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Found 8 results

  1. Hefrumm Writing Contest! To all denizens of Almaris, pick up your book and quill and start writing, for Hefrumm is holding a creative writing contest to celebrate the Grand opening of its brand new library! Bring your best writings to the contest inside our beautiful new library, and win minas if you finish in the top three! Come show your prowess with the quill, intermingle with fellow writers from all across Almaris, collect prizes, and help contribute to the library's collection! Rules *Write your Entries in a book and quill, even if its short in length. * Any type of creative writing is acceptable for the contest, whether you wish to write a poem, any kind of fiction story, a song, or any other creative writing piece. *All books submitted will be added to the Hefrumm library’s collection. (Don’t /edit sign your books before the contest, that so copies can be made.) *While the citizens of Hefrumm appreciate scholarship, for this contest text books, and other books that simply list information will not be included in the contest, but may be submitted to the library for addition to the collection. *Try to keep your writings to around 30 pages or less. If you go over a bit that's okay but keep it shorter so the books can be evaluated during the contest! (If you can't be at the competition at the scheduled time, drop off your book with Tuzic Mossborn , and your entry will still be considered!) Prizes * 1st Place: 300 minas * 2nd place: 200 minas * 3rd place: 100 minas (Honorary mentions will receive a reward of 20 mina!) Date and Time: Friday, November 18 4pm EST Location: In the library, located underneath the Hefrumm Tavern.
  2. [!] While Knud sung this song, he'd play his trusty old banjo. ^ A Knud's tale song: ♫ Dwarf and gnome ♫ Through a night most eerie and dark Forest deep and over mountain far There was a duo, small of kind Of great age, they were nearly blind They set out on a mighty quest To aid the druids with their pest This was no joke nor a jest The druids needed two of the best The earth was cracked, the soil split Even the grove was torn to piece and bits The volcano laid no longer dormant Being the druids greatest torment Knud and Forest said it shall not be From these troubles you’ll be free Give us direction and a day of three And we will travel over land and sea ((0:42)) Dwarf and gnome Far from home Yet never alone A volcano to be overthrown With great haste A volcano to face Put him in his place A great peril awaits ((Chorus x2)) And so the dwarves, took their leave Commenced a journey, which would not be brief Into land, devoid of all green One would only believe, if they had seen Up the raging mountain ever steep Over cracks with a leap Weary of travel yet no sleep For they needed to fulfill this mighty deed Chorus x2 ((1:17)) Great heat, the two endured Smoke thick air, and vision blurred They passed rivers, of molten rock Yet had not finished their adventurous walk With their arrival, the mountain was displeased It roared and rumbled like a great beast But at last, the two reached the crown Yet this was no king to which they’d bow You volcano did the druids wrong The two spoke in the volcano’s tongue Stop it now, they said clear and plain Or you’ll suffer the wrath of my cane The mountain roared no, the dwarves said yes The volcano responded, oké perhaps Its malevolent rule was no more Under the threat of a cane he so swore The realm saved from great distress The dwarves had completed their mighty quest The two sailed back, in need of rest Back home again to their nest There come a day the promise be broken Had the mountain’s vow been misspoken One be reminded who to call Be they in need of company mighty small Instrumental solo followed by more chorus [!] A depiction of the two elders facing off the raging wrath of the volcano. In honor of Harold, the best halfling druid boy, rip.
