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Found 43 results

  1. This is a series of entries in a journal that are written by a historian about Sirame Khel. They will be entered into the grand library of Dragur upon the event of Tide Falkmoor’s death or that of the order. (OOC: so you can't use this information until Tide Falkmoor has died) On the 15th of the deep cold, 1780, Sirame Khel was founded. There was no fanfare or celebration. This order would forever hide in the shadows, protecting itself from prying eyes. At the time there were only three dark elves whose only connection was their hope for the future and their belief in the honor of the Ashen Folk. Their names were Tide Falkmoor, Salaron Chaeydark, and Selmas Chaeydark. They pledged to change the world and the fate of their race. Salaron Chaeydark was a brazen, tall, and haughty ‘Ker. He believed that the dark elves should be proud and thought that an open assault upon the order of the realm would soon be necessary. He wore dark leather and carried with him a short sword. He spoke with great conviction of the plans of the order and was determined to see it as far as he could. Little did he know that his part in the story would end sooner then any would think. Selmas Chaeydark, the sister of Salaron Chaeydark, was a quiet, younger ‘Ker. She had a full and loving heart and wished to help the growth of Sirame Khel because her brother was invested and she believed in helping those poor and powerless. She would speak slowly as she then could not speak common as well as most but still understood more about the future of Sirame Khel then any other. Tide Falkmoor was a sly, quiet ‘Ker. He, unlike Salaron, believed that the authority of Sirame Khel and of the Ashen Folk could only be grown through slow and gradual growth. He was a poet, a singer, and an expert swordself. For Tide, the world changed through words and not actions. He considered fighting to be beneath him and through his methods, the power and influence of Sirame Khel would grow exponentially. His speech was always considered and careful. Yet beneath this veneer of genteel, cultured, intellectualism hid a vibrant, dangerous elf who, when faced with a challenge, would forge forward no matter what obstacles stood in his way. While not evil, Tide Falkmoor would never shrink from any method so long as he got what he wanted. This small group of dark elves immediately began building a network of elves and spies. At first success seemed inevitable. Elves flocked to join. Sirame Khel even made a deal with the leader of Ker’okarn to gain land in the city of Krugmar. There they began to build the tower of Sirame Khel. This would be the place where the members would meet met for many years. However, tragedy struck sooner than any would have expected. Salaron Chaeydark was slain during a moonless night by a faceless guard. This death destroyed Selmas Chaeydark. She had lost her father only a few years earlier. Now she was without family and for the Ashen Folk, family is everything. This also meant that the order of Sirame Khel had lost someone who was important to the cause. Tide Falkmoor was determined to continue the order in memory of his friend. He was now the sole leader of Sirame Khel and as a result, the methods of the order would from then on would follow only his philosophy of quiet subterfuge and would avoid antagonizing any group, race, or nation. However, Salaron would always remain at the heart of the order, leading it in his name. His excitable spirit would guide the order towards higher heights and would never be forgotten by those who followed the order. The Tide A poem written by Tide Falkmoor at this time. Roaring waves, Pouring over deep red stones. Slow water, Flowing into sharp wide cracks. For years, the tide has risen, Yet now waves lap on shores. Sparkling drops, Flying orange in bright rosy light. Streaming rays, Turns oceans to gold, Rocks to pillars, And fish to angels. When water hits a wall, Mountains move. Entry one of “The History of Sirame Khel and its Rise to Power” by Selion Drogon.
  2. [!] A figure wearing a hood and robes would walk through the city of Haelun'or in the dead of night. The person would seem to have a stack of papers in their hands as they placed them on every nook and cranny of the city. On the doors of every citizen and the notice board for all to read. Should anyone be awake at this point and catch a view of the visage of this individual all they would see would be the mask of an owl staring back at them. To the citizens of Haelun’or, It comes with great sorrow that I am posting these missives where all can see. In the hope that my voice can reach out to you and instill some reason within you. Look upon your once great city and see what it has become now: a den for the Azdrazi and their corrupted lord. A powerful force that offered you shelter and protection from a demon menace that has hardly even encroached upon your city at all. Why would they reach out to you not even days after a group of thill were killed by demons. Not when the armies appeared but only when our own citizens were killed, doesn’t this strike you as strange, llir? This benevolent Lord - as he’s so put it - offered you his aid to protect you against a Demon threat that exclusively resides within the island of Korvassa for the moment. So, why were these demons so far away from their legions? Though I suppose it matters not at this point other than to point out the strange coincidence that has occurred. The issue at hand, however, is that we have given ourselves over to a tyrannical leader once more. The same force that we once fought and rallied against within our own city to be rid of. Now we stand once more under the oppression of a Tyrannical Lord. A corrupted and impure being who has used Haelun’or as a stepping stone to gain and obtain power. He doesn’t care for us or whether we live or if we die. He only desires for his own power to grow and be fueled. His influence spread, that is why a majority of the council that swore to be democratic has sworn their absolute loyalty to him alone. They have given themselves over and become Heralds of Azdromoth and his will forcing it upon the citizens of the Silver City. Do not let your eyes be covered in wool, llir, look upon what is happening in our city. Look at those who lead it, who now only serve their Lord Azdromoth. We fought for our freedom, for our voices to be heard. Do not let the death of our dear Maheral Azorella be in vain. Do not let her death be for nothing as a new dictatorship takes over our city. Stay safe llir, and watch for the corruption that now spreads through our city like a disease. Keep your eyes open to the truth and do not be fooled by the sense of security that you believe you have. Keep yourselves educated and aware, do not be ignorant in these matters. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya, The Night Owl
  3. You open up Althea’s diary scanning through the pages absentmindedly, till you stop on a page with a drawing on it. [!] You look at the drawing, trying to figure out if Althea drew herself or if someone else had doodled her.
