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Found 23 results

  1. Heir’s Ascent As written upon on this 10th of Malin’s Welcome, 157 S.A From The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil and the Lordship of Caladras "Fair shall the end be, though long and hard shall be the road.” To the Denizens of the Lordship of Caladras, Her Grace, Tar-Caraneth Aryantë of the Royal House Arthalionath of the The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil, and the Esteemed Númenedain of the The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil, In the embrace of duty and the passage of time, I, Elerríon Saoren Seregon, humbly pen this missive to convey a rather monumental decision that has weighed heavily upon my heart and conscience. It is with a blend of nostalgia, gratitude, and profound trust that I hereby declare my abdication from the titled holdings of Caladras and as Lord of Caladras, and with it, the mantle of leadership that encompasses House Seregon. The echoes of history reverberate far beyond these stone walls, each telling its own tale through shared endeavors, challenges, and triumphs that have defined my life and this community. Through the turning of seasons and the forging of bonds, we have thrived as a united House under the guiding hand of the Exilic Kingdom. Yet, as the river of time courses unyielding, it demands recognition of its inexorable flow. To this end, I have pondered long upon the legacy of our House and the torch that lights our way into the future. In the realm of inevitability, I have found solace in the knowledge that the essence of Caladras, its spirit and resilience, shall persist in capable hands. It is with unwavering confidence that I pass the mantle of Lordship to my eldest child and the esteemed heir, Lóriniel Arabella Seregon. Lóriniel, my daughter, inheritor of our legacy and the new Lady of Caladras, I place the trust of Caladras into your capable hands. May you lead with wisdom, compassion, and the unwavering commitment that defines the Seregon lineage. To the noble denizens of Caladras, I extend my deepest gratitude for your unwavering support and camaraderie. The bond we share went past titles and shall endure as a cornerstone of strength in our collective spirit. In acknowledgment of the vital role played by the steadfast Castellan, Ellisar Aevaris, I express my profound gratitude. Ellisar has been a wealth of support, a guardian of our traditions, and soon an unofficial regent during this period of transition. His wisdom and dedication have fortified Caladras and ensured the continuity of our noble line. As I step into the twilight of my stewardship, I do so with the knowledge that the flame of Caladras burns brighter than ever. May the coming days be filled with prosperity, unity, and the echoes of a realm that has stood the test of time. In enduring fellowship, Ser Elerríon of House Seregon, Seneschal and Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Huntmaster to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Captain for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm
  2. [Notice to my Friends] Dear Esteemed Peers and Cherished Friends, I trust this message finds you in the bloom of health and contentment. It is with both solemnity and anticipation that I share a personal decision that has been brewing within me for quite some time. In the forthcoming weeks, I shall embark on a spiritual retreat, an endeavor dedicated to nurturing a profound and intimate connection with our Creator. This decision is not one I take lightly, but rather it is born from a deep-seated yearning to explore the spiritual dimensions of existence and to seek a closer, more meaningful relationship with God. It is a yearning that has whispered to me in moments of solitude and reflection, and it is a call I can no longer ignore. During this period of retreat, I shall withdraw from the bustling world and immerse myself in the tranquil embrace of spiritual solitude. It is my intention to devote my days to prayer, meditation, and the profound study of sacred texts. By dwelling in the sacred silence and serenity of this retreat, I hope to gain clarity and discernment in my spiritual journey. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each of you for the unwavering support, friendship, and camaraderie you have generously bestowed upon me over the years. Your presence in my life has been a source of immense joy, strength, and inspiration. As I embark on this spiritual sojourn, I carry your friendships as a cherished treasure, a beacon of light guiding me through the unknown. While I shall physically withdraw during this retreat, please know that my thoughts and well wishes remain ever with you. I eagerly anticipate the day when we shall reconvene, sharing our experiences and strengthening the bonds of friendship that have long held us together. In my absence, I implore you to continue to uphold and fortify one another with the same kindness and camaraderie that have defined our friendships. I have absolute faith in your collective strength and resilience. May this period of reflection and growth bring us all closer to our spiritual callings, and may we reconvene with hearts full of gratitude and a deeper, richer tapestry of shared experiences. With heartfelt regards and unwavering gratitude, George af Brasca [Going to the lake tomorrow, Don't bother me]
  3. Along the streets of Talar'nor, a proposal or better described as invitation is put up through posters amongst several street walls and noticeboards. All of which invite those of the elitist variety, those who aspire to aristocracy and class to assist in the beginning of a new standing guild within the city walls. The Society of Common and Unified Mali The time for the Aristocracy to rise is now. Talar'nor needs a cultured community of people to guide etiquette and enhance the city's dwindling spark. With the forwarding of the Common and Unified Mali, a society of people shall form to bring prosperity and a proper sense of being to the denizens of this nation. The starting structure for this guild's code of conduct are as follows: i. Carry oneself with a high sense of being, one must be concise and literate with a proper sense of class and culture. Hold yourself with fine morals that line well with the codes of Talar'nor society. ii. Be irrefutable to the public. One's status should not be questioned or easily shattered, do not allow your position in the guild to become a topic of debate. iii. Be reputable, one must hold a craft or talent and wield it as well as ink and paper. Let known your ability and wield it to heighten the society. The society's activities would include typical assemblies, where topics of the world are brought into question, be it war or people of interest. Typically entertainment will be provided, betting on combats or races, or travels to other communities are all favoured activities for this guild. Recruitment will open simply as those keen on interested, once a selection of individuals who pen their names upon this notice are chosen and reviewed then further aspirants may be permitted to join upon accepting and achieving a challenge or goal set by communal decision of those already present within. If you find yourself with piqued interests in joining this guild, please pen your name below.
  4. Inaugural Banquet and Ball of the Lordship of Caladras As written upon on this 15th of Sun’s Smile, 138 S.A. From The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil and the Lordship of Caladras "Fair shall the end be, though long and hard shall be the road.” To the Esteemed Númenedain of the The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil, as well as Friends and Distinguished Guests: Tar-Númenatâr Foronathor of House Arthalionath - King of Númendil - @malchediaelvuilt Miven Caerme'onn - Matriarch of Nevaehlen and the Wood Elves - @westcarolina Eonan Norvayn - Valeseer of Nevaehlen - @thumperjack Lord Haus Weiss-Vuiller - Master of the Abstract - @primnyaquorum The Lord and Lady of Caladras, Ser Saoren and Ser Dele of House Seregon, extend a heartfelt invitation to our noble and valiant friends and countrymen, to join us in celebrating the founding of our newly constructed lands, the Lordship of Caladras. With great joy and anticipation, we beckon you to grace us with your presence on this auspicious occasion. As the fortress stronghold of House Seregon, Caladras stands proudly upon the northern end of the Kingswood, a bastion of strength and protection for the northern reaches of the Númenaranyë. To commemorate this momentous event, we shall host a splendid banquet and enchanting ball. The revelries will commence as the sun sets and the stars take their place in the celestial tapestry above. We invite you to don your finest attire, bedecked in silks and velvets, as we dance and feast in our halls. (Fri. July 28th @ 7:00 PM EST) Let merriment and music fill the air, as bards play melodies that echo through the ages. Raise your goblets to toast to new beginnings and unyielding bonds of friendship that shall endure like the ancient trees of the Kingswood. Come, partake in Daelish feasts and indulge in the finest wines of our family's history as we celebrate the birth of Caladras and the unity of our kingdom. Share stories of valor and chivalry, recount adventures that have shaped our lives, and forge new memories that shall be treasured for generations to come. Our hearts eagerly await your presence, for it is in the company of our beloved countrymen and dear friends that Caladras truly comes alive. We send forth this missive, guiding you to our stronghold with utmost care. (Follow the signage from the gates of Númenost and the crossroads of Petra/Haense/Númendil.) May you journey safely and swiftly, and may the road lead you to our gates, where the light of Númendil shall guide your way. In the spirit of camaraderie and revelry, we eagerly await your arrival. Lord Saoren of House Seregon, Lord of Caladras, Seneschal and Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Scribe and Tutor to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Ranger Captain for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm Lady Dele of House Seregon, Lady of Caladras, Steward to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Physician to the White Court of the Númenaranyë, Serjeant for the Royal Guard of the Númenaranyë, Templar of the Aengul Malchediael, and Knight of the Realm
  5. Carnival of Númendil Hosted by the Glennmaers. [MUSIC] For a series of nights of fun and delight, in the heart of Númendil, the people of Númendil invite you for a carnival to excite and amaze. Bring loved ones and friends for celebrations of the beginning of summer! Open to all ages for a series of games, charades, and jokes, everyone will find something to partake in. Tickets available for purchase for games attempts. A variety of prizes to be won! ★ Games such as ring toss, whack a mori, theatrical displays, and more! ★ Unique prizes to bring home! ★ Auctions for the land’s finest artworks and fineries. ★ Bardic displays of skill. ★ Feasting on local treats. ★ Balloons for sale! ★ Archery contest [for a prize]! ★ Sweets-eating contest, sponsored by the local Lizard Cafe! ★ Stalls offered to local businesses in the region. ★ Caricature portrait hours [specific times noted at the event]. ★ Garden stall with local flowers and flower meanings. ★ Evening dance floor session. ★ Auction of custom outfitting by Bia Glennmaer, starts at 50 minas. ★ Auction of custom painting by Frinna Glennmaer, starts at 200 minas. ★ Performance by the Church Choir of Númendil, led by Lugash. Stall Information There will be four stalls for commercial use that are open for anyone to use. Just contact Frinna Glennmaer in Númenost either by letter or in-person to arrange one. Carnival Information ★ Saturday, June 24 from 1:00pm EST to 3:00pm EST, at marked carnival grounds. ★ Sunday, June 25 from 5:00pm EST to 7:00pm EST, at marked carnival grounds. Any questions? Direct them to Frinna Glennmaer of Númendil! Looking forward to seeing you all there!