  3. [!] A flock of wood sparrows would soar above Hefrumm, delivering a letter with the sigil of a Grizzly Bear's face to every dwelling of the village. ~A Passing Wind~ I look out upon the village of my kin today, the eve of Armakak’s smile warming the woodland of Hefrumm. From atop my tree trunk dwelling, I watch; Sailors rowing home with fresh sand skippers, Hunters turning a roasting boar over the fire, Brewers harvesting barley and berries, Beardlings dashing about the fields, Seers scaling the mountain for wisdom, Snails keeping a watchful, beady eye, And farmers tending to the first seeds of Sun’s Smile. It was then, as the earth concealed that single seed, a passing wind came. It was the same brisk and warm call that guided me to Hefrumm long ago, the same wind that urged me to lead my kin. A breeze sent by Anbella herself, that has called me to serve once more. Just days before I first embraced the wooden throne, I met a humble, honorable, and quick-witted brewer. He stood by my kin and fought hand in hand with me for everything Anbella’s Hearth deserves. It is now that I stand alongside him, and serve as Grand Queen to the newest Grand King of Urguan, Levian’Tol Grandaxe. I think back on my journey as High Chief, remembering how I gazed upon this quiet village with wide, naive, and eager eyes. I look now at the Village of Hefrumm with pride, honor, and the warmest of Anbella's love. Even through the silent winters and sparse tavern nights, I would go back and do it all again if I could. I hope I have served you well my kin, for a passing wind has led me to a new journey. One, that I believe, will guide all of Urguan to Yemekar’s glory. May you forever nourish Anbella’s seed of Hefrumm, for it has only just begun to grow. Narvak oz Urguan. Narvak oz Hefrumm. Ulro Anbella’s ival, akhoral khazadmar oz kahiv,
  4. •✹Armakak's Sun Festival✹• [!] Tiny wood sparrows deliver colorful, golden pamphlets across all of Almaris. At the ripe beginning of The First Seed, Da Seers Eron Hefruth and Da Kirkja Dverga of Urguan are calling every merchant of Almaris to join in a prosperous celebration! Be it brews, weapons, forges, jewlery, any and all are welcome to sell! The Sun Festival is thrown in honor of Armakak, the Merchant Father, who guides our kin to luckier days and brighter skies. Festivities include: ✹ Stalls and shops from the finest merchants of Almaris that will surround the valley of Urguan! ✹ Test your luck with a coin toss or win back double your mina at the gambling table! ✹ The Merchant Competition will conclude the festival, where each stall or shop submits one item to be judged by Yemekar’s Pick: Dorimnur Goldhand, Grand Steward: Levian'Tol Grandaxe, and Grimgold Clan Father: Alaric Grimgold. Winner receives 200 mina. Join the Grand Kingdom of Urguan with pockets full or empty, for may Armakak’s luck shine upon us all! High Chief of Hefrumm, Seer of Brathmordakin, Prelate of Anbella, Chief of Clan Blackroot, OOC: Festival will begin Saturday, April 17th @ 6pm EST. If you want to run a shop/stall in the festival, contact Dietz#2343 or High Chief Yazmorra Blackroot irp.
  5. Da Seers Eron Hefruth ᛏᚺᛖ ᛋᛖᛖᚱᛋ ᛟᚠ ᚺᛖᚠᚱᚢᛏᚺ ~=~ Origins & Belief of the Order Da Seers eron Hefruth act as the religious guides of Hefrumm, bestowing knowledge, hosting festivals, and teaching rituals of the Brathmordakin to their kin. Although they vary from Da Kirkja Dverga in practice, beliefs of the Brathmordakin are identical between the groups. In practice, Seers focus much more on seeing the everyday signs and messages the dwarven gods bestow upon them in little ways. The very first known Seer dates back to Ru Firebeard, a dwarf that taught Baldin Frostbeard all he knew about the secrets of the world. Baldin would with time become the High Preceptor of the Kirkja Dverga, however left the order after a disagreement with newer religious leadership figures, and made an oath never to teach again, retiring to Athera for the life of a hermit. As a result, Baldin’s son Karl Blackroot began to instruct his folk on the teachings passed down in his family, building upon the existing traditions of Hefrumm with the unique ideology of the Seers. One of the core beliefs of the Seers was a resurgence of Divination, although an admittedly weaker form of the ancient art that made no claim to Prophetic Ability, placed a greater emphasis on experiencing the Brathmordakin through rites that specifically were designed to conjure visions, semi-controversially utilizing psychedelics. The Seers as we know them came to be through Karl Blackroot, who became Chief of the Blackroot Clan and later went on to be elected to High Chief