  4. [!] A letter has been sent to you detailing the events of the 200th anniversary of the Kingdom of Haense and the days forth coming. Dear friend, I am writing to you to tell you of some very happy and strange events that have happened to me. On the day that I send out this letter these events have already passed, but for me they are still ever fresh in my mind. Yesterday was the day of the 200th anniversary of Haense. With that I had hoped that I could enjoy it with friends. That part had fallen short, and I was left to watch everyone enjoy the day spent. Suddenly, a new face showed up in front of me. His name was Lynx, and almost immediately he flirted with me. Though I pushed passed the flirting to just chat with him, he ever continued to persevere a love that wasn’t for him. After taking me to the tavern to grab a drink, to which I didn’t care to drink at the time, he lead me outside of the walls and to the bridge to the left of the entrance to New Reza. There was where he confessed that I had a great beauty, and to which I told him I already had a lover. Lynx soon left me alone, and went about to his own devices. Later, when I came back into town and groomed my pets I saw one of my friends chatting with a HRA soldier. I gave him a friendly smile and motioned for him to come inside the tavern to have a chat. And to which we did, Corann and I talked about the happenings of earlier that day. As I talked about my lover he used the word future-fiance. To which I continued to tell him that it was Darien’s choice as to if we would get engaged. After some friendly banter back and forth, I heard Darien’s voice from outside the tavern. I got excited, cause my friend Corann has only heard of Darien and never met him. So after speaking to Darien and taking him inside, I introduced him to Corann. I prayed silently that they would be friendly to each other, and they did. For a few good hours, we sat and chatted with each other. Twice Darien was called out for some work, which I didn’t mind. After Corann and I said our parting goodbyes Darien approached me and told me to go wait at my house for he had a few items to pick up before he took me out on a picnic. This I didn’t mind so I went back to my home and switched my clothing and took off some of my jewelry. I waited for Darien to show up, and in no time he did. He took my hand and led me out to a small boat. Darien rowed us out to the middle of the large lake. There is where it happened, he got down on one knee and took out a small box. My eyes started to water, for I knew what it was. And to me he said, ”Althea Tozzer, since I first laid my eyes on you I have loved you. Ever since we have started dating I have seen myself become a new man.” I already had small tears trickling their way down my face. ”I wish for us to grow old together, so would you marry me?” I had said yes almost immediately, he had picked me up and spun me around as my head was nestled into his shoulder crying tears of joy. Darien placed me back onto the boat, throwing a fur over my shoulders before rowing us back to the shores of New Reza. He soon lead me back to my home before asking, “Which house should we move into, yours or mine?” To which I said mine, since it was his childhood home but I told him about the fault of the basement floor feeling hallow. So we agreed that I would move into his home. Then while he was checking out my pets, I was collecting a few items to bring to his house first. For the next few days that is what it consisted of, bringing my items into his home. While I was bringing things back to Darien’s home he asked if I could do interior decoration. I told him I could, so he left me with the job of re-decorating the house as well as reorganizing it all. That is just what I did, now the house feels like a home to me. I hope to start planning the wedding soon, but I also want to have Darien’s agreement on it all. Sending many blessings your way, Althea Frostfire
  5. BANDITS’ BLOOD 5th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1774 “They defy the laws of man, the laws of God. They live by no code, by regard to naught. In their lexicon, there is no jurisprudence. They are a specie that will never be civilized, a specie never meant to live in civilization. We shan’t stoop to their barbarism, ney, we exploit it.” Lieutenant Dniester Chauvin on the Hangmen ilk. A Heussen assault detachment (left) and attorney Thomas Bernt Fitzgerald Esq (right). The renegade highwaymen’s band dubbed the Hangmen have as of late published a double-notice wherein, among balderbash and calumny, they have took on to begging for injury against the Heusstandarte company. As in a cur or a child’s callow excitement, or perhaps out of desperation, they assemble cutthroats, bandits, deserters and other scoundrels from every forsaken corner of the realm, in an effort to bolster their numbers, their force, to have a chance in stepping up to the Heussens’ valiant soldiery. Their efforts prove futile, however, for when a highwayman’s wit equates the wit of a stray dog, when the only unifying principle is criminality and the only motive is the thirst for blood, the answer is indivertibly; blood. Bandits’ blood. Unnamed tribal elf, Hangmen auxiliary, sentenced to death by hanging following a successful hunt. Ave Heusmann + GOTT MIT UNS!
  6. [!] Numerous missives are sent across the continent, papers slipped underneath doors, large scrolls pinned to notice boards, and carrier pigeons sent to nation leaders. All were given a paper to read! “I am Vritra Belcourt, although unknown to the large masses, most untrusting of a stranger. Descendants of Malin, Horen, Krug and Urguan. Nations of Arcas. Practitioners of all mystic arts. Warriors and Mercenaries. I urge you all to heed my words, for I am no deceiver. I am gifted with the abilities of foresight and through the late days, my thoughts have been scattered, a large ominous shadow has plagued my mind, offering me short daydreams of red and black. My abilities tried to warn me, yet I warded off the warnings, trying to believe it was simply nightmares that cursed me. But as of last night, my powers accrued to the point of where my short sighted daydreams whipped themselves into a large vision, even gripping my tongue to speak a horrific prophecy. Distant banners fly black and gold And crows reign again in this kingdom old In orchid fields and reconquered lands Come sin and spite from long dead hands Five plagues borne of hellish flames Shall shake the land as chaos reigns During this ordeal, I had been given sights of an ancient group, something long before we had settled here returning. Yet five plagues shall be the catalysts for the apocalyptic ending of this land, if we are not to stop it, we shall all end in hellfire. The five visions I was stricken with was of Darkness, a black mist covering what we know. I believe that was the sign of the eclipse, a blanket of darkness over the land. Toads, a symbolic meaning of what has come to most nations, the Inferi and their demonic kin. The last three have yet to happen from what I know but I warn you all to not await for the third before you take action, Betrayal, Blood and Death. I wish to offer my council to any that take my words with an ounce of faith for whatever fickles us against one another, we are to all burn by hellfire if you are not to put them aside.”
  7. Vallei Hileia Songbird Date of Birth: 12th of Sun’s Smile, 1761 Race: Wood Elf Tribe: the Songbird Profession: Tarot Master, Dancer, Musician Physical appearance: Vallei stands at 5’4”, has auburn hair and emerald green eyes matched with honey colored skin with orange undertones. Personality: Vallei Hileia is a naturally energetic, talkative, and happy. She usually sports a smile or a mouth full a berries, rarely is it anything but that. She is an optimist and passionate. She loves all living creatures and wouldn’t bring herself to harm unless the creature hurts her or others. She enjoys experiencing other’s cultures, which is why she enjoys her nomadic life style so much. Main Mani: Nemglan, The goddess of Freedom and Thunder Back story: Vallei Hileia was born in the Talon’s Grove on the 12th of Sun’s smile, 1761, to a local farmer and an unknown father. When Vallei was 8 her mother left her to the nomads, and once she turned 15 she spilt and started to fend for herself. She spent a year living under trees or in tents with other nomads and performing in local cities and towns for money. By the time she turned 16 she was introduced to the Songbird tribe and the leader, Devi, was kind enough to let her join their seed. Vallei spends her days traveling with her tribe or on her own, entertaining others and bringing joy.
