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Found 11 results

  1. THE FUNERAL OF ALEKSANDR KORTREVICH Tragedy has yet again struck the House of Kortrevich with the passing of a beloved cousin, Aleksandr Audemar Kortrevich. He is survived by his children, including the Baron of Mondstadt. THE SERVICE The funeral shall take place within the Everardian Basilica, led by His Eminence, Josef, Patriarch of Jorenus @Pureimp10, before his pyre is lit within the square of Valdev. All are welcome to attend. It is asked that those in attendance pin a red primrose to their attire in honor of the late Kortrevich. SIGNÉE PAR, Her Ladyship, Irena Stefaniya Kortrevich, Baroness of Koravia His Excellency, Fabian Otto Kortrevich, Regent of House Kortrevich, Grand Lord of Hanseti-Ruska His Lordship, Henrik Edvard Amador, Baron of Mondstadt Her Ladyship, Liridona Ingrid Amador, Regent of House Amador, Lady Chamberlain of Hanseti-Ruska “Tiz Dzuty, Triek Caezk” “With duty, comes honor”
  2. A JOINT MEMORIAL ⋅────────────────────────────────────⋅ ─── From Ashes, We Rise EST 143 E.S. - Present | 1590 A.H. - Present ⋅ ───⊱༺⠀☨⠀༻⊰─── ⋅ It saddens our House to have to announce the recent passings of two of our kin- former matriarch Olessya Irene Amador, and her younger sister, Ilaria Annabelle Amador. Both women were incredibly accomplished during their lives, and brought their family great pride. Thus, House Amador wishes to honour them with a traditional Amador funeral. ⋅ ───────────────⊱༺⠀I⠀༻⊰─────────────── ⋅ Ilaria Amador (left), with her sister, Olessya Amador (right) The former Matriarch, Olessya Irene Amador, was a strong-willed woman. Having been made head of her House at the young age of eight, Olessya led her family to Sedan after the Barony of Mondstadt was dissolved under Karl III. She returned to Haense many years later, although with her she brought her twin daughters, Nataliya Mariya and Liridona Ingrid Amador. Only under Olessya did those two girls grow to help reclaim the Barony of Mondstadt with the rest of their kin.. To honour Olessya’s life, she will be laid to rest beneath a spruce tree, as per tradition of the Amadors, and be monikered “The Conflagrate” for how she led her House through its darkest times, and rose her phoenix to greatness. There will be a ceremony, where her relatives will have an opportunity to prepare eulogies and say their final goodbyes. Thereafter, Olessya’s final wishes will be carried out by her daughter, Liridona. A steadfast and resolved woman, Ilaria Annabelle Amador carried herself with dignity from a young age. Despite the tragic losses of her first husband, Marquess Pavel Bassett of Aveyron, and her daughter, Edlynne Mara Amador, Ilaria maintained her strong will. She was a close confidant of Princess Augustina of Balian in Sedan, and upon her return to Haense, became both Court Astrologer under Queen Sofia of Hyspia, and an ambassador to Urguan. To memorialise Ilaria’s life, she will be buried beside her sister underneath a spruce tree, and be granted the moniker of “The Loyal” to honour the loyalty she offered her family and Kingdom. Similar to Olessya’s, a ceremony will be held where her kin may give speeches and say their final goodbyes. After the ceremony, Ilaria’s will be executed by daughter, Nicolette, and her niece, Liridona. IV JOVEO MAAN, Her Ladyship, Liridona Ingrid Amador, The Gem of Amador, Lady Chamberlain of Hanseti-Ruska, Lady Regent of Mondstadt His Lordship, Henrik III Edvard Amador, 11th Baron of Mondstadt Lady Nicolette Arika Amador Professor Albus Henrik Brian Amador, Chronologist of House Amador
  3. THE PASSING OF A BARONESS It is with a heavy heart that the House of Kortrevich announces the passing of our Baroness, Ileana I ‘The Duelist’ Stefaniya Kortrevich, due to complications with the birth of her seventh and final child. The Baroness is survived by her husband and consort August, her brother Fabian, her children, and her cousins. THE FUNERAL OF ILEANA I KORTREVICH The funeral of the Baroness shall take place within the Everardian Basilica, led by His Eminence, Matthias Cardinal Lotharia @BuilderBagel, before her pyre is lit within the square of Valdev. All are welcome to attend. It is asked that those in attendance pin a red primrose to their attire in honor of the late Baroness. SIGNÉE PAR, Her Ladyship, Irena Stefaniya Kortrevich, Baroness of Koravia His Excellency, Fabian Otto Kortrevich, Regent of House Kortrevich, Grand Lord of Hanseti-Ruska “Tiz Dzuty, Triek Caezk” “With duty, comes honor”
  4. EST 143 E.S. - Present | 1590 A.H. - Present NOD PEPEL, ASERE PODNIMAT’SYA From Ashes, We Rise — THE FUNERAL OF KOSSAR KARL RUSLAN AMADOR “THE HUMBLE”, FORMER KOSSAR VLAZHTRIN. Issued on the 1st day of Joma ag Umund VA EDLERVIK, Let it be known that the Funeral of Karl Ruslan Amador, Son of Ramdir Amador and former Knight Paramount of the Realm shall be held at the EVERARDIAN BASILICA in the City of Valdev within the Dual Kongzem of Hanseti-Ruska on TOV AG YERMEY in the 486th Year of Exalted Sigismund. The service will be conducted and officiated by Father Matthias, wherein a speech from the kin of the House of Amador will follow to grieve the loss of a treasured father, grandfather, great grandfather & kinsmen. The Brotherhood of Saint Karl have agreed to hold an honor guard in respect to a former Knight Paramount of the Realm. The Coffin shall then be taken to the Grounds of the Everardian Basilica, where it shall be buried beneath a Tree, as is the tradition of those who pass to the Seven Skies within the House of Amador. A Wake will be held within the Bard and Bottle Public House thereafter, to raise a glass to the Late Karl Ruslan Amador IV JOVEO MAAN, Her Ladyship, Nataliya Amador, The Phoenix of Amador, Baroness of Mondstadt and Kastellan of Immigration of Haeseni-Ruska Professor, Albus Amador, Chronologist of the House of Amador
