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Found 7 results

  1. The Classical Games of Almaris This is the megathread dedicated to all of the known board, dice, and card games in the world of Almaris (and the resources needed to play them while roleplaying). If you'd like to contribute with your own games or resources, please leave a reply and I'll be sure to add it to this list. __________________________________________ Backgammon Briscola Chess Draughts The Connection of Four Cribbage Game of Ur Go and its Variations Haeseni Chess Koi-Koi Mahjong Mancala Mattock Nine Men's Morris Savoyard Tarot Senet Sternhalma
  2. I'm planning on making a megathread for the board, dice, and card games of LotC, and wanted to include fun historical games such as Xiangqi and Backgammon with resources to play them with others online while roleplaying. To help justify their existences, I was going to attach some supplementary in-world information to the games, little things like, "It's common belief that Xiangqi originated in the Jade State of Yong Ping as a variation of the traditional game of Chess." While I was flipping through the forum/wiki looking for similar posts, I found two unique LotC games and some lore for Chess. I noticed on the lore pages for Chess and Cretzer Craps, people made it clear that Chess/Craps probably didn't need its own lore. Would something like this be better posted in a roleplay, lore submission, or other subforum? While you're here, are there any games you'd like to see resources for, for playing online with others in RP?
  3. A NEW HOME FOR ALL [!] Flyers and posters were spread around across Almaris and Letters wearing the seal of a Red Fist were sent to friends and family alike. Huaven Dear friends and family, As you might have already heard, Clan Redfist has a new place to call their home! It is located at the ports of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and is a neighbourhood, housing the Clan’s members and more like minded people who wish to stay. An event like this can’t go unnoticed of course! This is why you are officially invited for the opening party of Huaven! Everyone is welcome as long as they are looking for a good party. What can you expect? First of all lots of free drinks, lots of free drinks, good food and even more free drinks all provided to you by the Redfist breweries which are also moving over to Huaven. Next to the consumables, you can catch up with old friends or meet new people from all over the realm. This is of course not the only stuff that is planned for the night. There will be music and a special event! This will be a sumo event where two competitors stand on a platform and try to hit each other off with a pillow like stick! The winner of this competition will receive a prize that stays a secret and the title of ‘Sumo Master of Huaven’ Next to the big main event, later in the evening there will be a small fisticuff tournament with a small mina prize. There will also be a possibility for merchants to sell their wares and even rent a stall for the evening for a really low price. For more information on these or for questions in general, please contact Clan Father Kane Redfist. We hope to see you all there. It is promising to be a fantastic night! Signed, Kane Redfist Clan father of Clan Redfist, Protector of Ruivians, Lord of Huaven, Lord of the Wildlands, Lord of the Redfist keep, former Duke of Rozania, former War Marshall of Rozania, Military advisor, Reclaimer of the Oasis, Former Commander of the Southern forces & Protector of free people and innocents Special invitations were sent to: Grand King Ulfric Frostbeard (@Terry) and all citizens of the Grand Kingdom Clan Mother Mica Goldhand (@sciencepants2) and associates of the Goldhand Clan Clan Father Alaric Grimgold (@AlaricGrimgold) and associates of the Grimgold Clan Silver Lubba Mika Uialben (@mika1278) and all inhabitants of the Lubba Keep Archon Zirath R’ikarth (@xepphir) and all inhabitants of Stygian Hollow Baron Daibhidh Sutharlainn (@MNT_Plovdiv) and all inhabitants of Dùnrath Baroness Leyna Kazimir (@ohbother1) and all inhabitants of Krew Targoth Ar’Borok Mog (@DrunkPapaBear) and associates Count Johnathan Hancock (@TheCaptain) and associates Lord Brawly Scàth (@Tk4522) and family Trusted Friend Qiew La Waevra (@JudgedKitty) and family Trusted Friend Carlos Mendez (@Ziggitee) and family Trusted Friend Aiyeis Castington (@Aiyeis) and family Trusted Friend Emil-Dardot (@Publius) and family OOC:
  4. The First Urguan Annual Gladiatorial Games The final match between Gror Ireheart and Mervel Frostbeard pictured in the year 48 of the Second Age. In the year 48 of the Second Age, a grand tournament was held in the city. by Gildroc Goldhand, the newly appointed Gamesmaster. The games began with an inaugural speech by the Grand-King Ulfric Frostbeard, followed by a pious address by High-Prophet Norli Starbreaker. Next, Gamesmaster Gildroc Goldhand announced the terms of victory of the Games and called forth the first combatants of the games. Starting off the Grand-King’s kin, Mervel Frostbeard faced off against the well-armored Klouf Grimgold, the former easily besting the latter though for a one-armed Dwed Klouf performed most amicably. Next came Yemekar’s Pick Alaric Grimgold against the former Grand King Gror Ireheart, yet age did not daunt the legendary Dwed as he bested the Clan Father of the Grimgolds in single combat. The ever plucky, half-beardless Durin Hammerforge squared up with Mervel Frostbeard in the latter’s second round, yet could not face the wrath of the Frostbeards and was defeated. Finally, in the last round, the elder Gror showed again that experience would always best youth as he vanquished his foe Mervel Frostbeard, stunning onlookers who proclaimed he ‘been banished to the shadow realm.' An artists rendition of Gror and Mervel crossing swords. The victorious Gror standing over the tater-wielding Frostbeard Gror Ireheart was soon proclaimed Grand Champion by the King, in addition to the five hundred mina prize money awarded by the Gamesmaster; the runner-up Mervel granted two hundred and fifty mina for his martial prowess. However, witnesses say a strange elf showed up later, the adoring fan pestering the elderly Ireheart Grand Champion. The Grand King proclaiming Gror Ireheart ‘Grand Champion of Urguan’. Special thanks to Ulfric Frostbeard and Norli Starbreaker for sponsoring this year’s games. Gamesmaster of the Urguan Grand Arena Great-Grandson of Thoak Gildroc Goldhand [!] The signature of Gildroc Goldhand would be found below ((OOC: Thanks to all who came and attended the event, I hope to see a strong showing again next time!))