  8. Long has it been since the Legions of Atem have swept across the realms of the Far East. From the Gray mountains to the Dnedic Coast, they leveled every fortress, besieged every city, salted every land which dared to resist. Upon the fields of Mercath, where Prince Orin fell, the final embers of resistance were extinguished. But behind conquest’s iron boot, came civilization the likes of which had never graced the Far East before. Great roads, monolithic temples, and sprawling libraries took root, spreading rapidly across the region. Yet in adherence to the laws of the universe, nothing is destined to last forever. The rule of Atem, like all things, crumbled beneath the weight of its own power. Hundreds of years of conquest, washed away in mere decades. That which exists now is naught but a shadow of what once was, marauding warlords, jockeying for power over the decaying corpse of an empire. New states and peoples, long since oppressed, enslaved or, perhaps in positions of power, the sole guides of their own destiny. Upon which paths they will tread, none can say… Relevant Links: Restricted Spawning Area Rules Setting Keep your eyes peeled.. Ater: The far east, a continent as old as the mantle itself, as long as history has existed, so too has Ater. Home to staggering wealth, vast empires, and countless points of interest. Though it may be home to many millions, great secrets still remain to be unlocked. The far east is best described as temperate, many regions benefit from long summers, others, harsh winters, though most of it is habitable to some degree. Technology: The golden age of technology and science has long since past, its innovations faded into obscurity, though its remnants still remain scattered across the vast continent. The inhabitants battle with spear and shield as they have since the beginning of time. Magic: A wild, untamed, and barely understood art. Very few are blessed with the ability to tap into the mysterious force known as magik, and even fewer to spend countless years studying and perfecting such a practice. As old as the mantle itself magik, though powerful, is unpredictable and above all else, dangerous. Unexpected outcomes are an ever present reality. Food Nodes: Scattered across the map are numerous nodes, represented by a simple black dot. These nodes represent the land’s fertility and the population it is capable of supporting. Such nodes can be portrayed as anything from livestock, to sprawling fields, or large fishing industries. Points of Interest: Denoted on the map with a black-red dot, Points of interest represent a large variety of things, such as ruins, geographical wonders, great buildings, etc. Many of these locations are treacherous, others may provide great boons. These will be hidden during the application phase, as to not influence decisions. Humanity: The most plentiful race by far. Men have existed for as long as time itself, and populate nearly every corner of the world, including Ater. However, the origins of these peoples are ancient and how they are affected by the great passing of time is unknown. Variations of the standard man are known to exist, and inhabit several sections of the continent. Characters: Unlike other RPs, you will have 12 starting points to assign to your characters in one of the five categories: Leadership, Martial Skill, Charisma, Arcane Skill, & Agility. Throughout the course of the rp, these individual skills can improve. Nation Customization Races: Humans: Unaltered by the forces of magik, these humans are plentiful across the sphere. Traits: -Obtain an additional point to add to point allocations -Characters begin with a base of 1 point in Martial Skill Deviants: Changed by the great passing of time, or perhaps the forces of magik, these races, though once human are human no longer. My favorite color is white. These deviants vary wildly depending on the landscape in which they live or the communities they dwell within. Traits: -Characters begin with a base of 1 point in Arcane Skill -A racial trait of your choice, to be discussed with the moderator Categories: Please visit the rules sheet for a more in depth description of these categories and the bonuses associated. These categories have more than a mechanical affect, for example, a Military 10 nation’s army will be far more organized than a Military 0. You have 30 points to distribute between all these categories, a maximum of 10 points can be invested in size and economy collectively. Loyalty Magical Knowledge Technological Expertise Size Economy Sea-Faring Military Application: 15 spots available. No reservations, I judge based on application quality. Discord Name; Nation Name: Government Type: Magic Type: Leader: Culture: History: Groups or places of interest: Key Figures (3 people with points): Point Distribution: Nat Idea: Unique Units (3): Starting Location: What is my Favorite color?:
  9. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- THE ROYAL SAVINIA BALL - The Grand Harvest, 1770 - -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- [!] A messenger sends out an invitation sealed with red wax, bearing the crest of Savinia, to all people of Arcas that wish Savinia and its peoples no harm. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The Grande Salon of Veldin Palace, 1760 As the Royal Duchy of Savinia further develops, it is decided by the Court Lady, Johanna Roquetelet, that a ball is needed to celebrate the development of such a Duchy. We ask that all people who attend the ball wear an outfit representing Spring or Summer, or some other formal attire. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Events of the Ball The Grand Buffet: Hosted in the Drawing Room of Veldin Palace, will be a large buffet of pastries, baked goods, and Savninian traditional cuisine. The buffet will be the first portion of the ball, where guests can pick and choose what they would like to have for their luncheon. Guests may also converse with each other if they so choose. The Great Drinking Competition: Hosted at Savninia’s Tavern, Eagle’s Roost Tavern and Inn, the competition will be played out as such. Attendees who wish to do so should sign up before the competition begins, this way, we will be able to divide out the rum efficiently. During the competition, participants will see how many bottles of straight rum they will be able to drink in five Saint’s minutes. The first place winner of this competition will receive a free lifetime supply of drinks from the tavern and 300 Minae. Second place winner will receive ten drinks from the tavern for free, as well as 200 Minae. The Pie Eating Contest: Another event hosted in the Palace Drawing Room, the pie eating contest will follow after the Drinking Competition. In this contest, guests will eat as many pies as they can in three rounds given a certain time allotted. The first place winner, who eats the most pies total out of those three rounds, wins 300 Minae. The second place winner will win 50 Minae. OOC: Players should roll a die out of twenty. This will happen three times. The numbers that the players roll in those rounds will be tallied, and the player with the highest number total wins. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- OOC: If there are any questions please contact any of the following. SteepledShip (SteepledShip#4617) Levicourpos (Crushems#4883) Time and Date: May 30th 2pm EST 7pm GMT. Hope to see you there! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  10. Today on this saints day in 1768, Clement Devonshire has officially died. He was found dead in the river under the Sinners Bridge in Haense. The cause of death was unknown. Although he ran in elections and lost, he always loved the city of New Reza and helping out the Royal Family and Nobility. His will and testament follows. - The Petyr’s Passage I house and its contents will be given to his brother, Lewis Devonshire - His position at the Maer’s council will be given to his first cousin, Johanna Roquetelet. - His balance in Minas: 1 Minas, will be given to Lewis Devonshire. The other 2000 Minas were spent on a lifetime supply of cooked chicken and taxpapers. 1730 – 1768.
