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Found 11 results

  1. [!] A poster has been distributed throughout Portoregne Brains & Brawn The Senate Campaign Poster of Hilda Brawn About the Candidate Hilda Adrianna Brawn is an immigrant to the lands of Balian, purchasing a property in the city at the age of sixteen, moving from her familial home in Reinmar; she always had a deep interest in the kingdom, joining the ranks of the Regiment at only ten years of age, and has been a squire of Ser Tristan de Lyons since she was fifteen. Since that time, she has gained many achievements, recently completing all of her required squire trials, and being promoted to the rank of Man-At-Arms within the regiment because of her seniority. She has also represented the House of Novellen-Tuvia in peerage meetings, because of her mind for politics and trust instilled in her by HRH Ariadne Casimira. One may argue that Hilda Brawn may be too young for such a position, yet, she is of the same age group as many of the candidates looking to take the position and has been involved in kingdom life and politics from a very young age, even putting her life on the line time and time again to defend the kingdom against threats both big and small. Unlike many of the candidates, Hilda Brawn comes from a common family, having no familial links to any nobility in Balian or her home kingdom of Reinmar, meaning she can truly represent the common people of the kingdom, having shared the same struggles as the common man, and understanding what it is like to be of common blood within the city of Portoregne. How many of the other candidates can say the same? Manifesto What Hilda Promises: Bring forth the opinion of the citizens of Portoregne, no matter how insignificant they may seem. Hilda will run weekly meetings where the citizens of the city can present their questions and concerns that they believe should be addressed by the Duana, and therefore, the Monarch. Hilda will then discuss what should be brought up and take it before the Duana. No matter the opinion, you will be able to share it freely with no judgment. Bring up the question of events for the city. More should be done to bring the city back to life. The city has become somewhat of a ghost town of late. More should be done to fill the streets with life once more, as such, Hilda will push for more events to be hosted in the city on a weekly basis, with civilians also being encouraged to host events themselves. Do the people of Balian feel safe? Should more be done to protect the citizens? The current crime rate in the city of Portoregne is quite frankly worrying, with witch threats and darkspawn, and the looming threat of The Watchman and their goons, more should be done by the Regiment and Magisterium to make the citizens feel safe. Not only that, the royalty should also be more protected, with the threats of The Watchman being aimed at the royal descendants primarily. Hilda will push to change this fact. Are there too many noble Houses in Balian? Should more be promoted? Or are there too many? What are your opinions on the amount of noble families in the kingdom? Do you feel there are too many, and the streets are mostly filled with those of noble blood? Or do you believe your family should be nobility themselves? Hilda would like to know and perhaps make changes that reflect public opinion. How represented does the common man feel? Can Hilda Brawn make you feel more seen? Most of Hilda’s fellow candidates are of nobility, does this truly represent the commoners of Balian? Do we truly need more nobility in the government? By voting for Hilda, you can dilute the nobility in government, and add more varied opinions. Vote for Hilda Adrianna Brawn for Balian Senate! Signed, Hilda Adrianna Brawn, Squire of the Order of Saint Michael
  2. In anticipation of Vikela’s continued prosperity, the esteemed OFFICE OF MAYOR is reinstated, marking a moment of pride and jubilation within THE KINGDOM OF VIKELA THE MAYOR holds significant responsibilities, including the facilitation of events and celebrations, overseeing guilds and craftsmen to ensure adherence to regulations, & mediating disputes. Additionally, during council meetings (excluding those pertaining to warfare), they can propose new laws. At the end of their term, they have the opportunity to pursue governmental roles. To participate in these elections, citizens must meet specific criteria: - Minimum age of eighteen - Citizenship in Vikela - Absence of no more than two charges from the Justice Office - Ministers may not run, and the Heir of Vikela may not run. Candidates are encouraged to showcase their candidacy through small events and the hanging of informative missives to the public. The candidate with the highest number of votes will assume the esteemed position of MAYOR for a ten-year term, after which a new election cycle commences. A designated box at THE BOJO BANK will serve as the platform for citizens to officially declare their candidacy. Once their name is deposited within the box, they are granted the freedom to campaign openly and engage with fellow citizens to garner support for their bid.