  6. Put down your favorite song at this moment in the comments like it's a Spotify Blend Playlist! Let's see who really has the best taste, I'll start.
  7. Shams's Shawarma Restaurant -=- ✧ -=- -=- ✧ -=- The Fakhr Oasis graciously invites the inhabitants of Almaris to attend the grand opening of Shams’s Shawarma Restaurant! There will be an assortment of unique shawarmas including those long-time, beloved originals such as chicken and beef, from recipes that have been passed down for generations! -=- ✧ -=- Even if you're not a shawarma-lover (we can change your mind on that), there will be additional games and prizes to be won! Rumours float about that a unique shawarma from a new, unshared recipe will be revealed. Attend this Grand Opening for your chance to be the first to taste this special dish! -=- ✧ -=- [OOC: This will take place on Wednesday 19th (Tomorrow!) @5 Pm EST - Fakhr Oasis via the South Hub.
  8. “To Safeguard Happiness” The Elvenesse Revelry Guild The Aegis Adventurers Seen typically within fine taverns or wandering the beautiful streets of Elvenesse, those within the Wyn’okar are not out-going adventurers or mercenaries but morerather fun-loving individuals or seasoned veterans of whom seek to improve the homelife and participate in different activities Elvenesse has to offer. They are the homefront guild, those who wish to see the city prosper. Those within the revelry guild are those who enjoy the warm moonlit nights in festivals or the hot summers in the forest racing against their friends in competitive games. The Revelry guild also promotes the ideal that all citizens should have basic training and are ready to fight, as to protect the homefront in times of danger. For who better to match steel with steel in raids than those who are passionate for their country? Guild structure and role The Wyn’okar is based mainly around event organisers and simple members who associate with the guild, apart from that there is no ranking. The revelry guild is a guild designed around event organisation within Elvenesse and its lands and for that reason activities will typically remain within such limits. The guild prospers around promoting cultural teaching, homeland defence, drinking, sports and living life to it’s best capabilities. “Yallrn’eyha bida!” - “Live and Drink!” Application and Upon joining The Wyn’okar application process is simple, sign up and attend its activities. There’s no uniform and there’s no enforcement to attend - though it is best advised - the main purpose of the guild is to promote community activities, allow individuals to create new friends during such activities and improve the homeland of Elvenesse tenfold. Many within the Wyn’okar are taught light history in both Sea and Wood elven culture which further allows them to teach and welcome newcomers to Elvenesse, especially those who are from estranged Sea or Wood elven backgrounds. Application For those wishing to come join the land of Elvenesse and take part in it’s activities there is a small letter pre-written and attached at the bottom of the poster, allowing for one to send a message to a designated location via avian. (Send a forum message or message within the Elvenesse Discord) IC: Name Race Age Citizen of Elvenesse? OOC: Username: Discord: - Out Of Character Description - The Wyn’okar is an event organising guild, this is a prime place for those who wish to get involved in roleplay within Elvenesse to find a group to get engaged with. I plan on holding a wide variety of events, from fun stuff like races down rivers, constant parties and culture learning rp. You’ll also get a little bit of PvP training, CRP training and so forth, meaning it’s a well rounded guild for those who wish to join a society to roleplay with inside of Elvenesse whilst also developing themselves.
  9. Ruibrium Demon Stone Written by Sasha (me) & Roy (Raptorious) Intro Ruibrium, otherwise known as the Demon Stone, is a living, magical crystalline structure, sprouting from/near large clusters of Netherrack. It is a parasitic form of “life”, drawing life and power from the inherent taint found within the corrupted rock. Much like Thanhium absorbs heat and converts it to mana, Ruibrium does the same with Life Force, slowly and gradually leeching the life from everything around it, allowing it to grow and flourish. Raw vs Processed Ruibrium can come in two equally potent forms, commonly referred to as Raw Ruibrium and Processed Ruibrium. As the name suggests, Raw Ruibrium is that which is found in it’s natural, untampered with crystalline form, complete with traces of undead taint. Processed Ruibrium, however, is the result of the Demon Stone subsequent to going through a very specific refining procedure. The result are two similar products, with some very large differences. Raw Ruibrium in it’s natural form is a large red crystal and depending on whether it has enough life force, it will glow a dim red light. The hue of the crystal is far darker than the processed version, as a result of the lingering taint within the stone. When the taint is extracted, the crystal glows a little less but gains a brighter, more vibrant hue. Raw Ruibrium, unprocessed, is far denser and more concentrated than processed Ruibrium. As well as this, it still has taint. So as well as including the effects of taint (although minute levels of it) Ruibrium is far more dangerous and lethal in this form. The Ruibrium crystals in this form actively leech off of the life around them, ranging from non substantial plant life, microscopic, or much larger beings. It’s naturally nauseating aura subdues lifeforms through illnesses that include the symptoms of severe headaches, dizziness, blistering or the blackening of the skin upon extended touch and the reddening of the eyes. It’s magical leeching effects can be felt through walls and caverns, it’s strength dependant on it’s size (or in some cases, the amount of life force artificially fed to it by a Necromancer). If not enough energy is provided, the Ruibrium would become dormant, it’s effects dampened, but if it grew to be too large, the raw Ruibrium would be far too dangerous to approach. As opposed to processed Ruibrium, raw Ruibrium’s effects occur via a natural aura, nauseating, leeching and damaging all those around it. It cannot be controlled or directed, it simply does what it does no matter what. Processed Processed Ruibrium has a much brighter and more colourful red hue than Raw Ruibrium, it’s taint having been extracted (in one way or another) and the stone more or less purified. It still retains most of it’s glow from its natural state, however in a lessened state. Essentially a safer version of it’s predecessor, Processed Ruibrium doesn’t exude any kind of magical parasitic aura. When purified and refined it is entirely safe to be around, no matter the quantity. It’s effects only come into play when it enters the bloodstream, is absorbed through the skin or is consumed. Unlike the toxic raw version, processed Ruibrium acts as stimulant, providing extreme concentration and focus for the user in moderate amounts. Similar to the raw version, processed Ruibrium can cause nauseating effects when used in excess, as well as plethora of symptoms (see Applications). Processed Ruibrium no longer has the taint’s parasitic properties that drew the lifeforce, a finite amount of magical energy is left within, having been converted from the leeched lifeforce. As a result, any use of Processed Ruibrium is not replenishable, the substance acting almost like a battery. When fully charged, the substance will glow, when depleted it will not. When in contact with the skin, processed Ruibrium causes burning and reddening of the skin, while extended uses can cause a multitude of symptoms, among them migraines, insomnia and numerous mental issues. Applications Raw In this state, it’s main usage, if at all, is to grow it for harvest or use it as a method of poison. For example, crushed or powdered, Ruibrium is very deadly. A dusting on bare skin can cause substantial irritation and the blackening of the skin. The crystals take no delay in leeching. If left alone in contact with the skin, the dusted crystals will grow from the affected areas of the body, causing physical mutilation and eventually (very eventually) death. If the taint is removed from the Ruibrium, the crystals become dormant, remaining as a defect on the body, but halt in draining life, and growing. Another plausible use of Ruibrium in powdered form could affect respiratory systems such as the throat and lungs. Inside the body, it’s incredibly difficult to remove. Causing the normal effects, such as blistering and nausea, the crystals would grow, removing the ability to speak and eventually consume food. Over time, breathing would become difficult, and the Ruibrium would deteriorate the host both physically and mentally and grow to an extent where the Ruibrium crystals are large, powerful and would become lethal unless purged. Brushing away powdered Ruibrium is an option, but to clean oneself of all of it would be a difficult task, and physical harm would have already taken place as well. It would be a smart idea, if in this condition, to visit clerical aid or even a Transmutationist, incase of any remaining Ruibrium to grow absently. Because raw Ruibrium takes such heavy physical and mental toll when around, or when on the skin of a person, mental illnesses can develop. Some such as dementia, insomnia and constant migraines are not uncommon symptoms of those who have direct and constant contact with raw Ruibrium. Used as a method of torture, a densely concentrated shard of Ruibrium suspended next to a person would not spread the crystals to them without direct contact, but there is no doubt that it’s aura