  11. Vassal Documentation – Operation Highland Pass [!] A missive is sent to the Cloud Temple notice boards and The Highland Realm Earlier this saints week, Darrowmere held it’s final event before our deconstruction, which will lead us into a new era. The King, and some members of his council, ventured down to Darrowmere to drink, celebrate, and prepare for the stresses which will come during the reconstruction. Noctis Arkin of Norland brought a missive to the Burgrave from the Rabbit, currently in place for the Rabbit during his illness, with permissions to tear down the City of Darrowmere and replace it with a much more defendable structure. [!] An artists impression could be seen below of Noctis and his Majesty the King, Caedric Ruric, enjoying the Tavern of Darrowmere as they discuss future plans. Many Knights of Darrowmere, peoples of Norland, and even one of our Grand Generals, Adzy Stormbringer, showed up to the event to celebrate the last day of “Lorraine” and the introduction of Fort Darrowmere. [!] An artists impression was posted on the missive of the Damerians enjoying their time with Adzy in the Tavern. This missive is to those who do not know about the deconstruction of Darrowmere and that I, The Rabbit of Darrowmere, hereby give Norland the permission to start operation “Highland Pass” and bring us into a new future, Ave Darrowmere! - Signed, Hadvar av Mitteland, The Rabbit of Darrowmere Noctis Arkin, King’s Council of Norland Caedric Ruric, King of Norland Dame Alli Onfroi, Burgrave of Darrowmere (OOC pictures of the event:)
  12. The revival of Darrowmere, and the Order of the Rabbit For many years, Darrowmere has been dormant. No life in the Vassal, no integration within the Highland Realm. Norland came to think Darrowmere was officially dead, their peoples gone, and their pride destroyed. However, there were a few Damerians left from the great AIS vs. ISA War. Hadvar av Mitteland, alongside Louys, Alli Onfroi, and Athri, decided to march back into the lands of Darrowmere to rebuild. After recruiting a variation of new bloods, Darrowmere is now strong once again. This documentation is an announcement to all Highland Realm Vassals, Norland, and those who support us, we have returned. To those who oppose us, you have failed. The Dame, Alli Onfroi, marched with her guards into Norland just a saint's day ago, for an attendance with his majesty himself to speak on behalf of the newly appointed Rabbit of the Order. As a final statement, the infamous, “Order of the Rabbit” has returned under the control of the new Rabbit, Hadvar av Mitteland. The elders of the past, the Knights of the past, have left Darrowmere in ruins and it will soon be as strong as it was before, and then even stronger. [!] An artist's impression of the meeting held with his majesty. [!] The following pictures are depictions that show the text that was scribed by Dame Athri during the meeting. The handshake signified the revival, and the acceptance of Darrowmere back into the Highland Realm as an active Vassal. Long live the Order, AVE DARROWMERE! - Signed, The Rabbit, Hadvar av Mitteland, Dame Alli Onfroi, Burgrave of Darrowmere, The Knights Order of the Rabbit, Alisa Camian, High Keeper of the Red Faith, His Majesty, King Caedric of Norland (OOC: If you wish to join Darrowmere, contact my discord, Swifty#2017)
  13. The Laws of The Holy State of Vuillermoz TITLE I. RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE SECTION I. Right to Life Every person has the right to live and protect themselves against threats to their life. SECTION II. Right to Trial When accused of crime any person has the right to demand a trial before being punished. SECTION III. The Canon Law To live, do trade, or work in the Holy State of Vuillermoz one must be a follower of the Canonist Faith and have been baptized, if not the person must be Baptized before being allowed to live or do work i the city. one found of preaching any other religions that is not the Canonist church will be put on trial for such crime and deemed as a heretic. TITLE II. CRIMES Section I. Degrees of the criminal offenses There are three main levels of crimes, which are all punishable in different ways First degree. These crimes are punishable with fines of 100 to 500 mina or imprisonment for up to one year. Second degree. These crimes are punishable with fines of 500 to 2,000 mina or imprisonment for up to three years. Third degree. These crimes are under usual circumstances punishable with fines of up to 10,000 mina, imprisonment for up to 10 years, exile or death. Punishment may exceed the previously noted recommendations if the judge deems the circumstances deem it necessary. Section II. Crimes against the person Murder Under exceptional circumstances a judge may deem that this level of punishment is appropriate. The intentional killing of a person. The intentional killing of a government figure or member of the ducal family. Manslaughter The unintentional killing of a person through carelessness. The unintentional killing of multiple people in a situation where the accused knew that the situation was dangerous and did not take necessary precautions. Forced Labour The punishment for forced labor is to be put in jail for the total amount of time that the criminal forced people to work for them, or equivalent fines. Assault The use of violence to harm a person mildly. The use of violence to harm a person severely. Kidnapping The punishment for kidnapping is to be put in jail for the total amount of time that the criminal held people hostages, or equivalent fines. Section III. Crimes against property Theft For theft the punishment is a fine of the same amount that the items that the thief stole valued by the judge, as well as giving back the items or paying the estimated value as compensation if the items have been sold. Vandalism Destroying a building or a smaller structure without hurting any person. On top of fines or jail time the vandal must also pay for reparations. Destroying government structures without hurting any person. On top of fines or jail time the vandal must also pay for reparations. Attempting to destroy the Knightly Palace or any other major government structure. Trespassing Entering an area in which the person is not authorised to enter. Entering government buildings leads to worse punishments. It is considered an aggravating factor of the crimes against people the commission of the crime against a member of the army, a member of the chivalry order, a noble, a privy councilor, a member of the ducal family, or any other government official. Section IV. Crimes against the Crown Treason To use power handed to a specific individual by the government to commit minor crimes against the Crown. To use power handed to a specific individual by the government to commit major crimes against the Knight Regent and Church. This also includes spreading secret government information. To use power bestowed upon a specific individual by the government to overthrow the Knight Regent or a Privy Councilor. It also includes using power handed to you by the government to help assassinate government figures or members of the ducal family, as well as in rare cases spreading secret government information. Sedition To perform a speech or follow a conduct that incites people to disobey minor authorities. To perform a speech or follow a conduct that incites people to disobey major government authorities. To perform a speech or follow a conduct that incites people to rebel against the authority of the government or the Knight Regent. Bribery To pay money to a minor political figure in order to receive favorable treatment by the government. To pay money to a major political figure or a judge in order to get favorable treatment. It also includes accepting bribes. Extortion Threatening a political figure or a judge to commit criminal offenses of the first degree in order to gain political favors or favors in court. Threatening a political figure or a judge to commit criminal offenses of the second degree in order to gain political favors or favors in court. Threatening a political figure or a judge to commit criminal offenses of the third degree in order to gain political favors or favors in court. Defamation Spreading lies about lower level political figures in order to slander the Kingdom. Spreading lies about the Knight Regent, Church or a vassal lord of the Holy State in order to slander The Holy State Of Vuillermoz. Terrorism Under exceptional circumstances a judge may deem that this level of punishment is appropriate. To make a violent attack aiming to destroy structures, but not to kill people, with political intent. To make a violent attack aiming to kill or injure people, with political intent. Obstruction To prevent the government from doing day to day activities, such as collecting taxes. To prevent the government from responding to a crisis that risks to cost the lives of citizens. To prevent the government from responding to a crisis that risks destroying The Holy State Of Vuillermoz Tax evasion Not paying the correct amount of taxes for your. The punishment also includes paying the taxes a particular individual owes to the state. Helping multiple people avoid taxes. The punishment also includes paying the taxes a particular individual owes to the state. Smuggling Bringing illegal substances into The Holy State Of Vuillermoz for personal use, either by accident or deliberately. Brining illegal substances into The Holy State Of Vuillermoz with the intention of selling. Section V. Legal considerations The punishable preparatory acts in the commission of a crime such as conspiracy are translated in the sentence with a reduction of 1/3 of the penalty of the crime. The inchoate offenses in the commission of a crime are translated in the sentence with a reduction of 2/3 of the penalty of the crime. The aggravating factors in the commission of each crime are translated in the sentence with an increase of 1/3 of the penalty of the crime. The mitigating factors in the commission of each crime are translated in the sentence with a decrease of 1/3 of the penalty of the crime. Multiple prison sentences are stacked according to this equation: Largest individual sentence + (all other sentences)^0.7 where the value is years. This does not apply to fines. Section VI. Jurisdictions Common Jurisdiction: Everyone can present a complaint before a Judge, who will then investigate the case and dictate all the necessary procedural acts, such as subpoenas, in order to evaluate whether the facts that have been denounced have any criminal relevance according to this Criminal Code. If somebody presents a complaint before the Lord Speaker, he will then forward the case to a Judge. If the Judge appreciates any criminal relevance on the denounced facts, he will then arrange a trial between the complainant and the defendant. In the trial both parties shall be heard and all their evidence, such as witnesses, shall be assessed by the Judge, who will finally issue a judgment in the first instance. The judgments dictated by Judges in the first instance can be appealed in a second instance before the Lord Speaker. Special Jurisdiction: The Knights of the Realm can only be tried in a single instance before the Knight Regent or before the High Pontiff The Vassal Lords of the Realm, such as barons or higher, can only be tried in a single instance before the Knight Regent. The members of the Knight Regent’s Household can only be tried in a single instance before the Knight Regent In all the subsections mentioned above the Knight Regent can delegate the case to the Lord Speaker issue a judgment on his behalf. Signed~ Ser Johan Vuiller Knight Regent of The Holy State of Vuillermoz . Head of house Vuiller 00 Leader of the Order of St. Everad Protector of the Canon law and people
  14. In the dark of the night; owls sang in unison with the silence of the moonlight coming from the abyssal sky an event is approaching. A mysterious festival filled of events, hideous fancy dishes; and even free alcohol , ready to be tasted by the victims who dare to wander within the event! And whoever enters it is hoped that they're ready to show off their skills, if they are appreciated by the judges; great rewards will be offered, such as: Jewels, swords, minas and more. The costume Contest: Hopefully, the adventurers have prepared themselves to mingle within the creatures of the night, in frightening and dreadful scary costumes! Talent Contest Obviously an adventurer always has an ace up their sleeve, a special skill! a contest of talents will be present, so that they can show off their abilities( Ie dancing, showing off your magical power, singing and so on!) Drinking contest: Who would be ready, attemping to drink some unusual drinks, which could make the bigger knight pass out. whoever resists getting drunk wins! And for the more brutal, brave strong adventurers an alternative challenge; who will be ready to extract a greatsword which adorns the Uradir's symbol from the rock! obviously every alternative has a price. I (Maya Noirette) and Anethra Uradir decided to form this unique, spooky themed event; the idea comes from both. our job is to create entertaiment within the walls, where Lessers and pure High elves will be welcome at this odd festival, ball? whatever it is! please do come and remember to come in costume... and with a smile.(OOC:Event will occur this Saturday at 4:30 pm est).