  3. The elven woman read the note incredulously, never before had she read an informative piece that was ironically so vague. She wastes no time, writing a note in response and affixing it to this. "You write about the White Comet at quite an opportune time, as I had the pleasure of eavesdropping the existence of said cover-up by a not-too-alert Bishop Villork in Haense captial." "While I appreciate the gracious time and effort the church has put into recognizing rumours, I would like it to be brought to attention the utter lack of transparency at what has actually transpired." "Please, do enlighten us commonfolk about this plague that appeared, not too long after the rumours of cannibalism and necromancy were spread through Haense. Would you have a good answer for that or continue your euphemistic attempt at dispelling what is reasonable concern?" "On that accord, I would've thought Haense had allies who could 'investigate the issue'? If I'm to understand your logic, we are to put faith in a group of clergymen so flagrantly biased toward King Aleksander that they'd equate law with religion? The danger of an archlich and you dare play the role of a distraught and helpless priest?" "If you are that self-absorbed, I question how you got into theology in the first place. Here's some advice from a commoner like me: the actions and consequences of you and your people affect the innocent lives of your citizens, neighboring countries and perhaps the rest of Aevos. This is the effect of power, my dear." "While you write up your archlich-apologist excuses yet condemn such things in the very same breath, innocent lives are being lost because of your foolish classicism and anti-magic rhetoric. I beseech you, at least enlighten us why you find these 'commonfolk rumours' to be deserving of an 'exclusive internal examination' by the very people connected to said rumours." "You've done it before, now do it again, tell us plainly who your enemies are. From my perspective, you're framing everyone -- including your citizens -- as such." "This is for the eyes of a His Majesty Aleksander: Do not toy with magic again, it is unbefitting of a buffoon to pursue such a path. Sit at your throne, smile, wave, et cetera, just don't play the role of the fool. You won't be believed for the same excuse twice." Signed is the name: Haeilie Mirahana & Skit the mana mouse 🐾
  4. On the Current State of the Kingdom Primer Address: La Cultura 14th of Sun’s Smile, 64 B.A. As Balian enters into a new age within this new land, I have taken it upon myself to begin a new tradition. A tradition which I hope will provide further transparency between the Crown and its people. I dub this tradition the State of the Kingdom address. Sixty-three years ago, King John Casimir Novellen led the exiled patriots of the fallen Holy Orenian Empire to the southern lands of Almaris. From there on, he drove his sword upon the stone, proclaiming a new society for the expatriates of the fallen empire. The dream of King John and his followers for a new and proud nation, one of which follows the old Petrine ideals whilst ushering in a new age and rediscovery of the ancient Bathalite Kingdom, has been achieved and set forth even today as we, the descendents of our founders, strive to push forth the ideals of what it means to be Balianese. From thereon, we have successfully rediscovered and exemplified our culture to the known world. The identity of a Balianese has never been more clearer than now. Fe, Stat I Prosperitat is the Balianese motto of our identity, translating to “faith, state, and prosperity” in Common. These three pillars of the Balianese identity are essential to our culture. Faith, according to the Balianese, is a force and belief in the word of GOD and the belief of the advancement of mankind. Faith in our culture eclipses that of logic and reasoning. This unique view of faith is what drives our spirits to pursue further knowledge in medicine, technology and alchemy. The Balianese loyalty and love for the State is what drives our nation onwards and keeps it alive in our hearts and minds. United in their love for the Kingdom and its virtues, the Balianese strive to further their nation and reach for the horizon. Prosperity is the ideal goal of our nation. Bella gerant alii. Let other nations wage pointless wars whilst Balian focuses on cementing itself as the most reliable nation within the known world. Our commitment and reliability is what makes our presence prominent on the international scale. The development of the Balianese language, in the naming conventions of our land: Portoregne, Costa Rubissimo, Monterosa, and many others have further proven that our culture and language has developed to stand on its own. Being a Balianese now means a citizen of Portoregne. A Balianese can now vividly describe the gentle breeze of the Costa Rubinissima or the maris otimo caught from its shores. The Balianese can proclaim their knowledge and mastery of the Balianese language and its various dialects, from Raevir-Balianese to its own elven cohort. A Balianese citizen can proclaim their mastery of the Paraspadachin, Balian’s traditional style of fencing. They can boast about how they have won a few hundred florins during their gambling spree at last month’s Giostra, the Balianese joust. Ergo, my fellow Balianese citizens, I am proud to stand before you today as a citizen of the Kingdom of Balian. Our kingdom has now obtained a rich history and culture, and it is a privilege to be a part of it. As we look to the future, I am filled with a sense of optimism and excitement; for we must not rest upon our laurels. We must continue to push ourselves to reach new heights, explore new horizons, and embrace new challenges. Balian will continue to be a standing testament of perseverance and prosperity. Together, we can build an expansive future and create a legacy of customs, traditions and further history for generations to come. SIGNED, HIS ROYAL EXCELLENCY, Gaius var Ruthern, Viscount of Marsana, Amiratus of the Kingdom of Balian, Lord Seneschal of the Crown and Chief Minister of the Duana.
