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Found 15 results

  1. Campaign of Durorn Ireheart INTRODUCTION When the rare new dwarf walks into our Grand Kingdom, all they see is a ghost town. Our halls run empty and the hum of hammers against steel ring silent. Our Grand King has been absent, and no member of the council beyond Dhaen Grandaxe has moved to fill this void. Urguan needs someone with fresh ideas, not weighed down from the past of previous administrations. Not weighed down from the ideas of what can, or will not be. I believe this individual is me, Durorn Ireheart, who holds the initiative to bring a return to stability and a poten
  2. MISSION SYSTEM OF URGUAN Massive dwarven scrolls would be pinned to notice boards around the Realm of Arcas. Through the strength and cooperation of the Legion of Urguan, we have created a system for the Mission Board that enables the citizens of Urguan to fulfill their duty to the Kingdom. Each mission entails the mission’s coding for difficulty, location, reward, and the contact you’ll need to begin your work. This new Realm of Almaris is one we’ll need to explore and protect together for the good of all dwarves. “If you want to travel fast, go alone, if you want
  3. As issued 11th of The Grand Harvest, 2A 6 THE SIXTEEN GRAND CHAMPION OF URGUAN After the conclusion of the Grand Tournament of Urguan, Grimnir Ireheart stood at the Great Dias of the Arena of Urguan being given the sovereign question on his acceptance of the title of Grand Champion. He stated simply he intended to fight only with honor but not accept the title in any stead, thus forfeiting to Durorn Ireheart. He was given the same question with triumph “Durorn Ireheart, vested in me as Grand Marshal of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and seeing you fit as the best example
  4. THE SIXTEENTH GRAND TOURNAMENT OF URGUAN Massive dwarven scrolls would be pinned to notice boards around the Grand Kingdom “The trumpets of Kal’Darakaan call for descendants of Urguan to bear witness to the Sixteenth Grand Tournament! Let this event inaugurate an era of splendor and eminence, akin to those enjoyed by our ancestors. It has been nearly fifty years since the last Grand Tournament and as such, it is time for a new dwarf to step up and adopt this distinguished mantle. This event will be co-hosted by Grand Marshal Dimlin Irongut and Falk Irongut, Rikkin of Clan Irongut.
  5. A pinned message would line the walls of the Grand Kingdom, written inside of it [!] Sweet Queen Dhaen By: Niel Carbarum Where it began, Ah cannae begin tae knowin’ But somehow Urguan’s growin’ strong Wasnae t’e tax And tax became mare tax Who’d ‘ave believed it’d be so wrong Grandaxe, touching Merchant Reachin’ out, touchin’ land, touchin’ tax Sweet Queen Dhaen Urguan’s never been so fucked (so fucked, so fucked) - undertone Me bank accounts gone All me money’s been sucked (been sucked, been sucked) - undertone
  6. As issued 10th of The Sun's Smile, 4 2A MILITARY FINANCIAL ALLOCATION ACT It is the sovereign duty of the Grand Council to guarantee that the Legion of Urguan is not only active but properly equipped. In the past, this duty has been left to the oversight of the Grand Merchant and the Grand King, however, those charged with the upkeep of the Legion have neglected their duties, placing the burden upon the Grand Marshal and his officers. This dereliction of responsibility was successful in the past only because of the abundance of wealth that the Grand Kingdom enjoyed. Yet in recent times, a
  7. As issued 22nd of The First Seed, 1795 BY ORDER OF THE GRAND MARSHAL The following reforms to the training schedules of the Legion of Urguan, the main defensive body of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, shall be put into practice EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY for the betterment and security of Dwarven Legionnaires: STATUTE I: SCHEDULE Legion practices shall henceforth be hosted by the Grand Marshal or one of his Commanders (or failing this a Thane) on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 4 PM EST, with Wednesday being for Division I, and Friday is for Division II. Saturday is the gener