  15. - A letter concerning Mali’Fenn - 13th of the Amber Cold, 1760 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ - Akkar of the Tundrak line, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn, would write an open letter addressed to all Mali’Fenn. The letter would be of high quality, with Fennic’-detailing littering around the page, the contents would start with: An open letter to Mali’Fenn ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ “ It would often be said that the history of the Tundrak line is, in essence, the story of the Princedom of Fenn. Going back as far as the inception of the Mali’Fenn in the ancient days of Aegis, our own kin served the Fennic people as the royal line. The Princedom; in its long history, has known both peace and war, equally so it has known of both betrayal and genocide. Through it all, it was a Tundrak who fought in the frontlines of each battle in those same wars and it was a Tundrak battling in politics equally as ferociously for that same peace. With the birth of a Tundrak came a solemn vow: To protect and guide the Mali’Fenn people, holding their intrests and ideals at the forefront of every decision. Yet for all that the Tundrak line has been for our people in these hundreds of years, the vow of our line has now been broken, and with it, the people are the ones who have paid the price since departing Atlas. I, Akkar, of the same Tundrak line cannot speak for those who have came before me, I can only exclaim my own disappointment at their breaking of this sincere vow. I now stand alone, as the only full-blooded Tundrak who still holds our vow, the interests and ideals of our people fuel my decisions. Any other blooded-Tundrak still left other than myself couldn’t possibly call themselves as one, to say so would be spitting in the face of all Mali’Fenn, both our citizens and their childen. I now stand before you all as the last bastion of what we once stood for, the only rightful leader and true chosen of Wyvrun. Whether any Tundraks return to our Princedom we will not welcome them as such, for they had left us in our time of most need. My own mother Aroiia of the Drakon line, holds the Tundrak name and values many times better than any other Tundrak I have known in my life without a shred of Tundrak blood coursing through her. Any Mali’Fenn who return to Fenn with the Tundrak name, must give it up. As Grand Prince I do not recognise any Tundrak who has strayed from our values and forsaken our kin so easily, they have strayed away from the grace of Wyvrun and no longer deserve the blessings that he provides. If any wish to object to their loss of their right to use the Tundrak name they can seek out their Grand Prince and plead their case. As our people work tirelessly to rebuild and repair the capital, Tahu’lareh, as they return our long history and traditions back into our hands though songs and literature; it is now that I ask, not as your Grand Prince or as a Tundrak but rather as your kin: for all Mali’Fenn who find themselves reading this, It is time for you to return to both the safety of Fenn and also to its wealth of history and knowledge which was almost lost to us after the departure from Atlas. Signed, His Serene Highness, Akkar of the Tundrak bloodline, first of his name, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn and Mali’Fenn Patriarch of the Tundrak Bloodline, Protector of the Idhren’tirn, Hesin’fin, Commander of the Citadel of Acael, Protector of Tahu’lareh, the chosen of Wyrvun ” ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ (( OUT-OF-CHARACTER - One of the points of this post is that as the Patriarch of the Tundrak bloodline, any and all personas holding the Tundrak name outside of Fenn have been disowned and are no longer recognised as a member of the Tundrak line, you can contact me on discord or ingame through RP if you want to dispute this ))
  16. [!] A wanted poster is scattered all over Brandybrook Name(s) Wanted! After a long and tiresome investigation, me (Taurin Leafwalker), Deek Driftwood and Honour Rackham have finally deduced who stole the ship (with maybe a little help from a genie). So – the ship was found in Sutican waters and me and Deek had a discussion about what we could do. He put me in contact with Honour, who is the harbormaster for Sutica, but she said no one came to her for permission. We searched the ship and found no clues. T’was nice to be back on it though! This means the thieves were most likely located in Sutica or close to it. After a long time with no more leads, I went to the annual drinking night because I was very tired from all the investigation and I like alcohol. But then SHAZAM! A cup thing that had earlier been bouncing around and making music exploded and out came a huge genie thing! He said stuff about him being stuck in there for a long time and the cosmos were collapsing but that doesn’t sound too bad, right? He gave us all one wish, but many who wished had a terrible fate bestowed upon them. (We’ll sort you out Glinda, don’t worry!). I wished to be told who stole the Spicy Shrimp, and he told me this: So – if anyone has any idea who the Head of the Uialben Family is, or who the Preistess of Renalia is, or who the daughter is, or if they are all the same person, please leave a note on this poster. The Spicy Shrimp will be coming home soon, don’t worry. (( I’m thinking Thursday? DM me thoughts.)) Thanks – Taurin Leafwalker.