  5. Musik dlum ve Koeng With great sorrow and darkness that the people of Hanseti-Ruska received the notice of their King and leader, Georg I, passing onto the Seven Skies. With such, the composer and musician Hamish Kortrevich took it upon himself to compose a funeral march that would honour the memory of the late monarch. May the King rest in peace in the arms of Godan.
  6. CONCERNING THE PASSING OF TALIA FILEYUNE SULLAS As written upon on this 8th of The Amber Cold, 131 S.A. From The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil To the Esteemed Council of the The Silver State of Haelun'or: Seth Calith - elMaheral of elcihi'thilln - @Samler Luthien Maeyr'onn - elSohaer of elcihi'thilln - @BlueBudgie Celestia - Okarir'maehr - @Amelica Malithor Nullivari - Okarir'tir - @Papa_Nook Idendril Elassidil - Okarir'nor - @Widu Elarhil Sullas - Medi'ir - @riorr Aiera Sullas - Laurir - @Stump Honorable ‘aheral of the State, With a heavy heart, I formally write to inform you of the untimely demise of Talia Fileyune Sullas, a cherished member of the prominent Sullas Talonnii, within the Silver State of Haelun'or. It is with deep regret that I share this sorrowful news, which has left an irreplaceable void in the hearts of her loved ones and the community as a whole. Talia was a revered figure in many of the places she came to live, known for her unwavering commitment to the principles and values that form the foundation of Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya. Her dedication to the care and learning of the mali’aheral inside and out of elcihi’thilln was truly unparalleled, and her contributions shall forever be remembered as a testament to her noble character and indomitable spirit. As I personally mourn the loss of my lari’onn, Talia, I would be remiss to not extend my heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the rest of the Talonnii I once bore the name of, especially her beloved mal’onn, Kileath, first cousin Iyathavir, and Laurir Aiera Sullas who would be with the deepest feelings of profound pain with her absence. I offer my unwavering support and, despite our differences and my standing, pledge to stand by them during this difficult period, providing solace and assistance in any way I can. In recognition of my sister’s untimely demise at the hands of Mori’quessir in the final defense of Almaris, I urge that you hold a commemorative vigil and funeral pyre in her honor. To not only mourn the loss of a pure-blooded ‘aheral, but to celebrate her life, her achievements, and the enduring spirit to learning and teaching that she leaves behind. During this time of bereavement, let the citizens of the esteemed Silver State of Haelun'or unite in solidarity and extend our support to one another and the Sullas Talonnii. Together, you can honor Talia's memory and ensure that her passing is not in vain, but that her commitment to the Eternal Library and that of Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya remain an inspiration for generations to come. May her soul find eternal peace in Ebrietaes and find a metaphorical embrace of Larihei. May her memory forever grace the halls of the Silver City and of the Sullasian Manor. Sincerely, Saoren Seregon of The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil, Steward of the Exilic Kingdom of Númendil, Scribe to the Court of Tar-Númenatâr Foronathor of the Royal House Arthalionath, Tutor to the Court of Tar-Númenatâr Foronathor of the Royal House Arthalionath
  7. In these current times of war, death has become an extremely common occurrence. Friends, family and even loved ones passing. But what is most alarming, is the lack of funeral homes, the lack of mortuary services - and this is where we come in. Our Services include: -Cleaning up crime scenes -Cleaning bodies and preparing them for funerals -Cremation -Full autopsy and written examination of the body available on request in the case of an investigation -Any other method of preparation or cleaning upon request -Funeral hosting and preparation of the area -A wide selection of coffins We are willing to prepare both the deceased and the funeral based on their religion and culture. In case of any specific ritual, method of preparation and/or room decoration, this can all be hashed out in private. Prices are all negotiable and vary on a client-to-client basis. For more information, contact Naele by bird, or visit our funeral home in Lubba's Keep. (OOC: Diogen#5338 if I’m offline)
  8. A willowy figure sat in the warm and cozied writing nook of her family Mannor, naught but the scratching of her quill and the absent words of song filling the lonesome space around her, a flickering candle illuminating the dark oak and warm reds of the room. A letter, carried by birds and horse, perhaps even bottle, would be soon be spread over the continent to any who cared to fall upon it. A thick parchment, scented of lavender, carried the following words in an elegant sprawl. "It is with a heavy heart I speak, and an even heavier hand I write, to announce that the funeral for the honorable Thalion Drakon is to be held this elven day. In the crypts of our city, before Wyvrun’s witness, I call on any and all who may wish to come and say their regards for the fallen soldier, father, husband, and once leader of the mighty Drakon bloodline. As he comes to grace the lands of fen’ciwn, Wyvrun’s domain, with his soul to be cradled in his safe embrace, still we grieve for the man lost of this realm. Most sincerly- Morael, standing Archon of house Drakon and Priestess of Wyvrun" ((ooc)) Funeral in Fenn, Today 7pm est in the square and then crypts!