  8. As issued 4th of The Grand Harvest, 1795 BY ORDER OF THE GRAND MARSHAL In recognition of his guidance and unrelenting support, Oyvind Frostbeard is posthumously reaffirmed an official induction into the Legion Hall of Fame. His Marshalship during the reign of Bastion Ireheart led to the resurgence and stabilization of the Legion prior to the Slaughter of the Senate. OFFICIAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: Oyvind Frostbeard was promoted to the rank of Grand Marshal after serving dutifully as a Commander in the Coalition Wars under Grand Marshal Jorik Gr
  9. As issued 4th of The Grand Harvest, 1795 BY ORDER OF THE GRAND MARSHAL In recognition of his undying loyalty and exceptional martial prowess, Gror Ireheart is to be awarded an official induction into the Legion Hall of Fame. His reign led to the revitalization of Dwarven Legion, and the defeat of the Second Frostbeard Rebellion. OFFICIAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: Gror Ireheart’s reign was inaugurated by inheriting a fractured Kingdom taken by surprise with the Slaughter of the Senate and coup of the capital Kal’Omilth by Clan Frsotbeard. The loyalist fo
  10. As issued 11th of The First Seed, 1795 BY ORDER OF THE GRAND MARSHAL By order of Grand Marshal Dimlin Irongut, it is hereby proclaimed that due to the unforeseen explosion of the private Ram Ranch Research Facility and the release of the Airborne Fungus, the surface territories of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan are to undergo Legion enforced quarantine. The regions included in this quarantine are: The Hefrumm Towns Clan Irongut Ranch Grand Kingdom Fort UNO And any surrounding properties within surface Urguan The Capital of Kal’Evraal will be
  11. As issued 15th of The Amber Cold, 1792 BY ORDER OF THE GRAND MARSHAL In recognition of his tenacity and merit, Utak Ireheart is to be awarded an official induction into the Legion Hall of Fame. His leadership of the Legion led it to countless victories against Urguan’s foes. OFFICIAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: Utak Ireheart was unanimously elected King of the Dwarves after serving as Grand Marshal for six stone months, in which his deceptive tactics and bloodthirsty style led the dwarves to victory in five wars. The most well-known of these is the T
  12. Grand Marshal Dimlin Irongut would crumble the missive in his hand, grumbling as he’d casting it into the fire with ire before beginning to write a response: “To the malefactor that claims righteousness, I read in this missive the exact epitome and fallacious arguments that have caused discord in so many polities hitherto our great nation: Claimed repentance, hubris, and the most grievous of them all, the sewing of chaos and incredulity into our system of law. I must inform you I haven’t the ink to waste on you but in defense of our law and our Kingdom, I will.
  13. GRAND KINGDOM OF URGUAN Urguan Discord [Click Here] [[Disclaimer: This is a private discord server that is not sponsored by LotC. You are not protected by any rules of LotC on this discord, nor do LotC rules apply.]] NATIONAL ANTHEM THE CAPITAL: KAL’EVRAAL Kal’Darakaan, or the City of the Ancient Might is a subterranean dwarven metropolis that serves as the capital of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Kal Darakaan is the most populated and largest dwarven hold and is the symbol of dwarven culture and power. Want to live in Kal’Evraal? [Click Here]
  14. THE BATTLE OF THE KORVASSA STRAIT In the month of Sun’s Smile in the year 1785, a small armada of Dwarven vessels set sail across the sea for the demonic plains of Korvassa, with warm water under their hulls and gentle winds tugging at the thick, black clouds that rose from their smokestacks. Under the firm leadership of Grand Marshal Dimlin Irongut, the Dwarven Legion moved under his command across the strait to face the monstrous, sanguine Oliphant mounts of the Inferni controlling the Doghouse. Dropping anchor in the bay between Vanmark and Vitenna, they linked up with the Red Fleet of
  15. As issued 14th of the Amber Cold, 1783 BY ORDER OF THE GRAND MARSHAL In recognition of astounding bravery in the field of battle, Durgar Ireheart is to be awarded with an official induction into the Legion Hall of Fame and is to be promoted posthumously to the rank of Longbeard within the Dwarven Legion. His valiant disposition against the forces of the Inferni tide stands as a testament to the honor and resilience of the Dwarven people as a whole. OFFICIAL HALL OF FAME CITATION: Upon the eve of the Siege of Korvassa, Durgar left his hum
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