  5. Appointment of a New Secretary of Civil Affairs 18th of Sun’s Smile, 64 B.A. To our fellow citizens of the Kingdom of Balian, After a screening and interview process with many candidates for the position of Secretary of Civil Affairs, and after much discussion amongst the Duana; a decision has now been made. It is with great pleasure to welcome Segnor Beyln Gris to the Royal Duana as the new Secretary of Civil Affairs-also known as the Censor-. We trust that he will do well and serve our citizens with utmost diligence, whilst also upholding our public image, culture and ideals. IN NOMINE DEI, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Adrian I, by the Grace of GOD, King of Balian, Viscount of Eflen and Anatis, Baron of Brucca,Valens, Malenos, Goza and Ciavola, Lord of Portoregne, Atrus and Monterosa, Warden of La Costa Rubinissima, Prince of the Holy Orenian Empire, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera. HIS ROYAL EXCELLENCY, Gaius var Ruthern, Baron of Marsana, Amiratus of the Kingdom of Balian, Lord Seneschal of the Crown and Chief Minister of the Duana.
  6. RESTRUCTURING OF THE INTERIOR As issued by the Secretary of the Interior on the 6th of the Sun’s Smile, 54 B.A. EXORDUM; The Ministry of the Interior is fundamental for the development and growth of our domain due to its obligation to maintain the architectural standard of the Crown holdings and any appropriated land for construction in the possession of Royal Peer or freely bought. Furthermore, the care of immigration is entrusted to the office as it must guarantee the continued influx of incomers. These two factors being one of the most vital affairs of any state, it is with such deliberation that the newly appointed Secretary Sarkozic envisions and promulgates the complete restructuring of the Interior in endeavor to maximize efficiency and steady prosperity for his countrymen. The aforesaid is to be done through the creation of distinctive positions with each being entitled to certain duties and service. THE SECRETARY;@Matheaww The Secretary is the representative of the Interiors exigencies on the Duana. They are entitled to the staffing of the Directories of Architecture and Immigration, and concurrently the assignment of undertakings and supervision of cohesion between the aforementioned offices. THE DEPUTY-SECRETARY; @oryP The Deputy Secretary oversees the daily management in tandem with their superior, in times of absence or incapacity they are to step in and all of the powers and functions of the Secretary may be exercised. THE DIRECTOR-GENERAL OF ARCHITECTURE; The Director-General of Architecture is responsible for the management of the Department of Architecture and its staff. They are entrusted to evenly assign tasks amongst their Architects and Inspectors and compensate them upon their completion. ARCHITECTS Making up the majority of the Department, Architects are the masterminds behind every project. Each is expected to complete work that represents the Balianese culture. They too must be skilled planners, tasks as grand as building a library and as simple as paving a road require thorough drafting. INSPECTORS@Madyyy Flaws are what make us human and, with that in mind, a Board of Inspectors will be required to overview each blueprint produced by an Architect. The Board will be made up of any number of members who show a clear understanding of Architecture. Each one will look for reliability, practicality, and the above-mentioned adequate representation of Balianese culture within each plan. THE DIRECTOR-GENERAL OF IMMIGRATION; The Director-General of Immigration is responsible for the management of the Department of Immigration and its staff. They are entrusted to evenly assign tasks amongst their Officers and compensate them upon their completion. OFFICERS The Department of Immigration has a number of strategies used to attract people to the Kingdom of Balian. Typically, Officers are assigned to write letters of invitation to newcomers of the Realm that appear willing to migrate. It is then their job to settle newcomers, upon their eventual arrival to the realm, into their new homes. [!] A folded form of application to the Ministry would be attached to the missive. SIGNED, HIS EXCELLENCY, Sir Franz Arthur Sarkozic, Viscount of Pompourelia, Knight of the Order of Saint Lothar, Secretary of the Interior
  7. ISSUED BY LEIKA DE ASTREA & THE CULTURE EKSPÈTIZ AND CONFIRMED BY HER GRACE, PARAMOUNT LARISSA DE ASTREA Foreword Between elves and humans, Vikela fashion and textiles are a specialty. One might even argue that they are more far folk than traditional human threads. Because of a society with such mixed-race ideas and systematics, it is only fair that they integrate each element into what might be deemed traditional. Nonetheless, the moods are considerably more dramatic and passionate. The original vikelians were generally raised in human environments, but the present Vikelia Free Spirits were mostly raised after the population shifted back to elves. Looking at this is like diving deep into the origins of such an odd civilization. Using influences from Abahambi, Ishe, Auvergnian, and wood elven cultures. Developing