  9. [!] After several discussions between High Keeper of Norland and Heir Regent of Elysium on the matter, a letter circulated through both Norland and Elysium: It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Outrider Matilda Osmond has passed into the Allfathers Halls. Mother of Aila and Raimyr, wife of High Keeper Dramyr Edvardsson Ruric, friend of everyone she came into contact with, we wish to extend invitation for her funeral which is to be held on the premises of Old Elysium: it was a place she held most dear and is where she shared many memories with her loved ones and fellow Rangers. Signed, High Keeper Dramyr Edvardsson Ruric Aylin de Astrea, Former Chief Diplomat to Norland, Heir Regent & Head Diplomat to Elysium
  10. A depiction of the Princess’ allegedly deceased horse, Duchess Buttercup 345 E H R S I G M U N D A THE DEATH OF A DUCHESS The Funeral of Lady Buttercup [!] The following, although written by an adult, was clearly dictated by a young child To the subjects and allies of Hanseti-Ruska, In a tragic turn of events, my horse - Duchess Buttercup, has perished. Well, I’m niet actually sure if she’s dead, she booted me off her in the forest so she’s probably somewhere near Oren now. ANYWAYS Even if she’s still alive in the wilderness, she’s dead to me. She’s a bad horse, but she should still have a funeral because she can’t neigh in Karosgrad anymore, and if something is niet in Karosgrad, it essentially does niet exist, right? ANYWAYS Well, since we do niet actually have the Duchess’ body, I can niet really have a proper funeral, so we will have a death tea party instead. Black apparel is expected and required, vy will niet be allowed to enter the Duchess’ funeral if vy do niet mourn the loss of my favourite pet - well, nie, she was niet my favourite pet, that’s Bunny Bonita von Bunnyton, but she was still pretty cool and I’m sad now. Well, mostly just sad that I do niet have a horse anymore but Andrik does . . ANYWAYS Vy must wear black, the tea will be provided by my servants, with my favourite snacks. Bringing gifts for me is encouraged, because my horse is dead and it is my party. My death party will be held in the Karosgrad square on Joma ag Umund. My favourite tea and snacks will be served, and there will be fun events too, as the Duchess would have wanted. Signed, Her Royal Highness, Anastasya Isabel Barbanov, Prinzenas of Hanseti-Ruska, Baroness of Antioch [ OOC : Event will be held Tuesday, August 10 @ 18:00 EST / 23:00 GMT in the Karosgrad Square]
  11. [!] Missives would be posted around Talon's Port and Veritas, and then personally sent out to numerous people across Almaris. "To all friends and family of the sixth Sovereign of the Depths, Gail Cordius, we of Talon's Port wish to invite you to the city for a game of darts, and a chance to speak on the memories you have had with the man, in honor of his traditions and interests that he had brought to the city.| Death is a natural thing, though a sad one for many who have seen it first hand; terrifying even. But death does not mean the end of the memories, so why not share with the world the memories we have made? We formally invite the citizenship of the Jade State of Yong Ping, the citizenship of the Domain of Vortice, the citizenship of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, the citizenship of the village of Veritas, and all those who considered him a friend to the nation of Vortice as a final goodbye to Gail Cordius, a man who was well loved and did his best for the sake of the nation." Special Invitations are sent out to many names, ones of which those close to the Cordius family would know personally. Eletha and James Avery Delphine and Ren of house Tianrui and their children Asami Ambrose Ania Sterling Anastasia Dokar Castiel Valaker Briala Atmorice Kallian Syrivir The funeral will take place in two elven days; on the First Seed, at roughly mid elven day.
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