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Found 3 results

  1. Ajax Frostbeard, having spent most of his time the past few months [if not years at this point] steeped in his work, hearing both the breakup of him and his courting lady, as well as the most recent events of him getting chewed on by bears, and falling into melancholy, adamantly works, and produces this song. Going to personally post this on every door he can find, with as many copies as he can make in carry, taking him the better end of a day or two to do so. Like hell if he's going to let this stand. Hey Bo [Author note: To Bojakk.. My sweet baby boy.. you've b
  2. Bojakk Frostbeard, having worked with his father to finish the song of his clan. Goes about and submits it to the remembrancers as well as nail a copy to the tavern door. Hopeful that this song goes over well, the two dwed ensure a few extra copies are made, and one sent to Azkel Frostbeard for his own personal enjoyment Frostbeards and Iron Back from the dead, from the dark of damnation Pious in head, and rebels at heart Sworn to the stone, a dwarven clan reborn in urguan's heart Gather the wild, from the land of the brave dwed Brothers allied, figh
  3. The throne room fell silent as news reached the the High Council. Kerwyr slumped in his chair, resting the weight of his head upon his closed hand. A bleakness lingered within Jornheim’s hallowed halls, the foul taste of betrayal fresh upon the tongues of those that sat there. Wulfstag stood, addressing the King: “Yer majesty. T’eir ultimatum had no intention of resolution. T’ey simply deny our sovereign’y. Per’aps peace is never what they seeked.” He lingered for a moment, but Kerwyr stayed seated, collecting his thoughts. “T’ey march on our lands,
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