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Found 2 results

  1. -=- The Tinker-Beard Company Presents: Grudge Cubes -=- Overview -=- Originally created in the final days of The First Age, Grudge Cubes are a game like no other, with many combinations and tactics. Each of a Grudge Cube’s six sides have information engraved upon them, always including an engraving of what the cube represents, The Cube’s Defensive Points or DP, and The Cube’s Attack Points or AP, and up to two abilities, and if what the cube represents has historical importance, it usually contains a small description of it. Rules -=- There are two types of cubes and one type of slate. Object Cubes represent Artifacts, Relics and Mundane Items, Having Abilities and AP only, and are able to be Equipped in one action, giving said Dwed Cube the Object Cube's Abilities and AP. If only 1 Object Cube remains, the player still having a dwed cube active wins. Object Cubes can be equipped to Dwed Cubes. Dwed Cubes represent People and Notable Dwedmar from history, having Both AP & DP as well as Abilities. Fortress Slates represent the notable fortresses and hold throughout dwarven history, having DP and Abilities. Dwed Cubes can fortify within Fortress Slates, them gaining the DP and Abilities of said Slate for one turn. All Players Start with 1 of each type of cube and 1 Fortress Slate, each Player being able to make one action per turn, actions being Attacking, Defending, Activating an Ability and Fortifying. When All Cubes have been removed from the field, whoever still has cubes active wins! Player turn order is counter clockwise around the table with it starting with whoever wins a coin flip. -=- All Cubes can be acquired by opening Grimdugan’s Wager Boxes or via trading with other players. Grimdugan’s Wager Boxes cost five mina, but many cubes can cost less or more than said five mina depending upon rarity.
  2. The idea is pretty simple- Rate the user above you by their profile picture. Have fun! ^ 5/10
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