brilliant finery and fundamental design elements that are then layered upon each other to produce something distinct. As a result, a perfect balance of vibrant materials and textiles is created, with just the degree of skin varying from each. Both Vikela fashions have traditional clothing styles that can be incorporated into your outfit. Mixing Vikela fashion's brilliant colors and strong designs with Ishe fashion's elaborate embroidery and cultural influences may result in a gorgeous and distinctive aesthetic. Vikela uses vivid patterns, so combine a combination of geometric and organic shapes in your clothing. Try combining these motifs in prints for a unique effect. Beadwork is an important part of Vikela fashion, so try to include beaded jewelry, belts, or purses in your ensemble. Search for pieces with detailed patterns and motifs that complement the overall appearance. Don't be scared to mix and match materials and textures. Look for complementary textiles, such as cotton and linen or wool and leather. Layering is an excellent method to add depth and intrigue to your ensemble. Layering a patterned Vikela blouse over an ame-inspired skirt or adding a beaded vest is a great way to update your look. Begin by selecting a color scheme that combines Vikela fashion's bright and vivid colors with Ame Fashion's earthy tones and natural materials. Warm oranges, reds, and yellows contrast with deep browns, greens, and blues. Though many stray from this to combine neutral colors with bright blues, and sometimes even pinks! Traditional Vs Contemporary Traditional clothing is a more covered approach to the way of fashion to be more conservative in aspects of clothing while still using beaded and layered aspects in bright colors to help the elements, and while one may switch from one style to another, it is noted that many of the older citizens seem to adapt to traditional overtime. Girls are not usually bashful about their shoulders or arms, as most of them have tattoos on their skin displaying them with pride for everyone to see. Therefore it's fairly typical to see low-cut blouses or shoulderless gowns with only a few slips of translucent cloth here and there. Men are more drawn to traditional features of life and attire than females are. they were using vibrant designs for shawls to attract attention to their dull hues. Shawls and cloaks are very popular among these men, who wear a nice neutral-toned shirt and pants with a little flair by adding a more extravagant shawl on top to flaunt both their status and wealth. The bravest are frequently spotted wearing half-shirts or more exposed clothing farther into the city. vivid colors and half shirts or more robes mimicking the attributes of a sort of garment. These free-spirited people are recognized as contemporary because they use Abahambi and wood elf skills to make unique cloth and designs that appeal to themselves and others. The usage of a scarf or shawl to hide their front or tie around the waist is a typical characteristic that deviates from tradition. Formal Coronations are comparable to social seasons in that they are staged by the river for the benefit of the river. Blue, teal, light greens, and browns are among the colors visible in the river. A sash is passed down through generations and the Avonlea crown is never altered, but the garment itself may change depending on the person. Akin to the lavish parties of Coronation is the Highlight of most young adults' life, the social scene is made up of a range of occasions, such as formal balls that allow the wearing of robes and gowns in a variety of designs. Women are significantly more lavish than men when it comes to drawing attention to themselves and requesting to dance. The first dance of the season inaugurates the river court of gems, and all competitors must participate while wearing river shades. Weddings are unquestionably one of the most important ceremonies in Vikela. When a couple marries, the bride receives a white gown adorned with fur that their soon-to-be husband has captured and deems worthy of such embellishment. Though it is typical for the groom to wear white or blue, others opt to make more drastic changes, such as wearing black. Presents fashioned from materials hunted by the two are usual and can be shown in a variety of styles. Married men wear circlets or headbands to cover their heads, but married women wear anything from a simple hat to a circlet of beads in the colors of their family. Accessories Gold is the word, and with such richness within Vikela mines, it would be a mistake not to emphasize, with gold bands or gold headpieces to wear, a mainstay that has been seen in both: "Avonlea" and Many royal headdresses. There is a little custom in Vikela that every newborn seems to be covered with gold beads. They are hand-carved beads created by the mother and etched with runic qualities that represent who she wants them to be. Maintaining a clear head and a pure heart. Among the accessories are gold necklaces, earrings, and bangles on both men and women. Scarves and sashes are highly vital in adorning the body from head to foot in vivid glinting colors. Afterword Vikela fashion is an intricate yet simple design, and as such, the vikelian crew is working hard in their weavers and threads to bring you a shipment so you may appreciate their culture and appreciation for all things cultural. For free to use skins, please click the spoiler underneath for both male and female skins that are all free to use. Her Highness, Paramount Larissa De Astrea Ofisyèl Leika de Astrea Wildflower of Vikela,