of Hefrumm. His unusual founding ceremonies and rituals quickly fell under scrutiny by da Kirkja Dverga, due to the use of psychedelic herbs that he declared gave him visions of the dwarven gods. Even so, the message of the Seers spread quickly through Hefrumm and Karl ascended his first few members into the religious leadership. Since embarking to the new land of Almaris, da Seers eron Hefruth and da Kirkja Dverga have cooperated in teaching all dwarves of Urguan, hosting together the Feast of Paragon Bjor Cottonwood. History of Divination Divination is a complicated and confusing art of the dwarves, an art so ancient that its history is filled with holes and contradictions. The earliest dwarf to possess the ability of divination is often attributed by modern Seers to Urguan Silverbeard. Using this ability they say he was able to look beyond the mortal planes to have deep and meaningful encounters with the Brathmordakin, and such is how he received the powerful craftsmanship magic of Runesmithing and achieved other supernatural feats. It is largely understood by all creeds of dwarves that with the art of Runesmithing, runic relics were made that allowed all dwarves to have direct encounters with the Brathmordakin, and the earliest forms of the clergy took shape to spread this knowledge, their rituals being the first form of what can be attributed as widespread divination. This art continued to grow overtime, notable encounters being the visions of Silverbeard kings, however just as with any growth there became a cancer; the Khorvadic Cult. Today it is believed by the Seers that it was through the heightened powers of ancient runic divination that the Ironborn began contact with Khorvad and began their mad claims for power. At the height of Ironborn rule, the Runelords stood against the empire and were severely punished, virtually all ancient dwarven lore on Runesmithing, runic divination, and traditions of the Brathmordakin were lost, the period dubbed the Great Collapse. With the Great Collapse that brought about the destruction of the ancient art of Runesmithing, the ancient and more true forms of divination were lost. Most of Urguan’s sons gave up on any divination and dedicated themselves only to practicing what traditions and powerless rituals they could recover from their past as instructed. However the ideals of the practice remained, and dwarves would often teach that one could feel the powers of the Brathmordakin through their everyday actions, and to no group of dwarves was this more important than the simple folk of the forest, the Sons of Gloin. While the dwarves above and under the mountain busied themself with trade and complex infrastructure, the forest dwarves maintained a heavy focus on the connection to the Brathmordakin any dwarf has just in everyday life, and it became a core tenant of their culture, the forest dwarves carving powerless runes into many objects in reference to the origins of their beliefs. Ranks of the Order Adhering to the value of Hefrumm's unity and seeing the Brathmordakin as their ultimate guides of leadership, the Seers only vary in ranks from those enlightened and those yet to be. Council of Seers The order of the seers is not led by any one individual. Influenced by the forest dwarf way, the seers act as a group with one voice. The ones that dictate what that voice says is the council of seers, a council composed by all the seers of the order. At the end of their meetings one of them is chosen to announce what they have discussed. Seer A Seer is declared as such when they have undergone The Journey of The Brathmordakin, Ceremony of Ascension, and have been recognized as enlightened by other members, now capable to host rituals of their own. Already established Seers are guides for those still in training. All Seers are granted a seat in the Seer’s Council where beliefs, ideas, and theories are discussed and valued. Seer in Training Those that would like to join must seek guidance of enlightened Seers. To help further their progress, they should be sure to attend every ritual and festival hosted by the Seers, until they are decidedly ready by the council to undergo The Journey of The Brathmordakin and Ceremony of Ascension. Trials Journey of the Brathmordakin A test of will and devotion to the Brathmordakin, Seers in Training will embark on a psychedelic journey through the mountainous Path of the Gods with a Seer as their guide. By consuming “Anbella’s gift,” they will be granted sight to admire visions of the Brathmordakin appearing before each alter, telling a story of their existence through images. If any of these visions begin to appear other than