would be sickening and painful for anyone around it. The more life that a crystal has absorbed, the larger and more concentrated it will be, and thus the effects of the Ruibrium would be enhanced. Although most of these effects are temporary, if sustained for a long enough time, long term mental damage may occur. Processed Processed Ruibirum, on the other hand works as a magical steroid if applied correctly. Upon consumption of particular solutions, or the application to the body in certain ways, processed Ruibirum works to strengthen focus, and [edit] therefore the connection to the void temporarily. Although being a sort of magical enhancer, it remains a stimulant and an extremely addicting one. If processed Ruibirum were to be applied to the skin as a mark, or in the form of a tattoo it would become active for as long as the Ruibrium present was charged, having to be naturally replenished regularly. Visually, the Ruibirum would glow a faint crimson colour on the skin. Usage, over time leads to the permanent reddening of the whites of the eyes, reddening of the skin and almost certain addiction to the substance. Although the magical steroid can benefit a mage in their ability through better focus, addictions can develop and eventually over consumption/usage of processed Ruibirum can begin to arise problems similar to that of Raw Ruibirum. Health issues such as the burning and reddening of the skin is some of the first encountered side effects of usage, and eventually migraines and possible (although rarer) for significant mental illnesses such as dementia or sleep insomnia. Though these symptoms do pass in time, continual usage will worsen them. Despite the risk of addiction, using Ruibirum potions or Ruibirum tattoos will definitely benefit the consumers focus and in turn their magical ability. It does not however change or improve the skill of the mage, and does not allow an amateur mage to perform skills beyond their ability. More immediately, Ruibirum Tattoo’s when activated may burn the skin faintly and after cutting the connection to the void, physical exhaustion will be worse than without it, and depending on how much magic was used, headaches and dizziness are not uncommon. A potion on the other hand causes a warming of the insides, as a more dilute version of the substance. It causes the same physical side effects but most, not all, can be flushed from the body. Once the Ruibirum is in one’s system, and in the bloodstream addictions are more than likely to come about. A tattoo would be an example of a more permanent method of usage, while a potion can enter and mostly leave the body. Once dominantly out of the system, which could take up to a few days, potion consumed Ruibirum would not likely be enough left to increase any further focus. This means that mages have the choice to carry and consume a more dilute Ruibirum potion at will, but may not have the opportunity in tense situations. Warning! Oral consumption of liquid processed Ruibirum can lead to the reddening of the gums and if high concentrations are used, the blackening of the teeth over time. Regardless of how Processed Ruibrium is used, when ingested or activated on the skin, after spells are cast and the Ruibrium used, the substance will begin to take it’s adverse effects. Almost immediately the user will begin to feel nauseous and dizzy, feeling somewhat lightheaded. They will often times develop short term tunnel vision, in practicality leaving the mage vulnerable to attack. Harvesting Naturally, Ruibrium is found, much like any other crystal, growing in clusters around and from netherrack. It is common in large areas tainted by Iblees and the Undead, however it has been rumoured to have been found in many places underground (likely remnants of Iblees’ taint from long ago). As a result of it’s natural life-force draining abilities, most of the area around a cluster of Ruibrium will, in fact, be dead. In order to harvest naturally found Ruibrium, one must chip away at a fairly sizable chunk of it. Like any other rock or crystal, it has no organs, no parts, it is merely stone. However, due to the nature of the Demon Stone in it’s raw form, artificially cultivating it is rather different. Because of its parasitic nature, Ruibrium requires a host (or multiple hosts) in order to grow. Much like a fungus, Ruibrium will latch onto living beings and other life forms such as plants and animals, slowly growing over them and draining them of their life force, making up for it’s lack of tainted netherrack to draw on. These effects can be magnified by various magics, namely necromancy, providing the crystal with the needed life force to grow. Unlike its other effects (as mentioned above) the leeching process is not as quick to take effect, but rather a slower process, requiring quite a bit of “nourishment” in order to create a healthy growth of the crystal. The size of the existing crystal formation has bearing on how long it will take before it’ll begin to grow. For example, a small coin sized crystal may take a few weeks to take full effect and begin latching onto its host, but a crystalline structure the size of a house may take merely hours. Processing Ruibrium is the simple act of removing the taint from the crystal without fueling it further. Whether this is by clerical or paladin cleansing, the use of a black soulstone (similar to how shades have done in the past), leaving it in an area devoid of lifeforce, or any other Lore approved way of extracting the taint. Once the taint has been extracted and discarded, the remaining product will remain magically charged, but lack the damaging and parasitic aura exuded by it’s natural predecessor. How to RP In short, Processed Ruibrium allows for a mage to cast arcane based magic with some more ease, as the substance enhances one's focus for a period of time only directly after consumption or usage. The substance allowing the mage to create a more focused and sensitive link to the void, the mage is able to cast his/her spells somewhat faster, though by no means making them more powerful. Like always, however, the mage will still have their concentration broken by a bodily blow, an extreme distraction etc. This also means that the player must actively emote applying or activating any Ruibrium that is desired to be used in any situation, combat or passive. Wandering into a situation, and then revealing that you have active Ruibrium applied to your body (whether it be potion or any other form) would be considered powergaming, and thus would need to be something considered before getting involved in a heated situation. Much like equipping a weapon or a piece of armour, Ruibrium would need to RPLY activated. Also, the immediate side effects are required to be RP’d to reduce the risk of powergaming from a player. Effects such as tunnel vision and dizziness immediately after casting etc, which are listed in the above paragraphs, are required to be rply mentioned or used to influence how your character behaves when using the active processed Ruibrium. I would also suggest having a GM/Lore Master or the Lore writers to approve Ruibirum farms for players to reduce either how many players can claim that they have the substance to aid them, or to keep track of those using it and growing it in RP. It’s unlikely that anyone should have a significant amount of Ruibirum straight away, and infact should take a long, long time to create a decent amount. RP: It was the crimson that spread throughout the land, stripping it of green and life. A sickness that spread like a disease, yet we knew so little about it. The glowing crystals seemed to be at first, apart of the red rock that burnt out the land, a substance summoned by the undead, by Iblees. Of course it was the smartest thing to leave such a thing alone. It was demonic, pain inducing- a tool of the undead used to scar the world we inherit. The Journal of Ruiri Izalith Red 2nd of Deep Cold, 1491 Today I have reached the end point in my little venture. Although I leave it with something I had not intended to. I set off to Rivel in search of a journal, written by the Spellcrafter, Archon of Rivel. Of course, there would be no other reason for me to come all the way out here. I searched the entire place for hours. It wasn’t curiosity that swayed me from my direction, but the nauseous sensation that pounded at my skull. I did not find said journal, and I have no doubt that upon my return, Caladrius will be most displeased. Of course, as it does, curiosity got the better of me eventually. I sat atop the ruins for a long while, gazing out at the red rock that glowed, as if alive. It sprouted from the stone walls, the ground, the dead trees that littered the area. It grew atop the crimson netherrack that now replaced fertile soil. It made me sick. Sick, but still fascinated. I had to have some. I leave Rivel now with a crystal, no larger than my thumb, scraped off of the surface of the netherrack, and a headache I have no methods of curing, for now. 13th of Deep Cold, 1491 The trip home is coming along smoothly. I’ve had no interruptions but for occasional rests. I cannot linger around too long, for my own safety, especially. Although I’ve played around with the crystal that sits wrapped in cloth on the top of my satchel, I come no closer to understanding it. The headache has much subsided but being around the rock spoils my appetite. There is definitely something about it that troubles me. I laid it down one night in a bed of grass. I sat atop my bedroll, looking down at it’s crimson contrast in the thriving green. The green turned brown within minutes, and on closer inspection, a dust of tiny crystals had begun to creep atop the dead plant life. I have no intentions of spreading this stone throughout an area again, but I certainly have no time to clean this up. For now, I suppose the little crystals will grow here. I do hope it doesn’t cause much inconvenience for others later on. 24th of Deep Cold, 1491 I was correct on my first hypothesis. Caladrius was furious. I found it quite amusing. He hated that as well. Out of worry that he might never send me on such a quest again, I presented him with the stone. There was no curiosity, many have seen it before, but have never pondered to understand it in depth. I explained to him so far what I have noticed from my trip home, but at the time it didn’t seem to spark too much interest from him. I’m going to take it upon myself to study it further before I present it again. 