  8. Gouvènman an Vikela AS ISSUED AND CONFIRMED,SA 112 TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Gouvènman II. The Conseil des Ministres III. Terms and Vocabulary Hierarchy of the Government The Paramount Paramount Leika de Astrea & Ehrendil Taliame’onn To represent the Council. The Heir Apparent Larissa “The Butterfly” De Astrea To represent House De astrea PATRICIAN COUNCIL Lord Ahmanu Chaephyra to represent House Chaephyra Lord Roy d'Avre to represent House d'Avre Sole heir to the D’avre fortune. This seat will be held for any D’Avre but will forever remain held incase of decease. Ri’Keidha, Aelkos of Eittitica To Represent Eittitica His Lordship, Fal’leon Maehr'uhier to represent House Maehr'uhier Her Grace, Princess Beatrice Nobomi to Represent House Ishe Countess Lunah Vanari, Countess of Yvresse to represent House Vanari Duke Cyprien de Astrea to Represent The Duchy of Ubuntu MAYOR VACANT to Represent The People *held by Cyprien until a seat can be nominated -To run for this position you may not hold a government position currently. The Conseil des Ministres The council of ministers was established with the concept that an amazing government would emerge through the collaboration of the working talents of the city and the people. Each ministry has its own leaders, but there is no single individual in command; rather, decisions are made collectively, with the Paramount having the last word. MINISTRES OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS Minstie’zafè entèn The Ministry of Internal Affairs manages all aspects of daily life for the populace, including housing, health care, and protective services. This makes it possible to have a central location where everyone may go for assistance. Though each head may be able to assist you in their own manner, The Paramount will be able to lead you through the project with more familiarity, so you can be certain that you are in capable hands. Tèt Steward Ofisyèl Scarlet Mennaj Ofisyèl Otellia Steward Bannerlord Flour Steward Leika de astrea Tet Chevalye Ahmanu Chaephyra Saint Plumes Circle : The Ravens The Spriggans Circle: Inactive 13 flowers of Justice seats unfulfilled Tèt Medic Ofisyèl Suika Vanari Traiteur Alona Heartstring Traiteur Fal’leon Temp Traiteur Astrid Marlow Tèt Koudyay Ofisyèl Vacant All celebrations that take place under the Vikela roof are under the control of Tèt Koudyay. Including the social season for all citizens, as well as all parades. For any outgoing, enthusiastic official looking to enter government, this position, which has been empty for the last year, may be the ideal fit. MINISTRES OF EKSPÈS Minstie’Konesans The bare minimum of information, all occurrences in Vikela's history, present, and future are recorded in writen records. Additionally, these personalities possess connections to the Vikelian law intreruper better known as Magistrate who may render judgment based on all the facts and without prejudice. These knowledge keepers make every effort to spread their expertise and make it available to everyone. Tèt of Konesans Ofisyèl Vaen Maehr'uhier Puerith Ofisyèl Flour Gadyem Indoran Ofisyèl Medea De Astrea Naelu’Gado Ofisyèl Vaen'lian Tèt Magistrate Ofisyèl Vacant As the head of the legal division, the magistrate has access to draft legislation and serves as the highest authority for an impartial third party collaborating closely with the Ravens to uphold the law. They are able to study the regulations and propose new laws to the patrician council for approval. Along with their other obligations of being a judge that weighs the scales of a criminal. Ten seats are available, while these seats are open the Tet Chevalye may work closely with the Paramount for each case to case basis. Vikela Government Terms: Chevalye : The word for Knight Gadyem Indoran : The Keeper of Books better known as the librarian Gouvènman : The word for Government Ekspètiz: Expertise a word used in sparse terms, only for the most knowledgeable ad experts. Konesans - The word for Knowledge Koudyay:Festivals, events, and other activities designed to keep people active are the main sources of social attention. Impôt du sang "blood tax": Nobles are required to serve the sovereign.. They are required to go to war and fight and die in the service of the people l'honnête : Families of military value that have fought or have fought within the service of Vikela. Given A nobility Title as a good faith, and retirement plan. Magistrate: The lawmakers of Vikela, they are able to pass judgment as well as amend laws for any sort of official case. Mennaj : If you don't pay your taxes, there is no guarantee for your safety, according to the housekeeper or, more accurately, the assistant to the housekeeper, the all-powerful tax collector. Minstie’zafè entèn : The ministry of Internal affairs Noblesse de robe: Government Officials with nobility titles from acts of service to the kingdom Their rankings: Naelu’Gado : The book teacher, a teacher in their own right. Being able to fill in for the Gadyem Indoran. Ofisyèl : The word of Official Tèt :The phrase employed by the district's department head. Traiteur :The word for healer or medical personnel