they should, the Seer in Training will fail the journey and must repeat it after making amends with themselves for whatever they perceived wrong on their first attempt. Ceremony of Ascension Once successfully enlightened from the Journey, the final step for Seers in Training is the Ceremony of Ascension. With every Seer in attendance, the dwarf must undergo a final test of devotion, The Trial of Shadows, facing their deepest fears by the shadow of Khorvad. This Trial is only meant for Seers in Training who have proven to be insanely strong of will, for a failed Trial of Shadows could result in wounds left on the mind, and at times, even death. When the Seer in Training has successfully surpassed their greatest fears by Khorvad’s shadow, the Seers will allow them to ascend and become a member by marking them with the blessing of the Brathmordakin that guided them to the light. This can be shown by placing flowers of Anbella in their hair, tattoos of any Brath’s symbol on their body, or any other marking of devotion the dwarf prefers. In extreme cases, dwarves can even undergo full physiological changes as a way to show devotion towards a particular Brathmordakin. Traditions of Anbella Gifts of Anbella The Seers regularly hold rituals of storytelling, aided by the use of psychedelic herbs, or “Anbella’s gifts,” as they’re referred to by the forest dwarves. Typically uniting beside a fire in the center of the village, these rituals consist of strikingly realistic, at times overwhelming, visions of the Brathmordakin and all stories associated. The Seers act as guides to the forest dwarves that partake, whatever they may be experiencing, as the visions can be very unpredictable. Festival of Anbella Anbella being the most cherished of the Brathmordakin to the forest dwarves of Hefrumm, the Seers kick off the year with a celebration of life, nature, and family. Finely woven banners and decorations cover the village; a day full of laughter, ale, and kinship. Typically beginning in the tavern of Hefrumm, The Sugary ***, the festival calls every forest dwarf clan to bring an offering of Anbella with them. From finely baked bread to freshly hunted boar, the day concludes with a great feast in which Seers thank Anbella for their most personally valued gifts of hers. Be it family, forest, home, or peace, every dwarf gathers to say their thanks for what the Hearth Mother has bestowed to them. Rescue Ceremony The spirit of the wild needs to be in all creatures owned by dwarves, in this way their animals never lose their connection to The Tribunal. To do this the seers prepare rescue ceremonies where dwarves go out into the wilderness to capture animals to bring back to their farms. This allows the dwarves to have strong, energetic, and meaty animals for their feasts, races, and armies. An animal of every species collected needs to be sacrificed to be sent to Anbella’s realm as a sign of respect to the deity. Anbella’s Pact Ever since their discovery of epiphytes, they have been noticed to be individuals with close ties to nature. In the ways of the Seers, the process of becoming an epiphyte is a self sacrifice to Anbella. One willingly sacrifices their body sending it to Anbella’s realm, encasing their soul that remains behind into a body composed of natural elements more attuned to her call. Despite its higher spiritual elements this new body makes the individual completely infertile. It is said that the pact only lasts around one century, after which the soul of the individual returns to the body in Anbella’s realm. In exchange for one’s sacrifice and a century of service Anbella grants the individual one offspring which is born in Anbella’s realm and whose soul is sent into the mortal realm in the same form as their parent. Despite being able to be done in natural circumstances the likelihood of woodmadness to kick in is more likely as the mind of those individuals tends to not be trained in any way and are just individuals that are attuned to nature. The best way to avoid woodmadness is by doing Anbella’s Pact under guidance and supervision of a Seer that has done it in the past. Traditions of Yemekar Festival of Creation In honor of The Father and Creator of the dwarven race himself, this festival is a day of creativity, innovation, and balance. For forest dwarves, this means woodworking, brewing, branch weaving, and several other products made by the dwarves of Hefrumm. Each dwarf should bring a handmade creation to offer to Yemekar at the altar in Hefrumm. Traditions of Dungrimm Ceremony of the Ancestors A ceremony hosted by the Seers to honor the dead. In the ceremony of Dungrimm dwarves gather to