6th of Snow’s Maiden, 1492 Rats. And who would have thought it would be those filthy rodents to help me discover this mystery. Nonetheless, they did. I had no trouble in applying the crystal to the animals, and although it took weeks of observation, the poor things perished. On the first days of the experiment, the animals became aggressive, agitated, but quickly this deteriorated into a slowness to which point I thought they had already died. The Ruibrium, which I have called it, sprouted from the shoulder of the second rat, the original crystal had spread toward it. Trapping the poor thing, it wasn't long before the animal died. It wouldn't eat, and couldn't move. I am unsure if it was the Ruibrium, or malnourishment that killed my test subject. 10th of Snow’s Maiden, 1492 I returned to my room a few days past my previous entry, furious with my lack of progress, but still ever curious. The rat’s skin was stripped, a blackened skeletal frame remained, bones cracked as the crystals speared through them, coated the corpse in crimson ice. This is most curious. Even Caladrius has taken interest now. I have permission to conduct experiments with much larger life forms. This should be interesting. 11th of Snow’s Maiden, 1492 I decided it would be easier if I used the dungeons below the lair. The unfortunate elf still lays chained to the stone walls, his eyes reddened, his tongue bloated. Much more resilient than the rat, he’s lasted longer. Only after the first week of the experiment, did he stop eating. Not only this, but he seems to have lost the ability to speak. He mumbles, to himself now, it worries me. I don’t like seeing something in such trauma, but it is necessary, I hope. A rather large cluster of Ruibrium clings to the skin of his legs, his ribs, and sprouts off him in small clusters on other spots. They’ve reached the size of the ones at Rivel now, and seem to still be growing. I have no doubt in my mind that Ruibrium is parasitic. It consumes living organisms, growing in size. This cannot be it’s only purpose. 2nd of Malin’s Welcome, 1492 I now have a collection of Ruibrium. Placed in capsules, they do not spread on the glass container. I was careful to use gloves. It would have been a terrible mistake to harvest so much with my bare hands. The good thing is, I managed to harvest the Ruibrium before he died. I’m still unsure of what is worse. Becoming mad, or dying from the thing. Either way, he still perished. There was no recovering from such. I gave Caladrius a sample of the crystal, in which now our joint studies will continue. I believe he is working on a way to create, or thin the crystal into a less potent and hopefully less dangerous substance. For whatever purpose he finds in his studies, I will continue my research on Ruibrium, and experiment with it’s methods of usage. My new hypothesis is that perhaps this substance can be applied to things aside from lifeforms, and therefore become more controlled. Perhaps that would mean I could inflict Ruibriums symptoms through method of wounding. It’s a highly unstable crystal, but I am confident that it can be mastered.
  10. The Larian Regiment “My life for the Empire.” - Captain Balthazar of the Felsen Watch, defending his Emperor. From Free Company to Landed Order Heated from the embers of Oren’s past and forged in the military tradition of the Old Order, the company started as a conscript of free men, of knights and other sort, to the Emperor’s invasion force they soon gained fame and a small reputation. Eventually, the free company presented their blades to the Emperor for permanent fealty and were placed in the Crownlands as a regiment of the Imperial State Army. With imperial writ and through the guidance of Vibian doctrine, the brigade have been solidified as a proper page in the tome that is the Empire’s military. Of Conflict and Defense The ranks of the Larian Regiment are charged with the defense of the outer Crownlands, of its peoples and its crown. They, alongside their brethren of the Nauzican Brigade, will take upon themselves the front ranks of the Vanguard in battle and in peacetime the defense of the Crownlandic folk. They shall always put the defense of the Crownland first, opting to save its folk over of their own personal ambition. A Hierarchy of Soldierly Men The group of loose draftees and knights has, by the hand of the Imperial Estate, been molded into a proper military to serve the Crownlands and Empire. Governed effectively, the Regiment will bring death and judgement upon the enemies of the Crown. The Captain He who rules. The Captain has sole authority over the regiment, only exceeded by the Emperor’s word. This man holds mastery over the sword, the shield, and the horse, and is appointed by the Emperor and his Privy. The Captain is inducted via a mass and ceremony in which he is blessed, alongside his blade, by the Archbishop of Metz. He is adorned with the Cross of Saint Adrian, a medal forged from the blades of fallen Crownlandic soldiers in the Avarian Landing. The Lieutenant He who is delegated through. The Captain’s right hand man, the Lieutenant is charged with the distribution of order, informing and evaluating of promotions, distribution of material. He may only rule when the Grandmaster is not present or if the he has commanded to take control. The Lieutenant is also required to be a master of war, melee or otherwise. It is not unusual for the best fighter to take this position, and in some cases, his skill surpases all others within the brigade. The Decurion He who leads. The Decurion has proven valor and courage, as well as wit on the battlefield. To award such action, he has been granted the third-in-command of the regiment and often is delegated to in battle to lead smaller groups of men, as well training them and dealing out punishments. The Decurion will also reign over the regiment in the case that his two superiors fall in combat. The Man-at-Arms He who fights. Those who make up the majority of the regiment, the Men-at-Arms is a vital piece of the Larian military. If the upper command was the arm, the Men-at-Arms are the elbow. Without the Men-at-Arms, the Order would snap in two when in need of flexibility. The Footman He who serves. These are those who have just been indoctrinated into the company, those who have been sworn in by the words of the Grandmaster and blessing of a Canonist priest. These men will charge at the front, hold at the front, and die at the front. Or they will survive and excel amongst the prestigious ranks of the Larians. The footman receives the armor and tabard of the brigade. They, if the Men-at-Arms are the elbow, are the fingers. The Uncoated He who follows. The Uncoated have yet to receive their blessing and their uniforms. They will follow the regiment into battle, into peace, and into training. Yet they will not be represental of the group’s ideas, its goals, nor its military might. Upon readiness, they will be raised to the rank of footman. Accolades of War Those who prove themselves in battle, in peace, and in other affairs are rewarded with medals and other sorts of award. Depending on their actions, a soldier may receive an accolade and a minas reward. The Cross of Saint Adrian Awarded to he has been proclaimed Grandmaster. It is attached to his person upon his blessing by the Archbishop of Metz and shall not leave his uniform until his death or removal from office. The Mark of Saint Thomas For his service to humanity and the greater goals of its race, he who has excelled in combat or in other roles in an effort to human dominance. This man has shown valorous combat when facing heathenry or gentiles. The Forester’s Signet The Crownland’s defense goes beyond the hills and rivers of its borders. The Forester’s Signet is awarded to a man who has proven himself in foreign lands or in combat amongst foreign geography. They’ve exemplified that the soldiers excel in all battlefields, not only their native hills. The Gilded Gauntlet The Gilded Gauntlet is awarded to those who have proven most valorous, most loyal, most skilled in the field of battle. Against all odds, they’ve persevered against an enemy and found victory as well as glory. He who bears a Gilded Gauntlet is a legendary warrior, having proven their greatness to the rest of the Empire and the brigade. The Eagle of Courage In the case of injury or falling in combat, if a soldier should continue on fighting despite grievous wound and complete his task to an even greater ability than expected and to a degree that directly affects the flow of combat, he shall be awarded the Eagle of Courage. If a soldier falls valiantly in duel or combat against the foes of Man, he shall be awarded this medal during funeral. Taking the Blade and the Banner God-Given (OOC) Information: Skype: MC Name: Do you use TS3 (Y/N): Chosen (RP) Information: Name: Are you Elf or Man or Neither (E/M/N): Age: Weapon of Sufficient Ability: Do you possess a steed (Y/N): ((Post Written by Heff, contact for writing commissions, creative posts, lore posts, guild posts, etc.))