  17. The Reformed Ivae’Fenn of Wyvurn “If.” Grand Prince Aelthir, when told of Haelunor’s plans to destroy the Mali’Fenn. The Princedom of Fenn has always been a militaristic nation. Bred in the harsh conditions of the tundras of Fenn, the Mali’Fenn are known for their tenacity and unwillingness to surrender. Young Mali’Fenn are trained in the matters of survival and combat so that they may survive the unforgiving place they call home. Loyal only to their Grand Prince, they would gladly die to defend their home and their people. For centuries the Ivae’Fenn has been the shield of the Princedom, serving it proudly and ably in the many conflicts it found itself embroiled in. However, recent decades of strife and warfare have reduced much of the current Ivae’fenn, for many of its veteran footman and officers have perished in the foreign wars of the past century. To prevent itself from falling behind the rest of the world, the Princedom must adapt its ways. By decree of Grand Prince Aelthos, the Ivae’fenn is to undergo a set of reforms in order to remain a stalwart, reliable force for the near future. --------------------------------------(+)-------------------------------------- Ranks, Duties, & Payment Grand Marshal The Grand Marshal holds a position within the Grand Council and leads the Ivae'fenn. It's his duty to oversee all defenses of the Princedom, maintain internal functions within the Ivae'fenn, make sure that the Citadel is secure and do all else required in order to benefit the realm. Like all other positions on the Grand Council, this duty is delegated from the Grand Prince, signifying that at any time the Grand Prince may override the Grand Marshal's decisions. It is not uncommon for the Grand Prince or his heir to take direct command of the Ivae'fenn. Warden The Wardens hold equivalent rank to sergeants. There are several of them, and it is their responsibility to train the soldiers and help lead them into battle as well. Wardens must have superb leadership skills and vast experience in combat. Seeing as these soldiers are considered to be junior officers, they will occasionally be consulted regarding higher military matters and decisions. Duties: The Wardens are required to host at least 1 specialization training and 1 Initiate trainings per two Elven weeks and attend/host 1 combat training per elven week. They are also required to lead 1 patrol per elven week. Payment: (2 coins and 15 iron) Valkyr The Valkyrim are the highest ranked individuals amongst the enlisted soldiers. Hand-picked from the ranks of the Guardians, the Valkyrim are the most dedicated enlisted soldiers of the Ivae'fenn, and the most skilled. It is for these reasons that they are tasked with the personal protection of the Grand Prince, serving as his royal guards. Due to this task, the Valkyrim often operate under the direct jurisdiction of the Grand Prince. While they are able to lead Vanguards, Guardians, and Initiates, it is not their primary task. Duties: The Valkyrim are required to guard the Grand Prince at all times, safeguard the Citadel and the Temple, and escort the royal family if outside of Fenn. Payment: (2 coins and 10 iron) Guardian Guardians are the average soldiers of the Ivae'fenn, and its very backbone. They fight in tight units during battles, guard the Princedom, and do all else the Commander, Sentinels, and Wardens require of them. While they are able to lead Initiates, it's rare they are put in positions of leadership. Duties: Guardians are required to take part in at least 1 missions and 1 patrol per Elven week. They are also required to do 1 gate duty hour per week and attend 1 pvp training and 1 spec training per 2 weeks. They are also tasked with keeping the city quiet and work as the local police. Payment: (1 coins and 10 iron) Initiate Initiates are citizens who have just joined the Ivae'fenn. During this stage, they are given intense training in commands, weaponry, formations, and other concepts that will be vital for their success. Until such a time as they are ready, they perform menial labor within the ranks of the Ivae'fenn, though they shall still fight in battles when their presence is deemed necessary. --------------------------------------(+)-------------------------------------- General Rules Initiates who do not get promoted within an Elven month will be removed from the Ivae’fenn. Members of the Ivae’fenn who miss their periodic (once per Elven month) mandatory combat training will be demoted. Payment is dependent upon activity. 2 Wardens at all times. Extra-ordinary performances will reward with a small statue in the hall of fame in the Ivae’Fenn barracks. --------------------------------------(+)-------------------------------------- Ivae’fenn Specializations Amongst the soldiers of the Ivae’fenn, each soldier has proven that they each have their own individual capabilities and specialties. To expand upon these abilities, the Ivae’fenn has created specializations for those enlisted to show off their abilities, take part in missions suited for them, and to expand their skills. Specialization statistics and logging of patrols and gate duty hours are largely the responsibility of Wardens, but the Commander may also perform this task. Such statistics must be submitted to them. For an Initiate to rank up to Guardian, they must be adept in melee (Spear/Sword) and scoutting. Then, they must have passed the Formations Training and the Combat Training. For a Guardian to rank up to Warden, they must be Expert on the Melee (Spear/Sword) and Expert on the Cavalry spec. Then, they also need 15 hours of gateduty, 10 patrols and 3 missions. * All Ivae’Fenn members, from Guardian and above are required to take the Oath of Fealty. Specializations Melee (Sword/Spear) Cavalry Scout Siege Engineer --------------------------------------(+)-------------------------------------- Definitions, Clarifications, and Requirements Patrols Each patrol ought to last at least 15 Elven minutes. Standard patrol routes include patrolling to the northern fort, around it and back; a patrol of the northeast area beyond the wall; and the most common, being a patrol around the walls and along the roads from the Alderyn crossroad to the Curon crossroad. Further patrol routes can be dealt out by Wardens and Sentinels. A patrol is going from point A to point B. Gate Duty Gate Duty guidelines are to be found in the Ivae'fenn Gate Duty Manual. Missions Missions are special assignments tasked by Commander/Sentnel. These assignments can be anywhere from detailed scouting reports, to outpost construction, to defensive probing, mapping new settlements or special tasks that need to be done. --------------------------------------(+)-------------------------------------- Application [Ooc] Username: Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): Discord: Timezone: [RP] Name: Gender: Place of residence: Race/Sub-race/Culture: Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?:
  18. Dex

    Klagenfurt RP

    Winter, 1381 It is requested that all the nobility of the realm join us in the city of Klagenfurt to pay their respects to the late King Antonio III Di Scema of Klagenfurt, Duke of Cathelia, and to attend the crowning ceremony of his successor, Thomas II Di Scema of Klagenfurt, Duke of Cathelia, and to swear their fealty to him as the King of Klagenfurt. Further, the Dukes of Klagenfurt are expected to remain in Klagenfurt and assume their roles in the regency council under the vision of her majesty the Queen-Regent until the King is of age to rule the realm. Queen-Regent Theodora Di Scema. Turns are six months long, and diplomatic proposals are to be responded to on the following turn that they were given unless the related parties are in the same location. Actions intended to be kept a secret from the other parties may be sent directly to the moderator with the outcome given in private at the time of the mod-post. It is recommended that military manoeuvres be done in this fashion. A report on the income of one’s realm will be provided with each moderator post. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bM5RvV0ZGvaSJa_zSWb7TdV6uOsKxEbZjPtbwVvG1b4/edit?hl=en_GB