commemorate their ancestors. It is a time to ask for blessings from them and wisdom. During these ceremonies there also tends to be tournaments of strength and valor to entertain those in Kaz’a’Dentrumm and in other realms of the Brathmordakin. Festival of War In times of war captured enemies can be given an honorable death by fighting each other as a sacrifice to Dungrimm in the arena. Those that die honorably in the arena are said to be reincarnated as dwarves in the next life, their soul returning to Yemekar’s forge to be reshaped into a better quality of life. Ceremony of the Dead After the burial of a dwarf has taken place, the ceremony of the dead has to proceed. In this ceremony the friends and relatives of the fallen dwarf gather to talk about the exploits of the fallen. This is done after the burial of the individual so that the Brathmordakin can witness the ceremony before bidding on the soul of the dead. The hope is that after hearing of the achievements of the fallen they will be more inclined to bid for him/her. Dungrimm’s Pact Saprophytes, similar to epiphytes, can appear naturally, but to avoid woodmadness the guidance of the Seers is recommended. Those that choose to become Saprophytes understand the need for decomposition and death in the balance of the tribunal. Like with the epiphytes, saprophytes are infertile, and after a century of service to Dungrimm their soul returns to their body in his realm and a son/daughter is given as a reward. Traditions of Belka Ceremony of the Roses This Ceremony is meant for a dwarf to find a partner. When a dwarf seeks to find a partner they are able to go to a Seer for help. The Seer will take notes of the desires of the dwarf, and will call for the ceremony. All contestants will come to the single dwarf and they will have a conversation for a limited amount of time, in turns. If the single dwarf likes the contestant he/she will give that contestant a rose, which the Seer will hand out. If a proper partner is found the Seer will sacrifice a rabbit to give good luck to the couple. Lover's Brawl To commemorate Belka’s passion the ceremony of the Lovers Brawl can be organised by a Seer. In this event couples take turns in the arena beating each other up until one wins. This duel is meant to represent the passion and strength of their love. Two rabbits tend to be sacrificed before the ceremony to summon the attention of Belka. Parade of Joy To celebrate the survival of the dwarven race despite Khorvad’s attempts to destroy it, the Seers organise a parade. In these parades the dwarves dress up and march around the continent, expressing the might of the dwarven race in a non-aggressive, cheerful manor. Traditions of Ograhad Ograhad’s Day of Study For the wisest of dwarven kin, this occasion is focused on educating the village on the traditions of Hefrumm. Each Seer will be expected to bring a piece of ancient knowledge to bestow in Ograhad’s honor. Following each lesson, said traditions will be taught and participated in. Assimilation Ceremony When a way/ceremony/festival or any other activity has shown results in bringing people closer to the Brathmordakin the Seers’ Council meet and give offerings to Ograhad, then they discuss this new activity and how it works. The council after reaching an agreement decides whether the activity should be added to the list of ceremonies practiced by the Seers. The Ceremony of Tales In this ceremony dwarves bring any tales they wish to the gathering. Once there they will each take turns telling and enjoying each other's stories. These tales can be song, read out, or acted. At the end of the day the goal is to entertain Ograhad with great tales that he can add to his great library. Traditions of Armakak Sun Festival In the Sun festival dwarves come to the gathering bringing their oddities. Once there dwarves trade and barter with each other for the items in their possession. Despite this being aimed at dwarves, all living beings are welcomed if they come to barter. Legends claim that before the creation of the mina there were yearly festivals where folk bartered and traded each other's goods in honor to the Sun God. Traditions of Grimdugan The Brothers’ Rivalry The Brothers’ Rivalry is a tradition dedicated to Grimdugan and Armakak. In this event dwarves are divided into two teams. One representing Armakak, and one representing Grimdugan. Both teams have a stone week to gather as much wealth as they can. Both teams are allowed to mine for it, but the team of Armakak is allowed to use their shops to gain wealth, and the team of Grimdugan is allowed to steal from non-dwarves for theirs. When the end date arrives the