  11. Powergaming in Combat Introduction Right, this is likely a bad time to write and post this given the heated atmosphere surrounding the topic in the latest days, but I and others feel that perhaps now is the opportune time to clear up some things and aim to prevent some arising concerns from coming to mass fruition. Blame Bagley, he told me to do this now. I had planned to give it a week before making another post, but hey ho time to continue on. Seriously, blame him. He smells really bad. Anyhow, on to the topic. In this thread I will not be covering what powergaming is, as I have done that in this thread, I will, however, be covering Powergaming directly in combat, how to avoid powergaming and the best course of action to take if you are confronted with a Powergamer. It was never specified how long this will be, but to avoid super paragraphs I’ll try and be concise and to the point. How to avoid Powergaming I am going to go off the assumption that all reading this are directly aware what Powergaming is. If you do not, however, please refer to the thread linked above in the introduction. As for powergaming in combat, a simple explanation would be “being too powerful or using mechanics too overpowered to forcibly emerge victorious in a roleplay fight, even if it made no sense to do so.” So how do I avoid powergaming? It isn’t easy to spot a power gamer from a simple Minecraft skin, and it often requires you to engage in roleplay to understand the full extent of their powergaming nature. There isn’t anything you can directly do to avoid finding powergamers, however there are some things you can do to avoid being a powergamer. Here is a bullet list, for ease of reading, which can help you discern whether or not you are powergaming: Avoiding of *dodges* every incoming attack. Using emotes which assume the outcome of an attack. When attacking someone, you attempt to attack someone, you cannot assume your attack is successful. Ex. *kills him / *grabs and throws him. / *breaks his nose. | You cannot assume what result your attack will give. Using overly complicated emotes to get out of an inescapable scenario. Ex. Two men have you chained to a wall, you use your slippery skin to get out, overpower the guards and run away. Being unrealistic. One old man will not be able to beat two fully armoured men. Not giving your opponent time to react. If you string together a list of attacks, and an escape before someone can even respond, you’re doing it wrong. Like above, you cannot assume to be able to predict the defense your opponent may have. Doing stupid things like backflipping out of situations. Stalling a situation and waiting for your buddies to pop up and help you, whilst mainly a metagaming issue, is worth a mention here. Character have flaws, no one is perfect and no matter what you do, in real life and roleplay, someone will always be better than you. No one wants to lose, but losing is more beneficial (most of the time) than winning. Losing helps your character develop, gives them more purpose. If you’re better than everyone at everything, what is the point? Character Development is a subject I’ll be touching on soon in another thread, but I think it needs to be partially said here. Having an OP character isn’t fun for you, it isn’t fun for me and it isn’t fun for anyone else either. So follow this bullet list to ensure your character has room to develop, and prevents people getting irritated at any powergaming ways. Give your character an equal amount of weaknesses as you have strengths. Give your character a goal, something to accomplish. Make this goal difficult to reach, but do not make it impossible. Work for this goal, have it impact your character in various ways when you do not immediately achieve it. Shoot for a physical weakness, such as blindness in one eye to lower the depth of your field of view, or a rigid shoulder which locks up during combat. Do not forget your weaknesses in combat. If your character is blind in one eye, play to that. You won’t be an expert in sword combat if you’re unable to discern where your opponent is. Do not be afraid to lose. Now I know, I know this goes against human nature but go against this base instinct. Try to win, for sure, but always stick within the realm of reality and what makes sense for your character. Make sensible moves, be realistic. You cannot just ‘get out’ of a grip, you need to be sure. Be emotive, explain your movies. Do not over complicate everything. Remember you’re roleplaying with someone else, they need to be able to understand what you’re saying. How to deal with Powergaming Those who powergame are often regarded as ‘new players’. People new to the server, people knew to Roleplay in general generally are the most at fault for this. Powergaming is bad, and I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say that dealing with a Powergamer is no easy task. There is, however, a way that most people have taken to dealing with powergamers, and that is to powergame back. This isn’t okay, this isn’t proper and it simply perpetuates the problem. A powergamer will simply start to believe that powergaming is the norm, and there is nothing wrong with that. Handling a powergamer takes time, and it isn’t always something you want to do. So, if someone is powergaming and you don’t want to handle them or spend the time to teach them what to do, do one of the following: Refer them to this thread. Refer them to google what powergaming is, and ask them to amend this. Refer them to an Application Team member, they are responsible to watch over and assist new players. Report them to a GM. GMs will take the necessary steps after this. If, however, you do have the time and you want to teach whem what to do, do as I have instructed above. For clarification, here is a few steps: Inform the player via PM that what they are doing is known as powergaming, and is against the rules on this server. Refer them to this power, or explain to them what powergaming is. Explain to them how they were in fact powergaming, and what they should have done instead. Explain why it is against the rules, and ask them to either try again or to be more mindful of this in the future. Profit. If, and this will happen, the player refuses to listen or simply continues in his ways, screenshot the conversation and post a BR on the forums. Staff will handle it from there. Under no circumstances should you get angry and yell at them, or simply powergame in return. This is not helpful. Closing Be mindful of others and adhere to the server rules. Remember what was said and try to guide people into being better at what they do. I do acknowledge that it can become a pain to handle, and I do understand how some people simply cannot be bothered to deal with repetitive behaviour. Some people simply do not wish to listen or learn, and we all get that. Instead of getting mad, however, simply submit a modreq saying ‘X was powergaming in <location>, and refuses to listen.” and simply go on your way. Yes, modreqs sometimes go unanswered, and yes it won’t be responded to instantly. But what does that matter? You’ve given the location, for which the GMs can look into and handle outside of your involvement. You can continue on with your day. Even if it isn’t dealt with or looked at, at least you don’t need to handle it. Powergaming isn’t fun for anyone, and with the Defender Default trial, there may be an increase in powergaming. Following what was said above may be able to aid and prevent the growth of the aforementioned. Thank you for reading. -Thomas
  12. Bonus Conduct - Out-of-Character Manipulation Introduction Welcome back again, okay okay. Forgive the shortage of these, with the War Claim and a host of other things I figured a brief break would be nice. Anyhow, this one is going to be a little short given the singular topic. There isn’t a great deal of stuff to cover, but I’ll do my best to be as concise and explain as much as I possibly can. Once again, I shall bold all the important parts so anyone reading who doesn’t want to read every last word can skim over the necessary parts. What is Manipulation? So, here we go again. Oh man. To manipulate, in this definition, is to “control or influence (a person or situation) cleverly or unscrupulously”. Manipulation is considered a negative thing to do, for good reason. To control someone or a scenario is generally seen as possessive, though it entirely depends. Manipulation can be used for good, and when it comes to roleplay, being manipulative is almost a necessity in politics. However, this can only be said for things that occur in character. Manipulating someone in character for their land, their money or their resources is entirely possible and oftentimes encouraged to provide and entertaining experience. Out-of-Character Manipulation Now let’s get to the point of the post. In-Character manipulation? That’s allowed. Manipulation Out-of-Character? That is not allowed. Manipulating a real life person for anything, not just for your own aspirations in character, is disallowed, against the rules and downright wrong. Anything in roleplay should and must stay specifically in character, and anything out of character should and must stay specifically out of character. If someone does something against you out of character, you are expected to take the necessary measures to ensure that person is punished for what they have done. By this, I mean reporting them to the appropriate member of authority. (AKA Server Staff, or in severe cases the police). It should not, however, leak into your character decisions. How about some examples: The Scenario Player A and Player B are having are not exactly the closest of friends. Player A and B are in a skype chat, and Player A isn’t particularly being the nicest of individuals. Player B calls A out on it, explaining their behaviour will not be tolerated and essentially sasses Player A out. Player A is upset with this, and because of that A starts to speak poorly about Player B in all kinds of chats. The scenario escalates so much so that Player A and Player B begin to rival one another Out-of-Character. Because of this, Player A decides that he wants to spite and attack Player B because of the scenarios occurring OOC. Player A then targets each of Player B’s characters, either wanting them killed or exiled, sent away to a location which will essentially make the character unplayable for Player B. The Problem This one is as simply as the others. Player A, despite the arguments and disputes with Player B, should not resort to leaking Out-of-Character into the In-Character world. This is not allowed, and essentially makes the entire situation and atmosphere unpleasant for everyone. Especially if Player A is of an influential position, and can cause sufficient damage to Player B. not only can this make Player B feel disinterested in playing their characters, it may also make them reluctant to create a character of the same type or even another character in general, out of fear of being targeted. This isn’t fair, for anyone involved. The Solution The solution here is simple. Do not leak anything Out-of-Character into In-Character. It is not allowed, and it isn’t fair for any parties involved. Simply put, the solution is to not let the two worlds cross. It causes problems, and not only can it lead to meta and powergaming, it causes disinterest and loss in motivation for anyone in the damage radius. If you are having problems with someone Out-of-Character, leave it out of character. If it reaches a point of problem, then report it to the appropriate people and allow them to handle it. Under no circumstances should people be afraid of role playing or creating new character out of fear of being targeted. Summary In brief? Don’t do it. It’s easy to want to punish someone or hurt someone because of Out-of-Character stuff, and no one will blame you for wanting to do that; however, it cannot actually happen. It’s not tolerated, in any means. As I have mentioned several times so far, it’s demotivating and inappropriate to target someone just for out of character means or measures. Never do this, never. You wouldn’t like it if it is done to you, so why should you do it to others? Limiting the Roleplay experience for someone simply because they’ve ticked you off Out-of-Character not only makes no sense In-Character, but it causes mass detriment to the server and roleplaying scene as a whole. But yep, all done. Cool stuff. Once again, questions, corrections. It’ll help us all. -Tahmas (Thomas) (Don’t be a nerd. Don’t be uninformed. Ask the questions. Do it.)