  19. Modern Nations; 2020 The year that begins it all is hardly important. The people on earth in 2020 are changing, adapting. The human world is always growing, climbing to new heights. But they’ve all been taking great leaps, gigantic strides. Before the industrial revolution the global population was nothing. Nothing compared, billions upon billions of humans. The world grew smaller as humans rose. Nations are always at one another, striving to be victorious. The twentieth century proved just how deadly war can be. Weapons have grown even further, always becoming more deadly. Who would of thought the atom bomb was just the start? However with all this new power came more fear. Fear of the end of it all. Some are blind to that, some will see their own ways, and some plain don't care. But the good of humans could see war could lead to their destruction. Sadly nowadays however, nations find ways around total destruction. Before being disbanded, the UN had made great strides in nuclear disarmament. But the world has grown too complex, too independent to submit to a higher council. Modern nations are a complex mix, but war was still in the picture. Weapons of mass destruction are set aside, nuclear bombs disarmed or hidden. Such a massive wall blocking them gone, the way opened. Diplomacy, trade, war, politics, they are all sides of the same coin. Though the world was connected, things are breaking down. Perhaps not in any sort of chaos, but in relations. Trade was important, but it was becoming harder to accept other nations agendas. The times of nations like the United States collecting foreign military bases is gone. Nationalism is rising, in some cases not for the better. All across the globe camps are being made, lines drawn. It's not all descending into war and chaos, however. It's the modern age, and more complex then that. To form groups was to survive, to have a feeling of security. It could also lead to far worse conclusions. Some nation states will be flames, to which many are drawn. It is not all about power anymore. Small states can come to prominence if they can follow the world's currents. In fact many larger states are far from ideal. It was becoming hard to administer so many people, govern so much land. It also however presents a large pool of supplies to use. Too paint a picture of the global landscape nation leaders finds themselves in, it all begins in Europe. As a testament to the souring relations across the globe, Europe holds the prize ribbon. At the start of the global decline, the European Union had taken too many steps backward. So many different views and factions, all trying to achieve their goal. Refugees from the Middle East wars, and a decline of currency sealed their fate. Now Europe’s a mess, and divided. Mainland powers like the French and Germans have kept to their own borders. Their economies are collapsing, as trade breaks down across the mainland. Smaller nations are better off, though they find themselves surrounded by potential foes. In the UK the English are better off. Keeping to the pound, and thanks to their brexit they had rode ahead of the economic storm. However it did not mean they were not affected. They find themselves alone on their Island, with a hostile mainland. Their focus is in politics, against internal independence factions and abroad. With Europe in everyone's minds, the Middle East is in a similar yet different state. Syria and Iraq are still a hotbed of action. Terrorist have until now been beaten back, and calmed. A U.S led coalition had destroyed ISIL, a resounding victory. But now there was no global coalition, no peacekeepers. Power was waiting in the heart of the Middle East, for any who would take it. Iran, Saudi Arabia, and others like them are far better off. Oil was still booming, and the magnates were still rich. They have developed, though they still mainly rely on an uncertain [but still rising] oil trade. Now it was a competition amongst the oil giants, a quiet struggle. For now. Contrary to the global climate, Africa has seen a bit more prosperity. Unification movements were strong, particularly in the south. African states were just now developing, tapping into [in some cases] vast reserves. If they could rise to prominence, it would be through becoming modern. Other states are still different. States like Morocco and the Congo, where their military has become much stronger. It is important to note that these states are already undergoing development. It would be nearly impossible for a warlord to grab power. Africa is a filled with diverse and powerful nations. In Asia, nationalism is strongest. However states are keeping to what they have been following. Not many would submit to an Imperial sovereign. It is instead all about trade, and who's with who. China, the sagging giant, still maintains a grip on its borders. Rebellions against their government are at a high. Though the army remains loyal. They could contain it, but at a cost. Other states like Japan and South Korea are more stable. Their economy is on the rise, and political goodwill still hopefully remains. Japan's agreement with the U.S had been ended however. Japan stands on a crossroad. To re-make their constitution, to rebuild the Japanese army. To have an army, or the money? The United States is in a far worse state then China. The elections are coming, and various factions are at each other’s throats. The two party systems have been shattered, after too much inaction. The U.S has an uncertain fate. More importantly now in the west, is the Latin Revival. After some stable states finally developed, they hit an economic boon. Small states like Panama are on a steep rise. Mexico's republic has been fixed, and they began to deal with internal strife. South America is in the same growing state, though it is divided into camps. States like Brazil or Argentina could find themselves blocked by coalitions. The world is changing, will people change with it? I hoped everyone enjoyed a little back-story to paint the picture! I decided to make a modern nation frp because it's been a while. It has been discarded, but I intend to bring it back in Terra. What I hope to do that will make it worthwhile to commit and keep posting is simple. A responsive mod team, to actually commit. Think how much fun it would be if you had a mod to answer you, to even make side events and respond to what you do with events. It has been done before and quite well, but it works both ways. To apply and begin posting is to commit. I will always make sure you have a reason to post, some event or response. Of course any and all who wants to try a hand at making events and responses [a mod if you will] can contact me! Keep note the actual Frp may not launch until I feel enough players and mods have committed. I won't play as any nation, purely a mod/event man. Though there is a slight picture painted, this FRP is by no means locked to the past. Things can be changed, and do not always have to follow history. Do what you want with your nation, and see what happens. I'll keep the OOC short, and can expand it if people have good questions or points. Most rules are pretty simple but a few to take note of; > No weapons of mass destruction >Research is done by Page time > In United States players must start as a party leader running for president in the 2020 elections. (Various players can try to seize control of the U.S, Apply with the faction app format.) GLOBA FIRE POWER IDEX will of course be the only source Nation Application Discord Name and # [PM if needed]: Nation Choice: Character/Party name: Have you played a modern nation frp before?: Will you be able to post regularly?: /or/ Faction Application In Theory this is for people who want to play as a terrorist, mercenary, or even rebel faction. Other types may possibly be accepted. Discord Name: Faction Type: Where is said faction based?: Faction name: Have you played a modern nation frp before?: If so, ever as a faction instead of modern nation?: Will you be able to post regularly?:
  20. Ford

    Ford's Skin Shop

    Here’s examples of my work: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/ebonsquire/ I’ll take the first three requests, first come, first serve. Give as much detail as you want about the skin in a reply on this thread. Then add me on Discord (Ford#7178) once you’ve posted it. FIRST TWO REQUESTS ARE FREE, OTHERS WILL PAY THE STANDARD FEE. All skins will cost 700 minas. I’ll do the skin, then ask for payment, then give the skin Requests: Apostate Banner Man of Respect LeoRabbit JaketheDog115
  21. The Sleetfells Darkens Sometime during the month of The Deep Cold, the day was cloudy in the Sleetfells, although, infront of a cave just a bit away from the Yatl Wastelands was a ‘ker, the place seemed to be filled with flourishing nature, color flowers along the paths that lead up to the cave, the dark elf seeming to have plenty of supplies out filled with many things, banners, wood, stone. It seemed that he was hoping to get some work done, perhaps hoping to revive the small settlement known as Elmagara’myan. Many of hours later, It would appear that the surface of the cavern was filled with stalls and plenty of red banners above them, although clouds would suddenly roll into the Sleetfells, the sky darkening as a sudden cold fills the area, the sun completely disappearing, the ‘ker looking up at the sky, in an instant it seems that snow would pour down, he’d blink in awe before taking what he can, although wouldn’t be much as he’d rush back into the cave, settling himself as a few more hours would pass, peeking out of the cave only to see mounds of snow, covering all the progress he’s made, everything.. covered with snow, the man thinking in his head “Well.. ****” (OOC info)