wealth of both teams will be placed in the chests of their respective team. The team that has the most wealth in their chest will win. Those that lost will have to give half of what they have gained to the winning team. The Wild Hunt When the dwarves are at war with another nation the Council of Seers can call for the Wild Hunt to take place. This bloody event can last for years, depending on the conflict the dwarves are in. During the Wild Hunt dwarves are invited to swarm the territories of their enemies, raiding, and stealing the wealth of those that inhabit that land. For the Wild Hunt not to just be a call for personal enrichment, part of the collected wealth needs to be burned as an offering to Grimdugan. ~=~ "In dedication to Karl Blackroot, may he forever rest in Anbella's embrace and da Seers Eron Hefruth thrive in his honor." High Chief of Hefrumm, OOC: For more information regarding the Seers of Hefrumm or to join the Order, contact: Yazmorra Blackroot (Lady_Dietz) or via discord; Dietz#2343
  6. ~<>~_Festival of Anbella_~<>~ [!] Dozens of thundering short-legged steps can be heard marching through nearly every nation of Almaris. The echoes of their chants are unmistakable, “NARVAK OZ HEFRUMM! NARVAK OZ ANBELLA!” ~<>~ [!] Finely woven banners and decorations cover the village of forest dwarves, laughter and song hum throughout all of Urguan. ~<>~ Hefrumm is hosting a festival of nature, ale, kinship, and utmost appreciation for the dwarven Goddess, Anbella. For the forest dwarves of Urguan, Anbella is the most cherished of the Brathmordakin. Referred to as the “Hearth Mother,” she represents the value of nature, fertility, home, and peace. The kin of Hefrumm hold Anbella’s guidance close to their heart and are inviting all lovers of nature across Almaris to join them in the celebration! Festivities include: Wood carving, Olog riding competition, drinking competition, pelt making, feast, a Seer ~trip~, and story of Anbella. May Anbella guide you home, High Chief of Hefrumm OOC: Today, February 12th @ 4pm EST. For more info, contact: Dietz#2343
  7. Liv

    The Uncaring Fool

    The Uncaring Fool “Close your eyes and turn your face into the wind. Feel it sweep along your skin in an invisible ocean of exultation. Suddenly, you know you are alive.” =============================================== As the birds fill a nearby meadow and the animals around create noises at this lush scene, the wind sways about brushing the flowers below and the leaves above. The golden hue of wheat surrounding this meadow in the middle is a path of dirt and gravel littered with an unkept feeling as eyes stare to the clouds. An individual stands in this wheat field, his gaze that of an old one and his eyes are slowly closing, his figure standing strong against these lushes breeze, as this small, tanned, redhead but holds no hair, peers around on this day inhaling as peace is all around. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “By Anbella, my feet are wet but my mind is dry, my gaze wearies and so do I …” this gravely voice calls breaking the silence around his words rhyming as they finish grumbling as he turns his head to absorb the view before him, his hand rising from behind back to wave at a smaller girl much smaller then any normal dwarf being that of a midget, of midgets. “Niece come here” his tone clears as he’d project it for the smaller lass, returning his hand behind back with a sigh “You’ve summoned at a strange time, however, my thanks none of the less, it has been pleasant speaking to those which can be spoken to” This small lass smiles in a brighten fashion as her head dips about in an excitement to her movements “T’ank yeh uncle. I did say yeh beh fine, from wat meh seen da uns yeh nae like are nae around and time can make yeh part of da hearth once more. As Anbellas dream was once, ah unified home” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Remembering is a pain in itself, forgetting is that pain freeing yourself” ============================================ The Elder smiles at the cheerful lass, a true smile hidden by his greying beard. Dipping his head to the smaller figure joy in eyes “Come, walk with me, help me up these mountains which this valley is littered in so you can claim the title you were neglected once more. This time, in time, not in pushed motions'' with that the elder extends an arm to the smaller younger lass before walking off into the peaceful meadow which was Hefrumm, walking into the forest which surrounds the forest dwarves as the time slowly turns to night with smiles upon faces and joy in their steps, the old and bitter appearing to slowly forget.