  9. FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE SECOND ROYAL SENATE OF THE KINGDOM OF BALIAN 4th of Owyn’s Flame, 28 B.A. Introduced and authored by His Excellency, the President of the Royal Senate of the Kingdom of Balian Announced by the authority of His Royal Majesty, King John the first, King of Balian INTRODUCTION The Royal Senate of the Kingdom of Balian hereby officially presents and publicizes the business of state which was discussed and debated within the first session of the second elected Royal Senate of the Kingdom of Balian. SECTION I; THE ELECTION OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE ROYAL SENATE Following the convening of the Royal Senate of the Kingdom of Balian, the Senators of both the Commoners and Nobles alike came before the floor to nominate their fellow Senators to the position of President of the Royal Senate. Following nominations for both Senator John Aquila (Commoner) and Senator Evander Keravallen (Commoner) to the aforementioned Office, a vote was called. The following vote was decided with 5 votes for Senator John Aquila, 0 votes for Senator Evander Keravallen and 1 vote of abstaining. Following this procedure, Senator John Aquila was officially sworn into office and elected as the second President of the Royal Senate of the Kingdom of Balian. SECTION II; THE DEBATED TOPICS DURING THE SESSION After having been officially elected a multitude of Senators began to take the floor and offer opinions and suggestions regarding the powers of the President of the Royal Senate of the Kingdom of Balian, as outlined in the Standing Orders of the year 27 B.A. The Senators debated whether or not the President may vote at any and all times, or only when a tie-breaking vote is needed. The motion was not carried by a majority, with the vote achieving only 3 Nays, 2 Ayes and 1 Abstaining. Furthermore, the Senators discussed the possibility of the delegation of such an aforementioned tie-breaking vote to a third party, such as the King or the Office of the Seneschal. This change to the Standing Orders is to be discussed in the next session as by the Order of the President. SECTION III; THE CURRENT NUMBER OF SENATORS Although originally consisting of 7 elected representatives, with four seats in the Royal Senate coming from the Commoner block and 3 from the Nobility Block, one Senator from the Nobility Block, Diane de Rosius, has been reported absent and presumed either ill or deceased, while a second Senator, Cessar Komnenos, has been chosen to serve as the Magister of the Kingdom of Balian, thus terminating his position as Senator. Following these two occurrences, the Royal Senate of the Kingdom of Balian is to continue conducting its business of state as usual until successors are either chosen or elected. SIGNED, His Excellency, the President of the Royal Senate of the Kingdom of Balian John Aquila
  10. Amura sits at her desk, taking out a quill and paper. The Chancellor of Magic, begins her first..and hopefully, last order. She begins to write By Order of The Chancellor of Magic, Lady Amura Amberace 14th of Sun Smile, Year 72 of the Second Age I, Lady Amura Amberace, Appointed Chancellor of Magic of Elysium hereby summon the creation of a council of mages to take place of the government department of magic. While the legacy and history of the chancellor's of magics is noted and honored, it has been tradition that one person over see all magic for the entire kingdom; tradition however cannot be used to prevent progress. It is my vision and goal to create an era for mages to be free in their craft with a common understanding among all branches, be it druid, shamans, voidal etc. To have one person over see every branch of magic, to try to control chaos that is inherit in the craft is noble yet foolish. To entrust myself with this matter at my age and experience, is even more foolish and wreck-less and is not the spirit I wish upon the kingdom. The Council Of Mages shall be appointed by the Crown at their discretion. It is my wish that the Council is not appointed by any one person, but a collective agree upon it. I shall have no say in the choosing. I relinquish the office of Chancellor of Magic, for I feel a collective is more powerful than any one person can be. If we must have peace, it must also be from within. As far as I am concern, there is no Chancellor of Magic to proceed me, this is a new start. A council of mages of all types, united for the better. The concept that a voidal mage making laws for druids or any other types of mages is counter-productive. With this being my first, and last act as Chancellor, it shall also be noted I choose to keep my seat on the Patrician Council, serving as head of House Amberace and honoring the kingdom as they see fit.