  5. Are you feeling bored? -- Looking for a fun night-out, or maybe somewhere to bring your kids? -- Well look no further than the Four-Leaf Clover! Our wide selection of enticing board games can keep you and your friends busy for hours on end! From Haensi Chess to games you’ve never even heard of, come and experience the fun! We offer a selection of drinks and snacks for your relaxation pleasure, and gambling is absolutely permitted. Low price -- Hours of fun The full deluxe experience of Four-Leaf is great, and affordable! Come and join us for a grand time! || All games are run in-house - Crown Avenue XV ||
  6. The Orvars of Hethnar, in the Northern reaches of Norland, invite those interested in celebrating a winter event - to bring the snow in to prepare for the coming cold. [An invitation, posted neatly upon a large piece of parchment paper, would be sent all throughout Almaris to any and all those interested in reading. The hand writing is neat, along with colourful drawings that surrounded the borders of the paper to signify it's importance.] ~ * ~ For those who wish to indulge in the culture of the Gorundyr to celebrate a birth, a binding of marriage, a celebration of a new Gorundyr joining, as well as a sacred ritual and festival of the winter coming- Come to Hethnar, North of Varhelm- capitol to Norland - and spend time with it's people! In this celebration, the Gorundyr people aim to host a good time, drinks, foods, games, and rituals to take part in, or merely watch as it happens. The celebration is to take place within the tavern of Hethnar, due North with an ice eagle statue near it's entrance, as well as the burning of the largest tree right out front. Come, join us in our happiness, spend time with our locals, and stay awhile! All are welcome, and everyone may stay as long as they like! ~ * ~ Signed and officiated by the Jarls of Hethnar, Northern reaches of Norland ((For OOC information, the event will be on Saturday, 10am EST. 12/19/2020. Coords: -1631, 115, -2936))
  7. Hello there, citizens of Lord of the Craft! This will be perhaps one of my few helpful (somewhat) forum posts for all of your wonderful, welcoming eyes to see. I come to you after a night of long tears, drawn conclusions, hypothetical mental ward trips, and a nearly broken computer monitor to present a little tip! Now, assuming that you’re on any of these: 1. Windows XP. 2. Windows Vista. 3. Windows 7. 4. Windows 8. Then this guide might just help you! Now, the guide in itself is to deduce that of the latency of your Minecraft client’s packets sent to the server of LotC (or any other) that you play on. Notes: 1. This is not going to reduce the ping of your gaming experience; for that is your ISP’s jurisdiction, and certainly not mine. Minecraft works off of TCP packets, just as most other games that are online. 2. You cannot, and will not, blame me for any mistaken steps; for I have made these as clear as I can. If you need help, let me know via a comment, and I’ll do my best to respond. 3. You will need administrator permissions on your Windows account for this. Anyway, let’s get started. ~~~ 1. Open up the Windows Run menu (Windows Key+R) and type “regedit” without the quotation marks. Under here you will find a series of different folders that should appear as a list. 2. Go to the path of "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces" underneath these series of folders. Make sure that this is one hundred percent accurate. 3. For each folder underneath “Interface” we’re going to want to make steps four and five repeat. 4. Create two new DWORD registry keys one labeled “TcpAckFrequency” and another labeled “TCPNoDelay.” Make sure that this is done underneath each folder of Interfaces, or this will not work. (Note: Thanks to Freya for reminding me; if you're on a 64 bit Windows system, you need to make "TcpAckFrequency" a "QWORD" instead of the DWORD for "TCPNoDelay." Everything from there will be the same; make it underneath all the folders, just TcpAckFrequency made QWORD if you're on a 64 bit OS.) 5. Double click on each new key and change the value from “0” to “1.” (Base hexadecimal.) 6. Confirm that you have done steps 4 and 5 correctly, and underneath each folder of Interfaces. If you have two, do it under two. If you have fourty, do it underneath all fourty. 7. Restart your computer: This is very important, as the registry edits will not take place until Windows reloads. If you ever wonder why you’ve been asked by a program to restart after installing, this is why. ~~~ More notes. 1. If you wish to uninstall this, go to the same path and find these same DWORD registry keys, right click, and delete. 2. This will not affect your command prompt ping. CMD pings use a packet called ICMP, and this only affects TCP. What it does is actually moves your in game latency closer to that actual ping that your computer wants/is able to hand. You can have a ping of 20, but a latency of 80. ~~~ If you notice anything different or don't, comment!
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