  8. Creation The Forest Dwarves weren't really created, as many have thought. The Forest Dwarves came to be over many centuries in the time of Aegis. Evolution and natural selection can awarded, as they are truly responsible for how Forest Dwarves came to be. Long ago, the seventh son of Urguan, Gloin as his father had named him, decided it was time to take on a proper a name for him and his clan. Unlike his Dwarven brethren, this son was particularly interested in nature - fascinated with the outside world and life of other beings and animals. Gloin had thought of how his brethren had named their clans, for example the Ironguts for being excellent drinkers, or the Grandaxes for being a phenomenal axe wielders. It was then when one named popped into his head - Treebeard. Over the years, Gloin's brothers noticed his general lack of interest in life in the mountain. They were worried when he spent more time outside then in, when he chose to study an animal that was new to him rather than feast and drink with his family. His brothers mistook this for him being disinterested in the betterment of their race as a whole. Deeply angered, his brothers decided that exile was the only fitting punishment for his disloyalty. The Treebeards were distraught with their punishment. They had nothing, and nowhere to go. Under their determined leader, they took to the forests. They learned that bows were the proper tools for hunting game. They learned that with a little effort, a wooden hut could easily be built with a few trees-worth of lumber. They learned that plants and berries are editable too, and that meat wasn't necessary for each and every meal. They learned they could survive on fresh spring water, and ale wasn't a necessary thing in their lives... Gloin then decided on one more thing - the Treebeards were no longer Mountain or Cave Dwarves. They were to be proud of what they became - of what they are. They proved that not all Dwarves need a mountain to live in. They are the Forest Dwarves. Then & Now - Traits & Appearance The Forest Dwarves, in the beginning at least, resembled regular Cave and Mountain Dwarves. It wasn't until later on that they noticed their skin tanned from the sun. Over the centuries, their skin's pigments changed greatly. Their skin tone generally looked much darker, in the elders of the clan and children. They also noticed that slowly, the males' beard growth seemed stunted, due to the lack of protein in their new diets that consisted of more fish and berries than meat. Their hair, however, continued to grow long and thick. Lastly, they noticed that since they didn't consume nearly as much fat from the meats they used to eat and with extra exercise of living in the forest, they slimmed down a bit. One example: Thudrin, my Forest Dwarf character Clans Throughout the years, many Forest Dwarf families have popped up, but only two Forest Dwarf families seem to actually be regarded as Forest Dwarven 'clans', these being the pure Treebeards who are direct descendants from the first Forest Dwarves, and the Dawnsworn, rumored to be created by the mingling of one Forest Dwarf and a Dwarf of clan Irongut. Beliefs & Ideals Although no official religion has been set for the Forest Dwarves, the most common beliefs seem to be those of the Druids - worshiping the Aspects, two god-like beings responsible for keeping a natural balance in the world, and those of the Dwarves - worshiping Yemekar who created their forefather Urguan and the entire Dwarven race. When the first Forest Dwarves were exiled, they made a set of rules to live by that helped them prosper and survive. Over the years, these rules still seem to be known in most Forest Dwarf societies, them being: Honor The Forest Dwarves believe that if you help them in a time of need, they will be forever grateful to you, but at the same time if somebody didn't help them when they could have, that individual might be hated for the rest of the Dwarf's life, or until forgiven. Communal Greed Like all Dwarves, the Forest Dwarves never really outgrew their curse of greed, however they tend to deal with it better than most, often striving to make each individual's community or society better or richer than the next, also sometimes causing competition between communities. Respect The Forest Dwarves believe in treating each individual fairly unless given a reason not to. This helped them when natural selection was taking its toll on those with abnormally dark skin during their period of changes, some would get picked on or made fun of. Gloin made it clear that this would not be tolerated. Cultural Arts After taking to the forests, Forest Dwarves developed some key skills to help them survive. Farming & Brewing After living in the forests for so long, Forest Dwarves learnt how to sow crops into the earth, most commonly potatoes and wheat. They also have been regarded as some of the best brewers because of how fresh and crisp their ales taste from using only the finest grown ingredients. Lumberjacking & Woodworking After spending so much time felling, climbing and falling out of trees, the Forest Dwarves learnt how to be true lumberjacks and craftsmen. Some wooden furniture carved by Forest Dwarves has been regarded as the best in the land. Drumming While walking through the forests, the Forest Dwarves took to the soft sound of beating drums. They found even the softest rhythm could become an inspiration, the reason why many Forest Dwarves are excellent bards. Writers & Contributors Saviordude Tethras/Dave Doom6153 Zezimus Cmack1028 Well, this is our second attempt at writing some good lore for the Forest Dwarves! If you find that there are any issues with this lore please say so below or in a PM. Thanks for reading! Comments? Questions? Ideas? Spelling or formatting? Let me know!
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