  22. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=last+goodbye+lotr&view=detail&mid=1D76EA199550E8EDA2C81D76EA199550E8EDA2C8&FORM=VIRE [!] Eric would sit himself atop his bed, humming to himself as he looks out the window. The night would have been full of laughter like curon nights were always, until he heard a sound hitting the window behind him. He turns himself around and notices a dead messenger pigeon with a note attached to its feet. Eric would open the window and take the note from off the bird's foot and what catches his eye first is the official seal of curon on the letter. To Erics surprise inside the note be an official call to arms. Eric would have been sent on a mission Like always Eric would obey his king and begin gathering his armour and supplies for the trip. The next day Eric would set off on horseback and wouldn't be seen for awhile. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned to months, before one day the sound of hooves could be heard on the path leading into curon. It would be the very horse Eric set off on his mission on. But one thing would be different, atop the horse would not be Eric's body, but instead it would be his corpse, laying lifeless atop the animal. The armour Eric wore would have about a dozen holes and slashes. The brave knight that served his kingdom for so many years, and who was loyal for so many wars, was dead…. Usually the nights of curon would usually be filled with noises, laughter coming from the tavern, crickets chirping from the park, the sound of boots hitting the stone paths. But this night was different. The tavern would be silent, the crickets wouldn’t make a noise, the roads would be empty. On Montagne lane stood Eric’s house, a single candle lit on his desk. It too would be silent, the bed where someone once slept, would be empty. On Eric’s desk would be a stack of papers, a journal that was not finished, and never would be. Next to Eric’s journal would be a small leather book, the book would be opened to the first page. “Curon is a bear, a bear that has grown, from a cub struggling to stand up, to a brave and respected boar. This bear stands strong, stronger than everything that attempts to bring it down. It thrives in a world full of different cultures, full of different nations and races trying to survive. “ “I write this in advance for I have no idea when the end is to come. I write this peacefully of my own will. I write this as my little story, for whoever finds this notebook, and for whoever they shall show it to. I came to curon when it was only a tent camp, I watched it grow just like the bear cub. I stood by it with many others and guided it on its path. I fought many battles alongside this bear. I stood by it until my end. . .” “To those I hold dear, I wish for you to not remember how I die or my death itself, I wish for you to remember the times we spent. Times we spent whether it be good or bad. I wish for you to remember me not for what I did in my life, but for who I was and who I became during it. “ [!] The writing next would be written in an unusual style. It seems each letter is tilted to the right. The last sentence would appear to be pressed deep into the notebook’s pages, much darker than the text above. To the steward that finds this book, please show it to the people I knew. Please show it to them so that it may fill them with a slight bit of happiness. Tell them that my job is done and that there will be no goodbyes, because goodbyes mean going away and going away means forgetting. [!] Below the text would depict a sketch of a polar bear cub. (ooc Thank you everyone who helped me with Eric, this was a fun character to play) PS I know I said boar, look up the term for adult bear
  23. It all started that night, an Emperial night, a night of loss, death, torture, and hell. That night was her end, that night was the night I started. It had all started that night. The winds were blowing thundering past every house, a march was heard as all the happiness drained. The dogs, were howling, fire. Fire from the hatred of the Emperor, his torches burnt, many fled. The blood was shed. That night was the night mother said her farewells, to me, to sister, to this world. Her sickness had grown, she could no longer walk, so she packed our bags, gave us the locket her mother had given her. She stayed, smiling, yet crying as the people pulled us away. Fire. Blood. Cries. Death. The Emperor had already won. Darkness fell, I fainted. Only to wake up, Urguan being my new setting, the only words coming out my mouth being “S- s- sister?!?!” “Yeh sister beh wi'd 'e Elves Lad, sheh beh safe t'ere.” spoke a man, a small man, he was a dwarf. “Meh name beh Flynn Treebeard, Urguan 'nd 'efrumm Med'ehc. Yeself'ns?” “A-I I'm Adrian DeLaForesteNoir.” he answered, scared, bewildered and lost. That was the first time a dwarf had been across from my eyes, and the first time sister and mother weren't smiling with me. This was the first time my eyes truly became a waterfall of misery and loneliness, a secret place showing himself, I screamed, I cried, the realisation that mother was gone crossed my mind at last. That night, that night was finally over as I fell asleep in the arms of Flynn. That night was over and I knew I'd meet sister again. I had fully turned towards Anbella. Me, a human now called myself a dwarf even without the blood throughout myself. That night had changed my life, whether for the best or the worst, I am still unsure, but that night was my tragedy, and my new joy. That night, I am now thankful for. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi! That was part one of my story! The first story I've ever made! I hope I can make the next one! And thanks for reading!!!!!!!!! ❤️ I hope you all enjoyed this! ❤️❤️❤️
  24. The Wedding of Rathamalion & Kardi The Bells are ringing. Turtledoves fly around. People come in masses to watch the feast.Severeal Doves would spread this Letter to all of the allied Nations of Renatus . My dear Allies of the world i am so proud to finally announce my Wedding to all of you I am going to marry at the 3 Elvenday of this week and me and my Fiance wanted to invite all of you to our Wedding afterwards our closest friends will be able to join us to a little party afterwards. Food and drinks will served from me. Some Infos would be down there When : The 3rd Elvenday this year 7 pm CET Where : Capital of the Khardasi Who : All allied Nations of the Empire ♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤ ____________
  25. [!] From the Frostbeard clan hall, groups of Dwed would file out, spreading and pinning the missive to wherever! [!] TO THE KIN OF KAZ’ULRAH THE HORN CALLS 8th of the Grand Harvest, 1722 My brothers and sisters, true kin of Kaz’Ulrah. It has not even been a century since the fall of Kal’Tarak, and in turn, our beautiful kingdom. Although it may have only been a simple blink in our lifespan since then, its effects on us would last for a lifetime. I know many of you since the fall, joined your brethren in Agnarum & Holm- and rightfully so. There is no shame in standing with your brethren. But I know many more of you refused to stand alongside those that we had once despised, whose blood we spilled on the snow-topped fields of Jornheim. It was we who stormed Fort Kovakirr. And, it was they, Urguan, who fought alongside the Empire of Man during the Last Atlas Coalition, while we fought to the last man. But now, it is nowhere more apparent than now that the dwarves should no longer stand separated. We dwed should not, and will not, toil under the boot of the umri, elgus, nor uruks. For the survival of our existence, we need unity. The ever-wise Clan Elder and son of Hamnil Frostbeard, Argnos Frostbeard, foresaw this, and, alongside Garrond Frostbeard and myself, brought Clan Frostbeard to the Underrealm of Urguan. Our clan, the core of the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah, rivals of the Urguanites, would eat and drink alongside our fellow dwed once more. Not all came, however, citing our long and bloodied history. The defense of dwed-kind stands above our grudges. And so, the horn calls, bellowing from the highest mountain peaks, and through the deepest valleys. It calls to the sons of Kaz’Ulrah, to those who survived the tumultuous fall of our Kingdom. The Dwed stand in Urguan! As Ograhad Decrees, Clan Father Vithar Frostbeard, Son of Verthaik II Frostbeard
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