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Found 1 result

  1. Morganosaurus Rex

    [Denied] Morgan's Second Application [Actor]

    Minecraft Name: No1LovesMorganSkype ID: morgan.keerie (It'll be the warhammer picture)Time-zone: Gmt+1Do you, or have you held, any other staff positions: If this is about LotC then No, I've applied before but got denied, that was a couple months ago, so I want to try again! Other than that, I've held Admin status on Gmod HL2RP servers, if that shows I have had experience in stuff like staffwork.Where do you grab inspiration from: I play many games, shadow of Mordor, elder scrolls series, a small variety of books, Divinity (3rd person strategy with magic, on steam for more insight) and a large variety of other games, this allows me to draw that inspiration and merge it together. I do small stories which I merge my imagination into, and other things like that. I also read up on existing lore of the server, which also helps me 'abide' by server lore in a way (If really needed)What are your current list of characters, and are you willing to sacrifice any: I'd happily sacrifice my snow-elf for an event, I can always change the name and so on with assistance from GMs to fit in for an event.What race, or group, do your events best cater to: I usually enjoy mystery events, so I don't really want to stick to a certain race, if I was to say a place. I find that the area near Courland has many areas where you can make a mysterious event area, seeing how it has multiple types of terrain.What do you believe are the key factors for a successful event: An event should be enjoyable and not 'enforcing' on what happens, an event should be versatile to the actions of the users, even if they were idiots. It should also still be fair, if a man was to open a non-barricaded door, which was not meant to be opened till later, that is the fault of the Event actor for the position of it, not the Person. They should not receive any sort of repercussion made by the Event actor. I.E. 'As he opens the door, rocks begin to fall onto him, one crushing and breaking his foot' At the same time, an event should be fun, quickly paced but not short, the event actor should be able to almost grind out responses, making the event smooth, an event which has a actor who takes 3 minutes to bust out a sentence would become slow, even if it was an epic fight, it'd become almost...DullWhat strengths would you bring to the team: Well, I find myself quite irritating to some, talkative to others, and friendly to a general populace. I have a quick type speed, meaning I am able to quickly respond and react to situations I enjoy bringing mysteries, and ways to solve mysteries, I wouldn't mind making a journal that'd take 5 minutes if it's needed to develop the story. I'm optimistic and highly active, spending from 9GMT to like 10PM Most of the time. (Addict.) I constantly gain inspiration from a variety of things, and I constantly flow with ideas that I want to use, I'll probably talk a couple out if needed I'm practically a lore addict. I constantly read lore for no reason, from dark magic to why Orcish Culture hates undead and Iblees, or their curses. (Lore Addict.) I'm fine to drop whatever I'm doing to help another actor, team work is a really big role as well in events, the more actors in the event, the more texture and immersion there is to it. Why do you want to be part of the team: Pex. Obviously. I want to become a part of the staff team because I find fun in giving other people fun, I wouldn't mind the situation of taking an axe to the skull to make someone feel proud, I wouldn't mind someone slaying a giant monster (me) If it made them feel happy, as long as they did the correct role-play and could physically beat me. I want to improve other people's activity and make their time feel enjoyable, Events can bring people together, I had one event with FinalHazard where afterwards I made 2 friends and so on, it allowed me to get closer connected to the community, I want to do that myself. Bringing people who may have no correlation between each other, and bring them closer. Sometimes events don't have to be on the bounty board, they can be completely spontaneous in a way, you see a group and you think "This would be good to enhance roleplay" So you join in. It's that sort of stuff I want to do, I want to give other people some fun and make them feel proud to be that character. At the same time I don't want to be the one who sits around thinking about their PEX all day, sitting in god AFK farming or something like that so they don't die, PEX is only needed for events, not for my spare time. And I understand that, I understand a lot of staff sit in god-mode, in all staff teams, GMs and ETs alike. It's just how it works, I'm not saying I'm not going to do that, truthally I probably will, however that's not why I want to become an ET. It's more of a small perk. Tl;dr, I want to make others have fun and connect the server player base.Create three distinct event scenarios based on the servers lore that you would organize: (Keep in mind that these pitches are to the managers and the lead, no the community.) Painted "Smokers Cough" Heist Edition "Party, hard?" Drinking Edition How long do you plan to be able to work on the team: As long as I can bust out events, and when I run out or haven't made one in a while, then sure I'll either resign or you can kick me out.Tell me a joke: LadyRebecca's social life.