of bird to arrange a meeting! We wish to list all of the finest that Almaris has to offer to the distinguished customer.
  2. YEAR 87 FLORENTINE 3 MARKS [Ferdinand Richardt] 12TH OF SUN’S SMILE Today was a day humanity will not soon forget. King Frederick is dead, and the future of Orenia has never been more uncertain. It began, as great change often does, in court. We were one of the first few to arrive. The King stood beside his wife in silence, waiting for peers to arrive. Only then would Frederick begin his speech. He spoke hesitantly to the few who had dared to make an appearance, tensions were high and this court was believed to be the King’s last. It only took minutes for the crashing of doors and screams of men to startle the denizens within the palace’s hall. About 40-50 figures had stormed in, armored and armed. They were led by Baron Gustaf de Vilain, drawing a chilling silence from the once proud King. It was apparent that he knew what was to come. The King was quick to denounce the men before him, calling the Acre-folk “scum to history” and that the books would remember Gustaf as a “puppet of lessers.” After heated debate, the horribly outnumbered Royalists, consisting largely of Ivanovich clansmen, clashed with the Acre-folk. The King and his wife fled two different directions, abandoning their people and their own children, left alone in the rat’s trap that was the throne room. Blood stained the carpeted floors- most of the men who fought for the King left for dead and butchered. A fleet of men then pursued Frederick, closely followed by our brave reporters. The Acre band’s only obstacle now was the slew of locked doors Frederick had hidden behind, but the wood stood no chance against the impassioned few. At last, the Acre-men arrived at the King’s quarters. The reporters were the first to enter the scene, however, there was nothing to be found of the man. Only a horrid stench wafted, alongside red stains in the carpet. Even then, nothing was seen of the king. Our analysts believe he threw himself from his own balcony. As of writing this, our team is still investigating the river below for evidence. After an hour of searches, the party reconvened in the throne room. There, the men collected themselves, headed by the Baron of Acre himself. He led speeches upon speeches, assuring his bannerman and the citizens who remained. One of our reporters approached the Baron, and was permitted a brief interview. _________________________ SOME DEPICTIONS: [!] The reporters await outside the Royal tower as the Acre-folk break their way in. [!] The reporters examine in awe as the horde attempts to break their way into the room. [!] The king’s odd decor above his bed. [!] The armored Baron Gustaf de Vilain alongside his merry men. _________________________ THE FOLLOWING IS A TRANSCRIPTION OF THE INTERVIEW WITH BARON GUSTAF DE VILAIN: Interviewed by Mischa Lesanov Interviewer: Mister Gustaf, do you plan to run the nation? What of the royal family and peers? Gustaf: This is a filthy city. It will need to be dismembered, brick by brick. Interviewer: Do you have a vision for what Oren’s future is? Gustaf: Are you familiar with farming? Or even forestry? Interviewer: I am. Will Vienne be turned into farming and woodlands? What of the people’s homes? Will they be relocated? Hannes, son of Gustaf: GOD’s Kingdom of Nature will reclaim Vienne. Interviewer: Is that what Oren is to be called? And will your people truly care for nature and her people, or shall there be another war and coup in due time? Gustaf: Those who are left in Vienne and choose to stay will have their needs taken care of. The Barony of Acre will rebuild. If conflict emerges again, then it is only the way of things. There is no new kingdom. Interviewer: No courts, kings, or peers? Gustaf: I guarantee nothing. Only in that this land will be the Barony of Acre. Interviewer: So you mean to say all of this is nearly lawless- left without a king or stable government? And you only stand for Acre and her people? Gustaf nods. Interviewer: Do you have any other words for the worried people of Oren? Gustaf: Any man or woman holds the right to speak with me. Unlike the Viscount who lies dead now, we don’t intend to strike out individuals wanting to speak or seek council. I am an open book. _________________________ Us, Orenians, are left to ponder: were the countless men we’ve lost during the past few wars and coups worth the cause they fought for? What is left to come of this Kingdom? Will we ever live in peace, or are we due for another war in the coming years? Only time can tell, and even then, the people are restless for peace. It is a morbid irony that our strife for harmony has spilled the most blood. _________________________ “ Let it be made clear and now - there is no man present who could best us. There is no warrior who could outmatch our unified strength. In the end, all that remains will be Acre. Any peer of the now-slain king has nothing but to take this opportunity to stay with us and to settle with peace afterward. GUSTAF OF ACRE, 1882 ” _________________________ In other news, those at Books & Books are still looking to purchase literary collections! The library and store have been growing immensely by the month with exceptional works by renowned writers. So do make your way to Florentine and visit! Do not shy away from penning us with any inquiries you may have.
  3. [Théophile Emmanuel Duverger] [!] Young Mischa, slipping copies of this missive into the local mailboxes. BY MISCHA FLORENTINA LESANOV-FALCONE & NIKOLAS LEOPOLD BARBANOV-BIHAR EST. 1884 WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THE GRAND OPENING OF BOOKS & BOOKS! [!] Local denizens enjoying a warm afternoon outside Books & Books. Just located on the main road of Little Province, Florentine, you’ll find Books & Books! Here, we house an ever-growing library and book shoppe! We grew much too tired of having to run across the realm just to find a good book. So, we've decided to make good books accessible to all within the mid-eastern portion of Almaris. If you’re interested, come visit Books & Books, Florentine! ______________________________________________ ATTENTION ALL AUTHORS & BOOK COLLECTORS! We at Books & Books are in dire need of books to not only display on our shelves, but to sell! We are willing to buy any and all collections you may have. If you are interested, please pen Mischa Lesanov-Falcone for Florentine, or Nikolas Barbanov for Karosgrad. Thank you! [!] Dame Marion reaching for some of the taller shelves. ______________________________________________ SOME OF OUR BEST READS ON DISPLAY: ✦ Sweet Venin by Winter Forrester ✦ Mrs. Reina by Winter Forrester ✦ The Wings by William Greywater ✦ The Book of Joe by Niels Vojsyn ✦ Unknown Invasion by Talo Song [!] Lord Vladrik and Countess Sadie reading some of Books & Books’ best reads. ______________________________________________ There is more to come! So please stay tuned. We hope to see you around! Remember, all donations are welcome. . We’ve even got a box for them. SIGNED, MISCHA FLORENTINA LESANOV-FALCONE NIKOLAS LEOPOLD BARBANOV-BIHAR
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