  13. Roleplay Conduct - Powergaming v Camaraderie Introduction Oh boy, okay okay. Third installment. Do you know how long these take to write? Long, and I’m in the middle of watching Macbeth, the 2015 version with Michael Fassbender. It is sweeeet. ANYHOW. Time to move on and actually get to the purpose of this post. Like the first, and second post, this will cover two different topics. It will explain the specifics of each, citing examples and doing a whole lot of talking. Once agaaain, I shall bold all the important parts and summarise in the final paragraph or two. I’ll do my best to cover the topics in as much detail while trying to retain as much of your attention as possible. As I have mentioned in previous topics, once again, many people tend to perceive Roleplay Conduct and Etiquette in a decisively opinionated and varied view from what is generally expected. Because of this, I am continuing to make these to hopefully inform the masses. As an aside, I’m going to break these into two different posts tonight cause there is a lot to cover. So, what is Powergaming? Here we go again. Time to break down the meaning of Powergaming to it’s core. So what does Powergaming literally mean? Well, “Powergaming is a style of interacting with games or game-like systems, particularly video games, boardgames, and role-playing games, with the aim of maximising progress towards a specific goal, to the exclusion of other considerations such as storytelling, atmosphere and camaraderie.” To me, that’s a pretty clear and solid explanation of what Powergaming is. In case you don't understand, I'll try and expand. What this means, is that Powergaming is an action where you take every possible action to reach a certain goal. This could be winning a fight, for instance. While this seems pretty standard and okay, it’s more-so often referred to as “being too powerful and strong so it’s unfair on others”. Powergaming is often used synonymously with God-Roleplay. So what can this include? Well, for one, buffing up your character so they’re increasingly intelligent or strong, so much so that any combatant they come across can hardly lay a finger on them. Having a skilled character is fun, and of course it makes sense for some characters to be more skilled and some things than others; however, when used to extreme levels, it can cause some characters to become not only dis-interested in roleplaying with you, but unmotivated in general to roleplay given the serious overpowered nature of some characters. As one can assume, this has a very negative effect on the server, and on everyone involved. Powergaming in Combat? To start, let’s get this clear. Combat does not actually work as it does in the movies. It doesn’t, as much as it sucks to hear it. For sword fighting, take a look at these two videos, here and here, and unarmed combat here. While in movies, combat is drawn out over the span of a couple of minutes, with each opponent getting closer and closer to victory. This really isn’t how it worked. Combat is quick, and is over in a matter of seconds. Even in hand to hand combat, the fight begins and seconds later it’s over. Let’s get some examples up in here: The scenario: Player A and Player B are squaring off to fight. Player A is somewhat capable with a blade, having served in a local militaristic order and having a form of martial upbringing. Player B is more or less the same, perhaps being a member of the same belligerent order. Player A engages Player B, and a fight commences. A decides to strike with a very offensive tactic, pushing Player B back with each blow. Although it would appear Player B is being bested, B pushes back A and deflects every incoming attack, choosing to take no hits for his character during the battle and eventually he uses a systematic and complicated maneuver to best Player A and win the duel. The problem: While Player A may have gone on the offensive and exhausted efforts, Player B effortlessly deflected every incoming attack. This isn’t exactly realistic. Why? Well, as stated above, combat doesn’t work that way. I’m not going to give a long lecture about how combat actually works, but what I will say is that deflecting every incoming attack and winning a duel that easily against someone the same skill level of you is incredibly unlikely. Plus, it isn’t entirely fun now is it? No one wants a character to be too overpowered, you limit your fun and everyone around you. That, and it limits character development. The solution: I like these example formats, they’re cuuute. Once again, apologies for getting sidetracked. So we’ve identified a problem here, so what’s the solution? Firstly, the best thing to do for everyone is to look at your character. Are they flawed? If so, good. IF not, why? Where is the fun in having no flaws? Secondly, take into consideration the fun you’re having, and the fun the other people are having. Imagine yourself in their shoes, would you enjoy this? No one likes to win all the time, and you need to lose to get better. Lastly, maybe do some research? I know reading and watching videos about combat isn't’ the most entertaining of things, but it’s all that can be done I suppose. Powergaming in Politics? Ahah. Okay, I can’t believe I’m writing this but yes. Powergaming in Politics is possible. Having a character that can outsmart the entire political system of an organisation alone isn’t proper, nor is it very fun. If you want to dismantle an organisation or an entire political system, go for it. If that’s what your character would do, of course. Although, look for help. Don’t do it alone. It makes no logical sense that a single person, without help, managed to cripple an entire organisation. What is Camaraderie? I seriously this isn’t actually a question anyone is actually asking, but I’ll take it’s rhetoric and answer it anyway. So, Camaraderie, by definition, is “mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.” Do we all spend a lot of time together? I’d say so. If you’re here reading this post, no doubt you’re actually commonly versed with the realms of minecraft and because of that, likely occupy your time with it quite often. Due to this, it’s no doubt you spend a fair amount of time with each and everyone on of us in one way or another. Simply put, we play this together and we enjoy it together, whether we all interact with one another or not. We’re all here to have fun, and it’s oftentimes, as mentioned in a previous post, that we all come here to have fun. Why is Camaraderie important to the Server, and each of us? For whatever reason we come to play, we’re all here for one underlying reason. Fun. And because of that, it’s sort of the duty of each of us to ensure that others are having fun. Would you like it if someone did something to compromise your fun on here? I’d wager that as a no, and I’m fairly certain that would be the answer of all of us. Because of this, we should take pre-emptive measures to ensure we don’t hurt other people's gameplay in the same way we’d hate it done to us. Extensive powergaming can do this, and it isn’t nice. If we’re not having fun, people leave the server. If people leave the server, the server loses player retention. If the server loses retention, it loses new traffic. If it loses traffic, it cannot draw in new players. Thus no more donations, thus no more people coming to enjoy themselves. It’s a vicious slope which would end in the Server being unable to sustain itself, and eventually needing to close down. So if you ever think that being mean to someone for no reason won’t ever come back to bite your backside, then you’re wrong. But hey, at the end of the day the choice is yours. People are banned and punished for the reason of protecting the players and keeping the server moving. Camaraderie just prevents that, and offers a more fun and enticing environment for not only new players, but yourself too. Summary Hi, what’s up, hello. Yes I wanted to keep this post ‘short’, there wasn’t much to cover and I’m going to assume that most people will understand what I’ve said. I have a lot to write up tonight so I tried to be as brief but informative as possible. If you have any questions, please please ask them, I can help and provide extra insight on things I’ve missed.. and no doubt I’ve missed things. Love you bye. -Tahmas (Thomas) (really, really. Ask questions, it’ll help you and I both, trust me, I’m a lawyerman. )
  14. The Underworld It has lingered in the slums after the disappearance of the criminal hive. The criminals bounded by blood and trust continued to work together after his disappearance growing further with more criminal acts but still mourned for his return. It came to pass after fifteen years when he strode into the meeting of the Gang-Lords in clothes tattered and worn but with a presence that held. The heists, murder of nobles, criminal acts for corrupted nobles, deception which caused a feud between cities in Oren, it is returning to the already chaotic lands the Gang-Lords have been building. The Hive The Hive has no ranks but rather is the man (rarely more) who controls the strings of the criminal underground. Gangs who have attacked or displeased the Hive are discarded; destroyed by the mechanisms set in place for failure and hostility. The Underworld The Underworld is composed of Gang-Leaders who lead their gangs to complete criminal acts or larger goals of their purpose. The 'strings' is simply the collaboration of gangs to complete a criminal act successfully while not removing the Gang's personal aims. Gangs treat another with fair respect or risk problems. There is a basic rank structure from the Underworld to the Hive. It is Member-Gang Lord-Cobra(undisclosed)-Hive. Joining the Underworld -This poster is received by criminals only- "Attach your request to join to this poster with your Name (or nick), purpose for joining, and your skills." ((Message, don't post))