  11. The government of Nor’asath is composed of a higher and lower council that oversees various diplomatic, internal, cultural, and matters of law within the Principality. The High Council handles issues with the Principality, while the Lower Council is composed of the heads of clans and guilds. The Prince of Nor’asath The Prince is a role that holds the burdens of overseeing the government and leading the Ker as the primary ruler, having the highest power. Is the Prince a position not inherited by blood but elected through a worthy process. A Prince can only run within an election after being appointed to the Heial’tahu. The Clan Lords of the Heial’uell then elect the favored candidate to ascend the throne. Heial'tahu The High Council The Heial’tahu acts as a city's ruling body to rule over various elements with swift judgment or manage lower bodies with executive power. Heial’tahu are appointed by the authority of the Prince and the Halerir. Halerir- Second to the Prince and aids in advising the Prince in managing city affairs, be it financial or cultural. The Halerir typically takes on a leadership role among the High Council and generally is hand-picked by the Prince to handle internal affairs. The Halerir in practice acts as a representative of the Clan lords and the people of Nor’Asath remaining open to presenting their collective desires. Onyx Chief- Is the Military leader and head of the Silan’siol and primary city defender. The Oynx Chief holds the authority to make immediate decisions amidst times of crisis, appointing warriors to stand against all that threatens the city. Arbiter- Head of the Temple, and authority on all matters spiritually meant to lead and guide the efforts of the Ancestral temple and the guidance of Priest, Shamans, and Acolytes. Despite acting as a spiritual mediator to the Prince, the Arbiter's duty may go beyond their city walls to teach the Mali’ker as a whole. *New temple heads are elected independently by temple staff though the Prince has the right to decline their spiritual mediator. The position, needing to be filled, another candidate will be chosen. Once a candidate is rejected, they cannot be chosen again in the same election. High Iylanhir - In charge of the infrastructure of housing and taxation and manages the steward within the city. The Iylanhir can also appoint others to take on the responsibilities of the stewards. High Venure- Authority on city events, festivities, and tournaments. The high Venures duty is simply to enable activities within the city. High Terhir- Manages income and looks after the guilds, managing the interests and existence of the various guilds. High Puerir - Duty of the Diplomat manages external matters and desired relations between nations, trade, or military. It is a position worked alongside other diplomats of the Duel Principalities. Heial'uell The Council of Many The Council of Many is a council that is represented best by the dark elven people. The positions within the Heial'uell revolve around Clan Heads, Guild Leaders, and minor roles that the High Council oversees. These positions are of the more independent variables. Clan Lords- Leaders of significant families and bloodlines and heads with businesses' interests within the cities. For the recognized, more significant clans they will make up the central authority of the Council of Many. Craftmaster- Head of smithing guilds, typically running events based on blacksmithing lessons, perhaps providing for shops and craft rarer materials for the potential defense of the city or mercantile use. Merchant Guild Lead - Leads the various traveling merchants and handles trade matters between nations. The Merchant guild lead is in charge of the employment of various merchants and leading in growing interest within the various merchants and stocking stalls in cities. The High Maeher- Embodying the roots of Ker's history in following in the footsteps of Velulaei. The Maeher is to brave the lands and preserve and document knowledge. The high Maeher also has ownership of the library. Heial'tahu Halerir -(Vacant) Onyx Chief - Lavi Igne’Sae Arbiter - Ardreth Des’nox High Iylanhir - Veris Velulaei'onn High Venure- Marzoss Devione High Terhir-(Vacant) High Puerir-(Vacant) Heial'uell Clan Lords Ri’karth- Zirath R’ikarth Loa’Chil- Netseth Loa’chil Devione- Leilatha Devione Velulaei'onn- Veris Velulaei'onn (More openings available for more bloodlines) Guilds Craft-master (Vacant) Merchant guild lead (Vacant) The High Maeher (Vacant)
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