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Found 3 results

  1. The idea is pretty simple- Rate the user above you by their profile picture. Have fun! ^ 5/10
  2. Cheers to Keem for giving me the sudden realization. Hello ladies. Look at your profile picture. Now back to mine. Now back to yours. Now back to mine. Sadly, it isn't mine, but if you stopped using silly png and jpg pictures, your picture could be like mine. Look down, back up, where are you? You're reading the words of a man who has a profile picture that could be like yours. What's in your download box? I have it. It's Gyazo https://gyazo.com/download Important Note before you continue Keep in mind however, using wider pictures will shrink the size like so I will try to poke around at the exact dimensions one day, maybe. But main point here is, try and keep the picture as narrow as possible! UPDATE: Max width for pictures is 250pixels. Larger than that and the picture will shrink to keep the same % of width-height. Maximum height is still unknown. Now look again. It should be now downloaded and installed, both with ordinary Gyazo which is activated by ctrl + C and Gyazo Gif which is activated by ctrl + G. You will proceed to open up your picture and take a short gif of it with gyazo. So ctrl + G, highlight the picture and press the tick after a second, or not even. Allow the gif to upload and make sure you do not press escape while it is uploading! Once your browser opens with the picture, right click it and press 'Open Image In New Tab' Post this URL into the URL section when you go to change the picture. The next page after pressing save and such, the adjusting crop from what I've tested doesn't do anything, so simply press save. Hope this helps I'm on a horse (I'm sorry)
  3. Now upon reading the title you may be wondering some questions. What is this simple guide about? Well this is my way of addressing the general population of Lord of the Craft, my favorite server of all time. Most questions and problems can be solved through roleplay. Now how is this possible you may ask? Well it is quite simple really, roleplay can almost solve everything. You want information on construction progress of a city? Get on the server and roleplay! But what if they are offline? Well that is a simple answer: Use the forums! The forums are one of your best tools and should be utilized. If the server happens to be down or they are offline just send them a roleplay PM or if it addressing a general population then give them a nice topic in the roleplay section of forums. Found here. You see roleplay can easily solve anything related to your character, whether it be the whereabouts of a city. (Remember, no metagaming.) All questions related to roleplay can be solved through roleplay. Please don't metagame. Don't know where the human capital is? Ask a traveler on the Anthos highway. They just might answer your question AND avoid metagaming all together. This specifically addresses newer players, now I know this entire topic is rather tiring and everyone gets it. But new players sometimes forget and get on global OOC and ask questions such as, "Where is x" or "I'm lost, where do I go?" Roleplay is literally the answer to every single problem EXCEPT: List of Common OOC Questions: -All questions about VIP. -All questions about staff positions, the entire concept of staff is strictly for OOC purposes. -Debates -How to configure chat, how to use commands, ect. -Teamspeak related -Clearing up some unclear or confusing RP -Other Off-topic questions -Most applications are OOC (Except for guild or roleplay) I hope this simple guide helped any new player who needs a refreshment on rules and how you can solve most of your problems. From, Nord
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