  15. The Levy Force of Saltstone-by-the-Sea The Levy are the trained soldiers and guards of the Province and receive free food beds and supplies upon enlistment. They serve Ser Garahel Varodyr (Raptorious/Royim) in both war and peace, as soldiers or guards. They are expected to keep up in training and be loyal to a man They are armed with the best equipment the Province can provide, and training seen only in smaller and more elite armed forces to keep them relevant and useful to the Realm rather than become a burden to maintain full time as Levy forces can be. A small force of soldiers stationed within the castle, charged with keeping the King's peace in the surrounding lands. Bearing the banners of Varodyr, they are a smaller force yet well equipped and well trained. They are both well trained in combat and peacekeeping, serving as guards and soldiers as the needs of the Province and Kingdom arise. -Sentinel of Saltstone-by-the-Sea- The force commander of the fortress, the Sentinel has overall command of the soldiers and distributes assignment, pay, and equipment. He is expected to maintain the professionalism and fitness of the standing force at all times. As part of his regalia, the Sentinel carries a thick ring of keys upon his belt which are said to unlock every door in the castle, as well as parts forgotten and in decay. -Sergeant- The Sergeant is responsible for maintaining troop formations in combat, and leading small groups of soldiers in patrols and such. They are veteran warriors and very skilled in combat. They have the honor of carrying the House Banner. Equipment: Half-plate, helm, pauldrons, gauntlets, greaves, tabard, shield, longsword, dagger, banner, fur cloak -Armsman- An Armsman is the basic foot levy of the force. Tasked with keeping the peace, defending the castle and the Night Gate, they are fairly well equipped and trained well to make up for the relatively small size of the levy. Receiving extensive training, Armsmen are skilled with both swords and spears with a basic understanding of shortbows in dire circumstances. Equipment: Chainmail, helm, single pauldron, mail mittens, greaves, tabard, shield, Longsword, dagger, fur cloak, shortbow, arrows, tar, matches -Archers- Archers are bowmen who have dedicated years of training to proper use of a longbow. They are very accurate and very deadly due to the skill required in proper use of a longbow. Due to their training needs, outside contractors are often hired to train new recruits or help keep the troops in good condition. Equipment: Chainmail and leather, helm, leather gloves, bracers, leather boots, shortsword, Longbow, arrows, rags, tar, matches, fur cloak OOC MC Name: Skype Name: Do you have/can obtain Teamspeak 3?: Professions?: Past RP achievements/events you are proud of?: IC Name: Age(roughly): Race: Skills (professions): Are you prepared to swear a binding oath of fealty?:
  16. The Siegrad Warehouse Established by Lord Barbanov Led by the Ruthills The cries of the poor commoners could no longer be ignored. Day by day they grew louder and louder, until even the good Lord Barbanov heard them. Being a fair, kind and honorable person he immediately established the Siegrad Warehouse. As the news spread, armies of commoners from all over the North flocked to the Warehouse, looking for a good paying job. And as they received their deposit chest, they knew they had found it! The Siegrad Warehouse is built upon the principal that every man and woman is good at something and is therefore valuable to Society. Keeping this policy in mind, the young Robert Ruthill set out to make the most productive Warehouse in the entire region. He standardized chest names, organized the wares and introduced the 'bond' system of payment. With these new changes and improvements, the Siegrad Warehouse was gathering more resources than ever before and paying more people than was ever thought possible. -How it Works- Find Robert Ruthill, or send him an application requesting work at the Siegrad Warehouse. Upon being hired, you will be given a chest with a number on it. This is your 'deposit' chest. ​ Gather ANYTHING and place it in your deposit chest. ​ On Sunday, your Deposit chest shall be emptied and in it you will find some Mina Bonds. ​ Remove the Mina bond and make your way to the Lord's Fort. As you enter the courtyard, take a right and you will find the banker. Here you may exchange your Mina Bonds for real Minas. ​ (( To sell your Mina Bond you need to enter the number corresponding to your note. If its a 50 Mina Bond its 1. If its a 20 Mina Bond its 2. If its a 10 Mina Bond its 3. If its a 5 Mina Bond its 4. Then, depending on how many of the bonds you wish to cash in, you enter that number with a minus in front of it. In my case I had one 50 Mina Bond. So I would've typed in, after right clicking the slab; 1 and then -1. I would've gotten 50 minas then. Easy! )) ​ -Application- -OOC- MC Name: Time Zone: Skype: -RP- Name: Age: Do you live in Siegrad? This is a requirement in order to be hired!:
  17. An introduction to Dread Knights Section I - What are Dread Knights? Section II - How do I start? Section III - What do I do when I'm not killing? Section IV - I lost a fight, now what? Section V - Providing a Setting Section VI - A high standard Section I - What are Dread Knights? This is a fairly straightforward question, that being they are artificial constructs. While some still hold their former bodies within their armor it holds no real purpose. This is only part what they are, however. Basically they're soulbound to a suit of armor and driven by their orders. A Dread Knight cannot effectively command itself, as it is made for taking orders and carrying them out. It's like putting a golem in charge of an army. Section II - How do I start? Well first off, you should know that being a Dread Knight makes you a bad guy. That's it, anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong simply and plainly. A good first task might be going with another more senior Dread Knight and to kill a few people, to give you some hands on experience. You should not by any means have your character pulling a Thing from Fantastic Four and go and try and be normal again, as your mentality is different. You are not by any means a person anymore, you're a machine that takes orders. Section III - What about when I'm not killing? Well if you're actually on the character, most of your time is spent between killing and making repairs, forging new armor and weapons and of course capturing individuals got a conversion. As well, Dread Knights can sometimes serve as an emissary for their Blood Mage master, usually the message heralded by blood and a warning. However keep in mind your Dread Knight isn't going to be picking flowers and kissing babies, something that has been a problem recently. Section IV - I lost a fight, now what? Good news! This isn't the end of your character! While you may not be revived by Monks, you aren't exactly dead. Nor are you really alive for that matter but it is irrelevant. It's hard to actually kill a Dread Knight, and it has always been a thing we pride ourselves on, that if you kill one properly we will permanently kill that character no questions, however sufficiency in the RP is required. If your Dread Knight happens to find itself taken apart and scattered or pieces broken, eventually the parts will seek themselves or the entity will choose to disconnect themselves from that part, sort of of a salamander chooses to detach a limb. Often times, Dread Knights missing limbs will simply make a new one if they cannot find the original one, or it is too hard or illogical to retrieve it. Section V - Providing a Setting As an antagonistic villain, you are held to a higher standard of Roleplay and are not only expected to, but required to uphold that standard. You are not playing this character for the loot, you're doing it to provide a villain that can be rallied against and that causes chaos. Too often did the role get abused for pixels or winning when that isn't the cause. The purpose is like the Undead were originally, to make fun. Sadly the Undead failed in this and we have before previously but all hope is not lost. A big part of this, is helping to coordinate events OOCly with faction or group leaders and maybe making a quest arc. If you do it right, you'll know because you'll be told. Section VI - A high standard I mentioned this briefly, how we are held to a high standard and expected to uphold it. In Asulon, the purpose of the Dread Knights was as a server antagonist. Unfortunately this fell through due to the heads of the group being preoccupied with other roleplay and such. Because of this, the Dread Knights went unproven. When you play a Dread Knight, you are making a statement you are there to provide fun for others even if it means you lose some pixels or you die, that is the risk you take. That is your job as a Dread Knight. Note-
  18. The Grandaxe Clan [Old Thread] [This is posted here so that those who view Clans and the like in this forum can see this topic, this one will not be updated as much as the primary one here] Lore and History Culture and Traditions Important Values Appearance Religion Rites of Passage Lineages Clan Holds & Halls Application
