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Found 1 result

  1. ☩ ☩ ☩ "To all true Canonist Patriots . . . " It is decreed that defenses be laid for the oncoming siege. In accordance with the Grand Marshal's vision the BURGUNDYIST STATE OF MIDDEN will adopt the SAMSONIST DOCTRINE entailing…. A resurrection of the HOLY CHURCH OF CANON within the walls of Winburgh to be supervised by the HIGH OFFICE of BISHOP. The Church in Haense has proven itself to be corrupt in arguing against the excommunication of a known LICH-CONSORT, and thus all good men and women of Canondom are asked to flock to the streets of Winburgh in worship and praise. The cities prayers are said, like a forcefield, to repel all false Canonists, ADULTERERS, and LICH-CONSORTS. In accordance with a promise once given to BISHOP CALLAHAN, SIR RADMIR decrees that the idolatry of the BRASS BULL shall not make a return to the city as long as it is ruled by true Canonists. The city of Winburgh calls upon all true MIDLANDERS both domestic and abroad to support the growing war effort against the boastful, false, treacherous, lecherous, deceitful, snake-tonged, liar, feigned, evil, cruel, malicious, disgraceful, rude, adulterer, gross, disgusting TSARIST forces. As the SWORD of CANON we will annihilate the forces of EVIL, or DIE trying. “The APOCALYPSE nears… FIGHT- FIGHT for your SOULS.” -Grand Marshal SIR RADMIR MONTALT, LORD PROTECTOR APPARENT of the BURGUNDYIST STATE of MIDDEN. (Watch Below)
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