  19. A black, one eyed Raven would fly around Atheria. A note dropping from its beak infront of people as it flies. It would contain a note. The note would read. The Leidang of Nerreza. Nerreza, a count of Aesterwald, home to a Clan of Old. Born warriors, nothing to match there anger, and battle harderned men, each men baring a unique nickname for the proof that they have skill in battle. Women, allowed into the Liedang(Levy) each allowed to bare there own shield and show there wit against the brutes of the North. The county ran by Count Daren Bonehill is home to a Clan of old within the keep of Nerezza. Known only to most as Clan Fáoláín, many do not know of them as there name was long forgotten within the Fringe during the Wars of the Coalitions, these warriors died along with their families. Held up within the keep of Frostmere. Torn by the grief of his loses, the leader. Thórvárdr The Fearless as he is known to his shield-brothers, sat upon his throne, not speaking only thinking of destruction. Revenge. Revenge is all he thought of. He needed men, women- Soldiers. Soldiers...ready to die for a cause. For friendship. Bretherin. Friendship..one thing which all soldiers need. The time for the Clan to become known again...had finally come.. Ranks within the Leidang. Merkismathr Only one may hold this rank within the clan. The Champion, anyone within the ranks may hold this, Huskarl or not, they're the best warrior and may show there worth within honour duels. Anyone within the clan may try to grab this rank within Tournaments held by the Chieftain. They do not gain any rank within the military structure, but have the respect of the warriors and chieftain and maybe used to fight other clans. Shield-Maiden. The women warriors of the Leidang. These women have proved themselves within the Leidang. They're able to have the same power as a Huskarl. Each of these women have a number of arm-rings and also will have a necklace showing they're this rank, they've the support of the men and the women of the county and are also the private guards of the leaders. Huskarl. The Huskarl. The top warrior of all. Able to access the armour stores and, in the abscence of one of the three leaders. May control the Leidang. They're elite of the elite, war-harderned. They've proven themselves multiple times within war. The personal knights of the Country. They've the respect of the lower ranks and the leaders. Normally these men bare a huge amount of arm-rings given to them by One of the three leaders, this shows their prowess. Also normally have their own necklace to show there rank-A wolves head with an axe head in its mouth. Berserker. The Berserker, men whom are known to be furious in battle. Each of them showing their anger within battle and channeling this rage into their fighting. Although not always the elite soldiers, each of these men are known to bare some prowess in battle and would bare a name to show this. Well respected, these men can normally control a small amount of men, and in some cases, they're able to lead the training during war-games of the Liedang. Each of these men normally have some arm-rings. Ráðningar. Are chosen by their superiors to handle the introduction of new warriors into an established war-band. The warband must be of well-minded men to create the ultimate shield-wall. The warband will be led by this rank, however, will contain a Berserker and Huskarl to help the Radningar with any of the inferior decisions. The Huskarl has the final say if the decision is bad, but overall the Radningar may appeal to the Clan Chieftain over a decision. Thegn. Older or veteran warriors.. Thegn's are seasoned soldiers, participants of multiple expeditions and shield walls. They are fierce men, brought up learning warrior skills,and have survived the brutalities of the shield wall and war. This Rank is the next step to becoming one of the three top tier ranks. Dreng. The standard rank within the Leidang. These men are the new recruits and hold only the title of Younger. These men have only little respect within the culture. These men have to prove themselves within the shield-wall and battle that they can earn the loyalty and bretherin ship within the clan, Perks of being within the Leidang. Within the Leidang. Each man may get a weekly set of armour, a sword or axe depending on their prefrences and also a shield for battle. They will also get a bunk, a room with a chest aswell they may have as much ale as they wish for. The people within the Leidang will also have the respect of the leaders. They will gain bretherinship from this. Application to Join our ranks. Give us a little about yourself. Send a response to the county of Nerezza, Daren Bonehill, Ragnar Faolain or to Thorvardr Faolain. Name: Past military endevours: What do you want to get out of your time with us? Gender: Race: Do you like Ale? Religion: (OOC:) Do you have Skype? Name of Skype (Feel free to just add me instead of posting here: jakeyd6) Age: OOC: Having been the Leader of the Clan from within the Fringe, we have seen a number of people come and go, the culture of the Clan is based on the Pagan religion and Danish culture with a mixture of the different ancient Scandinavian cultures, such as the one of Guthurum also known as King Athelstan of Mercia for all you history lovers. The culture is of nothing but warriors and each of them are known to show no remorse within battle. I am trying to get this Clan active as it once was. It was a shame to see it go to waste, with out new build in the North of Athera. . We wish to see it put to use with new people and create a roleplay hub for those who want something new from Lord Of the Craft. I hope this was an enjoyable read and if you wish to have a chat to me for further information, feel free to add me on skype: jakeyd6. Thanks for reading. Also Thank you to Patu97 for the great build of the Keep.
  20. The Jolly Band of Ruskan Brothers & Sisters The Jolly Band of Ruskan Brothers & Sisters are a group of men and women dedicating their lives to the success of the Orthodox religion, themselves, and the Lesser Ruskan region known as Rosemoor. Recently having established their keep, the Flotstad, the Band have now made themselves quite the presence in Rosemoor, a duchy within the land of the Kingdom of Oren. The band is made of warriors and archers who come together for the greater good of themselves, religion, and to as well stop the ever-growing Setherien worshippers from making their way south. --- The Duty of a Brother or Sister to protect and serve eachother to spread Ruskan Orthodoxy to keep strong the Flotstad to end the Setherien menace to protect the weak, to serve the sickly to never abandon their post --- The Home of the Jolly Band The Jolly Band is based in the small hamlet of Flotsam, in the duchy of Rosemoor, Kingdom of Oren. (x-17, z-737) --- Why Should Ye Join the Jolly Band? The Jolly Band is a brotherhood of men and women who dedicate their lives to enjoyment, Godan, and success and help of themselves and others. The Band is an exciting time- little law, freedom, and happiness is what it promises. The Jolly Band is often active in combating the Setherien menace, or any other group they view as a corruption on Anthosian soil. The Jolly Band are active as ever- always on the move, always watching, always doing something. If ye find that ye are fed up with the Setherien menace and are not afraid to get your hands dirty for Godan, join the Band. Those that join that band are always welcomed in the halls of the Flotstad, and are given bed and storage. There are nay ranks within the Band - all are brothers and sisters in the same. --- Allies Azog Mob Decterum --- Sign-ups [b]Name:[/b] [b]Age:[/b] [b]Race:[/b] [b]Gender:[/b]
  21. You are one of many people within the world of Anthos. And yet, tonight of all nights, there lay an letter upon the aviary of your local town. Seemingly without a owner, you reach out for the letter to determine its origin. As you inspect this plain letter, you realize that this may be one of them recruitment letters for them shady guilds. You look inside it anyways, to see this message. You look at this letter oddly. What a load of nonsense. You look at the letter as it ends, and it is up to you now to decide whether you will join this "noble" cause, or if it's just a load of folly. OOC This is, simply put, a experiment whether an espionage group can exist purely IC. Which means no Skype, TS, or other means of OOC communication. If possible, I'd like to use this group primarily as a way of selling information to parties that need it. There is no VA required to join this guild, unless if you want to steal information or threaten others for information. NEW PLAYERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO JOIN. Please put your application within this forum topic. Further details and meetings will be added via PM. THIS WILL BE THE ONLY TIME IN WHICH OOC COMMUNICATION WILL BE USED. KEEP THAT IN MIND. APPLICATION: MC NAME: CHARACTER NAME: WHY WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN? WHAT PROFESSION WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE? ARE YOU WILLING TO GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY OR TO STEAL TO RECIEVE INFORMATION? DO YOU HAVE A VA? (Y/N) IF SO, PLEASE PUT A LINK.
  22. Oren Dance School -A poster has been pinned to a post near all entrances of Salvus and Oren's capital city.- Much of Oren's traitional dance technique has been lost in time, however it has not been forgotten! Learn to Dance professionally inside the official Dance academy of Oren. Perform in front of large audiences and make a name for your family. - Entertain men and woman, in ways separate from whoring. - Students will be taught traditional dancing techniques, as well as reveal them to the world. - Racism and sexuality inside the school is forbidden. - Payment is required for teachings, jobs are offered after a student has graduated the academy. ((Aprox 2 months RL)) Students and staff will be given sleeping quarters free food and drink for those without adequate or suitable homes. Clothing and equipment can be purchased WITHIN the establishment, and at a reasonable price. Experienced Dancers can volunteer for teaching in the establishment, and be paid to do so. Students and workers have the choice of performing, however it is highly recommended for a student to perform BEFORE he/she graduates. This is not a brothel, no improper behavior is to be taught inside the school, and dancers are to perform elegantly and professionally. The school theater is free for usage ONLY for the students. Outsiders may pay for the use of the theater by approaching a high staff member directly. - If a man or woman is curious, feel free to simply enter and observe the establishment. Questions will be answered by staff members or those who are free of their lessons. Children from the ages 6+ are adequate for separate classes. All ages of any gender are allowed, as well as Elves. - Dance performers will travel to locations depending on where the event will be held. This is also depending on whom is holding the event. -Opening shortly- Send a bird to Caitlin Savaroi ((Fail_Plane)) - OOC INFORMATION: This organisation is in no way a brothel or ***** house. Dancers will rply perform in front of guilds, houses, or nobility if the event has been organised in RP. Of course, you may send a bird but it is more recommended that a character approach another. All questions will be answered in the comments section. The school will teach dancing in Roleplay, and done so without using Meta-gaming or power-gaming. Only experienced Dancers will be able to teach students. Character name: Caitlin Savaroi. Mcname: Fail_Plane Please PM me on the forums if your character wishes to join the academy.
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